BBC Two: Day 10: 13.00-13.45 Olympics

BBC Two: Day 10: 13.00-13.45

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Hello from Olympic Park. Great Britain are a dizzying third place


in the medals table. Medals are being added at a rate that is


making us feel giddy. This afternoon will be keeping a close


eye on at least four Olympic venues, for maybe more. All three of Great


Britain's women's boxers are in quarter-final action at the ExCeL


centre and all three could guarantee at least bronze. Three


gymnastics medals already for Britain's men so far. Could it


finally be Beth Tweddle's turn? She is on the uneven bars final at


2:50pm. Silver on horseback for Britain already, now our show


jumpers, led by Nick Skelton, go into this afternoon's show jumping


in joint second place. From 4:00pm at the Velodrome, Jason Kenny goes


for gold in the individual sprint, he has been in scorching form and


is hoping to follow in the wheel marks of Sir Chris Hoy.


We are zipping back to Eton Dorney Lake, the rowers have made way for


the sprint canoeists, flat water, flat out for them. Something that


Tim Brabants has been achieving since he first took bronze in his


kayak in Sydney. Then another bronze and gold for the 35-year-old


doctor in the 1,000m sprint. He is attempting to become only the 4th


man in Olympic history to defend this may be a stretch too far after


his injury problems. Coming back well after last year, when he


really was in trouble. He is up against some stiff competition. The


Canadian is the world champion. The New Zealander alongside him. It is


the first four to go through and the remaining go into the B final.


Only in the A final can you compete for the medals. The Canadian again


goes out strongly. He has a comfortable lead at the moment. He


is looking player at the front. -- Clear at the front. He drives the


paddle through the water. The first four go into the A final. The Dane


will be someone to reckon with, he looked very impressive in his heat.


He is up alongside Brabants. The Canadian did not fade in the heats


at all. Each of these paddlers have their own game plan it that they


will be trying to stick to, trying not to react too much to what is


happening around them as the race unfolds. Tim Brabants is looking


controlled at the moment. Most of the noise as they approached the


stance will be for Tim Brabants but he is beginning to fade as they


come up to the halfway mark. Brabants hangs on to the 4th


position at the moment. Others are coming up to threaten. A bit of a


separation between the first five and the rest. The Canadian is


there and just four automatic places. Van Koeverden Is clear in


first. The noise begins to swell at Eton Dorney. This is where we will


expect a break from Larsson, we expect a quick finish from him.


Brabants is fading a bit more at the top of your picture. Larsson is


making a move now. Brabants is down in 5th at the moment. Those four


are looking like the four through to the A final. Tim Brabants'


Olympic reign may be coming to an end. He is nearest to the crowd at


the top of your picture. He will hear the noise, it is mostly for


him. Van Koeverden Is looking strong for Canada. Behind them, a


fierce race is developing. The first four go through. At the


moment, Brabants, it is so close between him and the Bulgarians for


close. It certainly was, he really pushed it down the last section. I


am not sure, it is going to be very tight. Van Koeverden Was


untouchable in first place, coming through fairly easily. His main


threat it is in the next semi-final, Max Hoff. Tim Brabants is true,


look how close it was. -- is through. I don't think he's going


to threaten for a medal in the final, but just to be in the final


as the defending champion is quite an achievement, with the injury


problems he has had with his Through to the final by the skin of


your teeth. It was certainly a tough race. I tried not to raise


too hard in the heat because there is such a short time between the


heat and the semi-final. Normally you have two days. I kind of blow


the cobwebs away in the heat. Unfortunately I drew the outside


lane. The cross wind comes across from the right hand side. When I


saw I had lane one I knew I would have my work cut out. The roar of


the crowd is incredible. I didn't know quite where I was in the race,


I knew I was in touch. I looked across and saw the Bulgarian guide,


a very tight race but I am really pleased I made the final. I am not


in the Beijing shape but glad to be in the final to try to defend the


title. How far do you think you are from Beijing shape? It is hard to


say, the quality of the K1 is insane. The last four International


races has had a different winner in every race. Any guy could went,


Adam is in fantastic form. I am in the final. Anything could happen in


the final. I am in good shape. Fantastic, having the support that


I have had. You mention that lane one was a negative and you talk


about the crowd, the upside was that they roared you on every way.


