BBC One: Day 12: 13.45-16.00 Olympics

BBC One: Day 12: 13.45-16.00

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Good afternoon and welcome back to Olympic Park. A patch of land here


in London that has gripped the focus of much of the world. But it


is just part of the story. There are a Olympic venues all over the


country and we will keep you up-to- date with the latest headlines. But


straight to the ExCel Arena for the boxing. Women competing for the


first time in the Olympics. And Nicola Adams has already guaranteed


Nicola Adams has already guaranteed Adams!


Nicola Adams raises her right fist in triumph after that announcement


from the stadium announcer. That introduction it received a


rapturous round of applause. And this is a battle between


familiar rivals. The winner will progress through to the gold medal


band. So the first of the schedules four two minute rounds. The


diminutive figure of Mary Kom representing India. And her


opponent, representing Great Britain, wearing blue, it is Nicola


Adams. These boxes are familiar rivals, they met at the quarter


final stage of the most recent world championships in China. On


that occasion it was Nicola Adams who won by the slimmest of margins.


Adams just launches an attack. Adams is going to go into this full


of confidence after that earlier world Championship result. But Mary


Kom has had the experience. She is a five-times world Championship


gold medallist. She has the confidence and the experience. She


will approach this as she would any other fight.


Mary Kom has had a glittering career going all the way back to


2001. Adams just launched a good attack a few moments ago. She is


naturally the smaller boxer. Both of them just engaging in a few


clinches just to try to assert their strength and dominance over


each other. Keeping themselves out of the weight of any incoming


end to the first round of this that 51 kg flyweight his semi-final. It


is Nicola Adams who leads the. You have to conjure a better with


Europe rear hand. Get your front foot that little bit


closer. Her coach there saying she just needs to be quicker with the


back hand. She caught Mary Kom very


effectively. She just needs to continue to do that, wait for her


to come, they take a step back and a step to the side and land that


winner will progress through to the gold medal bout.


Cheers of "GB" ringing out. The atmosphere has been electric.


will thrive on this Challenge. Five times world champion. She has been


coached by it the world class coach, Alwin Belcher. He has certainly


contributed to the fact that she has such superior food work. --


footwork. Wonderful that women are now able


to compete. Nicola Adams began boxing at an after-school club in


Leeds. She found a natural talent for it. But as a junior sheep


really struggled to get bouts. It was not until she entered the


senior bounce that she could compete more regularly against


other women in the boxing ring. Quite an untidy tangle there.


seems Mary Kom is just struggling to find a way around Nicola's speed.


Nicola seems to grow with confidence as the fight progresses.


A two-point advantage at the end of the first round now extended to


three. It was straight punching like that


that allowed Adams to eke out that advantage to a further point.


to begin in Mount number three. -- Kom losing her balance. Adams using


her advantage in height and reach to good effect. Mary Kom at a


considerable size disadvantage up in his dry wit division. -- fly


weight. She is pinned to the roads by Adams.


This is fantastic from Adams. She is landing stronger and stronger


shops as she grows in confidence. Forcing Mary Kom to dive in, so


uncharacteristically for her. It shows how clever a boxer Adams is,


causing Mary Kom a lot of problems. The final 30 seconds of this the


third round. Mary Kom continuing to find a way inside that long reach


that Nicola Adams possesses. She switches feed on a regular


basis, causing confusion for Mary Kom. She seems a little bit baffled.


She has got to change her tactics to the ropes. Go to rock left hand,


right hand there. Practically running towards the Mary Kom as she


retreats towards the corner. A couple of familiar faces in the


crowd. Prime Minister David Cameron. And Amir Khan.


How crucial it was his silver medal success in keeping that funding


going for British boxing. Nicola Adams the last British woman


standing as we move into the 4th and final round of this semi-final.


The winner will progress through to the gold medal bout.


Mary Kom has struggled to compete with the speed and movement and


superior size that Nicola Adams possesses.


Just simple boxing, that is all you need. Adams attacking with


combinations. Adams cannot afford to switch off.


Concentration it is going to be crucial in this final 40 seconds.


The referee allowing for boxers to work away on the inside. Adams did


well there to get out of that clinched. She needs to be careful,


not to become lackadaisical. Good left-hand byte Adams. That was an


illegal blow from Mary Kom. But also illegal to turn your back on


your opponent. Mary Kom continuing to compete


until the final bell. But one suspects she has not done enough.


She has done enough to book a place in the Olympic gold medal bout.


Absolutely beaming from ear to ear. Even though Mary Kom competed in


spirited fashion, one suspects she has not done enough to overturn


what was a significant advantage in favour of Adams. It illustrates


what a talent Megan that Adams is. She really puzzled Mary Kom right


from the first bell. And the Indian boxer struggles to find her way


around her speed and footwork. A pensive bite of the lips for


Nicola Adams. Will it be made official?


The winner by a score of 11 points to six, for Great Britain, Nicola


Adams! Nicola Adams. She moves into the gold medal bout. A well


deserved foul to all sides of this capacity filled the arena. A


handshake from her coach. And now she will have her eye on the Top


Spot of the Olympic medals rostrum having booked a place in the final.


