BBC One: Day 10: 09.00-11.30 Olympics

BBC One: Day 10: 09.00-11.30

Mishal Husain and Rishi Persad present canoeing and athletics action, with the men's kayak single 1,000m heats, women's 100m hurdles round 1 heats and men's 800m round 1 heats.

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Another fantastic day, and really a weekend to remember for British


sport, ending with two more gold medals. Great Britain now have 16


goals, just three short of the total in Beijing. Yesterday it was


Andy Murray and Ben Ainslie who topped the podium. Could they be


more of the same today? In gymnastics, Beth Tweddle is


hoping to bow out with a gold. She was 4th in Beijing, but she is


looking good in London. Olympic kayak champion Tim Brabants


begins his title defence today, so could Eton Dorney bring more gold


for Great Britain? Dai Greene is doing it the hard way. We look at


whether the world and Commonwealth champion might spring a surprise in


And that's not all from the stadium. Tiffany Porter and Andrew Ossa G R


So, here is how we take you through it all. It is off to the athletics


at 10am. But before that, we are back at Eton Dorney at 9:30am. At


2pm, the gymnastics gets under way. More track cycling at the Beller


Drome at 4pm, Victoria Pendleton and Jason Kenny in action there.


And tonight at the athletics, the men's 400m and women's pole vault.


Dai Greene goes in the 400m hurdles. And it was quite a weekend in the


stadium behind me. First, Saturday's glorious night for


British athletics, and then last night, the Big One, the men's 100m.


All the doubts about whether using bolt could do it suddenly


disappeared. -- Usain Bolt. This Stadium has just come to life.


I wonder why it! It is exciting Powell gets a cracking start, and


Justin Gatlin is looking good. Oh, my word! He was looking at them as


if to say, keep up! This is the if to say, keep up! This is the


second semi-final. Bolt got a decent start, and so did Dwain


Chambers. Here comes Usain Bolt, really turn it on. 9.87. Dare I say


it, clowning around just a little. And now for the third semi-final,


the athletes are ready. Not the best of starts from Tyson Gay.


Yohan Blake and Tyson Gay pulling away now. Blake is going to win it.


9.85, game on. I came third in the semi-final at the Olympics. That


has run under 10 seconds this year. the four fastest men of all time


are in the same Olympic final. They come to their marks, the moment of


blocks. But he is getting into his stride alongside Justin Gatlin. He


has won the gold! 9.64. The champion becomes a legend. Why did


we ever, ever, ever doubt the brilliance of Usain Bolt? I was


slightly worried about my start. I think I sat in the blocks a little


bit. It wasn't the best reaction in the world. But my coach said, stop


worrying about the start, the best part of your race is at the end.


That is where you rule. So I stopped worrying about the start


and executed it. What do you say to all the doubters? People can talk,


all they can do is talk. When it comes to the championships, this is


His place in history is now assured. Colin Jackson, you were there last


night. And there were lots of doubters, we were talking this time


yesterday, not sure he would pull that off. And the good reason for


that is because of the opposition he was up against, the best


sprinters we have seen on the planet were all assembled in at


100m. And him losing the Jamaican championships caused a little bit


of upset. People were questioning whether he would deliver the goods,


but he is a championship man, and he proved it again. Slightly slow


out of the blocks, but he just races to the finish. He is a tall


man, and it takes him a bit of time to unfold. What he was working on


previously was to try to start as if he were shorter man, and that is


not conducive to his style of running. Once he gets up bright and


get into his flow, he becomes unstoppable. Once he hits that 30-


metre mark, about now, he starts to pull away from the field. That is


why he is the great champion that he is over this distance. Overall,


this was a fantastic field. Seven out of the eight men ran under 10


seconds. The quality was breathtaking. Bizarrely enough, the


man who didn't go under 10 seconds was Asafa Powell, the one who has


run under 10 seconds the most. It looked like he tweaked his groin a


little bit, which is a bit of a worry for the 4x100m later. Yohan


Blake, the so-called Beast, the one we were talking about most in the


competition, is he the one who you think will be the new Usain Bolt of


the future? No doubt about it. He is the Prince at the moment. He


went into this race trying to beat the king. A couple of years' time,


I think things could change. think his time will come? His time


will come. You also positive about the British sprinters. None of them


made it into the final, but Adam Gemili, young and new to sprinting,


both he and Dwain Chambers had good times. They went up and beyond


anything we expected them to do. Dwain Chambers ran 10.02, the


fastest time in the UK. At Adam Gemili, an incredibly mature


performance for a young man. He wasn't frightened to take on the


greatest sprinters in the world, and he just missed by a jiffy. A


fall the blossom British athletics, and last night was a disappointing


one for Christine Ohuruogu, beaten Christine Ohuruogu do It Again?


Richards-Ross almost stumbles a little out of the block, but is


quickly up. That is a fast start from the American. Khyra Ishaq has


started well as well. The Russian goes past Sanya Richards Ross, but


Christine Ohuruogu has really attacked his first 200. Richards-


Ross starts to get moving, and so does Montsho. Rory is on the


outside. There are five or six of them here. Sanya Richards Ross is


coming through, Christine Ohuruogu is coming again. Can she get there


this time? Will she make it? Sanya Richards Ross takes the gold.


Christine Ohuruogu, a sterling effort to get the silver. Oh, for a


moment I thought it was going to happen all over again, just like


four years ago. But Sanya Richards Ross is a worthy champion. She is a


great 400m runner. And the silver to Christine Ohuruogu. What can you


say about Christine? Every time, saves her best for the Olympics,


for the World Championships. Forget all the other races, this is the


one that matters to her, and she gets the best out of herself again.


Only ever runs under 50 seconds in major finals. Hats off to Sanya


Richards Ross. Your reaction at the end, Christine? I was stunned. I


just, I don't know. I was heartbroken, actually. I was


heartbroken, I really was. To lose your title like that, it was tough.


But you know, Sanya is a worthy competitor, and she ran a good race.


I have to be happy with what I got. It could have been worse. You were


charging down at home straight, it look like it could have been


Beijing all over again. I know, but I tightened up. I could feel my


shoulders lifting. It is really hard to control when you are under


fatigue. I thought I still had some time, but the line came too soon,


and I thought, no, it is gone. I came here for one thing only, to


continue my reign as Olympic Cham, so it was, I'm just a bit


She is an Olympic silver-medallist, but clearly she is disappointed.


Yes, she hoped to defend her title. She knew she was running into great


form, and history has showed us that she does produce the goods


when it matters. See you can see why she was a little disappointed.


But you can see why we think she did a tremendous job overall. But


the emotion is hers. contribution to British athletics


has been significant. Hers was the one British gold in Beijing that we


were so proud of, but look at us this year. Yes, it gave us all hope


that we can produce great athletes later on, and the magic certainly


happened. Christine is still going to be a real inspiration. She has


been there and done it a couple of times, so she has to take that


responsibility now. Not sure how she will feel about being a


matriarch! De big focus today is going to be on the hurdlers.


Later tonight, Dai Greene will be in action. This morning, it is all


about the form. We asked a former world champion and that women's


110m hurdles to explain just how it To win this event, there are loads


of different factors that an athlete needs to get right, and


every section of the race happens so quickly that one small mistake


warm make the difference at the finish line. On average, it takes a


good male athlete about 0.3 of a second to Clear a hurdle, and about


0.7 of a second to run between them. The women go slightly quicker,


because the men have their hurdles higher, about up to their belly


buttons. The distance between the hurdles are further apart. It is


about being a consistent level of sent a body mass. If an athlete


keeps their head at a consistent height during the race you can see


this. The way a race can be won is in a landing, how long it takes to


get the leading leg down and start running again. The backward


movement of the lake acts as a braking force, so athletes need to


get it down quick and get moving. Do that and there will be a massive


There you have it. The masterclass from someone who really does know


how to do it. Who should we be looking out for? Sally Pearson is


the world champion, she is the fastest person here at this moment


in time. She has got a great technique. On this lightning-fast


track, I am wondering how far she can actually get to the world


record. She was not too far off it at the world championships and I am


thinking this track is a bit fast than she has arrived in better form.


What about our British hurdlers? Tiffany Porter had a real struggle


at Crystal Palace, we wondered if she would be injured. There are


rumours saying she is coming around but when she arrived in good shape?


We are hoping that she is healthy and can produce a good performance.


We will know shortly. Some people thought Jessica Ennis might end up


competing, Sheikh did not say until after the heptathlon if that was


going to happen -- she did not so. She is exhausted, it takes a lot of


effort to go through rounds and qualification rounds. Even though


she is the 4th fastest hurdler and she is a hat and for it. We are


disappointed not to see her go for it. She knows that I have been


badgering her from a young girl to forget the heptathlon and


concentrate on the hurdles, I am glad she did not listen to me. I


think she could challenge the best in the world. She listened to


Denise instead? Wise decision! are looking forward to seeing


Tiffany Porter and Sally Pearson in action later. Tonight it will be


Dai Greene hoping to add to his Gordon is a young sprinter with the


hopes of a nation on his sprinters -- on his shoulders but as Matthew


Pinsent found out, he is rather Trinidad is a small country. It is


where I am from. I am all about showcasing it and showing that


there is talent in Trinidad and we can be successful on the Olympic


stage. Sometimes I wonder why am doing this and if it is going to


work out. But I think in life you must make sacrifices. I give my


best every day so that when my heat succumb, I am going to take it one


run at the time. -- when my heats come. A shining star for Trinidad


but Jay who Gordon is lucky to be here. Killer landslides top the


list of the island's foibles. 2008 I was at home when a landslide


came down, it destroyed the back half of the house. It stopped in


the room I was in. It took a toll on the mentally, I started to feel


scared being home by myself. I was happy and grateful for God. He


paved a way for me. It is not easy, to come from a poor family and


having to struggle through things. I am in a position now and making


sure that we all live comfortable, in peace and unity. Trinidad's next


socio-economic Hurdle is a familiar one. Poverty, and the crime that


goes with it. People see Trinidad as a really small country. To have


so much crime, it is really demotivated. If you come from a


ghetto, you don't have to be doing things like you are from the ghetto.