It is incredible. You hear the Rose talking about it, they said it was


an amazing experience. Being in lane one, I could really appreciate


it. The noise is phenomenal. Waiting for my name to come up in


the 4th spot, that is fantastic, when my name came up. I saw my wife


and my daughter... Your wife missed out on Beijing? It was massively


expensive to fly out there and they get more nervous than I do when it


comes to racing. It is nice to have my family here. Hopefully your


family and this crowd can lift you in the final. Good luck. I hope so,


His final is on Wednesday. He says he is not in Beijing shape when he


won the gold. But a terrific achievement, at the age of 35. He


is in the final once again. We have had huge crowds down there and huge


crowds here. You never get tired of seeing a stadium at the Olympic


Games that is chock-a-block at 10 o'clock am. 80,000 people in there.


And 80,000 people streaming out and going for a bit of a wander around.


There were 50,000 people in Greenwich Park, it seems a long


time ago, when the three-day event team won their silver medal. That


was last Tuesday. Since then the dressage event has got under way


and yesterday it was the turn of the show jumpers. Qualification to


place with the team that medals to be decided today. Nick Skelton has


been riding for Great Britain since 1980, these are his six games. We


will be showing you how he fared a little bit later on, but let's give


you a quick reminder of what is Equestrian jumping. Jumping is


contested in an enclosed arena over a course of 500 to 600 metres in


length. There are between 12 and 16 obstacles. They must be negotiated


in a specific order. A set time is allowed to complete the course.


Scoring is in the form of penalties for a range of indiscretions. If


penalty points are equal, competitors will be separated


according to the time taken. It doesn't matter how ungainly a horse


or rider may appear. Style is not under consideration in the judging


of showjumping. The Olympic showjumping medals will be


contested over five rounds in total. The first round his qualification,


the individual competition. The second and third round decide the


medals in the team competition. The 4th and 5th rounds are the final


stages of the individual competition. Consistently clean


rounds are the most important element in determining the winner,


although time is also of the essence and can become the deciding


factor. If you would like to get involved


in Olympic sports, go to our The situation after the qualifying


rounds yesterday looks good. Saudi Arabia, very surprising they are up


there in first position, after an there in first position, after an


excellent effort from their team. Britain has not won a jumping medal


for 28 years but things look good for Nick Skelton and his team,


for Nick Skelton and his team, going in the final round this


afternoon. Lizzie green what use is in Greenwich. It is looking


exciting and promising, but surprised with Saudi Arabia at the


top? It was a surprise. It was not a complete surprise because they


have been creeping up the rankings. One of the riders came second in


the World Championships two years ago. One of the biggest surprises


is that they are at the top with just one fault. There are three


countries who are not even through, who you would have expected to.


Considering the pedigree of Great Britain's show jumpers, another


surprise. What do you put the lack of medal success down to? It is


difficult. British showjumping has been in the doldrums since 1984,


the last time they won any medal in the showjumping. The last time they


won a gold was in 1952. They won a couple of bronze medals at European


level. It is down to the horses. The reason that Saudi Arabia are


doing well is that they have quite a lot of money behind them, they


have worked very hard, they have enough cash to keep horses in their


country. Britain has already lost a horse to the Saudis. We need owners


who are prepared to keep their horses. I think showjumping is one


of the others competitions to win an Olympic medal. There are 16


fences out there. 32 in total, this is the second round. Every single


one of those fences could be the difference between gold and no


medal at all. If you look at that building in the background with the


pointy roof, number-one Canary Wharf. They say that to win a medal,


to complete the team showjumping here at an Olympic Games, every


team will have jumped in total, the height of that building. About 300


metres. A lot of fences and a lot of room for error. It has got


bigger, it is already pretty big. Apparently the time will be quite


difficult to get, we are set for an exciting final day of showjumping


here in Greenwich. How many fences will they have to negotiate? It is


13 fences, 16 obstacles. Some of the fences are combinations. Nick


Skelton, six Olympics, not counting Moscow when Britain boycotted the


Games. Ben Maher, Nick and Ben have not had a single fence down. They


are on joint first place in the individual competition which


concludes on Wednesday. Scott brash is on eight faults, Peter Charles


has had eight fences down in each We will be back life for that,


enjoy. You may remember that history was made with the start of


the women's boxing events at the Games. I noted that women's boxing


is actually a demonstration event at the St Louis Games of 1904, when


the ladies completed in knickerbockers. How times have


changed, thankfully. Nicola Adams starter campaign today. The world


silver medallist takes on petrol or Nicola, a two-time world medallist.


