19/06/2012 Match of the Day


Gary Lineker introduces highlights from the day's two Euro 2012 games, which see England play Ukraine and Sweden meet France in the final round of Group D matches.

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I have no problems with my temperament. I have paid the price.


When you play, you always think you can change the game. I am available


to play, so I am excited. We are all fighting for a place, there is


competition. Hopefully I can do Good evening. Wayne Rooney was back.


England were unbeaten under Roy Hodgson, and required just a point


against Ukraine to go through. How could it go wrong? After highlights,


we will have the views of Allen Hansen, Alan Shearer and Lee Dixon.


to the Stadium macro. This is a different place tonight. Three-


quarters poll for the draw with France. Tonight, a brimming bowl of


Ukrainian passion. A huge test to be passed to reach the quarter-


finals. England's a third group game experience has brought


different results and aggression that previous championships. We


need this to be more Wembley 96, less Stockholm 92. England's


leading man is back for the starring role. His suspension over,


we always knew that Wayne Rooney would be in for game three. He will


need a broad shoulders and a cool head. Andy Carroll has made way for


him. The rest of the team is as it was, James Milner plays. From a


country they didn't qualify for the finals, hungry's Viktor Kassai may


be a contender to referee the final himself. He will feel pressure to


perform well, just as much as the players. England's talismanic is in,


Ukraine's is out. Shevchenko has been struggling with fluid on the


need, so he sits it out. In comes the Serbian born damage. -- Devic.


only need to draw. That is a big only. Ukraine must win, or the


make it to visitors from England welcome, but this is the point


where the hospitality is courted for a couple of hours. The drama in


Donetsk has begun. The Ukraine manager, Oleg Blokhin, has picked a


team to get goals, and they must ball away to safety. A wall of


from the wrong side of his boot. The big talking point as regarding


the Ukraine team, no Shevchenko. Does that hinder them or improve


them? Certainly when he was in England, it looked like he was


running with a piano on his back, so judging from that, it might help


Garmash. It moved in the air a little bit. A decent strike,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 51 seconds


Welbeck was blocked off, trying to get on the end of it, the referee


didn't see it. Much better from bit worried how Konoplienka is just


cutting in all the time, everything is opening up for him. You only


need one of those to bounce up onto has almost changed tack in recent


days, building up the expectation rather than trying to play it down.


I loved his line yesterday about playing football to try and get


people carried away, dreaming is Great touch. Just took a bit of


bar. Just a little bit too easy for Ukraine, isn't it? Their movement


is really good, they are lively up didn't clear the bar by March.


Ashley Young's heart can stop beating quite so quickly now.


yes, it is a mistake. His positioning is really are at the


moment. He has really joined in alongside car-park off. - across


did really well, Milner was away. very clumsy challenge. Reminder of


what Oleg Blokhin said, he accused some of his defenders have not


going. He managed to somehow shovel the ball clear. I think he is going


to claim he didn't see it until very late. Nobody else touched it.


He didn't want to get his gloves big chance. The player who has been


billed as the returning hero. was a great ball in for Ashley


Young. He is in a great position, was closing in. Good play, this,


from Ukraine. Yarmolenko knows that was his moment. A slight touch from


deflected for an England corner. More positive, though, from Ashley


that John Terry was on his way back Johnson is looking been used. Why


on earth has there been a reaction puts it in. England have the lead


they so desperately needed. How on earth did that find its way all the


goals you will ever score for England, and it might be one of the


most important. When the second cross comes in from Steven Gerrard


can he get a little bit of luck, the buoy marking him slips, but


what is the goalkeeper doing? What is he doing? I will my goodness me,


thank you very much! Just what England needed. Right at the start


of the second half. A draw will do, but England are in the lead.


think Pyatov has touched the ball three times with his hands, and he


has dropped it twice. This is crossbar. It was a decent, testing


ball from Gusev there. He had to get himself into position, it was


Pyatov. He ran out of legs, he must have run 60 or 70 yards. It was a


great ball from sh -- Ross Steven Gerrard. It was a great block from


Rooney. I am not sure if that was a cross or a shot. Had that been Andy


Carroll, could would have been a He let the ball bounce off his head.


