06/07/2014 Match of the Day


Highlights from the third and fourth quarter-finals at the World Cup in Brazil.

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highlights of last nights two remaining World Cup clashes. Kevin


Kilbane is here and we will get his later. First it is to Brasilia where


Belgium took on Argentina, word Leo Messi's magic be enough to see off


Belgian's golden generation? -- Belgium's.


Both teams needed extra time to get past the second round but with two


very different performances. Belgium excelled only to be denied time and


again by Tim Howard in the USA goal, while Argentina laboured


against Switzerland before Angel di Maria's late extra time winner.


Alejandro Sabella makes two changes at the back. Demichelis makes his


first appearance at the World Cup in place of Fernandez in central


defence. Marcos Rojo is suspended at left back. Leo Messi wins his 91st


cap, equalling the number of appearances made by Diego Maradona.


Marc Wilmots sticks are largely to the side which beat the USA. --


sticks largely. Steven Defour is available after suspension and


Thomas Vermaelen has recovered from injury but both of them have do


settle for a place on the bench. -- have Tess settle.


There is space here for Kevin De Bruyne. A real intensity about this


one. Feeling very much like Argentina know they need to up their


game in all likelihood to get past this hurdle. Messi, what a pass. And


it comes from Lavezzi. Away by Kompany. Leather as he was in acres


of space on the far Lavezzi. -- Messi. That was fine play. Di Maria.


Zabaleta. Racing forward. Hague Wayne! 1-0 burp inside the first


eight minutes -- Hague His first goal of the World Cup and


what a game in which to score. Argentina have had most of the early


play. The break was incisive, the finish was clinical. Belgium are


behind early. Courtois was not able to get anywhere near that one. It is


the perfect start for Argentina. The Michaelis. Messi. -- be


There is a bit of room here now for De Bruyne. He will go for goal. He


will not come close to finding it this time. Kevin De Bruyne


will not come close to finding it this time. Kevin De opened the


scoring against the United States in the second round. Mascherano.


Zabaleta is heading towards the far post. That was a good flick by di


Maria. He was not far away from finding Gonzalo Higua?n. Witsel. De


Bruyne. That was a good save by Romero, it did not quite fall for


the striker. Gonzalo Higua?n with a pass to Messi. And the flag goes up


against Lionel Messi after the challenge of Kompany. Argentina are


looking dangerous at times in the first half. He was unlucky there,


Messi. The first save was made by Sergio Romero at the other end. Jan


Vertonghen is well forward on the nearside. Messi. Trying to thread


that won through to Angel di Maria, what a pass. Di Maria. A vital block


was made by Kompany. Di Maria is playing really well. Di Maria has


stayed on the ground, it looks as though his thigh strain make and


curtail his involvement in the game. -- might curtail. How will this


affect the balance of the play and the balance of the Argentina side?


Zabaleta looking for Gonzalo Higua?n. It is collected by Enzo


Perez. Into Messi, beautiful control. Almost took him all the way


into the penalty area. Belgium do not like it. The referee has given


Argentina a free kick just outside the box. For a few moments it was as


though the ball was stuck to his foot, Messi. Dumpling be surrounded


by Belgium players. -- comp weekly. Interesting times for the Belgian


defence. Messi with the kick. -- completely. It stays at 1-0. Always


lifting, ultimately over the top of the bar. Messi took too long. It is


not often you can say that. He plays it towards Eden Hazard. It goes out


off Enzo Perez. Jan Vertonghen's delivery. The header went just wide.


off Enzo Perez. Jan Vertonghen's contact. He was unable to direct it


goalwards. As the ball goes skidding wide of the post. Here comes


Argentina. Gonzalo Higua?n. He fancies himself here. The deflection


takes it wide of the post. That could so easily have deflected into


the back of the net with Thibaut Courtois wrong-footed by the


sizeable deflection. Jan Vertonghen brings it to a halt. The flag is up


on the far side. The referee is going to show a yellow card for the


first time today. It is to Eden Hazard. Messi's delivery. Courtois


was stretching, there. Belgium are on the back foot. That is


comfortable for Courtois. And now they can break with Axel Witsel.


