BBC One: Day 10: 16.00-18.00 Olympics

BBC One: Day 10: 16.00-18.00

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Now we are going to be velodrome. This is what is coming up. We have


three gold medallists in action today. Jason Kenny will be first up


in the semi-final of the individual sprint. We also have 20-year-old


Laura Trott who won her first gold medal two days ago in the team


pursuit. And also it Vicky Pendleton in the sprint. To show


jumping is on BBC Three. We will see the gold medal decided.


On the red button, the women's boxing continues. The quarter-final


action. Also coming up later on, Basketball. It is China against


Great Britain. Great Britain are trying to come back after the


defeat against Australia. We are heading straight over to the


velodrome. It is the moment of truth for Jason Kenny because he


was the man who came in instead of Chris Hoy for this event. Let's


find out more from Jake. Thank you. Can you a Maj-Gen


Jamaica been told they had to choose one man to compete for them


in the Sprint or the Americans having to choose between Michael


Phelps and Ryan Lochte? That is the position that we were put into


which -- because of the new rules which say you have to have run - No


1 rider per country. The decision was Jason Kenny. He has to prove it


He is the quiet man on the team who is looking to create a roar in the


velodrome later tonight. Victoria Pendleton is back on the


bike again today after demonstrating she is in the form of


higher life. And fresh from smashing of the world record and


picking up gold in the women's team pursuits, Laura trot looks to match


Ed Clancy and take a medal in the omnium. This is the way the


You must stick around for the women's omnium elimination race


because that is a real crowd- pleaser. Alongside me once again


his Jamie Staff and Mark Cavendish. Jamie picked up a medal in 2008 and


Mark is the current sports Personality of the Year. A strange


team for the cycling teams to have to make but I guess if you have to


choose between Jason Kenny and Chris Hoy, that is not a bad


position to be in, is it? really as they are the best in the


world. It could be easy to say at least we have the two best to


choose from but it makes for a difficult decision. Chris Hoy is


the reigning champion, Jason Kenny is up and coming and could be


champion now, will be champion, I believe. It is a bit of a strange


decision. Gethin it is to give everybody a chance. I do not think


anybody will have a chance at Jason! That is probably the point,


you have to leave the best sprinters in the stands. Your man


that you coached would not be there if it was not for these new rules?


I can see the arguments and against. Personally, I think it is wrong to


have one person representing each nation but those are the rules.


There has obviously been a lot of thought coming into this for Team


GB, who to pick. Speaking to them at the World Championships a few


months ago, they were unsure. They are gathering so much information


and training. Speaking to the coaches, he made it clear that


Jason was the athlete to pick. That would have been based on data


produced by the riders. I think Chris was a bit relieved. There is


a lot of pressure for him to come here and get three golds again.


Following his Twitter account, he seems pretty relaxed and calm. He


wants to get on with the keirin. He is looking forward to that. There


is no bad feelings. He was pretty happy with it. The decision was


Jason Kenny and he has made it through now to the semi-finals.


This is how the semi-final looks. You have to say he has probably had


the easier semi-final. Jamie might disagree because he has coached his


rival! This is the best of three. Their race against each other three


times. This happened moments ago in the velodrome, let's join Hugh


from Trinidad. He is a real crowd- pleaser. There is the salute. He is


21 years of age and he is up against Jason Kenny of Great


sprint. Listen to the raw. A silver medallist at the World


Championships. A fantastic qualifying time. 8.7, absolutely a


fire at the moment. Philip is a new man on the scene. Boy, has he been


sprinting well. And he is a real showman as well, Philip. He has one


or two salutes up his sleeve if he wins. I think he is really up


against it here. Philip is coached by Janie staff but Kenny is the man


of the moment. It was a very hard decision to decide but Kenny would


get the sprint over Sir Chris Hoy. I think the selectors breathed a


sigh of relief after he posted his qualifying time. They say a man


with nothing to lose is a man to be feared. Jason Ken is showing a lot


of respect for him. He is riding around the track and looking


backwards, that is a fantastic skill. Just trying to confuse the


opposition. Just bluff and counter bluff. Kenny looking backwards.


Philip is the gold medal winner for the Pan-Am Sprint Championships but


he is really up against it here. They are getting up against the


sharp end of the first encounter and Kenny will take it off from the


front. Kenny is starting to wind the gear up. Their approaching the


back straight. Philip is being stretched to try and get up to the


wheel of Jason Kelly. He will not do it. Chasing Kenny has ridden


this magnificently and drawn first blood. 1-02 Jason Kenny. -- Jason


Kenny has ridden this magnificently. Philip made a mistake there. He


went higher and Jason Kenny said I am not coming with you.


Unfortunately, Philip showed a little bit of experience there.


That was the only opportunity he had there. He was drawn into that


by Jason Kenny, trying to use the slipstreamed coming round. He could


not get on terms. Very, very tactically astute, Jason Kenny. He


commanded the race, controlled the race and delivered in majestic


style to go one up. Good riding, just continue with that good form.


Jason Kenny wins heat one. Now we can move on to heat two. The


world champion is already out early. champion for this discipline. He


has been -- he is up against Shane Perkins. He has been a little bit


off the pace in the world championships. He has come on


tactically, Perkins, in the last 12 months. He is to be a rough


customer but now he is using his sprint. This brings together the


triple world champion, Gregory Bauge, nearest to us from France.


as was Philip. I think he will have to ride tactically in a straight


track race. He cannot compete with the Frenchman. His tactics have


really come on. He needs to stop him employing the steeper -- the


Super jump. He is approaching the straight. The early stage is always


the preliminaries. Each rider tries to outwit the other. This is quite


a good speed. Shayne Perkins is watching Gregory Paul Shayne. --


Bauge. Perkins has taken him armful stump he is starting to commit


himself fully into the back straight. -- taken him up on. They


are shoulder to shoulder. Bauge Wins 1-0. I thought that with over


a lap to go, Gregory poor shape would get more height. He was happy


to let Perkins dictate. -- Bauge. He sat on his shoulder all the way


around the final bend. They are just inches from the white line.


