BBC One: Day 11: 09.00-11.15 Olympics

BBC One: Day 11: 09.00-11.15

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COMMENTATOR: Her entire up gymnastic career has been built in


gymnastic career has been built in upped to these next few minutes.


Beth Tweddle has a bronze medal. Can our nerves take much more? Up


Bauge will not take it, Kenny is that the Olympic champion, he wins


the gold Medal and he won it in Good morning, yesterday brought


more of those wonderful medal moments including a wonderful two


gold medals for Britain. There are 24 gold medals up for grabs today,


it is day 11 of London 2012. Britain's Brownlee brothers, world


champion -- they have big medal Defending champion Victoria


Defending champion Victoria Pemberton hopes for a happy ending,


can the six-time world champion deliver a second gold? -- Victoria


Pendleton. We get our first look at Phillips, can he compete on form


Robi Grabarz for the high jump, can he deliver Britain's first ever


gold in this event. So many questions, here is where you will


The athletics will move to BBC Three when BBC One covers the


Plenty here to keep you glued to Plenty here to keep you glued to


your TV or your computer screen. Live on BBC Three, Men's Hockey


From the Riverbank Arena. South Korea are playing the Netherlands.


This is where you will find Chris Hoy in action, the keirin, and


ought also some sailing medals to He on BBC One, we start by


reflecting on the first of yesterday's two gold medals for


Great Britain, which came not here at Olympic Park but in Greenwich,


where the show jumping team became Olympic champions for the first


time in 60 years. The medal came after tough competition from the


Dutch team, ending in a tense jump- off for the top spot. Peter Charles


was the last rider out and knew that if he went clear, gold would


get an indication of what his tactics are. This is proper


want to put it all to use. Taking particularly quick round. He needs


to stay clear now. He is going for the clear. Going very wide up to


this oxer. He has got it. Co just the double on the last jump. For a


Tower Bridge for gold. This could be the first gold, or since 1952!


And Britain have got cold, up go the arms. What a tremendous round.


The round of his life. The man for the occasion has won gold. And the


crowd on their feet. The first gold for British showjumping for 60


years. Done in style, against the best in the sport that has been


seen for years. It doesn't get better for that -- than that. Gold


it is, up steps Nick Skelton, Ben The last man into that arena in the


jump-off, what are you thinking? is in the bag. It is in the bag.


That is what they brought me for. I wasn't much good for the rest of


the week but I did something at the end. Yeah, great. We always


believed we came here with a strong chance, we have been waiting for


this for a long time, it felt like it kept coming and drifting away


again. We did it the hard way, it was exciting for the public to


watch. I still can't believe it. is good that everyone of us played


a part. I am delighted. It means absolutely of the thing to win this,


especially for our country. For showjumping. We haven't won a gold


medal for 60 years or whatever. I have never won one and I am running


out of time. For me, personally, it means everything. The champion team


is here in the studio this morning, Peter Charles, Nick Skelton, Ben


I guess you have been busy in the last 24 hours since it happened.


Absolutely, that is the first time I have seen it with the lads. It


was great to see it. Were you read that confident? These three lads


did the hard work, they put me in the position to do that and there


was no way are was going to have a fence down, I wouldn't let them


down. They did a lot of hard work to get to that position. How was it


for the rest of you watching, knowing how much was riding on it?


I thought we had done it. We were a bit confused with the rules. We


thought we had won early on, then peat still had to go. I thought


Peter was going to John Kear, his horse jumped Clear earlier in the


day. He just had to leave the jumps off, he didn't have to go too fast,


it was a good position. All of this is happening to you in your first


Olympics, the Olympic experience has started rather well for you.


Yes, have a great team behind me, I couldn't ask for any better members


and it is great to be here in front of your home crowd, it is amazing.


Nick, how has it been for you? New line veteran... It is not meant to


be offensive -- you are a veteran. The you have just had so many


Olympics. It is brilliant. You could not have wished to have done


it in a better place. Last night around Greenwich, it was


unbelievable. The crowd stayed all night. It was amazing. I have never


experienced anything like it in my life. This was your round, what was


the atmosphere like? The crowd went absolutely crazy, we were trying to


keep them quiet. My horse is the youngest horse there but nothing


fazes him. He is a freak of a horse. The more you press him, the better


he is. He was never going to knock down a jump. He is quick. He is


great. I was never worried that he was going to have one down. I just


was going to have one down. I just had to make sure I was quick enough.


What was it like for you, because the noise of the crowd has been


talked about. How certain way you that your horses could handle it?


My horse, the first day, the crowd were going ballistic. But he


settled into that. He has just got better and better. I can't speak


highly enough of my horse, he jumped fantastically yesterday.


was good that the competition went on for long enough and he got used


to it. My horse was OK from the first day, it caused some problems


for the other guys but my horse has grown up a lot in the past year.


His jumping amazing and I don't think we would have been able to do


what we did without the crowd, it definitely lifted and a. -- lifted


me. Your achievement has been stunning, especially for two of you


in the sense that you have both battled with injuries. I have had


my fair share, maybe not as many as Nick. I had a few broken bones,


back, both knees, chest, a few big surgeries. It is a great sport to


be involved in and I hope this gives us bought a great lift.


Didn't your doctor say to you, Nick, that you shouldn't be doing this


any more? They said that when I broke my neck in 2000, I found one


doctor that said it would be OK. Did you work very hard to find him?


I did! It is what I love doing, what I have done all my life. I


will keep going until we are, for will keep going until we are, for


You were about to get your medal, stepping up on the podium, you were


a little bit enthusiastic in a little bit enthusiastic in


getting onto the podium. We got a brief not to do this. I can't


remember, I was quicker on that podium than it Usain Bolt was out


of those box. I wasn't going to of those box. I wasn't going to


miss that chance! -- out of those blocks. He is a really historic


achievement, the first medal in showjumping for Britain for 60


years. It is brilliant. I hope it does a lot for our sport in this


country. We need a big boost and hopefully the powers that be will


take the chance and the opportunity. Do you hope it does something to


raise the profile? It has done it for cycling and rowing, let's hope


we can do it. We are all from different walks of life. None of us


were given anything easy. We have all worked very hard for this


moment. And it is your moment. Sharing it with you at Greenwich


was Claire Balding. Not surprisingly, she let her emotions


show. It is fantastic for people like her, who have followed your


journey and know what you have been through. It is perhaps fitting that


we can bring her in, you are down at Greenwich for the dressage today.


It doesn't feel right to have this conversation without you. Listen, I


am nothing to do with the success that they have had, I just get the


chance to talk about it and try to enthuse people about showjumping.


One thing I would like to say about all of them, those horses are worth


millions of pounds. And their owners have turned down a massive


offers. It is one of the few sports, if you do it before January of this


year, other people can buy your horse and try to win a medal for a


different country. They have managed to persuade their owners to


hang onto them. Some of them are involved in the horses themselves.


They have turned down a lot of money to get something that is


hanging around their neck that is priceless, and I admire them for


that and am grateful for that because it lets us share in the


glory. You could not have been sure that turning down those of us would


have been worth it. We are all lucky enough to have great bonus,


great sponsors. Like Clare said, you can't put a price on a gold


medal at the end of the day. Hopefully there are a lot of spin-


offs, we can get more back in, more owners and horse people interested


in showjumping, trying to support us and other riders. The one of the


great things is that you have such long careers. Nick committees or


six Olympics, Scott, it is your first. -- Nick, it is your 6th


Olympics. You two could be doing it for another six, easily. They will


be in it for a while. That is the best thing about our sport, we can


keep going for a long time. I probably would have be finished for


a long time ago but for the owners of my horse, who bought it


especially for London. They had huge offers and they would not sell


them, which is great, because I wanted to come here, and they have


got their gold. We hope the golden feeling continues. There is the


dressage competition, how is it They are very well placed. They are


one point ahead of Germany, the Netherlands in third. We have got a


team of three great riders, and they are so good, the Germans and


the Dutch are saying, those British horses are good. Carl Hester kicks


things off at 2:30pm, Laura Bechtolsheimer at 315, and I think


we may be talking about not just Britain's first dressage medal, but


another gold medal. I will tell you all about the riders, the whole


caboodle, so that you can get excited about dressage, because


this I have always felt could be the dark horse of these Olympic


Games, if you pardon the pun. It will be beautiful to watch, but


this whole equestrian event, especially and that setting at


Greenwich, has been stunning. Did you have any preview of the course?


We didn't get any preview. special treatment? Absolutely not.


But we walked round the site two years ago, and they showed us where


it was going to be. You wouldn't believe it was the same place today.