There are plenty of red shirts going forward. Kevin De Bruyne. CHEERING


That was too long. Before the ball came down to Hazard, and away he


comes. Direct route to goal. It is off the top of the bar. So nearly a


second goal of the afternoon. A powerful, surging run from the


Argentinian striker. That was a vicious finish. And Belgium are


mightily relieved to see the ball skidding off the top of the


crossbar. Half an hour to go exactly. Witsel. The first touch


forgeries Martins. exactly. Witsel. The first touch


Martins. Over the top of the bar. Certainly that was a bit more like


it from Belgium. Certainly that was a bit more like


delivery from the left. Fellini with the height advantage over Basanta.


He could not quite keep his head down. There has to be more urgency


about Belgian's play. They have not really tested Romero a great deal in


this match. -- Belgium's. Kevin De really tested Romero a great deal in


Bruyne. That is comfortably cleared. On the floor momentarily,


but Belgium are keen to get on with the game cover this needs to be a


good delivery. It post, whipped in low, and off the


central defender, but the goalkeeper was right there behind the ball.


Lukaku getting in, there. They need a goal here to keep their World Cup


hopes alive. Here comes Belgium again with Axel Witsel. It is


blocked by Mascherano, and away by Basanta. Here is Palacios.


Mascherano almost loses out to Kevin De Bruyne. Belgium have got to go


for it. De Bruyne. Belgium have got to go


cross. Here it comes. Flapped at by Romero. He stretches and he does


well. Away from Zabaleta, blocked by Enzo Perez. Belgium are not going to


go down without a fight and they will get a free kick for that as


well, the challenge on younger Tongan. A yellow card for Lucas


Biglia. Here is why. Blocking the path of Jan Vertonghen. -- challenge


on Jan Vertonghen. Lukaku heads to the far post but it is whipped to


the near post. Much to the frustration of Lukaku. That was a


bit of a let off for the Argentina frustration of Lukaku. That was a


defence. A constant din is being made by the supporters from


Argentina, echoing around this wonderful arena. Somebody in that


Belgium team needs a bit of craft, guile, inspiration to potentially


change the course of the quarterfinal. Will their single goal


proved to be enough? -- proved. --. Belgium's corner. They are trying to


finish the match on the front foot and force extra time. Just two


minutes to go plus added time, Mertens with the corner, it is


whipped back in by Chadli. They have only lost twice since the start of


2013, 14 wins and three draws in only lost twice since the start of


that time, but these are the matches that really matter. The knockout


games on the big stage. There is not much time left now for Belgium. Here


comes Lucas Biglia. Gago's pass and away goes Messi. He could put the


finishing touches on now. That is a good save by Thibaut Courtois.


Belgian hopes are wafer thin but they are still alive. A minute and a


half remaining in added time. Argentina are thumping the ball out


of play. Chadli. De Bruyne. Here is Witsel. Mertens Was the in towards


Lukaku. He stays up but he cannot quite find van Buyten. Witsel with


the shot. That might just be Belgium's lot. That is the closest


they have come from long time in this game. Witsel had to give it a


crack. But the ball just tumbled away from the goal. And at the other


end of the field moments before that, Lionel Messi have the chance


to finish it for Argentina. Denied by the excellent young Belgian


goalkeeper. Biglia is down. Argentina are heading to San Paolo!


It was another narrow victory. One goal through to be enough. And


Higuain was the man who got it early in the match, and Belgium's World


Cup adventure is over! Argentina, losers in the last eight in the


previous two world cups come they didn't slip at the quarter-final


hurdle this time. They are still in the hunt for the trophy. The final


score, Argentina one, Belgium zero. It all ends in disappointment for


Marc Wilmots with Argentina through to another World Cup semifinal. Or


you convinced by the Argentinians? I haven't been convinced by them


throughout. I think the key player is casualties mac, we know that, but


we are looking for some other players to assist casualties Mac --


casual two -- with Lionel Messi. We have had two moments, today was


another moment when he picked up the ball, there was uncertainty in the


Belgian defence and it caused problems. In the last round against


Switzerland, there was a brilliant moment from Messi, he beat a couple


of players, and they are too reliant on him. He has disappointed,


overall. There was so much hope for Belgium. Marc Wilmots tried


overall. There was so much hope for confidence into Hazard, what has


happened with him? There was a lot of pressure on him. His form did


curtail towards the end of the season, he had one eye on this World


Cup, and when you are putting that much pressure on yourself to


perform, he has come out here with the expectations of the nation on


his shoulders. Messi has had it as well. He hasn't been able to


perform, Hazard. He's not been able to do the things he has done so well


at Chelsea which has been the big disappointment at this World Cup.


