09/07/2014 Match of the Day


A chance to watch the first semi-final from the 2014 World Cup. Brazil meet Germany at the Estadio Mineirao in Belo Horizonte. With commentary from Steve Wilson and Martin Keown.

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And then there were four. It is a World Cup semifinals and first up,


two side who have lifted a trophy eight times between them. Brazil


take on Germany who have got three of those golden stars above their


badge. In Belo Horizonte, Martin Keown and Steve Wilson. This is a


long way from being the most beautiful of the World Cup venues.


It is a big, old bearpit of a ground but utterly thrilling and


spectacularly noisy. Brazil are without their superstar and their


captain. The last time they started without both the personal and Neymar


was the quarterfinal of the last World Cup, when they lost to the


Dutch. Neymar had started every game is that defeat. Brazil tried to get


Thiago Silva were second yellow card overturned, but failed. Barnard, a


local favourite, is in for Neymar. The captain for the ninth time of


his country is David Luiz, in the absence of Thiago Silva. And the


referee is Marco Rodriguez of Mexico. It is his first game since


the Uruguay against Italy match in Nepal, a vote of confidence in him


from FIFA after he missed that Luis Suarez bite. Germany have reached


the semifinal or better in 12 of the last 16 Gold cups but they have


never beaten Brazil in a competitive game. One World Cup, two


Confederations Cup defeats. Jo Kim Lowe takes unchanged team from that


which beat France in the quarterfinal. Miroslav Klose, his


23rd World Cup finals match. He is on 15 goals. He breaks one record


already, becoming the first player ever to play an four World Cup


semifinals. Fantastic atmosphere, inside this stadium. The third World


Cup semifinal for Luiz Felipe Scolari. The first one with


Portugal. And Germany in their change strip, the red and black


hoops, actually the kit of the Rio club, Flamengo. Martin Keown is


alongside me, what do you think? I cannot wait, two of the big boys of


world football. Ever any player wanted to be captain more men among


else, it is him. He's loving it. What an arena, what an occasion. Who


is heading to the Mara Kanawa? They must be hungry there, to welcome


their team. Will they get the opportunity will it be Germany


through to the final again? A horribly long pause for the players


to sit and well and the man on the touchline in a FIFA Blazer has his


arm raised, and no one can do anything before his arm drops, and


drop it does. And Germany get the first of the semifinals under way,


kicking from right to left. Yes, it has,


it is a Brazilian corner. Yes, Bastian Schweinsteiger


coming across. I am not sure that


was completely out. The referee just having


a word with Fernandinho and he is trying to stand on


the toes of Neuer. Dante and Luiz Gustavo both


play their football in Germany. It is important that Luiz


Gustavo is back today. When the Brazilians arrived


at the Estadio Mineirao today, they were all wearing baseball caps


saying "Forca Neymar!" That shot did not trouble


Neuer. There was some contact their on Luiz


Gustavo by Bastian Schweinsteiger. this Brazilian team's


composure under pressure. If Germany had broken there, they


could've played it wide to Thomas


Muller on the right-hand side. I hope we see that again, to see the


position that Thomas Muller was in. I think Maicon is a weakness


on this right-hand side. It will be interesting to see


if they test him. He looked rusty


in the last match against Colombia. Brazil have to retreat again


for another German throw-in. It is interesting that Joachim Low


has gone with the same team that he


had last time out. I am not sure how long


Miroslav Klose will last for. Miroslav Klose played for just


over 60 minutes in the last game. Given away carelessly


by Fernandinho. Brazil are not looking very


comfortable in possession. They don't look like themselves at


times. They have to be brave,


deal with the pressure. Their best 45 minutes was


in the first half against the Colombians, but they


panicked in the second half. He is one of those who has


recovered from a sickness. Quite a lot of people who have been


travelling a lot around Brazil in the last month, coming


from the cold climates in the South, particularly Sao Paulo where it is


wet, then coming up north to the humidity, quite a lot


of people have got the flu. Thomas Muller is trying to find


a way round Dante. The free kick goes the way


of Brazil. Marcelo on the left-hand side,


he just leaves That is why


the free kick was given eventually. Their full-backs are pushing up


so high, they are leaving huge It has been


a good flowing start to the game. Bastian Schweinsteiger


in the right place for Germany. He is looking for a free kick,


and he got one. What a promising start to the game,


from the standpoint of a neutral! Basically, both teams are saying,


we are going to attack Luiz Gustavo is going very deep when


they have possession at the back. Just a little nudge on him


by Miroslav Klose. I think he is just letting him know,


don't take liberties in possession, Sami Khedira doing well,


breaking into that channel. Plenty of mistakes


in the first ten minutes! A slight nervousness from Brazil,


when they are trying to mount Thomas Muller from


the corner puts Germany in front! Who picked him up?