They have done a fantastic job on the backdrop and the scenery. It


will never be repeated. Nick, you still have ongoing injury worries?


Yes, my back is playing up at the moment, and I have got to have it


operated on some time before the end of the year. Has your doctor


been in touch since yesterday? were in the opening ceremony, and


we were a bit worried when we saw Nick getting wheeled across in the


wheelchair to the medical centre. It is a lot better since last night.


If it has been fantastic to watch you, Cwmgwrach -- congratulations.


And I know some of you will be in the individual jumping events. Good


luck. Well, the area around Hyde Park in


central London will be the focus this morning. The men's triathlon


is taking place there. In the women's event, Helen Jenkins was


pushed out of the muddled and the final stage, but the men's event


will hopefully have a different result for Great Britain. The


triathlon is dominated at the moment by two British men who just


happen to be brothers. For meet Alistair and Jonathan


Brownlee, two brothers from West Yorkshire. Housemates, team-mates,


training partners and rivals. These competitive siblings also happen to


With a stack of impressive results under their belts, both boys will


be hoping to reach the podium in London. But Alistair's journey to


the Games hasn't been uneasy one. In February, a tear to his Achilles


tendon put him out of action for several months, while Johnny was


winning two world series titles in San Diego and Madrid. When I first


found out about the injury, I was quite glad that I had found out


what it was, and got a specific diagnosis. A week or two later, I


couldn't do much training, and I was fairly unhappy. I tried to stay


away from him, do different things. When I trained, I would go out of


the back door so it wasn't too obvious. There is Olympics in the


back of your head, and you are thinking, I should be doing


everything I can do, which makes you feel worse. You have to do


ridiculously light exercise that doesn't make you better anyway.


have got Olympics to train for, but I feel guilty going out running,


because I know Alistair would love to go with me, but I had to get


over that and realise that I have got to be a little bit selfish and


concentrate on myself. Johnny is about as sympathetic as a plank of


wood. It is not as if he helped at all. He would quite happily leave


without me if I was out of bed 30 seconds late. I realised I had to


think outside the box if I wanted to get a fast, and I had often


thought about running under water, and under water treadmill. So me


and my friends started digging a hole in the garden and filling it


with concrete. They were out there every day from 8am to 5pm, and


digging this hole. I never realised how much did you had to get out to


make this pool. As soon as we started using it, my Achilles


stopped getting stiff the next day, so that was a massive benefit.


June, Alistair returned to the global stage in style, with a win


at the World Series event. Both brothers are now hoping they can


stay focused and give their best performances in the Olympic race.


think we are trying to be aware that it is Olympics and get that


boost, but not get carried away with the Olympic experience. We are


very much there for a race. Especially for Johnny, because he


hasn't been to an Olympics before. Alistair says Olympics is difficult


-- different to everything else, and you have to experience it and


love it. I think it is the best triathlon I will ever be part of. I


can't wait. The story of Alistair and Jenny


Bramley. He is trained athlete and four-time Ironman triathlon eight


Crissy Wellington. They have stated publicly they are going to be


incredibly aggressive, and that is what I love about their racing


style, their total disdain for conservative tactics. They will go


from the gun and fight tooth and nail for that gold medal. And will


they do that together? Will they help each other? Will it be a


brotherly effort? They benefit from training with their biggest rival,


each other. So I think they would have developed the tactic along


with a third person on the Great Britain team, Stuart Hayes, to


maximise their chances of taking gold and silver. So I definitely


think they will work together, and Stuart Hayes is part of the team,


to enable them to get into the best positions to be able to fight about


gold and silver. And we have been talking about both of them together.


Do you have a favourite? As the one of them stand out more? They are


both phenomenal athletes. They have really shown their incredible


pedigree over the last few years. Alistair has been injured at the


earlier part of this year, he had an Achilles injury. But he came


back, and won his only race of the season in dominant fashion. He ran


some 3010 K, which is outstanding. So I think my favourite would have


to be Alistair, but the Olympics has shown anything can happen. We


saw in Beijing are practically unknown athlete, Frodeno, who is on


the start line today, so obviously the Brownlees are not racing alone.


There are athletes of incredible pedigree on the start line today.


And we saw that in the women's event, when Helen Jenkins ended up


missing out. Do you think we could end up in a scenario where it is


literally the two of them going for that gold medal? Absolutely. I


think they are head and shoulders above the rest, and they think we


might see the other teams are deploying some interesting tactics


to try and break the brothers' early on. We might see some


breakaways on the bike, where some of the stronger bikers actually try


and break away from the Brownlee is and get themselves and nice cushion


going into the run, because if there is a group of them going into


the run together that includes the Brownlees, I wouldn't like to bet


against them taking gold. It will certainly be an exciting race. They


are down at Hyde Park where it is all going to happen. Let's show you


exactly where that is. We head away from the Olympic Park right over to


the west and into central London. This course has already showcased


some of the most beautiful bits of central London, and the Serpentine


is where everything will begin with a 1,500m swim. Then the bike ride


will start, into an outside the park, and that will end with a 10


kilometre run, and watching it every step of the way will be so Na


Liu Shah and Graham Bell. The Serpentine and the parts around it


will be the battleground for 55 of the world's best triathletes. And


Team GB will certainly be hoping for a gold and silver, with the


world's best two triathletes. silver is a definite possibility.


Alistair and Johnny are the best two guys in the world. If all goes


to plan, it could well be gold and silver. And to help them, British


triathlon gave the final place to a domestique called Stuart Hayes,


whose places To draft them on the bike. He is a good try athlete. He


won it a couple of years ago with a breakaway on the bike. He is a very


strong swimmer-biker. He is there in case there is a mechanical fault.


If one of the Brownlees has a flat tyre, Stuart Hayes will drop back


with them and bring them back to the group. There is no team car, it


is not like the road race. That is what he is there for. Also, if it


does come together in one big group riding around, Stuart Hayes will be


there to chase down any breakaways that try and get away.


Traditionally in the past, if you have a favourite, it is down to the


favourite to chase the breakaways down, but we have Stuart Hayes in


there. I don't see it as a possibility that he could be in a


breakaway with one of the Brownlees, but that would be interesting.


all of the boys will be watching the women's race, not just to


support the team, but to check the course out. They have competed here


twice, but they will have used it as their own research as well, and


we saw a few crashes on Saturday. We did, and that is the other thing


that could go wrong. So we have got mechanical failure or a crash.


Those are the two things that could take out one of the Brownlees.


Let's hope that doesn't matter. The rest of the team will down upon


them, and they will be fought all away. Don't be surprised if you see


Alistair's goggles ripped off in the swim, or use the other


competitors trying to block them off. The Brownlees are fighters,


and they were just push this all the way through. Everyone is saying


the Brownlees can of course do this. They are the favourites, and they


can deal with the pressure of being the favourites. These are two boys


who can really deal with the pressure. There has been talk of


other teams ganging up on them, but they say, that is a good sign, that


means we are the people to beat. They have totally boss triathlon


over the last few years. The other triathletes are scared of them.


Their attack every single portion of this race. There will be a


Russians with them on there swim, Vasiliev will be there with them.


Then they will attack on the bike and again on the run. It starts at


11:30am, a pontoon start from over there, but we don't know yet


whether it will be a wet suit swim or not. For let's hope the sun


comes out, because it will be different if it is without wetsuits.


Thank you very much, Sonali Shah and Graham. Will that make a big


difference, whether the authorities decided will be a wet suit swim or


not? If the water temperature is below 20 Celsius, the athletes have


to wear a white suit. It is made of neoprene and gives buoyancy, so it


aids the slightly weaker swimmers. So we are less likely to see the


breakaway is necessarily in the swim if everybody is wearing a


wetsuit. So if you are a strong swimmer, you don't want to wear the


wet suits? Exactly. The weaker swimmers will be happy if the


authorities declare it to be a wet suits from. Obviously you are also


anonymous in a wet suit, they all wear the same colour swimming cap


to increase that anonymity, so the chances of being able to find your


team members are decreased. And lastly, whilst the swimmer might be


faster in a wet suit because of the increased buoyancy, the transition,


from the swim to the bike, will be slower, because you have to take


your wetsuit off, and you have got to make sure you put it in that


little box by your bike, otherwise you risk disqualification. Those


translation dope -- those transmissions are so tricky. This


is how they swim, and straight off the pontoon. It is a very quick


swim, we will expect the men to be coming out in 18 minutes. A quick


transition, they should only take up to 40 seconds. And then it is a


seven lap bike course, absolutely phenomenal in terms of the


spectators, down and around the monument. Taking in these amazing


iconic landmarks. But while it is not challenging in terms of terrain,


not like Athens that had an 18% climb, it is definitely challenging


in terms of technicality. There are over 100 corners, and as we saw


with the women's race, they can be very difficult. And there is a


hairpin bend there. The risk of crashes is increased. The Brownlees


are very technically comfortable on the bike, so they will still race


aggressively, regardless of the conditions, and a four-lap run,


very spectator friendly. It does have a hairpin turn, as we saw with


the women. In the test event, which Alistair Ram, five men went under


the magic 30 minutes barrier, and I think we will see that again today.


