01/07/2014 Match of the Day


Highlights from two matches in the last 16 of the World Cup in Brazil.

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's good evening, two more games in the last 16 were played in Brazil


and they saw two continents collide. Striking back for Nigeria.


Odemwingie, one - zero. He might be away here, too-to!


-- 2-2. And Muller had a hat-trick.


Slim I! Algeria. -- Slimani.


Algeria are through. We will start in Porto Allegri,


Germany with expectations of going a long wait in the tournament, against


Algeria. 1982, that has been the only talking


point since this tie came about, 1982, that has been the only talking


Algeria's first World Cup and in wind in their first game against the


then West Germany. The Germans contrived in result with


Austria that eliminated Algeria. Revenge would been an enormous


upset. This Germany team has changes.


Algeria has five changes. Ozil, a nice flick. The lay-off was


fine from Muller. Another crack at delivery. That was well challenged.


Algeria Spring Germany on the break, Slimani was forced wide. A super


tackle. The defenders were back, covering, just of thing that Algeria


have been preparing for. The ball was one deep in their own half.


Neuer showed he was a decent outfield player, he had to get that


one right. Feghouli ran into trouble. Bastian


Schweinsteiger finding one up. Rais M'Bolhi had to catch it and made it


look simple. Not the most convincing save in the first instance, straight


up into the air. Soudani is in the centre. Joined by


Hadar. -- Taider. Germany are rocking at the back. Algeria, they


are just rocking and rolling. Looking so impressive going forward.


A terrific cross. The whistle is going, it is not going to count. It


was an absolute beauty as well. Slimani really shouldn't be offside


there, but he was. And he just waited, and he stayed level with


Boateng. The header was perfect. A nice touch from Slimani. Taider.


Mehdi Mostefa. Algeria are playing some lovely football. Support from


Ghoulam, into the box. I wonder whether Neu Ahad got a touch. He


called it wide -- Manuel Neuer. A confident Algerian team. You


wonder whether that is the last morning that Germany will need.


-- morning. -- warning. Drilled back, and deflected, Manuel


Neuer Abels going wrong way. It was Boateng. A good job it hit him as


hard as it did. Red faces all round if you are


German, at this performance so far. A good save by Rais M'Bolhi. Another


good save, to keep out Mario Gotze. It looked for all the world as if


Gotze was going to gobble up the rebound.


Schurrle got onto it, it was deflected, Thomas Muller will not


get there. Schurrle already looks to be making a difference.


A lovely side step by Kroos. Straight at Rais M'Bolhi. He


couldn't direct the header anywhere but there.


The flag stayed down. A great try. Philipp Lahm was going for goal. He


nearly always hits them nicely, and it needed the fingertips of the


Algerian keeper. That was a blinding save by Rais M'Bolhi.


Schurrle, dropping the shoulder to get away from Aissa Mandi. The shot


was off target but it was comfortable for Rais M'Bolhi.


Algeria are sensing the chance to push on a bit. Now might be their


time. Marry a know it Mario Noriega knows


exactly where his posts are -- Manuel Neu A.


Blocked by Balkal M. Keeping out Thomas Muller. -- locked by


Belkalem. The header was too much down the middle.


Thomas Muller was onside. He did brilliantly until the finish. You


don't often say that about him, that is normally the best thing he does


of all. That was terrific, the control and awareness was


marvellous. With the goal in his sights, he know exactly where Rais


M'Bolhi was, but he put it wide. Will that left Germany in the last


few seconds? -- lift. Rais M'Bolhi makes the save. Bastian


Schweinsteiger timed his run beautifully but he did not really


meet the header. That is it, we are going to have 30


minutes more. Chances have come and gone for both sides. You could argue


Algeria have had the better ones. Who wins now, or do we go to


penalties? Schurrle! Germany have only needed


90 seconds of extra time to score. Having failed to find the net in 90


minutes. Thomas Muller made it. That is what he does if he is not scoring


them himself. He had the strength will stop he is looking up all the


time, he knows where Schurrle is going to move to. The finish, is it


genius? I think it is. The ball was behind him, he knew what he had to


do. That is not luck, that is brilliant skill from Schurrle.


A nice side step, strike by Thomas Muller but it was wide.


Ten World Cup appearances, nine goals and five assists.


