BBC One: Day 10: 13.45-16.00 Olympics

BBC One: Day 10: 13.45-16.00

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Hello again. Another gripping afternoon in store. We are very


much looking forward to seeing Beth Tweddle, who has a firm grip in


qualification for the uneven bars final. The former world champion's


final performance on her favourite apparatus is guaranteed a good spot


as she heads into the final. Can she finally land that elusive


Olympic medal? Christie and Thomas is also going in the vault. --


Kristian Thomas. There is a man who already has a team bronze. We will


be live at the North Greenwich arena shortly, but here is what is


on offer around the venues. 20 million of youth stayed with us to


enjoy the 100 metres final and there is women's boxing if you want


to tailor your viewing after that historic day. The sailing continues,


and we have Greco-Roman wrestling, and we don't often see that. You're


not allowed to catch one another by the legs, it is all about the upper


body. 24 streams of action around the parks, and you can do what you


fancy. But we have had a good morning of athletics to enjoy in


the Olympic Stadium. But a mixed one for Great Britain. Let's review


some of the significant moments. Tiffany Porter qualified in the


women's 100 metres hurdles and looks like she has put the injury


problems behind her, which is good news. Andrew Osagie qualified in


the 800 metres but will not be joined by Gareth Warburton or


Michael Rimmer in their tough qualification. It was three out of


three for Team GB in the 1,500 metres. Laura Weightman


particularly impressive in securing her semi-final spot alongside


Hannah England and Lisa Dobriskey. We do not know if you call this


early on, but what a moment for Lawrence Okoye. Qualifying for the


discus final, just going over the 65 metre barrier on his last throw.


A wonderful moment for everybody to enjoy in the stadium today. That is


performing at your peak in front of a home crowd. A massive throw, and


the man from Croydon is in the final tomorrow night. On BBC One,


we are concentrating on gymnastics or most of the afternoon, because


Beth Tweddle had a race against time just to be fit for London


after knee surgery in April, but what a response in qualifying for


the final, one of her best-ever performances, and indeed being part


of the team a final which saw them finish six. And we saw Louis Smith


and Max Whitlock take silver and bronze on the pommel horse, and one


thing that struck all this was how much the British gymnasts have


upped their game in the atmosphere of the North Greenwich arena. It


does not seem to have inhibited them in any way at all. Would you


agree with that, Matt Baker? To be honest, I think they have always


had the ability and execution but the one thing they have not had his


confidence. The belief that they can actually perform on the stage,


and suddenly they come out of here with all of this support and it is


just incredible. As soon as the gymnasts salute, this place erupts


and suddenly there is extra belief and they have just woken up and are


nailing it every time. And here we are with three medals. Everyone is


thinking we can do well in the sailing and rowing, but here we are


on top of the world in gymnastics. And the one at that Beth Tweddle


clearly wants his Olympic gold. She would want a medal of any colour


because it's not in her collection. Judging by her qualification


performance and through the team competition, how do you assess


their chances this afternoon? can go into this with confidence.


Nobody has scored higher than her in the all-round team competitions,


but she has set the high benchmark. But there are some incredible


gymnasts in this final, and there is one Chinese girl we think will


go for a 7.3 difficulty and we think Beth Tweddle will be around


just 7.0. But just to think a step to the side was what cost her a


medal in Beijing. I just wanted her to get a medal because she so


deserves it. What she has done for British gymnastics is incredible.


She has almost been the Captain Cook, if you like, ploughing a path,


going into unknown territory and suddenly all the other gymnasts


have followed on. She is just truly remarkable and it would be a fairy-


tale ending to what has been an incredible career. One of the most


important points is that she has been a standard bearer for British


gymnastics, and that is so important in what is a subjective


judging system, that you see athletes who are established and


are therefore able to show the rest of the team at the way. Do you get


the feeling that basically the great British gymnasts have earned


their stripes in the sense of judging as a consequence of her?


doubt about it. People walk out and think, here comes Beth Tweddle,


let's stop judging and just have a look at the incredible difficulty


she can, with, and she has this dynamic force behind the routines


which is mesmerising to watch. And she earns every single medal she


has won. But to be honest, when you look at it, you can think of all


the world and European title she has won but she has done so much


more for gymnastics. And I think everybody wants to see her get


that... Can we say gold? Just any medal. It is her and Katherine


Grainger coming into the Olympics but everybody wants to see get the


gold. If she can go through her routine in get to the end and not


step to the side on the dismount and get the medal she deserves.


Katherine Grainger did it, and we will be backed Euan about 55


minutes. Enjoy it, and I'm sure the atmosphere is building beautifully.


Enjoy it for now and we will catch you shortly. But we are heading to


Greenwich Park. You will remember the three-day event team claimed a


silver medal and chances are coming in the dressage, but right now it


is the turn of the showjumping team, led by Nick Skelton. 28 years since


Britain last won an Olympic jumping medal and they are lying joint


second. Clare is there to see if they can put that right this


afternoon. High, Hazel, how are you? Not too shabby. What sort of


chances to give Nick Skelton and the team today? A I would give them


strong chances. Only eight teams have qualified for the final round


and this is where the medals will be decided. It is packed that


Greenwich and the crowd have been asked to keep their applause muted


when the British riders come in. Do not stamp your feet on the ground,


because you'll frighten the horses. The only false Britain have picked


up have largely been because Peter Charles's horse and Scott Brash's


course have been worried. It is some a reader to come into.


Fantastic fence building as well, because they have taken London and


maritime history as the theme so there is a cutty Sark fence, a


lighthouse, a Greenwich Mean Time house and you can see the Charles


Darwin Origin of species theme here, so there is a sense of humour as


well as history and Britain's four riders have a really strong chance


of a medal here. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are leading at the


moment with just one of time fault among the scores they can. Four


riders on most of the teams, but Canada only have three because they


had a disqualification in controversial circumstances, so the


best three scores will count. We are carrying forward four faults so


that books as joint second. Germany and did knock -- Germany and France


did not qualify. Great Britain have done really well to get to this


stage but now they need calm heads and steady nerves and horses with


great ability. Nick Skelton definitely has that with Big Star,


and Scott Brash has written brilliantly with only one fence


down. Peter Charles will be the last rider out. They are a very


strong team and could win Great Britain its first showjumping medal


since 1984, and possibly a first goal since 1960. So quite exciting


here. -- a first goal. It does seem ironic, because you have a Nick


Skelton, a veteran going back until 1980 and it seems he has not been


able to make the breakthrough given his wonderful pedigree in all the


major events in the sport over the last few years. How well deserved


might be a medal be for him? Hugely well deserved. But you know his six


Olympic Games are nothing compared to Ian Miller, the last rider for


Canada, riding at his 10th Olympics. He is 65 years of. His 10th Olympic


Games, and you wonder how he could do it. But she will write about


Nick Skelton. Lot -- Mary King, it is a bit like that, Nick Skelton


broke his neck and thought he could never ride again. He was in a neck


brace for a long time and has come back to gentle riding and back to


the sport and that is a pretty brave thing to do. You will know


his son it is closely involved with the yard of Paul Nicholls in the


jump racing, but showjumping is where it really matters for him and


a lot of people in the Sport and in the country in general will be


hugely pleased if he could win an individual medal and be part of a


good team effort for Great Britain. Absolutely. We will be back on BBC


Three and enjoy this afternoon. But for now we are nipping back to the


north Greenwich arena because it's not just Beth Tweddle in action


this afternoon, Kristian Thomas is going in the vaults -- the vault


final, but the first is the men's rings. Incredible strength required,


and it does make your jaw drop in all. I am not on the rings at the


moment, but the gymnasts will be out in a while. Before that I have


a Imogen Cairns and Jenifer pinches here who did an incredible job in


the women's team final -- Jenny Pinches. How was it down their


performing in this incredible arena? Absolutely amazing. I have


never experienced a home crowd and I used them to help me. This is the


thing. We were having a word with Hazel about how the British


gymnasts, you've got the moves and the execution and you just need a


little extra push and the feeling of support to be able to support


and Jenny, you went out there and rocked this place. Thank you very


much. I did have a slip-up at the start but the crowd were all behind


me so I came back stronger and proved I could perform on the fork


and in the vaults and I got personal best scores. -- on the


floor. What are you feeling at the moment? Death is really chilled out


and happy and there is nothing more that this girl can be -- Beth


Tweddle. This will be the cherry on the top for her. She knows this


routine day in day out. She just deserves this. Fingers crossed.


we are all behind her and we will talk more about as -- the routine


is the final gets closer. But we did find Beth Tweddle's mum and dad,


and you have followed her all over the world. Did you think after


Beijing you would be standing here now, four years later, watching her


go again and fingers crossed, getting a medal? Immediately after,


not at all. She had said that was that. But I think the lure of


London was too great. For any athlete to the London Games from


here is just amazing and the crowds have been phenomenal. One had you


been going through in the last week? I have had a great time. I


have been putting down a patio with my son and taking my mind off it,


so I've had a great time. A lot of support, all the media staff and


that has helped us concentrate on other things. And there is the most


majestic story about the tickets. Tell us about your mum. The night


that the tickets were closing, my mother, who is 85, applied for some


tickets and she came up with the two tickets to the final,


absolutely fantastic, because we are delighted to get those, and I


hope she is watching! I am sure she is. You can give her away.


