France v Nigeria Match of the Day

France v Nigeria

A chance to watch a last 16 encounter as Group E winners France face Group F runners-up Nigeria.

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Hello and welcome to our World Cup replay, the game in full tonight


comes from Brasilia. France against Nigeria. Your commentary team is


Kevin Kilbane and Simon Brotherton. Marc Geiger becomes the first


American to take charge of a World Cup match beyond the group stages.


Nigeria have been forced into making a change. Victor Moses comes in


after recovering from a muscle strain. Yobo mixes 10th World Cup


appearance today, a new record for Nigeria. -- makes.


It is a hot sunny afternoon but at least the city does not have the


humidity of some of the other venues. 27 degrees the temperature.


33 degrees humidity. This is only the second meeting


between these two nations. Previously they met in a friendly


five years ago. It 1-0 by Nigeria. -- it was won. If you final thoughts


for the players before we get underway. -- a few. It is Wayne or


go home, even if it does take penalty kicks. Peter Odemwingie, who


scored the only goal of the match to beat Bosnia-Herzegovina in the group


stages. The referee just waiting for the signal to get this game


underway. Koscielny starting for


the second time in this World Cup. Kevin Kilbane beside me


in the commentary box. We are expecting a very good,


attacking and open game today. Crunching challenge there. The first


types for any, the Nigerian goalkeeper. -- the first touch. He


is an expert at denying French players. He has kept 21 is clean


sheets in the French league for Lille this season. The joint best in


all of the five major leagues in Europe.


We were wondering if Moussa would play on the right hand side and


Victor Moses would come on the left. It almost fell for Benzema. A very


timely interception from Yobo. Now the break from Ambrose, the Celtic


defender. I feel that is the key for them today, Nigeria. On the


counterattack they will have to rely on the pace of Emenike, Odemwingie


and Moussa. Heavily reliant on those three players to be creative for


Nigeria to get into the final Odemwingie starting for the third


match in a row at this World Cup. An interesting second half to the


season for Stoke City. It is the first corner of the match and it


It is the first corner of the match and it goes to Nigeria.


Joseph Yobo up from the back for this one.


It was towards Joseph Yobo but it did not quite find him.


Some space for Matuidi. What an engine he has got. A real box to box


player. Did not quite full for Olivier Giroud. Again it was Yobo


there. We have seen so much from Matuidi. Bursting runs from


midfield. Good start from both sides, really. Giroud's presence


means that Benzema is a little bit more on the left-hand side survey.


He does make those runs on the left-hand side. Always looking to go


beyond Giroud as well. A goal to Nigeria. -- a goalkick. Giroud got


the start against Switzerland and scored the opening goal. But until


today a couple of appearances off the bench. He did well prior to the


World Cup. Moses with a little space. The ball


comfortably cut out by Yohan Cabaye. Yobo is winning his 101st capped for


Nigeria today. -- capped. --. Better play. I felt John Obi Mikel


was dwelling too much on the ball in previous matches. Excellent play


from him. France the winners of Group E, seven points from three


games. Nigeria second in Group F behind Argentina. Emenike yet to get


off the mark at the World Cup. He was the joint top scorer in the cup


of Nations won last year by Nigeria. Stephen Care she made one appearance


for Nigeria in the World Cup finals as a player. It was 20 years ago


today in a win over Greece in the United States.


Moussa has done a good job early in the game. -- Moussa. He has got to


try to get higher up the pitch. He is a threat when he gets in the last


third. We have gotten officiating team who have been very impressive


at this World Cup so far? Very much so. There were a lot of questions


early on in the competition about the standard of refereeing. But I


think we have seen a good standard. They have got the key decisions


right. I would like to see Moses get more


involved. He was very poor in the opening game against Iran. Left out


of the last two. You are looking for a player of his ability to have more


of an influence on the game. Given away cheaply by Benzema.


Nigeria break. Emenike! Closed down very quickly by Yohan Cabaye. He was


one on one with Koscielny. Try to beat on the outside. Get your shot


away. -- try to beat him. Moses played in the first game and


not the final two of the group stage. Open match in the first ten


minutes. Nigeria have started well. Very impressive. Certainly in


possession. Great ball from John Obi Mikel. Met


by the head of cash only. -- Koscielny.


