BBC One: Day 1: 13.15-16.45 Olympics

BBC One: Day 1: 13.15-16.45

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Welcome back to the opening day of London's Olympic games. You can


still pinch yourself when you say that. Everybody is still riding the


quest of a wave after the beating spectacle of last night's spectacle


-- Cresta away. Congratulations to Danny Boyle and his volunteer cast,


boy, did you pull it off last night! 26.9 million of you at home


stayed at home to watch it happen, which has given that the 541


athletes the best possible send-off as they are of competition. Many of


the athletes are in action on this cyclist return from Beijing without


a medal, but now he has returned can he start a British gold rush?


Ashley Mackenzie is the first judo competitor at the games, and we


will see him later. And as ever, plenty of options about how to


If you want to be immersed in the road race, they are three hours


into it, it is on BBC Three that life, but our priority is to head


back to Eton Dorney for more of the rowing events. Down there is a


gentleman who was involved in the opening ceremony last night, and,


Steve, I don't know if you have come down yet? We are all a little


bit high last -- after last night. It was interesting to see you


around. And a little bird told me that you'd have not taken no


special trainers off since. Is that true? I got back to the hotel late


last night and rumour has it I have not got them off my feet, but they


did for a couple of hours, and my eyes did close a bit. It was a


great night, a lot of fun. To wear the shoes tonight with the gold


lace is, everyone has told me I have to wear for -- wear them for


the finals day, so they make make another appearance later this week.


You obviously got the call quite late. I actually knew about two and


a half weeks before. Unusually for me, I kept a good secret. I was


able to have a bit of running banter with Daley Thompson, which


was quite a lot of fun. And Gary took it up in the studio last night


as well. It was an elegant solution to who would like to the cauldron


that so many of the best Olympians of all time were there at the


moment of truth. It was very much that handing the bat on over. That


was what the bid in Singapore was about. Just to be able to pass it


on to the next generation, and that summed it up fantastically. Some of


our greatest Olympic athlete literally handing on the baton to


the next generation, and hopefully some of those athletes will produce


the same sort of results as their mentors have. You can crack on, and


I will hand the baton of presenting You were talking about Alan


Campbell, and his races coming up, but for the single sculls, it has


been a competitive division. We have seen the men earlier today in


the double sculls, who are probably the flagship there is for the New


Zealand team. But Drysdale is not far behind. In the Cox is a pair,


the guys from New Zealand, but Mahe was favourite to win at four years


ago and ended up with the bronze medal. So the last four years have


been about getting it right. The Czech athlete has won the World


Championships a couple of times, but Mahe is the main guy and want


the championships last year and is desperate to have this Olympic


title. He has been thinking about this for four years, and here is


men's singles sculls, and what a Drysdale. A couple of weeks ago he


was knocked off a bike in training, so he had 10 days out and his


shoulder was strapped up, and unfortunately as he went round a


roundabout, not particularly quickly, but he has had an unlucky


run into the Olympic games. In 2080 got food poisoning while he was in


the Olympic Village -- in 2008 he got food poisoning. He was very


disappointed on that occasion not to get the gold medal that everyone


was anticipating, and with the road accident this time round, the world


was on the edge of its seat to see how he would do. He has come back,


and what amiss that - statement he is making. The romance of all of


this would be if the Norwegian defended his title again, as he did


four years ago in Beijing. It is not going to happen. He is not the


man he was. I think he is just glad to be here, and if he can make the


final, he will be happy. But at the moment he is trailing a long way


back. He has got past Egypt, but he has got past. Mahe is not easing up.


He is sculling better than I have ever seen him do. He is really well


with his connection. Only 500 metres remaining, and a sensational


gap. The defending champion after in this event from Norway. This


would be a good opener. It will open up the lungs of Mahe Drysdale.


He will know he has to qualify a direct into the quarter-final, but


he has plenty of time to use this almost as a training peace. He can


put his body under pressure, both in terms of pain and what his


shoulder can really sustain while keeping good technique. He will


note that the pairs went and wrote the world's best time by four


seconds, and he is probably thinking at the back of his mind


that it is great conditions, and he can have a go at this. He is not


letting up at all. He's pushing very hard. He is sculling well,


much better connection. He has corrected the problem with his


technique, and he is connecting much better with his lower back. He


is coming up to the grandstand, going very well indeed. He seems to


have eased off a little bit. Long, sweeping strokes. 150 metres from


the line. I don't think it will be a world best, but if it is he will


have done exceptionally well. He has done a job over the Norwegian,


the defending Olympic champion. But he will know that his shoulder is


in pretty good stead. A little look to the left for the line that he


will sense he is coming up to. And he comes right down, mate Drysdale,


he is back, and in what style he has done in -- Mahe Drysdale! He


waits for the Olympic champion to come up to the line, and over he


goes now. Getting the second qualification spot. For the


their feet, and they are delighted with that performance from Mahe


Drysdale. Perhaps relief, really, that he is back and looking good


and the New Zealand crowds out there know that they have a strong


men's coxless pair and may have an The Olympic qualification rules


have changed over the years, so the days of Eddie the Eagle have gone


forever, and it is not really fair, but the Nigerian, who came here an


awful long time after the rest. Maybe it is the winning, not the


taking part. The 35-year-old from Nigeria. I don't imagine the entire


budget of the Nigerian Rowing Federation amounts to a great male


-- great deal, but good on him to be here. If anybody wants to talk


about the sport being elitist, there is the proof that it is not.


It is good to see him in some way. But that is a long way back. Mahe


1-over the reigning Olympic champion and then obviously a very


long way back to Nigeria. Would you allow him in? I would like to see


open entries. They should not be restrictions in some ways. I know


why there are, because being involved in trying to bring the


games to the country is the organisers need to know how many


beds they are catering for, how much food to get in, and the


Transport and all that side of it. You have got to be encouraging more


countries to get involved, but there are better scholars from


different countries not allowed to compete because of the limited


numbers you have got. We can perhaps return to that at some


point over the next week. Mahe dry cell looking hugely impressive in


his seat and now we will see Alan Campbell's race after a word from


the man himself. A lot of things going on this season. There is a


lot of things in terms of pressure with it being the Olympics, but I


spent seven years doing the singles and will have a sudden I had to


look at a double, and in some ways it was an opportunity. But when I


said I wanted to stick with the singles it did not come out as the


most popular decision. I got a bit rough up and things were going on


outside of the boat instead of me being focused on the technique and


everything else. I thought I really had to prove myself every time I


went out to race. It really took its toll, during those World Cups.


But now I've brought it back inside the boat and focused on myself or


how I am at moving the boat and on what makes me feel good. We have


had a very good camp at altitude here, and I definitely feel much,


much better. If anything I feel more energetic and I have all year.


What I have got to do is keep my mind focused on getting into that


final. As soon as I am in that final, not in an arrogant way, a


lot of it will take care of itself. There is nothing else that you can


do. There is no more training to be done. There are no more


conversations to be had. It is just races for the final will be intense


the start four years ago at the go. He knows he faces the biggest


task of his athletic career -- Alan Only three will go through to the


quarter-final. Oh real big event for Alan Campbell.


He got the silver medal in the world championships and in the last


few years he has got bronze medals. He finished 4th at Lucerne this


year. Pushed out by the Cuban sculler on that occasion.


He had a bad performance at Munich when he got pushed back into third


position. He approached that race without his usual attack and got a


bit caught out. He is by far the fastest sculler in this heat. And


he will now be relaxing, just powering along. Preparing for the


quarter-finals. He will qualify for the quarter-finals in as strong a


condition as he possibly can. There was no expectation that he


would do anything but go clear in the first 500.


This one will be just about getting the nerves out of the way.


The team arrived last Tuesday. This is the home course, they are well


acquainted with it. Alan Campbell is a man on a mission. He can be


somewhat erratic. It is whether it psychologically he can really keep


it together. He has worked really hard on getting the middle section


powerful and effective Sophie does not expend quite so much in the


first part of the race. -- so he does not. But he has not paced


himself all Motherwell. Here he does not have to worry, he can just


practice. Steady, powerful sculling. What do you think of his technique


since you last saw him in Munich? Compared to when we saw him? Mahe


has improved his technique. Alan Campbell is sitting nice and low in


medallist in this event. He was disappointed with his fifth-place


finish in Beijing. He is trying to put it right. He is coached by Bill


Barry. And that partnership will hopefully come to fruition here at


Eton Dorney. It has been a long journey for them. Bill Barry has


had his sights set on a gold medal for his sculler and they had just


been focused on this. Team officials were at one stage trying


to put Alan Campbell into a double scull with Bill Lucas. But this did


firm against that. He wanted to continue in this project. So they


stayed in the Single Scull right gets his Olympic Games well under


way. No surprises. He is doing all that has been asked of him. China


in the second, of Poland in third position. Sloma of Poland, faster


than the scullers making up the Polish Olympic Quad. And the


Chinese sculler, he will carry on all the way to the line. So Alan


knows he will have to keep going hard. The Chinese contender failed


to turn up for the heat in Beijing so this is his first Olympics.


Alan Campbell just keeping an eye on his right hand side. It is going


to the Great Britain, China and Poland. Alan looking very strong.


Niceley of fried in the boat. -- a is in fine form as he winds down to


the line. China in second place. A solid start. Solid and strong. He


did not really have to extend himself too hard. He went out very


fast which is how he likes to do it. But I just want to see him making


sure his boat is travelling well in the middle 1000. What do we read


into that? I think it is a good start. The interview he gave before


was honest about this season. He was going well and then lost his


way as little bit. I'm pleased that he has mentally seen that. And the


way that he rowed there, he was getting back to grips with it. He


was actually took seconds faster than Mahe. It is always difficult


in the single sculls. They have to do four rounds. So it is a very


good start and shows he is back to where he has been before. If we


show you the closing stages now of heat six, five athletes in this.


The Czech Republic in something of a class of their own. Croatia there


in second place. But it is something of the usual suspects for


the single sculls. It is the same characters. There are around 20


people in the singles and there is a big gap between the best. It is


going to come down to around five scullers. That is just about it


from us at Eton Dorney today. Three British crews winning their various


seats today. Helen Glover and Heather Stanning were imperious in


the Women's Pair. The sun shone, the venue works and team GB have


the venue works and team GB have performed.


Well another Olympic sport to get going to date was cycling and the


road race. That has around two-and- a-half hours to go. That is


uninterrupted on BBC Three if you want to follow that.


