BBC Two: Day 10: 18.00-19.00 Olympics

BBC Two: Day 10: 18.00-19.00

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Welcome to Olympic Park if you weren't with us on BBC1 a moment


ago, the news is Britain has another gold medal, their 17th at


lopped 20 twelve. It was won by the team show jumping team in a


thrilling jump off against the Netherlands and there was a bronze


for Beth Tweddle in the gymnastics. Las bronze for Nicola Adams in the


boxing. She won her quarter finals. So plenty of success and maybe more


in the velodrome. Let's rejoin Jake. We're hoping for more success. One


newspaper described this place as the medal factory. It may stamp out


a new medal. We're going into what could be the final race for the


men's sprint. It is Jason Kenny against Gregory Bauge. What would


Jason be thinking about now? You can't have two riders who know each


other better. Yes I guess it could come down to who is the most


composed. I think Kenny has better legs than Bauge just now. We work a


lot with the sigh Coll skrist, I did a lot. -- psychologist. You're


not thinking about the podium and that medal. He is has -- he has one


more race. He will be thinking one lap at a time and get this guy into


the position I want him to be. You are not thinking about outcomes.


Wen you do that, it puts pressure on you and you're not thinking what


the world or Britain is thinking. You're thinking right here and


right now. Whether its you against the best in the world on the tour,


or whether in here when you're in an undue rans event, how much are


you tailoring what you do to your specific opponent? A lot of people


do look at the other opponents. But I don't. In unDee rans racing you


shouldn't. -- endurance racing. Track sprinting a lot different. I


have been one to say I don't understand why you base your


tactics around beating somebody else. That is what happened in the


road race. I have always been, we will have a plan and if we execute


it we should win. You're wondering why the crowd are roaring, still


work out who will make it through to the final of women's sprint. The


men's sprint is a tiet that will Chris Hoy picked up in the last


Olympics. How do you think Kenny has dealt with the pressure of


being chosen ahead of Chris Hoy. is very laid back and calm. Even in


Beijing, I was impressed with him. He wasn't faezed -- fazed. As a


senior athlete, you have so much exposure to other events you start


the build up emotional baggage. With Jason there is not that. He


just shows up and rides his bike. He is very well compose and can get


together and focus on what he needs to do. I don't think he worries


about kwhra people say. Can I tell you a story about him in Beijing.


We threw home and he lent me one of his medals so I could get an


upgrade on the flight! Well they come in handy. So it is Kenny


against Bauge. We have spoken about Bauge, now Bauge, he is a multiple


world champion. He has the making of Kenny in this second heat?


here today, don't think so. It will be close, but GB are good at


perfecting what we call the taper, that final phase of training. They


just seem, we always seem to get the edge. At the World Championship


in the team sprint, France was half a second quicker than us. With


turned that around half a second for the Olympics and it is


reflected here with other performances by GB. Even myself I


didn't predict anywhere near the performances that we have seen from


Britain. So whatever they do and put in the water, it works. They


have done well. To make it clear, the main course here is Jason Kenny


against Gregory Bauge for the gold medal in the men's sprint. But


before that, we will give you starter. This will be interesting.


Phillip is taking on the Australia Perkins. A gutsy performance from


Phillip in the first heat. Can he do something? I think so it was


kind of close. He is being himself. He is brave. He is and again he is


very talented. Some people have it and some people get it. Sprinting


is very hard to learn and you either get it or you don't. Njisane


got it and he is only 21 and he will develop and get better and


faster. This is the fight for the bronze. The riders are preparing


themselves. Now it is all about man versus man. In a moment Jason Kenny


will go for gold. But first we will tpwiend out who will get the bronze.


So over to your commentators. Top top Njisane Phillip with a problem.