I think it will take a phenomenal run to win this race. If I ask you


who you would put your money on today? If I had some money to but


on, it would be on Alistair for the gold, Johnny for the silver and


probably Gomez or Whitfield, the Sydney gold-medallist, for the


bronze. But it is the Olympics. I hope I am not proven wrong. I hope


you're not either. It sounds like you could shake up to be a


fantastic day. I can't wait. Thank you very much for coming in. You


will be back for the start of the Once again we expect an amazing


80,000 people inside the stadium for the morning heats, the


highlight could be witnessing the latest chapter in the story of


Phillips Idowu. He has not competed since landing awkwardly at a


meeting at the start of June. His decision not to head to Portugal


with the rest of UK Athletics At the London Games, very little is


hidden. Disappointment, exhaustion, joy, gratitude, tears, always tears.


They are all on display. The visibility of raw emotion. Sorry to


everybody we have let down. It is impossible to be invisible. Except,


there is someone who has not been seen. What is known about Phillips


Idowu is that he was the world champion in Berlin in 2009. Silver


medallist in day do in 2011. Silver It is known, through frustrated


communiques from the British camp, that he has not been with them. Our


is he injured? Has he split with his coach? He has issued a brief


communique of his own, his tweet, he is here, he is fit. Just a few


words from the invisible man, the Invisible man about to enter the


most public arena of his lifetime, The triple jump starts at 10:45am


this morning. Let's head to the Olympic Stadium for the first time


today and joined Jonathan Edwards. You know this particular event


inside out, you know what it takes to be an Olympic champion. Do you


know there -- think there is a danger that Phillips Idowu will


have been distracted by this debate about him? It is not an ideal


preparation to go for an Olympic title on your home patch. He was


disappointed in Beijing, he thought he could win it, he -- it did not


happen. He has been focusing on this for four years. He clearly has


a bit of an injury problem. If he is fit, he is a contender. Mentally,


I think he will be fine. Michael and then these are alongside Nick.


Michael, you have transitions into mentoring and coaching -- Michael


and Denise are alongside me. don't qualify as a coach, I try to


mentor ever I can. -- wherever I can. Each athlete has his own way


of preparing generally speaking, this type of distraction, all of


these back and forth in the media between he and the BOA, I wouldn't


think it is good for any athlete preparation. If it were me, I would


have advised against that and try to minimise the distractions soap


all the attention is on competing. -- so that all the attention. He


hasn't competed in over two months. That will be a bit of a setback.


Even if he is fit, having not competed and not had the


opportunity to work on things under a pressure situation like it will


be out here, I would certainly have tried to minimise the distraction.


Do you think he could turn it to his advantage? It is not ideal but


it is what it is. Has he created an energy that he can feed off? I have


been in a similar situation in my lead-up to Sydney, I wasn't fit, I


had been injured. He has been carrying quite a severe injury. How


fit was the leading up to his injury? He jumped 17.13. It is not


his best distance. He hasn't been able to capitalise on that. It is


not impossible. Miracles do happen. I have been there myself. But the


mental toughness that Philips has will have to come into play.


Because physically, he isn't great. This is about qualification first


and foremost. Qualification is 17.10. It is not inconceivable that


he could get through with something far less than that this morning.


key the strangest thing, I think, is not that he has fallen out with


Charles van Commenee, he has not been to the holding camp in


Portugal, it is the fact that the primary relationship with his coach


has broken down. That's something you want to avoid in an Olympic


year, a change of coach. I don't know what happened there. I think


he has been with Aston for quite some time, they had success


together. Why you would make that change, that split in an Olympic


year, I don't know. It generally doesn't work, to make a change of


coach, especially in such a technical event. I don't think he


has had a split from his coach at this stage. What he needs more is


his medical team. His relationship with Kevin, who was my physio


throughout my career. When you need that attention, I think there is a


change in priority. Has there been a split with the coach? I think it


is a lack of communication. I don't know that there has been a split. I


want to comment on the facts. If there has been a split, I think it


is not a good decision. We will see this morning. The proof of the


pudding is this morning. What we can say, regardless of what this


year has been like, is that Phillips has got a history of


getting ready when it matters most. Absolutely, he has proven himself


at championships, he is the man for the big occasion. He wants to be


here, this is his home. I think he has done everything he can to get


to the situation. We cannot comment on how an athlete should prepare.


It is not ideal, but this is how it is. What kind of mood is he in this


morning? On top of the facts! has been a brilliant year for


Robbie Grabarz. He jumped 2.36 outdoors in the men's high jump. He


I am dreaming of the gold medal and if you are not, you're never going


to get it. At the beginning of the year, we said, dream outrageous,


but I don't think it is so The men's high jump qualification,


Robbie Grabarz is going very nicely indeed. Who will be in the stadium?


I think my mum and brother will be coming along, I don't think I'll be


able to pick them out, but I will 2.29, he is in a good position.


that I can do is jump as high as I can. If somebody else jumps


exceedingly well, there is nothing But final is this evening. Robbie


Grabarz has been in outstanding form and he could be real surprise


package. He really could. He has been so significant -- so sick --


so consistent this year. Before 2012, his best was 2.28. He has


made the mental decision to go hell-for-leather for his athletics


career, he has a great opportunity. He is third equal in the world this


year. It is minimising the failures at the early hides that will be key.


Unlike Holly Bleasdale last night, who perhaps froze under the weight


of expectation, Robbie Grabarz will, live, you sense. It was unfortunate


for Holly last night, she would have liked to have a better


experience. I think he has more experience and will go in with more


confident. It will not be easy but it is not the toughest high jump


field we have ever seen. Ferres last asked to look forward to,


particularly the appearance of Usain Bolt -- there is lots more to


look forward to. This will be interesting. Training will come


into play a lot more in this 200 metres than it will, than it did


rather, in the 100 metres. If an athlete of the talent of Usain Bolt,


an athlete he only comes along every 15 or 20 years, he can get by


in the 100 metres just on talent. In the 200 metres, training comes


into play. A cracker Usain Bolt is saying that Yohan Blake trains a


Alex we also have the 110 hurdles, Faith it would be great to see him


back in action, trying to get the title that he so desperately craves


in London. Stiff opposition. Paris merit is in fine form. There is


danger all-around, that is the key. The Brits? Andy had an injury at


the UK trials. Hopefully he is on the road to recovery. Our the Boys,


Andy Turner, proving he can cope on the big stage. -- our other boys.


And Lawrence Clarke. The young pretender. The poshest man in the


British athletics team but he is And she threw brilliantly but she


sustained a little elbow injury. She has been getting that treated


am we will see what she is able to do. Will be back for the women's


javelin and the men's triple jump. For the island, back to you. Off --


We can take a look at the medal He go two people are helped to


contribute, Tim Baillie and Etienne Stott, who won two of the medals in


the canoe slalom for a how is life as Olympic champions? It is hard to


say anything original about it. It is still very surreal, it doesn't


sink in quickly. We have been busy, it has been pretty crazy. I think


the cloud is floating higher and higher as we go. It gets more and


more crazy each day. You must have enjoyed seeing yourselves on the


stumps. -- stamps. You probably have families who are buying them


all up. It is nice. In a lot of photos, I am pulling some awful


face in the background. I think my Have each had the gold postboxes in


your home towns? Yes, I have been getting messages of the one in


Westhill. The great thing about the day you won a medal, it was early


on, all of us learn so much about your sport, canoe slalom, that has


got to be a good thing. It was great. Basically, our sport is a


minority sport. It seems that a lot of people we have begged to have


watched that race. So many people have been in the stadium. So many


people watched it on TV. It seems like so many people have enjoyed


the race. It was one of the best races in the history of our sport,


I think. For so many people to be connected to it, it is phenomenal


for our sport. We are going to take the opportunity to watch it again


and show it to everyone watching at home. Here is that gold medal


The atmosphere is absolutely electric, and it is Tim Baillie and


Etienne Stott to get us under way. Ranked 6th in the world coming into


the Olympic Games. They were always going to challenge, but this could


be a medal runner for Great Britain. This is an encouraging run from


They just want to maintain their speed and composure, don't pick up


any penalties. And this is one of One upstream gate to go. Great


Britain are flying here, no penalties whatsoever. Tim Baillie


There is only one pair now who can prevent Tim Baillie and Etienne


Stott from winning the gold, and guess what, they are British. This


could be real British history here. Two to go, no faults. This could be


gold and silver for Great Britain. Oh, my goodness! They have got the


silver medal. And we don't just get It was an amazing day, and Britain


ended up with a goal and a silver medal, of which no one was


expecting. It was a fairy-tale result for British cooing --


canoeing. The other team, David Florence and Richard Hounslow, have


a lot more attention on them, because David had won a silver in


Beijing. That is fair, because David scored a massive result for


canoeing in Beijing. It brought a lot of attention to our sport and


sustained it through towards London. It is fair to say that we felt his


profile would have been less of a big sport before coming in. It is


just the way it works. But we knew what we were doing and we were


working as hard as we could, and that is part of the Olympics.


there a healthy rivalry between the two boats.? That is the really nice


thing coming into the sports, into the Games. Anything can happen.