And her opponent in that final is the No. 1 seed. A familiar rival.


And her nemesis because they have The final of the 51 kg of flyweight


division will take place on 9th Just to see everybody standing up


at the end to celebrate at win, there were people questioning


whether women's boxing would take off at these Olympics, and you only


need to look at the emotion to know that it has. Nicola Adams speaks to


us now. From the moment she walked into this ring, that smile has been


beaming across your face. Something tells me you are happy to be in the


final. I am so happy to be participating. I am in the final.


All I want to do is make my mum proud, my friends and family, and I


think I have done that today by getting into the final. As the


five-time world champion, you were not going to take her lightly.


I beat her in the world championships to qualify but I did


not want to take her lightly. You have to be special to be a five-


time world champion, but that just shows my class today to beat her


again into the final. Having picked up three world silver medals, how


motivated are you to make that silver a gold medal for Great


Britain? Massively, I want that gold. Words can't express how much


I want it. Nobody will remember the three silver medals I got in the


worlds if I get the gold. It would mean the world to me. You have made


everybody exceptionally proud. One fight to go. Congratulations.


you. Fantastic! Congratulations, Nicola!


We are smiling as much as she is. I love the way her mum still worries


when she is on a night out! We are now going to see Katie tamely in


action from Ireland -- Katie Taylor. She is a sporting icon on the


Emerald Isle. Let's see whether she can repeat her success. If she wins


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


final. The first of a scheduled Taylor of Ireland, in red. -- but


taller boxer. Her opponent is representing Tajikistan, she is


familiar with one another. They met at the semi-final stage of the most


recent world championships. On that occasion, on which to her fourth


world championship title, Katie Taylor prevailed in that semi-final,


concentration will be absolutely on the task at hand, to secured a


place in the final match for the gold medal position. She has to


were little punches to the back of their heads. Rabbit punches are


illegal. The cry of Ireland". Katie Taylor is being sued to the rafters


in front of her adoring supporters advantage of three points to one.


Katie Taylor's coach is telling her that she needs to age a bit closer


with her feet first before she throws be one-two-three attack.


Great combinations that Katie is known so well for. She just needs


to get a seat in before she throws them. Confirmation of the scoreline.


The decibel level continues to rise. The first about that Katie Taylor


appeared in, it was against Natasha Jonas, and the decibel level was at


over 130 decibels, and scientists say that a jumbo jet taking off his


110 decibels! That gives you an idea of the type of atmosphere


European champion. Her opponent, from Tajikistan, just 19 years of


punch from Katie Taylor but she got everybody as though they are a


world champion. That is the mark of the true champion, they see the


same level of dedication and ability in their opponent. Never


underestimate your opponent. That is one of the reasons why Katie


Taylor has remained on top for so long. Katie Taylor has embraced the


pressure of being world number one and she continues to assert her


dominance. But she got caught again by Chorieva on the way in with a


as well. As the bell sounds, bringing about an end to the second


round, that two point advantage has exceptionally well on the counter.


Very few people can counter the speed of Katie Taylor and she is


doing exactly that. Perhaps not getting quite as many points on the


board as perhaps she should have done. Her coach says he wants Katie


to finish with a left hook as she from the crowd as we head into the


third-round! The four-time world championship, gold medallist and No.


1 seed in the tournament, from Ireland, Katie Taylor. Chorieva,


Just 19 years of age, representing path into the ring. Chorieva, she


has now been warned for goading Taylor, for her bravado, by the


for both of these women. Katie Taylor is coached by her father,


Peter. He was a light heavyweight copy her dad, they would shadow box


wanted a son and she was raised as a son, and he was a passionate


referee is not happy. The crowd love it. The crowd are raising the


volume level once again. The advantage in favour of the No. 1


starting to find her range a lot better now Chorieva one. -- better


now on Chorieva. She called Katie a couple of times but Katie will not


change in tactics being employed by a Chorieva, because she knows she


has a significant deficit and she's one of 44 qualified boxers


competing in London 2012 who benefited from the expertise,


coaching, medical back-up and nutrition are provided at the


held once again in Cardiff and conducted by the US former Olympic


coach, Tom quarter. More showmanship being demonstrated by


Chorieva. Anything to try to take Katie Taylor's mind offers the game.


A little bit late for that showmanship now. She needs to


concentrate perhaps a little bit more the tactics at hand. Katie is


far too professional and experienced to be falling for these


Games. The atmosphere that is being generated by these Games is quite


remarkable. Katie Taylor, a revered figure for her native Ireland, the


flag-bearer for the team. Reports from Ireland suggest that employers


are making special arrangements for staff so they can watch this very


about that is taking place in the medley of the afternoon in London.


Special dispensation has been given to staff to watch Katie Taylor book


a place in the gold medal bout after another marathon performance!


