BBC One: Day 10: 11.30-13.00 Olympics

BBC One: Day 10: 11.30-13.00

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Michelle, thank you very much. See you later. For the last couple of


days, we have been caught up in the excitement of the gold weekend for


Great Britain. Today, 6th August, the 50th anniversary of Jamaica's


independence. The country's motto is, out of many, one people. But


today it is about one person. His top speed touched 27.3 mph, just


within the legal limit on most of our roads. Both 100m sprint titles


have gone to Jamaica once again, and I bet there are a few sore


heads in Jamaica this morning. After his incredible Mystic Meg


performance last night of predicting the 100m time, only to


be undone by 1,100 per the second, and still allow and Colin Jackson


to pick my lottery numbers this week. Well done, Colin. I tell you,


it was just fantastic to see that. We all discussing in the first


round how he was going to look at what he was going to do, but a new


Olympic record, and he was just a jiffy off. But you changed his mind,


Denise. I did, I talked him out of it. I said the clock would stop at


9.64, and it did. Next up it is the women's 1,500m heats. Hannah


England had troubled preparation. She accelerated just at the right


time, absolutely perfect. I guess I didn't really think. It was not


like I always wanted to be an Olympian. I just thought it was


always possible. I didn't need very many athletes when I was young or


see real life Olympians. A judge thought it was this dream thing.


And think it is really important to see British people don't well, and


it is absolutely ideal. Just to see a British person be on top of the


world, even just in the medals, aged just normalises it. And the


more times I have spent on senior teams, the more of these people you


meet, I met Mo Farah and Paula Radcliffe, and they are normal


people. I see the race just as another race, 12 people running


around a track, but our excited about the whole event. You have to


feed off it. If there is somebody they're supporting you, it is our


chance. You have to feel for Hanna, a freak injury early season. It is


awful, and luckily we never have to suffer from that. That can cost


athletes, and she is struggling to recover from it. This 1,500m, we


see so much jostling going on, but the injury is behind her now, so


let's just hope she can do herself England has a tough job here.


Anybody would take a look at this start list and have a long hard


people who, depending on the way this race goes, could go through.


We have world champions, Jamal in there. The 37 the Ieuan Russian,


back after a doping offence, and Ethiopian. Just underlining what


Brendan was saying a few moments ago. And never short of a smile,


Hannah England. Let's hope she is smiling at the end of this. There


are three heats, 45 athletes in this first round. The way the draw


is done, they go for 15 in three heats. 24 athletes to go through,


she has such great pace to burn. But we need to know which sort of


Hannah England this is, because before she picked up that injury,


she started the season very well. She got back into training, but a


couple of races since then haven't filled her with confidence. She now


finds herself at the front here, and they are already finding


for a round of the 1,500m. And when they are going slowly and


concentrated over such a short distance, this is where accidents


can happen, somebody can trip and cause a problem. Tomashova move to


the front now. Obiri of Kenya is following closely. A think she is


going to try to move the pace along. And look how quickly Aregawi is


coming to cover from Ethiopia. Just behind her, Jamal, a very good


athlete indeed. Twice the world champion at 1,500m. Six will


qualify as of right, and the sixth just stretching them out now. The


German, Harrow, just moving up alongside Hannah England. Sheran


Rowbury of the USA is on the inside, and van Dalen of New Zealand. The


Spaniard is towards the back. This When you're running first, you're


not sure of the fastest time, because you don't know what has


happened in the other heats, so you have got to be in the first six. I


am a little bit nervous about how they England. She started the


season well but hasn't run well a tall since her injury. -- hasn't


run well at all. But she is getting a good run. She is running on the


inside, and you don't always get Harrer there at the back. Hannah


England are very much in contention, but has she got the pace in the


last 300 metres? She now needs to accelerate down


the back straight, which she is doing. She keeps looking for the


inside run, and if she is not careful, that will cost her. Hannah


England still looking good. It is the top six, don't forget. She


should have enough in the home straight. The young Ethiopian,


Aregawi, very strong. Hannah England is coming under pressure,


but she is OK. Shannon Rowbury finishes quickly, but it won't be


good enough. England in 5th. The winning time, she didn't panic.


Hannah England has decided to stay on the inside and hope that she had


the pace. That may well have been just the right tactic.


