BBC One: Day 12: 19.00-22.00 Olympics

BBC One: Day 12: 19.00-22.00

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Good evening from cycling to sailing, from boxing to basketball,


from showjumping to shooting. These Olympic games have kept us


engrossed but there is something exhilarating about watching human


beings rung as quickly as they can. Tonight the world's fastest women


go head-to-head in the 200 metres final. Once again it is Jamaica


Here comes Allyson Felix. Veronica Campbell-Brown has won a great race.


Felix easing away, here she come, speed and endurance. Jeter is


powering away. Campbell-Brown wins it. It is not just the women's 200


metres we will see tonight there is the men ues 200 metres semifinals.


You know what that means. -- men's. Usain Bolt has defended the 100


metres gold he won in Beijing, he takes the latest step towards


retaining his 200 metres crown, in tonight's semifinals. The second


fastest man in history over 200 metres behind Bolt is Yohan Blake,


he will hope to set up another sprint dual with his team-mate in


tomorrow night's final. Proctor established herself as a long


jumper by setting the highest in qualifying. Lisa Dobriskey was


fourth in Beijing, she, Hannah England and Laura Weightman run in


the semifinals. The only medal missing from Andy Turner's trophy


cabinet is an Olympic one. He has a semifinal in the 110 metres hurdles


hopefully before completing his collection in the final. Here is


the timetable for tonight's track and field. We will see Shara


We will show you later Team GB's bid to make the final in women's


hockey. On BBC Three you can see women's beach volleyball, the


bronze medal match between China and Brazil. Before that, the


Nicola Adams has won at least silver after she reached the final


of the flyweight division thanks to a superb win over the Indian


champion. And the sailing duo of Saskia Clark and nan mills are


guaranteed at least silver in the 470 class, barring any


disqualification, they will battle it out for gold with New Zealand on


Friday. Great Britain's medal rush was stopped in its tracks as Nick


Skelton missed out on an Olympic showjumping medal. We have a


terrific night to look forward to, and who better to look forward to


it with with double gold winner Dame Kelly Holmes. Kelly, it is


lovely to have you. Let us start with your feelings of that


incredible weekend, that we had of aeth le stadium. It was outstanding,


to have three gold medals, within and hour and know it set that track


alight. But it was a brilliant starting point for athletics. Think


they have struggled in previous Olympic games to make their mark


after incredible medal hauls the rest of the sports get. That


cemented our status n the world of athletics. After that euphoria and


those highs, there was going to be a bit of a difficult act to follow.


We have not had such success since. But that probably doesn't surprise


you. Yeah, I think we have been too, er, we have won so many medals our


expectations are so high, we are looking at everything and saying


are we doing as well as we should. Unfortunately injuries hit athletes


in particular and that is what we have seen, but you know, can't


takeaway from Christine Ohuruogu's silver, and a couple of bronzes, it


is a great performance for athletics, and probably at this


time more medals than we have ever got. Spoilt we are. We are. But I


think tonight will be a great night again, and just, everything that


has been happening, it is electric, whether that is Great Britain or


other countries. It is an amazing atmosphere. One of your two gold


medals was in the 1500 metres, how do you think our girl also go


are three girls in the 1500 metre, two have been part of my mentoring


programme. Laura weight mand and -- Weightman and Kelly England. I


think the two will be different, Laura Weightman I think has got the


harder, semi, she goes second. She has the runner who came second to


me in Athens. I am not too happy to sheer back, she comes back from a


drugs ban. You question mark it. But she has another two, but they


are probably the toughest, at the moment. So Laura, for her, she


looked really good in the heats, but it is whether she has been able


to recover well, enough, to get up to that next performance again in


the semis. It is her first major Championship. If Hannah and release


have, they have had difficult year, Hannah had a spike pierced through


her Achilles tendon. That set her back, that was about eight weeks'


ago, it set her back emotionally and physically but in the last two


weeks build up she has come back to her fore. To... She is good isn't


she. She is stronger than she thinks, I hope she can use the


competitive brain to get through to the final. Lisa Dobriskey, she


looks comfortable in the heat bus we have to remember that heat was


run in about 4.13 so lower than the others. So it will be interesting.


I am excited about this, because we could have three finalists, but, my


guess is we might have two. Fingers crossed. I must ask you about Mo


Farah. Because he is trying to do what you did, win two gold medals


at the same game, which would be something. You know all about the


way you have to peak twice there is a gap between both event, what will


he be doing between them? We saw him this morning, he looked a bit


tired. You do. You come into your second heat tired, because


emotionally the first one, the 10,000 you saw him the other night,


he was emotionally, kind of so into that race, and theure for ya of


winning, and his family coming on - - euphoria, that would have taken


so much out of him. He has run a 10,000 metres so the recovery


period will take that much more to get him back to where he would like


to be. Coming out on your first race, your heats after you have


done something like that is the hardest, because in your brain you


are trying to stop yourself from doing too much, and trying to keep


as much in the tank for the final, yet you retired from the previous


round. We shouldn't be too concerned. No, because he is a


Championship runner and he will go out there with a fight. I mean,


definitely think he will get a medal. I won't be surprised if he


won gold. He will be brilliant. Lovely to see you. It is time we


handed over for the athletics. It is a beautiful day here in London.


The evening is going to be a nice one. Set fair for great athle Tibbs,


time to join John and his friends. It's a hot night for the latest


instalment of the Bolt show. It was a sullry morning this morning when


British athletes had mixed fortunes. Gar rained Kelly were discussing Mo


Farah. Safely through but was he heavy legged? We will find out at


the weekend. Not since 2000 has Britain had a fine flist the


women's hammer. Sophie Hitchon ended that drought. Steve Louis set


a new British pole vault record in Poland. Today he didn't need to


scale the heights to reach the final. And after all the pre-games


controversy over Lynsey Sharp's selection ahead of so many more


experienced athletes, she did her talking on the track. But on the


down side, Daniel Awde is out of the decathlon but at 24 he will


surely have one more opportunity at least. So, good evening to Michael


and Denise. We will have a chance to talk in a few moments time, but


Robbie Grabarz's medal took place a few moments ago, we will show you


that in a few moments, but Mo Farah, to continue what Kelly was saying,


heavy legged, tired, emotionally drained? A mixture of all three.


Maybe a combination of all three. We can forgive him that, he ran a


fantastic 10,000 metre race. His job today was just to qualify. By


his own admission he felt heavy legged, but hopefully he will go


back and rest, get his treatment, and get his mind ready for the next


round. I think he has got a day or so to get ready. I think qualify


ing, the energy is not there, some times the qualifying, he knew he


could qualify, so I wouldn't take much from the fact he didn't


qualify in first and that he says he feels a little tired. I think he


will be ready for the final. have got shots of Robbie Grabarz


bronze medal a few moments ago. Three men, share it, not exactly


sharing it but all getting a bronze medal. And a couple of people were


saying why don't the three people then have a jump-off, answer?


don't know what the rules are, but I would have liked to see that but


it impact what is happens next with the silver medal or whatever, but


you know, in is a fair enough result, three guys, three different


countries very happy. It is not an impossible situation, you could


have six people sharing the bronze, that would look ridiculous. I think


three looks ridiculous, you should have three, they should have a


jump-off or some mechanism in place to prevent this, so one guy can say


I am the bronze medallist in saying I am the bronze medallist and


someone saying he is the the bronze medallist. It must be summer


because in the studio there are flying beasties round, vaguely


related to the moss key toy family what a great night to watch


athletics, and boy, wvings have we got some of the world's best on


show. To mark your card it is Blake at eight minutes past eight and


Bolt about seven or eight minutes that. So don't miss that.


final is tonight at quarter past nine. This is Wayne Davis. Next to


him t very good Frenchman Garfield Darien. Came through as the fastest


loser, didn't look so sharp in his qualifying race. And thereon the


roar for this young man, Lawrence Clarke. -- listen to the roar.


Still just 22-year-old. Getting better all the time. The World


Champion from last year, in a race in which was won initially by the


man who was disqualified. Jason Richardson came through to win.


Another man from Cuba, in fact he has beaten rob less, Ortega, just


21. -- a former European under 23 champion. Deghelt from Belgium.


13.52. One or two got through by dint of being one or two easier


heats. Gregory Sedoc of Netherlands. Andy Turner will be in the second


semifinal. There is the full line up for you. Claurns Clark right in


the middle. Only the first two will go through, and two fast toast the


final so Lawrence Clarke will have to run the race of his life here.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


given himself a chance. -- in the third place. A ring for which its


and was expected. Paul Ortega should have become a second, but


Lawrence Clarke was very close to him. There are two fastest loser


spots available. It was a really good race. What we expected to see,


Jason Richardson taking the lead early and driving through. He has


got a really wide stance over the barriers. Very unusual. But I think


he could easily run under 13 seconds. The final will be very,


very exciting. Lawrence Clarke, what a great race. He stuck with


these guys, competed with them, kept his head under pressure. There


was lots of clashing, lots of noise. He kept his focus and he was


rewarded with a very, very quick time. Hard into that first hurdle,


it really aggressive. His eyes are focused. Gets it in a straight line,


hurdles clattering left, right and centre but Lawrence Clarke sticks


to his task. Working hard, keeping cool. Knowing that this could be


his race into the Olympic final. He works hard off the final one and


digging towards the line. He ends up with a brand new personal best,


13.31. Great performance by Lawrence Clarke. The world champion


looking good, but a great run from Lawrence Clarke. Personal best in


third place. Times will be significant. That was in to a


slight headwind. Two more races to come. I think he has given himself


We heard from Colin on that first heat -- semi-final. We have the


second one coming up. What a wonderful evening, so much


happening at the Olympic Park. Hockey, handball. Our second semi-


final features Andy Turner. Fees are Colin's thoughts on him and the


event in general. -- these are. Andy Turner facing a tough task.