She knows she has done enough! She blows a kiss of congratulations to


all of her adoring fans, encircling her at this wonderful Abbey Theatre


for boxing, the XL arena for a London -- at this amphitheatre. In


a few moments, Katie Taylor will be able to bask in the wonderful


reception she is receiving before getting her mind back on the job


and focusing on what will surely be the gold medal fight in his


inaugural women's boxing Olympics events forced --. Her strength and


jumping for joy in the corner. Confident that Katie Taylor of


winner by a score of 17 points to nine, representing Ireland, Katie


Taylor. Katie Taylor gives thanks as having


secured her place in the Gold medal bout. And just look at the


reception she is receiving from this crowd that is filled to


capacity of the ExCel Arena. The world number one, the four-time


world Championship gold medallist. Underlining her status as the


overwhelming favourite for the Olympic gold. Katie Taylor,


absolutely superb. A consummate professional in this women's boxing


game. She has been an amazing ambassador for this sport for so


many years. And just listen to that many years. And just listen to that


support from the crowd. What a win. She demolished her


opponent. And we should say congratulations Katie Taylor. And


also to these fantastic Irish fans, such a love for their country and


their sporting icons. They are lighting up the ExCel Arena. For


three times louder than a jumbo jet taking of!


KT, 10,000 Irish fans singing your praises as you make your way into


the Olympic final. What a yurt emotions right now? It is


incredible. It is a cream -- a dream come true. 10,000 Irish


people here. And to be in the Olympic final, I feel like I am in


heaven. A with this crowd behind you, does it add any extra pressure


on will you just soak it up and use it in the ring? It is going to be a


50-50 fight tomorrow and the pressure is going to be on both of


us. It is just like any other fight, really. You have definitely got the


silver medal but the job is only half done. Definitely. I have to go


back and focus for tomorrow. Do it for all these people who came to


support me, it is an amazing feeling. No doubt they will be once


again there for the final. Congratulations.


What an amazing crowd. What a talent. Remarkably today a British


newspaper claimed that Katie Taylor was British which caused uproar.


One person wrote in to say, it feel free to claim Ronan Keating!


Tomorrow that final, it will be a Tomorrow that final, it will be a


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


from the centre of the ring. Cancan incredibly accomplished on


the back foot. The third of being from Texas, she receives assistance


from another notable Olympian, the legendary George Foreman.


Ren gets through with another right hand. She is facing a deficit


gap by two points. I think that hook landed on one or two


occassions. Esparza allowed Ren to counter and move off. She launched


her attacks from the centre of the round of this semi-final. Esparza


receiving inspirational advice from her corner. Ren has led at the end


of each of the completed three rounds. Ren's coach telling her she


is just too far away. Just passing the halfway stage in this final


round. The winner will progress to the gold medal bout. Ren is the


number one seed. Esparza a world champion bronze medallist from 2006.


She will have to do something to overturn that points deficit.


Esparza needs to go twice and catch her on the ropes. Going into that


final round. There was plenty of aggression. But was it effective


enough to overturn that two-point deficit?


We saw that Clear right hand been landed by Esparza. The winner will


progress through to the gold medal bout.


The losing semi-finalist guaranteed a bronze medal. Victory is


uppermost in the minds of both of these boxers who will progress


through to the gold medal bout. winner by a score of 10.28, in the


red corner, representing the People's Republic of China, a


Cancan Ren! She will contest the first ever women's boxing Olympic


title after she controlled proceedings very well indeed to


prevail by a scoreline of 10 points to eight. We saw her it secure its


experience shining through towards the end, using her foot work


the end, using her foot work effectively.


Another great afternoon of boxing. A big day today. 16 different


sports. Here is what else has been 10,000m champion Mo Farah had to


work hard but came through his 5,000m Keet. -- heat. Caster


Semenya reached the semi- tomorrow of the 800m. Lynsey Sharp of Great


Britain also through. It was a great morning for Sophie Hitchon,


7-1.98, her hammer throw booked her place in the final on Friday. And


British showjumper is now bidding for individual honours.


And we would join that life just before at 3 o'clock today.


But now we take you inside the Copper Box. An odd name but an


exciting place to be. It has been the home of handball in these games.


We are now in the quarter-final stages today. All the action


stages today. All the action shortly but first, this guide.


Handball is played on a court measuring 40 metres by 20 metres


making it the largest court for any indoor for sport at the Games. The


goals are three metres wide, two metres in height and they are


surrounded by the goal area. The ball is between 54 and 60


centimetres in size. Approximately tense and reduce smaller than the


standard football. Shot can reach over 100 kilometres per hour. 24


teams will compete for two gold medals. The 12 nations represented


in the men's event and 12 in the women's. The preliminary stage


features two pools of six teams. They played in a round-robin format.


The knockout competition goes all the way to the final. If you would


like to get involved in Olympic sports, visit the website for more


sports, visit the website for more information.