That was tough, and it was impressive. I always get nervous


when the athlete tries the inside route, because you can get yourself


in trouble there, especially in such a big crowd. Jamal in 6th


place, twice world champion, making a bit of a runner. This is as well


as Hannah England has a run since she had her injury earlier in the


year. There she is, and there there was a bit of power, a bit of pace


from Hannah England. She finished in 5th place from Jamal just ahead


of her. Barbieri and Jamal, and then Harrer of Germany. They are


the six. But Aregawi was impressive, the Ethiopian record holder. I was


very impressed with Hannah England, delighted to see the world


championship silver-medallist qualify for the final, the semi-


final of the women's 1,500m. She is downstairs with fail.


Such determination on your face, and a big smile now. I was so, so


happy. The last time I did a big race like this was Crystal Palace,


and it wasn't like that. I owe my selection to the work I did before


I got injured, and making the semi- final was about all the


concentrating and the medical staff and the coaching. I know am so


excited that I get to race more than once. You got the unluckiest


of injuries. Yes, and nightmare Far an Olympic year, but I can't


believe I am here, and that will bring me on as well for two dess


time. I hope Laura and Lisa can get through as well. So do we. Lisa


I approach each championship very differently, and I have got a lot


of lessons learned from each one. I feel I have got a good set of tools


in hand to approach this championship, and I can draw on the


experiences I have to make sure The 1,500m is always very


interesting, because it is not necessarily the athlete with the


cricket -- the quickest time he wins on the day. Some athletes are


very good at one of performances. There is nobody doing the work for


you when you do the time on paper, so it is up to you to make it your


moment. People often get it wrong, and that is where medals are run. A


big part of me keeps having to remind myself that I need to enjoy


this moment and embrace it. At the end of the day, this is everything,


so it needs to be enjoyable. Four years ago in Beijing, it was a


fraction away from a medal, wasn't it? So close. She has learned so


much from her championship performances. I hope she can put it


together today. She is going to have to run quick, but it is great


to see her back. Paul Dickenson describing this one.


Lisa Dobriskey looking sharp, warmed up well. Her training is


first heat. Shannon Rowbury and the others, hoping for a fastest loser


spots with two more heat to come. The 20-year-old British discus


record, Lawrence Okoye, begins his Olympic experience. Still a little


naive in terms of his technique, but when he gets it right... Oh,


dear. That discuses almost buried in the Turf. Just trying a little


bit too hard. He needs to cool it down. His coach there, Mark Wiseman


a lot of good opposition, there is a lot of good opposition in this


one. Makestad Bovim could have been a contender for the semi-final, she


has withdrawn. Jennifer Simpson, the world champion in 2011. There


she is. She has run 405 -- she has run four minutes and five seconds,


not a great time. Lisa Dobriskey. She will now realise she is in the


Olympic Games, she takes a deep indeed. Martynova of Russia is a


standing together in the middle. Stand up, please, stand up.


unmistakable tones of Alan Bell, the starter. Not happy with the


under way. When you were talking about the last heat, you said there


were a lot of quality athletes in there. There are tonnes in this one.


There certainly are. I was a little bit nervous about Hannah England,


she has had a troubled approach to this Olympic Games. Lisa Dobriskey


wasn't at her best in the trials and has also had a troubled


approach. But I am feeling more confident, the reports are coming


back from the training camp that she is flying. The World


Championships silver medallist from 2009. When she is in good form, she


has a lethal finish. Running in heats, running in crowds, having


these people around her, not running too quickly because there


are always going to the dangers. The Ethiopian athlete is strong,


she is going to be good. Lisa Dobriskey, I am very confident of.


Fernandez Leeds, Hilali in second moment, slower than the first heat.


Lisa Dobriskey won't want to get settled too much at this pace,


right in the middle of the pack, otherwise accidents could happen.


