BBC One: Day 1: 11.30-13.00 Olympics

BBC One: Day 1: 11.30-13.00

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hours. I am. There is plenty to it P All right. Let me tell you what


we have this morning. Will the glorious British summer of cycling


continue? Manx man Cavendish is on the road assisted by his dream team.


Updates are coming. Here on BBC One we will concentrate on rowing and


swimming. Northern Ireland single sculler Alan Campbell in action at


dornyi. First we are going to the pool to see if Scotland's smiley


Hannah Miley will cruise through, making sure and saving energy are


her priorities. Right away, we are heading straight to the mall,


because I am sure you have been following the road race, six hours


stretching before them. 250 kilometres. It is Mark Cavendish


and his dream team who are trying to Ford their way to the frond


front. I understand tany, there has been some eventualitys in that one


what is the situation?. It has been a bit slow for the first half hour,


but we have a break away of 12. The gap has been hovering round four-


and-a-half minutes. It up it is up to four or five. There are 12 good


riders. An hour-and-a-half in, they are actually, Dave Miller is moving


up and down the pack. The rest of the group, to find out who is going


to make a move. Team GB are looking comfortable. They are letting the


race carry on and see what is happening. O that is a significant


move, I wonder if the guys can claw him back. As Mark Cavendish said,


he has got a wonderful team behind him, trying to fashion his way to


the front, and be in the running for that big sprint finish later on.


Should be round about 4.00 we understand. We are dotting round


all over the place here on this opening day, of the Olympic Games,


we are heading to the pool now. It's the 400 metres individual


medley. Hannah Miley could be the first British medallist. She has


her heats. It's the event in which Sharron Davies won silver in Moscow


1980. What is the latest. It is interesting. Watching the other


sports and thinking about cycling and British rowing, how important


momentum is, Dennis Pursley, the coach was talking about momentum


the other day and saying when you try and build it in a team of


individuals as the swimming is, they have to care about each other


for it to work. Now the British swimmers have been going very well.


How much will that feed into Hannah's psyche as she stands on


the blocks? Very much so. They have been together for the last two or


three weeks so they know how each other, all of the others have been


training. I know you don't do the same programmes but when you see


your mates standing on the block and having good swims it makes a


Miley goes in four. That red hat. Steph Rice of Australia closer to


us there in that yellow hat. Very good butterfly swimmer. This is the


weakest leg for Hannah. We expect her to go in a bit behind. She is


in the centre. Even though she is a very good 200 fly swimmer.


saves her energy on the fly. She is 2.5 second down on the American


pleased to see her working this one. Rice, as you said earlier, has had


real shocking shoulder injuries, Steph Rice. Turns in second place,


but for about three years she has been so off it. Unfortly, it is sad


in lots of ways to have that injury plague you. It is nice to see her


coming back. Hannah Miley is on her British record pace. She went 62.77.


She has 3 100ths of a second behind. She is coming back well. They have


a very clear tactic team. They don't work too hard on the fly and


look it is starting to pay off already. And always gives us the


Colly wobbles but it is working so far. I am usually a lot more


nervous at this point, because she normally a couple more seconds down.


She is moving slightly into the lead. The Japanese swimmer is


moving into second. Hannah has a strong breaststroke. This is God.


In is very good. Imagine the white cap in three will start to pull on


Hannah. Look over. Hannah turning to come back a bit. Miley is going


well, and these two really looking strong. Steph Rice at the moment


doesn't look that great in that yellow hat. She has had some


shoulder trouble. This not looking too good for Rice, the Olympic


champion. The defending champion and the world record holder with


150 to go. Three lengths left. Miley putting that kick in, I think


she went early. Miley looking to working a bit harder. Looking at


pacing her stroke rate. You can see the two on the right hand of the


shot. I think Miley is doing one and half strokes to the other


swimmer's one. Hannah will dig in. Well, one clear job to do here and


that is to make the final. At the moment, Hannah Miley looking good.


First the turn with two lents to go. 100 freestyle left. The American


turns first. Hannah Miley looking good in second and Steph Rice in


that yellow hat of Australia has a very very big job to do to catch


them up. She could do it. She is a great freestyler but she has a lot


of work to do. I think Miley is listening to the crowd, because the


crowd noticing that she is digging in. Noticing that she wants to win


this heat and is really raising their tempo, the noise, Rice is


coming back. She was two seconds down. You can see 1.49. So she is


trying to battle to get that place. But Miley is not going to want to


lose this one. I don't think she will. Great swimming. Great for the


crowd to see. It sends a shiver down my spine. Rice is doing well


to hang in. She may overtake the the American. She may well catch up


Hannah Miley. Miley looks like she is going to take this one. She does.


Massive cheer from the crowd. Wonderful. 4. 34. So barring


anything miraculous in last heat I think both will be through. 4.36


for the American. Good solid heat swim for Hannah Miley. That is


impressive: She put herself in a good position. She used more energy


on that one. Nice the see. I think played a bit with that pacing, on


the backstroke. I think they are doing that not for this heat. I


think they are doing that because it's a tactic that will beat Beisel.


