Match Replay: Russia v Wales Match of the Day

Match Replay: Russia v Wales

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Welcome to stadium to lose brought is a crucial match for Wales in


Group B of Euro 2016. A win and Chris Coleman's men will secure


their place in the last 16. Anything less and they will have to rely on


results elsewhere. Yet, Chichester is this match are Robbie Savage and


Steve Wilson. COMMENTATOR: Festival atmosphere


inside the Stadium Municipal. The smallest of the Euro 2016 venues.


But booming loud tonight. Russia's Berezutski twins are


celebrating the 34th birthday is today. Sergei Ignashevich is 36 now.


He will not enjoy Gareth Bale in full flow. The coach makes four


changes. The referee is Swedish. Yunus Eriksson.


Wales won the toss. They make one change. Sam Vokes starts in place of


Hal Robson-Kanu. Two games in this tournament, two free kicks, two


goals from Gareth Bale. Robbie Savage, how are you feeling?


Nervous. I am pleased to see the introduction of Sam Vokes. You will


be a big target man and that will allow Gareth Bale to play as a


number ten and drive at this Russian back four with an average age of 32.


Memories of the qualifying play-off. Russia beat Wales 1-0 on aggregate


and then had a player tested for a banned substance. Memories of 1965


and a Wales 2-1 win over the Soviet Union. The only Welsh victory over


the Soviets or Russians in nine attempts. You might say the second


is overdue. It is Russia in the white shirts and blue shorts who


will get the game underway kicking from left-to-right. Against Wales in


the read and write. The Russians are wearing black armbands as a mark of


respect to the 14 children tragically killed in an accident in


Corel yet in the north of Russia. Ashley Williams forward. This is


Smolnikov for the Russians. Williams came to take command. All the way


through to Smolnikov with eight dangerous looking ball which is


James Chester dealt with well. Ramsey in the middle. Gareth Bale


got the shot away. Big chance for Sam Vokes. Flag up anyway. We sought


what Sam Vokes can offer. It is a good strike. The keeper there,,


Akinfeev, all kinds of trouble. Great start from Wales. He drives


inside. His favoured left foot. No question about the decision. He


clearly was offside. But Akinfeev would have been very happy to see


the flag. He made a very good save. He pushed the first back into the


danger area. Dmitri Kombarov here. Dzyuba beaten to it by Williams.


Playing a very high line, Russia. To might be a chance for the third man


run from Ramsay or if Bale think the run.


It is a strength having two very experienced central defenders but is


that a weakness, one is 34, one is 36. Sam Vokes will like playing


against them. They're both a physical presence. It is just if


Bale can get that ball and tried at them, Wales will fancy their


chances. -- drive at them. No free kick. Taylor thought he was


filed by Shirokov. -- fouled. I think it will be important for the


full-backs of Russia, Smolnikov on this right-hand side. They need to


get balls into the box for Dzyuba. Six foot five. Physically imposing.


Can they get balls into the box? Great noise. Ramsey unable to reach


it from some folks. They will have a license to get forward. When the


ball goes up to Vokes, when he gets flicked on is, I think Bale and


Ramsey can make runs in behind him. Ledley and Ramsey did well. Here is


Joe Allen. Chester under a little bit of pressure. Just look how high


the squeeze up, Russia. Chris Coleman might look at that and think


if they can get a runner from midfield, push up, they might get


caught, Russia, the longer this game goes on.


Akinfeev long. Chester had to deal with that. A little bit of help from


Chris Gunter. If Allen looks right he will have Chris Gunter. That is


where he has looked. Good decision by the referee. Gareth Bale running


into the defender. It's important that Wales switched the ball quickly


and utilise the wingbacks, Taylor and Gunter full stop play high up


the park. The switch is on but you have to do it quick. Good ball.


Taylor trying to find the run of Ramsey. Cleared away for Russia by


Ignashevich only as far as Ben Davies. Confident from James


Chester. Bale. Lovely run. It took Berezutski to make the block.


They defend the width of the 18-yard box, Russia. -- box. Switch the play


as often as you can. Look at Neil Taylor at the bottom of your


picture. Here is Chester going to Chris Gunter. That is a good looking


ball. It might come back to Kokorin. It would have done if it wasn't for


Ben Davies. I don't think that can happen for Wales defensively. They


cannot be beaten by one pass. One has to sit in front of the back


four. They both got ahead of the play. It would be worrying for me


from those two defensive midfielders for Wales. Advancing is Mamayev. Not


a great ball in. Vokes looks for Bale. Fine header. Here is Ramsey.