And plenty happening as well, the second bite of Wimbledon tennis


this summer. We have Roger Federer and Serena Williams. Jamie Murray


and Andy Murray all involved on the opening day. And that is available


for you on the red button. We're getting into head to head


combat in judo. For all the Olympic success of Great Britain, judo has


struggled to keep pace. Just one medal since 1992 and that was the


silver in Sydney. So what has gone wrong and can be put it right this


wrong and can be put it right this covered Matt. It has a 10 metres


square contest area surrounded by as safety area. The referee remains


in the combat area throughout the contest. Line judges stay outside


to confirm the decision of the referee if necessary. There are a


variety of techniques used. The ultimate aim is to execute the


Ippon. It can be achieved by throwing your opponent flat on


their back, gaining submission with alarm clock or a strangle. -- arm


the opponent does not land on their the opponent does not land on their


back. Well ASH Lee Mackenzie is up for


Great Britain in the lightest of the categories. The men's 60 kilos.


Against the Japanese contender, a Against the Japanese contender, a


for the first time in these Olympics at the XL Santa. And we


have the British contender, Ashley McKenzie.


Just turned 23. A Londoner in his home time at his home a Olympics.


Everyone has a story to tell but few have a story quite like Ashley


blue. A brilliant start. He has opponent moving. He is an all


action fighter, you can't see him on his toes. He was diagnosed as a


hyperactive child when he was aged 11 and he discovered judo not long


afterwards. He got into a fight and he said sport gave him a chance to


feel good about life, to walk on the pavement instead of the road.


And now he is here competing at the London Olympics. Hiroaka doing his


Really putting in the attacks. He is still acknowledges that he has


problems keeping on the straight and narrow. He has been banned for


four times for getting into scrapes, drinking too much. He is a


character and we are seeing the best of that character on the mat.


How did he get himself out of that? That is one of Hiroaka's strongest


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 48 seconds


Award, for the yuko that puts you on your side -- the lowest level of


points are awarded. We approach the fight him off. His coach has made


him live the life he should have led leading up to the big games,


letting him into his own here asking Kent. The penalty goals


against McKenzie and he moves -- the penalty goes against McKenzie


and he moves down again. As much as Ashley McKenzie tries to get his


attacks in, he's been beaten to his attacks. The referee was wondering


whether the second effort was add their tuppence worth -- the to


throat. They have upgraded the score to a waza-ari, so Ashley


McKenzie has to turn this around this fight back again. This is


not enough for McKenzie, he needs at least a waza-ari, the second


most effective score. Perhaps a 22nd hole, that would do. -- a 22nd


the Kraupp history of Japan here. - would have his hands full as soon


as he was drawn against him a couple of days ago.


exceptionally tough draw to come out against the world No. 2 in your


First bite. But Ashley is capable of the big throw -- in your first


need now. He is fighting the same weight category as Craig Furlan,


the former world champion, who decided to quit before the Olympics


after moving up a weight. Issuing the instructions, the coach, but


might find some salvation for the Londoner. I think he's telling


McKenzie to just go forward. It is a risky business, but Ashley is


has been scored by the Japanese -- et ease and ippon. Ashley


McKenzie's dreams End on his back. That was the risk, but he had to go


forward. He had to give it a last having a mayor or draped round his


neck at the end of the -- aim medal A very tough draw drawing the world


silver medallist from last year. Least Ashley has fulfilled his


ambition of competing at the games but he will feel a sense of


disappointment. That is the nature of sport, as we go around the


Olympic venues. Next up it is Wembley Arena, and that was used


during the 1948 games. And as we during the 1948 games. And as we


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 48 seconds


look towards the east of us, he is we have seen the back and. --


backhand. A good use of prow from Susan. A lot of cut shots in the


first set, so she has obviously get there, do all the work and you


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 48 seconds


delightful Kinect shocked. -- net around the head. -- has sliced down


around the head. How many winners into the lady next player there.


She knows she could at any given shop -- she news she could only do


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 48 seconds


shop -- she news she could only do straight smash. It is the right


tactic, because she as the drift with her. That means the per or


smash will increase. -- how all or game was over 400 kilometres to


allow. Andy Roddick, each of art at -- 400 kilometres back row were --


the back home. -- she is snatching judge did not go away when it was a


you do not want to start getting too cute too soon. We saw it in the


first game. She made five or six unforced errors, and these are


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 48 seconds


silly little mistakes that need to the cross-court angle. Again,


nothing too flash, nothing too outrageous, just simple, basic


Badminton. Sometimes you think that there players will always smash it


down the tramlines, but a smash at the person can be very effective


because they are trying to cover the sides but they forget they


to be in. One game up, and 11-6 up in the second. Very clever play. In


the first set she was playing against the drift, so she had to


use that cut a lot more. But in this set she got the drift with her


and she will have extra power and has used the straight smash really


talking about stepping up. Her opponent will not be able to hit as


far back to the back of the court. If she can get to the shuttle a


little bit earlier, she can put her really good, especially on that


Knowing that her opponent is not a doubles player, her defence is not


the best. Maybe expecting that round the head cut, instead it was


it really effectively now. In the first set she used it a lot because


she acted. Now she has got that smash as well, she is confusing her


opponent. It is proving so about discipline during the 62nd


break at the interval. If she is going to progress out of the group


stage, she cannot give away points like that. That was a fair margin


out. The hand goes up automatically in apology. It is politeness, but


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 48 seconds


building a commanding advantage in the second game. She is expected on


paper to win. It has been a very finishing line. You and I just


looked at each other at the same time as if to say, there is no need


match points. That was an 11 match point upshot if ever I saw one,


going for glory. Got back to the basics and that was more than good


enough. A look of relief and now she will feel an Olympian because


she has played her first ever match in an Olympic Games and she has won


it and she has won it decisively. 21-15, 21-10. She is graining and


deservedly so. It was a very, very good performance. She has been


injured over the past year, but it did not show, she was moving well,


her shots were crisper and her timing was fantastic. She has just


got to cut out those little, silly mistakes if she is going to


progress. Overall a fantastic One more victory in her group will


see her progress to the knockout stages. Good to get her feet under


the desk. Speaking of which, Mr Jake Humphrey is in the studio. My


race is just about run today. were working late last night and


commentating on the opening ceremony and what time it were you


back this morning? It was about 11:30am, but it is a bit of a blur.


I reckon you will be in bed by 2:30pm. We were talking four years


ago about sharing the pagoda in Beijing. Remember doing the road


races. Happily it is still to be tested, but no rain so far in the


London Games. It is almost surreal, you pinch yourself when you look at


this, it is happening four years on. We have been here a few days


gearing up for today and to see all the people down there, the park is


finally full and it is being used for what it is here to do and the


atmosphere out there is lovely. The volunteers are doing their bit.


Crack on. To bed? Yes. anticipation is building on the


park, but also out on the streets of the capital as Team GB closes in


on that first medal of London 2012. After all the hours of training,


the strain of the tour and the expectation of a nation, can Mark


Cavendish deliver that elusive gold? He is the fastest finisher on


the planet. Cavendish is in the shake-up. It is


all about timing your effort to perfection here. The line is


getting nearer and nearer. Mark Cavendish is going to be the world


Mark Cavendish is the world champion! There may be a team


competing, but it is all about one died. Just before I came here I


read a quote that the plant is just to get Mark Cavendish to victory


and it is set up for a Grand Slam finish. If you have been with us


throughout the day, it has been far from easy. We are expecting the


riders to enter The Mall in about an hour-and-a-half's time. Team GB


were working so hard, all of them trying to drag Mark Cavendish up


Box Hill. We can see them working hard. The aim is to keep as much


energy in his legs as possible for the sprint back into London and in


the sprint down The Mall to help him pick up that gold medal. How


wonderful to see the shots. Box Hill is incredibly narrow and very


tight and it is about a 5% gradient. Nothing is stopping Great Britain


from working hard. You can see how hard they are working to keep Mark


Cavendish in the hunt. Tanni Grey- Thompson has been there for us all


day long. So far, it has seen about 20 seconds of absent today, but if


the peloton can carry on reeling in the leaders you are going to see a


thing is to remember down there this afternoon. We can feel the


tension building because everybody is flocking back for the finish. We


still have a break away at the front with 11 guys in there. We


have a chasing group of 11 and you have got Philippe Gilbert in there


who is trying to make a break to the leading group. You have got the


peloton behind still being led by the British guys. They are sticking


to their team tactics and not letting anyone get away. They are


not panicking. Everyone thinks this is the perfect position for them to


be end. We are seeing live shots. Give us an idea of the atmosphere.


The gap was very bake at one point and we were wondering if there was


a tactical error from Great Britain. Was it now is down there with


everybody watching? I was told not to panic if it was over six minutes


and it got over six minutes, and it is now less. There is still time


for them to put it in, but the spectators, everybody wants to seek


Team GB at the front and in control. We have not seen anything of Andre


Greipel or Peter Sagan, some of the threats. The British team have been


leading the peloton all the way and they have got the pressure of


making the decisions. A while ago Bradley winning its -- Bradley


Wiggins brought some food back to the team, but they must be feeling


some pressure. You were told not to panic if it was over six minutes


and it was bought a time, but it is less now. I feel much better, but I


would love to see Bradley Wiggins on the front of the whole lot.


can see Mark Cavendish at the front. We will come back to you a little


later on. If you cannot wait for that, thanks to the joys of having


two channelled of Olympic act and, you can see the race live on BBC


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London 2012 on the BBC. We have got He sounds like he always knows what


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she could compete and make it a 2012 double. There is also a choice


of up to 24 different light streams, and you can see them there on the


website or via the red button. It is not a case of you shouldn't miss


a thing, more that you can't. After the cycling a bit later on, but if


you did miss some of the equestrian action this morning, here is Nicola


Wilson's routine, and she found that very late on but she would


in terms of a horse being relaxed which is an interesting situation.


One of the top sires in world event in, bred by the owner. I know


Tracey Robinson, the dressage trainer, has been going up to


Yorkshire a lot to help Nicola and Opposition Buzz to get him more


relaxed, and it seems to be working. mark. They cross the centre line.