They are in excess of 40 miles an hour. The powerful shoulders and


arms are keeping the line of the bike. The world champion goes up by


one here, in their first encounter. We are expecting them to meet in


the final. Jason Kenny really is letting the selectors know they


made the right decision. 10 seconds dead for the last 200 yesterday.


Today the same. He went from flat and he was not event accelerating


and tell about 20 metres before. He did 10.1 and 10 yesterday closed up


he is on fire. It is going to be a really big task taking on Jason.


Jason has more speed and more acceleration. I told him he needs


to play with him on the track and tried to keep him off guard. -- try.


He was trying to confuse Jason a bit. What Kenny is doing, he is


keeping him on his shoulder and looking back. It is pretty hard.


For him to do that the entire way around the track, you are not


giving him any chances to make a surprise attack. I think that Jason


knows that. He is keeping a close eye on his opponent. They are


playing around a bit. They want to keep the race short. You were


telling him to keep an eye on Jason. In fact, it was role-reversal. You


pick a card before the race which turns into where you start. It will


flip around in the next ride. We will see how he races Jason. At


this point Macro, Jason Kenny is so much faster. It is not just the


speed, he is a great tactical rider and getting better all the time.


Absolutely. He was young in the last Olympics and has had four


ideas to ride here. There were three laps of the track and most of


it was with his chin on his shoulder. He can retaliate straight


away. We will see him trying later in the next ride. Well done, Jason!


So far so good. He is not the only British rider to have a gold medal.


Laura Trott is riding in the women's omnium. This is how it


looks. The first event is flying around the track as fast as they


can. It is the flying lap. That is followed by five further events.


Stay with us through to the elimination race because it really


is quite special. Let's see how she gets on in her first event. We join


her with three to go. We are looking at the world champion. This


is Laura Trott from Great Britain. The 20-year-old, who is getting a


massive Ovation. She has one got medal in her pocket and that came


from the team spent. She is getting ready to post her time. She has to


be top three. That is what she is looking for. She is trying to break


the time of Sanchez. But she has got off very quickly. The crowd is


lifting her around. Five thousandths of a second shy of the


time of Sanchez. Brilliant! She shaves by thousands of the time of


Sanchez. Only two more competitors to Gove. The two together are not


the best at this discipline. -- to go. Nearly half a second up on her


time at the World Championships. I did not at expect her to get near


the time of Sanchez. A very good time by Laura Trott. She is on fire,


pin-sharp. Edmondson of Australia was first at the world's Inez and


Laura Trott was second. -- at the World Championships. This is the


penultimate competitive to their, Tara Whitten. She excels more in


races such as the points and the pursuit. She is riding further


around the track and she needs. She is already 0.2 of the pace. The


Canadian is stopping the clock on a time of 14.5 to go 6th. That is the


position she occupied in the flying lap at the World Championships. She


needs every point she can grab. Perhaps not what she was hoping for.


I think she will be disappointed. She is in 6th position with one


competitor to go. Sarah Hammer also not a fan of the flying lap.


Generally slightly better than Tara Whitten. Looking at the final


competitor to go, the opening discipline of the women's omnium.


This is Sarah Hammer, at the 29- year-old American. Lookout for her


when they come to the 3000 metre pursuit. She got the bronze medal


in the World Championships, which took place in April. Coming up to


the line. Not particularly a specialist in the one lap sprint.


Will she challenged the time of Laura Trott? Let's have a look at


the split. No comeback in this one. She went backwards. What a great


start for Laura Trott! A real positive start for the world


champion. She has scored one point. She does not really have a weakness


in this disciplined - B omnium. To take that sculp was really


something. Youth should -- you could not have a better start than


that. We will see more of Sarah Hammer in the pursuit and the


distance events. A positive start for Laura Trott, the world champion.


She wins the opening discipline in convincing style. There is the


result of the one lap time trial. You can see Laura Trott ahead of


the rest of the competitors. Not the first time we have heard


the Velodrome going wild. Margins are not much finer than one


thousandth of a second. thousandth of a second is not a lot.


It is not about time, it is about position. It is in her favour.


Sanchez is a specialist sprinter. She does the sprint in AQIM. Laura


Trott has beaten her. She is an Endurance rider. How much on the


track is a thousandth of a second? Not a lot. It makes it dramatic as


well. Laura Trott seems to have a real punch in us that you need for


these kind of events. -- punchiness. She was identified as a sprinter


but she was pushed more down the route of Endurance. She will have a


really quick acceleration. Her first split was the fastest. She


was a bit behind Sanchez on the second. The endurance element


probably helped on the final stretch. Just to remind you that


Laura Trott is an expert up against the clock. That is next up for her.


Now from one British success to another. The second round in the


first semi-final of the men's sprint. Jason Kenny and Gregory


be proud. His opponent is from Trinidad. -- at the crowd. He is a


flamboyant rider but has quite a challenge ahead of him. In terms of


experience, dace and Kenny is way ahead of the Trinidadian. -- Jason


Kenny. They are away for heat two. If Philip wants to take this to a


decider, he has to take this. Tactics are the only chance. He is


in the right place to deploy it any tactics he can think of. Holding


him at the front and stalling him for as long as possible. Kenny has


been second in Beijing and has not dropped off that kind of form in


four years. He has tons of experience. One thing I will say


about the Trinidadian, he is not fazed by reputations. He has


nothing to lose. He has got further in the competition than he expected.


It is almost as if they had won. He will do the best he can. Here goes


Jason Kenny. Look at the acceleration! There was nearly a


crash when Philip just flicked at but Kenny wrote it magnificently.


Now it is all over. You are into the final. Brimming over with


confidence. 10.1 for the closing 100. I am sure we will see that


again on replay. He did not take his. The gas at all. He almost


ignored Philip. -- foot off. That little hook by Philip and I think


the commissars would have frowned upon that. They do not have to be


inside the last 200m. Once the sprint has started, you are not


allowed to come out of your lane or endanger your competitors. Kenny


would have been awarded that anyway. Kenny never flinched. He went


around the long way and he is into the final, having disposed of the


for the next contest, you are looking here at heat two, raced two


and out early and ready for business is Shane Perkins is off


Australia. And also on track is the big powerful Frenchmen, Gregory


Bauge. Perkins has got nothing to lose. He might try and take the


Frenchman by surprise which is what Kenny did at world championships.