You are absolutely right. Another of the British athletes who likes


the short way around on the inside. The coach always says keep to the


inside lane if you can. But with 10 athletes around you, that can be


difficult. Lisa has the ability and the speed. Therefore if you are in


good form, you are also going to have the confidence. You don't have


to worry much about setting a pace or anything. That is an advantage


in distance running. Two laps to go. 2:07 at the end of a lap and three-


quarters. The Kenyan, running wide at the moment. Fernandez still


leads. Cakir Alptekin is still there. Dobriskey is trapped on the


kerb but she is looking comfortable. This is where you have to find


yourself ready for when the bell the front. She has a long, loping


stride and she is shrugging off athletes around her. You don't want


to be clipped from behind because you could fall and you have no


chance. It is about finding the right place to make a move. Lisa is


terribly boxed in there but she is staying confident and cool and once


again she is finding the route onto the inside. She is going to try to


get a more clear run as they come up. They will hear the bell in a


few seconds. There are too many for comfort, Lisa is at the back of the


group, I think she has to bide her time and try to run the sensible


finish. McKnight, the Australian, making a bid. The Russian is


stranded way back and Dobriskey has made her move. She is up into 5th,


or alongside Fernandez. McKnight, the Australian, having a very good


race. 200 metres to go. Lisa Dobriskey moves up on the shoulder


of Fernandez and goes past the bar Iranian as well. Listen to the raw!


Lisa Dobriskey is producing just the right tactic at just the right


time. Cakir Alptekin, coming down the inside. And Lisa Dobriskey


majestically strides home. Hilali, Dobriskey, Cakir Alptekin,


Fernandez and McKnight. Not a fast winning time. That looked extremely


good, off a slow pace. Lisa doesn't worry about slower paces. Martynova


was finishing strongly. Lisa Dobriskey, it sounds like an


Olympic final here! The crowd are really taking to it. Lisa looks


relaxed. She is really happy with that. She was looking good, she was


always looking for the easy way through. Martynova of Russia down


the back straight was giving them a bit of a chance. Lisa Dobriskey, a


very slow race. I am sure the crowd helped her in the finishing


straight and her response was fantastic. She has the speed and


she is good enough and she is confident again. She has been World


Championships silver medallist. She is on her way to the Olympic semi-


final. Having that run under about will stand her in really good stead.


She just nips over the line, McKnight leading into the finishing


straight but all eyes were on at least a Dobriskey. -- on Lisa


Dobriskey. I am sure she will tell us about the race in her inimitable


she was doing enough. She was doing it comfortably. She is relaxing


there, she has enjoyed this stage. 80,000 people cheering you for the


heats of the women's 1500 metres must be a fantastic experience and


she responds to experience. She We know that Lisa is a big-time


perform on these kind of stages, you have done it before, the


Commonwealth Games, the World Championships, 4th at the last


Olympics and you to do it like a duck to water. The noise from the


crowd saw you home. Definitely, it was unbelievable. I needed to bury


some demons from last year. I found it hard to trust my body again. I


make Upsall -- all sorts of batten injuries and issues. I am really


pleased -- all sorts of phantom injuries. Training has gone well in


Portugal but it is another thing to put it into practice. Absolutely. I


have been doubting my speed and my kick. To have a slow race, I was


terrified of the first couple of laps, I thought it would not go my


way. I feel so much better to have dealt with that. I can have a lot


more confidence in my kit and my speed, I am really pleased. See you


in the next round, well done. Lisa is through, Hannah it is


through, and Laura Weightman goes in the third and final heat under


the guidance of Steve Cram. Let's Being here and seeing the big names


of the team, it gives me a lot of want and passion to push on and do


more. I am lucky, to be in this You have Steve Cram bleeding you


through this, it must be invaluable for him -- leading you through this.


It is brilliant. He has had a huge impact on me and I have had a lot


to thank him for for getting me to where I am. The time and effort he


has put him with me. We are seeing the results of that. It is the


beginning of what I really think I can do in the future. 1500 metres


is a tough event and in world terms, it is very strong, some girls that


have run very fast. But I do believe I am strong enough and can


progress through those rounds and On my notes, it says she is coached


by Steve Cram, brackets world champion in 1983. A long time ago?


Yeah, yeah, yeah, OK. It has been fun, she has been working really


hard, she deserves to be here. Some athletes are very easy to coach,


brilliant job with her, what were your instructions and what was it


about in the build-up to this? thank you. Dino, Laura has a lot of


what I would call a natural racing too much. Because this is what she


has worked for. She wanted desperately to get to the Olympic


Games. Now she is going to try to run as well as she can, she is up


against some great athletes. At the Olympics, everybody is good, but


don't look at the times on the start list. Like an England said.


