22/06/2012 Match of the Day


Colin Murray presents highlights of the second Euro 2012 quarter final between Germany and Greece.

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Hello. Last night, it was all about the one Ronnie, Cristiano Ronaldo.


Tonight, the story is not just about the euro's, but also the


Eurozone, as Germany and Greece met in a match with a significant


political backdrop. I am delighted to have them two men who are always


on the money, Robbie Savage and Steve Staunton, who will thankfully


stick to the football. After the action, we will hear from Roy


Hodgson. Its head straight to get danced for the last clash between


the group B winners and the Group E runners up. These two countries are


locked in a bail-out battle that could change the face of Europe.


Cure austerity groups are owed a 365 billions, but do not like the


terms and conditions. On the pitch, it is no surprise that Germany have


the upper hand. They cruised through the group, Mario Gomez as


the golden boy. As for Greece, they beat Russia to qualify with Cold


War pass Karagounis, but he is banned for this. The class of 2012


will miss him. They can look back at the class of 2004 for


inspiration. Simon Brotherton and years ago and have never managed to


beat them. But if they can cause an upset tonight, they deserve all the


England's win over Sweden, and before that Denmark's victory over


the Netherlands. Greece are without their talismanic leader and captain


this evening. He is suspended. Germany's footballing ability or


their economic strength, but in a one-off game, as Greece have shown


more than once in the past, anything can happen. That is why we


all watch football. Mark Bright is alongside made. I think everyone is


surprised that the German coach rang the changes. I think we can


understand a bit more physicality up front. Fees Germany looking to


attack straight away. Papastathopoulos had to step in


rapidly. It was not offside, but the assistant down the near side


gave it. That is the coach, in charge of 24 matches since taking


over. Greece have only lost twice. Schweinsteiger is taking on more


responsibility in the team following the retirement of Michael


Ballack. Germany looking lively. Germany are ahead already! The flag


goes up at the near side. It will not count. Excellent play from


Germany, taking the game to Greece. Khedira's shot was parried. Correct


decision. The goalkeeper stayed on the ground here. This was probably


where there was a compact. It was Greece. Grigoris Makos is playing


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very highly regarded player. He has had rave reviews during his couple


of seasons in the Bundesliga. Blocked by Sifakis and the way for


a corner kick. That looked as though it was going to be the


opening goal. Excellent stop by Germany have had almost 70% of the


play so far. Greece standing firm. Beaten away by the goalkeeper.


Greece are under pressure at the moment. They have to hold on.


much respite for Greece here, as Germany slowly up the ante, go


through the gears. So close. German Chancellor Angela Merkel is in the


crowd tonight. She is considered a lucky charm for the national team,


having seen their 4-0 victory over Argentina at the World Cup finals


two years ago, but she was unable to attend the semi-final. So if


Germany get through, she will have to fit the football into her busy


schedule for the semi-. Germany are getting closer. Very good chances.


Unchallenged. I get the feeling of the coach expected slightly more


there. It looks like just a matter of time, but with Greece, you never


know. It does. Greece do not throw many players forward. Good job from


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Germany's point of view. I thought back as that ball was spilled by


body in the way. Good play once again. He is proving to be the hero


from the captain! Germany finally make the breakthrough. Sifakis


finally beaten by Philip Lahm, the man who scored the opening goal in


the World Cup of 2006. He scores the first goal of this quarter-


final here at Euro 2012. It is similar to the one he scored in


2006. Comes inside on to the right foot, and fires it. You see it


swerve away from Sifakis. That was the goal they were looking for.


is all Germany here. But Greece are still just about in the game. That


was very nearly two there from Andre Schurrle. I thought it was in.


ringing at the back. Good counter- attacking football. That is better


of the ball. Samaras is there! And Greece are level! Giorgos Samaras


with the goal. They have done ever so well with the counter-attack,


Greece. Lots of pace. He delivered the perfect pass. Greece well on


the ropes throughout the first half. Germany had the half-time lead, but


they would not lie down. Boateng does not do his job properly. I


think he gets his shirt pulled a bit, but this was an excellent ball.