He has got to win this to take it He has got to win this to take it


to a decider. Let's hope his coaching will reflect and he is not


carrying a legacy of doubt, having been beaten by the Australian in


race one. Best performance by far from the rider from Trinidad. He


has mixed wit the best here and shown he is a worthy finalist. Per


-- Perkins, very strong in that last round. He needs to try and


control the Australian. But Perkins has so much experience. It is hard


to know what he can do. Roger Gibbon was their great sprinter in


the 60s. This man is a successor to those riders. Australia have won


gold medal in the competition with Ryan A by a -- with Ryan Baillie in


Athens. Can Perkins get a bronze here? They're not hanging around


and Njisane Phillip looks like he wants to get on with this. And he


caught hip napping there and Perkins saw the door open and the


Australian has gone down the inside and committed himself. The man from


Trinidad was caught. That gap won't be closed. Njisane cannot do it.


Perkins salutes the crowd and the bronze is his. And in a quick time.


Njisane Phillip has tired a bit as the competition has gone on.


Consistency is a big part of it. Perkins rode well there. Totally


commuted -- committed with three quarters of a lap to go. Even then


he looked back and he wasn't going to let himself be used as a carrot.


It was a great ride. Jason Kenny I can tell you is already out, being


strapped in. Just in the well of the track, ready for race two.


Bauge as well. So they will will be coming up to take their positions


on the line as we just, that was where the victory was underpinned.


The door opened and Perkins went for it and there was no man Njisane


Phillip could close that gap down. The applause is ringing out now. As


out on to the track come the two gladiators who will fight this out


in race two. Bauge with a mountain to climb, because Kenny is brimming


with confidence and he won race one comfortably. They will have to with


wait for Shane Perkins to go. On the other side of the track, he is


celebrating. Kenny, yes, he can win. Having seen him in the first race,


I think that I'm inclined to agree. There is the face of Bauge. He must


be thinking what a cheek to intrude on my turf, I'm the triple world


champion. But he knows he is racing against a terrier, 24-year-old


Kenny from Bolton.Less looking to continue the gold rush and the


crowd, it is absolutely packed to capacity and on the banking


everyone is standing to get a good view. I was going to say standing


room only. But there is no standing room left. It has beeny night. But


somehow we have more people here tonight. This is it. Doubt is not


an option and they cannot have any doubt in their minds now. Kenny


leading it off. If he can win this it is two strait and he is the


Olympic champion. This is what makes the nerves jangle, believe me.


Conditiony just keeping an eye out on -- Kenny just keeping an eye out


on Bauge, this big Frenchman. certainly not out of it. He is


still in fantastic form here. Kenny knows it. He will take some


controlling. But that last round, I was surprised at the pace of Jason


Kenny. Completed the final 200 metres at 70 kilometres an hour.


Listen to the crowd. Skhr the coach just shouting something to Keny --


to Keny I -- shouting something to Kenny. Now into the back straight.


One and a half laps to go. Will Kenny take Bauge on from the front.


Is his confidence that much? But a lap and Kenny with one lap to go.


Standing between him and the gold. Bauge trying to come up. He is not


going to do it. Kenny has got the head of race and Bauge won't take


it. Hen erKenny is the champion and wins the gold and he won it in


style with fantastic confidence. So lack at this, the celebrations


unfolding and Bauge had no answer at all to Jason Kenny. Silver in


Beijing, gold in London, what a handing over of the mantle. He is a


triple Olympic gold medallist. That is his second gold medal here.


Great Britain continue to hoover up the golds. A brilliant performance


by Kenny. He salutes the crowd as he rolls around. But he rode with


so much confidence. Here is a chance to see the images. Fan it is


aically - fantastically powerful. Bauge had nothing. He had tired


through competition and that is one thing you have got to be able to


sprint time after time. Kenny just looks as sharp as he did when they


came in. He knew he had got it there with 100 metres to go. There


is the coach going wild! So Kenny moves and carves his name into


sporting mystery. He becomes the second British man to win the gold


medal in the Olympic games for the sprint. The first Sir Chris Hoy in


Beijing. The second Jason Kenny. Here he is and the celebrations now


begin to unfold. The sixth gold for the GB cycling team. Is they're


following on from Beijing. They said it wouldn't be possible to


replicate that kind of performance. Well Keir think British team wasn't


listening. -- well clearly the British team wasn't listening.