You can see that yellow cap holding on straight away. A big sign


somebody has given everything. Rice, I don't think se has much more. So


Miley, one to go, a good swim. The is third fastest with one heat to


go. So she is going to make the final, I am pretty sure of that.


Steph Rice, will go in fourth fastest with one heat to go. So she


should make it. The the final heat of the 4 hundred medley and Biesel


was the fastest in the world. She is in lane four and Aimee Willmott


for Great Britain. What a great opportunity to make an Olympic


fantastic backstroker as well is in lane four. Aimee Willmott of Great


Britain, the 19-year-old from Middlesbrough is in lane two.


no wrais Aimee in is not complete without mentioned her dad Stuart.


It is great to see Aimee coming through and dare I say eclipseing


her father's achievements. Good turn there. Looking good so far,


good first 50. Needs to let it flow. In the red hat up to the top. Very


close indeed. I mean she is maybe fifth or sixth. It is close. So a


long, long way to go. Two lengths fly then two back then two breast


then freestyle. She does usually make a move, again, some of the


swimmers have stronger strokes than others, Willmott has a decent


backstroke. I am expecting Biesel to make a move. This is unusual for


her to be, not having made a move on the fly and back. Biesel, the


World Championships was 2.5 seconds ahead of the rest of the field


after the fly and back. Willmott two from the top on that shot. She


is working hard, head moving. Coming nicely into contention. Look


at that. Biesel making the move and Aimee Willmott. They will turn


first and second maybe. Willmott in third. Live, China. Half a second


down. -- Li. Biesel came second to Missy Franklin. Holding on well is


Aimee Willmott. That is not the prettiest stroke I have seen on


backstroke but it is effective. She will turn third or fourth at this


Willmott in the third, Great Britain, and looking pretty good,


too. Now she needs to hang on in there. She has a chance of making


this one. She has got to swim a lifetime best but, if she does, she


challenge to Hannah Miley's aspirations of a gold medal. I


think we can be confident, to a degree, of her chances of getting


on a podium this evening. The world champion, a threat as always. She


a pretty breaststroke, but effective. Gets a head a bit early.


I don't want to criticise somebody who the world champion and very


good. Still going well in the red hat is Aimee Willmott. It she could


have finished third in this heat, she will make a final. She is


currently in 4th. She has some serious work to do in this last 100


metres, but she is going well. Elizabeth Basel from the USA put it


this is impressive from the world champion. Second, Li from China.


Aimee Willmott has to go very hard. to up with your confidence for the


evening. I'm looking forward to tonight and I think Hannah Miley,


she will know exactly what it's going to take. And what she has to


do to get the gold medal tonight. She is working hard, as well, here.


The second fastest swimmer may be? I think she will go second fastest.


from China and Aimee Willmott experience for in 19-year-old.


Hannah Miley will be in lane seven in the final. She qualified 6th.


She will have Li from China next to her. Beisel, The fastest qualifiers.


qualifiers for the final. Here we A bit concerning when you see the


times like that because although Hannah Miley won her heat, and is


the first British swimmer to win at the Olympic Games, it is a hot


final tonight. She is going to be up against it. Very much so. With


the 400 metres individual medley, the top eight go through to this


evening. You want to be in the race. The nice thing for her, she can be


on the outside, do her own thing. Stefanie rice is one of the


favourite as well on the outside. In the middle, that they would will


be doing her own thing. There should be a lightweight and


heavyweight for that. She is tiny. His only 5 ft 5. When they did the


photograph, she was the smallest at the end. You think, how can you be


so good at this event when you are tiny? All of her strokes are so


technically beautiful. If you watch her, there is no strength involved,


it is caressing the water all the time. She's also a lovely person to


watch. The let's get her reaction -- a beautiful tactical race.


last 100, tends to be the way. Tonight I got to go in and race.


There is that noise when you come out and it's just unbelievable. Yes,


I felt really happy with that. This is my fastest heat swim in


Barcelona. I've got to see what these guys do in the next heat,


because I know it's very fast. I got to see what I can do for the


final and fingers crossed by make it. What's the last thing of father


since June before we send you off down to the simple. He says he


loves me. It's nice to have up before the race. I'm up slumming


for my family and for him. Yes, it's great. Good luck for tonight.


She is tiny but as a great energy. The 6th fastest after winning that


he this morning. The whole of Scotland will be cheering her on. I


was down there for the trials a few months ago and obviously you are


being bought the test events yourself but has only a quarter


full them. What they like with a full house? The cheap seats at the


top are absolutely packed and unconcerned because there are


blocks of seats empty over my shoulder there. And also on their


side, these are competitive its -- families down there. Be this


evening, every seed will be packed. Some people this morning will be


feeling the effects of a late-night last night. Hazel, you're amazing


because you can wake up early and present. Some of us can't. I


suspect that's why there could be some people missing this morning.