Joe Hart and -- Artem Milevskiy could have levelled it up. England


fell asleep. Offside? He was. It is a warning. Our Andriy Shevchenko is


beginning he stretching. Maybe say it is a golf. It has not been


Anatoliy Tymoshchuk. It is a free kick, outside the box. How close


was it to crossing the line? think England have got away with


that. Definitely. We might see how close this was before we see


England hit the goal kick -- free kick. It looks over. It does.


a course South Africa. -- that stands. The Ukraine supporters know


they should have had a goal, it Goal line technology, here we go


again. We need to see a replay of the incident again and whether the


fifth official is... It is in. It is a great clearance from John


Terry, but it is in. Give it to ever strike for England. It is a


great strike -- great save. This was his first touch, but was not


great. He gets up, he gets back, he is on cited a bit, a very good


Joleon Lescott was there in the nick of time. Yevhen Konoplyanka.


You cannot tell how it is wobbling. There was something in there.


Well played, Danny Welbeck. I thought he might go on, because


Wayne Rooney had to almost turn at a major tournament since they


beat Switzerland in 1954 at the off that one, but the coach is in


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 51 seconds


no murder. He is probably screaming idea, though. The two wide players


have now. The board said three minutes would be added on, and we


are nearly there. With England, looking at the three displays, the


ball has started to run for them. They just have got the breaks at


the right time. It was a sewage incident, when John Terry moved the


ball away, even though it looked like it was over the line. England


are over the line and into the quarter-finals. They only needed a


draw, they have got the win, thanks to an easy goal from Wayne Rooney.


It is the end for Ukraine. England will go on and on at the European


Championships. In the city built on mining, England have dug deep. They


have struck gold. We are all off to Roy Hodgson's unbeaten England top


the group. They now face Italy on Sunday for a place in the semi-


Ukraine finish third courtesy of their opening-day victory over the


Scandinavians. There is plenty to be positive about tonight, a clean


sheet, always very good to have. Wayne Rooney, 87 minutes, plus a


goal. The defending at times was very good. We have a world-class


goalkeeper in Joe Hart. We rode our luck at times, but every team needs


a bit of luck. We have not hit top gear it yet, there is no doubt, but


Spain have not, Germany have not, France have not. There is plenty to


be optimistic about. Would you can cope with that? It is Italy rather


than Spain as well, which has got to be a bonus? Let's forget about


them for the moment! They are improving. Against France, there


were lots of things, they were bad in possession, but they defended


well. Against Sweden, there were defensive problems, but they were


better going forward. Going into the game today, he look at where


they finished in the table, seven points, they have won the group


quite easily. Lots to be positive about. Overall, they have done very


well. It was imperative they got the job done. They shake its at --


they say you should start quickly, and we had two performances from


Steven Gerrard and John Terry. games this season that England have


won 1-0, that is always a good sign. 1-0 to the England! Let's hear from


We have grown in strength, and the players have shown incredible


spirit and desire. We played a real away match today. The 4000


Englishmen and -- were outnumbered. We asked -- we were asked a lot of


questions, but we stuck to our guns. Did you ride your luck? I believe


it might have been an offside situation as well, so these things


even themselves out. If you have followed England in the past, the


last thing you talk about his goals that should have been given or not


given. Perhaps it was our turn to get one, if it was over the line.


