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Closing Ceremony Countdown

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The Olympics brings together people of the world in harmony and


friendship, and peace, to celebrate what is best about mankind. To


every athlete waiting, ready, prepared to take part in these


games, welcome to London. There is a truth to sport, a purity, a drama,


and intensity, the spirit that makes it irresistible to take part


in and irresistible to watch. we are seeing right now is the


dream come true. It will inspire a generation. In every Olympic sport,


There is all that matters in life. Humans stretched to the limits of


their ability, living for the moment, but making an indelible


mark on history. The champion becomes a legend! My fellow


countrymen, I say thank you, thank you for making this possible.


Jessica Ennis is the Olympic champion. Best all-round athlete in


the world. I have never been so proud to be British and to be part


of the Olympic movement. This is our time. And one day we will tell


our children and our grandchildren that when our time came, we did it


right. The words offered by Sebastian Coe


at the opening ceremony perfectly described the most glorious


sporting weeks in British history. Dreams were realised, heart strings


were togged, we should it here, London delivered, it kept its


promises, even the sunshine, and tonight it will hand over the


Olympic responsibility to Rio de Janeiro. Before that, we are set


for a rousing finale. The artistic director has promised the closing


ceremony will be the best after- show party ever. It is a chance for


the athletes to celebrate their achievements and an opportunity for


us to thank them. Over the next hour and a half we will look back


at some of those magical moments before we begin our final farewell


to London 2012. The perfect closing ceremony needs


to do several things. It has to celebrate the excellence of the


athletes, and my word there is a lot of that to celebrate. It has to


entertain the people in the crowd. It has to introduce the world to


the next host city. We will be doing that. And it has to bring the


Olympic Games to a dignified and fitting conclusion. Something else


to celebrate as well, if we take a look at the skyline taking shape in


the stadium. By common consent, London has proved itself to be the


perfect Olympic city. With a generous spirit and an army of


volunteers who brought something very special to these Olympic Games,


not to mention some outstanding venues. So, we are standing by for


a symphony of British music - someone called it the play list to


end all play lists. I will let you be the judge of that but we are


getting ready to celebrate the triumph of London 2012.


It has gone so quickly, but here we are - the closing ceremony is


almost upon us. The stadium will be crammed to the rafters. Over the


next hour-and-a-half we will bring you the stories of these amazing


Olympics, and in the company of some of the biggest names in sport,


including Sir Steve Redgrave and Michael Johnson. Steve, just over


two weeks ago you proudly carried the torch into the Olympic Stadium.


How do you think it has gone since then? Reasonably well? A not too


bad. It has been fantastic, past my wildest dreams of what we thought


we could deliver. It has been so special obviously from the


supporting -- the sporting side, Team GB has been a plus. The


atmosphere for the athlete has been incredible, down to the volunteers


and everybody that has made it so fantastic for everybody else. I


have been to a lot of the venues in the last 10 days once the rowing


had finished, and the feedback I am getting is incredible. You have


cuddled a lot of people, haven't you? Michael, I would love to know


what sort of perspective it is getting further revealed outside


Great Britain. How does the world perceive the Olympic Games to have


gone? I have been here. That is a good point! I have heard from back


home, people have noticed that out in the City London has just been so


energetic and people have had a great time, even if you didn't have


an opportunity to go to the events, just the energy in the city from


day one has been incredible. Out here in the Olympic Park, people


having a great time and wanting to hang out so they have done a


fantastic job of creative fantastic atmosphere. It always helps that


Team GB did a great job. another packed house as well


because the crowd have been the star of the Games. It has been


fantastic in the stadium from the first day. The first morning


session, there was talk of empty seats but there were none here. It


started out for Jessica Ennis and it was incredible right the way


through. Some fantastic performances here, and each one of


the athletes, not only from Great Britain, but from all round said


the atmosphere and the crowd lifted them so much. The crowd taking


their seats here because they are getting ready for the closing


ceremony. When London 2012 began, the tone of the Games would be set


by the British team. Can they cope with the pressure and expectation


of forming on home soil? Absolutely. It is the flag of Uganda draped


over the shoulders of Stephen Kiprotich. He is the Olympic


champion. This is effectively a lack of honour. -- lap of honour.


The noise is deafening. A my words can't do justice. Have you ever


seen anything like that? For seven years, the questions had


been asked countless times - could debt-ridden Britain afford this?


Did a nation of doubters have the conviction to pull this off? Could


the athletes deliver? Now the questions had to stop, there was


time only to take a deep breath and let London stir.


Earth has not anything to show more fair. Dull would he be of soul who


could pass by the sight so touching in its majesty. This city now like


a garment were as the beauty of the morning. Silence, there, ships,


towers, domes, theatres and temples lie open on to this guy for right


and glittering on to the smoke last day.


And with that, the action began with something of a whisper, the


sigh of a hope dashed. Mark Cavendish's gold medal chances are


slipping away here. It is the story of our life. When the first medal


came, it was celebrated. Relief at being off the mark. There was a


first British medal in the men's team gymnastics for 100 years. And


a team on a different kind of horse won silver. Even so, there was a


slight sense of anti-climax. A bronze for Rebecca Adlington was OK.


