BBC One: Day 12: 16.00-18.00 Olympics

BBC One: Day 12: 16.00-18.00

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remarkable day of the Games. certainly was. I shall take over


now. The cycling is an incredible eight goals, from Bradley Wiggins


on the road, to Sir Chris Hoy on the track. And there may be more as


we move to the BMS track -- BMX track, which is one of the sports


we are following today. It is fast, frantic and fun to watch. Britain's


Shanaze Reade will hope to put some disappointing results behind her


and recapture the form that saw her win the World Championship last


year. Also hockey, the Netherlands beat Great Britain to come top of


their group, and they take on the top seed and defending champions


New Zealand for a place in the final. We will be at Earls Court


for the volleyball court of final between the USA and the reigning


Cup champions, Italy. China has dominated table tennis here,


winning all three goals so far and are strong favourites in the men's


team event. They will take on South Korea -- all three gold medals. So


this is what we are looking forward to, straight away we head to the


The first period between New Zealand and the Netherlands, and we


will be live for that later on. But here on BBC One it is BMX, which


proved to be such a hit on its Olympic debut four years ago. The


event starts at the time trials. 32 men and 16 women competing to


decide the order for the elimination stage. BMX. Each race


features eight riders competing on a tracks with jumps, bumps and


corners. The race starts on and 80 metre high ramp and usually lasts


about 40 seconds. -- and eight metre-high it rammed. The bikes are


a crypt with one India and one break. As a contact sport,


collisions are not uncommon -- the bikes are equipped with one that


India and one break. The lead rider may iTunes the line around the


track but on the final straight is not allowed to block the light of


any rider trying to pass -- may choose the line. The race is run


when there front-wheel crosses the 48 riders are competing for just


two gold medals. One for the men, one for the women. The competition


begins with a time trial qualification runway each rider


races just against the clock to determine their seeding in the main


competition. A complex series of races known as mojos follows. The


top four in the semi-final will enter the final to race for the


medals. If you would like to get involved in Olympic sports, go to


Today is the time trial with the riders going in reverse order of


world ranking. Shanaze Reade was third to go and desperate to erase


memories of Beijing were her all- or-nothing tactics cost her a


murder -- Costa a medal and she Shanaze Reade. You have seen


Shanaze Reade's career up close in the last few years. How much has


she got riding on this? She has come out of the start with


confidence and taken the first jump beautifully. Nice and clean and


smooth. Into the first term. Letting the back wheel drop nicely.


Floating across the double. I have no doubt she will make the time in


this run. She will be at the top of the charts so far. Let's see how


she can keep hold. And nice smooth the lap, keeping it relatively safe.


She used the cascade in the middle of the section nicely to create


some speed. Ringgit in nice and smooth. That is a good lap. First


rider to go below 40, very nice work from Shanaze Reade. She got


hold of that and got a really good start and powered down the first


straight. The crowd has been fantastic here, just like in the


Velodrome and I'm sure she would have used the energy to power her


around the track. Nice and smooth over the first jump. Great camera


shot. Just helping to keep the coming off a broken collarbone.


That was just eight weeks ago at the World Championships. Starting


nice and smooth. Interestingly she has missed a lot of the season


through in -- injury, so she's starting quite early. It is hard on


the confidence with it BMX. You want to be racing or training at


least once or twice a week. It is amazing how quickly you lose touch.


But she is looking smooth and confident. A nice line through the


last term. I think this is going to be one of the key times that


Shanaze Reade will be working against. That is a good time,


nearly a whole second ahead. Pretty good. She is a good time trial and


we knew she would be seeded high in the final qualification. We will


see how long she can hold that. Regardless, Shanaze Reade will


here on Monday after Martin went out with a lacerated liver. She is


looking really good. A solid first straight. Getting some pedals in


over the doubles. Through the second term, getting some power


down. Can she accelerated? There is the little cascade there. She has


to try and take advantage of it. Didn't accelerate the same way we


saw Walker and Shanaze Reade do. She is going to be devastated. That


is a bad one. That is about as bad as you can get. Full speed, landing


into the face of a jump. That is where ribs and collarbones go.


is hurt. She is grasping her right arm. She is winded. She will be


disappointed with that. She was looking pretty good up to that


point. She had two more jumps to go. Whether she lost focus, or


something. But this is BMX, ladies and gentlemen. It is just a


straight wingding. She will be carried off. -- a straight wending.


