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Hello. As the midnight hour approaches, the English men,


Scott's men and Irishmen are here to peruse the second round of games


in Group C. The action tonight is The Republic of Ireland take on


world and European champions Spain needing least the point to stay in


the Euros. Then we will see how Italy fed in the other Group C game


against Croatia. We have the latest from the England camp ahead of


their game against Sweden. And we've been with some fanatical


Swedish supporters gauging their The Republic of Ireland's Green


Army travelled to Poland down but not out and needing every bit of


spirit, luck and inspiration to avoid being the first nation to be


officially knocked out of Euro 2012. Defeat against the Spanish in


Gdansk, whatever the result of the earlier game, and they are out.


Trapattoni's men have a mountain to claim -- climb following their 3-1


defeat against Croatia. They will need more than a minor miracle to


reach the knockout stages, but this is football and anything can happen.


As for world and European champions Spain, they never reached Top gear


against Italy, playing without a striker. Fabregas's goal earn


themselves a point. The Irish will with the Spanish in the World Cup,


it is Ireland against Spain again in a match Ireland must not lose.


If they do, Giovanni Trapattoni's side would be the first eliminated


from this European Championship. A draw would be fantastic. A win


would arguably be the nation's rather than Cesc Fabregas, who had


been troubled by us or five. Since scoring the winner in 2008, Torres


has scored in only two competitive internationals for his country,


against New Zealand and Liechtenstein. I wonder whether the


Irish defence would rather play against the centre forward in


Torres or rather than the Phantom menace of Fabregas. The refereed in


the Baltic Arena in Gdansk is from Portugal. He took charge of


makes way and Simon Cox comes into the 11th. They will need to improve


immeasurably on the performance against Croatia when they are


renowned defensive qualities to right, in green and white, Spain


ranks. A fair bit of experience in the Irish ranks as well, but four


of the most capped players in Spain's entire history are on the


The pitch must be greasy, it has been raining for a good while.


Don't need to make an early mistake. A free-kick for the Irish. They


don't like this pitch. They did not have many complimentary things to


say about it after playing Italy. - It did not look that difficult for


the goalkeeper to deal with. agree. He made a meal of it. He did


back in the last couple of days as green and red have mingled. --


Gdansk. A bumper couple of days for He scores! Three minutes and 50


seconds, Ireland are behind. It was the pass from Iniesta initially, he


split the defence. Then it looks like they cleared it. But they


don't Clairette. What about this for a finish. You don't get past


Shay Given very easily, that was a pile-driver. He was lightning quick,


Fernando Torres. No hesitation about the shot. He worked the room


and hammered it into the roof of the net. So quick to respond,


Torres. Amazing how quickly it went past Shay Given. He can't get his


difficulties on the edge of their just an amazing move. It is a


beautiful mood. Great pass to the far post. Having just scored one,


you fancy him to put that away. that kind of difference. --


front of Shay Given. He looked to have recovered and then made it


hard work. It just skipped up. I think that sums up the feeling. It


has gone really quiet. They have John O'Shea. They are throwing


everything at it. Spain are murdering Ireland with the ball at


the moment, but it is still only 1- that corner by Spain. Silva


flattened and it will be a card. Take it for the team. Half-time and


some respite is just a few seconds away. But this is no time to think


the last whistle of the half and the last action of a half. Shay


Given denied Iniesta. It has been one-way traffic pretty much


did not fancy hitting it first time on his left foot. He has never


scored for Spain. A good opportunity for him. He just passed


it straight at Shay Given. He should have hit it with a bit of


probably that. Three minutes into the first half it was Torres, three


minutes into the second half it was David Silva. It is 2-0. It is the


initial shot that is punched out, it has gone straight to David Silva


and he has side-footed it into the net for top I think that his game


over. Even the first one, he was unsighted. That is a great finish


from David Silva. He has passed it into the bottom corner. He just


weaved it through three defenders and past the goalkeeper. He has


surely put this game out of has gone through Richard Dunne's


legs, he did not see it until late. did not make something more of this.


