14/07/2014 Match of the Day


Another chance to watch the 2014 World Cup final between Germany and Argentina at the Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro. With commentary from Guy Mowbray and Mark Lawrenson.

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After 32 days, 63 games and 170 goals we are down to the final match


of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. It's Germany against Argentina from


the maracana. What it means is a first competitive


start for 23-year-old Christoph Kramer. There are six Bayern Munich


players in the side, coached at club level.


Miroslav Klose will have his final World Cup appearance. Three of his


record 16 goals have come against Argentina in the last two


tournaments. Argentina had hopped that Di Maria


would have covered in a thigh injury. He pulled up in training


yesterday. He isn't being risked. They are unchanged.


Marcso Rojo was a slight doubt. He is OK to continue. In a team yet to


concede a goal in the knockout stages. A team that is all about the


two M's, Mascherano to stop them and Messi to star.


Both are now looking to greater honours than their -- predecessors


managed. One of the modern wonders of the world. What a setting for a


game that promises so much. The stars are out


and ready to shine. Everything is set for the 20th


World Cup Final. WHISTLE. One of the ultimate teams


against another a lot more This is the fourth time I?ve seen


Argentina live, I think they will need some


magic from the aforementioned They won?t be as fresh


as the Germans. If you look


at the Germany game against Brazil, they only had to play for about 25


minutes, so a massive difference. It went from 1-0 to 5-0


in under seven minutes. They will find this Argentina


defence harder to pick through. Yeah, especially with Mascherano


in front of them. They started with Perez on the left,


Lewandowski on the right. They tried to play


a tricky one through to Klose. Argentina very deep


in the early stages. Mascherano has only managed


to move that up to Muller. There can be the touch


of the reckless about Marcos Rojo. In two years


in Portugal he has seen five red They score from set pieces,


don?t they, Germany? More from the wider positions into


the box, but they?ll fancy this. Argentina?s first sorte


into opposition territory And


from a very poor German free kick. You could hear the change


in noise around the stadium as soon Argentina have by far and away


the lion's share of support, even though those from Brazil are


behind the European team. They've come across the border


in any way they could. They're sleeping anywhere


and everywhere. They'll be hoping for an Argentinian


take away, won't they? Might be worth pointing out


in the last World Cup here, the only previous World Cup final


here, Brazil came into it after sticking seven past Sweden


and six against Spain. Then they lost


as favourites to Uruguay. He looked to pick him out, Muller,


actually. It's a good deflection back to


the goalkeeper. The referee just saying that he


couldn't really get out of the way. Senor Rizzoli, this is


his fourth game at the tournament. The noise around the place now,


you could be watching Boca Juniors, It is Martin Demichelis who comes


across to stop him A little bit worried that Argentina


down the left-hand side, that's three occasions,


they?re all coming down here. Kroos dictating a lot of


the passing in the German midfield. You can see the confidence oozing


out of every player in white. But taken off at half-time


against Brazil purely a precaution. Look


at the room Phillipp Lahm has got. Messi will leave Hummels


in his wake here. Messi was a little bit tired,


someone was saying. There has been a feeling that he's


been saving something special.. The whistle has gone for a free


kick. ball off Messi, it was the first


challenge by Hummels, I think. Brilliant, though. He almost stops


and then goes again. Hummels is seen him come forward that often in


this competition. Nicely dumbied by Mascherano.


Biglia had time to line it up there. He took plenty of time.


Decent block too by the Schalke man. special final ball.


There?s the man most consider to be You would have thought it would be


cagey and lack a bit of pace. Certainly not.


Klose is further forward. Ozil is taking his time. Zabaleta hungrily


into the tackle. He doesn't really tackle any other way.


Schweinsteiger was endeavouring to find Kramer. Does well to win it


back, but it's only temporarily. Kramer is playing a little bit


further forward than Khedira would be, certainly from that point of


view, it's given the Argentineans a bit of problems when he's come off


the front man. Now Demichelis started to scamper over. Messi comes


back to help him out defensively. Germany get a throw.


Lahm looked for Klose. Demichelis stout stuff. Yeah, Demichelis just


read it a split second before Miroslav Klose, just did enough to


put him off. How his fortunes have changed. I


think he deliberately left it. They might have conceded a key free


kick here. I'm not sure it's a foul, is it? A


little late. It is another free kick in a very promising position for


Germany. Just needed a closer look. Mascherano is closest to Klose.


Zabaleta read it. Germany's throw.


Lahm outside. It squirted awkwardly off the head of Demichelis, just


caught with the sun in his eyes That's the problem. He gesticulated


straight away. There you can see. Maybe what happened before with


Garay. That is a problem particularly in that goal mouth. You


can see it, just there. Obviously you can see it, but he can't.


The movement is fascinating to watch from the German players. Unlucky


there. It was meant for Muller. He came out and round the back.


President presidenttries to run -- Perez tries to run away. That's


twice they've broken from set pieces, Argentina, which is for the


neutrals good. It's what Joachim Low spoke about in


the pre-match press conferences. He was wary of the speed of the break.