Despite Yi Zhang crashing out of qualifying, they are still


Butterfield to compete with. In order to do well, he needs to make


sure he nails the key parts of the race. The start is important. You


can't afford to make any mistakes during the acceleration phase. The


fastest point of the race is hurdles four and five. This is


where the athletes hit top speed. The best will take less than a


second to jump and run between these hurdles. At the start and end


of the race, they take much longer. If an athlete is in front at this


point, they have done most of the hard work. From hurdle five, it is


all about maintaining your speed. The athlete who slows down the


least will win the race. Unless they make a mistake. That is


something and the almost always relies on. He is very consistent


and redeem -- rarely makes a mistake. That means he put himself


in a good position to take advantage of any errors his


competitors make. He is also quick between hurdles two --, too. Robles


and Merritt have a physical advantage over Andy. They are


taller and that means their centre of gravity is higher, making it


quicker and easier for them to clear hurdles. That allows them to


get away with more mistakes. If Andy is to do well tonight, he


needs to concentrate on remaining consistent. If he does that, he


could put himself in contention for six. Next to the very fast American,


Ares Merritt of the USA. A new Ares Merritt of the USA. A new


lifetime best for Lawrence Clarke. 13.31, fabulous time. He is talking


to Phil. A personal best for Lawrence Clarke. Biggest race of


your life and you have delivered when it mattered. I was next to


Jason Richardson. I thought, stick to him. To look at what he just ran.


I tipped on the line and he was right next to me. -- dip. I tried


to produce the best race of my life and I have. I'm praying I am the


fastest loser. You have given yourself a chance. My a more year


for this Olympics was to make the semi-final. -- Mike a more or year.


This was my final, really. Malcolm always said anything else would be


a bonus. Anything can happen in the hurdles. I really want another


personal best. I hope that will get me through. Let's hope so, well


Andy Turner. Richard Phillips of Jamaica. 13.43 this year. A good


400m hurdler as well. An Olympic finalist four years ago in Beijing.


Only when through to the semi-final stage as a fastest loser, though. -


- went through. Paolo Villar of Columbia, South American record


national flag at that Opening Ceremony, Ryan Brathwaite. World


champion in 2009. Selim Nurudeen of Nigeria, the African Games champion


a few years ago. 13.51 is a lifetime best which she set this


year. A tremendous reception for Andy Turner. European champion,,


worth Games champion, both won in 2010. -- Commonwealth Games


champion. The fastest qualifier for the semi-finals, Bury's Merritt of


the USA. -- Bury's Merritt. His heat looked very, very easy.


Konstantin Shabanov, a superb Russian. 13.63 to make it to the


semi-finals, but he could be a danger. Wenjun Xie of China. 22


years old. 13.42. This is the full Olympic 110 metres hurdles. Andy


Turner has to get away to a good start. He has got the fastest man


in the field right next to him. If he sticks to Merritt like glue,


anything could happen. Merrett has been under 13 seconds this year if


a couple of times. -- Merritt. Just place. 12.94! That is only 100th of


a second outside of his best time ever. Hurdles lying all over the


place. Andy Turner, after the first hurdle, began to lose ground on


Merritt. But that was a terrific race by the American. Colin? A race


we have got used to with Merritt. He clobbered the second hurdle and


he will be so frustrated with that. He has had a lot of problems with


hitting hurdles two and three. If you can get those hurdles right, he


can break the world record. With that demonstration, I would say he


is most probably right. Let's look at Andy Turner. He won that


wonderful medal at the World Championships last year. The


European champion, the Commonwealth Games champion. He has struggled


with his form this year. He has had injuries that have hampered his


will be very disappointed with this. He came through with a time of


13.42. I don't think that will be enough to take him through to the


final. Let's have a look at everybody else. Ryan Brathwaite, a


former world champion, returning to some kind of form. He tried to stay


with Merritt, but Merritt is so full of running these days. He


looks good and confident. He looked excited at a fact that he could


possibly be the Olympic champion in still in a fastest loser position


at the moment. Andy Turner got at the moment. Andy Turner got


through to the semi-finals, but he is eliminated. Let's see what he


thinks about that. Commiserations, I know how


desperately wanted to make a final. Described the race. I just got a


rubbish start. That is what let me down. Once I got going, I was OK,


but the start was shocking. I don't know what happened. I am gutted. I


feel like I've let myself and my coach down. Gutted. How were you at


the start? Yesterday you said you was so nervous, did you keep that


in check? I didn't feel as nervous today, I felt more relaxed. I was


excited to race. I really believed I could make the final. Had I not


made the final barrier and run a good race, I would have had a


chance... I understand. Is this partly to do with the consistency


of the season? It takes its toll when it comes to this kind of


occasion. Yeah, I've had a rubbish season. That is the kind of time I


had run jogging last year and a year before. I made a few decisions


to train elsewhere. I don't think the coaching suited my style. I had


been running OK for a while, but it was time to do something different.


It has backfired. -- I feel like I have let people down. We will let


Disappointment for Andy Turner. A full stadium on a beautiful evening.


Less busy than it was earlier today, it has been great fun wandering


around earlier on. I bumped into Adi be laid near the hockey. It is


a beautiful place to be this evening. The decathlete have been


very busy in the stadium today. very busy in the stadium today.


They have already completed three events. These were the situations


We had already seen some big throws from the likes of Karpov of only


six -- over 60m. He he the overall leader, round about 150 points in


the lead, displayed a very rudimentary technique, but a very


powerful throw. Further than that but he made when he broke the world


record. Watched by a huge audience in the Olympic Stadium. 14.66. Not


the best score, but enough to keep his lead way above 100 points.


Moving into the high jump, Ashton withdraw because of injury. Onto


Robles in seven. Lynsha of Belarus in eight and Geoff Porter, the


husband of Tiffany Porter in lane nine. Well, time to keep in your


mind is 13.31, that is what Lawrence Clarke ran as a fastest


loser but five men in this field have run quicker than that this


year. Dayron Robles, he has had all sorts of injury problems. I was


listening toon interview he did when he arrived here saying he


thought 12.95 would win it. I think she going to have to change his


mind on that. Is he going to be good enough to get to the final


here? Watch out for the very good young Russian in lane four,


Shubenkov, the new European champion. New Russian record this


year, 13.09. Parchment, the Jamaican in five has going very


hitting hurdles all the way. Robles into his stride. Parchment in the


middle. Robles and Parchment coming away, Robles wins it. Then


Parchment. Now... There were some quick, just judging the distance,


it is going to be very interesting to see exactly the times that come


up. The winning time not as impressive, we didn't expect it to


be. Let us watch this. Keeps his stride. Shubenkov not going as well


as I thought he would. Then in the middle, Parchment comes driving


through. And looking up now, 13.28 for third, Fourie runs brilliantly


to come back but Abate is going to be too slow so Lawrence Clarke


makes it through. That is good news. I was jumping up and down, waiting


for it to come on the screen and confirm to us all that Lawrence


Clarke has got through to the final what a wonderful, wonderful moment


for that young man, he will be very happy. But day Yvonne Robles, we


have seen him move much better than this in the past. -- Dayron Robles.


He is a beautiful, natural hurdler, but he seems a bit heavy. He


doesn't seem as light as hiz feet as in the past. When he lands there


is a sinking action that goes on, you see he drops a bit. That is a


sign he is really not quite on top of his game, or, or, he is not


running flat out. Those are two reasons why he will slightly sink.


Come the final, I guess we will get the answer to that, because he will


have to move flat out if he is going to take a medal. Of course he


wants that to be gold. Yes. Flat out? I don't know, I think he was


running pretty hard there Colin. You know better than I do. Patchlet


ran well, coming through for second place. Fourie does make it through


but so does Lawrence Clarke. Let us clear all of that up. We are


heading for a cracking final tonight. At quarter past nine.


Merit heads them up. He looks a hot favourite for the gold medal. Roebl,


Richardson the World Champion, they will be joined by Lawrence Clarke.


-- Robles. That is 9.15 final. Before that at quarter past eight


we have Blake and Bolt in the men's 200 metres semifinals. We have


Robbie Grabarz and Denise Lewis. We Robbie Grabarz and Denise Lewis. We


will talk about you in a moment. A quick word on Lawrence Clarke?


Excellent. Someone like Lawrence rises to occasions like this, he is


no wall flower by any have stretch of the imagination, you felt if he


was in great shape, he would use this to his advantage and he did


that, excellent result. Great for his coach, he never gets the


respect he deserve, but he has coached some fantastic athletes.


you are going to produce a personal best do it on the biggest stage of


all. How does it feel Robbie? In a way nice you get the medal last


night but you get the medal today, so it prolongs the ecstasy? It has


been a long wait. I am not letting go of it. Stand only the podium,


how did it feel. I was really proud, I have worked hard this year, and I


deserve to be on the podium, I feel proud to have made it. You say you


worked hard, every interview you have given, before the games and


subsequently, you know you have spoken about how you made this big


decision a year or soing a, rather than messing round and going to the


pub a bit and being a party animal, and your coach said to you if you


are going to mess me round I am not interested. How easy is it to flick


and switch and being from being a recreational athlete to one who is


full on, determined to go for a medal? It was a difficult decision


but once that was made, I think I found it easy to stick to that,


because I decided. It was, you know, I took myself away for a couple of


days and thought that, if I make this decision, you are committing


to this, it is not a light-hearted, let us give it a go for a couple of


weeks. It is a whole winter and the summer you still have to stay


focused and perform at the Olympic Games in London. Yeah, it was a


good decision. Obviously it was! The did you feel you might waiver?