Hannah Miley clearly heard the noise pulls it David Carry, a great


Scottish,, made his first individual final at his third


Olympics at the age of 30, and there was no doubt he was spurred


on by the noise and by Keri-Anne Payne, is the answer is, doing this


to him. -- his fiancee. He could see them doing this. They were just


waving at him. When you're doing distance races, you're not


concentrating on anything. It makes a difference, knowing that these


people are cheering for you. When 17,000 people are chairing former -


- cheering for you, normally you can't tear it, but you do here.


curved roof, the design of it, it is beautiful. I hope it continues


to inspire the swimmers. Hannah Miley, David Carry and Fran Halsall,


as well. We hope for a medal tonight, but we hope. Get in there.


I was down there and from the outside, a lot of these venues are


getting nicknames already. The marshmallow, the Pringle for the


Vella drome. The Copper Box for the Handball Arena. -- a Velodrome. The


Aquatics Centre looks like a huge blue whale and the Natural History


Museum. It's absolutely magnificent. You have got to go right to the


front of it and look into its mouth and you will see what I mean, later


on. Anyway, 20 years of hard work to get to the Olympic Games and


that's what Mark Foster did over a number of Games. He's not competing


this time but if you worry morning person, the sacrifice is in


swimming are enormous. Sharron Davies knows what it's like in that


event, the war hundred metres individual medley. This is her


I always liked the water. My dad talks about a memory of me I don't


remember. I was so young. He said as a three-year-old, I literally


threw myself in and he had to sprint from where he was at the


other end of the pool to get me out. She always loved the waterfalls are


always. In Plymouth, there's lots of beaches and places to go. And


she loved the water, always put up my teacher was Bill Clements, who I


stayed in touch with until very recently before he passed away.


coach got sick and there was nobody to take over. My father did not


coach me until I was about 10. The only way I could good early-morning


swimming was the open swimming pool, so the local authority said, OK,


you can come in and open the pool and turn the lights on. We did that.


I remember as having to swim up and down the pool when people were


swarming wits, so we had to dodge We had to swim on Christmas Day.


It's a discipline sport. You have to do it every morning and do it.


And that's the thing a lot of children don't want to be doing.


There were times I wished my mother could have stepped in and calmed my


dad down and made him pull back a little bit, because he was so hard.


I don't think, as a family, we had a holiday. Every single penny of


spare money was spent on swimming. By the time I was champion at 15,


that's when the pressure and expectation came, particularly


before the Moscow Olympic Games. cheered her on, pushing her all the


way in a race. Then the phone went from everywhere. It's a marvellous


feeling because you feel all the effort and money and time was worth


it. The feeling I had when I touched the ball was achievement


and excitement but also relief I'd actually delivered, but all this


hard work and sacrifice was worth it. Swimming in the Olympics in


particular shape to I Am. I feel like I belong there, it's my space.


If anything goes wrong in my life, If you would like to get involved


: Sharron Davies is with us now. A very moving story. I was talking to


you this morning and we were talking about the impact your


parents had made in your success. Was it worth it? Absolutely. You


stand on the side of the poll and of course it's worth it. When are


you are training at 5am in the middle of winter, it is tough, but


this is what it's all about, inspiring a whole generation. You


want results. You met Petra Schneider, who beat you from East


Germany on that day. Clearly, she was part of rape team for East


Germany. What were your feelings and emotions when you met in the


intervening years? She was not well so the drugs had given her


fertility issues, heart problems and she has to take tablets for the


rest of her life, so I don't have a personal issue with her. I


sometimes get upset with the IOC because they are two victims,


myself. And people whose lives would have been different had they


been Olympic champions but I would not change anything. Hannah Miley


qualified in the same position I did, six, so it's a good omen and I


love everything crossed for a later. Absolutely, we are looking forward


to so much more and to the men's 100 metres breaststroke. The


champion has going for a third unprecedented gold in that. It will


be against a backdrop of great excitement and also a great sadness


at the death earlier in the year of Alexander Dale Owen from Norway,


the champion. He was only 26 years old. According to everybody around


him, he was absolutely fine, he trained that morning, went into the


showers, and never reappeared. He collapsed in the bathroom and a


cardiac arrest. He won the World Championships in the aftermath of


politically the horrible Norway shootings, and he had is incredibly


high profile and was very important. He was a controlled and calm


character. A massive shock. It sent shockwaves around the swimming


world. Lots of swimmers to altitude training and when you think how


hard athletes in general, let alone Summers, train, and how much


pressure, you have got to think your heart is a muscle so it's a


wonder we don't blow up more often. It was a huge shock and nobody saw


it happening. I suppose sometimes things break. It is a sad moment, a


huge loss. Desperately sad and it leaves a hole in this event


although the Japanese champion, he's a huge star. He is known as


the Frog King. He is the David Beckham of Japan, if you like, and


he will go into this race I would say as favourite. Craig Benson


coming up first, the Scottish record holder, only 18 years old,


but is delaying his 18th birthday celebration until after the Games.


