BBC Two: Day 12: 13.00-13.45 Olympics

BBC Two: Day 12: 13.00-13.45

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Welcome back to our continued coverage. We are going to go


straight back to Greenwich Park, where Scott Brash is riding Hello


Sanctos in the individual performance he has put up. Superb


temperament, and he jumped a clear round when it really mattered for


Great Britain. Could not have done a better job even if he had been


jumping in his beloved Scotland. Scott Brash, from Peebles, with


this lovely horse, Hello Sanctos, owned by Lord and Lady Harris.


Bought for him at the end of last year. This talented young man from


Scotland has his first individual trays. Scott has impressed


everybody with his cool, calm temperament. And he seems to love


the pressure of riding at a big championships. Brings out the best


going to have had a good look. I think he is all right. Any mark


from the horse's ft on the plasticine will be four faults.


Scott will not know anything about that. He will be concentrating on


the rest of the course. Here is the last. Absolutely brilliant! This


for Britain, one officers learned, one for fans and one for Ireland


that was quite out of this world. It is unbelievable, the way Scott


keeps rising to the occasion her in every round. He has got better and


better. In the water, that was his one scary moment. Couldn't have


been closer. But he has impressed everyone with his riding. He is the


coolest guy in the whole place. What a round that was. The will


carry that clean sheet through till around two and two more grounds for


That was a superb bid for a medal. Oh, my word. A word on Hello


Sanctos as well, to squeeze in just over that plasticine. We can now go


back and have a word with Clare, who is with the king of composure.


No, she is not there. I have not got him yeah, but he will be on his


way any second, and I would grab him - gently! He is the youngest


member of the British team. It is his first Olympic Games, and he is


so cool. It is almost like things start happening in slow motion when


he comes into the arena, which is a sign of a top-class athlete. You


see it with swimmers, runners and tennis players. Everything starts


to happen slower than in real life. It is a great start for Scott Brash.


He is super-confident. We interviewed him late at night and I


said, how will this change your life? And he said, I hope it will


improve my pulling power with the girls. He has had a huge response


to that so far. No sign of him yeah, but we have a fair few jumpers to


go. This guy, Ian Millar, is the oldest of the lot. This is his


tenth Olympic Games and he is 65. It is a new record, and he is


did in his thirties. He is such a class jockey. He has a wonderful


horse. What can he do in this first individual round? There will be a


lot of people in Berkshire thrilled to see that horse on the course.


is a really influential stallion. He is the Saraf Nick Skelton's big


hope for later, Big Star. There are one or two sires that really do


have a massive influence on the spot. The same kind of athletic


ability as Big Star, but maybe not quite the same horse. Ian is riding


as well as ever. 65 years old, but look at that for quality and class


all the way round. We are running out of superlatives for all that


has gone on at Greenwich, but this man is a legend. He keeps himself


fit and is a wonderful example of what top-class riding can still do


at 65. The one fence down means four faults. We are now into the


last quarter of the first of two rounds for the individual medals.


Thumbs up for captain Canada. He was in the silver-medal team in


Beijing for Canada four years ago. Now, the young Dutchman. He is 34


and was the star man that helped the Netherlands to win a gold medal


in the worlds of 2006, and then again in the Europeans have, when


they beat Germany on their home ground on two great occasions. But


there were two occasions when sadly, this man did not deliver when it


mattered. What was in Madrid last year at the Europeans, when he had


the very last fence down and almost had a gold medal at his fingertips.


And again here, when he could have really put the Netherlands so much


closer to Britain, but it was not to be. Gerco Schroder, with London.


This is another stallion which is so valuable for breeding if they


get to this kind of level. Gerco Schroder is not the tallest rider,


but he is very stylish, very effective. Watch him riding his


horse with no bit in its mouth at And he has a time fault. Baptiste


two of them now on a time fault. The Portuguese rider, and now Gerco


Schroder for the Netherlands. Incidentally, we have 12 with five


faults or under. And we have the best riders in the world to come.


Power, scope, ability, but that time fault, the way this is panning


out, they need to go clear. Brilliantly clean over the last


fence, but Cairness is needed now. I wonder why he was caught London.


I think I know. I think it is a bit of a giveaway. 11 left to jump.


There is bob Ellis. What a job he has done. His mate did all the


designs of these wonderful fences. Now, one of my fancies for the


individuals. This is the very talented Swiss rider, Pius Schwizer.


This mare looks so fit and well. It is by one of the great stallions


that jumped for Switzerland. They have looked good here, without


producing the deal. Could it be now? Pius Schwizer is a great rider


to watch. Likes to let his horses run forward and jump. She is a


light horse, very athletic. What you want from your horse is a


naturally athletic Kantor, so they can keep travelling forward without


going out if balance. Just to remind everybody, these fences are


up to 1.6 p high, and some of the mark two metres wide. -- they are


is three with a time fault and four clear rounds so far.


