BBC Two: Day 12: 18.00-19.00 Olympics

BBC Two: Day 12: 18.00-19.00

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Welcome to Olympic Park, there is another big night of track and


field ahead, in the Olympic Stadium. And the crowds are be binning to


pour in again. Luckily, the rain has cleared away. It is a beautiful


suby day here. We have lots to look forward to on BBC One we but we


have a lot the tempt you. We will head off to the table tennis. It is


the team final. China have been dominant in this. But they are up


against South Korea. We will join Shirley Robertson for the latest in


the sailing with Saskia Clark and Hannah Mills. They have their final


two races today. We will have men's handball. That is becoming a real


hit here at the games. Another fantastic match coming up for you.


France against Spain. From 7.00 on BBC One, it is athletics all the


way. But, China have taken all three table tennis golds so far as


the games. Today the men's team are the favourites to deliver a fourth.


China is so dominant at the sport, having won 23 out of 27 gold medals


but this is expected back home because it's a national past time.


Today they face Korea in the final which conSis of five matches


similar to the Davis Cup in tennis. Four singles and one doubles. I can


tell you that China have won the first two singles matches, they won


them 3-1. So South Korea need a victory in the doubles to keep this


We join it at the start of this final. South Korea with sever. Is


four players on the table that that look at the bench in the way it


reacts and players on the table. In an Olympic final, a level of


when table tennis joined the Olympics the general view was that


the World Championships were still the biggest event. Exactly.


remember after - what a shot! After they won the World Championships in


89 following on winning the pilgrimages in 88 the world was


considered the big one, by 92 that had changed. In Olympic it changes


more an more. These were the discussions before table tennis


entered the Olympic Games. There was a discussion at the meetings,


as to whether the Olympic Games would become pre-eminent and


members of the Executive Committee etc were concerned that the Olympic


Games would become more important than World Championships. Nobody


wanted that to happen. Now, we are 30 years on. In fact they


compliment each other. They are not rivals. Yes, table tennis benefits


enormously from being in the Olympics. China are flying here.


The point you make from benefits from being in the Olympic programme,


you have to look back over the last 11 day, that we have had here in


this wonderful, wonderful stadium, and it is packed to the rafters


from day one, fantastic atmosphere, and well, this must be the biggest


boost eng la -- English table this ascendancy, it was four years


ago in Beijing that China won every possible table tennis medal. They


are going to do it again. Prior to that they had never achieved that.


Yes, they had champions but not every medal. Somebody from Korea,


Sweden or France had spoiled the party. Now, the dominance you get


Singles. Numbers one and three in the world. What pair to send out!


On the half-volley. There was a time when the backhand of the then


holder was considered the weakness, but he is absolutely drilling the


swivel wristed backhand. Terrific stuff and six game points. Only one


required, that is game number one to China. 11-4 they lead by one


game to love. And eerpbgs looking at the South Korean players, you


are not sure we will see them again at an Olympic Games. But looking at


the legacy as three outstanding Asian player, they do have a lot to


look back on, with tremendous pride. Not least getting to the final of


this Olympic Games. Absolutely. They, in fact, if we take one of


them, the Men's Singles Championship, amazingly, the first


time ever that Korea got to the team finals which I find staggering,


but it is correct. Then the Olympic champion, and if you look at the


history of Korean table tennis, there has been one star play er.


There has maybe been a second. Where was the third? But woudge.


Very difficult, whereas China, they have two reserves, who are as good


as the three who are playing here, and that is the difference.


Absolutely spot on. Game two. The point you made China for the centre


two or three teams that would probably have dominated this


Olympic Games, which is a men six or Chinese. It is round


about that. Reckon you could play with Chinese coaches and they would


have a chance. I wouldn't be a bad team actually! Yeah, I think they


would be OK. -- it. You think that if we sent out the coaches, they


could come up with a medal. You are maybe right. I don't think I am


going to argue with that one, it is barrage of shots, forehands, back


hands, serves. Tight wrist arms. Korea are caught up in a maelstrom


of Chinese dazzling brilliance. mean you have made the point a few


times when China get ahead they are brilliant front runners, and we are


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


They have got to dictate the play so important to China, the Olympic


Games, and of course, let us be fair, their respond to the immense


pressure they are under, they are expected to deliver. What a shot!