Bauge bemused by the speed of Kenny. He is on record as having ridden


the fastest second lap ever in the team sprint. Here, my goodness me,


Ken Yip at his best. I remember comebt Taiting on him when he was a


world junior champion. Now he has got three Olympics golds. It was a


huge margin on the line. Yes at this level. I thought he would have


to fight hard with Bauge, but well, in the end he dominated. There we


are. They acknowledge each other's sporting ability. And Gregory Bauge


knows that he met a better man here in London. Celebrations will go on


long into the night here. Every time they leave the arena, the


masses of crowds are all carrying the flags and celebrating and the


talk as you leave as well in the station is all about the cycling


achievements. But Jason Kenny is talking with his legs. Clearly was


talking with his legs. Clearly was looking a bit hot.


Another gold medal for Team GB, the sixth gold medal for cycling. Jason


Huge congratulation. That was a spectacular piece of sprinting. So


much expectation coming into this - how does it feel to deliver? It is


amazing. Like you say, I hadn't even thought about it until the


final round, and then it suddenly dawned on me. Knowing you have


someone on the sideline who definitely would not give that


second sprint away. I was really pleased to deliver for the team.


silver medal in Beijing, then after that ride Chris Hoy said this is


the man who will win in London, and he also predicted he would set such


a fast qualifier. Is he Mystic Meg? I am beginning to wonder. He is


losing his touch on Usain Bolt, didn't give him a fast enough time.


You look like you are in the form of your life. We always looked


Gregory Bauge would be the man to beat but you didn't even need to


take him to a third ride. We were really close once again, but in the


world championships he has been a slightly faster rider for start of


their I qualified, or three days ago I qualified quicker so I am


pleased with that. I like racing against Gregory Bauge, it is always


an exciting race so I am really pleased. I will let you go and


collect your third gold medal. Congratulations to Jason Kenny, the


third gold medal of his career. Jamie, you shed the team sprint


with him four years ago - your emotions watching that unfolding?


He deserves it. Just looking at his character, when you see him being


interviewed he is quite laid-back, but when he puts the helmet on he


turns into a different person and it is also under siege. He is a


fighter on that track, and he will not give anything away. The time


trial gives a lot away. Even two tenths difference between you and


your opponents shows what is ahead and he was clearly faster. Gregory


Bauge threw everything he had. you really believe he didn't think


about becoming the Olympic champion until just before he got on the


bike? I don't know, I actually believe him to be fair. You can


imagine how much energy it took out of him just fighting for his


position with Chris. If you start thinking about an event after the


one you are going for any way - he had to do the team sprint - it will


compromise that. You have to shift your focus, and the more nervous


energy you have, the more you are thinking about it, the more energy


you are losing. You have to shut off your emotions. We talked about


the fact British cycling were back into a corner after their dominance


in Beijing, the rules changed so you could only have one rider in


each competition, and as we take a look at this final ride it is worth


pointing out to people that it came down to the two best sprinters in


the world. Gregory Bauge is so good at this event. If it had been the


old rules, you would have seen Chris and Jason at it again, and he


really deserves it. Gregory Bauge has been around quite a while,


probably six or seven years at this level so he is very experienced and


strong. Team GB just has a way of performing on the day. Already,


other nations, Germany have started asking questions about where this


has come from because we are dominating once again. We have


picked up a medal in everything except one event in the Velodrome


and it was not expected because Great Britain slipped back in the


intervening years since Beijing but it is about having form at the


right time. That's right, looking at the endurance rides we came back


and it was close even at the World Championships this year. We came to


the Olympic Games here in London and they have hit it on the head.