Round Christmas time, there is parties everywhere, were you still


resill yent if your resolve? Yes, every training session, it makes a


difference, you add 1% to every session, 2% to every session. It is


not just physically, it is all in the head. Especially when you come


to compete in a world stage. I think it is easy to stick to it


once that is made. Michael? What was the difference in terms of your


life before, before this commitment, and you life now? Just, in terms of


training, what was its that you weren't doing then that you were


doing later? As oppose to the mentality, physically what was it


in terms of that commitment? Not a great deal. Seriously wasn't a


great deal. So... I am a talented high jumper, it was just, when you


focus in on every weight session you get all that return to you, and


it is physically you get so much more, even though the training


wasn't physically massively different, it is a mind set. You


try that bit harder, and, you know, you reap the benefits. There are so


many talented athletes who don't reach their potential. I am sure


they get to 40 and think "If only, I should have given more to it at


the time when I had the opportunity." Was there anelletment


about that that people were saying don't fritter your talent? I read


something and it said don't look back and think if only. It is no


regrets. I didn't want to look back and think I wasted an opportunity


to compete let alone win a medal. That is it. It is a sign you commit


your mind and your talent, you combine that you get the best out


of yourself, you know, as you said, you see so many kids, junior,


senior, that just don't have that mental capacity to make that change,


so very inspirational. Well done. Many congratulations and we are not


seeking to rain on your parade. We were discussing why isn't there a


jump-off for third place, so one of you gets the bronze medal? Would


you have liked that It would have been exciting to be honest, it


would have really earned that bronze medal then. But, I just


think it is not possible logistically. I would have enjoyed


it. Just take it! Many congratulations. Thank you. Robbie


Grabarz, our bronze medallist in the high jump. We are hoping to get


certainly one, maybe more at -- athletes into the final of the 1500


metres women's semifinal. approached each Championship


differently, so I have a lot of lessons learned from each one, I


feel have a good set of tools in hand to be able to prepare me for


this, and I can use and draw on the experiences I have, to hopefully


make sure this is the best Championship yet. Lisa Dobriskey on


the outside. The 1500 is very interesting, because it is not


necessarily the athlete with the quickest time that wins. Some


people are good at one off performances, so times on paper are


very different to tactically run races and even fast races, because


there is nobody doing the work for you so it is down to you to make it


your moment, and your chance, and people often get it wrong, and that


is where medals are won. Well down you got in the top three. A big


part of me reminds me I have to enjoy this moment and embrace it.


At the end of the day this is everything. So it needs to be


enjoyable and it needs to be something I embrace and look back


on with fond memories. The orbit, Denise doesn't like it. I do. She


is shaking her head. But, you know, so many people were buying tickets


to go up that. There is the shot of people enjoying a beautiful


summer's evening. Next time you come into London, the cable car, it


is spectacular, so another thing to do, if you come to this part of the


world. Here is our aerial shot again of the last vestiges of


sunshine on the far side, painting a magnificent picture. Let us talk


about our three girls. Lob seems to have been round for a long time,


and I keep expecting her to suddenly come up with the goods. --


Lisa Dobriskey, gold, silver on a stage like this, it hasn't quite


happened. Why do you think that is? It is injury, she is a talented


young girl, but the thing is, what can you do when you pick up an


injury? It sets you back, you have to restart again, you have to


regain your confidence, and I think she is going through that battle.


It is great to see her here, because it was touch-and-go at one


stage, it is really precious to see her here. Injury isst scourge of


all sportsmen, but for athletes the margins are so tight so if you are


the slightest anything that will is the difference between being good


and nowhere. That is right. You can't play injured here. There is


only a certain amount that you can control, certainly the training and


in the off season, the off season training will help to strengthen an


athlete but there is only so much you can do when you get involved in


sport, that is a part of it, and sometimes it happens at the worst


time. There are those who have chronic injuries, the hands is the


worst, because they never get to a point where they can develop


consistency circumstances not with competing or training and that will


hold back an athlete like Lisa. Colonel, good evening. Good evening.


What about Hannah England.. She is having a traumatic time. Coming


from the beginning of the season she was starting off in good shape,


feeling happy and picking a silly little injury, and all athletes


would say that is possibly the most frustrating thing, when you pick up


an injury, that has come out of the blue, that you don't expect. If you


were doing extra strides or something unusual, but to be in a


race and get spiked is an awful thing, to create this havoc.. It is


great she is here. I am glade she made it. Four years ago I was in


Beijing watching with her, and Perri Shakes-Drayton and these


girls have got bags of talent, and this young lady is ambitious, she


has a lot of determination and she will get her time. The key thing we


were talking about, is about this is my moment. And do you rise to


the occasioner,er or are you cowed by it? You never know how the


individual is going to respond, until you see them do it.


hasn't competed in some time, since that injury, that makes it


difficult to come out on this stage and try to produce her best, which


she will have to do or get close to it to get into the final. That make


it more difficult. As the same time, she will be buoyed by this crowd


and she will be up lifted by them, hopefully that will be enough to


offset the disan vadge tadge of not being able to compete. -- disadd


van damage. -- disadvantage. Last night, let us hope we can get one


of our semifinalists through evening. Steve Cram is going to


evening. Steve Cram is going to describe this. Thank you.. We have


two excellent athletes representing Great Britain here. New European


champion from Turkey. She has run an incredible 3. 56 .6 this year.


Van Dalen, not so well-known New Zealander. Stellingwerff, and there


is Lisa Dobriskey. She will get a cracking welcome here. Has a happy


neck of -- knack of getting it right on the day. To good Americans,


Shannon has a world bronze medal. They have gone straight past her


there. Uceny was probably the world number one leading into that and


her team-mate who won that title. So three very good Americans. And a


there as well, having the season of her life. The first five will go


through. And then 30 fastest losers from these two semi-finals. -- of


the two fastest losers. These are very, very nervous moments for any


athlete. Despite all of the championships Lisa Dobriskey has


run, she will be nervous, but she looks nice and calm. Hannah, trials


and tribulations leading into this, but she looked better in her


intriguing races with two semi- finals. Does the first one go hard?


I'm not sure there's a front-runner in the semi-. Hannah England likes


to come from behind. Lisa Dobriskey does. Uceny does. Kostetskaya, not


so sure. Plenty of people will think they can kick at the end.


When there are five places to qualify, you don't blame them for


thinking that. Some of them will be lulled into a false sense of


security. If this had been a normal season, you would say that Hannah


England and Lisa Dobriskey would be great bet to get to the final, but


they've both had troubled times. Hannah England got spiked in a race


and struggled for weeks after way. Lisa has had her own problems, but


she is coming back strongly. The information from the team camp is


that Lisa Dobriskey is that flying in training. The last time I heard


that comment from the British camp officially was when they told us


Kelly Holmes was flying in trading just before the Olympics in 2004. -


- training. Her I was in Portugal and I saw Lisa do a very, very good


training session. She looked as well as I have ever seen her look.


But you still have to negotiate your way out of a semi-final.


Kostetskaya leads. Uceny is on her shoulder. Harrer on the inside. The


Turkish European champion is just watching and waiting for us up Lisa


Dobriskey moving up on the outside because she senses it is a little


slow and she wants to be in a position where she has a bit of


clear air. She is watching what is going on. Hannah England is a


little bit further back. You can throw a blanket over them. It is a


little bit dangerous when they come too close together. Lisa Dobriskey


is running the right race. She is only yards away from the lead. She


is running a few extra yards on the outside, but that doesn't matter.


Uceny trying to poison herself on the outside to make them all go the


long way round. That is mature distance running. Hannah England


needs to be closer. Hannah at her best likes to give herself a long


run for home and finished fast in the home straight. They are


gathering here. Dobriskey is in a perfect place at the moment. Hannah


England will want to get as close as she can, she's at the back of


the pack. 400m to go. This has been very slow. Belete is the first to


try to push on. Kostetskaya is trying to halt them up and make


them run a long way round. Dobriskey is in a good position.


Kostetskaya has been caught for a few yards. Hannah England has a lot


to do. She looks as though she is struggling. She has to make up some


space in the back straight. Otherwise she will get a run-out.


Lisa Dobriskey has something to do, but she's holding it. They will


come under some pressure. Belete outside. First five. Belete is


starting to trouble. Lisa Dobriskey looking good and Hannah England has


a bit of work today. Only five are guaranteed a spot. England is going


European champion is having the season of her life at the moment.


