BBC One: Day 10: 19.00-22.00 Olympics

BBC One: Day 10: 19.00-22.00

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The next few seconds took forever. My hands were shaking and my


nervous system was in some kind of shock. Then silence got blown apart.


Not very quick out of the blocks, pole was the quickest. He is going


to win the gold! 9.64! The champion becomes the legend. The Americans


Be changing of the guards. He is the king of sprinting, undisputed,


the best in the world, Usain Bolt. Why did we ever, ever doubt the


What a wonderful weekend we have had. The noise on Saturday was


magnificent but the silence before that 100m final was spine-tingling.


As we know with these Olympics, there is always something else


beyond the next hurdle. 44 years ago, a different Olympic


age of tragedy and student demonstrations, Cold War strains,


Black Power tensions, and it was different because this was


Britain's one and only gold medal David Henry wins for Britain! A new


world record. Henry won it all the way. But there are similarities,


the pain. For David Henry running at 7,000 ft above sea level. For


Dai Greene, or when it all went wrong. Dai Greene has got some work


to do. He has got some ground to make up. Dai Greene holds his head


in his hands, looks up to the sky and wonders if his Olympic dream is


over. This showed what might be for the when and what might be now.


Hopefully. Indeed. Can Dai Greene go from


being the slowest qualifier to the fastest when it really counts?


World champion Dai Greene scraped into the 400m finalist -- final.


Javier Culson has been the man to beat this season. Holly Bleasdale


is a genuine medal hope in the poll vote but she must find a way past


the legendary Yelena Isinbayeva. Local girl Perri Shakes-Drayton can


see the Olympic stadium from the end of her Road. She goes in the


Fresh from winning 400m gold on Sunday, America's Sanya Richards-


Ross has her spikes on again. Middleweight Anthony Ogogo will


Athletics leads the way for us this evening with the highlight being


the men's 400m hurdles. We will see Anthony Ogogo go for a medal at


9:40pm. Usain Bolt's medal ceremony is at 8:30pm. Over on BBC Three it


is the last group game for Team GB's women's hockey team. They face


the Netherlands. Britain must win tonight to top the group. Here with


us in the studio to look forward to another night of drama are Colin


Jackson and Kriss Akabusi who 20 years ago today it won his bronze


medal in Barcelona for the 400m hurdles. AKA BC is still in their


battling and fighting. -- Kriss Akabusi. Kriss Akabusi is in third


And Kriss Akabusi takes bronze and the world record has gone. Kriss


Akabusi of Great Britain. A new British record. A bronze medal in


this Olympic Games to add to the bronze medal he won in Tokyo in the


world championships. Was it really 20 years ago? 20 years ago, it is


unbelievable, it has absolutely flown by. It is a big score, 20


years, Kriss Akabusi, get out of there, the new guy is in town.


must say, you look much better in HD! Was that the highlight of your


career, the Olympic medal, or does the world usurp that, the relay


when you came through that? If it had not been for the relay, I would


not be sitting here. The relay brought me into the national psyche


key. My biggest medal was the sole the Met lie won in 1984. It was the


first one. All the sudden, my dreams had come true. The rest is


cream and gravy. That is interesting. Going back 20 years


ago, Colin that was the time when you were really fancied. You got


hurt in the semi-finals and it was such a shame. It is always a


frustrating thing when entreat strikes up the wrong time but that


is the reality in sport. I'm sure there will be many other athletes


who suffer the same thing, the favourite but then it they have an


injury. Let's turn it round to Dai Greene. Can he come from being the


slowest qualifier to winning a gold medal, it is a big ask.


It is a big ask. He ran reasonably well but one thing we can say is it


he performs when it really matters. He will leave nothing left in the


tank when it comes to this 400m hurdle race. Also, he has got a


really nice lane draw. He ended up doing very well indeed. I read from


one of his team-mates, he said he may not be the fastest but he is


certainly the bravest but surely it is better to be the fastest? What


is really important is to be a championship performer, to raise


your game when it really matters. The great thing for Dai Greene is


there is no pretence. Forget being captain fantastic all the world


champion, it is about the here and now. He has got a fantastic chance.


When you saw him cross the line last time, you thought, he has


blown it. It is better to have a lane than no name at all. He has


got the third lane and he can deliver. He was devastated at the


end of this, he thought he had probably missed out. Is it hard to


pick yourself up from that and believe in yourself enough to get a


medal at least? I think the answer to that, is no. When you have been


a world champion and a European champion, you know what it takes to


win. When you have got that in your bag, it is in a positive mindset to


be in. We all know about the British crowd, they have left did


every single British athlete. -- they have lifted every single


British athlete. The thing for Dai Greene is Javier Nicholson. --


Javier coarsen. He is warming up now and probably going off, what


can he say it himself? Last year, when it really mattered, I beat you.


You need something to latch on. Last year, world championships, I


beat you. But everyone else here, I have done you, I have done you, I


have done you. He has done that. is a long time since a Welsh gold


medal. Yes, 1964. We have been waiting. Unfortunately, for his


coach at the last experience with a Welsh athlete was myself and I did


not deliver. You were unlucky as we talked about. He is in safe hands.


He has a coach who can produce athlete to deliver when it really


matters. Malcolm Arnold has been here before. Can I ask you finally,


before I let you go, do you think he will do it? I think that Dai


Greene will think it was 20 years since the record has gone, that


will be in his favour because sports is poetry and symmetry. 20


years since it has gone. I think he will break the British record but


come third like I did 20 years ago. That might be poetic. If there is a


charge of the final hurdle, Dai Greene will indicate but he has to


be there or thereabouts to go into the final barrier. Enjoy the rest


of the evening and we will be rooting for him. Let's switch


sports now for gymnastics and another medal hope for Team GB.


Beth Tweddle who faced heartbreak in Beijing, she was hoping for a


medal. As she went into the uneven in store for Great Britain's Beth


Tweddle? Herr entire gymnastic career has been building up to


these next few moments. She just has to go through like she always


does. A lovely half turned there. That was caught beautifully. This


is the important section. She floats up. She must focus now, give


herself some energy for the dismount. A big step back but she


saved it. A terrific effort from Beth Tweddle. Expensive there.


work on the apparatus was superb. This is the big combination she has


to get, the somersault to below bar, straight on, on to the high bar


with a half turn. Here is the dismount, two somersaults, two


twists. This has been a big challenge. She landed well but the


hips were slightly behind and she had to take a big step. She took a


big step and then joined feet. After that routine, Beth had a


nervous wait but in the end it was bronze. This is her final ever


routine, a first Olympic medal to And here it is. Beth Tweddle, thank


you very much for joining us. After all that, it came down to that


moment for you, you got your Olympic medal, how thrilled are


you? It is hard to put it into words. Everyone knows this is the


one metal which is missing from my collection. I have been trying for


three Olympics. It has been a nervous wait. I have been training


while everyone else was competing. I was so pleased until I landed


that dismount. Was it like watching the others go out after you? It is


hard because I am not in control of that. As soon as I do the routine,


I am in control but sat watching the routines, I had to wait and


hope that I would stay in that third place. At one point, I


thought I would end up in 4th again. I was watching your routine. It is


incredible what you do. It is very special indeed. It seemed your


routine was harder than everyone else's. Is that me with the


untrained eye? We have all got similar difficulties. Mine is a lot


more original. I have got my own skill in there and everything is


more connected. That makes it a shorter routine. Therefore, my


execution, I do not get as much deducted. And the landing, you went


backwards a little bit, do you think that was the difference


between that and a silver Aura gold? It probably was. A lot of


people are saying are you disappointed, you could have had a


gold medal, but I just wanted any medal to finish. I am so pleased to


get one. I think I had too much energy. The crowd were amazing in


the media -- in the arena. atmosphere does seem amazing.


As soon as you walk in, the crowd are behind you and they just go


mental. As soon as I stepped up to chalk the park, it was as if I had


landed my routine. And to get a medal with the home crowd must have


been really emotional. I do not normally get emotional for medal


ceremonies but when they were lifted the flags, I thought,


finally, I have got back medal and People of a certain age grew up


watching a people like Olga Corbett commit younger people have watched


Lewis-Smith and Team GB winning lots of medals. -- Louise Smith.


The wanted a couple of gold medals and we have exceeded that target. -


- we wanted. I watched the boys yesterday - just to get back into


the arena and see what it was like. Hope elite youngsters who have not


tried gymnastics will want to give it a go. -- hopefully. I will not


be in Rio but I'm going to go on holiday to see family and friends.


Then I will be back training. It will give me time to make my final


decisions. Thank you for joining us. I saw a quote from Olga call but


same that Beth Tweddle has something special about her. I


think the whole country agrees with her. Best was not the only medal


and by Team GB today. -- Beths. In showjumping, we got gold against


the Netherlands. Jason Kenny stormed to gold in a sensational


performance in the men's sprint final beating Gregory Bauge.