Nobody! It is a ball that ends up


at the far post. To get that kind of space


at this level. He makes it look easy,


but it is about concentration. The Golden Boot winner


from four years ago, Thomas Muller, has put Germany in front


in the 2014 semifinal. Now,


a big test of Brazilian character. We will see what they are made


of now! He has matched his tally


of four years ago in South Africa. It will not win the Golden Boot this


time around, but it puts him If Brazil are looking for leaders,


there is no captain, If they are looking for inspiration,


no Neymar. Many people have said it, that


this Brazilian team can be beaten. The will of the nation might not


be beatable, but the team was. Well, we are just looking at


leadership, commanding your own box. I would be embarrassed


if I gave my opposite number Was there an elbow there


on the Miroslav Klose? Thomas Muller taken out of it


by Marcelo. Marcelo knows


he needs to take him out. David Luiz goes on a fantastic run,


you have to say. Hulk should have done better


with the cross, though. They will be looking to David Luiz


for inspiration and leadership. Germany are stopping them


getting any attacks going. He has been very mixed


in this tournament, Hulk. Scolari keeps sticking with


his team. Free-kick is taken


by Kroos to Khedira. Blocked off


by the Brazilian wide man. They are taking the sting out


of things. The early signs aren't good


for Brazil. Again, he hasn't got the pass


into midfield. They fell behind in the first match


of this World Cup, Brazil, you will remember,


with that own goal in Sao Paulo. I think the Germans are not


happy because they thought Lahm's challenge looked


inch-perfect from here. The referee instantly indicated


a corner and no more. Boateng's reaction was all about


the way Marcelo hit the ground. Yeah.


It is boiling over a little bit. Look at that


for a perfectly-timed challenge. Brilliant challenge


from a brilliant player. Brazilian corner played to the


near post. Marcelo trying to get Oscar


in behind. Bernard goes over, the referee


gives nothing, then indicates Germany are so dangerous


on the break. It is breaking down far too often


on the Brazil left-hand side. Hulk has to improve


that ball retention. Credit the Germans


the way they are closing down. 66 competitive home matches since


Brazil were last beaten on home soil in a match that mattered, back


in 1975, Copa America semifinal, I thought he was going to do


a Gareth Bale then! Look at Julio Cesar,


he has no option. He is running free on the


right-hand side in acres of space. No real problem for Julio Cesar


there. Don't underestimate Khedira


in that move. Ozil was doing


his best to get there. He covered 57 kilometres


before tonight's match. He's going to break some records


because he's got oceans It's found its way through


Fernandinho to Toni Kroos. Miroslav Klose is the all-time


World Cup record goalscorer. Brazil have a mountain to climb in


their own back yard against Germany! He eclipses the phenomenon, as


Brazil call him, that was Ronaldo. How do Brazil shake up


the unshakeable? At the moment,


you look at what he's done in that Germany are completely controlling


the match in the middle. Brazil have fallen apart


inside 25 minutes! What a finish this is


off his left foot. That is as good a finish


as you will see. But look at the finish


at the end of it. The dreams of 200 Brazilians


look like mere fantasy. Blown apart


and it is getting embarrassing. It's turned square,


it's 4-0 to Germany! Brazil are being humiliated,


humbled and taken apart. Their supporters simply cannot


believe what they have seen. It is as if without


their two main players, it is like The dream,


the fantasy is well and truly dead. Stunned into near silence in


Belo Horizonte. We were talking about the pressure,


is it too much, Germany have been different class,


of course. You have to have that strong


backbone and it is missing Who is the next player that


wants to take that mantle on? It's almost got to


the stage where Germany have stopped I don't think they can


believe how easy it is. FOUR goals in 15 minutes


for Germany. Looking here,


whether this is a foul. Hulk's leg dangling


like the old fisherman's fly! I'm sure the boys at half-time


will have plenty to say. Scolari's team raised a few eyebrows


here, Willian on the bench, Ramires, If Scolari could do it again, I'm


sure he would pick a different team. Absolutely no discipline,


he goes charging out. They have been gifted these


opportunities. I am afraid that the dream has gone. It has been blown to


smithereens. It is just incredible. Sammy Khedira is having a field day.