It is all about education and entertainment. At this stage they


have decided to leave the Copper Box and head over to the Basketball


Arena arena as things really start to hot up. Iceland are the Beijing


silver medallist and they play Hungary. We join that match in the


Hungary. We join that match in the Absolute drama here. Time-out to


Hungary. The opening game in the quarter-finals in his handball


Hungary are back to full strength. That proved to be a very costly two


Telling the referee he was holding We are inside the last minute and


The old fox knows what he is doing, Time-out. What drama! It is almost


unbearable for the coaches. But it will all come down to these last 22


seconds. Walid be those who topped Group in Group A? -- will it be? Or


will Hungary pull off a bit of a It is saved and Hungary have the


ball. Seven seconds! And they have levelled it! He sends the match


into extra time! The Icelandic coach cannot believe it! They had a


penalty to guarantee their place in That is it, the end of the game. It


is going to be extra time. The coach cannot believe it. Neither of


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


It is all to do, all over again It is saved. Deflected wide of the


90 seconds played in this first period of five minutes of extra-


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


Stott played briefly to try to clean up the ball. -- stopped play.


The resin that they use on their hands makes the ball with the


And what could be a crucial save. He sportingly apologises, but it


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


was tight defending. He was under Smelling salts always help, to keep


him alert. Less than two minutes remaining in this first period of


five minutes. Saved again! But a Second round of extra time in this


The last minute of the first period The Icelanders are making a lot of


unforced errors here, as they get And that is it. Halfway through


this period of extra-time. Three Five minutes remaining in this last


period of extra-time, five minutes of Iceland to close this two goal


He got his foot to it but it went in! He just went inside his


goalpost, it could have gone outside! One goal in it. Hungary


need to keep scoring to par the pressure on. -- pile the pressure


on. Both sets of fans are screaming Hungary are preparing to take up


their goalkeeper if needs be in this final spell. That is the foul


As long as the attacker wears a big way you can still see his number


underneath, they can bring on another attacker. The pressure is


back on Iceland. 3 1/2 minutes to They have lost a ball again, the


Icelanders! Those unforced errors are there! Two minutes and 40


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


seconds remaining. Hungary trail by, The player who missed the penalty


from Iceland is holding a towel to his face, he can barely watch. He


is in the background, head buried, and he is such a key player


normally. His team-mates are battling away, draining the last


resources. They have lost control of the game in the latter stages,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


The keeper could not save that one. A free throw. The clock has been


stopped. One minute and five seconds remaining. Hungry on the


Mate Lekai is inside the area! Iceland's ball. 45 seconds to go.


Iceland need one at last attack. They have to make it count.


It is all or nothing for it Iceland now.


The clock has been stopped. 17 it seconds on the clock. Mate Lekai


goes on. The event specialist. Working alongside Gudjonsson.


What a crowd pleaser at this has been.


Still not putting on the extra player. Here he comes now.


Six seconds and it has gone wide. And that is it. Hungary have one.


Iceland could not get a why not won Hungary take a famous victory.


Iceland undone by Gudjonsson's failure to get the penalty.


They cannot believe that, it is all over. The silver medallists from


over. The silver medallists from Beijing on going home.


Congratulations to Hungary. I love the dancing. And more handball


available now on the red button. France taking on Spain in their


quarter-final. Another big crowd in the Basketball Arena arena.


Meanwhile on be busy three we have table tennis, Germany up against a


Hong Kong. -- on BBC Three. And we will also shortly bring you some


BMX action on BBC Three S Shanaze Reade begins her campaign.


The volleyball also available on the red button. This is Argentina


up against Brazil, the current world champions. So a lot of good


atmosphere around the park at the moment. People have been asking


where the Irish party is after that win earlier today by Katie Taylor!


Just followed the noise! Well we are about to take you to


another Olympic venue, one which has seen huge crowds, and plenty of


has seen huge crowds, and plenty of out of the arena.


Move on, Tina! Silver for Great It is a wait and see game now. This


could be the first gold medal. And Britain have got the gold.


This is bold about to happen. She This is bold about to happen. She


has made history. Whoever made did decision to base


the equestrian event at Greenwich, well done that man or woman. It is


now time for the individual competition in the showjumping.


Earlier today the top 25 riders competed with the top 20


progressing to round B. The scorers are combined and the top three take


the medals. Clare Balding is there now. It is normally a bit more


sedate down there. But with another medal for gold -- for Great Britain


today the place could erupt. There is nothing sedate about this crowd


today. So many people saying that they're really nervous. But Nick


Skelton is not nervous, Scott Brash is not nervous. Scott Brash will be


coming out third-last. And Nick Skelton will be riding into the


arena last of all. He will know exactly what he needs to do. It may


be he has to jump clear to equal somebody else. But I think there is


a lot of excitement here, that is the main thing. If we are nervous,


Nick Skelton is not. Sometimes apparently he can get nervous but


he is sober calm because he knows his animal can jump anything. He


said earlier I have never felt him stretched, or like he cannot do


something. That white fence over there, they call it the White Horse


of Uffington. One rider it is riding at their first Olympic Games,


the other at his sick. And they both believe they can win gold.


learning a lot as it goes on. We have six riders who have gone Clear


and if all six go clear in this final, how do we separate the


winners from the losers? They go in again on a much shorter course and


they jump off against the clock. The benefit for Nick Skelton is if


he goes clear in his round he would still be last to go in the jump off


and that really helps because you know how many risks you need to


take. Ben Maher, he knocked down one fence, is he now out of the


medals? Probably. It is very sad for him. He was keeping an eye on


the clock because there were quite a few riders with one time fault.