Tried to pick somebody out but not far away. There's a few of the


lads... It is a demoralising Keane has gone from one side of the


pitch to the other. He has put a real shift in, but never ever


anywhere near the ball in terms of everybody else, but in football


terms, they have evolved into a Torres. It is three-0. Two for


he made a mess of it at that point. No such thing. Buried it in the


bottom corner, a great finish. No chance for Shay Given. Since the


2009 Confederations Cup, Fernando Torres had scored all of five


international goals, but he has Casillas. He gets half a chance, he


has hit the target, he has made the care Cassius make a good save. --


Given. Every time they have a shot, there are four defenders in front


of it, and a couple of strikers. is four. Cesc Fabregas. Was there


some suggestion he had a sore thigh? He left that it. -- he


leathered it. That is a fabulous goal, well-worked, and it is a


great strike. Having just denied Santi Cazorla, Shay Given is beaten


by Cesc Fabregas. He has scored in each of Spain's games in this


tournament, and nobody can argue that this flatters Spain. I feel


for them, they will be so disappointed with their performance,


that they have not created too much. They have been well beaten, but


they have put in such a shift. They have kept it to four, it could have


been more. Spain settled at four. That is the end for Ireland. One


more game to play, but no chance of qualification now. Fernando Torres


back amongst the goals for his country. Two tonight. David Silva


with a cute second just after half- time. Cesc Fabregas with a blasted


forth just after the end. -- just before the end. They could have


been more. Spain were worthy winners, no medicine performance.


Magnificent support from Ireland. A harsh lesson for Ireland and


Irish football. Yes, of course, they of the world champions, and


they are the world champions for a reason. They pulled a support on a


few occasions. You were on great form coming into the tournament,


why have you not been able to transfer that into tournament play?


It is even tougher than the World Cup, you have a team like Saudi


Arabia or New Zealand, but when you get to this stage of the European


Championship, it is the elite teams. Spain showed how good they are.


Could Ireland have done more? Do you just say Spain are a great


team? After three minutes, when we conceded a goal, they were already


superior technically, and it was too difficult, conceding a goal


this easy, also against Croatia. We have to clarify why. Why have I


learned not been able to make an impact that your form suggested you


might? We were on a good run. Sometimes, things do not go as well


as you hope. It is not for a lack of trying or preparation. We have


just been beaten on two nights. A bit unlucky on the first night, but


tonight, the have to take it on the Itchen. They are the best side I


have ever played against. You have to give them credit, but at the


same time, we have not made it easy for ourselves. We went 1-0 down


very early on. When they can keep the ball like that, it would always


be tough. Is it time to start bringing in some Dexter's? Possibly.


You have to start asking the manager that. We have enjoyed


getting here, but we have not enjoyed the last two results.


used still keen to be part of the World Cup qualifying campaign?


is a bit sooner. I will decide in a few weeks. But it is time that some


more players were brought him. There is no point glossing over it,


we have all come to the same conclusion, it was the referee's


fault! We were totally outclassed. They showed tonight how Spain


really are. We did not help ourselves, we make mistakes, but in


the end, they were far superior. Four hearts of football, and they


have conceded a goal in the first four minutes of each of those


Hearts. It has been well-documented, against Croatia, they lost bad


goals at bad times. But I do not think Croatia are a good side.


Against that the Spanish -- against the Spanish, probably one of the


best sides ever in possession, if you are not resolute, reliable and


together, you are in trouble. Initially, the first couple of


minutes, the shape it was fine, but for the call come up in the first


four minute, they made elementary You cannot afford to do it. The


sheikh is fine, but when they play it and it comes back to Andres


Iniesta, when he picks it up, in this position, you have got to make


sure that he plays it to the wind to Alvaro Arbeloa. You cannot


afford to let him play it between the centre-backs, because... Sean


St Ledger steps to the right, and if he steps to the left, he cuts


out the past. But again, it is a simple mistake. He should hold his


position and moved to his left. This is the second one. A simple


pass to John O'Shea, he ignores it, he tries to force the pass, and we


are in trouble. The Spanish get good possession, Xavi to Andres


Iniesta. Shay Given will be very disappointed with that. Then, look


at it, he passes it into the corner. People will talk about Chelsea


against Barcelona and Bayern Munich, but when Chelsea were playing to


those defensive lines, they have got really good players. If you are


being brutally honest, he tried to do that with average players... One


or two of them are Championship players. Spain, if possible, outdid


themselves tonight. They say that statistics do not live. This is


sensational. 929 attempted passes, a European Championships recorder.


-- record. It is no shame for the Irish. What about the performance


from Xavi? He is an astonishing player. His statistics are


phenomenal. Two records broken tonight. He ran the show. They were


unbelievably good tonight. It is not very sexy to look at the


numbers, so let's look at the action. This is typical of Spain.