Looking strong. She was in a good position. Lisa didn't panic when


they went hard down the back straight and stayed strong and


looked for the gap. Maybe 4 Hannah England, those missed weeks of


that perfectly. 300 metres to go, down the back straight, Hannah


England at the back of the pack. Lisa Dobriskey in fourth place


behind Kostetskaya. The two Americans have some work to do, but


they are moving quickly. Uceny and Ribery you running strongly. All


eyes on Lisa Dobriskey. At this point I thought Anais England might


have finished strongly like she did in the war World Championships. But


she is not fit. She was not in the right position. If she had been as


strong as last year, she would have been able to qualify. Lisa


Dobriskey did not even lift the pace. She just kept running and


qualifies. Shannon Rowbury, anything in that heat that


suggested to me that there's anybody better than Lisa Dobriskey


in this race. Looking a what she's doing, checking it out, running


well. Sadly, Hannah England was not able to cope with it today having


missed training at a crucial point in the season. Lisa Dobriskey was


aware of everything going on. That was excellent from Lisa. Really


looking forward to her running in the final. That was pretty easy


qualification from her point of qualification from her point of


view, she was cruising. Both women are with me now. A case of what


might have been but for a chunk of restraining? Yes, I'm absolutely


gutted. I will forever be wondering what would have happened if I


hadn't got injured. I was hoping to get into the final. I will have to


have a look at it. We were hoping you would have one of those late


surges like at the World Championships. I felt good. I felt


ready to strike, it just didn't happen. Absolutely gutted. We will


let you warm down, thank you. Lisa, contrasting fortunes. You are


through with a tremendous performance. You called on all your


experience to get through. definitely. I was so nervous about


this race. I've been stressed all day. I just wanted to make another


Olympic final. Last year was horrendous so I sympathise with


Hannah. I know what it feels like. Clive feel really sad for her.


Fingers crossed for Laura. All the reports were you were training so


well in Portugal and you have looked good here. Tactically you


are getting it right, you stayed out of trouble. Her I thought it


would be a slow race. There were no real front-runners in the field. I


was prepared for that. It brought on my confidence. I was prepared


for anything. It was a bit of a scrap at the end, a lot of girls


close together, but I've been following the athletics this week


and that seems to be the case and a lot of qualifying rounds. I was


just glad to be in the top five. Another Olympic final,


congratulations. Her thank you. Can I just say best wishes to genitalia.


Steve Cram has joined us in the studio. Over the years I've taken


part in so many discussions about British middle-distance runners who


have got tactics wrong and have got boxed in. Great to see Lisa run the


perfect race. How much of that is down to experience? Do you know


what was interesting? There wasn't a normal Lisa Dobriskey race. In


the past she has tended to hark the inside line, which we are sometimes


nervous about. I am nervous when it is as close as that. When a pack is


gathered like that, the inside is not the place to be. She often gets


out because of her pace. That was perfect tonight. Absolutely the way


to run that race. More of our guys should watch Lisa. She prepares in


such a good way that she is able to bring her best game to the Olympics.


I hope Laura does. That is Laura Weightman. Your involvement is?


her coach, I'm rather nervous! have done all the work now, there's


nothing you can do. She has done fantastic to reach the semi-final,


anything from here is a bonus. This is a tough race. I said to look at


the scoreboard to see what the time was in the semi-final before hand.


Just knowing if there are five or seven spots available. A lot of


experienced people are in this. A did you tell her to enjoy it?


No chance! Steve will be nervous No chance! Steve will be nervous


watching this. Paul Dickenson will of her life to try to make it into


the final. Almost a little stagger from Aregawi. Maryam Jamal goes


into the lead. Steve is in the commentary box. I don't think he


can hear me. He has done a brilliant job with Laura Weightman.


She has really run well this year. She has really made progress. She


ran fantastically well at the championships to book a place here


and she is a confident young lady. This is good experience for her.


She knows what she has to do. She has been guided well through this.


Tomashova takes over, former world champion. I think Laura Weightman


can relax a little bit and start to get on with the serious job of


running a fast race. Through the finish line for the first time.


Tomashova... Laura Weightman in 5th position at the moment. Running


comfortably. It will be interesting to see what the 400m split is. It


is pretty much on par with the first heat. Tomashova, the double


world champion from days go by -- days gone by, is still in the lead.


I Geary looks good. -- Obiri. I am looking at Aregawi of Ethiopia.


Quite next to Laura Weightman, the two of them are in it good plays.


The races starting to move along. You can see little gaps opening.


That is sensible. If you were outside the first five, you could


get through as a fastest loser. The real test of a nice bit -- athlete


is when you come into a championships like this, eight


athletes have run faster than Laura Weightman and seven of them have


run faster than that this year. She has athletes who off slightly


faster than her and everyone she beats is a scalp well worth taking.


Lawro mate and -- Laura Weightman is in 6th place, running a very


good race. Tomashova leads, Obiri in second. Then Aregawi, the


Ethiopian. Jenny Simpson is trying to join her team-mate into the


final. A little bit of pushing. Laura Weightman steering clear of


trouble at the moment and still looking strong. This is the crucial


part of the race. She has to use the next 200m to position herself,


to give herself a chance on the last lap. She is strong on the last


lap. This is her opportunity at the younger age of 21 to get to an


Olympic final. Six athletes around her. Jamal, the former world


champion, is coming through on the outside. The bell sounds and the


pace lifts. A little bit faster than the last one. Laura Weightman


is aware they could beat spaces available. Aregawi is interesting.


And Obiri of Kenya. The two of them running well. Laura has to work


hard on this lap and pick up the pace. She is in 8th place, she


needs a few better than that. Aregawi moves into the lead. Laura


Weightman begins to make her move, she has Jamal ahead of her. Aregawi


move now. Come on! Aregawi heading for home. There's a real tussle


going on between Jamal and the Belorussian. Jamal is coming


through for 5th place. Laura Weightman finishes in 7th place.


Perhaps. It was a fast time. Faster than the first semi-final. But


Aregawi looked absolutely superb. Laura Weightman gave it everything


She has to be proud of the weight - - race, she gave everything and was


digging indeed. Down the back straight she gave us of a lot to do,


but the experience of the athletes like Aregawi, the fast Ethiopian,


and a Obiri coming up. And Bulut of Turkey. At this stage you might say


Laura is out of it, but she passes the world champion Jamal, moving


into 7th place. There are the three fastest losers, and we are checking


on the Times from the first heat. The computer is a bit slow at the


moment. Aregawi looks good, comfortable. Bulut is there. Does


Laura Weightman get passed on the line? That could be crucial for her.


A very, very close one. We need to see that. We need to see it more


closely. Aregawi, no problem. Bulut, no problem. Caraher there has been


given the new smart -- can reverse has been given the nod there. For


the computer are still trying to sort this one out. Laura Weightman


giving it everything down the home straight. She is into the final! It


has just come up on the computer, not on the main scoreboard. 4.0


There is a sense of confusion, because the scoreboard had you as


8th and you were in tears, thinking she had missed out by one place,


and I hope this is correct, but no, you are 7th. What is your reaction?


Crossing the line with the seven people there, I couldn't get there.


I knew it was close when I did on the line. I hope I have done enough.


A personal best, in front of the crowd, I so hope I am in the final.


The you gave it everything. Could you tell us what was going through


your mind? I hit the bell and just thought to keep going and fight.


100 metres to go, and I thought I had to catch the girl ahead of me,


and I think I did. I so hope I am in the final. To make an Olympic


final at the age of 21, that would be a dream come true. It is a dream


to be at the Olympics. It would be even more of a dream to run in this


-- for in front of this crowd again. And thank you for talking to us.


The reason the result of a long time we will see in a moment, but


time we will see in a moment, but best, exactly the same time as


clock over, so they had to take it down to the thousands of a second -


- as Klocova or -- and it has just Yes! And of course, the last thing


Steve Cram said to Laura before she went on to the track was just dip


on the line. You think I am joking, but I told her about Moscow in 1980


when I was 19 and I got in by one hundredth of a second, in the last


stride. I said, down the home straight, you fight and fight. Well


done, Laura. Fantastic. Brilliant. Well done. How does it feel?


Absolutely unbelievable. Coming down the home straight, wanting to


get to the line, and just do it. A personal best, Olympic final. What


more can I say? For come back and try again! That was impressive.


wasn't commentating, but I was watching you, thinking that you


should just keep moving and keep moving. That home straight, we


talked about going right to the line, and you did it fantastically


well. If there is ever a lesson for anyone to keep going until the line,


you have proved it. What an awesome day. You're going to have a better


day, Laura. You're going into the final. Thank you so much for


talking to us. Coach Steve Cram. It sounds like a movie. Laura is a


great athlete. She works so hard and she deserves it. She has worked


so hard over the last two years. Two women in the final, terrific.


Lisa Dobriskey, a real chance? was watching the slow motion of her


down the home straight and she was cruising. She has a great chance in


the final. She doesn't need us to put any pressure on us, though, the


visit is an open race and she has a great chance. -- because it is aged


open race. Forget the Swedish handball players, now it is time to


get down to business. For these are the best that have ever assembled


is going to win the gold. 9.63. The Wherever Usain Bolt goes, can Blake


be far behind? And where you think the relationship is at the moment


between the two? You are asking me? Based on what I've heard about


Blake, his appetite for training, you have to favour him. You really


have. What do you reckon, Colin? Usain Bolt has not run many 200


metres races this year, and he is a bit special over this distance, we


know that. That metronomic stride pattern, will it be enough to take


the result? Let's go back to Steve, doing his day-job, full-time


commentator, part-time coach. He is doing what he does best. The semi-


finals are mouth-watering, aren't watching Michael Johnson in 1996,


and everything we have seen from Usain Bolt, but when this guy ran


at 19.6 -- 19.26, we thought he was kidding us. Bruno de Barros has


to run the 100 metres and put all of his efforts into this 200. Most


considering it a wise choice. Wallace spearman, -- Wallace


Spearmon, not the best American team we have seen, but a good


men outside. The big names, Blake, Spearmon, Le Maitre. The first two


Spearmon has run under 20 seconds what is in the script, and a scrap


While the Frenchman ran him down? Blake almost stops! And he does


stop! Goodness me, that was risky! In years to come, they will look at


the result of the semi-final and say it must have been a close race,


three guys in the 10th of the second. But it doesn't tell the


story, does it? Blake just easing up. And oh so close. Le Maitre just


didn't get round the bend well enough. And it is Spearmon who


takes second, just 100 behind Blake. And Christophe LeMaitre are asked


to sit and wait and watch and hope that he has done enough. --


Christophe LeMaitre has to sit and bend, now he is pumping, but very


relaxed. Wallace Spearmon ran a better then than normal, but


pressure on the nature and he knows he is in trouble. They just can't


get to him. -- pressure on Le and you don't really have to do


that. That is a little bit risky in terms of injury as well. But a very


impressive race from Yohan Blake, 20.01. Close at the finish, but


Blakey in the semi-final, and with Usain Bolt coming up in the next


race, we expect him to be battling with him for the gold and silver


and the bronze will be left for anyone who can put in it that work


to get it. And that will go in the record books as one of the closest


semi-finals in Olympic history. But the standard of some of the other


runners to come. Let's find out As impressive as ever. Tell me what


you will do to turn that form into a golden moment in the final?