With two boats have such high quality, there was a good chance


that we would get something, but a good chance that one crew would get


nothing and one crew would come away with something. It was great


to get a similar result as we could, and both the on the podium. You are


always so close in training. For half the days we would beat them,


and half the days they would beat us. If the tables had been turned,


they could have been the gold- medallists and we would have had


the silver. And the nice thing as well is we are both paddling at the


level we are as a result of the team pushing you, and vice versa.


So it is nice that we were both up there. And one of the striking


things for a one that knows about canoeing, together, the two British


crews beat the legends of canoes Marlon into third place. No one has


ever beaten them in the Olympics, and two British crews beat them on


home turf. If they had got four consecutive titles and the same


event, that would have been a global record. To beat them felt a


bit bad in some ways, but they raced the race as hard as they


could, and they knew what they were getting into. They are undeniably


the best seats to Crewe in the world. That is the way it goes.


What did you go through to get to that moment? You have both had


injuries. Yes, most of the last few years, one or the other on or off.


I guess Etienne's was the biggest. I dislocated my shoulder last year


and had surgery a few days later, and after that, we were behind


schedule for the whole time. We were always trying to catch up and


catch up to where we wanted to be, and while I was recovering from my


surgery, Tim went in for surgery on his elbow. I had an ongoing problem


that wasn't bad enough to stop my training that was causing a bit of


trouble, so when Etienne had to have a long spell out, it was an


opportunity for me to have surgery and get that fixed, and then we


were both trying to get a rehab back. But we all saw you at Lee


Valley looking fantastic in this competition. What is it like when


you train? Presumably you do it all year round. Yes, it is a lot less


fun when there is snow on the ground in the middle of winter, but


it is just an amazing venue, the best in the world. The legacy of it


is just awesome for the sport, and it is a brilliant place to train.


It is also good to canoe for fun. What would you say to people who


are watching and thinking that they might get through the Olympics and


have a go? The venue will be open to the public very soon, I think it


is early September. Just to go down those rapids on a raft will be a


real thrill for a lot of people, and once you see that white water,


you will appreciate the power. I'm sure a lot of people will have a


good time, and if that gets them into the idea of canoeing, we love


our sport, and we are more than happy to have you come along,


because we think it is one of the best things going. I'm not sure if


I'm quite brave enough for the white water rapids. But if you are


there to guide me a long, maybe I will. We don't do raft gliding, we


would be all over the place. now it is all over for you? What


happens next? We haven't really had to think about that so far, we keep


being asked to do things. There are a couple more World Cup races this


year. It is a five race series and we have had three so far, and we


are sitting third over all, so it is tempting to finish them off. We


haven't decided how we would feel after the Olympics, but now we have


done this, we're just going to try to organise our lives after the


Olympics and get ready for training this winter. And what about popping


along to help you sprinting colleagues? We are helping to do


that for sure. -- hoping to do that. We work under the same performance


director, and the next few days will be massive for them as well.


They have a very strong squad, known sure they are nervous about


what will happen. I think they can feel they have got the massive


support of the home crowd behind them, and they're going to have an


epic few days. There are some fantastic athletes in there. It has


looked beautiful that Eton Dorney watching that competition. Thank


you very much. We are living the dream a little bit at the moment,


no doubt about it. We have had an amazing few days just going around.


We went to a special concert last night with the Stone Roses, the


small secret one. We somehow managed to get in. We were in a


little area with Jessica Ennis. am sure that helps open doors.


and even aside from stuff like that, it is just amazing the reception


you get knocking around anywhere with republican stuff. It is really


nice. It adds to our bus, and we add to theirs, hopefully.


deserve the perks, and the buzz is contagious.


Don't forget that the canoe sprint competition continues at Eton


Dorney, and you can catch up with that by the red button. Sir Chris


Hoy was enjoying his 5th gold medal last week. Today he is hoping to


repeat his endeavours last night, and enjoy -- joins the Steve


Redgrave as the most successful And hallway is really rising to the


challenge! And now it is Jason Kenny. Can he take it on the second


lap? Coming to the final takeover, they are slightly ahead. Here comes


Kriss Boyd. It is the final turn. - A new world record, 42.6. I don't


believe what I have seen here. They are getting quicker and quicker,


and Great Britain have won the gold The Olympic champions and gold


medal winners other team of Great # Send her victorious, happy and


glorious, Long to reign over us, Sir Chris Hoy will be back, track


inside the velodrome shortly. Let's join Nick Gill Douglas and Chris


Boardman. It has been like Wembley on F A Cup final day here, with the


the whole crowd supporting one team. We thought it would be difficult to


top Beijing, but it certainly seemed to have bettered it here.


Sir Chris Hoy is rolling around at the moment, can he make it six


golds? I would say yes. His biggest problem will be reputation, because


he has shown everybody here how good he is, and they will be


watching for him to do all the work. People talk about the keirin race


and suggest that it has a bit of a lottery. There is more to it than


that. He has shown for the world championships that he can win this


race from any point. Yes, the world championships was a fantastic race,


he was at the back but it was never over. Even watching it in the


replay, we couldn't work out how he had gone from the back to win, so


he is very versatile. Form wise, when you think here? He is doing


some personal bests in training, and after a career of that length,


that is incredible. That is all you can ask, for somebody to be as good


as they can be at an Olympic Games. And he does serve as the unofficial


captain of this track team? Yes, he does. He is very statesmanlike. He


sets a fantastic example in worth - - work ethic, as well, and he sets


a fantastic physical standard for the others to live up to in


training. We will see him in action very shortly. We saw Jason Kenny in


action winning the individual sprint last night. How much do


think it has helped these two athletes, chasing these places?


we see it in the triathlon with the Brownlee Brothers, and with Jason


Kenny in the cycling. If your benchmark is the best in the world


all the time, that will push on the form. We will hopefully see Jason


Kenny in four years in Rio, but I suspect this will be Sir Chris


Hoy's last Iraq? Quite possibly. He has had a long career. I imagine


for the selectors, it was a nightmare to have Sir Chris Hoy a


not riding a sprint, but it was great to give it to chasing Kenny,


and he has just started. Three golds on offer, and then Victoria


Pendleton chasing for a medal, too. It is fantastic that all of the


riders are all the form that they are. Victoria Pendleton already has


a gold, and she would like to make it another. She is hours from the


end of her career. Her form has dipped a little, and the whole


British team dipped after the Games in Beijing and then lifted for


these games. Other nations are looking at Great Britain and asking


how we are doing it. What would you say to them? They are there or


thereabouts, but it is very difficult. If you win a competition


of this magnitude, getting up emotionally next year to do the


same, it is very hard. They went through that for a couple of years,


got a good kicking, and they are building up for the London Olympics.


We can't wait to see Victoria Pendleton and Laura Trott in action.


It could be exciting here for the next couple of hours.


Thank you very much, and Sir Chris Hoy is on the track very shortly in


the velodrome. All the action is live on BBC Three right now. As


always, there is plenty to watch via the red button, including the


canoe sprint. That competition is under way now. And also in the


Aquatics Centre, there is diving, and Chris Meares will be the first


to go in there men's 3m springboard final. But it is nearly 10 o'clock,


and that is when it all starts to get exciting in the athletics


stadium, so let's join Jonathan It is an amazing atmosphere and


everyone waiting to see Phillips Idowu. And there he is. That will


be at around 10:45am. And also Usain Bolt coming up just two days


after he retained his Olympic title. Let us look back at that.


My hands were shaking, my nervous system in shock. Then, silence got


system in shock. Then, silence got blown apart.