Hopefully she will get on a bike again in the competition. He would


be a shame if she uses -- is out. Devastating for the Americans


because they lost aerial Martin on Monday. She actually crashed in


training the other day, so I think she has just had trouble hanging on


to the handlebars with the fatigue. Absolutely devastating. Now,


Caroline Buchanan from Australia, one of the favourites coming into


the competition. She is so powerful. One of the best all-round riders.


Athletic ability, confidence. She also has the strength. Great start.


Looking super-fast and super-smooth. Sat right in the back seat over the


double. Hopefully she has taken some confidence from Anna Meares on


the track last night he got a medal from Victoria Pendleton. Into the


second term. She even landed a bit long after the step up. There will


be a lot of nerves in these first time trials. The first lap in front


of the crowd, and every seat is filled. Very, very smooth in the


rhythm section. And she takes first place. That is so telling. It


didn't look that fast, but she is two-tenths of a second ahead of


Sarah Walker but she didn't look like she had the pedal down.


but she kept its mood. A good lap, and she is one of the favourites. -


- kept its smooth. She is the 2012 of the traps. Turning the vertical


into forward speed. Now on the second straight. Clear on the jumps.


Nice and fast, can she get on a power for the rhythm section?


this is the telling section. If you get this wrong you will lose huge


amounts of speed. And nice and safe flat so far. Nothing flashy. Just


getting the first one out of the way nice and clean. Whether she


finished? Quite a long way down. There was something on the start of


the straight, clipping the first step up, but that is a long way


down. A big disadvantage when it comes to date selection in the


semi-finals. The seeding works to give them a gate position. But


there are five races and it is quite a complex format. There are


five races for the men in the quarter-finals. It would take us


until tomorrow to explain the process. But this ceding only works


for the first race, but after that it is the positioning from the


previous race. The pressure is on to perform in every lap you undergo.


If you do make a mistake, it is not the end of the world and you are


still in the event, but they are rewarding consistency. So, Caroline


Buchanan in the first. Sarah Walker will be happy with her run. Shanaze


She will not post a time, but fantastic runs for the Australians


They will be back for the semi- finals on Friday and the men's run


it will be back a little later. But when there are eight riders going


down the track it is something to watch. We will take you back to


Greenwich Park. A short time ago we saw the gold medal decided and it


ended in disappointment for the two British riders, Scott Brash and


Nick Skelton who finished out of the melt Mable -- out of the medals.


But there was a race for the decision on the silver. Schroder


was the first to go, so let's go back to Greenwich Park and see who


won silver. The commentators are clock for the silver and bronze


first round. Spinning back, right handed. Tactically, he has to


decide what to do, and he's having a go. He can jump a fast Clear,


putting all the pressure on This is the big water tray. Two to


jump, back to the London bus. Taking it on the ankle, he is


jumping a really good round here, galloping to the last fence. A


will it be bronze? This was practically the perfect round, he


didn't take crazy chances. But it is such a fast time. Only one thing


for a, to do, and that is go for it, he is going to have to take a


chance -- for O'Connor to do. It is a big ask. This is a small horse


was not such a day Kanter. Well that ride has set the standard.


This man rides very well against the clock, he is hugely competitive.


