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Match Replay: England v Russia

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# Nous entraine # L'un contre l'autre


# Emportes par la foule qui nous traine


# Nous entraine # L'un contre l'autre


Welcome to Marseille's magnificent stand velodrome. I'm Guy Mowbray and


joining me for commentary is Martin Keown.


COMMENTATOR: It's an England line-up that we're seeing for the first


time. So much for Roy Hodgson's overly cautious reputation, as he


selects Wayne Rooney in midfield and Raheem Sterling and Adam Lallana


supporting Harry Kane. A first time in midfield together. As do O Eric


Dier and Dele Alli. The referee handled the World Cup


final. Keeping discipline is always key, especially when he's in charge,


he likes a card. Nicola Rizzoli. Not just the players who need


teamwork. Ten of Russia's side is home based, with ten coming -- with


five coming from CSKA Moscow, the title winning side. All the variants


of goalkeeper Igor Akinfeev and centre backs Vasili Berezutski and


Sergey Ignashevich. Neustadter plays in Germany and was only made a


Russian citizen last month. He now plays for his ancestors's country


for only the second time. Plenty of strength on the England


bench. We haven't said that going into every tournament. Jamie Vardy


will be itching for his first big chance.


You've probably heard the facts and figures, but just to read Captain


England have never won their opening match at the European Championship.


Drawn four, lost four before today. What a difference it would make to


the shape and feel of the tournament if they could just get off to a


winning start. It's a Russian side who had a winning end to their


qualification campaign, four wins in a row to book their place in France.


Fortunes revived after saying au revoir to Fabio Capello, sounds


familiar... Joe Hart is clad in luminous Green as he tries to get


the ball up towards Harry Kane. Watching intently in these opening


exchanges, as Akinfeev comes out to deny Raheem Sterling any sort of


opportunity. Great opportunity for these young English players, and it


is a very young team. Hardly any tournament experience. It's about


dealing with that. A good start so far, though. Here goes Sterling


again. Trying to push it through for Kane but only succeeded in role in


it harmlessly to Akinfeev. Travelling with the ball well but


just needed a better pass. An area he can develop and improve. Smalling


heard the call of Joe Hart to leave that one well alone. Somehow, it's a


surprise you can hear yourself on the field but it's the din of the


wonderful Velodrome. That say Marvel in itself. Spine tingling, isn't it?


You want a... It hits you between the eyes, your very first game of


the tournament. Great atmosphere. Walker has kept that in but did not


manage to win the throw for England. Walker is playing like a winger in


this role for England, much like he does in his dean, Spurs, who he


played so well for this year. Kyle Walker, the one really big plus


point from the disappointing final warm up game against Portugal.


Forget the warm ups now, this is hot enough.


It was Harry Kane who tapped the free kick before making his way


forward. Very confident touch, away from the man closer to him who was


Fyodor Smolov. Making some good runs off the ball. There is a useful one


for Lallana, and it is Dele Alli. Couldn't get the ball down as low as


he wanted it to be. No, but he showed his intention, arriving late


but just couldn't get the shot on target. That's the kind of area he


wants to get into. He just needs to slightly improve his technique,


can't get down over the ball there. Scored on his first England start.


Only as recently as November, against France. Here's Kokorin,


Walker away. A little slip from Rooney that almost presented Russia


with a shot. Here is Dzyuba, well marshalled by Gary Cahill, keeping


tabs on the big striker, that will be an important part of England's


defensive strategy. Definitely. Smalling starting as our first


Andrew defender. Cahill with an in and out these and. They need to form


a really good partnership. -- first central defender.


Miscommunication between Rose and Sterling. Back to Akinfeev. And he


was rather over estimating the height of Georgy Schennikov with


that one. He has an awful lot of experience and even he early on


looks a bit sloppy, Akinfeev. Lallana, nice touch to get the ball


under control. Looking to find Kane. Plenty of deep red Russian shirts


back in their own penalty area. Dzyuba, we're looking at there, he's


a big lad. Cahill is going to have his hands full today. You won't get


much in the way of pace from Dzyuba,, but you do get a lot of


height and power and he gets a fair few goals. Won by Ignashevich. Nice


and easy for Joe Hart. How bizarre was that between Joe Hart and


Smalling? That all needs to calm down. We don't need that early on in


the game. Communication as well, along that back line, very important


early on. You're looking for the leaders as a young group, as we're


ready said. -- we already said. Won by Smolov. Dzyuba manages to


adjust the brakes. The run of Smolnikov down the right. Danny Rose


with him. There is Dzyuba, and importantly Eric Dier was there to


stop him from turning and firing. Smolnikov racing down the wing.