You have to see it as another race, 14 athletes against you. Some you


have heard of, some you haven't. Even the ones you have not are a


danger. You have got to be ready for anything. It could be slowed,


it could be fast. It is up to the athlete to make the right decisions.


Morgan Uceny, she went to the World Championships as the world number


one and she fell in the final. You cannot predict what is going to


happen. It is almost pointless as a coach to say, do this, do that.


you nervous? Yes. Probably not quite as nervous as she might be.


But it is a good nervousness. This woman here will be a big danger,


Kostetskaya, she used to be a 400- talent. She will be another one to


watch. These heats ASO had stacked with experience and quick athletes.


-- these heats are so stacked. I am wondering, surely they know what to


do. There are six fastest loser spots available which means 12


could go through if it was quick enough. About four minutes seven


would be good enough if you're not in the top six. You could go down


to four minutes 12 and you would scrape through in 7th. Laura is


sitting at the back, keeping an eye on things, not a bad place to be.


She will be getting nervous. That is what we used to talk about. You


would talk about being in a position where somebody can bring


you down. You said she had a natural racing brain and that is


the best position to be in at this pace. It is not a fast pace. Two


years ago, Laura Weightman was winning the English Schools


Championship. Here she is, the Olympic Games. 80,000 people in the


stadium cheering her on. What a fantastic sport athletics can be,


a little more pace here. You want to get rid of the nerves and


getting to the pace. When it is like this, the nerves continued to


build. By Zoe Buckman there is going past Mishchenko. The former


world junior champion over on the far side, and Laura Weightman just


tucked in there at the moment. Morgan is Saini is in a good


position. And Dibaba, the younger sister of Dibaba who won there race


the other night. Highly Gebrselassie sort this girl


training in his gym and persuaded her to set down from the 5,000m to


the 1,500m. His advice has been paying off, and she is running


extremely well at the 1,500m. Kipyegon around the top bend, and


the pace is beginning to gather. There is a big push on at the front


from Kipyegon. Laura Weightman will have to try and keep in contact


here as they start to move away. Dibaba is just in behind, by letter,


Bulut. She has got to run a fast and strong last lap. Laura


Weightman can see seven runners ahead of her, so she has got to


keep driving. She has got a good last 200. Kipyegon looks as though


she is struggling now. Laura Weightman needs to pull herself up


into position to have a chance and the home straight. Kipyegon on the


inside. She is diving in, but it is going to be tough here, fighting


for this position. Bulut will get there, carry a over will make it. -


- Kareiva. I can't tell everybody how pleased you are now! She picked


them off one by one, kept going, and had to dig deep again in the


finishing straight. I was surprised there. There is Laura Weightman


waving to the crowd. She will get the accolade, and she should enjoy


this. This was great. There are seven athletes their head of hack


at this point. Dibaba looking comfortable there. But then she


suddenly fades and goes backwards in the pack. And watch Laura


Weightman now, she is 7th coming into the straight. She is working


hard, knows she has got to do this, and she has got to pick one of


these athletes in the finishing straight. You can't wait on times


at this point. Then suddenly she just to accelerate at that point,


and will be mightily relieved, and we are extremely impressed, and


Steve Cram, her coach, is absolutely delighted. Her first


Olympic Games, and it certainly won't be her last. It is a really


good test. There she is, up into 6th. Well done, Laura Weightman.


You are on this grand stage for the first time, and he delivered


superbly. I am really pleased to get in the top six. It was quite a


tough race, it kept changing and chopping. I was glad to come down


the home straight and get the sixth slot. The crowd is unbelievable.


Did that settle you? What was it like? When my Name That announced,


it was a brilliant feeling. I try not to panic, just to stay calm. I


wanted to work my way through the field, and I knew they would come


back to me. If you could hold this might just for one second, somebody


wants to have a quick word. Well done, Laura. That was hard! You had


me worried for a little bit. The nerves start to build when it was


that slow. It felt shocking, but I just kept calm, and I think my last


200 was the best 200 of the race. That's we tour -- that's what we


have talked about, being strong in the home straight. See you later.


Thanks a lot, Laura. Thank you very much. One or two surprises in there.