They pass it. This is where the pass rate goes up, simple passes.


All the time, as the opposition, you're having to work and


concentrate, and that is tiring. Fantastic technique. It is almost


like a Rolls-Royce engine. You have to receive the ball and making


ankle. In fact, they have got the extra X Factor of quality like


Andres Iniesta. Little moments. You press them, you think you can get


after it, no, they go the other side. All of the time, you are


having to work. The concentration is the key. They are pressing


Ireland. In the end, they are on the counter. There is not any other


team that plays as well as this, other than Barcelona. It is the


type of football that is really an doing teams who have not got great


quality. They did that tonight. is a joy to watch. You can be


critical of the Irish and say they never got tight enough, but they


kept on going and pressing. But when you are playing against that,


it is so hard. It is soul- destroying when you do not have the


ball. The control and the technique, it is sensational. What they have


taken in the way they play, the percentage of winning the game,


they have taken that and put it. They say, we will control the game


from start to finish. You will not get enough chances to score.


Ireland had three or four set pieces the whole game. It is very


difficult. It is a bit of a Celtic mantra that we know, we do not like


saying it, we showed a lot of spirit, we chased everything down.


But Robbie Keane exemplified not dropping his head and keeping going


until the minute he was off the pitch. He led by example. He made a


run earlier on. Simon Cox did not get his head up early enough. He


tried to bend his run again. Here, a free kick. If Glenn Whelan looks


at it, Robbie Keane is down the side of Alvaro Arbeloa. He is too


interested in marking Aiden McGeady. Robbie Keane is spinning into the


Channel. This is Robbie Keane, he is chasing across the pitch. He


goes again. I'd used to do that when I was covering for you! He is


right. This is Robbie Keane's chance. It is no coincidence he has


scored 53 goals. He is at the edge of the box, and he hits a lovely


strike. It was a captain's performance, because his team were


getting hammered, and he kept going. He showed such a big heart. A quick


shower tap for the fans. They were singing for eight minutes solid.


For the sake of this tournament, of their teams that can get at the


Spanish side? They were not tested at the back. Surely, Germany can


challenge them? It has been well- documented, the middle of the


Parker sensational. Up front, Fernando Torres, he took the first


goal well. The second goal, it was great. Perhaps a bad touch, but he


took it well. His general performance was not that great. At


the other end, defensively, you can get at them. But on that sort of


performance, it reminds you that it will take a special team to beat


them. Giovanni Trapattoni got them there in the first place, which is


a good feet. Is predictable the criticism you could make of them?


He named his team the week before, he plays the same tactics every


game. That is what he has done from the outset. But you are playing


double champions, you have got to show them the respect they deserve,


especially with the bid failed they have got. For tonight, we should


have gone with five at the back or five in the middle. They have --


they could have played the whole squad! The Irish are gone. Now, to


Poznan. The other game in Group C, both Italy and Croatia were buoyant


after their first games, but that could change too easily.


Big tournament players Italy again showed their pedigree in their


opener against Spain, as they earned a point. Antonio di Natale


was the golden boy, and they will be full of confidence. Hats off to


Slaven Bilic. He was delighted with the win over Ireland, crucial goals


at crucial times. Rich in the quarter-finals is a real


possibility, as long as Luka Modric keeps pulling the strings and Nicky


judo the pitch and Mario Mandzukic much for Croatia. Amid a troubling


backdrop of corruption allegations in their domestic game, Italy's


players performed better than some anticipated in their opening draw


against the Spanish. The talking point for the Italians was whether


Balotelli would keep his place. The answer is yes, with Antonio Di


Natale named amongst the substitutes once more. De Rossi


continues in a makeshift central defensive role in an unchanged


line-up. The familiar face in the centre, refereeing the game, Howard


Webb. His second game of the tournament having taken charge of


Russia's 4-1 winner over the Czech Republic. Slaven Bilic will look


for more of the same after his team's impressive showing it is


Ireland. Not surprisingly, Croatia are unchanged with Captain Darijo


Srna on the right and a highly sought-after Tottenham midfielder


Luka Modric likely to be the key orchestrators. The two forwards


have started the tournament really well. Mandzukic got two goals on


Sunday and Jelavic helped himself Balotelli. A super turn. Balotelli


with a neat touch. A little shimmy. Very unlucky. First time I've been


to a match at these European Championships with empty seats in


fluidity about some of Italy's shot in. Marchisio! What a shot.