Abdelmoumene Djabou, his first touch and he has want a Koerner -- corner


from it, courtesy of Khedira. Just too high, Mehdi Mostefa with


the shot. Almost in tears as he sees it fly wide. Only had one shot at


it. His primary role is to stop the play rather than score


Schurrle, finding Ozil. Schurrle. Ozil again, Germany are going


through. It is all over for Algeria. It was just one bit of defending too


much for the Algerians. did. We have a Germany win. Made in


Chelsea and finished by Arsenal. Ozil's energy has been outstanding.


Feghouli. As has his. A Ozil's energy has been outstanding.


and Algeria have a goal. In the second is that remain maybe it is


not quite over yet. There is a little bit of hope. Brahimi


brilliant. Feghouli with a peach of a cross. It is finished by Djabou.


And that will do it. Yet another incredible game. At this quite


amazing World Cup. Deutschland uber Algeria but only just. They have


been made to go the whole distance and more besides. It is Germany who


march on even guys sounded shattered. -- even guy. I you torn


between praising Algeria to going toe to toe and yet thinking, they


will be kicking themselves. They could have won it. It was there for


them. There were long periods when it looked like they would. Looking


at the Algeria team, it is remarkable. Not talking about


Champions League footballers, like Costa Rica, another sign that adds


up to more than the sum of its parts. That is what being an team


seems to fail to do one a regular basis. Looking at those teams, the


Jags aero -- Ajaccio, Rennes, teams in Bulgaria. Looking out the


Germans, they got off to the perfect start in extra time. That is when


they played their best football. The latter stages of the game. Schurrle


is the one who makes the run. Ghoulam was outstanding but


is the one who makes the run. go on this occasion. Miller puts a


great ball in. And from the other angle, look at the quality of the


finish. He scoops it in, sweeps it, fantastic finish. It was going to


take something like that to beat this goalkeeper today, Mbolhi was


magnificent. They limped over the line. He has had an up-and-down


season, Schurrle. He started quite strong, played at Old Trafford when


Mourinho did not play a striker. But he was one of three players pictured


at the Arsenal Christmas party, the other one was Ashley Cole, Ryan


Bertrand went on loan and Schurrle was out of the team for a while. He


started against Liverpool at Anfield but neither rob the Atletico Madrid


legs. -- neither of. But he is a very good player to come on. 28


shots in total, generally, more than any other side at this World Cup.


They had a few. M?ller was really the main striker. Lahm, playing in


that central midfield role, this is a textbook save. Mbolhi, fantastic


save. This is a header that I'm sure we look at it later and he has to


score. As good as he years, M?ller, he should be putting that away.


Again the save was almost straight at him. Manchester United came close


to signing the goalkeeper. They have missed out on one. M?ller does


everything right except the finish. He should be using his left, but it


is a nothing finish. You were looking and social media during the


first-half, Germany's Highline was discussed. I would imagine sweeper


keeper was trending as well. You look at this, such a high line, they


have very little pace. Slimani, this is the back three. Manuel Neuer,


this kid, he is incredible. He is the back three. Manuel Neuer,


after him like a centre-half is the back three. Manuel Neuer,


makes a great challenge. is the back three. Manuel Neuer,


They kept flirting with danger, is the back three. Manuel Neuer,


losing it in midfield, then they through on goal. Slimani again.


Neuer, Mertesacker making the challenge. Neuer has to take up such


a high position to get them out of trouble. This is the offside goal.