And he has, with this horse, performed a miracle. Here only to


get on in December this year, having sold his top horse to Saudi


Arabia. He hears, jumping off a four silver or bronze. -- here he


have to turn up tight. Taking a He is up on the clock. He is quite


a long way up. He has galloped over that. This looks like a silver


way up on the clock, he could afford to take it, but it is bronze


for Ireland. It is silver for the Dutchman, Schroder. And of course,


He missed out on the silver, but a well earned a bronze, Ireland's


first medal of these games. There was disappointment earlier for Nick


Skelton and Scott Brash. The let's One fence down, he finished 5th,


what is your reaction? Are gutted, absolutely gutted. I don't know,


horses can get tired, I can make a lot of excuses, maybe I was a


fraction too close, but that is how I would ride it, it is short in the


middle. That is my first reaction, but it is a cruel sport. I feel I


should be jumping off for a gold medal. In a sense, does it make the


achievement of a team gold even better? You know how tough it is to


win any medal here. Yes, it is fantastic. I am still gutted, but


at times like this, you have got to not be greedy, people are dying in


the world, and all sorts. I'm just grateful to be here, my horse is


jumping excellent. There are loads more competitions to come, I am


going to Canada soon. He would do good things, this horse. I have to


look on the bright side, but I am gutted at the moment. Plenty more


Olympics for you. A I hope so. They did when team gold, and there


could be more medals for Britain tomorrow in the dressage. Now we


turn our attention for hockey. For the first time since 1988, both


Britain teams are through to the semi-finals. Britain's women play


tonight at 8pm, that will be live on BBC Three, they will face


This afternoon sees the reigning champions and an -- love the lens


take on New Zealand. It is the Netherlands versus New Zealand for


a place in the final. We will be joining me live in a moment, let


catch up on the best of the action is a start that may well set up a


cup semi-final. -- a good semi- under control. What a good attack,


two of then! Nicely goal. -- nicely the early stages of the second


period, leads rejoin our half to Holland. New Zealand didn't


take the chance to get rid of the ball. The Dutch appealed, and the


umpire was fully in agreement. Big She is battling to get her team


back into it, and that was a big medal in women's hockey in the


Olympic Games. The men one back in 1976. For the women, this is the


New Zealand coach has got it right. Absolutely. You always talk about


the underdog, and New Zealand, when you look at the credentials on


paper and the medals that the Dutch teams have one -- have won, in


comparison to the New Zealanders, you would have thought this would


be a one-sided affair, but they have been the dark horses of this


tournament and they deserve to be in the semi-finals. The only game


they were disappointing in was against Argentina, it was almost


back to nerves and the occasion. But here, they have come out and


they have played really well for the whole of the first half. They


are causing problems at the start in 2004, -- silver in 2004, that is


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 169 seconds


push into the circle, more Zealand player is down. I think


that has cut her head. Unfortunately, you can see it


because she has got blonde hair, just a slight... I think it is on


the side of the head, very brave is verging on stupid. -- defending.


That is what happened to Kate Walsh the other evening. That was a heck


of a swing, the stick was very high. only a short time. We have another


own little moment for the men and their cleaning material. And that


side, that corner, has seen most of the action. Every time you see them,


very quiet. They are just realising what can happen in this game. The


ball does travel around at a fair old lick, and to be hit with a


stick with that amount of force... The goalkeeper also made a very


good save, incidentally. Well- positioned. Clear out the ball and


that was the follow-up. The cleaners have been and done it. We


can continue. 24 minutes remaining it might be something that sparks


the New Zealanders into life again. They have scored one goal and had


another penalty corner, but I don't think Joyce Sombroek has had much


to do it in the Dutch goal for all the possession at New Zealand have


had. They are just not getting the outcomes once they get into the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 169 seconds


Dutch circle. That will be whisked a long corner. Sharland was waiting.


say out of the black, the goalkeeper advanced and Forgesson


beat her on the near post. fantastic counter-attack by New


Zealand. Started initially by Anita Punt on the left-hand side, playing


the ball back to Michelsen. Somehow New Zealand ended up with the


player unmarked in the circle, and Joyce Sombroek has her angles


horribly wrong. Maybe she thought there would be a deflection, but


that is why the defence is there. New Zealand lead for the second


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 169 seconds


beating the No. 1 team in the rankings. -- the number 16. -- No.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 169 seconds


captain plays a hospital pass like Anita Punt lost a stick at that


point. She was almost in full flow. There are not too many in can keep


up with her. -- who cannot keep up herbal. -- van den Heuvel. The


referral saying it hit one of the New Zealander's feet inside the


circle. I wonder if that was before or after abandoned where all -- van


den Heuvel touched it. In my opinion that should be a hit out to


New Zealand for dangerous play. It has hit the foot, but it is


dangerous play. The that is a very fair point. Of course, she does not


get the chance to have a look at it. She is going to take the advance --


angles, try to, with the decision. -- are trying to come up with a


decision. If I was the New Zealand captain right now I would be


somewhere in the vicinity of the umpire making the point about the


danger. And Sharland is exactly in that they cannot refer a referral.


