BBC One: Day 11: 11.15-13.30 Olympics

BBC One: Day 11: 11.15-13.30

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I would not stray too far from a television set if I were you,


because this has all the maybeings as Michelle was saying of another


glittering day in the medal front. In the Velodrome, on horse back,


potentially the Olympic Stadium and round Hyde Park. Just one more gold


would equal -- equal the total number from Beijing and that could


come within the next the two hours from a man named Brownlee. But


which one? Meet alstir and Jonathan Brownlee. Two brothers from West


Yorkshire. Housemates, team-mates, training partners, and rivals.


These competitive siblings happen to be the world's top two


With a stack of impressive results under their belt, both boys will be


hoping to reach the podium in London. But stairl's journey to the


games hasn't been an easy one. In February, a tear to his Achilles


tendon put his out of action while Johnny was winning titles. I wasn't


that bad, I was quite glad I found out what it was and got a specific


diagnosis. When I got home from ta, a week or two later, I couldn't do


much training, I was unhappy, that was a nightmare. I tried to stay ya


from him, tried to do different things, when I trained, go out the


back door, so it wasn't too obvious. With the Olympics in the back of


your head, you are thinking I should be doing everything I can do,


which makes it worse because you feel about half -- you fill about


half an hour doing some ridiculous exercise that probably doesn't make


you better. Myself, I have the Olympics to train for and at the


same time I am leaving the house thinking I am guilty because


Alistair can't go out running but I had to get over that and reel


realise I have to be selfish and concentrate on myself. Onanyis


about a sympathetic as a plank of wood. It is not as if he helped at


all. He would leave without me enif I was 30 seconds late. If I wanted


to get fit fast I had to think outside the box, so I often thought


about running on an underwater treadmill. I was injury prone and


got on with my friend Alec digging a hole in the garden. It gave me


manager to do and that was a godsend. They were out there every


day from eight in the morning to five in the eve nng, just digging


this hole. The hole got bigger and bigger and they didn't realise how


big it had to be and how much dirt they had to get out. As soon as I


started using it my aChiles started getting less stiff. In June he


returned to the global stage in style, with a comfortable victory


at the world series event in Kitzbuhel. Both brothers are hoping


they can stay focused and give their best performances in the


Olympic race. I think we are aware it is the Olympics and trying to


get that boost but not getting carried away with the whole


experience, knowing we are there for a race and I think it will be


especially good for Jonny, because he hasn't been to the Olympics


before. What Alistair has said it is different to everything else. It


is an amazing opportunity and you have to experience it, you have to


love it. It is going to be the best triathlon I will be part of. It


can't wait to race it. The Brownlee brothers, Alistair and Johnny


ranked one and two in the world. They have dominated the scene but a


lady who has dominated the Ironman triathlon scene Chrissie Wellington,


she is with me to assess the chances of the Brownlee brothers


and everybody else. First of all, remind everybody what is involved


in this event. OK, a triathlon is a swim, a bike, and a run. It


comprises different distance, the triathlon in the Olympics is the


Olympic distance triathlon, a 1.5 kilometre swim, it is a 43


kilometre bike, ordinarily a 40 kilometre bike, and then a ten


kilometre run and the men and the women race over the same course.


You are doing distances which far exceed that in Ironman, in fact you


are finishing with a marathon at end of the your race, but there is


a subtle difference in the way you approach your races and this sprint


format of the triathlon. My race, the iron distance event, 2.4 mile


swim. 112 bike, finished off with a marathon is very different. You


know the training, and the effort that goes into training for the


Olympic distance triathlon is no less than the Ironman. They are


just, you know, different style of racing. You take nine hours


complete, they take round two and we will be watching that carefully


today. The Brownlee brothers themselves, 24-year-old, 22-year-


old, Alistair is the older of the the two and he is a double World


Champion. What has given them such a dominance over this event? They


do have a stranglehold over the Olympic distance triathlon, they


have taken it by storm and they -- their consistency is phenomenal,


barring a few periods of injury that Alistair's had. They are very


very grounded, they train up in Yorkshire, for the most part. They


are capable of racing in, you know, on all terrain, in all conditions,


and they have got this will to win, this determination and this


incredibly aggressive approach to racing. They have a total disdain


for conservative tactics which I enjoy, and it makes for great


exciting racesle --ration. In terms of how the other teams view them,


they are a threat for gold and silver but everybody else in this


field of 55 athletes knows that. How aggressive are the tactics


towards them going to be today? Absolutely. The other teams are


acutely wear of the dominance of the two Brownlee brothers, and


their consistency also across all three disciplines. It is not they


are the fast runners, they are among the strongest swimmers and


bikers as well. I think we will see some interteam tactics taking place


here, so I think we will see some of the teams working together,


especially on the bike, to try and create what we call breakaways, so


I think we will see them using the corner, accelerating out of the


very many corners on this technical course, trying to break grey the


Brownlees and get themselves a gap so going into the run they can


withstand the incredible speed of Alistair and Johnny. We have Stewie


Hayes, who is going to help them to try and achieve their aims. But if


you watch Saturday's woman's triathlon you will know what it is


nt. If not, here is what is involved for the athletes today.


Triathlon. A triathlon is a race divided into three different


disciplines. Swim. The first element is a 1500 metre open water


swim. And as triathletes look to establish their position, contact


is accepted, unless it is considered to be unfair or a


deliberate attempt to impede. Competitors will look to use slip


streaming to conserve energy. Swimming in the the trail of others


can significantly improve performance, in in the disciplines


following the swim. Cycle. The transition period between swimming


and cycling is key, in the hope of gaining an advantage before a 40


kilometre bike ride. Specialist carbon-fibre bikes are used as they


are strong but very light this is particularly important, as any


fault in the equipment can finish the challenge. Drafting is allowed


at Olympic level where cyclist can cycle as a large group. Some riders


may form a break away at the front, in order to get a head start in the


next phase, run. The race is won and lost with the final discipline.


A ten kilometre run. The first three triathletes to cross the line


And by the way, as we start looking at pictures coming from Hyde Park


there, the Brownlee brothers are on the cover of all of the Yorkshire


telephone director -- directorys this year in case the penny has


just dropped. They are about to get going into the river shortly.


Sonali has bag add ringside seed there -- seat there this morning.


We have been watching the Brownlee brothers and Stuart being called


out to their pontoon positions, huge cheers from the crowd. They


are wearing number 30, 31 and 32 on their swimming caps. Vicky, who was


part of the women's team on Saturday for Team GB. You know the


course very very well. Having competed on it already. It is very


very technical isn't it, and you were involved in one of the many


crashes that day. Yes, the cours does have you a couple of technical


area, down through Buckingham Palace, to the main area, and the


crash I was involved in happened on one of the corners round Buckingham


Palace, and it seems it is transpired since the race a lot of


people crashed on that same corner, and maybe ten plus girls came down,


soy would be very vair -- wary of that area. I presume you passed on


your tips to the Brownlees and Stewart of course. Yes all the team


staff were there, they will pass it on. Are there a rumour of ill slick


on that corner. So anything to rectify it will have been done.


Stewart will be there to protect the Brownlees, to set the pace as


well. Graham, you were in Kitzbuhel when they worked together for the


first time properly on such a huge stage. How will it work out today?


Stuart is there for if something goes wrong, crash or mechanical.


The way I think the race will go, ideal scenario will be a break away


with both Brownlees in it. Maybe the Russian, Bryukhankov, if he can


swim hard, he will be looking at Gomez, thinking he has to beat him.


So Bryukhankov will think we want to go out hard and get out on the


bike, the ideal scenario is a break away the Brownlees in it. If that


doesn't happen, that is when Stuart's role comes in. There is


talk of all the other countries working together against Team GB,


something similar to what we saw in the road race with Cape Canaveral


and Alistair has spoken out about that, knowing it is a danger. He


said that has boosd them because than they are the people to beat.


For sure, the lest of the field will have to work against them if


they want to beat them. They will have to team up and take it to the


Brownlees. It is theirs the lose. They are the favourites. The rest


of the world, teaming up against them, that would have had to be


organised and I am not sure anything has been done about that.


But as the race progresses we will see. On the plus side Bryukhankov


is thinking if which get a break away on the bike Gomez isn't going


to outrun me, I can guarantee a medal by being with the Brownlees.


