30/06/2014 Match of the Day


A chance to watch a match from the last 16 of the World Cup in Brazil.

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Oribe Peralta, Hello and welcome to today's full match replay, one of


the last 16 games for you. This is Holland against Mexico in the


boiling hot sun with Steve Bower. The Netherlands have increased the


level of expectation that was in place before the tournament have


begun, now they have to manage it as they face a Mexico side dreaming of


finally reaching the last eight again, having fallen at this hurdle


in each of their last five World Cup appearances. Louis Van Gaal is able


to recall Robin Van Persie after suspension. He and Arjen Robben have


three goals each already. Mexico are Jose Vazquez, who is suss


peppeded. -- US pended. Salcido -- who is suspended. Salcido comes in.


It is Mexico that get just the second ever World Cup meeting


between these two nations under way in the searing heat in north-east


Brazil. The last one back in France 1998 ended as a draw. We must have a


winner today, one way or another. Mexico with the joint best defence


in the group stages against the Netherlands, the top scorers in the


group stages. Dirk Kuyt, who is earning his 100th


cap, continuing in the left-wing back position for the Netherlands


today. It will be fascinating to see how


the Dutch can perform in these conditions. 30 degrees pitchside.


68% humidity. No problems for the Mexicans. A couple of their players


were in the warm up in long sleeves. Keeping the ball, you sense, will be


so important in this one. Verhaegh, what a day for him, 30


years of age, his third international cap at right-wing


back. Kuyt couldn't keep that one in.


Layun had the Dods have a try. -- had the confidence to have a try.


He's scored two international goals. Fantastic atmosphere inside this


stadium. I have to tell you it's more or less


like a Mexico home gamement That was -- home game.


De Guzman not fit enough to return to the centre of the midfield.


The cross was too strong for Van Persie.


Louis Van Gaal was talking at length yesterday about these conditions. He


said that his players will lose four litres of fluid, that equates to


four kilograms in 90 minutes. His team selection and his


substitutes will bear that in mind. 1pm kickoff local timement


-- time. Herrera has impressed many at this


tournament so far. He's still going. The Porto midfielder. He's picked


out Layun. He's trying his luck again. Willing


to put it on his right foot. His previous effort unable to find the


target, but Hector Herrera, who's had one season at Porto, much talked


about, was at the beginning of all that.


Van Persie challenged by Moreno and unfairly. Netherlands free kick.


The referee is from Portugal and vastly experienced. # he refereed


the last final of a major tournament in Euro 2012. Of course, the Dutch


failed to win a game. It's been a good turn around so far in that


two-year span for Louis Van Gaal. How is he going to end his period in


charge, his second period in charge of the national team before he heads


to Manchester United? Difficult for Kuyt to bring under


control. Mexico have been so well organised defensively.


Can they contain the top scorers in the group stages?


He didn't make the best of contact, but he got away with it. The


25-year-old goalkeeper had read the situation and just about got enough


on it. Frustration for Aguilar as he's penalised. A free kick to the


Netherlands. That's another Netherlands free


kick. He will be the one man that Mexico are most concerned with given


his performances in Brazil so far. Plenty of options for the


Netherlands. It's delivered by Wesley Sneijder. Headed away by


Moreno. There's an early blow for the


Netherlands. Nigel De Jong is forced off through injury. That's inside


nine minutes. The AC Milan and former Manchester City midfielder,


such an important cog in the Dutch wheel. He's replaced by Bruno


Martins Indi, who is back himself having suffered concussion in their


second match against Australia. A slight reorganisation there for the


Dutch now. Daley Blind will go into a holding


midfield role and Martins Indi on the left side of the back three.


midfield role and Martins Indi on Mexico currently waiting to get


Guardado back into the game. They're temporarily back to ten. They're


frustrated that the officials aren't allowing him back on the pitch.


Blind is now playing in his third position of the tournament.


That misplaced pass will allow Guardado to come back on.


Six of the ten the Dutch scored in their route


Baking hot day in north-east resilience. As you can see, very


little shade inside the stadium. Very difficult to catch your breath


down there. As much as a challenge for the Dutch to date facing this


confident Mexican team. Dos Santos waiting in the centre. It will not


reach him. Teasing cross. Dos Santos was the


closest to it. Really positive play from Layun. Dos Santos could not get


close enough to it. What an invitation that was that somebody in


the Mexico team. The Netherlands survive. Dos Santos again. Cleared


by Kite. Mexico, who have only ever been to the quarterfinals twice.


