12/06/2012 Match of the Day


Colin Murray presents highlights of both Group A matches as Poland play Russia in Warsaw and Greece take on the Czech Republic in Wroclaw.

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One game down for all 16 sides at Euro 2012 and the outlook is good


so far, with eight more goals than four years ago. Tonight, Group A is


back in the limelight, and as they did such a good job of pronouncing


the player names on day one of the tournament, we've asked David James


and Robbie Savage back. Here's the plan.


Co-hosts Poland will be looking for ther first win - but group leaders


Russia will take all the beating. After that, we'll see 2004


champions Greece take on the pointless Czech Republic. Yesterday


England showed some French resistance - we've reaction to


their draw in Donetsk. And we'll have the latest from the Irish camp,


who have a mountain to climb again Of pitch matters first engine may


have seen on the news that they have been some disturbances in


Warsaw this evening. There were clashes between Polish and Russian


fans before this evening's game. The afternoon began with a march


through Warsaw to the stadium to celebrate Russia's national day.


May harm caused by a mindless minority. Let us get to the


football. Regardless of the score between the Czech Republic and


Greece, a win for the Russians would make them the first team into


the quarter finals of Euro 2012. Co-hosts Poland were the opposition


in their own capital city, Warsaw, and that's were we're off to first.


Poland got off to a flyer in their opener against Greece. Head boy


Lewandowski soared but after that, it was hellas - they conceded an


equaliser, Szczesny was sent off - but thankfully super sub Titon


saved the day. Coach Smuda said they were paralysed by the pressure.


Russia were four-midable against the Czech Republic, with coach


Advocaat toasting a champagne performance from his team and


skipper Arshavin. The little man was too hot to handle and with the


equally lively Dzagoev netting a double, they looked impressive,


earning their dark horse tag. Mick McCarthy and Simon Brotherton are


conflict meat as Warsaw comes to a standstill. Even more than the


opening game, this is the one that has captured de local imagination.


The newspapers are full of it and TV has shown little else in the


build up. Ireland are without their first-choice goalkeeper, Szczesny,


Lewandowski for inspiration. The nationality of the referee and


match officials, they are from Germany. Not surprisingly, 26 Polly


Stakes with the players to start to the tournament so well with their


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 73 seconds


4-1 win over the Czech Republic. Lewandowski. Russia are leaving two


up, looking to catch them on the The Russians making such a good


start to the tournament and they played so well for years ago before


finally coming unstuck in the last Lewandowski. He is quite from time


to time there when he comes alive It went up well before the ball hit


the back of the net. I know it does not count but the football from it


was brilliant. It shows the quality of players in this tournament. The


incisiveness of the passing was attendance is more than we were


told was the capacity for the to get out of the way of that,


of getting past. He certainly does. It is a stupid place to give a


goal of the tournament already. All Poland's good work is undone in an


instant. The worst thing for me is that the Polish defenders backed


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 73 seconds


off. As the keeper gets people a but he was able to recover.


missed the opportunity to shoot stayed down, but the goalkeeper


Blaszczykowski! And the host nation celebrate in every corner of the


land. Poland are level. This is such a great goal. Arshavin gives


it away but we should not really talk about that, at the finish, on


his left foot. Blaszczykowski absolutely nailed it. Fabulous. A


deserved equaliser from the way they have played this second half.


There will not be many more better finishers than that during this


nearly squeezed it underneath the Malafeev. Great football, a


fantastic football. And another good save. Poland have a proud


footballing tradition. Will we be talking about some of the current


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 73 seconds


mind there. It was probably not who are showing plenty of vigour.


Ignashevich, voted 11 years straight at the best defender in


the Russian league. It is incredible, there was a great


opportunity to put a cross in with the left but, but he get between


two defenders and hits it with his right foot.


final whistle, and Poland have a precious point. Smiles all round


the National Stadium. The goal of the night from Jakub Blaszczykowski,


a stunning second-half equaliser to rule out the first-half header from


performance, all to play for in the David, it was breathless at times.


You have to be careful about forming opinions of teams after


just one game, because I thought Russia approach this game


differently, and then Poland looked better than we had given them


credit for. After the first game, you thought


Russia would breeze this by three or four goals. They said that with


the mentality of not needing to win. Four points after two games is a


very good situation, and they played that way. Poland were


unfortunate, I think, not to take the winner against Greece, and


looked like the better side today. They did it with real discipline


and cornice under fire, and that is after the manager said they were


paralysed by pressure in the first game. This was very different?