Right across the six-yard box. Full credit to Greece. They have come


out and had a goal in the second half and made a game of it. Will


Germany sale on into the last four, or will Greece again came up --


come up with a massive upset here, having already knocked Russia out


in the group stages with a win in the final group match in Warsaw? We


Schweinsteiger. That was Khedira. It is 2-1 Germany. Greece were


level for barely five minutes. Germany stormed into action and


restore their lead. They had some long-range shots in the first half


and they broke from the midfield there and drove it into the penalty


area. Khedira chyme its dealing in. It was a fantastic finish. -- a


Sami Khedira. Ken Rees pick themselves off the canvas for his


second time there? Be better come offer a bit more going forward, a


bit more threat. They prove that when they want to go for it, if


they give it a real go, they are a of a merry dance at the moment.


That is a foul. Papastathopoulos is are heading now surely for another


European Championship semi-final. Klose scores on home territory.


Polish-born and there it is another goal for Germany. Right in the


middle of your screen their you can see it is brilliant. It was a neat


header. What a record Klose has in international tournaments. Quite


incredible. 64 goals and 120 games. Greece threatened to make it


interesting for five minutes in the second half. They did, you thought


they would test Germany. They looked at ease in the first half


and were more moving the ball around comfortably. Klose just went


for the perfect finish. Or to strike! Germany are flowing forward.


That was fine finishing from a Reus. Semi-finals of a now for Germany.


This is a decent save but that is an emphatic finish. The goalkeeper


was off the line and still had plenty to do. That was very


confident and bold. It is easy if you are 3-1 up. It shows the depth


in this court. It is an excellent finish. That was super-smooth this


right behind the ball there. It is not looking good for Greece. You


just get the feeling somebody is going to have to play very well to


Sifakis came low. His handling has not been the best tonight. Journey


last won the trophy from England back in 1996. This will be a free


kick for Greece. They went out in a group stages in those 20021004.


There was a rebuilding process going on between generations of


players. They were runners up four years ago, beaten by Spain. Always


there or thereabouts. Three-times winners and three time the runners


his back and hit him on the hand. He hasn't got much calms -- qualms


about that. It clearly struck him on the arm. A chance for a late


consolation from Greece here. This players scored the first ever World


Cup goal for Greece. His score their first goal in this tournament.


Will he bookend it nicely with of the last a goal that Greece will


score here in Poland? Yes. Years. It is 4-2 and Greece have a late


consolation. That is a bit more respectable. A super penalty.


put that away really well, Salpingdis. Germany is through to


the last four as most people Greece did not end up 0-0 there.


saw some contrasting styles of play there. The Greeks were very


defensive in everything they have done tonight. Then you had the


opposite with the free-flowing Germans. A very young and


experienced team. Wonderful talent. They are a joy to watch. All I can


say is, Greece were very lucky that the Germans did not score a little


bit more. So many chances at the start. The tournament has been very


pleasing and we have been enjoying every game and there have been no


neil-Neale's yet. That was great. Lahm produced the world. It took a


little bauble there. To be fair, I am sure the keeper could do a


little bit better -- I am not sure the keeper could do a little bit


better. I think he should. He ought to get a hand on it. That second


ball was a lovely ball in, and what a folly, I think he courted on him


shin but it is going only one place and that is past the keeper.


took the defender away and his sleep, he gets up so high. I have


got to say the Greek goalkeeper was shocking. A great header though.