It was hard, it was so hard. Four days had gone by - nobody dared


suggest that Team GB you were joking, but when would somebody


clear their throat and let out a roar? Where was the gold? It came


on the fifth day. Rowing - ever reliable rowing - rowed to the


rescue. That is an exceptional start for Helen Glover and Heather


Stanning. They are storming away. They move away with such power and


grace. They are making history here at Eton Dorney. Great Britain are


Olympic champions. Helen Glover and Heather Stanning, we stand up and


salute you. A man that has not lost any fluidity at Talk is Bradley


Wiggins, poetry in motion. Six medals to his credit in the


Olympics and it is looking like it is going to the gold today. Bradley


Wiggins is the Olympic champion. be honest, it had to be gold today


it or nothing. What is the point in having seven medals if they are not


cold? I have got to carry on to Rio now and go for five. Already making


plans for the future, but at the moment Bradley Wiggins deserved a


break. He set off to celebrate for a night on the tiles without his


bike. Also smashed, the British record for the men's 200m


breaststroke. It is a fantastic silver medal for Great Britain and


Michael Jameson, what a brilliant swim that was. For Greg Searle,


bronze in the eight. A silver medal for Gemma Gibbons and a message to


her mum. What had started slowly was gathering pace. The medal rush,


one after the other, two in the same event. That is the fastest


time we have seen. Oh, my goodness, we don't just get one - we get two


medals. The last of this rapid-fire medal burst, Peter Wilson - 6 foot


He does it, Peter Wilson has done it! Four medals in the space of 40


minutes. Back at the lake, there was about to be one of the


finishers of the Games. Great Britain get the silver! The mighty


Sir Steve Redgrave had been passed by Bradley Wiggins as Britain's


most decorated pen and Nick Clegg person. Another cyclist on the


other side of town was about to try to equal him as the winner of the


The crowd are going absolutely mad, gold medal for Great Britain, the


5th won in the Olympics by Sir Chris Hoy! What about the Queen of


the track? Victoria Pendleton, along with Jess Varnish,


disqualified in the women's team And there was trouble for the first


Sea Lord, Ben Ainslie was not dominating in the Finn class, and


he was made by his rival to take a penalty turn at just the wrong


moment. All the right moment to wind them up... They made a big


mistake, because I'm angry, and you do not want to make me angry.


Olympic Stadium was about to reopen for business. Early in the morning,


the heptathletes stepped out to be Jessica Ennis has got the potential


Her Olympic adventure starts here... She is a one-woman athletics team,


and this is one of her favourite She got away to a good start.


Jessica Ennis is being closed down by the Belgian, but now she is


beginning to pull away on the inside. This is a tremendous run by


Jessica Ennis! Oh, my goodness! The fastest time ever by a


heptathletes! The power of the crowd carried Jess Ennis. The first


day of athletics, the last day of judo for Karina Bryant, and a


And on the theme of last days, was this the last chapter in the silver


tinted career of Katherine Grainger at the age of 36? One last chance


for a gold medal. Ladies and gentlemen, what we are seeing right


now is that dreams do come true! At long, long last, Katherine Grainger


is the Olympic champion! Worth the wait! Gold at last for Katherine


Grainger, and for the men are honest, Women's Day at the Games, a


pair of bronze medals for George Nash and Will Satch, who came


together only a few months ago. And then a Northern Irishman, but the


danger of being on your own is that there is nobody to say, Alan


Campbell, do not push it too far. If this was Women's Day, as in


grown-up women, it was also a girls' night out. Into the pool


went 15-year-old Katie Ledecky of the United States, showing no


respect for their elders, including reigning champion Rebecca Adlington.


I think the pressure and everything, the expectation, everything going


into this meet has been a little bit of a battle, but I gave it my


absolute ball, and an sorry I did not get the gold for everyone was


expecting me to. In the wacky world of the keirin, Victoria Pendleton


took care this time and then reached for the turbocharger.


Victoria Pendleton takes the gold medal! I cannot believe it... Thank


you so much to everyone who has helped me get here. The crowd have


been fantastic. In the men's team pursuit, Ed Clancy, Edgar Wright


Thomas, Steven Burke and Peter Kennaugh had broken the world


record on the way to the final. They now faced their old rivals,


the Australians, and a new world record was not safe. After a lap to


go for the British team, the world record is under threat, the gold


medal is Great Britain's, they come to the line, oh, look at the time,


it is a new world record, and Great Britain are won the gold medal!


Saturday August 4th, the middle Saturday, day eight of the Games.


Compressing medals into concentrated bursts was to remain


the fashion, starting at the lake on this special day. The emotion


would flow, but not here. Four steely men in their boat of Kevlar,


carbon fibre and Nomex honeycombs. We have done it! We have done it,


and we have done it in style! Great Britain, the Olympic champions!


in the very next race... Sophie Hosking and Katherine Copeland


rowing after the line, they are Olympic champions, an incredible


scull! Two golds in two races, greedy, almost. But then it came


apart, and suddenly we had to know about the small print of rowing,


the 100m row that allowed for a restart. -- rule. Denmark just


sneaking ahead of Great Britain... We gave everything. We tried


everything. We wanted to win so badly. We just... Sorry to


everybody we have let down. have let nobody down. Reliable


rowing on a lake of tears, four gold, two Silva, three bronze, no


wonder the water turned a little salty. The work was not yet done at


the Velodrome. Here too, a forward gold was about to be won. They are


on fire! Laura Trott and Joanna Night fell, and all eyes turned to


the Olympic Stadium and the last instalment of a seven-part drama.


This could be gold... If you cheer loud enough, Jessica Ennis will he


the AU. It does not matter that somebody has overtaken out. She has


given us a magnificent seven events already. And here goes Jessica


Ennis! She is going to be the Olympic champion! Everybody is on


their feet! The pride of Sheffield, the pride of Great Britain, Jessica


All this hard work and the disappointment of Beijing, and


everyone supporting me so much, I cannot believe it! The stadium had


barely settled when an injury- plagued 25-year-old from Bletchley,


Milton Keynes, said off down the That is bigger! Can you believe


what is happening in this stadium at the moment?! 8.31 metres!