But it was a wonderful piece of work from John Terry. It is always


going to be difficult for the referees and linesmen and Tel:


Technology comes in. The first half was nervous, but Wayne Rooney, it


was not his most difficult golf. was important. He has not scored in


tournament football for a long time. Eight years. It is a long time. He


had a few other chances, he got himself into a few other positions,


and his confidence improved. He got tired a bit, but he had already


done 80 of minutes. We did not expect more than that. Expectation


is rising, back home, everybody is getting behind England, love and


the tournament. Will you win it? do not mind the expectation. We


have been buoyed by the news from home. Everybody seems to be


becoming an England fan. If you on a football player or a coach, you


want people to appreciate you and to get behind you and people to


give you the feeling that, if I have a bad game, it will not be a


catastrophe. We are getting more of that feeling, and the players are


responding as they are. Only the second time ever that


England have won the grid in the European Championships. The last


time was 9096! He has done a fantastic job, he has got all of


the Major calls right. Danny Welbeck and Ashley Young, then


Danny Welbeck and Andy Carroll. He brings Wayne Rooney -- Wayne Rooney


in today, he has got all of the decisions right. Under Fabio


Capello, the players were not happy, but Roy Hodgson is calm, collected,


the players know their job. It is reflected in the results. It is


great to see passion on the touchline! Clenching his fist.


of the players in in the national 21.7% conversion rate of chances


for England, the highest in the tournament so far. He is always on


the move in the box. He is drifting to the far post. He is always on


the move, he getting between the defenders. I do not care as a


centre-forward, you do not get two points for a goal outside the box.


It will not bother him. It is a simple goal, but it is a very


important one. A lot of debate about the goalkeeper. I cannot


understand. Any decent wicket keeper would have taken it!


looks easy in slow motion. It has just been touched in front of him,


We talked about it being over the line, I suppose it is important to


say that even if it had gone in, England would still have gone


through, 1-1. I don't think the Ukrainians were particularly happy


about it! He was going ballistic on the line. Initially, the English


defence gets caught out, but when John Terry get back, Joe Hart makes


a sensational save. It looked in. It looks over the line, it is over


the line. The 5th after sure, he has got a really bad have used


there! -- the 5th official. haven't got a clue what he is doing


there. He has got to be able to see that, but I'm glad he didn't.


crucial time, as well. England might have had a hard last 15


minutes of the referee gives that. You mentioned Joe Hart. He made a


couple of important saves. When you get through the back four, you want


to be able to rely on a top keeper. And this guy is, no doubt. Just


watch how big he makes himself in front. Look at the way he spreads


himself. Both legs, both arms, it is an excellent save. If he doesn't


get back, John Terry has no chance of getting it. Konoplienka was


fantastic here, but again, good defending from Joleon Lescott. The


way the ball moves in the air, for him to get such a strong left hand


on it when he is going the other way to buy that is a great, great


save. I was full of praise for Steven Gerrard, but when they got


through the back four, he saved us. Congratulations, that is the way to


come back, isn't it? It is a great feeling, to score the goal, but we


worked hard tonight as a team, it was difficult at times, for myself


that was quite difficult, playing almost 90 minutes as well. But we


dug in, defended well, and we are delighted to get three points.


the most difficult goal you will ever score! Know, I had a good


chance and the first half, I should have done better, I think all my


chances came on my head, thankfully a but the one that counted.


little bit off the pace in the first half, would you say? Yes, I


get the ball away a few times, a bit sloppy, but I had to keep going.


Keep trying to do the simple things and it paid off in the end. Ball


over the line clear by John Terry, a little bit of, for Blom contain!


I don't know, that is up for the officials. Maybe it is time we got


a bit of luck at Championships. is not often you say lucky England.


No, but I think it was deserved, with limited them to shot outside


of the area, mostly, I think we deserved to win. What was it like


to be back in the cut-and-thrust of it? Be is great to be back playing,


to come back to score was great for us. What about the celebration,


plans? No, I used to that of Andy Carroll's hair product before the


game. -- a bit of Andy Carroll's hair product.


What about his overall performance? He has been out for a little while,


jumping at the bit. A I thought he was very rusty. It wasn't his


normal performance that we are used to see, he didn't bring people into


the game, he didn't look That was very early on in the game.