Kareiva ran really well, and also Belete getting through. Both of


them ran season's bests. Laura Weightman is through. Great to see


three British women through to the semi-finals. But it will be tougher


The athletes in 7th and 8th, Zoe Buckman included, are rewarded with


fastest losers' spots. The outstanding talent for the


world this year in men's discuss, Robert Harting. He was Germany's


highest placed athlete in any final. have got two Britons in this round,


Buhari and Okoye. Harting hasn't wasted any time in making his mark


on this competition. Magnificent. Abdul Buhari in the second round.


Looked a little tight on that one. It goes spinning away. That is


better, but at the moment, the qualifying conditions are that


anybody who wants to make it through to the final, they are


going to have to throw in excess of 63 metres, 63.40. It is a slight


improvement, but he needs a lot in store for us this time? He had a


real shocker in the first round. Come on, Lawrence. Show us what


technique in the world, but it is over 60m. That Green Line super


imposed on the turf there, a television line, not an action line


-- not an actual line, but it shows how far you have to throw to


qualify. It is still 63.40. That looks tantalisingly close, but just


under. 63 metres exactly. He is in excitement I couldn't add up


earlier on, so here is everybody that is through for the women's


1,500m. It was four from the first heat. The letter, a bit of a


surprise there, and Lucy van Dalen from New Zealand makes it through.


This is the last page here. Three British women through. And last


year's world champion, Jennifer Simpson, scrapes through. Those are


the 24 Women going to Wednesday's semi-finals. One of the surprises


there was the world indoor champion Dibaba, who tightened up terribly.


She is just holding her leg there. She had to be helped off. I didn't


hear of her carrying a problem coming into these Olympic Games.


She was running OK in the middle of the race, and then something went


wrong for her. That is a shame, because Ethiopia had very high


Estonia. The defending Olympic champion is in serious trouble of


being eliminated from the competition. He really got hold of


that one. Well, those celebrations not because it is a gold-medal


winning throw, but just because he finally got one. He taps himself on


the head and says, why on earth didn't I do that in the first


round? It must have been an agonising wait for his coach. Must


have been tearing his hair out. That is one of the longest throws


we have seen so far this morning. 66.39. Now, come on, Abdul, you


the 60m line. He won't qualify for the final. He gave up a very good


job in order to concentrate on trying to qualify for they Olympics,


and having got here, wanted desperately to qualify for the


final. That is his best throw, 60.08, 27th place.


Lawrence Okoye now needs 63.47 metres in order to make it through


to the final, otherwise we will have had three discus throwers here


for the very first time in the same year, and none of them will have


athlete in trouble. I don't like his technique. He explodes out


towards that qualifying line. The top of two throats this morning,


Kanter and Harting, they put on a fine display, both of them throwing


over 66 metres. Abdul Buhari with his last throw, his best, over 60m,


but not good enough to go to this high quality final. 63.15, that is


not far enough, either. But this now is all about Lawrence Okoye A.


He has looked a bit subdued this morning. Maybe the experience has


got to am a little bit. At his best, he threw a new British record of


well over 68 metres. Now, what has his coach, hasn't been well all


year. But that could have given him a huge shot of adrenalin. Well done,


this huge young man, Lawrence Okoye. What a fantastic effort. And all of


a sudden he may have put himself in the frame to be a potential


medallist. He got off to a shocking start this morning, but finally, in


the third and final round, it has all come good. He is an Olympic


have seen this morning. I was in Portugal, I had met him once before,


and was chatting to him. He is a gentle giant, a lovely, lovely guy.


make the final. We were discussing him in the studio here. He is a


great rugby player. Had he not made the final, would he have even


stayed in the sport? We have managed to get a footballer, a


rugby player, we are doing quite well! What great scenes, I am so


delighted. Like Paul Dickenson said, men's throwing has struggled, and


to have three guys here, this one in particular has so much talent,


bags of it. To be able to reproduce something like his best in the


qualifications to get into that much it means and how much pressure


the athletes are under. He has given up a lot to commit himself to


get into this stage and he has delivered it. On the biggest stage


ever, the Olympic qualifying round, now he is an Olympic finalist, he


can hold his head up high. I am hoping he will relax and embrace


the situation he is in. He knows he can float the discus a long way.