Several athlete also know they are not the fastest runners but they


maybe good in the swim. So it is in their interest to be in that break


to, have a great swim. Hopefully be in that group that gets away and


they will have a higher finishing position than if they are in the


main pack. Britain has never won a triathlon medal. Team GB will be


hope that 2012 is their year. We will find nowt a couple of hours


time. It is time to hand you over time. It is time to hand you over


to the commentators. Here is the start list for the triathlon 2012.


Going down through country order, to Portuguese, one Slovakian, one


South African. Then we get to the business end of this start list.


Beginning with 30 Alistair Brownlee. 31 Jonathan Brownlee. 32 Stuart


Hayes. No number 13 in the Olympic triathlon, so there are 56 numbers


but only 55 competitors T Germans are strong. 46, 47, 48. And there


is Gomez at 51 with his compatriots. We will look out for the New


Zealand trio at the end. Number 3 for Great Britain, the favourite.


The pre-Olympic triathlon favourite Alistair Brownlee. 31 is Johnny.


There is 51. Gomez. They are getting ready to start. Wet suits


used because the water temperature is cold. They areied to goment.


They dive into the Serpentine to Pride Park. This hugely anticipated


race. Into the Serpentine fought a under 20 minutes. Just looking at


the way that that swim has developed, everyone looking to get


for it. We have an arrowhead forming on the left. But they are


well spread out across the Serpentine. Groups jostling for


We will assume that his brother is alongside him. They have just


returned from four weeks of altitude training in the Swiss Alps.


That is a training camp that they have benefited from the usually. --


hugely. Richard Varga is a very strong


swimmer. At the moment there is a considerable gap to catch. Varga at


the head of the field, looking very comfortable. Gomez hot on his heels.


Varga leads. They have got to be careful here, this is where arms go


flying out elbows can do damage. Some of them getting boxed in as


they try to squeeze their way around that long yellow inflatable.


Varga just turned and had that double benefit of taking a swift


look over. He does not want to allow Alistair Brownlee and Jonny


Brownlee to get away from him. Look at how closely knit the field


is. I imagine some of them are getting battered and bruised


through that term. Varga forcing the pace at the front of the field.


It is nice to beat in that situation. However you do not have


any one ahead acute and you are Serpentine is a 28 acre lake.


Now supplied by water pumped straight in from the River Thames.


There are medics and lifeguards on already. After those first six or


seven, they're still around three deep. So they need to exercise some


come out. Tens of thousands out enjoying this Olympic Triathlon


which will take place primarily in Hyde Park. Jonny Brownlee just five


metres off the pace. One of the advantages that Alistair Brownlee


and Jonny Brownlee do have is that because they have trained together


they can recognise their strokes. Just those subtle nuances. You can


bet that they know exactly where they are and they are able to use


it to other through the swim. Because they're so good at world


level there is the danger that they could be targeted just a little by


some of the other athletes. Richard Varga leads stage one in


Richard Varga leads stage one in the Serpentine.


And some sad news to bring you because Phillips Idowu was


struggling to qualifying. This was his third attempt. And it was not


good enough. Phillips Idowu I'm afraid she did not get over that


mark. The first time he is qualified, but he has not qualified


for the final. Of course the fuss about his non-attendance about the


Great Britain training camp will be opened again and he will have some


serious questions to answer. Especially those been asked by the


performance director, Charles van, me. That is a terrible shame and we


me. That is a terrible shame and we all feel greatly for him today.


It is a long pack and everyone is close together. Alistair Brown Lee


and John Leathem Brown the in 4th coming through. There will be happy


with that. Some of the spectators were getting to the park at 5:30am


this morning. Great Britain have never yet won a medal in the


Olympic Triathlon. But the brothers just seemed to brush off the


We have high hopes today. While Helen Jenkins this year finished in


5th place and a courageous performance from her. She had been


nursing a leg injury. To do what she did under that kind of pressure


is just astounding. She gave it absolutely everything.


Bryukhankov a very consistent performer. He was second in Madrid.


He is one to watch. They come around the second set of the


inflatables. Still Richard Varga leading the way. This seems not to


be a significant break away happening at the moment in the


swimming. Varga an incredibly strong swimmer. He has been


training with the Brownlee brothers. It is interesting to see Gomez in


their. And Bryukhankov. The brothers in an incredible position


at the moment. 12 minutes into the swim. Varga


leads the way. The Brownlee brothers in fourth and fifth.


Stuart Hayes is very much the projector. He needs to have a good


swim to be up there with the brothers.


There are huge decisions to be made into the transition area.


Bryukhankov loves it. He will be prepared to put himself on the line


if there was a possibility of a breakaway.


Could we have a six or seven-man breakaway? People talk about this


course and she being quite easy but I disagree. There are over 100


tight turns. Gomez going through. He has won


over this distance in the past. Heading back towards the pontoon.


Then just back towards the ramp that bears them out of the lake.


They also have to get rid of the wet suits which is sometimes


described as the 4th element in the Triathlon, that transition.


Seven or eight are likely to get away first on the bikes. It will be


interesting to see how long the leaders can keep clear of that


second group. It looks as if the big gap is opening now between that


second and third group. That is interesting. If one group know that


they can get away then I am certain that they will be prepared to take


that risk. Gomez would be desperate to be in front of the Brownlees. If


there is a weakness in his armoury, he can ride very fast but he does


not possess a sprint finish as strong as the brothers. And that


clouds don't release any of their rain, and make for a dangerous 43


kilometre ride round some of the main sites of west London, they


leave the park, remember, via Hyde Park coner, down Constitution Hill


to the Palace, to complete the 43 kilometre ride. Seven laps in total.


Fabulous tactics by the Brownlee boy, they have Gomez in second,


just in front of them. They are looking at him. They are not going


to let him get away, as much as the rest of the field will be


marshalling looking at Jonny and Alistair, they know who their main


opposition are, and Tay are going to be hon foring that and following


that. It is going to be hard. I think it is possible, it is


possible, maybe we are going to get a group staying away, we did see


that on the women's field. Within two laps they have been brought


back to the main field. It's a fast pace set by Varga, he will exit the


water in under 17 minutes. It is Varga of Slovakia who gets on to


his feet. Lifts his goggles. Undoes his wet suit. Followed by Gomez, he


is second out. You can check the guys, the names coming through.


Fabian of Italy is third. Then Jonny Brownlee. They have arrived


in transition. Look at Gomez, stepping out of his wet suit.


Multi-tasking as he puts his helmet on. Jonny arrives. Alistair is


right behind him. They have to get the kit into the box. Everything


has to be done according to the rules. The wet suit gets dumped in.


The helmet goes on t shoes are attached to the pedals and it is


Jonny who exits transition just ahead of his older brother, but


Gomez is already aboard, and peddling, he has reached the mount


up line, he son his way, they know the defending champion from Germany


is at his bike as well. They will expect a gruech seven or eight to


form at the front. Fabian of Italy is involved. Some of the, this


group of about seven or six will try and close the group. This is


the third group. Keeping an eyen some of the big names from the


difference between the first group out and the third group to arrive.


That is a huge gap. Let us not take it away from the swimmers. Murray


is one minute 15 seconds behind. Murray is mainly the one person who


could outsprint the Brownlees on this. He has had a great position


at San Diego. Over a minute down. This will take an enormous amount


of work to get Murray from South Africa back on that pack. Richard


Murray from South Africa, one in -- won in Hamburg there, finished


behind Eustace in Sydney and third in San Diego. He has a lot of work


to do. This group will form a large pack of round 20 to work their way


up and claw back some of the lead. We are with the leaders now. There


is a bit of chat going on. We have a man down. Somebody has hit the


deck early. That is Simon Whitfield of Canada. He has taken somebody


with him as well. It is Chacon,, goodness me. Oh my word! I hope hay


are both OK. That was a massive shunt for Chacon and Whitfield who


was the first ever Olympic triathlon champion in Sydney in


2000. Simon Whitfield fourth time in the Olympic Games, Fife athletes


away, one in that horrible situation having to chase very hard.


Now Simon Whitfield was in the second pack, round 30 seconds down,


would have worked so hard to get back on. They went over that almost


a speed bump, just that to cover some testify irregularities in


surface, we weren't sure if we were going have a work group, you can


bet your life we have now. Alistair and Jonny Brownlee. We thought


Stuart Hayes would be there to help out but it seems at the moment he


wasn't able to stay on that big swim pace. We didn't see him in the


lead pack. Let us just watch this, what is happening here with this


group of five. They are coming to the front. Down on the bars, we see


20, 25 pedal revolution, then they are moving over to the right hand


side, the next cyclist triathlete will come through so they are


spreading the workload, rather than one leading everything, vvings


having to take the pressure, they are spreading it. If they can


maintain this it is possible they could stay away from the chasing


pack. 30 seconds down, coming out of the water. It could be close.