So, Argentina through, Brazil also through, the only thing people are


talking about here is the injury to Neymar, what did you think about the


challenge? I think it was a bad challenge. The player new exactly


what he was doing to the challenge. We see it from the goalkeepers, they


come out to collect the highball, it is more protection for themselves


for an injured -- from an injury, but this is different. He's got into


the challenge, you recognised it was Neymar, it was a high challenge, and


he went with the forearm as well, so it was a bad challenge, and he will


be the most hated man in Brazil. Thank you. So, three of the four


semifinal sorted. Next up, the Netherlands were looking to get past


the minnows of Costa Rica. I want to tell you of a legend, a


legend that grows every four years. It is a story of the flying


Dutchman. It is also the story of a curse, of restlessness and failure,


the story is my story. For I am one of the flying Dutchman. We have been


doomed to spend eternity on a series of four year quests, a fruitless


search for the golden treasure. We always get close, so very, very


close. But, I'd tell you, we remain United in belief that we can lift


this curse, we will find what we are looking for, and we will return home


as heroes. But I see a new phone is standing in our way, a land


undiscovered, full of volcano and Forest, a land of danger filled with


the proud people. And it is in! Ruiz! Vague, to want the gold,


they, too, want to return home as victors. They want to keep us


cursed. What a fantastic bowl! Will the curse be broken? Or will we be


fated to continue this infernal quest? I am one of the flying


Dutchman, and this is my time. Good evening from Salvador, city of


goals, and there have been 24 in the five games played here so far. The


tone was set by the Netherlands on the second day of the World Cup.


This is where it started for them with a 5-1 thrashing of defending


champions, Spain, including that header from van Persie. Change was


inevitable for the Dutch. There are two changes. Martins Indi starts,


and it really is a side that screams attack to the Costa Rica team. It is


one that is missing the defender they call the Rock. He was suspended


after his sending off. Ruiz, well-known to the Dutch from


his time with PSV Eindhoven. Robben wanted it from de Vrij. Here


is Ruiz on the ball, I wonder what sort of look he would have opt from


the most hardened Costa Rican supporter, if you said that they


would be playing in the quarterfinals. Brilliantly, Gamboa,


but Vlaar moves it away. The best move of the games so from Costa


Rica. Here is Campbell, who might be playing with Arsenal at last.


Good save, Navas, but here is Sneijder... That was a little more


routine for the Costa Rican goalkeeper. Brilliant move, best


save, best moment of the match. It comes to van Persie, and the keeper


is off his line so fast. We have seen van Persie finishers chances so


many times. And then Sneijder doesn't get hold of it. Ruiz,


followed by de Vrij. Depay, a chance to shoot, at Navas is in the way.


Good save again. Two good chances. It is a poor finish, really. Four


babies born in Costa Rica were given Joel after Campbell. Where do you


get these facts from? Brilliant! Borges, bumped to the floor. It's a


good thing for the Dutch to have some pressure against them. It will


give them a chance to use Costa Rica's best chance of the


game. I think there was a foul from Diaz Campbell. Good spot from the


referee. Sneijder, what a save, what a try! Brilliant Sneijder, agile


Navas. De Vrij, trying to spring the trap for van Persie. Sneijder. Good


defending from Borges. Robben did not see him coming. Navas had to get


it right, got it just right, like everything else he has done in this


tournament. What three impressive is speed off the line. I think it was


the van Persie chance earlier. So quick off his line. Robben, caught


in between Umana, who has a yellow card, and Diaz Campbell. That is I


shall not pass. Robben to take the free kick. If it has been too


pedestrian for your tastes back home, think what Costa Rican goal


can do for it. Borges has been ordered away. He goes for goal... I


had a little feeling they would try the double bluff. He won't try it


again. The free kick comes in. It is over the top. That is what I'm


again. The free kick comes in. It is over the top. That is what talking


about, that is exactly the kind of thing Holland have to careful about.


Very good defending from Vlaar. Gonzales did not give him the space


to get a free header. Played up towards Bryan Ruiz. The ball will


not break. Martins Indi. Robin van Persie. That is a lovely Lie after


Lens. Robben. -- lay off. Robben goes down, free kick. Yellow card.


Right on the limits of the penalty area. It was almost on the line.


Yes, he sticks his arm out. Good feet from Robben. A bit of a tired


lunge from Gonzalez. Wesley Sneijder with the Netherlands free kick.