have to work with the coach. I have been working really hard on the 200


metres. I just need to do what the coach says, execute well and take


everything from there. When you came into the Games, what was your


realistic aim where this event was concerned? Did you see this as the


better chance of the gold medal? It's always a good chance for me in


every event. That mistakes happen, things happen. I'm grateful for


what I've done so far and I will keep going for everything.


other head-to-head between you and Usain Bolt. Yes, my good friend,


and it will be interesting. We look long jump final. Radha V Curve, not


in the greatest of form this year. -- Radha V Curve not in the


athletes. Eight athletes have been over seven metres, and Shara


Proctor is not one of them, but she did qualify. She got the British


record in the UK trials, and I think she's a real contender. Radha


stadium today. Eton has equalled the height he made when he cleared


the world record. He has maintained his first position overall with


just the 400 metres to go. He has actually advanced the points


difference between himself and the second place contender since the


for her first jump. Sokolova of Russia, 6.80 in second place.


Deloach, 6.7 D7 in third place. -- 6.77. The wind is different this


evening. It is normally behind in the home straight. But not this


time. All the athletes have following winds. She looked good in


see exactly where that Mark was. But she has got a mark on the board.


She looked at -- as though she was running a little bit tight. Unlike


the free running in qualification, when she jumped 6.83. Just a little


bit behind the Plasticine, but not bad. The lead, 6.8 th from Radevica.


She is down in 5th place. second semi-final of the 200 metres.


But this one features the one and national record-holder. Just 22


years old. Isiah Young came third in the US Olympic trials. 20.33 he


has run this year. He may have to go faster if he wants to qualify


for his first Olympic final. Finally, Aaron Brown, another 20-


year-old. Usain Bolt, the world record holder. What a night it was.


He one the 100 metres per second time in a row, 9.63 seconds. In his


heat yesterday, he strolled around. He blasted the first 50 to 60


metres, came off the bend comfortably. Just having a look


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


and outside. But Usain Bolt wins it. Jobodwana in second place. Not as


fast as his training partner, but I think from that run, we can gather


there is a lot more to come. believe there is. He looks very,


very relaxed. Not just down the home stretch. I don't think you


round the bend that hard. He got a very good start. A very good start


for Usain Bolt. Already up on Quinonez on the outside. I think


he's a little bit relaxed already. Another glance there, just


extremely relaxed for over 100 metres. 20.18, very impressive,


that is what we expect. Quinonez came under pressure there. The


young South African, Jobodwana or, keeping up with Usain Bolt today!


Very nice for the 20-year-old. He gets himself into the final. We


don't see Usain Bolt get a start like that very often, that was a


very good start. Again, very relaxed here. His form is looking


good round the bend. He knows he will have a little bit more work, I


believe, against his training partner, Blake, in this final. But


I think he is feeling very confident. He has got the pressure


off him after the 100. I don't think he feels much pressure from


anyone. Good news for Christophe Lemaitre or with those times. He is


still the fastest loser. Jobodwana, a new lifetime best for the young


South African, he has done very A magnificent performance once


again, even by your standards. That is what they call coasting home!


Yes, it is about going through as easy as possible, that was the aim.


Yohan Blake has gone through already, it will be a head-to-head,


but no doubt who is going to come out on top in your mind? No doubt


whatsoever. This is my favourite event, I'm looking forward to it.


What about those people coming into the Olympics who were saying, Blake


could beat him, now all of a sudden you are the hottest favourite.


heard it, but it is how people are. They always doubt the champion. I


know what I can do, so I never doubt myself. You would cement your


legendary status? Or without a semi-final, and not an easy one. He


might have liked to have been in that one, that was the easiest of


the three. Coming up in a few qualification for the javelin. This


is Vasilevskis of Latvia, one of the best in the world this year.


is a huge shock. We all -- also had Thorkildsen, he went through safely,


he had an injury problem in the recent European Championships. The


javelin, not been the strongest this year, but that is a huge shock


for the world No. 2, heading out in start in that occasion. Not


sticking close to the inside lane. Coming off it, he then begins to


move that -- look around. Very, very relaxed. You see the contrast


with everybody else behind him. Guys are all over the place.


Jobodwana, actually looking pretty good in his effort to actually keep


up with Bolt. Very nice two fouls, and then just scraped


through on her third attempt. She is the world indoor long jump


metres. The lead was held by Radevica. A disappointing start by


Shara Proctor at 6.55. But that, that was special. This woman is


some talent. Certainly not like Carl Lewis in terms of technique,


but in terms of raw power down the runway and take-off ability, that


Malcolm. Warren Weir, this prodigious young talent. Jamaica


might have found another great young sprinter. Churandy Martina


ran better than his personal best in the final four years ago. He was


disqualified for running on the losers at the moment are Lemaitre


of a problem for Christian Malcolm 10 years ago -- wouldn't have been.


But he has a three or four men in this race, at least, who are on


that sort of form can he resurrect some form of old here? He has got a


two. He somehow found a job, after running pretty 0.6, third in his


heat, that is not a good lane draw. But you just have to wait for the


him having the card shown to him, I don't think he's going to hang


around for that. But he has already him. It has come up on the computer,


before the gun went. And that is applauds, it is polite, but he did


something wrong there. A quick word on Christiane? He couldn't have got


and a better semi-final, this is the easier of the three. So there


is no excuse. But it is still going to be tough, because the young kid


from Jamaica who looks like he is 12 programmes like he is 30 will be


tough to beat. -- but runs like he Malcolm. He has got to really work


thought, but Christian Malcolm get third! We are not far away. If


Christian Malcolm has run quicker than 20.37, he had to be at least a


third... 20.20 8th was second, I don't think he was close enough,


was he? He is third, but it is too slow. He actually ran a very well


here considering. He bought himself into contention, he didn't make a


good transition. Warren Weir had to accelerate, he knows he is


definitely in the final. But again, not a good transition. That is what


cost him. Because he may have just got another tent, he could have got


a better transition on to the straight. He was in trouble,


fighting to get to that line while the other two had already relax. --


relaxed. It was always going to be tougher. Unfortunately, not in the


Christiane, let me bring you win. No Usain Bolt or Yohan Blake, so


you must have fancied your chances. I did. I am disappointed. Last


Olympic Games, would have been nice to make the final, but it wasn't to


be. Could you have done anything differently? I'm not going to make


any excuses. It's just one of those things. I'm getting a bit older and


it's not getting easier. That's the last time I'll be running


individually in the Olympic Games, but I've had a good time. It's been


an amazing atmosphere. I'm disappointed, and it is on to the


relay now. A little piece of history, you have been here a 4th


time, a record for a sprinter. We will see win the relay. Cheers,


not quick enough to advance into the final. So it Martina and Weir


will go through. For I think it is between the big men, Blake, Usain


massive lead from Brittney Reese, and that is over seven metres and


very close. 7.12 is what Brittney Reese jumped. The long jump coming


around -- alive in this evening. Sokolova, not much of a


championship record, but she did win the Russian trials with 7.06.


She is going to be roundabout that distance again. 7.07 for the


Shara Proctor having jumped 6.83 in qualifying. Now she sees the gold


medal position at 7.12 and a silver at 7.07. Both well in excess of a


flag. A red flag for Shara Proctor. She will need to go better in her


third attempt. Right on the cut for final. Blake the quickest, but he


as well. And Warren Weir will be Quite something, the 200 metres.


Usain Bolt really is something special. I am sure he could run the


last 10 metres backwards and still have qualified. But that is not


what the Olympics is just about, the superstars. For the first time


I can ever remember I have cheered home or someone to finish 7th,


Laura Weightman. Great to see her naked through to the final. Let's


give our team a run-down on what is available on BBC Three -- great to


see her making it through to the Whoever wins the hockey semi-final


will face the Netherlands, who won on penalties. Highlights later on


BBC One. I won't give you the score, but if you fancy,, you know where


it is. Drama is everywhere on the # "Gimme Shelter" - The Rolling


There is one heck of a storm coming. Sharon is back, soon, on BBC One.


Sharon is back, and Usain Bolt and Blake are back on the track tonight


and they will be back later in the week for the individual event in


the 200 metres. Michael, what was your general thought about how they


ran up tonight? They were both very relaxed. Usain Bolt looked most


impressive to me. I was particularly struck by Yohan


Blake's comment that he thinks it will be interesting in the final.


