BBC One: Day 1: 09.00-11.30 Olympics

BBC One: Day 1: 09.00-11.30

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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to London!


80,000 people can feel the energy pulsating through the stadium.


A moment and an image that will live with us for ever.


# God save our gracious Queen... One of the most dynamic sequences


we have ever seen at an Olympic Great Britain!


I declare open the Games of London celebrating the 30th of Olympiad of


It was a spectacular show. And now the 2012 Olympic Games are under


way and the country is standing by to join in. 15 hours of sport every


day here on BBC One. We will bring you all the best stories and if


that is not enough, we have 24 dedicated channels by the BBC


website and your cable and satellite providers. We can


honestly say you will not miss a thing. And here is how London is


looking this morning, the morning after the opening ceremony. The


capital is on show to the world as never before. Seven years on from


the moment London won the right to host this 30th Olympiad. This is


the Olympic Park this morning. The heart of London 2012. Look out for


those blue boxes, that is the BBC Olympic studio. These are the


scenes this morning. Many people lucky enough to have tickets,


streaming into the Olympic Park. Bringing this massive area to life.


The sporting action it will get under way shortly. Elsewhere at


some of the other landmark venues action is already happening. This


is the Lords Cricket Ground and for the next two weeks it becomes the


home of the Olympic archery. Great Britain's men are in action as we


speak on BBC Three. And the beach volleyball is up and running this


morning at Horse Guards Parade. The road to Wembley Arena brings


you badminton, group matches beginning in all events in the


badminton. And they are poised to get under way at Eton Dorney, 25


miles west of London. Lots of Team GB's hopes rest with the rowing


squad. And back of the Olympic park of these is the spectacular


Aquatics Centre centre, home to a Olympics swimming and diving pools.


And it is the swimming that is kicking off this morning. We will


be there shortly with Clare Balding. 12 Olympic gold medals up for grabs


today. Olympic action happening on many fronts this morning.


In the cycling it is the men's road race. Just days after the end of


the Tour de France. Today it is Mark Cavendish.


And in swimming a high hopes for Hannah Miley who starts her pursuit


of the women's 400m individual medley. Michael Phelps will also be


in the pool today. Aiming to become the most decorated the Olympian of


all time. And the Team GB rowers in action, a


tradition of excellence for Britain in this sport and they are expected


to deliver at the medals over the next fortnight. Plenty of familiar


faces and British hopes to look out for today. Here is how the timings


will work. We're going to Eton Dorney in just a moment. And then


Mark Cavendish begins that road race at 10 o'clock. Swimming heats


they're beginning this morning. The finals are later tonight.


Add Hannah Miley will also be in the pool. And later on we will be


back with Mark Cavendish to see that he can bring back home the


gold medal. You can follow his progress on the red button and on


BBC Three. There are many ways to watch our coverage. It is easier


than ever before to stay right across the Olympic action. Jack


Humphrey explains. The BBC is covering the 2012


Olympics like never before. Whether on television, online, the radio or


your mobile. We will make sure you never much a moment. Des - miss the


moment. BBC Three will be showing live action, on interrupted.


also more sport on the red button. Just click to see what is available.


And the BBC websites have a new interactive sports player. On the


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country as well as all the news as it happens. And if you're on the


move you can access the latest Olympics news on the BBC website or


I knew of mobile application. If you have a 3 D television have,


you can watch the games in 3 D. Daily highlights on BBC H D channel.


London 2012, on the BBC. We have got the Olympic Games covered.


However you watch the one thing we will all be hoping for is a lot of


British gold medals. Beijing was a milestone for British sport with


the 4th place finish in the medals table and 19 gold medals. This time


it is the home games and a huge amount of effort has gone into


making sure that Team GB is as strong and motivated as it can be.


Every length, at every mile. Every barrier.


Every stroke. Every jump. Every pull of an oar.


Every lap. Every sprint for the line.


Every mile. Every tack of a sail. For one obsession.


Plenty of hopes for Team GB rowing, swimming and cycling. We can catch


up now with some of the BBC team. Steve Redgrave, fresh from the


opening ceremony is at Eton Dorney. Mark Foster is that the Aquatics


Centre centre and Tanni Grey- Thompson is on the Mall. Let us


start with Steve Redgrave who had such a fitting role last night.


was pretty special. I'm not sure I'm feeling very fresh this


morning! Was looking forward to a fantastic day to day. Last night


was very special. I did not get to see much of the show myself but it


was amazing. No one has a bad word to say about it. I certainly


enjoyed my part in it. Well if you can spare at three hours at some


stage in the next few days you can catch up with it! When did you find


out what you're going to be doing? Probably about to our three weeks


ago. I have been able to keep it a secret for a while. You must have


been played by people asking you? Almost since we won the bid, people


were saying it was claimed to be me blighting the cauldron and I was


trying to deflect people away from that because it never goes to the


favourite! But we knew that London was going to do it slightly


differently. It was great to be part of that. It was a very special


moment. And the flag-bearer last night was Chris Foy. Mark Foster


knows what he does like to have that on her. What kind of emotions


would be going through his mind last night? Well one I did it in


Beijing, I walked into the stadium and 80,000 people were screaming


your name. I watched it on television last night and the


atmosphere just seemed amazing. I had a huge smile on my face. He did


a fantastic job holding it aloft. It is an emotional experience.


was worth the wait before the team sheet be worked into the -- before


team GB walked into the grounds. How did the team look to you?


They're looking good. There's a lot of pressure but this is the biggest


thing they will ever do in their career. In some of the smaller


sports we will be hoping for some amazing performances. But in the


big ones, it is going to be great. So much to look forward to. I want


to ask each of you about your individual sports. This rowing


squad has been spoken of as the best ever. Certainly the strongest


team I have seen, it's stronger than at any I competed in. Our best


ever was actually eight medals. And we have a chance of matching that


if not beating it. And how are the swimmers looking? Absolutely


fantastic, especially on women's side. Rebecca Adlington. And we


have Ellen Gandy to look out for as well. Hannah Miley today. And then


Liam Tancock, he is world champion. There are a host of names.


We will be back with you in the aquatic centre shortly. And in the


cycling, Mark Cavendish in the Spotlight today. There is huge


pressure on him and on the team. And we have the women's road race


tomorrow as well. It is going to be very exciting. The team is just


going to be brilliant. I think they will win across the board.


Well we will be back for the start of the men's road race a little


later on. Let us take you away from the Olympic Park for a moment and


across to central London, Horse Guards Parade is where the beach


volleyball is happening. One of the sports that always generates a bit


of comment! It is the women who get the most attention. And there is


This event has been in the Olympics since 1996. The matches are already


under way. Somebody had to get that tough job of covering this


particular event and it went to Dan Walker. Good morning, everybody. It


is a very difficult job for me! It looks a bit different here. We are


in the heart of the city. You can have a look over the wall at Number


10. Prince Harry is apparently a fan of beach volleyball as well. He


is going to be down for the medal ceremony. China is leading Russia


at the moment. This has an unfortunate reputation about women


in skimpy bikinis. That is unfair because it is very technical. They


have the option of wearing shorts and sleeved shirts as well. In


terms of value you get that by coming here. It starts at 9 o'clock


in the morning and finishes at midnight. If you are lucky to have


a ticket, you get hours of Olympic sports. The nearest beach is 31


miles away. They have managed to bring in 2274 tons of sand from a


quarry in Surrey to make this authentic. We have the sun, the


stadium, the spectators and 15,000 will be here in total when it his


fault. We have even had a little bit of sun this morning as well and


it is starting rather well. Enjoy it. We will be back with more beach


volleyball later on this morning. Amazing to see one of those iconic


London locations transformed. They are nearly ready to go in the


rowing. Even by the standards of recent years this is thought to be


Britain's strongest squad ever. Here is John Inverdale. The coxless


four or are the dominant Burke when it comes to the public's


appreciation of this sport. The legacy passed on to the current


quartet. Three gold medallists return from Beijing. Not much has


changed in the boat, and neither has the opposition. But Tom James


is taking nothing for granted. one is guaranteed a place in the


final. There is plenty of opposition. The men's eight have


had a very up-and-down season, but they arrive in upbeat mood. 20


year-old Constantine lutes, is the talisman of a crew that is one of


the most cosmopolitan ever fielded by Team GB. Katherine Grainger and


Anna Watkins have never lost ever, but Katherine Grainger has three


times in consecutive Games and that is the big motivation. After three


sell their wares in Sydney, Athens and Beijing she thought long and


hard about competing in London, but a gold medal here would be a total


vindication. When the time comes, and it will, and the nerves will be


unbelievable, but I do not think any athlete would swap that for


anything. Four years ago in Beijing Zac Purchase and Mark Hunter where


the lightweight men's doubles, but since then they have had a time of


it. But they always seem to come good at the right time. They were


strong odds-on favourites at the start of this year. Those odds have


drifted since, but on their day they are a match for anybody. Helen


Glover and Helen Stanning. They have only read together for three


years, but they are most people's choice to triumph. We had a great


World Cup because we were rowing well and it has been six weeks


since that last race and people will have gone away and work on


things. Look out for the men's lightweight fours. It can be a


matter of inches that separates the crews in the end and this is likely


to be the most contested race. That will be on action during the course


of the morning. John is waiting for us now live at Eton Dorney with the


competition just about to start. They are raring to go in the most


fantastic location. Once you are here especially on a morning like


this, the sun glinting off the water, and it is a 30,000 capacity


and it is not far short of full already. It's as a quick history


lesson on the creation of this wonderful arena. Eton College land.