It nailed the Frenchman to the floor. It did not quite come off


but it was so close. This is a race two of Pete two of the men's semi-


final sprints. Gregory Bauge from France against Shane Perkins from


Australia. Perkins is one down after the first race. We have got


to work out what he can do? Being at the back is not the place where


he will want to be. The Frenchman will just hold him. It is so much


further to go around the outside. They ride at a fast pace around the


banking, then accelerate, hold them on the shoulder in the bends. Bauge


knows how to do that. Perkins has got to do something special, either


take him by surprise with a long one or try and get in front. 10.3,


the winning time in heat 1, race 1. That was 69 kilometres per hour. It


is all about trying to outwit your opponents here. Could Perkins


possibly take a scalp and go to the best of three. If they go to the


best of three, we have seen that Bauge is slightly vulnerable.


controlling this race now. It is hard to see the Frenchman being


beaten. Perkins tries to go around the outside but the Frenchman will


accelerate. As you can see, Perkin strives to get some more speed and


height. Bauge matches him trying to keep him in position. Is Bauge


happy leading this one out and will Perkins's be happy trying to race


him from second will? The speed is beginning to lift. To it is being


dictated at the moment. Bauge has got to try something here and he is


falling into the hands of the French rider. Bauge has his hand on


the tiller here. Can Perkins challenge? Here comes the challenge


of Perkins. Can he come round the outside? No, Bauge is too strong.


It set up a final between Jason Kenny and Gregory Bauge which will


be a repeat of the world championship clash earlier this


year. Bauge dictated throughout, didn't he. Two riders have been


stamped out in this competition. Bauge and Kenny deserve to be in


the final. Both of them I think are head-and-shoulders above the


opposition. They have gone for two clean rides to get them into the


final. That was a repeat of the world final in 2010 and Bauge won


We have already discussed the contentious decision not to allow


countries to have more than one rider in the event. But we do have


two men in the final, this two men who fought out the world


championship not too long ago. Bauge looks ominously good. He eat


his and tactically very good. as a man who sprinted from living


there now coaches the sprinters, the power that Jason Kenny showed,


we do not want to draw on it too much because we know you coached


Njisane but he rode around the outside without breaking a sweat.


Yes, Njisane comes from Trinidad where they do a lot tactically.


There is a lot of good racing down there. He threw everything he could


at him. He has gone further in this competition than I hoped. I know he


is proud already and hopefully he will give Perkins a run for the


bronze which would be amazing if he could top Perkins. But even there I


think he has got his work cut out. Are a good competition so far and


no major surprises. There is a guy from Trinidad and Tobago who is


getting a chance to ride, not only in front of this crowd but in front


of a global TV audience. When we go to World Cups, there are so many


people in the competition, quite often these guys, people like


Njisane, he has been severed at a World Cup and here he is fighting


for a bronze. That is the thin by the Olympic Games, it should be for


the best riders in the world, it is the pinnacle of the sport and I


think the best riders in the sport should get to fight. We do not want


the world championships to be seen as the pinnacle because it will


tarnish the Olympic Games. So Bauge against Kenny in the final here


this evening. But the lady who has been dubbed Queen Victoria is here


on the track now. She is through to the quarter-finals of the women's


Hair opponent is not really a sprint specialist. She has had a


few medals but I think Victoria has no problems. Let's see how this one


pans out. Once again, it is the best of three. Back to you hue and


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


here, leading this one out. Victoria is saying, if you are


giving me space, I will start accelerating and see how much rope


you are prepared to give me. She has taken it down to the bottom of


the track, weaving around. She has to be vigilant. She cannot afford


to make any serious mistakes. Surely, the sheer size of engine


will win this for Pendleton. Pendleton will be aware of how good


her opponent is. Their accelerating down the back straight. Pendleton


is at the front with the greatest strength. The crowd are loving it.


Pendleton takes it. She is such a cute tactician. It is hard to know


what to do against that. No options there was no way at all that


Again, tactically very strong. Vicky was dominating the track.


Absolutely. They were riding around the lap. She accelerated and held


her and there. One of the things we have been enjoying his checking


Twitter because track cycling is something that many people only see


four years. Many people on Twitter are saying, why don't you just go


off as quick as you can. Can you put a few people out of their


misery? Three laps for the women, that is probably going on a 50


seconds, that is a long time. As soon as you start pushing really


hard, your energy systems are being drained dramatically. You will last


20 seconds at full on gas and then you will start to fatigue. As long


as that rider can get behind you, they are saving about 30 % in


energy. Then as soon as you started tier, they will go past the. We


have seen some people who have gone from the gun. It has happened a


couple of times. Somebody tried it against Chris Hoy not too long ago.


It does happen. But you really have to catch that person not looking.


If they see it coming, they will latch on to a wheel and sit there


and let you do the work and then pass. There you go, questions


answered. Your thoughts on the form of Victoria Pendleton. She is in


cruise control right now, not even trying. Make sure you join us later


on because the women's omnium is about to hot up and we will seek


Jason Kenny riding for that gold. Sue, another exciting afternoon in


the velodrome but I gather excitement elsewhere as well.


Yes, we are going to head over to Greenwich Park because another gold


medal was decided in be Team showjumping. There were two teams


tied for gold and silver, the Netherlands and Great Britain. All


four members of the team took part in the jump off. Quite simply, it


So much experience here, he will want to put it all to use. He is


ground. He needs to stay clear now. He is going very wide up to this


oxer. Just the double and the last to jump for team gold. Down to


Tower Bridge for gold. This could be the first goal for Great Britain,


and Britain have got gold! Up come the arms. What a tremendous round


for Peter Charles. The round of his life! It has not gone well for him


before. The man for the occasion has won gulled. Unbelievable


pressure and the coolest man in the stadium was Peter Charles. Foot


perfect, what a piece of riding. The team leader, the team captain,


Nick Skelton, you have an Olympic It has taken me 54 years. I'm


speechless. Unbelievable. Was it easier being in their yourself than


watching Peter? I wish I could have gone four times. The lads have done


great, absolutely brilliant. Chief and for you, given the carry you


have had and the injuries you have had, this is extraordinary. I know.