Usain Bolt just coming into his stride. He is pulling away. He is


going to get the gold medal! The champion becomes a legend.


He is the king of sprinting. The best in the world.


Why did we ever doubt the Why did we ever doubt the


brilliance of Usain Bolt? And as Steve Cram said, of why did


we ever doubt his brilliance. Michael, it is fair to say that you


never did. I did not, he is a phenomenal athlete. He does not


need to be at 100% to win that 100m. But he still set an Olympic record


which is fantastic. He is incredible and it takes a lot to


beat him. There was daylight between him and the rest of the


field. He ran right across the line and was looking at the clock. Do


you think he wanted to go even faster? He always wants to set a


record. People expect that of him. He knows that he can go faster. He


actually had a very good start. It was not over at 60m as it was at


Beijing. The injury earlier in the year affected his training somewhat.


He had a month to get ready after the trials and that is a massive


amount of time for someone like him. Perhaps the surprising thing is he


left it so late to get ready. After he had seen Yohan Blake in Brussels


you would have thought he would have worked as hard as he could


over the winter to make sure he was in the best possible shape. Every


athlete is looking for improvement. And you cannot think that just


because it is Usain Bolt that she does not still want to retain his


dominance. He will have been working hard. Getting his sharpness


ready is crucial. He is a natural competitor. He has a great


relationship with Blake but he still insists that he is the man.


It was not that he left it late, I think she started training in the


autumn when everyone else started. He had a problem with his hamstring.


He has got a little bit of curvature of the spine. So he is


always working on that. But the problem has been with his


hamstrings. He has been it took a doctor in Germany a couple of times


this year and that is what caused the problem with that little bit of


delay in terms of him being ready. He should be given credit for


getting here and performing like that. I think a great deal of


credit goes to him and his coach to make the decision to pull out of


all races after the Jamaican trials. Just to spend that time preparing


as opposed to competing. Well first as opposed to competing. Well first


up is Goldie Sayers. Goldie Sayers totally focused


towards this first qualifying throw. 62 metres is what is required to


take us straight through to the final on Thursday. Looks very sharp


this morning. Dear me. I saw her putting some tacky on her


fingertips. It looks as though it slipped out of her hand. Barbora


Spotakova the defending champion and world record holder. And you


can see why, that was very easy indeed. She has qualified so easily


with the first throw. The javelin sailed out into the


morning sky. 66.19. No mystery now, Phillips Idowu it is ready to take


his place in these Olympic arena and try to qualify it for the


and try to qualify it for the triple jump final this morning.


The only mystery is how fit he is. Goldie Sayers struggling as well.


It is so sad to see her throwing like that. She sustained an injury


after her fantastic performance in London. She has not thrown much at


all since. She has been working hard with the medical staff just to


make sure that that elbow is secured. She has had a pain-killing


injection of the javelin is so complicated, such a tough field.


She would always need to be at her best to Challenge for the medals


and at this stage it looks as if she cannot even throat effectively.


We have heard rumours that perhaps Liu Xiang is not at one under the


present. -- 100%. He has had some serious injuries. Speaking of


Goldie Sayers as well, athletes coming here, that is the one thing


that is a lot of your control, injuries. Well let's go on with the


injuries. Well let's go on with the men's 100m hurdle qualification.


Good morning and welcome again onto the track for this first round of


representatives, we will see them shortly. This young man has had a


great year. He has got better and better as the season has gone on.


And he is the new European champion. He has been very impressive. And


all of the drum up last year the World Championships went Andy


Turner's needing to get a bronze medal. Always a dramatic event. And


we have heard that Liu Xiang may well be carrying that Achilles


problem that he picked up in London. A little cooler in the stadium this


wins it. Only the top three to go through. The Russian has been


impressive all year. The French man was really struggling. Surprising


to see that performance, you would expect a lot more from him.


Shubenkov definitely the main man in Europe. He managed to control it


well. Perfect conditions for hurdling. Very little wind.


You do not want to make mistakes at the beginning of the race because


you're just starting to go through that acceleration phase. It is


important that you get into a rhythm quite quickly without


disrupting it. The Frenchman made that mistake.


Shubenkov does not look that impressive. But he gets the job


done and he is consistent. Consistency is the key. And this


man is able to do that. He had done it under a lot of pressure. We saw


him in Monaco, he pushed himself, made a couple of mistakes. But he


is very good indeed. But all are British sprint hurdlers can do


battle with this young man. Well it was very close in the end for a


third position. Deghelt came through in third.


They have to sit and wait for the next five heats to take place.


Lawrence Clarke coming up in the next heat. Some issues around


Andrew Pozzi with hamstring triple jump qualifying will get


under way in around 30 minutes. Phillips Idowu goes for Great


Britain. Of course an Olympic silver medallist four years ago but


so much mystery surrounding him in the last few weeks. He is here and


if he is fit, he should qualify for the final on Thursday. 70 metres


attacks it. That is long, she nailed it in the first round.


European champion a couple of years ago and bronze medallist in


Helsinki a few weeks ago. Comfortably over the qualifying


Lawrence Clarke goes in lane Martin Sixsmith, we have the World


Champion from last year Jason World Championship he ran well.


This year he has improved to even faster time, dipped under 13


seconds this year. 12.98. Just outside of the world's all time top


ten times. And thinking of statistic, Lawrence Clarke, now the


sixth fastest prison Briton of all time at 13.33. -- fastest Briton.


Watching Lawrence Clarke earlier on, warming up this morning, he looked


very quick out of the the blocks. Just practising his start and very


sharp over the first couple of hurdles. He has run in this stadium


before. He won the very first meeting that was held here, the


Olympic test event. So he knows the track, he knows the feel of the


stadium, but he will not have competed in front of so many people.


As we have got here this morning. Once again there is not a seat to


be had in this stadium. As Steve was saying earlier, it is a bit


chillier than it has been, but the sun trying to breakthrough above us.


-- break threw above us. There is a pretty good Jamaican in this heat


as well. 13.19 just on the left hand side, whereing the yellow of


Jamaica. Three outside of Lawrence Clarke. Inside Lawrence Clarke is


Almeida of Portugal. There is Riley. He became the first man to win 100


metres flat and 110 hurdles in the US collegiate championship and that


takes some doing. So heat two of the men's 110 hurdles, the first


three progress through to the semifinals tomorrow. Winning time


does too. Riley is not going that well. Richardson, absolutely flying.


The American is going well, Lynsha too. Here comes Lawrence Clarke.


And Richardson looks superb there, Lawrence Clarke coming through to


take second place. Lynsha third. 13.33, looking very easy for Jason


Richardson the World Champion from 2011. You would expect him to look


easy indeed. That is what he did. Lawrence came through nicely though,


a very competent piece of hurdling from Lawrence Clarke, this was a


really tough heat, first thing in the morning. Richardson, second


from my right, World Champion of course, and he has improved a lot


this year. All these hurdlers rb betting used to the surface, they


have heard about it, they know it is quick, so they just need to feel


it in the first rounds, just to get their feet under it. See what


response you get from it when you are rung and jumping. -- running.


You can say Jason Richardson edging to the front. Once gets there, he


stays there. At this stage he won't be able to see anybody. He just


needs to concentrate. The barriers in front. How quickly they come to


you. Those are the things you are dealing with at this time of the


morning. Lawrence Clarke, well, his thought pattern will be different.


He knows he has to race well indeed, so it is aggressive into the first


hurdle. One as hard as you k off that, into the second one. From


here on in settle into your rhythm. You just try to keep the tempo, the


moment the tum you have built over the barriers, the same. Every


single one. Exactly the same as the one before. Even as you get a


little bit further down the track the hurdles come a bit closer to


you, you have to manage that, be able to control that. Work it. Well


done Lawrence Clarke. He is talking We will come back to the interview


in a moment, but, let us have a look at the result. Jason


Richardson 13.33. Lawrence Clarke Philips Idowu, is that he did get


injured, and all of the drama since then, all of the speculation, he


has been trying to get fit. I think that is the basic story here, and


since Eugene it has been a battle to get fit, to compete here the


best he can. Obviously in qualification, he wants to be able


do that as easily and stress free as he can, because he doesn't want


to be out here any longer than necessary and get to the final and


that is it. Of course, with all of those issues he has had, this is


him warming up. You see, this is the thing, I think he is going to,


this is a high risk strategy obviously for an athlete who has


come here without the preparation he wants. We will have to cross our


fingers and hope it works for him. Am not sure I like the look of that


take off at all. Slightly tentative but we will find out shortly, 10.45


that qualification. Lawrence Clarke safely through, hopefully we will


hear from him soon. Andrew Pozzi goes in the next heat. I saw him


run in the test event in May. It will be a different experience this


It has been an amazing year for you you are on the senior stage juerk


great run of victories, you think, this isn't bad, I can take to this?