They saved everything they can - all the equipment and everything


has been saved to use here and they have performed. We know that Great


Britain have superbly equipment, and Chris Boardman makes sure they


keep one step ahead of the opposition, but this was as much


about stunning riding on a bike as much as the equipment. Absolutely,


it is probably frustrating because some of this equipment has not been


out of the cupboard for four years, like these wheels. There has been


some development recently with new handlebars, New cranks. We are


talking about such minuscule gaining here, but it can help. If


Jason can get on to that line knowing he has the best bike in the


world, even if maybe it isn't, he thinks that. The equipment, the


helmet, the clothing, you have so much confidence. Chris Hoy has been


nicknamed Mystic Meg, and he said four years ago Jason Kenny would


win this medal. His Olympic experience is far from over. Here's


24 years old, he was 20 in Beijing. A lot of the guys here, they were


younger than 27 but looking at Chris Hoy, you look at how many


Olympics he has done and Jason can carry on and do that, I'm sure.


you think this is the sweetest gold medal for him so far? I think so.


He will be proud of that. Gregory Bauge said he would rather race


Chris because he is a true champion so I know there was a bit of


vengeance. Come on, he has three gold medals. You can't claim he is


not a real-world champion. It is maybe a slightly bitter Gregory


Bauge talking their because Great Britain have won a gold medal once


again. This is dominance. We have had seven events and Great Britain


have picked up medals in six of them, five gold medals and one


bronze. It is far from over yet. We still have Chris Hoy to go in the


keirin, Victoria Pendleton in the sprint, and the omnium with Laura


Trott. If you are fresh to track cycling, the omnium is all about


having six events and being consistent as possible. At the end


of those events, having the fewest number of points. Laura Trott


dropped behind Sarah Hammer of the USA, so this is the elimination. It


is a real crowd-pleaser. For those new to this, what is it about?


elimination race is as simple as it is an elimination race. He will


have already done that joke once. Every two laps is a sprint, and the


last person gets taken out of the race. They keep whittling them down


until there are two girls left and they sprint for the wind. May have


a little box on their handlebars that will light up when they are


out of the race. It used to be in the old days it was a bit confusing,


people wouldn't go out, and it affected the result but now they


Arabic more on it. It is as simple as that. What now expecting from


Laura Trott? She is good at this event so she enjoys it. She is


light, she has good acceleration, so I think she will be fine. I


would be surprised if she was not would be surprised if she was not


left in the top three at the end of this race. On her way to becoming


the world omnium champion. We have seen so much excitement in the


Velodrome, but even after picking up the gold medal for Jason Kenny,


I think there is more to come. Keep an eye out for Laura Trott.


She is a real crowd-pleaser and she excels in the elimination race. You


have to concentrate on the back of the race and not the front because


it is the last rider over the line that is eliminated. The place not


to ride in the event is at the back because you are expending too much


energy. The place to ride is like Tara Whitten at the front. Gonzalez


of Venezuela has the red light flashing, and that tells her that


she is eliminated. Up they have only 30 seconds of riding between


these eliminations and that is why it is fast. It is really hard for


the riders at the back. They have got to come a long way round. The


rider at the back is clearly carrying fatigue in her legs after


the points race. I reckon she just about survive because it looked


like Williams, No. 14, on that occasion. Williams is the


representative from Colombia, 34 years of age. Laura Trott in the


middle of the field can write this from the back or the front. She has


very good tactical awareness. She really gave a fright at the World


Championships. She did. This time on the line, it looked very much to


me like Lee of China. She is out. We see a bunch of bodies, Laura


Trott sees opportunities to move forward. She is in a comfortable


position now. She went through gaps in Melbourne that were not there,


and we were holding our breath. Sharakova is sitting at the back at


the moment, and Laura Trott is comfortably in the wheels. The


Colombian that I feel should have been eliminated... His showing on


our images that she was but the judges have got 10 seconds to make


a call. This happened in the race with Ed Clancy, and they made a


couple of errors that affected the medals table. The Polish Rider it


is still sitting at the back and she surely can't last much longer


because her legs must be burning from the last race. The crowd are


getting quite emanated here. I think she survived. -- other crowd


are getting quite animated. She has still riding this race. Williams


has been eliminated twice and she is stubbornly ignoring the line


flashing that she should leave the race. This can cause a problem.


one rider thinks they have another one behind them so they are saved,


that could really alter things here. The Polish Rider is again at the


back, and Garcia of Cuba is beside her. Number 14 retired of her own


volition - oh, that was Williams. Yes, she eventually understood that.