Excellent play from Italy, counter- attacking football. This was the


shot. Balotelli with a really good opportunity. He did not shift the


ball far enough, he did not make a good angle. Croatia are keen to get


He did. Balotelli! It didn't quite fall for Marchisio. I'm not sure if


he would have been offside. A straight shot. It is hit with power.


You would expect any keeper to deal with that. Two good passing sides.


Croatia in the last five years, at the end of a calendar year, not


outside of FIFA's top 10 in the world ranking. Howard Webb has a


little look... He has given it the other way. The assistant has given


it the other way. The coming together. I think the assistant has


got it spot on. Chiellini and that in. Srna delivers an excellent


ball to the near post. Just a touch and it is in. Slaven Bilic, his


first touch -- match in charge of Croatia's six years ago was against


creaking of it. Just let the ball watch, he makes it look so easy. --


Pirlo. Flicking it into the space, Chiellini was well forward.


Balotelli, free-kick. Well, I thought we would see the opening


goal there. Excellent ball, a lovely touch. Marchisio was in a


good position. A great save. Pletikosa. Pirlo can do some damage


with the ball at his feet from that sort of distance. It is 1-0! The


midfield metronome scores with a superb finish. That is how you take


a free-kick. Super strike. He misses the wall. Sometimes you have


to give credit. It just went over the wall, the goalkeeper was in a


good position. He can't quite get them back. Super place on it as


well and it was dipping. Super What is it about them? They always


seem to play well when they have a large amount of problems at home.


Corruption allegations. They were up against it going into the book


up in Germany in 2006 and they won the thing. -- the World Cup in


Germany. That wasn't far away from Cassano! I think Cassano and


Bonucci almost collided with each to prise open this Italian defence?


Modric could be the man to provide it. Buffon had about half an hour


to wait for the ball to arrive! Better play from Croatia. Modric


to the second half. Modric has been involved in the game a lot more.


Playing his game further up the park. Counter-attacking football.


Croatia have got a good record against Italy. They have won three


of five meetings since independence, drawing the other two. Balotelli!


What a shot. He says somebody got a touch. A little bit better from


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 44 seconds


into the left-back position. -- goal of the tournament already. You


sense the goal might have been coming. Mario Mandzukic. Right in


the middle of the screen, this is onside. Chiellini missed the ball.


He completely mistimed it. For a centre-back, that is woeful. A good


touch into his path. There you go, 1-1. He got two against Ireland and


then this one. Third goal of the the challenge from Mandzukic.


are all working hard now, Croatia. 15 minutes to go, all to play for


between these two asides. -- two sides. Pletikosa was not taking any


chances. Italy have been reduced to duck -- just a couple of chances in


the second half. A decent effort no free kick for the challenge on


Bonucci. Could be a chance for a late winner. Eduardo can't find the


pass. Niko Kranjcar was next to him and if he had slipped it to him, he


might have been put back in. Buffon keeps it interesting by letting the


ball go momentarily. Howard Webb blows the final whistle


in Poznan. Honours even, stalemate. A promising start from Italy, they


looked comfortable at 1-0 up at half-time, but they couldn't build


on it and the second half. Pirlo's free-kick gave them the lead and


Mandzukic, with his third goal of the tournament, equalised for


Croatia, who improved in the second Simmering to a boil. Spain and


Croatia are on four Point. -- four Bass-playing and Croatia draw


coupled with in Italy victory means all three will finish on five


points. -- A Spain and Croatia draw. Both file Group C games are live on


Alan Hansen is pointing at me. you explain that again? No. If they


finish on even points, it is unbelievable what you have to go


down too. And you have to explain it live on TV on Monday. I thought


Pirlo in the first game rolled back the years and he picked up where he


left off. We talk about the Spanish in possession, but Pirlo has


undoubted quality. He played well in the first game. Today in the


first half I thought he was exceptional. Eventually he got a


exceptional. Eventually he got a goal. There was a huge debate about


the free-kick leading up to the goal. A great free-kick, but how


many times have we seen this, but a dark a fantastic bought into


Balotelli. That ball. A great pass, inch-perfect. This is the debate.