He got one fence down because he was trying to go quicker. It might


not be enough for him. And that shows how tiny the margins are.


Just a fraction of, that can be expensive. Nick Skelton was


explaining that he just cannot push this horse far enough. The quality


of that force is why he is still competing. And now we will find out


whether he is indeed an Olympic gold medallists. Some of the riders


come at some countries have spent a lot of money buying in quality


animals but this is world-class competition and all of them are


competition and all of them are hand you over to the final round


with Great Britain in the hunt for a medal or two.


The Ukrainian rider now, was born in Brazil and moved to Ukraine in


2009. Let us go round the course with


Andy Austen. The width of the oxer going into


the double catches him out. Safely over that one. This track not as


technical as the first round. But they need Scope and power.


Time is important. There is a big loop around here. This is the long


run to the last couple of jumps. Has got to get home in 80 seconds.


It is going to be very close. He has jumped it! Inside the time


allowed of 80 seconds. Rivetti gets a total of nine.


Because the time is so tight, if the riders add up anywhere, they


could get a time fault. Now the man from Switzerland. Paul


this morning's round. This Irish mare keeps trying and


trying. Such a lovely athlete. He has got him the extra stride.


Now he has got to move up quickly, make up some time. He is not going


that quickly around here. I think he could be in trouble.


Lovely technique over the narrow vertical.


She is jumping her heart out, this mare. Just a bit worried he is not


quite quick enough. He was not too worried about the


time but he is going to struggle to get there in the 80 seconds. The it


is the famous cutty Sark fence. Cutty Sark of course just anchored


down on the Thames. One time fault. That leaves him a score of 10 in


total for both rounds. Just a touch on the vertical, that was his


mistake. Tried so hard on the combination, just did not push up


They have been together for 11 years. He would love to give George


Morris, the retiring manager, a very successful American manager,


something to cheer about. He comes in with a score of five after round


one. It is fascinating to watch Rich Fellers right. 16-year-old.


ability. He trusts him to run forward and jumped carefully. The


ground is absolutely superb. Moving up a gear. They have to go around


this island. Try and get a round in 80 seconds. Now he is motoring and


leaning forward, opening his stride Finishes with a clear round for the


United States of America! He is the man who throws the gauntlet down.


22 have come forward for this round. We go in reverse order. Six clear


rounds for America. How far can this man climb with a clear round?


Such a brave little horse. He is only barely 16 hands. But my


goodness me, does he drive. Putting everything into that last fence.


What a lovely fence. George Morris is in his 70s now. He has been a


great man for the United States of America. They won gold four years


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


ago but no medals this time. So this course, there is just a couple


of options where the riders have to make big decisions. Running out of


power as well. He did nothing wrong, Delestre, he just did not have the


jumpy needed. -- jump that he needed. Always better to try to


keep the jumps straight, not across which is good. Two down there.


Finishes on eight with four from the first, so 12. It is a


combination that could feature in four years time in Rio. Once he had


got the seven strides, he lost a bit of momentum into the double,


and it is such a big fence that unless de horse has got ultimate


power and athletic ability, it is so difficult to jump. We may well


see the French flag fluttering again because they still have one


1998, and Olympic champion in Athens, 2004. One of the world's


greatest horseman, following in the footsteps of his father, Nelson


Pessoa. He had one fence down in the first round. An elegant and


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


stylish rider, very calm under ambition of any athlete, including


a showjumper, and he is a man who has done it and been there. This


inexperience course, beautifully ridden by just running out of power


when it really matters. Ends on of Mexico, they have produced some


very good rounds. This is the only one to get through to the


individual final round, Alberto. Another mare. Four faults from the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


has got it. Looking in the comfort zone, and we will not see too many


courses comfortable in this. -- Many horses. Time could be an issue,


two to jump and only 80 seconds allowed. Very close!


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE. But just all right! He puts his gauntlet down.


He takes up the lead. But of course there is a long, long way to go.


Alberto Michan. They have really shown the crowds in London what


Mexico can do in showjumping. wonderful exhibition, and also


rider. He pointed to his horse, and he is giving credit to go hoarse,


but I don't think you rode it badly himself, but great to see him


giving the credit to this wonderful mare. Now the other Brazilian, who


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


bit tired. -- courses. It is a tough competition. He has got the


power, this horse, but he is not quite snapping up in front. Again...