He did look very accurate. He is getting a nice few sevens. Very


consistently on the Sevens. Just Bars. Didn't quite sustain the hold,


but that is a good start. It will not be the best score we will see


from the British team, but is a very good start for this


combination. The best could be yet to come. This lovely girl from


Yorkshire, a great favourite. A favourite with everybody. Such a


lovely character. And this combination is something to behold


across the country. If he could produce anything like his best


around here on the cross-country day, that will certainly set


Britain are. He is 15 years old now, He was great and gave me everything


he could. It was a mistake free test. We did not have any blunders.


I have to be delighted with how he has tried for me and I think he did


the best he could have done today. He did a solid performance. I felt


a bit excited on the last Holt's when everybody cheered and it is


lovely to have the support behind us. Lovely to have the support and


lovely to see a smile on Nicola's the tournament over the years,


sitting just in front of the Australians. And as we go a little


bit further down, Nicola sitting in 9th. Just to let you know that Mary


King it will be going at 2:30pm in Zara Phillips begins at 10:15am. We


will be heading to the cycling and we have some boxing as well, but we


will take you to a bit of gymnastics, the men's team


qualification rounds and Britain were getting busy this morning and


impressing us. This is Daniel Purves. Just watch this. He is from


Liverpool and picked up a bronze on the floor in the 2010 World


Championships, and this is what he the rest of the action. A dramatic


morning so let's join that and to the final. Someone else with a


chance is Thomas. Look at the height on that. A lovely


sharp through the flick and accelerating across the floor. What


a performance so far. A very precise on the landings. And the


Nice control. A good, low position strong, very confident. Great stuff


on the floor. This is something else! The finest gymnastics that


Great Britain have ever produced. really special performance from


Christine Thomas. He has been such a steady performance for the


British team -- Kristian Thomas. He is very tall, so he has to choose


his skills very carefully on the floor. They called gymnast can look


so impressive -- 8 Paul gymnast can look so impressive because of the


bigger heights they get. It is a big ask because the for his small


to them, but he tucked that double a radium -- double Arabian in.


15.366, the third-highest score we have seen on the floor this morning.


Here we go, ladies and gentlemen, this is Great Britain's Lewis Smith.


Pommel horse qualification. Come on! There are no medals in this


round, but this is where it can all be lost. Very confident with the


first handstand. Another one coming up. Very, very smooth. And he has


worked so hard on his style. Those legs are locked together and the


swing is nice. The rhythm is good. The difficulty will be down


slightly, but the style is good. He is going well. A triple Russian.


Three at spins and now he is into the travel forward. On his way back,


and this looks very good indeed. What a concert performance! That


well deserves a final placing. He will be absolutely chuffed. Olympic


bronze medallist, and he now has the chance for a another Olympic


If he could not perform today, all of the talk was of nothing, because


today's way you make -- because today he's way you make the final.


-- today he's where you make the final. The legs were lovely and


tied together. The difficulty might be slightly down, but the


performance is definitely up. the dismount, just hanging on for a


little bit more difficulty. He nails the landing. And look at


their relief in his face. That is sheer relief. And now a little bit


of emotion. Just over come up with the support and the relief in what


he has achieved. 15.8, Smith is in the Olympic bomb or Horse Final.


And he has a chance to go better than the bronze he got in Beijing -


Mitch said it perfectly, wonderful stuff. The gymnast, in tears, so


much emotion and gymnastics were wonderful in Beijing for the men,


and they are looking to do the same thing. That performance from Luis


was remarkable, but not only that, Great Britain finished above China.


In 2011 when China were crowned world champions, Britain did not


even make the final. That is how impressive the performance was


today. Will it be enough to win a medal? We will find out later. Time


for some boxing. It is the largest competition venue being used for


the games, on the banks of the Thames, hosting seven Olympic


sports. But today, let's focus on the fighters. It is Irish


bantamweight fighter Jonjo Nevin aged just 18. And now he wants to


be challenging for a medal. Let's very interesting bantamweight


contest. The most experienced Olympic competition member of the


Irish side, Jonjo Nevin, the 30 three-year-old from central island.


-- the 20 three-year-old. His opponent is also 23. The first


Danish boxer to get into the Olympics since Atlanta in 1996.


Jonjo Nevin got through having got a bronze medal in the world


championships back in Azerbaijan a year to go -- a year ago, when he


lost narrowly on a countback after 12 rounds against Luke Campbell


from Great Britain. Not getting it all his own way, but Nevin is


taking his time. Solid, dependable competitor, Nevin. I think he is


boxing well on the back foot and keeping his range and boxing the


distances very well. He's bringing his opponents on to have no punches.


The Danish boxing is on the front foot, orthodox and he can be


erratic and the Open when he comes forward. That right hand seems to


be finding the right distance. years ago he lost in the opening


contest against the Nigerian and then lost 9-2 against the excellent


Mongolian, and that was the closest contest that the Mongolian had to


endure on his way to the gold medal. Nevin has really learn from that.


Since then, a couple of bronze medals. A good, solid right hand


from the Irishman, taking his time. If you're wondering what has


happened to the running scores on the screen, they don't exist any


more. But at the end of the round the scores will be coming up. Five


judges at ringside. They have red and blue keypads to press if they


think a man has landed a clean punch on the target area. This time


the top and bottom scores are discounted. The computer works it


out, you don't have to have a degree in matt-black -- mathematics.


But nothing comes up any more, so you have to wait and see what


happens at the end of the round. It is getting us back to the old days.


Good work here, and he is counter- attacking and waiting for his


opponent are coming into punching range, then stepping in and beating


him to the punch. Very well timed boxing from Nevin. The timing is


very good. At the moment he is very much winning this round. Good,


economical style. And he is landing accurately. A good effort at the


body. He got caught and he must not leave that she now. But a good


finish in the end by the Irishman - - you must not leave it that she no


doubt. A packed house here. 10,000 people. Not a seat to be had.


good work here from Nevin. Leading well with the right hand. Towards


the end of the round the Danish boxer came back with a good shot,


just reminding Nevin he is still in the contest, but he dominated with


the one to combination. Well-timed boxing from Nevin, and a clear


winner in that round. He does have five men as boxers and one female


boxer. The five-time gold champion. But at the moment it is all eyes on


handles the ring space very well indeed. He boxes from the centre of


the ring and he boxes in the spaces. Rarely do you see him back on the


ropes because he knows that is where his opponents can get to him.


So he controls centering. A good left again. The referee seems to


think he hit with the open part of the glove. Stop, brake and box.


Everything else is done by the it Uzbekistan and then had a very


narrow defeat to Luke Campbell. problem Dennis Ceylan has got is


that his feet are far too slow. He has got to start pushing Nevin back


onto the ropes. He is too flat footed. He is coming forward and he


is easy to hit. And he has got a low left hand, and that is why he


keeps walking on to the right hand. Nevin probably needs to be tested a


little bit more, but that will come as this tournament unfolds in this


very competitive division. I think this is the perfect contest to


break into the tournament with. This is starting to become a target


practice. That is no disrespect to Dennis Ceylan. He is being


outgunned and there is better quality coming from the Irishman.


For the very first time in an Olympic boxing tournament we have


men who are seeded. The number one goes to the top and the numbered


of Nevin. I still think he is boxing within himself. Definitely


and those body shots are starting to hurt his opponent. I think Nevin


might be capable of winning this contest with -- within the distance.


Another good round and he has opened up a gap. 10,000 people can


see the big screen. It is 13-4 to the Irishman. That was a very good


second round. Super work from Nevin with that right hand. Look how he


got out of the way of that left hook. Then he switches downstairs


and then back upstairs. Great boxing from Nevin in this round and


he upped the tempo a little bit. Dennis Ceylan has got no answer to


those punches. It is only when you look at slow-motion like that,


because the action is done in double quick time, that you realise


second Olympic Games, John Joe Nevin. His opponent is from Denmark.


It is the accuracy that is causing all the problems for the Dane.


pace has suited Nevin and he has dictated it. I liked the way he


moves around his opponent, rather than moving back and going on to


the ropes. It is great ring craft apart. The quality work has


definitely come from him. Too much for the referee. The referee said


that was a low blow. The vests have to be tucked well in so the


waistband is visible to give the referee an idea whether the blow is


legal or illegal. If it goes south of the border and is illegal, it


straight lines, no sidesteps. Boxing with very flat feet and


standing in front of his opponent. Irish boxers down the years have


done their country proud. They have won more medals in this sport than


really turned it on in the second and opened up a huge gap. Now he


is hugely important. He did that four years ago in Beijing. There is


no doubt about who won that one. That is a great boost for the Auris


team. Jo Ward lost his appeal a couple of days ago. The Olympic


circuit will be poorer without Jo Ward. No doubt who was dominating


the contest all the way through. Quality work throughout the contest,


especially the second and third round. That will settle the nerves


for the whole Irish team. A good display. He was cool all the way


through, John Joe Nevin. Now it is a matter of the margin. He may well


have got himself past the 20 mark. A considerable haircut he has got


This is a bit like the old days. In the previous system when the scores


came up on the screens, you would have known who had one. It adds to


the whole thing. It adds to the atmosphere. Ladies and gentlemen,


the winner with a score of 21-6, in the red corner, John Joe Nevin.


gets past the 20 Mark, the first boxer to do so far. A good


performance by John Joe never end. 21-6 over his opponent from Denmark.


A good start by the Irish. enjoyed that dramatic pause before


the RIM went up in the air. You can see how in control he was in that


about. His second taste of Olympic Games and just like in Beijing he


wins his opening round. The boxing continues on the red button with


Britain's Anthony Ogogo. He is a real pinup boy for boxing. He is on


in half-an-hour on BBC Three. Now we are turning our attention to the


men's road race. Four years ago Mark Cavendish was devastated to


leave Beijing without a medal. Can you believe the biggest name in


cycling, you either winner of the Tour de France? Bigger than


Cavendish? A big part of spending his confidence and he has got


bucket loads of it. He tastes victory and it is sweet. He is an


all or nothing kind of guy and it is something I strive to be.


raised his incredibly well and whether you and I would see a mass


of bodies in a peloton, he just sees that the gaps. He is genius


and ability is to stay completely rational and Ice Cold in what is


the most hectic and uncontrollable murmured in cycling. People see the


last 500m of a state, but you have had to ride for five hours to get


to that point and he is able to unleash that amazing energy at the


end. I would not even be at the finish. Mark Cavendish wins for the


4th year running. It is making calculators, making decisions in an


instant, it is as close to instinct as you can get from learning to


ride a bicycle. Somehow he sees everything happening in slow motion.