But you would think that the video umpire, who is Keighley had some of


New Zealand -- Kelly had some. She might have mentioned it.


problem is the video umpire can only answer the question that she


has been asked, which was did it hit feet in the circle? So the


Argentinian umpire did not feel it was dangerous, referred it for the


you have to give her some credit as she has taken some routine stick


for her penalty-corner. But come the preparation and the pressure of


the semi-finals of the Olympic Games, she has put them in the back


of the net and kept her side in the gets her country back all square.


But you have to have some sympathy for New Zealand. But they cannot


the far post, but in fact it made contact before and the penalty


corner has been given. That was for hitting de Blaeij. Pretty poor


defending from the number one side in the world. Eshuis has hit that


ball probably 30 metres. It has not come through a crowd of players.


And it has hit de Blaeij on that right foot. She should have been


much lower, she knew where the player was. Having got back into


the game that is a poor corner to give away. This time it is Kayla


Sharland. She is likely to be the protesting. Just one player, the


Claiming that the New Zealand girl putsch -- pushed the Dutch player


first, but I think the umpire has got it right, and they did consult


is a penalty corner. -- certainly hit on the fort. Going from penalty


corner two penalty corner, but no dispute about that one. Or indeed,


the last one. Something that will upset Maartje Paumen. Her forties


very close to the line. Half the 40 ease in and the other foot is out.


-- her fault is very close to the into the circle so it looked more


of a penalty corner than it did on the replay, but no complaints from


was well challenge by Melody Cooper. -- will challenge. -- well it


option there. I was expecting her to put it into the roof of the net


again after it doing that on the last bell to corner. -- the last


than the Dutch were probably expecting. And more than the


rankings had digested. -- suggested. with that. Neither did the Dutch


supporters! Not when that decision has been given from 40 metres away,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 169 seconds


and there is an umpire that is five she is picking up a substitute's


number. She is coming back into the too strong. And going is on the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 169 seconds


pitch. -- clean. She will not be hooter blows at the end of 70


metres -- 17 minutes, it will be 7.5 minutes each way, but the


golden goal applies. The first to score his of the winner. -- is the


New Zealand players, she makes it looks so easy. Unfortunately for


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 169 seconds


her, she's just leaning away from redirect -- she could redirect it.


It was a great ball in from Paumen. She was trying to use the stick to


redirected into the roof of the net, and unfortunately for her, she ran


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 169 seconds


to be a referral. Or is it? Yes. a foot. No Northwest Airlines


Flight 253, in my view. A not even an inch. She did well. She did well


to avoid it. That is the player who was brought in because of injury to


players's reactions, and the player closest to the reaction didn't have


her hand in the air, she was an appealing for a penalty corner, and


the Dutch were instantaneous in going to speak to the umpires about


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 169 seconds


hit? I agree with taking a long time, it is a semi-final, you want


to get the decision right. But I'm not sure what is taking quite as


but it wants to be the right decision. Discussion between the


made every attempt to move her foot. No foot. The right decision, from


right decision, as they did yesterday evening, although the way


that was arrived at in the men's match was open to considerable


debate. They got it right in the Otherwise, it is going to be extra


seemed at that they defend just turned a back on the plate. That


will be the Dutch Aardman, she doesn't have to get out of the way,


she doesn't have to be interfering with it, one of the rules is that


the attacking player cannot run directly at a player, because that


is deemed to be unsporting. I think she is slightly unfortunate, but I


have to say, when they took a quick free hit a minute ago, they were


not five metres away. Maybe it has That is another penalty corner, and


New Zealand. The 35th of the from Sharland. Because she up to


two hit it, she has to make sure that the first strike strikes the


do that or not, but a great save on end, but she could not get that in.