I was 13 years old, and I wasn't nervous at all. I just wanted to


get in there. It all started off with Nicola coming down to the gym


with me. Was it your intention to take it to a boxing session? No, I


didn't even realise they had boxing. She went off and did her own thing.


I knew she wouldn't get her and, because there were trainers and


coaches there. It was something for the kids to do. It is very


expensive, all of the equipment, so it hasn't been easy. To do a's --


the days of boxing be Olympic sport for men only are over. Women boxers


will be able to compete at the Olympics. I think if women want to


I wasn't very interested in women's boxing, I didn't like to see girls


getting hit. But I could see the determination in the girls. Within


18 months, we had five in the world's top 10 at their weight. In


2008, European Championships, we got seven medals. How do you feel


about women's boxing now? I love it. She has got this amazing smile, a


slight frame. She doesn't strike you as someone you would associate


with boxing. Exactly. She has flat feet, so she wouldn't be a runner.


There was a time, not so long ago, when it was nearly all over for you.


I had a really serious back injury. I was in bed for three months,


which is frustrating, because I was such a get-up-and-go person. The GB


selections were going on, and I couldn't train. I went from being


able to do 300 sit-ups a day to not being able to do one. Did you think


this was it the you? I thought that a few times. When I started


punching a game, I was so slow and a bit overweight. I saw everybody


on the GB team, flying up and down. I thought, I can never get back to


how I was before. I said to the coaches, am I ready to come back at


this level so quickly? And they said, yes, you can do this. She was


to become Olympic champion world champion, so she works hard. It is


because of the Nicolas that the I have been boxing for so long, and


I have won a lot of tournaments. The European Championships, getting


old, and a silver medal at the worlds. I couldn't have asked for a


better career. And what would it mean to have an Olympic gold medal


about there. I would give that Olympic medal a whole shelf! I knew


I was up against it. The five-time world champion. I thought, this is


my dream, this is my time, and the bell went and I went out and did


the business! Talk me through the moment you knew you had qualified


for the Olympics. I can't describe it. All the hard work, the tears,


the ups and downs, it was all for that moment. I think Nicola has got


the brightest smile in boxing. We will see her fighting live later


this afternoon on BBC Three. Quite a weekend in the Olympic Stadium,


wasn't it? And Golden Globe for the Olympics on Saturday, and a silver


lining yesterday in the women's little out of the blocks, but is


quickly up. And that is a fast start from the American. And so is


Christine Ohuruogu, writing this from the beginning. The Russian


goes past Sanya Richards-Ross, but Christine Ohuruogu has really


attacked this first 200m. DeeDee Trotter is trying to get into this,


but Christine Ohuruogu has a chance here. There are five or six of them


here. DeeDee Trotter is coming through, and Christine Ohuruogu is


coming again. Can she get it this time? Will she make it? Sanya


Richards-Ross takes the gold. Christine Ohuruogu, a Stirling,


sterling effort to get the silver. For a moment, I thought it was


going to happen all over again, just like four years ago. But Sanya


Richards-Ross is a worthy champion. She is a great 400m runner. And of


the silver to Christine Ohuruogu. What can you say about Christine?


Every time, saves her best for the Olympics, for the World


Championships. Forget all the other races, this is the one that matters


to her, and she gets the best out of herself again. Only ever runs


under 50 seconds in major finals. A remarkable run for her, but hats


off to Sanya Richards-Ross. The overwhelming reaction? I was


stunned. I was... I just... I was heartbroken, actually, I really was.