Navas has built a wall of four. The Netherlands are ready. Snyder goes


for gold. Off the post. It goes over the wall. Give Navas credit, he is


near enough there, if it was on target he may have got a hand on it.


Good stuff from de Vrij. We are set for a grandstand finish. Arjen


Robben takes three defenders with him. He is stopped by Diaz. Look how


quickly he is on the ball again. His shirt was being pulled. Arjen


Robben. With the latest chance to deliver something pretty special.


Robben. With the latest chance to Van Persie wanted it played in


quickly, he frees himself of the markers. It is off the head of


Gonzalez. Navas did not really get to it cleanly. Van Persie. That was


a lovely turn. Navas blocks. Kuyt is prevented and Costa Rica have


cleared. On the wrong foot for van Persie, the keeper gets down well to


his right hand side and he clears the danger. Robben. Snyder. Kuyt


wants it on the other side. Snyder in. Van Persie has missed. Surely he


just had to make contact. They don't know what has happened. I cannot


believe he has missed it. I thought it might have been a penalty but he


just misses completely, what a ball from Snyder. For a man of his


quality, that is a huge mess. -- Miss. Robben has momentum, Dias is


in the book. He is surely going here. He has checked the number. Is


he letting him off? I think he is. Well, that is incredible. By the


letter of the law, that is a yellow card but he gets done by the good


play, it is not malicious. Robin van Persie is set and ready. Fired in


but straight at the gloves of Navas. Wesley Sneijder. Blind. That is a


lovely ball in. It is missed by everybody. Off the bar. That is an


incredible scramble. De Bruyne runs it out. It is van Persie again. How


on earth did that not going? That is a great cross which everybody


misses. Tejeda on the post. De Vrij timed it to win the ball from


Bolanos. Kuyt is outside and he is needed. He cannot get any further,


though. That is a corner. More of the same from the Dutch, good


pressure. Kuyt on the move. A header from Ron Vlaar. Navas gets across,


you would not expect anything else. He is calmly awaiting this save. It


is a great header. Down? What does the


is a great header. Down? What does referee do? Nothing. He points for a


goal kick. Costa Rica are protesting, more strongly from the


touchline ban on the field. I tell you what, that is a penalty. Eclipse


is left leg. He goes down looking you what, that is a penalty. Eclipse


for it but I have seen them given -- he clips. Is it a substitution?


Krul? Louis van Gaal would do that. Bolanos, brilliant! And de Vrij


stops him from doing the ultimate damage to the defence. Not quite in,


desperate Dutch defending now. Bolanos, taking everyone on, it is a


Costa Rica corner, and, if anything, they are coming on more strongly.


Amazing! Cillessen saves! Cannot go on any


more! Oh, my days! Really good save, that, isn't it?


Umana climbs over the top of van Persie. Danny Murphy tapping his


watch, two minutes and counting. Huntelaar, with the lay-off two to


Lens. Sneijder, trying to call it in! Robben! He has gone into van


Persie. Umana, he has lost his balance. He would have had a


straight and square ball. What an effort from Sneijder! It was going


to have to take something effort from Sneijder! It was going


eat that goalkeeper, and that was a special strike. Krul is coming on


for Cillessen! This is a real story! He looks sick, Cillessen, he's made


him look like a bit of Aland. This is potentially his only World Cup


action. -- he has made him look like a bit of a lemon. That will do it,


0-0, final score in Salvador. Argentina's semifinal opponents will


be decided by a penalty shoot out. It is the Netherlands versus Costa


Rica. It is now Krul versus Navas. Borges as was the case in the last


16 against Greece, will be first up for Costa Rica. And he has put it


low. Superbly executed. Robin van Persie. And he does put it right


into the corner. Another terrific penalty. Ruiz is up next. Saved by


Krul! Dutch cheers right around the arena. He changed, didn't he? He


went the other way against Greece. Robben to make it advantage


Netherlands. Ignored the antics of Navas. Kept his eye on the ball.


Gonzalez beat Krul. He has just done his bit. Wesley Sneijder does not


miss many. And he does not miss this one either. Still, the men in orange


have the advantage, 3-2 after three kicks each. Bolanos looks nervous.


But he has scored. The kick was not nervous, not one bit. Nerveless.