Yobo only came back into the Nigerian squad a month before the


World Cup. He had been left out for 15 months. He thought his


international career was over. But the manager going for the tried and


trusted Yobo alongside the inexperienced Meru. -- the Meru. He


has got a lot of pace, Yobo. Emenike forward... Musa wanted it


inside. The foul given against Yohan Cabaye. By the way, Onazi is still


on the ground at the other end of the field. This is why the free kick


has been awarded. He almost slept. That is where you want a mini K,


Kevin defenders running back towards their own goal. -- Emenike. He


didn't do that in the opening game against Iran. Who was the incident


in which Onazi was injured. An untidy challenge with Paul Pogba. It


was a little tangle of legs. I'm not too sure if there was a


follow-through. Maybe a slight twist of his ankle. It was almost really


when he collided with his own team-mate. It was Onazi who broke


Baberton de's wrist in the last game. It doesn't look good for the


Nigerian midfielder. He looks in trouble. He really does. Just a


coming together at -- as well with Pogba. Do you think that was the


right knee jarred by the challenge? Yes, it looks that way. It is


difficult to call. It looked initially as if it was his ankle. He


looks in a lot of pain coming off. Nigeria momentarily down to ten men


as they prepare to take this free kick.


Real place on the ball by Odemwingie. Good cross from


Odemwingie. He just could not direct it back across goal.


Valbuena was in an acre of space. He was in a fantastic position they're


in the past had been better. He was. If he had given him a shout,


Giroud, the ball would have gone through to him. Great movement by


Benzema. They were in a good position. Meanwhile, Nigeria are


back to their full complement of 11. Onazi is back on the pitch.


Yobo playing in his third World Cup. Onazi looks OK now. The ball almost


landed into the stride of Victor Moses. Free kick to Nigeria given


against Matuidi. A lovely long diagonal ball from Yobo. Excellent


for Nigeria. That is not a great spot to go diving in. That was


almost a rugby tackled to try and get his body across. 16 minutes


played. Good support from the locals in the crowd as well for Nigeria


ahead of the kick-off. What can they make of this opportunity?


France were never in trouble there. Poor execution. You could see from a


mile away what was happening. France unbeaten so far in 2014. Unbeaten in


fact since the first leg of the World Cup play-off in Ukraine. Eight


games. Six wins and two draws. Pogba is one of those players who excelled


last season. He was wonderful for Juventus.


Three green shirts in the box. Nigeria have the lead! No, they


don't! The flag has gone up. Emenike thought he had scored. The flag went


up quickly on the far side. Was really tight. A great ball in from


Musa. Good organisation from the French defence. You can see Patrice


Evra allowing Emenike to running behind. Good organisation. Good


decision. A lucky escape for France. Ever knows he is offside. Evra. A


very close call for a Lloris and the French defence. They raced away with


it early in the group stages. 3-0 over Honduras, 5-2 over Switzerland.


It looks like they may have a match on their hands here against the


champions of Africa. The flag is up,


that would not have counted anyway. That is good hold-up play


from Giroud, Just offside. Ambrose stepping up of


the far post. Benzema with three goals in this World Cup already. Two


in the opening game against Honduras. One against Switzerland.


He was unlucky not to have two in that one as well. The referee blew


the whistle for the end of the game after he had put the ball in the


net. France with uneven record against


African sides and the World Cup over the years. A couple of wins, a


couple of defeats. Ambrose in space. Suddenly it was wide open for


France. Matuidi concedes a free kick. Great energy from the pianist


-- Paris Saint-Germain midfielder. Both midfield players. Just offside.


Emenike. Great ball from Musa. The two midfielders heavily reliant on


Onazi. A free kick given against Giroud.


Pogba with a test to stretch his legs. It was absolutely brilliant!


And so was the save from Victor Wanyama. -- nu Ma. -- Enyeama.


Possibly the best African keeper we have ever seen. A wonderful save


from him. Nu name out with two clean sheets at this World Cup already. --


Enyeama. Nigeria claiming there was a deflection off the Frenchman. --


French man. Good to see Valbuena getting a


chance in the starting XI for France at this World Cup. He did not get a


chance at the European Championships a couple of years ago.


Yohan Cabaye will need to get back here. And so will his team-mates.