was a signal for a penalty corner when Naomi van As went into the


corner and the umpire did not look at her colleague and felt it was a


long corner, but I thought that is why they had microphones and were


pressure in the closing stages of the tournament, both the men's and


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 169 seconds


of excellent backtracking by Alan well, two or three Dutch players


bearing down as the cross came in and did very well to get the ball


on the floor, not giving Holland minutes. Some controversy towards


the end of the match. But possibly a fair result that they should go


into extra time? I think so. Not too many people giving New Zealand


a chance in the match, in all honesty. I think Holland were very


good the other evening against Great Britain and were regaining


the form we expected in the tournament. But New Zealand,


unquestionably the surprise package in the tournament, and they do not


deny their own ability and they have a fantastic coach and


tactician. They set their stall out early, Kayla Sharland with the


early goal, which would have settled the nerves, if they were


showing any. Unfortunately for them they could not hold up and Maartje


Paumen scored the penalty corner. Mark Hagar would have been a


happier of the two coaches at half- time. The second half much he has


same as the first. The pleasing thing from the mutual perspective


is that it has been a superb advert for the sport. How do you think the


approach will be different when it goes in to lay golden goal


situation, which hasn't worked in football, but presumably hockey


likes? I think it is difficult. You would rather lose in a golden goal


situation than penalties and it will be interesting to see how the


coaches set out for these periods. Do they keep playing the way they


are and risk a goal at the other end? The question is more over the


Dutch. New Zealand have such pace in the counter-attack but it is


probably the Dutch who will be more nervous about trying to get the


winner, fearing what New Zealand can do with the counter-punch.


when you refer to the penalties, they will not be the same as people


are used to watching football. they will not be. There is a new


rule that they have bought in a way you have eight seconds and that the


ball starts on the 23 metre line and the attacker has eight seconds


to beat the goalkeeper. The goalkeeper can make as many saves


as possible in the eight seconds. I think it is more entertaining for


the crowd that way. It is something I would like to see when a penalty


is given within the game. Players now are practising that skill, and


I think it entertains the Crown far more if you have a one-on-one


situation. -- entertains the crowd. I imagine the goalkeepers will hate


me saying that, but it is a weight of improving the sport, which is


what they are always trying to do - is happening. And we are about to


and worrying moments in that first will be, in the old style, with the


goalkeeper only able to become a hero, but now the goalkeeper might


give away a silly goal. We shall see. Lammers is set to go. Extra


time is on its way. Just to remind you, we will be moving on to the


gold medal match which could also be decided by a golden goal. The


first of two semi-finals. Great to count down so the world can join


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 169 seconds


get rid of that one there. They of the extra time. This is van


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 169 seconds


it came off the foot. It is a key that she is able in the 77th minute


to repeat that speed through the pitch. That is the captain's Band,


which depends so much on the foot, and not using them, that the


captain's armband should go around the ankle! Another huddle. Not much,


surely, to say, except, "we have here very disappointed. I wouldn't


think it advisable to say to be the loser, you still got the bronze


pass the ball with pace after right foot, I think in the end the Dutch


got back, but brave defending, and half a chance for the New


is five minutes. So New Zealand have lost Flynn, virtually for the


penalty competition. If it gets to get yellow? Or I am not under


the central. I'm not sure if an aerial ball was there, I was


watching somewhere else, and I heard some Dutch appeals. You would


think something quite serious to receive a yellow card at this


what the Dutch asking at the moment is they feel that the stick tackle


was worthy of a penalty stroke. Because they feel it impeded the


Olympic Games semi-final, with five minutes to go there for penalties.


