30/06/2014 Match of the Day


Highlights from two matches in the last 16 of the World Cup in Brazil.

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Gol! It will be penalties. Brilliant save. It's wide. Saved again! Poster


boy of the World Cup. He has nerves of steel. Colombia through to the


quarter finals of the World Cup. Off the post! Brazil win in the most


dramatic of circumstances. Hello, welcome to the latest highlights


from Brazil 2014. Danny Murphy is with me. Yesterday we saw the first


two quarter finalists then with Brazil and Colombia making it


through to the last eight. Today, we'll see the next two. We bring you


highlights of Costa Rica against Greece later on, but first, it's to


Holland against Mexico. It was watched by Steve Bower.


The Netherlands have increased the level of expectation in place before


the tournament began. Now they have to manage it as the group stage top


scorers face a Mexico side dreaming of finally reaching the last eight


again, having fallen at this hurdle in each of their last five World Cup


appearances. Louis Van Gaal is able to recall


captain, Robin Van Persie after suspension. Dirk Kuyt continues in


the team to become only the seventh Dutch player to reach 100 caps.


There's a third international appearance for Sime Vrsalijko.


Mexico are Waters Vazquez who is -- with without Vazquez who is


suspended. It will be fascinating to see how


the Dutch can perform in these conditions. 30 degrees pitchside.


68% humidity. No problems for the Mexicans much a couple of their


players were in the warm up in long sleeves. Neatly done by Herrera, who


has impressed at this tournament so far.


He wanted to cut inside onto his right foot.


It's an early blow for the Netherlands. Nigel De Jong is forced


off through injury, inside nine minutes. He's replaced by Bruno


Martins Indi, who is back himself having suffered concussion in their


second match against Australia. A teasing cross! Santos was the


closest to it. Positive place from the left-wing back for Mexico.


Fantastic delivery. DosSantos couldn't get close enough to it. A


baking hot day in north-east Brazil. Well, you sense that was a let off


for the Netherlands. That was a move with so much promise for most


Mexico. Martins Indi didn't make it. It looked as though Peralta was


going to shoot there. When Herrera did, he was inches wide. A fabulous


atmosphere inside the stadium. A brilliant piece of skill. Mexico


feel there was an infringement. The Portuguese referee doesn't. It was


Ander Herrera again. -- Hector Herrera again. He got away from


Vlaar. The central defender is still in an


advanced position. A long way out. It almost caught


Jasper Cillessen by surprise. Mexico have lost three and drawn one of


their last four meetings with the Netherlands.


What a ball to Van Persie. Brilliant first touch. The second one off


target. That's why you can't relax for a


second when he's around. The angle was always against him. He was off


balance as well. He had space. He did brilliantly to get it under


control at all. The referee, because of the heat, which has risen, has


indicated a drinks cooling break. We thought it might be more of a


regular occurrence in this tournament. But certainly on this


north-east coast, in the afternoon heat, it's one that's required. The


first half is ready for resumption. Kept out by Jasper Cillessen. A save


wow expect him to make. It was a tight angle. Jasper Cillessen kept


it out. Oh, it's a mistake. Marquez didn't


get there. Van Persie is onto it. He has Robben the other side. Can


Robben get there? What a recovery from Marquez. Robben appealing. It


was a poor ball from Rodriguez. Marquez was never getting there.


Watch Marquez now. Moreno made the challenge. He didn't get the ball.


From that angle it looked as though Moreno's trailing leg caught Robben.


Some of the stadium is in the shade now.


He got the effort in! DosSantos, less than three minutes into the


second half breaks the deadlock. His first goal of the tournament. That


gives Mexico the lead. It came out of the air, the first touch off the


chest and the second one was inch perfect. Blind tried to stop. It he


couldn't. Jasper Cillessen couldn't. DosSantos has his 16th international


goal. It is the Netherlands 0, Mexico 1. Cue Miguel Herrera jumping


for joy again. Louis Van Gaal is preparing a change


for the Netherlands. It is the youngster, Depay. Who has


had such effect. This is Peralta. Good effort. Kept out by Jasper


Cillessen. Cillessen. Three in the penalty area. The cross


wasn't what they were looking for. It still needed dealing with.


Netherlands corner. Robben keen to take it quickly. Oh,


an inviting one! How did that not go in?


Ochoa somehow with the reflexes, put his hand in the way and touched it


onto the post. What an astonishing save from Dr Gerhard Oechtering to


deny De Vrij. still Robben. He was trying to set


up Wesley Sneijder. Deflected. Sneijder just stretching and


Rodriguez and Marquez blocking. Such a proud footballing nation, their


15th World Cup, only Brazil, Argentina, Germany and Italy have


appeared more. Oh, that was almost the ball that


Sneijder was looking for. He just couldn't get there on the stretch.