That maybe the shot of this final, so far. What on earth? How did he


do that? It looks as if he almost didn't have enough time to play the


didn't have enough time to play the backhand, but he just somehow. He


has played two shots in succession. The top draw is, they were


stratospheric in their brilliance. Korea have got just a hint of a


Considering how well China are playing, it's a tribute to South


Korea they have taken a succession of points, to close the gap to one.


Just a bit surprise they haven't taken a time out. Good point. And


Probably too late to take the time out now. Because often the Chinese


will take the time out when they are ahead, and their opponents have


And that touched, didn't it. It did. That's the modern day backhand,


that is the development in the last four or five years, and the master


showing the backhand return of serve, the forearm vertical and


then the wrist, the wrist coming round the back of the ball to


create a mixture of top spin and side spin. He is so clever with the


Second serve in this sequence of Really is a different level they


are playing at Matthew. I think the South Korean pair have played the


best table tennis we have seen from them in the competition and they


It is long. Game number two to China, 11-8. They lead by two games


to love. They are one game away from gold. The extent to which that


wrist is used. Dear me. It can't bend any more. When I think there


is probably more top spin on the backhand flick, that most players


backhand loop. The problem is it is not just the top spin, it, as we


talked about before, it the side spin. You have mentioned this.


make it awkward. You are guessing. The one shot you can play against


the top spin is you can block. If there is side spin the block goes


down to your own side of the table. All the time with the block you are


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


The strength of his legs are He is an absolute juggernaut,


driving through the modern history of table-tennis. He looks


unstoppable. The ball played down A time it has been called by Korea,


but it is just a matter of time. think it is an interruption of the


inevitable. Correct. When you think we've got No. 11 and a former


Olympic champion, and two very powerful players, it's almost like


powerful players, it's almost like they have pea-shooter as when you


compare it to the share forensic efficiency of everything China are


doing on this table tennis table. Also two very experienced players.


The dosing then we saw in Manchester first in 1977. -- Oh


Sangeun. They've been here for a Sangeun. They've been here for a


decade and more. They have mixed it with a very, very best, but here


they are the second best team in the world. Very much second best.


If you look at many countries, Sweden for example, they have faded


after a great era. Professional football teams have a rebuilding


process, but China are relentless at table tennis, there's no


They seem to be able to rebuild almost every day of the week.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


Somehow, he managed to get to that The strong backhand of Yi Zhang.


The trademark of his play. -- Jike The umpire raises her right arm in


favour of China. Tremendous return of service from Wang Hao. That is


That forehand on the half volley was long. China edging ever nearer


to their fourth gold medal. A complete man novelisation of the


top of the podium at the table tennis at the ExCeL Arena. Her most


people would have predicted that in advance. But they've had to execute


and every single player in the China team has done that. With


The backhand was long. China stand on the brink. The photographers get


to their fate. Suddenly there's an anticipation in this arena. The


inevitable is about to happen. Four Only one required! Jubilation for


China. An embrace between Wang Hao and Jike Zhang. The men's team


coach, a former Olympic champion, salutes the crowd. This has been a


domineering displayed by the men's team of the all-conquering China.


South Korea have done well, brilliantly, to get to this final,


but they've been comprehensively outclassed. A lovely picture there.


The two coaches embrace. It is party time for China. They win the


Olympic men's team. They defeated South Korea 3-0.


STUDIO: China take the gold again. This men's team was only introduced


four years ago. China won it then and they have won it again here. A


clean sweep of medals, they have clean sweep of medals, they have


won all four in London. Since table-tennis made its Olympic debut


in 1988, they've won 24 gold medals We will be heading off to the south


coast for the sailing report in just a moment. First, if you are


just getting home, let's tell you just getting home, let's tell you


Britain's Nicola Adams won her flyweight semi-final which means


she will be fighting to become the first female boxer to win Olympic


gold tomorrow afternoon. There was no individual medal for


team chump -- showjumping champions Great Britain. Nick Skelton and


Scott Gereshk both had one fence down and came joint 5th. 10,000m


champion Mo Farah reach the final of the 5,000m, keeping alive his


of the 5,000m, keeping alive his dream but long-distance double. He


won a Briton has been enjoying success in a variety of sports,


swimming is in the doldrums after collecting just three medals in the


pool. But that could change tomorrow if


Kerri-Anne Payne can win tomorrow in the Serpentine for her marathon


swimmer over 10 kilometres. She won her second world title last year,


she's confident, likes leading from the front, and her competitors know


she's the one to beat. It is all about who is the best on the day,


who makes the right decisions, the People can tell me 100 million


times that I have got the gold medal, I don't have the gold medal.