Many other competitors may tighten Many other competitors may tighten


up. If he can produce that, you never know what might happen.


4th best throw in the world this year so if he hits it on the


night... He is in with a chance. The other fascinating thing that we


noticed when Steve Cram was chatting with Laura Weightman, Phil


Jones gave her the good sense and she thought, what is going on? And


she changed, her demeanour changed, the coach athlete relationship,


amazing to see. It was like we were flies on the wall, overhearing a


personal conversation. It is great, Steve Cram, what an inspiration, to


have that in your corner. Somebody who has been there and has done it,


who can inspire you to think tactically and run well. I adore


Laura, I think she is so mature for her age and she clearly responds to


being in this type of environment. Three women through to the semi-


finals, great news. Excellent news for women's middle-distance running,


Kelly Holmes has inspired a generation and here they are,


proving it. Let's look back at this morning's session, because that


pretty much finishers the action in the Olympic Stadium. Lots of


the Olympic Stadium. Lots of questions about the fitness of


Tiffany Porter and I think she answered them. Like Usain Bolt did


last night, she came up with the goods. She did a very good job. Out


on her own, it was like a training run for her. She could see nobody


until the late stage in her peripheral vision. She knew she had


qualified and that was the most important thing. In terms of the


overall qualification, Sally Pearson stood out head and


shoulders, but the rest... rest... Denise could have qualified.


It is a really poor standard to get through to the semi-final. At the


through to the semi-final. At the top end, you will still be very


competitive, don't worry about that. competitive, don't worry about that.


Next on track, the men's 800 metres heats. Osagie was up early, he had


David Rudisha in his heat and he just got it on the line. 800 metres


is always tough. You have to make is always tough. You have to make


sure you stay in contention, redraw opponents well, but try to stick to


a race plan. He got him by the skin of his teeth. -- read your


opponents well. Polly Bleasdale has come in under the radar, she is not


one of the big names but she has a real opportunity -- Holly Bleasdale.


She has announced herself as someone who could sneak into the


medals, she has so much more developing to do, it would be


really great if she could translate some of the high distances into an


Olympic performance. A massive moment for Holly Bleasdale, let's


hear her thoughts ahead of an When I was watching Beijing, I


didn't really know what pole vault was, I hadn't even started properly.


It is weird that I am here and the athletes I used to watch on TV are


chatting to me. We are chilling out and it is really nice and I am so


excited to be able to compete in an Olympics, I can't wait. It has been


a stellar ride. I had a great indoor season. For me, that was


about jumping as high as I could. I knew that the pressure would be on


leading up to the Olympics. I thought that the outside -- outdoor


season was about competing with the rest of the girls. When I went to


Monaco I wasn't really looking for a big height, it was like an


Olympic final and I was competing against the rest of the girls. I


feel like I held my own and took a lot of confidence. What will


success before you? Because I am still young, I don't want to use


that as an excuse, but I want to enjoy it and lap up the experience.


I have never had anything like this. To become in the top eight, top six,


would be where I wanted but above that will be a bonus. I just want


to experience it and enjoy it. Holly Bleasdale attempting 4.55,


second attempt, and she got it. A great performance by the British


record holder. If you could put it into words what it means to be at


these Games, if somebody said you would be a London Olympian and a


finalist and people would talk of you as a medal contender... I can't


put it into words. To be wearing a GB kit, I feel so privileged. I


want to do everyone proud and enjoy it it will be a once-in-a-lifetime


experience. You can't put anything else near to what I it will


experience. It means the world to be able to compete in front of a


Dai Greene, Colin. A huge shock for him a couple of nights ago, when he


struggled to make the final of the 400 metres finals. What will his


mind set be? He is a positive thinker. -- the final of the 400m


hurdles. He will think, I can compete against these guys and do a


good job. He has beaten the majority of them this year. The


question is, can he go much faster than he has gone so far this year?


To me, that is the only concern he needs to have at this moment in


time. Will he accelerate up to the guys? We will have the answer lay


to this effect. Denise, he has to just go out as hard as he can, try


to put those doubts out of his mind and concern sea had. I think so.


