BBC Two: Day 11: 13.30-14.15 Olympics

BBC Two: Day 11: 13.30-14.15

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Hello. If you are aware this just a few months ago on BBC One, you will


have seen the 19th gold medal of these games, won by Alistair


Brownlee, with his little brother Jonny in the bronze position. We


will be going back to Hyde Park as soon as we can get hold of the boys


to chat to them, and for the medal ceremony as well. It seems like


every way you look today, there are chances for GB athletes, especially


in the velodrome. Now it is the turn of the Sir Chris Hoy to make


his considerable presence felt once more. Britain's most decorated an


Olympian, Sir Chris Hoy defends his keirin title today. He was in


action in the early rounds of a dramatic event this morning. Let's


Chris Hoy. So, right on the inside, trying to maintain the front


position, although he is denied that already by a very keen


Trinidadian. The story about water nubby, his home town was caught in


the Japanese tsunami last year, and the locals have been relocated


throughout the country. His friends and family have come together to


watch him at these Olympics. Now, another change, and the New Zealand


rider gets the front position. Then it is Philip F Trinidad, and Sir


Chris Hoy is 4th. Then a writer at the back is the Russian. The first


two go through by right, and the rest will go in the rapper charge.


-- the repechage. He was always renowned for riding from the front


and controlling the race, but he has also won from the back. That


was a fantastic race in Beijing, when he was last, he was last, he


was last, and then he won it. the pace is beginning to lift, and


the crowd and getting animated here. Philip of Trinidad is coached by


Jamie Staff, a former world champion. Sir Chris Hoy makes a


move, and he moves right up. As they come to the line this time, it


will be two laps to go. And the top two finishers will go through into


the next round. He is igniting the Berners early here. Sir Chris Hoy


is leading with one lap to go, and the rest are clinging to his coat


tails. The acceleration has created a huge gap behind, and it is going


to be Sir Chris Hoy who sails through into the next round. The


rest were completely blown away. Such confidence there. Philip led


him out. Velde who then from New Zealand was the beneficiary. Nobody


could go with him apart from the New Zealander. There was clear


daylight between his back wheel and the third finisher. Sir Chris Hoy


just blew them away. It is just a time trial from that point. His


acceleration was incredible. The rest of the field knew that they


wouldn't get on even terms. He is We will be back to see the rest of


the keirin very soon. But there is also 20-year-old Laura Trott, a


tiny 20 with a Rolls-Royce engine, already a winner in the women's


pursuit in these games. The omnium is the discipline designed to


identify the best all-round cyclist on the track. First up for her was


straight here in the final heat of the 3,000 metres. This youngster,


the current world champion, and let us not forget so far she has had


two wins out of the three disciplines. She is up against


Sarah hammer. They are both on 12 points each. Hamlet is a four-time


world champion on the individual pursuit, so this should be a good


scrap. And I can Tenniel, -- tell you, at the world championship,


there was just one tenth of a second between them. Every point is


going to count, and if they do finish on equal points in this


competition, it will be decided on the amassed time from the time


events. I remember Laura Trott winning the national individual


pursuit in Manchester last year, and she did 3.30 0.09 there.


think she might go inside 3.30 based on what we have seen here.


This is perhaps not her very best discipline, but she is so


consistent. Hammer PB is just slightly quicker than Trott's, but


they are very evenly matched. Laura Trott is inspired here by the big


crowd. Not much to choose between the riders as they come back to the


line. Hammer is slightly quicker in the first kilometre. Trott is just


0.4 seconds shy at the moment. coach is just calling the schedule


to Laura Trott, and he is showing that she is bang on the schedule


they hatched -- set for this right. Don't forget that tonight they have


to scratch race and the time trial. Sarah Hammer is going the stronger


at the moment. Laura is being asked for a little bit more from the


coach. This is not the ride she was hoping for. She is still in it, but


maybe 10m now she has given away to the American. Hammer is a real


fighter. You can see that in the style. She gives absolutely


everything. She was inspired after seeing the riders in the Olympics


four years ago, in fact, it was just after the Athens Olympics. But


never discount Laura Trott. She is holding her own. An absolute


scratch, this is. All the way. 20 years of age, Laura Trott. If


Hammill beats her in his pursuit, they will go into the last events


with Laura Trott lying one point behind Sarah Hammer. And in that


final 500m time trial, Laura Trott should have the advantage. We are


getting towards the concluding stages. Sarah Hammer is being --


beginning to roll a little. She has given a lot. Come on, Laura Trott!