Number 20 is eliminated again, Sanchez of France. Laura Trott in a


great position in third place. Sarah Hammer on the front. She


likes to roam around almost like an individual pursuit on the front.


Surely the Polish Rider will not survive again this time? I think it


was the Spaniard, Olaberria Dorronso. Tara Whitten riding a


perfect elimination race, just sitting on the inside, keeping the


field on her shoulder. The New Zealand rider comes to the front,


and the Polish Rider inevitably moving away from the back. So aware


of what is going on behind her. she make it that time? Number 30 is


out. Yes, she did! Laura Trott is now moving to the back, and she


nearly gave us a heart attack, watching at the World Championship,


but we realised it was actually her eliminated, Wojtyra. Every


confidence there. She just makes her own holes hen she needs to. No


panic, just eases through. She is not a big rider. Just 20 years of


age and is a product from the Go Ride scheme, where the kids gain


confidence in bike control. She is at the back again. Come on, Laura,


you have got to find a way. Don't go underneath. Is she going to do


it. No? Yes! She wins through again. It was Garcia. I think she does it


to us on purpose. Now she is on the front. Did that door open or not.


She has found her way through. Oh dear! Trott's gone through is now


on the front. That was Garcia that was eliminated. Seven laps


remaining now. Edmondson on the outside trying to move around. It


is getting quicker. Trott having to sit there. Edmondson is one of the


big danger. I think Whitten's gone. The Canadian. And joint leader in


the competition. That is a real scalp. That is great for Laura


Trott. There is the back wheel of Whitten. Whitten's gone out early


and Laura Trott with profit from that. She is holding the field at


bay. Whitten was fourth in this at the World Championships. D'Hoore of


Belgium coming through. Whitten has been a world champion twice as well.


Here is Laura. Well done. Kiesanowski is out this time.


Hammer comes to the front. She is the other danger rider for Laura


Trott. Ed monthson coming right under neath her. You have to be


careful doing that with the judges. Six riders left and at the back it


is the Russian. Roman -- Romanyuta is there. And there is D'Hoore.


Here is Romanyuta. On the line that was close. Was it Wild or


Romanyuta? I think it was the Belgian. Number seven it was.


D'Hoore is out. And the field is thinning out. Laura Trott still in


there. She has mved to the back of the field. She is in a great


position. Loves this repeated sprints. Let's look at this one. At


the back is Hammer. Cowl put her in a box here. Come on Laura, move


around and Sara Hammer is in the hot seat. If Hammer goes out that


will be to the advantage of Trott. Or Wild I think. Wild of


Netherlands. It was Wild. But trot was in a dangerous position. That


was a very strong ride from her in second. This is a dangerous lap for


what you ra Trott. Hammer was driven by fear. Ed monthson is on


the front. They're beginning to wind it up. Laura, you have got to


find speed. Don't get put in a box. You have got to come outside. She


does. Good riding there. The elimination was the Russian Roman


Nuta. I thought we had called her out before. These three riders


could rest tonight well clear of the rest after the first three


disciplines. Here they come. Edmondson and then Hammer. And then


it is Laura Trott. And you have to move up now. Don't let Ed monthson


take this. Here is Laura Trott. It is a big sprint. Oh Laura Trott yes,


Edmondson beaten there. If Laura Trott would win this, she has won


two of the Three disciplines. A straight up sprint between these


two now. She is showing she is one of the riders on form. I will give


to it Laura Trott. They're riding it like a spript competition. It is


almost like the event has changed. If Laura Trott wins this her points


will be 12 and Hammer's will be less. Trott has got it. She comes


over the top and she will win the race. The third event in the omnium.


Great riding, Laura. She gets a point to that to add to her tally,


so she has 12 and Hammer finishing second, she gets two and she has 12.