He sees things happen that other people are not seeing, making


decisions that other people are panicking about. He is the only guy


who is not losing his cool. But the moment he crosses that finishing


line it all comes out at once. Cavendish has won the world title


for Great Britain. To represent my country and to beat in the team, to


do it for work your country and not for at a wage, it is a big, big


thing. To us he is just Mark and even now in the last few days you


can see he is getting jittery and excited and he is approaching the


thing he has been looking at for the last few months and we have to


calm him down. He is going through the full spectrum, he makes himself


angry, nervous, confident. He is calm one moment and terrified the


next. He is a wonderful personality. He is super excited, he is getting


his shoes ready and the glasses and he is ready to go and he is as fit


as I have ever seen him. He was complaining on the road today that


we were going too hard. I said, it is your fault, you asked us to be


here. We have got patriotic guys in the team, they really want to do


this. We were out training and I was thinking, this is a Dream Team.


It is a big thing to have guys who can win in their own right


dedicating themselves to a cause. I cannot let the guys down, I cannot


let the team down, that is it, that is the biggest thing.


It is now time for Mark and Team GB to deliver it. Let's go live to the


streets of Surrey for an hour of cycling. It might just deliver the


first medal of the 2012 Games. We are with Stuart Broad man and Chris


group. One man is ahead, Philippe Gilbert, the Belgian. But I think


he has gone too early. The first group went away very early on and


established lead of almost six minutes. Then they were joined by a


chasing group of 12. That contained a huge amount of talent. Then they


came together and the residue of that group has gone through and one


man is ahead of them and that is Philippe Gilbert. They are on the


final ascent of Box Hill, so it is far too long for him to stay away.


But then used his Great Britain have been in control throughout and


they have never panic. They have kept the tempo Hythe. They have


kept the rhythm up. Nobody of danger has got away and it means


that Mark Cavendish has got good legs and it is all building nicely


for the game-plan of delivering him plan could not have gone better for


the Great Britain team. They have let the group's goal weight on the


climbing, ridden together, nursing Mark Cavendish. They have done a


fantastic job. And it looks like the run into London, just 50


kilometres of, they will be able to bring the race under control.


Hopefully for Mark Cavendish they will have a sprint. The head of the


breakaway group which is chasing down Gilbert. Still in there is


O'Grady. We have an attack forming here. This is exactly what we


expected on the final ascent of Box Hill. The riders will try to jump


clear between them and the peloton being led by the Great Britain team.


About 20 guys ahead of them, so they are just bridging between the


groups. It is quite difficult for them to know what to do. You can


see the British team look like they are ignoring the rest of the


peloton. They have one script, one plan, Riding for Mark Cavendish.


They are letting all of these riders go and once they get over


the top of the climb they will drive back towards London to try to


pull everything back together. well-drilled unit, the British team,


they have never panicked or tried to jump clear. They have just


relentlessly kept the tempo up as we go back to the leading rider,


and BT's Philippe Gilbert, getting a tremendous ovation. He is a


talented rider with a list of classic victories to his credit.


There were some doubts about him riding after he took a heavy tumble


in the Tour de France, but fortunately nothing was broken,


although he heavily bruised his shoulder. Gilbert is having a crack.


Denmark at the front of what is left of the group. They are driving


around heart. I am sure the days of the group are numbered. Just 43


seconds behind Philippe Gilbert, and soon we will see the peloton


coming into view. It will not be the Great Britain team at the head


of the peloton, it will be those few people who have been attacking


on the climb and then the British team will drive hard to pull it


back together. This is literally as they planned the race. The group


trying to chase Gill but down, who has left the group -- Gilbert.


There are some talented riders and O'Grady looked like he took a hand


sling. That is one minute and 21 seconds, the gap. So I think the


British team do have this under control. They have one hour of


racing, a little more than that to go. I think they can control it for


that. They must be very confident. Mark Cavendish must be relieved he


has passed those nine Tests and he can look forward to the sprint


finish. It is looking very good indeed. The game plan is working


well. Just to reiterate the earlier comment, they have never faltered


and panicked, so great Britain working with this one aim, to


deliver the Express to the mal -- were more. Gilbert making a real


feast of this. He did this in 2010 when the championships took place


in Belgium. The Belgian flags supporting him. He went off with


about 10 miles to go but faded within a kilometre or of the line.


This is classic Gilbert. But he has gone far too early. Has he read the


manual? I think he was hoping someone else would come along with


him. A group of 22 is far too big for them to stay away. He thought


he would attack early and maybe bring the group down to a smaller


number that would work well together. Gilbert, the man of the


moment, taking the race to the rest of them. There is Timothy Duggan,


the national champion with the USA and he has been in the thick of the


action. He was in the little group that developed after 20 kilometres


and built up the lead of six minutes. Berkovic, Menchov,


Kristoff, to or maim some of the group. There are still some of them.


Bracken which is still there -- here, but there are still one or


two smart operators not figuring yet. The biggest danger for Mark


Cavendish is the German at the finish. He did beat him in the


sprint at the Tour de France, so that is the person that will be


more worrying for the British team. But it could also work for them.


The Germans have not really contributed to the chase. The


German team have still got some bodies to use in the final. Mark


Cavendish might be up to make use of that. A big injection of pace at


the front. Spain beginning to turn the screw, or is in Holland? Yes,


Holland having a crack. One or two other sprinters, Tom Bowman, we


haven't seen anything of him, and there are other names to conjure


with when it comes to the spring. There will be a few names in play


but there is only one we think can win this if it comes down to a


bunch sprint, and that is obviously what the British team thing. Mark


Cavendish waiting, and how to wait till he can do his thing and then


congratulate the team for the work they have done to this point.


are getting very little information in the time splits, and it is just


our memory being tested here really at the moment but we are looking at


this incredible effort by Philippe Gill but who has now totally


committed himself -- Philippe Gilbert. If he fails, he will have


to go to the back of the peloton because he will have nothing left


in his legs. If you look at the amount of action, he has been


holding them over the last lap of the course, one minute and 20


seconds over the peloton which is quite something, but with an hour


left to right on flat roads, which are great roads or chasing, that is


too much to us from one rider alone. You are right, but he is attacking


the task with unbridled passion. I mentioned earlier, but let me tell


you, the last medal won by a Belgian in the Olympic games came


in the searing Athenian of the sun down on the tough circuit in Athens.


Their last gold medal, you have to go a long way back. It was 1952, in


Helsinki. The attacking these coming thick and fast behind.


Everybody psychologically things after getting to just one hour left


there is not a lot of time left. They really are coming thick and


fast. This is where Great Britain have to be extra vigilant and look


for the moves and stamp them out. It is HS on wheels scenario.


Somebody makes a move, and you have to make a move to counter at -- it


he's a chess on wheels. They have come off the elbow of the Duke of


Wellington Place in to constitution Hill, that is where Cavendish needs


to be there before he relaunches his sprint. A lot of activity from


the group behind, but surely it is all in vain. My eye is drawn back


down the road to see what is happening behind and how close is


the peloton from catching the group. Italy has decided that they will


have to do something with this. They have spent a lot of energy


getting the men into the group, so they will have to make the most of


it. Now they are driving to what purpose, I'm not sure. If you are


just turning on to watch the concluding stages, and you are a


cycling fan, you are probably asking, Italy? They have not wound


up in their famous blue colours, they are in their new car lot of


weight and I do not nullify like it or not -- then you come up of white


and I do not know if I like that or not. -- their new colour up of


white. It is Italy not happy with the development of Gilbert been


clear. They have the good sprinter who chased Cavendish home in the


test event and Cavendish was held to one it will buy them. -- one


of the Italians as they start to come through. But look at Gilbert.


He is really driving on for this one. That is a fully committed bike


rider, isn't it? Absolutely everything here. We have not really


seen him today, but that could be the case with any winner of this


race. We probably will not have even seen their face, because it is


all about the final hour and the positioning and spotting an


the mix, the bronze medallist from Beijing, he is another man to look


out for at the finish. Italy of a country that has had the most


victories in this event. -- Italy are the country. They have five


gold medal victories to their credit. Russia and France have


celebrated two wins each. We are not going to get a situation like


the one at the end of the race in Rome, in 1960, when the Russian


beat the Italian. They had to sprint twice, and then they had to


do another lap and sprint again, but it was the same result. They


certainly would not like that. Look at this determination on the face


of the Norwegian trying to get away. And it is not the man I thought I


would see. The real man for Norway has got to be Hagen. We have not


seen much of him, but he was in great shape last week in the Tour


de France. He can release print well, so we could see him trying to


get into move -- he can really sprint well. There will be a lot of


people doing it. It might mean that there is the potential to succeed.


But failing that, if he goes down to the final sprint, he has a good


possibility of getting a medal. Gilbert has been caught. The race


seems to be getting itself together. They are starting to work, but I


think it will be a bit late. Spain all their riding as a group.


Castroviejo Nicolas has been away all day. I think they're big strong


man today has got to be Sanchez, the stage winner in the Tour de


France. He is not a big sprinter but if he can establish a gap in a


good time trial will take a lot of pulling back. I would have thought


Sanchez would have been a good bet on the circuit, but now we are off


it I'm not so sure. They are an excellent position though now.


Three men, meaning they have at least one who can do some work.


They really are motoring down this flat road as they head towards


London. Where are the Great Britain team? They are still on the nose of


the chasers, where they have been all day. That is quite a gap. Look


at this. Still going back, further. There we are. What would you say


the time gap is? I think it is deceptive because they are moving


so fast that the gaps are bigger for the same amount of time.


Reaching speeds of 55 kilometres per hour, which means they will be


with us in about 50 minutes time if they carried on with that average.


The wind is behind them, so it is feasible that they could average


those kinds of speeds and move a group. Everybody but something to


play for. -- with something to play for. A lot of passengers in the


group, but some Major players as that Gilbert has made today and he


has not profited from either. As we look down the field, at the head,


Great Britain ploughing along at the front. Where is Mark Cavendish?


He is back one or two wheels. He needs to get a bit more shelter and


make the most of the work that his team is doing for him. We will see


how much easier it is when it is 10 riders back, literally freewheeling


at the front, and riding as hard as they can. It is going to be a fast


run in it now. Five hours of racing is Bradley Wiggins on the front.