This is the chance that he has. The movement is very good. He pulls out


to the far post, but he is caught on his heels a little bread. He is


on his way down when he tries to head it. His link-up play wasn't


great, and I think if Rooney had been playing regularly, he doesn't


let the defender get across him, he doesn't let him catch him. But you


know what, it actually doesn't matter, because the life of a goal


scorer is, doesn't matter how you play, you are judged on your goals,


and he scored the most important goal, that is all that matters.


it had been a Premier League game, you would have said he had a


shocker, but the big bonus for England is he has had the game he


needed massively, and he will be much better next time. The biggest


thing is, he scored. And it will breed confidence. Strikers love


goals, they love them! You would rather play badly and score then


played brilliantly and not score. You made a lifetime out of that!


Steven Gerrard, given that of the match. -- man of the match. He has


deserved it, he has been England's bass player, led by example, passed


the ball, he has swept up. He is actually looking fitter than when


he was at Liverpool. You were really worried about his fitness,


but he has come straight to the They are good team, they are at


home, they have all the advantages, but a sign of a good team is when


the going gets tough, you roll up your sleeves a new fight for every


ball. A your third assist of the tournament. The that is my job. I


have terrific front men, if they get service, they will mark them


away. I don't think Wayne Rooney found it too hard to not! You had a


bit of luck with the ball that crossed the line. To do well in


these competitions eat you need a bit of luck, and you go to the


Frank Lampard goal a couple of years ago, that was clearly over


the line. If that is the case, we will take it and hope there is a


little bit more in future. Now it is Italy in the quarter-finals,


because you have topped the group, not Spain. If I think the important


thing is not to think we have an easier tie with Italy, they are a


fantastic side, we need to show them as much respect as we would


have done a bit was Spain. We need to perform how we have done. Wayne


Rooney looked more relaxed, was it good having him there? Of course,


we have been desperate to have him back, he is world class. He was


always going to be a bit nervous, the pressure was on him to turn up


and run the show, I thought he was terrific. Hopefully he will get


Steven Gerrard lead from the front. I think he will take huge


confidence from being given the England armband on a permanent


basis. I know from a personal point of view, and you will pull the same,


I think it makes you feel 10 ft tall. That has shown in this


tournament. I think he is just happy been fit. When he came back


for Liverpool, he wasn't even going in for tackles come he wasn't


getting from box to box, he was tentative. Now I think he is 100%


fit. He looks like the dynamic Gerrard we know. He will never be


the same player as five or six years ago, but how many times have


we seen this? 50, 60 yards passing, inch-perfect. So difficult to


defend against. Then, leading by example, sticking with it, and


forcing the defender to just clear and make the mistake. I don't think


it is a coincidence that when you look at the action, some of the


tackles going on, the 50 - 50 ones, he is always involved. He gets the


first touch there, but he is always looking up, he sees Wayne Rooney


coming, and that is absolute perfection. If Wayne Rooney is fit


there, he will take it on and score. This is the final five minutes,


this is on his weaker foot, a great touch, a great ball in. His quality


from a dead-ball, we saw it in the previous game, but again tonight,


from free-kicks. Where do they have to improve? In the first half, they


really struggled for large periods, they seemed to be drenched in their


own half. I think Paul possession was better today, but they gave a


lot of width of way, I thought they struggled a little bit. But


ultimately, I think overall, you have to look at their positioning


on the pitch and say, Steven Gerrard rules that. John Terry at


the back pushing up, and Steven Gerrard, that is the key to how


England played. Up front you have got Rooney, but that is the key,


they set the tempo. I still think at times, most teams in this


competition I'm pretty, but at times we can keep the ball a little


bit better. -- in this competition are improving. You can give


yourself a bit over breeze so when you are passing it around. It is a


lot easier when you have got the ball. We have seen spells in the


three matches where they just keep giving it away cheaply, and sooner


or later you come up against a good side, you do that against a good


side and they will punish you. I thought we were fantastic against