Dirk out, he has never had a bigger kick for his country than this and


he scores. -- Kuyt. This is one of the leaders in the Costa Rican


side, showing nerves of steel to score the decisive kick against


Greece in the last round. He has two score to keep Costa Rica in the


World Cup at least for one more kick of the ball. Huge pressure. It is


saved by Krul! It is the Netherlands who go through to the semifinals.


The Costa Rica fairy tale ends here. We will talk about their efforts for


a long, long time, they will be heroes back home. But for this


moment now, it is about plain old Dutch courage. As displayed by Louis


van Gaal, he changed his keeper for the spot kicks. It was a gamble. The


money was on Tim Krul and he has paid out. Incredible drama at the


Arena Fonte Nova, have you recovered? Not really, an incredible


occasion. Costa Rica were valiant but they did not get there in the


end. What about the penalty shoot out? A massive call by Louis van


Gaal. It is a massive call. A wonderful moment for Tim Krul to


come off the bench, that was a big decision. Management at times is


about key decisions at the right moment and Louis van Gaal stepped up


to the plate. What about the penalty shoot out, getting your top players


to step up and they proved it? So often the star man wants to take the


fifth penalty but with Holland there was none of that nonsense, three key


players taking their first three penalties, all three of them scored


and it proved that it is a team game, not about the individuals at


this stage, it is about pulling together. Tim Krul coming on, it


must have been heartbreaking bacillus and at that key stage. --


for Cillessen. I saw him kicking over a water bottle in frustration.


Some of the fans may disagree but the Dutch deserved to go through?


Costa Rica had a good chance early on. You have to give Cillessen


credit. The Dutch were dominant throughout, Wesley Sneijder hit the


woodwork twice, van Persie had a couple of chances, Robben had


chances, they should have won it in normal time, should have won it in


extra time, full credit to the Costa Rican defence, but that was a big


moment later. It did not happen for them. Manchester United fans must be


delighted with their new manager, imagine the season we have coming


up. I cannot wait for the first meeting between Louis van Gaal and


Jose Mourinho? Yes, there are so many top coaches in the Premier


League, you could have a World Cup winning coach stepping into the role


that Old Trafford, what a story that would be. There seems to be in a


believable team spirit in the nettle and side? Yes, that is what van Gaal


has created, over the years there have been controversies and spats at


the Netherlands but there is none of that nonsense under van Gaal, he is


a disciplinarian. There is a bit of fun and leniency as well. We have


two cracking semifinals to look forward to, and don't forget it is


the Wimbledon men's final. And Federer against Djokovic is live


on BBC1 at two o'clock. Back in Brazil we have two fantastic


semifinals to look forward to. On Tuesday in Belo Horizonte it is


Brazil against Germany. And on Wednesday we will have highlights of


the Netherlands against Argentina. So, Kevin Kilbane, who is your money


on now? The favourites now would be Germany simply because Brazil have


Neymar and Thiago Silva out, two keep players so far. Germany will


beat them, so it puts them as the slight favourites, overall Germany


looks solid and clinical, I would not have gone with Germany before


the game against France because I thought France might beat them but


now they are favourites because they are too hard to breakdown. They have


to start converting their chances, are you convinced by the false nine


of Thomas Muller? There is vulnerability in every one of the


sides, and that is the beauty of this World Cup, nobody has been


convincing. The way Germany played against France, they were difficult


to breakdown and closer' was not getting service but he did not


create opportunities. Then Thomas Muller goes up playing the false


nine, he does not get chances himself but he works hard for the


side. It is an intriguing last four but the key is Neymar and Thiago


Silva being out, that will be too much of a hindrance for Brazil.


Thank you for joining us. Four teams are left standing, two wins away


from the biggest prize in world football. Goodbye for now. Plenty of


people have France as the dark forces but they have to beat the


might of Germany. -- dark horses. It is 1-0 and Germany lead! Germany


roll on again. Who can keep their cool in Fortaleza? Thiago Silva has


put Brazil in front! It is dipping and it is in, that is brilliant.


That is a picture no Brazilian wants to see. Brazil are into the


semifinals of their own World Cup. This is the first meeting between


these two nations for 28 years. Higuain, 1-0 Argentina! Higuain! It


is off the top of the bar. And Argentina are heading to S?o Paulo.


There always seems to be at least one team capturing the imagination.


Sneijder goes for gold, off the post. That is a lovely ball and it


is missed by everybody. Cillessen saves it. Trying to curl it in. Tim


Krul... And it is saved by Krul! Holland are going through to the