Worried about one man in particular. Just seen one darting run from him,


Lionel Messi. Ezequiel Garay, solid centre back, finds Marcos Rojo. A


little off balance there. Looked down accusingly at the pitch.


Must have been a worm. Actually didn't train on it yesterday to


preserve the surface. There has been quite a lot of rain around Rio in


the last few days. Perfect evening for the World Cup final, though.


Shoaleder to shoulder with close close close who has take -- Miroslav


Klose who has taken a throw. Argentina's players are pointing to


the touch line and telling them to put it out of play. It's their man.


They don't have to. They've made the decision on the pitch. Now Toni


Kroos does that. If they have the ball, they can make the decision.


It's the referee's call if he wants to stop playment Oh. Yeah. Perhaps


he ought to have done. Always when you're looking the other way you


catch one. Oh, dear. Garay came in with everything he had


and he took the full weight. Zabaleta got one the other night,


very similar. Click the jaw back into place.


There's Sami Khedira, a pfennig for his thoughts. Ruled out in the


warm-up. He's had rotten luck with injury in the past season. I don't


think we'd expect him to come on quite so soon. Kramer will carry on


for now. He only made his debut against Poland in May. What a rise


it's been for the 23-year-old. Sometimes it's just meant to be.


They'll be watching on anxiously in the town where he's from. Should


have plenty of steel in him. He won't be coming off, not if he


has any say about it at allment He's fine. He's jogging around the pitch


now. Rojo looked to find Higuain. Another


Germany throw play youed out right under -- played out under the nose


of Alejandro Sabella. Standing down, come what may, after


this game. Muller takes one. Get up, he's Rojo


went fine. In. He was waiting for it. Well done ref.


Yeah, he was waiting for it. Nothing wrong with him. There was a bit of


that in Germany's opening game, the win against Portugal when Pepe was


stupid to get himself sent off but Muller didn't half make the most of


it. Doesn't take a lot to get Pepe


certainties off -- sent off, does it?


Neuer to make sure that he's sure footed to clear.


Oh, that was a risk. Oh, dear me, what a chance for Higuain! What a


waste. He was presented with a World Cup final gift. He obviously


couldn't believe it, because he's totally snatched at this. He waits


there to hit it and well, it almost came off - just above the ankle.


What an opportunity! Toni Kroos headed the ball back without


looking, a player who's hardly wasted a pass all tournament long.


And not to make the goalkeeper make a save from that particular


situation is criminal. What a let off for Germany. They now have a


free kick in the Argentine half. Kroos has steadied himself and got


his heart rate back to normalment His -- Normal. His heart will be


pumping. He just tries to hit it too hard.


Free kick again, but this time a blue one.


He does everything right, when you look at this there, looked around


and everything. Oh, he's just dragged it.


Dear oh, dear. The man wearing number nine. Look at Javier


Mascherano's reaction. And number nine. Look at Javier


at the bench. Oops. Sergio Aguero it was, number 20,


with his shirt over his head. What he would give for a chance like that


if and when he gets onto the field. Loads of room, acres of it for


Phillipp Lahm here. It wasn't the best ball actually. No, it sent him


backwards rather than forwards. Past the midway point in the first


half. Zabaleta, left foot, great. That's


Howedes. They wanted a good and go. It's Demichelis who will see him off


or try to. Argentina throw. Howedes was Germany's goal scorer.


We look down at the packed beach. I hope the tide doesn't come in. It's


on its way. He was the goal scorer when these two sides last met, a


friendly in Frankfurt, nearly two years ago now, a 3-0 Argentina win.


We had a Lionel Messi missed penalty.


Germany getting an order back about themselves.


Back to Neuer, who never minds receiving the ball anywhere in his


half of the field. One of the ultimate sweeper keepers. Against


Algeria he was the best defender on the field.


Demichelis seemed to slip a little bit. Once again room for Lahm.


Kramer wants it in the middle. Muller was the man in between.


Good pressing from Rojo and Perez forcing Germany back.


Just a little behind Christoph Kramer.


Bossing possession, Germany. Not going anywhere that quickly yet. No,


Schweinsteiger is having too much of the ball as far as Argentina is


concerned. Good closing from Lavezzi.