If you have joined us late, that scoreboard is correct! The


scoreboard might open some brackets like they used to do with the old


videprinter! They have been shambolic from the moment they fell


behind, Brazil. You cannot just put it down to two top players not


playing. Every team has had to do without players over the years at


some point. He will not be lifting that FIFA Golden Globe. Bodies all


of the place, deflection, and Tony Kroos was about to complete a


first-half hat-trick. They are so pure, defensively. Everyone is out


of position. It is like a testimonial game.


There is so much more structure to the German side,


Look at Bastian Schweinsteiger, making himself available,


I think the emotion of the competition has got them


through, but without those players, they will not go on.


Thomas Muller complaining to the referee,


Tomorrow night on BBC One at 11:45pm,


highlights of Argentina against the Netherlands.


On Sunday, the final itself, on BBC One from 7pm.


Germany are, basically, already there.


Toni Kroos is a beautiful passer of the ball.


Germany have been efficient, unselfish.


They could not have believed it would have been this easy.


Thomas Muller is giving him a very heavy look there.


It is almost as if it has become so easy they are ignoring


The record defeat for Brazil was 6-0 down to Uruguay. They are 5-0 down


within 25 minutes here. David Luiz is forced to send that


long because nobody is showing Germany are such


a well-oiled machine. Has Manuel Neuer got


his knees dirty yet? He has made one catch early on,


when it was still a game. The biggest ever margin


of victory It is almost beyond belief that


we are talking about it, but that it is 5-0 after 30 minutes, you do


have to start to talk about it! No European team has ever won


a World Cup on South American soil. Germany do not look as if they are


in the mood to be kind to Brazil. Such good movement from the edge


of their box, they are all making runs from deep,


sometimes it is Sami Khedira, Brazil are not playing together


as a unit at all. They are shell-shocked,


look at them. Bastian Schweinsteiger


looks very interested. It is Mesut Ozil to over the top


of the crossbar. Mesut Ozil might not get


the next one! That is probably


the worst thing they have done! Shocking scoreline,


shocking performance. This is a team that has not lost


at home in a competitive fixture They haven't lost at home


in any fixture in nearly 12 years! It is hard to believe


what we are seeing. They are comfortable in possession,


as well. Miroslav Klose's appetite to try


and win it back is impressive. He stays


on his feet beautifully. He just takes his chance to make


the tackle. It looks as if Germany have learned


some lessons, maybe the hard way, You fear for Brazil every


time Germany get the ball. Germany can counterattack


so quickly. That was a bit overconfident by


Toni Kroos. We have not seen much from Fred


in this tournament. Germany doing simple things well,


for the second half. There are a few German players out


there who have tasted defeat in the European Championships


and the World Cup. Brazil can salvage some time


a sliver of self-respect All that they are playing for now


his pride. Joachim Low is strolling around


his technical area, as if he is walking through a bluebell wood.


He has never had so much fun! This German side is ruthless,


no sympathy at all. They have their foot


on their opponents In the scheme of things,


they talk about the great 1992 Brazilian team, saying that they are


perhaps the best team that didn't Is this one of the worst teams ever


to make the World Cup semifinals? It is looking that way now,


isn't it. 1982, such a great team, players


like that do not exist in this team. They are so reliant on Neymar


and Thiago Silva. It's the worst 45 minutes


of football, possibly, Hulk is chasing it and has failed


to keep the ball in play. There will be three changes made


at half-time. Brazil, vulnerable without


their captain. They have been outplayed


and are being booed off. They have been humiliated


by this German side. At half-time in the World Cup semifinal it is Brazil


zero, Germany five. There have been three


substitutions at half-time. Martin Keown,


have you ever seen a performance it is just


about hanging onto some pride now. Good luck scoring three


in the second half against Germany! So, Mats Hummels is off,


Per Mertesacker is on. There is one of the substitutes,


Ramires. This team were occasionally


booed by their home supporters. The shot


by Ramires is cleared away. Many people thought that Ramires


should have been Yes, the one thing he


will give you is legs. It was an attacking selection


by Felipe Scolari. Rather than that attacking


selection, he put a lot of people in the midfield, and it has


backfired in some fashion. He has put a lot of faith in Hulk


and Fred in this tournament. German free kick,


Philipp Lahm to take it. It is hard to say


at the moment is the empty seats on the other side of the ground or


just people being slow to get back, Jerome Boateng does well


when he realises he can get it. The Mexican referee is completely


disinterested in that call One of the big differences between


the Brazil team this year and the one that won the Confederations


Cup last year is the goals that they Fred got five goals


in the Confederations Cup, It has all been about Neymar,


virtually, in terms of putting Per Mertesacker will be trying to


stake a claim for a place Manuel Neuer got a little touch


on that. The danger is,


when Brazil pile forward in search of some sort of honour


from this game, that they could Germany will take pride in a clean


sheet. They certainly will. Manuel Neuer is certainly the best


goalkeeper in Walford poll. -- world football.