Both of them were in Mexico in 1970 and in 1986. But they are beginning


to believe 2014 could be their year. Schneider has not been able to get


on the ball so far. -- Wesley Schneider. Might be a Mexico brake


on. Terrific defending from Marquez. Dutch throat. Thoreau.


Found Dos Santos. Morale that... Herrera. You sense it was a let off


for the Netherlands. It was a move of so much promise from Mexico. It


looked as though Oribe Peralta was And very confident start from


Mexico. No foul on parole tough. The referee has allowed play to


continue. -- Oribe Peralta. Challenged by Rodriguez. Mexico have


already played in this stadium. It was the day they kept a clean sheet


and capped Brazil at bay. They know the surroundings and the conditions.


Kite, assessing the options. Committed the foul, the Dutch


captain. Pulled Marquez to the ground. More promising from the


Netherlands. First time they have got in behind Mexico.


Fabulous atmosphere inside this stadium. Inundated with Mexicans,


what a brilliant piece of skill. Mexico feel there was an


infringement. The Portuguese referee doesn't. It was the Herrera again.


-- Hector Herrera. Got away from Vlaar. Can only expect a corner.


Brilliant piece of skill prior to that. First corner of the game and


will be taken by Giovanni Dos Santos for Mexico. Well defended from the


Netherlands. Great first touch from her rarer.


Vlaar was struggling. That is where the Aston Villa defender got to the


ball first. He was at full stretch and had to get there. Unable to get


any kind of angle on the header. Salcido. Played for four years in


the Netherlands himself with VS Eindhoven.


Looked as though the referee was going to blow. It is beginning to


open up, this game. Herrera for Mexico. Dispossessed by Kuyt.


Mexico who have lost three and drawn one of their last meetings with the


Netherlands. Certainly showing they are not afraid of them.


Been allowed to continue. Moreno has seen the gap again.


Decent possession again from Mexico. Salcido, from a long way out. Almost


caught Cillessen by surprise. He had to make sure with two hands. Corner


to Mexico. Before Herrera takes this, the


reparation's official is concerned about a head wound or something in


his eye. Finally Herrera can deliver the corner.


Might have even clipped off the head of Kuyt. In fact, it did.


They have already lost Nigel De Jong. I hope he is OK to continue.


Rafael Marquez, what a career he has had. Sneijder coming deeper. The


Dutch will want to see him on the ball a little bit more often. The


Galatasaray player is playing his 15th game for the Netherlands.


Brilliant first touch. Second one off target. That is why you cannot


relaxed when he is around. The angle was always against him and he was


off balance. Did Lillian Lee to get it under control. -- did


brilliantly. Peralta is still going. Then Dos


Santos. Comfortable for Cillessen. A comfortable save for Jasper


Cillessen in the Netherlands goal. Despite getting the Netherlands out


of the group in spectacular style, Louis Van Gaal still has his critics


back home. He's been box office, Miguel


Herrera, talk about wearing your heart on your sleeve. This is his


very first experience of a World Cup. Is it going to extend beyond


this game? In these conditions you do not want


to be giving away possession cheaply.


It wasn't the ball that Kuyt wanted. He retrieved the situation, though.


It's the longest period of possession in a while for the


Netherlands. It's now Mexico who can't clear


their lines. There was an infringement. Because of the heat


which has risen has indicated a drinks cooling break. Which I'm sure


all those players out there will be hugely greatful for. We thought it


might be more of a regular occurrence in this tournament,


certainly on this north-east coast, in the afternoon heat, it's one that


is a sensible option. It's certainly one that's required. As I say, Louis


Van Gaal saying yesterday that they estimate four litres of fluid will


be lost in 90 minutes, which equates to four kilos. It gives them the


opportunity to speak to the players as well.