Olympic long jump champion, Greg Rutherford! Barely had the crowd


finished celebrating that when a 28-year-old from Mogadishu, Somalia,


who came to Britain at the age of eight, set off on 25 laps of the


track. The 10,000m final is under There goes Mo Farah, that is his


first really serious move, and there has been a response this time


from Kenenisa Bekele. Mo Farah hits the front, one lap to go, the bell


rings! Is its tolling for a gold medal for Great Britain? Will he


Mo Farah with one-metre lead, but And Mo Farah is taking hard! The


crowd are lifting in! Mo Farah into the home straight, he has got 100m


to go, has he got enough? He is That meant so much to me, seeing my


daughter, really emotional, she has come running to me, I was just like,


Three gold medals in 45 minutes. Who could follow that? One man


could, and he would have his moment, but elsewhere a sense that such a


day could not be bettered. A bronze for Ed Clancy in the omnium,


Christine Ohuruogu so close in the 400m. A sterling effort to get the


silver. A silver for Iain Percy and Andrew Simpson in the Star class.


Not much drama On This Day After? In the gymnastics, suddenly there


was, on the pommel horse. First, Max Whitlock and then, last to go,


Louis Smith. That is superb! For my money, that has won the gold medal.


It is a tie, because the executions door was slightly lower, so he


Down at the sailing, it had been fraught for Ben Ainslie, but he won


gold, making it four gold and one of the silver at five games. What


was his mood now? You are the greatest Olympic sailor in history!


Yeah. Not such a quiet day after all. From Weymouth to Wimbledon, it


was about to go wild. A sometimes grumpy Scot from Dunblane, never


really sure about his popularity, discovered he was the darling half


the nation. Andy Murray had beaten Novak Djokovic, now he faced the


player who had defeated him in the Wimbledon final, the great Roger


Federer. Since he pulled on that Team GB should, he has been like a


man possessed this week. It is a golden triumph for Andy Murray!


is number one for me, the biggest win in my life. This week has been


incredible, I have had a lot of fun, the support has been amazing.


Immediately into the next doubles final with Laura Robson, silver.


Jason Kenny had been picked ahead of Sir Chris Hoy for the men's


sprint. If the rider from Falmouth in Bolton was feeling the pressure


of being selected ahead of the Scotsman, it did not show. Kenny


has got the head of the race, Kenny is the Olympic sprint champion! He


wins the gold medal, and the won in style! It was a battle to get here


with Chris, knowing you have got someone on the sideline, he would


not give the second sprint away, I thought, I had better not mess this


one up! Beth Tweddle had led the revival in British gymnastics,


three-times world champion, but never an Olympic medallist. She


kept going for this, one last go, Greenwich Park, handsome home for


horses and riders, the show jumping team were little fancied. The last


time Britain won a medal in this event was 1952. But here, just a


few strides from the Greenwich prime meridian, everything was on


the line. Just the double and the Come on! It is down to Tower Bridge


for gold... This could be the first gold for Great Britain since 1952!


And Britain have got gold! I mean, it is absolutely everything to win


this, especially for our country, for show jumping, you know, for me


personally, it is everything. moment came for abdication, time


for the King and queen of cycling to say their Olympic fare well.


Queen Victoria left with a silver, but with such a sense of relief.


is all over, you have been incredible. The King left with a


leap into the record books. Shoulder to shoulder now as they


come off the bend, who is going to get it?! Chris Hoy gets the gold


medal! That is his 6th gold medal, he becomes the greatest British


Olympian! I am in shock, you know, trying to compose yourself and take


it all in, but this is just surreal. This is what I always wanted, you


know, I wanted to win gold in front Who might fill the power vacuum? An


all-rounder of the omnium. She has got to finish three places ahead in


the time-trial. In track cycling, there were 10 gold medals available.


Britain's four seven of them. Such a tally was not possible near the


athletics track, but this was a leap of faith from Robbie Grabarz


taking the medal tally beyond the one at the Beijing Games. The tally


included a wind surfer skimming for silver over the waves - nick


Dempsey dancing on the seat. And horses dancing, just behind the


naval college where once they taught how to rule the waves.


Britain's first ever gold in dressage. The triathlon - three


Sports 1 after the other, two brothers, one after the other.


Alastair and Jonny Brownlee. Alistair Brownlee is the Olympic


triathlon champion. There will be both of the brilliant brothers on


the Olympic podium, as Jonathan comes home for bronze. This may be


the contrast of the Games - first that dressage again, the individual


competition now, outdoors, delicate, exquisite. Charlotte Dujardin has


iced the cake in style. Britain won gold and bronze. I don't know how


we have done it, but we have done it and now we have two Olympic gold


medals so it is unbelievable. then this dash indoors, volcanic,


violent. Women's boxing was new to the Olympics but Nicola Adams


looked as if she was completely at home in the bedlam. No colour Adams


representing Great Britain has come out absolutely blazing. She has


made history. I have been dreaming about this since I was 12 years old


and the moment has finally come. I've got my gold medal for Great


Britain, another one on the board. Fast hands and fast feet of Jane


Jones in taekwondo. -- Jade. feels crazy. I have dreamt about it


for ages and it is here, it's amazing and the crowd have been


amazing. It was less full-on the next day, sailing for silver Saskia


Clark and Hannah Mills. A hockey medal, the first for 20 years. And


a bronze medal for Muhammad in taekwondo. Was that it? Way back


there had been anxiety about the first gold medal. Was it time for a


last batch? It is cold former -- it is a gold medal. In the world of


falling beautifully, Tom Daley had been struggling a bit. These have


been difficult times, losing his dad to cancer last year, and here


not quite at his best. Until now. This was a bronze celebrated as if


it was pure gold. In another flurry of arms, late medals came. A bronze


had already come to Anthony Ogogo, and now bantamweight Luke Campbell


was in the gold Final. Luke Campbell has done it again. For it


was a silver medal for Fred Evans. And one rousing boxing finale.