I have got a wonderful horse, wonderful owners, a dream come true.


And you could have individual gold? Absolutely brilliant, great for the


country, great for our sport, it has taken all these years.


Well done for Nick Skelton! What a story that is. His 6th Olympic


Games. He has never got above 5th before. But he has come here and


won his first Olympic medal and it is gold. The first one for 60 years.


So cool under pressure. That takes Great Britain on to 17 gold medals


at these Games and maybe another to come at the velodrome later on. If


we can get back there and we -- we You have had plenty of Olympic


experience and you know what it is like to have a gold medal in your


hand. How do you rate these games? You have been here with the


American team? Like I put on Twitter, I have been overwhelmed,


more so from the volunteers and the staff. Everyone has been so polite,


so friendly. Just the atmosphere, you can feel that energy just


walking around the shopping centre here. Unbelievable. Even the


weather's helping us out a bit. There is a bit of sun here and


there. I have been blown away. I'm fortunate, I didn't think I would


see a summer games in my home town. It has been fantastic. Even though


you're starting to sound like an American! We have spoken that the


volcano Drem has left a lasting impression. I know you were in the


stadium. I know Ed Clancy was saying you will be riding in Rio.


Maybe that is news to you. No it wasn't news to me. But it is news


to me that it is creating an impression among the other riders.


That is great to know that every cyclist. When are we going to see


cycling on breakfast television a few years ago? It shows the


interest there. It shows the interest across all sports. We're


doing particularly well. And we have won 17 gold medals and we will


win more. As a small nation, it is proud to be part of it. Our first


road race world champion since 1965 wins on the Tour de France. How big


is the hole left by an lemp medal. In terms of as a professional road


cyclist, road cycling, profession ls couldn't compete until 1996 in


the tradition, the Olympics had never figured too high. As a


British citizen and as a patriotic man, it is a big thing. The


Olympics are a big thing when you're British. On a personal level,


on a professional level it is not too big. Well I was saying about


borrowing Geraint Thomas's medal. He didn't have a photo with it,


because he wants one of his own. Now it is Jason Kenny with his eyes


on the prize. He will rise -- ride in the sprint final against Gregory


Bauge. Let's get to know the man behind the mask. Here he comes,


beginning to turn on the style. Oh he has got it. Gold medal number


four. Chris Hoy. He will be the best in the world in a short space


of time. This is the man that is going to win in London. He is over


the top and down the finishing straight, Kenny takes it. He beats


the Olympic champion, Sir Chris Hoy. I wouldn't want to be the first to


tell Chris Hoy that she is not going ride in the Olympics. I gave


my best, but Jason was going better in Melbourne and he has carried on


that improvement until now and he has done well. I don't want to jinx


him, but he is going to be up there and he is our best chance of a gold.


It is a shame only one person can ride. But once you have accepted


that, it is just sport and the way it is. We have got to get on with


it now. How did they give you the news? I just got called in for a


meeting and said I have been selected for the sprint. I thought


I was in trouble. Because I usually am when I get called in for a


meeting. So it was nice that I wasn't getting shouted at. There


isn't a big man to beat and that is Bhuj. Bauge on his day is


phenomenal and he has proved to be head and shoulders above everyone


in the strength department. But we have been working hard and we have


made some massive gains and hopefully we will be in a place


where we can race him and hopefully beat him. There is something


appealing about Jason Kenny. You have ridden with him. He is such a


quiet guy. What is he like away from the cameras. He is the same. I


roomed with him prior to to go to Beijing. A very nice guy, like your


average kid off the street. He has worked his way up the ranks in the


team. The funniest thing is he walks so slow. It is hilarious.


rides so fast? Yes. He was riding his bike towards the velodrome and


he passed me. But I caught him up as he was going over the bridge and


I was close to him and we had a chat. We were walking and he is so


slow. I put a Twitter out there, I said to Ian, I announced he is


walking very slow. So he is going to be very fast. He is conserving


his energy for hen he needs it and when he needs it is when he is up


against Gregory Bauge. You mentioned what happened at the


worlds. We should see it for ourselves. This is awe dishes


sprinting. Bauge is a big guy. He uses his energy and his lactic acid


levels fill up. If he gets the gap. He has a gap that Bauge can't get


in the slip stream and Jason went and it will take so much energy out


of boith. But Jason can recover for the next round. It is the best of


three and he has to go up a few minutes later. If Jason can wipe


his energy level's out. But it is not just about speed. You have got


to stick by the rules and despite that ride, Jason was disqualified.


We saw him popping out of lane. didn't try to do it as deliberate


as that. It took the speed out of Bauge and the picture on their


faces was excellent. It hurts. looked at first that Bauge didn't


get going. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. Jason set out to do


that and would have put on appropriate gear and the smaller


than what he usually races on. Bauge rides big gears. So Kenny is


accelerating and Bauge is trying to get this huge gear going. So does


Jason Kenny do the same thing in the final? I wouldn't put it past


him. Not in the first ride. Maybe these two know something? But if


you stick us with, you can see the final in the men's sprint. You will


see it after this race, because this is the sec event in the omnium


and we will show you stapbgsd. Laura Trott is competing for


Laura Trott is competing for Britain. The aim is to have the


least number of points at the end of the six events. We're going to


join the points race and our commentators, Chris Boardman and


Hugh Porter. COMMENTATOR: There are three laps to go to the first


sprint in this women's points race. Laura trot has made a great start.