Moses in towards the far post. Sliced away by Debussy. Great break


from Nigeria. That is what they want to do. Break from set plays. There


is only really Victor Moses for him to head. Odemwingie was arriving


late. Yohan Cabaye complaining to the referee about an elbow from


Victor Moses. The referee happy for the game to continue.


Very confident goalkeeping from Hugo Lloris. Yes. He did well. Nigeria


causing problems. Getting the ball wide. Two port set pieces from them.


They got a lot of height and power in the air. -- two poor. Laurie


Stephens not take his eye off the ball for one second. -- lorries. --


Hugo Lloris did not take his eye off the ball for one second. He has had


a good season for Tottenham. Barber with the best effort for


France so far in this matter. What a great folly it was. -- Pogba. He


allowed it to run across his body. Lovely technique. That is the sort


of Paul Pogba we see playing for Juventus every week. A player of


real high quality. Captain of the French team that lifted the under 20


World Cup last summer. More than capable of making a big impact at


this World Cup as well. Good movement from Nigeria. A corner


kick. They really fancy it. Good movement from Nigeria. A corner


kick. They really fancy Good run by Ambrose. Good movement from Victor


Moses, just stepping into a position where the French defence could not


pick him up. Again, a poor corner by Nigeria.


Giroud powering forward for France. The referee initially happy to let


the game go on. Giroud finally ending up on the deck. Both sides


looked vulnerable from their own set plays! That was aimed at Benzema. He


looked vulnerable from their own set pockets of French support in the


stadium here. -- a few. If you cotton wool clouds in the sky above


the stadium here in Brasilia as well. -- if you cotton wool clouds.


Par but could not get control of it. -- pub above. The Nigerian defence


taking no chances. -- Paul Pogba. Debuchy has been eager to get


forward at every available opportunity in this first half.


Those long straight balls are difficult on a slick surface. The


Nigerian manager has to be happy so far? He has. Iran proved what a


difficult side they are to break down. They showed a lot of attacking


intent, Nigeria, against Bosnia-Herzgovina, and in the


Argentina game as well. Even when the manager was asked 999 Times


about bonus payments yesterday, it was played down. Everything was


normal. I think we heard the words no problem 20 or 30 times.


A little bit of sorting out to do for the referee. This is why. Giroud


needs to be a little bit careful where he is waving his arms. I think


he has caught him there. He was trying to indicate to the referee


that John Obi Mikel's Alba was high. But Giroud suddenly caught him. --


elbow. Odemwingie... The block was made by


Varane. Excellent from Odemwingie. Just stepping in.


Much better from Mick L. -- John Obi Mikel. Just stepping in. A lovely


little ball to Ambrose. Inside the last 15 minutes of the first half.


We still wait for our first goal of the game. Sliced high by Koscielny.


Lloris was flapping at that. Poor corner. It has got to beat the first


man. Give the attacking players a chance to attack the cross.


It is a corner kick. I love the rotation between Matuidi and Paul


Pogba. When one goes, the other sits. Lovely rotation. A- top is


because we have currently got two balls on the field.


The pressure slowly starting to build here. France are a poke --


approaching this patiently. Benzema coming deeper, Giroud on the


edge of the penalty area. The delivery for Giroud was a bit of a


stretch. Wildly slashed wide by Debuchy. Still goal this year in


Brasilia. -- here. Paul Pogba for France...


by Chanel. -- washing our. Comfortably had away by Ambrose.


John Obi Mikel did not see the two French players quickly onto him.


Yohan Cabaye back in the team after a one match suspension. Yohan Cabaye


tried to nip it in there but he just ventured offside. Again, that is the


rotation. Yohan Cabaye does get forward as well. Predominantly


through this game he has looked to sit. The decision by the assistant.


-- good decision. Mu says on the left now for a


Nigeria. -- Musa. A coming together between Musa and Valbuena, two of


the more skilful players on the field. France with a really good


record in the so-called round of 16. This is the fourth time they have


played in a last 16 game. They have won the previous three. They are


being held here so far. Emenike has got to be better. He has got to hold


the ball up. He is better running away from defenders. It is not his


strength, his back to goal. Inside the last ten minutes of the


first tab. Patrice Evra trying to get forward. Onazi did a good job.


Always ready, always in position. A wonderful stadium here in


Brasilia, reconstructed at great expense. The crowd is 66,000, 832.


-- is over 66,000. It is an incredible stadium here. That was


the challenge and Victor Moses which did not result in a free kick.