You can see the bunching of the peloton and then pushing over the


top. They are getting so close now they really do need to start


reeling in the group. They have not got long to reach that gap. It


looked like it was fragmenting. They are a dangerous group to let


stay away. The pressure is being applied and it is hurting. We have


about 24 miles of racing left. That is less than an hour before we


crown the Olympic gold medallist in London. The 30th Olympiad taking


place. Bradley Wiggins is on the front, but they have to work now


and use up the effort. They wanted to save it for the sprint, but the


group further up the road is way too dangerous and they need to get


on top of it as quickly as possible and get fresh light breathe into it.


They have to bring it back now. traditional flick of the elbow from


Wiggins. He is saying, I have done my turn and the next rider needs to


come through. We have not seen Fabian Cancellara at all to date.


This is why, he has been waiting for the opportunity. He waited


until that final climb and he managed to get across to this group


and that is what is making the difference. They are not worried


about the amount of passengers in this group. Sanchez is also in this


group. Yes, he is a dangerous man, but Fabian Cancellara is worrying


me. He will be happy with the development. It is a big group and


it is a massive split. It changes think dramatically, and it is


frustrating we are not getting any time differences. Despite the size


of his group, it is about the key names in there. Those are the teams


that are doing all of the driving. If the Germans do not help the


British team, they are not going to be there for them. They really need


to start to commit and help the British steam. This is by no means


a done deal. The it is a dangerous mood and the Great Britain team


will be aware of this. Whether they are aware of the composition of the


group and whether they know that Fabian Cancellara is in there, I do


not know. It is going to become dangerous. It is not good for


Germany, but it is not good for at Mark Cavendish and Great Britain.


Where is Tom Boonen? I have not seen him in the race. Now they are


getting a hand. It is Germany and Great Britain pulling the field


along. Germany is committing one rider at the time and they are


playing a dangerous game. They should be pushing all of their


troops behind him. There is Mark Cavendish touched on the wheel.


That is the kind of situation you see all that time in the Tour de


France. The lead is round about 30 seconds. Now it comes up on the


screen and it is 57 seconds and there is a group of 32 in the front.


It really is a big group. Let's hope the British team have


calculated this right. It really is a nail-biting last three-quarters


of an hour. We are not getting any information and we are not being


told the position and the composition of the group on the


computer. We are just hearing the odd name here and there, but we


know Fabian Cancellara is in there. There is Tom Boonen. He is happy.


The Germans are lining up as well. They are perfectly happy to let the


British team do the work. I am not convinced with a gap of nearly a


minute, I think it is a dangerous game. They really need to start


driving, but these are experienced professionals. Ian Stannard is


doing the work now and we have to trust in their ability to judge the


gap, but it is nerve-racking to watch. One minute, it is confirmed


34 kilometres to go. Hopefully we will get some shots of the front


group so we can confirm the danger men. We know Fabian Cancellara is


in this group, the silver medal- winner from Beijing. Spartacus is


his nickname. He pulled out of the Tour de France after just over a


week because his wife gave birth to their second child. But he has been


keeping his form in perfect condition. I make it 42 minutes of


racing left in this Olympic men's road race before the gold medal is


settled. It really is a nail-biter with this group having a minute's


advantage. The teams have got their work cut out if they want to bring


this back together. The do not have Samuel Sanchez here because of


injury, but they have got three riders in this front group. It is


pretty good indeed. At the moment Great Britain are on the back foot.


Those riders are all good sprinters, but they are not the best sprinters,


but the best sprinters are a minute behind and that would be a good


specialist at the front is powering his way on. He is trying to pull


the group back. But this group is being driven by Spain and they have


got a good at move on. The Spanish and the Swiss know they have got an


opportunity. They fought for it on that climb. There is a huge amount


of hangers on. They may not be the very best riders on paper, but they


have had a free ride all the way into London and they have had an


opportunity here and they may be able to use it by attacking in the


final five or 10 kilometres. The speed with which the Spanish are


driving that group at the moment, it is hard to think that anybody


can be attacking them. They are on towards Hampton court way and then


they will swing right up to Queen's Road. They are almost sniffing at


the finish. This is a mood of immense proportions. This is very


important and Spain are absolutely spot-on. They are fully committed.


Nobody it's trying to wave anybody else on. They are committed to the


work. If they let the speed drop for a minute, there are others


behind them. One more try to have a go off the front. After all the


hard work of Great Britain, are they now going to lose out? I find


that really hard to believe. They know what they are doing and they


do this as a day-job all the time. They get a feel for it and they


know that time gaps and they know what it will take to bring a break


back. But this looks dangerous to me. By Verdi had a podium finish in


the Tour de France. Leon Sanchez with very good form, from Spain.


There are a lot of people driving is very dangerous for the British


team after all the hard work they have done. They are totally


committed on the front. They know it is the Olympic Games. This is


the responsibility of Ian Stannard. He is driving as fast as he cancels


stock he will peel off after his work is done, but he is trying


single-handedly to pull this break pack away. Every little paws and


Ian Stannard claws back a second or There is not much time to go now.


They need some help. Leaving Ian Stannard on the front it might not


be enough. That Australian is there as well. We are getting no numbers


or feet or captions. Is that Matthew Goss? I think it is Stuart


O'Grady. He is still in the next, he has been in it all day. He has


done plenty just to be in this position in the race. It shows you


how you can read a race. He is not the peak strength he had before.


But he has got the experience and he knows how to be in the right


place. The wells have we got? That is Philippe Gilbert. Surely he has


got to have had his form dented by They are ringing at their loudest


because this is very, very dangerous for Great Britain. They


are running out of distance. They realise it and they are on the


front. They have got to find something here. They could do with


some allies to come through and help with the work. Mark


Cavendish's gold medal chances are slipping away on the approach to


the finish. This is Bradley Wiggins. This is earlier than they would


have wanted to be used, but they have got to do the job. His time-


trial ability is going to be tested to the fault. The German team are


starting to contribute now, but it might be too late. They are going


to have to drive flat out now. You have got to be there for the sprint


in the first place. You certainly have. Just look at the way that


long, thin line has formed. The crowd are loving it. They are


getting the British team as much support as they can, but is it


Froome, actually. I'm surprised we haven't seen more work from him.


He's decided that it bore the day. A generous round of applause at the


finishing straight. It is job done for Chris Froome but he's a strong


man to lose. We are down to three men now to help Mark Cavendish.


Only three riders to help him now and look up the pace at the front.


Switzerland right at the front, beginning to raise the tempo.


have got a great opportunity, with a group like this, Fabien


Cantillaro, he can sprint well. We are starting to see some fractures


in this group. They are starting to think about the finish. It could be


are the favourites. Slipping back into the group now. It is there one


minute now, Chris. This is very, very bad. Great Britain are, with


one rider down, from the chasing squad. He wants to save his legs


for the sprint, Chris Froome, so there is only three men now to help


Mark Cavendish. They have to lay down now. It's all about closing


this gap. It's a quality group. No solid sprinter. They all have a


chance. He will be after a medal as well. I don't think he's got quite


the speed. Philip Gill but I feel sure he won't be better spent after


the efforts he has made in this race -- Philip Gilbert. I remember


him in Sydney. They realise the danger and are getting involved now.


It really is close now. They are not making any inroads and indeed


every metre of road to tried to close the gap. Bradley Wiggins


involved in the chase now. We thought he might stop and save his


legs for the time trial but has laid it all down for Mark Cavendish,


for this road race. Let's hope it's a sacrifice which is not in vain.


Such a blistering pace that front, and nobody is coming through and


they have got to come through and start working out. Belgium are


there but they don't need to contribute. They will look after


the interests of the Belgians who are clear. The gap is a 57 seconds,


so it has come down a little bit. It was just over one minute, but


that's not enough. They will start to mess around at the front as they


go for the victory. Over 30 riders, 33, as our camera pans out, we're


almost praying our time checks are correct because that's a big, big


gap with less than 20 kilometres left to raise now. They go past


Hampton Court. A glorious shot at Hampton Court Palace, the scene of


the action for the men's and women's time-trial next Wednesday.


Spain here doing the driving. 55 seconds, it has come back another


three seconds, so they are nibbling away all the time. 23 kilometres to


go. They have got a 3.5 Extra: it has to try to close this gap. It


really is going to be difficult. As they start to think about attacking,


but will drop her speed but their speed and give an opportunity to


the riders behind to close up. A sizable gap but there were


relatively small distance remaining. The Russian is also in this group,


the bronze medal winner in Beijing. He's very powerful in the finishing


charge. Several people all other similar sprinting ability, road


riders, hard men, not top sprinters but good in groups. There are


several of them who could take this race. The British team cannot bring


it back. That's exactly what they are trying to do. Driving is hard


as they can. They controlled this raised all day, just four guys have


managed to keep this race as close as it is now, and for the rest of


the world, they are somewhat taken aback by the work the two British


riders did in the Tour de France and at last year's world


championship. They are placed too much confidence in a British team.


They have let them to it. That bluff might end up not working out.


Grabsch is still there. They need to drive through. Mark Cavendish is


on front, number 13. No, Arts still do it. One big injection of


pace. Austria are now getting involved as well. Daniel Schorn. Is


there's a thing for him to do. If he tries to help, he will have


nothing left for the Sprint and then it will be in vain. So many


Union Jacks on the Fabian Cancellara. -- so many Union Jacks


on The Mall. Was that the capture of one of the big sprinters of


Germany, as is Andre Greipel, and it looks like he will come to the


front to try to raise the pace. They need to do it soon. I feel a


lot of people are waiting for a sprint and if they don't commit


themselves now there won't be one. There is no point saving lead out


men to come in in third or 4th position. There certainly isn't.