Sanchez of France is second and Edmondson is third. Is in is the


first sprint, it has been a very pedestrian pace. Nobody wanted to


take it on. Now at the front from Spain is Oliver Rhea. On the line


five, three, two and one. The Canadian taking with her Edmondson


of Australia. These are the first two over the line. Edmondson gets


the five-three. Looked the two going to the Spanish rider. Laura


Trott happy to monitor affairs. Often the people with a breakaway,


they don't figure, because they have expended a lot of energy. She


rolls through to keep the speed high. Happy to watch and wait.


is the rider with the most points that is the winner of the second


discipline. If they gain a lap, they get a 20-point bonus. That is


often what decides it. Edmondson denied witten the five points. Now


on the first watching is Laura Trott and as we have said she may


well find the burden of being the world champion a challenge, because


nobody will want to go with her. She has demonstrated with that


blistering first lap, flying lap, that she did for the opening event


that she is on form. You may find that when the attacking starts,


they will look to thror do the claising. -- to do the chasing. Her


form is there. Four laps is the real danger point. That is where if


somebody attacks you won't have the legs left to recover. They're


watching each other like hawks. Nobody at all wants to ignite the


burners. Sarah Hammer, the American, four times the world individual


pursuit champion and one who likes to get stuck in. It looks as though


Hammer is likely to set the pace here. In the inside Wild of the


Netherlands as well. The way Hammer normally whips is to wind it up and


go for long ones. This isn't a great style of race for Laura. She


would like to see an attacking race. It is a dangerous way the ride,


they're going around the banking slowly and it is easy to slide down.


Nobody wants to attack. Quite unusual at this level of racing


that nobody wants to take it on yet. Lee of Korea is near the front.


Whitten is there and the Spaniard. It looks like somebody is beginning


to gather themselves the Belarus rider has come alongside the


outside and she may launch herself into an attack. She is trying to


position herself for the next sprint. So is Gar see yafplt what a


steady way of approaching the sprint this is. They're dropping


their foot on the pedal. Two to go for the second sprint. 5 hundred


metres to go to decide the points. On the head is Lee. But Trott is


moving through and the crowd are getting animated here. Laura Trott


has Wild on her shoulder. But she is in a good position. She can get


a run for the line. And Trott has gained a perfect lead. And that is


what the world champion wants. Laura trot has read the move


perfectly. Can she get around the lead out rider and get the five


points? Oh very close on the line. She may well have got those five


points. We will wait for confrlation, but she road --


confirmation, but she rode that beautifully. Trott has attacked.


Edmondson spotted it and you can see Trott is going, come on, I'm


ready if you are. But it is too early in the race. Trott did get


the sprint. It was close. She pushed Garcia into second. Thiss


how close it was. Look at that. That is the time to launch your


effort in the closing stages. That is what Trott did. She play be


young, but that belays the way she rides. There is the coach. He is


happy. An attack goes underneert. Once they roll up to the


opportunity, they allow the opportunities. It is the Polish


ride we are D'Hoore of Belgium. They're straight into their pace-


making. Some hesitation has given them some daylight. There is the


result of sprint number two and we have now a brace of riders tying on


five and the first two sprints. Those two riders will with -- be


the top top contenders at the end. Laura Trott is to the head.


Everyone goes with her and says, we don't want to do the chasing. She


has got to bluff. All the riders have something to lose and they


have all swung to the top of the track. That is the point your were


making. Now let's look at this. In the back group we have Edmondson


and Whitten. So there are two big favourites there. The American


Hammer is there as well. And we have Sanchez at the front. Sanchez


had a good time trial and is Sharakova, she has seen the danger


and she is taking Tara Whitten with terrors well. They have been paired


in the peloton. Those five are riding a very steady pace behind.


They will keep riding consistently here. Yes, they are in the sprint


lap now. The Belgian is leading and she is being challenged as they


come up to the line. This is where the points will be decided. They


have gained a laugh as well, so that is a very useful move. Hammer


has gone straight on the attack for a while. They picked up the points


for the lap, then closed down the 20 metres to bridge to the back of


the peloton. That means they got the five, and the 24 gaining the


lap. A very dangerous for reforming at the front, allowing Tara Whitten


to get off the front, and Sarah Hammer is absolutely... Well, it is


such a dangerous move. Laura Trott has spotted the danger, but she is


so heavily marked. Everyone is trying to raise the pace. If they


don't get on top of this quickly, it could be a very dangerous move.


If these three are allowed to get some points, it could have an


effect on the overall standings. These are the big players for the


final positions. Tara Whitten Prom with the best omnium rider we have


had. An attack off the front again. Wojtyra, trying to win this race.


Everybody looking around at each other. Nobody wants to do the


chasing. This is what happens when there are just two or three riders.


And that has now been tidied up for us. Because of the points they have


picked up in the race, in means they have slotted into the overall


standings. Hammer at the moment is lying in equal seventh, and Laura


Trott is equal ninth. Come on, Laura Trott, she will have to get


on terms with these riders. If she can't gain allowed herself, that is


as high as you can finish. -- gain a lap. The quartet have slipped


away. If she was to finish in ninth place in this event, added to the


first place you got in the time- trial, it would give her an overall


tally of 10. That would mean Sarah Hammer and Tara Whitten could leap


over her. At the moment, they are lying in seventh place and third


place. It is not desperate if it remained like that. They are


getting a chance to recover now, which again does not work in the


favour of Laura Trott as another attack goes from the front of the


bunch. The latest attacker off the front having a crack is Romanyuta.


Just attacking ones and twos all of the time. Laura Trott has an


opportunity now, spotted straight away by Tara Whitten. She has got


herself on the front foot by gaining a lap so she can ride


defensively. This race is becoming very complicated. If I can try to


simplify it, this is one of the reasons it was dropped actually


from the Olympic Games. The ultimate aim is to obviously sprint


and contest each of the sprints which take place every 10 laps. It


you gain a lap, you get a point bonus. We have had two groups in


different times going away. At the moment Laura Trott is so heavily


marked out, the only points she has gained is won by right in the


sprint. She has got to try to work out a formula to get clear to get


that lap back. So a Sarah Hammer he is becoming stronger on the outside.


She recovers so well, and Laura Trott has gone after her. Laura


Trott is now chasing down Sarah Hammer, and that is the head of the


race. Hammer get the five and Laura Trott gets the three. He she can


keep going, she really needs to try to get a lap back. Annette


Edmondson gets the two and Kiesanowski one get the one. We


must stress have to remember this is a competition of six events, six


different disciplines, and if you win one of them you gain a point.