15 years ago they tried to get planning permission and eventually


got that. We did a little bit of our training for Sydney, but it was


only have done at that point and it was completely finished for the


World Championships in 2006. The girls are saying it is great coming


back here after the training camps because there is something special


about it. It looks very special the way they have decked it out. There


is a security operation here run by the military and it must be


impeccable. For everybody to be in so early before the first race


takes place, it must be going very well. Rowing supporters are very


keen and they do not sleep very well. We have got this unbelievable,


the first time ever, this incredible high flying camera that


will go the entire length of the course. It is 98 metres off the


ground. Is it the longest in the world? It must be. It is the


longest in the world. The shots that will give you off the race and


of the boats as they are coming will be like you have never seen


before. One of the issues with rowing is it is quite hard to tell


who is leading, but there will be no worries this time around with


that extraordinary piece of engineering. We were talking about


British rowing and the prospects here and you were mentioning


earlier on that this is the best prepared and probably potentially


the most successful team ever. Certainly the best prepared. 19 oh


eight was the strongest rowing team we had and we have four goals,


three silvers and one bronze, but you could double up in those days


and have two entries in one event. The entries were not as big as they


were here, but this is the strongest team that I have ever


been with, certainly much stronger than any other teams I was ever


involved in. In Sydney we won two goals and a silver and this team it


will do better than that. There is a perception that Britain has


always ruled the waves, but from 1948 through until 1984 we did not


win a single gold medal and the sport was in the doldrums. It was


an extraordinary renaissance since then. This is the only sport that


has won a gold medal in every Olympics since 1984 per. As rowing


was the only gold medal in Atlanta, it is a sport everyone else has run


on. Before that time we really struggled and we used to pitch the


odd medals, but certainly we did not have the consistency. Without


overstating the case, because the guys a under enough pressure, David


Tanner has been very careful and very cagey about setting medal


targets. Realistically before anybody has hit the water, what is


your gut feeling? My gut feeling is seven, possibly eight. That is down


on last year's World Championships. We have reshaped some of the birds


and made some stronger, but one or two a little bit weaker. The men's


pair has been the strongest in the last few years. They are back into


form, but the pair we have got now is not going to get a medal.


Potentially the first gold medal is Helen Glover and Heather Stanning.


Heather is the Army officer from Sandhurst. Helen is a Cornish woman


to the core. Her dad runs a world renowned ice-cream shop that only


has one kind of ice-cream. She is a Cornish woman as you will see from


Some days it is hard to get my head around the fact that just four


years ago I was not a rower, I was not going to the Olympics and I was


not competing and here I am. It has happened through hard work with the


help of brilliant coaches, and it is exciting and it is a dream I


have had since I was tiny it. I wanted to compete in the greatest


sporting arena. My mother saw an advert in a newspaper and it was


looking for tall people. Steve Redgrave had spearheaded something


called sporting giants looking for a girls over 5 ft 9 to try


different sports. Rowing was one of them. I was training to be a PE


teacher, so for the first six months I carried on my training,


but I do not know how I did it. I was teaching all day and getting up


at 5am to do my first session training and after school I would


do my second session late into the night and it was really tough. I


have got a really supportive family, they are brilliant. There is my mum


and my dad and I have got two Brothers and two sisters and my


granny, who is 92, lives at home with us. My boyfriend Paddy is a


canoeists and he trains in Nottingham. He trains really hard,


as hard as the row was! We are very competitive. My husband is the


sportsman and competitor, but it has brought it out in all of us.


have always been really competitive. Everything was made into a


competition when I was little. I ran international cross country,


played hockey for my county, I did everything. Every sport I did I did


it to be the best I could be. When I first watched the Olympics I


watched the rowing and had not taken much interest. It was a bit


of a wake-up call because I realised I had four years to be as


good as these people. The Helen Stanning and myself got invited


onto the team in 2010, two years after I started rowing. She is very


strong and fit and has got a racing head. We have to live in each


other's pockets, so it is important we get on. I am the messy one and


she is very tidy because she was in the Army. Everybody is going for


the same thing, the dream, the Olympic gold. If we keep


progressing, we are going to be in a brilliant place on the start line.


If we put together a good race, we will be pleased with that. We are


down near the finish line. But they are down at the start for the first


race of this Olympic regatta. Given the inexperience in an Olympic


environment, what will the nerves be like? Your first when you go


with the flow. They are such strong favourites. They are not our best-


performing women within the women's team, but certainly with the


ability they have got they will come with great confidence. The


nerves will not hit them very much because the whole team is playing


it down. That they have the best chance of a gold medal. I had the


privilege last week to go to Portugal and to Italy to the


training camps. The two words I would use to sum up the entire team


are calm and serene. They have done the work. They know what they need


to do it. There is the applause. is absolutely amazing. It is


fantastic for the first morning. We are just continuing the Olympic


up a level when it is an Olympic year. This is our first helping of


Dan Topolski and Garry Herbert. The final chapter starts here. They


are under starter's orders. The Dorney gets under way. The British


pair, what a story they have been getting a pretty solid start in


lane five. They took off well, sharp and quick. Romania, the


Olympic champions, they were slow taking off. But they have


tremendous push through the middle of the race.


They had a huge experience in this event. Helen Glover and Heather


Stanning, look at them go. They have settled into a very good


rhythm. It is a mark of the season but they


have had. Hendershot and Zolenka, the US showing good speed in the


early stages. The crowd around us really


appreciating the opening salvo for the British pair. The British pair


will be enjoying this now. It is effortless in this heat. The first


two of the five crews here will go through to the final. One of the


first two is bound to be the British pair. They have got such


control. This winter they have just developed the way that they tow.


-- row. They have developed flexibility and can react to any


Challenge in the last few hundred metres.


A word about the overhead camera, for the first time at an Olympic


event we have an overhead camera spanning the whole length of the


course. It gives you a good feeling of how the boats are moving


alongside each other. Great Britain it out three-quarters


of a length, being chased hard by the United States of America. The


USA look very good. Romania back in fourth position. The Olympic


champions in this event. I suspect they know they are not


going to win this one. They will want to make sure they have their


big race in the final. But the British pair here moving


out in front on the Eton Dorney course. I'm surprised at the new


American pair, it's digging quite as close as they are. They are


doing very well. Look at how calm and long the British pair are.


And this is for a place in the final.


A little push from the British crew as they come up to the next timing


mark. They are right up against the side, the crowd, and appreciating


what we are seeing here. The Olympic champions are struggling.


Long arms and legs, that allows them to get along stroke without


having to compress too much. And in the last 500 metres, that just


looks so good. They were the spares two years ago and got silver.


a tribute to their coach. Coming down into the last 200


metres. It is long, loose and relaxed. Helen Glover and Heather


Stanning from Great Britain inside the 100 metres now. It is a job


well done. It is a job we expected them to execute with perfection and


they are doing exactly that. Into the sunlight on this first morning


of the Olympic regatta. Great Britain have the first crew through


to an Olympic final. USA's second and Romania, at the Olympic


champions, coming over the line in third positions. Great Britain and


the United States go through to the final. The remaining three boats go


through to Tweets. -- to the repechage. That was technically


terrific rowing. There were just moving so sweetly. So confirmation


of that result. The Olympic champions, Romania, have to go


through the repechage. And an Olympic record. Very much so. I was


speaking with Katherine Grainger a couple of days ago and some of the


Olympic records, because it only comes around every four years and


to get the right conditions, conditions were very fast today. I


would not say it was comfortable because the Americans were a lot


closer than expected, but it was very good. What is the impact of a


start like that on the rest of the team, when they see that as an


initial kicking off point. Well most of them will be out on the


water today. It adds to their confidence. Because as a team you


are very much listening and comparing with the other boats. If


the top boat is doing well, you know we have to be doing well.


do not have to worry about the rubbish - now. In terms of the


approach and how reassuring that is, what will they be doing between now


and next Wednesday morning? I never liked to do that, but the girls are


quite used to that. They win the heat and goes straight through to


the final. Because they have changed the programme, it is not


that long until the Wednesday final. They will be up for it. But the


next heat with New Zealand in it, that will be their main opposition.


Well it is the most beautiful day and a fantastic start. Plenty more


life rowing during the course of life rowing during the course of


the morning. At great start on day one of the


sporting action. Plenty more to come from Eton Dorney this morning


including the much-anticipated Men's Eight. Here it is cycling and


swimming for the next 30 minutes. If you want to carry on watching


the rowing you can switch to BBC Three or the red button. Now it is


Clare Balding gladness through the chances of the British swimmers. --


guiding us through. Team GB's swimming success in


Beijing means that this time around, hopes are high. Especially for the


women have. Rebecca Adlington is the queen of the pool. After 408


hundred metre freestyle gold medals in Beijing.


For the 23 year-old, defending both is the ultimate Challenge. Keri-


Anne Payne, the world champion, it was the first British athlete to


qualify it for London 2012. She won silver in Beijing and should shine


on the Serpentine. Hannah Miley is the current Commonwealth 400m


individual medley champion. Whatever happens tonight, Smiley


Miley. Fran Halsall is also competing. At her second Olympics,


now 22 years old, she is peaking at just the right time. Ellen Gandy is


tipped to become the first British woman to win a butterfly medal at


the Olympics. She got silver of the world championships last year. She


will be competing in both the 100 and the 200m final. And as for the


men, Liam Tancock is a double 50 metre backstroke world champion.


