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Opening Ceremony

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years ago. We are just seconds away from the sounding of the Great


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 115 seconds


MUSIC: "Baba O'Reilly" by The Who by Captain Algernon Drummond


MUSIC: "God Save The Queen" MUSIC: "London Calling"


MUSIC: "Smile"by Lily Allen


MUSIC: "Map Of The Problematique"by Muse




Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to London


and the Games of the 30th Olympiad with a very special guest...




Bradley Wiggins!






HAZEL IRVINE: Congratulations,


HAZEL IRVINE: Congratulations, Bradley.


Bradley. A


Bradley. A yellow


Bradley. A yellow jersey


Bradley. A yellow jersey winner. The first man from his isles to do


so. Tour de France winner. In the best British tradition, Bradley,


HUW EDWARDS: Flying into the mid- # On England's


# Shine forth # But come ye back


# 'Tis I'll be here in sunshine or in shadow


# Oh Danny boy, oh Danny boy I love you so... #


# O Flower of Scotland When will we see your like again


# That fought and died for your wee bit hill and glen


# And stood against him Proud Edward's Army


# And sent him homeward to think again... #


# Guide me, O thou great redeemer Pilgrim through this barren land


# I am weak, but thou art mighty Hold me with thy powerful hand


# Bread of heaven, bread of heaven Feed me till I want no more


# Feed me till I want no more... #


# Bring me my arrows of desire


# Bring me my spear! O clouds unfold


# Bring me my chariot of fire


# I will not cease from mental fight


# Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand


# Till we have built Jerusalem


# In England's green and pleasant land. #


Be not afeared.


Be not afeard; the isle is full of noises,


Sounds and sweet airs, that give delight and hurt not.


Sometimes a thousand twangling instruments


Will hum about mine ears, and sometime voices


That, if I then had waked after long sleep,


Will make me sleep again: and then, in dreaming,


The clouds me thought would open and show riches


Ready to drop upon me that, when I waked, I cried to dream again.


MUSIC: "Nimrod"by Sir Edward Elgar








HUW EDWARDS: Isambard Kingdom Brunel, played by Kenneth Branagh.


The words from Shakespeare's The MUSIC: "Pandemonium"


His words heralding the chaos and the noise of the Industrial


Revolution. The brutal uprooting of MUSIC: "Pandemonium"


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 115 seconds


A volunteer cast conveying the thrill and destruction of the fear


of the Industrial Revolution when Britain became the workshop of the


world. Dame Evelyn Glennie leading HAZEL IRVINE: Dame Evelyn Glennie


feels the music and it vibrates through her feet, she says. Here in


the stadium, 80,000 people can feel the pounding energy pulsating


through this stadium right now from MUSIC: "Pandemonium"


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 115 seconds


Rising dramatically from the ground the smoking stacks and the chimneys


which produced a lot of wealth, but which disfigured many towns and


cities and transformed society. TREVOR NELSON: It is my kind of


history lesson, Huw. If you are at home watching on TV and you have a


remote control, turn it up a little bit and you will get a sense of


what we are feeling here in the This selection is called


The suffragettes. Some of their descendants, as we've already seen,


are in the Ceredigion tonight. -- In all of this fury and all of this


tumult, there will be a sudden pause to remember the fallen of two


world wars and all other conflicts. A moment of remembrance for all


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 115 seconds


In stark contrast, a splash of vivid colour from the age of The


Beatles, representing the social and cultural change of the 1960s, a


theme we will return to later. The Windrush, the ship that brought the


first West Indian immigrants to The grand site offers Chelsea


Pensioners, another reminder of the debt owed to members of the armed


Brunel surveys the scene and takes in the ever growing signs of wealth


The pearly kings and queens of London, the other Royal Family, as


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 115 seconds


Out of this seething tableau of people, the scale of it is


breathtaking, organised chaos and in the midst of the heat and the


effort and the smell, actual smell in the stadium, they are producing


something very special. Forging a moment and an image that will live


And against the backdrop of industrial turmoil, a cloud of


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 115 seconds


sparks and steam, the Olympic rings Dazzling beauty, for five


interlocking rings presenting the Union of five continents and the


meeting of the world's athletes at Surely one of the most dynamic


opening sequences we have ever seen MUSIC: "Arrival Of The Queen


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 115 seconds


Good evening, Mr Bond. Good evening, MUSIC: "Music For The Royal


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 115 seconds


MUSIC: "The Dambusters March" MUSIC: "The Dambusters March"


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 115 seconds


The film, happy and glorious, specially made by the BBC. It


suggests a royal arrival unlike any MUSIC: "James Bond Theme"


pour l'arrivee de sa Majeste la reine et le Duc d'Edimbourg


accompagne par le president du Comite International Olympique, Jacques Rogge.


Ladies and gentlemen, please stand for Her Majesty The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh


accompanied by the President of the International Olympic Committee, Jacques Rogge.




Her Majesty


Her Majesty the


Her Majesty the Queen in the Diamond Jubilee year proving that


she certainly has a sense of humour and preparing to open these Games,


as her father did back in 1948 and des representants des corps d'armee


Ladies and gentlemen, the Union flag is raised by representatives


from the Royal Navy, Army and Royal Air Force.




12 servicemen


12 servicemen and


12 servicemen and women representing all members of the


Armed Forces who are now making such an important contribution, of


course, to these Olympic Games, Servicemen and women led by


Squadron Leader Lambert of RAF Brize Norton. The Flag carried by


Gunner Bateman, King's Troop Royal Horse Artillery, by Flight


Lieutenant Cadman, RAF Cranwell, Marine Edwards, Commando Logistic


Regiment, Colour Sergeant Hiscock of RM Poole, Corporal Robbins of


veuillez vous lever pour l'hymne chante en langage de signe


pour les enfants sourds et entendants.


Ladies and gentlemen, please stand for the National Anthem of the United Kingdom,


performed by the Kaos Signing Choir for Deaf and Hearing Children.


# God save our gracious Queen


# Long live our noble Queen


# God save the Queen


# Send her victorious


# Happy and glorious


# Long to reign over us


# God save the Queen


# Thy choicest gifts in store


# On her be pleased to pour


# Long may she reign


# May she defend our laws


# And ever give us cause


# To sing with heart and voice


# God save the Queen. #




The National


The National Anthem


The National Anthem sung by the Kaos Signing Choir for Deaf and


MUSIC: "Tubular Bells" Mesdames et messieurs,


Mike Oldfiield, le personnel des services de sante britanniques


et nos invites honnores, les patients et le personnel de l'hopital de Great Ormond Street.


Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Mike Oldfield, the staff of the National Health Service


and our very special guests, the patients and staff of Great Ormond Street Hospital.


Hearing Children. A


Hearing Children. A big


Hearing Children. A big cheer


Hearing Children. A big cheer for the staff and some patients of the


Health Service, just founded after the Second World War, regarded with


great affection by so many British people. Mike Oldfield, whose first


album sold more than 17 million HAZEL IRVINE: The name of this


section Second to the right, and straight on till morning - they


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 115 seconds


were the directions Peter Pan gave MUSIC: "Tubular Bells"


Quietly to the land of dreams and into the magic of children's


the Neverland is the snuggest with tedious distances


When you play at it by day with the but in the two minutes


MUSIC: "Tubular Bells"by Mike Oldfield




JK Rowling,


JK Rowling, arguably


JK Rowling, arguably the most successful British writer in


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 115 seconds


Here comes Voldemort, from the Harry Potter stories. That is one


baddy you don't want to introduce your kids to too early. This is


another, the Child Catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - surely


TREVOR NELSON: I like the use of children in the show so far. Going


to a hospital can be quite scary for kids. There is a quite a dark


side to the ceremony. But the light around the hospital beds is like a


big contradiction, you know. My cousin is in this scene somewhere.


Most of the dancers are health workers - doctors, nurses - from


the NHS. They have done very well to choreograph this with people who


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 115 seconds


Here comes Mary Poppins to save the MUSIC: "In Dulci Jubilo"


The audience are part of this ceremony. If you look at the light


movement behind the performers, the audience are having a great time


waving their pixels in their hands and taking part in the whole


ceremony so far. There's been great vision. I wish I had one in my


You will see what Trevor was calling "the pixels" there -


everyone has a handset. They are controlled by a computer and they


are connected by 40 miles of cabling. And they are going to


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 115 seconds


The crowd here loved that tribute to the NHS and to the stars, both


jovial and sinister, of children's literature. The 600 members of NHS


staff and 300 children, quite rightly, soaking up the applause.


It is worth saying that there are 7,500 volunteers in this cast. They


have all spent about 150 hours each ce soir en hommage


Ladies and gentleman, tonight, as a tribute to the British Film Industry,


please welcome the London Symphony Orchestra in a performance of Chariots Of Fire.


Ladies and gentlemen, Sir Simon Rattle.