I thought they were fantastic tactically, the manager got it spot


on. They played well on the break and were first to do the poor, as


they did it all again. They were the better team, they did not lead


Russia have any space. They were driving into the middle of that --


middle of the defence, Russia, and the ball was getting picked off.


There is NO-SPACE, the good Russian players cannot get SPACEBAR stop no


time on the ball, just getting pass and a fantastic finish will


It was Polanski picking up the ball, it and Lewandowski takes a bit of


kicking but holds the ball up well. He could easily play in the Premier


League, a lot of speculation about him coming here. He was fantastic


today. They mainly a -- may be only made


one mistake at the back, the Polish, and it cost them.


Yes, they looked good. This is the first free kick. The second free


kick, Andy Cole for Russia, they are too deep, the keeper could not


come and it is 1-0. They got sucked in a bit, only by a


yard, is that the difference between making a clean catch or


conceding a goal? Absolutely. The young goalkeeper,


the first one, he has controlled the area, but the second free kick,


he is ten men to push up, there is confusion, it allows Russia to come


in, the guy makes a run in from the edge of the box and it is a goal.


You can play all the pretty football you what, you can have the


attacking three players 30 yards out, but they had very few chances.


We have put them all together and it looks like the Polish manager


got it absolutely right, because they had a torn Lyne good chances.


Russia flattered to deceive in the first game with four goals.


Lewandowski and Polanski whereat the heart of things for Poland. The


keeper has played superbly for Russia, he has got no chance for


the goal. We are still waiting for a chance


from Russia, there is very little. Arshavin today I got tired towards


the end, he did not influence the game like he did the first game.


The Russian people was fantastic. - The set-up for Poland, they will


compact, and they scored. So 14! Would you like some Polish


I AM confused, are you taking Poland as a genuine threat?


I still think Russia are the dark horses, but the way Poland played


against Greece, we talk about them not winning because of the missed


penalty, but Poland should have put that game out of sight.


Let's move on to Greece verses the Czech Republic. They were both less


than impressive in their first games. Let's go to the City of rats


Greece conceded an early goal and had a man harshly sent off, but


then equalised and could have won at a pop -- if Karagounis had not


had his penalty saved. The Czech Republic were demolished


by Russia 4-1, and looked demoralised. Petr Cech did not play


well, and they will be helped if they do not play well in this game.


their nation proud, against all odds, just as they did in the


opening day. There is history in the European Championships between


these two nations, Czech Republic fans do not need reminding of


memories from eight years ago. A Greece's selection has not been


straightforward. Papastathopoulos is suspended. Katsouranis moves


back from midfield to his central defensive partnership.


As far as the Czech Republic are concerned, they make two changes.


Kadlec schmooze into central defence, with David Limbersky, who


played in the Champions League, coming in at left-back. Despite


some suggestions to the contrary, Euro 2004 Golden Boot winner Milan


Baros does start and is the lone Republic! Petr Jiracek inside two-


and-a-half minutes to give them the dream start. It is a brilliant ball


through to him, the goalkeeper get a hand to lead, but Chalkias could


not keep it out. The goalkeeper may be a little disappointed. The Czech


Republic will not worry about that. Their strong army of supporters are


togetherness with ten men against Poland. The Czechs know it they


cannot let the Greek team off the hook. It has been bundled home by


Pilar! We have not had five minutes! What a beginning for the


Czech Republic and a disastrous start for Greece. That was all


about the ball from Rosicky, the cost from Gebre Selassie -- the


cross. And Pilar challenges with Katsouranis, who may have got the


last touch. Delight from Michelle the leg and the Czech Republic


was neatly worked. The 23-year-old is only 5 ft 6. They have maintain


the the Czech Lionel Messi. -- they goalkeeper Avraam Papadopoulos.


Chalkias appears to have some kind of problem here. -- and a


Papadopoulos. Kostas Chalkias is going to play no further part. He


is replaced by Sifakis. Sifakis, 27 years of age, is on for his 13th


cap. He was part of the World Cup squad to two years ago without


playing a game. His first appearance a major tournament.