Sifakis was Sunday League tonight. What a volley that is. Keep or no


keeper, he is not stopping that. Let us have a look at that. We know


in 2004 there was negativity over the Greeks but they have now done


themselves tonight really. That is a bit harsh but fair. Back in 2004,


the quality of the players they had was much better. My cap here from


the kick-off, they have no intention of winning or doing


anything in the game. They are playing for penalties already.


deeper and they would be in Warsaw! Look at this, this is the start of


the game and the Germans are just thinking, come on then, they have


thinking, come on then, they have to go forward. Here we go, we see


them here and they have got ten players in and around the box. The


centre-forward Salpingdis is halfway into his own half. There


are 11 of them and they are within 25 yards of the goal. They have no


chance of breaking out from there. It must be summoned to practise


that in the run-up to a game, the manager says close down one half of


the pitch. They did well to get to the quarter-final given how bad


they are. Can you born 18 into making mistakes? There were few


tonight. I think they did. I think Germany went down to their level.


Schweinsteiger was fantastic so far for Germany, dictating the wake of


play but he kept giving the ball away tonight. He was sloppy. Not


too many options. It was too easy for him and if England get through


they can watch this and say that if you put pressure on them they give


the ball away easy. Schweinsteiger here is giving the ball away. The


manager was going mad, he was getting frustrated. There are flaws


in their armour. Salpingdis here, except for the keeper's stock


position he was clean through on goal. Motta gives the ball away too


easy and that led to a goal. -- which is fair enough. He should be


sprinting back in there. Badstuber is on the wrong side. He should be


tucked round. He is trying to read the 1-2. He is trying to do the


overlap and run. Salpingdis turns and he should hit the target. It is


and he should hit the target. It is that -- it is that engine room for


them. Ozil was up with the best tonight. Yes he is up with the best.


I saw him in the young leek and he is a joy to watch. Look at him here.


is a joy to watch. Look at him here. He is in acres of space, he always


find space. He knows what is around him and he receives a on the half


him and he receives a on the half term. What a lovely little born in


there. He was unlucky. That wasn't the first few minutes. Here he


receives it and he does not have to look, he knows where his man is and


you can see there are three great players around him. Again he just


passes a, moves and finds a new position and gets it and weighs up


his option and passes forward and follows and keeps going and he


should do better actually, you would put money on him scoring a.


Again he picks it up on the right hand side, he goes into the


defender and commits them and that was a lovely little ball with his


right foot. He always finds his man. Again, in the whole, in that little


pocket, the right hand side takes one, a little shimmy and he goes to


the byline and there is nothing on and he keeps hold of it and wins


his team at free kick in a dangerous area. Again here, on the


half term, going into two centre- halves, puts them on their


backsides and he is unlucky with his right foot. Again will, on the


right-hand side, comes in and sprints after it. Again, unlucky


with his shot. He deserved a goal tonight. You would hope that


England will not give him that it England will not give him that it


amount of room. There was a sub- plot tonight about it being about


more than just football, with the Eurozone crisis and it is summed up


by the tears in this man's eyes. Juxtapose this against his


outpouring of glory from Angela Merkel, that is the definition of


rubbing it in. We are winning and we will take �350 billion. Germany


are through. Before we move on we will look at the action on the


will look at the action on the grass continuing. Tomorrow is the


final day of Royal Ascot and all eyes are on black caviar, the


wonder from Down Under is unbeaten in 21 races and is expected to fly


again and when the diamond Jubilee Stakes. We are back with highlights


of Spain against France tomorrow at 10:50pm on BBC One. On Monday,


strawberries, cream and Wimbledon begins. Watch it all across BBC One


and BBC Two and on the red button and BBC Two and on the red button


and online. That starts on Monday. If England beat Italy in Kiev on


Sunday they will reach the semis and equal their best ever Euros


record. Roy and his boys have done good and we caught up with him to


gauge his mood. The first thing to do is check


injuries, is everyone OK? everyone is good. There was a nasty


kick at the end of the game and he has recovered. Jermain Defoe was


back after his need to go back home before his father's funeral. Your


philosophy is organisation, discipline and unselfishness and


that is the Italian way? Would you agree? Yes, they are very


disciplined, they like organisation in the football. There have very


professional players and they really do accept that if you are a


professional football you have to make sacrifices in your private


life and in your professional life The Italians say a lot of Italian


in the English side. It all looks very evenly matched. It looks as if


they are trying to take credit for things. A lot of our players have


had a lot of Italian influence in their lives. They are also


organised and disciplined. When I came in, I had to change the whole


playing philosophy. The zonal system of play that you see today,


I could even suggest that the Italians get that from England.


their press Conference, they were saying that they are the underdogs.