You are up your points and it is the rider with the least amount of


points after the six disciplines that is crowned the winner. There


are two very happy ladies but let's get back to the points race and


Tara Whitten started in seventh place in this because she was


actually in seventh place in the time-trial. At the moment she is


lying fifth in this points race, so if it was to remain like that their


cumulative points would be 12. She is sitting 10th in the moment. All


is not lost but you have got to try to be consistent. She would have


liked a better performance in this particular discipline, but at the


moment she is almost resigned to having to write this one off. She


is not allowed to make a move, everyone is watching her. Sorry,


Chris, but it is exactly what you said - her reputation is a burden


here because they know she is the red hot favourite, the world


champion, so every time she moved they are all over her. It has also


been noted that Annette Edmondson has been watching Laura Trott very


closely as well. While there have been watching each other, the rest


of the world has slipped away so it has neutralised again. I think this


was Laura Trott's worst discipline at the World Championships where


she didn't figure in the top five, but she still won the title. It is


interesting to note that Annette Edmondson his 11th place in this


race, one. Just one point shy of Laura Trott. Laura Trott is already


ahead so it doesn't matter now. It is not depriving her of opposition


in this race. So, 21. With just one point between them, she has to


figure in these sprints or she will drop another place. A look at Laura


Trott, she is riding the wheel of Tara Whitten. Remember, what it


means now it is that Annette Edmondson and Laura Trott are tying


on the same points. They married will now because she was one point


shy of Laura Trott. There is the result, these are the overall


standings. We are trying to simplify this as much as we can. I


know this raises difficult to follow. A Laura Trott he needs to


better the Australian if she can. As more riders slipped away off the


road, that might help Laura Trott because it will take the points a


way of course. The Laura Trott is still intense place equal with


Annette Edmondson. If they are equal at the end, Laura Trott will


be given the sport. For that's right, it goes to count back to the


sprints, where you finished. This is astonishing. Annette Edmondson


chasing this one down. She wants the opportunity to score more


points. The they are not persisting with the pacemaking. If they do


swing up, now would be a good opportunity to attack. The two


riders are just off the front here. 14 laps to go, four away from the


penultimate sprint, and at the moment the Korean is leading. They


have got a handsome lead. The thing is, it is so tactical this race,


this is why we have had the situation with little groups


developing. Tara Whitten in shot now, lying in second place at the


moment. Wojtyra could win this. has certainly had an aggressive


ride, taking advantage of the fact the other riders are wary of each


other. Tara Whitten has managed to slip away from the others. We have


these two riders ahead now, as they are approaching the back straight,


the penultimate sprint. Annette Edmondson has come to the front of


the peloton again. She has got to come round. I think she did it, she


got over Kiesanowski, but not Annette Edmondson so it means the


Australian, Annette Edmondson, was third, so she got the two points


and Laura Trott got one. It could all come down to the last sprint.


gasp from the crowd as the riders nearly touched wheels. We said this


might happen. She is an out and out sprinter. She was lucky to hold


that. How on earth did Kiesanowski stay up right there? She brushed


the back wheel of the Australian but nobody came down. If Laura


Trott could figure strongly in the final sprint and get herself five


points, she would go ahead of Annette Edmondson. We were just


saying, she is an out and out sprinter so no surprise she had a


great performance in the time-trial and these are the events in which


she will really struggle. Just one sprint to go in this race. Tara


Whitten is leading clearly. She started with seven points after the


time trial. I can tell you that Annette Edmondson, the Australian,


is in 10th place at the moment and Laura Trott is in ninth place so


she needs to beat Annette Edmondson if she wants to remain ahead of her


in the overall standings. Five laps on the wheel of Edmondson. She


needs to go on the offensive. reference to Hammer, the American,


she is three points behind Whitten in the points race. She starting


here in fifth position after the time trials. It could be Hammer


ahead of Whitten. She is lining up for this next sprint. She likes to


wind it up and no one can get around here. Ed monthson is in the


worst position. She is stuck in the wheels low in the track and Trott


has a clear run on the outside. She could steal a march on Edmondson as


they have two to go. Look out around the outside here. They're


trying to come around and steal some points. Two laps to go. Here


they go. Warming up for the final sprint and Whitten comes over the


top. She is leading this points race and gone for an early strike.


Trott is coming through. They have wound up the pace early. One lap to


go. Sharakova over Whitten. Brilliant riding by Trott. There is


a good chance she could get second in this sprint. What has she got?


Sharakova is leading and was it trot snt it was so close. That is


the final sprint and very difficult to split them. What it does mean is


that Trott will go ahead of Edmondson in the final standings in


the points race. Without gaining that lap, that is the best position


she could hope for. It came down to the final sprint. Let's look at the


result. It is very tight. There is Laura Trott. She timed her effort


perfectly and she is a very smart rider. She saw the wheel that she


was going to follow and she did. It was a matter of did she beat


Sharakova on the line for that final sprint. That has been


rejigged and law tra Trott did get that tenth position. She was only


eighth at the World Championships when she went on to win. Probably


her worst discipline out of the way. That is no at bad finishing


position for her, tenth as we look at some of the images. We will


confirm the overall standings after that final sprint. But Hammer and


Whitten are figuring strongly. have got something of a gift and


were allowed to infiltrate, Whitten was able to infiltrate that


breakaway. Sarah Hammer did well to gain that lap. That is going to


keep this competition I think very close all the way to the finish now.


Laura trot didn't want to lose that lap. Everyone was waiting for her


to do the chasing. If she had, she would have been finished and they


would have attacked her more. So a victim of her own success. We see


the photograph. It was close. 4,000th of a second splitting them.


How valuable will that point be at the end? Here it is now. I think we


have got the results. A chance to see the finish again. That is what


4,000th of a second looks like! Laura Trott had us gasping there.


Sharakova must have thought she has got this. But here comes Laura,


just beating her. Edmondson had ridden so well. She was bobgsd in


and could not get out. -- boxed in. So Laura is in third now. We're


going to confirm the result. There it is. Wojtyra was the winner of


the points race. Whitten in third. D'Hoore and Hammer and Trott tenth.