Anthoney Joshua is the Olympic super-heavyweight champion.


boxer who wouldn't give up and the modern eight pentathlon athlete who


wouldn't give up. Mo Farah helped to turn the second Saturday of the


Games in a night to remember. What could he do now on the third and


last Saturday? The crowd are on their feet. Saturday nights were


Moments. He has got to kick home. He makes it two gold medals for


Great Britain. Beautiful! The question had been asked - could


Team GB deliver? They have delivered beyond expectation. Out


of this world. Day after day, Team GB did


themselves and the nation proud and I'm delighted to say Denise Lewis


and Chris Boardman have joined us. Denise, I know this was your home


for many days, a wonderful stadium that played its part in the success.


I want to talk about Jessica Ennis and Mo Farah. How special were


those two long distance victories for him? There are certain


victories forever etched in your mind, no fire in the 10,000m and


5,000m will live on for a generation and the years to come.


think it was the manner in which he won the races. They were emphatic,


especially in the 10,000m. In the 5,000m, more cat and mouse, more


danger, more drama, but in the end he came through. He had to race


track -- to race tactically smart. It was fantastic, the best


performance on the track for me. am his smile lit up the stadium.


think it was disbelief actually. I don't think he has taken on the


enormity of what he has done. just wasn't going to let anybody


past him, it was incredible. It is the mark of a true champion. He


learnt in Daegu and it wasn't going to happen here. The pressure on


Jessica Ennis to win the gold medal was immense but she looked so calm,


start a supremely and never let anyone close. She is such a supreme


figure and she has died jested that emotion and translated it into


dynamic performances. The hurdles race for me will forever live on,


and crossing the line - poetry. Beautiful moments, and we have had


them right across the board. The cycling, was at seven? Always the


cycling. I have to say, I was a bit surprised actually. In Beijing, I


said to David Brailsford we have got to make the most of it because


we will never see the like of this again. Then they changed the rules,


but it was amazing. Highlights, if you could pick one out? It is


difficult and I am not on the fence here. Seeing Chris Hoy finishes


Olympic career, although he did say 99.929 % leaving sung wiggle room!


It is good to see we have used coming through. Jason Kenny and


Laura Trott will be riding in tandem! The future is in safe hands


with these riders coming through. There are a lot of them. Jason


Kenny has had the ultimate sparring partner in Chris Hoy, an Olympic


medal yardstick next to him so we are in very good shape. It was hard


just to get into one of those teams on the track. It is about 50


minutes until the start of the closing ceremony and the athletes


are gathering outside ready to party because this is their day to


celebrate everything that they have achieved at the Games. I say every


athlete, but not all of them because I'm delighted to say Chris


Hoy joins us from the athletes village. Chris, six gold medals.


You looked very emotional collecting the last one in the


Velodrome. Has it come home to you now that you are Britain's most


now that you are Britain's most successful Olympian ever? Despite


the highs and lows in the last four years, it was just this sense of


elation and relief, joy, everything at once. Emotion as well - it was


the end of my Olympic career. I remember how I felt when I got my


first silver medal in Sydney and I was overjoyed. I would have been


happy to walk away from the sport with that as my reward so I would


never have dreamt I was getting more medals along the way. To do it


in front of the home crowd, everybody says it but it is true,


it has been the most incredible support we have had. There must be


a terrific atmosphere in the village between the British


athletes, but if you have to pick a highlight a -- outside of your own,


what would you pick? But I had to come I would say Katherine Grainger


in the rowing. I have been on that journey with her since Sydney and I


remember how happy she was with her medal in Sydney, as I was, then she


became steadily more disappointed and Beijing was heartbreaking for


her. To see her bounce back in the style that she did, that was the


one that had me standing on the sofa, Yemen. I was emotional


watching her as well, and even the morning after when she got


interviewed on breakfast television, she was emotional then and I could


feel that as well. Chris Boardman has said you are 99.9% sure you are


not going forward to Rio, but let's take you a head to two years' time,


the Commonwealth Games. To have a home Commonwealth Games would be


like nothing else. If it was down to me, my choice, I would


definitely be there but my body will make the final decision. If I


can hold out for two years, there are a lot of a sand pains, injuries,


even just maintaining form to get selected, it will not be easy but I


will definitely have a break for a few months. I will have some gym


training, reassess things and see if it will be possible. Thank you


for talking to us. We wish you well. Things are getting ready, they are


rehearsing outside. The crowd is inside the arena now, and we have


three commentators down there. I have to say, we are looking


forward to the enormous cheering when Chris Hoy it emerges with a


lot of other athletes later. It will start at 9 o'clock. Trevor,


what are you expecting? The great and the good of British pop culture.


The atmosphere is amazing, it will be super, the best after-show party


of all time. This is a pixel, there are 70,000 of these. The lights


will take precedence here, it will light the stadium more. Pretty


spectacular. And the artistic director has said this will be a


mashed up Symphony at British music over the next couple of ours. The


musical director has been promising that if the opening ceremony were


like a wedding ceremony, this is the reception. These athletes,


10,500 of them, many of them didn't come to the opening ceremony


because of commitments in events over the following few days, they


will be here. They will come pouring onto the field to become


part of this party. Informal, a lot of energy. We will take our seats,


it is back to you in the studio. Thank you to the team, and of


course the venues have really worked here and London has never


looked better throughout these Games and that is because the sport


have taken place at so many iconic landmarks including Greenwich Park.