And one of those with clear rounds at no time faults is Great


He jumped really well today. He is settled and is getting better and


better. I saw you deliberately slowing down and walking out of the


arena gently. Were you thinking, don't get over-excited? The more


time they spend in that atmosphere, the better. But it feels relaxed in


their today. I am pleased. You seem relaxed. Fairly laid-back, but


there is a lot to go yet. We have another round. It is a lot of


jumping for the horses. So we just have to try our best and give the


crowds something to cheer about. his it hard to treat this as just


another competition when you have already got a gold medal? That is


what you have got to do. You have got to beat the track. The horse


does not know what day it is. It does not know about the fantastic


atmosphere. You just have to ride the course accordingly, and ride


the lines the way you think you need to and do what is best for the


Arabian, Kamal Bahamdan. What a performance they put up. They won


the bronze medal. But they have only ever won three medals in the


Olympics. They put up a fantastic performance. Kamal Bahamdan is


clear so far. You have got to love this mayor. Always looking for the


an effort over the water. She is so gutsy, the way she stretched over


that. We have seen a few good clear rounds, with that one time fault.


Looks as though he will be close again. Time is coming into play


more than we expected. Third and it is another one with a time fault!


When it comes to the second round, those one time faults will be


crucial. But the team from Saudi Arabia for are really showing what


He is a man who has already set a record in this Olympics, Ian Millar.


We think you will be all right? think I will get through to the


second round. But those four faults could be expensive at the podium.


It is going to take a double clean round to get to the podium.


London doing all right? At a damn all right. I was thinking last


night, reviewing the whole thing in my mind, it is the essence of home


court advantage. The spirit of Great Britain and the enthusiasm


behind these athletes is spurring them to great heights, and each


success makes the other athletes better. It is an extraordinary


synergy going on between the athletes in this country. In terms


of facilities for you as a travelling Athlete, have you found


it all right? The facilities are beyond first class. They had a


difficult challenge building the park here. It is all portable. It


will all come down and return the part to its fantastic natural state.


medal they have won in the equestrian games. They won an


individual bronze back in Sydney, he was meant to be at the Games.


They are certainly done the country proud. His source called Bayard van


de Villa There, compete in the first-round of the individual, on


four so far. Making such an impact on the world of show jumping, at


the Saudi Arabians. Ran into close to the combination, it has all of


ragged here. A look back at the last fence. He is inside the time.


A strong suspicion that time it just spurred him on to go that


little bit quicker, and as a result the mistakes came, 12 in all, three


fences down for Ramzy Al Duhami. Britain will be here in five horses


time, Britain's Ben Maher, the 5th horse to come out of the horses


that are left. He is just having a bit of an argument coming into the


combination. Bit of a disagreement, got way to close to the first part.


Germany, what can you say? All expected them to be very much at


the sharp end of the medals, they haven't done it so far, but don't


disregard this man, the world's number-one ranked rider for many


weeks, over many years, Marcus Ehning, he is riding 15 euros


payout -- stallion called Plot Blue. -- 15-year-old. He is very


experienced, the stallion. He hasn't looked at his best so far in


this tournament. He is one of the older horses here, 15. Marcus


Ehning, everybody's idea of perfect classical rider. How he can sit so


still in two such big fences is a complete mystery to me. Finished


4th, just outside the medals, in Sydney. I saw one of his sons here


in the earlier round, was on a gold medal team in Sydney, that is his


only Olympic medal to date. These riders will know they have got to


get inside the time, too many clears. He will be OK for time.


Just the last fence, he has jumped it. Marcus Ehning has shown us


exactly why he is regarded as one of the best. Brilliant round for


Marcus Ehning. And for Plot Blue. It is a clear round, at number five,


it is Ireland, France, Switzerland, Britain and now Germany, each with


a clear round. We have just witnessed perfect harmony between


horse and rider. These two, elegant, classic, stylish. Look how happy


and relaxed the horse is after the race, wonderful to watch. I have


heard one or two people say he could come good as we are beginning


to get that feeling. There is the top 20 just coming up. And there is


the eight faults bringing us up to 18. I think it will be those five


faults at the moment that look like being the cut-off point. That will


disappoint a lot to have got two fences or more down. -- who have


got. Three more to jump before Ben Maher. Nick Skelton follows Ben


Maher. And here, if you are a betting person, here is a


combination that has had several faller was saying watch this one.


This one is Daniel Bluman with Sancha. She went to the World


Equestrian Games, quite young when she won there, two years ago.


Finished 109th but will finish a lot higher here in London, been


very impressive in jumping on the European circuit to warm up, but


their most impressive performance this year was a $50,000 first prize


in the Grand Prix in Wellington in March, and they ran away with it.