Can you wipe away this deficit? It is a lot to ask. Here she comes,


and Hammer stops the clock. She goes 3.29, and Trott goes 3.30. We


will resume with to the final two events later, and the final


situation is that Hammer will be the leader on 13 points, with Trott


So, Laura has two more events to come this afternoon, conserving as


much energy as she can for the scratch race just after 4pm and the


time-trial at around 4.50. If you haven't seen much of the Olympic


Games over the last 24 hours, you may have been on the moon, but we


have condensed it all into a bite- sized packed lunch bit for you. It


is what we call in television terms Laura Trott is going to Winner!


Oh, calamity. Everybody's eyes are glued to the scoreboard. Beth


Kenny has got ahead of the race and he has taken it! Kenny is the


Can our nerves take much more? And Britain have got gold! We are


seeing the first British Olympic triathlon champion in the guise of


Alistair Brownlee, and still the And Chrissie Wellington has not


stopped smiling since he crossed the line! When we look back at


Alistair and Jonny, and we are still waiting for the medal


ceremony, there has been a bit of a hold up, but he had his Achilles


injury only six months ago, and his participation must surely have been


in doubt at that point. In that respect, how impressive is his


victory? It is incredibly impressive. Not only would it has


been physically difficult for him to train, but he would have been


riddled with self-doubt in the early part of the season. He did


come back with a great finish about a month ago, showing he was back on


track. But it is never easy struggling with an injury, both


mentally and physically. And that is what makes this raised even more


impressive. And also, the margin by which he won. He had time to re --


waved to the crowd and stroll across the line, not the exciting


sprint finish we had in the women's. Just a quick foot note on this


injury. They had a pool installed in their home in order to try to


get an aqua jogging situation to try to limit the damage of that


Achilles tendon injury. It was quite a palaver in the end, wasn't


it? I understand it was. The beauty of triathlon is if you have a


running injury, sometimes you can still swim and bike, say he would


definitely have been increasing his swimming training or perhaps even


his bike training while he couldn't run. But it is my understanding he


had a pool installed in his back garden, it was touch-and-go whether


they would get planning permission. So he was able to do some of his


running training in the Yorkshire. -- in the water. So, thank you very


much, the Yorkshire planning department! Overall, when you look


at the crowds and the top of the impact on your sport, it is a


growing sport, so many people are doing it at grassroots level. How


many participates do you reckon the UK has in this? It is growing


exponentially, it is a sport but offers a challenge for all. I have


seen 17-year-olds and 70-year-olds taking up the sport. I know we have


over 600 triathlon clubs in this country alone, and they provide is


amazing cocoon of support for everyone from the novice to the


elite to be able to get involved in this great sport, and what better


way to be able to showcase it than a gold medal at Hyde Park today.


Let's just enjoy those scenes again today. I was saying, just get over


the line, don't tantalise us like this! Here comes Alistair, and it


was such a dominant performance. went out right from the gun. He has


always said, I want to grace -- raised aggressively, I don't like


conservative tactics. They worked very hard with Stuart Hayes on the


bike, and then just went out hard and from the get go, and I think it


shows that to be a successful track athlete you need to be a great all-


rounder, and Alistair has shown The victory was partly forged on


the Yorkshire Dales, they have resisted temptation to train abroad


because they laugh where they live. Absolutely, they live and train in


Yorkshire and Leeds, they like being in their home environment.


The terrain up there, the weather conditions are incredibly


challenging and I think that really serves to their advantage. Nothing


deters them, they know they are capable of racing well in all


conditions. They breed them tough in Yorkshire. Jessica Ennis will


have a gold postbox in Sheffield, there will be another couple.