Three of three. Still Aaron Ramsey. Bale. In the end the white shirts


were converging. That is a Wales throw. Careless from Akinfeev.


Great opportunity for Wales on the counterattack. Three against three.


Ramsey delayed the pass. Bale wanted it early. Akinfeev made the mistake


and made sure Wales couldn't take a quick the win. That's why the


referee is having a word with him. -- quick throw in. Vokes stayed on


his feet. Well one by Joe Allen. The second favourite to that and Kokorin


was caught by surprise and Court Joe Allen. Joe Allen has had an


impressive tournament. Just got there before Kokorin. Definite free


kick and a good position for direct foot of Ramsey to whip a ball in and


test this back four and the goalkeeper and get runners across,


Chester, Davis, Bale who is great in the air. 10th minute. Wales have


started the better of the two sides. Blocked by the first defender.


Mamayev felt it was they cut already on the left eyebrow from earlier in


the tournament. Made two substitute appearances. His first start.


Chester to Joe Allen. Ramsey is onside. Aaron Ramsey with the dink


and Wales with the lead! Aaron Ramsey for Wales! Noses in front.


And if they win there is nothing anyone can do to deny them. What a


ball from Joe Allen. The Welsh hero. Where -- Russia give the ball away


cheaply. Look at the third man run from Aaron Ramsey timed absolute


perfectly. Then he has got the composure. He sees Akinfeev charging


out and he has the audacity to wait for the goalkeeper to go down and


then he thinks it over him, so cool, calm, collected, 1-0 Wales. The


perfect start. Delightful finish. But attention needed. 32-macro is


wide. -- the Cochrane. Very ambitious. Very ambitious from


Kokorin merit. Great pass. Look how cool he was, seeing Akinfeev goal


down. Russia are on the front foot now. Welsh throw. Aaron Ramsey with


his 11th goal for his country. He is a goal-scorer, he got 16 for Arsenal


in the 2013 - 2014 series. He took it so well.


Berezutski. That was decent ball. Here is the fullback, little


deflection on the cross, Williams had to adjust and did so quickly.


Kokorin going down a very ambitiously and getting nothing from


the referee. Aaron Ramsey carries it for Wales. What I like about this


Welsh start, they have not only got the goal but they have played with


the freedom, Gareth Bale is on the left and the right, dropped in deep,


another minute, he looks so dangerous, Sam a boat is in short,


Ramsay runs in the behind and that is worth the goal comes from. --


Vokes. Ramsay, given away, Shirokov.


Kombarov. Could not get it back. Ramsay was there. Here is Joe Allen.


Russian throw to be taken by 39-macro. -- Dmitri Kombarov.


I think Joe Allen has had a great tournament so far. He has seen the


run, with the inside of his foot, perfect way to pass, allowed Ramsay


to get onto it to finish it. Clash of heads. Berezutski is down


holding his face after jumping with Sam Vokes. It is strange thing, the


two twins, this is Vasili Berezutski who is down, they have been around a


long time, they have never played together in a major tournament. That


was a right old crack. Aleksei Berezutski played in 2012. Yellow


card for Sam Vokes. He has jumped, his right arm has caught Berezutski


in the face. It was not intentional, it was the way his arm caught him.


The referee has decided to book him. You see that pass from Joe Allen,


that first touts -- touch gets it out, lovely little dink into the


empty net. Just waiting for the keeper, flipped


it over him, brilliant, brilliant finish.


Wonderful ball. From a player who is enjoying an extremely good


tournament. Berezutski is back on his feet and now bandaged.


Kokorin cleared away by Williams, this might fall nicely for Wales,


Gareth Bale to Ramsay, a look to see if he could get Sam Vokes away with


an early ball but he could not. Ashley Williams has started this


game much better, a little bit nervous against England, I was not


sure if he was carrying a knock, he had a bandage on before the game,


but he did not have a bandage on tonight and he started the game


positively, winning balls in front of Dzyuba, the centre forward.


Taylor's throw. Wales fans singing the name of Gary speed. Smolnikov


with the throw. Dzyuba battling for it, a real physical presence,


21-macro. He is closed down. Rusedski -- Dzyuba. -- Berezutski.


He has done well. An excellent challenge from Ben Davies. Gareth


Bale, trying to exploit a gap in the Russian rearguard, Taylor made a


great run and it has come to Taylor, can he finish? Akinfeev saves the


first but not the second! His first ever goal for Wales! They are in


dreamland, we have not played 20 minutes yet, it is Wales two, Russia


zero! Neil Taylor, doubles the lead for Wales. Ramsay again, look where


Gareth Bale picks up the ball, that is why Sam Vokes is in their team.