Victoria Pendleton was in superb form in reaching the semi-finals of


the women's sprint. She faces the German tomorrow. Nicola Adams has


guaranteed herself an historic Women's boxing medal by reaching


the semi-finals of the women's lightweight division. The other two


women fighters - Savannah Marshall and Natasha Jonas were beaten today.


The medal table of London 2012 really is a sight to behold. Who


would have the of Great Britain would have so many medals at this


stage? -- backed Great Britain. Let's hope we can build on that


tally tonight in the stadium behind me. After the lightning vault last


night, we're standing by for a thunderstorm. It is a very heavy


atmosphere. A couple of great athletes. A lot is happening -- a


lot has been happening in the stadium already. Here is what you


have messed. Laurence Okoye could have been out of the discus but a


fantastic last throw saw him through to the final. In the 1500m,


Lisa Dobriskey was safely through with Hannah England and Laura


Weightman. It is good to have Britain trickle handed in the final.


Tiffany Porter safely qualified in the 100 hurdles. Not all success


for the British athletes. Sadly, only Andrew Osagie made it through


We are here tonight. It is not quite after the Lord Mayor's Show


but there is one topic of conversation. You cannot get tired


of discussing what we are privileged enough to seat last


night - the second 100m title of Usain Bolt. Was that the greatest


sprint race that has ever been staged? It was certainly the


greatest 100m race. All of those guys went under 10 seconds, with


the exception of Asafa Powell. Again, all of the different story


lines going into that race were incredible. The debate about Usain


Bolt, Johan Blake, who is going to win it? We were shown shades of


2008 in the semi-finals and then the Olympic record last night.


Tyson Gay, it really his last opportunity to win an Olympic


sprint medal. He came up just short in 4th place. It was an incredible


100m. Why did we doubt him? It is not interesting to say Usain Bolt


will win. People want to see competition. You want to see


rivalry. It was interesting for people to say, Blake. Some people


think Usain Bolt has got big - too complacent. He does not like to


train very hard. Late trains really hard. He is young and new. -- Blake.


Hussain Bock did not look himself early in the season. -- Usain Bolt.


I think it makes sense to have the debate. You cannot bet against


someone with that type of talent who will run 9.8 early in the


season and then took out a month to train and prepare for this. Just


explain one thing. Whenever you into the sportsman and they have


something else that will happen imminently, they say, are you going


to celebrate your triumph? They say, I cannot do that because I have a


race tomorrow, I have a race on Friday. Usain Bolt was in a club at


345 this morning with various members of the Swedish Hamble team.


That will have not and Iota of impact on how he will ran. --


handball team. I can just visualise that. You know what I mean. Other


people would say, I cannot. I have the 200m. He is very honest. He


said that Blake trains harder. He does not like to train. He does not


want to move up to the 400 because he does not want to train that hard.


That is what people like about him. He does not feel like he has to


hide anything. On the very first programme we did of these Games, we


were shown a montage of great athletics moments over 100 years of


the Olympic Games. You felt that Jesse Owens was the premier


Olympian in terms of track and field. Do you think if he were to


win another two got medals, he would usurp that position? It is


all very subjective. Jesse Owens is my favourite. If you cannot get


them both to race against each other, you cannot make all things


equal. You are basically asking a person who it is their favourite. I


like Jesse Owens and what he stayed 4th. I like how he performed and


delivered under that incredible pressure. -- he steered for. In


terms of the greatest sprinter I have seen and watched, it is Usain


Bolt. Over the entire history, Jesse Owens included in just the


100m, Usain Bolt is the best. Of you will have someone else who will


come along at some point. At one point Carl Lewis was the best. As


for the 100m sprint, he is the best sprinter of this era. Talking about


history, there is one event in the Olympics for Britain has never won


a medal of any description - male or female out - but that might


When I was watching Beijing, I did not know what pole fault was. It is


with that I am here and all the athletes are here with me, chatting


to me. It is really nice. I'm so excited to be able to compete in


Amlin -- and Olympics. I had a great indoor season. It was about


jumping as high as I could. The pressure would be on leading up to


the Olympics. It is about going into competition and competing. In


Monaco, it was like an Olympic final. I was going to compete


against the rest of the girls. I took a lot of confidence from that.


What will success before you? Because I am still young, I want to


just enjoy it and lap up experience. I have never had anything like this


before. To be in the top eight would be great but anything above


that would be a bonus. Holly please tell the tenting four metres and 55,


second the 10th and she has got it. -- Hollie Bleasdale, attempting


four metres and 55. If someone had said to you, you are going to be a


London Olympian this time last year and talking about you as a medal


contender, what would you say? want to do everyone proud. It will


be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You cannot put anything else near


to that. It means the world to be able to compete in front of a home


crowd. Wet reminding you that we do have special talent -- worth


reminding you that we do have special talents -- channels on the


bed batten. If you want to watch it from start to finish all the shot-


put, go to the red button and you will find our designated channels.


Hollie police cell. -- first attempt of holly Bleasdale. She is


a novice. She has improved out of all proportion. She is third on the


all-time list. She is a world indoor bronze medallist and will


have two more attempts. Not the best of starts. Plenty happening on


the track as well. First, it is the dug she gets there. -- you can do


it. She gets her. She was going very well indeed over there longer


distance. Britain has its first qualifiers. -- qualifier. She had


to be it on her best form. She ran a good bend. Over on the far side,


looking good, Federiva in second place. She had to hold off Alison


Peter. That was a good run. Not too many of our athletes have produced


a personal best. She has been in good form, getting better and


better. She has produced her best ever 200 metre run when it has


big occasion. You have come out of here and a new personal best.


not know what to say. I did not want to disappoint the crowd. I


could hit everyone cheering me on. I thought, I have to execute for


them. What advice did Linford Christie say? He said, run fast. I


asked him what to do and he said, nothing, run fast. He said he would


trust I will do what I need to do. Well done! See you in the semi-


blocks. Alison Felix is running so really as ever. Look at this,


gliding through. Hackett has got second place. Felix can check back.


Hackett goes through. I suspect that they were too far away to even


be considered when we have to -- so many heats to come. I was looking


forward to seeing Alison Felix. I have not seen her in the flesh


since she ran that sensational run in the US championships. She ran


that effortlessly the whole way down the home straight and I am so


looking forward to when this young lady puts her foot down on the gas


fully to see what she can do. A remarkable performance, 22.71,


cruising. Anyika Onuora had to work hard down the home straight. She


dug in. She ran well. Sometimes in this type of company, just a little


on well at the end that gives you an outside chance of progressing


but overall, how would you assess the race? The race was good. The


crowd lifted me. All in all, I have really enjoyed being at the


Olympics and competing here hopefully again. I definitely wish


I had gone off a bit quicker. I am in much better shape than that. The


next round, we will see, fingers crossed. Thank you for talking to


attempt. One athlete is clear so far, that is Martina struts of


competition. It depends what Yelena Isinbayeva does, clearly. She is a


not. Holly, you have to compose yourself now. That was not the


start she wanted for her Olympic final. I think at the third attempt


she will get it. Let's hope I am not proved wrong. She did not have


the momentum. There was a big groan from the crowd but she does have


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


women's 200m. It is heat 3. Abi Shelley-Ann Fraser-Pryce is hard to


finalist back in 2004. She is coming back into shape. The first


three go through to the semi-finals States is running well. Abi


Oyepitan is also running very well. Simpson is challenging Abi Oyepitan.


She gets second. Simpson, the Commonwealth champion gets third


place. Well done, Abi Oyepitan. The leader looked super-smooth. I did


not think she blazed this, I think she has got a lot in store. She is


well drilled, her coach, John Smith, insists his athletes are


technically sound and, later can always demonstrate she has a great


technique. She is shutting down here, relaxing three. Looked at Abi


Oyepitan. You can never denied that she gives it Harrall. She works


hard around the turn. She is fearless. -- sheet gives it her all.


She has a comfortable qualification into the semi-final. She is


downstairs talking to Phil Jones. We are all set. Well done, a


tremendous performance, I know you were the most analytical person


after a race, tell me what you thought. I could feel Simpson on my


right. I knew I had second place. Obviously, Carmelita Jetta was way


out there. It was fine. You always talk about executing Euros properly,


what did you do right and wrong? -- Your Grace. I definitely did not


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


hard. It is something I need to metre line. Here is the defending


Olympic champion, Valerie Adams of New Zealand. That will be a


comfortable lead. She really is a legend of shot putting. Her legend


goes way beyond New Zealand, that is the shore. She did not get off


to a good start in the qualifying this morning but then she exploded


to a massive throw. Maybe this is a gentle warm-up for Valerie Adams. A


good start though. This is the world leader from Belarus. That was


much, much better. She had a remarkable series of throws in her


last competition, each time lays down the gauntlet to the


defending champion, Valerie Adams. Holly Bleasdale is thinking and


contemplating. She has one more attempt left. If she does not make


it, she is out of this Olympic final. Some news briefly on a story


which has been going on all day, Taoufik Makhloufi was disqualified


this morning after the 800m heats. He qualified yesterday in the


1,500m. He had a brilliant style but he just dropped off the track


this morning. He was disqualified for not putting in a bona fide


performance. The final of the 1,500m is tomorrow. He has been


reinstated after a LOCOG Medical Officer decided he was fit to run.