Great challenge from Danny Rose. Here's Rooney, who is hardly been on


the ball yet. This is the area where people are saying he reminds you of


Paul Scholes. I think he has more pace and he can break from there as


well. Sterling, taking a little too long to complete the task that he


wanted to achieve. Here's Walker, brilliant work from Kyle Walker,


Lallana! Could strike, straight at Akinfeev, whose hands are stinging.


Good technique from Lallana. A real test for the keeper. Great play from


England there. England, can they register and effort on target? Kane


on corners again. It's controversial, that. Many would much


prefer to see a striker with number nine on his back in the middle. Here


is the number six, Smalling, going up. But he had moved too quickly and


the flag is up. Keeper just dealing with a punch. From what I've seen in


a couple of games so far, that's good to see from the goalkeeper.


Certainly is. I saw the opening goal last night from Giroud, and the


goalkeeper did not deal with it at all. Walker, court late. Nicola


Rizzoli off to deliver his first words of instruction in the evening,


and Fyodor Smolov is going to receive them. Don't want to get on


the wrong side of the Italian referee. He dished out ten red cards


in Serie A last season, averaging half a dozen yellow is a game. You


certainly don't want to get booked in the early exchanges. Of course


two bookings and it's a suspension. Joe Hart, looking for Kane. Didn't


time the jump. Dzyuba found Shatov. Didn't get it through to Kokorin.


Here is Sterling. We know he's quick, he's going to have to be to


take on Smolnikov. Sterling in, Alli, Kane! Wasn't quite crisp


enough but it is another England opening. Here is Dele Alli again,


just drifting into that space. Wouldn't have counted. No, exactly.


But it's that man again. Brilliant how he finds space. Just wanted a


better finish, of course. Kane couldn't reach it anyway. Good start


from England down that left-hand side. Sterling a couple of times.


Bright from the boys. Dele Alli only 20 years old. Here he goes once


more. And he's caught. It will be an England free kick. We just have to


hope that Dele Alli's temper isn't triggered. It's been a talking


point. It is but I think he is intelligent enough to do the right


things. Rate talent, but you have to say the energy he has... -- great


talent. Nearly 12 years ago when there was a roar 18-year-old who lit


up Euro 2004. And he's still a wonderful footballer. I can't


believe people question his selection. The shape is almost like


a Christmas tree, the way they are spread out. Alli, he's only just


stopped believing in Father Christmas! Lallana. Rooney, for


Walker. England's throw. Good pressure from


England. Walker looks totally at home at this level, doesn't he? A


big choice to be made there. Kyle Walker getting the nod over


Liverpool's Nathaniel Clyne. Walker, to Liverpool's Adam Lallana.


Nice swerve, an elaborate one from Walker. He's had a super start to


the evening. England win another court. -- another corner. Good


imagination. Decent cross from Dier. It's all England. All Tottenham!


Kane comes across to take another corner.


There are five from White Hart Lane in this starting XI. A good corner


from Harry Kane. It was a majestic header from Chris


Smalling. It is a corner on the other side for


England and Harry Kane will take this one as well. Every player in a


white shirt at the moment looks perfectly at home in this cauldron.


Definitely. They just keep cranking up the pressure on Russia. Chris


Smalling got the only goal of the game against Portugal in the


friendly. We heard Joe Hart in the tunnel


saying to Harry Kane, get your shots in and moved the ball. That could


have almost been the goal of the tournament. But the important thing


is that England are playing with such confidence. Wayne Rooney picked


him out with that great crossfield pass. Roy Hodgson will be delighted


with the start. Early days, but encouraging signs. They seem to be


playing with a lot of belief here tonight. In all my years watching


England I have not seen a full-back with a fancy backflip up in the


opposition half. Smolnikov was linked with Barcelona last summer.


England need to be careful on the break. Smolnikov shows that he wants


to run behind England. He is playing with such composure, it is hard to


believe it is his first proper game, just friendlies up until now. Eric


Dier's eighth cap and this is the first one that has meant something.


They all mean something, I know that. Did you treasure all of your


43? Exactly, but he will realise this is something a bit special.


Golovin is the youngest player in the Russian squad. He is the


exception because by and large it is an experienced squad. That is a free


kick for Russia. It came from Danny Rose giving the


ball away initially. He goes down very easily.


The players are almost holding hands for this one.


They should be getting an England head onto that ball.