His first Olympics and he surprised himself by winning the World Youth


the 100 metres brebg stroke. In the red hat of Great Britain, it is


Craig Benson, he has the world record holder in three, Rickard.


Hansen has been a world record holder in five and the World


Champion is on the bottom. Look at Van der Burgh. Down, 0.3 of a


second. Under the world record. 26 .7. I couldn't do that with three


shredded wheat! Do you see his stroke tying up. The arms get


shorter. He has to go long. He has to keep on going long. The rest of


the field catching him. Benson doing really well. But in lane six


you have Hansen the come back kid from the States. Swimming very well.


Look at that. Really fast swims. I can tell you, before I tell you the


time of the winner, Craig Benson has gone 60.04 and he is fourth. He


will make the semifinal I bet. The semifinal 60.04. Craig Benson,


60.048. A great swim at the trials to qualify. Red Cap. Look, great


finish. Straight in the wall. Good skills for somebody of his age. He


Excellent swimming. So the second of the seeded heats, we have


Michael Jamieson in lane seven. Fastest qualifier is the Italian.


He is a big brute of a man. He will do the same as we just saw there


from van ber burg. The Italian is the one to watch for me. He is in


form. Should mention Great Britain's swimmer who hurt a


shoulder. Silva of Brazil in five. He is not using it. He is powerful


but slowed his voke down. That is good to see. He is not making the


mistake of Van der Burgh. I will keep an eye on him. But the Italian


in that dangerous place. Schneider is nice. Lane three from New


Zealand. Didn't even make the final at the World Championships.


Schneider has a lower stroke rate, stroke technique an the rest of


them. Down in seven Jamieson. Slow first 50. The crowd are getting


behind him, having a great second 50. Jamieson going very well. If he


can get the finish here he has got it. Very close indeed. Schneider


gets it 59.7. Jamieson has come third. This is a brilliant swim.


Stunning, Jamieson punching the air at the end of that race. Great swim


from both the Brit, so Benson goes 60.04 and Jamieson has gone 59.


Something, he was third in that way and so, they are both through. Tay


are both through to the semifinal. I say pretty comfortably as well


and Silva, the big Brazilian only went 60.38. I am not sure she going


to make the final. Jaily son come back in 31.5. It is all about


making the semi-s. So look at that. We have five guys -- Jamieson. Five


guys under 60 seconds. What a heat, Michael Jamieson 59.8. So, last


heat. Men's 100m breaststroke. Here is the emperor. Kitajima. Will he


become the first man to do gold medal in three consecutive Olympic


Games.? Utterly brilliant. Good luck Kitajima San. So all eyes on


the double, double Olympic champion in lane four, Kitajima of Japan.


The other Japanese swimmer is pushing Kitajima at the trials all


the way, you can't understate is achievements of Kitajima. Not only


is he going for his third straight gold in his third Olympics he is


going for doubles. Spenger turning first. Kitajima a wonderful turn.


He trains in the States now. Changes training routine and coach


in the last three years. Sprenger is having a good swim. Sprenger


holding on pretty well. Coming back is Kitajima in four. This the will


be tight. It may be Sprenger. Kitajima I think. Sprenger gets it.


59.62. Kitajima 59.63. Then there is a 59.68. Flipping heck! That is


a good swim from spenger. -- Sprenger. He has a jerky stroke.


The two Japanese in ten ser -- in the centre. He comes up very high.


Yes, it's a good stroke. It is a bit like flying. The hip movement


is port. If you watch people in the vertical plain the hips move up and


down. Sprenger does enough to make semi-s as we know. Benson I think


will have made it. We are check through some of the times. That is


the result of the heat though. Sprenger wins the last heat. At.62.


Kitajima 1 one hundredth behind. Very fast indeed. So the great news


for Great Britain is that both of our guys, I think are through to


the semifinal what a stunning swim. Jamieson wasn't meant to be in the


race, a late entry. Another swimmer hurt his shoulder. He is in ninth


fastest with 59.89 Benson is 13th into the final. It took a 60.57


Adrian to make the final. That makes you a breaststroke expert. A


The voice of Adrian Moorhouse who won gold in 1988 alongside Andy


Jameson commentating. It is working, the momentum. Craig Benson and


Michael Jamieson they are swimming out of their skins. They will go


back to massage table, the other swimmers are there waiting and


getting ready they will get excited and think I can't wait to get out


there if they get to a bad start and they are "It is my turn soon.


"To make it through to the semifinals, it wasn't expected on


paper, but both in a good place. You could give Craig Benson, he has


a chance of making the final. 13th. Michael Jamieson in ninth.


Between the two of them off in 2 of a second. They should make it


through to the final and have a lane, have a chance. Craig Benson


stopped by with Sharron Davies. Craig, congratulations, Scottish


record, first time you get in the water. Yes, tried to control the


first 50, try and catch up with Rickard on the second, because he


was next to me. Hopefully it is good enough to get through. Is that


the arrogance of youth knowing you have that in the tank to come back


with? Not really. I know some of the guys are fast at 50. I wanted


to keep up with them and overtake them on the second 50. It is good.