It has hosted the equestrian events and the modern pentathlon today.


This is one of the reasons why London won the bid to stage the


Games, the symbolism of Greenwich Mean Time, and we are at the low


observatory Greenwich just over my shoulder, with the volunteers,


70,000 of them, known as gamesmakers, and their attitude and


energy has made this Olympic Games so special. If you are assuming


they have all come from the UK, they haven't, where have you come


from? Brisbane, Queensland. We love London and love to volunteer, so we


are privileged to be part of the experience. Michigan, United States.


I volunteered because I used to be a modern and athlete, and


volunteering has been an amazing experience. You were here to see


the last goal gold of the Games. guarantee that we would do it


because of the weather. I have decided to volunteer for the


Paralympics as well. For those who have come from further afield, some


have been staying in campsites, two are local, Greenwich is one of the


areas which was not popular with locals, because the park was closed


down. It has been fabulous watching the park being developed, but it


has already been given back, I was walking my dog early today. It is a


beautiful place, it has been lovely for people to enjoy it, and I hope


they come again to see it in future. Greenwich did not really need to be


put on the map, everybody knew where it was, but you have made


this spectacular, so to warn of the gamesmakers, the technicians, the


police and the armed forces, thank you.


Yes, and we say exactly the same, because everybody that greeted us


at the venues, they played their part in making this the Friendly


Games. However important the success of


the host nation John Olympic Games, it also needs global superstars to


succeed, and that London 2012, they Early in the morning of the second


Monday of the Games, a roving laboratory called Curiosity landed


on Mars. Had curiosity got the better of Curiosity, and had


pointed a camera back into space in the direction of home, it might


have detected a surge of energy, signs of life on Earth. That would


How different from the sound a little earlier, when in the silence


Before the age of Usain Bolt, it was feared the 100m was turning


into chemical alley, Olympic lanes are so suspicious speed. But Bolt


in Beijing had made it pure theatre, and now he was top billing in


London. This is the race that makes the world hold its breath, not a


long breath, just the time it takes for this long stretch of Jamaica to


become a legend. But danger lurked. Yohan Blake, his training partner,


who had beaten him twice at the Jamaican trials. Also from Jamaica,


Asafa Powell, and from across the Caribbean Sea, Richard Thompson of


Trinidad & Tobago, and Churandy Martina of Curacao. And three


Americans, Ryan Bailey, Tyson Gay and Justin Gatlin, once banned for


four years on a doping rap. The 100m, this had always been


America's race, and they wanted it back. 80,000 drew their breath. And


Justin Gatlin is up very quickly. He takes command! Usain Bolt!


Bolt! He is pulling away, he is going to win the gold! He is still


the King of the 100! The champion My coach said, stop worrying about


the start, the best part of your Once, from London, Britain had


ruled Jamaica. Now, 50 years after Gold medallist and Olympic champion,


representing Jamaica, Usain Bolt! Four days later, Bolt is back, and


Yohan Blake is back with a third Jamaican, the 200. Bolt's favourite


Look at Bolt Go! It is a three metres lead as he comes into the


home straight, Yohan Blake is running him down but he is not


going to catch him, Bolt is going to do it again! 19.32, gold all the


way, Blake takes silver. Warren Weir has got the bronze. A Jamaican


clean sweep. You cannot argue that he has no equal, he has just been


comparable. -- he is just in comparable in the world of


sprinting, the only man ever to have defended the Olympic 200m


title. This is what I wanted, and I got it, I'd dedicated to my work,


and I know what London Eye to me, I gave it my all, I am proud of


myself. -- what London meant to me. For every Jamaican man, there is a


Jamaican woman. A 100m title to defend here, too. Shelly-Ann


Fraser-Pryce really blasted it, at If Jamaica was leading the way,


there was a response across the Caribbean. Here is grenade at's


turn in a longer sprint. Kirani James is going to take Olympic gold,


his nation's first ever! Dominican Republic. Sanchez takes


the gold medal! The Bahamas. Bahamas are challenging the United


States! Champions are the very The largest island in the Caribbean,


Cuba, he is big, but compared with America it is still a speck. All


these islands of fleabite Sunday's giant, and how would the giant


react? -- fleabites on the giant. Out came the greatest swimmer of


all time at his fourth and last games. 6 golds in Athens, 8th in


Beijing, going for seven in London. This would show the world that


America was not spent yet, wouldn't it? Michael Phelps looks in trouble,


is he going to lose the 400? This guy is leading by miles, Ryan


Lochte wins the 400 medley, and look at that, Michael Phelps is


four! Not in the first final, another swimmer was having to make


the American point, and not in the second, thanks to a French


Revolution in the pool, France were on their way to a record haul of


seven medals. I think the French might win this, this is an amazing


swim after so many years of coming second and third, finally they have


done it. The French commentators to our right are going more nuts than


you, they are all over the place. Nor the third. Michael Phelps was


being upstaged by a South African and his dad. What a beautiful boy,


look! Sorry! Was there to be no grand exit? There was. The crowd is


starting to stand up and salute the greatest Olympian in history,


Michael Phelps bringing home the American team, gold in the men's


all by 200m freestyle, and Michael Phelps becomes the greatest


Olympian in history with 19 medals, his 15th gold. First gold of the


meet, I am very happy. The final of Well, Michael Phelps may well get


his back, but Ryan Lochte is not giving up. I think it is going to


be Michael Phelps, the great Michael Phelps as just won his 20th


Olympic medal. Someone special Rini yesterday. Yeah, the President


called me yesterday. It was pretty cool! Somebody called and asked for


me and said hold for the President of the United States, I was like,


OK! The final of the men's 100m five. -- fly. Michael Phelps has


got a lot of work to do, he is coming back, his Chavez going to


get there? No, Michael Phelps has got it. Kids put their parents


through all sorts of grief! That is the end of Michael Phelps, and


where does he finish? Right on top! His 18th Olympic gold medal.