What will they do here? Five clear down there, he put another one in.


But they have really impressed this a horse prepared to give you that


extra little bit of effort when it really counts. Censure, let's see


what she does, will she stretched over the water? Looking good. That


up with a medal with four faults is changing, and Colombia is one of


those nations who are showing they mean business on the international


stage, lovely round. 4 faults, inside the time. Showjumping can be


a tough, cruel sport. You see how likely -- likely he touched that


with his front feet. One little tiny touch on the fence and that


was all it took. Classic foot- perfect, jumping down the


combination. That one fence will be one too many. We are taking 23 to


the second round, this individual day here at Greenwich Park -- 20.


With the scores it could well be four faults, 5 balls, somewhere


around there by the time we are done, -- five faults. In comes the


a Australian star, Edwina Tops- Alexander. They go so well together,


Edwina, she was 4th in the world back in 2006. She is a world-class


jockey, certainly a possible model for Australia. You say he is like a


little rubber ball, he is not much bigger than a pony. That was a


shame, you wouldn't expect him to make that sort of mistake. He is


getting on a bit now. Whether he is just slightly past his best, this


little horse. This was one of the horses and combinations everybody


really did think could possibly win sure she doesn't get time fault. A


she will be disappointed. That was insignificant compared to some of


the other offences on this course but down it went, it is four. The


Australians certainly not having an equestrian games to remember.


Edwina Tops-Alexander on four. uncharacteristic mistake Fort Itot


du Chateau. So it used to seeing it jump clear round after clear round.


Quite a big mistake there. Didn't see that one coming. Five left to


go in round one. If we have any equalities we go to a jump-off. A


jump-off for any one of the medals. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia now and


it is HRH Prince Abdullah Al Saud, writing this Twelve-year-old course,


it Davos. -- riding this Twelve- year-old horse. They haven't got a


clear round so far. The Saudi Arabian rider having one time fault.


Very short distance. Another one to have that fence. We haven't seen


that come down too often. Same fence that Itot du Chateau had,


faults all round the course. Sometimes way you expect them.


left to do, two for Great Britain, bent may next, Nick Skelton to


follow. -- Ben Maher. Tension starting to mount with an amazing


round from Scott Brash, it just set the whole crowd going crazy when he


jumped. Two British riders, one after the other, just about to come


up. It is pretty tense here at Over the time. HRH Prince Abdullah


Al Saud ends up with a round that will probably send him out of the


individual rounds. He has done so much for the sport of show jumping


and he can certainly be very proud of his grandson here, already with


that bronze medal in the back, and no doubt Kamal Bahamdan will go to


the second round for said the Arabia. Here is Ben Maher. With


their home-bred Tripple X. He played such a part in that team


medal, as they all did. Peter Charles has not made it through to


the individual. They can only have three riders permission. Peter


Charles missed out on that. We have already got one Clear, could we


water. It is coming up. He got away with that a raffle. Come on! --


rattle. I think the judges only have been a precaution we look. --


having a precautionary look. British crowd holding their breath,


just got a bit forward there. He is all right for time. One down.


should see him in the second round. Sadly that will put him back,


probably reducing his chances of an individual medal, Ben Maher who was


a great Pony Rider and then went to beat a great student in Russia and


has done a great job for Great of them. And now the man who really


guided Britain to that team gold medal. It is 54-year-old Nick


Skelton on the nine-year-old Big Star. Can he be Britain's second


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 56 seconds


clear round? We have three left to in this arena at the moment. The


one that matters is the one on board, Nick Skelton. Well up on the


clock. He has done it! He has not hit a fence and. Listen to the


crowd! Great Britain have two of the six clear rounds at the moment.


It is game on for another gold here at Greenwich. Two Morton left to


jump in round one, and then we go again. Well done, Nick Skelton. So,


so focused. A immaculate riding. With the best horse in the world at


the moment. If there is any justice, Nick was jump clear in the next


round and win the gold medal. at the reaction from the squad


behind. This man so nearly won a medal in Athens eight years ago,


just going wrong in the very last round. Ever since then, he has been


looking to have a chance to put that right, and it looks at the


moment as if he could still do just Netherlands on many -- his father


represented the Netherlands on many occasions. This is a very good at


stallion. One of the most highly rated, second to last to go. Been


clear all the way through. Picks a price to have an early fence. And


another one. It is all over. He says he is not happy with his horse.


Two fences down. Takes a look around, and he knows that with two


offences down, he will not go through. So he retires. What


disappointment. So near, yet so far for the Dutchman. The that has been


the story of their championships of recent years. When they got the


silver medal, the team, the way it is looking for Britain with the two


clears, they have done their job so far. These pictures remind me of


the Madrid Europeans last year. His father had a fall in the very last


round in the Europeans, and it was very sad. His son goes out in a


similar way. But the Dutch have one more to come. There is his father.