Every method possible being used to rehydrate those players at the


moment. And supporters, alike. Nothing to choose between these two


nations so far in the opening 33 minutes. The Dutch have had more


possession. The Mexicans are out in force here. It's a wash of green


around this stadium. Little pockets of orange. The Mexicans hoping that


this will be the day that they can finally reach the last eight once


again. The World Cup cooling break is


complete. And the first half is ready for


resumption. Not a cloud in the sky. No question


the conditions are a big factor in the outcome of this match, certainly


in terms of the European nation. He made his debut a year ago, began


his season as second choice for Ajax, let alone number one for the


Netherlands. Miguel Herrera will be pleased with


his team's performance so far. He's already reached the target set by


his employers before a ball was kicked.


You just get the feel there might be an outlet for Mexico down the left


side. Verhaegh is inexperienced at international level.


Better possession from the Netherlands.


They certainly have players capable of a moment, a flash of individual


brilliance. You can see in the stadium,


spectators are leaving the seats in the sun and moving backwards to the


ones in the shade, such is the searing heat inside this stadium.


People are struggling to watch it, let alone play in it.


Dirk Kuyt did enough. Goal kick to the Netherlands.


Just looked for a moment he had a yard on Kuyt.


The Dutch moving into the pockets of space where they can potentially


hurt Mexico. Robben, they've marshalled him well


enough so far. The Dutch have had to tailor their


game. It will have to be a more measured


approach today. There's the deepest of deep


thinkers. After almost 41 minutes of this


game, the Netherlands have their first corner.


Dos Santos... Doubt by Cillessen. Said you would expect him to make,


which he did with his leg. Van Percie at the other end. Only Robben


up with him. Still van Percie. He talked on one too many. -- tug on.


Dos Santos. He was fouled and did not like it. He reacted, Giovani dos


Santos. The Portuguese referee arrived quickly to defuse the


situation. Here is the challenge. This is the opportunity. It was a


tight angle. Cillessen stood up at his near post to keep him out.


De Vrij for the Netherlands. Kuyt is off and running.


The Dutch supporters that have been able to get here today, little


pockets of orange around the stadium are not seeing the same


swashbuckling football in these conditions. So much at stake now.


Finalists of four years ago. Three times World Cup finalists. How long


will this year's adventure go? Lovely little touch from Peralta.


Inadvertently it came to Dos Santos. Decent try.


With the injuries and the cooling break there will be four minutes to


add on at the end of this first half. Some enjoying the 30 degrees


heat more than others. Marquez didn't get there. Van Percie


is onto it. Can Robben get there. What a recovery from Marquez. Robben


appealing but that was a fabulous challenge by Rafael Marquez. How it


needed to be. That was nearly a costly mistake punished. It was up


football from Rodriguez. Marquez was never getting there. Watch Marquez


now. Did not dive in. Moreno made the challenge. From that angle it


looked as though Moreno's trailing leg caught Robben. Rodriguez, the


first challenge and then the second one. He didn't get the ball. Robben


appeals for everything, but on that occasion, you can understand it. I


hope Moreno is OK to continue. An important part of the back three.


hope Moreno is OK to continue. An Robben still discussing the


incident. It looks as though Moreno's day is over. He made the


challenge and is in discomfort. A player that Louis van Gaal knows


extremely well. He won the Dutch title under him, Moreno. It looks


like Mexico, like the Netherlands in this first half will be forced into


a change. That is the last action of a


goalless first half in this searing heat. Arjen Robben involved at the


end of it with that incident in the penalty area. He appealed for a


penalty and the referee said no. Mexico breathed a huge sigh of


relief. Hector Moreno unable to play any


further part for Mexico. Half-time substitution sees Diego Reyes


young-macro. -- Reyes. It will be the three times World Cup


finalists, the Netherlands to get is underway in the second half. Having


to overcome the heat and Mexico in the second 45 minutes. No changes


from them at half-time after having to make one enforced change with the


loss of de Jong in the first half. Some of the stadium is in the shade


and now. The only time they have met at World Cup level was in 98 and the


Mexicans were 2-0 down in the group stage and came back to draw 2-2.


Foul on Peralta. Diego Reyes of Porto. Peralta just


couldn't get it under control. Blind got the effort in. Dos Santos,


less than three minutes into the second half, breaks the deadlock.


His first goal of the tournament. Has given Mexico the lead. To


increase the level of noise in this stadium. The former Tottenham


player, with the sweet strike to beat Cillessen. It came out of the


air. The first touch off his chest and the second one was inch perfect.