Unfortunately that is not an Olympic event so he has to go


double the distance in the 100m backstroke. He will be hoping to


add an Olympic medal to his call. James Goddard is an outside bet for


a medal. 4th in the world championships last year, he has two


major obstacles in his way. Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte tea.


So swimming is a big part of the live coverage this morning. The


Aquatics Centre centre is right on our doorstep. Whitney is someone


who knows all about competing at the Olympics, Ian Thorpe. You will


be part of the BBC team throughout the Games. Talk me through your


sense of the British swimmers so far and how they are looking?


is the best team in a swimming competition that we have had.


Rebecca Adlington, Liam Tancock in there, Fran Halsall. All of these


swimmers that had been producing results in the lead-up to these


Olympic Games. It is a testament to how much effort has gone into


British swimming over the years. This has been an evolution that has


taken probably more than a decade. And we're starting to see some of


those results coming through. Seeing medal places at world


championships. There's a bit more depth now to British swimming and


there has been in the past. Rebecca Adlington was one of the stand-out


stars of Beijing. Help is her form in the run up to these games?


has been mixed but it has come better of late. I think she's


looking good. I'm very comfortable that we will seek a very good


result from her in the 800m freestyle. One of the big rivalries


people are talking about is between Michael Phelps and his team-mate


Ryan Lochte D. Yes it is between team-mates. Both from the United


States. They're training partners. They're both swimming well. Ryan


Lochte de almost used the run-up to the game's as a training


opportunity. Michael Phelps is coming into this and wants to


reaffirm his position in Olympic history. I think they're both going


to win as wave of medals which means unfortunately for the rest of


the world, we're going to miss out! Plenty more to come through the


course of the morning. One British swimmers who will be closely


watched his Hannah Miley. She competed in Beijing and has shot to


attention in the course of the past year, getting a silver at the world


championships last year. Could she Hannah Miley gets a cell for, well


done. Gold to Scotland, a wonderful gold. How difficult is it to be


coached by dad? He is very calm and so are you. I have not known it any


other way. He has always been my coach from day one. He taught me


how to swim. It was only until I was 10 that I started going through


the squad system. I fully trust in him, he knows what he is talking


about. For me to argue with him his kind of silly. He is always wanting


to learn more. That trust and respect I have for him is one of


the major reasons why it works. you do a different training


programme. We work by a mortar if you do what you have always done,


you will get what you deserve. Over the years because we have made


small changes, it has grown into quite a big thing. Two years ago I


started rock climbing and I have continued that and I have started


running and we have added different things to it. I am one of those


athletes where I am a sucker for punishment. That really hurts. I


work best when I keep going. We find that for my event it works.


you have an eye on people you are going to be racing? Yes, there are


quite a few. There is Stephanie Rice. When it comes down to the


crunch time she can pull it out of the bag. There is the Spanish girl,


Maria Del Monte. There are two Chinese girls. There are at a fair


few and I am very aware of them and it is very tactical and strategic.


That is what makes it fun. I guess it is a question of whether


she can continue the trajectory she is on at the moment. I saw her race


early in Europe this year and she looked good and produced one of the


best performances I have seen after the World Championships. She is a


really nice girl and I would love to be able to see her produce a


medal for Team GB. She is trained by her dad. She is and I have met


her dad. He is an inventor, and he has created a devise where we can


monitor the stroke council when we are swimming. Did you use it?


have used it, and it sent me a bit nuts, because it was beeping and it


was telling me when I should change. You will be with us throughout the


course of this morning and if anyone has any questions about


swimming or his career, then you can use the house tag. A big day


for Team GB swimmers and for everybody competing in the aquatic


Centre today. Let's go inside and joined the Clare Balding. How is it


looking in there today? It looks absolutely amazing. 17,500 people


can get into this. From the outside it does not look quite as beautiful


as it well when the wings come off. I went up to some of the high seats


to check what you could see. It is not too bad. You feel a little bit


cramped because the roof comes into the top of your vision. But it is


an amazing facility. That Ruth was put in place in March, 2009. It was


over 2.5000 tonnes and it is shaped like a wave. When the sides come


off, the building will look beautiful. 17,500 people will


create the atmosphere and help our swimmers produce better results. We


saw the feature on Hannah Miley. What does she need to do this


morning? We will see her heat round about 11:30am. What does she do in


qualification because it is a gruelling event? Yes, from the 200


metres downwards we have heats, semi-finals and finals. But in her


event you only get a heat in the morning and a file in the evening.


She wants to get through this morning as easy as possible and she


wants to show the others that she means business. She once the centre


lane and you what your best competitors around you because this


will be a tight race. They know the event is about to kick off. Her


training schedule is amazing. spends about 36 hours a week in the


swimming pool. When you are hammering your body day in day out,


she does a rock-climbing and a lot of cross-training. Her father


coached her and her brother is a training partner. Her mother will


be here as well and her other brother as well. We wish her well


and look forward to seeing her in action. She said it is 90% body and


10% mind. We will be back a little later on.


The swimming start shortly. Press your red button if you want to see


the early heats. We are a few minutes away from the start of the


men's road race. Some of Britain's brightest racing stars are running


up, including Bradley Wiggins who made a special appearance in the


opening ceremony. They will cover 156 miles in over five miles time.


This is a race where team tactics really count.


This is the Duke the cyclists will have down to Buckingham Palace and


it is a very long road race. Longer than the longest stage of the Tour


de France. But they have had a few days off. A week's arrest after the


two is enough? Yes, do not pamper them. Give me a dream come true and


let's go for a short rise. Once or all the way? I will decide on the


weight. A pretty inspiring view. is very nice, a bit like my house!


This is Richmond Park. If you live in London this is as close as the


countryside that we get here. What will be happening here? It will be


hell for leather, only 20 minutes into the race. They will be


attacking and attacking. It is difficult to keep control up. You


do not need to stay near the front. With mixed abilities we will see


crashes early on. This is far too flat for a man of your cyclic


abilities. We should head to Box Hill, the talking point of this


whole ride. I quite like the flat. Not today. Hello. If you are Mark


Cavendish, how do you approach this part of the road race? This is


where everyone is going to attack because this is the only obstacle,


the biggest obstacle on the course. Who wants to arrive on the Mall


with Mark Cavendish, no-one, so there is going to be a lot of


attacking. Nine times up Box Hill is like climbing the highest climb


in the Tour de France. Someone has to make a break. As you can see...


Not as quick as he once was, is he? Am I allowed to push my leg down


with my hand like this? Yes, you can. Is Mark Cavendish is near the


front on lap nine, it is going to be a sprint. Is it necessary to do


this nine times? Oh, no! Do not put that bit in? That takes some effort.


I am not kidding any more. Did you just fall off? So, anyway, coming


towards the end, what is going through the riders' minds?


Hopefully the British team are keeping it together for the Sprint


and hopefully they will get some help from the German team with a


Andre Greipel. As they come round constitution Hill, what will they


be thinking about? Just literally about the finish, counting down the


seconds, trying to position, working ate the effort, have they


got enough team-mates left? Do they have to rely on other teams? We


have got Andre Greipel, Matthew Goss of Australia. There are


several other sprinters. Their teams will be trying to set them up.


Mark Cavendish is a past master at finding a wheel and sticking on to


it even if he has not got the support. When we have seen him on


his own, as in the Tour de France, he can perform extremely well and


he can use other people's teams. I'll so much that is what he might


have to do here. At this point we will have the royal family


hopefully on the balcony waving them past. We are coming up to the


finish. A sprint finish? This is it, it is all about positioning now


have. Now you know how that tactics work.


Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson will be on the finishing line and also


Chris Boardman. Good morning. morning. We have heard lots and


lots about this could be Mark Cavendish's day, but we have not


heard much talk about the rivals. Who are they? That is a good point


because everybody here knows he is the best sprinter in the world and


in the Tour de France he proved that by winning the final stage by


a huge margin of. Nobody wants to arrive at a sprint finish, apart


from Andre Greipel at Germany who might want that to happen.


Everybody else will want to attack, and we will see that all through


the day to get the group away. Luis Sanchez has got a good chance


around Box Hill. You were out on Box Hill and people were talking


about that as a big challenge. How big is the climb? It is nothing by


their standards. It is a nice surfers. 2.5 kilometres long, but


it is the only real obstacle on the course and they go over it nine


times which adds up to a lot of climbing. And it is narrower, which


means everybody is going to be strung out and it somebody attacks,


you need to be close enough to the front and tactics will pay a big


part. There are tops that Mark Cavendish had lost up to a four


kilos to come into the race. Will that make a difference to him?


lost weight specifically because of the Olympic Games. He has ridden on


the cause a lot and has ridden up Box Hill a lot. It took the edge


off his sprint speed in the first week in the Tour de France. But we


saw very clearly, that he has got that back. They are getting ready


on the start line-out. What kind of race can we expect? Attacking from


the off. Can Mark Cavendish do it? Yes, there are only four of them,


so they have got their work cut out. We will let you go to the


commentary box. They are just about ready to go on the starting line.