To have... To lose your title like that, it was tough. But Sanya is a


worthy competitor, and she ran a good race. I have to be happy with


what I got. It could have been worse. It looked like it could have


been Beijing all over again as you charged down that straight. I know,


but I tightened up. I could feel my shoulders lifting. It is really


hard to control when you are under fatigue. I thought I had more time,


but the line came too soon. I always came here for one thing only,


to continue my reign as Olympic Cham -- champion, so I am a bit


Well, it was a pugnacious attempted to a title. You said last night


your heart broken. 15 hours later, have you revise your assessment?


Yes, I did a lap of honour afterwards, and just seeing how


proud the people were of May, it kind of brought home that even


though I didn't get gold, it was like having your family out there.


I probably any new a small percentage of them, but it really


felt special to have everybody cheering you on regardless of how I


thought I did. And on the podium, everyone still waiting behind to


watch me receive my medal, and to have them all there was really


special. In years to come, people will ask you to do seminars on how


to save your best for major championships, and use the rounds


to your advantage. How do you do it? It is not something I do. I


wish I could run a lot faster and set myself up, but it just never


happens. This year was a bit unusual because I lost a lot of


ground, so I was in effect starting a game try to learn the 400 rhythm


again. The 400 is not just about having speed or endurance, it is


about being able to learn your rhythm. I would like to going


running faster, but it is never the case. You just have to go into the


championship, and I know that once I'm in there and I have three days


to work, I invariably work, and it always works out. It does, because


the three times you have run under 50 seconds have been in the


absolute key moment that you needed to! Yes, and I am glad that I have


that skill and I know how to get my body to work and how to be able to


operate under that kind of pressure. Looking back on the race, is there


anything you would, could, should have done differently? I don't want


to come out and say would, could, should. But the top bend, I think I


got a little bit lost, I remember just blinking and then seeing the


whole world in front of me, and I thought, not again. It was almost


like a repeat, but I was on the outside. I think being far out in


lane eight, it was a lot harder to judge, because you are so far from


what is going on. But I think maybe I lost a little bit of focus coming


into the top, maybe it was a little bit of apprehension that the race


was going to be over soon. I think maybe I could have started my prep


for the home straight a lot earlier, which are neglected to do. That


might have got me my gold. Everybody was delighted with silver,


and the way you ran it was huge. Yes, me and my coach went back


afterwards, and they think we can say that I'm happy with it. There


is always more I am learning about the four, and there is always more


I am learning, so there is always more to do. The whole atmosphere of


the Olympics, which has overwhelmed many people so far, didn't really


hit you until you stood on the podium itself. You looked


overwhelmed at that point. What was going through your mind? A think


that was the first time I allowed it to sink in. All the other times


I was competing, I had to just focus on what I had to do. I knew


if I got too emotionally wrapped up, it would be to my detriment. Other


people can handle that, but I don't handle the excitement very well in


terms of not allowing it to affect my performance, so I was just


trying really hard to focus on my job. There was only the first few


days, I had loads of time afterwards to soak up the


atmosphere. And had you wanted to, you could have jogged home. You're


from about a mile away! Yes, I spoke to my mum and dad, and they


walked home from the stadium. Which is quite funny. It is really weird.


I am just so proud of the whole thing. And this is always going to


be my area, it is where I was born and raised. In which case, you look


at what is here, and you have seen this develop over the last seven


years. What is it doing to your community, and what you hope it


will do? I hope ultimately that we will continue with the spirit of


the Olympics. If it is something that people can use to pull them


together and to continue to move the community for what, I think


that is great. It is great to have that, especially for the youngsters


that grow up here and can go back to school in September and say, I


was at the stadium. And they experience all this, this is just


something that I don't think any of us could have imagined would happen


when we were growing up. I really couldn't have seen this happening


as a child growing up, never. it is not finished. 4x400m. Yes, I


have got one day off, and then I get back into training tomorrow,


hopefully I will meet up with the girls, and it looks good. From what


we saw yesterday in the final, I think we really have a good chance.


I just want to finish by taking you back to about a year ago. When you


qualified, you came off the track and you told everybody, I am broken.