Once again Great Britain on the front powering along trying to lift


the tempo a little bit more. Ian Stannard again on the front. As


strong as he is, he cannot do this alone. Everyone is leaving him


alone at the front to do this work. They need half a dozen riders


driving through giving everything they have got in these final


kilometres. Yes, Iain Stannard with his race face on their, grimacing


and gritting his teeth. Is under so much pressure as he tries to help


the British team along the front. He's trying to pull the leading


group back to no avail. Well, the Swiss are driving here and now they


have their opportunity. Fabien Cantillaro, will hear attack? Will


he wait for the sprint? We don't know. The last few metres are going


to be electrifying. So Spain have three men in this group and that is


a first class situation. O'Grady is still in there. He has been away at


the front of the race ever since the first 20 kilometres when he


instigated the first move of the race. He's not too comfortable on


the wheels. We saw him shaking his muscles out 100 kilometres to go


now. He doesn't do any responsibility to ride here. If he


can find opportunity, well, he will take it. Then Stuart O'Grady can


take advantage. The commentary team beside us realise they have gone in


trouble as well here. About 22 minutes of racing at this speed to


go. This Olympic road race. There's all to play for. 51 seconds, the


gap, so it's coming down. It is still possible, isn't it? They are


coming up to Richmond Park. It's coming down but achingly slow. Its


15 seconds of that time when they start to mess around. That will be


there to close, at least 30 seconds now. Dear, dear, this is nail-


biting stuff, isn't it? Great Britain on the front, Germany,


second, Great Britain third, Germany, 4th. It's a mix of the two


most powerful squads would this printers. Bradley Wiggins at the


front driving. He has to do it now. He can't save it. At the world


championship last year, he lasted until last, an aide, to turn up.


Mark Cavendish on the final bend, but he won't be able to do that


this year. He is the person who's got to use his ability now. He's


got the gold medal to race for on Wednesday and this will not help


his chances in that event. If he manages to pull this off, well, he


will owe Bradley Wiggins a rather ticking away, the distance to the


finish. The distance between these groups, as we switch to a


helicopter shot, it shows us the actual beautiful countryside which


Cwm-parc. I was filming here yesterday. -- Richmond Park.


certainly is beautiful, scenic, and is providing us with a perfect


arena for the closing stages here of the Olympic Games road race, and


to the two groups are slugging it out. There has been an attack at


the front. Why they are roaring, I don't know, because not all Great


Britain. A rider has gone away here, and I think he's from Norway. He


could be the lone leader here trying to go away. There's an awful


the final climb. Clearly, his form is absolutely fantastic. He must


have a lot of confidence to go this far out. 20 kilometres to go with


the group behind you, there's an awful lot to do. Why didn't he wait


a bit longer? And then spring a surprise? He is being pulled back


now by the rest of the riders. He has had some good performances, to


his credit, over the years. And it looks as if he's going to get swept


up here. Is about we pulled back but it was a valiant effort and it


certainly put the rest on the back foot. It's the right thing to do


but unfortunate, at the wrong time. A former silver medal or. --


meddler. Is it pretty tough at this stage? No, it isn't. It is pretty


much flat all the way back. The roads get bigger and bigger as they


come out of the park. Up nothing they can't cope with. No problem at


all. Literally, this flat is all they have got between this and The


Mall. It is go and to be close now. We desperately need another time


check now for the Bradley Wiggins and Ian Stannard were closing this


gap but were they doing enough? The gap is more than 30 seconds. The


impetus has gone out. What is happening here, instead of a long


thin are working line, they are bunching up a little bit. But the


perfect scenario for Great Britain because riders are looking at each


other to say, I'm not going to carry on, help me. That could be


done to the advantage of Great Britain. Already coming to the


front now is the rider from the Netherlands. He things, we are not


going to lose this. He is now beginning to raise the tempo.


has cost them dearly. That was probably 10-15 seconds they have


lost, a precious advantage, while they looked at it to that. Yes, you


want to win the Olympic road race, and yes, you want to use tactics


but it's way too early. This 17 kilometres to go and it's too early.


If they start to do that now, for sure, they will not stay awake.


1972, the Netherlands were victorious there. That was in


the front. A strong man. He's trying to kick the impetus here in


the group. Conches other fact, every time they he's back, he's


going to lose out. -- conscious of the fact. Well, there was a crash


there! Some body has gone into the barriers. We will get another look


at that, I hope. What a thing to happen. How many of the papers were


involved there? Gilbert was not involved. He missed out on the


crash. They are not sure what to do. They are going to carry on riding.


I think they have no choice at this stage. It's not the Tour de France


were you wait for will come Patriots to have issues, because if


you wait for them now, you may as well not bother because the peloton


has almost upon you. Has that lost them more time? Italy are going


away. Is it Russia? The colours of Russia and Italy are very similar.


Italy are in the next year. They taking this opportunity, but it is


not going to happen. They are already starting to chase behind.


think it is a rider from Norway. Didn't he go down questing Mikey


overran the corner and went straight into the barriers. I think


it was an Italian. A momentary loss of concentration. We are being told


it was Fabian Cancellara. Surely not. He is a superb bike handler.


Maybe he had a problem with a puncture. That would be devastating


for them. He was their big hope. And it was. And he is holding his


arm. He has definitely hurt himself. One of the big favourites has gone


out. This is exactly what happened in the world championships 12


months ago and he crashed there and was forced down into the bronze


medal position. He has had a serious injury to his right arm.


This is the Olympic Games, but I think it is fair to say he is out


of this race. Possibly the favourite rider in that group. He


is being passed by the peloton, so they are not far behind. I think


that is David Mellor on the group driving them at the front. He is


nicely placed. That was a back wheel slide and a front wheel slide.


He goes down very hard into the barrier. That could be the end of


his chances for the time-trial on Wednesday as well. That was a


terrible crash for him. Looking at the possibility of an Olympic medal


in the road race and to be taken out by such men so unnecessary. He


locked the back wheel and over- compensated with the front wheel


and was too far into the corner to recover that one. Once your front


wheel goes, that is it. That has whittled down this front group and


that will change the course of the race. Would you believe it, the


luck changes with every pedal revolution of this race. Still


plenty of Fridays there. We will try and confirm to you who is in it.


Fabian Cancellara very upset. confirm Sanchez and Valverde are


there. Power Lee of Italy is there. Philippe Gilbert is still up there.


Stuart O'Grady is still in there as well, of Australia. There might be


the rider from Uzbekistan. I am sorry we cannot be more positive,


but we are getting very little information. This is the most


important break away in the last four years and we need a time check.


We need to see pictures of the race ahead. What is the gap between


these two groups. We have seen Bradley Wiggins driving on the


front. Surely it is coming down. We have seen Ian Stannard pouring his


heart out to bring it back. The crash would have taken the impetus


out of the break. We can only assume it has got to be close.


kilometres of racing, that is six miles to go. If they do not give us


eight-times split, it is as nerve- racking to us as well. They are


approaching Putney High Street. Then they will be coming over


Putney Bridge for the final time. Just 12 minutes of racing left in


this Olympic road race. It is still all for grabs. We have to believe


that the work the GB team has put in all day, they have written their


heart out for Mark Cavendish, surely it is going to be close now?


I thought that was the same corner! They have got to be close now. I


have got to believe, we have not seen that time check. It is 56


seconds. It is still the same time. If that is the case, then the


leader will come from this front group. If that is the gap, then the


race is over it. A lot of work being put in by Bradley Wiggins.


That is the first time we have seen him in the race and he has a


problem. There is a gasp in the stands behind us. Which group is he


in? Is he in the group that is chasing? I think he was in the lead


group. If that is the case, he will be chasing to get into that group.


The winner will come from this group. Unless they start doing


theirs. If they start to mess around now, they could lose all the


advantage. This is a big attack, the kind of conclusion we expect


from this race. That is an attack from Denmark. That was a good move,


but straight away it has been regulated. Third from the front is


the Kazakhstan rider, he is in the mix here as well. They sweep around


these corners and the race has lost two serious players. Look at this


for an attack on the leg. A downhill attack. Full of confidence.


It looks like an attack from New Zealand. In fact, I think that is


the Russian Kolobnev. Those two are going away beautifully. This race


is going to come down to chicken and a bit of flak because there are


going to be so many attacks you cannot follow all of them. Only one


of them is going to get some leeway. When the group behind fault has


momentarily and the gap is established, somebody has got to


commit to chase. This is a good move. Seven kilometres remaining


bust up these two have got to form a temporary alliance. They have got


to work together if they want to see the attack. They have got


enough to yo-yo a little bit. They can afford to withstand some of the


attacks behind, but they cannot take any pressure off. This is


their opportunity will start the Colombian is clear. I do not know


too much about his sprinting ability. They are starting to look


behind and that is the wrong thing to do. They have got a gap off four


seconds and that is significant with seven kilometres to go. They


can do it if they work together and fully commit, but if they start to


look at each other, it is not going to happen. That really is a great


move. We come back to the peloton desperately trying to get back on


terms, but I fear it might be too late. They are doing everything


they possibly can. These two are cannot recall a medal of any colour,


Surrey I can, he got sulphur in Sydney. The caption confirming who


these two are. -- silver. Kazakhstan rider will be happy if


he gets a medal in theirs. They have got to establish that break if


they want to take the prize. Fully committed. Bradley Wiggins worked


incredibly hard for his team, did everything that he can. He is spent,


that is his job done. We will see him on Wednesday on the Olympic


time-trial. Hopefully this has not dented his form for that event.


is Colombia verses Kazakhstan for the gold and silver medal. Just a


handful of moments to go in this race. They have still got a slender


advantage. Maybe two seconds ended with just a few kilometres


remaining. They are working well together. If they start to think


about the race for themselves, surely it is all over? Yes, this is


the better sprinter of these two. Those behind have still not given


up, and they are trying to work hard for Mark Cavendish, but there


is no let up in front. I cannot believe they can come back now, not


after the last time check of over 50 seconds. It is beginning to look


promising for them. We are waiting to see if there is going to be a


reaction from the front. It is a rider from Kazakhstan and a


Colombian. At the moment they are going to contest the gold and


silver medals. They are heading towards Brompton Road. The final


kilometre will bring them on to Constitution Hill. Another attack,


there are some tired legs in this group. But the sad news is that


Great Britain team are going to miss out. They are not going to be


in with a chance of a medal. Everybody else was expecting them


to do all the work and left it to them. It was not going to be. There


was too much work for them to do it. They are still trying as hard as


they can to bring this end. This is Ian Stannard still on the front


driving away. Even though we do not know what they that is, just the


fact we cannot see them, six kilometres from the finish, surely


that means the chance has gone now. They cannot bring that grew back.


After all that work and they controlled the race, probably apart


from the last three-quarters of an hour, and they have not been able


to pull that grew back. They still continue to work hard, but here are


the two leaders. The finishing sprint is not going to be far away


now. That gap has increased significantly and that is a nice


advantage. It is up to them now to be honest. Are they prepared to


keep working and to keep going? If they start to think about waiting


for a sprinter, it will all be over. They have got to commit themselves.