Everybody will be posting their letters in gold postboxes up there!


Mental strength is as much an attribute as physical strength,


particularly in something as demanding as triathlon. I think the


boys today showed they could cope with the pressure of being


physically resistant enough to give a dominating performance. You were


in the ultra Ironman distance. I just wonder, does it make you have


a little urge to do an Olympic discipline one of these days?


like to spread my pain out for longer period of time. I decided


about four years ago I wanted to focus on the longer course


triathlon. I have no regrets about that. But it is phenomenal, to see


Great Britain doing so well on the world stage across all distances in


triathlon, topped off with this fantastic gold medal today. We're


hearing that one of the reasons that this medal ceremony has been


delayed is because Jonny looks like he has succumbed to the fatigue, he


has been taken off by the medical people in a wheelchair. After the


effort that he has expended this afternoon, are you surprised? How


did you rate his condition as he crossed the line? He didn't look to


be in great difficulty. It may have had something to do with the fact


he did have to stop in his tracks for 15 seconds and serve that


penalty. His heart rate would have dropped and then elevated very


quickly as he started to run again, that may have played a part. These


guys are red lining it, for the whole of the two hours, so I am not


surprised that some of them may need medical attention towards the


end. We will bring you up to date when we have news of Jonny's


condition, it did not look too serious and we are hoping it is


just perhaps exhaustion at the end of what was a sterling effort from


him and his brother. For every high, there is a low in Olympic sport.


Before we get to the heights of that medal ceremony, I have to


bring the up-to-date with the low. Phillips Idowu is out of the triple


jump competition. One of Britain's leading contenders for gold failed


to qualify for the final. The 33- year-old from Hackney, the former


world and Olympic silver medallists last time, he hasn't competed


throughout June and July. He couldn't go beyond the qualifying


mark of 17.10 in any of his Three Johns, it was not there for him


today and I feel for the big man -- any of his three jumps. Phillips


Idowu is with us now. First of all, how are you physically? How were


you feeling this morning going into the competition? I felt OK. I


managed to get out and see my physio and get some treatment


before today's competition. I have gone in pain free, which is nice. I


felt I could have possibly qualified automatically, I knew I


was going to be a bit rusty because it has been a while since I have


competed. The conditions were a bit difficult with the wind and I


expected that, I have watched a few of the guys compete in the


horizontal jump, I knew that may be a factor. That wasn't me out there


today. I have competed for 12 years. I can't remember a time when I have


performed that badly. We know you can do that distance in your sleep


but the build-up hasn't been ideal, can you explain how bad the injury


problems have been throughout the year? There are questions over how


bad it was. I am guessing I will most likely need surgery at the end


of this season. I think I will probably call it a day, wrap up the


season. The goal was to come here and battle for the Olympic gold


medal. Now it is not to be. I have to go home, reassess, spent some


time with the family and the kids and try not to be so down about my


performance. It is over now, there is nothing I can do, I am not going


to be in the final, it is a shame, the crowd have been great. I have


seen them give the British athlete so much support through this week.


I am upset that I let them down. All year, I have been attacked as a


medal favourite and now I don't even get a chance to do what I have


done year-on-year -- I have been What kind of surgery would it be


that you need? I am not sure. I have a problem with my right leg. I


can't say specifically. In all the build-up, there has been a few Rory


about you maybe not being in touch with your coach -- there has been a


few raw about to maybe not being in touch with your coach. Can you tell


us your verdict straight from the horse's mouth. I have been


travelling from Birmingham to London to see my physio, working


with my coach, I have been up and down for a while. After withdrawing


from Crystal Palace, I was back in Birmingham. I had a nerve pain


shooting down my hip, into the back of my knee. After Crystal Palace, I


went back to Birmingham, started a couple of training sessions, which


went well. I did a weights session which was strong, the running


session didn't go as well, I had to pull up. Pulling up from that


session, I made a decision to come back to London and see my physio


and see what the problem was. With the work over there we, we decided


it was best for me to stay in the UK. -- over that week. I could not


get rid of a neural sensation. On a day-to-day basis, warming up and


training and getting ready to do technical sessions, I had to have


someone on hand who was able to help me through that issue. He was


there, my physio was great and with me at every session and things were


going well. We had some great sprint and technical sessions.