Yes, I surpassed all my aims initially, the first race of the


season I ran a hundredth Ofqal fiing for the World Indoor


Championships which surpassed it. I kept moving the goal post. The


junior, it is very easy to feel a big fish in a small pond. When you


go into the seniors nobody cares who you until you start making your


way through. How proud of yourself for dealing with that kind of


pressure that was on trials time and delivering when owe most neat


needed it? It was the best race of my career. I just really enjoyed it


and the it was a great day for me. Not least because you qualify for a


home Olympics. They will be roaring for you, can you feed off that or


is it a danger? It is not something I have been able to take in, you


know, I know 80,000 people are going to be loud. Hopefully my mow


kus will keep me on track and on the hurdles. Well done, an enjoy


every second. He will get a huge roar there is a big roar for Goldie


Sayers. Let us catch one the is announced, the stadium is


erupting. That strapping on her elbow, can't see it at the moment


on her throwing arm, the right arm, is worrying. Just wonder how much


she istying about possible injury she has, it is on the front of her


arm. Doesn't look like much, but you get a little Pape in your elbow


when you a javelinly toer. That is a problem. -- javelin thrower. One


more to go. Otherwise it is all Lawrence Clarke safely through and


talking about injuries, with Goldie Sayers, Andrew Pozzi hasn't had the


best preparation and you can see some strapping for him. He has had


a bit of a hamstring problem. He needs to put that out of his mind


here, and trust in his body delivering for him. Tkp first three


to go through. -- first three to go through. Now, the young man from


Madagascar who is actual lay deKath leet. -- eventually a deKath leet.


Hardly got into his position. Hardly got in his set position. A


big busy crowd, anxious, but the red card is going to be on its way.


The North East tones of Alan Bell. A straight disqualification, it is


since, well this year, since last November. The card system changes.


It's a black and red card for a straight disqualification, you can


be disqualified for too yellows as well, which is when you get a


warning, and then the yellow card and nen a red one. -- and then a


red one na. Is a straight disqualification. I got a glimpse


running very well, and that is it. Well, injuries beseting the British


team this morning. Sands crashes over Ortega is going to go through


with Parchment then the Russian, Konstantin Shabanov. I said Andrew


Pozzi was having this hamstring problem, and quite obviously


despite lining up and hoping for the best, it wasn't to be. And


injury takes out another British athlete. Unfortunately you are


right. He has had a difficult preparation for these, you know it


is the Olympic Games and every athlete will want to give himself a


try. You can see. From the time he pushed out the blocks he was


grimacing. He is going to walk down this track, all the way down, and


have to go through this whole media circus down there unfortunately for


him, but, this is a little bit of a little bit of carnage going all


over the place. Andrew Pozzi first pulling out. Watch for the athlete


in lane one trip over. Bang, he is out. Leaving the two really experts


clear air just to qualify nicely. Parchment and Ortega. Well, I think


the idea was just give it a go, but quite obviously, that hamstring was


in no position, he couldn't drive out of the blocks at all, and it is


such a shame, he has had a brilliant year, and he is going to


have a big career ahead of him, Andrew Pozzi, but his Olympic


experience, well, one he will want to forget. Or gay winning that in


13.26 -- Ortega. Doucoure Ladji the former World Champion fourth in


sure Andrew Pozzi can tell us all sure Andrew Pozzi can tell us all


about that injury problem. Andrew, I knew coming in you had this


problem, and obviously you had to give it a go. Yes, the last month


since Crystal Palace has been a fight mare. I for my am string in


the final and I haven't been able to get it sorted. It started off


looking optimistic and it hasn't gone. Was there a feeling you


wouldn't give it a go at all? always knew, you know, I feel so


privileged to be here, and I mean that is the first time I have been


out of blocks since Crystal Palace, but I just thought, you know we


will try and give it a go, but I just didn't come off. After all the


hard work you put in all year long, this is the biggest stage you can


probably ever appear on in your life. It must be a huge


disappointment. Yes, it is all I have been waiting for, a year, we


train so hard, throughout the winter months this is the aim. This


is what makes the hard work worth it. To leave like that, it is


heartbreaking. The great thing is you are only 20, and as the guys


have been saying you have a fantastic career ahead of you, so


projecting forward, I am sure thereby big things to come. I hope


so but it mean nothing until you do it. I will get back to training and


try and get this healed and hopefully I can do it instead of


talking about it. Appreciate you Pozzi. Goldie Sayers in trouble.


What about this man? The triple jump 15 minutes away. It will not


be long before we see whether he is fit and can qualify for the final.


Speaking of qualification, the men's 200m heats this morning, a


bit of a bonus for everyone in the stadium, the reappearance of the


double 100m champion, Usain Bolt. The next heat of the 110 metre


hurdles Features the defending Olympic champion and world record


holder. this year. And he ran a very modest


time this season compared to his world record. This is a bit of a


should provide some stiff opposition to the Cuban. He is


ranked 4th in the world this year, the American. Only the third string


At the moment Jeff Porter going well. Robles absolutely streaking


away. Geoff porters struggling a little bit.


What do we think about him? Dayron Robles is probably the most gifted


hurdler I have ever seen, he hears and natural technique that cannot


be taught. He is so fluent over the barriers when he is at his best. He


has not raced much this year. Any results from him have not been


great compared to his world record but he has not lost any of that


fluency over the barriers. Why is he so gifted? It is the way


that he moves his trail leg. The way he looks it over the barriers


is unique to him. It comes underneath then very quickly and


gets in line to go into his running pattern swiftly which is critical.


He is gifted to be able to do that comfortable. And there is the


result. The world record holder in the lead. The Americans might be a


bit concerned about the form of Jeff Porter. Finishing in third


place. Well by contrast to Andrew Pozzi,


Lawrence Clarke qualified fairly comfortably. He spoke to fill


comfortably. He spoke to fill afterwards.


Well what is your assessment of the way Durante the race? Well I was


nervous this morning. I got up early and did not know how to


control myself. The worst thing you can do is to get over excited so I


sat in the blocks. Tried to keep it clean. I was not trying to think


about anyone else around me. I just focused and I'm so glad to get


through and get the morning session over. There has been such a long


build-up for you. You have no doubt been inspired by the other athletes


going ahead of you? But definitely. The sound that Mo Farah created in


the crowd was deafening. My dream is to make the Olympic final. I


just have to run to my best in just have to run to my best in


every race. Well big problems for Goldie Sayers.


If there is any pain in that elbow, she heard a ligament in the Crystal


Palace meeting, she has to try to forget about it. She broke the


British record much to the thrill of the pact Crystal Palace audience


just a few weeks ago. But when she was trying to throw even further


she damaged a ligament. And that is a real problem for a javelin


thrower. Last chance for Goldie Sayers. It has not happened.


Four years ago, agonisingly close to winning a medal. Her coach will


have sympathy with Goldie who has worked so hard this year.


No joy at all in the stadium this morning for Goldie Sayers. First of


all we had Andrew Pozzi in the hurdles.


I wonder if Phillips Idowu is going to suffer at all? He looks relaxed.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 93 seconds


heat number five in the 110 metre He is getting a right telling of!


You do not want to get told off by understands Jordi! -- Geordie.


Nicely away. Merritt away. He is looking smooth as he had done all


year. Well Queer of the rest. -- well clear.


Brian Braithwaite safely through as well.


These rounds are as significant as well. Merritt hurdling beautifully.


He has arrived in great shape. The only thing I worry about is that he


does not try to run too fast. He will have plenty of opportunities


later in the season to really put his foot down and attack that world


record. The way he has been running, I do not doubt it at all. He is


I do not doubt it at all. He is down there chatting with Phil. You


took that with consummate ease! It was a really comfortable race, I


just wanted to make it through to the next round. Your confidence


must be sky high? It is high because I have run this so many


times. It is all about getting through the rounds. And the kind of


year you have had, how much does that help you? People are speaking


of you as a gold medal contender. Well I execute when I need to and


to do that they just need to stay focused. It was a tremendous start.


focused. It was a tremendous start. Well done.


Out of the blocks he is aggressive. He works hard into the barrier.