Chris is going to make his way up to the commentary box and he will


be joined by a man who has got -- called home many gold medals. It is


Chris portable stop for the first time I can see the field assembling


in front of me on the line. We have had a visit from the


Duchess of Cornwall who was escorted to the line. You could


imagine the atmosphere when they arrived. Just about every


photographer is here to witness the race. They also decided they would


stand up in front of me, so I could not see anything at all, but they


have now moved to the side and right in front of me are the riders


waiting for the start. On the extreme far side is the team from


Spain. They had the winner in Beijing with Samuel Sanchez,


unfortunately not able to start. Right alongside the team from Spain


are the team from Italy and then the five riders representing Great


Britain. Mark Cavendish, Chris Froome, David Millar, Ian Stannard


and Bradley Wiggins. Believe me, they would dearly love to deliver


Mark Cavendish at the front for the sprint because he is the fastest


man on the planet and if they can tactically in cheek that, the gold


are now having a 10 second countdown for the start of the


Olympic Games road race. The 30th Olympiad, this is the biggest entry,


144 competitors, from 63 different countries. And the contest is 250


kilometres, the longest event in the Olympic Games. What a fantastic


start here on the red carpet of Tarmac which will lead them to


Buckingham Palace, and then they will speak to the side of the


Buckingham Palace as the famous Queen Victoria Memorial, and now


all the photographers literally are sprinting past me. I can now see


the line and my monitor. We are hoping conditions will remain like


that. It is really bright. The flags are still. There was no wind


at all. It is a cracking day for a bicycle race, believe me. They have


swept past the famous Queen Victoria Memorial. Now they're


heading on up to constitution Hill. What will it be like when they come


back down? As they arrived here, it's just one, to go from there.


Just look at the crowd. It gives you an idea of the attendance of


these fantastic events. They have come out in support for Bradley


Wiggins who has just won the Tour de France, the first British man


ever to win. There are two winners who have achieved around France


tour. The other, of course, is in there as well. Italy, watch out for


them today. They made a late change with the squad. You heard Chris


Boardman's comments. He expects them to go for it today and I


wouldn't be surprised because the aim of a lot of teams is to get


clear and try to soften up the British team because it Mark


Cavendish gets the right kind of Ryde, then he, of course, is the


man who will take a tremendous amount of stopping. They are going


up Duke of Wellington Place. Just gone past Green Park. After Duke of


Wellington Place, they will weave their way to Knightsbridge for that


the famous shopping area where the world famous talk of Harrods is


placed. A nice shot of Hyde Park, as well. A lot of competition will


be taking place that there at the Olympics. Day one, of course, of


this London Olympics, 1948 was the last time that this contest took


place here. Great Britain didn't achieve a podium position then but


they did get a silver for the team award, because, in those days, they


used to award gold silver or bronze to the top three finishers from


each squad. A similar system to the stage races when times are added


together. Barriers all the way, as you can see. A massive job to set


up all these barriers. Wall to wall, at the moment, or gutter to go to,


as they peddle their way out of the city but once they get to the edge


of the built-up area, the tempo will raise itself significantly.


Brompton Rd, they grow -- go up towards Putney Bridge. A few riders


are not here today. The Norwegian, one of the big favourites, a green


jersey in the Tour de France, he has never regain the kind of form


he expected to try and be a contender for a medal here. He has


a viral infection. He eventually made the hard decision not to start.


It was legally a decision for Samuel Sanchez from Spain, the


defending champion. Came amid of the Tour de France on stage eight


when he badly bruised his shoulder and broke a finger, so he is not


here. At the moment, Tom Boonen from Belgium, and early bike change.


A former world champion, and man with a big sprint. He actually had


to pull out in Poland because he cracked a rib and he has put the


final preparations to his training for this suffering with a cracked


rib for them the British riders on the extreme left there. They have a


massive job to do today. Bradley Wiggins. He, of course, what will


be one of the men using all that strength today, to shield Mark


Cavendish. This is a mention of one or two of the hot favourite we can


expect to figure as the race unfolds. Cycling coverage continues


on BBC Three where you can follow this race every step of the way on


the dedicated 24 streams of coverage also elsewhere, right now,


race you can watch right now. It is just begun at The Mall going down


towards Surrey and coming back. Five hours to watch this if you


would like to. The Badminton, as I mentioned, is taking place at


Wembley Arena. Chris Adcock and Imogen Bankier will be on court


later on. The judo is happening with British involvement today, as


well. These are the early rounds at the moment. The finals are later on


this afternoon. And the archery at Lord's, this actually began


yesterday with the ranking rounds. It is competition time today,


though. This is beach volleyball. We had a glimpse of Paul Scott


parade early on. This is happening now, as well. -- Horse Guards


Parade. We are using Twitter, and this is how you get in touch with


us. Lots of people e-mailing already. Particularly for Ian


Thorpe who was with me now talking about swimming. Lots of people want


to know how many swimming medals you think Team GB are going to win?


I think I can say six or seven. It's never a crystal ball, but


looking at the athletes, the possibilities, how many of those


will be gold? I'm not sure at the moment. You think six or seven.


Lots of questions about you personally. What single raised have


you be most proud of? The -- which single race? The it's a very


obscure one. It's the only time I felt I had a perfect swim. A 200-


metre freestyle in the Berlin World Cup. I broke the world record. By


about three seconds. And it's the best I've ever competed. The


proudest I've ever been, as well. Death and you the best one. It's


interesting, because you might think you've had so many Olympic


gold medals, those will be the biggest moments, but... I am proud


of them. It's more to do with, I take more pride in those results,


but which one was my best? What would you do when you retire from


competitive swimming? I have retired already and I have written


to it, so I have continued but career I stopped for a short period.


Do you still swim were not actually in a competitive training period?


When I stop swim, I didn't swim for five years. I went in a simple four


times in five years. Absolutely. If you average it out, it's a lot over


a lifetime, but I'm back in the pool again now. And having time of


now so I can be here with the BBC and watch the soaring to my Games.


Well, we look forward to speaking to you. A final one. Who was the


greatest ever Olympian? It's difficult to say. There's a lot of


different ways to look at this. If you look at Olympic values and


things like that, you can bring in these other characteristics, it's


not just about medals. Its sportsmanship. It changes the


context of who was the greatest Olympian. In my opinion, if you


look at result, this is what people want to know, I don't think you can


go past Michael Phelps. I think especially after this competition.


There is every measurement you can make in terms of comparisons. It


will be Michael Phelps. We know this will be his last Olympics so


it's very special indeed. Thank you very much, Iain. We will talk to


Lots of rowing is taking place this morning. We've had a glimpse of it


already but let's go back to John for Heather Stanning and Heather


Glover, the first race about half- an-hour ago. The second heat


featured potentially the biggest rivals, Australia and New Zealand.


The closing stages. We're expecting news didn't be dominant here but


the Australians were doing really well and they will be the main


opposition. -- we were expecting New Zealand to be dominant. The


Kiwis, were they playing there? We don't know. So, going from a


British success to a huge disappointment, it's fair to say,


this is the women's quad which finished a few moments ago. As you


will see, actually, that's the first when we are seeing. Sorry.


The Germans are looking very good. The German squad is hugely


impressive. From top to bottom. Very confident. Only winners go


through to the final. This is the British women's squad coming in


last place in their heat. The Ukraine, hugely impressive, but New


Zealand edging out Great Britain for third spot as you can see there,


and we have gone from one extreme to another in half an hour.


women's squad have been struggling in the last couple of years and we


are hoping they were going to push the Australians slightly in front


of them and put them in the hunt for the medal but on that


performance, it doesn't look like a chance for a medal, and maybe not a


place in the final. You mention the first race with New Zealand, people


toying with the opposition. Playing a tactical game. How much of that


goes on? How much of it is about putting down a marker and saying to


people, we are this good and you have got to catch us? It's more


important to put a marker down than planning to hold back. When are you


what rowing, you're going backwards so its advantage to see the boats


behind you. You are in control of the race and you are in control.


It's better from our point of view. If the Kiwis felt they were capable


of dominating the race, they would have done that, going through. So,


yes, from my point of view, I always like to put your marker


down,... Is there an element of conserving energy? Not really. What


saps your energy is a queue of the blasted in the last 50 metres. --


is if you have to blast it in in the last 50 minutes. But you can


cruise through and there is no saving energy and you can recover


quite quickly. Let's go back to the live action. Coming up shortly, the


second heat of the men's eight, and Great Britain are in death. It's


like a preamble to the final, a monument to the competitive race,


the first heat which is taking place. Let's join Gary and down.


COMMENTATOR: USA in a lane number two are having a stunning heat in


the men's pair the weight. A little slow out of the blocks here, but


they have dominated his opening heat and got into a fabulous rhythm


in the second 500 metres, and they are cruising in the third. We have


Australia in that one, Australia, gritty, Ukraine, three, Poland, to


the left, in lane number four, and remember they won in Munich, the


last World Cup regatta, pushing the British back into third position.