Dele Alli could not quite get his feet sorted out. Good again from


Sterling. Very good play down the left-hand side. And Danny Rose as


well. There was a little backheel from Sterling and Danny Rose was


that a flash. It was a great ball across the box. Dele Alli could not


make up the ground, it was agonising.


I still think of Paul Gascoigne putting that in every time I watch


it now. That was an incredible miss, a missed opportunity anyway.


Russia have not conceded a goal in competitive internationals under


Leonid Slutski. Could they do it tonight?


Sloppy, but good from an England point of view.


I think we would like to see a bit more of Harry Kane on the ball. He


has had a couple of touches and a shot from distance. They need to


grow in confidence. He is looking for Dzyuba. It is


important for the central defenders to Windows early balls. Harry Kane


has got to pick up better there. -- win those early balls.


The ball from Walker was just a bit too clever. It has been said often


enough that this England side's talents lie in attacking, not


defending. They are quite happy to let England


have the ball. The back four never move anywhere.


Smolnikov did not take any chances that time. Do not underestimate the


role of Dier tonight. The second shooting chance for


Lallana. A great ball, the third man running. Lallana once more and he


cannot deal with it. England are strong on either wing. Good


interchange play. You have got to hit the target, though. Is it too


early to say that England might rue missed opportunities? Let's hope


not. Walker was the target for Joe Hart.


It is great to see our full-backs so attacking in an England team like


this. It really set our stall out and puts Russia on the back foot.


Would you have said that in your playing days if they had gone on


like that and left you on your lonesome? Walker just flies forward


the whole time and Gary Cahill just has to get on with it.


Leonid Slutski stays seated. It may be wise. One of the best bits of


information we were provided with before the tournament is that he was


a goalkeeper. It was sadly curtailed due to a knee injury when he fell


out of a tree trying to save his cat! England turning nothing into


something pretty rapidly again. There was fantastic defending by


Smolnikov. He tracked Sterling all the way, great defending.


This is great movement again. Look at that for defending. It is almost


a dying art these days. He needed to get that right as well. It was all


in the motion of shooting. Just about to pull the trigger, there is


nothing more frustrating. Berezutski, his twin is amongst the


substitutes. Good pressure from England, forcing


mistakes. Good noise from those supporting


England. It is fantastic, they realise they need to get behind


their team even more. Fedor Smolov is a good footballer,


he can play. I think it's important they have a


period on the ball, from their point of view.


Nice that. Look how quickly Lallana is there, and Sterling. Very nearly


caught. Smolnikov. England just need to be solid at


times. Aleksandar Kolarov in making that


run in midfield. Have two be so alert in international football.


Just a little nudge from Harry Kane was seen. Just for a second, for the


first time tonight, you can actually hear yourself. Cahill with a glance,


knew that that was going behind. Rooney.


Here is Alli, here is Lallana! And offside Harry Kane. That's a very


accomplished finish, but it was never going to count. Lovely Blake


one pass to many. Almost impossible for Kane to stay onside and rush


out. You would think Greg Dyke would be pleased with this. Not putting


the finger against the throat on what he has seen sofa tonight.


Berezutski to Schennikov, and returned.


Nice touch, Walker is there. Schennikov. And Walker will have to


be there again. Schennikov gets the better of him. Russia's best spell,


maybe, this. They suddenly seem sharper in everything they do. Don't


you want to invite pressure. -- they don't want to invite pressure.


Cahill was covering. Cahill did well there, just aware of what was around


him. Smolov is trying to pull off on his shoulder.


We said we may have a weakness in our central defence, our body shape


is really important we can't be caught ball watching. Here is


Rooney, this is Smalling. Rooney has a look, he knows where Rose is.


Lovely ball from Dier to Alli. It's a Russia break. Karin... -- Kokorin.


Dzyuba is wide, for once. And it was Sergey Ignashevich who stormed into


the centre. Well, Sergey Ignashevich gambled. It's end to end stuff.


Smolnikov has sorted it out. Where do you see the biggest threat


to England in the next half-hour. Well, it's that communication


between Dier and the central defenders. Noise that are


dispossessed there. Lallana. Walker. -- Neustadter dispossessed. This is


where the forward players need to work to create space. Just drifting


off players. Walker, to Rooney. Alli with a run. Rooney found him. In the


nick of time for Russia, so did Vasili Berezutski. Dele Alli again,


he's like a machine. Great ball in, just into


. The defender just got across the front of him. Berezutski using all


of his experience there. Smalling just telling Harry Kane to hang on a


moment. Now he's in position. The corner won't interest him like that.