Kris Gemmell is there. It's a big pack. The German is there. Bokty is


there. I am getting so excited about this. -- Doherty. It is a


great group at the front. Five athletes working together. I love


it when we see it. Past the monument to the regiment of the


Royal Artillery. They duck under the arch. They are crossing the


Duke of Wellington place, the statue hidden by the tree. It is


all about the Duke here. They hit Constitution Hill, through the


memorial gates. Down Constitution Hill. It's a very faint slope down


to Palace, Buckingham Palace garden behind that brick wall and the


razor wire on the right. And it is Jonny, Jonny Brownlee, 31, who is


setting the pace, down Constitution Hill, heading for Buckingham Palace


for the first time on this first of seven laps. Varga is second. There


is the Italian, Fabian, there is Alistair, who is fourth and in


fifth at the moment, is Gomez of Spain. What a group of five to lead


the Olympic triathlon, they come down in front of the Palace, round


the Victoria memorial, there is a loop they do here which takes them


briefly on to Birdcage Walk, before they head up on the other side of


that line of red traffic cones to climb Constitution Hill towards the


top, and the second group, well the pace is noticibly slower within


this second group They are not getting it together. Looking back,


nobody is prepared the close that gap. You can almost hear their mind


working, why should I work to drag them back if it is not going to


make it viable for me because I will be so tired? Fabian and other


early lead swimmer... Varga:they will be delighted to be out there.


We have the three race favourites here, Alistair and Jonny and Gomez


is there as well. So Varga is going to be prepared to work so hard,


because this makes it viable for him. If he were coming out behind


that we might be having a few issues there. Polyanskiy, dropping


off the back of that pack already, we thought he might be one of the


viable players in this big game. Something has happened with


Polyanskiy. I this he is looking for a mechanical assistance at the


side of the course. He stopped in for a pit-stop here, he is taking


off his reefer wheel and looking for a replacement. Meanwhile the


guys are cycling back up the hill with Green Park on the right. They


will hang a right, up Park Lane for a few yards, before they go left


and back-in to Hyde Park, to head back to transition, to complete lap


one of seven. Seven laps of 6.13 kilometres each, to clock up the


total of 43. And Polyanskiy has fixed his bike, and he is now way,


way off the pace. It's a tough ask for the Russian. 27 tries to bridge


the gap is Vasiliev. He is trying to close the gap. They are up


through the gates again and round the Duke of Wellington place, up


into Park Lane before heading back- in to Hyde Park. A cracking start


to the Olympic triathlon. I have got an unofficial split there on


the bike, watching them come through. I make it 20 seconds.


Perhaps we are denigrating that chase back a little too much,


because that was the time gap coming out of the swim. We had the


first group within eight, ten seconds and then that gap coming


through, so perhaps we are pre- empting this. Maybe we are calling


it too early. You look at the five at the front they appear to be


working so hard, the chase pack coming through, maybe because it is


bigger, I think that might be Noble there at the head of the second


chase pack, that is interesting, a first time Olympic reputation for


Gavin. First time for a Irish triathlete to get into the Olympic


game, this seems a huge pace at the front. If they are not moving away,


then it is a forcable -- forceful effort in the chase pack. Look at


the crowds. Astonishing numbers have turned out to watch the


Olympic triathlon which has caught the public imagination with the


Brownlee brothers on all the front pages this morn, a lot of them.


They are back passing the Serpentine and the pace, you are


right, I don't think I have ever seen such a furious pace at the


front of the field, as Alistair, just seizes to his left. Et let's


them take it up as they hit the blue carpet to complete lap one of


seven, so six kilometres down, a total time of 26 minutes, and three


seconds, one lap down, six to go on the bike. What a start! There we


are going to get a proper time split. My unofficial one was round


20 seconds. As we see the leaders going through the transition areas,


at the end of that one, it is just round there, 21 seconds, so that is


going to be a lot of hard work. It will be a huge decision on the next


couple of laps to stay out there. I wonder if Stuart heys in the chase


pack is playing any part. If he is getting to the front to slow it


down a little. We haven't had a sighting. There he is, at the back.


32. There he is, Stuart the Hayes coming through now, number 32.


Stuart Hayes is trying to get involved here. Stuart's yob would


be to get to front of the chase pack and to try and slow it down.


Of course as soon as he does that, you can imagine the response, they


are not going to allow him to do it. It's a tough call for him. That is


where we had the crash earlier, that speed bump starting the lap is


where Whitfield and number one, Chacon hit the Tarmac heavily.


Haven't heard any more about them, as we watch the chase, this is


group three now, coming through transition to complete lap number


one.. It is. We still have some of the big names down there, Richard


Murray one minute 14 down. That is a tough call. They just seem to be


working so hard. Now... Here are the leaders, Gomez, Varga, Jonny


Brownlee. Alistair Brownlee. This group of five. Swam together,


exited the Serpentine together. Hit transition together and are leading


the race together. Look at the pace they areing as they head along


south carriage drive. This runs parallels with Knightsbridge they


will hit Hyde Park Corner. Park Lane, Constitution Hill, Grosvenor


place and Piccadilly, five of London's main thoroughfares to


begin the descent again, down to the Palace, there is work going on


n the chase group. 21 is the Swiss rider. He is calling the shots at


the front of the chase group. I can see them splitting. We have those


who are prepared to work turning round, Stuart Hayes, rightly, I am


not going to be doing any work, I am going to sit back and see if


anything develops on the latter half where he can add to the


Brownlee Brownlees' chances of winning. I am sure they will get


feedback from their coaches and manager, they know the time gap has


stayed the same and they have got now, they have almost made their


commitment, they have got to keep going through. If they get back-in


to the chase pack, the amount of work, the hard work they have done


at the front is going to take its toll on their legs as they go into


the run. Even at this early stage. Passing Astbury house on the right


which means that Hyde Park Corner is looming. The grand entrance


there, they come out of the Queen Mother gates which gives them a


wider exit. Not necessary with only five of them at the front. They


hang a right down Park Lane before they dive under the Wellington arch


again. They are now passing in front of the hotel on the right


which used to be St George's Hospital there is nice bridge on


the right. And they go through this section which takes them down


Constitution Hill, for the second time. Under the Wellington arch,


the speed has not eased up. These five are really pushing hard at the


on. Gomez would like that, Alistair Brownlee and Jonny Brownlee would


like that. Unofficially we had around the same time gap. The chase


group coming down through part of the memorial gates. Gomez takes his


turn to force the pace of the front of the field.


Coming down towards the palace for the second time. I am told that the


time gap is down to 18 seconds. So the chase group not having an easy


ride, having to work desperately hard.


It is going to be difficult to have any kind of fresh legs going into


the final round. Let us see what Chrissie Wellington it looks to


make of the dynamics developing. Will the brothers have found


themselves in an incredible position. They are working really


hard. They are sharing the load. Using the draft behind to each


other's wheels to conserve a little bit of energy. Each one of them


taking a lead at the front. And the same strategy is being used by the


chase pack to try to close the gap. The New Zealanders are starting to


pull out at the head of that pack. You can see the chase group now


closing the gap. The gap is now well under 20.


Jan Frodeno, the defending champion. And there is Stuart Hayes, third


has been a concerted struggle. Just think what is going through


their heads now, the five at the front. They seemed just to be


working so much harder with that smaller group.


You can bet that Gomez and Alistair Brownlee and Jonny Brownlee are


saying, up we have made that commitment. If we ease up now and


go back into the second group then at our next will be more tired for


the run. -- our legs. The crowd had to get up early to get such a great


advantage. In Hyde Park. -- vantage point. Varga sneaks in behind.


Fabian taking his turn. And it is Alastair believes them through.


it looks as if the gap has closed. Gavin Noble from Ireland at the


head of the chase pack. The gap came down to 18. Nine seconds is


now the gap. So will will shortly have a group of around 20 forming


at the front of the field. Fabian looks over his shoulder. Stuart


Hayes is with that group. A Londoner through and through.


Thrilled to get the chance to race here. Jonny just getting a check on


I did not see the defending Olympic champion, Jan Frodeno from Germany.