MUSIC: "Chariots Of Fire"by Vangelis


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 115 seconds


MUSIC: "Chariots Of Fire"by Vangelis


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 115 seconds


Sir Simon Rattle


Sir Simon Rattle with


Sir Simon Rattle with the


Sir Simon Rattle with the London Symphony Orchestra with a little


help, if I can call it that, from Rowan Atkinson. Mr Bean has been


shown in just about every territory If anyone is having any difficulty


translating Danny Boyle's vision of British history, they will have no


difficulty understanding that and said she heard


Well, if you're watching, It is a soundtrack that spans four


decades and it is in effect the story of the digital age. The


digital messaging that connect people to each other. Right across


# You're gonna miss the freak MUSIC: "Enola Gay"


MUSIC: "Food, Glorious Food"by Lionel Bart


MUSIC: "When I Was A Youngster"by Rizzle Kicks




You are


You are going


You are going nowhere dressed like # I never thought today


# The second I got old enough to buy myself a cider can


# Yeah, I was a smart little kid That side's departed me since




I think


I think we


I think we expected music to feature heavily in this show. The


next four decades of music in a montage now. Try and name all of


the song's! It is known in mean MUSIC: "Going Underground"


# A show of strength # And I'm so happy


# You want more money Of course I don't mind


# To buy nuclear textbooks for atomic crimes


# And the public gets what the public wants


# But I want nothing this society's got


# I'm going underground Going underground


# Well, the brass bands play and feet start to pound


# Going underground Going underground


# Going underground Going underground


# Well, let the boys all sing and the boys all shout


# Going underground Going underground


# Going underground Going underground


# For tomorrow. #


MUSIC: "Wonderful Tonight"by Eric Clapton


She's gorgeous. She's absolutely gorgeous!


MUSIC: "My Generation"by The Who


MUSIC: "Satisfaction"by The Rolling Stones


MUSIC: "My Boy Lollipop"by Millie


MUSIC: "All DayAnd All Of The Night" by The Kinks


MUSIC: "She Loves You"by The Beatles




Not the


Not the first


Not the first time you will hear from The Beatles in the show


How you doing with naming every song? I have the advantage of


seeing the rehearsals. It is easier to work out what is missing!


can't please all of the people. Damned if you do, damned if you


MUSIC: "Trampled Underfoot" MUSIC: "A Message To You, Rudy"


MUSIC: "Starman"by David Bowie


MUSIC: "Bohemian Rhapsody"by Queen


MUSIC: "Pretty Vacant"by The Sex Pistols


MUSIC: "Bohemian Rhapsody"by Queen


MUSIC: "Pretty Vacant"by The Sex Pistols


# Oh, we're so pretty Oh so pretty, we're vacant


# Oh, we're so pretty Oh so pretty, we're vacant


# Oh, we're so pretty Oh so pretty, we're vacant




The punk


The punk era


MUSIC: "Blue Monday" The punk era represented by the Sex


Pistols there. There is a mosh pit. I don't see too much moshing going


on over there! Danny Boyle worked very closely with the boys from The


Underworld on the musical soundtrack on this show tonight. We


MUSIC: "Relax" MUSIC: "Back To Life"


MUSIC: "Step On"by The Happy Mondays


MUSIC: "Sweet Dreams(Are Made Of This)" by Eurythmics




They are


They are taking


They are taking us on a trip from MUSIC: "Firestarter"


MUSIC: "Born Slippy" The soundtrack to the film that


Danny Boyle is famously known for, by Jaan Kenbrovin


# They fly so high Nearly reach the sky


# Then like my dreams they fade and die


# Fortune's always hiding I've looked everywhere


# I'm forever blowing bubbles Pretty bubbles in the air... #




A famous


A famous West


in fact while he was still with MUSIC: "Song 2"


This is Danny Boyle's eight-time Oscar-winning feel good movie,


# I wake up every day # Everythin' in my life


# I act real shallow # And all I care about


# A heavy bass line is my kind of silence


# Everybody says that I gotta get a grip


# But I let sanity give me the slip


# Some people think I'm bonkers but I just think I'm free


# Man, I'm just livin' my life There's nothin' crazy about me


# Some people pay for thrills But I get mine for free


# Man, I'm just livin' my life There's nothin' crazy about me... #


MUSIC: "Nimma Nimma"by AR Rahman


# I wake up every day It's a daydream


# Everythin' in my life ain't what it seems


# I wake up just to go back to sleep


# I act real shallow but I'm in too deep


# And all I care about is sex and violence


# A heavy bass line is my kind of silence


# Everybody says that I gotta get a grip


# But I let sanity give me the slip




Dizzee Rascal,


Dizzee Rascal, a


Dizzee Rascal, a local boy. Arguably, the biggest moment of his


MUSIC: "Valerie" MUSIC: "Uprising"


MUSIC: "Random Antics"by Kano and Mikey J


MUSIC: "Pass Out"by Tinie Tempah


# Man, I'm just livin' my life There's nothin' crazy about me


# Some people pay for thrills but I get mine for free


# Man, I'm just livin' my life There's nothin' crazy about me. #




It is


It is important


It is important to note that grime music was born in East London. I


suppose that is why he has had such a big part in the musical montage


Here is the culmination of this sequence, the cast paying tribute


to this man. He's the one who changed the way we all communicate


today, Tim Berners-Lee, the British scientist who invented the


worldwide web and created the first website in the world in 1990. This


is for everyone. Danny Boyle was determined to give Tim Berners-Lee


It is like the soundtrack to many of our lives. The soundtrack is


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 115 seconds


available to download from midnight # I hear you saying you'll wait


# I feel you lying next to me # I hear you whisper come and see


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 115 seconds


# Here she comes again The Torch relay, 70 days, 8,000


miles. Here is a clue as to what is happening tonight. A very familiar


figure of David Beckham on the Thames. Joined by a young


footballer, tipped to become one of the sporting stars of the future.


How would the Flame make its way from City Hall to the Olympic


Stadium? This answers that. David played a major part in the bid to


Very few people as well qualified to perform this task. Not just one


of the world's most famous sportsmen, but the former England


football captain and EastEnder, born just a few miles from the


stadium in Stratford. He also played his part at the handover


ceremony in Beijing, aboard the Big Ladies and gentlemen, please pause


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 115 seconds


for friends and family The excitement of that moment and


Singapore seven years ago when England won against was tempered


the next day from the offensive July 7th that year. A war if


remembrance for those no longer here to share in this event. -- a


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 115 seconds


# The darkness deepens # When other helpers fail


# Help of the helpless O abide with me


# Swift to its close ebbs out life's little day


# Earth's joys grow dim Its glories pass away


# Change and decay in all around I see


# O thou who changest not Abide with me


# I need thy presence every passing hour


# What but thy grace can foil the tempter's power?


# Who, like thyself, my guide and stay can be?


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 115 seconds


# Abide With


# Abide With Me.




# Hold


# Hold Thou


# Hold Thou Thy cross before my closing eyes; Shine through the


gloom and point me to the skies. # Heaven's morning breaks, and


earth's vain shadows flee; In life, A wonderful rendition of abide With


Me by Scotland's Emili Sande. A hint that has been sung at every FA


Cup final since 1927. And every rugby league Challenge Cup final


nous acceuillons les athletes please welcome the athletes


MUSIC: "Galvanize"by The Chemical Brothers




A resounding


A resounding cheer


A resounding cheer because this brings us to the prime purpose of


this grand Opening Ceremony, to welcome the athletes representing


more than 10,000 competitors in London 2012. 200 four-nations, more


than the UN, will compete in 26 sports and the place where it all


began, Greece, this sporting extravaganza came to be in 776 BC.


It is only fitting that they get a much first. 106 members of the


Greek team and there we have one of the first sightings of what we call


a petal, a copper petal. I'm not going to spoil the surprise because


we will see a lot of these in this parade and they will play a very


important part later on. A great Games in Athens in 2004. They won


six, a best ever. No gold medals in Beijing. Afghanistan. For flag-


bearer won Afghanistan's first ever The squad has been based in Welwyn


The flag-bearer is a weightlifter. European silver medallist. Just


wondering whether she will become an Olympic medallist. Albania, the


land of the Eagle, marking their 40th anniversary of their first


appearance at the Games. 11 athletes equals the largest team


they have ever sent to the Olympics. 39 members of the Algerian team.


Both have their medals back in Beijing came in judo. They won four


gold medals since their first appearance in 1964. They won the


Five main islands and American You'll notice that the music is


thumping through this stadium. They tried to speed up this parade of


Nations and the music will help keep up the pace. Tiny, but


attracting 10 million visitors every year. They first appeared at


the Olympics, and Dora, in 1976. And the Angola, one of the major


oil producers of Africa. But it also suffers terrible poverty.


Never won a medal, this is the 8th attempt. A few years ago in 1992,


their men's basketball team came against the Dream Team of America.


Play was held up as they took One of the Caribbean's most


prosperous nations. Most famous sportsman ever is probably Sir


One of the biggest economies in South America. The flag-bearer is a


hockey player. No ordinary hockey player, she is the magician. Seven-


times world player of the year and she is hoping to win gold on her


35th birthday, the day of the women's final. She leads up the


Lionesses. A good view of the copper petals I was talking about.


They will be collected in a certain fashion when this parade is over


and used in a certain fashion. Lionel Messi and company were gold-


medallist four years ago, but they have not qualified this time.


bronze medals from Beijing, it was announced on Monday there would be


cash incentives for upgrades. The Olympic chiefs over Armenia, who is


either very wealthy on not very confident, said he would pay


$700,000 to every Armenian gold Quiz question. Capital of a rude?


You can't find a friend. Around Caribbean island north of Venezuela.