But Trott has won two of the three events, so she is the leader.


about consis tenty si. -- consistency. She is actually


giggling as she goes around. She loves this event. She has won the


test event, the World Championships and now she is leading at the


midway point here in the Olympic Games. Laura Trott, you are a joy


to watch. This for me is her speciality. She loves it. Just


think, she will go to bed tonight and will be full of confidence.


Tomorrow she will come out for the individual pursuit and she is good


at that. Hammer has been a four- time world champion. But trot with


the ride a good 3,000 as well. she was third at the World


Championships. But the gap was less than a tenth of a second then. We


expect a strong ride. But that was a dominant sprint. Laura Trott,


here she goes, phenomenal. She was marooned at the back on several


occasions. But well I don't know, with confidence she found herself


through the wheels and put herself on the front. That young youthful


face belies her strength and confidence. Laura Trott wins her


second discipline. What a start. A nice wave to the crowd, who love


her. She is such an entertainer. Hammer's pleased as well. She has


had a good opening day. It is about consistency as well and that is


what Hammer is about. Whitten will ride strongly tomorrow. But she had


a shocker there. She was eighth. Already these riders will down the


field here. Remember in the omnium, it is all about scoring the least


points at the end of the six competitions. Now then I think


Laura's arrived with Jill. Let's hear what she has to say. Wh a


fantastic day at the office. That had the crowd on their feet.


are they boog. That is not me is it? No not you. "O'I don't think. I


think. We're just checking why ther booing. Oh. No unseems to know. You


had a lovely smile on your face. Yes, I enjoyed it. I don't know


what they're booing for. I don't know if I have been relegated.


will have to go with the result. You looked strong. Yes I feel


strong. I did a lot of work for the race. I can only hope for better


Some confusion, we saw something that would lead to her being


demoted. No she rode that perfectly. And she managed to break Sarah


Hammer on the last sprint. She rode it perfectly. She was a joy to


watch. It was exciting. Good bumps. She came from the back and took it


up to the front. Where ever she wanted to be, she was in control.


That was a beautiful race to watch. A couple of close moments. There


were, but that is about thrilling the crowd. I think she is doing it


for the crowd. This is that final sprint. She showed us strength in


her legs. She has already picked up a gold at the games and she is


still working hard. Sarah Hammer was five or ten laps before this,


you could see a lot of girls were labouring. I thought Laura was.


she was playing with you. She was. It is good way to do it to pick off


the weaker riders at the start. You're not fighting for position


and you get to the stronger riders at the finish and then you have to


position yourself. But at the start you can pick them off one by one.


Give us an idea how tough it is. I saw a quote where she said she


likes it she rides so hard she tastes the pain in her mouth. How


tough is that? It is horrible. It is a horrible vent. It builds up,


but the speed gets slower and slower. And you're sprinty 30


seconds. You don't want to hear that bell. But this is about


consistency and not just your performance and Whitten of Canada


struggling. Yes a big disappointment for Whitten. Nowhere


near where she wanted to finish. That will push her down the tables.


Still got the top three here. We're aiming for consistency and you need


to finish top four or five to way these girls are setting off. So we


are half way through. It finishes It is all about finishing the with


the fewest points. Soon we will be live again and we will stand and


hear the national anthem. We're not becoming overconfident. There is


still a lot of medals up for grabs. And Laura Trott continues her quest


for a medal. But we will see yoi shortly for that gold to be awarded


to Jason Kenny. Sue. We will look for erforward to that. Jason Kenny


winning Britain's 18th gold medal. If you're just come home. Here are


If you're just come home. Here are the headlines. It was a stunning


fifth gold for Britain as Jason Kenny beat Gregory Bauge to win


sprint gold. And Britain has it first jumping gold in 60 years.


Beth Tweddle is the first British woman to win an Olympic gymnastics


with a bronze t. And British boxer Nicola Adams is assured of at least


a bronze after winning her quarter- final. So it has been an amazing


day and wonderful news for berth Tweddle, she has won world and


European title, she has won her first Olympic medal. But now back


to the velodrome and another victorious bri on the will stand on


the podium. And well done to berth. Gymnastics are on a high. -- well


done to Beth. Chris Boardman and Hugh Porter have been watching.