Most people who are into sports are actually some who came out of the


ghetto and they are up some of the best people in society. One of the


best things about being an athlete, the fame and the praise you'll be


getting from citizens across the As you can see, this is my club-


mate and one of my team-mates, to be training with for the 400 metres.


There is a competitive rivalry I think we all look out for each


other. We started from scratch and this is where we are today. We are


all there in support, no matter if it might be physically, emotionally.


We are there supporting each other one day at a time. My coach, my


family, my club, they keep me grounded because I know where I


came from. They are always there reminding me, remember where you


Just thinking about the Olympics alone, amazing pictures coming into


my head. I try to see myself in a dark place, seeking the light,


trying to bring that out from inside of me. I know I am just 20


but I am going to give it all, I am going to release my body and once I


do that, the world is going to see It makes me think, we see these


people compete in the stadium, we expect to see them at their best


but we often have little idea of what they might have been through


to get there. Many back stories are incredible. I met this young man in


Trinidad, I work on a project called international integration


with UNICEF. He was an incredible role model to the young people who


were from disturb places in Trinidad, who were struggling with


life generally. For him to come out and get on the world stage and


produce something great, and have something for Trinidad to celebrate,


perhaps, is a really good thing. Very impressive, an amazing story.


Dai Greene is going to be in the finals of the 400 metres hurdles,


he has not had an easy time. It was certainly a difficult semi-final


and he is very disappointed with his performance. I still think he


is at the world champion for a good reason, he can raise his game when


it really matters. He has a very good lane draw, in lane three,


which allows him to run freely. His technique should be perfect, he


should be flawless all the way around. If he can get the final


kick down the home straight, one of his strong points, he can bring


home a medal. Explain what you mean about running freely. Because of


the corner your technique is so much more boiled, you do not have


We have to hope that the difficulty of getting into the final won't


have unnerved him. He has one of the school had, he is down to earth,


he knows what he's capable of delivering -- one of the school


heads. He has run much faster than that this year. He will think to


himself, if I can get close to the season's best, it will not be far


off the gold medal, which is what we are all hoping for. He is the


world champion and the captain of the athletics team, we really want


to see him excel. You'll be off to the stadium shortly. You are


getting a bit of a cult following online. Because of your very


measured reactions to Olympic Come on, no! Mo! Come on! Yes! Oh,


I always had you down as the cool, calm and collected type, I was


entirely wrong. That was watching Mo Farah's rays. I am a big fan of


athletics, which is obvious, that is why my voice is like this. I


love the sport of athletics. When anybody from the British team is


Last night, it was the big one and this is what it was like. Off he


goes! Look at what's his name! Here It is fantastic. All of that energy


and enthusiasm is infectious. You must be hoping this experience does


something brilliant for British athletics. Oh, yes. I have


thoroughly enjoyed it, the team has this great bars and they are


thrilled to be there. Eidetic that you get off to the stadium


otherwise Jonathan Edwards will be on my case. One of the Olympic


venues we saw a lot was Eton Dorney. The regatta finished on Saturday


but the lake is back in service As the home of the canoe sprint


events. Britain has already had a gold and a silver in canoe slalom,


can the sprinters follow suit? Here There are two distinct types of


boat, a canoe and a kayaked. The kayakers raised by one, too, or


Black events are contested by men Over 2000 the canoe is propelled


from a kneeling position and is directed by using a stroke on one


side of the boat. The first to cross the finish line is the winner.


A PhotoFinish is often required to confirm the results. Dead heat


during the qualifying stages will see both competitors progress but


they may be forced to we race if There are good memories in the


canoe sprint for Tim Brabants from Beijing, he is just about to get


the defence of his Olympic kayak title under way. Let's get straight


across to Eton Dorney and sprint. The 30 rob from Toronto, a


world champion in this event -- the Garcia's went out in the semi-


finals of the 1,000 metres in Beijing. It is the first five to go


through, plus one fastest loser. Temperance, the defending champion,


goes in lane three -- Tim Brabants, the defending champion. Injuries in


the build-up, gradually coming back but it will be a tall order to


of the crowd very soon as they race for just 1,000m, silence and deep


in the course. As expected, Adam van Koeverden is there. Also going


very quickly, Josh Utanga of the start. Utanga is actually pulling


up after his explosive start, so it is left to Vancouver done to set


the pace. The world champion last year in Hungary, also former 500m


world champion. Tim Brabants looks like he is also coming up the field.


You can see the driver's Adam van Koeverden gets his boat running


smoothly. You want to see the bow of the boat looking smooth and not


jumping about too much. Vancouver done is really taking the lead on


this race, as we expected to see. The first three through to the


semi-finals, and it is comfortably Adam van Koeverden setting the pace


as we hit the halfway mark. They are into a good rhythm. The stroke


rate around 100 strokes per minute. With this first heat, 1-5 going


through to the first semi-final, we will probably not see the pace get


to the heights we would expect later in the competition. It seems


quite a formality for Adam van Koeverden as he is so far ahead.


is making a statement about his form. Noise starts to lift from the


Eton Dorney support. Tim Brabants is fighting a way there, and will


qualify as they go through the three-quarter mark. Vancouver done


comfortably in the front. -- Adam van Koeverden comfortably in the


lead. He is looking so at ease with his stroke, with his rhythm. And


just a little look around. He is keeping his shoulders relaxed as he


drives the paddles into the water. It is all about the connection


between your arms and the drive in the legs, and the rotation of the


body is how you get the long reach and the strong, powerful strokes.


Tomicevic is coming through on Brabants, but it is the first five


to go through. It is a little bit about conserving energy now. Adam


van Koeverden through easily, and those five are your five through.


Brabants, THF, Garcia as well. That race was utterly dominated by Adam


van Koeverden. He will move through to the semi-finals later on today.


Difficult to know what to make of Tim Brabants. A lot of the home


support will be focusing on him. Did he have a bit more to offer?


Once he knew he was in a position to qualify, only in about an hour-


and-a-half, the semi-finals, he would be looking to conserve as


much energy as possible. But Adam van Koeverden really did make a


statement. Josh Utanga getting a raw as well, suffering a bit with


an injury. He is over the line. But Adam van Koeverden, again he will


face strong competition from the likes of Max Hoff, the German and


Marie Stewart from Australia. Here, he got off to a good start, and


surged out. Never troubled thereafter. After his


disappointment in Beijing, where he blowout in the 1,000m in the latter


stage of the race, he will want to make sure he doesn't make any


mistakes again he in London. technique and the strength of the


core and the upper body, as he brought himself to the finish line.


The 30-year-old from Toronto, safely through. Tim Brabants also


there in the top five. Confirmation of the results, and Brabants eased


So, Tim Brabants' defence of his title on the water, he is through


to the semi-finals. Let's now joined Rishi Persad over who is


joining us from Eton Dorney. How is he looking? It looks like he will


take the Christine Ohuruogu type of defence, which is get better with


every round. Hopefully, he is just conserving a bit of energy. He has


suffered with illness and injury over the last year. He took 18


months off after Beijing to continue pursuing a career in


medicine, and is now qualified as an end the doctor. It has taken him


time to get back to his best form. He hasn't quite got there just yet,


but hopefully he will have this slow build through the week here


while he has this first week. He has got the semi-final coming up,


and that will be just before 11 o'clock. Hopefully we will see the


best of Tim Brabants a little later in the competition. Tell me how the


next few days will work. We have got some seriously good hopes in


the canoe sprint competition. Tim Brabants is the standard bearer. We


are excited to see the introduction of the 200-metre competition, and


we're excited about Ed McKeever. He has been dubbed the Usain Bolt of


canoeing. And also in the canoe double, we have Scofield and Heath,


highly regarded and could also have medal hopes as well. But Tim


Brabants is the standard bearer. He is the one who was lifted canoeing


in this country to notoriety. He has won three of the four medals we


have won in flat water canoeing. He will set the pace for the rest of


the team this week. Great to see Eton Dorney back in


action. Thank you very much. It continues right the morning on BBC


Three, including Tim Brabants' Three, including Tim Brabants'


semi-final just before 11am. Also available on the red button is


Also handball, which has become an increasingly popular spectator


sport here at London 2012. It is taking place just up the road here


at the Copper Box. Lots of handball at the Copper Box. Lots of handball


and other live sport to keep you busy. But here at Olympic Park, the


focus is going to be on the stadium, gearing up for more athletics,


including both men's and women's hurdles today. Jonathan Edwards is


there. I hope you got my Jackson delivery. He hasn't arrived yet,


but I have the lovely Denys here. It is the morning after the night


before. The most eagerly anticipated race of London 2012,


the men's 100m, and after all the speculation, it was as you were


with you Usain Bolt. Did you enjoy yourself in that race, Denise


Lewis? Not quite, but I could have! It was so exciting. The most


anticipated race of these games by far, and it doesn't disappoint.


certainly didn't. Should we ever have doubted Usain Bolt? But do we


assume too much of him? I guess we have such high expectations, we


want to see excellent performances from the man, but in his post-race


interview, he gave little hint that he was feeling a little bit of


pressure going into this race. Yes, he had that false start. He said


that was in his mind. But he had been looking in good form, and he


got better and better. That is when we really knew that Usain Bolt was


back. And it was the first time that we got a glimpse of what he


was like in 2008. And when he runs so freely and puts his foot down,


puts his foot on the gas, you say, no one else can go close. But they


did. They did. Justin Gatlin got out very well. But Usain Bolt had


the fastest reaction time? Yes, that was a surprise, because he


didn't think he got out. But he really did deliver here, with huge


expectation, under huge pressure, a fantastic race. Like Michael said


last night, as soon as he gets to 30 metres, he has the ability just


to move away. And once he is into his running action, he is majestic.