Bolton did not hear his comments that came back with that he would


be ready and he was going to win it, basically. He said he would win it,


really. A very interesting rivalry that is also a friendship, training


knocked executing very much. He looked a little bit tight -- not


executing. But today he looks relaxed. Very much in control of


the race. Easily qualifying into the final with a very, very


impressive time as well. He eased up dramatically at the end. I think


he feels confident that he has a better chance in the 200 metres


What I get from his demeanour is, it that if he gets a silver medal


again, that is great. Because that is against Usain Bolt. He is in a


good position where anybody can challenge him for silver. So he has


only the up side, so that's a good situation for him. Another medal


ceremony. I don't think I have heard the German national anthem


too often in the Games. I don't have the Medal list to hand, but I


don't get the impression they have had the best 10 days or so. We saw


him celebrating his victory last night by hurdling the wrong way


down the track. Paul Dickenson does The double world champion, and now


the Olympic champion as well. Flanking him, the winner of the


Iran's first ever track and field medal and the Estonian defending


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


champion, when he came into the Lawrence Okoye eight, the young


Briton, he finished 12th in his famed -- first international final


but he will pay homage to this man, the Olympic discus champion, Robert


Harting. I am sure there are many German viewers screaming at us


about their medal tally, seven gold medals, and there is Robert, the


7th man. Lies, damn lies, and statistics. What about Usain Bolt


and the fact you said that Blake would be happy with the silver? Is


he been intimidating factor on everyone else just by virtue of his


presence, or is it because the statistics say you cannot beat him?


The statistics add up. And I think his demeanour, everything about him,


it exudes confidence, presence and that must be intimidating everybody


else. They are looking for a chink in the armour. They are looking for


some signs that something is not right, and they only have to hear


him speak, if they heard any of the interviews, he is ready for


business. Whenever people were in the world, athletes from Africa,


where ever else, they saw the pictures of the Jamaican trials and


saw Usain Bolt being beaten, did they think they had a chance?


think they thought but Blake has a chance, but we don't really have a


chance. I don't think he is intimidating to most athletes. I


think they don't think about him. Blake is the only one who thinks


maybe there may be a chink in the armour, but most athletes will


think that Usain Bolt is going to do his they are not worried he is


jovial and he jokes about it. I don't think they are intimidated,


it is just the statistics. The numbers do not lie. The guide is so


much better than any one of them could imagine even being -- that


guy. They focus on him and let him do his thing, which is to take the


gold every time. I am sure we will discuss this over the lek -- next


few days, but the final will be a treat. We have the women's 400


metres hurdles final coming up. Still plenty happening in the long


thinking. A foul in the second round. In eighths after the third


round and only the top eight will go through. Plenty of jumpers can


go be on the next 6.55, so the next jump is crucial. The last time we


saw Shara Proctor jumping in Britain was at Crystal Palace where


she broke the long-standing British record, so she knows she is in good


shape and led the qualifiers coming into the final. Meanwhile, Brittney


Reese, with 7.12 in the second foul. She can just go for it now,


can't she? 7.12 could easily be the winning jump, despite the fact you


have 7.07 and Nazarova who has jumped 7.11 this year. But that


would be worthy of an Olympic champion, so it is all about


pushing the envelope and seeing how tantalisingly sitting in 8th


position, but that could change. Shara Proctor really needs a good


jumper, a solid jump in the third round. Ineta Radevica, the big hope


for Latvia in this competition. A cracking start to the competition,


6.88. She did set the early pace. further than 6.88. Gets the white


flag, though. Already she has achieved in this long jump final


when in excess of the season's best -- well in excess. Certainly was.


She was having a disappointing season so far, but has come into


the Olympic final in good shape. 6.74, not far behind the leading


jump she has achieved so far. Just a reminder, Shara Proctor, 6.55,


her best jump and there are only eight athletes who will go through


to take a further three jumps in this event, and she is in 8th


position at the moment. We are a few minutes away from the first


final on the track, the women's 400 metre hurdles. This is how it will


race. T'Erea Brown. It is going to be difficult for her on the inside,


and she was third in the American trials. No defending champion of


course. Walker did not make it through. A bit of a surprise,


it over the last year or two, Hejnova. She has been a great rival


of Paris shakes Drayton. -- Perri Shakes-Drayton. Olympic bronze


medallist at the 400 metres flat back in Athens, Antyukh. A Odumosu,


the Commonwealth champion, from Nigeria. There would have been a


time when you would have been pencilling in Lashinda Demus as the


winner of this race. She was in great form last season, but not as


good this year. Georganne Moline has made a big, big step forward


this year at this event. 54.8 31, her new personal best. And Spencer,


it was her turn last year to pick up an injury going into Daegu, it


looked as if 2011 was going to be her year. So who is going to take


this title? Russia last one it in Sydney, 12 years ago. -- last won


it. This event, only held for the first time back in 1984. The


get out and attack this, but so does a Lashinda Demus. Probably


half a metre advantage over the Russian at the moment. The two of


them are taking it to the field here. Spencer has also started


really quickly out there in honourable lady 9. -- lane 9. Brown


has had a good 250, but it is Antyukh, the strong, Port Russian,


into the home straight. Two hurdles to go, and it is clear. -- Antyukh.


She stutters, and Lashinda Demus comes at her. Antyukh tries to hang


on, and wins the Gold! Lashinda Demus, the silver. She nearly lost


it, she had it, was almost thinking, Olympic champion, Olympic champion,


and all the sudden didn't get it right going into the last hurdle.


Lashinda Demus stormed up inside the Russian, but she was big, and


she was strong, and she hung on. That is what it means to her. Two


Olympic medals in two different events. This time, it is the gold.


And what a time. 52.7, 7th on the all-time list. One of the best runs


of Lashinda Demus's career. Hejnova came through to take the bronze.


I am surprised about that time, 52.70. Earlier in the season most


of the struggles -- girls have struggled to break 54 seconds, and


they are now in tip-top shape, delivering a sensational


performances. Antyukh can go so much quicker than this. Paul and


rangy, we know, fast, we know. But her technique, boy oh boy... She


needs to get more fluency in this event. If she ever, ever used a


technique that she has, the speed that she has, with a genuinely good


hurdling rhythm, she would take Hanover. -- Hejnova of the Czech


think. She sat a little bit back at take-off. Just short of the board.


Three more jumpers are due to go. She has not made a mark so far.


Kolchanova, with two of fouls, is a danger to her. It is really just


one Russian who could knock her out of the top rate. -- the top eight.


She knows that is not any improvement. Her coach also coaches


Christian Taylor, we will see in the triple jump tomorrow night. He


has got quite a family of athletes he carriages, all doing very well


indeed. This is Kolchanova. Over seven metres at her best. An


that could well be the end of a Shara Proctor's Olympic final. If


that is the case, it is a massive disappointment. Anguilla don't have


a national Olympic committee, so she changed allegiance to Britain


so she could compete in these Olympic Games. Shara Proctor is


down in 9th place. She will not jump again. Huge comic huge


disappointment and these huge shock after the form she she has shown in


have been a few disappointments, Goldie Sayers, or other field


events. I suppose Saturday was such an extraordinary day, we expected


the momentum to carry through the rest of the team. But it is such an


unbelievably competitive sport, we were being unrealistic, in assent?


I don't know if it is unrealistic, I just think this British athletics


team now come to expect... They have all trained very well, Shara


Proctor has jumped really well this season, she came into this


competition with high hopes. I think you have to be ambitious, you


have got to extend yourself. But she had run up issues, just maybe


she was thinking about the outcome of the competition before she


actually did the job. That is such a shame for her. New British record


this year, she had the ability to really get through to the final.


our interest level in the long jump diminishes, let's talk about the


women's 200 metres final. This is a mouth-watering clash. We talked


about the 100 metres final came and went and we thought, who one that?


-- who won that? This one is a really competitive race, all the


double-barrelled people, Campbell- Brown, Allyson Felix, Carmelita


Jeter, an all-star line-up. Your thoughts are? For me there is only


one woman, Allyson Felix. She just looked majestic. She ran


brilliantly, left everyone in her wake at the Olympic trials in the


US. I think she could do the same again. They are going to come and


try and take the race to her around the turn, but I just think, with


the class that she has, with the turn of speed she has, Allyson


Felix has got to win this. estate would be closely competitive


race, some phenomenally good That world record, Brent gritters


Joura, is that ever going to be bid? It was a sensational run, I


was there, in Seoul. It took all of our breath away. But Allyson Felix


is a class athlete, she has a great personal best, she has run could be


1.69, conditions are perfect out there. -- 21.69. The general


perception is that Florence Griffith joined a's 100 metres


record and may it last in perpetuity. But there is a


possibility that this might go at some point. I absolutely, Allyson


Felix is good enough, she is a strong, strong athlete. She has a


great coach, who actually coached Florence Griffith Joyner. So I


think her destiny could actually be the world record. We talked about


these been perfect running conditions, why are they perfect?


Are it is still, and it is warm. They spent a lot of time in their


warm-up, outside, they keep their core temperature nice and warm, so


when they go outside, they strip off, they would be air temperature


to be nice and pleasant, just cool enough so you can feel the air


around you. This promises to be one of the highlight of these


championships. Often the women get overshadowed by the men, but I


think this is competitive right to the last, but I think it is a


flight -- a fight for silver and bronze. This promises to be a


fantastic race. Stick with us here, but some great action is also


taking place on BBC Three. Maybe you can record that! It is the


second semi-final of the windows -- women's hockey. They have just gone


into the second half. The winner goes into the final against the


Netherlands. So here we go for what is an eagerly awaited race.


Wouldn't it be great if we had a world record? Without tempting


He is the line-up. -- here is the almost a unique double, Sanya


Richards Ross. The fastest woman in the world, Allyson Felix of the USA.