We will keep you up dated about how that story develops. Back to the


long putts in Belarus and other championship meetings as well. She


is such an explosive athlete. That was way over 20 metres. 21.36,


champion and she is running in lane eight. I wonder if she has calmed


down since that dramatic evening. It has been difficult to keep track


of everything that has been happening. Christine Ohuruogu came


so close to running down Sanya Richards-Ross but she managed to


put together, for her, the most important race of her life. Anyika


Onuora is still in third spot of She always said she wanted to


double up at these Games. She is a favourites. Veronica Campbell-Brown


will be another one. Carmelita Jeter and Allyson Felix were behind


She is running a good bend. Sanya Richards-Ross came off the gas a


bit. She needs to move. Here is the 400m speed and endurance. She was


very impressive in the home straight. She started well and then


was lazy around the bend. She has that ability to pick it up in their


home straight. No doubt about it. She is a 400m runner. She fancies


herself as a good 200m runner. For me, she needed to qualify well. She


needs to win this heat so she gets a better name for the semi-final.


She did that majestically with a beautiful performance. Her face


shows no tension. She is still full of a lot of running. She works hard


and she is weeping heard just rewards. She is Olympic champion in


the 400m and qualifies beautifully for the 200m semi-final. The third


and final attempt for Hollie Bleasdale. There have been 29 jumps


in the competition so far. Only six of them have been clearances. In


the test event, she cleared four metres and 25. Come on! No! Perhaps


a puff of wind, as often happens in stadiums like this, swirls around.


The clock is ticking down. She has plenty of time. She just needs to


compose herself. Come on! Yes! Never has a 4.425 metres pole vault


the seed Search Hu. She is very relieved. -- received such Hu. In


the end that was confident. The competition is under way for the


Blackburn Harrier. Let's hope she goes from strength to strength.


There are other qualifiers from the previous heat. Look at the other


three times and unease. They have all moved into fastest loser spots.


-- three times underneath. I just wonder how much time you have had


to take hints last night before you are working again. Not much time. I


was so excited. I am on a mission. I am excited to have another


opportunity to run. I will give it my best. What reaction had you had


to your gold medal? It has been incredible. Everyone is excited. It


means the world to me. By this performance, it shows you mean


business as well. We will see what I have got. All the best. Thank you


very much. The defending Olympic champion under all sorts of


pressure. Valerie Adams will have to throw a personal best. That putt


from Nadzeyas Ostapchuk. That will take some beating. Her 4th round


the tent. She has just thrown it for fun around 21 metres. --


attempts. I am amazed at Barry Adams. She looks a little bit tight.


-- Malory Adams. She has amazing athletic ability. Nadzeyas


Ostapchuk is dominating the competition at the moment. Heat


about women's athletics, there will be a special note about Veronica


Campbell-Brown, after a third consecutive 200m gold medal. When


she is on form, no one can touch her. Allyson Felix has already run


well and so has Sanya Richards-Ross. - fastest loser at the moment. We


do have two through to the semi- finals already. Veronica Campbell-


Brown is twice the Olympic champion. She has been world champion before.


She won a bronze medal in the terrific final of the other night,


won by Shirley-Ann Fraser-Pryce, her team-mate. It was not all about


the man for Jamaica. Soumare Is the surprise winner of the European


title in 2010. 22.74 per share. -- this year. The Russian has been


running very well recently. Out in outstanding Jamaican and the


under way well. The tall Russian is off to a good start as well. A good


bend by the Jamaican. The Ukrainian is also coming through. Look at


Sumare. Veronica Campbell-Brown finished in third place. That was a


terrific run by the European champion. That was a surprise for


us all not to see Veronica Campbell-Brown take this victory.


It was a good, competitive race. The wind speed was plus 1.3. A nice


pair when down the home straight. Hence the time being so quick. --


energy but ended up losing it. Veronica Campbell-Brown is normally


explosive. We will see her ran much quicker in the semi-final. All of


them look full of running and After the find success last night,


how difficult is it to do back-to- back? Not that difficult. I am used


to it. I have been doing the double for many years. As for tonight's


performance, a third place. How pleased are you prepare you came


through tonight? It is the first round. The objective is always to


advance to the next round. I achieve that tonight. You are in a


rare situation of being able to win three gold medals. What a real


thoughts on that? It is a great situation to be in. I am not going


to let pressure overwhelm me. I'm taking it step by step. I will run


as best as I can. All the best for Veronica Campbell-Brown in third.


The Swiss athlete in 4th place so Anyika Onuora is still hanging on


She was European indoor champion last year, 2011. A real surprise.


There are nine athletes left in at the next height - for 0.55 metres.


Three of them have not jumped yet. -- 4.55m. Hollie Bleasdale goes


through. She will be relieved young Fifth round for Valerie Adams. She


is trying hard and it is getting worse. She still does not look her


normal, very sharp self. She is a little bit slow across the circle.


She is a strong and have full woman. Up she seems to have lost the edge


tonight. -- powerful woman. Here is the leader. The Olympic champion in


waiting, I feel. She may shake her head. I think she has had four


throws in excess of what Valerie Adams has thrown. Do not count the


New Zealander alt. She will defend his title as hard and as long as


she can. She is in total control of every one. What a display! Here is


the Olympic silver medallists -- medallist. 4.821 metres this year.


Joint second in the world list. She has not jumped outside America.


Lots of athletes have had struggled. -- have struggled. Technically, not


looking the smoothest. Her appearance over the bar was very


impressive. It does look as though Yelena Isinbayeva will come in at


this height. The German competitor now. She is very powerful. She


drives off the top of the pole and that was good. The competition is


Bleasdale will be watching. An early clearance is very important.


We would just break off. No. Three people have already gone clear.


They are just yards away from each other. Shirley-Ann Fraser-Pryce has


already delivered, hasn't she? She got two Olympic gold medals at the


200m. This is not her best event that she can let rip now, can't


she? Any Kiwayu is still hanging on. -- Anyika Onuora. Watch out for


lane five and the junior champion Bahamian athlete in the blue. But


Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce is running quicker than 23.23 which will be


bad news for Anyika Onuora. Grape bend from Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce.


-- great bend. Shelly-Ann Fraser- Pryce, obviously the 100 metre


Olympic champion twice now. We know she has been working hard on her


speed endurance and it is paying dividends here. She was very


relaxed around the turn. She got into the home straight and she


literally strolled down at. She was taking a lot of control in this


race early on, leaving herself very little to do so she will be happy


with that. No stress at all and her face, just the easy, easy on


movements. I think she will be happy that this race is done and


she can go back to the village and coming through, they are just


checking on the computer, but I can tell you the athlete who finished


in 4th place was in 23.07 which means she will go through as the


qualify for the semi-finals You do get some great images. Holly


blue stare's face when she did her final attempt was quite something.


-- Holly Bleasdale's face. A brief pause from the track and field to


remind you if you want to watch the hockey it is currently on BBC Three.


Team GB are taking on the Netherlands and we will show you


highlights on BBC2 later. Wherever I want you to come to me with


anything that frightens you, anything you feel should not be


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


I know where you live, I know where Six thrilling dramas from around


the UK, this autumn on BBC One and BBC One HD.


It will be funny returning to regular TV after the Olympics.


Olympic fever has struck home. People right around the park are


enjoying the giant screens, alongside the river bank there.


They are watching the hockey. That is on BBC Three as I have just told


you. Inside the stadium we are looking forward to the 400m hurdles.


Perri Shakes-Drayton is going for Team GB. Directs a couple of bits


and bobs to tell you about. The defending champion from Beijing


will not be defending his title, having failed a drugs test. That


final is on Saturday. He said publicly he has admitted it and his


career is over as a consequence. Let's not shed too many tears. On a


much lighter note, I was looking at Holly Bleasdale's biography. Her


main sponsor is a local philanthropist called Barry Wells.


His grandfather was the world record holder for the pole vault in


the 1880s. What you reckon the world record was then? No higher


than I could jump. Would it have been bamboo poles? It was 10 feet.