Semifinal hopefully. I should step up and hopefully break the minute


for the first time. The swimmers as a team took the group decision they


would not go to the opening seller anyand they said performance comes


first. It's a very professional, tight outfit, and that sounds like


I am talking about their clothes, I am not. It seems to be working.


does. It is one of the things we say, if you are in the first two


days don't go. You are standing round and waiting round a long time.


The team, because it is one team, if one is not going, we are all not


going.. 24 of them, it is their first Olympics. They are sticking


in there together. Those two guy, both came in best times from Benson


and Jamieson. Let us hear from Jamie son because he spoke to


Sharon. That was happier. Craig gets to hold the record for just


over a minute. Yes, Craig had a great swim there. I think it is so


special to be here this week, and, you know, I have been thinking the


last few week, whatever happens this week, this is, you know, there


is no excuse, if you can't raise your game in front of this


atmosphere, I don't think you will do. I have been feeling really good


the last couple of weeks, the running has been great. I have had


a good block. I have been relaxed, and I think that has helped me.


acknowledge the crowd when you finished. Are you aware of them


shouting. They were raising the roof?. Definitely. I could hear


them in the last 25. I was just, trying to hold my stroke together,


but you know, it is such a special at moss fee, I can't believe the


the reaction we have had. Messages on Twitter and things like that.


Even has helped. Thanks to even who is here. Hopefully they will make


more noise tonight. Any special messages to Dan at home? I said I


was going to try and find something extra, because attend of the day, I


am in this event by default. I was so gutted for him. He is a good lad.


He has had a hard time with injuries. I feel like I have a


responsibility to raise my game, step it up, hopefully squeeze into


the final. See you later. Cheers. Michael Jamieson talking about


qualifying for the semifinal. He was making reference to how he made


the team. Daniel was meant to be in this event but had a shoulder


injurery Jamieson was the next best. He is in, he has done a best time


and making the semifinal. We will see if they can built build on that.


With some of the events you see tactical swimming from guys like


Michael Phelps who are swimming a number of vents. They try and save


themselves. They can, they can put, save a bit of energy for the finals.


What we nearly saw and have seen it Laszlo Cseh and Michael Phelps,


playing cat and mouths, both thinking we are going to make it


through comfortably, all of a sudden Michael Phelps makes it


through and Cseh is out. That would have been one of the medallists and


he is not in the final. That was extraordinary. The other one not in


his final is the defending champion Park of Korea. He is still


appealing. We think it was a false start. It is very strange for


anyone, especially the middle distance events. In the '50s it can


happen. That was a shocker. I think he will appeal it. Park will be in


the final I am sure. We will find out. Mark and I will be back this


evening for the finals and semifinals. If you are one of the


26.9 million people who staid up very late to watch the opening


ceremony, good morning. It is the afternoon but good morning to you.


If you have missed some of the opening races in the pool and


indeed elsewhere, these are the had That burst of two potential


showdowns between Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte is on but Michael


Phelps just scraped through as the 8th fastest qualifier. Fran Halsall


and Ellen Gandy eased into the semi-finals after finishing second


in their respective heats. Yang cruises through. Park was qualified


-- disqualified but the peeling that. Hannah Miley will have to


step up the pace in the qualifying after qualifying 6th fastest.


Remember, hearing Mark Cavendish saying many years ago when he was a


child, an aspiring cyclists, he saw David Miller come to the Isle of


Man and he persuaded him to have a go at professional level. David


Miller is one of his back men these days. It's ironic how these things


happen, isn't it? A lot would Bradley Wiggins and Ian Stannard,


there was plenty action earlier on. What is the latest down there?


latest is the breakaway is still looking very strong. They are


working very efficiently together. There's a gap of about five-and-a-


half minutes. And they're getting help from Germany. Specifically


from Tony Martin who is helping it just enough. Andre Greipel does not


want to give up too much because Mark Cavendish is such a great


sprinter. It looks like Great Britain are trying to close that


gap. It's now over to the and 14 seconds behind the leading


British rider amongst the group. This group formed after about 20


kilometres and built a lead of almost six minutes at one point,


but it is coming back slowly. 5.1 for now. A lot of the chasing, its


conductor on the front of the field by the Great Britain team. Germany


has started to get involved a little bit here. They look and


after the interests of their sprinter, Andre Greipel. The race


is over two hours old and they on the second ascent of Box Hill, so


there's a long way to go. Great Britain need to be vigilant because


didn't want to let this group go person contributing. Germany are


playing a clever game but that lead is about five minutes with some


hours of racing to go. The British team will be happy with that. They


are expending an awful lot of firepower. That's not going to


leave them anybody to help Mark Cavendish out, so they could do


with more help from Germany. There are some mind Games going on.


in the main peloton, some rides are keeping their legs fresh. Tom


Boonen, I have not seen him at all. I haven't seen Gilbert from Belgium.