The silver medal-winner from Sydney versus the Colombian. This is going


have seen no British rider involved in the chase on the front. They are


just coming towards the end of Brompton Road and heading towards


an Knightsbridge, that exclusive shopping area. Then it will be


Wellington Place and Constitution will slug it out for gold and civil.


Colombia verses Kazakhstan. -- silver. On a run in like this, it's


down to chance. It's just a question of which one gets enough


of a gap to stay away. These two, a looks across to say, who is going


to get this? The element of surprise at the moment. We're into


the closing stages and we have flags across our camera shots. A


glorious shot their of Buckingham Palace as they come through the


final 500-metre mark. They will be lined up for the finishing run to


the line. They now move into the finishing straight. They can see


began tree ahead of them. Who is going to get it? -- the country


he has got the front position. He's powering on to what will be the


gold medal. Kazakhstan, they will take the gold medal. He is the


Olympic champion. Here comes the cavalry charge behind for the


bronze medal. It is Spain at now and the Netherlands got the bronze


medal and we will confirm the name of the bronze medal winner when we


get the caption of that but the gold medal has gone to Kazakhstan.


Mark Cavendish on the far side looking to finish. They come up to


the line, here they go, powering up to the line and across the blind


first, it looks like they finish in 4th position. Great Britain worked


so hard but it just slipped away in the closing stages. Here is the man


who was a silver medal but Le -- silver medal-winner in Sydney.


It really, really was. He can't believe it. He got four per place


on the Tour de France. He desperately wanted to get a stage


but it did not happen for him. He's almost retired. To finish off with


an Olympic gold medal, well, if you're going to retire, now is the


time to do it. Mark Cavendish Road all day. A fantastic ride by him up


to get himself in shape but he blew it there by leading the work all


the way to the British team. He has threatened retirement for so many


seasons and a terrible crash in the Tour de France and he broke his leg,


actually, and was out of competition, but he's come back and


used his power and strength to win a gold medal. There is Bradley


Wiggins, so near and yet so far. A phenomenal effort by the team, but


it slipped away in the last hour. Everything else, after last week,


the rest of the world will be relieved Britain is not winning


absolutely everything. They are saying the bronze medal has been


awarded to Christophe of Norway. I'm not sure I agree with that.


They say he has won the bronze medal. As Pakistan, 4th. O'Grady,


5th. We forgot that he was printing further back. Andre Greipel. Stuart


O'Grady, fifth-place. I can't believe he can still compete at


this level in competition. Jill Douglas straight in to get into


these. Hopefully we will get that to you in the next few minutes.


Here is where it happened, that attack. A handful of, it's as ago.


But small hesitation was all that they needed. A look over the


shoulder, who is going to chase? Suddenly they had 20 minutes and


they were not going to the reached. They got their head down and got


that gap. This is where the Colombian lost it. He looked over


his left shoulder. He saw him looking the wrong way, jumped clear


and that was an advantage for the gold medal winner. You can see by


the amount he was distance there, he'd already had a huge hesitation.


I don't think he had the power. goes one better than it did in


Sydney and gets the gold medal here. The Colombian gets the silver.


don't think he has won a race this year. It's not a bad one to win, is


it? In our excitement, we said Andre Greipel was 4th but that was


not the case because it was Christophe of Norway who was


confirmed as the bronze medal winner. Andre Greipel was the first


home in the posse of riders behind who was chasing them down. A nice


victory salute. 26th place, in fact, Andre Greipel. There we are. A


lovely shot balls of the gold medal winner of the men's Olympic Games


What a moment for Alexander and for Kazakhstan and you could see the


emotion after he crossed the line. Its day one of the Olympics and is


not the first person we've seen in tears. They could be some tears


from Mark Cavendish this evening. Four years ago, he was the only


track cyclist not to pick up a medal at the Games and the team had


spent the last two years gearing up for today, and have been up and


down that hill. Mark Cavendish said he's been up and down that hill 20


times. The aim was to get Mark Cavendish to the finish so he its


print for gold but sadly it was not to be. Real exhausting be sought


including from Bradley Wiggins and now has to race on Wednesday in the


time-trial. We should your frustration but there was not


enough information on screen about the peloton attack and the leaders,


so I do apologise for that but it was out of our control. There was a


chance today to raise for gold in the Olympics and this is a man who


has thought long and hard about retiring in the past couple of


seasons. How happy he will be that he didn't. We saw in there with


Jill Douglas. Let's hear what he had to say. Congratulations. This


was not may be what the British public wanted but a fantastic


victory for you. How does this one rate in your long career?


Unbelievable. Yes, I'm tired. OK, today's race was unbelievable.


Dangerous. OK, I followed the group and then attacked on the sprint. It


was hot. A victory at the finish of my career. It felt like everybody


was writing against Great Britain today. Yes. OK, no chance. It was


quite aware all the way through a race that Team GB were left to


their own devices and nobody wanted Mark Cavendish at the end because,


in a sprint, he is deadly. He was not there but this man was. I don't


blame him for telling Jill Douglas he was tired. He was in the saddle


for five hours and 45 minutes. Tanni Grey Thompson was there and


we'll be there for the women's race tomorrow. Give us some kind of


sense of the atmosphere down there. We have seen a very popular winner


but fair disappointment as well. mixed reaction now. There's


thousands of people, everybody is elbowing their way to get to the


front and you can tell how much British support there was. There


was a big screen behind us and are sinners there was the final shot


Bradley Wiggins, there was a massive cheer from the crowd. It's


been amazing, a very exciting race. There is a sense of disappointment


because, I think we were expecting Mark Cavendish to win. Even when


the gap got to six minutes, nobody was panicking. But they just left


the British guys to do all the work and nobody was going to help him to


the gold medal. One thing we must mention about Mark Cavendish, the


Games have been so good to you. For Mark, they had been so cruel,


haven't they? He struggled so much in Beijing leaving without a medal


and the same today. There doesn't seem to be a love affair between


him and the Olympic movement. very hard and it doesn't make it


any better when you say these things sometimes happen. It was


very hard in Beijing, the only guide to come back without a medal.


I think also, with the world championships last year, the rest


of the world was watching how the British performed in the Tour. They


knew that the weakness was actually just to leave them to do all the


work. There was a tiny bit of help from Tony Martin in the German team.


They had Andre Greipel, who they want to get to the finish line so


it was down to the boys. Ian Stannard was great, Chris Froome,


Bradley Wiggins, but they needed more guys to help mark. We must say


congratulations to Alexander. The good news is, your top has


brightened up everybody's mood. We will see you tomorrow. A thank


you very much. What a strange race that was in many ways and the drama


is part of a busy day one as the Games begin right across the


country. As we have seen, two years in the planning, not even the


presence of the winner of the Tour de France could propel him to glory.


Well done Kazakhstan. Well-earned and well deserved gold Medal. It's


been a busy day in the pool as well. Hannah Miley is a plea through to


the final of the 400 metres individual medley. The Commonwealth


champion will be trying to get an Olympic medal at 8:10pm tonight.


American Michael Phelps, the eight fastest in qualifying for the final


of 400 metres. He will be in the outside lane for tonight's final


and his rival is the great Ryan Lochte. It's also been a good day


for Britain's gymnasts. Chris Thomas pleads the qualifying for


Team GB ahead of the Olympic champions, China, and that is no


mean feat. Sadly be can be pure gold medal but


we can bring you Sue Barker. How A Sue Barker has turned up and is


wrecking the set within seconds of arriving. We'll hear from you in a


moment when we can here for you. Of course, there's plenty of sport on


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Apologies there, filling the gap of me when you want to speak to Sue


Barker. Good afternoon. The I'm only joking! But also to


disappointment, wasn't it, with Mark Cavendish? It is interesting


at the end, listening about the team tactics and I guess that's


what happens when you are the world champion and the best sprinter,...


Quite right. Chris Boardman the efforts of the biggest problem for


Mark Cavendish is his reputation. Every cyclist want to get to the


end without Mark Cavendish near them and their tactics worked under


managed to put down Team GB but we go again in the women's. Nicole and


Liz the tomorrow. Are they the ones they are going to be... In it's


hard to know. She did amazingly well in Beijing and Lizzie


Armistead has come through for the women. We will wait and see but the


smart money is definitely on Lizzie Armistead and she will look for the


team, including Nicole, to support her. Great scenes on the road.


Well done to the crowds. Good luck this afternoon. Now the microphone


is working, we are heading to Wimbledon. We were there about


three weeks ago but it is a whole new look at Wimbledon this year.


Yes, coloured clothing on Centre Court, all different colours. Big


crowds as well. A whole different ball game than it was three weeks


ago. We have this much, Roger Federer against Alexander Faurlin.


-- against Falla. He will not be But join John Lloyd and Andrew


Cassell. COMMENTATOR: Welcome To the Centre


Court scheduled featuring Serena Williams and Tomas Berdych. Now,


Roger Federer, against Falla, from Centre Court has witnessed this


match before, in 2010, the first round of the championships. Roger


FED are what was defending champion, two sets down and Falla served for


UMPIRE: Roger Federer is challenging the call. The court is


differently dressed up and we have become used to. So are the players.


They can wear coloured shirts, red for Switzerland, yellow for


Colombia. But much of the technology remains the same,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 48 seconds


The first set was 6-3 to Federer. A tough draw for Federer, isn't it?


It has been a quality match. Federer came up here and from the


beginning was on the top of his game and had to be. That first set,


6-3, was closer than the score indicates. Would it not be in the


best-of-five sets, this is a big difference, it is the best of three.