But the New Zealand there was no a panic, realising she had let the


ball go through. A a tough one. I am not sure what the defender would


have got there at, and the goalkeeper still on the line.


face. I think the whistles are a little bit unnecessary. All that


will have done is a fire up Paumen. She will fight is over the top, no


variations. -- flick of this. did, and she was wide! My goodness


me. They really are not taking advantage of their penalty corners


in this Olympic tournament. Is it going to cost them? She has


generated some power on that penalty corner, she has gone for


the bottom right hand, and to be fair to Russell, she did get down


very quickly. Had it been on target, it would have been interesting to


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 169 seconds


live to travel any further. -- lifted trouble. That is good


pressure by New Zealand. I thought they might try and sit back when


they lost Flynn and wait for her to sit out her five minutes. But they


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 169 seconds


are really putting this Dutch team was sitting it out, but nothing


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 169 seconds


competition. It will decide who goes for gold. And who has to try


better than a ferry to it as penalties, because -- referring to


it as penalties, because it is not from the penalty spot. The


discussion about who goes first. Five come exactly the same as in


football. He can't quite believe his team have been involved in this.


He will be very pleased they have got this far, but having got this


far, he will be as desperate as the Dutch courage to go further. -- de


being a hero again it. But also with a chance of reading it wrongly.


The players make it up on the fly? No, I think they practise it often


enough. Some players come into the top of the circle and hit it as


hard as they can, put everything behind it. Other players will come


in, they like a toy around with the goalkeeper for a while. Once the


goalkeeper is on the floor, it is a difficult for them to get up. But


eight seconds is not that long to one from the 23 metre line, into


the circle, once you have played 85 minutes of oche. -- of hockey. It


will be interesting to see, the Dutch had a practice run at this in


the London Cup in June, when they played South Africa in the semi-


finals. So they have some idea, but they may have changed their minds


goalkeeper is weaker? Does the goalkeeper study which way...?


think if I was taking one, which I certainly wouldn't choose to do, I


would look at the strength of the goalkeeper. Is that particular


goalkeeper agile? So, some of them are quick and nimble around their


goal, taking them one or one may be have gone out, and only three Dutch


5th player chosen. The other two are the two captains, passing for


who goes first. -- tossing. I did think we had read it right. But he


have earned their corn, and the occasional moment of displeasure


and Naomi van As to take for she makes contact with the ball.


electronic device monitored up to Naomi van As, that could not have


been easy, taking the first in the penalty shoot-out and having to


wait so long for the equipment to work. Completely wrong-footed


Bianca Russell in the goal, and a simple tap-in for Naomi van As.


will imagine there will be a different style from Sharland. Than


ours is one of the best move is, if not the best in the game -- than


Sombroek. And, advantage to the Netherlands! She didn't look


confident that all she ran up to the ball. The contrast in the two,


Naomi van As was very quick, but Kayla Sharland was just jogging.


She never really took Sombroek out of the occasion. I am surprised she


was taking on. But I suppose it is save. Yes, Paumen is denied. Well


done, Bianca Russell. She kept her feet so well. She half stumbled,


half fell to the ground that makes effective. The goalkeeper came out


to beat her, and it whistled past her. My kind of style, no messing


around. Exactly what she did in the Again, I don't think she did enough.


Although she is moving the ball she is moving the ball a matter of


centimetres, in all honesty. A great Stich saved by Sombroek in


than you would see in the old penalty strokes. Some very good


goalkeeping. Absolutely. A Anita Punt will be next -- Anita Punt


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 169 seconds


take Holland to another final, to big disappointment for the New


Zealanders who contributed hugely in their first ever Olympic semi-


final. But they lose 3-1 in the shoot-out after a 2-2 draw. Great


stuff. From the first whistle, not just the penalty shoot-out, I think


it was absolutely fantastic. I think New Zealand are a credit to


the game. In Mark Hagar they have a fantastic coach. Well done, Holland.


It's so difficult to defend your title and they have given


themselves the best chance possible. But they realise they have been in


a dog fight today. Agreed advert for the game of hockey. 3-1 in the


penalty competition after a 2-2 draw. Well done, Holland.