Didn't get that one right. I think Kramer stopped thinking he might


have been running offside. There are some Germans here. There


have been plenty of Germans wherever their team has played. They do have


great support in Brazil. Particularly in the south of the


country. Even more today. Kramer. Sabella's face tells the


story. A great one for reactions,


Sabella will stop never left A chip up towards Klose and Romero


had seen that developing. I think Klose realised if you went


for that he would get smashed. Just a split second, he's onside,


has a look at the goalkeeper The veteran striker is looking to go


out on the biggest high of all having already broken the record


for the number of goals scored at Romero gets it away


but the flag is up. Would not have counted for Muller


even if he got his toe to it. Renato Faverani was in just


the right place to see it all. He wanted to take it quickly


but the referee was not ready because he's making a note


of the foul and we have the first That was daft as well


because Boateng was just waiting to No surprise


at all to see who's the wall. Biglia with a touch to


Messi to allow him to run. Might have caused a problem


but Romero is out to tidy up. Lavezzi. Has Rojo and Higuain is


in there. But Argentina have not taken


the lead. This is a ball and a half and an


absolutely correct decision again. What a finish after his miss


as well. This time we give


the thumbs up to the other assistant I think Schurrle could be coming


on here. There's a subplot within


a big story. Kramer in at the last minute


for Sami Khedira, And now he's only lasted half


an hour himself. Christoph Kramer's dream


hasn't quite gone to plan. On will come Andre Schurrle, who


when he has left the bench has made You get the impression actually


that he is a real impact player. When he starts and thinks, not sure,


when he comes on, most definitely. The referee's assistant just


explaining what was wrong. Andre Schurrle, the Chelsea player,


came on as a substitute against Algeria in the last 16 to


give Germany the lead, Then came on against Brazil,


last Tuesday. I think they'll probably just,


I don't know if they're going to drop Ozil in a little bit with Kroos


and Schweinsteiger. Joachim Low, even in his days


as the assistant to Jurgen Klinsmann He will have a plan


for every eventuality. This might improve Germany's


attacking prowess. Howedes is not particularly


great about going forward. We know Schurrle is all about


attacking people in those areas. You got your foul, mate,


get over it. Let's see how many


rolls we can count. Maybe something brewing


for Argentina here. Two German names


in the referee's note book. Germany having already had to make


one change in the game If he's going to catch any player


in the Argentinian side that will note it down for later,


he's just caught him. Just need to settle down a bit,


Germany, here. You might say they've got


off lightly with Higuain missing Schweinsteiger is even more


important to the Germany plans. Both so eager to go in


and make the tackle themselves. Yeah, it's getting a little bit


spicy, which is always good. We are just over ten minutes


from 45 being played. Not edge of your seat stuff yet,


but there's a lot developing here. Messi couldn't get it


through to Higuain. It was Schweinsteiger again,


I think. That's twice now,


important interceptions. Schweinsteiger there just reads


the situation. Lavezzi has got a turn of pace


from somewhere. Starting his fourth game


in a row with Sergio Aguero having Oh, yeah we need one of them, mate,


to carry on. Zabaleta just had a little nip


at him. Argentina have had the ball


in the German net. He should have had the ball


in the German net earlier. Messi ran straight


into Schweinsteiger, who doesn't make a meal of it, just


gets on with the free kick. Perfect ball to Lahm,


just bounced off his boot. He wanted to keep it a lot lower,


obviously. That's gone out for an Argentina


throw-in. They seem to have got


their rhythm back at the moment. Argentina beaten in only one


of the last 25 games. Germany can do better,


one defeat in their last 27. Perez has swapped sides


at the moment. Yeah, since Lavezzi took


the corner before, he's not gone Another one,


they're creeping forward. Strange to think


after today it's all over. Luckily you don't have to wait too


long Match of the Day returns in 34 days,


Saturday August 16 He got through unbelievably easily,


Messi. Hummels is feeling the pace of the


races he's having to have against He has largely been kept quiet,


but you know it's there. ??WHITE Late challenge there.


Germany appeal for a free kick. Muller is down again. ??YELLOW


Referee didn't see it. Muller back to his feet.


Biglia caught on the ball and Needlessly. This will play into


Argentina hands. I would have thought so.


That's just a Schurrle foul, I mean. He can do that all day. There was


something rather manufactured by Thomas Mullerment It was in-- Thomas


Muller. It was indeed. For the second time. Schweinsteiger is


trying to pull the strings. Muller completing the Bayern Munich


triangle. On the ball again. Zabaleta away.


Rojo is lucky because he tried to be too clever. In the end, he just let


Muller have a simple cross and thank goodness for Zabaleta and Argentina.


Thomas Muller has to be careful because if he wants a battle he's


playing the right team because if he wants a battle he's


the wrong team. It goes Argentina's way. Contested


by Schurrle. He's come on full of fire. Yeah, just getting a little


bit rattled, the Germans, which you said before, with Argentina, they


don't have a problem with this. It was the right call. Argentina


throw. Rojo being conducted by Alejandro


Sabella down there. Ozil teed up the foot. Great


awareness out of his feet. That's a back pass. Not his thing today.


That's two though, isn't it? Germany just showing signs ah, preaching


halftime -- signs, approaching half time of knocking it about again.


Ozil has run into trouble again. They're going over too easily as


well, that's the other thing. Hummels had to make sure he stayed


in front of Lavezzi. Could Miroslav Klose have flung


himself at that? I think he thought about it. Great ball. No.


Even though we're goalless, for a World Cup final, it's actually been


good, the first half. Schweinsteiger has run most of the


first half. Lots of room again for Toni Kroos.


Muller, who always finds it, wherever on the field he can.