How important to you think that victory was for the sport of track


and field? We have had some knocks, and the crowds haven't been what


they have been in the past. We need this guy to do well, because he has


an aura that nobody else has. think he has the ability to just


keep making this sport to get better, bigger, more audience


figures. Yes, we do need him. He brings a charisma, a dynamic energy


to the sport, and people relate to that. They think it has been the


best thing to happen to us for a very long time. And what about


Yohan Blake? Michael Johnson said last night he was the one under


pressure. For him in particular, he wanted to put away the demons that


he only got that was jumping ship victory last year because Usain


Bolt was out. Yes, he beat him in the Jamaican championship, but he


needed to come away with a good medal and a fantastic time, which


he delivered. And there is this 200m, still to come, and he did


beat Usain Bolt at that last year in Brussels. How do you see that


going? An interesting question. We couldn't predict what was going to


happen with the 100m. I think it is the same for the 200. Yohan Blake


is probably tipped more for that. Plenty of qualification heats


coming up, including the men's 800m, with the appearance of a very


This man is very, very special indeed. Sometimes they are not


quite sure, they are asking, are He is still pumping hard. Two world


record in 2010. The Olympics is the biggest sport, and understand that


billions of people are watching. To participate here is special, and


doing something special will be an honour. He is unrivalled on the


world scene. Your father, Daniel, completed -- competed in the 1968


Olympics? Yes, he has been a big inspiration to me, and it is the


reason why I am here. It is the reason why I am running. I knew him


as a father, and he was a great athlete, and I knew I had the same


gene. If my father did it, I can do it. What will it mean to Kenya for


you to be their standing in front of the world with an Olympic gold


medal? Kenyans have a lot of hopes in me, and they know I am going to


bring the gold home. They have been following my performance, and


everyone I have met his encouraging me, you are able, just go for it.


So I want to do it for the country, for my father, for myself.


remarkable athlete. Before we talk about him, I can't help thinking,


We now go over to our correspondent to 1981 when the world record was


held by Sebastian Coe, he is only just over half a second quicker.


Sebastian Coe was a remarkable athlete, wasn't he? He was, and


somebody that really captured my imagination. I just loved his grit


and his air of arrogance as he Do you see anybody else winning the


1500 metres? This man is coming to these championships some a two


seconds faster than a body else, I can't see anybody else coming close.


We asked -- we underestimate the power of this man. He is incredible.


He is a big man for the 800m? very tall, a Masai warrior, who


bring something very special. We talk about Usain Bolt and what he


does. I think David Britisher is equally might be able to produce a


The Sally Pearson is perhaps the female equivalent to Usain Bolt.


She is. She came so close to the world record. Something I never


thought I would see in my lifetime. 12.21 is the world record. She was


that far away. If she comes out having had that defeat at Crystal


Palace, which she has kind of pressure off, that is not going


happen this time around, I think we are in for a real treat in the


women's hurdles. And the women's 1500 qualification, we have Hannah


England who struggled with injury. We have three very talented girls


coming through. I think Hannah England has been struggling, I


think she is finding form again. Laura Wightman is very exciting. I


love her attitude and the way she has come on the season. Looking


forward to that. This evening, at Dai Greene, the amazing night on


Saturday with the gold medals, it started with a massive shock with


Dai Greene struggling to make the final. Yes, I am not sure what


happened. We will see a very different Dai Greene, tonight, I


hope. I wonder whether the lack of training after his injury is


showing in his running. His flat speed is not where he wants it to


be. I believe he has a great mind, he has a great coach in Malcolm


Arnold, who will have talked to him and that strategy will bring him


through. He has been lucky with the lane draw. He has, lane three will


suit him. He will be aware, but he still needs to run his own race.


also have the women's pole vault tonight, Yelena Isinbayeva defends


her title, she is a different asleep. In Holly Bleasdale, a real


chance of a medal -- a different athlete. It would be great to see


Holly coming through. We talk about how British athletics has changed.


We have struggled in the field for a long time, but Holly Bleasdale


brings a fresh air to women's field events and I hope she can deliver.


A lot of pressure on her shoulders but her performances have been very


stable and she is him with a chance. Thanks for the moment. We will be


back at 10 o'clock am. For the 100 I am smiling about all of the


people been mentioned as the Usain Bolt of their event, I think of


Jonathan as the Usain Bolt of athletics presenting, he will be


Whoever you see compete at the Olympic Games over the course of


the competition, they have put in years of dedication and hard work.


It is a four year cycle of intense training to reach your physical


peak. The pressure is on to perform, the mind games begin and it can be


a pressure of -- a question of who This is a place in the Olympic Park


where very few people get to see. It is a dressing room much like any


other, white walls, if you benches and coat hooks. -- a few benches.


But in places like this, the gold medals will be won and lost. This


is the inner sanctum, where the last few crucial moments are spent


before stepping out into the megawatt night of the competition


arena a few yards down the coroner. It is here that athletes perform


the secretive routines designed to take them into the zone. Here you


will see some truly bizarre things. Some athletes in half trances,


pacing from foot to foot. Others with their eyes closed, visualising


optimal performance. Some athletes enact bizarre superstitions, others


offer silent prayers. In many ways, this is one of the most surreal


places in sport, but also, perhaps, one of the most fascinating. Often,


the final few moments before competition are highly solitary.


You are alone with your thoughts, or perhaps your demons. In many


sports, solitude is impossible. You are required to spend those final


moments not on your own, but up close with your competitors. It is


here in the dreaded cool room that the mind games go into overdrive.


These are the seven guys I have got to do battle against, standing in


my way to achieve my objective of a gold medal. I never thought it was


personal, I didn't think they were trying to destroy my dreams, there


were simply trying to win. I don't own winning, I just wanted to win.


The interesting thing is that champion athletes, top athletes,


gold medal athletes, the gold medal mindset, that type of athlete will


not seek pressure as a problem. They will perceive it as a


privilege. I quite enjoyed it, because the pressure is so high at


that point, all things being equal, it is the person who handles that


moment and the pressure at that particular time best who is going


to have the best performance. There was one compared to do who asked us


all to pray together. Most of the guys did it, I am not going to do


that, I am about to go into battle. The brittle irony of elite sport is


that however good you are however so many sacrifices you have made,


it counts for nothing if you can't deliver when it really matters.


Four years of preparation for just a few defining moments of action.


This is, in many ways, the ultimate The key question is, do the


psychological rituals that athletes used in the dressing room, and


continued to use right out here in the arena, actually work? What do


we really know about the dark art You are already under tremendous


pressure in knowing the significance of the moment, this is


what you have been training and preparing for for so long and it is


a dream come true to be there and you are just that close. The will


always have an internal voice saying, this is dangers, run away.


As psychologists, we say that you control the controllable. You're


not in control of the opposition, the TV crowd, the event. It is all


be on view. You can only control how you perform. It's -- all beyond


you. You narrow it down to something incredibly simple. It is


ironic that I have lost my faith but my faith gave me perspective.


To a degree, to just associate myself from the outcome. You have


to do the best they can and let the chips fall as they made. I can only


be as good as I can be and when a cross the line, it -- I will see


where that has got me. It is a calming and inspiring thought.


Performance psychology is about the elimination of debt. In some


circumstances, that is a sensible thing. It makes sense to doubt what


an insurance salesman says is true. But in sport, doubt is catastrophic.


If you don't believe you are going to nail the forehand or score a


penalty, you are almost certain to miss. That is why visualising a


brilliant performance is so important, it can hope to eliminate


doubt. Superstitions can do the same kind of thing, they can


provide reassurance and boosts self- belief. Superstition is an


interesting phenomenon, particularly in the world of sports


psychology. We are saying that sport pick come -- thought becomes


things. The way we feel affects the way we behave and ultimately,


perform. But similar thing happens in the doesn't. A sugar pill with


no Pharmacology can have incredible effect, reducing pain and anxiety,


even eliminating nausea, so long as you believe it will. As Jonathan


Edwards put it in a different context, any belief can have


astonishingly powerful effects, providing it is held with


sufficient conviction. Maybe that is the key here. You need to find


something that works for you. Every athlete is an individual, and you


can take out the training manual, you can take up the sport


psychology book and you can say, Michael Johnson did this, Carl


Lewis did this, Muhammad Ali did this. You can go on and on through


the grades but none of them are who you are and you have to find your


way -- through the greats. Delivering pressure it is a


profoundly subjective thing. Many athletes are overcome with nerves


and others are infected with terrible self-doubt. Is it any


wonder that they reach for the particular ritual that makes sense


to them, that provides a sense of reassurance and control? Prayer,


superstition, visualisation, take your pick. What is certain is that


that minute difference between victory and defeat on the biggest


age of all is often to be found not in scale or effort, but in the


recesses of the mind -- the biggest A fascinating debate about the mind


and how important mind is to what the body can do. That is something


everyone can take away to these Olympics, watching people perform


under pressure and maybe tried to find a way of making pressure work


for you. Somebody who will need to deal with the pressure of an


expectant cloud is best tunnel -- expectant crowd. Could she bound


out -- bow out of her Olympic Into the fold West, that was a


cracker! -- into the full twist. It is a massive relief. The past 10


weeks have been up and down, hard work with the rehab. I proved at


the British championships that I am As soon as I was told I had surgery,


my mum dropped everything and came down with me to the operation. My


boyfriend has been their 100%, to try to help me get through anything


I needed, whether it was getting ice at midnight, they have done


everything to help me achieve my She is very composed, shoe boxes


things off, she knows what she has got to do. She is training hard,


jabbed a bit of a setback with Tony, she has got over that and has been


in rehab as hard as anybody -- a setback with her knee. She is a


determined lady. I have missed about five -- my parents have


missed about five competitions in 20 years, which is impressive.


is the missing one, an Olympic medal. It is. As she said the other


day, if she doesn't get it, she has three world titles, six European


titles to her name. But it is the one she wants, and she read doesn't


care what colour it is. I have worked really hard, have changed a


lot of things, have started to put the dismount on, I am giving


the dismount on, I am giving everything. The big catch up with


half-turn into the drop to below bar, and back to the high bar with


As long as she feels she has done her best, that is what we will be


happy with. I just want her to be happy. If I can walk away knowing I


have done the best routines I can, I would love it to have a middle


attached, but I don't want to walk away thinking they have not done my


best -- I would love it to have a medal attached.


Let's hope there hard work pays off. She goes in the uneven bars final


just before 3:00pm. There are high hopes of a happy ending to her


Olympic career. We will go back to the athletics in a moment but a


quick reminder of the other live sport available for you this


New Zealand's women take on Germany in the hockey, 0-0 at the moment.


There is table-tennis happening right now. At Earls Court, there is


men's volleyball, Australia against Poland. The action is in the


Olympic Stadium this morning, it is all about to get under way with


Tiffany Porter going for Great Britain in the first of the women's


100 metres hurdles heats. Let's Thanks, Michelle, and your package


has arrived. We were fascinated with that video about psychology.