The fast rising Ivory Coast athlete, Murielle Ahoure. And the 100 metres


silver medallist, Carmelita Jeter 22.56 it occurred to reach this


final. -- it took her. Trinidad and Tobago's finest, Semoy Hackett, he


called her a national record to reach this final. -- equalled her a


national record. The effervescent Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce. Trying to


do the double that Florence Griffith Joyner did in 1988.


Veronica Campbell-Brown is going for a historic third individual


gold medal, it has never been done by a woman, or any body in the


history of the Olympics in a track 400 metres champion here in London.


The double was done back here in 1996. The incredible talent of


Allyson Felix has taken her to 21.69 seconds of this year. The 4th


fastest time in history. She looks very businesslike here in this


final. The world indoor silver medallist, no real a very, she has


a cracking start. -- Murielle Ahoure. In the 100 metres,


Carmelita Jeter ran a Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce very close for that


gold medal. Her best this year, 22.11. We will be watching Allyson


Felix closely. She has been working on her start, but can she beat the


experience and the magnificent record of Veronica Campbell-Brown?


Gold and silver has been one by the same athlete in the last two


Olympics. Campbell-Brown at the gold twice, Allyson Felix the gold


twice. Is it the American's destiny home straight. Fraser-Pryce going


for the unique double here. But it is Allyson Felix all the way.


Fraser-Pryce gets the silver. And Carmelita Jeter gets a bronze. Well,


I thought the Jamaicans would come back to Allyson Felix. A cracking


time. 21.88. She has the broadest smile in track-and-field athletics.


And she has the fastest legs this year in the 200 metres. Allyson


Felix is the Olympic champion in a field that had every top-class the


200 metres runner available. She beat everybody. Allyson Felix,


21.88. Fraser-Pryce then dipped under her lifetime best. And


Carmelita Jeter beats Veronica Campbell-Brown. For the flask --


first time in a long time Veronica Campbell-Brown is out of the medals.


So what do you think about that, Michael? Very impressive. Allyson


Felix, what was most impressive, and I knew she would be in the lead


coming round, but was she going to be able to hold off Fraser-Pryce


and Carmelita Jeter? The first time she has ever won the Olympic gold


medal in this event. She has been would world champion several times.


-- the world champion. Let's look at the start. Allyson Felix with a


great start, Fraser-Pryce with a better start, and she is already


making up ground on Campbell-Brown, the defending champion. Allyson


Felix just with a slight lead and coming under attack but she is able


to hold on. Carmelita Jeter on the outside getting up for a bronze


medal. Very impressive for her to hold off Veronica Campbell-Brown


and Sanya Richards-Ross. That was a great race with some great talent.


A 400 metres gold medallist, are 100 metres gold medallist, and now


a 200 metres gold medallist in Allyson Felix. Felix with a long


stride, but a short torso and long legs which makes her a great


sprinter. Very nice technique. What makes Allyson Felix so you need the


she can go down to the 100 metres and move up to the 400 metres. She


attempted that double with the two were hundred last year and just


missed out on the Gold, but that speed for a 200 metres runner is


deadly and cannot be matched, and it certainly wasn't matched today.


Before hundred metres champion at Sanya Richards-Ross finished in 5th.


But what a result -- of the 400 not create history tonight,


We were getting ahead of ourselves in thinking it might be the second


fastest time in history, but still an impressive performance. Anything


under 22 seconds in the female sprinter event, it's an incredible


performance. The most surprising thing was Fraser-Pryce, we were


expecting her to be so good in the think we were in despair least that


-- we were in disbelief that Shelley-Ann Fraser-Pryce was still


in contention. We did know she had beaten Campbell-Brown in the


Jamaican trials, so she has been working on that speed endurance


which has been devastating. USA, Jamaica, USA, Jamaica, the sprint


relay will be sensational. mention there has been no world


record in the championships yet, but I think in the relay will need


one to take the gold medal. But Allyson Felix, a supreme athlete.


Really good for the USA Track field team. They have not had many medals.


Michael has been feeling a bit nervous about their prospects, but


I think they will start getting the goals now. He said it was his worst


nightmare, Britain finish above the What 0 track final tonight. Here is


the men's sprint hurdle. If you weren't with us with the semi-


and the two fastest in the final, so Lawrence Clarke will need to run


all take you will be second, and Lawrence Clarke third. He has given


but a great run from Lawrence national flag at the opening


ceremony. The world champion in 2009. And a tremendous reception


for Andy Turner. European champion, Commonwealth Games champion and the


fastest qualifier in the semi- comfortably. Andy Turner I think is


in 4th. 12.94. Only 100 to the second outside of his best time


ever. Disappointment for Andy Turner. But Lawrence Clarke still


in a fastest loser position at the mind. On to the third semi-final.


impressive, as we did not expected to be in the previous heat. And


looking up, 13.28. So, Lawrence Clarke makes it through, which is


The final coming up very shortly, and the sun has gone down, so the


orbit is eliminated and the Olympic stadium is in silver. We were


speculating that they could and painted gold on Saturday night, but


perhaps that was self-indulgence -- America have not won this final


since Atlanta. Yes, we have had some great hurdlers, but they have


come up short. It would not really surprise me if Merit won the gold.


I would actually predict they would go 1 and 2. They have been so good.


Jason Richardson, world champion from last year. He is also very


confident but Meriitt has been on fire. Some people at lunchtime


today said that when all they march odds with medals, you cannot people


running at the same time, so we are talking about fine margins. Why do


some people run with long hair? Richardson's hair, aerodynamically,


this is what the punters are saying, is there not a possibility of 100


to the second that could be the difference between gold and silver?


I cannot really answer that. Maybe, yes. But he has had that hair for


ever. He races with them, trains with them. Let his feet do the


talking and his technique. These were American track and field fans


genuinely asking a question. He is like Samson, if you cut them off,


he might not be able to run. People do ask these questions. And from a


British perspective, there is Lawrence Clarke, we could have seen


Andy Turner in this, but we ended up with Lawrence Clarke and he ran


the race of his life to get here. Lawrence is the fastest in the


country and he has had a time of 13.14. The most consistent of the


hurdlers and at the healthiest one is Lawrence Clarke. He will


certainly love this situation. He will either get close to a personal


best or will absolutely hit the mark. Here we go, the last track


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


personified. 12.93, 12.93, 12.93, 12.94. If he does anything like


that here, it will make it difficult for Richardson, but this


man has a little bit left in the tank, from what we saw from


had so many great champions. And what about Lawrence Clarke? Via


Summerfield School, then Eton College. Bath with Malcolm Arnold


and the crew, and now he arrives at you are in the Olympic final, and


personal best to make it through. Jason Richardson, the world


entertainment management. What a perfect combination! Robles of Cuba.


The defending champion, and injuries have curtailed his


progress this year, but do not write him off. The favourite,


number one in the world, Aries Merritt. He has maintained that


position right the way through to Jamaican record holder. He said


that in the semi-final, 13.14. -- Brathwaite. He gave something for


Barbados to cheer about. The 21- year-old there, trying to following


the footsteps of Robles. Merritt said he had to change something.


Seven strides to the first hurdle, and he has to do that. If he gets


there first a fright, the second half takes care of itself. -- the


first half right. Can Richardson hang on to him? Will we see the


drama we saw in last year's world championship final? Lawrence Clarke,


all he had to do was to bring his best form, at the right time, and


he did it again. It is a shame to see the champion go out like that.


But Merritt, all the way. That is what he has been doing all year.


12.92, a new personal best for Aries Merritt. And to deliver it


when you needed it most, when things were clattering around you,


when Robles was pulling up, well done to Lawrence Clarke as well, he


acquitted himself very well. Parchment, with a new national


record for the bronze medal for Jamaica. Once more, the high


hurdles gold medal belongs to the USA. He deserves it, he has been


the world No. 1. And Clarke did get 4th, it was very close on the line.


He has done very well. Not quite as far as he ran in the semi-final,


but 4th in the Olympic Games. Well done, Lawrence Clarke. That is a


real coming-of-age. I'm sure you will be full of praise for him,


Colin. Who shall we start with? And Laurent is on the screen, a


fantastic performance. He will be happy with that 4th place. Remember


him and his coach, came to the decision it was important that he


got to the semi-final. Anything after that would be a bonus. 4th


place is like a gold medal performance of Paul Lawrence Clarke.


Here is the whole field. Out of the blocks, we know Merritt is going to


be quick, he is it the world No. 1. By now, he is already clear, all he


needs to do is focus on the barriers in front of him, make sure


he makes no mistake. He knows he just needs to hurdle clean. He will


be happy with a new personal best, and in second place, Jason


Richardsons of the USA. But they run Robles, he snuck in there for a


bit, but I think injury caused him to go right away back. Lawrence


Clarke, he was aggressive, a really good performance. Have bitter


battle with the top players in the world. -- happy to battle. He can


go home and say, 2012 has been very he is always aggressive into the


barriers. He is one of these hurdlers who was always confident


in his hurdling technique, so he will always be very aggressive at


them. His for it comes up and snakes beautifully over the barrier,


allowing him to drag the trail led quicker. He just needs to keep


focused, he is doing battle with somebody on his right, and he wants


to win that right -- battle. And when it he does. Well done indeed.


You could have been happier, having watched that back! Are, believe I


came 4th in the Olympic Games, I didn't expect to make the finals.