Blind tried to stop it. He couldn't. Cillessen and couldn't. Dos Santos


has his 16th international goal. Miguel Herrera jumping for joy


again. It means absolutely everything to him. This nation who


were in disarray in qualifying have found their feet in Brazil and now


they lead the Netherlands in the knockout stages 1-0. The group stage


top scorers need a goal. Really good hit from Dos Santos. Cillessen died


to his left ankle not get anywhere near it. It just nestle sweetly into


the bottom corner. -- and could not. He has a World Cup goal for the


first time in his career. Two disallowed in the opening group game


against Cameroon. He might just have scored when it really matters.


Mexico have the free kick. And the thousands and thousands of Mexican


supporters in this stadium are up on their feet as Herrera delivers


this. It was Marquez, the captain, with the header. Could not guide it


under the crossbar. Even aided the attentions of Blind. Will not tire


of seeing that again. What is the reaction of the finalists of four


years ago? An immediate response from the


Dutch. The wall did its job to deny Sneijder.


Netherlands corner. First appearance at the World Cup,


on at halftime. Dos Santos with the goal. It meensz


the Dutch have to score -- means the Dutch have to score.


Louis Van Gaal is preparing a change for the Netherlands.


It is the youngster Depay, who's had such an effect. This is Peralta!


Good effort. Kept out by Cillessen. It's a free kick to Mexico. That is


the cue for the Dutch change. Louis Van Gaal must turn to be 20-year-old


Memphis Depay once again. Twice off the bench in this World Cup and


twice with a goal. No player has done that three times


at any World Cup Finals. The Dutch would love him to do that now. Paul


Verhaegh is the one sacrificed. He's had some impact, the 20-year-old


from PSV Eindhoven. Against Australia and also against Chile.


Can he have an impact against Mexico?


The cross wasn't what they were looking for but it still needed


dealing with by Reyes. Nedge land corner.


-- Netherlands corner. Robben keen to take it quickly. Oh,


an inviting one! How did that not go in? That was astonishing.


Good response from the Dutch to going behind. It's a Mexico throw,


though. Just watch this. De Vrij came in and


April April somehow with the reflexes -- April April -- Achoa,


somehow with the reflexes and to deny the Dutch an equaliser.


Astonish Astonishing stop from Achoa. It's onto the post and it


didn't cross the line. Completely different tempo about


this side now. Robben tried to set up Wesley


Sneijder. Deflected. Netherlands corner.


Dos Santos, the goal scorer is coming off. And Aquino is going to


replace him. He wouldn't have been in the squad at all, but for


LuisMontez breaking his leg in a warm-up gamement -- game. Fresh legs


for Mexico. Here comes the Dutch corner.


Off the head of Rodriguez. They've been fabulously supported


throughout this tournament, Mexico. They have a huge national obsession


with the so-called fifth game in the World Cup Finals. It's this hurdle,


the fifth one. They can't get to it. Each of the last five tournaments,


the last 16 has proved a hurdle too far.


Could this be the year to change all that? It's been dominating the


Mexican headlines before this game. They seem to have stunned the Dutch


into action here. Sneijder, the team that scored ten


goals in the group stages. Such a proud footballing nation.


Their 15th World Cup. Is this one going to carry on?


That was almost the ball that Sneijder was looking for.


He timed his run, got away from his man. He couldn't get there on the


stretch, Wesley Sneijder. Fabulous vision from Robben.


He knew Sneijder was running into it and there's the little look.


Another super block by Marquez: Another Netherlands corner.


Achoa has only conceded one goal at this tournament so far.


Louis Van Gaal knows it needs to change.


That was a consolation goal by Croatia in the last group game.


Netherlands free kick. The Mexicans skippered being chased


by van Percie. Peralta was offside. He was close.


Early flag and whistle. Lovely little run from Javier Aquino, the


substitute. The Dutch are searching for their equaliser once more.


Depay beaten to it. Robben. He went down. The referee is only ten years


ago -- ten yards away and had a good look at that. Goalkick. Taking on


two defenders. He wasn't going to get a penalty for that. Layun on the


floor. A little desperate from Arjen Robben.