How important is it took you to? couldn't have done what I did in


Sydney had I not had the power of the mind. My body had failed me in


the weeks leading up, so all I could rely on was the visualisation,


see myself running the hurdles and doing the technique I could not do


physically, in my mind. When you have that strength and that armour


in your back pocket, you can do anything. It can overcome self-


doubts. You just focus on what you need to do. Was it something you


trained as you did the shot put, hurdles, javelin with a sports


psychologist or did it come naturally? It did not come


naturally. In the early days it was about somebody guiding me through


it. But then it becomes intuitive and it is something that you just


do. The key for me was translating that into my training sessions.


Each training session, I had to visualise what I wanted to get out


of the session and then it became habitual and I could use it in


pressure situations. What about you, Colin? I had a disaster in 1992,


there was the expectation of a gold medal, and there was injury and I


made mistakes and I returned with the same amount of pressure the


following year and I had an inner strength that I could perform on


the world scale, and I was lucky and I ended up with the world


record. It was more luck than anything else! But it was an


important part of the whole preparation. It is not just the


body. Did you have a sports psychologist? A lot of athletes


will use their friends to go through the journey with them. Just


because they don't do the physical side of training doesn't mean they


cannot repair and hot you mentally. It was the people I associated with


-- help you mentally. There was a strong-minded group of people


around Juge, but some of the young athletes now will use a sports


psychologist as part of the team of -- around you. I wouldn't say they


rely heavily on them but they use them to the best of their ability.


One athlete he will need to be mentally strong is Tiffany Porter.


She had real trouble in Crystal Palace, and she goes in the first


Mentally, I am good, and I'm really excited to be here and to compete.


Every contender goes out there to give their best on the day, and I


want to help bring glory to my country. I am confident in what I


can do and what I have left to prove. I am looking forward to


giving my best on the day. People just see the athletes on the track


and forget there is a huge team behind you. Your parents, your


coaches, you're UK staff, the nutritionist, the number of people


who contribute to that success. My team has been very supportive and


I'm so happy to be able to experience it all with them. In a


moment you just want to keep yourself calm and not get ahead of


yourself, but I am definitely Let's hope she is OK and it's good


morning to the commentary team, Paul Dickenson, Colin Jackson and


to everyone. The sun shining and everyone is ready for the hurdles.


This was about 10 minutes ago when she first came on the track, a


little prayer she said to herself, and everything you had been talking


about in that BT, a fascinating look at how athletes get themselves


ready to race, and it is just a quiet moment to herself as she came


out onto the track. She is in a lane and number two and she has


received a cuckoo next to her. -- Lane at two. -- she has Rosvitha


settle the nerves. All of the athletes getting a great reception.


And Jessica Zelinka being introduced to the crowd, she has


experienced all of this, the Canadian. She, of course, was in


the heptathlon and had a pretty good one. This is one of her best


events, like Ennis, a good hundred metres hurdler and will probably be


in the mix with Tiffany Porter. Qualification should be OK for her.


The outside lanes are the next two best athletes, Anne Zagre and Alina


false start and it means automatic disqualification. That will run but


the tension for Tiffany Porter, who has not had the best of


preparations for such she has not had the best of preparations. That


was in the last big meeting before the Olympic Games. Potter pretty


upset on that night -- porter was pretty upset. As we see, she's


walking off. So, since then, things have gone well. Her husband Geoff


is also here representing the USA lane either side, because one is


already empty. Risby the cuckoo is actually next to her. -- Rosvitha


is already well into her stride and hurdling very well. This is good


from Porter. Zelinka finally coming through and Tiffany Porter is


fading a little bit. Alina Talay, as a link and Tiffany Porter are


the three qualifiers. -- has linker that, because Tiffany Porter got


out well and look to the hurdling well but just faded over the last


couple of flights. You have to look closely to see what happens to


Tiffany, whether she relaxed in between the barriers and went


through the motions. I reckon she would have known she was clear and


in the top three, which is all she needs to focus on, just qualify.


You want to get a feel for the track, and the your feet. Is it


bouncy, is there a lot of tension? -- under your feet. You rely on the


track to propel you for what, so you have to get a sense of how it


moves. -- propel you forward. We were wondering whether she would


make it here or not, but she seems to have arrived very well indeed.


She will look at the clock and C 12.79 and a qualifying performance


in third place and I think she can progress nicely and will be happy


about the others on the far side. She was trying to run flat out, but


qualification not a problem. She just lost out in terms of winning,


with Alina Talay in 12.71, and Watching it back on the big screen,


what is your verdict? A I haven't raced since Crystal Palace and I


had a scare, so I just wanted to come out and execute and qualify


because that is all that matters. How is your back? The it is all


good. I am looking forward to the semi-final. This crowd a amazing,


but on a morning session, can you believe it? I am so appreciative.


It is wonderful and it helped push me through. Does this get your


confidence get up? I was really nervous and I haven't slept much in


the last few days but now I'm glad it's over and I can do to the next


round. We will see you in the semi- blocks, Tiffany, so it's not a


surprise when she explodes out. But it is just feeling the pace of the


track. She wants to know if it is quick, and she has demonstrated she


getting ready. We heard the other day that Jessica Ennis was not


going to turn up for this first round of the 100 metres hurdles,


and we wish her well. She will be missed. I am sure the crowd were


looking forward to seeing her. through the heats in the Olympics,


but she is a better athlete now. She made a lifetime best this year.


Beate Schrott is inside her, the Austrian record holder. Kemp, 13.13,


and the Belgian European indoor champion of a couple of years ago


the crowd. Quite a lot going on in the Stadium today, the


qualification for the discus and heptathlon and all the press


conferences and television for the fast athlete's, it should


well away, but the Nigerian tearing down the track, along with Beate


Schrott. And the Kazakhstan is out! Beate Schrott coming through


strongly. We will have the third qualifier in a minute. Not a fast


time, 13.10. For a lady who has run 12.82. But it was the Nigerian who


got away quickly, but what about the Kazakhstan runner who came here


with quite a big reputation, at 12.69, one of the fastest times in


the world this year, but she was nowhere. And in such a slow heat


you would think she would feature a lot, but I'm not sure she is


carrying an injury. There is nothing explosive. Compare that to


Beate Schrott who was aggressive over each of the barriers. A little


bit of a slow time. She destroyed this field. The ladies coming into


this to qualify will be lucky, because this is really not very


impressive. But it is all about lady. She is already grimacing.


Technically quite nice over the barriers. Absolutely fine. It looks


like she knows what she leads to do -- needs to do, but she has no


speak -- speed whatsoever. The hips keep collapsing after each barrier


and she hits that one. It doesn't surprise me. She is getting lower


and lower over everyone. I think she is in a lot of pain. And she


has struggled. But the Olympic Games, this is what it does to


people, people just want to compete under any circumstances.


winning time was actually slower than the 4th place athlete in the


qualifying discuss. 65 metres exactly to get through to the final.


This is the bronze medallist at the World Championships, that is a good


first round throw from the man from Iran. Former world yuen -- junior


champion, that will be it for him, taking care of business, right up


there in the borl's half dozen or so. That is way to do it in


qualification. No issues whatsoever. Sailing out. It is very still in


the stadium today. We have had winds round on occasion, but this


is almost a windless stadium at times. 65.19. This is a big


competition for Britain in the field. Certainly: Great Britain


have three men who have qualified for the Olympic discuss. Here is


Brett Morse. First round. It is a foul. Just goes over the, under the


finalist. But this occasion, not very good at all., his coach


putting his head in his hands. Not an auspicious start for Brett Morse


of Great Britain. This is one of the all time greats. Twice the


Olympic champion, in 2000 and 2004. Just falls short of the automatic


qualifying distance of 65 metres. He has -- he has figured highly in


all the major championships for almost ten years I saw him training.


He is a right handed thrower. I saw him training some years ago with


his left hand and he was still over 50 metres. That is the fifth


pretty slow. I expect this to be quicker, with Kelly Wells. Her big


win over Sally Pearson who is the gold medal favourite, the


Australian. Been in superb form, but Kelly Wells beat her in London.


It was a bit of a shock. Think as much to Sally Pearson as anyone


eelse. Sally had a problem in warm up. Said that maybe affected her.


She has said that won't happen here at the Olympics. Kelly Wells might


think otherwise. Fasters losers, six of them, that is going to


change. Conservative Party see anyone running 13.5, 13.6 is going


to get through. Colin is laughing. These draws have actually, one or


two withdrawals, Jessica Ennis would have been the seeded athlete,


one of the seeded athletes in that previous heat. The draws have


thrown up within or two inconguous heats when you compare them with


each other. Any way... Kelly Wells the favourite here. Williams is


pretty good. The Jamaican having to tie her laces, that what your coach


tells you. "Make sure your laces Williams of Jamaica is coming


through. It will be tight for second and third. Kellie Wells


clear, 12.7, nice and comfortable for the American, as expected. Real


scrap going on to the minor places. The Kazakhstan athlete, like her


team-mate, in the pre-heat, despite the fast time not doing well.


showing any form there. I was looking at Kellie Wells, obviously


because she beat Sally Pearson in London. I wanted to see how she


would arrive here. Would she be full of confidence? She is


certainly that. A little bit slow in between hurdle one and two,


which is worrying, but it is only the heat. She looks comfortable.


Jog through to the line, so that is fine. Look at this, out of the


block, nice and strong. Here he seems to bound a bit. Once she gets


into a good tempo her leg speed increase, her knee lift is good and


she clears them nicely indeed. Let us look at this now. Hard out of


the blocks, comes up quicker than sprinters normally do, because you


have to get your eye on the barrier in front. It is between that hurdle,


between one and two where Sally Pearson will make the difference.


She is aggressive off that one, here goes Kelly. She drives into


the barriers well. She does look very very comfortable. I am sure


she is enjoying the fact she is running very well indeed, coming


into these games. She will look forward, no doubt, to the next


round. And her big battle with Sally. She is talking with Phil.