Where do you stand on Harry Kane taking corners? I was never happy


with it. Thierry Henry, one of the best headers of a ball ever, with


the height he got, used to take corners. You see it now. Harry Kane


committee might be a bit disappointed tonight so far.


Everyone else has found their feet, so to speak. I think Harry just


needs a little bit more time to get into it. A goal would do him the


world of good. Four of England's last half a dozen goals they've


scored from a European Championships have come from set pieces, three of


those from corners. It was so important in that thrilling win in


March against Germany. Two of the three goals came from corner kicks.


Jordan Henderson took those. Amongst the substitutes of course tonight.


Very skilful player, Lallana. But he's happy to defend for his team as


well. This is a flick on from Walker, diagonal ball from Joe Hart


will. Cahill, Walker. A little push. Alli,


brilliant footwork. Where to next, though? Wherever he wants to go!


Rooney! Straight down the barrel for Akinfeev again. Those tests are


being made to work. -- those fists. There's Dier, with a tremendous


tackle. Wouldn't quite bounced Lallana's way. England want this


one, you can see it with the players. Great play here coming he's


got no right to get through. This is the new and the old, there. Great


technique from Rooney, unfortunately straight at the Russian keeper.


Cahill. Not quite kept in by Alli. Don't think we should be


underestimating the quality of this player as well, what he's done so


far in this game. Of course it's early days. But these are big


moments for young players. Smalling. I don't think Smolov appreciated


being shoved to the floor. Handball against Lallana. I dare say his


inclusion in the line-up tonight raised a few eyebrows, but he's done


well. He gives us good balance. One thing he doesn't get credit for is


how money times he wins the ball back. The winger is really Kyle


Walker, the amount of times he gets forward. Rings so much energy to the


team. -- he brings so much energy to the team. Rose. Rose through to


Kane. Alli in the middle. Sergey may shave itch had to win


-- Sergey Ignashevich had to win that one. Russia are hanging on


here. It's England's sixth corner of the


night. Kane. Well held, Akinfeev. It was Cahill trying to get the touch


in front of him. It's a wicked ball in from Kane. Any kind of touch on


that and it's in the back of the net. Schennikov.


England are playing well but we already know that even if they can


get in behind this Russian defence, it will take something special to


beat Akinfeev, who is prone to the odd blunder but on his day is one of


the best around. We saw that in the World Cup, he had such a good start


to the game but everything 's been at him. But it's encouraging that


England have been able to create so many opportunities.


Should have the edge, fitness wise, as well. Especially with the pace of


the likes of Vardy waiting in the wings. Running out of steam


shouldn't be a problem, even on a steamy night in the South of France


in June. Dzyuba, and again Dier shifting that


one on. Smolov, Schennikov. Just managed to keep it away from


Dele Alli. Lallana into another tackle. Walker, Lallana. Playing


brilliantly. Alli. Kane, won't get there. Just too much on the ball


from Dele Alli. Great vision from him and good movement from Kane.


Just too much weight on the ball. Getting frustrated, Roy. He's got to


be calm and keep believing in this England team. Game of fine margins,


this. And Russian fingernails. Dzyuba holds it up. Neustadter.


Kokorin is seen off by Danny Rose. Kokorin is one of Russia's key


players, but touch wood when you say this, he has been kept quiet so far.


Five goals in his last nine international appearances for the


man from Zenit St. Petersburg. Smolov, the top scorer in the


Russian league last season with FC Krasnodar. Here is Kokorin.


The cross instantly blocked by Rose. Sterling pursued by Smolnikov.


This is where England have got to keep moving the ball quickly.


Sterling has almost taking a rest. The momentum was back with England.


The intelligent, move it quickly. Ignashevich, who moved further


forward at half-time. Rooney, got the better of Shatov to find Rose.


Rose! That was drilled fiercely across the penalty area, too fierce


for Kane. I think that's why he's got his hand in that air, he's just


drilled that across. Superman is not getting on the end of that one.


It is important for England to keep concentrating. Dier is playing a


major role. He has to sit there in midfield. Russia will be mindful of


the Uruguay game at the last World Cup. Two lapses in concentration


cost England. It bounced awkwardly for Akinfeev,


who dealt with it well. The great escape rings around the


stadium, but at the moment it is Russia who need to build a!


Tunnel. Little Raheem Sterling was in Dzyuba's way. That is what you


want, you want him to fight for every ball. Who is fouling food?