Out of play by Depay. Scored against Spain. Denied in this game by Ochoa


and then the post. Peralta's touch. Sneijder. That was


late on to play by Aguilar. The first yellow card of the game.


Aguilar has already had one in the tournament. It is a costly one if


they do go through. He will not play in the quarterfinal. Sent off in the


play-off to get here against New Zealand. He will now face a


suspension if they do carry on this adventure.


Sneijder with the delivery. Comfortably headed away by Herrera.


Kuyt delivered that. Headed behind by Reyes. The Netherlands's sixth


corner in this half alone. Ochoa got something on it.


Inside the last 20 minutes. The Dutch are rampant. So impressive in


the group stages. Needing a goal but will have to maintain concentration


at the other end as well. No flag. Herrera is still full of


running. Once again, it was a teasing cross. Nowhere near Peralta


in the end. Good enough from Ochoa. De Vrij.


Kuyt's 100 will not be a memorable one as it stands. More frustration


for the Netherlands. Only got five goals four years ago. Unable to open


his account in this tournament as yet.


Mexico are about to introduce the inevitable substitution. Manchester


United's have ear Hernandez. Forward from Rodriguez. Away by de


Vrij. Aguilar. Given away by Herrera. Long and hopeful from Kuyt.


Too long for Robben. Peralta. This is Robben. He is round


Marquez. Arjen Robben denied by Ochoa. Corner to the Netherlands.


Turning up the temperature. Here comes the inevitable introduction.


Just watch Robben skip past Marquez as if he wasn't there. Tight angle


and Ochoa wasn't going to be beaten. Here comes the inevitable


substitution of Hernandez to replace Peralta. The touch of irony is, he


could be about to help his new club manager start work earlier than he


wants to. Hernandez, a goal-scorer against Croatia last time out, on to


defend this corner which is headed over by Vlaar. The Aston Villa


player could not get over that. He only ever scored once for his


country. Fabulous skill from Robben. The Dutch will need more of this in


the last quarter of an hour. Denied by Ochoa. Robin van Persie off.


Klaas-Jan Huntelaar is on. Huntelaar's first appearance in this


tournament but his second World Cup. Scored against Cameroon four


years ago and with 15 minutes to go we will have our second cooling


break of the game. In front of a crowd of almost 60,000. Robben, now


the Dutch captain. It is now or never for the Netherlands.


Magnificent atmosphere. This stadium is preparing to host


Magnificent atmosphere. This stadium Colombia in the quarterfinals. --


Brazil. One more message to be introduced by Louis van Gaal. Will


he be heading to Manchester earlier than he wanted to? That is the man


they have got to beat. Only one player has managed it in the


tournament so far. Mexico on the verge of a huge World Cup moment.


What a save that was from Ochoa. That could be a defining moment.


There was no way he was prepared to be beaten thereby Robben, either. --


there by. What a story this could be.


Refuelled and ready to go. It is a colourful occasion. It will be a


memorable occasion if it stays this way.


Still so don't try to dance his way through. The effort in the end did


not match the run. -- Sal Sydow. It looks as though he has never been


away from international foot ball. He got right underneath that one.


The 34-year-old. -- Carlos Salcido. Kino, trying to use his pace again.


Taken out by Bruno Martins Indi. It wasn't subtle. He wanted further


punishment. Kino did well to keep that in. --


Javier Aquino. Dos Santos has got the goal. He can


only look on to see if it is enough. Miguel Herrera has been told to calm


down either Portuguese referee. Final warning, otherwise he will


have to leave the technical area. Every football fan loves to see his


enthusiasm. If they score again, he might just run out of the stadium.


The Dutch going a little more direct.


Can the free-scoring Dutch break this team town, who have been so


solid defensively in this tournament.


The Netherlands in need of a hero to step up to the plate.


We're into double figures for the corner count in this second half for


the Netherlands. Can they find a goal?


Huntelaar - he was offside. It wouldn't have counted any way.


The flag was up early from the assistant.


When Kuyt touches this, there's two of them off. One of them was


Huntelaar. Ochoa didn't know that. It was a terrific save from the


Mexican goalkeeper any way. You just wonder if the Netherlands


are going to beat that man at all. Then they will start one huge party.