Then he switches on and focuses. He is the world indoor champion as


well so we expect him to be very fast out of the blocks. This event


is all about keeping your consistency. Not stressing yourself


as the barriers come closer to you as you go quicker. He recovers


quite nicely. 13.07. The quickest quite nicely. 13.07. The quickest


heat so far. Looking very good there. The next heat Features Liu


Xiang, the Olympic champion. And Andy Turner is also going in his


heat. Let us hear his thoughts. just always wanted to run in the


Olympics even from when I was a kid. It was just a dream. I just thought


it was not something that a little boy from Nottingham could do. I


love that feeling of being part of something special. That is my


motivation, that fire. I'm in such a fortunate position to be able to


defeat in my third the Olympics. We have changed a lot of things this


year. I just want to run faster and be better. The training was


different and I do not think it suited me because my strength is my


speed and we did not do so much of that in Florida. Now I feel I am in


decent shape. Linford Christie winning the gold in Barcelona was


my first memory of the Olympics. And I got my gold medal in


Barcelona stadium as well. These are my biggest fans. Apparently,


I'm not going to win! Who is going to win? They said, the Chinese man,


to win? They said, the Chinese man, getting tougher and tougher, that


fantastic time by merit, 13.07 to win the previous heat. -- Merritt.


Liu Zhang we understand has had a recurrence of the Achilles problem


he suffered at Crystal Palace, you may remember, if you were watching


that meeting, there was two heats in a final, he won his heat easily,


withdrew from the final, presumably to protect the Achilles problem,


and it would be agony for Liu Zhang if he suffered a recurrence of the


injury that put him out of the Olympic games in Beijing. Liu Zhang


won the Olympics back in 2004, all of that is a dim and distant memory


now. The former world record holder has been subsequently beaten by


Robles. There is Artur Noga, so a tough heat for Andy Turner who goes


in lane seven. Liu Zhang anxious to get out of the blocks. He has gone.


Oh my goodness, Andy Turner has a real chance here to qualify, Turner


is running well. He is off the last hurdle brilliantly and wins it.


13.2. What a dramatic heat. Three of them went down over the first


couple of hurdles, including Liu Zhang, Artur Noga. I wonder if it


was Brathwaite as well. Holding that right Achilles tendon. He flew


out of the blocks. But Andy Turner stayed out of that carnage, and


came through to win it very well indeed. Colin, what do you think


about that? Well, Liu Zhang, we know he has been suffering a lot


with his Achilles tendon. It took him out of Beijing and now it is


taking him out of the London Olympic Games. He is a seven


strider who drives really hard. He has to put extra power through his


legs, and when you have to reach for the first barrier, and you have


a stress injury like an Achilles, that can cause you hell and he


couldn't even take off. He didn't have any power at the end of that


seventh stride to launch his body into the air to clear that first


hurdle, and he ends up on the floor. It is a massive haim for him.


Massive indeed. Look what else. Bang, Brathwaite falls down too.


Leaving Andy Turner the opportunity to qualify and he qualifies well


into it by taking the victory. Let us look at him. Works hard in that


first hurdle. He knew at the beginning of this race he was going


to be up against it. People are all round him, had run faster this year,


he knew he had to run hard, and deliver a performance and he kept a


really cool head, when all action was going on round him. When people


hit hurdles, you can hear it, you know accidents have happened but


you have to keep your mind. Andy did that very well indeed, and


just a moment. All we have talked about this moneying is athletic


injuries. -- runway. Let us hope that Philips Idowu is OK. If he can


nail one in the first round, that would help. An automatic qualifying


distance would be 17.10. We know he has been injured but how much has


he recovered? How much confidence does he have in this Olympic


Stadium this morning? We will soon find out. Well, nobody has jumped a


startling distance so far this Commonwealth world indoor and


European indoor champion, and just missed Olympic Gold by five


centimetres four years ago. This competition was made for Philips


Idowu, just up the road from where he has been brought up. Where he


learned how to triple jump and where he has become one of the


by any stretch of the imagination but there doesn't appear to be any


pain in the body of Philips Idowu. Good take off. Just lacked a bit of


balance in that second phase of the jump. So the momentum through the


jump didn't carry on at all. 16.47. Only the fourth man to jump so far,


but it is the second longest that we have seen. Two more jumps to go


for Philips Idowu. His coach in the previous heat which provided


us with so much drama, and Andy is us with so much drama, and Andy is


downstairs now talking to Phil. You, it is never anything but dramatic,


but you kept your calm and won in ap impressive fashion. I that felt


too easy, I was petrified, I haven't had the best year, you know,


I have been struggling for form. My training has gone very well in the


last two weeks, so, you know, it is all very well feeling in training


but doing it in a race I think now I have that one out of the way, I


really feel I can get my legs turning over, I think there is a


lot more to come. You can tap into the success you had before on the


biggest of stages and you are man for a big occasion. Yes, I think


have medaled in every single final I have been in. Albeit some by luck.


A medal is a medal. I can use my experience in the past. Come on


through the semifinal hope, and hopefully pull out a better race. I


have to run quicker than that to make the final. I can't wait for it.


I am sure you can feel for Liu Zhang and what he is going through,


a recurrence of that injury that did for him four years ago fls I


know how well those problems are. My Achilles has flared up again,


but what he has gone through in the last four years with all his


problems in Beijing, and again, running so well early season and


last season, and for this to happen again, it is devastating for him. I


feel for him, because in my opinion he is the greatest hurdler ever.


Well done again to you today. There is his result. 13.42. Good to


see Andy looking very confident indeed. Look at the list of


indeed. Look at the list of casualties there were. Right at the


bottom, including the great Liu Zhang. The former Olympic champion


and the former world record holder. Just ones more looking at this


Colin, a sad sight. A very sad sight indeed. Former Olympic


charges and what a way for him to depart from this great occasion. He


will be devastated. He was in cracking form. Early part of the


year, and it is really, really upsetting for us all to see that.


Let us have a look. You can see this, watch this he doesn't even


get off the ground clear that first hurdle. His lead leg hits smack in


the middle of it. That is not the best way to see a former Olympic


champion and world record holder leave a track. Well, another


athlete that suffered this morning, broke the British record last time


we saw her at Crystal Palace of course, but a casualty through no


fault of her own, disappointing in the javelin this morning, she is


the javelin this morning, she is downstairs now talking to Phil.


Question explain the full story. It has been an injury nightmare since


that British record. Tell me how you were feeling this morning?


mean, I am sure people probably criticise me for competing, being


injured. I did a throw, one throwing session, I was able to do


a few days ago and that went really well, I think I caught a nerve in


warm up and I couldn't feel my hand, so, there is a lot of skill in


throwing a javelin and I couldn't get the get it going. I am in the


best shape I have been in in my life, you know, had this been three


weeks' ago I would have been fine bun fortunately, I tore my elbow


ligament at Paris -- Palace, having thrown 66, feeling in fantastic


shape in the worst conditions, but, that is literally all I had today,


for whatever reason. The irony is in 15 years of throwing, I have


nerve once hurt my elbow, so why it happened -- had to happen three


weeks before the biggest day of my life, I am sure I will find out in


a few years to come. I am devastated, but I had, I had to


give it a go. I couldn't not come people I felt fantastic today but


my elbow let me down. When you think back to that British record


and then what happened, was it is Fourth Round there? And you didn't


have to take... You didn't have to take that throw, and are you


thinking fate as dealt you the cruellest hand? Yes, I had three


rounds that were pretty perfect, and I was just enjoying the


experience, and you know, the crowd, if I could have been in the final,


and enjoyed this kind of reception, you don't feel things and I just


felt, you don't feel pain, and I just felt a slightly tight forearm.