That fortuitous the way it went to Taylor. He took his time, good save


then it is blasted into the net. Gareth Bale was a bit unlucky there,


but Taylor, second attempt, outside of his left foot, 2-0, Wales in


dreamland, fantastic, fantastic start. What a day on which to score


for your country, for the very first time. They have been so positive


from the first minute. Joe Allen. Taylor.


Ben Davis to Joe Allen, over the top and the flag has gone up against


Aaron Ramsey -- Ben Davies. But Russia are all over the place at the


moment and Wales are picking them off. So much time on the ball, Joe


Allen has, Ramsay went a fraction too early but the rush back four are


pushing up, it is nonsensical play from Russia. Average age of 32, two


centre has at 36 and 34, why push up so high? Joe Allen has all the time


in the world to pick any party wants. Russia are not in this game


at the moment and the next few moments of this game are crucial for


them. Because if they concede a game, they might just completely


crumble. Here they are, here is Sam Vokes, Ramsay, Gareth Bale had of


him. -- Aaron Ramsey. Kokorin coming back with the challenge, referee


says play on. Joe Ledley doors but that is through Berezutski. The


beauty of having Sam Vokes in the side, he can drop deep -- Akinfeev.


They are totally overpowering this Russian side, Chris Coleman there,


what a job he has done. Joe Allen, has another great ball.


Chris Gunter into the box, Aaron Ramsey arriving. Almost a fantastic


touch from Aaron Ramsey. Here is the goal again, look how much space on


the right that Taylor has. But fortuitous but when he was in there,


I thought he was going to square. Lucky with the rebound. So much


space the wingbacks are having for raise -- Wales.


Igor Smolnikov wins a corner for Russia. It is important that Wales


concentrate defensively, they have to stay switched on, Hennessy has


had nothing to do, everyone has to do their job, stay concentrated. The


Russians are on the rack. Wales must not give them a route back into this


game. In that goes the corner and a very good take by Hennessey. There


is a man under pressure, Leonid Slutsky.


It is his 13th game only in charge of the national team. Berezutski,


back to Akinfeev and it is unlucky 13 for him, he only played 13 games


as a professional footballer before he fell out of a tree and had to


retire. Dzyuba, Ben Davies is there. Group


winners go to play on Saturday and that is the position that Wales are


in at the moment, it could be taken away from them, but at the moment,


that is what they would be looking at. Kokorin for Russia.


Joe Ledley. Gareth Bale. Played a good advantage, the referee at Aaron


Ramsey, Sam Vokes is with him, Chris Gunter is arriving. The ball in from


Chris Gunter, Sam Vokes leads, but a comfortable save for Akinfeev.


Driving at the Russian back four. They have no protection, they are


exposed, Chris Gunter game... Dzyuba in here, crucial save. Hennessey.


That is a brilliant save from Hennessey, a long ball from


Akinfeev, they switched off, Williams has got a toe on it but


what a save. He saw the danger and got a strong left hand to it.


Warning signs for Wales, they have to concentrate.


Hennessey only got fingertips to it. Aaron Ramsey behind him. Big moments


in games, Robbie. That might be one, that save from Hennessey. It was a


good starting position. He seen the danger. A huge frame, and good


presence. Very important save. Could climb by Williams. Ledley


there. Kokorin has won it back, did well. Smolnikov with the crusts


which is put into safety by Chris Guenther. Great play. Got out there.


Good header. Here is Bale. Little deflection ticket to Shirokov. A


better spell for Russia. They were rocking after the second goal.


Dzyuba in the middle claiming a push from Ashley Williams. Williams here.


Dzyuba goes down far too easy. Williams was marking him tight. Big


centre forward has got to stay on his feet. Mamayev for Russia. Igor


Smolnikov. World Cup hosts in two years' time,


Russia, whoever is in charge then has got some rebuilding to do


because this is an ageing side. Decent ball. Smolov, blocked by


Davies can't live with Gareth Bale. Exhilarating. , Vokes! Akinfeev


prevents a third. Ramsey, Allen. Bale! A really good header. Oh,


Gareth Bale! Scintillating run. Once again they cannot live with them.


Driving again. You see the cross here from Ramsey. Given offside but


still a great leap. Nine headed goals this season. He can puff his


cheeks out because you getting battered. Fantastic first half-hour


for Chris Coleman's Wales. 2-0 up and that flatters Russia. Here they


come again. Joe Allen. All the way. Still going. Bale. Oh, the referee


had a good view of that and decided it was not a foul. This is not only


one of the best performances by Wales in this tournament, the first


half-hour has arguably been the best half-hour by anybody in this


turnaround. Scintillating stuff on the counterattack. Good defensively.