What do you guys think about athletes that are not here for this


parade? It is pretty late. You'll see when the British team comes in


that about half of the team will be marching. The lateness of the hour


here is unprecedented in an Olympic Opening Ceremony. Many people have


an excuse, but I bet everyone is watching! 410 members of the


Australian team. Faye had 632 in Sydney in 2000. Australia can boast


at least one of only six countries to have hosted the Olympics more


than once. They were stung by British success in Beijing, they


would love to put a spanner in hour works here. Another bet between the


nation's sports ministers about who will finish higher in the medals


table. So many chances throughout this of the team. Sally Pearson,


their tracks start at the hurdles. Anna Meares in Track Cycling could


be a thorn in Victoria Pendleton's side. Her terrific rivalry between


those two in the Velodrome. The men's four in rowing, lookout for


Aussie success in the pool. Stir- fries, the female athlete of 2008


in China. -- Steph rice. We have one of the first copper petals


arriving on Glastonbury Tor. Flags will be set up, as we will see


later, there will be a mass of flags on there later on.


Austrians, land of mountains, we did not hear their national anthem


in Beijing, but it was heard four times in Vancouver during the


winter Games. Most of their greatest Olympians are winter


Olympians. Franz Klammer! Amongst many others. Another one has just


cycled from Austria to raise money Azerbaijan. Oil-rich, of course,


There flag-bearer is the defending Olympic judo champion. He looks


Officials and government leaders a welcoming their own teams into the


Beautiful Bahamas have excelled in the Olympics for its population


size. Only 347,000 people and it has 10 medals, four of them gold,


one of them, Pauline Davis, was promoted to 200m gold in Sydney


after Marion Jones was caught -- disqualified. She did end up


winning that race all those years ago. I will have a question for you


very soon. Which country has the most gold medals per-capita?


think it is New Zealand. OK. I can't get you, can I? Somebody will


correct me, I'm sure. Wonderful scene unfolding in the Olympic


Stadium, full of colour, full of The flag-bearer for Bahrain, their


first female Olympian in shooting. Just a dozen members of the team


from Bahrain. They are seeking their first medal, or seeking to


keep their first medal. You might remember them winning gold in the


men's 1,500m in Beijing, but was later stripped of that medal after


a drugs test. They have chances Bangladesh. The team size is five,


representing a population of 164 million people. The largest country,


the most populus never to have won an Olympic medal. That is a


flipside to the question I gave you about the most medals per capita!


LAUGHTER Join in if you know the song! I think we all remember it,


Barbados means "bearded one". Several of the most heralded


gymnasts in the Soviet era were from Belarus. Their flag bearer is


Max Mirnyi, a tennis player. Belgium just entering the stadium


now. The flag bearer is Tia Hellebaut. She retired - we see


Jacques Rogge watching on. She gave up, she retired to have some


children, came back after one of them, then decided to go back and


have another one and she is back to defend her Olympic title. Belize's


rainy season is May to November, rather like our own! Ours is


something like January to November! At least it is staying off for the


time being. A lot of snazzy outfits. Benin's National Anthem is The Dawn


Of A New Day - it has not been played yet on an Olympic podium.


First appeared at the Olympics in 1972. Bermuda - no Opening Ceremony


is complete without the Bermuda shorts! A handful of competitors


once again. LAUGHTER He is having fun. Bermuda shorts and shiny


shoes! Bhutan, a remote kingdom nestling in the Himalayas between


India and China. Known as The Land Bolivia, the most isolated country


in South America. Bolivia a member of the IOC since 1936. They have


never won a medal. Their flag bearer is Claudia Balderrama. Takes


us back to 1984 when Sarajevo hosted the Winter Olympics then.


What resilience that city and its people have shown since then.


are planting the flags in the Mound which is a new thing for the


Olympic ceremony. By the end of the Parade there will be a couple of


hundred flags up there. Botswana - the team has a gem in Amantle


The giant presence of Brazil. The most influential country, probably,


in South America. Rodrigo Pessoa is the flag bearer. You know for a


nation mad about football and brilliant at volleyball, it is


sailing that has been their most successful sport and their most


successful goes for his third gold in Weymouth. Look out for their


women's football team. British Virgin Islands joining us in the


stadium. One of 40 Caribbean islands. Population just over


22,000. They were the first team to arrive in the Athletes' Village.


Lord Coe gave them a personal welcome. They are keen! Flag bearer


is Maziah Mahusin. Runs in the 400m. They are including women in their


Olympic team for the very first time. The IOC has achieved one of


its long aims of the Olympic ideal. Bulgaria - Yordan Yovchev is


carrying their flag. There are 62 members in this team. First


competed in 1972. Burkina Faso here. I have to say this is my favourite


part of the ceremony. Most people love the razzmatazz, but I love


seeing the teams - the smallest team, the largest team. This is


what it is all about. This is what these young men and women have


trained to do and they have trained to be here for this moment. When


you are having your morning cup of tea, there is a chance you are


savouring the flavours of Burundi. A great splash of colour from


Burundi. Now the athletes of Cambodia joining us. It has the


longest alphabet of any language in the world - 74 letters!


Welcome to the Cambodians. Flag bearer of Cameroon is


Annabelle Ali, a freestyle wrestler. Great excitement about the women's


football team. Still with glowing hearts from


their most successful Olympic performance in history in Vancouver.


They staged the Winter Games there and came out with 14 medals. That's


Simon Whitfield, and he will compete in the triathlon. Montreal


was the first Games I watched. Canada - I have a soft spot for


them. Former Portuguese colony of Cape Verde. First Olympic Games -


1996. Flag very distinction for the Cayman Islands. -- very distinctive


for the Cayman Islands. This team includes the athlete with the


longest name in the Games - she is a wrestler! Good luck to the


Chad - three athletes this time. They sent two, including a 15-year-


old. Chile - one of South America's most wealthy, most prosperous


nations. Denisse van Lamoen is the flag bearer. She won the popular


vote back home to choose the flag bearer so she has the approval of


most of Chile's 17.3 million people The flag bearer is Jianlian Yi - he


is a professional basketball player in the NBA. I wonder what they made


of our Opening Ceremony compared to They won nine out of 14 golds in


As we see the Colombians coming in - there is one man waiting - the


biggest sports star on the planet - it is Usain. He will have a very


special part to play in a few moments' time. Colombians making


their way in. Mariana Pajon is their flag bearer. A genuine threat


in the BMX. Three volcanic islands between Mozambique and the island


of Madagascar. The team includes two athletes and a swimmer - that's


Comoros. From Congo - a handful of athletes. 15 volcanic islands and


they make up the Cook Islands. A population of just 18,000. They


first appeared at the Olympics in If they do strike gold, God defend


New Zealand will therefore be The flags making their way up this


replica of Glastonbury Tor. We are intrigued by the sight of those


copper petals. Gabriela Trana - there she is - she will be taking


The flag-bearer for the Ivory Coast 110 athletes for Croatia, their


biggest ever team. A sports mad nation, home of Goran Ivanisevic,


the former Wimbledon champion. Watch out for their quad scullers,


red hot favourites for the gold at Dorney Lake. 4.5 million people


will be glued to their televisions for the handball. I am so upset


Blanca will not be here. She is my Lopez is carrying the flag. He is a


big boy! Defending champion in the 120 kg Group, the biggest one.


Obviously! Fare star man is Dayron Robles, 110 Beatles hurdles


champion at that Olympic Games and a great race in prospect with Liu


Xiang. -- 110 metres hurdles. Great boxing strength in Cuba, they are


keen to make up for two hut -- 2008 when they did not win a single goal


but will for the first time since 1968. Cyprus first sent a team to


the Winter Olympics in 1980. A team of 14 to Moscow. You might


recognise their flag-bearer, it is tennis player Marcus Baghdatis,


runner-up in the 2006 Australian Open. He lost to Andy Murray at


Wimbledon this year. Another big lad for the Czech Republic, a


badminton player. Check out the Wellington boots! They were


expecting rain. Either that or they have taken the wrong turn to


Glastonbury. The Czech Republic has produced some of the most legendary


Proudly marching behind their flak, the athletes from North Korea. 61


of them. One of the world's most secretive states. I think we have


got the right flag tonight! Pretty unmistakable. This will be the


first Olympics for the north under the leadership of Kim Jong-un, said


to be a keen follower of basketball. His father was a world-class golfer,


we are told. 11 holes-in-one in his first round. Democratic Republic of


Congo, a big exporter of diamonds and coffee. The flag-bearer is the


marathon runner. This is formally known as Zaire, Congo. You might


remember a certain rumble in the jungle there in 1974. Denmark are


with us. They have a team of 115 athletes. The flag-bearer is a


sprint canoeist, a 35-year-old. Lookout for Caroline Wozniacki, the


tennis player, looking to go at a few rounds better than at Wimbledon.


Rory McIlroy will Noga be cheering her on! -- no doubt be cheering her


Djibouti first competed as an independent country in 1984. They


won a bronze in the marathon in 1988. Their first and only medal so


far. I love beauty, Isle of splendour, so as their national


anthem. Lou and Gabriel is a 200m runner. Only 15 Dominican Olympians


They share the same island with Haiti in the Caribbean Sea. Gabriel


Mercedes won silver in taekwondo in Beijing. He returns. As does Felix


Sanchez, he of the flashing wristband, he became their first


Olympic champion over the barriers In the summer that repaid farewell


to Lonesome George, the last giant tortoise of its kind in the


Galapagos Islands, so great was his loss that the President addressed


the nation. Here is hoping for it is six athletes can raise their


spirits once again. -- Ver 36 The Egyptians are here. A nation of


82 million and after all the turmoil of the past 18 months, they


have a new President and they have hoped for more stability. For flag-


bearer won Egypt only medal at the Beijing Olympics, a bronze in judo.