Dele Alli was in there again. He just coasts into space. It is


fantastic the way he times it. Just over a minute to go in the


first 45. It has flown by. I have a feeling you are enjoying this,


Martin. You would be enjoying it a bit more with a goal. You just do


not want a sloppy moment and a lack of concentration to give Russia a


leg up. Danny Rose is outstanding on the left side, both full-backs. The


flag was up against Lallana. It went up very quickly. It is great to see


Wayne Rooney spraying those balls from side to side. There are so many


options for him on the ball. You roll that ball to a player, you do


not want it back as a defender, you want someone to do something


positive with it. Half-time in my say. No goals, but


plenty for those England supporters to smile and think about. I think


the message from Roy Hodgson to his players at the break will be do not


be downhearted, carry on as you are and it will come.


No changes have been made to side for the restart of the game that is


being played 24 years to the day since the opening game of the 1992


Championship. Martin Keown and Gary Lineker played in the 0-0 game in


Sweden. We did draw with the eventual winners Denmark. It was


also on June the 11 that Gary Lineker, 30 years ago, scored his


World Cup trip against Poland. Whose turn is it today? We would love to


see that. If he had realised he would have not


got there, he would have given up the chase a little earlier. It is as


good an England performance, dare I say, that I have seen for a while,


certainly in an opening tournament. You are concerned by Roy's own


uncertainty. You have to become as well and keep believing and keep it


all in check. Smolnikov another burst from right


back, but he was ignored. Shatov wants to get on the ball a


bit more in this second half. He is covering a lot of distance. It is


important you win those headers. That was Kokorin. An important leg


stretched out by Gary Cahill. Both the full-backs for Russia are


pushing on at the beginning of the second half. A testing time for


England. They are on the front foot. Kyle Walker puts the ball out of


play and is applauded by Dzyuba for that. There was nothing wrong with


the tackle from Eric Dier. It was just the follow-through. The referee


is having a word with him. You do not want to see him getting booked,


certainly in these early games. He is so important for England. He


clocked up double figures last season in terms of yellow cards. It


is inevitable when you play in that position. He is a converted central


defender and he has done it with great success. Wayne Rooney was


upended by Smolnikov. The referee is belying his


reputation, not one card in the game yet. By and large he is letting the


game flow. That is what we want to see. We want to see England scoring


as well. Harry Kane is putting in the yards


to try and close down. Should the central defenders, who


have a combined age of 69, start to tire, Roy Hodgson will be thinking


about Jamie Vardy or Marcus Rashford.


That was a tired looking touch from Schennikov.


Sterling is on site! He was fouled just outside the box. It is an


England free kick. Smolnikov was diving in. I wonder if he could have


passed that across the goal of the first time. They are in discussion


over who it will be with a little lift into the masses. It is going to


be Harry Kane. He easily goes for power. He cannot see the gold from


where he is. Just as importantly, Akinfeev cannot see the ball. It is


a super save from Akinfeev, but the flag was up anyway. It is the


Russian defence that really rushes out. Good play from the Russian


defence. It is another England free kick.


They are building something again. They certainly are. Ignashevich


diving in. Mistakes and misjudgements just


creeping Russia's play. It looks like the senior man is coming in to


take this one. Wayne Rooney has to cover his mouth so that the Russian


defenders cannot see what he is saying. I think Eric Dier is going


to run over this. Wayne Rooney has scored in his last seven


internationals. Akinfeev was fully aware of where it was going. He had


his eyes fixed on the target. He got the right line, but it was too high.


It is a difficult skill to get it up and down from there.


Cahill, tried to power away from Shatov. Russia's throw in. It seemed


to be a case of who shouted the loudest would get that one. Roy is


looking a lot calmer, isn't he? Stick or twist. I wonder if he's


thinking about a change. The way England are playing, is it a case of


why would you? He's definitely got good players on the bench. Vardy


will be sitting there waiting for that opportunity so he can continue


that fairy tale of his, as will Rashford. England have pace and a


knack of scoring goals when they need to get one will be just what


they need against this Russian centre back pairing. Rose will get


there. Sterling. Allowed space by Shatov. Too casual, there, though.


You could hear the groans from the England supporters. Berezutski,


finding Kerkorian. Alli is after him. Dzyuba. Keeps it away from


Alli. The 1-2 prevented from working. I think Ingram fans were


annoyed because the easy pass was on in midfield, Toulalan and everyone


could see it. Dzyuba, it's come for Kokorin. He rose -- Danny Rose


didn't know much about that but importantly was in the right place


to block it. Russian corner. Danny Rose was in the right place, got to


get as close to that as you possibly can, create the barrier to the shot.