Incredibly, you have got two seats right in front of the a symmetric


bars. Yes, right in front of them. I don't know if that's a good or


bad thing. But I will be doing a routine with her, as usual. So you


will be able to watch, even if it is true split fingers? I do watch,


but I pity the person next to me, because they will be watching me do


it with her. You said you just hope she could leave the arena having


done what she could set out to do, and if a medal is attached, so be


it. She just wants to do the routine of her life, and if she


gets a medal or not, we will go away as proud parents. You will be


incredibly proud anyway because of what she has done. She has done so


much and this would be the icing on the cake. But she will be


remembered, I hope, for the athletes she has been. Still a bit


more time to do any hands behind the back pacing before it starts,


so we will let you go. A final word for everyone watching this at home.


Everyone will be on the edge of their seed. Lovely to see both. We


will let you go, and we will concentrate now on the men's rings


final. If you look behind me, the Federico Molinari, champion in 2012.


Aleksandr Balandin, in fine fettle. Well, this will be very popular,


Matteo Morandi. Four times a bronze medal. Never an Olympic medal. And


a young man who has been in the sport, a bit longer than I have!


Iordan Iovtchev. Great to see him, in sixth Olympic Games. Tommy Ramos


are port Reich co-, and it was an exciting qualifier. There is the


young man, Ablyazin, who can tumble and vault especially. Qualified in


top three here as well. Arthur Nabarrete Zanetti. From Brazil.


Second in the test event in London. So we are all sitting comfortably


now, including me, and we are all set and ready for the ultimate


event, the Olympic rings. Kicking us off, is probably the ultimate


gymnast on this piece of apparatus, the king of strength and difficulty,


Execution. It is the reigning Olympic champion on this piece of


apparatus. And we look at Yibing Chen, we think he is spsh on rings


but he is a good all round gymnast, he is a really good guy to have on


your team. It is interesting to see him, and saying that the the


Chinese team weren't really as polished as he would like them to


be, him being the captain. He said we are going to have to be on fire


to get the gold, which they did. Incredible, men's team final and


here he is, hoping to retain this Olympic crown that he has got.


Immense difficulty here, this is a Four times world rings champion.


Amazed. When you look at this guy, the code says you have to show


strength, swing, you str to show swing to strength, and this guy is


swing to strength, and this guy is just immaculate. Look at that


inverted cross. Shoulders well down. Measured in the swing. Kills the


top part of the top of it. Look at that. Flops the legs out under him.


Holds a perfect cross. Look at the second inverted cross. Shoulders


well done. And there is the Maltese. Now he is looking better here than


he looked in qualifying. This is Big wind up. Full twist and a


double straight with a kick out. That was immaculate. Incredible


work from Yibing Chen. Well what a way to start this men's ring final.


Look at the scenes here. Goodness, can he get up into the 16s with


can he get up into the 16s with that? I really think so. Every


department strength, swing to strength, pure swing, it was all


nailed, and the dismount was just... The icing on to the cake. Well, he


has been the top gymnast in the world, really, has really ruled


this apparatus, he wanted, you know, as you said earlier, that wasn't


very happy with how the team did. They did well in the final but they


hadn't dole very well in the qualification, which is what this


is from and haven't got as many finals as they would like. This is


beautiful, straight body work. Absolutely perfect. Where do you


deduct from here? There is only one occasion in the whole routinele.


When he was in seated cross, his shoulders were high, but I can't


see anything else. Tiny pike in the first phase of the twist, but


really, I am scrambling round for something wrong. Look at his face,


he is daring the judges to take something off that. That was


terrific. A little wink. You have to wonder if it is possible for


anybody to beat this man on rings. A 15.8. Nine for execution. They


found a whole mark. Goodn't knows where! Yes. He is thinking the same


thing, Chris. If that is a 15.8. I would like to see what the others


have to make, because that was incred, work. Federico Molinari,


Argentina, the 28-year-old. He has a 6.7 difficulty so 0.1 behind


a 6.7 difficulty so 0.1 behind Yibing Chen. Great to see him here.


He almost stopped gymnast tix after having a terrible shoulder injury.


Yet here he is on rings. Shoulder injuries are the bane of the rings'


workers lives. But it is obviously recovered well. Holds that planche


Building his difficulty through that. And again. Really fabulous


straight line, shoulders completely down, no question there. Waits to


explode, up, into the Sommeer salting work. Showing that swing.


Oh, that was wonderful, the Takes quite a pause. Steadies


himself, swings, up to handstand, just a bit of a waiver at the top


of that, had to fight a bit. Didn't he - oh, what a shame, one-and-a-


half twists, just a bit wild the way he threw the arm over. He was


on fire, just the last two moves. What a shame. It was impressive but


he bent his arms and that is a biggie, that is a 3 to five tenth


deduction then he fell at the end, that is another whole mark. This


was nice. Very cleanly done. Circle down. He will pop back up. Look at


that. This angle, the feet look bowed. But maybe not. Lovely


shoulder condition, and as you said, Matt, he has recovered from an


injury to get to this level on the most demanding exercise. This was a


pity. One-and-a-half twists in the double, but overcooked it. Feet


behind the shoulders and he is scrambling to get to his feet. A


pity. It will have been that little half turn at the end he has worked


on for the last few months, just to build that difficulty to compete


There is your leader Yibing Chen, Really looking forward to seeing


this gymnast. This is Aleksandr Balandin. He is the European


champion. He really impressed us a few months ago at the European


Championships, and,, he could, he could threaten Chen here. He could.


He is precise in his strength lines and Chen may have given a little


room for manoeuvre in the cross, the seated cross, but I don't think


you will see a problem with these. His shoulders are a fraction high


there. You have to have a straight line. Imagine a stick, a broom-


handle through, and that is very nice. Imagine the broom-handle


between the two rings and your shoulders have to follow that line.


That is nice. Shrug to Maltese. Bounce the cross. But the swing has


to be well under control. Very nice. Into top planche. Look at the


strain. Good technique, but a tiny bit overcooked with the circle to


handstand. He has to keep the arms straight, but he did. This is a


very difficult dismount, the double pike. A lot of gymnasts don't like


it because you not sighted when you come to the second rotation. Lovely


work. Well that will certainly threaten for a medal. He did score


a 15.816 in the team final, so if he could replicate that he will go


ahead of Chen, a 15.8. There is the man we will be talking about short


ly, Iordan Iovtchev. It is a fine line between the strength parts.


Talking to one of the British judges, he says if you don't hit


the position straight from swing, you can't adjust from it, you have


to live in the position you land in. And you can see there, he swung


just a bit high, but this, you like that Chris, don't you. Yes. Yes,


very strong dismount. Is really a strong guy. Like the start as well.


strong guy. Like the start as well. He sets his authority on the


routine.. He is into second. With a 15.666. Will he stay there? There


is a fair few gymnasts to come yet in this ring final. Matteo Morandi.


He was the second highest qualifier. If you think 30 is old, wait until


the next gymnast! He is the current the next gymnast! He is the current


Italian champion this lad. I bumped into two of his Italian team-mates,


they said he will win silver. Look at that. Great start. Passing


through a Maltese, up to top planche. There is another Maltese.


Very, very accurate, so far. Lovely line. Circle to inverted cross.


Tiny wobble but times it perfectly. He has pushed his difficulty up


over the past year, if he can match Difficulty. Circle to cross. If it


is anything that will test him, it is the swing. He has to hit that


handstand. Very nicely done indeed. So stick this and you are in


business. Oh, a little wobble forward, just a step forward but


Matteo Morandi did go for it there. Very impressive. OK, so his team-


mates are predicting a silver. But mates are predicting a silver. But


stand by your beds. 15.8 is the score he needs for gold. Got some


interesting combinations there as well. You know, a lot of apparatus,


you can get similar routines, in that there is easier ways to get


your difficulty, than other, whereas he seems to have used a bit


more variety in the work. Interestingly with rings Mitch,


this is the only piece of apparatus you have to react to, because it


swings, it moves. You have to time the swing at the front or the back,


all depends on the handstand, but these strength parts were


immaculate. He did a great job. 30 years old his shoulders are. You


would never guess. Well, a predicted silver and he is in


second! I wonder what they predict of Beth Tweddle. 1.733. -- 15.733.