Ramadan falls during the Games. They have been told they don't have


to fast and can make a fast days later. Some will choose to and some


will not. Bell's Salvador, the most densely populated state on the


mainland of the Americas. -- El Salvador. Their first Games was in


Mexico City in 86. -- 1968. Eritrea's on the Red Sea. First


competed in 2000. They won their Estonia has hosted part of an


Olympic Games with the sailing events in 1980 when Moscow was the


main venue. Tallinn was our Weymouth. Home of some of the best


names of all time in distance running. All 38 of Ethiopia's


medals have come in middle and long-distance running and expect


more this time. Maybe from Bekele, one of the most dangerous threats


to Mo Farah in the 10,000m. No one has won three 10,000m titles at the


Olympics. Bekele could. Fiji is my favourite. My favourite flag.


my favourite outfit! The best outfits so far. I wonder if Fiji's


greatest ever sportsman, Vijay Singh, will still be competitive


when golf makes its competitive debut in Rio in four years' time.


He is one of the fittest golfers on tour so you never know. Finland are


here. The flag-bearer is the former world champion at a 100m freestyle.


The first woman ever to carry the Finnish flag at the Summer Olympics.


Watch up for the javelin thrower. The flag-bearer is a 19-year-old, a


swimmer. He carries one of the most colourful and cheerful of all the


The Bee Gees thump out, everybody is rocking in the stadium. We might


have been in Paris tonight. It came down to a choice between London and


Paris to host these Games. For rest is history, but we welcome this big


French team and that is a big man, Teddy Renate, five-time world


champion in judo. He is not cuddly! For flag-bearer won two goals in


1996, has five medals in all. -- two gold medals. David and Carol


Hoy it will be even more proud than they have been of their son, Chris.


Sir Chris Hoy! He will carry the Union flag into the stadium in a


few moments. We are only at G! You're ahead of yourself. We have


had Gabbidon and a Gambia. One of the smallest countries in Africa. A


coastline of the Atlantic, first competed in 1984. The blue stripe


on their flag represents the Gambia river that flows through the


country. Beautiful outfit tonight. The flag-bearer is a 43-year-old


pistol shooter appearing in her 7th Olympic Games. You may remember for


years ago on this very night that Georgia was involved in a vicious


confrontation with Russia over the disputed self-assertive region in


the country. -- self-assertive. Their parents is tinged with


sadness. Representing 82 million Germans, Europe's most


industrialised and populous country. Natasha Keller, hockey player,


flag-bearer. Always one of the largest teams, always strong in the


team sports. The men of the defending hockey champions, their


best sport in 2008 was the equestrian events, where they won


Look out for Maxwells, sprint canoeing world champion. He will be


I quite like the displays in formality -- displays of


informality among people who are normally quite formal! Ghana have


nine athletes here. Some very interested onlookers. The Duke and


Duchess of Cambridge. And we have the Prime Minister and Mrs Cameron,


too. A bit of a wait before they can raise the roof for the Great


Britain team. A great hope for the Spice Island, Kirani James, the


youngest ever sprint world champion in day do last year. Two days


before his 19th birthday. He is the reigning world 400m champion. A


giant of the sport and a giant in life, hoping to bring a first


A team of eight fog lamp, led by a I think we can safely say they are


having fun! Aren't we all! Guatemala's in Central America,


famed for its natural beauty. The flag-bearer follows in his dad's


footsteps, a three-times Olympian sailor. Inspire a generation, the


We are still on cheap and by the vagaries of the Mandarin alphabet


in Mandarin last time, Guinea came out second and had a long wait at


the centre of the stage. Four They first appeared at the 1996


Olympics. They send a team of two athletes and a wrestler. Near the


top of South America, Diana. It means, land of many waters. They


won a gold medal in the 3,000m steeplechase in the colours of


Great Britain! Three men, two women, representing Haiti, and doing so


with so much pride, for a nation which has decimated by that


catastrophic earthquake in 2010 - 3 million people affected, more than


300,000 killed. Oxfam this year said that half-a-million people


remain homeless in the country. TREVOR NELSON: That's the joy of


the Olympics, to see these countries' represented on a level


playing field with everyone else. 42 athletes from Hong Kong. The


flagbearer, Lee Wai Sze, has a busy programme of road and track cycling.


Hong Kong, one of the most life- affirming places you can go.


flagbearer for the Hungarians Peter Biros. They are considered the


greatest ever power in water polo. They also have an athlete who will


be a major competition for Louis Smith in the gymnastics. Apparently


we're getting a lot of tweets from athletes saying they are loving it.


HAZEL IRVINE: Wish you were Here, guys, but I am glad you're watching.


Iceland, no delays caused by their volcanoes this time, thank you very


much! We have a stateless refugee from South Sudan, and three


athletes from the Dutch Antilles competing as independent athletes


under the Olympic flag. There is a precedent for this, with Yugoslavia


athletes competing under this flag in Barcelona, as did some athletes


from East Timor. HUW EDWARDS: The Queen, looking on


with great interest, as we have the Indian team arriving in the stadium.


The Archbishop of Canterbury as well, just a few months away from


retirement. The Indians are arriving, of course, the world's


biggest democracy, 1.2 billion people. The flagbearer is a


wrestler, Sushil Kumar. Badminton 75 million people will be


transfixed by the efforts of the new Iranian weightlifter. The he is


a super heavy, a will champion for the last two years, and he is


trying to lift a total of 472 kilos. That's a lot! A big round of


applause for the members of the Iraqi team, a country emerging of


course from a traumatic decade. of the great Olympic stories of


recent years was the Iraqi football team's path to the semi-final in


2004, at the height of the troubles there. A huge cheer for the I rich,


led by a world boxing champion Katie Taylor. Yes, good evening to


our friends in Ireland. We wish you all well. Katie Taylor, a strong


favourite in the lightweight division in boxing, as boxing makes


its debut for women here. As ever, Irish sports fans will be as


welcome here as they are everywhere else in the world. The Israeli team


- 2012 marking the 40th anniversary of the death of 12 members of the


Israeli team following the Munich The last chance for windsurfers to


get gold, because when serving will be making way for kite surfing in


the next Games. The Italians, a very long and rich Olympic


tradition, going back to 1896. And out in front, 38-year-old Valentina


Vezzali, who has won five gold medals in fencing. One of the most


successful in history in that sport. They are dressed in Armani - aren't


we all, darling? I was going to ask you! A rival for Rebecca Adlington


there. Most famously, on the front cover of Vanity Fair, covered only


in gold paint. Here we go, it's Jamaica. Here he is, the biggest


and most charismatic sports star in the world, Usain Bolt! Listen to


the applause for the three-term gold-medallist, the man who set


three world records with his teammates last time out in Beijing.


He said just a few days ago that he is 95% fit, probably enough for a


gold? Well, he has got his teammate Yohan Blake to beat this time,


which will not be easy. TREVOR NELSON: they are looking for


a big party this year, celebrating the 50th anniversary of their


independence. Japan, led by the Women's double gold medal wrestler.


Nine athletes representing Jordan. Jordan's team includes a 16-year-


old who will be swimming up against Fran Halsall. Next, Kazakhstan. He


has not quite done the Lightning Bolt yet, he has got his hands to


full, I think. Perhaps we will see it in the coming days. Kazakhstan


coming in, led by Nurmakhan Tinaliyev. He is a 24-year-old


wrestler. This is a star team, led by a swim them, but it is David


Rudish who should be striking gold on the track. He is looking to be


the first person from the Masai tribe to do so. The flag that sees


the sun rising above the waves. These atolls were the first places


on earth to see in the new millennium. It sits right on the


date line. HUW EDWARDS: South Korea, now one


of Asia's most affluent countries, since partition back in 1948. The


flagbearer, a 39-year-old flak -- In the archery, a remarkable


athlete has broken his own record this afternoon, a man who are


technically blind in one eye. This team includes two women, one, a


Chuter, and a swimmer. KO Distin, one of only four countries whose


name contains a single vowel. competed as an independent country


in 1996. This, one of the poorest nations in Asia. There have been 40


Olympians from this country, half of them competing in athletics.


Just three in their team this time. The delegation from that fear of


being led by -- from Latvia being led by Martins Plavins, the beach


volleyball player. 10 athletes Tom Daley, getting ready to come in.


Great sense of anticipation, and we are roughly half way in this parade.


Lesotho, three Marathon runners. They have been training in Wrexham


in North Wales. Africa's oldest republic, known in the news for a


long-running and deeply damaging civil war, which saw many people


killed. The flagbearer, Phobay Kutu-Akoi, who runs in the 100m.