Yes he is offside but they have no idea, they are fortunate. Good


finish. That is a wake-up call, it happens too many times. You cannot


leave Mertesacker with this amount of green grass behind him. Do you


think Neuer knows? He senses it. He does especially well, he does not go


away, he comes back in. Has there ever been a better sweeper keeper


than this fella? Another one, over the top. Look who is there again,


this time with the header, first class. He reads things. But this is


the one, that worries me and concerns me the most. This is the


area they want to get into. If you look at Boateng, he comes flying


area they want to get into. If you out. He should be dropping. You have


to recognise the danger is in behind you. But Neuer knows that, he cannot


trust his defenders. Makes the clearance. That is obviously a


tactic. They are obviously being told to play the Highline and one of


the reasons is because they have a goalkeeper who positions himself and


does what he does, surely? I think so, they want a condensed midfield,


they want to get back line-up but they are river doing it. They should


be holding to drop. You can see that last example they are just going one


way. If you are in the German defence alongside Mertesacker, would


you be saying to the coach, we are to have to drop ten yards,


eventually we will be done? Definitely, you have to drop and say


let's can here. If Mertesacker is on the edge of the box there is no


better defender. But at Arsenal when they played the high line they were


in trouble and Germany are persisting with that. If they want


to proceed through the tournament they will have to adjust. So Germany


through to the quarterfinals but who will face them in the Maracana on


Friday afternoon? France and Nigeria met in Brasilia where they were


watched by Kevin Caliban and Simon Brotherton. COMMENTATOR: It seems to


be feast or famine with France in recent times, finalists in 2006,


home early after a shambolic effort in South Africa and now a promising


start in Brazil. Expectations soaring, before the goalless draw


against Ecuador. There were half a dozen changes to that line-up. The


African champions, Nigeria, in the last 16 for the third time, the


first African nation to do so. Didier Deschamps comes back Yohan


Cabaye after suspension, one of six changes from the final group game


against Ecuador. Debuchy and Evra comeback in at full-back, as does


Raphael Varane alongside Koscielny in central defence. Mathieu Valbuena


is preferred to Moussa Sissoko on the right-hand side. And Olivier


Giroud of Arsenal makes his second start of the tournament with Antoine


Griezmann dropping to the bench. Nigeria have been forced into making


a change with Michel Babatunde ruled out after suffering a fractured


wrist when hit by a shot from team-mate Onazi in the Argentina


game. Victor Moses replaces him after recovering from a muscle


strain. Joseph Yobo makes his ten World Cup appearance today, a new


Nigerian record, taking him past Jay Jay Okocha. It is a sunny afternoon


in Brasilia but at least the city does not have the humidity of some


of the other venues. 27 degrees the temperature. Efe Ambrose. Debuchy


nearly helps it out to Ahmed Musa. Three green shirts to a mat and


Nigeria have the lead, no they don't. The flag has gone up. Emenike


thought he had scored. But the flag up quickly on the far hand side.


KEVIN KILBANE: It is tight, really tired, great bowling but good


organisation from the defence, Patrice Evra on the far side


allowing Emenike to run in behind. Good decision,


allowing Emenike to run in behind. Evra. -- great ball in. A chance for


Paul Pogba to stretch his legs. Valbuena. Lovely bowl, Pogba! It was


absolutely brilliant, so was the save from any armour. That is a


brilliant break from Pogba, lovely ball played back from Valbuena. He


struck it well, Enyeama, he is a top keeper. Pockets of French support in


the stadium. Matuidi tussling with a Nazi, away from him and John Obi


Mikel. It could open up for France. Valbuena, Debuchy. Not able to bring


a save from Enyeama, never mind find the back of the net in the end. It


is a brilliant run from Matuidi, sending Valbuena away. A great run


from Debuchy inside him. Just did not get the correct contact on it.


Onazi. John Obi Mikel. Pivotal player for Nigeria, as folk


Chelsea. -- much more pivotal for Nigeria than Chelsea. That was into


the path of Victor Moses. Absolutely rifled in. It opened up for Emenike.


John Obi Mikel moving it quickly, a good head, was there a handball? He


could not do much, Victor Moses. It has been awhile since Nigeria really


shone in the World Cup, the last time they were in the last 16 was in


France in 1998, beaten by Denmark that day. Moses in the of Matuidi.


Stuck between his feet. In by Ambrose. The flag goes up. Great


ball, brilliant ball played in from Ambrose. Just offside, good decision


again. The manager made one appearance in a World Cup finals as


a player, 20 years ago today, beating Greece in the United States.


Forward by Matuidi, trying to pick out Griezmann. Away come Nigeria


with Ambrose, Emenike, getting involved in the linkup play.


Odemwingie. Two in the box, Odemwingie might fancy this, brings


a save from Hugo Lloris. Away by Koscielny. Again good patient play,


really good head from Odemwingie on his left foot. A decent save from


the restart to his right hand side. -- really good hit. Koscielny has


picked out Griezmann. Clattered into by Ambrose. Benzema trying to find


the way through, lovely interchange, beautiful plate, Enyeama makes the


save, cleared off the line! That was superb play from France, so close to


taking the lead. That is Benzema's best moment of the game. Lovely


little one to with Griezmann. -- one-two. Technology confirming the


ball did not cross the line. Oshaniwa. They have swapped sides


with Odemwingie now on the left. Paul Pogba, lovely play. Away from


Gabriel. Into space, Matuidi. Always nearby. Griezmann with the delivery.