He doesn't look too chuffed with that. It was very fair judges.


a story it would be if this man could get up into the meds --


medals. Iovtchev. He is 39 years old. This his sixth Olympic game,


Here we go. Phenomenal, phenomenal gymnast. And still especially


strong. Has had to alter his work, as the judging system has changed.


Fighting to bring that cross right down, in line, he is having no


trouble with the swinging elements and that was absolutely beautifully


done, wasn't it. Superb strength. Just a little bit of a soft back in


the handstand. And that, when he stirs started was seen as a per--


perfect handstand what a shame. A buckle of the knee, didn't quite


swing high enough a as he released the bar. I love the expression on


his face as to say "You didn't see that." what character he is. Listen


to the roar! Everybody knows here, Historic to see a man of 39 in an


Olympic final. Techniques have to adjust, and he has got a soft dough


back, and that was the old- fashioned technique, but my golly,


he is still strong. Great stuff. Let's look at the knees. How


quickly he gets back up! You didn't see it! Well, he already has two


Olympic medals. He got a second in Athens and was third in Sydney.


Athens and was third in Sydney. Athens and was third in Sydney.


Still a fabulous score with a bit Three gymnasts to go in this final.


Tommy Ramos will be up next. He has got a difficulty of 6.8, so if he


can match the leader he could be up He is quite a bit taller, this


gymnast, so at the tall you are, the greater strength you need to


hold it out like that. Wonderful shape, dead straight. Into the


seated across. And that is very impressive. The shoulders going


right down. Just holding the shapes, holding the strength element. Look


at that, that is a great picture. Each strength element has to be


held to account of two, and he is making sure of that. -- took


He is straight into the inverted cross. Then there handstand, and he


faltered a little bit. He took a while to lock to the handstand. A


good straight back somersault. That was a very strong challenge.


strong challenge, and he will need Tommy Ramos making the most of his


opportunity. It is a tough club to get into, 15.6 or more is a tough


club. Some of the technique he showed was a little bit suspect. He


did lower his position after a swing, and that is a deduction.


There were errors for the judge to get into, but that is a lovely


A huge achievement to have made the final of the Olympic Games. Every


gymnast to comes here as an individual, that is the bigger game,


to make the finals and then perform your best, that is just what you


That is a good score. 15.6 is a He managed to take the bronze on


the floor yesterday, and it was his birthday the day before that. A


great belated birthday present. He has eight 6.6 difficulty level.


did such a good job on the floor. He has a similar touch on the rings,


very quick and in and out of the positions, holding them for just


the right amount of time. He swings beautifully. Double tuck, double


pike, and he nails the top position. Lovely control and technique in the


handstand. A little bit overcooked on the back. But a double double


with just a pace. He went for it. He is in with a shout. If that is a


huge dismount, double straight, We have seen a lot of those double


tucks, but you have to generate a lot of swing into the dismount and


that was very impressive. Very strong. Look at his shoulders.


has got a real energy to his work. I know what you mean when you say


he moves around at pace. A great pace to all his routines.


Anatomy student would say he has a lovely definition in at deltoids


and biceps. These terms are so high when he is making them. Two Straits,


two twists, arms out for a landing. I think that is the only one we


have seen in the championship. think so, very impressive work.


will be interesting to see if he UPS the difficulty score. 15.633.


The last a gymnast to go is the 4th highest qualifier. Now this lad got


a silver medal at the World Championships. This is his first


Olympics and he can certainly put Well, he knows the arena. He won


the Test event here. And a lot of people were tipping him. But he's


in a distinguished and experienced company here. Circling up, straight


to the top, and he will bounce back from this. This is very strong work.


An almost stock move, but he makes it look so easy. Swinging into his


strength. There is the double. Look at that control there. Pushes


out into the Maltese, and his shoulders are slightly over raised,


Look at that, talk about a stick in the straight line from the


shoulders down from the rings. That's good. A good disciplined


swing to the handstand. Stand this up, and you could be in business,


but that little pace could be crucial. This is going to be a very


uncomfortable wait. He is clinging on in bronze at the moment with


15.666. Has Zanetti just taken the He will be very popular in if he


As predicted, he is in store when the opposition. Will he stay there


and third? Serious faces. They know that that was an impressive routine.


Lovely lines. Look at this. It is superhuman. It is, isn't it? It is


almost like there is something pulling him up. It is like he is on


hydraulics. Yet, that's the word. - - yes. Hugely impressive. It is all


about the strength in relation to your body weight. And he obviously


is very, very strong indeed. But he has good style. That was a nice


dismount. The best landing for being upright, even if there was


The arms go up into the air. It's not just a Brahms or a silver,


Zanetti, the last gymnast up steals the gold from China! 15.9. What a


performance from the Brazilian gymnast. And that will be a very


popular gold medal, because he is a very, very engaging young man and


Chen is gracious in defeat. What a moment for Zanetti. He had to watch


everyone else go, but he was not intimidated by what he saw. But


what a performance. Look at that. That was an amazing performance.


His strength parts were incredible. Look at my Randi, in third, and 37


And big surprise in the women's fault, yesterday, and this is a


surprise as well. Chen has been so dominating. But the times are a-


changing. He was good in the test event, and that took me by surprise.


I thought the pace might keep him out of the ultimate gold medal


position, but there is the 39-year- old, still young, still battling.


Terrific. I don't think he will be back, do you? But let's not say


that. Don't let him hear you say that. What a final we have seen


here. So emotional for everyone involved. And Arthurs and Etty


A superb victory for Brazil and most unexpected. We are looking


through the statistics and we reckon that is the first gymnastics


gold medal for Brazil at the Olympic Games. The man in Silver


said he might retire, and he says he might want to be a children's TV


presenter! Anyway, let's get to Nicola Adams in the women's boxing,


she is in the blue. This is a quarter-final, and if she wins it


against the Bulgarian, she has a Just approaching 32nd gone in the


third round -- approaching 30 seconds gone. Nicola Adams, the No.


2 seed in the competition, making her Olympic debut as she was the


beneficiary of a buy as a virtue of the No. 2 seeding and she has been


boxing well. She led 2-1 after the first round and extended that to


five-three after two completed rounds. In the third round, Nicola


Adams using all the punch variety that is her hallmark. Nicola Adams


is one of the hardest body punches I have ever boxed against. It is


good to see she is employing those punches now she is more confident


in the ring, because that will slow After just taking a look on a


scouting mission during the opening round, perhaps some of nerves on


her Olympic debut at the corner instructed her to relax, and Nicola


has carried out the instructions to a tee and his boxing in a rhythmic,


fluid fashion. -- he's boxing. She's using the jab to better


effect and is finding the range. She is the smallest box on the


programme, but she has the biggest reach, and that Rajab comes from


nowhere. -- that jab. So that is the conclusion to the third round,


and the crowd here that is full to capacity and maybe even beyond,


rise up in using -- in unison. Nicola Adams extending their


Nice and relaxed in the blue corner from the coach. We see Nicola


throwing her combinations and landing. Landing the body and head


combinations, forcing her to stumble back again. There we go,


the body looks I was talking about, they are so hurtful. I would like


to see her use a few more of these going into the last round, because


they really do put you off going anywhere near throwing a punch at


round the boxer wearing blue representing Great Britain is


Nicola Adams and she has worked herself into a six point lead and


begun the Fourth Round if brilliant fashion. Scoring with a reverse one


two, Petrova has to overturn a six with her feet and hands.:Petrova


has been unable to find and answer in what is the fourth encounter


between the two boxers, the previous three have been victories


for Adams. We wondered how significant that would be. It


appears as though unless she walks on to a sucker punch Nicola Adams


is about to repeat those victories in this, their fourth encounter.


You see the style from Adams. Switching from southpaw to orthodox,


comfortably. She is proficient in both stances. Petrova is


desperately trying to find a way round Adams' style. Left hand lead


being fired out of that southpaw stance by Nicola Adams, who lists


Sugar Ray Leonard and Muhammad Ali as boxers she admires. They


modelled their style on Sugar Ray Robinson and Sugar Ray Leonard and


Cassius Clay began their rise to global prominence, right here in


the Olympic boxing ring. She lost her balance there, but it is just a


slip says the referee so the gloves will be wiped clean. The contest


resumes. Well renowned Nicola Adams as one of the most naturally gifted


female boxers on the squad. This is where we see her personal style.


She trains in Leeds. We can see the relaxed low hand style. Swift shots


and great footwork. So the count down begins. But no doubt about the


victor. After a consue mate performance in four two minute


rounds Nicola Adams is beaming from ear to ear after her Olympic debut.