Shirokov here. Chester got his head on it. Port touch from the big


centre have. The big centre forward, Dzyuba. He -- here we see Bale go


into the box. Ignashevich, Gareth Bale fix it over him. It is not a


foul from me. Look how he drives through. That should have been a


foul. Vokes has got to stick the ball in the back of the net. Ramsey,


well it. Akinfeev shovelling it around the post. This could be four


or five and that is no exaggeration. Great strike. Could have played


Chris Guenther in but why doesn't he catch the ball, Akinfeev. -- Chris


Gunter. Irrepressible, ruthless Wales. Tearing Russia to this thread


is here. -- caring Russia to shreds. The a word for Dmitri Kombarov and


Jill Ledley. -- Joe Ledley. Ramsey's corner. Vokes got a head on


it but couldn't direct it. Every time the ball goes into the box,


Wales look like scoring. The Russia team have no protection from the


back four. They don't go with runners. Just have to say, Chris


Coleman... If they can get another one by half-time it will put it to


bed. The deflection and it is a corner to


Russia. Kokorin is not the most energetic players. It is on strike.


Hennessey would have had it covered. Could have closed the ball down a


bit quicker. Corner kick. Dmitri Kombarov. Ramsey at the back post.


This little breakthrough. You can see why Kokorin was hailed


as the bright young thing of Russian football. Now. But had a decent


World Cup in 2014. -- now 25. Offside. Good defensive line. Lead


so well at the back by Astley Williams. It is Davies at the bottom


of the picture by delays and has got that wrong I think. I thought he was


level. Scored eight goals in eight games in qualifying, Dzyuba, but


five of them were against lips and Steyn. Kind of takes the gloss off


that a little. -- Lipson Steyn. A decent little touch to Shirokov.


Foul by Neil Taylor. Kokorin. Early ball in. James Chester with the


block. That pass from Ramsey is stretching the Russians. It is


Gareth Bale. Bail's shop. -- shot. He is in the mood. When Russia


attack, it breaks down, the recovery runs in the middle of the park,


nonexistent. Bale has so much space and time to relax the back four of


Russia. Very poor Russian side. I played


against them in 2003. They were big and strong and physical and


energetic. Knocked the Wales side out of the play-offs 1-0. So


disappointed. But tonight there is no energy in the side whatsoever.


Little knock-down. Dzyuba trying to get around Chris Guenther. Can't so.


Port touch from Joe Allen. My treat his first error of the half. --


might be. That was a decent ball in. James Chester getting himself in


front of Dzyuba. We are top of the league is the


song. So they are. Hennessey thought about coming. Here is Bale. He has


turned it away from one and he is running at Ignashevich and


Berezutski and has got the pace to beat both of them. Akinfeev at the


moment must feel like using a coconut shy. Once again, Bale


playing deep and picking the ball up. This Russian back four. They


don't do what has had them. The protection in front... Good touch.


Dangerous cross. Just a little bit too high but only just. Smolnikov


did what he could to get a head on it. That was a good touch by


Williams. A few nervous moments. Linked onto the head of Ashley


Williams. Kombarov with a shot was deflected at least twice. Composure.


Playing out of defence. Crosses from Russia. Guenther and Leslie --


Ledley with a clearance. It is a poor ball. Just look at Gunter. Just


done enough to put him off at the back post. You have to say, the


protection being offered to Ignashevich, Mamayev, absolutely


nonexistent. That is allowing Ramsey is Bale to do what they want and


drive into the space into the back four.


Bale here for Russia. -- Smolnikov. Smolnikov. Comfortably wide off the


head of Mamayev. Aeroplane with such a freedom, this


Welsh side tonight,, they looked nervous, did not play the football


we have been accustomed to and Chris Coleman, but tonight, at times, the


energy and desire they have played with, their desire to score goals


have been brilliant. The red shirts are knocking the ball about


delightedly while the red hordes sing the anthem. Into the last


minute of the first half, normal time anyway of that half.


Taylor. Dangerous ball in, Sergei Ignashevich with the clearance for


Russia. He is still going for a goal, Taylor crossed the ball, Chris


Gunter was in the box. Fourth official is roaming out with


his board. Just the one added minute. Not quite sure where the


Russian coach starts with his team talk, I do not think Chris Coleman


has to say too much at all. Chester in quickly. The desire of Chester,


now the pace of Gareth Bale, the running of Aaron Ramsey to his left,


here is Aaron Ramsey, blocked by Smolnikov. Joe Ledley. Too close to


Akinfeev. No exaggeration to say that for -- except for the Russian


goalkeeper, Wales could be in front by about four or five goals.