Just looking at a replay there, Manuel Neuer, great reactions,


He tries to hit it with the outside of his right foot.


They are going to approach this in the manner of a team which is


giving the impression of one that might get back into this game.


They might give themselves problems approaching it like that.


Paulinho takes an absolute age to hit that.


You get the feeling that Manuel Neuer in the German goal is


In our pre-match your vote, 41% of you said that Germany would


14% of you now have egg on your face!


He thought that was going to hit the back of the net, but, no,


They have all the experience in the world with the coaches in the


Brazilian dugout, but no one will be able to get them back into this one.


Argentina and the Netherlands will be watching closely.


It is that old saying, go and win the second half.


They have given the ball away carelessly again.


That is a great ball back into Thomas Muller.


The work rate by Thomas Muller is phenomenal.


Manuel Neuer patrolled the area outside


He hasn't really needed to do it today, that if he does, he is there.


Schurrle is coming on for Miroslav Klose.


It gives a much better balance to the team.


Extra salt in the wound for Brazil, Reynaldo's record has gone.


The top scorers in this tournament are mostly what


Number ten is a very important player.


Fred should be giving that to Bernard.


That is Khedira at his best, the threaded little passes he makes


He enjoys getting out on the right-hand side when Muller


Julio Cesar manages to get a foot on it.


Thomas Muller might have made it six.


They have given the ball away so often in such awful areas, Brazil.


Schweinsteiger, to Khedira, who scored the fifth.


Julio Cesar, that is a wonderful save he makes, on to his left foot.


Muller senses there's more goals here.


Already he has ten goals in his two World Cup finals appearances.


CROWD BOO He had never scored for Germany before the last World


Schurrle is coming back to close Bernard down.


And the Germans are saying that Maicon should be shown


His distribution is slightly off the mark.


They are trying to get themselves on the scoreboard.


And there is the man whose record he has beaten.


I had the privilege to play against him.


Comparing Fred to those great strikers.


I have to blame Scolari for picking him.


If his next best options are Jo and Hulk, perhaps that is why he


I thought Hulk might have started down the middle tonight.


Maicon gives Dante something to chase.


Bernard has kept it in play, but his cross is too deep for Fred


Where do the Brazilians go after the humiliation of Belo Horizonte?


They go to Brasilia for the third place match and then


Germany are doing enough, just seeing it through.


The flick on it from Dante, just helped it reach Julio Cesar rather


Great movement, a willingness to get forward.


Joachim Low is thinking not only can we absolutely batter Brazil here,


but we can send out a psychological message to whoever we reach in the


Every one of them - this is Howedes, he is working really hard


Scolari is going to have to draw names out


of a hat to pick a team for the third-fourth-placed play-off.


I don't think there will be too many volunteers.


CROWD BOO Fred is getting some stick.


Luiz trying to play it through to Luiz Gustavo.


Schweinsteiger is making a run down the middle.


He will let it go to Schurrle and Julio Cesar did ever so well.


Taking a leaf out of Muller's book there.


Oh and almost on to the chest of Fred!


Had Fred got a touch on it, it wouldn't have counted.


Julio Cesar did really well for that one.


Muller is playing centre forward now and it is


He is playing on the last defender's shoulder.


If he can get the through ball he is looking for, he will be in.


Argentina beat the USA 6-1 in the 1930 semifinal and Uruguay beat


Yugoslavia by the same scoreline in the same year and Germany put


six past Austria in 1964, so five is the biggest ever margin of victory.


Muller made that, he comes off to feet, plays it off.


Willian is going to be on shortly for Brazil.


Kroos will want one more, he is on a hat-trick.


That's six and Andre Schurrle makes it six to Germany and if it stays


this way, it is the biggest ever victory in a World Cup semifinal.


They have taken off Fred and it was Fred who was the recipient of those


And Willian does not look exactly thrilled at the prospect


The Brazilian crowd, many of them, are off.


The Germans might declare in a minute!


Not sure the Brazilians have been third best, let alone second best!


He's got that pass in the locker, Kroos.


Kroos was just a little bit stationary.


Listen to the reaction - that picture is on the big-screen


Willian, a little curler, he is well wide.


This has been such a happy hunting ground for Fred.


He scored 42 goals in 49 appearances in this stadium.


And now he's booed every time the camera picks him out on the bench.