That was probably pretty high in those days. Holly Bleasdale has her


second attempt coming up shortly. There is a medal ceremony going on


at the moment. She will not be jumping for a little while. It is


for the men's steeplechase. I think Yelena Isinbayeva or his next to


jump. Holly Bleasdale will be after Obviously, we are waiting for


Holly's second attempt while a medal ceremony takes place. Last


night we had hoped for Colin Jackson's guide to the 400m so now


is his assessment of what it takes to be a champion in the 400m


hurdles. The 400m hurdles is known as the


man killer. It takes the absolutely draining 400m event and combines it


with the complications of a hurdle race. Not only have you got to get


up and over hurdles as quickly as possible, you have to combine that


with maxing out both the body's Energy Systems. Most athletes will


be absolutely drained by halfway. Their muscles will be full of


painful lactic acid and they will have to use aerobic energy for the


rest of the race. Winners of this event will keep a consistent stride


pattern all the way through. The men will take around 13 strides


between each hurdle, the women, around 15, but most will add


another stride as the race concludes. They have also got to


keep their head height as consistent as possible as they jump


over the hurdles. The best keep their head at the same level, even


as they dipped to jump over the barriers. That is really hard to do


later on in the race. The athletes Perri Shakes-Drayton and Eilidh


Child are becoming the 400m hurdles shortly. This could be one of the


moments of truth tonight for Holly this. I'm not sure if she is being


She has just been held. A few seconds ago we saw Yelena


Isinbayeva take her first attempt at this Olympic final, four metres


We are waiting for Holly Bleasdale's tent because Ezekiel


can boy of Kenya is enjoying his triumph after the steeplechase


yesterday. You have three attempts and if you mess up on one, there is


always a second but if you mess up on two, that is when the pressure


gets to you. Yes, mostly you are trying to use the first attempt to


attack and make sure your run up and your throat or technique is


sound and then you can start to make adjustments. The problem can


occur when both your attempts go haywire and then you are thinking


what to do next. You have got to be very confident and trusted your


coach to give you the feedback and hopefully things will go key.


all about mental strength as well, Jonathan. It is and she is going to


about where the wind is. That was not committed to it. We knew


she would not get it before she Lot of debate in the studio about


what is going on. What are your thoughts? It is a very difficult


event. The athletes do rely quite heavily on their coach but at the


same time, the athlete has to make some assessment. She will be making


an assessment about where the wind is. Why does the coach no better


than she does when he is in the stands where there is no wind.


think he is probably watching the sock or the indicator. She should


be thinking what technique she should be using. In this kind of


situation, you need to take ownership of what you're doing and


be aware of the environment. I understand that you need


communication. We had a microphone snuck into here that conversation


but it was too late. At the same time, I think we are over thinking


it and Holly is over thinking it. You saw Yelena Isinbayeva go out


there and just go out there and vault. You can never think this and


it can get you into a lot of trouble, especially in a


competition like this when you have done it so many times and you know


what to do. She does seem upset. She seems very distressed. It is


not good at this stage but let's keep our fingers crossed that she


can regain her composure. Let's hope she can come up trumps on the


third attempt. On the track it is the first semi her final of the


in the world. She looked a little rusty in qualification. She is not


an athlete who runs excessively on the European circuit. She will


still beat the one to beat. The 24- year-old Australian. The Belgian


athletes competed in the European Championships recently. Many of the


world's top hurdlers are not from Europe. Someone who did perform


very well in their heats was third in the American trials. She did a


personal best. She came out with a bang. You could not quite say that


about Natalya Antyukh. The Jamaican looked pretty good and sharp in


have first round. Certainly as good as she looked all year. Zuzana


Hejnova was actually on the inside. She had a difficult draw and


performed very well. The Moroccan athlete will be in lane eight. The


Portuguese compared to has a difficult lane in nine. --


competitor. So, at the 31-year-old Russian, a former European champion.


She did not go to Helsinki and year-old is so well. They came


starting pretty quickly, the American. Starting where she left


off. A better first 100 from the Tatyana Chernova. The big, tall


Russian is powering her way. -- and Italian app. -- and Natalya Antyukh.


Bran not staying with them. This is better from the rash and. Zuzana


Hejnova nice and strong finish. -- the Russia and. And Italian Macro


wins it. -- Natalya Antyukh Has won. We keep talking about Perri Shakes-


Drayton. That bit more pressure. What was really good to see was


both women ran very sensibly at the beginning. They did not blast off.


They stuck to their game plan. Good technique all the way around. We


have ended up with two great performances. Zuzana Hejnova and


Natalya Antyukh, really great performances. Now they seem to go


under 54 seconds on a regular basis. This face does not entirely inspire


confidence. Huge pressure on her young shoulders. She talked on have


videotape about wanting to go out there and enjoy it. I do not think


she is enjoying it at the moment. Every single person in this stadium


will be willing hat over this height of 4.55 metres. -- her over.


This wind is an added dimension. Come on! Do it this time. It was a


whisker away. Similar to her previous attempt. I felt her last


couple of strides lacked a bit of commitment. There really was a


chance Panathenaic Stadium her. -- for her. She is a huge talent.


Devastated now but she will be back and I think she will win many major


medals. She will learn from their us. It is how you respond to this


kind of situation that defines you as an athlete. The women's shot it


has come to its conclusion. We can catch up with the final few shows.


This is Evgenilia Kolodko from Russia. That was a new personal


best. It moved her into third place. The Chinese athlete was pushed out


of the medals at the very last by the Russian. This is the last


attempt of Valerie Adams. She could not do it. It was a valiant defence.


Nadzeyas Ostapchuk was a different class, wasn't she? It has been a


bit of a mystery as to the recent Rich became of form she has been in.


-- rich vein of form. How could Valerie Adams have dropped by


nearly a metre from the qualifying competition this morning? She could


not retain her title. The gold medal goes to Belarus. Nadzeyas


Ostapchuk takes the title. A valiant defence by Valerie Adams,


who finishes in second place. Evgenilia Kolodko in third place.


Just heartbreaking scenes. We were celebrating with the likes of Greg


Rutherford, Mo Farah or -- Mo Farah come at just Ns and now we're up


commiserating with Holly Bleasdale. -- Jessica Ennis. The second semi-


final of the 400m hurdles. Perri Shakes-Drayton of Britain in lane


hope that Perri Shakes-Drayton can take heart with how she attacked


the heat yesterday, which she won Constable. Judging by the last


semi-final she will have to get close to her lifetime best to get


further in these Olympic Games. The new European champion is ranked No.


Two in the world behind her team- mate, Nat macro. -- Natalya Antyukh.


Perri Shakes-Drayton is looking very calm at the moment. Lashinda


Demus tore up the track yesterday. She set a very fast time in


qualification. She was world champion in 2011. She ran from an


inside lane in the heats and she looked absolutely superb. Perri


Shakes-Drayton is trying to make this Olympic final. The first two


go through to the final on Perri Shakes-Drayton has done just


as she did in the heats. She has gone off quickly. She really


attacked from 200m away. Lashinda Demus is going well, so it is the


Jamaican. She is gaining on the European champion. Lashinda Demus


leads. Kaliese Spencer is there. Perri Shakes-Drayton really has to


attack. Lashinda Demus and Kaliese Spencer are really coming away.


Lashinda Demus wins it, Spencer in second with Perri Shakes-Drayton in


third. Will it be enough? Only two fastest losers will make it through


to the final. That is a slight improvement from what Lashinda


Demus rang yesterday in the heats. I wish this race was a little bit


faster. That would have been much better for Perri Shakes-Drayton, if


it had been faster. Yet again, they have run the sensible race. Nobody


tore off and put a lot of pressure on anyone out-house. Lashinda Demus


won her usual race. Kaliese Spencer relied on her technique and form.


It took her way through to the final. I think they are all


relieved to have done that. Let's see what the time could possibly be.


It is important. Good focus out of the blocks. She set herself up


nicely for the hurdle. She is doing 14 strides. She is alternating.


Right leg lead and this will be a left leg. It is just years and


years of experience in watching. As she goes around the corner, she


will do one have more 14 before she changes down. Now she will keep on


the same neck as she comes through. All she needs to do is to focus and


work hard. There is not much she can do. She needs to keep her style


and form. She can work hard into the line. She never gave up knowing


she still needs a fastest loser spot. Here is the result. She has


done a Dai Greene. She is the second fastest loser at the moment.


She is just ahead of the Belgian athlete. There is another semi-


final to go. A good qualification by Lashinda Demus and Kaliese


We were just looking at the monitor and you a second fastest loser at


the moment. We will have to hope for some good news. I was running


kind of blind. The faster girls' work inside of me. We will have to


wait and see what happens. Is there a sense of disappointment? Yes. I


ran slower than I did yesterday. I am. I will keep my head up for now


and see what happens in this one. I am expecting the worst. Was there


any sense of pressure building? People were talking about you being


a medal contender. I was not going to let that get to me. From the


start, I said I had to make the final to get a medal. I might not


make the final the way things are looking. I do not know. We will see


how the next one unfolds. Thank you for talking to us. Batters all


Cuban. She did not qualify for Beijing in the Arrai. -- in 2008.


Holly Bleasdale is out and Silke Spiegelburg will be the next


athlete to try. She cleared 4.55 metres. She looks in super shape.


She just scraped over that but she final of the three but there are


plenty of people who can run well. Georgeanne Moline from the United


States will be good. And fingers crossed for Eilidh Child on the


outside. The former world champion from Jamaica, she will want to up


her game a little bit, another one who has not been producing her best


performance. She usually does when I was very impressed with this lady,


Georgeanne Moline. She has had lots of injury problems in her career


but she has made a big announcement as to her ability this year.