I wish it was that easy. I have to make sure I am still in that


pontoon and I am happy with everything I've done, the training


of done, the preparation. And I know I'm going to get in there and


This is the leader, Kerri-Anne Payne. It is gold for Kerri-Anne


Payne of Great Britain! I think last season took a lot more out of


me than I realised. I don't sound so young, I'm 24, but I've been


doing this since I was 12 years old. 12 years of distance training on my


body tickets toll on me last season. I got in and had a few niggles,


back injury, which took a while to get over. Then I had a kidney


infection as well just after trials. But what gets me over that stuff is


having a great support team. For me, open-water has been incredible. How


much it has grown over the last four years. If I can just say I


have inspired one or two people to get into open water and try it out,


get a family to get involved in swimming, I will feel happy with


10 kilometres under way. Kerri-Anne Payne is going to take silver! What


a race that was. I'm expecting the unexpected. Nobody seems to like to


lead it so it always falls on May, which I quite like. It suits me


perfectly. On the day, I'm probably going to have to really focus on


what I need to do. Just so cut the atmosphere and all of the cheering.


I know most of it will be for me, We certainly wish her well. She did


so well in Beijing. Will it be gold We are heading down to the south


coast to find out what has been happening in the sailing. We can


join Shirley Robertson. Won gold medal decided today in the 49 as.


Stevie Morrison and Ben Rhodes going for that. They were lying in


5th place overnight, did they get closer to the medals? It was going


to be a tough battle for top six of them could have secured bronze and


it was about all right to the end. Unfortunately, not for them. Could


it was hard to see them at the end of that. Two other classes on the


water today so what has been happening? What happened to Saskia


and Hanna? Great excitement. Most of the excitement is about


tomorrow's medal race, a head-to- head between GB and Australia in


the men's 470 class. Faye had a day after plan and think about tomorrow,


but the women -- women were in action. Two races before Friday's


middle race. If they had a great race today, they could secure a


medal. As you said, in the 49er class, they had a medal race, but


it was a tough battle for top we also had done women's match racers


in action. A good day today and they would proceed to the semi-


More medal race drama was promised today in Weymouth. In the 49 or


class, gold and silver had been secured by Australia and New


Zealand, but sixteens had a chance of bronze, including the British


pair. -- six teams. Light winds made a tough course even trickier


and that the first mark, the Austrians were leading, motivated


by that battle for bronze. This is a two way fight at the moment, it


doesn't matter where anywhere else's, it is Austria against Great


Britain. But the Brits slicked-back as


Denmark started to mount a charge. -- slipped back. Great Britain have


lost significant ground on the Austrians. The Austrian's won the


race, but Denmark claimed bronze behind the golden Aussies and the


Silver Line firms of New Zealand. It was amazing. We have sailed


brilliantly for four years. This week has been one of our best weeks


so far. It is great that it happened at the Olympics and today


was about enjoying the race. A shame it wasn't that windy, it was


a tough race to get around. But it was great for us. It was awesome to


enjoy it with the Kiwis. women's match racers were also on


course this afternoon. It was the last day of the quarter-finals and


it came down to the final race against Russia. There was nothing


to choose between these two and there were plenty of lead changes


and in the yen to the east Europeans took the wind and Great


Britain's women finished their fleet racing with a second place,


while New Zealand their main rivals for gold, managed only 18th. That


means they are level on points, both guaranteed silver and it is


winner takes all in the finale on Friday. We are waiting for the


confirmation. It is provisional but it will be a head-to-head, you are


equal points with New Zealand. is awesome. We had a tough race


today, which we thought would let them off the hook a bit, but we


came back with a good second race they have had the discard and that


is all we wanted to go in the race with a chance of a gold medal.