Australia had the second place on that day. We have seen nothing of


the USA of America this year because they were 8th last year at


the World Championships and had to come to Europe to qualify. Their


coach is a wily old fox. He's do a great job here at for the USA. 500


metres remain. 1,500 down. It's going to be extremely hard for the


Australians in lane number one to overhaul the USA. Four boats, only


one will qualify for Wednesday's final. Their heads are up, their


hand ats are moving for the Australia, though, are tracking


them down the line. Here come Australia. The USA were humiliated


by coming 8th last day and having to go to qualifying. And this is


their revenge. They have come right back into the picture. They are


looking for gold. They will qualify if they win this. They will qualify


straight for the final and won't have to go to the repechage. This


is a tremendous performance from the United States. Half-a-length,


250 metres to go. Only 25 strokes. And still, though, the Australians


attacking hard. They know they have only one chance now to get through


to the Olympic final. Unless they go via the repechage. Surely the


Americans have done enough? 125, the USA stretch it out. They know


they are through to the Olympic final. Australia, a valiant


approach, and they push on through that third but not today. BUSA into


the Olympic final of the men's eight. Australia, second, Poland,


1,500. I think the United States came back in the last 500 metres.


They did. They were not really pushing that hard. Once they got


that good bit of clearance, they looked strong. Remember, the best


four crews are in the next heat. That was the easier heat to win. We


will probably seek to a free of The Crues in the next rate -- probably


see the next two or three in the next race go through. A wonderful


overview here of the eight Moving incomplete harmony here. -- in


complete harmony. He was bringing them all together, in a room, as a


group, and he said it all he was interested in was winning a gold


medal at London 2012. Hands up if you want to join me in that. A true


American way of geeing up his crew and the response to that was the


punching up -- punching of the air and some high fives, and now we are


seeing the end result. I think they can go quicker though. Absolutely.


25 strokes a minute at the end, so pretty steady. A very tough


selection process in America. They are always battling in selection


races throughout the year. As we look back down the course, the


grandstand is on high, glorious conditions at Eton Dorney.


Confirmation that the US are through to the final and everyone


We are a little bit removed from the action, but the noise generated


from the stands, I hope it is coming through. Just a wonderful


atmosphere for the first day of competition and that will have an


impact on the way everybody Rowles -- Rose. There was a lot of talk


about home advantage, and in rowing you do a lot before you get to the


bulk of the crowd, and then it is just a noise. That is a bit of help


for the British team from that point of view. It is always just


going round and round, it is very much like that. But I thought the


Americans but a lot of effort into that and look quite tired. I don't


think they were saving anything at the end. I think the Australians


were coming back at them. A huge cheer for the Great Britain eight


at the start. If they could hear that, that would make a difference.


Not sure if the wind was in the right direction, but it was massive.


And there are the Canadians who broke the world record when the


conditions were in their favour. A quick word about the man at the


front, everybody else in the boat there was boat to last week said


Lewis was the linchpin. He has an extraordinary empathy with the


water. For very young man, only 20, how has he managed to be such a key


ingredient of the boat? To come into a senior team in Olympic year,


and see was junior last year, and and see was junior last year, and


then come into the key area. The reports are that he is a fantastic


athlete and he has great rhythm. He has been out of all the World Cup


races though. He has only just come back into the crew. A very special


guy and it will be interesting to see how they do. He was a former


pupil at Eton College, so this is where he learnt his trade. Here he


is as a key member of the men's eight in the Olympic games. Here


are down and Gary once more. -- it is only the second heat of the


men's eight, and Great Britain are in the first lane. Canada are in at


number two. Germany, undefeated in this Olympiad in the men's eight,


the world champions in three. The Netherlands in at number four, and


those four boats are vying for that coveted one place that will get


them through direct to the final on Wednesday. But the British have


come out quick, and so do Germany, the world champions leading.


Germany have a third of a length. It looked like Canada had stormed


out, but my goodness, Germany always seem to have an answer.


Unbeaten in the last three years, ever since they were humiliated in


Beijing by not even getting through they have come back and dominated


the scene, and at the moment it is very much Germany in the driving


seat. But Great Britain have come back. Slow at the start but back in


the running and up with Canada in second. An absolutely stunning


first 500. One minute 18 seconds from Germany, minimal tailwind here.


What a statement. Expect the Germans to stamp hard on this


second 500 metres. A little look left from the cox of Germany. The


British crew in a lane at number one, hunting down the world


to the crew and driving them on. Germany have been dominant. World


champions. Britain were second last year and have put themselves into


second position again. Now we will see what difference the manner in


the stroke seat makes to the crew. Can they move through in this


middle 1,000 metres and peg back Germany? The trouble is, once germy


get their noses in front it is very hard to pull them back -- wants


Germany get their noses in front. If you look back at the statistics,


the crew that got to 501,000 in the lead went on to win it. Germany go


through the 1,000 in the lead, as they did at the 500 metre mark and


they have moved out ahead over Great Britain, three-quarters of a


length. But the British will not roll over. A big race for Great


Britain. If nothing oafs -- else, just to blow the cobwebs out. On


the Olympic stage here, and they know they can pit themselves


against the world champions who we are watching overhead. A fabulous


shot here. That there is how you wrote a men's eight at this very


high level. -- how you row a men's eight. To actively the German eight


are superb. -- technically the German eight are superb. They


really do well together. Britain putting up a fantastic battle on


the outside, the top plane, closest to the crowds as they come into the


far side of the bank. There are some coaches on the bikes, an


incredible sight. That third 500 from Great Britain was outstanding.


The British moving back again on Germany. It is three-quarters of a


lens, just inside three quarters. Germany from Great Britain, and I


think we can say that Great Britain have put the disappointment of


Munich behind them, when they finished third, and the Germans


weren't even in the race. Here we are, in the last 500 metres.


Germany are 36 strokes a minute. Look out for the Netherlands.


Holland are creeping up, closest to the camera. But Great Britain are


moving, half a length down on germy but they still can't get their


know the majority of the support in all of the stands it is for them.


The British are upping the rate. They are pushing on, but Germany


look absolutely exquisite. At only half-a-length this is a fantastic


opener for Great Britain. They will have to go through the repechage,


but this is great, holding on to Germany as they come to the last


few strokes. The world champions have stretched it out and are


safely through to the Olympic final by about three-quarters of a length.


But Ladies and Gentlemen, Great Britain are back, and they will


know they are within a sniff of that Olympic medal. Great Britain


will go through the repechage and live to fight another day but they


know that their big day will come on Wednesday, the Olympic final.


And we salute to Germany through to that Olympic final. They have won,


exquisite from the first strike. But what an absolute cracker we


have got lined up on Wednesday. The repechage is on Monday, so great


Britain will come away feeling disappointed, but they will be


gutted not to be the German crew, because that is in their nature.


But they know they are stepping up. And remember this, in 2000, when


Great Britain won the gold medal they slightly douched it up in the


heats and had to go through the repechage and won the most


important race of their life, the Olympic final. This will give them


confidence. They were five seconds faster than the United States in


the opening heat. That puts them right up there. Germany, with this


tandem rig, rather like Cambridge had in the Boat race, that gives


them the power in the middle of the boat and it helps them to do it


that way. But for Great Britain, that was a great opener. They have


got that to build on, but Germany do look good. Look how far Germany


are ahead of the Olympic champions. They have taken the Olympic


champions apart, but they know that they cannot afford to discount


Great Britain. Constantine has done an absolutely fabulous job. The US


were coasting a little bit in the heat. After half way, just coasting


a little bit, but it certainly puts great Britain in the picture.


Germany through to the Olympic final. I would say it is all good


A great race, and a great atmosphere, and the first people to


benefit were heather stunning and Helen who won the race a few


minutes ago. What was the sound like? It was incredible. We had the


coach shouting at us during training, but nothing can compare


from the word go to the beach at the finish and the cheers, it was


absolutely brilliant. He must have been shouting loud to replicate


30,000 people. At what point on the course can you actually hear


people? I'm not really aware. It was sort of gradually building. A


gradual build of noise, and by the time you got a half way you could


see the grandstand coming alive. It makes you stand up tall and feel


very proud. Steve, how well did they perform today? It was very


classy. Way you taken by surprise by the Americans? This was supposed


to be a week a group than they had had all season, but they pushed too


hard during the middle -- as week a group. We expected them to come out


strong and it didn't matter what boat class they were in, we


expected them to be strong. It was good to have them in the lane next


to us. In the last 500 you seemed to take to the race and move into


the standard we have seen all season. Was that a planet or just


the way it unfolded? I think you always planned to its place -- race


to the line, and then the second plan is to conserve what you have.


We just did it how we wanted to and felt in control, which is a nice


thing to happen. You are through to the final, so you have four days to


sit with your feet up and watch TV, or what? I think we will have a day


to sit with our feet up and then we will go out and do some more


training and keep ourselves ticking over, so our final will be the peak


of the season rather than the race The if you get back quickly you can


watch the swimming. That's what we're planning to do. They haven't


got long to get back to watch the swimming. We will be at the


Aquatics Centre in a moment but we have just had figures released for


the audience for last night's opening ceremony on BBC One. The


average audience was at 22.4 million. The peak was close to 27


million. 26.9 million. That's how many people were watching. The


biggest single audience in the modern era for the BBC. Also on to


the results from the competition side of things. Those are the watch


and BBC Three will know from the archery, great Britain's men have


gone out of the team competition. Those hopes of a team medal in the


archery had sadly ended at Lord's this morning. Time now for the


swimming action. Clare Balding is going to talk as though it.