Chris I have started to see in the papers, people are questioning how


papers, people are questioning how Britain have found this form.


have seen it before. I saw it in Beijing, there was a lot of success


and everyone was looking for a reason. In London it is called


peaking. It is to do with excellent they have done right. I heard talk


of the French saying they have special wheels in bags. They put


them in bags to keep them clean. It is the same wheels they used in


Athens. The main thing about the wheels is they're round. And now


another gold for Britain. For someone who has loved this sport,


what have the last few years been like? I consider I'm a lucky person


to sit here. I mean, I cannot believe ity time I come to an


Olympic games, all the performance ps beat what I have seen before.


Jason Kenny, I have always believed he would one day be the best


sprinter in the world. I just hope that we can continue as we're doing.


It is astonishing the gold rush, we are going to equal the performances


They will let you take it away. A great big smile on the face of


Jason Kenny, he is the Olympic champion in the men's sprint.


This is the presentation of the medals for the men's sprint. The


winner of the bronze medal representing Australia is Shane


Perkins. He was a gold medal winner in the Commonwealth Games in this


discipline, but it is silver he was after and he didn't make it through.


He settles for a bronze medal. His father was a bronze medal-winner in


the sprint in the Commonwealth Games the number of years ago. And


the winner of the silver medal is Gregory Bauge from France. Two


silver medals for him in the Olympic Games here in London. He


got himself a silver in the team sprint, and now he has a silver in


The Olympic champion and gold medal-winner, representing Great


Britain, Jason Kenny! A silver medal-winner in Beijing takes the


next step on the podium here, the top spot. He is the Olympic


champion for the sprint and that is his second gold medal here in


London. His tally of medals in the Olympic competition now moves to


three. The battle he has had with Chris Hoy to get him here, I think


that is what has made him. So emotional. The whole audience on


their feet singing the national anthem. Jason Kenny, such a


likeable quiet feller. Comes from Bolton, and there will be a few


celebrations there. Jason Kenny, Olympic champion and golden medal


winner. A silver going to Gregory Bauge of France and the bronze


medal going to Shane Perkins of Australia. We have just seen


confidence brimming over from Laura Trott so we could still win many,


many more medals on the final day. We can look forward to Chris Hoy in


the keirin. What a shot that is. Well done, you are the Olympic


champion. How sweet that will feel to him.


Three times he has now been crowned the Olympic champion, but that is


the first medal that represents a victory in the solo event. There


was so much talk about whether Richard B Jason Kenny or Chris Hoy


riding, and they chose Jason Kenny - he didn't disappoint. The


continuing success of Great Britain, and to his worth picking up on the


discussion about other countries starting to question how Great


Britain have picked up their form just up the right time for 2012.


You work with the American sprinters. Are you looking at what


Great Britain are doing? Are other things going on you are not aware


of? I know what they have done. I was part of it, and I am trying to


apply that to the USA team. We have made big advances. What they have


done back home, it is a big undertaking and it is a lot of


commitment from everyone. A lot of staff members don't see their


family is four weeks. It is huge commitment and drive, so many


different things. Obviously the equipment helps, but you can't take


anything away from these athletes. I know you had a special road race


bike for the Olympics and that is all to do with the Secret squirrel


Club, but congratulations for everything you have done. We will


see you here tomorrow in the Velodrome when there are another


three big medals up for grabs. The boys were talking about peaking


at the right time, what makes a champion. It is power and


athleticism, but also about mental toughness and believe, and that is


exactly what Dai Greene needs tonight in the 400m hurdles because


he only scraped in as one of the fastest qualifiers. How much his


talent, and how much is in the mind? We have been exploring.