Lesser ranked players will feel they have a better chance against


That first set, we saw Federer picked three 4-4 shops that no


other player in the world could make, and he made them. The crowd


But he had a difficult player to play against, is Falla. He gets a


high percentage of first serves in, 82% in the first set. He has been


This has been a fun match to watch Almost a controlled this hit, that,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 48 seconds


A break of serve, Federer is in control of this match, up one set


There was a lot of surprise when tennis was readmitted to the


Olympic family as a full medal sport in 1988. It sold, in 1984 it


had been a demonstration sport. But it is not as though tennis did not


have an Olympic pedigree. It was a part of the first modern Games in


1896 and all the way through 1924. This is the 14th time tennis has


been a medal event at the Olympic Games and it has been in London


before, in Wimbledon, in 1908. It was held at Queen's Club, indoors,


and on the grass at Wimbledon because Wimbledon had not moved to


this part until 1922. So it has A lot of people did not think, they


were sceptical about whether tennis would fit these professionals who


are so celebrated and endorsed and sponsored but they are perfectly


happy to play for their countries He has not got the most powerful


serve in the world, but he is UMPIRE: Mr Falla is challenging the


call. A There is two were reasons he will have challenged that, he


will have looked at Federer's reaction. And the field, off his


own racket. It was correct. A 64 draw in there men's and women's


We saw two exquisite forehand drops in the first set, now here is the


That is just what he was doing throughout the championships at


Wimbledon, earlier on this month, finishing on July 8th of course


against Britain's Andy Murray, where he lost the first set and


produced a bit of genius at the end of the second set and that turned


the match around. He must have loved it, when he heard it was


going to be at Wimbledon on the grass, he must have just gone, yes!


Here is my entry for! Seven times the Wimbledon champion. And one


game a plate -- away from the again It is an amazing example of


imagination and then the scale -- a skill. He was asked the other way -


- he was asked the other day who was the biggest star in the world


of sport at the Olympics and he said, not me. He is perfectly happy


So sustained brilliance and firepower from the world No. One


and top seed here at the Olympic tennis event. It has been a great


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 48 seconds


Now, but is well played by the Colombian. He did the right thing.


He got his first serve in, swung it wide enough. Just offered that


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element of surprise. That is what . Credit where it is due. Five


straight points MAP -- five straight points in a row. Well done


to him, it keeps it going for the Centre Court crowd here. Capacity


14,000 as opposed to 15,000 for the championships, due to camera


positions and furniture changes around but Centre Court is all


dressed up like we have never seen it before and full of colour.


Primrose yellow for the Colombians. That fiery red for the world No.


One, who has now been at the top of the world rankings longer than


anybody else, including Pete Sampras, who he has just overtaken.


There is very few records that have not fallen to him. He must be


annoying for some of these players who have these records, Jimmy


Connors, Pete Sampras, they must, deep down, hated. I am sure they


don't really! He does not retire, he does not get injured. It is a


Roger Federer will sever for a place in the second round in the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 48 seconds


Seen a few of those slips today, on the opening day. Thomas Berdych,


number six seed and a former finalist here, he went over, it was


either seven or eight times he was on his behind. Before losing his


match. Federer just managing to stay up there. The Colombian has


half a chance. Excellent play! Federer hasn't done that much wrong


this game. This is all due to the attacking play from the Colombian,


taking the ball on. Showing no Federer having to dig deep. First


round match. High quality. A dig on the forehand side from Federer was


excellent, and to find that backhand down the line, keeps him


Found the line, I think. He is going to challenge it. Looks to the


naked eye as though the ball took the line. And some of the chalk


with it. No! Missed it. It must have been a different mark. It is


out. It's a break. Federer has seen match points come and go and he has


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 48 seconds


now lost his serve. The crowd are He used that tactic well today, but


that one, Federer was able to get that ball low enough. Falla


couldn't quite open the racket face up enough. Exactly, a very positive


strike, wasn't it. He certainly The forehand there just took over


in that rally. That was the one that set up the point, that first


forehand down the line and then Falla was love 40 down on his


previous game and he saved all Federer's a bit tight. The


Colombian is digging in here. Really a crucial point coming up.


It is still break point to Federer. Not everything comes easy to the


great man, sometimes he has to dig, and that is what he is doing now.


Ooh! Again, that, this is this best of three set scenario. Instead of


the best of five, it is just a That is an amazing ball. Fabulous


effort, twice in a row he has been love 40 down on his own serve by


Alejandro Falla has held, and he has got Federer on the ropes here


in this second set. Tell you a bit about Alejandro Falla, the 28-year-


old. Well, he can go the distance, if he is required to over five sets.


You talk about the mentality, the difference between best of three,


best of five which is the Grand Slam, this guy can go the distance,


he is fit and strong. Do you remember Isner versus Mahut. This


year at Wimbledon fal lade feeted him 7-5 and Mahut in the second


round, 7-5 in the fifth. So Federer knows he's is playing a dogged


opponent. When he almost lost to him he was down two sets to love.


He would have been off the court if it had been the best of three sets


scenario. So it is tough. They had to look up at his box and there was


a worried look on their face, they know this man is dangerous. They


want Federer to get this done in two sets and not go into a third.


That was the most extraordinary shot selection, but he has no


choice, that return of serve came out so fast, he was in no-man's


land. He didn't have a lot of 64 men and 64 women in the single's


draws here, that means to win gold you have to win straight six


matches. At Wimbledon it is a 128 Oh, that was not expected there. He


APPLAUSE This has been a spectacular turn


round from Falla who has serve saved three match points. Now, if


he can take his fourth game in a row here, it will be one set all.


Federer challenging that one, between a first and second serve.


And now he has made himself wait. No, that's out. Alejandro Falla of


Colombia has taken us to a third set here, and fvings everyone loves


it on Centre Court. There is a lot What a shock there, Federer had


match points but now it is going to go the distance and we will be back


on Centre Court very soon. But we are going to go back to the big


story of the day. Halve mav was hoping to claim Britain's first


gold medal of these games but it wasn't the dream start for kav and


his fans, because the British team, they couldn't keep one the leading


pack and Cavendish finished out of the medals. The gold went to


Vinokurov. Let us hear from Mark Vinokurov. Let us hear from Mark


Cavendish. I know, how bitterly disappointed you are, your team


could do no more for you, at times it seemed the rest of the world was


up against Great Britain. We knew it was going to be like that,


coming into it. We said we will do our race as we want to do it. See


what happens, like you said it seems like most teams, they are


happy not to win ass long as we don't win. That is the story of our


life in cycling. It show what is a strong nation we are, we have to


take positives from that and take it as a compliment. But it is


disappointing. We couldn't, 70 guys in there, in our group at the


finish. I don't understand why there is three guys riding. It


donth don't make sense. Well done your team-mate, they looked like


they had left it out on the road. Incredible. I couldn't be more


proud. They are spent. They are still sat in the tent. They are


just absolutely spent. Just rode 250k, going 60k an hour for the


last hour. I am so proud. What about the crowd on the road there,


so many people have Mark Cavendish masks on, the Union Jack is flying,


near on one million people, it must have been emotional. All our ears


are ringing, we don't pick up on individuals, we hear a noise all


the way here, that was tremendous, the whole way round, it was, it was


something I will remember for ever. Everybody knew you are the best


sprinter in the world. When it came to here, you were the most likely


winner, are we victims of the British cycling team success?


Absolutely. That is all we can put it down to, no-one wants to help us,


the Australians sit there, they always just ride negatively as well,


you know. They had one guy who wasn't going to win but they sat


there and didn't want to sprint. I would like to say that is how it


goes but it is disappointing. We did everything, like, it is one of


those things, we can't make kphuest excuse, we did everything, all the


guys, the guys, they were incredible, to see the guys with


the calibre they have got, just riding like that for me, it is


just... Olympics and Mark Cavendish We will see, you know. We don't


know. I tell you, it is ironic, I looked on the team pursuit this


year and could not do it because I have not done it at the World Cup,


yet fans were able to enter a track sprinter for the road race who has


never done a road race in his life. Something has messed up there. But,


we haven't got a medal. I am completely proud of my team and


proud of my country for the support if we had. A team pursuit sometime


in the future? I am getting too old for it. It is my last chance.


you for your time, cheers, Mark. Such disappointment for Mark


Cavendish. He talked about his team-mates giving their all,


including Bradley Wiggins, who will be back on when stake. It is the


women's race tomorrow with Lizzie Armitstead and Nicole Cooke going,


but tomorrow. That was the news from The Mall earlier today. We are


heading back to Wimbledon, Centre Court. Roger Federer looked like he


was saving through his earlier round with Alejandro Falla, but he


has dropped the second set. It is the first game of the final set.


Nuts rejoined John Lydon and Andrew Cassell. -- let's rejoin John Lloyd


It is wide, it is going to be a challenge but Federer is walking


towards the umpire's chair. He thinks the ball is out and it is in


fact a break. It has been cracked wide. Federer gets the break of


John Lloyd, any explanation as to what happened at the end of the


second set? Obviously totally unexpected. Roger was one step into


the locker room mentally himself, thought it was all over at love-40


and Falla came back and after that it was not Federer's fault. Falla


just did not miss and Roger got tight at the end of the set, missed


a couple of balls and unfortunately for Falla, after winning the second


set he got over-excited in the first service game and was a bit


But it has been an excellent mixture of pace and spin from Falla.


He has been giving so many different looks to Federer. He has


come in now and again, got a high The second time we have seen that,


Federer has had to volley on the baseline. The ground stroke pace of


Just left enough down the line that Falla had to go there. Federer is


one step across, cuts it off and it Purple backdrops, coloured shirts,


Centre Court looking very different But let there be no doubt that if


the tennis players were not and this Olympic Games, if they did not


value these gold medalled, the medalled they play for, they would


We see Federer getting fired up there. He wants the security of a


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 48 seconds


double break against an opponent We haven't seen that very often


from Federer, getting round the second serve. The spin is taking


him out wide. He took a chance left very early and it paid off. He was


That keeps the match alive. If Falla had dropped that service game


he could have been out of the tournament but he is still in it.


As you rightly say, John, he will feel he has been with the chancier.


Federer is one of the two Swiss in the jaw -- in the draw for the


men's singles event. The other is Wawrinka, who had the honour of


carrying the opening flag after Federer declined at the opening


ceremony. At this occasion he is staying at Wimbledon, not in the


village. We will see Wawrinka in action against Andy Murray tomorrow,


presumably a Centre Court match. We are looking forward to that. They


have played on this court before and had a classic, the first fall


completed match played under the roof, back in 2009. Of course, this


is a rematch of 2010 First round, Federer won in five, from two sets


down to Abersoch old acquaintances. It is a nasty first round match for


Andy Murray, it could be dangerous. I am looking forward to seeing the


doubles here at the Olympics. The top players playing in doubles. We


don't see it very often, these days. We will see Federer, Djokovic,


Murray, all in the men's doubles. It will be fun. Andy Murray and


Jamie Murray in action this afternoon in the first round of the


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He can make life difficult, can't he? The accuracy, a short take back,


you can't read where he is going to Sue Parr ber -- SUE BARKER:, the


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