All smiles, she has graced the same canvas as some of the boxers she


has most admired. Didn't she acquit herself well?. Look at this! Strong


rear hand from Adams, followed by a left. Just moving out the way of


that counter by Petrova. I tell you what, they are strong shots. You


foe when you are been hit by Adams. -- you know. The moment of


realisation, the final bell has sounded and Nicola Adams raises


both arms in anticipation of victory. The official verdict is


a score of 16 points to seven, in the blue corner, representing Great


Britain, Nicola Adams. A little dance of delight from Great


Britain's Nicola Adams as she soaks up the acclaim and applause of this


ExCel arena that is packed to capacity, Union Jacks baeving round


us, and Nicola Adams in the manner of her heroes as she bows to all


four sides of the ring, in the fact she is guaranteed a place if the


podium. She has prevailed in her quarterfinal, she has made it


through to the semifinal. She will stand on the podium regardless, the


only question is what colour will only question is what colour will


that medal be? The 29-year-old from Leeds, congratulations, in that


particular division, Nicola could become the first gold list in


Olympic history, if thing goes to plan, right now, she is a bronze


medal guaranteed spot. This afternoon we are looking forward to


Natasha Jonas in the lightweight division. She is up against Katie


Taylor of Ireland what a bout this will be. Katie a four time World


Champion and she is the standard bearer for Irish hopes, she carried


the Trish flag at the opening ceremony that. Will come up in a


little while. We have some news, it has been all happening in the last


few moments. I have taken some copy. There has been a major development


in athletics after Algeria's 1500 metre Charles van Commenee pet for


was thrown out for not trying. This was earlier, this was in 1500


metres semifinal. He won this in style but he was forced to run the


800 metres after his team failed to withdraw his entry. This was him


this morning lining up at the start. He is all smile, no problem but he


was already well behind at the start of the back straight and he


therefore stopped running, 100 metres later. There he is dropping


off the pace and he stopped. Now I have an IAFF statement. They


decided to exclude him from participation in all further events


in the competition. That is highly significant because he was a major


contender for gold in that 1500 metres but he is out of the


Olympics and he becomes the ninth athlete of the games to be thrown


out for not trying. You remember the four badminton players who were


thrown out. So when you think all about the thousands of athletes who


have put these years training and hard work to get here and someone


doesn't try, it is a bit of a slap in the the face to them all. He is


out. But, very much in the whole of Liverpool could be coming to a


stand-still very shortly today as they Wash watch the city of


Liverpool gymnastic's clubs Beth Tweddle. The woman who has almost


single-handedly revitalised the sport in this country. She is a


three time World Champion, a six time European champion. A


Commonwealth champion and now a three time Olympian, she is


possessed of the steeliest of nerves, the only thing missing from


her collection is an Olympic medal. This is the one we love. Into the


full twist. That was a cracker. . It's a massive leaf. The past ten


weeks has been up and down and hard work with the rehab and everything,


but I proved that the British Championships I am nearly back to


full fitness, the bars is pretty much full fitness. As soon as I was


told I had surgery my mum dropped everything and came down with me to


the operation. My boyfriend has been there 100% to help me get


through anything that I needed, whether it was getting ice at


midnight or whatever it was, they are done everything to help me


achieve my dream. In we come. Wind up for the big dismount, double,


double. It is there. Fantastic work. She is very composed and boxes


things off so she knows what he has to do. Training hard, obviously had


a bit of a setback with her knee but she has got over there and she


has rehabed as hard as anybody, I think, the team have ever seen. So


she is a pretty determined little lady. My parents have only missed


about five competitions in my career which in 20 years is pretty


impressive. It is the missing one, isn't it. An Olympic medal. The


missing one for Beth. It is, yes. As he said the other day, she, if


she doesn't get it she has three world title, six European title to


her name, but it is the one she wants bs, she really doesn't care


which colour. I have worked hard on it. I have change add lot of things


and started to put the dismount back on. I have to give everything.


Here we go, the big catch up with half turn, into the drop to the low


half turn, into the drop to the low bar. Back up to the high bar, that


is smooth, that is good. As long as she comes away feeling she has done


her best, you know, that is what we will be happy with, you know, I


just want her to be happy. Just the big dismount to go. She winds up,


and that was tremendous. If I can walk away o knowing I have done the


best I would love to have a medal, but if it doesn't, I don't want to


walk away thinking I have not She was fourth in Beijing by a


fraction of a point. A point away from a bronze medal. Now is the


moment of truth for Beth Tweddle and indeed the team down there at


the North Greenwich Arena, Matt Baker and the rest of you, I know


you are looking forward to this as are we all. Fingers crossed. We are


just hoping that everything goes her way. I mean, so much can happen


in so little time, and you want it to flow, as beautifully as possible.


We can all stand here, Jenny and talk about how inspiring she is,


but, you are living proof of that. Well, yes, I looked up to her when


I was a younger gymnast what little girl didn't. She was the best we


have had in Britain, now I have been training with her for five


years and I have made to it the Olympic Games too. So she is a


great inspiration. She did make you feel like it was possible to


compete with the best. Of course, she has proved that Britain can win


medals and gold medals. Well, it is not going to be easy, she is going


to have to win that medal here, it is not matter of walking out and


getting through, she has to pack it with difficulty, because there are


some incredible gymnasts in this final. Not least, Gabby dug las. --


What about that! Well, she, she's happy. Look at that! Well, that was


tremendous. Surely Gabrielle Douglas has to go into the lead


after that. One piece of apparatus stands in the way of Gabrielle


Douglas, Olympic Gold. It all boils Well, what a story from this young


girl. There is your Olympic champion. What a performance. From


The bars are set 1.8 metres apart. The low bar is 1.7 high and the


high bar stands at 2.5 metres. All routines have to include flight


elements. Turns. Different grips. One of the most dramatic moves is


the Tkatchev. When the gymnast loses sight of the bar temporarily.


Judges cores are based on difficulty, technique and


composition. A straight body line and consistent rhythm has to be


OK, so basically girl, in lay man's term there's is two different


scores we will look at. The difficulty and then there is the


execution. So, Beth, we think, is going to go for, Jenny you are


thinking a 7.1? She has about three or four different routines that she


could go for, she is going to go for the 7.1 start value which is a


very high start value, but not her highest. And try and do the


execution as tidy as possible, or she will go for the 7.3, obviously


to get the biggest score. Some wonderful scenes down here of


Arthur Nabarrete Zanetti receiving his medal for the men's rings. That


was, it was a remarkable final. We expect a remarkable final here. Now


Imogen, how affected do you think Beth will be by what happens in the


competition before? We have Kexin He who could put up a 7.3. Do you


think she will stick to her plan. She is vastly experienced. I am not


sure. I don't know whether she will watch and think, but I think she


will keep her head down. I don't think she will watch the


competition. The amount of times she has done these routine, she


knows what to do, you know. How has she been back at the Olympic


Village? He has been pretty happy, chilled. We saw her a minute ago


after the warm up, she is in a good mood, so that is good. It is nice


She is nice and relaxed, she will be fine. This is what she has


worked for and the whole crowd easier for her. I really hope she


does it. How frustrating was it for her that she could not retain the


European title because of her knee injury, and how much will that knee


injury play on her mind? She has been sleeping with a special ice


machine, even up to last night. has got used to that now, sleeping


with the ice-pack on her knee, but it has not affected her training.


She has still trained as much as necessary and she qualified first


for the final and she will be concentrating on her routine, not


her injuries. Everybody is asking if she can get goal, but I just


want her to get a medal and stand on the podium and feel that -- get


a gold corps. Any medal will be the cherry on top of her cake of her


career. She just stepped up after Beijing, and it doesn't matter.


would be happy with a medal of any colour. It is the only thing


missing from her collection. think that just that little step to


the side is what Costa de Medellin Beijing. We will have a look at the


routine here and talk about some of the differences -- is what cost her


a medal in Beijing. She has changed Beijing, but she has stepped up


even more, and the routine you will see today, that will be better.


wonder how you could not get a medal with this routine because it


is so dynamic, powerful and precise but it boils down to that extra


little swing. She has linked everything up now and there is no


extra swing in the bar routine. It is so short. Everything is


connected. The little shake of the You talk about the connections,


because that is one way of building up the difficulties. You do one


difficult move after another. not normal to do that letter E into


another. That sounds difficult for people home. Basically all of the


moves are graded from letter a up to letter G. The lower down the


alphabet, the more difficult the movies. All you need to know is


that they don't much start with the letter A! She will be entering into


the North Greenwich arena, and you can listen to the raw. Everybody


knows what is awaiting them. How on earth do you think she will be


feeling right now? We said we would rather be on the floor because we


were less nervous than Fort Lewis and Max. And also it is just you.