Kokorin. Smolov. Hennessey is there. A decent save. A decent strike.


Wales have worked harder than Russia, they have run faster than


Russia, they have been cleverer than Russia and they have been so much


better than Russia. They are bewitched, bothered, bewildered the


Russians and almost down and out, Wales and seven heaven, it is 2-0 to


Wales. The second half gets underway. Wales


having completely outplayed the Russians in that first 45 minutes


and a dangerous ball in from Sam Vokes is applauded by Gareth Bale


and put behind for a corner by Aleksei Berezutski. They have


started positive, on the front foot, put the ball into the box.


Berezutski, no one nearing, heads out for a corner. Aaron Ramsey takes


it short. Powered by Berezutski, Joe Allen is


there. He was a little but unlucky with the Mr kick. Dmitri Kombarov.


Joe Allen knocked over after the ball had gone, the Russian


apologises. Here is Aaron Ramsey. Gareth Bale. Going outside,


Ignashevich. No protection for the two centre halves of Russia or the


freedom in the world, on his left foot. Decent save from the


goalkeeper. Joe Allen weaving through the white shirts.


Neil Taylor's last goal, Robbie, was as Iraq's player playing non-league


football. Been a long, long wait -- Wrexham. He was lucky to square it.


Decent save by Akinfeev, headed down, smashed into the empty net.


Gareth Bell against Ignashevich. Tries to go across Akinfeev,


comfortable save -- Gareth Bale. He scored two free kicks, but he is


playing with the freedom and I think that has helped him having Sam Vokes


in the side. Chris Coleman made good substitutions in the opening game


against Slovakia, he has his tactics spot on here today.


Offside flag up against Sam Vokes, but the referee from Sweden says


play on, Russia have the ball. Williams in. All three centre halves


tonight, Ben Davies, Williams, Chester are positive in defending


and when the ball from the Russian players. That is well read by Ben


Davies from Glushakov. Aaron Ramsey. Joe Allen keeps Wales moving in the


right direction. Gareth Bale. Aaron Ramsey. Great ball, Chris Gunter,


Sam Vokes is in the middle. It could almost have crept into the near post


off Berezutski but it is a corner. Great attacking play down the


right-hand side, great timing, great run from Chris Gunter, Berezutski


does so well at the near post, if he misses it, Sam Vokes would have had


a tap in. There is only one side threatening to score at the moment.


And they are wearing the red shirts with the Dragon on the chest. In it


goes from Aaron Ramsey. Berezutski got a touch helped on by Shirokov.


At times, watching Wales tonight you would think they had an extra man,


they have been that dominant. This Russian team are so lethargic.


Gareth Bale, away to Chris Gunter, look at the space for Chris Gunter


and Aaron Ramsey. Aaron Ramsey, in behind Sam Vokes, Smolnikov trying


to inject some pace into the rushing game. Chester comes across and he is


dispossessed. -- Russian. Another Russian substitution. No sign of any


improvement in the opening moments of the second half, Shirokov goes


off, Golovin comes on. Golovin started each of the first two


matches in the Euros for the Russians. He will at least bring


some younger legs into the side, he has only just turned 20. And the


captain's armband will go all the way back to Akinfeev.


Joe Allen in quickly, Aaron Ramsey is there, that is brilliant. He is


fouled. Fantastic footwork. Joe Allen and Ramsey, third game of the


tournament, they have done exceptionally well, the pair of


them. One thing I will say, because Wales are so comfortable in


possession, so good on the counterattack, it is important that


Ashley Williams speaks to Chester and Ben Davies so that they stay


concentrated and switched on. So comfortable for them. Joe Allen.


Smashed away by Ignashevich, here is Neil Taylor again. Smolnikov


forward. Kokorin. Dmitri Kombarov. It is a way to Smolnikov. Mamayev.


-- away. Kokorin. Smolov looking to get the shot away, it can and up


onto the chest of Ashley Williams. Dmitri Kombarov. That was dangerous.


Still in play. Great ball in from Dmitri Kombarov. It just needed


Dzyuba or Mamayev to get it. Sam Vokes has got away, Gareth Bale in


the middle. Akinfeev again. Such good work from Sam Vokes. Look at


the timing of the pass from Aaron Ramsey. Gareth Bale has tried to dig


it over the legs of Akinfeev. Good save from the goalkeeper, just got


his toe to the ball. Once again, devastating counterattack from


Wales. It is only Akinfeev who has denied Wales. One man resisted at


the moment, the corner in from Aaron Ramsey. Neil Taylor.