We saw Petzold coming through. It is similar to the way that the


women's race developed with that big early lead and then a lot of


jockeying for position. The leaders had just begun lap three. Everyone


working hard to try to get involved. Lots of encouragement, lots of chat


between the riders. The brilliant Brownlee brothers out


in front. The gap is certainly coming down. Lots of conversation


going on in that front group. Notts of encouragement to the others.


They have to try to keep going. They will be working hard to close


the gap but they have to establish the position that they set out nice


and early. They are working so well together as a team, that unit of


five. Everyone trying to work hard. They


want to stay in front, I do not know if they can.


There will exit the park again shortly.


Going right time Park Lane. Out onto the tarmac of the roads of


west London. We have been speaking about that


that closing down but they still have not closed it completely.


You would think that the chasing pack, as soon as the got that close,


they would be able to get onto it. Perhaps it is coming. Five seconds


between No. 5 and number six. The groups will come together very


shortly. The guys at the front know that the group is going to grow.


Perhaps it is time just to conserve their legs. David Hauss taking a


sites. This three Olympic ticket. The chasing group still way off the


pace. And the front group has grown. It was five, it is now 22. Stuart


Hayes, this is what he has been brought in to do. He was a reserve


in Athens and had a double puncture in the Olympic trials in 2008 and


now he has the chance finally to race in the Olympic Triathlon that


matters most to him. And he is leading the competition.


Alistair Brownlee look to forward and said, you go for it, Stewart.


Vicky Holland is watching this race for us and let us catch up with her.


It was an interesting break away with those five guys getting away.


It was a pretty ideal situation for full stock the chasing pack, five


or six of them in the front really doing most of the work. It has now


come together. Stuart Heys straight to the front of that pack and he


will trying -- be trying to make it as hard as possible for the others.


Sapping their legs as much as possible.


This is the chase group coming through. I beg your pardon, this is


the leading group. And we think there are 22 strung out along the


road. Vasiliev from Russia. He is always a threat. Jan Frodeno is now


in that pack, the defending Olympic champion. The other two Russians


have been having a fairly easy ride. With the three French athletes.


They have been able to conserve their energy perhaps more than the


athletes doing the work at the front. That is an interesting


tactic, a high risk strategy. But it has worked for them.


We are hearing that it is possible that Jonathan Bramley might have to


incur and 15 second penalty for mounting his bike to early when he


exited into transition after the swim. We will try to get


confirmation on that. A fabulous performance from Gavin


Noble from Ireland. Everything to play for us still. The three French


athletes have managed to re- establish contact in the lead group


and they have not worked too hard at all. Across the Serpentine


Bridge. The pace is starting to move up again. The brothers at the


front of the field. Murray of South Africa has been as


strong contender throughout the season and is leading that chasing


group. One minute and 17 seconds off the pace of the leaders. That


is tough for Richard Murray. He knows that swimming is his weakness.


If he can be in contention and he has great chances of winning the


race. But to be detached from the leading pack because of the speed


of that first discipline today, that makes it extra difficult for


him. The duathlon is basically the triathlon without the swim.


Unbelievable scenes. People standing on chairs, and on


shoulders, trying to get a shot. For many people it will be their


only chance to see an Olympics bought up close and personal. Such


was the demand for the tickets when they first went on sale. And now


they get a chance with this been a free event, to witness history in


the making, potentially. A little conversation going on between


Stuart Hayes and Gavin Noble. I wonder if they have developed some


alternative strategy. Just some easing off on the pace. Almost a


regrouping. Getting there energy park. For the 4th time. Out through


the gates on this right hand town to take them down towards Hyde Park


Corner, before heading towards Buckingham Palace. The 4th lap of


seven is well under way. All three of the British triathletes are


involved, plus Gavin Noble from the Republic of Ireland, are out there


and in contention at this stage. The triathlon, those three sports,


you never can tell. We look at it, we try to think ahead to what is


going to happen. We saw the break in the swim, the Leeds pack getting


away and thinking, with such class, they are going to be able to stay


away -- the lead pack. They get caught within two or three laps and


it puts a whole different complexion on what is happening. We


said about the French and Russians staying at the back, they are still


doing that, confidence they are going to be able to maintain that,


knowing they will get into the 10 kilometre run with fresh legs.


Docherty has played this extremely well. He is going to be gathering


his energy, thinking, is there a chance for me to get a third


Olympic medal? Everything to play for. Here they come, at the front


of the palace once again. Buckingham Palace, the most popular


place to visit in London. 24 metres high, 77,000 square metres of floor


back of this group, taking it easy, letting the guys in the front do


the work. I don't think they have the running power to challenge


Gomez and the Brownlees. It is interesting, they are having to


take it easy because they need all of their stamina for the run.


many times, we have seen powerful, strong men, looking to get to the


front of the bike. He is a heavy man on the run and he pushes it to


the extreme. A different strategy. Bryukhankov, taking the chance to


be sitting at the back. Here we go, Stuart Hayes takes his turn at the


front, we are about halfway through the bike leg of the Olympic


triathlon. We have just been trying to find out more about Jonny and


his 15 second penalty. I have been up to the control box. Apparently,


definitely a 15 second penalty for mounting the bike too early. We


watched them come through. We did not see that. We would have noticed.


They do have video evidence. If we could go back and have a look.


Absolutely, it has to be one foot on the floor after you cross the


line before you mount the bike. He could have taken off the fraction


of a second too early. We didn't pick up on it at the time, it will


be interesting to see it back. he appealed this? Unfortunately you


not, if the penalty is given during the race. When does he take it?


will have the option to take it at any point during the run. His first


opportunity will be at the end of lap one. He could take it any lap


until the very end. I would think he would take it at the end of the


second of third lap. It will be a 15 second penalty, a stop and go


where he has to wait. This is something they would have planned


for, if they get a penalty, when they would try to take them?


Absolutely. As an athlete you never want to have one you will consider


when you might take it, in a situation where I believed I would


be awarded a penalty earlier this year, had already planned which lap


I would take it, so I was aware of that. Whether Jonny is currently


aware, I don't know. His opposition will know he has to take a penalty.


If he is in a group, they will know he has to drop out. They won't know


that at this point. The numbers will go up on the board as they


start the run. On the first lap, you will see the penalty board. As


Jonny is such a marked man, his number will be known by virtually


all of the field. They will know he has a penalty to take. That's the


news from transition. Back to our commentators. Bad news bought


Jonathan Brownlee. We saw him get the news a little earlier -- bad


news for Jonathan Brown live. What is your take on this? I think that


was fabulous insight from Vicky Holland. She is a great athlete and


I think she's going to get even better. To really show us how the


athletes are thinking... I am sure a lot of people will have bought,


let's get that penalty taken as quickly as we can. The thinking is


that let's may be used the first five kilometres, to try to break


away. I am sure we will see a hard run coming from Jonny and of course


Alastair, to try to get some time between himself and the rest of the


field. So if they do that, they wore take some of the 15 seconds.


What a situation to put yourself in in an Olympic final. Having said


that, the Brownlees have won so comfortably at the top level so far


this season, if you think back to how far Jonny was ahead of Hancock


when he won in Madrid, he could have stopped for 15 seconds and


still won the competition. He is not, despite having a 15 second


penalty to take, he is not out of the medals. He is not. We have this


tremendous depth of field. Alistair and Jonny bring a different


Although dom's running is extremely strong, we have to take the


dimensions of are the tactic will develop -- although Jonny's running


is extremely strong. It is a huge decision that Jonny has got to make.


I would go back to the insight from Vicky Holland, the inside was


tremendous. I think racing hard in the first five kilometres, then the


break. Vasiliev and Gemmell, 27 and 55. Forming a little splinter group.


Trying to break away from the leaders. They will be reeled in


pretty sharpish. Stuart Heys forces the pace at the front of that group.


We are with the leaders as they make their way towards the exit of


Hyde Park. They are well on their way, now on lap five of seven on


the bike. Interesting, as soon as we saw the break go off, Stuart was


there to cover. We had an indication of how fast he was


because the gap almost went immediately to a single bike. It is


so hard to break away. If you get away 20 or 30 metres, it is not


significant. It has to be a sustained effort of five, six,


seven minutes to try to establish the gap and get a significant time


difference. That didn't happen. breakaway, paid the price, ran out


of steam. He has grown since then and he won't make the same mistake


twice. The Olympic history tends to tell us that it is in your second


Olympic Games that you win your first gold medal. This is still


such a new sport but if we take that on board, this is Alistair's


second Olympic Games. He is a competitive. He has learned, he


paid the price in Beijing. Now an experienced athlete, twice world


champion, at senior level and the Olympic Games on home territory, he


has everything to go for. Under the Wellington Arch for the 4th time,


down constitution Hill towards the palace, through the memorial gates


again. The memorial gates in operated by the Queen,


commemorating the sacrifice of 5 million men from the Indian sub-


continent, Africa and the Caribbean, during her Golden Jubilee in 2002.