dreamt of being the greatest, looking back on my career, I know I


am hanging my suitor, retiring, and looking back and saying I have done


everything I wanted. At the age of 27, Michael Phelps was done,


weighed down by 22 Olympic medals, 18 gold, the greatest of all time.


It seemed America was hardly struggling after all. They failed


to win a men's boxing medal for the first time, but they were going


toe-to-toe with China to see who Three times the Olympic beach


The strongest woman in the world is from China! Gold for an Aries


Bryant wins in spectacular fashion. That is what synchronised diving is


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


A ruthless display of utter The United States of America


The Star-Spangled Banner is flying There was one last thing on the


wish-list at the track, a world record to fall. Out stepped a


Kenyan prodigy, a Masai middle- distance wonder. His tactics? He


It is all about David Rudisha air, already the world record holder,


already the world champion, striding away to become the Olympic


champion. How quick will it be? That is a world record! Simply


unbelievable! How do you put that Team America decided to go for it


the next night. Bianca Knight, handing over to Carmelita Jeter. It


looks like the USA all the way. The USA coming away. Carmelita Jeter


wins it for the USA, Jamaica in second. It is a new world record.


America, still the dominant force in track and field, the heart of


the Games. There was still time for a speck of an island in the


Caribbean to have the final say. The 4x100m relay. He will be


handing it to the lake. Now Tyson Gay, it is a decent change. It is


between these two. Here he goes, they have got the baton. He has got


no chance. Usain Bolt has gone, and it is a new world record. Smashes


it to pieces. Two great teams but One small island, one small cast of


actors. The giant character of the Games. Fabulous stuff, and joining


us now, alongside Michael, Ian Thorpe. For the third successive


Games, the man that topped the medals table is Michael Phelps, a


massive achievement. It really was. When I first saw the graphic of


most medals won, going across to 20 and 19, I didn't realise how


significant it was and how many of those medals were gold for Michael,


which makes the performance even more extraordinary. Greatest


athlete of all time? I think so, I have said it and I do believe he is.


It is a discussion that is open for debate and it will continue to go


on and on. We disagree in this, but when we are comparing greatness,


how do we measure that? It is a nice conversation to have at a


dinner party or whatever else. We will be able to back our thoughts


with statistics but let's celebrate greatness at these Games. Jill


Douglas is with some of Team GB behind the scenes. They PAS party


is about to get under way, so many incredible moments over the last


few weeks and some of the athletes responsible here now - Katherine


Grainger and Ben Ainslie. Catherine, first ball, the response


and reaction you will get when you walk into the stadium, are you


walk into the stadium, are you ready for it? I don't think anybody


can be ready for this. When the stadium lights up, every sport has


had an incredible reaction from the crowd, and you put that together in


one incredible moment, it will be quite a party. And you will have


quite a big role to play. Yes, we will be taking the flag through. It


is a great honour for the whole team and the whole country, we are


so proud. If I see that you have Katherine with you - is this a bit


of a scoop we are getting here? am worried about my back so I have


Katherine Grainger here to help me through it. Go and enjoy, and do us


prowled. We will look forward to seeing them


in the stadium. Michael, let's talk about Usain Bolt because he came in


here with the injury scare. We should never have doubted him.


and I didn't. All a long I thought he was a guy... When you think back


to Beijing he didn't run 100% then so he doesn't need to be to win


races. He was beaten in the Jamaica trials and he had over a month to


get prepared. You can never bet against a man of that, though with


that much time to get ready. He showed he is an amazing talent, the


likes of which don't come along very often, but he also showed here


is a competitor. There was a challenger who had beaten him in


this situation, people were doubting him, and he came here and


still set an Olympic record in the 100m, and tied me in the 200m.


come the British athletes, making their way to the ceremony and to


enjoy the party. It promises to be quite a party as well. Famous faces


going through there. Mo Farah, the lightning bolt, the Mobot, which do


you like the best? I like them all because those guys are getting it


done. It really started in Beijing, and now you see the other athletes


doing these things and for some of them it doesn't work. Do something


spectacular like Mo Farah. His performance was incredible, but we


have talked a lot about home advantage. There is a lot of home


pressure that comes with that and he performed brilliantly under that


pressure. A world record was set in the 800m and so often it has set a


wave of pacemakers - how good was that from David ready Show? There


was no pacemaker, but he was the pacemaker for seven other people,


and all of them set new personal bests and national records in that


race because it was that how high quality that was set by David


Rudisha, a fantastic athlete. think these two will be arguing


about who is the best so we had better move on.


Here we are, the British athletes coming through. Four gold medals


from the rowers, and they can relax now. They have done us prowled over


the last 16 days. The Olympic stadium is about come to life ready


for the closing ceremony, but let's go to Greenwich Park and rejoin


Clare Balding. It is so quiet here, so peaceful


and I have some of the game's makers with me now. A lot of them


will be going back to work tomorrow. I will be going back to work on


Tuesday. I am an analyst in quality assurance so it has been great


being here. My daughter was disappointed, she hasn't been able


to take part because she is 11. She wanted to be a volunteer but she is


too young. There were young volunteers who have also been here.