Coming off for approaches is a whole different kettle of fish. --


the full approaches. My timing was not there. I felt that my hot and


must it was great, I felt I had a decent hot and step but I could not


get the final phase. He issued a statement saying you didn't want to


detract from what was going on here and what we saw on Saturday. I will


I have wanted is for everybody to be positive to the Games, because


in the lead-up, everybody was sceptical as to how well they were


going to go down. I knew that London would put on a great games,


this is my home town. The first week, we had some great


performances, people won gold medals. I was excited. In my second


week, we had a great chance, setting up for gold medal on the


track. Followed up by Greg Rutherford and Mo Farah. Hopefully


now the rest of the team will come out and pick up gold medals.


can't bargain for the injury and it is the sadness of it all. I have


been lucky over the last four and five years, I have been able to


compete at my best at the major championships, which is what you


want to do. I have always managed to come away with a silver medal.


This year I can definitely say I am not at my best. I was hoping, even


not being at my best, I would be able to produce something. It


wasn't to be. Thanks for your honesty. Nice to talk to you.


you, I want to thank everyone who has supported me this year and for


the whole of my career. It is much appreciated. He desperately wanted


to be Olympic champion, our heart goes out to him. Alistair Brownlee


is now talking to Sonali Shah. While Jonny is recovering, we


thought we would grab Alistair while he was standing around making


jokes. Congratulations, you are Olympic champion. Thank you very


much, it feels a bit and a woman because Jonny has collapsed and he


is not feeling too good. -- it feels a bit underwhelming. I felt


in control of the race from the start. I don't think I have come


across anything like the crowds and I never will again, my ears are


still ringing from that noise and it was amazing. Not just Britain's


first ever triathlon level, it was a gold, and it is Team GB's 19th


gold medal of these games. You must be so proud. Massively proud, it


has been talked about so much that Great Britain have not won a medal


in triathlon, the pressure was stacked up. So much folklore was


put to bed today and that is great. To get two British brothers on the


podium is absolutely... You couldn't ask for any more. With


debts due, we were a team of three. -- with Stuart, we were a team of


three. We worked out a great plan and executed it really well. We are


used to seeing you win but I don't think we have ever seen your face


looking like that as you have crossed the finish line, it look


like a huge sense of relief, almost. I was relieved to finish, you


almost -- usually are in a triathlon, you are quite tired at


the end! As much as I tried to say that the Olympics is like any other


race, it is not. I have been watching the sport for the last 10


days. I woke up this morning and I wasn't nervous, I was like a kid at


Christmas. I was so excited to get out and race. It is great to come


out and race and I got the result I wanted. Jonny was up there with you,


getting bronze after having to take the penalty, you must be proud of


him as well. Massively. We knew there was a penalty in the back, I


said not to worry, you can easily get on the podium with a 15 second


penalty. In the first that I ran hard to try to get Jonny as far as


the others. Gomez was having a great race so there was not much we


could do about that. I have never been a fan of these penalties. I


think they are ruining the support of triathlon. It is not about


giving people penalties, it is not about official decisions. Jonny


didn't know what he had done until halfway around the bike. I would


like to ask you how Jonny is. fine. Triathlon is a tough sport


and we have both been in that position. It was deceptively hard


to date. With this humid, muggy day, it dehydrates you and he was


probably on the age at the finish, like you are normally. -- on the


edge at the finish. We were led to collect your medal, thank you.


Congratulations again. A phenomenal win. Thank you very much.


wonderfully honest assessment from wonderfully honest assessment from


Alistair Brownlee. Great Britain's first medallist, and now two


medallists in triathlon. It now confirms 19 gold medals. That was


the situation on the last Sunday of the game's four years ago. We are


on the Tuesday with 19 gold medals. 43 medals in total. Plenty of time


43 medals in total. Plenty of time to smash all records in the Olympic


terms for the greatest team, that is what they have been marking it


That is the situation, it has been a very busy day in Hyde Park.