While the women have a lay day tomorrow the men will act out their


battle against the reigning champions. Expect them to push the


Australians all the way. And they are with me now. Luke Patience and


Stuart. No pressure then, that is what you said. No pressure. Yeah,


we have no pressure it's a win-win situation, we have sailed the


regatta of our lives, to be in a position where we can't get worse


than silver and that is where we are sat and gold is within our


grasp, we could not have asked more. We are happy happy boys. A day off


today, what do you do the day before the biggest day of your


life? Yes, today we had a bit of a lie in, that is for sure. You know,


just, it is quite odd the Olympics, you know with so many days, you


know, days off and, you know, me and Luke like to recover well and


get ready for the next day's racing, tomorrow, with it being not your


typical race scenario, it is a two horse race now, and, yeah, we have


been thinking about that today with our coach and a few of the more


experienced members of the team. We have been talking about that and


chill ought. Ben Ainslie, he is the expect on that. You had a chat with


him? What is your thought about how you are going to approach tomorrow?


Attack, put our hearts and souls into it and attack and don't stop.


I mean, it is funy it is an odd situation to be in, it's a win-win,


it is theirs to loose and ours to win. We are coming at a different


perspective. A positive place, and you know, the nature of me and


Stuart, we are young and excitable and we love this sport and we


really relish the challenge. Tomorrow is going to be the


greatest race of our lives. Whatever the outcome it has been


fabulous, we didn't come here to win sill verdict we came to win the


Olympic Games, and that is tomorrow's plan. Somehow, we


believe you. We will quickly talk about the girls, they are mafpg you


step for step, aren't they. Incredible. -- matching you. They


have had a fantastic series as well. Good on them, they are World


Champion coming into the week and good favourites on home water. It


is fantastic for them, to be in a similar position to us, guaranteed


medal, going into their race on Friday, so we will wish them well.


I think they have their, the Kiwis to race against, a head-to-head


with them, I think they Ron equal points, so a different scenario to


our, they will be out there tog to be aggressive. Everyone loves a


battle between goodbye and New Zealand, but there is one -- GB and


New Zealand. There is another one, that is Great Britain versus


Australia, and that is tomorrow at 1.00. Thank you. We will be back


live on the south coast tomorrow, for a report on all the action out


on the water. But, as promised we are going to bring you handball,


which is proving to be a very popular sport here at the Olympics.


It is entertaining and relentlessly fast. You may have seen a


quarterfinal earlier today, when unkry -- Hungary got a last minute


gold to beat the silver medallist from four years ago, Iceland. We


are going to concentrate on Spain against France. France from the


defending Olympic champion, they are the World Champions. We will


join in the second half, 17 goals all. Our commentators is Paul Bray


though, it is tidied up and the loose ball is picked up. France is


defender. For the first time in the games, after being 6-1 down, France


take the lead. What went wrong? They were so in control, Spain. But


France weren't quite ready to give up yet, on their Olympic title


spins off the defender into the gap. He has scored 111 goals in 36


appearances for France. That was especially taken and we are coming


getting the service up front much. If it had been a quick pass, they


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


comes with the turf that defenders will at times literally throw


can't believe it. Five from five for the 24-year-old. And they lead


by two. He has been the match winner for them so far, but I


shouldn't say winner! We still have time remaining, and he gets himself


mates and it is a yellow card there. Coaches have to watch themselves.


They can even get a two minute sus suspension for the coach, he has to


take a player off to serve it for himself there. -- taken a bit of a


blow. That was a good technique, accelerate the pace at the back.


goalkeepers. It a throw in to sometimes accelerate away. He takes


a seat on the Ben.. -- bench. A 6-1 the score to Spain, early in


was the reserve player? It is a message to the coach, "I told you,


you should have picked me in the first place. I could have been


doing this for you all the time." Well, a two minute suspension. He


can't believe it. It is all going minutes. They were leading 17-16.