a really good Ukrainian side. They have to win the game, they came


flying out, we defended well when we needed to. Everyone just worked


so hard, everyone is dead on their feet, but John Terry is a fantastic


player, here shirted for Chelsea in the Champions League. -- he has


shown it. The lads have worked so hard, Roy Hodgson has come in and


tried to put his rules across as quickly as you can. But we have


trust each other and believe in each other's ability, and I think


today and in previous fixtures we have been showing how hard we are


willing to work. Good, organised team, good on the counter-attack,


and it was a hostile environment, they put us under pressure, we had


some -- they had some good chances, but we have shown a good resilience


about us, and we really did it out tonight. We are confident we can go


all the way, it will be a tough game, but we are confident that


with the set out our business, we will be hard to beat. How delighted


I U2 of wood of the world and European champions? And get the


extra day? The extra day is important. But as you say, no easy


games, it will not be an easy game to beat Italy, but we are confident.


Now England will play against Italy, they got past a very difficult


group, and I told them, I think England can reach the final.


think England can go all the way? Why not? For you, is this your last


game? I just want to play one more, maybe a friendly game, just for my


family, for my friends, for the fans who supported me for many,


A wonderful career Shevchenko has had. As for England, John Terry, he


is a leader, isn't he? There was a lot of debate about whether he


should be here, whether it should be someone else, whether it should


be Rio, but on the pitch he has done it. When he is defending the


18 yard line, he his as good as anyone. He has always been


brilliant positionally. Two full backs behind the centre backs, not


great, but to get round the back, and that is good play. Again, go


tight quickly, and when it is coming out to the left-hand side,


watch him. Just get in a great position, he knows exactly where to


go. That is a phenomenal touch. And what about this for a block - they


are a bit deeper, same problems they had against the French, but a


great block. Positionally, in the air, not a problem. A great pass to


Ashley Young that set up Wayne Rooney. He reads it, he gets in


front of the centre forward. This was the slight problem, when you


are reading it, consummate ease, but when you try and go too early


and get it wrong, as he does here, he is looking for the ball to be


played there, he takes a step forward and thinks he is going to


nick it. But unfortunately for him, he misjudges it. He is struggling


to get back. This is where the problem arose. To be fair, the


clearance on the line, even though it was over the line, is


sensational. When is a good clearance on the line not a good


clearance on the line? When it is Oliver! On that last one, he has to


know who is behind him. When Terry and Lescott get dragged away from


the 18 yard line, that is when you have a problem. There is not a


great deal of pace between the two of them. We saw a couple of decent


crosses from Ashley Young, but by and large we have not seen the best


of him. I think today the main problem was dealing with their wide


players, Yarmolenko and Konoplienka. They caused some problems. Not just


for the full backs, I thought they were excellent today, but James


Milner did the work in front, and Ashley and struggled a little bit


with positioning. Ashley Cole is the best left-back in the world in


my opinion, but he still needs help in front of him. If Ashley Young is


scared about what is outside him, but he stays inside. Too much space.


That just releases the centre half -- centre forward through the gap.


John Terry does brilliantly to I do not want him to go at there, I


want him to stay nice and tight. That opens up the gap, because he


has gone too far out. Scott Parker has to go with the runner. He


releases the space. You should not be able to play a ball tight like


that. It is about talking. This one, he gets it just about right, but he


makes a basic mistake. Ashley Cole has got to talk to him a lot more


and move him around the pitch. amazing thing was, Ashley Young


must have asked Ashley Cole were to go, Bridges unbelievable. -- which


is unbelievable. A chance to see the other match,


For Sweden, one last appearance on the international stage. R Ola


Toivonen replaces Johan Elmander, who is injured. Emir Bajrami


replaces Rasmus Elm. France are unbeaten in 23 games. Yohan Cabaye


says they are determined to win the group, but he is injured. Jan


M'Vila starts for the first time in these finals, as does Hatem Ben


from Andreas Isaksson to parry it. You may remember Erik Hamren's


assistance. He used to play for He ruffled the side netting, and he


misses a very good chance. He gets out of jail, the Frenchman.