I'm not quite sure it's that had a day for him. Great ball into the box


from Kombarov. Nobody running across the goalkeeper.


Just a little push bike Chris Gunter. A bit too eager to win the


ball in front of Smolov. A great ball from Hennessey to


Ramsey. Ignashevich getting across. Bale has got to the back post.


Clipped to Ramsey. Knocked over. And a buzz of excitement about the


ground because it is a Welsh free kick. Golovin just barges into


Allen. Free kick to Wales. Bale's header, sorry. He can do it again,


can he? You could say he has been helped out by two goalkeepers with


his first two in this tournament. Not much of a wall, -- Akinfeev


should have a good view of this. Cameras are ready. Bale. Akinfeev


knew that his goal was not under threat. Decent strike from Bale. The


wall split. Wasn't the bravest wallet ever seen. The keeper would


have had it covered. -- wall. Mamayev. Away by Davies. Russia have


a throw. The only other game I can think of that I have been present


that in this tournament when one side was so dominant with the other


was Croatia against the Czech Republic. You may render that


Croatia led 2-0 and it is 2-2. -- remember. That third goal cannot


come soon enough I would have thought for Chris Coleman. They have


had their chances to get the third. He will want that. Then he can make


substitutions. Kokorin back to Slutsky. Cross


behind Dzyuba. Headed firmly away by Chris Gunter.


Possession for Russia but no great threat. Ignashevich's pass rebranded


and Bale is running at them again. Skips around two again. Really good


covering by Golovin. As you say, good cover. Golovin tracking back.


Full stop Ledley to get away from him.


You just feel a little bit of new impetus behind Russia, maybe.


Ball in. A difficult balancing one. Decent spell in the game for Russia.


Kombarov has put a couple of good balls into the box.


Good header by Vokes. Great centre forward play. Bale lurking on the


edge of the deed. -- D. You feel Russia goal away from complete


capitulation. -- one goal away from stop -- one goal away.


I think he was Wales' Maliki match or the Man of the Match against


Slovenia and he has got a very good shout of being Man of the Match


again, Joe Allen. -- a reaction here. The yellow card for Mamayev


and I think he is saying that Joe Allen had a party to play in this as


well. It was a feisty old chance. -- part to play. Joe Allen doesn't need


to react. He has had a fantastic game. He doesn't need to go back.


Stay out of the way. There is a round of 16 to play and you don't


want to be suspended. 20th minute of the second half.


Bale. Lovely ball, and downward header and Joe Ledley wasn't far


away from getting on the end of that. Great ball in from Bale. Very


little backlift. Vokes with the header. Ledley just couldn't reach


out, maybe could have thrown himself at it with his head. 2-0 doesn't


truly begin to reflect Wales' superiority. They are playing with a


smile on their face and a freedom. Tactically once again Chris Coleman


has got it spot on. When will they look to make substitutions? Will he


want that third goal? There was able bit of gloom about Wales watchers


when they were badly beaten in Stockholm in the last warm up game


just before the tournament. That has been completely dispersed. By what


they have achieved in the group stages here in France. The opening


game of the tournament against Slovakia was the first time Chris,


had his full squad together, the first time since Andorra in the


qualifying campaign in the friendly he didn't have his strongest team


but when they got their strongest team, as we have seen already,


Slovakia competed well against England but didn't get the result,


tonight at times they were devastating. Aaron Ramsey. Backing


off him. Weaving it through to Bale. He is onside. Surely this time.


There is the man and there is the man with the plan. Wales 3-0 Russia.


Is so much space on this right-hand side. A great diagonal from Ledley.


Gunter gives the bold to Ramsey. No protection for the back four. But


just look at the run. Vokes would have been in an offside position. He


was clever enough to leave it for Bale and he sees the keeper rushing


out. Just watch how he composed himself and takes a touch, outside


of his left foot. Fix it over Akinfeev. What a finish. 3-0 Wales.


Three goals for Bale and the competition. You're looking there at


Euro 2016scorer. -- top scorer. So easy for Wales. What a performance.


Now the score line begins to reflect Wales' supercar -- superiority. Bale


round the corner to Ramsey. Bale once they return. -- wants the


return. The Welsh fans singing, we want four. Can you believe it? In a


major tournament. The first time since 1958. Playing the might of


Russia. Welsh fans singing, we want four. Aleksandr Samedov was about to


come on for Russia. You will be their final substitution. Here's


Taylor. Chris Coleman now can start to think about substitutions himself


I would think. Because this game is won.