Russia's first corner of the inside match. They're coming. Shatov's


delivery, and Joe Hart as to save it. Bounced back towards his own


goal from Eric Dier. Well, it's an awkward ball in and diet just


doesn't adjust quick enough, doesn't see it coming. -- and Dier doesn't


adjust quickly. He only recently scored an own goal from something


similar, against Australia. The young man off balance and weigh


off target. -- way off target. Similar first effort from him to


that which we saw from the other 20-year-old on the field, Dele Alli,


earlier on in the game. Interesting, Russia perching right up on England


now, to stop them from playing. Sloppy again. Not been a good few


minutes for Raheem Sterling. He just needs encouragement from his


colleagues. Smolnikov, Kerkorian closed down by


Dier. This is where England's defenders


have do all be switched on together. Well, Smalling is missing an easy


header there and Dier has read it well. Russia a threat. Shatov,


that's going right from Berezutski. Only really a half chance for him.


Joe Hart. Chris Smalling. Am I right to have a pang of anxiety that the


ball is being knocked around between goalkeeper and defenders? Alli, to


Kane. Good defending by Ignashevich. Well, if they're going to play like


Barcelona, and that's what they do, that's what we do. But that was a


bit nervy, there come for a second. Danny Rose, first-time ball in. Beat


Berezutski, but not Ignashevich. Dier. Walker.


You could hear the shout of "Yes", from Walker to Eric Dier. Cleared up


by Gary Cahill, who is going to get the match. Well, he's tried to


gamble and pinch in in front of Dzyuba. Doesn't come off, catches


his opponent. It's expensive when you make mistakes, wrong decision.


Should have just stayed behind him, he knows it. First booking six


minutes into the second half will stop the game against Denmark, 24


years ago today, seven minutes in when you got one of those. It was.


My game was about making challenges and I suddenly had to think about


it. You've done your homework with that one! Spying...


Akinfeev, looking for the long ball to Dzyuba. Past towards goal and Joe


Hart didn't know it was going wide. Well, it's just a long ball and he's


just clipped it wide. I think he thinks it's in the back of the net.


It's well wide. Not sure about your definition of well! It's plenty


wide, just the way the goalkeeper actually reacted. Just shows, we


talk about systems but that was just an old-fashioned hoof up the pitch.


They are running off, comes two feet and they nearly score. This match


has just taken a turn. Russia enjoying the better of things. Just


getting a bit nervy, one or two of the England players. Short passing


again. Joe Hart changed his mind about the next one. Kokorin. Shatov.


Nice footwork, away from Lallana. Neustadter.


Berezutski safely back to Akinfeev. He has gone long once more. Kept


clear of Schennikov. Golovin has hooked it, but only to Eric Dier.


Rooney, Dier... Away from Neustadter. Kokorin. Alli, dropped


back, mindful that Dier was still in a forward position. Smalling has the


beating of Schennikov here. England's throw. I think England now


responding to a really slow start to this second half. Rooney.


Takes it from him, pinches it from him, Walker. Walker... Just evades


Lallana. I think he was meant to get it. He's unlucky there, Walker. He


was running at real pace to control that ball. We heard Russian


supporters loud and proud a moment ago, but the noise has lifted --


lifted back to England. -- Dzyuba. England need to get Harry


Kane into this game more than they are. We start looking down at the


bench for signs of activity. Nothing significant just yet. Roy showing


faith in his starting 11. Lallana. Walker. Over the head of Kane, onto


the head of Ignashevich. Nobody attacking that near post for


England. You just want to see a bit more desire in that final third.


Alli, won't get there. As a little luck. -- he has a little look.


Interesting to see Smalling running forward there. Got to keep your


shape, got to keep your discipline. Walker back to Joe Hart. Rose is in


a rush. Smolnikov, Rose again. It's not sticking with Harry Kane, is it?


Kokorin draws the foul from Rooney. Clever play. A little bit of afters


from Alli which wasn't appreciated by the Russian number nine. We don't


want Alli getting involved in any of that, he is so important to us. The


match director has clearly got the feeling that Jamie Vardy's our


arrival in the game might be imminent. Just think how money


people around the whole of Europe would have heard of him this time


last year. Correct, and everyone knows about him now. Dzyuba.


Smalling, uses his body really well. Sterling, and can he use his pace?


Not well enough. Just needs Smalling to be a bit more accurate in


everything he does. Neustadter. Certainly more adventure being shown


by Russia in this second half. I know we had 60% possession in the


first half, England, almost embarrassing for the Russian team.


Football has shown us this year that you don't have to dominate


possession to be a winner. Berezutski. Smalling, it's gone


straight to Kokorin. Nice start. Rooney got in the way. Smolnikov.