Always a serious-looking face, but a lovely man behind that smile, or


nearly a smile. Now we come to the last and in individual all-round A.


But we have individual run B to come. The drama is not done yet.


Here is a combination that are many people's idea of the challenger to


Nick Skelton. The rider is 42 years old, with this lovely Dutch-bred


horse. He came seventh in the Olympics four years ago on another


horse that he had ridden on a number of occasions at the majors.


He was in the World Equestrian Games team, but finished 40th


individually. But they are a much more world-class combination now.


Last to go in the first round of the Olympic individual show jumping.


He chose to keep going down on the five strides. Lovely, big, athletic,


powerful jumper. There is a rumour that this may have lost a shoe.


Will that make a difference? It happened at the second fence, we


believe. Sometimes if they lose a shoe, it is not a major problem. If


there are no grass, it would make a bigger difference, because they


would need the studs to get the grips. So long as his foot isn't


sore, you can see he is carrying on happily. We have said it several


times. This going is amazing. All the disciplines have been on it.


The planners can be thrilled with the hard work that has gone on.


have just had the confirmation that one of the big Dutch challengers is


going out. I wonder whether that should did make a difference. Just


inside the time. They finish on four faults at the end of the first


round. That will be a disappointment. There is the issue.


Well spotted, Clare. That may have unsettled the horse. He jumped


brilliantly until the middle of the combination. Big drama again. It


was the same fence that Emma had down. Really difficult to jump at


one point 58. This means Britain will be the only country to have


two through to the next round on a clear round. I think you can bet


that the Olympic individual gold medal for show jumping will come


from one of those six. Could it be He hopes so, and give him credit


for that horse losing the issue. He does not miss anything. Top us


through what it is like to ride a horse of the quality of may macro?


It makes my job easier. So long as I get within the vicinity of the


fence, he does the rest. A lot of people are struggling out there. I


was holding on. He got there too soon, but he is jumping great.


Whatever he does, I will not be displeased. He is brilliant. He is


the outstanding horse of this competition so far. This afternoon,


you will come into this arena last. What do you want to see in the


course built by bob Ellis for this afternoon? For me, one thing I


never got to the bottom with this horse, I have never been in a


ground anywhere where I have thought I had to give him a kick


because it was lacking, scope-wise. The bigger it is, the better it is.


I don't think he would build anything he can't jump. The must


feel like a kid again, getting to ride him. That is what is keeping


me going. You are suffering a bit with a cold. I have had that very


few days. Not to worry. This will get it out of the way. Do you feel


you have things to put right after what happened in Athens where you


thought you had a medal in the bag and your horse made mistakes?


is the thing. Eight years ago, I was in the same position, last ago.


And we blew it, so I don't want to do that again. What do you do


different? I don't know. When riding at this level, you cannot


miss a beat. Six inches off, you can have a jump down. There is so


much precision. People do not understand that it is very


technical. When you have a horse on your side like he is, he is doing


everything to help me. He is giving it 110%, and if I give it 110, we


should be OK. Good luck this afternoon. I hope we get to talk to


you again in this position. Congratulations to Nick Skelton. We


will go back to Clare for more information about the second round.


The penalties are carried over. The top 20 go into this last round.


Obviously, the course is well- suited for our British riders, with


two of the six clear rounds in there, but how different will this


second course be? It will be slightly shorter. Not by much, only


about 20 metres. That equates to about four seconds. They have 10


obstacles, 13 jumping efforts. It can be bigger. There is a double-


decker bus that will be in this one, for more of the London hotspots. We


have seen big bend our there. -- we have seen big bend. They are trying


to reflect the British countryside and British iconic buildings. I can


see the double-decker bus been prepared. Particularly with Big


Star and Hello Sanctos, Scott Brash's horse, they are growing


with every round. They are very fit horses, and fitness really comes


into it, because they have been jumping for a few days now. With


the jump-off for the team, they have been doing more than the other


horses, but they are fit enough. is interesting to see how calm and


relaxed both Scott and Nick are, because a lot can be transferred to


the horse. And in that arena, there are so many people screaming. The


horses will know what is going on and they may know what is at stake,


though that might make you laugh. think the rider being confident


really does help. I am really impressed with how cool Scott Brash


has been. He is trying to treat it like any other competition. And it


knows he has a wrong to put right, and I believe he will. It starts at


3 o'clock. A quick word on the horses. Is there a stable area at


the back where they can relax and have a sponge down before the


The horses will have a sponge down and cool down. The cloud coming


over is a real help. It is very hot here when the sun is blazing down.


The spectators will get something to eat and drink as well and will


come back to their seats, are raring to go. The horses will have


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