She has watched that back on the monitor, were you impressed? Yes,


my coach gave me a game plan, I think I executed that. I will have


to check with him. I am pleased, my first Olympic got the first round


out of the way quickly. There are technical errors all the time. I


know I came across the line first, it is OK. After that confidence


billing performance if London, how you foaling right now on this


grander stage? It is wonderful. The crowd is amazing, I am pleased to


be able to represent my country and I am excited to get back to it


two technical glitch, we are waiting for the result to come up.


She is safely through. It was the first race for a while into a


to get under way. The very tall lady standing in the background


there with New Zealand on her left and arm is the defending Olympic


champion Valerie Adams. I was reading an article this morning


which said that the New Zealand authorities had forgotten to enter


her for the Olympic competition. I am not sure how that starts, I am


not sure if he wasn't on the start list how she could have got her


accreditation. It seems to have been put right. She is out to


defend her title by qualifying for the final which takes place tonight.


Only one of these discuss throwers has gone beyond the qualifying mark.


That was Hadadi. That is a good throw from Gowda. He will join


Hadadi. Safely through. The big man from India. We saw in Delhi, India


one or two decent field eventers, men and women. Gowda into the


Olympic final. Let us hope Brett Morse can respond in this second


round. Here is the start list for final, her team-mate Jones was


leading until hurdle nine but she hit it hard with her lead leg, but


she finished in seventh place. Dawn Harper burst through to lift the


title. O'Rourke, the Irish champion, an Irish record holder as well. The


world indoor champion a few years ago, coached for a long time by


great Irish coach Shaun Cahill. 19 times the Irish champion indoors


and out. Only 13.02 this year. She has run 12.65 in the past. She will


have to be in pretty good form here, and then if she gets through the


semifinal she will have to produce her best. That isianen, very quick.


--ian anyone. Dawn Harper on the right hand side safely away.Ian


anyone is going well. So is O'Rourke. Harper looking sharp


indeed. The Turk is flying, so she qualifies, I think it ma have been


Galitskaya the Russian who came through with the late run. 12.70. A


very good time indeed. The stocky powerful athlete just lowered her


Turkish railroad down to 12.61. Harper safely away but Yanit looks


superb. She is. She is a quality hurdler. Aggressive over the


barrier, she is quite short, which is great when gruebg about the


women ee event. She doesn't have to raise her centre of gravity too


much. She can drive in well, get into a sprinting stride, which is


more akin to a normal running pattern. Dawn Harper arrived in


good form. She looks comfortable. The hurdles are not coming at her


too quickly. She will enjoy it. Well, we are fairly confident that


time, a season's best time will see you through. That is a tremendous


time and to do it on the Olympic stage and get your season's best


now must please you. It is unbelievable. For me it is exciting


because it feels like a home Olympic, the BRITS are supportive


of me. What did you think you needed to do? I felt like I neelded


to get out well and keep going. My middle heart went off well but I


know I have a lot there. As to how it has been received in Ireland can


you give us an insight. The the Irish are loving it. I am getting


good responses in Ireland so it is unbelievable. We will see you in


the semis I hope. I think you almost certainly will see he


fastest loser so far at 12.9 1 moment. O'Rourke heading the table,


and six of them will qualify for tomorrow's semifinal, so sitting


pretty at the moment. Second round throw for Britain's Brett Morse.


Goes without saying he is receiving huge support here. Will rarely have


experienced the sort of noise that? The stadium for his throw, that is


better. Getting on towards the 60 metre mark, but the way things are,


stacked at the moment, he is going to need, I reckon, something in the


region of 63 metres, which is not an automatic qualifying distance,


but could be sufficient to see him through to the final. Two more


British throers go in the next earlier on, an almost perfect


record over the last couple of years. The world champion, indoors,


outdoors, the Commonwealth champion and a silver medallist last time.


But she has not come here for the silver this time. She has been


quite outspoken in terms of what she expects here. She is a very


strong-willed and strong-minded character, and is the best in the


world. Last year, she was untouchable. But that little defeat


in London just gave the others a round about 13 seconds, for the


fastest loser, as it stands. That will not bother Sally Pearson. In


the warm-up in London, she hit a hurdle and had quite a bad fall.


She said it didn't bother her that much, but it obviously did. And


that defeat to Kelly Wells was her as well. Just waiting for one or


two other introductions going on around the stadium. As well as the


men's discus, we will have women's shot put qualifying. There will be


two groups of those. They are warming up just next to the start


moments. This is where experience counts. You just need to relax,


in the third lane might do well here. But it should be all about


Sally Pearson. Let's see how fast to PS One but she is away. Sally


Pearson will come in ahead, miles ahead to be honest. 12.58. Well, I


said how fast she wanted to go was what it was all about, and I don't


think she can run slowly, to be honest. Well, we will have a look,


and we cannot comment yet on what happened to her but she was going


quite well. I have just been reminded that it is not a track


record, that belongs to Jessica Ennis, but that is pretty quick.


Yes, pretty quick, and Sally Pearson demonstrating why she has


been the world leader for the last couple of years. Aggressive,


beautiful technician. Her head does not move at all. She loves running


and she is full of running. She is a great sprinter, remember. She


actually crossed the line first in the Commonwealth Games and was then


disqualified, but she is a great, great technician. She drives hard


out of the box. She cites the hurdle quite well, looking for the


first one and then gets into the groove and rhythm of the race as


quickly as you possibly can. The first four hurdles she established


some kind of tempo and pace, then 5, 6, 7, 8, she started to use the


travel a bit more. You may be slightly fatigue, but you need to


start using more power. But when you are as good as Sally Pearson,


oh boy, you can relax all the way through to the line after you have


made that final hurdle. She drifts in. She clears the barrier. Lovely


pace she has, and that is something that stands her in good stead. I


think Kelly Wells is pretty clear because we shall get the thoughts


of Sally, which are much more That was a fantastic reception for


you. It is really nice to have the support out there when you on the


other side of the world. It really was special out there. I was really


quite nervous during the race. But now I have got it out of the way


and I can go in and fix my body for tomorrow. I know you have had so


much pressure on your shoulders as the big Australian hoping track-


and-field, but you are not shying away from it. There is nothing I


can do about that. There is no more work to do and this is it. The


first race out of the way, taking one at a time, and then tomorrow is


another day at the office and I will see what I can do. Thanks for


That was clearly a technical error. She will be disappointed. Four


a little bit, and the crowd a roaring. Out towards the 65 metre


line. Two athletes qualifying automatically already. Surprisingly


a new season's best at 65.2. And the Iranian is consistently one of


the best throwers in the world, and he has made 65.19. So no automatic


qualifying distance yet. But still won more throat to go to make sure.


big men for the shot put and discus in the last men. The Olympic silver


medallist here in the bird's nest a game in Beijing. That is very long.


-- the bird's nest Stadium. Is that through. A little bit of balance at


the end, but that is me being pedantic. That was spot on the line.


The market is being put in. It goes in where the nearest edge of the


discus goes in, nearest to the throwing circle. It might not be a


throw of 65 metres. 64.65, the third longest we have seen this


morning. Let's just clear up the result for Sally Pearson. A very


left-hand side, she was so close to winning the Olympic title four


years ago when she hit the 9th hurdle very heart and she lost


momentum and eventually finished in 7th -- very hard. But she was very


gracious to the eventual winner, Dawn Harper. Bridget Foster Hilton


is 37 and enjoying one of the best timescale of 11 or 12 years. She


became Jamaican champion yet again this year. This should be a good


a repeat of the final four years three. Lolo Jones coming away, and


now faster Hilton is all over the place. Lolo Jones coming through,


George in second place. 12.68. And the Jamaican is in pain. A good run


by Lolo Jones, but disappointing to see the Jamaican and grimacing as


she crosses the line. Very disappointing. She absolutely


collided with the hurdle and she is devastated. She arrived in


reasonably good form, and this was going to be her final opportunity


to make a medal at these Olympic Games. She had been in great shape


all year and she is bitterly, bitterly disappointed. Let's have a


look exactly what happens. She gets out well, and always a good starter


is Bridget. Her personal best is 12.45. The quality athlete. But she


catches that hurdle while we she was looking strong and comfortable,


and when you think of the winning time, 12.68, you can understand why


she was so disappointed. She gets out of the box well, straight into


an upright position and gets sight of the hurdle and starts to work


off the first. Good impact of the floor, driving off her trailing leg


and looking very comfortable. Very rarely do you see this type of


thing happen, but she catches it with a hamstring of the lead leg


and drags it over with her trailing leg. From then it is about recovery


and she really knows that she has no chance of getting back with full


momentum that would see her to the line and in a qualifying position


and you can see the frustration were the new season's best. She


will certainly be smiling at that performance -- we have a new


Jamaican team, I suspect. Lolo qualified for the semi-finals in


the last heat. We saw Lolo Jones coming through to take second place


on the time behind Sally Pearson who is certainly most observers


firm favourite for the title, but we saw happen in the last Olympic


final. Lolo Jones was the favourite in that and it was eventually Dawn


Harper who won it, who was down there in 12.75. Tiffany Porter on


the first page of the fastest qualifiers. And the semi-finals


Horrible to watch, and 37 years old, almost back into the shape of her


life, and then with no pressure, just a lapse of concentration.


can't believe it. I'm so disappointed. Her coach had to


literally pick her up off the floor when she pulled hamstring in 2010


and encourage her back into the sport because she was done, she


really was. And to see her Olympic dreams come crashing to a halt like


that is pretty devastating. Like Colin said, she's normally such a


competent hurdler. Quick, dynamic and aggressive, all the components


Olympic chance. This is how it goes, in hurdles, generally, look at her


reaction. Honestly, you just don't want to see that. It is so sad, so


sad, you know. She, you know, she sho knows she is coming to the end


of her career, this was probably one of hvings her last chances to


do something in the Olympics. her last Olympics without any doubt.


Let us go back to the first heat. Tiffany Porter came in with


question mark, and from the interview we saw at the end,


perhaps a real relief to get through that. Very much so. Really


positive, after Crystal Palace, it was, yeah, really sad to see her


react in this way, but a good hurdles race, clean, crisp, just


tying up to the end a bit, but safely through, and good job by her.