Full stretch, Enyeama, Valbuena. Benzema on the edge of the box.


Corner. Was not comfortable from Enyeama. Decided to punch it but


would have been best served to try to get both hands behind it and


relieve the pressure. Valbuena's delivery, again it was Laurent


relieve the pressure. Valbuena's Koscielny most prominent in the box.


It is a good ball played in, well attacked. He did not have his


shoulders open, did not see the run from Koscielny. That was a good


opportunity. 19 minutes to go. from Koscielny. That was a good


opportunity. 19 minutes Benzema. It is away by John Obi Mikel. Cabaye


with the shot, off the bar! So close for France. And then just walloped


away by Ambrose. Little misjudgement from Odemwingie, at the far post. A


good touch from Benzema, decided to smash it across the six yard box. A


brilliant hit, great strike, off the crossbar. Pogba. WHISTLE


He gets the free kick for the challenge from Obi Mikel. As usual


Koscielny up for this one. It is just over the top, the save made by


Enyeama from Benzema. Again the quality, quality of Valbuena, what a


ball played in. Comfortable save from Enyeama, straight at him,


really. Fans applying pressure. It is they are on the front foot,


Enyeama did not get to that. France are ahead, it is Paul Pogba with the


header. The goal had been coming, they had been knocking on the door.


And finally Paul Pogba has opened it with the header. They shone's team


ahead. -- Didier Deschamps's team ahead. That is poor goalkeeping,


once he comes he has got to get something on it, it is a free header


at the far post. Coolly dispatched into the back of the Nigerian net


from Paul Pogba. Matuidi, looking for Griezmann. The


shot was beaten away by Enyeama. A brilliant ball, good movement from


Griezmann. Spinning in behind. Ambrose, good ball. Offside, a


decision from the assistant. Griezmann has given France a little


something extra since coming off the bench.


Matuidi did well initially. It has been put behind by


Odemwingie. Five minutes of added time now.


Valbuena, in towards Griezmann with a chance. That is it, game, set and


match to France, they are going through to the quarterfinals.


Griezmann Seals the deal. They had enough bodies in the box as


cover. A good ball. He couldn't see the run of Griezmann until tonight


-- too late. Nigeria have never made it past the


last 16 in the World Cup. Confirming the outcome of this


second round tie. Griezmann was right there. The ball came off


Joseph Yoga. It is the experience and quality of


the French which has seen them through -- Yobo.


The final whistle and France are through to the quarterfinals. For a


long time, it was close. For a long time, Nigeria gave France a really


good game. In the end, France have come out on top.


We spent a lot of energy on the pitch. It was not easy with the


weather. After that, when we got the chance, we scored. The second goal


was so important. At the end of the game, it helped us to finish the


game. We did our best. We are leaving the


tournament with our heads held high. A lot of positives to take, we have


a young team. This team has a future, we have shown that. Our


country people will be happy with our performance.


We made the difference mentally, it was key today. The players on the


bench made a difference, it shows the spirit we have in this team.


If you development for Nigeria after that game.


Stephen Keshi the coach has resigned, he has been linked to a


South African job. And Enyeama has hinted it might be his last game. A


sad way to go by pushing the ball onto Paul Pogba's head, although you


want to look at the bigger picture. Enyeama is a good goalkeeper, he has


played in Israel, he came close to setting a record four clean sheets.


This tournament is about players outdoing their normal standards. He


cannot back on a great tournament. He won't be happy with that one.


That was a gift for Pogba. It set them on their way. Until that point,


Griezmann coming off the bench, it wasn't a French performance to be


proud of. Once they made the changes, with Giroud going off, they


looked cracking. They started with Benzema on the


left and Giroud upfront. Griezmann came on and that changed the game.


Yes. We were crying out for it at half-time. I think he completes the


picture for them. There is much more opportunity. He likes to be central.


Benzema seems lifted by that. Straight away, they are together.


Benzema should score. An early warning of the improvement ahead.


His ability on the ball, he wants to put it in that area. A good save.


Early intention. He will make runs from deep. What a cracking effort


that was. Not a great save from the keeper. He makes this goal. An own


goal. Griezmann's movement caused a problem in defence.