Russia undoubtedly growing in confidence, and Sterling will be


penalised their for blocking Smolnikov. He thought the rampaging


full-back would have been there for the return, and he would have been.


He found several more in his way. Now Shatov will try and deliver the


right ball for Russia. Ignashevich might be the right man. Something


different... Smolnikov. Didn't quite work, but you could see what the


idea was. Good imagination there, just didn't come off.


Alli, Sterling, Rose wide. Rows with the delivery, here's Wayne Rooney!


What a save. Follow-up from Lallana off the post. Flag up anyway. What a


save that was, though, from Akinfeev, to keep Wayne Rooney out.


Well, it's stunning. Stunning play again from England. Wayne Rooney


coming in from the edge of the box. It comes in off the post. Lallana,


yes come clearly offside. It's a nice strike as well from Wayne. He


doesn't go for power committee tries to place it. Roy is wondering if


it's going to be one of those nights. Roy not usually prone to


profanities. You can excuse him there.


How many times watching England have we used that phrase? One of those


night. It is the best we have done in the second half. We need to build


on that. Alli feels he was unfairly impeded


and the referee agrees with him. A free kick for England, what


position. And it is a yellow card for Schennikov. We talk about him


drifting into space. Very intelligent. It is a great position


for England. Can any England player get the beating of Akinfeev tonight?


Eric Dier is right in the mix here. It might be the head down and some


approach. Look where Harry Kane is with similar ideas.


And Eric Dier smashes it! England find a way.


It is a dynamite strike from Eric Dier.


It is deserved as well. That was hit hard. It is a stunning strike. At


first we were wondering what on earth he was doing there. It is a


fantastic strike. The goalkeeper moves to the left at the wrong time


and Dier buries it. A fantastic strike. The tournament who scored


the winning goal in Germany at the end of March. A game that made as


all get a bit overexcited possibly about what we were going to see here


in France. We have every right to be excited now. It is an important few


moments. We want Dier to do that job that he is therefore now in front of


the defence. How many times in this tournament have we seen a strike and


minutes later the other one strikes back? We have seen how dangerous


Russia can be. We talk about good stories, fairy tales. Look at Dier


and where he has come from. He was a central defender last season. Now he


is scoring goals for England. Russia try and break with Kokorin.


Eric Dier is saying, that is mine, get out of the way, I am taking


that. He is taking responsibility at both ends. I love that. There is


going to be a change in the minute. England are going with Jack


Wilshere. That was an excellent block. Well


worked by Berezutski. And the substitutes will happen. Russia are


taking on Golovin. He nearly went the distance in his competitive


debut for his country. England's change will see Wayne


Rooney make way. He has answered a few questions tonight. He certainly


has. He has been wonderful in that midfield. It is almost a straight


swap. Jack Wilshere coming on, another gifted midfield player. The


captain's armband has been passed on to Gary Cahill.


Jack Wilshere, three days short of a year since his best year yet for


England. It was against Slovenia and he has hardly played since. That was


very much in Roy's mind in including him in the squad. He is there to


pass the ball. That is when you see Jack Wilshere at his best, flying


through the midfield. Lallana fancied his chances from distance.


Russia have done almost a straight swap in midfield. The holding man,


noise that has gone. Man is not exactly gambling. He has gone like


for like more or less. He is just trying to sow the midfield up.


You get the impression England are waiting to get this ball back and


pounce once more, trying to keep their shape.


They had to hold it. They will gladly take the resulting free kick.


It is important Harry Kane keeps hold of that ball. A bit of


sportsmanship from Berezutski. Raheem Sterling has combined well


with Danny Rose down the left. It looks like sterling is coming back


to his best with the pace that he has. Just decision-making. We are


not really sure what to do as a team, whether to sit on this 1-0


lead on whether to go for it. A nice bit of ball control from Adam


Lallana. Off-site. It is encouraging the way


Jack Wilshere is moving. good the way Jack Wilshere attacks.


It is not easy to come on and pick it up that quickly and play well,


especially for somebody who has hardly featured all season. Is it


one game for Arsenal? All at the end of the season. You would not believe


Harry Kane was only 22. He knows how to play that role so well. You have


got to have great intelligence and technique and be brave and be


incredibly fit as well. He is up there as a lone striker. That is two


free kicks he has got very recently. And very kindly he left the last one


to Eric Dier. I think the striker's instinct is going to take over a


year. He has had a word, I am not going to do that again. It is some


way out. Is it a case of any thing you can do I can do better?