That has been her problem all season. She has run well to hurdle


five and six, she seems to have lost her rhythm. I don't know what


that is down to, she works very well, she is a great trainer, she


trains really well. The speed endurance element still hasn't


connected just yet. That raggedness will cost her in this competition,


the other main competitors are very tidy and quick. The good thick for,


she can go back to the village and think my body is fine, I can run


hard in the semifinals, whereas there must have been an element of


doubt. You are right. I think knowing you have a healthy body,


that it won't let you down is a big relief, a big relief. Well done


Tiffany Porter. Then in terms of the rest of the field, Sally peer


song, head and shoulders above everybody else. She looked sharp.


She is just, she is world class, her technique is faultless,


completely faultless. We can try to be picky, but this woman, not a


chance, it is just poetry in motion, beautiful hurdling, and she is here


to do business. She does not want to go home without in gold medal


this time round. She would have had a bit of aggression after this run


in at Crystal Palace when she was beaten by can Kelly wels. It has


been interesting for me, these people we assume are hands down


favourites are showing so much effortless talent, are still


nervous, they still are feeling the pressure out here, and you know,


think Sally can go on and do phenomenonally well, she can


threaten the Olympic record here, for sure, if not the world record.


The track is quick and she knows it. They will be back for the


semifinals, that is tomorrow. We will see how they are going. For


the moment it is back do you Michelle. Thank you. It has been


beautiful to watch the hurdles but clearly things can go wrong, that


is what we saw with bridge et Foster-Hylton from Jamaica. We will


take you back to the stadium in a second, but just a quick word about


what what sells on this morning, the canoe sprint competition is


under way at Eton Dorney, you can see that on BBC Three. Tim Brabants


is going to be in his semifinal at 11 clock. That is the key moment


the tune in the you can. On the red button we have women's table tennis


for you. This is the match between China and Korea. China are the


reigning Olympic champions here, and also happening at Earls court


is the men's volleyball. This is Australia versus Poland. Press the


red button if you would like to see it T athletics action is coming


thick and fast. Men's 800 metres heats are coming up. Let us join


Jonathan again. Thank u you. Brendan foster has joined us. First


of all it is Steve Cram. Thank you Jonathan. This the first of seven


nearly as many entries in the men's 800 than in the 100 metres. It is


tough qualifying. There are sticky heats here and the British athletes,


as we look at Nigel Amos, are in heats two, three and five. Andrew


Osagie next up. Amos is the world union champion, just 18-year-old.


He has got Robinson, who is at the other end of his career, 36, but is


still very dangerous, and the current European champion, sorry we


have had the European Championships since, Lewandowksi. These are tough


heats, there is two or three good athletes in every heat and only two


or three to go through by rights. It's a tough qualification, Amos,


we saw his time in the world, winning the world junior and


running 1.43. Second fastest junior of all time. It will be interesting


to see how he progresses on the world stage. He is moving through.


Lewandowksi is in a good position on the outside and moving through.


This is a good way of getting the whole thing started. It will be


interesting to see how young Amos handles himself on the second half


of this event. So the Brazilian out in front. Lewandowksi looks


dangerous. So is Robinson, he always looks good. Amos got himself


boxed there. Marco of Spain is going to be dangerous. Amos is


looking good. Clear air for him and he glides past the Brazilian. O


others are scrapping it out. -- the others are scrapping it out. That


is going to be a surprise there. Amos wins it. Well, already


Lewandowksi not through, of course there are fastest losers spot bus


only three from seven. The likes of Lewandowksi, Robinson, found


wanting there. That That was a surprise. The Brazilian athlete


leading, and Amos of Botswana, looks the part. Now watch


accelerate quickly, moving through. Lewandowksi is struggling. The


Spaniard working hard too. there, cad vas Robinson coming


through, not quite far enough. Look at young Amos, this sman a real


talent. That was really comfortable for him. That was impressive as


well. Some great athletes in this 700 metre, we will see the world


record holder coming up soon. I think we will hear a lot more from


this man. He looks a natural. He does. Powering through. Looking


good. Not have often we see athletes from Botswana but it is


good to see this young man, a pleasure to watch him. So, good win


for him. 1.45.9. So Marco, Robinson, Lewandowksi, three big names, they


are going to have to sit very anxiously for the next half hour or


Morse of Great Britain in the discuss. I still think he doesn't


need to qualify automatically, he only needs to throw, 63, 64 but


that is a foul. That was actually his worst throw of the three he has


Osagie. He goes into the games full In terms of your own preparation,


it has ban perfect build up, has it? I wouldn't say perfect. I am


not world number one, that would have been perfect. Things have gone


well. We have hit almost every one my honourable friend targets and


done better than I thought I was going to do or should have done.


Everything has gone really really close to the plan. This year


especially, I have had some good race, made some great races against


the world's best. People who will be aiming, real medal hopes for the


Olympic Games. It is Andrew Osagie going to win it. There are so many


different aspects coming into that one race. You need to get it right


and be in the right position. I love the pressure as well. I keep


saying to most people, the pressure comes and that is when I step any


gape up. I am looking forward to this one. Home crowd, 25 minutes


from my house, it doesn't get better, that is my target hit if I


get the final N the maximum, get the final N the maximum,


anything can happen. Andrew Osagie a real star in the making. Maybe


his time will come in the Olympic games. Brendan and Paul can take us


through it. Certainly is a strong line up for Andrew Osagie, and


just an outstanding young man, in terms of his athletic talent. Twice


he has been under 1.42 this year and done it so easily. Won the


Paris Diamond League and the New York Diamond League. Andrew Osagie,


lifetime best, 1.44.48. Set this year. He has run against Rudisha a


few times, so knows the sort of pace that he can run at. World


indoor bronze medallist this year in Turkey, and in Istanbul good


performance from young Andrew. We have Ismail, who goes in the lane


outside Andrew Osagie, the Sudanese athlete who is twice an Olympic


finalist and silver medallist back in 2008, carried the Sudanese flag.


But Andrew Osagie with the the reception like that can almost feel


he is in the Olympic final already. Long way to go yet. Rudisha, World


Champion last year. Just such an outstanding runner over two laps.


Interesting to see whether David Rudisha takes it out and just runs


to make sure. Heat two of the men's 8 hundred metres. -- 800m. Andrew


Osagie has gone quickly. He has gone past Ismail. Certainly has


Rudisha in his sights Brendan. Certainly interesting to see David


Rudisha, this man could become the star of these games, we won't see


many world records in the stadium, and this man is debate bling he


should go for the world record in the 800ms in the final. He has to


get to the final. This is a tough draw for Andrew Osagie, he is in


fifth place there, he has progressed very well in the last


couple of year, bronze medallist indoors in the World Championships


earlier this year, he has got the equipment but there are four good


athletes. The Australian, he is very good and Ismail the silver


medallist from the last games is moving up behind Andrew Osagie, so


52.7 and the great David rude sha, the man who has broken the the


world record twice, looks strong, looks comfortable and runs here


today, the only way he likes to run. That is from the front. Watch him


go down the back straight and he will start to move and move quickly.


Andrew Osagie has a bit to do. Certainly has, he is running


alongside the Australian back in fifth. As Ismail begins to make his


presence felt down the side. Andrew Osagie has to get involved here.


Andrew Osagie still trapped in fifth. David Rudisha looking very


good indeed. Vasquez in second place. Bala. Andrew Osagie has to


get a move on. Otherwise he is in danger of being eliminated. Rudisha


wins it. Bala in second. Andrew Osagie I think just got third place,


but it was close. Is.45.9. -- 1.45.9. He didn't really get


involved until the last 40 or 50m. No doubt about the winner, but


ocean o unconfirmed yet but we think he got third. There goes


David rudsha, watch him round the top bend what a pleasure to watch


the world record holder, as he comes down there, led every step of


the way, that is the way he likes to run. Vasquez following him, and


Andrew Osagie at this point is in sixth place, but he is confident.


He is getting more confident. Riseley is a good athlete. He has


run as fast as Andrew Osagie but look at the world record holder,


opening out, just striding away, Vasquez in second place, and here


comes Andrew Osagie moving through, he has to be in the first three, he


is timing it brilliantly. Is he timing it brilliantly? Look at that.


I tell you what, a bit close for comfortable but he is edging


through and he nudges third place. If I was a coach or a manager of


Andrew Osagie, I would have been nervous, the big man, David Rudisha,


and then Andrew just nipping them on the line, the photo finish says


Andrew Osagie in third place. And he is down stairs to explain his


What a roar from the crowd as Andrew crossed the line, getting a


crucial third place. Tell me how it unfolded from your point of view?


was very relaxed and I was just outside the qualifying until the


last two or three metres. It is not ideal, but I did not panic. I was


comfortable where I was. Did you feel you needed to maybe for the


next round bringing nearer the front and be in touch earlier?


always renowned for being rubbish in the heats, almost. So when it is


nine time with an amazing crowd like this, I will be fine tomorrow.


You will bow into the crowd as if you were not worthy, but you are


worthy after the season you have had. This crowd has been


unbelievable over the last few days and we are trying to match that


with performances. We are all try to step up as Team GB. Actually a


can come out and put on a show for the crowd again tomorrow. --


hopefully I can come out. Thank you well. He never panicked. Timing it


brilliantly, and we can say that in hindsight. The moral of the story


is he runs better in the evening. world champions last year, and now


in the Olympic Games, qualifying in third place. David Rudisha looking


this year. Well, absolutely hurling that shot out there, way beyond the


qualifying mark. Interesting that the organisers have set the


automatic qualifying distance at 20.65 and only two in the world


have thrown that far this year. But she has come off the back of five


Bella Russian records in her last three performances before Russian


2012 -- Bella Russian records. A very long, long as we have seen so


far. Here is Valerie Adams and she will have seen that, and


unbelievably, she is down below the automatic qualifying. And it is a


red flag in any way. That distance would take her through to the final


heats earlier on. Tiffany Porter at the bottom of the page, and Sally


Pearson heading everyone up. The second page goes all the way down,


and Derval O'Rourke has gone through as one of the fastest


losers. She was the quickest of those who did not go through


automatically, and in the end, Kemp at 13.51 got through to the semi-


final. Well, Gareth Warburton, by contrast, has a tough heat here. I


did say that there were a few harder than others out of the heat,


and I think any one of six, or three from six, could go through


here. Soren Ludolph of Germany in initially was not selected for the


Games. He was the only athlete successful in his appeal, and I


think it was the right decision. But, goodness me, has he got a


tough one here? The only thing is, you never know what you'll get with


Abubaker Kaki. No. 2 behind David Russia -- David Rudisha, but then


sometimes he can be no where tall. Timothy Kitum has run 43.94. The


Welshman, Gareth Warburton, getting a huge roar from the crowd. Just


missed out on the medals in Delhi when he went really well as he was


of the best runs of his career to get through here because he will


have to beat two or three very good athletes. And they have not gone


back quickly. Brendan and I can keep an eye on this, and if you are


not in the top three, you'll have to be at 1.46, maybe quicker.