Elena Churakova was 5th in this year's European Championships. And


the Scottish record holder, Commonwealth silver medallist,


grammar school, how they love to cheer her on. If she was to


finishing the top three and run in attacked it hard. -- Eilidh Child


has attacked it hard. As the D has home straight. The top two will go


Melaine Walker, the defending champion, is out. Eilidh Child, in


Eilidh Child. She had to go in lane nine. She did not have much choice.


She had to go hard and do the best she could do but this young


Nigerian athlete, new on the scene, certainly on world terms and she


has produced something pretty good indeed here. A new national record,


54.40. And she will guarantee a place in the final and also a good


full of running and I think, full of excitement. Yelena Isinbayeva,


to be said since she won the Olympic title for the second time


in 2008. That was a massive clearance. Are a very classy


athlete indeed. That new Red poll she has got, I'm not sure I have


seen her using it before. It is actually manufactured in Nevada in


the United States but the design of Things have not been going to plan


from a British perspective this evening but we will hope for better


with Dai Greene next on the track for the 400m hurdles. We have been


joined by David Hemery, a gold medal winner in Mexico City in 1968.


We will talk to him in a few minutes time and Denise and Michael


about what has just happened and what might happen. On the day we


landed a spacecraft on Mars, we celebrate a man who really is out


The medal ceremony for the men's 100 metres. What a night it was,


what a performance it was, what a The bronze medal to the former


Olympic champion, Justin Gatlin, just pipping Tyson Gay for the


The apprentice has not quite taken over from the master yet. He was


the world champion last year. He just had to accept that this time,


he was second best. He ran very well. A silver medal for Yohan


Listen to the roar around the stadium. Representing Jamaica,


The fastest man in the world, the double Olympic champion. He ran it


in the second fastest time ever, it was actually 9.6 to nine exactly. A


Has there ever been a bigger star of our sport? Please stand for the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


That might mean come and watch me in the 200m. I am sure we cannot


wait after the display he gave in the 100. It is pretty heavy, isn't


it? Listen to the applause. Everybody is on their feet. Ladies


and gentlemen, the Olympic They will enjoy that and they will


enjoy the news for the women's 400m of the final. But the Czech athlete


has been disqualified which means she will have to -- but she will


A bit of good fortune which could lead to who knows what. They could


still be a counter protest at this stage. Obviously, inside I am happy.


But she will have to run better. The running was not good enough.


Sometimes you do not know how stress or pressure manifests itself,


especially when you are inexperienced at this level. We saw


that with Holly Bleasdale. But fingers crossed, let's wait and see.


Let's look ahead to Dai Greene. Mexico must have seemed like a long


time ago, David. Her on a night like tonight, when we will crown at


the next champion, it must be an evening when memories come back


from that famous night, was it 7,000 ft? It was indeed. There was


you. John show would won the bronze medal. When he came into the


straight, did you think you had it? You never know because I had no


idea how far I was ahead. One thing I would say as an aside, the great


debate we are having here at the London Games, look how many empty


seats there were at the Stadium in Mexico City. But that is by the by.


In terms of Dai Greene tonight, I'm sure there were occasions when you


did not run your best in the semi- final but produced it in the final


and that effectively is what we are asking Dai Greene to do here.


The time he ran to get through to the final, would have won in day


give us at the other chaps are on paper better than him but he does


produce under pressure. I would not want to be a betting man but we


really want him to be on the podium. How much is it about knowing that


he is a world champion, knowing he can do it and banishing the


thoughts of what happened yesterday? He is very good under


pressure. I hope he can deliver. I hope we will see a better


performance out of him. But he could set a national record and


only get third on the podium. It is an extraordinary field which has


been assembled here. Michael, what are your thoughts? I have said all


season long, this should be one of the most incredible races we should


see. There are world champions, Olympic champions, five out of the


eight athletes in this race have won at the World Championship


Olympic level. Angelo Taylor, who Javier Culson has been undefeated


all year. It will be an incredible race.


That is the ovation for Dai Greene. We have David Hemery in the studio


who won in 1968. Lynn Davies was the last Welshman to be crowned


Olympic champion. Can Dai Greene break that run this evening? It is


a phenomenally competitive race and Steve Cram will describe before us.


long. Michael Tinsley won the American trial perhaps surprisingly.


Waded Sanchez dig that brilliant run from? His Olympic -- his


quickest time since he won the Olympic title eight years ago. Now


the fastest in the final. From Trinidad and Tobago, the great


talent which is Jehue Gordon. He won the world championships three


years ago and all the sudden, he is back in London. Linford green of


Jamaica is on the outside. -- times out of the 24 times it has


been run. Great Britain have had David Hemery and Lord Burghley. Now


it is the turn of Dai Greene to try to take this Olympic title.


Commonwealth, European and world champion. Is it to be Olympic


crowd is trying to play its part. Javier Culson down the back


straight. Dai Greene has a lot of ground to make up. The others have


stuttered so fast. Javier Culson may have the lead. Dai Greene has


some work to make up to us to get into the medals. Sanchez is in


theirs. Here comes Dai Greene. He is trying to get a Manx the medals.


Javier Culson is the earth. Sanchez is coming away. He takes the gold


medal. 47.624. Eight years ago, he shouted to the world on that


occasion and dominated the world for a while. Then years of barren


performances almost and he is back. He takes the gold medal and they


can hardly believe it. You are right. Felix Sanchez crosses the


line first in 47.63. He ran a phenomenal race. Dai Greene is


looking up and questioning whether anything went wrong. Could he have


done anything better? He will be bitterly disappointed he has not


got a medal. This was a fast race. We are looking and hoping that Dai


Greene could keep in contention with all these athletes outside him.


They are all quality bids. Strong, fast, agile and all champions in


that own right. Angela Taylor goes off very fast indeed. He was trying


to hang on to his title. Javier Culson of Puerto Rico hit their


Hurdle. -- the hurdle. Look at the USA champion. He was storming his


way through to sneak that silver medal. That was a new season best


and he gets back the Olympic title he won. It has to be said many


moons ago he won that the Olympic title but he is full of running


here. Can you believe this? Eight years ago, this man came and won


the Olympic gold medal and he has come back in 2012 and won in the


same time. He gave it is best. He salutes the crab. He fought hard


Panathenaic Stadium force place. -- the crowd. He fought hard for 4th


place. Have vehicles and hang on to make himself -- Javier Coulson hung


up on. We know that Dai Greene has had various injury problems early


season and that has hampered his preparation. I wonder if this


competition was two weeks too early for him. I am just wondering. There


is the result. God to Felix Sanchez for the second time. -- gold. Have


vehicles and with the first track - - Javier Culson with the first


track and field medal for Preya to I gave it everything I had tonight.


It was better structured to my race but I was too tired at the end. I


narrowly missed out. Do you think what happened to you earlier on in


the year - the injury problems - has affected your builder and what


has happened? It has affected my build up. -- build up. I did not


start till January rather than October. I think perhaps the


endurance was not therefore the rounds. I missed out on the Winter


work. You cannot always tell if it is there or not. I could not have


given it anything else. Are you surprised by what Felix Sanchez was


able to do? I know that me and Javier Culson were highest in the


rankings. People always surprise you. A few of the guys have rarely


pulled something out. They have worked very hard. Felix is a


fantastic athlete. A worthy winner on the day. Our sort of medal


steamroller has hit eight sleeping policemen at the moment. What was


your assessment? I think he was accurate about the lack of


endurance. The winning time was only one 10th of a second faster


than his personal best. Had he had a good winter's training, he might


have done better. What about some and regaining the title eight years


after the first time? And at 34 years old. It was my last Olympics


and I remember him not making the final. He was devastated. He had a


red wristband and he bought it every race until he won it. He has


come in and out over the years. You think he is about to retire and he


comes back. It is phenomenal to see. That is amazing! Especially in an


event that is so difficult. It is a hard event to train for. We said it


from the beginning, the field was loaded and full of world champions.


There were some veterans in here who could really turn it on. It was


even here. All these guys up in contention. Sanchez is always tough.


Taylor Was in it at this point. The American coming through in the end


to take second place - the silver medal. It was an amazing race for


him as well. The last four at the Olympic champions. I think he was


happy. What about the rhythm of Dai Greene? It is hard to be critical


of his technique. He is the super hurdler, he really is. He had to go


out so fast in the first 100. He gave a good interview. He was very


frank. He was right about the lack of preparation. It does humpy you


through the rounds. He will be bitterly disappointed. -- it does


hamper you. It is still you and Lord Burleigh? Maybe Dai Greene


will have a clear round into Rio and take that one. Given what


happened a couple of nights ago, was that for you the greatest night


of this sportsman live? It was the greatest night for Britain. --


Sport's life. We got three Olympic golds in front of a crowd this size.