Sifakis has to make his first save since coming on in the Greek golf-


will not count, the offside flag is up. Frustration and disappointment


for Greece. A good delivery from Torosidis, and a close decision. A


two goal lead for the Czech Republic, still intact. Fernando


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 73 seconds


Santos has only lost one game as accepted by the substitute, Gekas.


A horrible moment for the Czech Republic and it could be a crucial


one for Greece. Petr Cech could not hold that. Out Of nowhere, Gekas


had the simple task of rolling it home. Greece a back in it. Could


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 73 seconds


that be the break that Greece so Greece. Trying to find the all-


for the Czech Republic, who respond after the heavy defeat to Russia


with three break points. 2-0 up inside six minutes and despite the


mistake from Petr Cech, they have seen him through and held on and


their quarter-final challenge is It is tight, all four teams can


still qualify from the group. Greece must win to have a chance.


Poland will definitely go through if they beat the Czech Republic, a


The Greeks defend well, they do not score much, but they do not concede


many either. Do they not take the polls today? It was a crazy start.


They lost the game in the first six minutes. The left-back's positional


into the opposition half. Greece it lose the ball and his recovery run


a decent finish. I hate picking on people, but Holebas, he was not in


centre half there was wrong, and also there error from the keeper.


You have to remember they are suspended and a knee injury for


their first two -- first-choice centre backs. This is the first


game, and again mistakes. In his He defends like a winner. Injuries


and suspensions but they were absolutely awful for the first six


minutes. But then Petr Cech seems to be a sixes and sevens.


Responsible for just about maybe he is a little bit nervous.


Perhaps his clubs. I have this thing about goalkeepers going into


tournaments and wearing brand-new clubbers. It is an instant that has


not only happened to him in finals. You blame what they're wearing!


mentioned the other day about the way Petr Cech used to dominate the


six-yard box and the 18 yard box. There is an incident four years ago,


obviously not used to what he was wearing. Are they that important


He has spent a halt the air in the Champions League with a different


pair. At 2-0 down, we have to give the Creech credit for their heads


not dropping. This was a big point there. His farm is offside and the


role is that if a body part they cannot score was offside, it is not,


Saying that, does any neutral in the land want Greece to go through


to the quarter-finals? Well, I think with their great defence...


It is not a hugely exciting to watch. Probably still money from


Russia to go through, you think it is Poland to join them? I think the


way they played today, they were fantastic. I'm very pleased


repellent, they were expecting to be the whipping boys. -- with


Poland. I think the Czech Republic and Greece are out. It has been a


good group. A game steeped in football history, Netherlands


versus Germany. It's fair to say they don't like each other much and


the Dutch need something from that, otherwise it could be an early


shock departure. 7pm on BBC One - with build-up including highlights


of Denmark against Portugal. And before that in the afternoon,


weather permitting, the grass court season is underway as tennis from


London's Queen's Club continues - join Sue Barker from 1pm on BBC Two.


No Euro highlights show would be complete without a Gabby Logan


nightcap, as we head back inside an England camp who showed real


discipline and not a little promise in their opening game draw against


middle is James Milner! Lescott gives England the lead! He opted to


stay back and he has made the save. Brilliant strike! Joe Hart had to


get down at his near post. And it is deflected behind! A really good


stop. England will consider that England have left behind the


stifling heat and humidity of Donetsk and returned to their base


here. Time to recharge and rest and take stock on a well-earned point


against an much-fancied side and the part that the emerging talent


Any young player can learn from what I have done. Two-and-a-half


years ago, I was nearly released from Southampton. And now I am


playing at the European Championship. Do not let people


telly you are not good enough. He is the type of player I thought


my skip away from them in midfield, and he did that, but he got brought


down. Had he been allowed to continue, he might have put a pass


in for a goal. His quality showed, he got on the


ball and ran at them. We need that when it is tight, we cannot give it


to him and get that the situations. When you are young it is difficult.


He did well. It is not just the players praising


him. 24 hours later, the press were also seen optimism.


Not a Oxlade-Chamberlain nor Welbeck were phased, possibly


because they play for big clubs, possibly because they have been


brought up well. Welbeck is strong, very good at retaining possession.


I think he will start against Sweden.


Oxlade-Chamberlain stood out for me because he does not overawed. He


kept his discipline and was really good in the first half. I thought


he was excellent. Even if England lose again, it or


not weigh heavily on them, because they believe next time they can


come out and win it all compete with the best.