Just taking chances with his front legs. He got away with that last


here and then it rebalance. Beautifully over the last one. But


he has got a time fault, with the narrowest of margins. He is on five


for this round. The four from round one this morning, so a total of


nine. The best scores, America and Flexible, and the Mexican. You can


see how flat it is, there is very little holding these fences up.


popular with the crowds. 65 years old. He won team's silver four


years ago. This man is a true rider from the States, she was only


a team. Ian Miller is still as good as ever. He has really involved


with the sport, and he looks every inch a modern, classical rider.


first round. He has made a great start to this round. Here is the


scope needed... Didn't quite have enough. Look down into the water


tray. That is what it is there or exciting. Could he be back again?


This course is proving to be problematic in various different


areas, particularly the trouble. Also early, at the distance from


the Red up right through to the double, and that is where the


riders have to make a decision on what they are going to do and then


be able to change their mind quickly depending on how the animal


approach is that upright. Coming up very soon, Ben Maher on Triplex. He


is a stallion. So is big stuff. Scott Brash's is a gelding. The


horses have to be fit and the riders have to be cool in the head.


Here is proved that the world of show jumping is changing. Colombia,


only an individual here, but an individual who many thought could


well go all the way. Got so far into his individual run and the


mayor is only nine years old. They have gone quite brilliantly. They


could finish off in style and it would really put Colombia on the


Smooth and in control. Total balance all the way.


So careful, this rare. She tries every inch of the way. Just that


little touch. She has been so good this week but did not get away with


that one. This animal has impressed everyone this week. It proves again


how careful these animals have to be. That was the lightest of


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


touches. competition. Now for Australia and


it is Edwina Tops-Alexander. Riding this lovely little animal.


16 years old. But a wonderful jumping machine. Starts this round


on four. This horse is tiny. But he has got the heart of a lion.


In the first round he made the kind of mistake we hardly ever see, he


hit the front of an oxer really hard. He did not quite make that,


backed off. Another mistake for one of the world's leading combinations.


Proving how tough this course came with a great chance but it is


of this cover just getting caught out for power, the middle of that


combination is very difficult to jump. And that last fence just


slightly running out of petrol. Confirmation there of the positions.


But there are 12 moored now to jump. Six clear rounds. This is where it


all starts. Ben Maher. He got an unlucky four faults in that first


disappointed to get that fence down. Because this animal has all the


capabilities of being an Olympic medallist. I think it may just be


too far now but to raise at Clear would raise morale for the British


team. He has to put those Faulds


completely behind him. Anything can happen in show jumping. A clear


round here can give him a chance. What an achievement for him to be


here at this stage with the animal that he has bred and produced all


the way through his career. He is on the stage with the best in the


world. And he is good enough, what is more. He has got it all wrong


there! Big hesitation, did not get to the right place to take off.


did well to get out of there with just one down.


I think even if he holds it at four faults, it is not going to happen


for Ben. He has more than played his part in that team gold. He will


be disappointed. But he will be out there making sure that Nick Skelton


and Scott Brash will be in the best frame of mind.


A total of eight at the London Olympics. Just take a look at what


happened. Did not seem to get quite where he wanted to. But once he had


the momentum broken, you can see it come down behind. And that is a


great shame. The crowd giving him a really good reception.


Waiting in the wings, Alberto Michan. Here is the man who many


thought would be a Metalist. -- medallist. Marc Houtzager for the


Netherlands. He is right at the top of his game. Just once silly


stile is very open at the bottom. This course making the best in the


world really work hard for the medals.


This is a combination thought to be among us a medal contenders. It is


not going to happen for them. not going to happen for them.


A total of eight. And we had now into the top 10.


They either had one fault or they jumped clear inside the time. And


among the 60, a kind O'Connor from Ireland, Scott Brash and Nick


Skelton from Great Britain. Then there will go back to his team-


mates and feedback anything he thinks that is relevant. You could


see the disappointment in his face. As he walked out there and accepted


the applause of the crowd I think that is the first time he let


himself be part of the big occasion that is the Olympic Games. And I


feel for him that he will not go away with an individual medal, but


team gold is not bad as consolation! Nobody living in Great


Britain has had a team gold for showjumping because it has not been


showjumping because it has not been done since 1952!


Back now with the top 10. The only lady rider in the top 10,


from Portugal. 41 years old. One time fault.


If she jumps clear it will really put on the pressure for the last


line to go. Luciana so elegant and stylish.


There is the power we're talking about. Jumped that really well with


inches to spare. She just kicked, lost as Derek


Boswell. It has all gone completely wrong. -- a stirrup as well. What a


shame. It all went wrong at the end. That would not have helped her


balance. A total of ten for her. Michan climbing up the leaderboard.


She lost her cool. She jumped the combination so well and went to the


next vertical on a horrible long stride. She lost her balance as


well. Such a shame at the end of the course. That is the pressure of


these riders are under. Not the kind of mistake she normally would


make. Gerco Shroder. Is he going to deliver it now? He is on a score of


the ability but as some stallions we have seen in the past, does he


always concentrate? Gerco Shroder rarely makes a


mistake. Super cool under pressure. He had the last fence down in the


Europeans a year ago in Madrid which lost in a European


Championship. He tried hard not to do the same thing again. Motoring


around that corner. Trying hard not to pick up another time fault.