There certainly would have been questions asked with the chances


the Netherlands had in extra-time, but they have won it on penalties


and are through against New Zealand, and tonight it is Argentina against


Great Britain. Kate Walsh will lead her team out again tonight. Nine


days on from fracturing her jaw, what a brave lady. Then it is the


men tomorrow, Australia against Germany, then great Britain taking


on the Netherlands. That will be life, also at 8pm. So, Argentina to


the silver medallists from four years ago against Great Britain,


but we will be heading to the BMX track in a moment. But let's take a


check on the main headlines from British flyweight Nicola Adams will


be fighting in the first ever women's Olympic boxing final after


And we will also be able to tell it that those pictures of Mo Farah, he


is the 10,000 metre champion and he will be going for the long-distance


double on Saturday evening in the 5,000 metres. It could be another


Super Saturday in that stadium. And this is the show jumping. The team


champions Great Britain came away empty handed in the individual show


jumping, one error proving costly for both Nick Skelton and Scott


Brash. Clarke and the males are joint leaders in the 470 class and


will battle for gold with New Zealand on Friday -- Clarke and


I am seeking this at a time when I feel rather adrift. I have done a


complete U-turn on Hendry. If she had really cared for her, she would


not have kicked her out. I like how that makes me feel. He poisoned


himself in the House of Bill fame! That is coming up soon on BBC One,


we are heading to the BMX track to see the men's time trial and Liam


Phillips from grit of -- Britain. There was some doubt he would be


able to compete after breaking his collarbone in Birmingham, but these


racers are tough and fearless. fantastic time-trial rider. He


qualified first in the world championships this year, I think.


Yes, and definitely one of the favourites this week. He has put


himself together after his accident in the world championships. Let's


see if he can make the fastest lap -- lap. Nice and smooth, let's see


if he can keep it up. Come on, Liam. He just tank to the knuckle on the


step, slightly. He is carrying Speed and looking very good into


the rhythm section. The crowd going nuts, like they have all week at


the Velodrome. It is great to see this fantastic crowd. Fantastic


work on the back of the third straight. And he is the fastest


time so far! He has smashed it. Three-tenths of a second quicker


than the rider from New Zealand. Very, very nice time at for Liam. I


do apologise, he did only get second in the world championship


time-trials. I was getting carried away. A nice, tidy lap from Liam.


I'm sure he has had lots of practice on the track. He would


have been nervous after coming back from injury, but he has come out


and shown what he has got in his lap. Another one of the Dutch


production line. He is bound to put in a solid lap. Let's see what he


has got. If you can make the first four, you can get the best seeding.


If you are in the first eight, you're in a good position to choose


your gate for the quarter-finals. A lot of moving of the bike here.


is doing very well so far, very smooth. He took the first bump


perfectly. Nice and smooth through the rhythm section, opting to jump


the first few. A nice line around that final corner. Generating a lot


of speed. That puts him in first position, that was a good lap! I


think he gained most of that down the first-rate, very smooth on the


jumps, which helped the momentum forward. The quicker you can get


the bike on the ground, the quicker you can put down the power, and he


did it absolutely perfectly down the first straight. Doing a lot of


work there. But he is one of the is phenomenal, and there is


explosive power out of the gate. Dressed in black, hitting the back


straight good. A slight bobble on the up step, but it didn't


interrupt his momentum. The momentum is nice and smooth on the


crossover. He is like a bomb on two wheels. Let's hope he does not get


too hot or he will be suffering. has done this rhythm section


beautifully file stop -- beautifully. He has made up for the


straight on the rhythm section. Almost hitting to the knuckle again.


I lot of riders getting caught up in the last straight up. Ended up


in 7th there. I am a little bit surprised by some of the results so


far in the time-trials, especially with Philips. I would have liked to


have seen them a bit further up on the leaderboard. But it just shows


you, when you get to these Olympic Games there are a few other factors


and a lot of that is the anxiety of being here in front of this huge


crowd. And also one TV in front of millions of people. It also adds


that extra bit of pressure. sometimes it can go one of two ways.


When you first arrive it can overwhelm you, or you can say that


this kind of pressure. Now, the wily Frenchman, a fantastic rider.