When you're watching there is nothing you can do. But she knows


what to do and what she has done on the floor. She is experienced


enough. Once you have saluted and it goes quiet and you walk up to


the apparatus, does it just happen, or are you aware of what is going


on? You try not to think that this is the biggest moment of however


many competitions you have done in your life and just think about each


skill you have to do the new routine. We shout it, skill at a


time! Do what you know! Do it how you have done it in training.


two were part of making history with that 6th place. Those who look


back in the history books will sate where his 1928, so the big guns


were not there because it was boycotted, but you have gone in and


got six place and put British gymnastics on the map. Everyone is


talking about what you lot have done. Does it feel like you have


made huge leaps forward? It has been improving each year and it has


got more successful. We have just proved in this Olympic Games that


we can achieve those results. the time is almost upon us. We can


see that the bars are chalked up, and the gymnasts are entering into


the arena. We think that she will be starting with a world record of


difficulty at 7.3, the Chinese gymnast, so what does the future


hold for Great Britain's Beth Tweddle? All eyes on her. And there


She is really in amongst a world- class group. She has got to go out


and win this, as it will not be an easy ride. Definitely won't be easy


at all. Mustafina pulled out a 16.1. All of those gymnasts will be


putting out their best routines. It is not going to be easy. Isn't it


the first final that everybody who should be in there is in there?


There were a couple of slip-ups in previous competitions and maybe the


top names did not getting, but if she gets a medal here, she has done


so well. Well, we are not sitting comfortably, but we are all seated


and ready for this incredible uneven bars Olympic final. Girls,


It is an absolute thriller in store. Not really the armoury to threaten


here, the German, but will be worth And this is one that will really


test this young lady, Beth Tweddle. Mutsafina. What a final in store


here. As the girls said at the top of the programme, anybody who is


anybody is in this final. We have the Olympic champion, the world


champion, the new Olympic all-round champion, everybody who matters in


the world of a symmetric bars is What a final. What a moment for


You can feel it, can't you? It is buzzing. You can. The gymnasts, no


warming up. They have warmed up out of the back. Straight in,


introduced to the audience and off they go. So, Beth Tweddle is up 5th


in this final, but the reigning Olympic champion is up first. She


was world champion in 2009, Beth Tweddle opting to stay in the arena


She is getting absolutely everything set right. The board


positioned correctly. He Kexin Is set to do an incredibly difficult


here is a difficult combination. Excellently performed. Just a bit


of strength needed to come out of that second front somersault. There


is the pirouette. Beautiful, into the soul tow. Swinging beautifully.


Straight up to the high bar again. Clear circles. Has to include the


close but element. Fall twisting. Just the tiniest little step.


was she on the difficulty? I think that is the same routine she did in


qualification, and she got a 7.1 difficulties call their, so that


was a routine that has to be beaten -- a 7.1 difficulty the score. She


did a very original two releases in the middle. Lovely work, and real


precision in the pirouette and the handstand. It sets her amongst the


best they have ever been. That is the combination. The trouble is the


second somersault is a little bit low and she takes some strength to


work out of it. That is the only thing. Breathtaking gymnastics.


Look at the flight. Very, very strong routine. Yes, links up every


single move. Again she just takes a little bit of strength, and that is


where the executions court might just be a little bit lower. --


other gymnasts know they will have to be at their best to beat. She


just gets there hands over, doesn't way, because you are unaffected.


You just get in there, laid down the gauntlet and say, beat that!


You have also finished warming-up, and there is no long wait, so it is


a good position. That is exactly right. That is what has just come


across, beat that!. That was a terrific routine. We have not seen


much of her since the last Olympics, really. 15.933. A 7.1 difficulty.


champion is the next one up. she has had silver in the team


competition, silver in the all round, and this she will want to be


gold. She has had a lot of upset and tears. She has fire in her


belly here. She swings with such ease. Look at the height generated.


Low to high and high to low elements. And another one with a


half turns. She has such a height of the bar. A pike in and out with


the half term. Very precise. Beautiful, the straight front


somersault. The body flowing, into the pirouette section. She is going


for broke and another very big routine. All of her handstands have


been held. Did she just catch the bar? Up into the double double. A


step to the side. I am not sure, but did she catch that? I do not


know she added in an extra-long swing at the end, because it took


her mind off things. If she did catch the bar it will have stopped


the momentum. She did take an extra swing. She does not look a happy


girl. That has been the story of her Olympics. But she has some


lovely work. Look at that transfer. So clean. So much elegance and


style in a flight. -- her flight. Look at the shape on the straight


front somersault. Just floating it in. The pirouette, then the full


that was clean. -- be dismount. Just a step, so that will be 0.110


0.3 of a deduction of the execution score. But if she hit the low bar,


that is as much as 0.5. The extra swing gave it away, I think. And,


of course, her face. She uses the technique of straddling passed


below bar and keeping her legs out side, which is always a little bit


of a dodgy technique as you grow. You get the suspicion of the bent


knees past that bar. You would think the amount of long swings she


would do, you would think that that is an error you would not expect.


Yes, you would not expect her to hit the bar. Obviously there is a


big debate on it. Normally you can actually hear it. We are obviously


a long way away here. You are not going to hear anything in this


the back of that. The German bar champion. She did incredibly well


in the all-round final. In qualification, she posted a 6.7


difficulty. We are looking for a hike execution score. Her style is


much more punchy. That is a good start. That is so impressive. A


nice straddle Pike Jaeger. Nice combination. She is going extremely


well. She hits the handstand. She needs to be precise at the top of


the swings. That was nice. Straight into there all twisting double.


That was a very good routine. Very good thing greed. She was


incredibly competent. Really pleased to see. She put in a huge


skills. She lost leg form on it. She got massive difficulty but she


lost quite a bit of deductions. Other than that, there was not a


lot wrong with the routine. The legs and really quite wide apart.


That is at least a 0.3 deduction. The Jaeger somersault and straddle


front somersault was lovely and high. She is the gymnast that uses


energy on the apparatus. I like her style - it is determined and punchy.


Great stuff! If you really work with the bar, it bends at the


bottom and lifts you are. She is excellent at timing this. It goes


down and then it goes up. In bronze medal position. There are five


gymnasts to go, including Beth Tweddell, who will be on after this


gymnast. She is the 4th highest qualifier for the uneven bars the


Olympic final. Yet again the gymnast with the lot of good work.


The best are out there. She came third at the Olympic test event on


this piece of apparatus. She posted a 6.8 difficulty. She will not be


holding back. A lovely clean handstand with a good transfer.


This is clean and very precise stuff. That was good in flight and


the good transfer. She is going well. Such elegance in the


pirouettes at the top. Look at love that doubles straight. It is


terrific! -- double. That was the zippy routine. It was a lovely


routine. It was powerful work. She is a tiny gymnast. She is the first


gymnast to perform that move. It is a big move when you are as tiny as


she is. She is so precise and accurate. That, for me, is not such


a good element. Lovely extension in 10th. 15.766 is enough for the


silver medal at the moment. Some very good gymnasts to come. He Hu


Jintao Leeds. Listened to the roar in the North Greenwich arena. -- He


Kexin. What does the Olympic final have in store for Beth Tweddell?


Her entire gymnastic career has been building up for these next few


moments. She just has to go through like shoot always does. -- like she


always does. This is the important section. Straight to the lower bar.


Straight to be high bar. She must focus and give herself some energy


for the dismount will start 88 step back but she saved it. -- the


dismount. A big step back. Let's have a look at the dismount one


more time. A terrific effort. over. She has done it. I did not


think you're going to make it! was a tremendous routine. She knew


she had to go for maximum difficulty. The work on the


apparatus was superb. Really mentally, terrific to have done


that. She has done it all week. What the challenge it was an what a


gymnast she is! This was the big combination. She had to get the


somersault to the low bar. She made it with ease. We have not seen the


replay of the dismount. Two somersaults, two twists. This was


the big challenge. Their hips were slightly behind and she had to take


Everybody's eyes are glued to the school board. Still knows got yet.


-- the score board. Still no score yet. It is so that at the moment.


This will be a few nerve-racking moments. Two huge performances to


come. The standings at the moment, he Hu Jintao Leeds. -- He Kexin


Straight up to the high bar. If anyone can post a higher score,


this gymnast can. The height on the front somersault was immense. A


full pirouette Again. She also has made her combinations. Up into the


1.5 this man and she sticks that. This will be a fight to the wire. -


- 1.5 dismount. She came here with so much to prove. She has had an


upsetting time as well. She was very much the up and coming


gymnasts then she suffered a big injury at the European


Championships. That was spectacular in the releases. This was a big


challenge. It has to be hats off to her. A lot of pressure. Lovely


flight and lovely control. Now we have to wait. The school to beat


his He Kexin. -- the score to beat. You have to be in between 52 and


bypassed with your hands up on a clock face. It was mightily


impressive. -- five minutes to and five minutes past with your hands.


She takes the lead. Beth Tweddle Is now down into third. What heady


rate routines these are! -- heavy weight. This is extreme pressure.


She has had a Murdoch at the World is not that precise with a


handstand. Lovely, drifting changes. Enough rotation. Very precise. Good


combination. She was very close to the bar. Then, a little bit


overcooked with the handstand. That is what it is about at this level.