Opening up his stride. Still clear Schroder! 34 years old, his second


Olympics, and he has certainly given himself a chance. Probably


only an outside chance, but it is in this round, and that a time


fault can prove to be so expensive. But that is the ability and power


at the need to jump clear. -- they considered as a contender for a


medal win this tournament started, 49-year-old Schwizer. The horse


that Switzerland has won medals went at the Olympics. This man has


a style all of his own but he was another one to fall foul of the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


combination is right up there, 1.59. It is so difficult to be careful


over the vertical and had the power to jump the ones in the middle.


They are going to pieces, as we combination, struggling to jump


through discourse. Again, but time fought for the previous round. He


previous round. He is in equal 7th did not quite happen for Shwizer.


The horse did not just have the from Britain, one from Ireland, one


from France and one from Germany to jump with a clear round in the


first round. The first is from the ridden in four Olympics, this is


his 5th. 41 years old. Their won individual bronze in Sydney and


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


really has got some power offer of the floor. Just got away with that


rattling, he got close to that fence! He was riding his luck. Give


riders with one time fault of still can get a medal, anything can


happen. He is giving this everything. The Saudi Arabians have


got better and better the further we have got into this showjumping


time though. He still has got two more jobs to come. I think he is on


time faults! One in the first round, one in the second round. A score of


two. He knows that he will not win gold because he has showed in front


of him, but what a performance. -- The applause is running out for


Saudi Arabia. With me, a man who won gold for the team but sadly it


He is normally a great combination jump-off. I can't remember the last


time he got a combination down but it cost me both rounds today. I was


perhaps too quick. The he just took a breath and was looking at the


It has just not happen to Damon. What do you feel the chances are


for Scott and Nick? It is a good course. Things are going in my


direction. Some of the riders have got time faults, which will be a


really expensive, so his fingers crossed. Everybody now holding


their breath, particularly for viewers in Ireland. O'Connor is on


what happened in 2004 in Athens, when he won the gold and then lost


it because of an illegal substance being in the course's blood. -- the


it is a case of the rest joining him. O'Connor is a tough competitor.


He is riding for his life. He is galloping around to try to make


sure he does not get a time fault. He has only got a few seconds to


get home. It will be very close! CHEERING AND APPLAUSE. He is over


the time. Time will play a part. He He punched the air when he went


through the finish. He didn't realise he was on a time fault. He


has just looked up at the scoreboard and realised. They were


all jumping up and down, screaming and shouting, the Irish team, and


then they realised. They can't clear round or or will there be a


zero score. -- and that a zero score. All the experience in the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


world for the French riders. Can he influential. France is out.


Miller, Ben Maher, they are all on aid. And they are at the moment in


equal 6th place. Does two a ride is watching with just one time fault


each, they will be chewing their fingernails -- those two riders


watching. They could still win medals. He also gets a time fault.


Adding to the pressure in the 2012 A massive vertical going in. A


spooky water tray in the middle. Tremendous amount of power and


athleticism it needed. There are four left to jump that could win


the individual gold medal for London 2012. 14 Switzerland, one


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


for Germany, two for Great Britain. athletic. When you have the extra


stride, don't forget you have to make up the time somewhere else on


Now he has to think about time for a medal. What colour will it


be? He has jumped the first double clear in the individual. He knew it


this horse had the scope and the quality to jump Olympic Games. And


he could be right because he could be put in Switzerland on the way to


an individual medal! The first double clear. Who is going to join


him? Brilliantly written all the way. -- brilliantly written. What a


great piece of writing. That was amazing. -- What a great piece of


riding. My word! Three left to jump. Two from Great Britain and one for


Germany. It is the 26-year-old to Games. That was two years ago. And


now he's here jumping for an individual medal at the London


Olympics. It does not get better. He has got to be clear it and


forward. That was the plan he had in his mind. Such a tough decision


to make. And just caught the front rail. It will all be down to Nick


Skelton for Great Britain now. The double dream has not quite made it


here. Brilliant ride down the combination. Scott Brash is going


to be around for many years. He is a Championship rider in technique


and temperament. And he has done brilliantly at the Olympics this


time. We will see him again no doubt.


Good quick time. Desperately Tiny little touch. Did not quite


get away with it. You sometimes need a bit of luck


but not on this occasion. He is such a professional, such a


perfectionist. A little shake of his head. There is the situation.


Two to go. Marcus Ehning. On a Dutch-bred stallion. One of the


greatest riders there has been in the past 10 or 15 years. He would


love this vital. Germany have not had a good games so far in the


showjumping. This animal is so powerful. It is unbelievable how


markers sits so quietly. There you are, sometimes such a powerful


animal is not always careful. This is fascinating now.


The riders with one fault could get bronze or silver, it all depends on


a round from Britain's Nick Skelton. He will be back. Safely over of the


line. That will be a total of nine for both rounds.