Are there is a long way to go but We will be back around that 250


kilometre cycle route to check on the progress of Great Britain in


that huge peloton later. A huge percentage of Great Britain's gold


medals have come in seats, sports or rather, where you sit down. This


is rowing obviously with William such and George Nash going in the


heats of the men's pair so let's go George and William for Great


Britain go in Laina number four. Looking to be something very


special here. This is the third heat, three to progress to the


semi-final. The expectation is that Great Britain would do that. Their


expectation was that they would win this. They are under starter's


Down at Eton Dorney. This is heat 3. Every time the announcer calls


about Team GB, the crowd cheers. No one is more deserving than these


two. The new men's coxless pair for 2012 in lane at number four. Greece,


brothers, in lane one, Germany in two, Italy in three and the UK in


the lane number four. A good start, though, from the UK. Crease are the


fastest here -- Greece. They were third in Lucerne and 4th at the


World Championships. The Italians are very experienced. Third in the


world championships. Great Britain are probably the third best crew


here on the evidence of Lucerne. They did not go to Munich. There


was a tinge to George Nash's back forcibly did not want to test it in


the race so he stayed at home and did some training. They have hired


a good six weeks training. They are here now in a position where,


really, they have got to get into that third place to qualify


directly for the semi-finals but they are up against people similar


in speed to the run. -- have their own. A great first 500 from Britain,


going through in second place. Germany in third. This is Italy.


Sorry, this is Greece. This will give the UK an enormous amount of


confidence, as a going to the second phase. In the small boat,


it's about kicking him, consolidating the first 500 and


allowing the confidence to build. For these guys, they will enjoy the


moment here. I tipped them as an outside chance of a medal but has


no reason why they can't do that. Writing on the shoulders of the


brothers from Greece in lane number one. These guys were for the silver


medallists, 4th in the world championships last year. It's a


great benchmark for the British pair. Don't discount Italy. They


have a great second half. And lots and lots of experience, but they


are getting on in years. They've been around for quite a long time


but they are just beginning to push up past Germany. You have young


lads in this British pairing. Under 23. Medalists. Rowing with great


maturity, very long, heads up. Very nicely alongside Greece. One thing,


though, that the UK have above all others in this race, there is


absolutely no fear. They will take this heat by the scruff of its neck.


Great Britain just behind Greece. Going through the 100 metres, 1,000,


I should say. We are in for a treat in the second 1,000 metres. They


are 22 years old, the UK team, and what a great combination. They have


come out as a new combination this to take it on and that's what we


are seeing here. No fear from Great Britain. Excellent stuff. They


pushed through, past Greece. Greece have a higher number of strokes per


minute, more upright, a slightly shorter stroke. The British are


reaching for the full, taking longer strokes and using power to


push the boat to wait. Their boat speed is a little bit better.


Italians, the white boat, separating Great Britain from


Greece. Don't discount number three here. This is a sensational race


developing as we head towards the the last 500 metres. 1,500 down,


and the British crew had the confidence in the world. The crowd


are responding. Three-quarters of a length on that Greece. Now, guys,


this is all about building confidence. George and William,


under 23, a combination here, they are taking on the world. Half a


length clear of Greece, Italy pushing hard. They could well get


past agrees, as well. He is smiling, thinking, we are here. At fantastic


attack from Italy. Within 250 metres of the finish, they will not


get stopped now. Good growing from them. Coming up to 250, 25 strokes


and the British have responded again. Are the Italians are coming


hard but the British hold on. This will be a fantastic confidence


booster. The Italians on the right. Certainly, Nash has responded. Up


they go. 200 metres to go. A final sprint, now, by Team GB. A


sensational he too. They will know that they have got more in their


bag. They leave the Italians to road past the Greeks. They have


less than 50 metres to go. A sensational opening to the 2012


Olympic campaign. And the crowd are going mad. And they know they are


on the road to glory here. A fabulous start from a boat which


was definitely an underdog a across all of the media. They knew more


and knew better. 22 years of age. They have done themselves proud


today. And what a confidence booster. They must not leave their


best performance as that performance on the water. They have


got to calm down, relax, they got the bronze medal at the world


championships last year. It's put them into a chance for a medal. If


they can just repeat that, fantastic job, but they have got to


calm down, think very hard about lifting their game a little bit


more in the semi-finals. A lot of looking around, looking for the


line. Where is it, help us! It just shows you how hard they were


looking and a joy across George and William's faces. But to win that,


at that age, 22 years of age, fantastic. There is confirmation


that they have got one heeds three, and are through to the semi-finals,


It be a hugely impressive start to the regatta at Eton Dorney. They


had come from nowhere in the last 12 months and they will be thrilled.


Very much so. They have a very good potential. We've always known that.


I would have been pleased if they made a final place. Now, they could


dream about winning a medal. They had broken the Olympic record by


3.5 seconds. Unfortunate, the Kiwis have broken up by 12 seconds.