Libya, still plagued by violence and lots of armed militias


disrupting that country after the fall of Colonel Gaddafi. But the


long-term prospects are looking good. Let's hope that their


sporting prospects are looking good here, too. Liechtenstein's only


tennis player to hold a ranking on the WTA Tour. Virgilijus Alekna For


Lithuania, now 40 years old, chasing his third Olympic gold. He


is a table tennis player. The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, just nine


athletes. The flagbearer is Marie Muller, who will be competing in


judo. Madagascar, the beloved island, beloved of David


Malawi, a nation of 15.5 million people. A pretty rural,


agricultural country. They first competed in 1972. Just three in


their team. Malaysia, of course, a much bigger, richer country, one of


the most vibrant economies in Asia. Sir Chris Hoy just gearing up,


getting his muscles warmed up to Kerry in the Union flag, signing


some autographs on the way! The Maldives, celebrated their


independence day yesterday. I think when all of this is over, in a few


weeks' time, we would love to join them for a beautiful holiday on the


beautiful beaches! This, a small team, of just six. Carrying the


flag, Rahamatou Drame, a 100m hurdler. 27-year-old William


Chetcuti has been named his country's Sportsperson of the Year


seven times, which has got to be a record. The Marshall Islands, named


after a Briton who went there in 1788.


TREVOR NELSON: Team GB should be coming into the stadium at


approximately 12 o'clock, apparently.


HUW EDWARDS: It all depends on the beat, and the beat is pretty vapid


at the moment, so we might make it Flag bearer is Natacha Rigobert,


competing in the beach volleyball. She's 32.


It's an island framed by such gorgeous beaches in the Indian


Ocean, you'd think volleyball would be an obvious attraction.


Another of the copper petals being put into place. In the distance


there, the Tor is filling up with flags. The Mexicans arriving Maria


del Rosario Espinoza the flag bearer. Mexico in '68 hosted the


Games. Mexico men's football team has the Porto striker Hulk in it.


I'm told he's incredible. Hez a very good player.


The flag bearer is Manuel Minginfel. He's been in the team since the


Olympic debut in 2000. He's the Moldova, which is just between


Romania and Ukraine, sandwiched you'd say, flag bearer, Kristina, a


weightlifter. Second smallest independent state in the world


Monaco. Plenty of wealth, a playground. There he is, Prince


Albert. He will now have to cheer on South Africa's athletes too


after marrying a South African last year.


Moll goala, the -- Mongola, the 29 members of the Mongolian squad


arriving in the stadium. We welcome Montenegro. It emerged as a


sovereign state just a few years ago in 2006, after a ref DM. --


referendum and the end of the former union of Serbia and


Great sense now of how this stadium is filling up. We can really start


to look ahead to the lighting of that cauldron which will happen


after this parade is done. That's the taekwondo player from


Morocco, leading out their team of 72. Still a national hero, one of


the greatest ever sportsmen Garuj It is a fantastic sight to actually


be here, watching this and not just watching it on TV. I know everybody


listening is watching on television, but it's amazing to see the colour.


Mexico have my favourite outfits on now.


This is the team from Mozambique, six of them. Kurt Couto, a 400


metres hurdler leading them out. Once known as Burma, Myanmar


represented by just six people, a nation of 50 million people, bit


way. It's beginning to change since their last appearance at the


Olympic Games since the release of Aung San Suu Kyi.


Namibia, that's Gaby Diana Ahrens. Nauru, a tiny island in the Pacific


named pleasant islands by the first European visitors. Just a couple in


the team. Only 10,000 people on the island.


It's only eight miles square. Prasiddha Jung Shah, flag bearer


That's Dorian van Rijsselberge the 2011 wind surfing champion. He won


the test event in Weymouth too. He will be high tailing it there after


the ceremony. Great Britain's sailors are watching in Weymouth


with the crowd. Good evening to you. I hope you are soaking this up.


196 members of the New Zealand team. Nick Willis who won silver in


Beijing is the flag bearer. He was presented with the team cloak


yesterday and all of you watching and listening from Stewart islands,


two weeks on the night shift and very early mornings, your some 12


hours ahead and we hope you're enjoying the Opening Ceremony over


your breakfast. What I do notice about the athletes


is lack of tension, you know, this is the one time they can actually


enjoy the crowds with no pressure of performance. It's good to see.


Nicaragua arrives. Now the team from Niger, the country grappling


with drought and refugee problems has sent a small team here.


includes a 14-year-old girl in swimming. Africa's most populace


country, 162 million people. Medal hopes also in the women's 100m.


Just loving the outfits as well. Tyson Gay there taking pictures.


The Americans waiting to come in. Wearing berets. Very smart. Norway


better known for the Winter Olympics. They are the most


successful nation in history at the winter Games. They have hosted two


Games. The oldest independent state in the Arab world Oman. Just a


four-member team. Three track and Just a reminder, if you want to see


this in glorious HD, you can do in 3-D as well. It's all available for


you. Go to the HD channel for 3-D coverage of this ceremony, if you


have the right gear, of course! Pakistan. 23 in the team. 33


representing, some of the discrepancies in the figures


representing the people. It's extraordinary. Going back to the 3-


D, have any of you got 3-D? I don't need it. I'm sitting here watching


it, soaking it all up. Good answer, Hazel. I'm thinking long jump or


triple jump could be interesting in 3-D. Can't be bothered with the


specs. Palestine has been a recognised member of the


International Olympic Committee since 1995, though there is no


independent state of Palestine Their flag bearer trains in a small


gym in Jerusalem. He works in his dad's scarf shop too. Ten


Palestinians have competed in the Olympics since their flag first


flew in Atlanta. Panama's first Gold Medallist Irving Saladino.


Papua New Guinea. They say it is the world's most diverse country in


terms of language, 700 native tongues. Ryan Pinne finished eighth


in the men's butterfly. He's a Commonwealth champion and the man


nicknamed rowdy is back for more in London.


This is an interesting story, that's Benjamin Hockney -- Hockin.


He flies the flag. This is the only flag in the world where the front


and back are different. The flag bearer glad yis Tejkowski completes


the women's -- Gladys Tejeda couldn't afford running shoes, but


she'll be competing in the marathon. Flag bearer of the Philippines is a


weightlifter, just 17 when she made her Olympic debut in Beijing.


medals for the fill beans, still to strike the big G though --


Philippines, still to strike the big G though.


Danny Boyle talking about the digital age and trying to show us


exactly what that means. Look at this, incredible. Fresh from their


skphroilts hosting the European football championships alongside


Ukraine that's Agnieszka Radwanska, very high profile personality after


reaching the Wimbledon final. She'd love to turn the tables at SW19 in


a few days' time. Took a set off Miss Williams though. She's back to


Flag bearer for the Portuguese is Telma Monteiro current European


judo champion, three times world Silver Medalist. In the absence of


Nelson Agora in the triple jump it's Nonteiro shows the best chance.


She's ranked number two in the judo competition.


That is Javier Culson, real danger man. He's beaten Great Britain's


Dai Greene in the last two diamond league meetings over the 400 m


hurdles. He's still the favourite for that event. A nation of 3.9


million would love him to become their first ever Gold Medallist.


No-one's beating Dai Greene in these Games - it's official!


sure he appreciates that. This is a significant moment for


Qatar. Shooter Bahya AlHamad Tennis player Horia Tecau is the


flag bearer. Double specialist, beaten in this year's Wimbledon


final. They are boosted by the return of triple Gold Medallist


gymnast. Bumper presence from Russia, 436 competitors. Of course,


they are looking ahead to the 2014 Winter Olympics as well. They are.


At the front Maria Sharapova. She Qataris have joined us as well in


Adrien Niyonshuti says his aim is to put Rwanda on the map as a


country of skilled cyclists, and not just as a country of genocide.


It is remarkable, when you realise he lost six brothers in the


genocide in 1994, when just nine years old.


HUW EDWARDS: The Great British team, preparing to coming, and I think we


are about three-quarters of the way through the parade, so not that


long to wait. When Team GB comes in, we will then be moving towards the


lighting of the cauldron. Welcome to Levern Spencer. There's my


sister at the very back. And my other sister told me to say, make


sure you tell them that we're hosting the Commonwealth youth


Games in a few years' time. Back for another Games in weightlifting,


Ele Opeloge, one of five siblings to have competed internationally.


San Marino, one of the world's smallest countries. The oldest


surviving Republic, they say. The first Olympics for them, 1960. Just


four in their squad. One of Africa's smallest countries, just a


couple of violence, of volcanic origin. And just a couple of team


members as well. Just north of the equator. It is like a lesson being


here, it really is, so many countries you have never heard of.


HAZEL IRVINE: That's the beauty of the tournament.


HUW EDWARDS: 19 members of the Saudi Arabia team. Experts say it


is in fact a bit of an enigma, the world's biggest oil producer and


exporter, and so far resisting the winds of change of the Arab Spring.


And this young lady will become the first female to compete in the


Olympic Games for her country. Saudi Arabia have selected women


for the first time, an historic moment. Senegal's footballers drew


with Great Britain last night of course at Old Trafford. Notably,


they are all over 6mm tall. -- 6ft tall. It is so colourful out there


now. It really is. And Novak Djokovic, last year's Wimbledon


champion, of course. He won three out of four Grand Slam titles last


year, beaten by Roger Federer in the semi-final at Wimbledon, now


seeded number two in the Singles event for the Olympics. Serbia yet


to win a medal - could he be the man?


