13/07/2014 Match of the Day


Highlights from the third place play-off of the 2014 World Cup from the Estadio Nacional in Brasilia, where hosts Brazil take on the Netherlands.

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We have the play-off coming up with Brazil taking on the Dutch who lost


to Argentina. This will not be the finish. Not the one that Brazil


wanted after that humiliation by Germany in the semifinal but the


game comes from Brasilia and the commentator is Steve Wilson.


Brazil beginning that long healing process after that drama of the


semifinal and the Dutch hoping to become the first Netherland 's team


ever to leave a World Cup final unbeaten.


become the first Netherland 's team ever to leave a World This could be


the last game in charge for Luiz Felipe Scolari, his CV defeated by


that defeat to Germany and it is probably the end of the road for


some of his squad. Fred has been dropped. Hulk left out. Thiago Silva


is back. Louis van Gaal leaves his post after this game. He lost Wesley


Schneider in the warm up so there are two different changes to the


line-up but were beaten by Argentina. De Guzman comes in. And


Clasie coming in for the injured Nigel De Jong. Some spiky words


between the coaches. But smiles and embraces between Luiz Felipe Scolari


and Louis van Gaal. And away we go. For the bronze medals, which will be


awarded after this game. The Netherlands or blue, going from to


left. -- are in. Kuyt will take this. Wijnaldum. Like


it is Vlaar. De Guzman being hunted down by Willian. That was calmly


done, Cillessen. An early touch from Clasie. There was a very big cheer


for Jo whenever his name came up onto the scoreboard. Penalty kick!


It had to be! The referee has decided that was inside the penalty


area and after 90 seconds, the Dutch have been awarded the spot kick.


Robben was flying away. Thiago Silva getting this -- getting the yellow


card. That contact was right on the edge of the penalty area. The


initial contact was outside. The referee from Julia has awarded a


penalty. After 90 seconds. Thiago Silva only got a yellow card. And


van Persie, who scored his against Costa Rica, can put the Netherlands


in front. 1-0. Supercool penalty kick from van


Persie. 1-0. Behind again. You could almost make a case that


perhaps a free kick on the edge of the penalty area and a red card


might be the right decision. The referee gave a penalty


and a yellow card. Oscar got his head onto that.


Clasie. Jo was inside the penalty area. Ramires very nearly got the


touch. He was not far away. The goalkeeper was not sure whether to,


or not. It was that kind of all in from Oscar. Neymar has been cast in


the rule of cheerleader. Van Persie arriving in the middle. Blind. 2-0.


Terrible defending from Brazil. Blind puts it into the back of the


Brazilian net. And the home fans have been silenced. I am afraid it


is another defensive horror show from Brazil. That was onside. Blind


finds the roof of the net. There was no awareness of what was going on


from David Luiz. Smack into the roof of the net. 2-0. Blind with his


first ever international goal. Wesley Schneider looks very


disappointed not to be involved. He is 30 years old. It might be that he


doesn't have any World Cup in him and this would have been his


swansong. Oscar! Very good run. Cillessen was behind. He worked for


the space very well. But the shot in the end was disappointing. It was on


target, but not much more than that. He has not scored in either the


quarterfinal or the semifinal. Kuyt with the header. There was a foul on


Robben. Seven yellow shirts, only five blue. Here is Clasie, nicely


worked. Van Persie. He was teasing. No one attacking the near post for


the Dutch. Smashed downfield. Willian has controlled it. This is


better. Falling over the kick -- the food of Wijnaldum. Another Brazilian


free kick. He was quite happy to take that. Oscar. Free kick. If


there was any touch, it was much. I think Wijnaldum got it. It came off


his shoulder blades. The first corner of the game is Brazilian.


Willian. That was too long. Robben is there. Five against three, the


Dutch. He has to pick the right touch. Could not quite do it. That


was headed carefully away by Maxwell. That was a much better


pass. And the Dutch are run for three. -- are in. Jo. Away from


Blind. Looking for Maicon. Jo. Well, they are committing yellow


shirts forward, as many and as often as they can. But they could be


caught on the break, so easily. 2-0. His last game in charge of the


Orange men of the Netherlands. The flag is down. Free kick. The


assistant gave them three times before the referee agreed. Oscar


will take it. He only needed that touch. And two of them almost


provided it. But not quite. Paulinho within a whisker. They have been


seeded 13 goals in just under 6.5 games in this World Cup, Brazil. --


they have conceded. David Luiz has given it away. Robben. Maxwell with


the clearance. Van Persie, they want to be careful. Bouncing onto his


left foot, the alarm bells are ringing. Willian caught by Blind.


Here is Martins Indi. Half-time. And that is a reaction from the fans


inside the stadium. Brazil booed for the second time running. The second


half under way, no change for the Dutch. The Dutch knocked Brazil out


of the last World Cup. In the quarterfinals. Throw from Maxwell.


That was good from Ramires. He has just overrun. The deflection in the


direction of Jo. Here's hoping this is a corner. The referee is


checking, and yes, it is. Great turn from Ramires. That was played short


to Maxwell. Oscar. Willian. Into the danger area. Here is Robben. Ramires


covering, and filing. Free kick to the Netherlands. And Robben is


breaking away. And the deflection, the back post. He could not quite


get that in. Almost catching that the Brazilian defence, Robben. The


pass by Thiago Silva was decent. Those boos are for him, and he knows


it. That was a good turn. Ramires away. And the wrong side of the


post. That was not far from the mark. That was a lovely turn. 30


minutes to go. In this play-off in Brazil. 2-0. Both goals inside the


first 20 minutes. Van Persie penalty and Blind with the second one.