It was awesome. I'm sure those watching as well as those here will


remember it for the rest of their lives. Surrey you could not have


seen Dai Greene put his name on the roll of honour alongside yours. It


is the 50th anniversary today of Jamaican independence. A lot of the


members of the Great Britain team have their answer Street in the


West Indies. We thought this was opportune to get Denise to consider


her roots with her mother. The West Midlands will always be home. It is


where I was born and raised and where my family have lived for


almost 60 years. Everywhere in Birmingham, people have emigrated


from all over the world. I grew up in Aston in Birmingham. There was


such a strong, tight Jamaican community. When I was young, I


thought it was part of Jamaica. I got a big shock for my mother said


Jamaica was somewhere else. After the Second World War, Britain


needed help with building and the Government called out to the


Commonwealth. It was on the radio. They were going around The Saint St


your mother country the Institute, signed up. My mother came over in


the early 60s. -- needs you, signed up. I came over with my grandmother


and Auntie. It was normal at that time. Friends and family wading


each other off to go on the big ships. I was told my mother was


going to come back. As soon as I heard the plane going over, I would


go out off the back door and looked up to the skies for the plane.


was four years before my mum could join my grandma. The first time you


saw snow, do you remember how you felt? I could not understand what


that was all about - this white thing coming from the heavens. My


mum said it was no. Good to me to. Good to see you. Very good to meet


you. What brought to over to the country in the first place? I was


in my youth. It was the thought of the young person wanting to travel.


The new arrivals found the mother country different. They faced a


struggle to find work. It was a tough life. Because we were young


people, the harshness of it did not deter us from going forward and


moving into British society. I do not know if it is the Jamaican in


pass whose tell us not to think of failure. To make it gained


independence from the United Kingdom. That has been celebrated


50 years later. The Jamaican team chose to base themselves in


Birmingham. With Usain Bolt, Fraser Price already dominating on the


track, it would seem the team have got preparations spot on. Jamaicans


are -- Jamaica is a very small country - a very small island. The


athletes they produce are not in proportion to their size. Jamaica


produces Continent loads of people. The champion becomes a legend.


will have to throw a party. enjoyed making that, didn't you?


learnt it. It is always great to go home. Even better to celebrate such


an iconic time in British culture but Jamaican heritage as well. It


was fantastic. Britain, Jamaica, Wales. As well as correspondent,


how disappointed are you that Dai Greene did not get a medal? I am


disappointed for him personally. He lost a lot of significant work in


the early part of the season. That always tells when you talk about


trying to be up against these specialists, who had heaps of


talent. There is no doubt about it. It was described that way. This


race is too soon for him. In a few weeks, you might have seen a


We have still got more to come. The We have still got more to come. The


pole vault goes on and on. We catch up what happened earlier. This was


Suhr's first clearance and took her into the lead. Strutz failed her


first attempt and then Silva. A big surprise. A good performance from


the Cuban. There was a failure from Spiegel Berg, the world number one


and it was left to the double Olympic champion, Isinbaeva. Her


first attempt. But she is looking in really good form. When it


matters she comes to the party. So the bar is going up to 4.75 metres.


One, two, three, four Athletic laets in. Suhr with her first


attempt. That is her first failure in this competition. That opens the


door for the rest, in particular Isinbaeva. She is talented, but


very raw in her tech neerk -- technique. When you see isinbai


have a's victories, she set Olympic and world records in both


competitions. This is the surprise package so far, Silva. Well that


would equal her personal best. She will have two more attempts at that.


At the moment in a silver medal position. That will be quite a


performance. Here is Spiegel Berg - - speelingburg, the world number


one. She will only have one more Usain Bolt is the king. Took a


break. I think the pressure of being the world record holder,


every time she came out the expectation that she would break


the record was too much. She has come back with renewed hope. She


won the world indoor title and set a world indoor record. She has been


struggling outdoors. We will wait. She will wait for the start of this


next race. Next is the women's 3,000 m steeplechase. Cheywa is the


number one. The defending champion, Galkina. She led from the gun in


Beijing four years ago and she broke the world record. She has not


had a great time. Cheywa has run faster. We know that men's


steeplechasing is the domain of the Kenyan men. I wonder about the


Kenyan women. Just there in Njoroge. There is that he Ethiopians there


too. Galkina is running in lane two as they approach the finish line


for the first time. Isinbaeva is ready for her first attempt at this


height. If she clear this she goes into the lead. At the moment she is


second joint. She has looked supreme so far. She was high enough.


She was in the wrong position. She will have two more attempts. Still


Zaripova and then orodge. -- Njoroge. A brisk start, Brendan.


They have settled down to a steady pace. Yes it looks steady. The


athletes moving across the track and getting a clear view. This is


only the second time a steeplechase has been run in the Olympics. The


winner last time is in third place. Dahl key that of Russia moving --


Dahl key that of Russia moving near the leader. The two Kenyans coming


down the home straight. They will see the lap scoring. It will say


six laps to go in the women's steeplechase final. The two Kenyans


and the Ethiopians moving up too. Interestingly the eertians have won


-- Ethiopians have won 38 Olympic medals and only one has been in


other -- another event than the 5,000 or 10,000. And that was in


the steeplechase. They have moved into other areas. Aaway lieu is the


leading Ethiopian there. -- aaway lieu. The two Kenyans flying over


the water jump. Zaripova has led since the gun. She is helping her


team mate, Galkina. A second attempt 4.75. She has got it. That


is an important clearance from the America and keeps her in first


place. Isinbaeva will have to go higher if she is to win the gold.


Diro has moved up on the shoulder and the three Ethiopians are there


in second, third and fourth. first 1,000 was one in three


minutes and six seconds. So it is not very fast. If the basis going


to be significant, they will have to tart -- start moving it.


Otherwise we will a sprint. But it is about endurance. Zaripova has


been happy to lead, the world champion. Happy to splash the


cameraman as well! Zaripova keeping going like Galkina did four years


ago in Beijing. The two Kenyans behind, Cheywa and Njoroge. One we


haven't mentioned, Ghribi of Tunisia. She finished 13th in the


Olympics, that was the first steeplechase held in the Olympics.


She is in eighth. But she improved to a silver in the World


Championships last year. Zaripova is hurdling strongly. Three


Ethiopians, two Kenyan a Russian beginning to pull away. Ghribi and


Galkina are struggling to hang on to them. Silva of Cuba. That is


massive. Where did that come from? An amazing jump. Into sec place.


The steeplechase water jump as they come into the finishing straight.


There will be three laps to go and Zaripova hasy foot of the way. She


was happy to lead in the World Championship and led in the


Europeans and won that one. Now she is beginning to stretch and trying


to run some of the pace out of the Ethiopian team. They are lined


across the track. There is the Olympic champion, Galkina, she is


not going to feature today. The first ever Olympic champion is way


down the field and struggling. Her team mate, Zaripova, leads. Ayalew


is in second. There Zaripova leading into the water jump.


Zaripova led from the front to go to the World Championship and the


European Championships. She likes running in the front. Ayalew, the


first eertian. Asee fa overtaking her there. She seems prepared to


take it on. 800m to go. Zaripova still stretching them. Cheywa, the


fastest athlete in the world this year. Ayalew. And there the lirp


champion, Galkina, steps off the track. Takes no further part as her


team mate takes on the African Athletic laets. -- Athletic laets.


Cheywa is there. There is some acceleration coming from behind.


Into the water jump. Let's watch the technique. All touch the


barrier. But the more specialist steeplechaser, Zaripova taibs over.


Njoroge has been dropped. In fourth is the Tunisian, Ghribi. Cheywa


being dropped again. It is a race now over the last lap. It is the


bell lap. Zaripova has worked for it. But she hasn't gone so quickly.


Ayalew right next to her, hurdling well. But every time the technician


takes over, Ghribi coming through now and now you have a real race.


The strength of the Russian. Every time they go into the hurdle she


accelerates and pulls a yard or two. Can she continue to do that. Can


the world champion become the Olympic champion. Clay wah is not


finished, -- clay wah is not finished yet. It is down to a --


Assefa. Is there anything that Ghribi can do stkph Zaripova the


Russian sprinting away. A tremendous last 400 m. Ghribi in


second and Assefa just I think. Cheywa there. So two steeplechasers


in Olympic history and both have been won by Russian. A great last


200 m. But a sustained pace by Zaripova, the Russian. World


champion, European champion and now Olympic champion. Just three left


start I thought of this point may be that Tunisian might have come


off but the Tunisian went away for start she applied pressure, very


good technically over the barrier, and Habiba Ghribi racing into


second place. The Zaripova coming home now, showing the world


champion becomes the Olympic champion. Habiba Ghribi was happy


to settle for second, Assefa in third. She will be so happy. She


front throw and the Olympic Games and eventually took the sprint


finish out of everyone. A celebration for Zaripova,


deservedly so. There she is, celebrating with the crowd. The


disappear for quite a long time yet. A new lifetime best, and as Brendan


said the third fastest time in history for Zaripova, the Russian.


A new national record for Habiba Ghribi in second place for the


Isinbaeva has passed her go, there is nothing to gain. She lies in


third place. She has won the last two Olympic titles. There have only


been three. And American won the first in Sydney in 2000, and an


American. At the moment, she is in first place here in London. Elena


Isinbaeva or underneath the duvet which she has taken from the


Olympic village. It is a gift for the athletes. Again, a similar


problem Holly Bleasdale hard, just waiting for the wind. You can see


the countdown, just 15 seconds and counting down. She will have to go.