They are now trailing 17-20. And I suspect a faulty substitution was


made. Went to go on in defence, you have o make sure the player going


off is off before you go on. If you go on tooerly kwhroi get a two


minute suspension. Finally, after 12 minutes, Spain are scoring again.


way through, even stopped because it was such an obvious foul. The


Stan yards thought the whistle was going to go. Caught there. Pushed


as well. And that is a reaction of the French captain who has scored


over 1,000 goals for his country. Used to play for Barcelona, many of


his former team-mates are here, now he is back in Toulouse, eight


like ten-pins in front of the French defence, and I think the


outside. The Barcelona back player. Spain have done well, they finally


got going. Ironically it took a suspension to get them going.


Finally, he saved. He scores, and they are back in the game again.


Morros benefiting from coming back Morros celebrates. France have


have about seven minutes remains. At the beginning we didn't expect


it might be a thriller but it then Morros was coming on. And the


defensive rock. Look at that. Enough to scare any attacker.


Ironically if you meet him off court he is delightful. He is a


real joker, but he cultivates the They can't quite believe it.


Somehow they managed to get the attacking foul, but they didn't get


it. Still in the early stages of France have got a player down. For


an end as flattened. -- Fernandez. A two minute suspension for


Fernandez as he gets up. Referees make their own minds up on these


things. For an end as -- Fernandez says he was locking my arm. He is


right, he is holding him. That is the game, it is a tight call in


many ways for the referees as to what is attacking and defensive


picks himself up. He runs in to try to get it. Somebody in the way as


he turned back in. All credit to him, who has managed to keep


possession for Spain. Five-and-a- half minutes remaining, they trail


frustrated and just blast the ball. fouled. Tries to break through.


They let him go. The French crowd caused his 5th of the game. Off he


maintains his or 100% record from the seven-metre line and still 45


the free-throw. He can't believe it. He let the clock run down, 12 more


post! Was it touched by the goalkeeper? The French say it was,


but the referee has given it to he has come off worst at his point.


-- this point. The Spaniard goes back, one of only three players who


don't play for either Barcelona or Atletico Madrid. He plays for


the game. France have possession to be over the line, but the


each other so well. Always hoped it would be a classic. He has levelled


it! A huge cheer from the Spanish Spain while France called four, but


they are back in the game now. Spain have resumed normal service.


Free-throw for France. Two minutes to go. Are we going to have extra


time again like in the first quarter-final? A free throw from


gets a free throw. Inside the last Too many steps says the referee, no


attack. Good defending by Mark remaining, all square. A very low-


scoring quarter-final dominated by ticks down. They have to stop the


in the game. He gets caught in the it 13-10 to overturn for a three-


goal deficit at half time. But for a free throw. 40 seconds.


Passive play. He shoots wide! 30 time to come back. Play the ball


down. 18 Time Out has been called. Worst-case scenario for France...


Is that they draw and it goes to at the beginning of the game,


France looked out of sorts, their shooting was abysmal. 11% success


rate with their shooting. It has gone up to 49% now, ahead of Spain.


They are now 147%. They were in the 70s at the beginning of the game. -


- they are now at 47%. France have had to dig deep and look to their


experienced players. They have to be watchful, France, of taking a


shot and not scoring. The Spaniards will be looking for the break. They


have very quick winners. -- windows. They will probably prefer the shot


to come down the centre so their wingers can be on guard to cover if


to extra time. The rebound has come back. On the buzzer! France have


won it. Incredible! What a finish. The shot bounced straight out from


the keeper. The strikers stopped the ball dead and threw it back in


the goal. France have won it 23-22. It was not a classic in technical


terms, but what excitement we have had. France, 6 goals down at the


beginning, they were still three goals down in the second half. Vale


levelled it, they were patient and in the end, helped by seven goals


from the reserve player, they have taken it. Can you believe it? For


the Spaniards, absolute heartbreak. The defending champions are still


in the running, but by the skin of There met be only 6,500 people in


the copper box, but it sounds like Mike -- more. France go through and


Mike -- more. France go through and will face the winner of the match


between Croatia and Tunisia. If you want to watch more, Sweden against


Denmark is on at the moment and you can watch that on the red button.


The winner of that match will face That is just about it from me. I


will hand over to carry on BBC One. The Olympic Stadium comes to life


like that for the athletics full up plenty of British athletes in


action. Andy Turner and Lawrence action. Andy Turner and Lawrence


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