Murray, the scourge of the Team GB row was, who were lost to on 14


consecutive occasions and drove them back into the coxless four,


they broke the Olympic record and the world record, and, to put it


into feet and inches, 12 seconds is how far? It's normally about three


seconds per length, so Fawbert lengths. Kyran Bracken was held by


Matthew Pinsent and Steve Redgrave. That has gone by a very long way --


the record. James was bragging about it a couple of days ago and


now it's gone, so don't brag about it because they go very quickly.


Are they just about the definitive roles, the Kiwis? I wouldn't say so.


They look quite ought to meet. They are an odd shape. -- order to me.


They are not a classic tactical group but they do something to make


the boat goes very very fast. It almost broke the world record in


not very good conditions at last year's world champions. These are


very very fast conditions to prepare. A lot of birds are


breaking Olympic records but to smash the world record like that is


very impressive. OK, it's almost like having a road race here. I'm


sure you are watching this and we have a complete peloton of cyclists


on the other side of the water with people generally cheering everybody


on it. One of the races you must is the men's quad. This what happened


silver medallists. Switzerland in lane two. Always well-supported at


these regattas. Great Britain have a chance to qualify directly for


the semi-final by finishing in the top three. Ukraine will be in a


plane for. -- lane four. Germany here are the class crew. The silver


medallists last year. This is an event that they do always excel at.


Stephen Rowbotham in the men's quad. An Olympic bronze medallist from


Beijing. Heat three of the men's quadruple


sculls. Great Britain in lane number three, charging out. Matthew


Wells leading the British quad out of the starting area. Only three of


these boats will qualify for the German boat. They have got a length


almost on Switzerland. They have such power. They sit low in the


boat and just drive at their legs down. The blade tips going into the


water as they drive off. They now second at all three World Cup


regattas. Great Britain were seven in the first two World Cup regattas


and came 4th in Munich. We would expect Ukraine to fall back, we


would hope that Great Britain move on. I would expect to see Great


Britain move on in the second half of the race. Look how far Germany


have gone out in front. That is the measure. They have been second to


Croatia up all the way through the year. But Great Britain it now


beginning to push through. It is early stages. Jeremy going


through at the halfway mark and they have absolutely crushed the


competition. The British group now British Quadruple Scull. Look at


the space that Germany have opened up. This is power rowing but also


very relaxed. Power and accuracy. That means that their boat just


travels well. And they just keep moving their boat. That is very


classy. Great Britain have moved into second place. That would be


quite creditable for them. But they are quite a long way back from


Germany. This is sensational. It is


incredible what Germany are doing. Great Britain safely in second


place. The fight now on between Switzerland and Ukraine were the


third qualification spot for the semi-final. Are we looking at the


Olympic champions in this event? Still a big contrast between


Germany and Great Britain. I think the German crew could well-matched


Croatia in the final. The quadruple scull project led by coach Mark


Banks. They have definitely moved on again from the last time they


were out in Munich when they finished 4th. It is a credible


start. They need to keep that long. Germany have got this under control.


It will be second now for Great Britain. And Ukraine getting the


third qualification spot. A job well done. And Ukraine over in


third position. Switzerland going towards the River shares.


Sensational from the Germans, and a very good start by the British.


Germany is certainly going to be a Challenge for Croatia in the final.


For Great Britain I thought that was a pretty good performance. The


second half was really good. Great to get that race out of the way.


They have qualified for the semi- final, in the hunt for a final


place. And they're not far off the chance of a medal.


The object of the Olympic Games in his project is just to do


everything to get to the finals. That is all they need to focus on.


Then it really does open up. In the Quadruple Scull there is a number


of very good chords. -- quads. How was the first London 20 top


experience for you? It was nerve- racking. We got off to a good start.


And after the first couple of strokes we just got going.


This morning we realised just how much it helps having the crowd


behind you. It was incredible. Everyone out there having picnics.


This is extraordinary, the crowd. It is phenomenal. It definitely


does help. Even from 100 metres, everyone is shouting for you. And


towards the end of the race I was not even able to here what Robbie


was saying. I loved every minute of it. What about the race itself?


had a pretty good race, we just wanted to focus on our own boat.


And we did a good enough job to come away with a win. Steve, you're


impressed? I was impressed. Their last performance in Munich looked


really good. But there is a lot that can go wrong. But to see that


performance, it was really good. I hate to say it, but I think you


have put your selves favourite to win this thing.


In terms of the build up, all the media stuff and all the hype. And


I'm sure if you watched events in the stadium last night. When you


will cut this morning, did you think that the time has come?


of me is just going, it is just around rowing race. And the other


part of it, there are so many people are shouting for you. It is


humbling, it is incredible. This is the moment, so we need to seize it.


We just have to not mess anything up and just bring it out.


talking of people looking forward to next week, Sam Townsend and Bill


Lucas had a pretty impressive row in the double sculls.


A everyone is talking about the atmosphere. How was it for you?


was incredible. We got into the last 600 metres and you just hit by


a wall of noise. The pain just disappears and you feel like you're


invincible. It is just the most incredible thing I have ever


experienced. You were not invincible because she came second.