I was enjoying myself and felt I could throw further. Hindsight is


always fantastic. I have had the most emotionally draining three


weeks of my lifeful I went into a scanner on my 30th birthday


thinking my Olympics are over. I am really proud of getting fit enough


to compete. I couldn't touch me head the evening of the trials. I


would just like to thank the medical team. My coach, who has


been fantastic, all my friends and family, they got me through to this


stage. I had total belief I could do it, but it was just not meant to


be, but I did, I made the decision on the bus, on the way to the


training track in Portugal, to not make an emotional decision about,


you know, doing the next Olympics but I know I can throw 70 metres


and having thrown so well three weeks' ago I am going to car troin


Rio and I will put this right. It is just so gutting not to be in the


final in front of a home crowd. I enjoyed every minute, even though I


was struggling and my body wasn't responding. But I would like to say,


thank you to everyone in here, and hopefully I can do the country


proud in Rio. Thank you for talking Well, what can you say, we have


seen some incredible scenes in this stadium, thinking back to Saturday


night. It has been the opposite and utter contrast this morning, and


Michael, denice and I in the studio, really -- Denise, what can you add


to that? It is horrible. So painful. The Olympics is such a draw, it is


what keeps these guys going. And when, when things happen like that,


when you can't find any rhyme or reason why the injuries come out of


the blue, totally out of the blue like that, it is painful. She is


right. She can throw so far, you know srk, she has proved it to


herself, I just hope she does recover, and people might be


watching thinking why do athletes put themselves on the line like


this? It is because they believe. They do. It is an interesting


contrast with Greg Rutherford. It just came right. We have seen the


opposite thing played out this morning. That is the drama of the


Olympic Games. That is why everyone watches, you have to be ready on


the day. I mean, and like I said before, that the one thing you


can't control. I went through this situation, 1992, World Champion,


number one in the world, undefeated. Get to the Olympics and get food


poisoning, why that day? It is just the way it is. It is part of the


Olympic Games and then on the other side of it, you have to take the


bad with the good this is the bad, but like you mentioned Greg


Rutherford. So many -- surgeries, then it comes right and falls right


for him and he produces the goods on the day. It's the drama, that is


what makes it so great. Sometimes it is difficult to share that


disappointment with those who aren't able to perform at their


best, certainly within a home Olympics, so, athletes who have


been dreaming of this moment in and the opportunity to compete as home


Olympics and come out and not be able to perform. You would have had


a different emotion had it been Atlanta. For Goldie it is,


apersonal best this year, she has been working with Dan since he has


been here, it has been a great relationship for her and it has


helped her tremendously. She did the personal best at Crystal Palace


and then a few weeks before, to have the injury. I just think she


will be looking back at those throws and thinking why, why, did


it take throws four five and six, when she named it on her first


throw. It is those kind of things that haunt you, that is the courage


that you have to move on from. Those are life lettens for all of


us. It was hope against expectation. She is at a different stage of her


career than Andrew Pozzi, but it was a similar story for him. Yes,


again, he got very injured, Crystal Palace, we saw him pull up badly


with his hamstring, it is hard, when you haven't had the


opportunity to test the hamstring, so you take these risk, they are


calculated risks, but it happens. People will want to know why would


an athlete come out here or did you know beforehand? To answer that,


what happens as an athlete you are trying to nurse an injury, you have,


you, if you try it out in practise, you have to go 100% which could


reinjure it and set you back further, you can't go one 100%


until you get here, it is just, that is the way it is, so when you


come here I am sure people would say, didn't they know before they


got here? You knew you were injured but you don't know where you are in


the recovery, at system point, as you are trying to recover you get


to that day where you go out and give it 100%. It feels great. Well,


these athletes have been hoping that day was today and there is no


way they would know until they go We thought all the drama out today


it was going to be about Phillips Idowu. Let us look back at that


first jump. It is hard to know when he has not jumped for three months.


I am actually surprised he looks as good as he does. He has been


training for years. So the movement looks OK but he has not had the


opportunity to put together the run-up and the phrases. The injury


has inhibited that operation. I think in the take-off and the


phrases is where he probably is suffering the most.


We're just going to lie down now in a dark room and recover!


It has been quite a drama. We had Liu Xiang ending up being taken out


of the stadium in a wheelchair. So it has been awfully dramatic.


Phillips Idowu has a couple more jumps coming up and we will go back


to that in just a moment. But a reminder that on BBC Three, the


Cycling continues. Laura Trott led the overnight standings in the


Omnium. Can she end the day with another old? And on the red button


there is more live action from Greenwich Park. Clare Balding


thinks there's a good chance of another gold medal. And the


quarter-final stages of the women's handball. Brazil taking on Broadway.


And we have the men's Triathlon in That is 11:30am for the start of


that Triathlon. We will be watching the Brownlee brothers very closely.


In the stadium tonight is the men's and 1,500m final. That has happy


memories for the man who helped to bring the Olympic Games to London.


We went back to Moscow with We went back to Moscow with


Sebastian Coe. There goes Sebastian Coe.


Sebastian Coe gets through and what Sebastian Coe gets through and what


a comeback! Your back and in the tunnel. And


here it is. Yes, it does make you shiver a little bit. You cannot


help but look at this and think, what if? There was so much happened


what if? There was so much happened in such a short space of time.


in such a short space of time. Steve Ovett coming through to take


the gold medal for Great Britain. It was a mixed Olympics for you.


The silver medal and then a gold medal in the 1500. I came back from


the dead, really. For four or five days people were not even looking


at me in the eye, they just thought I was a lost cause. And to be


honest I did wonder whether it was going to happen for me. Back here


on the track, you have not been on it since 1980. What are you


thinking now? The stands would have been full of people. This is the


start of the 1,500m. We were all being rigid Lane border. And I


deliberately messed up the lane order which irritated the guy


trying to take us to the line. I was here and then I let the more


subtle. And then I walked back a couple of strides. Had you planned


to do that before? I think it was a combination of not being quite


ready and also knowing they had all got there a little bit early and I


thought I would just leave them waiting!


It was so different between the 800 and 1500. The joy, but


disappointment. The 1500 is very different. I have been through all


the beers and it really is a matter of holding -- the gears. Did you


know you're going to win? I did not know that but I ate was in the


right position. There was a little bit of daylight between myself and


Steve Ovett. When I got into the bend, I knew I was feeling strong.


I knew it would take something quite good to get past me in the


Steve Ovett is in trouble! And Sebastian Coe gets through!


This really is the moment. memories do flood back. I remember


both arms coming out, been criticised by my old man for not


running right the way through the line! And then the moment really


did grab me and I went down on all for us.


I remembered the relief and then the joy. And also the disbelief


that I had actually done it. You are almost pinching yourself. Have


I just won the Olympic title? I don't think I'm being overly


dramatic. But this spot probably defines pretty much everything else


I have done for the rest of my life. And now he has built on that by


bringing the Games to London. The first heat of the women's 5,000m is


under way now. The closing stages under way now. The closing stages


of the race. Just under two laps to go. We have


pretty much had the same order ever since the start of this race.


The Japanese runner at leading. She has been pleading for so long.


Really driving Ford. Barbara Parker is also in this race.


Just being passed by the Ukrainian. But now we see the really class


athletes hit the front. Dibaba leading. And coming up to


the Basle, three gold medals in the bag and hunting down another one.


And the former Olympic champion. Just look at the class of these


the back straight. Just stretching her legs and shown these athletes


that she still fantastic at 5,000m. This is the chasing group. Kelly of


the United States. But look at these three get away.


Absolutely wonderful. Crossing the line in some pretty great time as


she can. I think Barbara Parker should be


proud of her performance there. By my reckoning that is a personal


best. I think she will be rewarded for that personal best with the


place in the final. She is tired, she is disappointed from the


steeplechase. But she should be pleased with that. That was a class


race. Eloise Wellings of Australia there.


A personal best for Barbara Parker. Well done.


Phillips Idowu in the second round. 16.47. Off balance. That was all


over the place. They do say bad news comes in threes and we already


had Andrew Pozzi in the hurdles this morning pulling out injured


and Goldie Sayers of course, our sympathies with her. And Phillips


Idowu, lack of match practice, you might say.


Just one jump to go. By contrast it has been going much better for the


American, Christian Taylor. He way - day she may well be favourite for


the gold medal here. No problems at all for the American.


Only two men so far have gone beyond that.


Let us have a look at Sands as well. The standard has not been so good


so far this morning. You would have expected more people to get past


the qualifying distance. He is still in 12th place, hanging


on. One jump to go. Can't Phillips Idowu pull it off?


Idowu pull it off? Well a bit overweight before that


third and final jump. He is in a qualifying position at the moment


but I think we have to jump further if he is going to make it. A


negative and positive there, I think. He has not jumped


brilliantly well yet but he did not look hurt. He is not limping, his


head is up, his demeanour is positive. So I think he is running


looks well and he could sneak in and go further up the field. That


is positive. He is using the energy of the crowd, he got a massive


reception and I think that is what kept him going. And right at the


beginning of the programme used said it was that lack of


competition just catching him out. I have been looking at his


demeanour. And that looks very positive. He does not seem to be


suffering much from the injury. He does not seem to feel that he is


not in a position to actually get there and qualify. He seems


confident, so that is a good sign. There is a balance between that


confidence and how you actually feel about your ability to go up


there and physically and technically do it. So I think they


are balanced very well at this stage. So that will be on BBC Three


because for the moment we are saying goodbye on BBC One. Also at


Usain Bolt coming up. But for the moment, back to you, in the studio.


And time for me to hand over to Hazel and leave you a very capable


hands for the rest of the day. of things to talk about. We just


were having a chat before and just talking about triumph and disaster.


Goldie Sayers, three weeks ago broke the British record and today,


unspeakable injury. It is a four- year cycle. Everything can go


perfectly in training and then all go wrong in a few seconds. She was


dignified in her analysis of everything that went wrong and your


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