Yohan Cabaye seems a much more certain starter for his national


team than his club team, since he has returned to Paris Saint-Germain.


A little misjudgement from Koran. -- Coleraine. Good cover.


Looking for a better delivery from the Nigerians. Odemwingie is close


to the goalkeeper, as close as he can get. Patrice ever doing his very


best to keep him away from Lloris. It was a decent ball. Landing in


line with the far post. I think the referee is pointing out to Patrice


ever that he has got to be more careful. It is a foul, really. I get


the feeling Patrice ever will not be allowed to do that again. -- Patrice


Evra. Matuidi gets away... Debuchy! Not


able to bring a save Matuidi gets away... Debuchy! Not


goalkeeper, never mind find the back of the net. That was a brilliant run


from Matuidi. Great run it was from Debuchy. Good communication. Just


did not get the correct contact. Emenike could not find Moses in the


middle. There have been encouraging signs for a Nigeria. Definitely


have. That is the area that Emenike wants to get himself into. Inside


right channel. Get one-on-one with Koscielny and that could be a danger


for France. The last five minutes of the opening 45. Will we have a late


twist to this first-half tail? -- first-half story? John Obi Mikel got


lucky there. Good run from Evra, good pace on the cross. A mishit


clearance they are from John Obi Mikel. -- there.


I think Odemwingie has done a really good job. He did in the previous


games as well. He acts as a right back at times, tracking the runs.


Debuchy kept the ball in. Bags of time for Ambrose to let the ball


roll out. France have gone one better than four years ago when they


went home after the group stages. It was a poor showing in the last World


Cup as well. On and off the field. They came back to France to


unanimous disapproval from the French public. They are liking what


they see this year though. They are not finding it easy in this match.


And again the referee stopped the game momentarily because they are


two balls on the field. That is what the stoppage is for.


John Obi Mikel is a more pivotal player for Nigeria than he is for


Chelsea these days. That was absolutely rifled in by Emenike.


Yes, it opened up for him. John Obi Mikel, good on the ball centrally.


Moving it quickly. A slight handball. He could not really do too


much there, Victor Moses. They are a real threat going forward.


France had more attempts on goal than anybody else at the World Cup


in the group stages. But Nigeria have had a few here.


France break. What a dangerous position. Giroud unable to pick out


his colleague. That was a great ball out from the back by Patrice Evra.


Lovely vision. Into two minutes of extra time at the end of this


first-half. Nigeria trying to finish the first


out on the front foot. Moses running into Matuidi. The referee feeling he


was stumbling and looking for that free kick. Moses got the run and


Matuidi there are a little bit. A good decision by the referee. Varane


played in the Champions League final four Real Madrid a few weeks ago,


with Pepe out injured. Valbuena was caught. That will be a


free kick. Valbuena, who got on the scoresheet


in the win against Switzerland. France absolutely thrashed them in


that game in the group stages. They cannot find a way through yet. The


flag has gone up. It is going to be a free kick to Nigeria. That should


do it for the first half. There goes the half-time whistle. Honours even


at half-time. France putting the pressure on in the last few seconds


before the break. But the referee blowing at the end of 45 minutes in


which we have yet to see a goal but we have seen lots of attacking play.


Nigeria had a goal disallowed. A tight decision for offside. Paul


Pogba had a volley saved. -- Paul Pogba had a volley saved.


France have the ffort from Paul Pogba the in the first half


but the final pass has let them down so far in this match.


The guys in the studio talking about the full-backs.


Nigeria have been able to go at them and hurt them down the side.


I think Nigeria have created problems.


Olivier Giroud read it but could not find a decent cross.


He is another one like Josef Yobo who was recalled shortly


before the World Cup, Odemwingie. Had been out of the


international scene for two years until a month before the World Cup.


Odemwingie admitted he had to eat some humble pie before being


welcomed back in after previous disagreement with the coach.


France get the decision from the referee here.


The assistant has not given the foul.


Oshaniwa put his arm across him, it looked like a foul.


Very untidy the challenge, from Oshaniwa.


Cabaye just getting ahead of Koscielny.


Koscielny puts it behind for a corner.


Good touch to put Victor Moses way down the right hand side.


The French are not comfortable going back towards their own goal.


Nigeria have some players with blistering pace.


Style of the match suiting Nigeria so far?