We talk about the impact of substitutions, is there an argument


to say one of the reasons he did so well was because the Nigerian


defence had been tired out by Benzema and -- and Giroud?


We talk about the benefits of substitution. Griezmann in the first


game against Honduras was magnificent. His manager never stood


by him. He should have been on from the start. Together, they will score


goals, and both Cabaye midfield. Matuidi and Pogba. A beautiful


balance. The full-backs are involved. Griezmann completes the


picture. You like them as a trio? Valbuena as


well. He has real power, Valbuena, don't


underestimate him. He almost hit it too well. He has pace. They have


this artistry. This little fellow knits them together. He is the glue


in the team. Demonstrating athleticism. In the final third once


more. He takes some handling. Matuidi has power and pace. He wants


to get forward. Valbuena is always available for him. Debuchy now is


the full-backs getting involved. They are all getting involved.


Would you pick them out as a strong midfield trio?


They are among the best. If you look at France, since the disaster of the


last World Cup. They came to Wembley, November 2010, very looked


so much better than England. The team has moved on from that. They


have a young team. Griezmann has played five years in Spain, what


great experience. There aren't English players doing that.


A fantastic quarterfinal set up in the Maracana on Friday.


A fantastic quarterfinal set up in against Germany. It means every TV


station, every radio station, every newspaper will do a feature on how


-- on the 1982 game. That is the memory of the two sides.


Lots of Premiership players involved. Rarely have you seen a


goalkeeper outside of his box so much. Germany need to improve.


Would you fear for that German act for?


I would do. There is much more penetration for that French team


than we have seen today. Germany can't play that badly again, surely?


I feel the French now are starting to move in the right direction.


Didier Deschamps has a great atmosphere with the team. Benzema,


but that opportunity, will put one away. Before we go, let us talk


about a couple of the news lines. Let us start with Arjen Robben. He


has in a press Conference today apologised for a dive in the first


half but said it was a definite penalty. The first thing I thought


was, a player involved in a controversial incident, and in front


of the media. I don't want to batter the FA too


much. Every single player did their bit during England's short stay. It


is the perfect strategy. When you confront the big issue it does not


fester. He used a little bit of semantics. He said he did not die


but he got out on the way they tackle he thought was coming. But


the big thing for the Dutch is he will not be disciplined by FIFA.


The other statement that came out today in bold Luis Suarez who put


out a statement apologising to Chiellini. As you can see there.


From your investigations, we think that was prompted, do we, by


Barcelona and Liverpool who worked 100% sure that that statement was


not going to come out? Chiellini put out a reply.


This statement is interesting. It has not come out at the behest of


the Uruguayan FA which has been adamant that, some of them saying,


there was no bite. It did not come from Liverpool either. This came


from his agent who is in Uruguay at the moment. There is a definite mood


that this is conditional for Barcelona if he is going there.


You hope for once that is not true and so on as has seen he has got to


do the right thing, just for once, it has got to be a genuine apology.


The guy is never going to learn. How can we be certain he will not do it


again? We have two more live games view on


BBC1 later today. They are the two games on BBC1


tomorrow. I see some quotes from the Swiss saying that Argentina are not


a one-man team. I do not know about that.


a one-man team. every time he gets the ball, how do


you stop him? How would you stop him? I have a feeling I know the


answer. The problem is he comes from the right all the time onto his left


foot. That is where he is at his best. You know what he's going to do


but you cannot stop him. You have got to be all around him as tightly


as you can. He is travelling on top of ball. Probably the best dribbler


we have seen. Maybe he has a point to prove, after Rodriguez lit up the


Maracana the other night. One goal behind him. Roberto Martinez said he


sees it very much as being the team spirit of the USA against the


individual styles of Belgium. It is interesting. We look at the


Belgium squad, lots of talent. In the past, they have had problems


harnessing that. Man for man, you would pick Belgium, but this is a


World Cup and about great teams. There is a possibility that the USA


can get a shot. I am not sure Belgium are coming


together as a team. Have you been disappointed?


They have not moved the ball quickly enough. They got out of jail if you


times in this tournament. They can only get better. Are these great


individual players finally going to come together?


Thank you to both of you. We know 6/4-finalists. Would you


believe, all six of them were group winners. While Argentina and Belgium


make it a full house later? Both games are live on BBC1, from 4:30pm.