Is this team going to stop the free-scoring Dutch? It would be a


surprise inclusion in the last eight.


The so-called fifth game of a World Cup Finals, which has become a


national obsession in Mexican football. Each time they've got


close, each time they've failed to get there. They're really close to


getting there now. Those in orange seeking inspiration.


And intervention. Time is ticking away from the Netherlands.


Another corner for the Netherlands. Soon er or later they have to make


one count. Can they beat that man, Ochoa. He


back pedestrian ad that time. Sneijder! They can. Wesley Sneijder,


less than three minutes from Sneijder! They can. Wesley Sneijder,


of the 90. He has rescued it for the Netherlands. The man who got five


goals on their way to the final four years ago scores his first goal in


Brazil to finally beat Ochoa. It sat up invitingly and he struck it


perfectly. No chance for Ochoa that time. Wesley Sneijder, on his record


15th appearance in a World Cup match, marks it with the equalising


goal. Netherlands 1, Mexico 1. Their 11th goal of the tournament


has kept their tournament alive. That's why special players are kept


on the pitch. He's hardly been involved today Wesley Sneijder, but


when it mattered he stepped up to the plate.


Cap 103, which might just go another half an hour now.


Depay taken out by Aguilar. Now it's a test for Mexico. They were so


close, they could touch the quarter finals. But it's back at all square.


The next figure is that of stoppage time, given injuries and another


cooling break. How long is going to be added? It is


going to be six more minutes. Are we in for late drama?


Depay went for goal. He was blocked by Aguilar.


Tremendous hit from Sneijder. Really sweet connection. Goalkeeper


didn't move. What a big goal that is for the


Dutch. We will turn the page shortly, what


is in the next chapter of this game? Still plenty of time to come up with


an opening. Again Robben goes down. This time the referee give it's!


Penalty to the penalty. Yellow card to Marquez. He can't believe it.


It's his second of the tournament. By Arjen Robben toyed with him,


It's his second of the tournament. teased him, he was caught. There was


contact, how much? Robben made the most of it. Marquez was nowhere near


the ball. The Portuguese referee pointed straight to the spot.


Guillermo Ochoa has been a hero throughout for Mexico. Can he be a


hero for them again? What drama. It is going to be


Klaas-Jan Huntelaar, the substitute, on for his first action of this


World Cup, who assumes the responsibility. He's had a long,


long wait for this penalty kick. A yellow card for Guardado in that


as well for his protests. It means the wait is a touch longer. All


Mexico can do now is pray that hunt doesn't score. We're in the 93rd


minute. What a huge moment for Netherlands


and Klaas-Jan Huntelaar. Here he comes. And scores! From one down,


the Netherlands with just three minutes of stoppage time remaining


lead 2-16789 Is the adventure of the losing finalists of four years ago


going to continue in the quarter finals? Five minutes ago that looked


an unlikely scenario, but Huntelaar kept his cool. He swept the penalty


into the bottom corner. Ochoa the wrong way. You have to feel for


Mexico. But the Netherlands have turned this round from one down to


lead by 2-1. For the sixth successive tournament,


are Mexico going to fall at this hurdle?


Two goals in six incredible minutes have turned this game completely


around. A little over a minute to try and


rescue it for Mexico. They were reaching out and touching


those quarter finals. Now they're going to be denied a place in them


unless they can conjure something up in the one minute of stoppage time


remaining. The Mexicans inside this stadium


will be struggling to take this in. That was a defender's pass. That


might just be that. There it is, the Netherlands three


times World Cup finalists are into the last eight for the sixth time.


It was six incredible minutes that got them there. 88 minutes gone,


they were trailing by 1-0. Sneijder with the equaliser. The foul on


Robben gave the penalty and Klaas-Jan Huntelaar is the hero.


They've broken Mexican hearts, who were touching and reaching the last


eight, but for their sixth successive World Cup Finals fall at


this hurdle. Louis Van Gaal isn't travelling to Manchester just yet


because the Netherlands are into the quarter finals. ( It's finished


here, Netherlands 2, Mexico 1. So the Dutch left it late, but they


go through and they'll play Costa Rica in the quarter finals another


replay later on tonight, goodbye. But sometimes, something can happen


that leaves you no choice