There are many people in this stadium who have not seen


No-one has ever seen them lose like this at home.


When it is tight on one side, they go out the other.


Germany, for all Brazil's obvious inadequacies, have been excellent.


This is a system that other teams can copy.


It is not rocket science the way they are playing.


That midfield three, Schweinsteiger sits deeper,


It is their game management, the way their intelligence and they


Germany have become the first team in this World Cup to score six.


He will refuse to be beaten if he has anything to say about it.


In 2002, Germany scored eight goals against Saudi Arabia.


The funny thing is, I think Germany have more in


their locker for the final, whoever they will be playing against.


They will go into it fresh, having one extra day of rest.


Toni Kroos was looking for a give and go to get his hat-trick.


They are letting the ball do the work, Germany.


Just a little bit too much on that pass by Toni Kroos to Mesut Ozil.


Another substitution, Julian Draxler is going to come on.


Part of this seeming conveyor belt of German forward players.


He has been heavily linked to Arsenal.


Julian Draxler will get about 14 minutes of play.


He was out with a very bad injury, he was not able to play


I think David Luiz is in danger of losing his head.


Thomas Muller not happy with the challenge.


That all came from when Marcelo, the left-back, give up possession.


They are six goals down, how many do they want to lose by?


The German fans are swaying from side to side.


I'm sure they would like to see a couple more.


Everyone of these is just sublime that role.


I think the Brazilians have had enough.


Unfortunately for them, I don't think the Germans have had enough!


They are shaking their heads in disbelief.


Applause breaks out around the ground, which is good to hear.


It is like watching one of the great Brazilian teams of yesteryear.


In this country they know all about good football.


The Brazilian fans still in this ground, I would suggest have


just stood and applauded the team that has dismantled


They know good football when they see it.


Germany are one goal away from their biggest ever World Cup


That was against Saudi Arabia in 2002, 8-0.


Tomorrow night, BBC One, highlights of the second semifinal,


Sunny, the first thing that Gerd Muller did there was try to get


The World Cup final of 2014, Germany versus either Argentina or


Julio Cesar has been beaten seven times in the semifinal.


Whatever the state of the game, the Germans do not abuse it,


they keep it simple, move it from side to side.


The Germans have not missed too many.


Almost everything they heads went in.


You have to say, David Luiz has pretty much given up


The Brazilian fans are actually giving the German team oles.


That is ultimate humiliation for the home team.


I don't think it gets much more humiliating than when


the fans are giving an ole for every pass that the opposition strikes.


Look at this fellow Bastian Schweinsteiger.


It has been an astonishing World Cup.


Every other day that seems to have been a classic game,


and unbelievable result, a brilliant story.


It will soon be over, what shall we do with our time?


In terms of shocking results, this is the daddy of them all.


It will be interesting to see what the crowd does on the whistle.


Manuel Neuer never took his eye off it.


Ramires has had a real goes into came on.


You should have started, in my opinion.


Manuel Neuer has been the standard goalkeeper of the World Cup.


If you want to win anything, you need to have a top, top goalkeeper,


If Germany get their skates on, they could be their biggest ever big


tree, and match the biggest ever margin of winning at a World Cup


A needless collision between Bernard and Manuel Neuer.


Again, David Luiz, nowhere near his man.


It is very difficult to look beyond Germany now for he is going


Magnificent performances by Toni Kroos and Mesut Ozil.


Brazilian football will have to go through an intense period


His left-back has let him down tonight.


Germany have completely owned the semifinal,


Surely their best ever performance in a World Cup.


I think they will be overriding favourites, I'm afraid.


Almost an impossible finish from that angle.


A test of character for Brazil, but they have failed abysmally.


For once, a German mistake has given the ball to Ramires.


That is the one thing missing from his game, Ozil.


That ruthlessness, a great run through the middle.


You think he is going to be calm - he is.


Neuer thought about coming and retreated.


At least it's given them something to work on before the final.


Everything else has been pitch-perfect.


Oscar scores the most pointless of World Cup goals.


Two added minutes at the end of the game.


I don't think they are singing, "We are going to win 8-7!"


The whistle has gone and the referee has said that


It's a Brazilian free-kick and that's it.


Germany are into the World Cup Final.


CROWD BOO Brazil, thoroughly unforgivable performance.


Germany, thoroughly unforgettable performance.


That is it the night that Brazil's beautiful game died. Deutschland are


injuring land. -- It's like a submarine that goes


underground. 50 tonnes an hour, in slurry,


through this pipe. Start pumping. They might cause a panic


of tiles falling off.