When the French attack, the two full-backs get in at the front


That suits Nigeria on the counterattack.


Nigeria with a player down on the far side of the field.


Omeruo was straight across to snuff that out.


I think it was the challenge from Debuchy.


Conditions here are different than encountered


Although it is warm here, humidity not a factor


Watching that game yesterday, Holland looked dead on their feet.


It was a fantastic turnaround from them.


But when you come to the southern parts of Brazil, it is


Hopefully Oshaniwa can come back on shortly.


France will get is underway once more.


Just over the top of Koscielny's head.


This is testing the legs of Oshaniwa.


The Nigerian manager believes in his striker.


It has been awhile since Nigeria shone at the World Cup.


The last time they were in the last 16 was France in 98 and were


Good decision again from the assistant.


A bang on the head as well for Varane.


He does pop up from time to time, he scored the equaliser for Arsenal


Varane is going to require some treatment and this is why.


He needs to be more brave when he is coming out to stop the cross.


France have great talent in central defence.


A player who we have not seen in Brazil, but is


a much sought-after central defender with Porto, Eliaquim Mangala.


He played the second half against Uruguay in a warm up.


So many options in this French squad in both attack and defence.


You see his ankle roll, he is in trouble.


Can do some real damage with a challenge like that.


Matuidi the first player to go in the referee?s notebook today.


Paul Pogba and Patrice Evra are both on yellow cards.


There is a yellow card amnesty after the quarterfinals


which eliminates the potential of players picking up a second


Matuidi knew straight after the challenge and held his hands up.


It looks like he rolled his ankle and is in a lot of pain.


Will he be able to come back on off the stretcher a second time?


Looks as though Nigeria will have to make a change.


Onazi is stretchered off for the second time in this game.


Lots of activity in the Nigerian technical area.


He started against Iran but has not played since.


Onazi is stretchered away, down the tunnel away to our left


Just over the top of the goal, it will be a corner kick.


Odemwingie is over to take the corners now.


Poor delivery and not beating the first man.


Nigeria playing with ten men and undecided


Azeez was stripped to come on but they have changed their minds.


Ambrose, looking for Odemwingie. The cross evades everyone,


Nigeria preparing to make a substitution


Scooped away once more, this time by Yobo.


And a rather unnecessary nudge in the back, which will result


He was called up for the World Cup just six months


He only ever made three appearances for them.


He was a somewhat controversial choice by Stephen Keshi, the coach.


They will miss Onazi in the heart of their midfield.


He is not frightened to take a strike on when he gets free,


but this was such a difficult one to take on from that angle.


France have scored a hat full of goals in 2014, but they were held in


that last group game, and struggling to find a way past Nigeria here.


Joseph Yobo, who spent the second half of


Moses, who was a key player for Nigeria in their African Cup


He scored a couple of goals along the way.


Antoine Griezmann is the player to come on, and


It was between those two for the starting place.


And Griezmann, who started two of the three group


games, only made his international debut earlier this year in March.


He comes on for his fourth appearance at this World Cup.


What do you make of Giroud's contribution?


As a target man, I think he has done quite well.


I think actually Benzema outside him on the left has struggled,


considering how well he has played up to now in the tournament.


Matuidi knocking over Odemwingie, and that will be


Nigeria have controlled the game in this second half.


A really good hit from Odemwingie on his left foot.


They have not broken stride since losing Onazi to injury.


Building up a head of steam here.


Ambrose with the cross, and Debuchy, cool and composed.


Quite a battle for that right-back spot with Bacary Sagna as well.


Yes, but Debuchy has done very well when he has played.


He has been good as an attacking option.


Paul Pogba, so skilful but also physically a very strong player.


France finding it hard to cut through the Nigeria defence.


They have got a free kick for that challenge on Evra.


Odemwingie has a bit of a kick out at him.


Just seeing this strike from Odemwingie, Hugo Lloris dealt with


We are inside the last 25 minutes of the game,


Valbuena's delivery, pretty good as well.


That has been the difference on the set plays, quality of Valbuena.


The ball did not come down quickly enough for Pogba to let fly.


Yes, Enyeama got a bit caught up under the ball,


Matuidi just catching the back of Victor Moses.


Odemwingie is suddenly in the right full-back position.


They look confident in possession, Nigeria.


Cut out by Koscielny before it could get to Emenike.