We have just celebrated her Diamond Jubilee. Vasiliev, going off again.


We talked earlier about him doing the work at different. Because team


tactics have become more and more a part of triathlon at this level,


you have to think, is there a predetermined plan to get the


Scilly have to go at the front. little shimmy around as they head


back up constitution Hill. Up towards the park. The chasers are a


minute and 24 seconds behind, as they come through the arch. They


will eyeball each other. The chase group will eyeball the leaders,


with the leaders heading up the hill and the chasers going down


constitution Hill. The chasers will get a real idea of the work I have


to do, to try to get involved in this lead group, which numbers


about 22 at this stage. Perhaps it looks as if we are getting a bit of


speed back at the front. The silly beginning to plan the end of the


bike, the transition going into the run. In Jonny Brownlee's said, he


will be dealing with the extra factor of the 15 second penalty,


how he works with that. It is getting there. All of the time, the


triathletes have to think ahead, what is happening in this


discipline, how do we plan, how do we go forward so we go into the


next disciplined enough recovered so that we can put our best in.


Coming up to 58 minutes since the triathlon began in the water of the


Serpentine. They are approaching the final third of the 5th lap of


the bike, to round up of the 43 kilometres. Hayes at the front,


Jonny Brownlee in second, still with the 15 second penalty to take.


Alistair is playing a sensible game. He is sitting in 7th or eighth at


this stage. Here are the chasers. have to say, co Alastair came back


after his injuries, he raced at Blenheim, he was outstanding. He


went to another event and along with Jonny Brownlee, they had the


breakaway on the bike, they were quick back in. Even of the


desperately hard bike ride, he was still able to run away from the


field with a huge distance. He will have the confidence, despite what


has happened. Riding with the Colombian, with a camera mounted on


his front wheel. An interesting insight into the backstage. Now we


get a look behind, this is the camera looking back behind the bike


of the Brazilian. Brazil took their first gold medal in gymnastics


yesterday. Hayes at the front, for Great Britain. What a moment for


him in the middle race, in a crowd of this size. Stuart Hayes is doing


what he was brought in to do, to Hayes is delighted, he was the


alternative reserve, and he found it very frustrating to be at the


championships and be a little outside. So for him to get another


chance to race at his home Olympics is great. Five laps of seven are


complete. Stuart Hayes leads the way. Alistair is tucked in in 7th


or 8th position at this stage. Now they grow across the surplus dime -


- they go across the Serpentine. You can just see the Albert


Memorial in Kensington Gardens, as opposed to the Victoria Memorial


which sits in front of Buckingham Richard Murray leading through.


What sort of time gap do we have? Butterfield is in that group, too.


Will they be able to run one minute and 10 seconds faster than the


front pack? I think not. The gap has come down 10 seconds. They have


taken some time out of the lead, but the leading group is still


going well, as Jonny Brownlee drinks some water and pour some


down his neck. Just trying to keep himself cool. He is aware that this


triathlon has taken on a different element now. He has to take a 15


second penalty. This is Kris Gemmell from New Zealand. Alistair


is just tucked in behind no-ball working hard. He was brought in to


do a job here for the British team, and it is a job he has done


brilliantly so far. Interesting after Stewart was selected, talking


to his wife, she said he wanted to go up with Alistair and Jonny, and


his total focus moved away from triathlon and on to swimming and


cycling. He is coming here with a specific aim, to make the race


easier, better and more controlled fat Alistair and Jonny. He has done


his work magnificently. They came down from Yorkshire on Saturday.


Jonathan was getting set for the biggest race of his life. Here they


go into the lap five. Here is Hyde Park corner. The the Spanish Javier


Gomez is taking his turn at the front of the field. They have


completed lap five and are into a lapse six now. An interesting


development, people looking to try to get away. It is a high risk


strategy, because if you work for it and you get dragged back in,


then it's your legs are tired and you are not going to have a huge


time difference and going into the 10 km run. If it does work,


possibly. We saw on the women's race that the gap between the lead


group and the chase group dropped dramatically on the last lap and a


half. This doesn't seem to be happening here. Yet again, Vasiliev


has gone to the front. This seems like a strategy. His two can


patriots again to sit at the back and wait. Yes, he was six at the


world championship event in Sydney. He finished 4th in Madrid. So he is


inconsistent but at times talented Some have different ideas about how


to approach this 6th lap than others. There is a bit of pressure,


and on March the front of the field, well strung-out as they come down


constitution Hill. Richard Murray is still holding second place there.


We know how strong a runner he is. He ran for 18 minutes for the five


kilometres, and that would give him a good time in contention.


leaders are on their way up the hill. Stuart Hayes has let Jonathan


Brownlee take a turn at the front. This is typical of Jonny Brownlee,


barking instructions not only to his team-mates but to some of the


others who may be doing less work at the front. So Stuart Hayes comes


through to take it up at the front. No, actually, it is Alistair


Brownlee, his brother. Alistair Brownlee is forcing the pace at the


front of the triathlon at the climb up towards Hyde Park corner. He has


opened up a gap. That is an interesting move. What has he


decided to do? He is going at this late stage in the race, only a lap


to go now. Am I prepared to take this race to everybody else? If


they are going to try to catch me, to chase me, their legs will be


tired, and I have the confidence that I will have the strength in my


legs took out run the rest of this field. That is so brave and so


interesting. He is coming back into the park, and the crowd are


beginning to realise that they have a leader out on his own. Will he


get reeled back in by the pack? Alistair Brownlee from Great


Britain leads the Olympic triathlon. A little glance over his shoulder


suggests it won't be long before he is back in the pack as they try to


closing-down. So, let's head back to the studio and talk to Chris to


find out what she thinks. Alistair clearly used the corner to try to


break the pack. I think he wanted to sack the legs of his competitors.


He is not afraid to use these short, sharp bursts of speed to force the


others to try and catch him, and he knows he can still be fresh for the


run, whereas they may have fatigued a little more quickly. Stuart Hayes


is now coming to the front again, pushing the pace, as he has been


brought in to do. Coming to the end of lap six of seven. Alistair's


mini-break has been cancelled out and he is back with the pack.


Stuart Hayes will get his name on top of the pile again as they come


through transition. Toyama, Silva, Frodeno. Vigar, Bryukhankov. They


are just a few seconds off the pace, lots of talented runners and strong


legs available. They are on their way to complete the final lap of


the bike course. I think we need to look very carefully at two athletes.


Gomez has been in that league pack, content to sit back in 4th or 5th


place, and he hasn't reacted to any of the breakaways. And very


similarly, Jan Frodeno has followed very similar tactics, almost


shadowing Gomez, sitting back in 8th, 10th, thinking ahead. If the


Brownlees are thinking what they are thinking, let them do that, and


if we can get an advantage, that might make a difference. No real


change between the end of the last lap and this lap for the distance


between the leaders and the chase group, it remains at about 1:11 or


1:12. Javier Gomez, number 51, a winner on this course a couple of


years ago when Alistair ran out of steam. I think there is almost a


bit of a sense of frustration. These athletes are seeing that,


despite their efforts, this fairly big pack has got back together.


There will be all sorts of different mind games going on there


now. Despite the effort, the athletes who have played it very


cagily, they have got back into the lead pack without working too hard,


knowing that a little bit of extra confidence and fresher legs, they


will have the ability to work hard against Alistair Brownlee, Jonny


Brownlee, Jan Frodeno. It will give the extra dimension, another throw


of the dice. You have to wonder if the other members of this lead pack


are aware of that. There is a flash of green and gold. The Australians


took a bronze in the women's triathlon on Saturday. Courtney


Atkinson. Now currently forcing the pace is Richard raga. Their exit


the park for the last time. The seventh and final lap. There will


be one more whizz around the If we are calling his tactics right,


we would expect him to start moving up in the next five or six minutes


to try to get himself towards the front of the pack, because if he


does have strong running legs, he wants to be there. If he comes in


at the end of the pack, he will be a few seconds removed, and it will


be a lot more crowded in there. So if he believes he can run with the


the Brownlees, we will see him move up in the last couple of miles, the


last few kilometres, as we approach the final transition. Stuart Hayes


at the front of the field, forcing finish in Beijing four years ago,


just stretching his back out. He has been pretty anonymous this


season. But he hadn't done that well before he won in Beijing


summer, so don't discount him. These preparations, the extra


dimensions in triathlon, getting so well prepared. We have a break away,


somebody charging up at the front of the chase group. Birdcage Walk,


this little triangle opposite the Palace. This is where so many


people fell in the women's race on Saturday. But apart from the


beginning of the bike race, early in lap one, everybody has managed


to stay on their wheels so far. The leaders will now I bawled the


chasers once again. You can just see them on the left-hand side of


up on the bike of Colucci of Brazil. They are coming down towards the


palace. The leaders are now back on the uphill leg of Constitution Hill.