This happened in the 35th a minute. Cassano comes in and there's a


collision between two Croatian players. A summer has done nothing


wrong, but Howard Webb decides to give the Croatians are free kick.


Two minutes later, Balotelli comes in and I don't think... His there


anything in that? That is really soft. I think referees sometimes


have that in their mind. You can't argue with a free-kick, it was


sensational. Wonderful ability. First free-kick in the Euros since


2004. That is an amazing stat. was a beauty. We haven't had many


goals outside of the box. Now we have had van Persie. We haven't


have a - we haven't had a polluter had a period of dominance in the


first half, but it was maybe what we did not see at half-time that


was the deciding factor. If you're coming up against the Italians,


tactical geniuses apparently, but Bill which has pulled out his own


tactical move today. He put Mandaric -- Mandzukic on the right,


Modric went forward. In the second half when they came out, they went


on the front foot and they started to dictate. Modric in particular


started getting into those little He catches this one properly. He is


further forward that he was in the first half. He uses the decoy to


come inside, and he hit that shot many times. The two strikers


pulling them apart. They are striking -- they are starting to


control the game. The Italians were all at sea. As a coach, on the


sideline,... It is a great finish. You have kept Giorgio Chiellini,


his position is stronger. What does he do? He gets sucked in. A great


touch from Mario Mandzukic. He has only had four shots on target, and


he has scored three goals. On Monday, a team is going out of the


tournament that is at least good. Slaven Bilic has have thought the


Italians. That is who Spain play on the last day. This is his last


tournament as the national manager. He is having a good show. There are


two good sides going at it. One of these teams could be a potential


semi-finalist. The Spaniards will beat Croatia, and the Italians will


be the Irish. They will go through. Your favourite team, the Croatians,


will go out. I tipped Germany! called them a good side, but they


are ordinary. But to -- but for Croatia to get a result against


Spain, that would not be a giant- killing act. They are ranked eighth


in the world. Croatia, they have two a bit centre-forwards, Spain,


they are offended against Italy, you think, if Croatia get crosses


into the box, who knows? Italians played so well in the


first half, but in the second half, the Italian mentality was amazing.


It is hereditary! We have the European Championships


We have so many ways to stay in touch with Euro 2012. All of our


matches are live on the BBC Sport website, including both semi-finals


and the big one. There are highlights online as well. You can


keep up-to-date with all of the action on your mobile. Wherever you


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Live. Hit the red button for all of the extras and re-runs from all of


the games. Catch up through the iPlayer on all of our coverage and


highlights shows. The BBC is the place to be on TV, on radio and


online. All of those places, you will not


miss the second of England against Sweden tomorrow.


We are in Kiev for England's second game, against Sweden. Blue and


yellow seeds, 18,000 Sweden fans in town, compared to 5000 England fans.


They will have to make a lot of noise. It is a lot colder than


Donetsk, and a lot less humid. We heard earlier from Roy Hodgson and


Steven Gerrard. We have not decided on the team yet.


We have got a training session tonight, which will be important,


in my decision-making. I was happy with the style, we played well


against France. Certain aspects were good. We must maintain that.


If we are going to win matches, we have to continue to work hard on


the attacking side of our game and to maximise the counter-attacking


opportunities, to take advantage to the full. Sweden are a strong team,


but they are not France. We can be a bit bolder and more ambitious and


get at them a bit more. We are confident, if we reach the same


level of performance, we can win. In Zlatan Ibrahim of rich, they


have a world-class talent. That is what makes them such a difficult a


poet, and that is why take are always present in the big


tournaments, and take of recorded as a major programme for whoever


comes across them. We have watched videos, we will watch more videos,


so we will be well prepared, but he is not the only good player.