That is very Italian! Let's say they are not and it is 50-50. We


have to tom penalties. Does everybody practice in training?


Everybody practises penalties. But you have to make sure you practice


in a very professional way. You have to get away from a golf


driving range mentality, where you take a bucket of balls and smash


them all around the driving range and remember the three good ones.


It is not about quantity? Not at all. Sometimes, the quantity


element is wrong. Regularity of practice is useful. It is not an


unattractive thing to do at the end of a training session, as long as


you make it clear to the players that you have to take three and try


and score three. I understand you occasionally break training to tell


the story of the scorpion and the Frog. It is the story of the frog


that carries the scorpion across. Yes, the scorpion wants to get to


the other side. And he can't swim, so he asks the frog if he would


give him a piggyback ride. And the frog says no, you are a scorpion.


You will sting me and I will die. And the scorpion persuades him that


that will not happen because if he stings him and from dies, he drowns.


So the Froch accepts that argument and the logic of it, so he puts the


scorpion on his back and swims him across the river. But halfway


across the age river, he feels a terrible sting in his back and says


to the scorpion, you have stung me. And scorpion replies, it is in my


nature. Why do you tell that? was a joke, because one of the


people had done something, and just to amuse them, I was making clear


that it was in the person's nature. He couldn't help it. It is the


nature of this team at the moment to fight and win. I hope that


continues. It is true. It is a very good natured and we are happy to


have got through the three games. Now we want to go on in the


tournament a lot longer. We have got a chance, and the players will


do their best to take that chance. Let's hope lackeys on our side.


there is no sting in the tail. He is a PR expert, Roy. Even Ashley


Cole was doing interviews today. Rare for him to come out and talk


so openly. I have turned private investigator today. It could go to


penalties, many people are saying. I have found evidence. You may


think this is bad news. It is from the Man City website, Balotelli


against Joe Hart. He was all over the place, but he learned from his


mistake. What about that? second one was a shocking penalty


by Balotelli. There is another interesting thing on the penalty


front. 16 years ago today, this happened. Let me take you to Euro


96. Who could forget this? So glad we have changed it are graphics. Go


on, Seiko! One of the most iconic celebrations in all of football.


Fantastic. He had a lovely quiff going on. Talking of bad hair, we


can't show the penalty being scored by peers without showing this one.


Happy memories. We were also chatting earlier about the player's


of the tournament so far. We have already highlighted one tonight.


Ronaldo goes without saying. The tournament could be his to take.


What about Stevie Gerrard? Gerrard has had its huge influence on this


England team and the tournament. Steve played with him at Liverpool,


and he has been absolutely superb. People talk about Beckham's


delivery being the best. Steven Gerrard's delivery this tournament


has been unbelievable. It is his attitude as well. He has got the


long-range passing and the short range. Look at this for a great


attitude. He hustles and hustles. He has led by example. He knows


Rooney is getting forward. He has been absolutely magnificent, Steven


Gerrard. Polo has had a great season. He is an unbelievable


player. Both feet, wonderful passer. Robbie, the key with how Roy has


managed him is, you can't make those runs all the time. You need


to conserve energy and choose your moments. That is what he has done.


They have got creativity in the wings. England have a chance.


tempt fate. I am even been cautious with this link. The BBC might have


one, two or three England games for you on the way over the next few


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 65 seconds


Gentlemen, with Greece out of the way, we can look forward to a


mouth-watering five games ahead. There is really nothing now to be


negative about. This is the way it starts now. Spain, France, England,


Italy. The semi-finals will be But tactically, Spain versus France


could be one of those where you expect so much that it could turn


out to be a boring game. Are we feeling the French? I think so.


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