Now everybody is starting to position themselves to give


themselves the best position, the best chance, heading back into Hyde


Park. Now, is that Bryukhankov coming in on the right hand side?


Yes, it is, number two will stop we thought this might happen. He had


been sitting back and resting his legs, and now he is just beginning


to move up very gradually. Hopefully no one will notice me, he


thinks, and I will get out there and give it 100%. We have seen him


try to challenge Alistair and Jonny Brownlee before, and they have been


too strong for him. Perhaps he hopes that his legs will be that


little bit fresher for the run. hour and 15 minutes have passed now.


We are on the final lap of the bike ride. They are on the red tarmac of


Hyde Park, getting back into transition, where they have got to


get things right. Remember that Jonny Brownlee was penalised be


getting on his bike at the wrong time. Everybody will be making sure


they get off their bikes at the correct stage when they come into


transition. Stuart Hayes glances over his shoulder. He can see


Alistair, and Jonny is a couple of places behind him. Atkinson of


Australia is on the right. They are all starting to think about


transition, and they will start to slip their feet out of their shoes


and place them on top to make it an easy dismount as they hit the blue


thing for the Brownlees brothers. Gavin no-ball of the Republic of


Ireland makes his move. -- Gavin noble. Kris Gemmell comes in first.


They run alongside their bikes. We keep our eyes on the man at the


front, Alistair Brownlee. His younger brother is parallel with


him. They will put their running shoes on. Alistair is on the right,


Jonny is on the left. Jonathan has the 15 second penalty. They are on


their way. Gomez and Luis have been joined at the front by the Brownlee


brothers. He they now head out for a ten-metre run around the park.


Stuart Hayes' work is done, he will still run and finish the race, but


we have four or five who have kicked away from the front of the


field at the second transition. Alistair Brownlee leads the Olympic


triathlon, his brother Jonny is on his shoulders. Such professionalism


by Stuart Hayes. We were watching everybody preparing. Tyler


Butterfield is coming through, he has been working on the longer


distances recently. Stuart Hayes kept his shoes on right into


transition. He had to give up those few seconds but that was his job


and he did so well. Well done, for Great Britain. Into this 10


kilometre run, a bit of a false dawn to start with. The athlete


pretty much get out together. Then we see the jockeying and the hard


work. We will see if Alistair and Jonny have been prepared to work at


the front, is Gomez going to go with them. We saw him play his


raised to an ideal situation, the Russian. Stay at the back, work


himself through and give himself every opportunity. The other two


Spaniards have arrived at their transition. Alistair Brownlee leads


on are the first lap of four to compete this 10,00-metre run.


Zealand, Vasiliev. There is ain't - - and out and back at the start of


the lap. The Brownlee boys and Gomez have opened up a lead of four


seconds to the next best. This is crucial for Jonny Brownlee, he has


to go away with the Leeds pack. He has the 15th second penalty to


serve later on. The speed of that, my goodness. Alistair Brownlee


looks like an 800-metre runner going through there. Johnny,


covering everything. They have put their market down early. This


really is 100% effort from the first step. Passing in front of the


Princess Diana Memorial Fountain. You could see the massive group of


people watching on the big screen in Hyde Park, enjoying the


competition. Alistair Brownlee starting to make a move through the


field. Unofficially, they are trying to take a time split again.


Already, I think we have nine seconds between our three leaders.


Jonny Brownlee decided what he needed to do to get rid of this 15


second penalty. You know what? If he carries on running like this, he


could serve the penalty and still absolutely extraordinary.


Phenomenal numbers have come out today to support the Brownlee


brothers. And the athletes from all over the world. Everybody is


getting well-supported at the London Games. Today, they want to


see another gold medal for Great Britain. 18 gold medals so far for


Team GB. Can Alistair or Jonny deliver 19? Cell of Portugal,


Bryukhankov of Russia, Vidal of France. The three French guys are


tightly bunched together. They look exhausted compared to the three at


the front. Alistair, Jonathan and Gomez of Spain, 1, 2 and 3.


Tactically, how well the French did, three athletes in the top 12. They


have superb -- they have saved their legs. It has almost gone to


script. We are so used to seeing surprises and the unexpected.


Everybody's thoughts at the beginning, Alistair Brownlee, Jonny


Brownlee and Javier Gomez will be the three players and so it has


proved. You have to say, the Dixon tactics come into play in triathlon


are making themselves felt -- the Konno Gomez is a very good runner.


He has tasted success on this course already Allsop he was second


in Hamburg, third behind the brothers. He knows what he has got


to do, he knows he has to keep tabs on them to hamper their opportunity


of -- to have an opportunity of getting in the medals. He will also


note that Jonny has a 15 second penalty -- he will also know that.


Gomez has to stay with the Brownlees, but he cannot afford to


let it go to a sprint. When we get to the last two-and-a-half, three


kilometres, I think Javier Gomez will have to make a break to go


early. If he does try to stay there, I don't think that will be


successful. Again, we have got to bring back the other element of the


15 second penalty that Jonny Brownlee has to serve. These are


the chasers, Bryukhankov with them. They approach the end of the first


Javier Gomez of Spain is second, Jonathan Brownlee is third. They


have just passed the penalty box, we will see if Jonny stands in


there for the 15 seconds, possibly, at the end of the second lap. They


have just completed the first. Vicky, those were the three we


would have predicted to be right at the front. Absolutely. It doesn't


always happen in the Olympic Games but those are the three favourites,


it is good to see them running away. They have got a clear gap, Jonny


still has a penalty to take. It is not game over. They have a good gap


on the next group coming through. Johnny could use the penalty to his


advantage and try to use that to help overhaul Gomez as a potential


break in the race. The nothing to worry about, he is still in medal


contention. Derry family. It will depend what colour, with a bit of


the pace at the front of this Olympic triathlon race, as they


cross the Serpentine Bridge. And they go out and back to begin the


second of four laps. Great input from Vicky Holland, thinking ahead.


15 seconds, maybe 16, the time gap between our three leaders and the


chasing pack. If Jonathan decides to take the penalty at the end of


lap number two, when he comes out of the penalty box, he will have


other athletes around him. We have seen it previously, that the


thinking time means that the athlete comes out very highly


motivated and determined to do well. As the Vicky said, certainly not


all over for Jonny by any means. He could make it work to his advantage.


They come around the out and back. We see the time difference between


the front three and the chasers as they are eyeball each other on the


way back into the centre of Hyde Park. Vidal and Hauss and one of


the Russians, it is about 21 seconds, the gap between the front


three and the chasing three. three French athletes are currently


front. The added interest of the 15 seconds to be taken. Does Jonny --


have the leg speed? A what I am not sure he will go back with Gomez but


he could still be in contention for not an easy looking runner.


Alistair continues to push the pace out in front of this Olympic


triathlon. Javier Gomez on his shoulder, watching and waiting. It


is Jonny Brownlee who is there at this stage. Javier Gomez has done


everything that has been asked of him. He has covered every single


move, every single acceleration. Look at these pictures in the park,


absolutely extraordinary. Sorry to interrupt. Unbelievable numbers


watching on the big screen. I am not surprised, I refer to it


earlier. I think the organiser of night, there were getting into the


park at 5:30am to get a position and I was laughing at them. I was


wrong. If they arrived for the start of the race, there would not


have got in. To me, the fascination is coming down to what happens when


Jonny takes the 15 second gap. Is he going to be able to get back on


to the leaders? You could not write in a second and put himself in the


penalty box to take the 15 seconds that he was dished out for, for


mounting his bike too early on the way out of transition after the


swim. Alistair kicks at the front, a little uphill moment for a few


yards. He decided to move the pace up a fraction as well. These are


the guys in 4th, 5th and 6. Bryukhankov is in 7th at this stage.