Hundreds of thousands of people there, 80,000 in the Olympic


Stadium, where Jamaica's most famous export, Usain Bolt, has been


stretching those long legs again at the start of his defence of the 200


metres title. The opening heats Bolt, running a fairly hard bend.


Young inside him, and now he can already start to relax a little bit,


looking around, taking in the cheers and the applause. He might


have just got pipped, Young, by da Silva. A bit of a following wind


and it might have blown a few cobwebs away. It is good for him to


get back on the track. The first round of the 200 is probably the


most difficult thing that Usain Bolt has to do in the whole of the


Olympic programme, after the excitement of the 100, to come back


on the track and get that one out of the way, but he is safely


Bolt. Let's just look at the other places here. Isaiah young just


ahead of Alex Wilson. How good his life for you right


now? Again a great reception from the crowd. Yes, the crowd is always


wonderful, they play a very important role in my running.


most difficult thing fear is everything that goes on after


winning a gold medal, hours in the public eye, you have to do so much


and then come back and do this. did try to enjoy it. Well done, see


you next time. Not the toughest of heats for


Christian. He is in lane four. How rare of Mexico is there in lane


Malcolm. That is important. And he just has about a metre on Christian


Malcolm, Mitchell does. He has run a good heat. Into the top three


safely. Mitchell, Malcolm, very the top three. Mitchell wins it.


enjoyed getting up early this morning.


It is not your favourite, the early start. But she took care of


business. You know I don't like the early mornings, but it is always


good to get the first one out of the way. It is overwhelming being


in a stadium with so many people supporting you, but I am glad to


get that out of the way and get ready for the semi-final tomorrow.


I notice there isn't a Welsh flag here for you today. You have been


do -- you have been through this so many times, and yet still the


nerves were there. I love athletics, I love what I do, and I will do it


as long as my body holds out. you need to go faster next, what is


in your legs? Training is going well, and I have got a quicker run


than this morning in my legs. We very powerful Jamaican. A very good


bend the Yohan Blake. The Chinese athlete is also going well, fading


a little now. De Barreiros of Brazil is just coming through. Very


similar times, all of these heats. Blake could afford to ease off a


little, and looks comfortable at the end. It is all looking good for


the semi-finals. The top three go through to the semi-finals tomorrow.


Johan, you had a little grimaces you came through there. My foot


caught. But I am good. What with the whole 100m experience, and


winning at a medal, what has it taught you about these situations


at your first Olympics. The 100m taught me a lot, my first medal for


the Olympics, great. Am feeling every day confident. Usain Bolt


says he loves the 200m, it is his favourite event. I love it, too.


saw you with a very impressive performance there. Speak your next


time. slow out of the blocks. Martina is


out in lane nine. James Ellington has some work to do here. He is


going backwards. Martina comes through, and there are the three


qualifiers. It is only 20.58. So what went wrong with James


Ellington? If you come to the Olympic Games in round one, you


have to have a chance to qualify, you have to bring your best game


here. If he had even run a season's best, he would have been all right.


He was way off, not even close there. There was a following wind,


goes through as a fastest loser from that heat. 21.23. Are you


disappointed? I don't know what to say. That is the slowest race I


have done all year. I felt good in warm-up. Everything was going all


right in warm-up. I just came off the bend and I had no gas left.


don't have any particular problems? No, training is going well in


Portugal, nothing major. I am just gutted, man. I just feel like I


have taken someone's place and let the team down. Can you even begin


to explain it? Is it the occasion? I haven't got a clue. I rise to the


occasion, so I have not got a clue. Thanks for talking to us.


These will be the qualifiers for the semi-finals, Bowled through,


Blake through, Mitchell went through. And as we move further


down, Martina there, and Christian Malcolm, his 4th Olympic Games,


That is some going, 4th Olympic Games and through to his semi-final.