CLARE BALDING: Are thank you so much, Mishal, and we had the heats


for the 400 metres individual medley which means the appearance


of Michael Phelps, a man who has one more gold medals at Olympic


Games than any other athlete and is on course to win the most medals in


total. That record is currently held by the Soviet gymnast who


competed between 1956 and 1964. He could take his total, 14 gold


medals and two bronze buckles, and needs to get to 18 to equal the


record and push beyond it. He could do it. Indeed, he will. We would


say his event is in the back. No event is in the back, but a minute


ago, he qualified 8th for the final. We will see that in a second or two


because we have a five heats to get through. The first British swimmer


was Joe Roebuck, and we can look at him. He is in lane a number two. In


the back of the picture, not a great swimmer for him. This will


to have done it. Finishing, I'm afraid, last in that heat, but


let's have a look at the heat which involved Michael Phelps, because we


are going to see him in action. As Mark has hinted, he is through to


the final but let's see how he Michael Phelps. I can't wait for


this one. The world has been waiting for this one. The men's 400


metres individual medley. In a lane four, Michael Phelps. The world has


little bit of noise at the start there. This is he to four of five


and Michael Phelps into the lead. He is flying for the peace the


world record holder, 100 fly and the 200 rivals up he is brilliant.


He has got everything. This is the stroke he made at the Sydney


Olympics final, aged 15. We want to see the Italian tried to stay with


him. Just going out of shot now, three from the left. This has been


his dream since 2005 21st saw Olympics. He was only brought up 20


minutes down the road. Competing with a great Michael Phelps, what


an honour. Michael Phelps turning first. How many times have we said


that in the last 16 years? Laszlo, and utterly brilliant swimmer, but


how on earth you get past Michael Phelps? He's not kicking as hard as


he could be. Sometimes your kick stabilises your wiggle. Is he going


for it? I think he is getting a bit from the field. Germany is in lane


just enough to make it through to the final here. He's been talking


about saving his mental and physical energy. I think Michael


world record pace of that back stroke. It's like two races in one


here. Go all out in the butterfly and then he's back on there


backstroke. On the turn, he had a he has come through now, Great


Britain, in 4th or 5th at the moment. Michael Phelps turn second.


Che turns first. He can bring that back pretty well. He looks good,


closer to us. Yes, Michael Phelps was talking in the press conference


about easing back and leaving energy. He has got a big schedule.


He has got seven races. He has got seven medal events, a lot more


races, of course, with semi-finals and heats. Having looked at his


combated is there to see where he is. I think Michael Phelps will


make him work a little bit harder, Che, because there is the final


tonight and I think these two will be on the podium. Michael Phelps is


toying with him. It's like a piece of string in front of a cat. Look


at this. It's just amazing. Absolutely incredible. Pavoni He


finishes in 4th. Just outside his best time. He went up 4.12 in the


trials but Michael Phelps, goodness me. 4.13. That's not that quick. He


currently in third. I can't see six from the final heat beating him but


it's closer than I thought. A good three seconds slower than the first


one. A 4.10 0.01. Michael Dobbs is such a great competitor. He knows


pretty much how he's going -- Michael Phelps. It is the most


controlled race of his schedule. Michael Phelps winning he'd four. -


That was Michael Phelps in the pool. It's a fascinating experience


watching it with you because you watch it in a different way to the


rest of us. He didn't have easiest time there. That was a surprise. He


left it very close. Watching him in the fly, I think he pulled back a


little bit in the backstroke, tried to conserve energy, but had quite a


bad patch at the end of that race. He qualified by 7,100ths of a


second. That's cutting it to find. Knowing what it's like in the


competition, the roar of the crowd, the first time we have seen the


seasoned professional when it comes to swimming. He wanted a


comfortable swim. A chance to qualify through, so when it comes


to the finals, because in as more events, he has to conserve some


energy. The he has to pace himself. With five metres to go, it looks


like he's going to win his seat, which, in his mind, he will be


thinking, I will be a 4th and through to the final. The Ryan


Lochte has also been in the pool we have seen the ending. This is


how Michael Phelps's race ended. Lots of focus on Ryan Lochte, we


are going to show everybody that in a second. He's one of the main


people to watch. Brilliant. I think now he will know he will probably


be the second fastest going through. One second faster than Michael


Phelps? So, here it is right now. Which is his best race? Ryan


Lochte? Pick any of them! The way he's swimming at the moment, I


think he will be very dominant in these races. He hasn't really got a


week's stroke. The same as Michael Phelps. They are very similar.


it an advantage and it he made that strong, because he must be focused?


It's very motivating in training. You know what your main rivals are


doing in training so it will spur you on. I suggest they do this


session's separately so they don't know what they're doing otherwise


it could become too competitive. You do think this will be one of


the big rivalries? By can't wait. I can't wait to see this final. I'm


glad we get to see a final we It's all happening in the Aquatics


Centre this morning. Let's go over to Andy Jameson, who was


the women's 100-metre butterfly. Fran Halsall in lane five. It will


be interesting to see how she will some. Ali Sher Coutts, the


Commonwealth champion. -- Alicia Coutts. Great Britain right in the


centre. A real sprinter. She had a dodgy sold up for a while but it's


better now. She looks good right summoned to work hard down this


Coutts here. Fran, fourth from the left, coming back. Coutts, she


takes it. How she got that, I've no idea? She was 6th with about 10


metres to go, so a great finish, from Hull for. A really, really


good finish -- Fran Halsall. Sorry, Andy. 7th in the world before she


came into this, Coutts, and was a silver medallist last year. Getting


close to that in a heat of 100 fight, that's a good market to lay


down. Nice to see her fighting summing up really well with Fran


Halsall. Now it is the turn of Ellen Gandy. She is right next to


the red hat a Great Britain it goes in lane five. Not the greatest


start. You can never write of Gandy does like this soaring poll.


She got the British record in the trials here in March. She is here


in third. Ellen Gandy coming in ranked third in the world this year.


Really fighting. It is a flat line, Andy, look at that in the middle.


Ellen Gandy is Sunningwell. She is the world record holder -- she is


the swimming well. She is going well in the red hat in the centre.


It is going to be very tight. A very good finish indeed. Goodness


me. Both British Gas, as head down inside that last five metres, and


they have stolen places in their heats, a really good swim. --


British swimmers. I have got to say, I think that will still occur in


the semi-final. There is still one he to go but it was great. A great


with Decca, and then two metres out, just ominous. I think the British


gulls have both done enough. -- the the British girls will make the


So a good start for the British girls in the Aquatics Centre.


and up against tough competition this morning. -- yes. I think they


will improve on those positions coming through. That is really


helpful to make sure they are in the right shape going forward.


think it is. There are lot of swimmers swimming well and fast,


but that middle heat that we saw, quite a strong heat and we saw how


everyone was very close. You want to get everyone into that round so


you can then produce a better performance. That is the latest


from the Aquatics Centre. Let's go back to the rowing at Eton Dorney


with the men's doubles goals coming We have had a mixed fortunes they


fought the British athletes, an emphatic win and the women's quad


came in last in their heats so they go into the repechage and then the


men's eight came second. We will just show you the closing stages of


the first heat in the men's doubles, because sometimes not a lot happens


but look at this for the heat. is the first three going for the


semi-finals, and bought three of them were comfortable going through.


You wonder, white put that energy in? But that is how much it means


Question for that to is when the crowd comes in, with that cacophony


of noise. It almost distorts your common sense in racing, and maybe


people will push more than they need to. That can happen. You can


get into your pace in the race and stay stable, but if you blast off


at the end then you get the oxygen dearth from that point of view.


Realistically, what are their ambitions here? They are not a bad


crew. They are supposed to be our fastest doubles pairing in the last


few years. They should have been hunting for medals in the last few


years but it hasn't quite quick -- clicked. Hopefully they had done


good preparation but we will find Great Britain in the second lane.


New Zealand, the two-time world champions alongside them. If you


are going to make a mark on how fast you are, why not sit alongside


the world champion? It will be a good race because Lucas and


Townshend, a new doubles pairing this year, they were in the


quadruples in 2011. Now a big opportunity for them in this. On


the starting line. Glorious tailwind on the start, and they are


away fast here. We are looking at built Lucas and Sam Townshend in


the stroke seat. And these guys know they have a big race ahead of


them alongside Nathan Cohen and Jason Solomons from New Zealand,


the world champion -- Jason Sullivan. 100 metres down, and


Great Britain are leading. brilliant start from Great Britain.


They have been looking the part and very confident in the last six


weeks in training and felt that they have moved on a lot. They


succeeded the Red Express, who came 6th last year, although they were


medallists the year before. They were superseded, and may have gone


into the quads. But Lucas and Townshend looking calm and relaxed.


Three of these crews will Fila five for the semi-final after this race.


-- will qualify for the semi-final. As Great Britain come into their


racing pace, Argentina in four, giving the chase and laying it on.


Argentina were 9th at the world championships last year, sell at a


moment, it is between Great Britain and Argentina. The world champions,


New Zealand, a slightly struggling in the first 500 but we would now


expect them to lend some alt -- lengthen out. I think New Zealand


will just plan to qualify and have a steady race. Normally they are


quite high with their strikes -- stroke rate. But they have checked


the advance of Argentina and Great Britain and are turning on the


pressure a little bit. We can expect new Zealand to start to move


back into contention through the second part of the race -- New


Zealand. But at the back are Estonia. It could be that they will


be the crew that has to go through the repechage. Great Britain are


looking good, but Argentina, a surprise, looking very smooth and


relaxed and their boat is travelling well between strokes.