Germany corner. We move into two minutes of


first-half added time. They've got such a good relationship down the


right, Muller and Lahm. Perez puffing there, it's difficult.


Kroos with the corner. Hummels and Howedes have made their


way into the Argentina penalty area for it. Argentina left two up front.


Romero started to move towards the ball and retreated. He will stay in


there for another corner kick. Hummels, a danger. Two goals in the


World Cup already. One against Portugal, one against France.


Muller is the target of the referee's attention again. There's


pushing and pulling between him and Pablo Zabaleta.


Expectant German fans watch the Toni Kroos corner, and it's against the


post! The flag's gone up. It's not gone in. And Romero has the ball in


his grateful gloves. Such a great header as well.


Well, I'm saying it's a good header, but he should have scored. He had a


free run at it. Should have scored. Muller's offside. Great leverage as


well on the header. Good officiating once again. Stroke of luck for


Argentina, then. Halftime at the Maracana. We haven't


had a goal, but we have seen a glaring miss from Gonzalo Higuain,


who did then put the ball in the net for it to be ruled out for offside


and then at the end of Howedes header. I think we will get goals,


but we don't know when they'll come or who will score them. Halftime.


It's Germany 0, Argentina 0. We're going to tell you about a


change to start with, because Ezequiel Lavezzi is going off. He's


replaced by Sergio Aguero. That is an Argentina change. Lavezzi, who


came into the side after Aguero was ruled out through injury and who has


started the last three games. Aguero still looking for his first World


Cup goal. He's gone half a dozen international appearances without a


goal. But not a bad player to have coming on at halftime. No, though we


saw him the other night in Sao Paulo and he did really look very, very


ring rusty. Groin problems? I'm not sure you can say that. He's had


quite a number of muscular problems since the turn of the year with


Manchester City. There's his first touch of the World


Cup final. Tapping it back to Javier Mascherano. Now Messi on the run


already. Howedes recovered


from joining him in there. Interesting little story developing


in that Argentina kept the Germany players waiting for some time in the


players' tunnel. Offside. Free kick Germany.


That's the place they're going to get in, down that side again. That's


probably four or five different occasions now. Just looking what


Argentina have done as well. I think Higuain is probably going to play on


the right. Messi almost in the middle and Aguero on the left. In


terms of Aguero and Higuain, they're going to tuck in from that side and


Perez is now playing right-sided midfielder.


Easy for Boateng. Such a long stride. Really positive start from


Argentina. stride. Really positive start from


Biglia is more on the left of Mascherano. He's through to Messi


and the flag has stayed down this time. Messi's missed. Right across


the face. The crowd just waiting to roar. Of


all the people. There was just a massive - he's on - massive intake


of breath. This now, you're just waiting for the net to bulge. How


close was it? Very. Neuer was beaten. He was stranded. Another


Argentina opportunity has gone by. It has got those blue and white


striped shirted supporters up to their feet and waving the flags


again. They like what they're seeing since the break.


A little bit wasted. A really bright start by Argentina. He's not just


looking down feeling the left hamstring is he? I'm hoping it's an


itch. So is he. He knows where the camera is, Alejandro Sabella.


Still a lot of Argentina fans wondering how it's still 0-0.


Not quite sure who that was meant for.


They did keep Germany waiting a long time, maybe that just unsettled


Germany's players, they were in the tunnel. Except Phillipp Lahm who was


out on the field. The referee called him back. Lahm ignored him. He had


the Maracana to himself for a good two or three minutes.


Zabaleta was caught by Klose. Sunset in Rio. There aren't many finer


sights in the world. That is a picture. It's staggering, isn't it?


To think we've been up there as well.