Nice and smooth so far. Over the crossover, up the step. The 2011


world champion. He came second in Birmingham earlier this year. He


has opted to John through the first half of the rhythm section. He he


should be one of the major contenders this week. A pretty


smooth flat, not the best, but puts which is a massive margin,


considering we are getting down to the best in the world. Just two


riders left to go, and this is the man a lot of people have tipped for


the gold medal. A fantastic talent. He one the time-trial event at the


World Championships recently in Burnley and -- he won the time-


trial event. He does get a little bit frazzled in major events. But


he had a fantastic lap in Birmingham. Let's see if he can


pull off the same here in London. His back wheel was so low in those


first two doubles. He is very dramatic on the bike, you will see


a lot of movement with him, he tries to keep the bike as low as


possible. He got that one a little bit wrong. Let's see what he can do


down this last stride, hopefully keep it up right, all the way to


the finish. He pumped as high as he well. A lot of very young riders in


lot of action sport these days, and in the snowboarding, you look at


the Winter Olympics, some of these younger athletes have been learning


watching at home, this is not what a fall macro year old or five year-


old starts off on! You only write this kind of elite track at this


level. He is a lovely lad, he has jobs, but he still keeping his pace.


-- these jumps. Pretty smooth so far. He is certainly a lot quicker


than the last rider, who went through there with a couple of


mistakes. If it evens out over the whole track, we will see. Not good


at all. Said the place! That is a shock. -- 6th place. I have been


quite shocked by some of these there. We have had some real upset.


-- upsets. The reigning Olympic champion has been pushed out of the


top 10. Liam Phillips, who has had some fantastic time trial results,


is right down in 12th. A couple of the Dutch riders on leading. -- are


lose any of these riders. The seeding is just to give Gate


election on the first day. I suppose it gives all of these


riders a taste of what is in store. It is probably one of the first


time as they would have done the whole track flat out. I'm sure it


has calmed down a few nerves. It has been beautiful weather here so


far, hopefully that will have the same weather again tomorrow. A few


surprises in the time-trial, but nevertheless, there is a lot of


sports science guys here, there will be a lot of analysis back at


We are really looking forward to tomorrow, it is the quarter-finals.


Eight riders on the track at any one time, going at speeds of up to


40 mph. As far as volley ball, the indoor version has delighted crowds


at Earls Court. All four quarter- finals are played today. Brazil,


who have one the last three World Championships beat Brazil. We are


going to be concentrating on the other one's boss --. A volley ball


is being played at Earls Court, and we are concentrating on the US


against Italy. The state beat Italy just a month ago, but as we join it,


Italy have taken the first two set. head-to-heads in the Olympic Games.


They can't do anything about that. And it four more., and Italy have


terms of head-to-heads in the big matches, Italy have the advantage,


They are perplexed, they are puzzled. They are now staring


Olympic elimination for in the face. Four points stand in the way of


Italy getting through, and they will restart with the serve, with


the advantage, and with every intention of closing this out. They


have played absolutely Broca. The USA are going for height


of the Olympic Games. The Olympic champions are set for defeat,


unless they can prove that they could dig themselves out of a huge


hole. They have been playing catch- at the moment. And for Italy, it


looks so easy. Two aces, and a perfect, perfect tip. They need two


more. What a time to do that. clever play. A little bit of missed


communication, excellent in Pohl's play. They look so happy, they are


really enjoying this. Italy have never one an Olympic gold at


volleyball. -- have never won to Italy. Whether the champions


like it or not, believe it or not, they are about to be eliminated.


Three times the Olympic champions, the defending champions, but it all


net. But it is only one match point saved. Four more still to go. The


the Olympics for America! The champions have been felled. Italy


So, still two more quarter-finals to come tonight, but what a shock


there, Italy putting out the USA. We are about to go either to BBC


Two. I can tell you we will have table tennis, and we will also have


a saving report as well, and coming up at 7pm on BBC One, the athletics,


and nervous evening for Andy Turner, in the 110 metres hurdles semi-


finals, at 7:15pm. The final will We have got Allyson Felix and Sanya


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