We are used to seeing him in the lead but at the same time, his time


was not bad, it is just that the other guys were quicker. He does


not want to leave the track thinking he could have worked


harder. He has to just attack it. That is it for this morning's


session. It ended perfectly with Okoye making the final of the


discus. For the moment, back to you. We hope to hear from Lawrence


You can bet about 3 million people down under will be watching,


because the New Zealander has not been beaten since 2007. I note that


the Kiwis are 10 places above the Kiwis are 10 places above


Australia on the medal table right Overall, a far greater number of


medals, but the quality of them is not quite as high for Australia.


The last time New Zealand finished ahead of the Australians was


Montreal 76. Everybody is getting very excited down there. One of the


surprise hits of these games, as everyone has clamoured to get a


ticket for anything in here, has been the handball competition.


Great Britain had never appeared in Olympic handball until these Games


in London. It is a game which emerged in Scandinavia and Germany


in the 1890s, it is hugely popular there. Judging by the atmosphere in


the Copper Box, it is fast catching on here, too. Reggie Yates has been


checking out what they are calling the box that rocks.


It doesn't really get much more vain than this. Don't judge me.


Today actually isn't about me, it is about a brand new sport on my


radar. I like to find something brand new and obsess over it. This


time around it has been handball. Everyone is talking about it. The


Copper Box has literally been Look at this. Here is a masterclass


on feeling short. You guys are more than experts when it comes to


handball, you actually play it, how good will today be for someone who


has never been to anything like this? It will be brilliant. The


game is fast, exciting, dynamic. We are going do have a really good


game today. As somebody who has never watched anything like this,


am I going to enjoy it? organisers have done a perfect job,


making this arena, it is really noisy and a great atmosphere.


get in and see it. Why is this so addictive? I think


it is the pace and the aggression. Do you think there is a chance that


this might inspire a few people to get involved? Definitely. That is


the reason we are here, to inspire the next generation in the UK. This


is the perfect opportunity to springboards bought into the public


consciousness. -- to springboard the sport into the public


consciousness. It is awesome, I Apparently on the other side of


this door, the Team GB ladies handball team are warming down. It


sounds incredible. There they are, shall we say hello? This is a bit


awkward. Hello. Well done, that was incredible. This is the first time


I have watched a handball game and I am still trying to get my head


around the fact that so many people are talking about handball. How


does it feel to know there is that much support. It is phenomenal. The


noise when we walk out, and when we score, it is amazing. I hope that


even if we can inspire one or two people to play, that is what we


want to do and that is why we are here. Do you want to have a shot?


what? We will put a goalkeeper in. Yeah, let's do that. I am going to


miss this. Come on. Why did I make It is official, I am awful at


Hamble and when I try to score, I make a noise by -- like a dying


rodent. Don't judge -- I am awful at hand ball. These lot are amazing,


The last of the pool matches for great Britain's men takes place at


4:15pm, they play Iceland. They it won an amazing surprise silver


medal four years ago and the Icelandic Prime Minister so foot --


called it the most significant moment in Icelandic sport. The


second week in the Olympic Games is always when the team competitions


tend to come to the boil at the Games. That is the case in the


hockey. In the women's event, we have the last of the pool games and


the Riverbank Arena was a very lively place to be, even at 8:30am.


A place in the semi-final stages was at stake in the match between


the black sticks of New Zealand, and Germany. The Kiwis needed just


a win. The Germans were quiet a high-scoring victory to have a


chance of progressing. -- the Germans required. Our colleagues at


Channel line of Australia were there are bright and early --


in fact Germany are wearing the Zealand, they like to start really


quickly, really fast, get the early to be finished? No, it is not. They


just couldn't get the finish. just miscued it, Charlotte Harrison.


She got to do cross, had a touch on it. If Germany are going to win


this today, they do need to change their game plan. Oh, look at this


big chancier. Great goalkeeping. Charlotte Harrison couldn't get the


shot away. What a Panter -- fantastic piece of keeping.


Sensational. She came out, narrowed the angle, made this mother, and


then had a second go at it. -- made there smother. You have to say,


that is a gilt edged opportunity. Really, really good. Melanie Cooper


on the reverse stick. Still, the Kiwis have it back. And a penalty


corner. The umpire originally signalled at the other way, but


good co-operation between the umpires. You can see it here. She


put it on to the foot, and just got deflection from Jana Flynn. She got


down, but didn't make any contact with the ball. Oh, it was so close,


but Amis in the end. A chance here. And the New Zealanders got a free


hit. Fabulous goalkeeping by Bianca Russell. Doesn't get much better


than that. The 34-year-old veteran saved New Zealand. Some Harrison


was there, but a way back, and for some reason, wasn't advancing on


the golf. And guess she was waiting to see how far back it would come.