Javier Mascherano for bailing him out there. Perhaps he's lucky was


Klose, who can't get away as quickly Don't mind seeing the odd mistake,


it usually means goals. Higuain went in with Howedes,


but the defender did enough. Messi couldn't get involved there,


he was wandering back rather lazily At the moment every time Argentina


come forward, they are posing Almost as


though it was planned that way. Ozil got it out to Howedes who


showed too much of its two Pablo Zabaleta who took a bit


of everything. He looked like a centre-back


playing left-back then, Howedes. The second touch was almost


a header. There is room on the right


for Philipp Lahm should Germany Lahm, threatening to bundle through,


but instead he will have to get They will have a rest and set


off again. The game is quickening up,


which is great. Even Mascherano threatened to break


forward then but he was ignored. The advantage is played


and it's turned behind by Garay But the referee gave Germany


the advantage. Foul, yeah, but look what


a good position Germany are in. They will have to settle


for the corner, Howedes is making the run to


the near post. And there was a bit of pushing


and pulling with Muller grabbing I think the free kick has


gone against his reputation. Mats Hummels was getting a hug


from Garay. Slowing the pace of the


game, Germany. Quite clever when you are under


the cosh a little bit. Argentina quickening


the tempo once more. Zabaleta looking for the run


of Higuain. He's given a free kick


the other way, the referee. Was Neuer inside the box when he


made the connection with his fist? That's exactly what Sergio


Aguero is arguing about. Higuain has a look, he knows


he's coming, he can hear him. It's his knee coming up


into the side of the face. Is that dangerous play


from the goalkeeper? What's he going to do with his knees


when he's that high up in the air? You make contact with the ball


and then worry German goalkeeper Polak Singer boy


in blue, we are back to Schumacher! Not quite in that category,


thank goodness. Higuain is half accepting


the apology. Hard to know how it can be


a free kick to Germany. He got his head in the way


of a sixth foot four inch German. You can understand his anger


and his business. Quite a few breaks for blows to


the head throughout this World Cup. He's having a go


at the fourth official as well, That's why they are there,


someone to blame. Not getting a lot of movement


from Klose, are they? Finding it really difficult to


get into the game at the moment. He's got one on target,


there's always once a match. That's what he's good at, within


the confines of the 18-yard box. A good leap,


but not a great connection. It seemed to slide down his face


rather than the meat of the temple. Echoes the way he got off in 2002


when he announced himself with five They claim it should be a goal kick,


but not the case. Joachim Low is on the prowl with


a few words to say, it would seem. Lahm couldn't quite slide it


into the feet of Muller. Did Muller stop thinking


he was offside, maybe? No,


he was trying to get into position. For a moment it looked like


Bayern Munich were coming. Romero up and away,


firmly met by Hummels. He is forced a slice


from the keeper. Mascherano didn't really get it away


and then it was behind from Ozil. Looks like a deflection


off Mascherano. A little bit unfortunate,


not a lot Ozil could do. The World Cup final


remains intriguing. Still don't think you would want to


firmly put yourself in one camp, saying one team will win it over


the other. Hummels against Aguero


and that's getting tetchy. He fought three different


people to win that corner. Looks far more ready


for this than he was the other day. He was undercooked the other day,


no doubt about it. Didn't let Hummels anywhere


near that. Demichelis and Geraint Hughes


and Garra right up from the back. My first thought was it was


another corner for Argentina. I think I was right,


it came off Klose. Schweinsteiger is saying to Howedes,


where are you? Really messy between Neuer


and Howedes. Neuer are saying to Howedes,


you have to accept the ball. Zabaleta will take the Argentina


throw in. Threatening to have a good


spell with Aguero instrumental. And then plunging into a tone


for the error Argentina in the final, you might


say, largely down to his last-ditch Stretched so much he almost did


himself a mischief in that game, Aguero was in late


and he will be yellow carded. He has up-ended Schweinsteiger


and there is a lot Echoes of when they meant in the


World Cup in Germany in 2006, when At the end,


Schweinsteiger was punched in the back by Maxi Rodr?guez


after the penalty shoot out. I think it's because you've got that


undercurrent in this game as well, Lots and lots


of Argentinian noise again. I thought they had been quiet


for a while. Not to any great benefit


for Germany. Germany have six or seven players


warming up behind the goal. Neuer was the only player ready


for that. We had a player sent off in both of


the last two World Cup finals, why I think Romero is the biggest player


Argentina have in terms of height. Free kick for Germany


and Biglia is contesting that. Mini duels developing all over


the field. Perez claims handball


and gets it against Toni Kroos. Not sure what Kroos can do


in that circumstance. Is he supposed to chop it off


at the shoulder? Great run from row Joe


down the left-hand side. Three separate situations


in the match he's come in Nice turn by Enzo Perez and then


he drove straight at Hummels. Demichelis out to Zabaleta,


who can put in a cross, And then he is


unceremoniously taken down. He wasn't turning round


and running back to his own goal. Lovely passing and moving


by the Germany players. Howedes with a cross that


is anything but lovely. It's also why we've seen no goals to


determine who will be closer to lifting that trophy at the end


of the day. The vote closes at full-time.


of the tournament by visiting It has run away,


Romero has it. His body wasn't


in any shape to take it. Not going to see him for much longer


there, he ran straight into Kroos. He had a couple of moments


in the first half, most definitely. But you could have said that


about him in some of the other games Particularly


in the last 16 game against Switzerland when he made the winner


for Di Mar?a in the nick of time. Perez and Schweinsteiger having


a falling out. Looked as though he was


about to burn away from Howedes. I think he had a little luck


before the ball was due to arrive They all look old enough to have


enjoyed Maradona at his best. This is not Messi at his best


on night. The touch from Perez somehow bounces


through to Messi. Messi bounces past a couple of tackles to shoot but he


couldn?t quite wrap his left foot around. But here he comes. Amazing,


isn?t it, defenders seemed mesmerised when he?s up against


them. His movement is so quick, short steps, fantastic control. He


was thinking of Iran all over again. That goal in injury time moments


after Iran had had their own chances


to win it. Argentina are yet to be behind in any game in this World


Cup. Klose did well to keep his balance


but couldn?t quite keep the ball in move to make next but I think


Sabella will make the next move. It will probably be Palacio. He seems


to come on quite regularly. Has come on in four of the games. He could


have won it against the Dutch. We don?t know if Di Maria is fit to


play any part at all. think if he was he would be


involved. Schurrle loses out to


Mascherano and in fact was impeding, stopping Mascherano getting away.