TREVOR NELSON: He looks like he's having a lot of fun. He is a


charming man. He must be a lot of fun to have around the team, for


sure. The Seychelles, a group of 86 islands in the Indian Ocean, 1,500


kilometres east of can you. -- east of Kenya. Interesting just to note


It has been a remarkable feat to bring all of these themes together


by Danny Boyle and his team. There we can see, a representation of


what we are talking about, proof of what Danny Boyle was wanting to


underline, the spirit of the volunteers, whose faces we see


there, thousands of them, who have helped to put this together. For


him, it epitomises the spirit of the Olympic Games. Slovakia, all


seven of their Olympic medals have come in the canoe slalom, they are


crazy about the sport. Watch out for the boys from Bratislava, the


twins, once again, they are favourites in the whitewater event.


The flagbearer for Slovenia is the world champion slalom canoeist


Peter Kauzer, one of 65 members of The Solomon Islands, got their name


when a Spanish explorer discovered gold in the 1,500s, and thought he


had found the source of King Solomon's great wealth. The experts


say Somalia is finally on the road to recovery, after renewed


international efforts to restore peace and to defeat the piracy


problems there. A very small team, just two competitors, from Somalia.


Both of them are athletes. Already a superb summer of sport for South


Africa, with Ernie Els winning the Open last weekend, and a


significant statement made, with the flag being carried by Caster


Semenya she was at the centre of a pretty disgraceful investigation


into her gender, carried out in public. And of course, Oscar


Pistorius, the first double amputee to take part in the Olympic Games.


290 members of the Spanish Olympic team. Rafa Nadal was originally


chosen to be the flagbearer, but he has a knee injury. Yes, so,


everybody hoping that the Men's football team can go on to win. But


surprisingly, they lost to Japan at Hampden Park last night, Spain


having a man sent off. Perhaps their luck will change once the


Olympic flame is lit. Either way, the Olympic motto, faster, Higher,


stronger, it sounds great in Spanish.


TREVOR NELSON: It is nice to see people from these countries that


HAZEL IRVINE: I am loving the hair. That's what it is all about! The


That's what it is all about! The rain has stayed away. Sri Lanka,


meaning resplendent islands. Marco Polo said it was the most beautiful


place he had ever seen. The Sri Lankans fielding a team of seven.


Sudan, a team of six, and once again, very smartly turned-out.


2008, they had a breakthrough, their first ever medal, a silver in


the 800m. And now, they have got a real chance of gold, although he


will have his work cut out to beat the athlete from Kenya. Sudan split


into two countries, which is why we had the other athlete earlier,


representing South Sudan. Surinam, a country of 500,000-odd people.


They have won two medals, from 1988 and 1992. And I think they are


still using the stamps and coins minted in honour of those


achievements. Swaziland, a team of three, including a swimmer and two


track athletes. 140 members of the Swedish team. Their most successful


Games came a century ago, when they hosted the Games in Stockholm.


flagbearer, a showjumper, Folf- Goran Bengtsson. But it will be in


the pool that they will look for real success. The next flagbearer,


tennis player Stanislas Wawrinka. Roger Federer is in the team. Let's


see if we can spot him... Roger Federer said that taking part at


Wimbledon for a gold medal would be one of the most special occasions


in Olympic history. He is actually playing tomorrow, so he may not be


down there. He is the third match on Centre court, we have been told.


Good knowledge, Trevor! The Syrian team of 10 has prepared for these


Olympic Games against a backdrop of increasingly violent times in their


country. 44 athletes from Chinese Taipei. First entered the Olympic


Games in 1956. They have won two gold medals since that time, in


A country of 23 million people. Next, the former Soviet republic,


the poorest nation, economically, in Central Asia. 16 team members.


Sadly, civil unrest at the moment in the mountains in their country,


we can only hope that the Olympic truce may bring some respite.


HUW EDWARDS: A real sense now of the Tor being packed with these


flags. All 224 will be on the Tor after Team GB have come in.


Everyone was gearing themselves up in the Thai squad for the


reappearance of their of gold-medal winning weightlifter, but she was


recently axed from the squad because of poor form in the build-


up. Every commentator breathed a sigh of relief. Can you say that


again?! I don't think I can do that! This country, some 400 miles


north-west of Australia. This is a remarkable story, the flagbearer,


Augusto Soares. He said, if it is cold in London, do not worry, I


will bring a jumper. Togo won their first medal last turn around in


Beijing, in the canoe slalom. He snapped his paddle in celebration,


I remember. The Tongan flagbearer, is further from that country, his


mother English, and he grew up in New Zealand! This flagbearer, from


Trinidad and Tobago, a 200m sprinter. Many stars in sprinting


from Trinidad and Tobago. Some rivals for Dai Greene in amongst


that team. We have just 15 minutes to go until Team GB come into the


stadium. It is building up nicely, as we welcome the Tunisian team.


You will notice around the stadium, what we were talking about earlier,


everybody using these pixels to great effect, and they will be


creating even more magic with it as Another landmark moment, this time


for Turkey, this is Neslihan Darnel carrying the flag. She's the face


of volleyball, 28-year-old mum, known as the Iron Lady. We know how


formidable they can be. First match for her and her team is tomorrow


night actually against the defending champions Brazil.


Ten athletes in five sports for Turkmenistan, 80% of the country


made up by the great Garaboun Nine tiny islands in the South


Pacific, which gained independence from the UK in 1978. We've had a


tweet from Zoe Smith and the British team who stuck out saying,


"Getting impatient, let us in. I'm so excited." Don't worry, not long


The 16 members of the Ugandan team representing 33 million people of


Uganda. Ganzi Mugula is the swimmer and the flag bearer. Uganda's only


Olympic champion won gold in the 400 metres hurdles trained by


Englishman Malcom Arnold. He now trains Dai Greene.


Ukrainians, as we mention, recently co-hosted Euro 2012 with Poland.


Roman Gontiuk is the two time judo medallist and the flag bearer.


There's Sergei Bubka, legendary pole vaulter.


Of course, Ukrainians against England at the European football


champions, they think it was over the line.


Perhaps they'll maybe get their own back here with the Dobrynska


against Jessica Ennis in the heptathlon. United Arab Emirates.


Saeed Almaktoum the flag bearer. is a trap shooter and a member of


the Royal Family. We welcome the United States of America, the most


successful nation ever in swimming, athletics, basketball, tennis,


boxing and diving. 530 of them in London. The First Lady Michelle


Obama welcoming them. She'd been leading the delegation here.


Speaking yesterday about how humble she felt and reminiscing about the


way she'd been inspired by the Olympics in the 1970s when she was


growing up. Raffle Lauren uniforms they --


Ralph Lauren uniforms they wear tonight. Michael Phelps is


returning to the Games with his 14 gold medals already. He's trying


for just seven this time. Ryan Lochte his team-mate has a


possibility of winning six this time. Look out for missy the


missile Franklin. She's just 17. She has qualified for seven events


as well. She could be the new star of this US swim team, indeed the US


team generally. In athletics Justin gat Lynn and Tyson Gay will try to


stop Bolt and Blake in the 100m. There is Tyson Gay. Usain Bolt, I


don't think he's going to get round of track. It's the slowest he's


negotiated the 200 m. The exuberant entry of the


Americans, more than 500 of them tells us that we really are in the


final stages of the athletes' parade. Not too long to wait. Just


going to guess around ten minutes, maybe a little less.


David Cameron and Lord Coe, who's Master Minded these Games really,


sitting next to Prince Charles. Prince Harry, William and Katherine,


all waiting, knowing within ten minutes or so Team GB will be here.


Just spotted KobiBryant, LA Lakers basketball player. The USA are


favourites for the Gold Medal once again. It will be a shock if they


win. That It always is. Rod offalo Colley -- Rodolfo Collazo is the


A good shot of the drummers there. They're not actually banging real


drums. They're plastic buckets. Let's hear it for the drummers,


because they've been at it now for hours. Really, they deserve a round


of applause too. That is a real star, if you're a


fan you'll know why. He's looking for his fourth consecutive Gold


Medal. Incredible talent. Lulu is carrying their flag, not our one,


but their one, Anolyn Lulu, 33- Fabiola Ramos table tennis player


in her fifth Games. She's flag Five countries to go! Then the home


team makes its entrance. 18 members of the Vietnamese team.


22-year-old fencer Tien Nhat Nguyen The United States bought of Virgin


Islands for $25 million. That's tab This marks the 20th year of Yemen's


Welcome Prince Mumba with their flag. He's not, by the way. He'll


run in the men's 800 metres at years after last appearing in that


events in Athens. Seven in their team. Wild celebrations and all


around when Zambia won the Africa Cup of Nations. But their team


didn't qualify for the Olympics. There's Kirsty Coventry an Olympic


legend, seven-strong team. She's won seven of Zimbabwe's eight


medals in their history, two of them gold. She's a swimmer. She


recently dislocated her knee. This is a real achievement for her. The


noise builds. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Chris Hoy,


he's waited patiently. That's the reward, thunderous applause.


How appropriate, David Bowie's Heros blasts out around the Olympic


It's a 541-strong team. Only about half of them marching tonight. The


others saving their energy for events early in the Games. There's


Tim Brabbants back to defend his title.


What a moment for David and Carol Hoy! Chris, Britain's most


successful cycling athlete in history. The flying Scotsman. The


first ever cyclist to carry the flag at the Opening Ceremony and


who can forget his triple gold from Beijing.