I have just had a look at the streamers alongside the runway and


there is a very strong headwind. headwind will really hurt these


athletes. Failure at 4.8 T, but still in the lead. Isinbaeva will


only have one attempt at this height. It is very much do or die


for the Olympic champion. She has put herself under pressure on so


many occasions, you would not bet against her, would you? No, the


greatest woman pole-vaulter who has ever lived, it really is one


attempt for everything. Otherwise she will end up with a bronze medal.


The rain is coming down for the first time on any evening session


in the Olympic Stadium. The men's 400m race to come, steeped with


history, and they are actually playing Chariots Of Fire behind me


in the stadium. If you think about Barcelona 20 years ago, you don't


think about the winner, you think about somebody who didn't complete


It was never simple in the 400m for Derek Redmond. He swayed between


success and injury, between being part of the winning relay team in


the 1991 World Championships in Tokyo, and undergoing eight


operations. At the Barcelona Olympics in 1992, he seemed fully


fit and in top form, easing to the semi-final. Yet another race was


over. A torn hamstring this time. And yet, it wasn't over. This was a


race that was going to be finished. A helping hand from a stranger? No,


thanks. Bought from your father, Jim? There is a shoulder to cry on.


He will help you to the line. Disqualified, did not finish, says


the record book. But they did. You have seen that a million times,


haven't you, and it is still heart- wrenching. It is, and just seeing


his dad come on the track, it breaks your heart. That was 1992,


moving on to 1996, and 2000, it belonged to you-know-who.


A final of the men's 400m. There are flashbulbs going all over the


are flashbulbs going all over the stadium. Johnson responding to the


chase, and here comes Johnson. Johnson, a way and clear. The Tyne


is a new Olympic record. The men's 400m final on the way. Michael


Johnson already going quickly. Michael Johnson with that familiar


stride down the back straight. Michael Johnson storming into the


home straight. The defending champion will do it again. Once


more, he wins the Olympic title. Johnson is absolutely delighted.


keep feeling you should burst into the widest smile when you do that


but you still look at that analytically. I am still wondering


what I was doing with that moustache, and I saw myself


glancing at the screen, which means you are scared. I had pulled my


hamstring at the trials so I was not in great shape and my


competitors were on fire so I pulled that one out strictly on


experience. To win in Atlanta in America, how was that as an


experience? It was an incredible experience and I can say for every


athlete that has won already, you will remember that for the rest of


your life, and I still have people coming up to me saying "I was


wearing my favourite pyjamas, and I was telling my wife" taking me


through it as if I was not there. It is a great moment for them and


so many people share that moment with you. It is an incredible


feeling. I remember receiving my medal and the crowd was incredible,


and it was at that moment that I realised there were so many people


wanting me to win that race. have been talking about the emotion


Michael realised in 1996. Possibly the most emotional medal ceremony I


can remember. I can't remember the last time I saw an Olympic champion


weeping like this before going on to the podium. Felix Sanchez, the


winner of the 400m hurdles. We were disappointed Dai Greene did not get


a medal, and he was distraught, but if you ever doubt how much winning


an Olympic medal means to somebody, an Olympic medal means to somebody,


regaining the title at the age of 34 which is an extraordinary


achievement in its own right, and this is a man who probably thought


this moment would never come again in his career. I think we are going


to take the anthem because in a sense these are the pictures that


some more what an Olympic medal is all about. 12 years of hard work.


He has done it once before, and blow me down, he has done it once


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


I vet in the Dominican Republic they have been shedding some tears


watching that as well. To the pole vault, which continues. This is the


moment of truth for Isinbaeva. certainly is. Two failures, and she


passed her third attempt. If she fails, she will win the bronze


medal, which she will regard as a massive failure. This athlete has


failed at 4.80, but at the moment she is still in first place. This


is it for the reigning Olympic champion. No! What a huge shock.


champion. No! What a huge shock. Isinbaeva will take the bronze


medal. To the final event of the evening on the track, the men's


talent. James, just 19 years old still. His country have never ever


won a medal of any sort at the Olympic Games. The hopes of a tiny


Caribbean island on his very broad shoulders. Borlee, we are told he


might have a quad problem. No Americans in this final for the


first time ever. There are quite a few of these guys who do study at


American universities. Solomon of Australia. He was controversially


initially selected over Stevenson's, but that was absolutely right. He


has been brilliant here. Gordon, he lives in Queens. A big shock, his


performance, to get to this final. Kirani James, the man from Grenada,


the world champion. They sometimes call him Chris fourth Brown. This


might be the favourite, Santos from Another man who has come here in


great form. And Kevin Borlee. One the European title in Barcelona in


2010. Keeps trading his national roord with his twin brother. The


first time we have seen twin brothers in an Olympic final. No


American here, but American influence all over the place.


unfor Nat -- unfortunate there are no Americans. This race is wide-


open. Santos is dangerous, a young kid who could upset Kirani James.


But he has not won so well this year as last year. The men's 400 m


final. Cleanly away. Who will be the first to show? Chris Brown has


started quickly, Santos has gone out hard. Pinder has started very


fast and sensed the pace. James is looking good. And Pinder just being


hauled back in now. Look at Kirani James. Glading around that top bend.


Santos is there, Chris Brown in with a chance. But jaips, the two


teenagers have got this between them. But nobody is catching the


world champion. He is storming away. James will take Olympic gold. His


nation's first ever gold medal. 43.94. Total, total dominance. Well


earlier in the season there was some doubts as to whether he was as


good as larsz year. Well he's even better. Cannot imagine what is


going on in his home nation. All the flags are there. That I have to


tell you, I will bring him in a second is a new all-comers' record.


Santos, he will be the youngest medallist in the event. Two


teenagers first and second. Well Michael, it is your record he has


taken. He did it in fine style. Absolutely. He was in control of


that race all the way. But the young kid, Santos, both of them


young, James and Santos, both. But James under 44 seconds for the


first time in his career. We figured he would do it eventually.


He has done it at the right time here at the Olympic Games. World


and Olympic champion. Gordon came on this year from Trinidad. But


James controlled this race all the way through. Chris Brown outside


him. Always goes out fast. That was great for James to have Chris Brown


in front of him to set the pace, along with Santos. Here is where he


turns it on and starts to use that long stride, six foot four inches


tall. In control of this race from the beginning. That is where you


want to be. Make the others come and get you. They can't do it. He


turned it on a bit coming down the home stretch, which tells me he


didn't run as hard through the first 200 metres. A very good


strategy again. He can go much faster than this. There is no doubt.


Technique is not great for him. A bit gangley, but he is young and he


will learn more. And I am sure he will have a word record in his


sights, my word record. And he could be the one to break it. He


has many years to learn about this event. World champion, Olympic


champion, this will be a great, great situation for him going back


home for Grenada. I'm sure they're very proud of him there.


teenagers, just 19, a new national record and a thought, a word about


Chris Brown. He was fourth again. Here is the full result. Kirani


James winning Grenada's first ever gold medal at the Olympics. Santos,


the youngest ever medallist in this the youngest ever medallist in this


event. Here is the new champion. Here is Kirani James. World and now


Olympic champion. Tell me what this means to you and your nation.


man it's a lot. The whole place is probably crazy now. I can't explain.


I'm so excited. Michael Johnson is in our presentation position. He


says you're the man to challenge his word record. What do you think


when you hear that? Well he says I'm on the right track. It doesn't


guarantee anything. I have to work for it. There is a lot of good guys


out there. I have to compete with them. Well done. That is Suhr. She


them. Well done. That is Suhr. She leads this pole vault. Isinbaeva


has the bronze medal. Silva has one failure at 4.80. This is her second


attempt. She wasn't too far away. She will have one more, as will


Suhr. It has been a step up for this young Cuban. Guaranteed a


silver medal. But may yet be better. Well Michael was right about his


action. He has a forward leaning action that at times looks ungainly


and at times he has almost stepped out of his lane. Particularly in


the early part of the race. But it was a fantastic performance from


this young man. While we wait for the pole vault. Just a thought


about the finalists of the 400 metres, it is the west Indies


against one family from Belgium. is extraordinary and it is the age


of the youngsters. Michael will be the man who will say this event


takes maturity. You have to learn, there is an art to it. These guys


have just taken it on and demonstrated how good they R


wouldn't you like to get your hands on them? James did an incredible


time. But he is an incredible talent. I heard about him when he


was 16. He came to America to go to university and he was working with


university and he was working with a former sprinter. He is a very


mature athlete. You would expect that he will continue to improve


and he could, I think he will be a consistent 4 second runner. Denise,


here is perhaps a gold medal here is perhaps a gold medal


winning moment. Jonathan. Suhr's third and final attempt. No. She


knows she has one hand on an Olympic gold medal. So silver will


have a final -- Silva will have a final attempt and if she fails it,


this woman is the lich champion. this woman is the lich champion.