Bill Lucas, 22, some Townshend, 26, they have rowed together in one


form or another since their days at Reading University -- Sammut


Townshend. There confidence should be rising. The white boat of New


Zealand coming back. They will know that Argentina, who they have had


the better off, they finished 6th at Munich in the last World Cup


regatta, with Great Britain finishing in four, so it is laying


halfway mark of this the third heat. Argentina, what is happening here?


Soirees and Rosso are taking their chances. We would expect the


experience of Lucas and Townshend, but the dominance in the event of:


and somewhat -- Sullivan,, we would expect them to start coming through.


The worry is that the New Zealanders always make it look a


bit hard. They have to battle and scrap, and the good thing of the


British pair is they have a nice flowing rhythm. They just have to


keep going with the Kiwis as they come through and focus on this


third section. New Zealand are up at 38 strokes per minute. They are


battling along after taking it steady. They always seem to give


themselves so much to do. Battling along with Great Britain at 35


strokes per minute, and Argentina, the same, very steady, very smooth.


A good day to release the nerves. They will walk out in Portugal at


the training camp, and before that they were up at altitude in Austria.


All of the focus on these couple of days. Great Britain are looking all


right. There is the all-black strip of New Zealand. Argentina beginning


to slip back a touch. They still have the lead but the others are


beginning to close them down. Argentina now continue through the


1,500 metres and have led at every mark. Surely they will not cause a


through to the semi-final. Now it is all about pride for New Zealand,


the two-time world champions. Here come the Kiwis, and Great Britain


must go with them, but the young pretenders from Argentina, who have


done so much to lead this heat, surely they can hang on and hold


off this charge. They charge will be unrelenting against the New


Zealanders. Here they come. 250 metres remaining. And the British


are pushing on. They are responding to the crowd on the far side. And


the British have upped their rate, but so have the New Zealanders, the


two-time world champions, coming up to the line. Great Britain at 40


strokes a minute. As they come up to the last 250 metres it is New


Zealand pushing right through. Not pretty, but very fast.


sensational effort from Great Britain. They'd dared to lead up to


the 1,800 metre mark. New Zealand coming through. What a scrap that


was. And what a result for the British doubles. They will be


mightily happy. They should be happy with that second place,


because this is going to be a long all that regatta. Great Britain


through to the semi-final. New Zealand through, and also Argentina,


and just taking up the rear, A fantastic start, now time to


embrace the an's specialist subject. We are ready to get under way for


the men's 400 metres freestyle, an event a certain Australian used to


dominate. This time it is China and Korea expected us -- to challenge


for the gold. Let's go to the aquatics centre with Adrian


Moorhouse and Andy Jameson. -- the world record holder had a stinker,


got left on the box. And Robbie with a wonderful start. He has


certainly started as he means to continue, looking really good. It


looks like the German is going with Robbie. The world record holder is


going with the guy from GB. Good to see him making a statement on his


first length. The green on -0.24 means he is underneath a world


record. We hope he knows what he's doing! Beedham and not having a


great year. He has not shown on the world rankings. He is in the white


cap. Renwick will have to get close to his PB. It will take that to get


into the final, at least. Look at these two at Guy's go. He has the


world record holder to tow along with him. And he is definitely


working hard. Leading for Germany, Renwick just there. Easy speed down


the first 200 metres, and the crowd are chanting his name. Fantastic


local support. It really is brilliant and he is looking good.


The rest of the field is starting to come back now. I was going to


say, they are starting to catch the Russian in at number seven is


going well. Renwick still first. He is leaning to his right, so he can


see all along the line and it is a nice position to be in and help you


with your pace. You always say two junior guys that the big guys go at


the halfway mark, and look at what has happened. He mustn't forget it


is a heater where it will be hard his terms, you know. He did not to


a big fly kick. The rest of the boys were doing something big


underwater. He makes his lead up and then comes back on the term.


Check this out. 100 metres to go. They make in first. Not was not a


bad term, though. Did not lose too much on that. Everybody is starting


to go to their feet with 100 ago. Robbie Rennick is looking good but


look at these guys coming back at him. The German is not looking very


good at all. Not at all. It suggests there may be Robbie


Rennick is now digging in. The crowds are really lifting her. He


from up Robbie Rennick. The German will not make the final and as he


does something spectacular in the last time. He's looking good,


that he to be. With 16 very quick guys to come, Business semi-final


for the freestyle, only eight will qualify. A very good swim from


Robbie Rennick, but will it be any good? Is it enough? I think it will


be. He is looking over. You can see him looking under the water. Almost


looking for the clock before he finished. Top of your picture,


knocking. Cochrane also looking over. They knew they were in a


scrap. That position might make a Is that going to be enough? I'm not


heat three of the men's 400-metre freestyle. David Carry is in lane


six. It is brilliant to see him reigning Olympic champion. David


Carry, delighted to see him here because he did not qualify at the


trials. He did a lifetime best to qualify for the Games. He's in the


red hat on the right-hand side. He has gone of Cook, as well. This is


his second chance and there is a space opened. David Carry took his


opportunity and it's great to see him here. Park, the world record.


The second fastest in the world this year. Coached by the


Australian, Michael Ball. Park is positioning himself at the Olympic


Games, dropped the 1,500 metres from his programme. He is


concentrating on a 200 metres and 400 metres. David Carry, heart the


second from the world record in the lead. I'm not sure, it's very


exciting and all that but hopefully it's not too much. It is fast, I


have got to say. If you're going to go for it, go for it. And that


exactly what you are doing. He does have some very good tactics, but


we've just seen a pretty slow seeded heat. You can make this


final if you are quick and knock some big guys out. David Carry is


the first to turn. The world champion and Olympic champion is


still in the mix. Let's watch him at the halfway term. David Carry on


the left-hand side with her red hat on. Over to his right, he's looking.


A great position to be in. It makes you feel a little bit stronger


coming into the halfway position. That was of fast first 100 but I'm


hoping it's not too fast. Park, I think he is amongst them. He is in


the white cap nearest to us. David Carry is going. He's making a move


again. He has probably got maybe a quarter of a metre on the others.


This is not that quick, still. David Carry is kicking a bit harder


than the rest of the field. Kicking his legs. The Australian in the


yellow cab, not kicking his legs at all. David Carry is not full on. A


bit of horseplay here, you know. David Carry is doing really well.


Come on, 100 metres to go. He could make the final. He is swimming very


hard on that term. A bit deep under water. Come on, David Carry, you


final go. He wants to get into the final. He is in the white cap. It


will surprise me if he does do a big kick now. And starts to try to


come back. There we go, a big kick into the lead. Come on, David Carry.


Park taking over in the centre in the white cap and also going past


him is the Australian, a silver can get this. Try and beat the


Australian. It looks like he will but one guy from the first heat, I


was Napoleon and 4th was David Carry. It's very close. It is close


but I think Park was playing around death. He did a big kick on that


finishing, to make sure he did enough. A gutsy swimmer, David


Carry. Just outside his best time where he qualified. There is the


Olympic champion, the defending champion. A lovely guy. A great


tactician. I think he is comfortably into the final. One


interesting. I wonder if it was the start. You are not allowed to false


start. You're not allowed to wobble. Maybe he's not sure about it yet.


You can't get disqualified in freestyle unless you false start.


We have had our first Olympic record set by America in the 100


metres butterfly. We could see some world records broken tonight.


American has been in great form. She number one in the world. You


never know when they can do it doesn't she? Whereas, holding


something back most definitely was Michael Phelps. And maybe, lulling


the Olympic silver medallists into a false sense of security. He has


and qualify for final individual medley and Michael Phelps has, only


just. It shows you, when there is no semi-finals, a top aide go


through and it's so important to get up early in the morning and it


swim fast. It Michael Phelps just getting in at Ryan Lochte, you have


to make him favourite for gold tonight. The interesting thing is,


he's going to be in lane three and Michael Phelps will be in lane


eight. We used to seeing them side- by-side, cat-and-mouse but there's


no race like that tonight. Michael Phelps will be out on his own.


been so cool about the rivalry, trying to play it down, but it's so


interesting for tonight's final. Equally interesting, the defending


Olympic champion from the 400 metres freestyle, Park, has been


disqualified, so let's have a look at the start. He is coming off


block four. The yellow cap. I must confess, I didn't see anything


wrong whatsoever. When you have a reaction time, it comes up on the


scoreboard. I couldn't see anything wrong from here. Whether the judges


saw it, I don't know. You have to be completely stationary. Maybe he


twitched. I couldn't see anything. An amazing noise for every British


swimmer here. The noise levels may get even crazier because we're


expecting the imminent arrival of Her Majesty, the Queen, who opened


the Olympics officially last night Thank you very much indeed. Very


exciting morning already. I have been watching it with Ian Thorpe.


We thought it was shocking when the Korean summer was disqualified.


the defending champion is disqualified at this stage. He went


through the race quite comfortably and make sure he got through to the


final. Looking at the start, I'm in complete agreement with Mark Foster.


I don't see anything in it. Maybe we will see a protest put in now.