Fabulous vision from Robben. Robben went down. The referee is


only ten yards away. He had a good look at that. He says goal kick.


Taking on two defenders and he wasn't going to get a penalty for


that. A little desperate from Arjen


Robben. He skipped past Marquez as if he


wasn't there. Ochoa wasn't going to be beaten.


Robin Van Persie off. Klaas-Jan Huntelaar is on. That is the final


role of Louis Van Gaal's dice. -- roll of Louis Van Gaal's dice. With


15 minutes to go we will have our second cooling break of the game.


Robben, the Dutch captain, it's now or never for the Netherlands.


It's a colourful occasion all right. Salpingidis! -- Salcido! The effort


in the end didn't match the run. He looks as though he's never been away


from national football today. He was the surprise call up in the squad.


In the end, he got right underneath that one. The Netherlands in need of


a hero to step up to the plate. Another corner. We're into double


figures for the corner count in the second half. Can the Netherlands


find a goal? Huntelaar, he was offside. It


wouldn't have counted any way. Dirk Kuyt touches this and two of


them are off. One of them was Huntelaar. Ochoa didn't know that.


It was another terrific save from the Mexican goalkeeper. Those in


orange seeking inspiration. Time is ticking away from the Netherlands.


Here's Depay. Another corner kick for the


Netherlands. Can they beat Ochoa? He back


pedestrian ad that time. Sneijder! They can. Wesley Sneijder, less than


three minutes from the end of the 90 has rescued it for the Netherlands.


It sat up invitingly and he struck it perfectly. No chance for Ochoa


that time. Wesley Sneijder on his record 15th appearance in a World


Cup match marks it with the equalising goal. Netherlands 1,


Mexico 1. This is going to be six more


minutes. Are we in for late drama? Still Robben. Brilliant ly done.


Again he goes down. This time the referee gives it! Penalty to the


Netherlands. Yellow card to Marquez. He can't fwlef that Arjen Robben


toyed with him, teased with him. He was caught. There was contact. How


much? Robben made the most of it. Marquez was nowhere near the ball.


The Portuguese referee pointed straight to the spot. All Mexico can


do now is pray. We're in the 93rd minute.


He scores! From one down, the Netherlands with three minutes of


stoppage time remaining lead 2-1. Huntelaar kept his cool. He swept


the penalty into the bottom corner. Ochoa the wrong way. You have to


feel for Mexico, but the Netherlands have turned this around.


That was a defender's pass. That might just be that.


And there it is. The Netherlands, three times World Cup finalists, are


into the last eight for the sixth time. They've broken Mexican hearts,


who were touching and reaching the last eight. But for their sixth


successive World Cup Finals fall at this hurdle, Louis Van Gaal isn't


travelling to Manchester just yet because the Netherlands are into the


quarter finals. It was a crazy game. I think for us, a Great End of the


game with the two goals and the win. Yeah, and we look forward to the


next game. But first celebrate this and be happy with it. Then tomorrow,


the day after, we look forward to the quarter final. We were so close


and we didn't win this game. We didn't control it well. One


distraction and the other one, a doubtful penalty. It takes us out.


Yeah, it's a very bad feeling for us. Did you ever stop believing you


could come back in this game? No, never. I even said to myself, if we


score 1-1, we will score the 2-1 before the game ends. It's difficult


not to have sympathy with the Mexicans after that. Indeed. I'm


frustrated for them. I hate to see any big game decided by an incident


like that. I thought that Robben dived. He cheated the referee to get


the penalty. Even though the Dutch did well when the change was made to


come back into the game, I think to lose a game of that importance for


the Mexicans, they won't sleep easy You definitely tonight. Thought he


dived for the penalty he won in injury time? Yeah, there's no


doubting Marquez was silly to put his foot in. Having seen it, we have


the slow motion of course and the referee doesn't, but he made the


most of it and there was minimal touch. He put his foot onto Marquez


not the other way around. Robben does it so often that the referees


are in a horrible position. For such a wonderful player, I wish he'd cut


that out of his game. I was disappointed in him and to me,


that's no way to go through. Yes, they'll be happy tonight and they'll


say other players do it. But he is as guilty as most. The daft thing


was in the first half he could have had a penalty. In the second half he


went over too easily. If you cry wolf so many times it's your own


fault if you don't get one. He got his rewards in the end. But the one


where he was touched, the dramatic fall after made people think that is


not a penalty. Let's give Mexico some credit rather than focus on


Robben for a second. I thought they played brilliantly. They went in the


lead and the change that Van Gaal made, it disoriented the Mexicans


for a little while. They didn't get to grips with it. In that heat, it


was late 30s, you're going to drop off and protect what you have got.