Up and over and it never did anything else. He almost hit it too


hard. X minutes to go and then what ever


is added on by the Italian referee. He gives a free kick to Russia and


he wants them to make their third substitution before taking it. Fedor


Smolov sees his number on the board. Again it is like for like.


Walker is absolutely tanking up the right. And Raheem Sterling,


decision-making is letting him down. He took too long and the moment has


gone. You do not get that kind of time at this level. If they are just


as quick as you are, they will get back and tackle you. They are going


to put James Milner on for the rest of the game in a moment two. A


little bit of extra insurance in the move may be. Maybe it is sterling


that is going to come off. That will hurt England. -- that


won't hurt England. The second substitution is going to be made,


Martin. We've seen what Jack Wilshere does. Sterling is coming


off. The message from Roy will be just keep it a bit tighter in that


midfield. Henderson might have thought he was coming on, but no,


he's going for Milner. A man who made the move in the opposite


direction, from Manchester City to Liverpool, certainly splits opinion


with supporters. You won't find many coaches who don't like him, though.


He's a little bit more than how he describes himself, as a geezer in


boots from Yorkshire lumping it across the field! I think he's


better than that. England happy for Russia to have it.


I think if we just say, to Russia, come and beat us, I'm not sure they


can do it. Especially with balls like that. Head down in


disappointment. Just having a look again at Dier's free kick. It's


quite stunning. Talking of stunning, the referee has just stopped play


because a flare has been fired from the Russian end of the field. The


Russian supporters's end of the field. The referee saw that. There


were a couple of others lit that you might be able to see. Let's just


hope that that hasn't gone anywhere harmful. I'm just wondering how on


earth they've got it into the stadium with all the security. It


has been very well-organised inside the stadium, in stark contrast to


the ridiculous moronic mayhem elsewhere in Marseille.


Those here have come to see a game, and they've seen a really good one.


One that England are only a few minutes away from winning. Those who


following and regularly will know that that might seem like ours.


They've seen it all before, haven't they?


In goes Lallana, helped out by Dier. Now it is Alli, Kane, Wilshire to


Milner. Milner, a slip, and untimely one.


Kokorin. Dzyuba told to get up again by the referee. There was one before


it where Eric Dier worryingly lost his man. England have got to use


this ball well. You may just have heard a huge explosion there. That


again has come from the end of the ground where the Russian supporters


are housed. Just a few signs of a menacing atmosphere down that end.


Let's hope that nothing gets any worse than that. Three minutes to


go. Three minutes was what the board said will be added onto the end of


this. Difficult moments for England to see this one through. Milner


can't stop the cross. Smalling does. Excellent. Just stay goal side, keep


your eye on the ball. Kokorin puts the ball in, whips it in. You see


Smalling fighting to get that ball. Danger here for England, with


Kokorin taking the Russian corner. Or the possibility of corner. The


referee -- possibility of danger. The referee just wants to put a stop


to some holding. Kokorin fires in. It was met by Wilshire. This is


Shatov. Schennikov being closed down by James Milner. He dropped his


shoulder and got away. Good header... Russia level it at the


last! It is battling Berezutski. Russia's captain climbed highest of


them all to break English hearts. Well, it's a poor


diagonal ball to the far post. Berezutski, you see him there. What


on earth is Danny Rose doing? Berezutski loops it into the far


corner. He climbs really high. Great angle on it for him. England


devastated. It has got the manager to its feet,


as well you would expect it to. -- to his feet. Russia have just saved


themselves in this game. There might be a little more to come yet. Dzyuba


gets up. England paid for a lack of concentration, and Joe Hart now


might be caught again! Dzyuba! Needs to be more decisive next time. Well,


well, well, what on earth is Joe Hart doing there? Just clear the


danger. Alli, Wilshire, fouled. Once the ball back in a hurry. --


Wilshere. Milner. The referee has a look at the watch. And brings his


whistle to his lips. It's a draw that will feel like a defeat for


England. They had it won, they had the job done. But Russia's captain,


Berezutski, has made it one point each rather than the three points


that Eric Dier looked to have got for England. Another lesson in


concentration for England's players. It's a disappointing trudge off the


field by those in white shirts, and you could perfectly well understand


why. It has finished, in Marseille, on the field, England 1-1 Russia.


I'm afraid to say that in the stands there is more to come. We have


another flare at full-time sent out from the Russian supporters. We have


then got an invasion from the Russian supporters into the England


section, and I'm afraid what we've seen, we haven't seen it at the


stadium at all until -- all evening, but we're seeing it now. It's a


horrible, horrible end to the night. Catch all the action from


Euro 2016 across the BBC.


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