Samedov comes on. You would have forgiven if there was a queue to


come off but the man to come off is Fyodor Smolov. As impressive as


Wales have been, Russia have been woeful. Vokes and still. No angle


for him. He'll want to go tonight, -- want a goal tonight, Vokes. He


has led the line well. His physical presence has brought people into


play. He has allowed runners in behind him. Good performance from


the Welsh centre forward, some books. -- Sam Vokes.


I am wondering what Cristiano Ronaldo makes of Gareth Bale


grabbing this competition by the scruff of the neck? Here is Joe


Allen. Aaron Ramsey. Might be just the time now to take


off Gareth Bale, possibly Aaron Ramsey... I think Dave Edwards has


been given the shout to get ready to come on. Personally, I would like to


see Andy Keane given a run out. I think he is getting the call as


well, I think it is going to be a double change -- Andy King. Aaron


Ramsey knocked over. If anyone at these Euros did not


know that tune before, they do now. Gareth Bale. There is an argument to


say, Steve, toward the end of last season, Gareth Bale and Real Madrid


for a month or so, was possibly the best player in the world. Ronaldo,


Lionel Messi are probably better players but for that month, he was


devastating, coming to this competition, as it stands, three


goals in three games, mesmerising. Sam Vokes, sorry, Robbie. Dave


Edwards is certainly going to be on for Wales shortly, their header from


James Chester. -- the header. Just look there, Gareth Bale and Aaron


Ramsey laughing, smiling, enjoying playing. Joe Allen. Blocked by


Glushakov. He has been terrific again,


absolutely terrific, Joe Allen. We see his past, the weight of it,


precision and then for Aaron Ramsey just to lob the ball over the


goalkeeper, brilliant Joe Allen, what performance, what a tournament


Joe Allen has had so far. The Italian Joe Allen was not too bad


either, what was he, Pirlo? David Edwards is an. Wales are on song.


Russia are on the rack. Wales on top of Group B. Dave Edwards.


Chester to Ledley. Andy King is coming on for Wales. He has had to


wait patiently in this tournament. Joe Ledley wants to come off. He


might have been coming off anyway. He certainly wants to come off now.


Smolnikov with a good turn of pace, matched by Taylor.


Gareth Bale same to Joe Ledley, go down. I think it is cramped, he was


stretching his calf. Bit of cramp. Did so well to get here. Fantastic


performance once again from Joe Ledley. Great to see Andy King,


Premier League winner with Leicester City, but Joe Ledley was fantastic


once again. Fractured fibula at the beginning of May... He makes way


with 15 minutes to go for Andy King. Neil Taylor with this throw win for


Wales. Ashley Williams. -- throw in. The last Russian substitute. Dmitri


Kombarov. Kokorin. Smolnikov, dispossessed by Edwards.


No foul on Sam Vokes. Kokorin, that was a foul by Chester. Defended very


well tonight, James Chester. Bit too eager there are two when the ball,


definite foul. Glushakov and Ignashevich are showing a bit of


interest in this. Wayne Hennessey will want a clean sheet, goalkeepers


are like that. Ignashevich is going to batter this. Hopelessly


optimistically. Really, really poor free kick. You're going to see the


goal from Gareth Bale, Sam Vokes left it for him, first touch


perfect, outside of his left foot. He will not reach that, way too much


on the pass. Extremely pure, Russia, no energy in their play, the passing


has been awful, no protection from the back four for the midfielders.


Absolutely terrible performance from Russia, as good as Wales have been,


as good as they have been on the counterattack, it is one of the


worst Russian performances I have seen in a long, long time.


You can only beat what is put in front of you and Wales have done


that with gusto and birth and a joy in their play. -- verve. If teams


are watching this Wales performance tonight, they will not fancy them in


the last 16, especially with Gareth Bale, Aaron Ramsey, Joe Allen,


defensively than three at the back look strong... Aggressive in their


defending. Taylor. Kokorin. Dmitri Kombarov. Glushakov.


Berezutski. The sliding block from Andy King, Taylor. The flick from


Aaron Ramsey, Sam Vokes, Gareth Bale. Chris Gunter. David Edwards.


The ball is still in play. Gareth Bale. Andy King.