But you must have been encouraged by that? Was spent quite a long


time trying to work on the finish of the race. That was a step in the


right direction to date with the finish. Just a little scrubby in


the last couple of hundred metres. But we will work on that throat the


week. It certainly did not feel like a physical thing, it was more


technical. But today was incredible. And that is all thanks to those


people watching today. I hope it is the same on Tuesday. And you're now


an Olympian! So at least that it is out of the way. It is a big


believer up into this and it is very much getting the first one


under your belt. And to come out and show that we're in the ball


park and have a good platform to work from, that is great. When you


woke up this morning did you think, this is it, what I have done all


this work for? A little bit. We had that chat last night. It is the


culmination of a lot of hard work. We both started roughly 10 years


ago in this sport. You have to get up and show what you can do on a


day like today. The first race came down with Helen and heather and we


just wanted to come down and see what was going on. You could just


hear it all the way back over there. hear it all the way back over there.


It sent a tingle down the spine. A common theme is emerging from all


around the Olympic Park, that home advantage does appear to be


counting for the moment. We heard from the chambered brothers from


Northern Ireland and also from Northern Ireland is Alan Campbell.


He will be in the single sculls. He got to Beijing but only just and he


has unfinished business in his boat. He has. The men's single sculls, it


is alone the world and you have to do a lot of training on your own.


If things are not going well, and Alan has had injury and illness,


you can get quite down. But he is quite resilient? He is very


resilient. He had a lot of problems for years ago and to come back and


get to the Games was remarkable. He has got a medal at every World


Championship in between. But he has not had a great season. But he is


that type of guy, you just do not know, he could produce something


special. Hopefully we can say in a few minutes' time that he is back


on track. That is a final bit of action from a British perspective


here at Eton Dorney on the first We have 9th defence at Eton Dorney.


In the swimming pool we have the women's freestyle relay. They


always raise the roof in any aquatic centre at any Olympic Games.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


Let's see how Great Britain's leading at the moment. This is a


very good swims so far. She is ahead of Team USA. This is a


fantastic start. She has been around a little bit. She has got a


lot to prove. She has got some good experience. Came out of the blocks


flying. Lane five is China. First was Belarus, right at the bottom.


Great Britain in 5th position. Still going well at the bottom is


the team from Belarus. Now it is Jessica Lloyd. I want to see that


takeover from China again, she was very close. Jessica Lloyd still in


the hunt at the top. I would suggest we get for Scotland Iffat


not least higher. All in a line, a really difficult to choose. Very


close again from the American team that time. USA his first, then


Japan. Third is Sweden. We need a good leg from Caitlin McClatchey.


But there have been some tight takeovers so far. USA a saving all


their big guns in the final, but they could get disqualified. It is


just like a baton in track and field races. The Americans are very


good at it. This is the only swimmer for Natalie Coughlin. Great


Britain is still in a 5th position. We have got to get at least 4th. A


fast second semi-final still to come. Second, third, 4th and 5th


are all in a line. Rebecca Turner is 20 during the Olympic Games. She


is going to have people a lifetime best out. Just second, third or 4th.


Come on, Rebecca Turner. Great Britain has finished equal 4th. I


have never seen a swim off in a relay. I wonder if we will see one


here. I hope not. First, USA, second was China, third was Japan


and 4th was Great Britain equal with Sweden. 6th was the Russian


Federation. How close was that? think that first Chinese takeover


was legal. Their feet cannot take it off the block. I think they will


get away with that one. Touching by the skin of their toes! We have


left Fran Halsall to come into the freestyle relay. Holland in the


centre in lane four. Holland are resting their best swimmer just


like Britain did with Fran Halsall. It will be interesting to see how


it works for them. This is the first time these print women have


had a shot to set a time and scare each other. It is an important


marker for some of the swimmers. In fact, individual world records have


been set from a starting position in a relay before. That was not


Second just about in lane four. Frederica Pellegrini is down in


lane seven. The Australians look really strong. Really working for


it. I wonder if they have been told if you swim fast enough in the


heats, a couple of you will get through to the finals, but not all


of pupils stock the a could be swimming for their individual


places in the final. It is going to be one of the great ones this


evening. Australia, Holland, America, they will all be really


hot tonight. A Australia lead with one leg to go. Holland are second,


but in a bit of a precarious position. But really close for


third and 4th. Great Britain must be watching this and thinking have


Excuse me, 3.3 8.21. I think we are in equal 7th. They can relax a


little bit. It would have been draining to do a swim off at the


end of the seats. -- At the end of their heats. Look at that, it was


beautiful. Every single opportunity you have been training you practice


for detail and your coaches are right! Australia won that second


heat by a full body length. And full body length these days for


women is 1.4 seconds. If they jump into celebrate, they are


disqualified. The crowd has just been told about the finalists. I


think you will have been able to tell from that massive roar from


the crowd. I can tell you that Great Britain have made the final,


just. Actually, possibly it is the best thing they could have got,


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