It is within the guidelines at this stage. He may have had a quick


reaction time. It isn't a false start. The technical equipment we


have on the blocks indicates when the gun goes off, what is


acceptable as a reaction time. If it falls outside of that number, he


will probably continue to be disqualified. That's the kind of


debate which will be going on right now in the Aquatics Centre. What


will happen now, they will go back and look at the replay from the


overhead cameras to see if there was any movement. We could split is


down into 1,000ths of a second. You can tell when the movement happens,


so there's a lot of technical issues around us. But blind eye,


not been it would see anything, I did not see a false start.


really exciting action this morning also in all these heats was to see


how well directed it. It's really good. -- to see how well Robbie


Rennick did. What was happening, a lot of guys had similar times and


it means they had to work harder this morning. Park, he was one of


the ones who went a bit easier and then came through at the end. Some


of these guys had to work hard to get through. Robbie Rennick looked


good. It's interesting to see how many nations have come along in a


swimming. Non-traditional swimming nations if you like. I think this


is the best in what has happened to the sport. It's been an evolution


in the last 10 years. Mostly in the last six years. We have seen


countries in Asia starting to dominate races. A great example is


the 400 metres freestyle. I think we may see an epic moment when


someone breaks the record. There is a very young Chinese swimmer who


What Park being out, a nice long strike going through. Comfortably


accelerates his movement. A nice, relaxed position through his


recovery. He could end up being the first male Chinese, to win a gold


medal. But that's right. That will be enormous. 3.4 5.07 going through.


He is a second and a half faster than everybody else. Out of


everyone, he got through that heat this morning quite comfortably. He


More good results coming through a. David Carry has made the final.


That is more good news for Team GB. Very good. Thank you very much,


Iain. Particularly people wonder what it's like for you what in the


400 metres freestyle knowing what it's like to be out there. Yes,


it's interesting today but I'm glad I'm not disqualified! Yes, I


suppose that's the danger of the competition. It will all be


happening at the Aquatics Centre through the course of the day.


Let's just get a little hint of what it's like at another event,


not one we touched on so far today, but competition is under way in a


The 30-year-old from Poland is The 30-year-old from Poland is


leading. A score of 64.2 to add to her 399 qualification. She is ahead


are waiting for Katarina from Czechoslovakia -- the Czech


Republic. She has fired a 10.3. I don't think that round, the 7th


round will change the places in 10.2. We have still not had a


maximum score of 10.9 as yet in this final. Another good score from


medal position and Poland are on course to take gold, but it is very


over 75 minutes in qualification and there will be 10 in this final


section, 75 seconds per shot, so no need to hurry. It is about nerve


leader from Poland. We have a 9.7, so a new leader here. The gap was


The reigning Olympic champion will move up the rankings, but the


Chinese has now gone to the top of the board. Siling Yi is the new


leader. She has overtaken, of the 30-year-old from Poland. There is a


fault -- a full point of difference, 9.7 up to 10.7, and that has


changed things around. Yu is in bronze, but Emmons has closed the


gap. Emmons, a big roar in the This is her first Olympics despite


being the favourite. She was the first athlete to qualify for the


games, that was two years ago. Two Yu with a 10.8, and Yi with 10.3.


So Yi will extend her lead. Just wiating for Emmons to see if she


the leader. It is a Chinese wall and two at the moment. -- 1 and 2.


The final shots are about to be fired in just around one minute and


a minute and a half, we will know who has won the first Olympic gold


at London 2012. Big cheers for Yu But she will need it nerves of


steel. Caterina remains in force. So, we wait for this a final shot,


coming up, for the first medal at the games. Traditionally shooting


has provided the first Olympic gold of any games, and the first


champion of this 38 games here in London will be crowned, the south-


east London, Woolwich -- of this 2 coming into the final and we are


just waiting for the first shot to be fired. If she posts 10.7 or more,


she cannot be beaten. And she has fired a 10.5. That should be good


enough. That will be good enough! Yu can't catch her. She would have


to score 11, and 10.9 is the maximum. And that was only a 10.3.


She may even get leapfrog into the silver medal. But we have our first


gold medallist of the London 2012 Olympics. It is Siling Yi. Her


total score, 502.9. She has beaten the Polish shooter who takes silver.


But the world No. 1, in her first That is a key moment for the London


Olympics, the first gold medal won, That final was happening in


Woolwich, at the Royal Artillery Barracks. No medals handed out at


Eton Dorney, and none are scheduled, but plenty more interest for Great


We will show you the lightweight men's four heat, the event that


invariably provides the closest blanket finish of the championships.


In any Regatta, it is always very competitive and it comes down to


the tiniest of margins. Let's see boxing match, they would have to go


to the Australians so far. The Australians leading through the


1,000 metres, and we are into the third 500 with Britain in first,


Australia in three, the race leaders. Such is the tightness and


level of competition in this event that the title of world champion,


the best in the world from year to year, really does vary. The British


seem to have checked the Australians. The Australians,


closest to us, they do look a bit more smooth. They are taking less


strokes per minute and Great Britain, which means they are


moving a little bit more efficiently. They are also running


on a shorter stroke. If you look at how Britain stretch out, they reach


a lot more, and may have some very good length in the technique and


are beginning to move as well. Australia, slight, but so well


drilled. Their blades are parallel. They hit the water together and


they apply the pressure spot on, together. Watch Great Britain in


the last 500 metres. It is the first three crews who will qualify


for the next round. A sensational third 500 metres for Great Britain,


calling their way back against Australia, the world champions, who


led them by a quarter of a length. Great Britain in a lane at number


This is a crew that wants to move on from their first place in Munich,


when all the crews came together at the end of the World Cup series.


Melt the British up to a quarter of a length -- now the British. They


are moving away from the Australians. It is all about


winning for Great Britain. That was a fantastic Porsche. In about 40


strokes they went from half-a- length down to half a length up.


They are staying relaxed, but they went right through Australia. That


has the look of a champion crew. That is really spectacular. They


have taken nearly over a length of Australia in 500 metres. 150 metres


left in this heat, and the British crew can look up. It is a job well


done. It is only the heats, but they will know they are on track.


The rate just marginally comes down. They are almost a length clear of


the world champions. Great Britain, through to the final. A little


acknowledgement from Chris in the stroke seat. He will note there


will be tougher races, but in the opening heat, Britain, will know it


Pulling the Australians -- putting the Australians to bed, as it was


described their, was very nice. Obviously still a lot of work to do


but it should at least shows they are on at medal form, hopefully


gold-medal form. Two victories for British crews with Helen Glover and


heather Stanning winning later, but the men's eight were in a duel with


the Germans. A really entertaining outside. After they had finished in


second in that race their cox, We will talk about the race in a


moment, but what about the race -- atmosphere? The it is amazing. I


have never been to a regatta like it. It is not just that it is noisy,


but also we know everyone is here supporting us. It is pretty


fantastic. We asked Heather and Helen a few moments ago, but at


what point on the course did the wall of sound he chew? It is from


about the second 1,000 metres. As soon as you get towards 750, it is


deafening. And the last 500 metres So in terms of looking ahead to


final, how do you assess that performance today? I think at the


moment, before we start thinking about the final, we have to go


through the representative. I think, you know, if we are honest, we are


not there yet. We didn't win. I think the Germans are still sort of


the stand out crew at the moment. I think they were sort of about two


thirds of a length up, or something, as a starting point for us, it is


not too bad. I think obviously, you know, we want to be, beating the


Germans, but we are not there, but I think, this is the first time we


have, you think about it through all the World Cup season, we have


had injury, changing things round, today was our first race in our


full line up, with Stan and everyone else in the correct


position, so we have something to build off. Most people watching


will not be rowing experts so when you say you are not quite there yet,


what are the specific areas that need to be tweaked? I think at the


moment, I would say, it is art the start, that first 500 metres. Today,


in the racing, I think the Germans edged out in that first 500. Edged


away from us. I think if we are going to do some tweaking it has to


be in the first 5 hundred. We have to be closer to the Germans,


without a shadow of a doubt. How do you go about that? We need to be


fast in the first 500, but the reality is that is a big change to


do, and over the last few years, the eight has been slipping behind


in the big races and the first 500, so what are you going to do in the


next few days to do that? You have the representative. I think one


thing for sure that we have seen through the World Cup season, is we


have always progressed through, the heat, the representative to the


final. I think now, we are aware of what we immediate to do. We need to


dig a bit deeper, you need to commit more in the first 500. The


way I see it at the moment. It is about a 1500 metre race. So I think


we have to have that mentality. It is a 1500 metre race and allow the


last 500 to take care of itself. you think the crowd here are the


tenth man? I think they make a massive difference. I noticed in


2010, the Kiwis had a huge support and it did them favours and I


believe it does it here. Good to see you and the repechage will


hopefully take care of itself. It is good to be on the water. Thank


you very much. Good to see all that action from Eton Dorney today, with


the rowing under way, a positive start for Team GB's rowers. Earlier


on was Ian Thorpe, he has changed into Hazel Irvine fresh from the


opening ceremony what a marathon effort. I wouldn't say fresh! It


was an extraordinary event. Everybody would echo


congratulations to Danny Boyle on that amazing cast. It was


remarkable. You had that marathon job of talking us through the


athletes parade. We loved every minute, it was a privilege to be


there and see it. And the Queen was there, last night, of course, she


is probably had not much sleep either, she has been back here at


the Olympic Park today. Here she is having a look round, with the Mayor


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