Lorant Vidal -- Laurent Vidal is in they came out of the water. The


signs are clear for Jonny Brownlee to save. They say, penalty box, 200


metres. He knows exactly where to go to take what is effectively a 15


something else comes into play, as well. Alistair is leading, Javier


Gomez in second. I am pretty sure they both think they can out sprint


Gomez. Would there be any possibility of Alistair Brownlee


gradually slowing the pace down so that his brother can get back to


them? I can't believe that he would take the chance of doing that and


negate his sprint finish, but you don't know with these two. They


have proved so many times that they can finish one and two. It is


amazing the amount of times they have put between themselves and the


chasing athletes into laps. So even when Jonny serves that penalty, he


will come out in bronze medal position. Suddenly the whole race


takes on a Formula One element. He wants to going for the penalty but


still emerge in front of his competitors. And he is not taking


account this time. We think he is waiting until the end of lap three


to go into the penalty box. Just that long shot there within


indication of the gap. What a great performance these French athletes


have had. If this was a team competition, wouldn't they be


winning it? To re emphasise, despite Jonny Brownlee's penalty


that he has to take, he would still be in contention for bronze. Just


2.5 kilometres to go. Does he feel he would have the ability to sprint


back to Gomez? Anything is possible. What a race this has turned out to


be. Alistair need to push along at the front of the field. Jonny


Brownlee allowing a few metres to former between him in third and the


two leaders out in second and first. Jonny Brownlee is struggling out to


maintain this sort of pace, and he still has a 15 second penalty to


come. Maybe he is now just focusing on the bronze medal. Alistair is


heading out with Gomez for company. And there it is the first time we


have seen any weaknesses in Jonny Brownlee's armoury at all. Maybe


the maintenance of that speed has created that gap. And now the mind


games will start. He has worked so hard to stay with the others at the


front, and if has not been able to do that, has he blown it? What will


happen when he takes his 15 seconds? These will be the thoughts.


If that time difference multiply as and multiply as, it will bring the


French athletes back in contention. Berry's six seconds now between


Alistair in first and Jonathan in third. The leaders are now Alistair


Brownlee of Great Britain, Javier Gomez of Spain. On the third lap of


four on the triathlon. Another penalty being taken, the Argentine


has been sent into the penalty box. He has taken his, and that is what


will happen to Jonathan later. And now Alistair has made a move on


Gomez. It is not race-winning daylight, but it is a significant


move at the front of the field Alistair Brownlee. He has now got a


gap of 1.5 seconds over Javier Gomez of Spain. And this is just


where you might imagine that Javier Gomez would make his move. He needs


to try on the third lap to get away from this printing capabilities of


Alistair Brownlee. Alistair knows that. It is not a significant gap,


but there is a 10m base, and that perhaps would give Jonny Brownlee a


little hope as well. Alistair Brownlee leaves the Olympic


triathlon ahead of Javier Gomez of Spain. There are tens of thousands


watching on the giant screens in Hyde Park, and alongside the


Serpentine they are 10, 12, 15 deep in places. Gomez is not allowing


Alistair Brownlee to get too far in front of him. The Spanish flags are


in evidence alongside the Serpentine as well. Third out of


the water, 4th after the bike, but he was always with the the Leeds.


The French runners currently battling for 4th and 5th at this


stage. It is such a tough call for Javier Gomez, with the two brothers,


the Brownlee boys, all the energy in Hyde Park, every country


represented, but huge, huge shouts, cheers, applause for the Brown


leads -- the Brownlees. Can he used that to try to get himself back


into contention? I don't think that gap has opened any more at all. It


is almost like an invisible elastic band, he is trying to draw himself


back in. To me, it looks as though Jonny Brownlee went through a bad


patch, but he has re-established the cadence. He has his eye is


totally focused on Gomez, and Alistair Brownlee is looking as if


he could have made an important break. Brownlee leads the way, he


has opened a gap of about 10m now. Harris and the Dahl are contending


for bronze if they can move up one journey Brownlee after he takes his


penalty. It is not all over by any means. The penalty times, wreath --


we think about that, but the French runners are running a kg race,


knowing that Jonny has got to make that penalty. They think if they


can get into the final lap alongside him, we could see one of


the French athletes taking a medal. Alistair Brownlee leads, Javier


Gomez in second, and Jonny Brownlee still with a penalty to take is in


third. Alistair maintains his focus at the front. Keeping up a good


rhythm, good speed here. Look at the encouragement he is receiving


along the way. Alistair Brownlee from rare West Yorkshire leading


the Olympic triathlon through Hyde Park. Keeping a decent gap from the


man who is going for the silver medal, Javier Gomez. And Jonny is


heading for the penalty box. He will have to stop and stand, and


time will tick past very slowly for Jonny Brownlee as he takes his


place in the penalty box. He has gone in behind that screen, and he


will have to watch. 10 seconds. He keeps himself moving. Another


couple of seconds and he will be released. And he is away again! He


stumbled as he came out of the penalty box, but Great Britain are


still on for two out of the three Olympic medals here. Maybe Gomez


will tire as Jonny looks over his shoulder to see how close the


French runners are. He is still in bronze medal position. A five-


second gap, two-and-a-half kilometres to go. What is the time


gap between Gomez and Jonny Brownlee? That is what we are


looking for. The difference between Alistair and Gomez is five, and the


difference between Gomez and Brownlee is another 27 seconds.


That really is a tough catch. French guys are another 13 seconds


behind Jonny. He has a 13 second cushion to hold onto that bronze


medal. And that's not much at all. We saw how he was suffering at the


beginning of lap number three. It will have broken his rhythm, going


into the penalty box, perhaps taken a little bit of confidence. At the


moment, it looks very much like Alistair Brownlee and Javier Gomez,


but I think everything is to play for in the bronze. It is not over


by any means. Alistair Brownlee is on his way on the final lap. Less


than 2.5 kilometres to run. The gap is no significant as they


approached for the last time. Jonathan Brownlee maintains his


position in third, and looks to be more comfortable than he was before


he entered the penalty box. A moment Alistair to enjoy as he


passes Gomez. Gomez comes around the yellow marker and out and back.


And now the two brothers will see each other. In first on the left,


Alistair. In third on the right, Jonathan. And between them is Gomez


of Spain. Here are the two French triathletes, doing battle for 4th


and 5th at this stage unless they can find some speed over this last


two kilometres. That is absolutely fascinating. Alistair Brownlee


running so strongly, he looks to be moving happily away. The crowd are


cheering him on. So many British supporters there, a wall of sound.


And on the long shot, just beginning to move away quite


significantly. One kilometre for Alistair Brownlee, the leader in


the Olympic triathlon. He has timed it brilliantly so far. Gomez has so


far had no response on the run. He is running for silver from Spain


here. He has triumphed in Hyde Park in the past. It looks at the moment


as if he will have to settle for second best from Alistair today.


And what a race Alistair has had. He requires the skills of Michael


Phelps followed by some of them Bradley Wiggins and Mo Farah's


ability at the end, to run at the 10 K after all the efforts that


have gone before. Alistair Brownlee is the best so far, and he is


approaching the end of his Olympic triathlon in good shape. Alistair I


know will be absolutely delighted to win this event. It is still


fascinating, looking at Gomez working so hard there, he will not


give up. But he does seem a little isolated. Does Jonny Brownlee have


anything left to catch him for the silver medal? The gap is enormous


now alongside the Serpentine. There is the second place man, Javier


Gomez. Brownlee heads towards the crowds on the side of the course he


or are roaring him through the biggest race of his life so far. He


is looking weary, looking tired, but he has surely got enough in his


legs to finish the job in Hyde Park today, and take the gold medal.


Gomez rounds the corner and glances back to have a look, position of


Jonathan Brownlee, who stays in bronze medal position. What does


that look tell us? Is Gomez feeling a little tired and worrying about


Jonny Brownlee coming back on him? Or is he looking back and thinking,


I have more than enough gap now. Jonny Brownlee coming through,


looking back at the tiny bit fresher now. He is not giving up on


this silver medal. He will chase and chase and chase. There is the


man who currently has the silver medal, being hunted down by


Jonathan Brownlee. The French pair have spread. It is an 18 second gap


now between the lead and third place, between Alistair in first


and Jonathan in third position here as we have a look at some of the


others. For a day no one not successfully defend his


quest for a gold in Hyde Park. Look at the scenes either side this


stretch of tarmac by the turpentine -- the Serpentine. He is giving it


everything. He is glancing over his shoulder, he is obviously feeling


the pace. Gomez drenches himself, trying to keep himself cool.