The ice is a place in the Olympic Park that very few people get to


see. It is a dressing room very much like any other, but it is in


places like this, the knocks and crannies of Olympic venues that


gold medals will be won and lost. This is the inner sanctum, where


the last few crucial moments are spent before stepping out into the


megawatt lighting of the competition arena a few yards down


the corridor. It is here athletes perform highly secret routines


designed to take them into the zone. Here you will see some truly


bizarre things. Some athletes in half trances pacing, others with


their eyes closed visualising optimum performance. Some athletes


en that bizarre superstitions, others offer a silent prayers. In


many ways this is one of the most surreal places in sport, but also


perhaps one of the most fascinating. Often the final few moments before


competition are solitary. You are alone with your thoughts or perhaps


your demons, but in many sports solitude is impossible. You are


required to spend those final moments up close with your


competitors and it is here in the call room that the mind games going


to overdrive. From my perspective, these were the guys standing in my


way of achieving my objective of a gold medal. I never thought it was


personal. I never thought they were trying to destroy my dreams, they


were simply trying to win. I did not own winning, I simply wanted to


not own winning, I simply wanted to win. Champion athlete, gold-medal


athletes, the gold medal mindset if you like, that type of athletes


will not see pressure as a problem. They will perceive it as a


privilege. I quite enjoyed it actually because the pressure is so


high at that point, all other things being equal, so the person


who handles that pressure best will have the best performers. There was


one competitor, he asked us to pray together. I am not going to pray


with you. Most of the guys did that. I am going to battle. There brutal


irony is that however good you are, how many sacrifices you have made,


it counts for nothing if you can't deliver when it really matters.


Four years of preparation for just a few defining moments of action.


This in many ways is the ultimate sliding Doors moment. The key


question is do the psychological rituals that athletes used in the


dressing room, and continue to use in the arena, actually work? In


short, what do we really know about the dark art of performance


psychology? You are already under tremendous pressure and the


significance of the moment, and this is what you have been training


for for so long, a dream come true to be there, and now you're just


that close. You will always have an internal voice saying this is


dangerous, run away. A psychologist will always say you control the


controllables. You can only control how you perform. You narrowing down


to something incredibly simple. Sort of ironic now as I have lost


my faith, but my faith gave me perspective. It allowed me to


disassociate myself from the outcome. You have to do the best


you can and let the chips fall as they may. I can only be as good as


I can be, and when I crossed the line, I will see where that got me.


Performance psychology is to a large extent about the elimination


of doubt. In many circumstances doubt is a sensible thing. If


someone is trying to sell you an insurance policy, it makes sense to


doubt whether what they are saying is true, but in sport doubt is


catastrophic. If you do not believe, you are almost certain to fail.


That is why visualising a good performance can help eliminate


doubt. Superstitions provide reassurance and boost self- belief.


Sue position is an interesting phenomenon, particularly in sports


psychology because thoughts become things, and what we think there --


what we think affects the way we feel. Does similar kind of thing


happens in the field of medicine. The sugar pill with no Pharmacology


whatsoever can have incredible effect, reducing pain and anxiety,


even eliminating nausea so long as you believe it works. As Jonathan


Edwards put it, in a different context, any belief can have


astonishingly powerful effects providing it is held with


sufficient conviction. Maybe that is the key. You need to find


something that works for you. Every athlete is an individual. You can


take out the sports psychology book and say Michael Johnson did this,


Carl Lewis did this, and go on and on, but none of them are who you


are and you have to find your own way. Delivering under pressure is a


rather brutal thing, but also profoundly subjective one. Many


athletes are overcome with nerves, others are afflicted with terrible


self-doubt. Is there any wonder they reach for that particular


ritual that makes sense to them? That provides reassurance and


control. Prayer, superstition, visualisation, take your pick. That


minute difference between victory and defeat on the biggest stage is


often to be found not in scale or effort, but in the recesses of the


mind. Fascinating piece by Matthew, but


the British athletes have certainly got the mindset right here so far.


A team gold medals, only one medal behind their total in Beijing with


still six days to go. Will there be another gold medal tonight? Maybe


because Dai Greene does in the final of the 400m hurdles. If he


does believe, he could win another gold medal. That is what we are


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