The referee in the right place. The question is, who does he come on


for? This will be a statement. If it?s not the like of Higuain, you?re


not taking Messi Ofcom is on. He?s either taking off Higuain or he?s


going for it with everything, Sabella. The board says nine,


Higuain will be coming off. Throw for Argentina. They will make


the change before play is resumed. Higuain was put through by,


of all people, Toni Kroos with a backward header. He won?t be getting


a goal in this World Cup final. Neuer is there to pounce. A good bit


of distribution as well, Muller was screaming for the ball. Looked for a


split second like Messi would burst have managed to get a corner from


it. I think what Argentina have done... Look at that, fantastic.


Just stumbles and then off-camera... He turns to the rest


and thought he had been caught. He's now playing through the, Messi.


Argentina looking all the more dangerous for it. It will be Germany


who could threaten from this, though. Garay is trying to go where


ever Mats Hummels wants to go. It is towards Muller. He could not get off


the floor to challenge for it. Argentina in no hurry to get out


here. A lovely ball from Muller. Had


defenders swarming around Howedes, the chance was gone. Again, it went


to the wrong man. But he was the only man in there for Germany. Won


back by Mats Hummels. Lahm lists it towards Muller but it looks like a


push. Everybody's down. It was like the beach.


I think they just clattered into each other. Howedes could not get it


out of his feet and under control. It has been the story of his game.


He broke free from Demichelis... No, he didn?t, he just fell over. The


referee said that all of the German players lining up behind the goal,


it's a distraction. For whom? I think for him.


Less than ten minutes of the 90 to go. We are yet to see a goal in the


first World Cup final played at the Maracana since 1950.


Palacio never really had a handle on where that was going over his head.


The game continues to be reasonably open and chances are threatened by


both teams. Can Ozil create something? Behind Schurrle. Kroos!


He passed it wide of the post. Well wide. Never felt like he would make


the net bulge. Ozil cuts inside, head up and a great ball. No. Didn?t


even bobble or anything. No excuse. There was no conviction in me shot


from a player who scored twice as Brazil were bulldozed in Belo


Horizonte Leeds on Wednesday. I wonder if were getting to the


stage of the game, with Germany pressing and Argentina forced to sit


back, where the toil of Argentina's semi-final against the Dutch takes


control. Goalkick. Ozil thinks it's Mascherano. Ozil Ben claims he


should have had a free kick. But it will be a goalkick.


Joachim Low is unruffled. There is a delay for an intruder. That is a far


better site. Absolutely. Some village has just lost its idiot. It


looks so close, doesn?t it. We can see it with the naked eye from where


we are sitting, just on top of the hill. Germany 0-0 Argentina. Nodded


on towards Klose. A combination of Demichelis and Garay can bind to


keep him away. And a lack of pace as well.


Palacio is on the move down the left. Slip from Boateng it allows


the ball to be played into Messi but a slip from Aguero. I don?t think he


would have got to it anyway. No, he was just setting himself and Messi


flicked it as though... He does about 50 of those everyday. Here you


go. We knew the final would be tight but we did not know how it would pan


out other than that. Six minutes. Are we set for a big finish?


Argentina are getting ready to make their third and final change and it


looks like a defensive one with Gago getting ready. Will it still be


level terms? Schurrle could not find Muller. Germany's throw. Sabella


wants to make the change. The referee has not glanced over.


Demichelis had the measure of Klose. It will be Gago for Perez when they


get the chance. Argentina's throw, and it is their


last throw, substitution wise. Perez has started two games in


the World Cup, not bad, in the semi-final and final, but now


he makes way for Fernando Gago. Gago actually lost his place to Biglia. A


home-based player takes the field for Argentina, plays for Boca


Juniors. team old, very steady and solid.


Joachim Low is going to throw on someone a little more exciting in


style, Mario Gotze. When he gets the chance. Palacio on the ball for


Argentina in the meantime. I think it will be Klose making way


for Germany, which presumably will mean Muller in the middle. Yeah.