A lovely double straight at the end but tiny technical errors. Maybe


slightly down on the difficulty as well. The qualifications court was


6.6 difficulty. She is a lovely gymnast the start -- qualification


score. She is very clean. The Japanese gymnasts have done well in


these championships. Super high front somersault. She had eight


tiny bit bent arms, which can be a deduction. The judges have to see


this so quickly. They do not have the luxury of a replay. You can see


the effort into this routine. I love this dismount! It floats,


flies and sticks. The penultimate gymnast in his Women's uneven bars


the Olympic final. There is the young lady. She really has a fan


club. The crowd knows what is at stake. If Gabrielle Douglas can


score over 15.916, then Beth will go down into 4th. She has just had


the most incredible competition at the Olympics. She is already the


all-round champion. Hoping for over a 15.916. She flies on these bars.


Watch this! How high is that about the bars. She lost a tiny bit of


rhythm but she controlled it very well. She has just lost that. She


needs to make an exit polls DUP -- exit. She has got the link, though


half turned. Into the handstand. Pike in and out. She needs a big


dismount. I think there was an performers have performed here. You


go for the handstand, you have to pirouette and land. She turned it


the wrong side. That will be expensive. Yes, an extra swing. She


covered it very well. But then the step on landing as well, it was not


so on fire as the night she won the all-round. But what a week she has


had. Last up for the final, after a very busy and very successful week.


That will not threaten the medals. They you have your Olympic champion,


Aliya Mustafina. Silver medal for Great Britain's Beth Tweddle, we


cannot confirm anything so -- as the schools have not come in.


gymnasts will be looking nervously, no one will be celebrating anything


I think she can cling onto bronze. Tense moments. Louis Smith said the


most difficult moment of all was standing waiting for the scores to


come through. If you look at her face, she would not think she


deserves a medal. Get off the fence, Christine! I am not on the fence.


It is 14.94 Gabrielle Douglas, she is in a. Great Britain's Beth


Tweddle has a bronze medal. That has a nice ring to it. What a


fantastic moment for Aliya Mustafina. But also for Beth


Tweddle and everybody in British gymnastics. He Kexin the Olympic


champion last time around, she takes silver. Great Britain's Beth


nurdle -- Beth Tweddle has an Olympic medal at long last. She was


thoroughly deserving of it. Great stuff for Great Britain and great


stuff for Beth Tweddle. Hope filly the routine will be connected to a


medal -- we set hopefully the routine will be connected to a


metal and that is what has happened. A wonderful moment. What a thriller


of a competition and what a champion she is. Aliya Mustafina


kept her nerve. There it is, official, a bronze medal at last.


She is one of the greatest ambassadors for British sport and


British gymnastics. She dragged us all into the limelight in the


gymnastics world and she set the pace. Now she has got herself a


Congratulations to Aliya Mustafina of Russia. She joins the likes of


Nadia Comaneci as an individual champion on the uneven bars. But


for Beth Tweddle, her whole career in waiting for an Olympic medal and


she has landed one. We all heaved a few sighs of relief when it was


confirmed on the big scoreboard at the North Greenwich arena but she


has won the world title three times, she has the European championship


medals, she has Commonwealth titles and now she completes the set in


style. I think everyone who has been associated with her will be


thoroughly delighted for Beth Tweddle who has been such an


ambassador for the sport in our country.


And it does mean that Great Britain's medal tally now is at 38.


The 11th bronze medal of the campaign so far. Louis Smith's


bronze medal four years ago on the pommel horse was Great Britain's


first gymnastics medal for 80 years and that is now the 4th for these


Olympic Games. We will be getting better's reaction to that very


shortly with Matt and the rest of the team. We had some more good


news. It is in women's hockey. Great Britain's women's team are


through to the semi-finals for the first time since 1996 and that was


before they pushed off this evening. It came to this match between China


and Japan. If China failed to beat Japan, GB would go through. But


Japan who have not won a game so far, managed a stunning upset 1-0.


They hung on to the victory. Thanks to our friends from Japan, Great


Britain's women are through. They will be playing the Olympic


champions, the Netherlands, at 7 o'clock but it means the pressure


is off. They have booked their place in the semi-final. That is


the good news and plenty more of that down at the North Greenwich


arena. Let's get Matt Baker's reaction to the events down there.


A stunning nurdle and a long time coming.


This place is just buzzing. What a performance. We are joined by Louis


Smith as well. Huge congratulations to you. Just remarkable. Four


gymnastics medals at these Games. It is unprecedented. Absolutely


unprecedented and absolutely thrilling. For Beth who has worked


so hard and come back from so much adversity, just rewards. Lewis, you


have had about 20 minute's sleep but you had to be here to see this?


I would not miss it for the world. It has been a long time coming for


Beth and I think everyone knows how hard she has worked. People will be


saying, are you disappointed that it was not gold but she has gone


out on a high in her last competition. We have talked about


how much Beth has inspired British gent -- gymnasts. He went up there


yesterday in incredible style and got a silver medal. Max got a


bronze medal. It is now the fact that she has got an Olympic medal.


I think the overwhelming emotion will be relief. You work so hard,


you are so determined to. It will take a few hours to sink in and


then the real delight will be. To be perfectly honest, she was a bit


unlucky, not have the gold or silver. It was a little stumble, a


little stumble on the landing. All were, the apparatus was superb.


This was the big combination she had to get, the somersault straight


down to the lay-by and then immediately to get her feet on the


bar so she could go back up to the high bar again and it is these


combinations which make it such a difficult routine. It takes a lot


out of you and you have to do this huge dismount right at the end and


she just held the tuck in a fraction of a second long so that


when she landed her hips were behind her feet and to be honest,


she could easily have set that down, such was her determination. So she


did well to hang on to the dismount? He was fantastic. I have


seen has -- I have seen her so many times in training. I thought she


would get the gold but for two small steps, it shows how close it


can be. You know when you go up into a handstand and do the


flourish at the end, did you know that you were up on the podium?


have learnt not to switch off too soon. I messed up my dismount in


the last world championships. You have to concentrate right down to


the last second. It is an extra difficulty as far as the dismount


is concerned. She has put that extra half turn in that people will


think back to Beijing, it happened again that she stepped to the side


but this is a harder dismount? are harder dismount and harder


routine. We saw the Beijing one before the competition and it was


amazing how much more difficult this routine was. She did lots of


upstarts, lots of handstands and things in between moves them but


now she has packed it all together. It is a short routine be jam-packed


with everything she needs. She has been world champion and European


champion but did not have a medal, do you think if she had got a medal


in Beijing she would have carried on for the last four years? It


seems the last four years have been to get an Olympic medal. This is


what it is about four Bath. She missed out in Beijing. This build


up for her has been fantastic. She is a leading two apparatus. They


had come here and this pressure and this magnitude, to do that routine


and land on her feet, to end up with a medal, fair play to her, she


dealt with the pressure superbly. It is release and relief. 24 hours


on, is it just release? Is it is the best feeling in the world. When


you why specialist and you do it clean and you finish and you can


reap the benefits, she can collect a medal and enjoy it with her


friends and family. 24 hours later you can chat to her and she will be


over the moon. The last Olympics for you was a bronze and now you


have a bronze and a silver and the medals keep on coming. What an


afternoon it has been here, Hazel. I could not agree more. We will go


back for the medal ceremony when we can. If you have been with us this


afternoon, you will know Great Britain has secured at least bronze


in women's boxing. Nicola Adams, from Leeds, she was in action in


the quarter-finals. She needed to win that one to guarantee bronze as


one of the semi-finalists and she did it. She is a world champion


with a silver medal and she has the sunniest smile. She has given her


reaction. Not a bad way to make your debut, you're in the semi-


finals. I am over the moon. I am enjoying every minute of it,


basically. What were the emotions like when you step out into the


ring? I was loving every minute of it. I was quite nervous as well. I


thought to myself, I have a job to do and just get in there and do it.


What a job you did. You are guaranteed a bronze medal, how


motivated are you to make sure it is top step of the podium? I am


really motivated. I cannot wait to see what I can get. I have a bronze


medal in my -- -- in my back pocket and I will see if I can change the


colour of it. My opponent is a five-time world champion and I have


a lot of respect for her. To do that is something special. I hope


on the day I have something extra. Natasha is up next, I used


supporting her? Definitely, she is my team-mate. I am wishing her the


best. I want to say thank you to all the support we are getting in


the crowd. All the boxers are really happy with the support Great


Britain is showing us. You have done your bit, well done, Nicola.


Thank you. A well done, indeed. Moving up a division into the


lightweights, week are all looking forward to seeing Natasha Jonas


against Katie Taylor from Ireland, a four-time world champion. She


carried Ireland's flag at the opening ceremony. This was a heck


of a fight. We can join it in the third round. The Irish woman is 10


defending world champion, Katie Taylor from Ireland who is wearing


red. Both boxers going toe-to-toe. Natasha Jonas has to overturn a 3


point deficit and she trails by a score of 10 points to seven. It is


Taylor who is getting on the front foot now and beginning to assert


her dominance. We have 30 seconds in round number three. Jonas is


overwhelmed by the sheer volume of punches which Taylor is throwing.