And 12 months on, a silver medal at the Olympic Games. How did you fix


it? And what are you going to do now? Coming back from debut was one


of the biggest shocks I have ever had. It wasn't so much the


disqualification, but how the wind. It was one of the hardest years I


have ever had. With the injury, and then Crystal Palace where I


finished last, and then me and my coach had three weeks to try to


turn it round, and we trained until the last moment, managed to get a


400m run out of me, and then to know that we did all that work and


get disqualified in the first round, it just compounded about fortune on


top of bad fortune. But I went back to work, and I love what I do, so


going back to training was never a problem. It was just a matter of


believing in what I have and believing in my face and keeping


everything together. -- believing in my faith it is an amazing


comeback story. Before you go, can we have a look at this? I should go


and get my Beijing one from home as well. Yes, you could just go


clinking around the park. Yes, this is like gold to me. It is like gold


to ask, too. Lovely to see you, It is getting tense and twitchy in


the traditional indoor version of The key moves within a phase of


play are the surf, the pass, the set, the spike, the block and the


dig. There are two main types of serve. The jump serve is an


overhand smash that generates power. The float serve is hit without spin,


making the flight of the ball unpredictable and hard to read for


the opponents. The pass is used by the player receiving the ball from


a service, and is an attempt to pass the ball to the team's setter.


The set is where the player positions the ball, enabling their


team to attack. The spike, also known as the smash, involves


players hitting the ball over wrong, in an attempt to finish a rally and


win a point. The block is -- involves fund -- front court


players attempting to block the ball at the net, in order to win a


point for their team. The dig is a defensive move, and is used when


players receive the ball after a spike. Athletes will do whatever it


takes to keep the ball off the floor, sometimes in spectacular


We are offering the men's competition now, Russia against


Serbia, who need to win this final group game to progress to the


middle stages. Serbia have never won a medal in their history, they


thought Novak Djokovic would be the man yesterday but he was not to be


at Wimbledon. Russia won the first two sets. It is 19-18 and


commentary comes from Jonathan commentary comes from Jonathan


serve, which completely went off the top. It almost disappeared


stage left. He looks like he was change -- take a bow. The was it an


ace? It was, what a great serve. needed to be playing all day, wipe


it off the top of the block. These are good serves. It is so easy to


say it. Again, testing those in the mountainous one. Both of the


players, nice and tight together. In the end to, it was killed.


going crosscourt the whole time. His approach was crosscourt, is


facing crosscourt, I am not sure why. At the last moment, the


Russian blocker dropped his hands to the right to try to take the


shot away. It had already gone too he was trying to do a familiar


ball coming towards him and the Russian blogger getting up there. -


- the Russian blocker. That was way along. The Russians are quite happy


to just trade points. Another step closer. Three more and it is match


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


Russia, dig, said, Spike, take that they were doing, they had


The big man. -- he stirs himself. We have not seen the number 18 at


all. I believe he has only played in one game so far. It could be


that Russia are keeping their cards close to their chest. It is a treat


to watch him, he is really natural and sharp. That so much point. --


that his match point. We have played for 69 minutes. Russia, a


number two in the world, the bronze medallists four years ago, are


They have been a different proposition since the number two


has come on. There has been freedom and enjoyment about his play.


doesn't have anything to prove, because the team is normally


struggling when he is brought on, He started with the first serve, he


has finished with the final shot. It is 3-0 to Russia. Serbia are out


of the Olympic Games. Because they needed to win to pressure Germany.


But Russia stride on. While we wait to watch the USA against Tunisia,


nonsense, no messing. In particular, the performance of the knee high


laugh, 86% efficiency with his to the camera and the crowd. The


big man did the damage in the first set, and then left. There is


and they go out. The European Serbia are out. Great Britain's


volley ball as also know they are going out but they have one last


game against Argentina at 4:45pm. You cannot catch up with that and


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You can go to Weymouth and Portland now. The end of the women's medal


race in the Laser class. Bennett will be the laser for men. Paul


Goodison has had problems with his back -- then it will be the laser.


Paul Goodison will not be defending his title. At 2:50pm it is the time


for Beth Tweddle on the uneven bars. She has won everything, it is the


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