Abubaker Kaki leading, and a fairly quick opening 200. I was impressed


with Walberton in the Commonwealth Games. -- Gareth Warburton. I was


delighted when he was selected after the appeal, but Abubaker Kaki


is stretching out. Gareth Warburton needs to get into some space. He is


running into way walleye athletes and he realises. Nudging his way


through. 52 at the Bellis pretty quick. Now he needs to run it like


he did in the Commonwealth Games. He needs to run with the


determination we had seen before. The first three will go through,


and he has to work. Abubaker Kaki is stretching down the back


straight. Gonzalez of Cuba in second, and Timothy Kitum in third.


Then Gareth Warburton is sitting behind them, but there is danger in


Soren Ludolph who can be quick in the home straight. Gareth Warburton


needs to follow them through. He has to get in the top three or a


least keep going strong in the home straight. Abubaker Kaki controlling


it. Here comes Timothy Kitum. Gareth Warburton struggling.


Gonzalez is struggling and tiring. Abubaker Kaki wins in, Timothy


Kitum second. Gareth Warburton well, 5th place, but we saw the clock


beyond 1.47 and that will not be good enough. And that is a shame,


because we watched him run a solo 1.45 in the heats, and anything


would have put through Gareth today. I'm sure he is going to be


disappointed. Here they are, Abubaker Kaki stretching them,


Timothy Kitum moving on to the outside in third place. Second in


the world junior championships earlier this year. At this point


Gareth Warburton has a chance. He slows the pace and then starts to


accelerate, but there is some talent around here today. At this


point I thought he could have moved if he had the chance but he is


being stretched too far and is a little tired. Timothy Kitum has got


the finishing speed and Gareth Warburton unable to respond. He


looks like he is treading water in the last 50. Unfortunately not able


to qualify. The first three will go through. Gareth Warburton in 5th


place, well, slightly disappointing air. I wonder what kind of run we


will get from Abubaker Kaki in the next round. He looked comfortable


and strong. Timothy Kitum could be a danger in the later stages.


Gonzalez of Cuba slowing and Mohamed coming through on the


inside. Gareth Warburton, the head down a bit, and the time will not


be fast enough, so I think is a Olympic journey ends now. Just to


Steve was saying in commentary that you ran 1.45 0.8 in the Europeans


on a solo run, so why you disappointing? -- disappointed?


just didn't have it. The guys all ran away from me at 600 and I'm


very disappointed. I don't think it will be enough to get through.


Unfortunately, it is not. Can you explain why it doesn't work on a


morning when it just doesn't click? It is hard to know, really. It has


been a long season. I started racing in April. I had to qualify


for the game's first and then peak again, so it is quite hard. Did you


feel an added pressure to justify your place having gone through the


appeal process? Not at all. I felt I deserved to be in the team as


much as everyone else. Just didn't work today? Yes. That's the talking


to us today. We appreciate it. -- sure. That is the first time I have


ever seen him crack under pressure. We will have to wait and see what


the result of the next group are. He is about fourth-best so far.


the first group has finished. Amazingly, the Commonwealth athlete,


the Indian champion is one of only Brecht Morse, disappointment, 16th


place and he will take no part -- further part in the competition --


is better. We explained earlier the issues around her entry and we were


told she was pretty annoyed and she might have got rid of some of that


frustration just there. I think she must have been disgusted at the


first-round throw. It is uncharacteristic of Valerie Adams


to come out and make a poor throw in the first round. She normally


stands or authority on the competition very early doors. --


stamps her authority. Sending a message to everybody back home


this year. 1.43, and coached by a former Olympic bronze medallist in


the steeplechase, Britain's last medallist in the event, Mark


Rowland, who did that in 1988. Adam The 4th heat gets under way. Nick


Symmonds has gone off quickly and so has Jeff Harris of Canada. Yuriy


Borzakovskiy, I wonder what sort of race will see from him today.


Borzakovskiy of Russia, the Olympic champion in 2000 and form and he is


coming back to form. -- 2004. Nick Simmons in the red shirts should


qualify, but it will be interesting to see how he progresses in the


race. Nick Symmonds, and here is Yuriy Borzakovskiy, when he is


running well he tries to run at an even pace and we will guess that is


what he's doing once more. Striding out strongly. The leader going


through in 52. Yuriy Borzakovskiy near a 54, but starting to make a


move. Andreas Bube still leading. Annan has got -- anchors got a


strong finisher. He is not quite at his best, but he is looking strong.


I was going to say, when he was younger he could do that sort of


manoeuvre in his sleep. Yuriy Borzakovskiy certainly finds


himself in 5th place and with a bit Nick Symmonds forces his way to the


front. I think Harris of Canada may have got second place. That was a


strange heat. Borzakovskiy is going to have to see if he can get a wild


card to take him through to the semifinals. Good run by the


American. I am not sure, we are not looking at the last time the


Olympic champion Borzakovskiy on the world stage there. Very tired.


Not able to respond today. And it was an interesting race overall. We


were watching Borzakovskiy, does he have it like he used to Nick


Symmonds positioned well. Bube is leading and Kszczot, 200 metres to


go and Kszczot takes off and runs impressively round the top bend.


Nick Symmonds waiting in third place. The Canadian Harris, in


fourth on the inside there, and Borzakovskiy coming into the


straight. Moves into the outside position, and when he gets there,


there is nothing in his legs, he has no power any more, he hasn't


got the ability that he had, it is the end of a great Carrie for


Borzakovskiy, he is a bit close but there is four in front of him he is


finishing fifth. You, he will have to wait, but that might be the last


we see, he is the third fastest finishing so far. Kszczot Simmonds


and Harris, the first three of right. Bube tiring. Borzakovskiy


not quite to be able do it. Bosse of France on the inside. So Kszczot,


Simmonds and Harris, one, two and three. Bosse in fourth place, and


then Borzakovskiy, former Olympic champion, now having to sit out in


the back, to find out what happens in the other heats. Nick Symmonds


looked good. So Andrew Osagie through, Gareth Warburton not and


the third is Michael Rimmer. It couldn't get bigger or better,


this is going to be the pinnacle really, it is going to be exciting.


I will make sure I enjoy I I don't want to sound negative. I want to


make sure I enjoy this games and make the most of it, because it is


never going to happen again. If it is not my day I want to remain up


beat. I will put everything on the track, no matter what, so I am


looking forward to it. I am in good shape, at the right time. I have


had problems but it seems to be all in the past, which is good. So I am


quite excited. Michael Rimmer running strongly, running very very


well. This is his best performance in a major Championship. 80,000


people. I don't know, they are going to carry me down the home


straight. I am looking forward to it. It is that feeling, you want to


get throughout now. He is a great at his best would have to be on the


mark, as you have already seen, the heats are tough, and I am not sure


that Michael has produced his best form. He started pretty well, and


just check on the result of that last one first. Simmonds, Harris


and Kszczot. The poll just squeezing through into third place.


Borzakovskiy is the third fastest loser at the moment but there is


still three heats to go. So let us see what Michael Rimmer has to beet.


Some of the names won't be that familiar. Lopez has run 1.43


semifinal yesterday you might be surprised to see Makhloufi. So he


was sensational in the heats of the 15hun and has run a very fast 800,


having the season of his life. The Iranian, inside Michael Rimmer. He


had run under 1.46. He will be dangerous. You have Lopez. Had a


cracking run breaking the Spanish record in Monaco in his last race


before these him pi, so if he doesn't come in the top three, he


has to be moving swiftly. Borzakovskiy hanging on by his


finger-tips. We have three more heats to come, including this one.


Michael at his best, but he has looked out of sorts this year, he


has had problem, he had a hernia operation in the winter. I know at


one point he thought he might not be here, but he is, so he has to


focus and try and run with a bit of confidence. He has, he has been our


top 800 metre runner for several years but Andrew Osagie has


overtaken him this year and Andrew Osagie is through to the final. A


very close finish, but Andrew is through the semifinal. Gareth


Warburton wasn't able to make it through, so could we have two


British athletes in the semifinal? I hope so. But Michael Rimmer has a


bit of running to do today. It will be interesting to see the Egyptian.


He has entered. He has the final of the 1500 metres on his mind. I


wonder what he will do here today. Will he try and run flat out and


qualify or take it easy and go through the motions. Interesting


for this controversial athlete. Algerian. He He is very confident.


Lopez of Spain, new Spanish record holder, as I said. It was a big


race in Monaco. Lots of fast times in the 15hun and the 800. -- 1500.


European silver medallist in Barcelona, when I think we all


thought he could win. He was pipped to that on that occasion. Here he


goes, trying to make it into the Olympic semifinal. The aljeer ian


almost took a step backment Michael Rimmer will just have the luxury of


being able to watch and wait and just move across. Just see if


anyone wants to take it through the first 2 hundred, they know what


they have to do. It looks as though they have gone, settling down and


Michael Rimmer. Hang on a minute. Hang on a minute. Now you see, you


wonder why he stepped off. He is into the final and he had to turn


up today. Otherwise he couldn't turn up in the is a00, so I don't


know why they registered him. Nerve mind he stepped off. That makes


Michael Rimmer's job easier. Lopez of Spain putting himself in a good


position. You know they have to run 1.46 to get through at fastest


losers and Rimmer is doing sensibly. It is not quite quick enough. They


are not giving themselves a chance. Michael Rimmer has, he is in the


lead. He has to try and make it a long run for home. There is no


point in settling into the pack, because he will have a problem then,


but there Michael Rimmer, the crowd roaring him as he goes down the


back straightment looks good today. Looks as though he is working hard.


There is Lopez. Rimmer has to hang on. The Egyptian has made a push.