Jonas, her head is clear, she holds up pant too intimate to the referee


that she is OK. -- she holds up her hand. Katie Taylor is really going


through these beers. She is unloading accurate shots at close


range. She is so popular in Ireland that she was selected with the


honour of being flag-bearer in the opening ceremony. Boxing is very


much in her blood. Her father was a champion in Ireland in the mid-


1980s. She learned her trade by watching him shadow box in the


kitchen and she has turned out to be a rather decent amateur boxer


boxers in the sport. She is putting Natasha Jonas under real pressure.


She is struggling with the combinations. It depends on whether


the judges will camp the body shots. Natasha Jonas competing valiantly.


Jonas continuing to respond. The boxer who had the better of the


third round, beyond any question, was Katie Taylor. She has extended


her lead by eight will stump 19.7 in favour of Katie Taylor -- 8.


Serious words by have father and her coach in the corner. She does


not need to be getting into a fight Do not give in! Keep boxing! As we


enter the 4th and final round, the instructions in the corner could


not have contrasted more Stipe Claire -- starkly. Natasha Jonas is


trailing by eight. She has to go in and score points without reply. The


atmosphere is absolutely fantastic. It is more like a football match


but it is women's Olympic boxing for the very first time in the 100


and a year history of this tournament. -- 108. The father and


coach of Katie Taylor is saying she does not need to get into a fight.


That is what Jonas is trying to do will start -- trying to do. A great


left hook to the body. That will be hurtful for Jonas. Katie Taylor was


listening to the instructions will start he told her not to get


involved but keep her gut nice and tight. That is one of the


ingredients for their successful achievements to date. Jonas is


biting down on her gumshield. She is forced to take her second


standing count of the contest. A cacophonous and noise is being


generated by the crowd. Katie Taylor wages war to the body of


Jonas. She continues to come forward. She is being forced


backwards to be neutral corner. She just goes into the ropes. There is


a sporting embrace between the two rivals. There can be no doubt about


the victor - Katie Taylor! She is living up to her billing of world


champion. She has produced a fantastic display it on her debut.


Natasha Jonas gave it her all. She completed until the final bow. One


suspected that Katie Taylor had guaranteed a place on the medal


podium with the dazzling display against Natasha Jonas. Absolutely!


Landing with a good right hand. Receiving a count from Taylor. If


indeed Jonas is not the victor, it is a win for women's boxing.


winner by a score of 26 points to 15, in the red corner, Katie Taylor


of Ireland. A standing ovation for Katie Taylor. Let's not forget


Natasha Jonas, who played her part in a thrilling women's bout will


stop a fantastic advertisement for boxing. -- women's bout will start


she is adding even more hardware to her trophy Cabinet - the four time


reigning defending champion - Katie Taylor. She is guaranteed at least


a bronze medal. Who would bet That was sensational stuff. Katie


Taylor was well worthy of a victory. A grace in this -- in defeat from


Natasha Jonas. Savannah Marshall will be up very shortly in the


middleweight division. She will be in action very shortly. That will


be on the red button. We are going straight back to the north


Greenwich arena. Beth Tweddle has become the first British woman ever


to win a medal at the Olympic Games. She started this whole thing and


has finished it in style up let's get straight back to the medal


to win an Olympic medal in gymnastics. The British girls have


been improving steadily. From the first moment she won the World


Championships, it has been along wait for an Olympic medal. It could


never been more deserved than S for Beth Tweddle. There is a feeling of


contentment. You cannot have words to describe it. She has worked


really hard. She is an absolute soldier. It could not happen to a


nicer girl. It is wonderful. You do not want to go on about retirement


and that kind of stuff but she is getting on a little bit now - that


is what you said on Breakfast. bodies age like dog years. In


gymnastics turns, she is about 56. I think Beth totally loves the


sport and loves training as well. I asked her whether she was finishing


completely at the end of their us. I asked her if it was her last


training day at Liverpool and she said, I am going to train dam. It


would not complete Leith surprise me for her to do bars. --


completely. Her bar routine is worth more than anyone else's.


will drop the pieces one by one. She will just be doing this mounts.


More excitement from a British perspective. Kristian Thomas has


made it into the Bar finals. We'd talk endlessly about British hope.


-- we ATOC. -- we talk endlessly. When he landed and routine, I


jumped six foot up into the air. It is probably the best but I have


seen in the world. Beth's mum and dad have just come in. Do not worry


about security. Come on in! We have just watched your daughter do the


most incredible thing - the first British woman ever to win a medal


in British gymnastics. I am so happy. I was looking at her and she


was crying and smiling and I was as well. I am so proud. What was the


last half an hour like? Absolutely Fabulous. She was so relieved, so


happy. It was the first time she has shed a small tear. Stunning!


You said you do not even think about celebrating all things that


but what does the afternoon had in store? The first thing is we're


going to watch a Kristian Thomas when an adult - that is the next


step. You -- Kristian Thomas win a medal. The vault is contested by


both men and women. The only difference is the height of the


Boulting table. The men's is 10 centimetre higher than the women's.


There remain length is the same. Gymnast can reach speeds of up to


20 miles an hour on the runway before hitting the springboard 0.1


of the second before entering into the vault. What follows next is all


about the twists and turns which are the key to a successful score.


There are 100 recognise vaults to choose from - one of the most


popular being bazooka Horror style. It involves a car will over the


vaulting table. -- cartwheel. you would like to get involved,


goat the website. The vaulters are lined up and ready to go. Listen to


that! The roar for Kristian Thomas. This is all about high difficulty


and just nailing it. It is quite simple. He is in with a real shout.


He is a bit damp on his difficulty with the second vault. -- down.


am going to put you on the spot. What is your prediction? I think


the Ukrainian will be up there. I would like to see Kristian Thomas


at the World Championships in 2009. We will settle down and keep


everything crossed for Kristian Thomas in the final. First up, he


is a phenomenal Twister. He builds his difficulty around one axis. He


is an unbelievable Bolter. Powers in, lifts up, twists. It all


whizzes along so fast, it is quite difficult to differentiate


sometimes. He is brilliant in the air. Such awareness! He is European


champion. He whips up their third twist in. -- whips the third twist.


There will be a bit of a deduction for the landing but nothing to


match. An average is taken for the final score. He started at seven.


He got a six. 16.1. That is a good start, isn't it? Indeed! This one


has to be different. The same difficulty. We said it was going to


take 16 to win this medal. That is a good start. This has to come on


forward. Another big come at huge vault. 2.5 twists. He pushes off


the top. He has gone out that and set the benchmark. He relies


completely about one Aberu Kebede eight. That is some average mark.


16 plus will take it. Great Britain's Kristian Thomas is ready


at the end of the vault runway. That was the start he wanted. A


great start from Kristian Thomas. A little hop back. He has given


himself a chance. It was an enormous vault. It is so much a


vault where you just have to go for broke, there is no holding back.


You have to hit that platform and launch. He certainly did, rockets


up, a great vault with a little skip backwards. That has given him


a real chance. His second vault is slightly down on difficulty but he


raised eyebrows here in the North Greenwich arena. What a platform he


contact there. He could not get back clear of the match. Such a


shame because with a slightly lower category, he knew he had to land it


perfectly. He just missed time dear. It is such a long way round on


those double fronts. You just grab penises and hope you have done


enough. If he grabbed it, he did rotate but a bit undercooked. The


important thing was, he got his feet down first. Look at the


frustration. He was nearly there, so, so close. That will not be the


first time that you see somebody sit down. No, and a tremendous


first vault. The vault is not a piece that the British guys have


excelled in in the past so this is quite a breakthrough to be in a


vault final. His first vault, he gave it a shot. Consistency is the


name of the game. This put him last Olympics. He scurried down the


runway. That was very nice technique. A nice style on the 2.5


twist. Sometimes the gymnasts can look a bit ragged when they twist.


Back to the naked eye in normal speed looked very classy. Let's see


in slow-motion. Pretty good to me. Just as good. That was with the


extra half twist. Perez is another punchy little character. He is her


mainstay of the Spanish team. He will not give up. It is about the


hit the board and that was super. Their handspring front with the 2.5.


Looking very sharp. With two twists, sorry. Really fabulous vaulting,


forward and the huge pressure that that sets it apart really. But on


vault it is so much about difficulty. Get your message across,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 57 seconds


high he was. That really was the dismount. That was incredible.


That is the thing, to kick out after a double front. I think that


was the best I have ever seen. was incredible work. He just lifted


up, 2.5 front somersaults, he fire as well. The power he has.