When you head home, what will be your abiding memory? The atmosphere,


everyone just grouping together. It has been fantastic. As soon as you


get a British person into the ring, it just erupts. That is the message


of his Games, the shared experience of it. Conversations you have with


complete strangers because we are in it together, whether you are


watching on television or standing with the microphone in your hand.


Thank you. It is a spectacular sight inside the stadium. Don't


worry, it hasn't started yet. It is about 20 minutes away. The


significance of the Olympics is a lasting legacy which can manifest


itself in many ways. Some of the stories of London 2012 were left


with us forever. -- will live there with us forever. It has been a


party atmosphere. It's been all buzzy! The atmosphere is amazing.


Everyone is so happy all the time. The air was so much cynicism in the


press, but when you come here and see it on TV, it blows you away.


is an absolutely amazing legacy for the whole of London and Great


There is always something of the unreal about the Olympics. This is


far removed from normal Munden life. Strangers talking, smiling. That is


not natural. But this is the Olympic bubble. The Olympic


movement began as a fantasised noble sporting world without Women


for privileged white men. It has had to change but it still swears


to abide by the spirit of fair play. Reality tends to crash the party,


and fair play can be an early victim. Drugs, doping, somehow they


always manage to find their way into the Olympic fame and there


were a handful of positive results here. The war against chemicals


goes on. Working out the best route to the medals, not winning


sometimes helps in a round-robin format. What happens if both teams


decide not to win? They are serving fault after a fault, just hitting


it straight into the net. Who wants to sit through something like that?


It is unacceptable. Makhloufi of Algeria in the 800m. Hang on a


minute. He was bandana for not trying, then reinstated with a


doctor's note. -- banned. Then he was reinstated for the 1,500m. Here,


they were sometimes a problem when it saw about one person's view of


things. When one boxing is knocked down six times, he might be odds-on


to lose. What is the referee doing? That was a knock down. Not here.


The winner in the blue corner, from Azerbaijan...


Satoshi Shimizu of Japan won, the judge was removed from the Games.


Korean fencer Shin Lam thought she had won against Britta Heidemann of


Germany, only to see the clock reset to one second and then to


lose in that second, it led to this lonely protest all in vain. I think


the country needed this. We had a Oscar Pistorius of South Africa


came to London, the blade runner. Nervous, but happy, this competitor


from Iraq. The lowest ranked Archer who have to play the number one. It


didn't last long, but it was a joy. Ki Bo Bae went on to win the gold


medal and immediately burst into tears, apologizing to her country


for winning with an 8. "In Korea we do not shoot 8s," she said. Sport


is taken seriously in Korea and they had a seriously good Games,


especially when they had a weapon in their hands. Iran were very good


at lifting heavy things, and people. Pavlos Kontides won a first ever


medal for Cyprus, a silver in the sailing. And 15-year old Ruta


Meilutyte won Lithunia's first gold medal in the swimming. These were


the Olympics of the women. London in the age of the suffragette had


done its bit, a little bit, to allow women into the Olympics.


There was women's tennis and archery in 1908, but in 2012 women


came from everywhere to compete at the Games. For the first time from


Qatar and Saudi Arabia. For the first time there was women's boxing.


Representing Ireland, Katie Taylor! Women provided the finish of the


Games. The they are shoulder to It is a photo finish in the Olympic


triathlon! Women took their spills and probably cried less than the


It could not be perfect for everyone, or Holly Bleasdale's


Olympics ended not with a flop but with a proposal of marriage. She


But no, it could not end happily for everyone, and for one Londoner


it turned into a difficult time from start to finish. Phillips


Idowu, born in Hackney, just a hop, skip and jump back row away from


the stadium on a good day, arrived at last, but for him there was no


home advantage. He will not make it through to the final. But what of


London? How were the Games for the city? It is a question only a


# Maybe it's because I'm a Londoner. Londoners are a funny lot, used to


living life at a pace, and whatever happens, we find a way to deal with


it. Before the Games, there was a tangible sense of apprehension. We


knew the world would be watching We are also a pretty honest bunch,


we do not pretend things are perfect when they are not. Getting


around the city has not been easy his work and in the claims causing


havoc on the roads. -- beanie the easiest with the Olympic lanes


causing havoc on the roads. Every day life of those working around


the Games has been unsettled, and there is probably a significant


number of people looking for Watt to getting their city back. But the


vast majority have embraced the Olympics. It is not only back again


in most people's lifetimes, so that is why there has been frustration


at empty seats. Millions applied for tickets and did not get them.


They would have loved to have witnessed those incredible moments


first hand. Do not run away with the idea that this is a public


response to the venues. Those It is just amazing, everybody is


really happy, even though you support different countries,


everybody is really friendly, the atmosphere is amazing.