Isolated, all on his own. On a toy for there should have done better.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 51 seconds


goalkeeper on his toes. France are France are behind. Zlatan


Ibrahimovic, the Golden Boy of Swedish football, has finally


answered his critics on the biggest stage. He adjusts his feet, and


what a striker that is. marvellous goal, great Chet Baker.


His manager, so full of character, full of joy. Five goals in six for


Sweden. They have been a better side than their results suggest in


this competition. England deservedly beat them, but they came


from behind to lead at one stage. For periods of the game against the


Ukraine, they were by far the better team. Hugo Lloris made


himself pick and saved it. A lazy pass, fantastic. He hammered it


with his left foot, a good stop great save, but he should not have


to make it. Shocking defending from the French. The French team seemed


devoid of ideas. The heat is had to parry it. It is a better


striker. Outside the box, from distance, the goalkeeper has got to


deal with it. France want to send on Olivier Giroud. He has scored 25


goals this season. He is on the verge of scoring two -- joining


suddenly, there is a man -- much better move. Suddenly, there is a


man from deep. At last, France will have two up front. What an impact


that would have made. What a chance. He is in acres of space. He does


everything right. A great run, a poor finish. Four minutes of


Sebastian Larsson of Sunderland. A poor French side have been beaten.


England's ascendancy in the group assured. France could not much like


a side that will travel much further in this competition. Gael


Clichy is nowhere to be seen. Philippe Mexes cannot get across.


Sebastian Larsson, dispatched. Sebastian Larsson has a thunderous


shot on him. France looked complacent from the first whistle.


Sweden have beaten a Paul France. - Despite that defeat, France still


go through. They will play Spain, they will have to improve


considerably. Very much like when they played England, they did not


have anybody running behind the Swedish defence. They coped with it


ES, Sweden. Have we seen a better goal and this tournament and the


Zlatan Ibrahimovic? 8 Great Strike, fantastic. Alan Hansen should talk


through this! I am a convert! have got his picture on my wall! It


is a great picnic. -- technique. To generate the power... Of what a


picture. I do not understand how people can up like him. He has got


everything. Absolutely everything! He scores lots of goals. This is


It is wide open. The Germans and the Spanish are the favourites.


They both could have gone home. They were very lucky, the Germans,


the penalty kick incident, and the Croatians had a great chance


against the Spanish. There is no clear favourite. The Italians are


getting better. I do not fancy them rattle. The Italians against the


Croatians, they looked tired, jaded, and a lack of pace. Alan come up


what do you think about the Italians? They are always strong,


well-organised, difficult to beat. They will be tough to beat, nobody


fancied them after all, coming into the tournament, because of the


match fixing scandal. They too well when they have a match-fixing


scandal. They have done it before. They will be stronger. It will be


Keep an eye out for Alan Shearer's horse! Euro 2012 has a day off


tomorrow. Final thoughts? It has been a great night for England and


Roy Hodgson. Expectations were low, but not anymore. Can they win it?


There is still room to improve, but we are getting a bit more excited.


Gary Lineker introduces highlights from the day's two Euro 2012 games, which see England play Ukraine and Sweden meet France in the final round of Group D matches. Expert analysis comes from Alan Hansen, Alan Shearer and Lee Dixon.

After sitting out the opening two matches through suspension, Wayne Rooney should be available to return for England in Donetsk. Roy Hodgson's side will have to be at their best against the tournament co-hosts, who beat the Three Lions towards the end of qualifying for the 2010 World Cup. England have never won the European Championship, while Ukraine are taking part in the tournament for the first time.

The day's other game sees the Swedes take on France in Kiev. Two-time European champions, the French last lifted the trophy in 2000. They endured a disappointing World Cup campaign in 2010, crashing out in the group stage. With talents such as Karim Benzema, Samir Nasri and Franck Ribery at their disposal, they will be expected to at least reach the quarter-finals this summer. However, Laurent Blanc's side will have to keep a close eye on Swedish danger man Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who struck 35 goals for AC Milan this season.

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