Inevitably you bring on pressure. To lose it so late was a travesty for


When it them. It was 5-3-2, the Mexican wing backs had the Dutch


number. They did. They had the better chances. When you have a


really good manager who is tactically astute and good players,


you can tweak the team and try something different. Buff they get


back into the game on a set play. I'm a traditionalist. I like men on


the post. If they had kept two on the post, they could be now in the


last eight. Even though it was a good finish from Sneijder, I think


they'll be kicking themselves. There's two minutes to go. You put


everyone back behind the ball. Just defend. Get two men on the post and


make it difficult. There was such a space there. The Dutch have got


quality. They push. Eknocked on the door. The big players came through


in the We saw end. It was Colombia last night, albeit they had a lead


when they did something similar. You go a bit deeper and defend that


lead. When you're in that mentality is it hard to break out of it? It is


when the other team score, because then you have to go and win the game


again. That's really difficult. It's hard to criticise Mexico. They do


have lesser players. It was really hot and the intense effort in the


first half to dominate Holland probably took its toll. I can't be


too critical. But again good opposition, if you do sit back and


then it became a 5-4-1, you are inviting pressure. I think overall,


near the end, Holland probably didn't deserve to lose the match.


It's the way they won it that leaves a bitter taste in the mouth. So the


Dutch are through. Time to find out who their opponents are going to be


in the quarter finals. Let's go to Costa Rica against Greece with Steve


Wilson. The most unexpected of all the


surprises thrown up at this World Cup might be this, a last 16 game


between two teams expected to offer no more than foot notes to the story


of Brazil 2014, but who find themselves embride in the plot.


Neither Costa Rica or Greece has ever reached the last eight of a


World Cup. Jorge Luis Pinto makes two changes. Michael Umana and


Christian Bolanos were rested and return here.


It is the 11 which beat Italy nine days ago. Samaris in for Kone is the


only change for Greece. Costa Rica back in 1990 played at


this stage before. They were beaten then by check Slovakia --


Czechoslovakia, 4-1. Greece have never been here before.


Campbell has done well. Bryan Ruiz is there. The referee say, "play


on". First real sight of goal for either side. Did ever so well,


Campbell. Bryan Ruiz picked it up and helped it on to Bolanos.


He's been the star of Costa Rican football over the last decade or so.


He couldn't keep it down under the cross-bar. Fernando Santos is the


coach. He says he has no plans to renew his contract after the World


Cup is over. He wants to go back into club football.


It bounces slightly awkwardly for Navas. He's a good keeper. Just had


a really good season with LaVante in Spain.


A good spell for Greece here. That's a magnificent ball in. Oh,


what a good save. Salpingidis onto a magnificent ball in. Jesus Navas


somehow kept it out. It's a great save. A magnificent


ball. You won't see many better left-footed crosses than that. The


goalkeeper with his knee made the save.


He was pulled back. Duarte pulled him back. Oscar Duarte is shown a


yellow card. Quite right. He was pulled back. Free kick to Greece. It


was Oscar Duarte group Oldham, who already has a yellow card. Sam


morass with the header. Navas is right behind it. Greece have started


well in the second half. They have had almost all of the ball. Jorge


Luis Pinto took Costa Rica to the quarterfinals in 1990. Little error


in judgement. Gonzalez, forward. Campbell for Costa Rica. Runners


arriving inside the penalty area. It is in by Bryan Ruiz. Great finish


for Costa Rica. Right into the corner of the net. Right past


Orestis Karnezis, who did not move. Bryan Ruiz, who scored on this


ground in the other net with a header against Italy, scores his


second goal in these finals. It was perfectly placed. This is a


beautiful finish. Look at the way he angles his foot to look for the


corner. You could say he scuffed that, but I don't think he did. Huge


celebrations for Costa Rica. Long way to go. Greece, remember were


about 90 seconds away from going out of this world cup against the Ivory


Coast and found a way to stay in. Now they will have two find a way


against Costa Rica, who are suddenly full of running. It has hit his


hand. I don't think it is intentional, but moved his hand


towards the ball. Basilisk Torah see this. When you look again, Costa


Rica could have been given a penalty. Good block.


25 minutes to go. Going to be a yellow card. In fact it is a red


card. Duarte has gone and the game has changed. Oscar Duarte is sent


off and Costa Rica find themselves down to ten men with 25 minutes to


play. He stuck out his left foot, got nowhere near the ball and


tripped the man. Costa Rica are down to ten men.


Flag has stayed down in the middle. Cutting inside. Costa Rica are


hanging on. A bit unorthodox here. Navas is clearing it, that is the


name of the game. They must have been offside in the middle. Costa


Rica on the brink of a quarterfinal place. Ball into the box 's. It just


needed a touch. Into the gloves of Navas. Great play by Greece. Talk on


Junior Diaz and beat him. Two in the middle, but not that touch they were


looking for. We are deep into the 90th minute. Samaris forward to they


have done it. Unbelievable, they have done it again. Papastathopoulos


with the equaliser. Just as they did against the Ivory Coast, Greece have


themselves in the World Cup at the very end. Papastathopoulos with his


first international goal. Can you believe that. Navas with the save,


but he could not hold it. And Papastathopoulos for Greece. 1-1.