popularity of three events said it all, thousands lining the rainy


streets for the women's marathon at Bradley Wiggins being cheered on


for all 250 kilometres of the road- race cycling. What an incredible


experience, to be riding the roads of London surrounded by hundreds of


thousands of British fans. Londoners are not known for being


particularly sociable, but if you were in any doubt that the Olympics


was special, we have huddled around screens, waved flags, and best of


She has done us proud! Londoners are arguably at their strongest


during the bad times, a stubborn resilience born out of necessity


more than anything else. Maybe that is why we are often seen as cold,


antisocial even. For the last two and a half weeks, we have proven


that we can enjoy ourselves. The atmosphere on the stadium has


filtered into the streets, and you can feel the buzz in the air. There


is only one thing that everyone is talking about. Jessica Ennis is


awesome. The cycling DI, Sir Chris Hoy. Bradley Wiggins. Luke Campbell,


he was from Hull. Mo Farah and Jess Ennis. We just cheered and cheered


and cheered. It is the old British thing, isn't it? We all come


together and rejoice in something When the Games have gone, London


will return to life as normal. Olympic lanes will disappear,


venues will be pulled down, Lord's will pose cricket, not archery,


pageantry and tradition will return to Horse Guards Parade. The big


city will never be quite the same, but we will always have memories,


16 days of smiles and sport and one There is something of a chill that


comes with that, going back to Are even those who sought at London


2012 going to come down with a bump? Are we soon to go back to


taking the detail ofs of things going wrong and magnifying then?


Remember the seats that went empty, the days that passed without a gold


medal? Beautiful, he does it! still have the question of legacy,


and the question is a tough one, how do you follow this? What comes


In a way, though, this nation in debt, our land of doubt as has


already set a new tone. The Olympic flame burns on British soil at last.


Back in the days when the Games were on their way to London and


there was still time to be a bit sceptical about the whole thing,


the torch pulled people out of their homes up and down and all the


way across the country. Come on! am not really anybody, and people


are cheering me on, it is ridiculous! I felt like I was in


This was what people thought of the Games, and it simply went on from


there. I hope I managed to do it, that is all! I don't want to let


anybody down, you know. Two choices in life, sit and be lazy and do


nothing and the depressed, or get your legs on and live your life


And it turned into this. Two weeks that changed the way we look at


sport and each other. Could we afford it? Probably not. Was it


worth it? The people who came out and may the Games, the London Games


of 2012, have already answered that Inspire a generation. The billboard


slogan that became the Olympic wish Wonderful images, great memories,


all described by Eddie Butler. It has been an inspirational games,


the medals reflecting the diversity of Britain today. We are looking


forward to what promises to be a spectacular finale, the stadium is


about ready for the closing ceremony, and it has been


transformed over the past 24 hours. Just last night, the crowd were on


their feet for all 30 minutes of Mo Farah's historic win in the 5,000m,


to be crowned a Olympic champion for the second time. We can hear


from Mo. It is humbling to see thousands of British athletes


piling into this stadium to celebrate, but it is a huge thrill


to meet Mo Farah after such a spectacular performance in A. What


will it be like to walk in after winning that second gold? It is


going to be amazing, I missed the opening ceremony, so this will mean


a lot to me. I want to take good memories from here, I'm looking


forward to it, it is going to be a great atmosphere. You own a stadium.


If it was not for the crowd, it would not have happened, so we have


got great support, and these games have got it right, it was just


unbelievable. Any ideas you might be performing? The Spice girls, my


daughter is going to be jealous! and enjoy it, thanks very much.


I am sure he will enjoy it, the party is about to get under way,


the Mexican wave going around the stadium. Michael, before it gets


started here, we will not hear a lot, who competed in Atlanta in


1996. How were the Games scene after that, the legacy? London is


the first Games to embrace this idea of legacy. I do not think it


really existed before London. Atlantic, it was all about trying


to minimise the loss. They did not lose money, that was the main thing.


London is the first one to do this thing of legacy. Steve, the


athletes did their bit to inspire the young. The Broadcasting, the


athletes, the show that has happened, but really legacy has


been bandied around, but it is really the start of the legacy now.


It what we have done and put into place, but it is going to be the


sports clubs over the next few weeks and months, people will be


turning up and seeing what is going on, being part of that, and they


have got to be ready to embrace that. If they are ready for that,


we will have a huge legacy left over. Talking of legacy, the theme


of the Games is inspire a generation to encourage youngsters


to get motivated, focused and imaginative. One 15-year-old, Fope


Jegede, embodies those qualities. She won a poetry competition for


school children run by the mayor's office to come up with a poem about


the Olympics. Here she tells of a young girl's dream to become a


Watching champions on the TV The race of their lives, they'd run


You Olympians with your glory and might


Did you know you inspired a girl She was then a teenager with a


dream Aspiring to be a champion on that


TV screen... Ambition engraved in her heart


From the running tracks she'd never depart


Growing in speed, strength, determination


Until the day she'd represent her nation


You judges who chose her, this day you'll never rue


Did you know you've just made her dreams come true?


She is now a woman who's living her dream


She's the champion on the TV screen...


Head high, face glowing in pride This moment will never leave her


side The honour, respect, and glory


Never thought she'd tell such a Oh, wonderful words, well done,


Fope Jegede from Mill Hill County High School, you can be very proud.


Very much so, beautiful. After the sport has ended, these Olympics


continue to tug on our emotional heartstrings. As well as coverage


on BBC One of the closing ceremony, which is available in high-


definition, there are other options. If he wants to hear the ceremony


without commentary, just stadium's sound, press the red button. That


service is also available online but not on Freeview. There's also


coverage in 3D on the BBC HD Channel. Finally, a warning that


the ceremony will include flashing images, stroking lighting effects


and fireworks. Ready to guide us through the closing ceremony,


Trevor Nelson, Hazel Irvine and Huw of Repetitive Flashing Images


world with humour, and we have enjoyed the best games in living


memory. The closing ceremony is our queue to pay tribute to those who


have made it happen. I think it is going to be an amazing night


lesson, the opening ceremony, let's have the best party from Ray Davies


to the Spice girls. This was the fortnight in which we threw off our


traditional British reserve. We have cried, we have supported them


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