England's trouble in retaining possession it is the age-old


possession -- issue of technical ability. But this was the manager's


response. I do not think we are lagging behind. Kiev's favourite


son managed to overpower the Swedish defence twice on his own,


so there is a growing feeling that Andy Carroll might get the nod from


Roy Hodgson. One person guaranteed his place is Joe Hart. He does not


carry any of the package of his failings against Sweden. History is


history. It has been and gone. We to not going to be gained 2-0 down


because of previous results. -- we do not go into the game could 0


down. We all know that England have not beaten Sweden in seven


competitive attempts. Roy Hodgson brings a better record, he has


faced them three-times with Sweden and once with Finland, two wins,


Gary Lineker is already in make-up, Let's play fantasy manager, 19


hours and 29 minutes before the big clash, what changes do you make us


on the starting 11 in the first game? We listened to the press


conference, the criticism of their lack of flair and penetration is


hurting him. He will go with two strikers, Andy Carroll and Danny


Welbeck, or perhaps a Jermain Defoe and Danny Welbeck. That will give


us more attacking flair. Andy Carroll or Jermain Defoe? Andy


Carroll, his presence will cause the Swedish centre-halves some


issues. I would agree. I do not think Roy Hodgson would throw


caution to the wind. I would have a go at them. Andriy Shevchenko got a


couple of goals. A bit of movement against a static defence, Andy


Carroll could do well against the centre defence. I know what you


The danger is always in front of the central defender, he does not


spot the danger. You have got to be on your toes. Then, he goes on his


heels. Andriy Shevchenko takes advantage. The danger is always in


front of him. He should have seen it, he should have closed down the


space early. This is dangerous, having different man in such an


important position. -- having a front man. He has got a lovely


header, but what is he doing on the goal line? Andy Carroll came into


good form. He - Chelsea up, when he got the start in the league game.


He is on defendable, when the delivery is right. -- he is not


defendable. Towards the end of the season, he was getting fitter,


stronger, better. He gave Chelsea such a hard time, he was almost


unplayable. One thing I have noticed about Roy Hodgson, it seems


to be simpler, easier, round pegs in round holes. With Fabio Capello,


it was about people being in the wrong position. Is that a good


thing? Sometimes, you have got to come up with something to break


down the opposition, and playing a wide foot on the left or having a


player coming inside can make the difference. It can be an


alternative, it can make you look like you have more flair. We look


like round pegs in round holes with not too much going on. But there


was no think in this Wigan against Ukraine match that you would be


frightened. -- nothing in the Sweden against Ukraine matches.


We have visited a Swedish Fantasy This is a footbridge over the river.


Behind us, Kiev. In front of us, the island which has been renamed


after Sweden, because you will find thousands of Swedish people. There


are more Swedish supporters campaigned on this island that


England fans who went to the first game against France. 5000 of them


in total. They are enjoying the good life by the banks of the river.


Explain to us the basis of this. As many Swedish people in one space as


possible? That is it. As many people as possible, give us beer,


and bars were the, that is all. a football tournament as well!


course! The plan is to support the national team. The whole idea, the


Swedish supporters, it is a social function cannot we have nice


holidays, but the most important is to bring three points in the game.


It is not exactly five Star, but they have thought of everything,


toilet, beer, fishing, there is a horse, and there is a concert venue,


for when the occasional Swedish superstar pops down. Ireland and


5000 friends is a good basis for any party, but if you want a ticket


to the next level, you get out the tank! Here in Kiev, as long as you


wear a yellow shirt, it is as though you have known each other


for 15 years. That feeling, it is the best. If we did not know each


other at home, we would not speak to each other in an elevator.


people are coming to, they say, it is the best feeling in my whole


life, up I love it, Bankia. Plot of people will think, you are on the


dream holiday -- lots of people. You are with your mates, slipping


on the beach, watching football. Spot-on!


He is the only man who could go there and only interview meant! --


meant! The key area is the central midfield. Sebastian Larsson,


quality on set plays. You have a Swedish wife. Separate rooms! She


screams too loud! Move on! Very quickly, England are better on


paper, but we have been here before. Paper means nothing, but if England


play well, they win. The Spanish put on a masterclass,


hitting four passed the Irish, and the Green army are the first to


crash out. Andrea Pirlo's pearler turned the


air blue, but Mario Mandzukic was the man again.


Daniele de Rossi has Lee Dixon's tackle on his leg.


Mick McCarthy says what he sees on the, to box. -- from the commentary


Alan Hansen stays up later that he has for almost two decades. Letter,


England against Sweden live on BBC One and BBC Radio 5 Live -- later.


Have a good evening. You of the last line of defence.


Colin Murray introduces highlights of the Republic of Ireland's clash with world champions Spain, a match the whole country had been waiting for since the draw was made last December. The Spanish were the last country to knock Ireland out of a competitive tournament, as Jose Antonio Camacho's men got the better of Mick McCarthy's brave side on penalties in the last 16 of the 2002 World Cup finals. Could Giovanni Trapattoni guide the Irish to sweet revenge?

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