Looking strong. So is Rimmer and moving away, with Lopez. Top three


to go through, he has to be strong in the home straight. Lopez looks


behind.. He can say them chasing. It will be a real scrap. The


Japanese is looking fast. Rimmer is fading. I don't think that will


mean he will get through because this will be slow. Well, they were


good. The were others chasing and chasing and for a while, it looked


as though Rimmer has done it right. But that first lap was slow, that


meant if you weren't in the top three you are not going through.


Just didn't vit and I think that has been an indication really of


Michael's season, when he has wanted it. Put his foot down, dug


into the well. It hasn't quite been there. Here Michael Rimmer, a slow


opening lap but he finds himself in the lead here. The question is,


could he hang on to this lead? Michael Rimmer fiends himself in a


position, he might, it is not a fast race and here he has a chance.


Opening down the back straight. Running hard, but here comes Lopez


following him. He is running strongly, as well as the Egyptian


looking so powerful, and then the first blow for Rimmer, here the


Egyptian goes past him and Lopez who we know is quick, has a real


good chance of catching there. Michael Rimmer is in a qualifying


position in the finishing straight. On the inside, the Japanese athlete,


but the Iranian coming in alongside the Spanish athlete, Lopez, no


problem qualifying there, and sadly, that is the end of Michael Rimmer's


Olympic entry, the Iranian looking powerful. Lopez looking easy. And


there we are waiting for Michael Rimmer, disappointed in fifth place


and will take no further part. Lopez comes past him and he has to


hang on. He has to keep going and try and work hard. The Iranian


coming quickly, but powerful. A real disappointment for Michael


Rimmer, so we have one athlete through to the semifinal. Michael


won't be in it unfortunately. He is downstairs talking to Phil Jones.


Michael, Tell me about the game plan and why it didn't come


plan and why it didn't come together for you today in I don't


know to be honest, difficult to say, yeah, shocked. Shocked. You were


taking it out from the front, were you aware 1.46 might get you in as


a fastest loser. I wanted to get in the top three. I was comfortable


taking it myself, and my legs didn't have the change of gears,


which is strange. I don't know why. In Portugal I was PBing every


session, so I don't know, I am, I am confused. Really confused.


won't keep you any longer. Thanks. Well, it is sad for Michael Rimmer


and he just got a heat where there and he just got a heat where there


was nobody to take the pace on. Just to pick out again the Algerian


does not finish, he will be in the 15 final tomorrow. He has to come


and take part today, so he is not injured. He will be back tomorrow.


1.48.05 is the winning time and Michael Rimmer out. Raise the men's


its -- discus qualifying. Lawrence its -- discus qualifying. Lawrence


Okoye is ranked four in the world. What was your reaction Bunce you


knew you had bagged a place on the team. You go to stadium and do


something, so, it was, it was a great day, but you know, it is a


day I realised that I am starting on this new journey. How long has


the Olympics been on your particular radar? Well, I would


have to say only two years, because I used to play rugby, obviously. I


left school at 18 and I had to make a decision about my future. I love


rugby, I wish I could do both but I am enjoying my discus, and


hopefully the Olympics will be the time I can look back and say, yeah


I made the right decision. The discuss I have thrown reflect why I


am doing the training. I can't wait for the combination of this hard


work, but, you know, I have to go to the games and make sure I have


my head screwed on. Focus on my job. my head screwed on. Focus on my job.


If I do thatly produce the goods. He is massive. He has three


attempted to get over 65 metres. Now it is back to the 800 metres.


Heat six the athletes there ready champion this year. Last year


became the first and only man to beat David Rudisha. The Kenyan


world record holder in the 18hun -- 800 metres. The yenian 800 metre


runners, they turn them out young. -- Kenyan. David Rudisha, he


qualified easily, he is only 23. They are the fastest losers so far,


being led by another youngster, Bosse of France. Heat six. Among


some of the other contenders the 31 year Spaniard who is wearing the


green and gold of Spain, quite a tall figure. The Kenyan though,


charging into the lead, the Kenyan. They are getting younger, he is 18.


Running the way they can run in the 800 metres. At the other end of the


field. The world indoor champion. They know they have long distance


runner, they don't have many short distance runner, now they have


found a few, look at this young man, Amman of Ethiopia, 1.43 this season.


53 for the opening lap. Remember, the Olympic champion is sitting


there waiting to see whether his tame time of 1.46.29 is fast enough.


There are a few of them here, they could rush down the back straight.


Am -- Amman poised and looking ready to go. He looks dangerous. He


is in a very good position. Currently sitting in second place,


be hind another teenage sensation strong. Aman heads off into the


home straight, Chemut on the inside. Perhaps no way through for


Rodriguez. Aman is coming away. Reina is coming our way, Chemut is


coming away, those three will qualify. It is a very modest time,


but that gives you an idea of the potential of Mohammed Aman. The


world indoor champion and just 18 years old. The 18-year-old


Ethiopian, kissing the flag of Ethiopia and celebrating, they are


moving down the distances. Here they are on the top bend. John up -


- Chemut of Kenya positioned himself well. Aman was ready to go


on the outside. Reina of Spain stretching down the home straight.


Qualification has come easy form all three of them. Chemut, Aman and


Reina go through. If I am correct with my mathematics, it could be...


One more heat, but at the moment, Borzakovskiy is the fastest runner


up. Aman will be a danger in the next round. He took it very easily,


at Chemut run a very sensible race. that shot away. That was a good


the world of track and field athletics with some very good shot


putters and discus throwers, they have a pretty good hammer thrower


as well. Adams is through. The everybody. Michelle Carter's father


this 800 metres and I think this has been one of the toughest rounds


in the first round of any championships, some big names going


out. Borzakovskiy, the former champion, hanging on by his


fingertips. There will be three semi-finals of the eight runners on


getting ready in his warm-up for this men's discus qualifying


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


competition, along with Abdullah There is a fair bit of Jamaican


celebration last night, one or two headaches, never mind head gear.


Solomon Branning credibly rock -- incredibly well in the Monaco


Diamond League. He was only third in the American trials. Nick


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


out for a Fowlis -- Black Fewlass - final heat. Last hours has started


comfortably but the American in the middle is starting to find a


position for himself. He is happy to come across into the lead, he is


front running good. It is may be nerves more than anything. -- front


running it. The qualification in his last week, six athletes could


go through if they ran faster than 1:46. You would give it a go, you


would give it a chance. Solomon, 1:43, he looks comfortable. The


Dutch runner is running through at this point in time. It is a bit


quick, they should be able to run a good time of that. Solomon


continues to lead. I think I have gone in sensibly, that is the


advantage of running the last eight. Let's hope he hasn't overcooked it.


-- the advantage of running the enjoying this, having to work hard.


It would be a surprise if Mikitenko came through -- Mutekanga --


going through. Solomon wins it. I think Borzakovskiy might be OK. He


just burned them off on the first lap. It is not normally the way you


run an 800. Although Holusa SAT off the pace, the Dutch runner was able


run, if you think about it. He didn't need to go this quickly


around the bend. He knows all he has to do is finish in the first


three. Solomon, quite impressive. There was an opportunity for a fast


qualifying time. Then the clock is ticking. Is it ticking to the


advantage of Borzakovskiy? I think you are right, I think he is


through Fawthrop -- he is through. Solomon, very comfortable. Holusa


will not go through as a fastest loser. It will be the three we put


up on the caption at the beginning. Let's tidy all of that up. 24 men


have gone through, three from each Mixed fortunes boarded British


athletes and it is always tough qualifying for the 800m -- mixed


fortunes for the British athletes. They always want to save some


energy because of the round situation but it is so complex.


Unless you are one of the dominant athletes, you can't really control


what is going to happen. Andrew a Sade did very well because he was


in a tough heat. He was but she knew what he had to do, he ran a


very sensible race. He has matured in the last couple of seasons, he


knows this is a great opportunity. He is fit, and it means you can use


this confidence and negotiate. In the 800 metres you need to run it


any which way, you need to have a race plan, sometimes they go out


ridiculously fast. This time he got it right. We are going to look


forward to tomorrow morning and the men's triple jump qualification,


and the men's 110-metre hurdles. Your hurdles are straightforward,


the triple jump is more complex! Phillips Idowu, we have heard he is


in the village. That is the most important thing! He is here! I hope


he has put everything to the back of his mind, he is here to compete


and he should forget everything else. Don't worry about the


arguments, just focus about what he needs to do. I am not sure if he is


100% fit. You know his physio very well, I don't know if you have any


more insightful stop he has been No one would choose to prepare this


way for an Olympic Games. But he is here, that is a good start. Like


Colin says, it is all about how he chooses to prepare. He needed to be


with his medical staff. It would be the last thing on his mind, the


arguments. He wants to give this crowd something to cheer about.


was born and raised in east London. Normally when he turns up to a


championships, he does perform. Absolutely, he has never let us


down. I know he has always disappointed but he comes into the


studio a bit with his head down, but I think he has always delivered


great performances. He sometimes just loses to somebody who is


magnificent on the day. Thank you for the moment. The women's 1500


metres heats coming up. From the A busy morning in the athletics


stadium. A promising start to the day for British athletics, Tiffany


Portas through to the finals in the 100m hurdles. Her final will be


tomorrow night's, and also in the 800m heats for the men, the only


athlete through his Andrew Osagie. Here in the studio, the big welcome


to Hazel who will be looking part It is always lovely to come here,


we are ringmasters who bounce around the different venues. There


is a show jumping as well, equestrian events, Great Britain


lying in joint second place going into the team final. So you never


know. And fantastic to see some of the


viewing figures for last night, 20 million people watched Usain Bolt.


After the excitement of the weekend, there's a gentle start to day ten of the Games, with attention once again focusing on the Olympic Stadium. Tiffany Porter, who was unlucky to be placed fourth in last year's world championships, competes in the heats of the 100m hurdles, and Tim Brabants begins the defence of his K1 1,000m canoe sprint title.

Canoe sprint: 09.30 Men's kayak single (K1) 1,000m heats

Canoe sprint commentators: Andrew Cotter Helen Reeves

Athletics: 10.05 Women's 100m hurdles round 1 heats 10.50 Men's 800m round 1 heats

Athletics commentators: Steve Cram Paul Dickenson Brendan Foster Phil Jones.

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