Gago demanding the ball. Messi ran into Boateng. Biglia. What a great


tackle that is. Two tackles actually. That one firm


Schweinsteiger, yet again in his own penalty area, and Boateng


beforehand. Now the change. Mario Mario Gotze, 22 years old,


who many thought would have a The Bayern Munich boy wonder


is probably a better player Presumably the end of his World Cup


career. 36, he's done it all,


he?s scored more goals at the World One more than Ronaldo


and two more than Gerd Muller. On comes Gotze,


whose career is bouncing Biglia is half smiling,


half grimacing. Joachim Low has taken


the opportunity to speak to Pat on the back and carry on


as you are. Biglia will be OK to continue,


he has to do, Argentina have used It might be needed in extra time


because that is now looming large. He got past Hummels all by himself,


but a good challenge by Howedes. Gotze is through the middle


and Muller is still Muller is trying to make a nuisance


of himself will stop Demichelis had Gotze not close enough to take


advantage of the stumble. Three minutes to find a winner


or we will have another 30. Boateng has had


a great game through. Great piece of skill from Messi,


the tackle and the pass, brilliant. Given away by Biglia, that was very,


very casual. Gotze with Schurrle


running strongly. Romero going long again,


Aguero trying to force the error from Hummels, but there haven't been


many throughout the World Cup. No way through to Messi,


well cut out by Muller. Gotze trying to ghost


into a shooting position. They are outnumbered


and he's been outdone. Yeah, Hummels just kept his eye


on the ball. Nowhere really for Gago to go,


he had to go into reverse. Palacio looked


like he might have been offside. Demichelis can't get it through to


Aguero and we are going to have an extra 30 minutes


and maybe a little bit more! There have been chances,


but nothing taken even with We still don't know who will be


world champions in 2014, 30 minutes or


the next World Champions will be Argentina played in one final that


went to extra time, on their patch, Germany lost in 1966


when it went to extra time. Garay managed to get it


down to Mascherano Stopped by Boateng and then


by Hummels. Aguero taking on Hummels again,


Knoydart in charge. Great break by Germany,


absolutely brilliant. I hope that's set the tone


for extra time. The goalkeeper having to make


a save. Germany are going to try


and have a go again immediately. Schweinsteiger wanted Muller


on the end of that. His argument will be there


should have been somebody. Messi tried to get


in there with him. We looked at Romero, but Germany are


a team in a hurry in extra time. Rather lucky that he fired it


through Schurrle. Didn't look massively comfortable


in the end. Lively first four minutes


of extra time. Largely thanks to Germany's


attacking intent. We have seen they could be picked


off on the counter-attack, though. Schurrle being followed


by Mascherano. He seems to be frightened


of Zabaleta. Certainly won't go and take him


on at all. But we're all still waiting


for that one moment of magic that could decide


the biggest prize in football. Many times during the game


it's looked likely to come. It's looked close,


but never quite happened. Got to credit the two sets


of defenders for that. Demichelis and Zabaleta,


the two of them. Argentina need their leader to come


up with something special now. Over Hummel's head. Neuer


was the problem. Muller lurking on the point


of the penalty area. Give Neuer a bit of credit,


how quickly he came out to Palacio. We've seen some good goalless


draws at this tournament. This probably not the best


of them actually. Schurrle was trying to play it


against Demichelis He got everything wrong


from there on in. The other thing as well, if it's


on target, Boateng deals with it Boateng has been in control


of pretty much everything. I think Mats Hummels breathed


a sigh of relief, certainly. Something that Klose


will always give you. Once more, outstanding work


from Mascherano. That was almost


a Hunter situation. I thought you meant he was


going to take everything. They can't get out


of their own half. Ozil as well, I thought he


was going to come on to it. Germany have done all the pressing


in this first part of extra time. Good tackle


from Mascherano once more. Then a dual between Mascherano


and Schweinsteiger. Germany did all the pressing


and Argentina should be in front. certainly. Better chances have


certainly gone to the team in blue. I think they both appreciate


each other, don?t they? That time when players have to


stretch it out a little bit more. Three minutes of the first half


of extra time to go. Boateng, moving in laboured


fashion out to that one. Mascherano suffered a concussion


in the last game. There's a big difference


in height with these two. Nothing quite


so troubling this time. Argentina supporters have


decided the time is now. They're going to lift their team


as best they can. Out came Mascherano to snuff out


the threat. Similar situation,


same old players every time. If it's not Mascherano,


it?s Schweinsteiger or Boateng. If it's not Mascherano,


it's Schweinsteiger or Boateng. Just a few snapshots of the tension


around the Maracana stadium. A lot of people have come


a long way to see He was lucky


because he miscontrolled it. Looked as though he had the


chance to poke it back to Aguero. It's just there where


he lost control of it. I think once they've taken it that


will be it for the first period That will do it


for the first 15 minutes. It is getting more and more tense


all the time and still we wait. Three out


of the last four games have gone to Germany were only taken all


the way by Algeria in the last 16. One big quarter


of an hour left or penalties. Which you would assume


Germany will win! That's just the way it goes, but


Argentina are pretty handy from the spot, too, as they showed against


the Dutch in the last round. Romero, a saver of two Netherlands


penalties. I don't think the man at the


other end would lack confidence. He said hopefully!