The Queen looks on proudly, I'm sure. Seven billion little bits of


paper, biodegradable paper to represent every single human being


on the planet. I'm up with the crowd taking a


picture. I'm filming this. It's so historic, the moment we've been


waiting for for seven years. Daley, here at the age of 18, for


his second Olympic Games. He was just 14 when he made the final in


the 10m platform in Beijing. What a picture, what a scene and what a


moment for these athletes. For all of team members, 540 of


them, Tom Daley looks ecstatic, I can't quite believe the moment's


arrived. Tom Daley there, Pete has a Silver Medal from the sink row


diving in Athens. The sense of joy and celebration! Prime Minister


applauding enthusiastically, members of the Royal Family,


Archbishop of Canterbury too enjoying. The Duke of Edinburgh and


the Queen, surveying the scene and taking it all in.


We see Alison Williams, six times Olympian. Yeah! I couldn't agree


more. This team trying to surpass the 19 gold medals and seven silver


they brought back from the last Games. The enthusiasm, the welcome,


it's as warm and lively as you can imagine. This is the first time


that Great Britain has entertained all 26 summer Olympic sports, from


beach volleyball, handball, basketball and football. You're


going to be seeing a lot of these men and women over the next 16 days


or so. Obviously, you'll be able to see them on the BBC, on so many


different channels. I hope to be following a sport that I never


thought I'd enjoy or like, that's the whole joy of the Olympic Games.


These athletes lucky enough to be parading, spare a thought for the


swimmers, Rebecca Adlington, Hannah Miley, Liam Tancock, they took the


decision as a team to save their energy because they're in the pool,


many of them 10am tomorrow. I'm sure that they're staying up to


seat lighting of the flame before Will he be wearing a medal when we


come back in a few weeks' time for the closing ceremony? Let's hope.


That is a magnificent sight, really. The stadium looks wonderful at


night. You can see why Danny Boyle wanted to start a little later, to


get the full effect of the lighting and these pixels. As we watch these


pictures spare a thought for our rowers, a huge rowing team, that


are watching this ahead of their event which starts tomorrow. Down


in Weymouth our sailors including Ben Ainslie, are also I'm sure


enjoying this and having their own party.


You may be wondering now what's going to happen next, because we


have Team GB with us. We have all 204 nations here. They're enjoying


the atmosphere. What's happening next? Well, we have a


representation of the doves of peace and then we'll be moving


towards the climax of the ceremony itself. We have the Queen,


declaring the Games open and we The home team makes its way up on


to what was a meadow at the start MUSIC: "I Bet You Look Good


# Your name isn't Rio # Lighting a fuse


# I bet that you look good # I don't know


# I said, "I bet that you look good # "Dancing to electro-pop


# I wish you'd stop ignoring me # Without a sound


# Your name isn't Rio # Lighting a fuse might result


# I bet that You look good on the dance floor


# I don't know If you're looking for romance, or


# I don't know what ya looking for


# I said, "I bet that You look good on the dance floor


# "Dancing to electro-pop Like a robot from 1984


# "From 1984!"


# Oh there ain't no love No Montagues or Capulets


# Just banging tunes in DJ sets


# And dirty dance floors


# And dreams of naughtiness


# Well, I bet that You look good on the dance floor


# I don't know If you're looking for romance, or


# I don't know what ya looking for


BOTH: # I said, "I bet that You look good on the dance floor


# "Dancing to electro-pop Like a robot from 1984


# "From 1984!" #


# "From 1984!" #




MUSIC: "Come Together" by TheBeatles perfomed by Arctic Monkeys


# Here come old flat top


# He come groovin' up slowly


# He got joo joo eyeballs


# He one holy rollers


# He got hair down to his knee


# Got to be a joker


# He just do what he please


# He wear no shoeshine


# He got toe jam football


# He got monkey finger


# He shoot Coca-Cola


# He say I know you, you know me


# One thing I can tell you is


# You got to be free


# Come together, right now


# Over me


# He bad production


# He roller coaster


# He got early warning


# He got muddy water


# He one Mojo filter


# He say one and one and one is three


# Got to be good looking


# Cos he's so hard to see


# Come together right now


# Over me


# Come together, yeah


# Come together, yeah


# Come together, yeah


Mesdames et messieurs, Ladies and gentlemen,


Mesdames et messieurs, veuillez accueillir chaleureusement


le president du Comite d'organisation des Jeux olympiques et paralympiques, Sebastian Coe,


et le president du Comite international olympique, Jacques Rogge.


Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the chairman of the London Organising Committee


of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, Sebastian Coe,


and the president of the International Olympic Committee, Jacques Rogge.




Your Majesty,


Your Majesty, Your


Your Majesty, Your Majesty's, your Royal Highnesses, President,


distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen - to everyone in this


stadium attending our Opening Ceremony, to every athlete waiting,


ready, prepared to take part in these Games, to everyone in every


city and village in the world, watching as we begin, welcome to


London! Welcome to the 2012 Olympic Games, welcome from every one of us.


I have never been so proud to be British, and to be a part of the


Olympic movement. Azam on this day, at this moment. The Olympics brings


together the people of the world, in harmony and friendship, and in


peace, to celebrate what is best about mankind. All my life, I have


loved sport. You have to love sport to compete at it. There is a truth


to sport, a purity, drama, intensity, a spirit which makes it


irresistible to take part in, and irresistible to watch. London 2012


seeks to capture all of this. London 2012 will inspire a


generation. In every Olympic sport, there is all that matters in life -


humans stretched to the limit of their abilities, inspired by what


they can achieve, driven by the talent to work harder than they


could have believed possible. Living for the moment, but making


an indelible mark upon history. For the athletes gathered here on the


eve of this great endeavour, I say that to you is given something


precious and irreplaceable - to run faster, to jump higher, to be


stronger, and to my fellow countrymen, I say thank you - thank


you for making all of this possible...


In the next two weeks, we will show all that has made London one of the


greatest cities in the world. APPLAUSE AND CHEERING the only city


to have welcomed the Games three times.


Each time we have done it, the world faced turbulence and trouble.


And each time, the Games have been a triumph. Our history as a


thriving commercial centre, as a place where people of all nations


have for centuries come to meet, as a city which never stands still,


this history has prepared us for today. For us, for every Briton,


just as for the competitors, this is our time.


APPLAUSE And one day, we will tell our children and grandchildren that


when our time came, we did it right. APPLAUSE AND CHEERING let us


determine, all of us, all over the world, that London 2012 will see


the very best of us. It now gives me great pleasure to


introduce the President of the International Olympic Committee,


Jacques Rogge. Your Majesty, Your Majesty's, your


Royal Highnesses, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen - in


just a few moments, the Olympic Games will officially returned to


London for the third time, setting an are unmatched record for hosting


the Games which spans more than a century.


APPLAUSE AND CHEERING thank you, London, for welcoming the world to


this diverse, vibrant, cosmopolitan city yet again.


It has taken a lot of hard work, by many people, to get us to this


point. I want to thank the entire team at the London Organising


Committee, superbly led by Lord Coe, for their excellent and hard work.


APPLAUSE I also want to thank all the public authorities who have


helped to make sure that these Games will leave a lasting,


positive legacy, long after the Closing Ceremony.


And of course, we are all grateful to the thousands of dedicated


volunteers who have been so generous...


Who have been so generous with their time, their energy and their


welcoming smiles. For the first time in Olympic history, all the


participating teams will have had female athletes, and this is a


major boost to gender equality. In a sense, the Olympic Games are


coming home tonight. This great, sports-loving country is widely


recognised as the birthplace of modern sport.


It was here that the concepts of sportsmanship and fair play were


first codified into clear rules and regulations. It was here that sport


was included as an educational tool in the school curriculum. The


British approach to sport had a profound influence on our founder,


Pierre de Coubertin, as he developed the framework for the


modern Olympic movement at the close of the 19th century. The


values that inspired Pierre de Coubertin will come to life over


the next 17 days, as the world's best athletes compete in a spirit


of friendship, respect and fair I congratulate all of the athletes


who have earned a place at these Games.


APPLAUSE And to the athletes, I offer this


thought: Your talent, your dedication and commitment brought


you here. Now you have a chance to become true Olympians. That honour


is determined not by whether you win but by how you compete.


APPLAUSE Reject doping, respect your


opponents, remember that you're all role models. If you do that, you


will inspire a generation. These athletes make us dream. I now


have the honour to ask Her Majesty the Queen to open the Games of the


30th Olympiad. Thank you. I declare open the Games of London,


celebrating the 30th Olympiad of the modern era.


Ladies and gentleman, the Olympic Flag.


ANNOUNCEMENT IN FRENCH AND THEN IN The flag is carried by Doreen


Lawrence. We salute her tireless thirst for justice.


UN ambassador Hiale Gabreselassie. Secretary-general of the United


Winner of the Nobel Prize Laima Bowie, a great peace maker.


ShamiChakrabati, the founder of Liberty, we salute her integrity.


Daniel Barenboim, who brings harmony in place of dischord.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 115 seconds


Marina Silver, United Nations The discipline of a great athlete


demands respect, confidence, conviction, dedication, generosity


and spiritual strength. These virtues are represented here for us


tonight by Mr Mohammed Ali. The greatest MuhammadAli,


representing our common aspiration to be the best we can be.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 115 seconds


Ladies and gentleman, please stand HUW EDWARDS: earlier we saw David


Beckham, football legend bringing the torch past Tower Bridge.


They turned into the oldest canal in London. They're approaching


rapidly. The big question is, of course, who will take possession of


this torch when it gets to the Olympic Park itself? That's the


next great mystery. We can see that lone figure there. There's a


remarkable silhouette for us. Now we know exactly who it is.