You're talking about Moroni being the best -- best vaulter you had


ever seen. That would give her a run for her money. It would. She


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 57 seconds


vault. He looks up into the heavens with his eyes. He thinks, that is


good enough. It was massive vaulting. It has got to be on to


the podium but what colour medal will it be? It will be wonderful to


see the Ukraine win a medal after their disappointment in the team


competition when they got shoved out from bronze to 4th. This looks


like just the gymnast to do it, to me. Discipline, look at that shape


in the air. He had the awareness to take a wide step. He knew he needed


a stable base and he created it very effectively to stand up.


Brilliant vaulting. Gymnasts these days are just defying gravity.


People will be wondering how it is physically possible. With shoulders


of spring in that table at the top there. It gives you a little lift


but it is remarkable to convert all that running speed into that height.


But this platform really has made a big change. It has made the


apparatus so exciting. The smile, look at that. Beat that if you can,


everyone. Flavius Koczi goes down into second -- silver medal


is far from over. I cannot believe the level we are seeing. This is


the best end to a vault final that you can ever wish for. They are


learning how to block so well and they can pop down and time it. When


you are teaching youngsters, Usain make the springs go down. But look


at that landing, you dream about things like that. At least, I do.


Incredible stuff. Really special. Denis Ablyazin has got a harder


vault that he could potentially do. Is he going to go for a 7.2 which


is harder than the one you just saw? He can do it. We will have a


look on the scoreboard to his right. come off. Terrific stuff! 2.5


twists. That was incredible vaulting. That lead is surely his.


And he took a step forward as if he was stepping off a kerb. He flagged


it up or floor. He did and great versatility on vault. This one he


did from a flip approach which shows he has got a great deal of


versatility in him. That was terrific vaulting. He really did


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 57 seconds


rap that round. Gosh, this is going parents were gymnasts. He has been


doing the sport since he was two years old. He has had a lot of


practice, even though he is only 19. This is the big stage was up that


is the big vault tariff. That was very good indeed. -- big stage. He


made a goal up so he could land it cleanly. -- it go up. The Americans


have had not as good a time as they would have hoped. That was


spectacular! It was one of the cleanest triples we have seen.


was quite a good view of the Spring. I think probably the half turn up


on shows you a bit better how the plat form rebounds you. -- behalf


turn. -- the half turn. This is the finest Olympic vault final we have


16.3, he needs to do something pretty special with his second one.


He knows where to start. He is just checking. He has to plant his feet


squarely. What a landing back was! Absolutely text spoke! That was


fantastic! -- textbook. He was celebrating in bid deep squat


position. He was punching the air. -- in their deep squat position.


was these same vault that Kristian Thomas tried. He'd just had an


extra inch to keep his feet round and underneath him. Am I there? I


am therefore stuck he laid his shoulders back on the runway to get


himself ready for the big conversion. That was a brilliant


landing. That is it. It is over. think, after the long wait for the


final, that is how they feel. in the bronze-medal position at the


moment. Let's just hope he can stay He is the first Chilean gymnast to


qualify for the Olympics. He is powerful and great in the air.


Another fabulous vault. It is unbelievable. I am loving it.


look like they have just did on the platform and done a pike off as a


drill. It is so precise. He is a cracking gymnast. He is stylish on


the floor. That landing is very inexpensive. That was superb


faltering. It goes on and on. do see the floor coming towards


them quite well. As long as you are high enough, you can adjust. 16.4.


He is on target. He knows this has to be perfect. He is trying for a


16.6 -- 6.6. It is the third highest qualifier. He is hoping for


an Olympic medal. He needs to keep good vaulting indeed. So clean and


precise. He is a real stylist. will not have much of a deduction.


competition at the moment. He just popped up, didn't he? 0.3 for there


hop forward, would you say? suppose he was not one foot either


side of the Red Line, was he? was clean and thoroughly deserving


of a good mark. He is such a stylist. It would be great to get


amongst this. A big push. Lovely! Look at that head position and arm


rap. Absolutely textbook! Taking their time. The world champion is


still to come. He has gone into bronze medal position. 15.966.


16.1834 the average. He knows the world champion is still to come.


Look at the scores. Unbelievable! higher Square fire. -- highest


qualifier. His nickname is God of vault. Look at the difficulty! 7.4.


Look at the speed! Look at the conversion! That was definitely not


for the feint hearted. Unbelievably difficult but if you paces. If you


take into account the execution and deduct those few paces... To put it


into perspective kite you can take a hole mark off and still beat 16.4.


-- be 16.4. He could have landed it with more conviction. You are


twisting as well. I think he probably would need more airtime.


That is the most difficult but we have seen. -- vault. He has got a


cushion. What will he have in store with this second vault? By far the


greatest difficulty. A nice mental tactic, looking away from the horse


to get his focus. This is the last but in the Olympic final. The same


speed and the same parish and he has absolutely nailed it. -- push.


He deserves Olympic gold for Shia virtuosity. He is a master twister.


You do have to say there are at least three you can give the goal


to. He wanted to congratulate him. - us the gold. Everyone knows how


virtually impossible that was. was beautiful in the air. Such


control, such performance. Look at this! The turn on, but it snap and


then the three twists. He opened his arms about. -- the snapper.


When you see most gymnasts land, they have still got her arms


trapped in and are squeezing it round. That lad is 19. 19 and


vaulting like that. Just look at this! Look at the style at the top


of the jump! So Square. He got rid of the tension. Pushing it out.


There is and no doubt surely. is the Olympic champion. 16.533. He


is victorious in the Olympic vault final. What a way to do it! We saw


some incredible vaulting. That man had to wait until last. He got up


out of his seat and said, watch Well done once again to Kristian


Thomas. A terrific contest so far from a man from Great Britain. We


have been talking up the team jumping competition in the


equestrian. Britain has not had a medal for 28 years in the


competition. They went into the finals in joint second place. Nick


Skelton went clear and Ben Mayer Is this going to put Britain on the


gold trail this afternoon? He has 13 nation Cups behind him. He


jumped round yesterday for one right. That was so close. He is


going wide and he is going fairly slowly. Certainly a bit wide. He


will have to worry about that once he has some space to make up the


time. He got away with a little He has jumped it. Three to go.


Cross your fingers, cross your toes. Two took there. The time does look


all right. That is OK. He needs to steady up. One left. He is inside


the time. Well done! 26-year-old Scott Brash from Peebles. The crowd


goes mad. Britain are on the gold trail here, surely. Clear, four and


clear and one to come, Peter Charles. What a sensational piece


of riding! This young man is a true Championship rider. His technique


and temperament is second to none. He has produced the goods when it


has mattered. Look at that! These are live pictures we are now


watching. Peter Charles. It is all down, we think, to this man. A If


he can jump clear, we will, at the very least, be in the jump-off with


the Netherlands for the gold medal. If the Netherlands have one dam and


he is clear, we had won. If Peter Charles goes clear now, he just had


a tear up in the water, did he? No, I think he is clear. -- a toe in


the water. This is the round of his life. This could really put the


pressure on the Dutch and the last rider. Jump best! He has done that


Bull's double done that! Britain will finish on four in this round


an four yesterday. Total, eight. It gives a bit of a door open for the


Dutch and the last rider. He was so near and so far. It was a terrific


effort. He raised his game. The horse jumped brilliantly. He was a


very light touch behind. Nick Skelton is watching. He knows how


Netherlands, if they can drop the eight and Gerco Schroder, their


last rider goes clear, it will be a full point score for the Dutch. The


stallion is named London. Is it named to win gold for the Dutch? In


the Europeans last year, he had the last fence down to lose individual


golds. What will happen? As you say, we watched in Madrid last year.


This man had the fence damage gave us the medal. Will history repeat


class, he has the ability. This is with a chance. If he has another,


Britain has got it. If he stays four faults. It will be a jump-off


for the Gold. It does not get better than best. Greenwich has


already given us so much and it will give us more on the team


showjumping day. What a battle it sport happening. It is 20 a year


since Great Britain claimed a medal. 60 years since they claimed jumping


gold. Can you explain what will happen now for us, Clare Balding?


still cannot believe that round. I thought Peter Charles would jump


clear. And then a Dutch rider on a horse called London, you think,


would do not let this be three written. Both teams, the Dutch and


British will go head-to-head in a jump-off. As I understand it, all


four riders will jump. Are a new course will be set up. It will be


against the clock. The fastest clear round will win gold. How long


do you think it will take to set up the new course? A very good


question, any ideas, 10 minutes, 15 minutes? 10 or 15 minutes we are


told. There are a couple more to go. There are Sweden, Switzerland and


Saudi Arabia to go. None of them, we do not think can win gold. They


can still win medals. Then the jump-off. We will keep you informed.


If we were talking about how much we wanted Nick Skelton to win a


medal. It looks like it will be a good one but will it be the


absolute top? We will find out when the jump-off takes place. It will


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