That is a measured, measured celebration from Fernando Santos.


They just don't know when they are out, the Greeks. Where is that


going? Navas claims it. What a horrible moment that was for Umana.


Navas with the save. Great ball in. Navas had to tip it over. You would


think the 11 men would push on hard and attack to try and win this game,


but it is Greece, so we will see. It would seem their best chance of


winning this would be penalties, Costa Rica. Unless Joel Campbell can


find some energy from somewhere. They have to defend again now


because a free kick is coming their way. Karagounis has left this one.


Samaris is joining them. It could fall anywhere. Behind for a corner.


Just didn't quite fall for them. Umana with the touch. Then a good


block from Giancarlo Gonzalez to deny Greece. Look at this, they have


five on 22. Surely they cannot mess this up? Good save by Navas. Umana


is there. You have to hand it to Navas for the save. But surely five


against two, they should be able to pass their way through. Campbell


again. Papastathopoulos is there. Campbell can hardly think let alone


run. Greece have a man down in Samaris in an offside position. My


goodness, it has gone wide. Keylor Navas have saved them. Greece


becoming the kings of the late goal in this World Cup. The referee


indicates penalties. Greece's opportunity to win the game in extra


time has gone and they certainly had the opportunity to do so. Fernando


Santos, the Greek coach, I think has been sent off! There is a discussion


going on here and the official in the jacket is speaking to the


referee, Benjamin Williams to confirm that Fernando Santos has


been sent off. What ever happens next, he will have to watch it down


the tunnel. Borges for Costa Rica. Let this shoot out to begin. 1-0!


Borges scores. Navas in the goal. Scores, 1-1. Good penalty. Bryan


Ruiz now for Costa Rica. He scores. 2-1 Costa Rica. Christodoulopoulos


went for power and filled the keeper. He did well. 2-2. Giancarlo


Gonzalez to take for Costa Rica. Gonzalo 's! Straight down the


middle. 3-2 Costa Rica and nobody has missed. Paul Wood comes Holebas,


celebrated his 30th birthday on Friday. -- forward. Into the corner,


3-3. Joel Campbell. For Costa Rica. Scored 11 goals for Olympia in


Greece last season. Campbell. Excellent penalty. 4-3. Still we


wait for someone to lose their nerve. Gekas hoping to make it 4-4.


Save by Navas! Saved by Keylor Navas. Gekas is first to miss.


Michael Umana can win this for Costa Rica. This is to win it. This is to


put Costa Rica in the quarterfinal of the World Cup for the first time


ever. Costa Rica quarterfinal! Michael Umana, the ten men hung on


for an hour. They have knocked the Greeks out in penalties. They scored


all five. Luiz Gonzales, Michael Umana and Costa Rica will play the


Dutch in the quarterfinal of this extraordinary 2014 World Cup. Costa


Rica are through to the quarterfinals, albeit on penalties.


Not the greatest of games, but the story is fantastic? It is hard to


find words to give credit to what they have achieved for a small


nation. To top the group with England, Italy and Uruguay itself


was a huge achievement and non-others gave them a chance.


Overall, I think they edged it. Penalties were of real quality,


which was the opposite of the game. It was cautious, both teams were a


bit overawed by the occasion and what it meant. It was quite a


tentative game and although Costa Rica got the goal, there wasn't much


in it. Greece fought until the end and got the equaliser. Watching


extra time, even though Costa Rica had a man less, you did not feel


they did. They fought and they battled and probably just edged it.


The quality of the penalties, we probably won't see five better


penalties in this World Cup. We probably won't see a team as dead on


their feet. You want to talk about Joel Campbell? His workrate is


excellent. His ability to keep the ball when tired. His decision-making


was good, running the channels, holding the ball up. I did not know


much about him, but I would not be surprised if he is not back at


Arsenal to establish themselves in the side. He has shown quality in


all of his games. Although Bryan Ruiz got the goal, I think Campbell


deserves the credit because of his work ethic. To play alone up front,


I did it many years ago for Liverpool when Michael was sent off


at Old Trafford. It was the hardest I worked in my life. I had empathy


for his role, I wanted to give him a mention. He might not get the goal


all the plaudits, but he deserves them. Now we know there are


4/4-finalists. We have Colombia against Brazil and now we know


Holland will play Costa Rica in the last eight. Two more games


tomorrow, Germany against Algeria is the late one. That game from 4:30pm


on BBC One. And you have France against Nigeria. We will see you


tomorrow night. Good night.