That great save again by Russell, and then they had another go at it.


Marlowe once more. A good Pickup. A penalty corner, and New Zealand


have a powerful drag flick, they score more of the rebounds. That is


easy for a goalkeeper to make that saved.


This is a big occasion for New Zealand. They have never played


women's hockey at the Olympic Games. Now, the umpire will call for a


video of that. The Germans are celebrating, they think they got a


touch. This is the umpire's referral. Germany have gone back to


the middle, they are certain that it has been touched. Oh, it might


have been a fine touch there. It looked like a stick was very close


to the ball. Super slow-motion. Did it touch? You can't tell from there.


The umpire will have a few different angles to be able to make


the assessment. No advice possible. Goal denied. There is a bit of a


of goal, and Germany have a penalty corner. Just off the feet of Emily


again, but it wasn't going into the variation here from Germany.


Russell was diving down to reflect it away again. The New Zealand


defence was resolute. Lovely ball! And just put over the top by stifle.


A great trap again from Natasha Keller. They caught the defence


napping. Oh, so close. It was just spinning and spinning, she couldn't


the second half so far for New Zealand. There is a question here.


There are looking for a penalty corner. It was the leg of the


keeper. Was there a German foot after this. It may well have come


kicked away. She probably could have even moved in closer. Great


deflection. Great keeping. By that And straight at the keeper! That


stick. She is so strong on that side. Muller goes for the hit. Then


again, off the foot. Look how quickly they got in there. That is


the perfect spot. You want an attacker wore a striker in the


circle. They're taking the ball from the opposite side, you see


this very rarely. On the reverse, and she has put it away, but it is


too high. The first hit at Dole has to hit the backboard. And they are


saying it has gone out side of the circle twice. That didn't go out.


There is a real scramble in there. Terrific shot. That really was a


great shot. Crack in, and off the feet again of Mickelson this time.


Germany just keep on pressing forward, and New Zealand don't seem


to have any answer. This is Germany's 5th penalty corner in 16


the stick on the ball. That was very brave defending by New Zealand.


She got that and just in the nick of time. Beautifully done here.


she couldn't get any purchase on it, the goalkeeper can't find it, they


are at sixes and sevens back there. It was just all over the place


there. It is tough for the goalkeeper. And that was saved by


the keeper, and then the shot was just wide! She did just the right


thing, went across the face of goal, instance, and then Mickelson was so


close on the post. A New Zealand are through to a semi-final at the


Olympic Games for the first time in women's hockey. Congratulations to


them, commiserations to Germany. They are going to miss out.


Celebrations all round to the New That is a great win for the Kiwis,


and Germany, the 2004 Olympic champions, are out. Great Britain's


women are playing at 7pm. They have to beat the reigning champions, the


Netherlands, or rely on results elsewhere, so they are teetering on


the edge. The big night the women's hockey. We were looking at Lawrence


Okoye earlier on and his big throaty get through to the discus


final. He was reflecting on that a few moments ago.


Lawrence, congratulations, you are through to an Olympic final in


dramatic circumstances. It was crazy. The standard was


unbelievably high. 63.55, much higher than it has ever been. I


thought I would have to pull out something big, and the crowd just


got me through. I am really pleased. I have just got to go back and rest


and make sure I can pull out a big throw in the final. It was good


that you could share it with your coach immediately, and we saw the


emotion come out. I have got a lot of work to do now to make sure I


finished the two years well. I am pleased I can pull it out of the


back, but tomorrow is a different story. What do you think you can


possibly do in the final? I have just got to throw my best. If I can


throw my best, I will be up there. Tremendous performance, well done,


thank you. Well-played to Lawrence, and that


discus final is tomorrow evening. Great Britain will have a


representative in it. We are about to change channels, it is time for


the news here on BBC One. We will be over on BBC Two in a few moments.


The crowd are being thrown out just now, and another 80,000 will be


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