This is the courtyard where Poland was ruled from 45 ideas, until the


capital moved to Warsaw. Spiritualist believes -- believe


there is a confluence of the world's lines under here. If


England will beat Sweden on Friday, they need to channel that


positivity and believed defence into attack. -- turn defence into


attack. It is a good foundation for us, we


have to take the positive at a bit at going to the next two games.


A we need to be difficult to beat, but better on the ball. With all


due respect to Sweden, they are not France Paul stop we need to create


more, because it is important to get three points on Friday.


England's second game against Sweden will be live on BBC One.


Before that, highlight of Ukraine verses France.


On day one, you were dead keen on Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain starting,


so you must have been very happy when you saw his name on the team-


sheet? It is almost like pad inside


information, which I did not. I thought he did well in a very


difficult game against a side who went into the tournament with a


England had two banks of four in defence, and he was disciplined


with that. Great feat, and he would have been


aware that the whole eyes of the nation were on him. He was the idea


that -- he knew the eyes were on How do you think Danny Welbeck did?


Exceptionally well. He got the ball, brought people into play. It was a


was disappointed with Ashley Young. -- without fear.


Theo Walcott should have been in their.


Would you bring Walcott in a 4 Young? As Steven Gerrard said,


Labour will have more of the ball. Bryn Walcott in and add more pace.


There are not big headlines, they are honest. I am going to raise


expectations, I have great hopes for England!


I think they played like we would expect, not to get beaten, they


have only conceded one goal in three games, scored in all of them.


Roll on Sweden, life on the BBC! Now we get to the Republic of


Ireland, a 3-1 defeat to Croatia was the stuff of nightmares. They


have Spain on Thursday. Damian If you thought the Irish had given


up and were preparing for an early exit, you would be wrong. Hearing


good banks, they are here in numbers, keeping the faith. --


Gdansk. In Lee Camp today, the atmosphere was positive.


Have you got the other night out of your system? Are you ready for


Spain? We are disappointed, but we are


back out training now, and we have no time to dwell on it.


We gave always flop -- sloppy goals at the wrong time, and it cost us.


What is the challenge ahead? Very difficult, we have Spain and


Italy and we know how good they are. We need four points minimum from


the two games. We are looking forward to the challenge.


It would have been unusual for Italian defenders do not have to


play against a striker, something I have not seen before. But I am sure


they will have them on the pitch on the Thursday. They need to win the


game as much as we did. It will be similar to when we


played France in Paris, and we need to press them and push them, it


will have to be the same. If we can sit back, we will probably lose, so


we have to go for it. We need to play with our attitude,


our mentality, had not make mistakes. The last time, we


conceded openings. Easy mistakes. Kevin, how far below par were


Ireland against Croatia? I thought they did not start well,


conceding the goal early did not help, but after that, I thought the


Irish played themselves into the game, I thought Kevin Doyle was


causing a lot of problems for the Croatian centre halves. When the


Croatians got the second goal on half-time, the whole perspective


and the whole team talk changed, because they went in on a real high


and came out a very strong in the second half.


They need a result against the world champions. Does it play into


Ireland's hands? Over the years, the Irish have done


very well as underdogs. They have had big performances and results,


against England in 1988, Italy in 1994. This is the time when they


have got to put the Croatian performance at behind them, the


game is coming around very quickly, they have not got much time to


dwell on it, and this is the opportunity for them to get back


We will have highlight of that crucial clash on Thursday at


11:35pm. You can watch all our I know Giovanni Trappatoni reckons


there is a lot of pressure with McClean, it just feels right to for


him in. We have just seen what Oxlade-


Chamberlain can do. James McLean is the same. He is exciting, they have


got nothing to lose. -- James McClean.


Sadleir force Russia's Die Again has -- as he stunned the co-host. -


- Alan Dzagoev of what Russia's Dyer again. Also making his mark


He is the one that has his skid marks on his short!


Colin Murray presents highlights of both Group A matches as Poland play Russia in Warsaw and Greece take on the Czech Republic in Wroclaw.

Co-hosts Poland, appearing in their second European Championship, have met Russia on three previous occasions and it is honours even to date; the two countries fought out an entertaining 2-2 draw five years ago in the most recent encounter.

The Czech Republic and Greece famously met at the semi-final stage of Euro 2004, as Traianos Dellas's extra time header sent the unfancied Greeks into the final of a tournament they went on to win.

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