as though Boateng might be beaten Although there is an argument


the other way, of course. Some sort of drama guaranteed,


anyway. He got a knock a few minutes


earlier from Mascherano. It was Mascherano who actually


caught him and he is on a card. That warrior spirit is being


dragged out of tired legs. About to say lots of room for Lahm


to gallop into, but it's not When you gallop forward


as a full-back, A dozen minutes of the World Cup


finals left, I would think so. Aguero has jumped


into Schweinsteiger, free kick. That really is fortunate that the


referee has not seen that clearly. Mascherano's tackle just before


on Schweinsteiger as well. Look at that, that's the evidence,


goodness me. Argentina fell apart towards


the end of the second half. Pedro Monzon and then Dezotti


and Andreas Brehme scored That's not just a second yellow


card, it's a straight red card He is the nonplaying substitute


and he is being led away They have a head injury


of their own to worry about. Just looking at the scuffle in


front of us in the technical area. You would want Schweinsteiger


on because he would take a pen, So would Aguero


and he really shouldn't be on. Should have been Argentina down


to ten for the rest of the match. Biglia is there to stop a run


down the week. Schweinsteiger is back


on his feet and saying, get me on. What a reception from Germans


and Brazilians in the Maracana. Schweinsteiger's last


four international goals To qualify that,


with eight and a half minutes to go, The German substitutes


getting to their feet. My mind is going back to 2006 after


the penalty shoot out in Germany. We hope it doesn't end


in those scenes. It wouldn't befit the final


of the tournament generally played One of the new batch


of brilliant German talent. He has put them in front


in the closing minutes of the Fantastic first touch


and it's a brilliant finish. Didn't even look where


the goalkeeper was, That's a goal worthy


of winning the biggest final round. Mario Gotze, brought up at Borussia


Dortmund, moved to Bayern Munich. Up goes Muller with the header.


the biggest prize you can get? Argentina have to throw the lot


at Germany now. Think of


the chances Argentina have missed. The likes of Higuain and Messi


missing them. Manuel Neuer with


a huge throw to Schurrle. Jumping Germans right


around the ground. Just can't get the ball


at the moment, Argentina, Messi can't work it to Palacio,


cleared by Boateng. Lionel Messi can't keep the ball


in play. Schurrle got in the early ball,


which was key. What a sensational finish


from that angle. What a chip through


and what a finish into the goal. There isn't another goalkeeper


in the world who can do that. And he looks it, he absolutely


wants to be part of the action. Ozil has run the ball


across the line. Three and a half minutes


for Argentina to find Rojo is playing as a left-winger


for Argentina now. Neuer has had to go back to


his goal. The goalkeeper knew exactly


where this was going. Nothing the other goalkeeper


could have done about that goal. Another German substitution,


I think. I'm guessing he won't


play up front either! They will do now


if the referee sees the substitution 90 seconds remain of the World Cup


final. Argentina need all their warrior


spirit now and a stroke of luck. Ozil coming off I think


for Mertesacker. You may argue they now have


centre backs on now with Howedes. Neuer, how quick he is,


he?s off the line, ready, alert. Joachim Low is managing to look


as cool as anybody possibly could Wondering away, about to become


the World Championship winning coach, if his team can hold out


for two more minutes. Two minutes remaining of


Alejandro Sabella's spell in charge Argentina free kick and this


really is last chance saloon. They have only been fleeting


from Lionel Messi. Officially the world Player


of the Year this year. It's not been the final he would


have wanted it to be, Lionel Messi, unless he can put this in against


the best goalkeeper in the world or Presumably Schweinsteiger


has to go off. Those Argentina players will race


in if there's a rebound. The other thing, that free kick is


a long way out to beat Neuer. Mario Goetze has asked


the question of referee Rizzoli. The first World Cup win


for the reunified Germany. The referee has had another look


at both watches. They're screaming for fulltime


on the touchline. Another muted cheer


from the Germany's substitutes. But he doesn't have


to give any more! One Goetze goal has the whole of


Germany, its leaders and power brokers, beaming from ear to ear.


Not a night for the world's best individual to shine. But a night


when the world's best international team put it all together as a team


again. You might argue that the goal that wins the game is possibly the


most difficult chance of the night, bearing in mind the one that's went


before it. Argentinian tears are one side of the story. The German


celebrations will carry on. They've been a long time in the making.


They've seen this team grow. They've grown together. Six of the


team five years ago won the European under-21 championship, Neuer,


team five years ago won the European Boateng, Hummels, Howedes, Khedira,


Ozil. They've all come through together,


Ozil. They've all come through that man, Joachim Low, who's done


what his long-time ally Jurgen Klinsmann couldn't quite do. He's


taken Germany to the top of the world. Lothar Matthaus, once upon a


time, had his hands on the crown. This is Phillipp Lahm's time. Once


more Germany's time. Now, all eyes on the middle of that


pack for the big moment. They have the model that really now is the


envy of the world. From the schools, to the parks, to the Bundesliga and


beyond, now on the biggest stage of all in the Maracana, a European


team, for the first time, winning the World Cup on South American


soil. They are history makers, this German team. They might go on to a


few more records yet. In football, Germany rules the world again.


It has been a magnificent World Cup, won by a worthy goal in the


marvellous city of Rio. Thank you Brazil. Danke.


So, after a 24-year wait, once again, Germany have their hands on


the trophy. They are the world champions. Good night.


Another chance to watch the 2014 World Cup final between Germany and Argentina at the Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro.

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