Alistair Brownlee is digging deep, but still with an injection of pace,


as he tries to finish in style. Gomez, in silver-medal position,


they come past the penalty area. Once they hit the blue carpet, we


will know it is nearly done for Alistair Brownlee. I just wonder if


it is going through Alistair's head, what happened a couple of years ago.


It is not going to happen today. We are seeing the first British


Olympic triathlon champion in the guise of Alistair Brownlee. He


knows he has got it now. It has been an absolutely fabulous


performance. This is effectively a lap of honour for Alistair Brownlee,


as he slows down to a jog on the blue carpet. He has got the Union


Jack around his shoulders. He can walk across the line. Alistair


Brownlee is the Olympic triathlon champion. Great Britain's 19s gold


medal of the Games goes to Alistair Brownlee. Javier Gomez takes the


silver. There will be both of the brilliant Brownlee brothers on the


Olympic podium as Jonathan comes home for bronze. He had to stand


and take a 15 second penalty. But he has done enough to hold on. A 15


second gap and still the bronze medal for Jonathan. Tremendous. He


is going to be absolutely delighted. We can't take anything away from


Javier Gomez. He would not give in, he worked and he worked. So did


David Hauss, a tactic is superb race, he has learnt that position.


Laurent Vidal comes through, he looked to be going through a tough


period. What a great day for Great Britain and Yorkshire. A fabulous


performance by Javier Gomez in the silver-medal position. Goodness me,


what a race it was. Co Riederer of Switzerland, hoping to make it a


Swiss double following the victory in the women's race on Saturday. In


the end, Alistair was too good. What an advert for Great Britain


triathlon. It has been a long time coming. We have had pre-race


favourites before. A week have come to London, told years on from


Sydney, and taken a gold medal, Alistair Brownlee. Docherty


finishing now, silver medallist in Athens, the bronze medallist in


for some of the mind or places -- minor places. Bryukhankov was the


best of the Russians. Fabian was one of the first out of the water,


Luis in the 11th. Hunter Kemper completing his 4th Olympic


triathlon. This man had such a big started the season, winning the


World Championships event in Sydney. -- big start to the season. He


hasn't been able to follow it up with any decent result since then.


We'll keep an eye it on Stuart Hayes, who came and did his job


superbly in the water and on the bike. Stuart Hayes was never going


to feature in the 10,000-metre run at the end of the triathlon. It is


all about Alistair Brownlee who has taken gold for Great Britain. There


is Gavin Noble from the Republic of Ireland, finishing three minutes


and 22 seconds off the pace. indication of how fast that run was.


The athletes of this calibre, having three minutes taken out on


this run. Stuart Hayes did a brilliant job and I am sure he gets


into the finishing straight, the crowd will acknowledge what he has


done for Great Britain. Chris has watched it all from the studio,


let's see what she made of the gold medal. It was phenomenal. It is


phenomenal for Alistair, great for Jonny, phenomenal for triathlon in


Great Britain in general. It was a wonderful performance, it went


exactly according to the script. Once they hit the run, there was no


question of who was going to take the gold medal. So incredibly


pleased for the two Brownlee brothers and Javier Gomez. This is


how Alistair brought it home, with the flag around his shoulders. With


enough daylight between he and Gomez in second to savour the


moment, as he crossed the line to win the Olympic triathlon. On home


soil. And there is Stuart Hayes, finishing now. 4:43 off the pace


but he is absolutely shattered, he was brought in to do a job. A great


performance by Stuart Hayes, who could not have done more on the


bike section. He covered, every break that went, he was there and


dominating the pace, taking advice from Alistair and Jonny, putting


himself in the position they wanted to be in. A great performance.


have just seen Stuart Hayes finish. Before he has had time to catches


breath, Sonali Shah has tracked him down. -- catch his breath. What a


performance from you. It is not me, it is the two Brownlees. I did my


best to help them and it worked, the team tactics helped. Those guys


are amazing, I have been training with them for the last month and I


couldn't imagine anyone beating them, they are amazing. The crowd


was unbelievable. I probably ran a personal best today. Just because


of the emotion running past the of the emotion running past the


crowd. It was a great race. helped Britain win its first


triathlon medal, let's not take anything away from you, a gold and


a bronze. It is a great moment for British triathlon. Sq we have got


it right for once, which is amazing. It has taken us three tries but now


we know what we are doing. I want to say thank you, the B T F have


done great leading up into this race. How did the crowd feel,


cheering you on? Amazing, all over the back -- the bank there, it is


unbelievable. Her you must be so pleased to get a personal best at


their home triathlon. I don't know if it was, I felt -- it felt like


one. It was a good day today. done, you were phenomenal. Thank


What a race, what a day in the park What a race, what a day in the park


for Alistair Brownlee. A few tears of joy as he finally realised what


he had done. He did what he came to do, to win the Olympic gold medal


and to be joined on the podium by his younger brother, Jonathan.


Alistair Brownlee, on top of the world. He has won the Olympic


triathlon in Hyde Park ahead of Well, he has done it, they have


done it. The Bradford grammar school boys have done very well,


congratulations. Great Britain's 19s gold medal of these games,


equalling the total from Beijing. The first medals in triathlon and


Chrissy Wellington was going bonkers! Give your reaction, please,


about what this event means. To the Brownlee boys and to your sport.


is absolutely phenomenal. Alistair has now won everything there is to


win in triathlon, from the junior World Championships all the way


through to an Olympic gold medal. It was the most phenomenal


performance. He showed you can work incredibly hard on the swim, push


the pace on the bike and still go on to what I am sure he is a 29


minute 10 km run. To be joined on the podium by his brother, it must


make the victory all the sweeter. This means everything to British


triathlon. Whilst it is still a minority sport in terms of media


coverage and sponsorship, it is definitely a majority sport in


terms of participation. The fastest growing sport in this country at


the moment and the crowds are a testament to that. They have come


out in tens of thousands. Hundreds of thousands, by the look of it.


is wonderful. I know that the crowd support would have lifted the


Brownlees to achieve that phenomenal success was stopped you


talked about aggressive tactics from the start and that is what we


saw on the swim. In the first transition, Jonny was in a bit of


problems. I guess knowing when to take the penalty is an art in


itself. Yet, it was interesting to see when he strategically decided


to take the penalty, to create a gap for himself. He still had the


gap for himself. He still had the cushion to be able to come home in


cushion to be able to come home in bronze medal position. I am sure


that is something they would have decided before the race. Will there


be a tinge of disappointment from Jonny's perspective? How often does


that sort of thing happen in that sport? It doesn't happen regularly


but there are penalties that are incurred before various


misdemeanours. I don't think you'll be too disappointed, he will be


thrilled to get on the podium. It looks like he was dropping back


into bronze-medal position even before he took the penalty. I think


he will be incredibly happy with the result. He is only 22, there is


plenty more to come from him, and from Alistair, I am sure. The first


brothers from Great Britain to win medals in the same event since the


Searle brothers in the boat 20 years ago. They were not competing


against each other, they were very much in it together. What has been


the reaction down there? atmosphere here was crazy when


Alistair crossed the line. We have just witnessed Britain's first


triathlon medals and you must be so proud of the brothers doing it


together. Absolutely, and when they do it like that, you wonder if


there was any doubt. They were supreme in all three legs and to


come away with it two medals was the objective of the team.


Congratulations to them. We are used to seeing Alistair winning but


I have never seen him get so emotional when he crosses the line


for a absolutely, but this is the big one, that everyone wants to win.


In some sports it is not typical but in a track it absolutely is --


in triathlon it absolutely is. He has been dominant pretty much since


the last Olympics so to win like today was the icing on the cake, I


am not surprised at the emotion. The team tactics when pretty much


according to plan. Absolutely. They try to make the breakaway state but


when it didn't happen they try to keep the pace high -- the breakaway


stick. They tried to test the pace of some runners. I think that


worked well. Not many of them run to their full potential and I think


that is because their legs were tired. Jonny handled the penalty


situation well, knowing when to take it and still getting a bronze.


It was perfect timing, I would have suggested lap two or three would


have been best. He had to wait and it was the right time, for sure.


is time to see Alistair and Jonny get their medals, I'll hand you


back to our commentators. We will do that, but we have to get off the


air very shortly. We are changing channels, we are moving to BBC Two.


Don't worry, you will hear from the boys shortly and you will see that


medal ceremony over on BBC took -- BBC to put up the 19th gold medal


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