Maicon. Willian. Maicon. Taking Blind but not getting through the


second challenge of Kuyt. The free kick has been given. Kuyt smiling.


Pretty sure he did win that cleanly. Maybe it was for that? Well, this


free kick... David Luiz. Against Colombia, it went into the roof of


the net. This one might be slightly closer. He goes for that again and


the goalkeeper simply stands. Oscar. Fernandinho. Oscar! The Dutch hand


24 hours less recovery time after their semifinal. Here is Maxwell.


Good touch from Jo. Maicon will have to chase. Appeal from the crowd for


handball. Maicon is protesting that Martins Indi -- Vlaar at this. --


hit this. Oscar. Is that a foul? They were screaming at the referee


but I think Oscar is going to get the card for diving. Oscar has been


booked. It might just have made contact with the top of the right


boot of Oscar. Brazil are feeling hard done by. He looks in a bad way.


Oscar. Jo. Hulk. That was an ambitious drive from a very


promising angle with Vlaar standing in front of him. Predictable result.


Almost seven complete matches, the Netherlands, only conceding four


goals in this World Cup. Robben. Bundled over from behind. The


referee would struggle to get out of here if you gave the Dutch another


penalty. Given away to Thiago Silva. Robben. Van Persie. That looked


suspiciously offside but it was not given. Maicon. Corner kick.


Robben's corner. That was not far away. Moving into five added


minutes. They are looking very tired. Here is Robben. Van Persie


already forward. 3-0. There was always a suspicion that Brazil would


be undone on the break. Wijnaldum making it 3-0. And Brazil have


worked hard in the second half to give their fans some sort of cheer.


Great overlapping run from Janmaat. And that very tidy finish from


Wijnaldum. Brazil have conceded -- have conceded ten goals in their


last two home games. They have gone 39 years without losing any home


competitive match prior to that. This will mean that for the first


time since World Cup squads were composed of 23 players, one


selection, the Dutch, will have used all of them. That has never happened


before. They all have had a taste of Brazil 2014. Well, the World Cup for


Brazil is over. It is very hard to envisage that Luiz Felipe Scolari


can apprehend what has happened. What has happened in that semifinal


has been made worse by what has happened here today against the


Dutch. They will get the bronze medal, finishing third in the 2014


World Cup. And deservedly so, they have played Shelley, Argentina and


Brazil and have only lost one penalty shoot out. Brazil, the


wheels have fallen off. In a big way. It was not great. 3-0. So that


is a play-off. What about the big one? The World Cup final 2014.


Germany against Argentina. An amazing five weeks and Brazil. Here


is our take on the high points and the low points. Questions,


questions. Could the five-time winners give us a World Cup to


remember? The sceptics said no, Brazil said yes. This was different,


the old Kings quickly lost their crime. Spain are out! And what of


England? Youthful vigour but home long before bedtime. In the mighty


jungle, the Lions fell asleep. The nightmare never stop. Luis Suarez!


Why they lacked bite, others did not. He can dribble and Neville.


This party is not all you can eat. We sell the two sides of another


star. Robben, ruthless and reliant. Wonderful number ones. Keepers and


sweepers. None of them shall pass. Football was frantic. Goal after


endless goal. The all-time World Cup record goal-scorer! The world 's


most powerful nation fell in love with the worlds was powerful game.


But the first time, two different African sides went into the last 16.


Their light was soon extinguished. We saw the very best from the very


best. And he scores! Messi, is was not the only left-sided one. He was


even loved by the locusts. His team have class and style, perfect


rhythm, while others were dancing alone, he left the stage without any


encore. Woodwork, hard work and margins. Neymar brokers back but


Brazilian Hearts will take longer to heal. Humiliated! And taken apart.


Germany will always remember but Brazil will try hard to forget. We


wept and we roared and reselling. They sprayed and played. We watched,


he watched. Millions of viewers and fans. 32 nations down to just two of


them. The best team against the best player. Only one can go home happy.


Did you know that two of the five World Cup Finals have been decided


from the penalty spot so how can you make sure you get it right when it


matters? Pay attention, Argentina and Germany. He is a masterclass


from Alan Shearer. You represent your country and the nation is


watching. And the pressure is huge. 50,000 people around you. Walking


from the halfway line to the penalty spot. What is in your mind? Your


mind starts to play tricks. What should I do? That is a very long


walk. And there are 1 million things going through your mind. Stay calm.


You can feed your heart beating faster. You must believe in what you


have trained to do. Never in doubt! You have to stay in control of the


situation. I am not looking at the goalkeeper. He will try to play mind


games. He did not know where he was going to put it, he was trying to


get into his head. I would have standard outside the box and waited


for Tim to return. Stay in control. Look exactly at the opposite area to


where I was going to hit it. I would always look to the left, knowing I


was going to the right-hand side. Do you put it down in a special way? I


have to put the valve at the top. You already know where you are going


to put it. And you should never, ever change your mind. The Germans


have a word for the process. It means strength of nerves, nerves of


steel. And they are not bad at it. To make sure you score, would you


let you wear the shirt for Germany? I would rather where Sunderland.


What is the last thing going through your mind? Don't miss! -- wear the


shirt for Sunderland. There you have it, all set up for the fitting


finale. The World Cup final, Germany against Argentina. The build-up


starts from 7pm on BBC One, Gary Lineker joined by Rio Ferdinand and


Alan Hansen, his last ever appearance as a BBC pundit. Kick off


at 8pm. Make sure it's the BBC for your coverage.


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