We will need to skrol the points on. And you will see that Trott is


still well in contention. We will show you the overall standings as


Wojtyra rolls away. She gained a lap and stayed clear. Whitten tying


with Hammer for the lead. Trott is with Hammer for the lead. Trott is


third. We know the aim of the game to have the fewest points and Laura


still in contention and it is not something that she excels in, that


race. Yes, she started off well. But I think it took its toll at the


end. You culled see every sprint she is up there and got the best


result out of the people who didn't gate lap in the race. That showed


she is sprinting well and should go well in the other race. The points


race is different. It is a weird race. It is easy to make it neutral


and you could see Laura and Edmondson marking each other out of


it. But a points race, because there is a sprintive ten laps, you


can't chase down and you have to kaep it going. And the race should


evolve like that. That put them on the back foot. But she is in the


top ten. She hasn't lost as many points as kwhransy lost. So Laura


has made sure her nearest rivals, they were her first priority and


allowing others to breakaway is less of a concern. Yes you're


keeping your eyes on those that you think later on tomorrow, who you


will be fighting for medals. It is quite confusing for people at home.


But it is difficult, you're trying to balance what you can do


physically with what you need to do in the events that are still to


come and marking people out if they're your rival and keeping your


eyes on the bigger picture. Is it as confusing when you're in the


race? No when I watch at mom on television, the points race you


can't follow it. Even when you're in the stands it is hard to follow.


The easiest place to follow it is in the race. You know where people


are and how many laps you have done and where people are on the track.


So it is easy to follow there. understand. I think as far as Laura


goes, she is will be happy with that race. Now we go on to things


that suit her better. Yes the better vents for Laura coming up.


We have proved, we have done the maths on this and basically if you


can finish fifth, within third to fifth in each event, you can win.


It is about the average. Even to the end that sprint could have a


huge bearing on the way it pans out. It didn't affect the result there.


Whereas the decathlon or the heptathlon track in track and field,


it is about your individual score in each event. On the omnium in the


velodrome it is about your position in the actual race. It makes no


difference if you get more or less points in a points race. It is your


finishing position that will affect the outcome. This is that final


sprint and you saw Laura just manage to take that final sprint.


But not the most crucial thing in the race. But I hope we have


managed to show how confusing the points race can be. So Laura Trott


still in contention. Somebody else with his eyes on the prize is Jason


Kenny. He is just running around preparing himself, gearing up to


take Bauge, a man who knows what it takes to win the World Championship.


Now to celebrate another medal for sprint. Just being swro Dawesed is


-- introduced is Phillip and his opponent from Australia is Shane


Perkins, the 25-year-old Australian. On paper, you would have to favour


Perkins. As really Phillip is a newcomer to us. He has won a gold


in the Pan Ams, but Perkins has more experience. But who knows?


has been up against some of the world's best sprinters. It has been


a fantastic learning opportunity. He must be delighted to get through


to a medal ride off and he has a good shot at one as well. Perkins


may need to take the lead. Try to dictate the race to the Australian.


The spripters are razor sharp. The way they react. There is not a lot


in it between the two opponents. Evenly matched in style actually.


Yes. And of course always in the best of a three contest, it's such


a morale booster to draw first blad. Perkins still leading this one out.


Two more laps to go. No commitment at the moment. Just the finessing,


trying to outwit each other. Perkins looks as if he would like


to keep his opponent in the second position. It is harder then you


have the long way to come around. But this is the attack. Oh yes, a


good move by Phillip of Trinidad. He caught Perkins napping. Can he


hold off the challenge? He is accelerating. Look at this now,


Perkins having to close down. As they come into the finishing line.


Can Perkins do it? I think Perkins did it. The final lunge for the


line. But what a great race by Phillip. He really did commit to


that move. Perkins thought it was a feint and didn't accelerate and


found himself where he didn't want to be fpblt but he didn't panic and


in the end he had superior physical form. I hope we can see that again.


Because the young man from Trinidad rord is well, but didn't have the


power to hold him off. Here it is. Out of the saddle down the back


straight. I was thinking he may come out of the sprinter's lane.


But he knew he would be penalised for that. It came down to


horsepower. But a great race. Australian coach indicating how


close it was. And we can confirm the result for you. Shane Perkins


goes one up. Now we wait for this. This is the one we have been


waiting for. This is a repeat of World Championship final that took


place in Melbourne earlier this year. It was Gregory Bauge that won


on this occasion. I think this is a better Jason Kenny that we're


seeing. He was fast in qualification. I think he has got


the edge this time. Look at the support he has got. Kenny, you're


right there. The 24-year-old tr Bolton. A double Olympic gold medal


winner. There is the coach, who worked out how he thought he could


beat Bauge in Melbourne and he nearly did it. It was only an


infringement that cost him. And there three times the world


champion, Gregory Bauge. A big change in British sprinting when


the German world champion came across. Physically he got on the


track with them and taught them the craft. They were great at


conditioning, but they added that element and Jason Kenny has spent


some years in high competition. Very experienced now. This is race


one in the ride for the gold and silver medals in the men's sprint.


Bauge at the front. Three times the world sprint champion, against


Jason Kenny of Britain. This is a repeat of world final that took


place earlier this year. Kenny already with a gold from these


games. Coming in that world record ride in the team sprint. But


conditiony I think in even better form than he was in those World


time Jason Kenny caught the French man by surprise, almost got away


with it. He crossed the line first, it was closed between them, but now


they are so evenly matched it is hard to know how they can ride.


Similar abilities as well. Gregory Bauge was given a fight when Jason,


a -- Jason Kenny rode his fastest time ever. Great Britain have


nailed the gold once with Chris Hoy in Beijing. We always knew this


would be a tactical affair. Greg Greene would like to keep it made


and to jump hard. Jason Kenny doesn't want that to happen so he


is winding it up early with a laugh and a half to go now. Go credit for


the adrenalin rush. Gregory Bauge still at the front, and he is


beginning to inject pace. They come up to the white strip, the 200m


marker. Here comes Jason Kenny right on the shoulder, into the


finishing straight here. Shoulder to shoulder, Jason Kenny takes it.