Not the muddle that he wanted. Now the crowd started to roar because


the next man, the last man to jump in the showjumping discipline of


London 2012 is Nick Skelton. With Big Star. This is the moment he


have -- has dreamt of. You will see this man dig very deep


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


to get himself a second Olympic making up some time. He cannot


afford a time fault. Britain are out of the individual medals, I am


afraid. They tried so hard. It is a round of four faults for Nick


Skelton. So near and yet so far. Nick Skelton takes his hat off. It


has been a great Olympic Games for the man. He was in the Queen's


birthday honours with an OBE eat and he has deserved that. The


Olympic gold medallist, it is Steve Guerdat. But we have a jump-off for


the silver and bronze. Schroder and O'Connor. The drama is


not finished yet. What an not finished yet. What an


afternoon! Will bring you news of that jump


off shortly. Let me go straight to Clare Balding. How are you feeling?


We thought that Nick Skelton might have done it. I just wonder, the


crowd where excited and the commentator actually came on to


silence them. I'm not saying that is what caused the fans to come


down. He has been jumping his 6th round and that is probably taking


its toll. But it is such a tense sport to watch. Especially being


here, you stop breathing. You're trying not to say anything out line.


But 20,000 people are all making a tiny noise and that multiply is


into something bigger. I'm desperately disappointed for Nick


Skelton because I know how much he believed in this animal. He


probably will think it is his fault, that is what most riders do. But


the thing is, it went wrong for Nick Skelton in Athens, I feel


sorry for him that it has gone wrong again now. And so costly


because you slip from leading to dropping down completely out of the


medals. The same thing for Scott Brash, but he has definitely more


years ahead of him. Nick Skelton has got a back operation coming up,


you never know how he is going to come back after that. You heard the


list of all these injuries. It is amazing that he can still walk! But


he certainly writes brilliantly well. The team gold is a huge


highlight. But when he comes in last, he knows he could have gone


for it did jump-off but sadly that is not the case. I know this is not


rise to watch, but let us take a look at the moment he took that


fence down. It looked relatively easy? The difficult stuff had


already happened. You could hear the reaction of the crowd when it


fell. Nick said to me before that he had learned from Athens that you


cannot take your mind off it for even one second. Absolute


concentration is essential and that is a hard thing to do especially


when the competition has been as long as it has. It is exhausting.


It is emotionally draining. And you do not even know how much you have


taken out of yourself. You have no idea what effect that has upon you,


that a ship at getting the team gold. Michael Phelps was speaking


about that, he said that you do have to control everything, you


have to flatten yourself out after a great win. Nick Skelton is coming


towards us now and I know he will be absolutely drained by that. Huge


ovation from the crowd. But that is just a shame. Here we go again.


heard the announcer trying to silence the crowd was a I did not


hear that. It is one of those things. He had not touched a jump


all week. I have been there before and it is the same thing again. I


will keep going. It is a pity this is done is like it is where we have


to start equal. If it had been the European Championships I would have


been two offences in front. All of the British forces had to jump an


extra round, did that take anything out of him? He is still fresh, he


could go again. It was just unlucky. It was not meant to be. You are St


Ihab to carry on. You have got that back operation to come. How are you


planning the run-up to the next Games? We are in Dublin next week.


Perhaps at the end of November if it gets really bad, I might do it


then. I need three months off and then just keep going, do it again.


You have a team gold medal and that is such a great achievement.


would have settled for that before we came. The crowd has been great


and I feel sorry for them. Baking year to try to get another medal


today. -- they came here. I feel desperately sorry for Nick


Skelton but I love his resolve. He will push on. And do not forget our


first ever dressage medal. So disappointment in the end down


there in Greenwich. But we cross now to Weymouth. Shirley Robinson


is waiting for us. It has been another busy day. Plenty of focus


on the 470 crew. The women wear in action today and they ended the


series on equal points with New Zealand. That will be ahead to head


for the gold medal on Friday. The man, they had a day off. They go


head to head with Australia tomorrow.


An update on the jump-off in the equestrian. Let us talk about the


49 years. An element of disappointment their? I felt for


them. They had been together, a lifelong friends. They had the


chance of a bronze medal this morning. They gave it a good shot.


But Denmark took the final muddle. They were disappointed. Four years


ago in Beijing I saw how high it it was for them to walk away with


nothing. And they had tears in their eyes today. And what about


the match racing quarter-final against Russia? The had a tough


week last week but they survive that. There are currently in the


quarter-finals. It is the first of three. They are looking as if they


are ahead of Russia. They are in great shape. If they win today


there into the semi-finals against Spain. They were nervous last week.


But today there are confident command executing everything well.


They are working together and look really promising for a final on


Saturday. So lots to look forward Pleased to say that Sue Barker has


dropped in, and you were pacing around watching Nick Skelton.


so disappointing for him. He won the gold in the team, but the


despair of being in that position and missing out again, that is


tough. Have you recovered from the Velodrome? I feel quite drained.


When you are in there and working away, you think so much about other


things that you almost forget to look at what is really happening on


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