Good play, really impressed by John Obi Mikel today.


Moving the ball quickly, much better performance.


Good little pass down the outside of the French defence.


Musa poses a problem, both down the flanks, and through the centre.


Yet again and Nigeria have not made much of the corner kicks.


They are not beating the first man, so every Nigerian player,


attacking the front post, with nobody gambling at the back.


He has picked out Griezmann, clattered into by Ambrose.


Odemwingie is down, and Nigeria will have a free kick,


That is Karim Benzema's best moment of the game,


Great ball back to him, and a good save.


Victor Moses getting back on the line to cover for his defence.


And here it is again, as Victor Moses clears the ball.


Goalline technology confirming the ball did not cross the line.


He was a little bit unlucky, Enyeama, coming out.


The rebound bouncing back off Karim Benzema.


We spoke about the unity amongst the French


players, but I think we can say the same about the Nigerian players.


They have been playing for each other, and that was


There has been so much talk about the arguments over bonuses and


everything, but they do seem very unified, as do the French as well.


He looks as if he may have to come off here.


Again, Nigeria go down to ten men for the moment.


By some distance, the closest France have come to scoring in this match.


Best moment from Karim Benzema I think.


He has struggled to get into the game.


Griezmann has got 20 goals this season with Real Sociedad.


Debuchy did not have a lot of room, and the ball has gone out.


Debuchy, one of those brought back into the team.


Six changes made for the Ecuador match in the last game by


Ambrose has just come back onto the field.


France playing at this World Cup without Franck Ribery.


They do have good options but imagine how strong they would look


Griezmann, a lively addition to the line-up in this second half.


Was Musa nudged off the ball by Matuidi?


Debuchy had to throw him self at that one.


Griezmann sometimes playing through the middle.


And Benzema moving out towards the left.


Just over a quarter of an hour remaining in the 90 minutes.


Who knows, we might be here a little bit longer than that with


Odemwingie and Musa have swapped sides again.


Benzema just pulled back to the edge of the penalty area hoping


Omeruo should have seen the run from Koscielny.


So close for France and then just walloped away by Ambrose.


That was a shot that shook the frame of the goal.


Twice in the last few minutes, France close to taking the lead.


Is the pendulum going to start to swing their way?


It was the corner from Valbuena that caused the problems.


Got a goal at the European Championships two summers ago and


They want to get this done inside the 90 minutes.


Paul Pogba gets a free kick for the challenge by Obi Mikel.


Valbuena will try to be architect in chief here.


The save by Vincent Enyeama from Benzema.


They are struggling to deal with the set plays from Valbuena


Suddenly in this match, Nigeria leaning back against the


France are ahead and it is Paul Pogba with the header.


The goal has been coming, they have been knocking on the door.


With 11 minutes to go, France lead Nigeria by 1-0.


He realises his defence is not dealing with the set pieces.


Despatched into the back of the Nigerian net off the head


That is the 146 goal scored at this World Cup and there have


been more goals here in Brazil than the whole of the last tournament


in South Africa put together and the second round isn't even over.


Nigeria will have to throw the kitchen sink at France


What a grandstand finish we could have.


It has been coming in the last five minutes.


Nigeria had equipped themselves really well.


Can Nigeria pick themselves up in the closing moments as Hugo


France have not lost a knockout game at the World Cup inside 90 minutes


since the 1986 semifinal when they were beaten by Germany.


At the moment, heading for the quarterfinals.


They were winners of this match, will play Germany or Algeria


Free kick given against Gabriel, the substitute.


Nigeria have given a good account of themselves in this match,


but they eed to find something extra, a bit of craft,


a moment of inspiration to cancel out this header from Paul Pogba.


Sometimes it can be a mistake like that.


Enyeama has played well in the tournament.


Perhaps I jinxed him by saying he is the best African


But it is at a crucial stage as well.


Odemwingie. They need to get the ball forward towards Emenike.


Another goal now would surely seal the deal?


Valbuena reclaiming possession for France.


Matuidi looking for the run of Antoine Griezmann.


He has hit it well, didn't have support.


Benzema not getting up alongside him but it was a good save.


Griezmann has given France something extra since coming off the bench.


But he was not getting the opportunity to score.


Griezmann with his movement is causing problems.


Odemwingie. Inside the last six minutes.