He wrote that magnificently. just didn't take his foot off the


gas that tall. Gregory Bauge tried to control that race and the


mistake came when Jason Kenny threw him some bait, Gregory Bauge went


down to the bottom of the track, Jason Kenny kept his height and


forced the French man to lead him out. Beautifully done. Let's take


another look at it. Jason Kenny is literally on fire. Pin-sharp, and


not afraid of the reputation of Gregory Bauge. Acceleration down


the back straight. He forced the French man to lead out, went into


the slipstream, and it was all over with a lap to go. Even though he


was on his shoulder on the final bend, he was carrying the speed.


What kind of psychological bonus will that be? Gregory Bauge will be


warming down, talking to the coach, and doubt will be in his mind.


is happy with that. One thing that will not happen at the World


Championship, Gregory Bauge will Sport is all about talent, form,


and momentum. At the moment all three are with Jason Kenny, and the


same goes for Victoria Pendleton. She took the victory earlier on


against Olga Panarina, and Anna against Olga Panarina, and Anna


Meares also won her first heat. Here she goes taking to the track.


We are now enjoying the quarter- finals for the team sprint.


Victoria Pendleton is up next. Out onto the track, here it is Olga


Panarina. She is one down, and Victoria Pendleton, the defending


Olympic champion, she has been six times the winner of the world title,


and when you think this is her signature event and it is her


signing off event as well because she is retiring after these


Olympics. What a way to retire, if she gets the gold here, she has


been a triple Olympic champion. Her opponent, Olga Panarina from a low


-- Belarus. It is hard to know what Olga Panarina can do here. I think


you are right. Raced two getting under way. Victoria Pendleton right


into the wheel of her opponent. Just a few laps away from a semi-


final appearance. I must admit, throughout the competition she has


been shining like a beacon. Her performances have just steeples


over the competition. 31 year-old still in second place, but that is


just how she likes it. We can see that she is keeping the height and


the second-placed rider always does that. I am going to keep the height,


then I can take you by surprise. Olga Panarina hasn't noticed the


acceleration of Victoria Pendleton. She will come straight around on


the back straight now. She completely missed that. We to his


academic, isn't it? She tickles the paddles, than Queen Victoria moves


into the semi-finals. It couldn't have been more comfortable than


that. You has -- she has expended very little energy. I don't think


there was anything Olga Panarina could have done. She did miss the


fact that Victoria Pendleton was holding her height and accelerating


as they came into the home straight with a lap to go, and it meant she


could drop down in the penultimate banking, accelerate on the back


straight, and we around for the final bend. Nothing she could do


there. A really good ride for Victoria Pendleton because she gets


through with the least expenditure of energy. Coming into the home


straight, she was not even wanting to expand that energy. Olga


Panarina will go into the ride off for the minor places. On the track,


we are looking at Anna Meares, nearest to us, from Australia.


is riding against Lyubov Shulika from the Ukraine. Anna Meares is


well suited to the Olympics system. Normally the sprinting is very


condensed over two days. It is spread out over the Olympic Games,


and that will suit her. The more rest she can get, the better.


Lyubov Shulika is a strong competitor but Anna Meares should


put her way. This is the second heat of the second quarter-final in


the women's sprint and there is work to do for Lyubov Shulika


because she is trailing Anna Meares 1-0. Anna Meares is the only woman


actually to have won every single sprint discipline. 500, keirin,


Team sprint, individual sprint, but I must admit her form in the keirin


certainly did disappoint me. But her time in qualification here was


very quick so it looks very much to me as though she could get through


to the concluding stages. That is Anna Meares, just trailing Lyubov


Shulika. She comfortably won the first race. Like you said in the


previous race, Chris, what could Olga Panarina do to Victoria


Pendleton - you ask the same question here? What can Lyubov


Shulika do to beat Anna Meares? a lot, really. It has happened many


times that the strong competitor has been caught out through


complacency. They just drop their guard slightly. These mistakes


happen. She is a versatile rider, Lyubov Shulika. She was a member of


the Ukrainian team that actually won silver in the world


championships in 2008 when they took place in Manchester. She is


using her sprinting speed here to try and deny Anna Meares a victory


through to the semi-finals. It is just about the limit of the pace


when you get to that position on the track. Lyubov Shulika feels as


if she has caught Anna Meares napping, but she has seen the move


and she is reacting now. Lyubov Shulika is going to go for a


complete lap. It is a big ask. Meares is completely confident. You


could see from the moment she went, she was happy to let her do that,


to roll through. Anna Meares wins No problems for Anna Meares, and as


far as Victoria Pendleton is concerned, she strikes again. At


the moment the two big sprinting rivals have made it through to the


semi-final and you can see that unfolding tomorrow afternoon. Let's


talk about that performance from Victoria Pendleton. Once again, her


opponent was simply unable to live with her. It has got to be


extremely frustrating for the opponents. Great Britain just


brings it to the table when it counts. Especially the first and


second gear after Beijing, it kind of fell off the mark a little bit,


but they were just building and developing stuff ready for this


event now. Mentally as well, people at home have got to realise there


is so much mental energy, and obviously physical as well, that


goes into performing here and you can't do that for four years


straight. You have got to take your foot off the accelerator, and build


up again, and Victoria is hungry. She can have some dinner now then,


because we are about to disappear over to BBC Two and we have Jason


Kenny one win away from becoming the Olympic champion, and it is all


about how they recover. Absolutely, he might do it in the next round


but I doubt it. It is more like they do it in the first one. I


think we will see a cat-and-mouse chase again. It was good - he held


him on the bank and he knew exactly what he was doing. Let's see what


happens. When Mark Cavendish mentions the long one, he means


Jason Kenny could possibly go all the way round for an extra lap.


That would be incredible. Already Britain has won its 17th


medal of these Olympic Games, and before we head over to BBC Two


let's show you these pictures from Greenwich Park. A thrilling win, it


was wonderful scenes. They held their nerve. Peter Charles was the


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