We do. Our greatest Olympian of all The beautiful torchs are now very


familiar features, having seen the 70-day relay. Steve Redgrave takes


possession of this torch. He'll bring it into the stadium ready for


the lighting of the cauldron. The location of the cauldron is also a


mystery. He approaches the stadium, where


there are 80,000 people waiting for his arrival.


A mass of athletes gathered in the At first we will have the oath,


taken on behalf of the athletes, officials and coaches.


This is Sarah Stephenson, a true inspiration after injury. In the


name of all the competitors I promise that we shall take part in


the Olympic Games, respecting and abiding by the rules which govern


them. Committing ourselves to a sport without doping and without


drugs. In the true spirit of sportsmanship, for the glory of the


sport and the honour of our teams. Ladies and gentleman, to take the


Olympic oath on behalf of all the judges, Olympic boxing referee and


judge. In the name of all the judges and officials I promise we


shall officiate in these Games with complete impartiality, respecting


and abiding by the rules which govern them, in the true spirit of


sportsmanship. Mik Basi was born in Ladies and gentleman, to take the


Olympic oath on behalf of all coaches, Eric Farrell, MBE, Olympic


canoe sprint coach. In the name of all the coaches, and


other members of the athletes entourage, I prim is to commit


ourselves to ensuring that the spirit of sportsmanship and fair


play is fully adhered to and upheld in accordance with the fundamental


principles of Olymism. Mesdames et messieurs,


dans le stade temoigne par une garde d'honneur


des hommes et des femmes qui ont construit le parc olympique.


Ladies and gentlemen, after 12,800 miles,


the Olympic torch is about to enter the stadium


witnessed by an honour guard


by the men and women who raised the Olympic Park.




Mesdames et messieurs, la flamme olympique!


Ladies and gentlemen, the Olympic flame!




The moment


The moment has


The moment has arrived. Sir Steve Redgrave is the man chosen.


Waiting for Sir Steve Redgrave, a group of promising young athletes,


the next generation, who have been nominated for this very special


role tonight. The Olympics, making good on its promise to inspire a


generation, and what better way than this? Adele Tracey, Nominated


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 115 seconds


Jordan Duckett, nominated by Duncan Katie Kirk, Nominated by Mary


Aidan Reynolds, nominated by Lynn Davies. Desiree Hayleigh, Nominated


by Daley Thompson. HUW EDWARDS: Seven great young


Ladies and gentlemen, representing Britain's Olympians, 260 medalists


from summer and winter Olympic Games since 1948.


HAZEL IRVINE: Some of our finest Olympians celebrating the new


generation, on their sporting And this is what they meant by


inspiring a generation. Seven great British Olympic heroes, offering


that honour to these young athletes. Literally passing the torch.


first glimpse of the cauldron. It really is a stunning work of art.


One of the most closely guarded secrets of this whole ceremony. The


young athletes approach with the torches. Now, we see what the


copper kettles were all about. More than 200 of them, now burning


brightly. The long, elegant stems, gently rising, converging, to form


one great flame of unity. It really is beautiful. A symbol of the


peaceful coming-together of nations APPLAUSE It really is a triumph.


Breathtaking in its beauty and its So, the Olympic flame is entrusted


# All that you touch # All that you taste


# All that you love And all that you hate


# All you mistrust All that you save


# And all that you give And all that you deal


# And all that you buy Beg, borrow or steal


# And all you create And all you destroy


# And all that you do And all that you say


# And all that you eat And everyone you meet


# And all that you slight And everyone you fight


# And all that is now And all that is gone


# And all that's to come


# And everything under the sun is in tune


# But the sun is eclipsed by the moon. #




# And in the end the love you take


# Is equal to the love you make. #




Ladies and


Ladies and gentlemen,


Ladies and gentlemen, Paul MUSIC: "Hey Jude"


# Take a sad song And make it better


# Then you can start To make it better


# Hey, Jude Don't be afraid


# You were made to go out and get her


# The minute you let her under your skin


# Then you begin To make it better


# And any time you feel the pain Hey, Jude, refrain


# Don't carry the world upon your shoulders


# For well you know That it's a fool who plays it cool


# By making his world a little colder


# Hey, Jude Don't let me down


# You have found her Now go and get her


# Remember to let her into your heart


# Then you can start To make it better


# So let it out and let it in Hey, Jude, begin


# You're waiting for someone to perform with


# And don't you know that it's just you


# Hey, Jude, you'll do


# The movement you need is on your shoulder


ALL: # Naa naa naa naa-naa-naa naa


# Hey, Jude Don't make it bad


# Take a sad song And make it better


# Remember to let her under your skin


# Then you'll begin To make it


# Better, better, better Better, better, better, oh!


ALL: # Naa naa naa naa-naa-naa naa


# Naa-naa-naa naa Hey, Jude


# Naa naa naa naa-naa-naa naa


# Naa-naa-naa naa Hey, Jude


# Naa naa naa naa-naa-naa naa


# Naa-naa-naa naa Hey, Jude


# Naa naa naa naa-naa-naa naa


# Naa-naa-naa naa Hey, Jude


# Naa naa naa naa-naa-naa naa


# Naa-naa-naa naa Hey, Jude


# Naa naa naa naa-naa-naa naa


# Naa-naa-naa naa Hey, Jude


# Naa naa naa naa-naa-naa naa


# Naa-naa-naa naa Hey, Jude


# Naa naa naa naa-naa-naa naa


# Naa-naa-naa naa Hey, Jude


# Naa naa naa naa-naa-naa naa


# Naa-naa-naa naa Hey, Jude


# Naa naa naa naa-naa-naa naa


# Naa-naa-naa naa Hey, Jude. #


# Naa naa naa naa-naa-naa naa


# Naa-naa-naa naa Hey, Jude


# Naa naa naa naa-naa-naa naa


# Naa-naa-naa naa Hey, Jude. #


# Naa naa naa naa-naa-naa naa


# Naa-naa-naa naa Hey, Jude


# Naa naa naa naa-naa-naa naa


# Naa-naa-naa naa Hey, Jude


# Naa naa naa naa-naa-naa naa


# Naa-naa-naa naa Hey, Jude


# Naa naa naa naa-naa-naa naa


# Naa-naa-naa naa Hey, Jude




You were


You were great,


You were great, you were great, you Ladies and gentleman, we hope you


enjoyed the London 2012 Olympic Games.


That was an incredibly vibrant, colourful and immensely funny


evening. I thought it was an absolute triumph as far as Danny


Boyle was concerned. Quintessentially British in many


ways, a staggering production and all credit due to all involved,


especially Danny Boyle. And all the volunteers that took part. They can


go away very happy tonight. They've done themselves proud. They've done


us proud. It was a fabulous Opening Ceremony. Just the feel-good factor


up here was immense. The athletes always enjoying this. It gets you


ready, gets you excited for things to to come. Michael Johnson: It


really does. These athletes waited a long time to walk into the


stadium and lighting the cauldron, and the dramatic way it was lit,


that was amazing. Gary Lineker: Did you understand what was going on


half the time in the Opening Ceremony, it was very British?


because I spend a lot of time in Britain. I was wondering whether


some of the people back at home really got all of it, but I thought


the segment with the Queen and James Bond and the helicopter was


brilliant. Genius. What a moment that was. And Mr Bean was another.


He's world renowned. So too is James Bond. Those moments I'm sure


they'll be grasped everywhere. Music in this country was


celebrated. Film was celebrated. The NHS, Great Ormond Street,


modern technology. It was a celebration of all the good things


about Britain. We wondered after Beijing, it was so dramatic, could


they achieve that again, the first hour-and-a-half of changing the


scene out there was just magical. It really was. I think London needs


to make this Games their own. It started at the very beginning with


the legacy and sustainability already setting a mark with this


Games. I think that theme carried through with this Opening Ceremony


and so, I think that it didn't make sense to try to follow Beijing.


This is not Beijing. This is London's Olympics. I think London


did a fabulous job with the Opening Ceremony. The track and field team


are watching, the cauldron will move from there and they can be so


warmed by the welcome the British team had here. It's going to be


immense when the athletics gets minister under way. I'm sure --


gets under way in eight days. I wish they could be here. This was


fantastic. I think they'll be proud and inspired when they get here and


take part in this Games in this stadium. Michael, thanks very much


for spending the evening, we very much enjoyed your company. The


Olympics start shortly. Olympic breakfast on BBC One begins at 6am.


Yes, it's an early start for them on breakfast. Then, of course, the


live sport gets under way at 9am and so much to look forward to. The


swimming heats get under way. Hannah Miley, Michael Phelps and


Ryan Lochte in the pool. The men's eights are in action and so much to


look forward to from 9am through the day. I'm back at 4pm. Gary's on


at 7pm on BBC One and BBC One HD. These are the scenes still outside.


The volunteers are enjoying the evening. The athletes are sliding


their way back to the village. purposely didn't mention one


because tomorrow we're hoping that Mark Cavendish, on the road race,


can really get Britain off to a flying start and win Team GB's


first Gold Medal of these Games. I tell you, after what we've seen


tonight, hopefully the success story will continue. That would be


very special. It would really lift it for Team GB. Get that gold to


start. It would set the tone. of pressure. I know, but he has a


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