Beaten in the last 16 in ?94 and ?98.


The deflection has carried it behind for a corner.


Similar position Musa took up when he curled that wonderful goal


Nigeria have five minutes plus added time to find a goal from


Again it is Matuidi racing down the far side of the field.


He has got such energy, the way he moves it looks as


Nigeria's set plays have looked vulnerable.


There is no real handball, it just struck his arm.


Good decision from the referee, he has had a good game.


Every chance we might see Mark Geiger and his team once more


Debuchy receiving a bit of treatment.


There is the frustrated Nigerian goalkeeper.


Hurriedly cleared by Ruben Gabriel. They just need more composure,


really. Utilise the width like they have done. Get the ball to Victor


Moses and Emenike upfront. It is comfortable for the French defence


at the moment. Two and a half minutes plus added


time. Varane is so elegant. The covers someone's face. -- he covers


so much space. Matuidi fouled by Gabriel. They are


just trying to kill the game. Matuidi fouled by Gabriel. They are


just They are keeping the ball well. Matuidi buying the foul. It allows


the French to set themselves down with -- to settle themselves down.


Moses is gone off and Nwofor is coming on for Nigeria.


Griezmann causing problems for Nigeria. Paul Pogba settles for a


corner. Griezmann involved in the attack. He has given them that


little bit of energy and creativity in the final third.


We are in the last minute of the 90. How much added time will we get? We


will find out shortly. The fourth official from Iran getting the board


ready. It looks like it may well be five minutes. Those fans really


starting to believe that France are going to go through to the


quarterfinals. They had to do it the hard way to reach the World Cup.


Finishing behind Spain in their group and losing the first leg of


the play-off against Ukraine away. It was a great performance in Paris


that secured a place in this tournament.


That will not please Deschamps. He will want them to keep it in the


corner. We're having five of added time. But Nigeria just cannot get


hold of the ball, never mind get it to the other end of the field.


Griezmann has been able to keep hold of the ball that little bit longer.


He has been the difference. Griezmann! That is it. Game, set and


match for France. They are going through to the quarterfinals.


Griezmann Seals the deal. The Nigerian defence did not get


themselves organised. It was a great run by Griezmann. Right across the


defender. Good ball from Valbuena and well finished off. They have not


defender. Good ball from Valbuena got enough bodies in the box as


cover. Really good ball. Good finish. And still Nigeria has never


made it past the last 16 of the World Cup. This is the third time


they would have been beaten at this stage. It is Yobo. He has not got


his body open. Cannot see the run of Griezmann onto it is too late. The


ball ultimately deflecting in of Yobo, just to complete guide -- the


misery for Nigeria. Yes, it came off Yobo. It was the movement from


Griezmann that made the goal. Yeovil not seen him until it was too late.


-- Yobo did not see him until it was too late. It will be a goal kick to


France as they make a late change. Sissoko is coming on. He started the


previous two matters before this one. Valbuena is coming off. That


will take a little while, being as he was the furthest from the


technical area. A standing ovation from the travelling French fans for


the Marseille player. Sissoko of Newcastle about to come on. Not much


time left. He might do well to get a touch of the ball. Yes, he has been


excellent, Valbuena, again, certainly in the latter stages of


the match. this World Cup campaign. But it was


a close game for a long time. Still looking for a consolation. Handball.


Free kick to France. Yes, it was an unnecessary corner given away by


Odemwingie that led to the goal. The deflection of Yobo put paid to


Nigerian's tournament. A goal which confirms the outcome of this second


round tie. The ball coming off Yobo. Odemwingie. France now in danger


of finding a third Benzema being chased by


Reuben Gabriel. There may be time for one last


attack for Nigeria, just about. The experience and quality of


the French has seen them through. And France are through to


the quarterfinals. Paul Pogba with a header


in 11 minutes from the end, and then the result confirmed with a


deflection off Joseph Yobo, who went for the ball with the goalkeeper and


Antoine Griezmann in added time. For a long, long time it was close,


and Nigeria gave France a really good game, but in the end, it is


France who have come out on top. Nigeria still have never made


it through to the last eight. France will play Germany or Algeria


in Rio next. That is it. Thanks for watching. France


in Rio next. That is it. Thanks for watching. will now play Germany and


we will have another World Cup replay for you tomorrow.


But sometimes, something can happen that leaves you no choice