I think we just sit back, not speak and enjoy this all day. It must be


agonising from the Russians, quite a few of their fans are heading away,


actually. You cannot blame them. When did a Russian last touch the


ball? Gareth Bale to Aaron Ramsey. So is a dummy to the crowd there,


they sign too early. -- sold. -- dying.


Going to be another change, Chris Coleman is bringing on Simon Church.


And listen now to the ovation for the man who has three goals in as


many games this European Championship.


He is being applauded by the Russian fans as well, Robbie, that tells you


something. Good decision by Chris Coleman. Taking off Batman Gareth


Bale, keeping him for the next round. -- that man. Brilliant


performance. In this tournament, the way he ended the season, the


question I would ask at this moment in time, is he the best player in


the world? Well, there will be a few young Russian football fans no doubt


heading home over the next day or two who will go away from this


tournament at least able to say, I sought Gareth Bale play, because


they will not have much else to cheer about in this tournament.


Chester. Nice flick from Chris Gunter to Dave Edwards. This is


Glushakov for Russia. It is one of the most one-sided


games I have seen in a European Championships and I have been


watching it for a number of years, these tournaments. For Wales to come


out under Elizabeth of pressure after conceding late on against


England, they have come out with an energy, they have looked like they


could score, defensively they have been solid. I little mistake from


Chris Brunt. Dzyuba, over the bar. -- a little mistake. Scant


consolation it should have been, but he could have scored. Fantastic ball


into the box. He is stretching. The six foot five Russian, Dzyuba, has


got to score there. It is a great ball across, great pace on it, pass


to score. Akinfeev way. -- away. Chester.


Whether Wales were to win Group B or not was really out of their hands.


All they could control was winning their match. And waiting to see if


that could be enough. But they have absolutely been in control of


everything that they could have controlled. At the moment as results


stand they will indeed win Group B. That could change but it does mean


they would play against one of the third placed teams. And that could


be advantageous to them. Samedov will take the free kick for Russia.


Very poorly. Just listen to the stands now. --


fans. Absolute credit to the country of Wales. They have enjoyed


themselves. Sung their hearts out. This link to them and watching this


team play with and passion. King just unable to find Chris


Gunter. Ignashevich was there. Given away to Aaron Ramsey. Might just


sort through here, Aaron Ramsey. Deflected behind by Ignashevich. He


has been brilliant, Ramsey. Decided to go across Ivanov -- Ignashevich


onto his right foot. Lock from the Russian defender. Ramsey's corner.


Ashley Williams header. The biggest ever margin of victory


in their European Championship finals match was by five goals. This


happened a few times. They don't think Wales are going to match that.


There is an time. But they could have done. -- isn't time.


Sam Vokes has done well tonight. He has one files, led the line well.


Clever. The third goal, knew he was in an offside decision. Good


decision from Chris Coleman. Here comes Samedov. Dzyuba is there


as well for Russia in the vain hope of getting anything back. Just two


added minutes to play. Ramsey. Simon Church chasing. You have to give the


Russian goalkeeper some credit. Very good and very experienced goalkeeper


and he has been let down by those in front of him today. He has done more


than anyone in the Russian side the score down. The desire to keep the


ball out of the net by the substitute. Once they blocked the


shot they want to keep a clean sheet.


Russian corner. Dzyuba wins the battle and puts it over the bar.


Took the ball down well. Almost overcome with the absolute


joy of it. That's what it means to these funds. Look at them. -- fans.


Unbelievable passion, spirit. Moved to tears by sheer pride. Pride is


the word. What a night to be a Welshman. The whistle has gone.


Wales are through. Chris Coleman got everything right. Cracking from


Coleman. Exemplary from Allen. Ramsey was rampant and Bale was


absolutely brilliant. Wales 3-0 Russia. We said before there was


more to come from this group. This is not the end of the tournament.


This group of players are on the way to something else. The weight is


more success. This is just a part of the journey they are on. Me and my


staff are just glad we are honoured with them. How far can you go? I


don't know. We never know. We have to see who we get next. Like we


certainly start we play with no fear. Why should we have any fear?


We knew everything was on the skin. It was in our hands and we just said


to go out there and enjoy ourselves -- on this game. The performance was


one of the best I have been of an emboldened since I have been here.


What support, what an amazing way to do it. We move on now. Here we are.


Another milestone for Welsh football. The journey in this


competition continues. They know travel to Paris as group winners


after England's draw against Slovakia. One of the teams Wales


could face in the last 16, Northern Ireland, they take on world


champions Germany on Tuesday. A game you can watch live on BBC One. But


from a triumphant Welsh team in goodbye.


# Dream on, dream on, dream on, dream on, dream on, on...


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