The triathlon medal ceremony is going to be delayed by half an hour


while Jonny Brownlee receives medical treatment. He is OK, but it


is causing a delay. Jonny is going to take a further


but have raced -- rest just to make sure of that he is OK. We have to


his coach here. Coach to both brothers. It was an amazing race.


It was a fantastic occasion for triathlon and for Jonny and


Alistair. And hopefully internationally, as well. The boys


were fantastic today. What is your assessment of the race? Is it as


you would have planned it? No, it never goes to plan. But we had the


insurance of Stuart Hayes in there to help in the pack, and that was


fantastic. It made a huge competition. There weren't too many


surprises apart from the fact that Jonny, for the first time that I


can remember, got a penalty, and that changed the whole scenario.


You must be very proud that he still managed to get bronze with


that penalty? Fantastic effort by a young man at his first Olympics. To


achieve a bronze in your first Olympics without being penalised


would be fantastic, and he really Guardian. He showed a great deal of


intelligence as to when he took it. So congratulations to him. Is that


something that you had talked about, or is it something a traffic has to


assess in the race itself? You are right, it is in the race itself,


because 15 seconds is a huge advantage, or a huge disadvantage.


He had to be very careful about when he took it. We were giving


information to him about how far he was behind as best we could, and


how far ahead of the next group. It was his judgment call in the end,


and he showed great judgment. you think that penalty at all could


have contributed to Jonny not feeling well after the race? It is


difficult to say. He is whether the medics. He is OK, but he has to sit


down rather than stand up. Until I talked to him, I won't know. This


sport demands 100% of you every time you compete, and if you get a


penalty, it is 101%, if there is such a thing. We saw Alistair


collapse like that a couple of years ago here, but we haven't


really seen that from Jonny. When we spoke to Alistair and his look


of relief when he crossed the line, he said, it wasn't the gold medal,


I was just glad to finish. It takes it out of them. Yes, and the


climate conditions can affect you as well, so if it is humid and


overcast, you can't see that, but that can where people than if they


are not careful. We have been up a mountain, in heat Chambers, in cold,


in all climatic conditions. We had a wet suits win today and it was a


warm day, and last year we didn't have a wet suit swim and I got


hyperthermia out on the course because it poured with rain. The


triathlon is arduous, but the Brownlee boys and Stewart were


fantastic. You have two medals, and gold and a bronze, congratulations.


Thank you very much, and then you everybody's support today.


Malcolm Brown, the coach of the British triathlon team. When we


heard from Alistair earlier on, he was saying he was like a kid at


Christmas, he couldn't wait to race. But he also made a serious point


about the penalties, that he felt they were ruining the sport. What


is your view on that? I don't want to interpret what he


meant. Any sport, including triathlon, needs rules and


regulations, and we as athletes need to be aware of them and abide


by them and know the consequences. Perhaps what he was alluding to is


that you have to take that time penalty during the race itself,


rather than maybe it being deducted, or added to your finish time. And


the fact that you have to take the penalty and standstill for 15


seconds, means that your heart rate, which is very high, suddenly drops,


and then as soon as you leave to go on the run again, it escalates, and


that can cause a spike in the heart rate, could perhaps be dangerous.


That could be what he was alluding to. So you would like to see them


cross the line and have the 15 seconds deducted from your own all-


time score there and then? perhaps that might be another way


of addressing the situation, but as Malcolm Brown said, triathlon is


incredibly mentally and physically demanding. I am not surprised to


see any athlete collapsing at the finish line. It is quite common.


You give all of your heart, all of your soul to that race, so penalty


or no party, often you do see athletes reaching the absolute


threshold in the race. You do Ironman, nine hours on your feet, a


bike and in the water. Have you experienced anything like that?


my last World Championship victory, I crossed the finish line


physically and emotionally spent, and that was the only time I have


ever had to receive medical attention after the race. The world


championships for me, held in Hawaii, in 100 degree heat and


intense humidity to cope with. look good on it to me. It has been


a pleasure having you in the studio to share this great day for


triathlon, thank you. We are changing channels once again.


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