Back in just a moment. In the way there is a certain resignation that


Ethiopians and Kenyan will dominate distance running, if you start


seeing West Indian heritage athletes dominating the 400, what


does that say so runner here I was going to ask that question to


Michael, what do we do as Britain in the sprints, the longer sprints,


in terms of motivation what can they have? You can't buy into the


cliche and the generalisationations cliche and the generalisationations


as to what makes an athlete another go and she didn't do it


again. Hopefully she is OK. We still wait for one last chance for


Silva for Cuba. Michael. You can't buy into sweeping generalisation.


Let's think about distance running. Lemaitre, the sprinter, so look


there are lot of things that contribute to athletes being great


athletes. It is access to facilities and coaching. It is,


there is genealogy that plays a part. But it doesn't mean if you


are of west African descent you will dominate sprints or those who


are not won't. So... And if two brothers from Belgium can do it.


Why can't an entire population of 60 million find somebody? Well here


we go. It is Silva going for gold. Yes it is, John. What a moment for


the Cuban. No and she did cross the upright. She won't get another go.


Jenny Suhr is the champion. Silva takes silver and Isinbaeva takes


the bronze. America have got that I think that is it from us here at


the Olympic stadium tonight. Tomorrow our gold rush has come to


a stop, but tomorrow we hope to get a medal in the high jump. An event


we haven't won for 106 years. Robbie Grabarz tomorrow,


opportunity knocks. Now a big moment for a British boxing hope.


Back to Gary. Yes what a performance by young Kirani James.


No medals for Britain. But we have already triumphed on the rack and


rejoiced ot our rowers and cyclists. Another team are the men's boxers


with six out of seven still fighting for recordss. Among them


is the English middle weight, is the English middle weight,


Anthony Agogo. We join it live. victory over the Ukrainian fighter


in his previous bout. Here he is fighting the German. He has


finished on that left hook. The German is strong with the one/two


combination. He has got to draw that lead. As the German throws


that right hand. He must slip to his left and deliver that left hook.


The German is open and those punches are getting through. Some


shots will get the attention of the judges. The volume and the


atmosphere here is fabulous. A good combination from Hartel. Works well


to the body. But Hartel continues to remain composed and land with


shots. Just feeling the pace now, Ogogo. He will get another second


wind. He is very fit this lad. That up by the official. A strong right


cross to the body from Anthony Ogogo. He has added one point to


his advantage. He is leading 10-64 stock you can do this, and I just


want to ask you one question - do you want the Olympic gold medal?


It was a good response from the German in this round. He got home


with some straight shots. We need some more head movement from


Anthony Ogogo in this final round. Here, Anthony Ogogo getting caught


on the left side again so it was a better round for the German, but


now it is thought to Anthony to set go. The winner will be guaranteed


an Olympic bronze medal at least. The German is facing a four-point


deficit. Four. When Anthony Ogogo breaks away from the clinches, he


must come out of it with a good guard because this is when the


German is targeting him. He has got to be careful stepping away.


Anthony Ogogo's Olympic journey has been an incredibly emotional one.


He tried to qualify at the first attempts and was eliminated in the


early stages. Then he had to undergo shoulder surgery, faced a


race against time to be fit for the final qualification tournament in


Turkey. Miraculously he made it. The doctors gave him a six-month


rehabilitation period, and he was fit in five months. Having made it


that far, he made a seven point deficit at the quarter-final stage,


going into the third and final round, before somehow prevailing in


that contest and securing the top two finish that secured his place


at London 2012. In his previous encounter he overturned a world


number one ball while dealing with a serious illness of his mother and


his sister was expecting a baby. The intensity of that last contest


is having an effect on Anthony Ogogo now. He is getting tired,


having to work on the ropes false dog does he want to get on that


podium? I know that he does. In the corner, we heard the instructions


coming not so much in the wake of The crowd are trying to do the same


thing as they make their presence felt inside this final minute.


is it, got to establish that jab a little more. Stefan cartel proving


impossible to deter. He wants to earn himself some Olympic hardware


just as badly as Anthony Ogogo. A boxer who was so utterly committed


and competitive, and now the 10,000 strong crowd raising the decibel


level here again. He is working away to break down that deficit.


come on, Anthony, you have got to work harder. Let's go, 10 seconds.


These closing 10 seconds will be absolutely crucial in determining


the outcome of this bout. It is Anthony Ogogo who raises his game,


scoring three solid punches. The closing bell rings an end to this


quarter-final, and Anthony Ogogo circling the ring, enjoying the


moment, taking in the applause from this crowd in the ExCel Arena. Both


boxers have given it everything, but one suspects Anthony Ogogo have


done enough to get his nose over the finishing line in front, and


stand on top of the Olympic podium. Yes, definitely done enough. He


just got caught on the road here, sneaking a right-arm on his


opponent. It was a good response during that last round, but Anthony


Ogogo, a terrific hook. The crowd are loving it. The man in the


centre of the two boxers will raise their hand of the victor when we


get the official announcement. score of 15-10, in the red corner,


Anthony Ogogo! Great Britain's Anthony Ogogo has guaranteed


himself an Olympic medal. It will be bronze at least for the fighter


from Suffolk who has boxed so brilliantly during the course of


this ultra-competitive middleweight tournament. He prevailed 15-10. He


has now got himself an Olympic medal, celebrating with this


capacity crowd. And how much encouragement did he take from them


in the third and final round? was crucial. Not forgetting his


mother being poorly, then drawing the world champion. He could not


have had it any tougher, but he has responded. Congratulations, Anthony.


He was pointing with burgeoning pride to the five Olympic rings and


the lion on his left breast. He exchanges sentiments with the


German coach, and look at the standing ovation he is receiving


from the capacity crowd here in Well done, Anthony Ogogo. He goes


into the semi-finals and he is guaranteed at least a bronze. There


was a fifth gold medal 14 GB's cycling team in the Velodrome


earlier this evening. Jason Kenny had a thrilling victory in the


individual sprint. He beat the seven-times world champion Gregory


Bauge from France. Pursue further effort from Jason Kenny as he


punches the air. -- pursue further -- superb effort.


First you did it in a team, now you have done it on your own, you must


be thrilled. Yes, that is the first time I have seen it back. Since I


finished I seem to have been dragged all over the place. It


brings it back, it is amazing. final is the best of three, and you


beat him 2-0, comprehensively. is the where you want to finish it


off, obviously. I qualified a few days ago, it seems like a lifetime.


You just want to kill them off, not give them any chance, and tiredness


can kick in so you just want to put it to bed really. You didn't seem


intimidated, a seven-times world champion and a big man. You just


brushed him aside. He is a big man but you have got to get it moving


on the bike so the bigger you are the stronger you have got to be. He


has obviously strong, but... This is the magic moment, Jason.


Describe your emotions. It must be so joyous. It is the third time you


have been through it, you are only 24. I have always been in the team


before, and in the sprint last time I got a silver medal with Chris Hoy


next to me. It was a really bizarre competition, really lonely because


there is only one rider for reach a nation. I have never been in that


situation before. There has always been a few of us going through the


rounds so that was a bit different, but it was amazing to soak up the


atmosphere. You were selected above Sir Chris Hoy, and that in itself


must have added some pressure. didn't think about it until the


very last ride, when it was a case of putting its a bird. It dawned on


me that Chris would never ever lose this ride, that final killer ride.


I thought I had better put this one away, so that was the moment it


dawned on me. I tried desperately to forget it, but it was hard.


has been an unbelievable atmosphere in the arenas here but it seems the


Velodrome is something else. It is so loud, it must help you. It does,


definitely. The Velodrome is the only one I have experienced so far.


It is the last half lap when it is really starting to burn. You get


carried around, it is great. It is five golds out of a possible seven,


even better than Beijing. Beyond your wildest dreams, surely. As it


seemed, yes. It is not something I have thought of, but it is such


good atmosphere in there. Once Bradley Wiggins had won the first


one, it just seemed every time we got on the bike we were going to


win something. You have always not been recognised, I'm afraid that is


going to change. We will be going to change. We will be


switching to BBC Two. Disappointingly no medals in the


athletics stadium tonight but then again we may be getting a bit


spoilt. Dai Greene was never in contention for a medal in the 400m


hurdles as Felix and chairs of the Dominican Republic regained his


title. Holly Bleasdale endured a tough time in the pole vault final


and struggled with nerves in the windy conditions. Jennifer Suhr


took the gold medal. Great Britain's 60-year wait for a show


jumping medal came to an end as they won against the Netherlands.


Jason Kenny beat Gregory Bauge in the individual sprint final. And


Beth Tweddle brought the curtain down on her glittering career with


the one thing missing from her trophy cabinet - an Olympic medal.


She's four bronze. Britain's gold medal tally has now risen to 18,


one short of the Beijing total. Don't forget, there are still six


days to go. The streets of London are paved with gold. We will see


been building up to the next few moments. Beth Tweddle has a bronze


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