But at the South Africa next to me is a big guy, he looks like an


American football player. I wouldn't have got a medal, that is


ridiculous for a bronze medal. aim was to reach the semi-finals,


so to do this in the final is amazing. I treated the semi-final


as a final and I ran a personal best there, it was a dream come


true. I had an awful waiting game to see if I was in the final or not,


I'm really pleased I was here, the crowd was absolutely amazing. The


last four years have been an amazing journey, my coach has taken


me to running these times now, I can't thank him enough now. UK


Sport, the lottery funding system has been amazing as well. If we


told you at the start of the age would have been fought in the


Olympic final, what would you have said? A wouldn't have believed you,


but I would definitely have taken that. To win a medal at the Olympic


Games is very, very hard, I never came here with that expectation. To


come forth, I have beaten the European silver medallists, I just


can't believe it. A at the age of defending champion. He caught one


of those barriers comedy has to pull up, injured. It has been the


story of his life recently. Sad to see any defending champion go out


like that. But there is a new champion, and he is a worthy one,


Aries Merritt of the USA. His last five races, three of them have been


run in 12.93. We think we might even get an American record, but it


didn't matter to him, he has got for it, but he had some clearer air.


Parchment, what a championship for him, he got better and better.


Another national record, for the long jump. Deloach, silver medal in


doors, behind the current leader, Brittney Reese. The hitch kick, you


don't often see that with the women's jumpers. That looks better.


Third place at the moment, 6.88. It was the second round where it all


smooth the through the air, and she has improved. Into bronze medal


got a white flag. It is going to be a nervous wait for her, and also


for Deloach! I tell you what, you would buy that, for your final jump,


for accuracy on the board. Absolutely. There is no way that


Rudder Beecher, in this competition -- Radevica, was thinking about a


medal. She has got the bronze medal, it is confirmed. Radevica had to go


over 6.89. She didn't. Two medals guaranteed for the USA in this


competition. It has been a good performance from the Latvian. So


will it be gold or silver for the attack on the board, it was


slightly lacklustre. It was almost as if she didn't believe she could


go any further, she was satisfied with the sink -- silver medal.


There is the Olympic champion, Brittney Reese. Massively talented,


still pretty raw in terms of her technique. But her speed, combined


with her natural strength, propels her 27 metres and 12. The same as


Radevica, she takes the silver medal. And here is the Olympic


champion. What a wonderful position to be in. The last jump of the


competition. She can just relax, run fast and hopefully jump far!


think she's the only long jumper in recent years who looks as though


she could challenge some of the performances that we saw in the


1980s. Nice moment. The new Olympic champion just want to finish off


doesn't really matter. A red flag, inconsequential. The celebrations


can begin. But so many of the athlete to win here, it is almost


too much to take in. It is what you dream of, day-in, day-out. The USA


Many American flags in the crowd. Sokolova takes the silver medal.


Deloach makes it two medals out of three for the USA. Certainly has


been a good evening for the star- gold medallists, Aries Merritt,


delighted to have one that final. - You have been the world No. 1,


dealt with the pressure, and now you have a gold medal. I'm so


excited, words got even explain it. Everybody was talking about a world


record, but if you don't have the conditions to bag a world record,


there is no way you can do it. It is a phenomenal time, into a


headwind, maybe that would have been the other way around, who


knows? Still, a remarkable performance, how do stage so cool,


you delivered, round after round. trained for this, my training is


very intense, and in practice, I do some ridiculous things. I said if I


take this like a practice setting, I can do some ridiculous things in


the rounds! Yes, I was trying to be treated like a practice, because


our perform well in practice, I execute and practice will when


there is no pressure, and if I can think of everything like a practice,


I can relieve all the pressure. you have got the gold, what does it


mean to you? What did you say? does it mean to you? It means


everything, it is a dream come true. The USA hasn't had a gold since


1996, so fast to finally have the gold brought back to the US is a


blessing, it is phenomenal. Well contesting her third consecutive


200 metres final, it was silver and silver on the previous two Olympics,


but it was a big gold medal and a big smile from the American. She


Allyson Felix has a stash of the world championships, but now you


have the most coveted gold of all. How did you feel doing a lap of


honour? He has been a long time coming. It is over joining. I am


delighted to share this with some people here. For who we he's here?


My dad, my mother, my aunts, my boyfriend, everybody. There was


such determination on your face. was all about getting it done, and


I just wanted to execute and not give up. When will it sink in that


she won the Olympic champion? time tonight, maybe. I don't know.


-- that you are the Olympic champion. Plenty to come this


evening. Highlights of the women's hockey semi-finals, but before we


leave, let's reflect on what happened. A good night to be an


American. Yes, a good night for the Americans. Not a great Olympics in


terms of the Chinese killing us in the table overall, so athletics is


one of the areas where we look to pick up medals. This brings have


been great for us and last Olympics not very good, this time we didn't


even have a finalist in the 400 metres, so it was great to see the


204 hundred. And then the hurdles for the first time since 1996. Then


de Loach came in, surprising bronze medal, so it a great night.


Americans won't have seen that life, so a nice evening entertainment


ahead for them. Lawrence Clarke, the best performance since you at


Atlanta when you came for. If not out of the blue, at least you would


say that he's above expectation. Getting into the final was above


expectation. 13.31. He was ecstatic. And he took it like it was his


final race of the championships, so to go into the final and then top


your own race, he was full of confidence and did not make any


mistakes, and I think he deserved his place. 4th is a surprise, but


he will be happy with that. It is another platform for him to move on


from. He was just like you with that leaning in at the end. Thanks,


coach. It has been a night for important digging at the end of the


line, like Laura Weightman. One British athlete also delighted --


there another has been upset. Shara Proctor. Didn't seem to quite click


for you today after their good qualification. I came out here and


I was struggling on the runway, to be honest and I couldn't get it


right. It's a learning experience. I came out here and tried my best.


I guess I am satisfied. frustrating because you were in the


top eight and you would get the three more John sped just overtaken


at the last. Like I said, it is anybody's game and it just wasn't


mine tonight. Good luck to all of the ladies. One is the biggest


thing you have learnt? -- what is the biggest thing? Do not get too


confident at all comfortable. Do not lose focus, and guided it lose


focus. After my first couple of jumps I got frustrated. I guess


that was my biggest problem. Next time I know not to lose focus and


just keep my eye on the prize. banks for talking to us. From Super


Saturday to a weary Wednesday -- thanks for talking to us. How close


are we going to get the seven or eight medal target, realistically?


Time is running out. I think we have opportunities in the relays.


One person we have not mentioned his Mo Farah. People did not get a


chance to see his heat in the 5,000 metres and he qualified in third,


but you would not say he looked like a winner, nailed on.


cannot criticise someone who has just won that amazing 10,000 metres


race. He has had a lot to contend with, taking that into and then


concentrating on the 5,000. It is a tall order, but if anyone can do it,


Mo Farah can. Let's keep our fingers crossed. There is extra


incentive for him, if nothing else. Lisa Dobriskey? Steve Cram was very


impressed and said she looked very, easy indeed. He said he did not


want to put the pressure on, so let's keep our fingers crossed.


million of you watched the hundred metres at the weekend and it is


Usain Bolt again, the sequel, Usain Bolt against Blake. And the winner


is? Usain Bolt. These early? Yes. don't do predictions. You want a


thought? I think that the Jamaicans have a good chance of sweeping and


taking all three medals. OK. Usain Bolt. He looks great. He really


does. You will all be watching. Bolton against Blake. Why would you


Usain Bolt against Blake, why would you not be watching? A beautiful


picture as we hand back to Gary in the studio. We will be back with


John tomorrow night for, amongst other things, for the 200 metres


line. I will stick my leg cut -- neck on the line. Usain Bolt. Let's


go to the Riverbank with a hockey is taking place. The British women


have reached the semi-final where they face Argentina, and we will


show you that, but let's show you the other final played between the


good start to set us up for a good back. That is a lovely goal between


first goal of the tournament for Paumen. Seven yards out, she won't


miss from there. You can see the delight not only on her face, but


second one. The New Zealand player is down. The crowd has gone very


quiet. They have just realised what say out of the black, the


goalkeeper had advanced and Forgesson beat her on the near post.


Joyce Sombroek got her angles horribly wrong. You may be thought


there would be good reflection. -- she may be thought. Paumen is


flicker and she has not been on form this tournament, but she comes


into the pressure of the semi-final and puts two in the net and keeps


take Holland to another final. And great advert for the game of hockey.


3-1 in the penalty competition after a 2-2 draw. Well done,


Holland. Commiserations, New I quite like the style of penalty


shoot-out. The Netherlands through to the final, but who would they


play, Argentina or Great Britain? Britain on the left and Argentina


on the right. It does promise to be a great game today. Both teams will


be honest enough to say that they have not really played this


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


tournament to the level that they now, Barrioneuvo, but this is her


trademark. Cullen is not slow into the circle and I think the ball has


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


gone through the smallest gap sliding on her knees. If she did


not take the ball cleanly it would be a penalty corner and possibly a


she is capable of doing and that is why she is a marked Lady as far as


Argentina are concerned. Was she being pushed? Well, she still


the end. Rebecchi is the scorer. There will be a referral, and I


don't know entirely what happened. That was obstruction. It is too


late and it is outside. You can only use of video referral for an


incident inside the 23 metres. They are saying that they felt the ball


went out to play down the side. it went into the net I don't really


understand. As she is falling to the ground she moves around with


the stick and place it on the approach, and I'm sure the coach


was looking for that. But this has got to be made to count. Twigg put


in the ball. Scrambling defence, but the ball lands on a barrier and


wave their's fort. -- Marion quickly, and Rodriguez Perez, as we


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so, the effort is clear and the Britain would like to see on that


ball. It is very rare that Richardson do something like that.


Great Britain have had a lot of possession. A great deal of


endeavour, it hasn't produced for minutes remaining. What a fantastic


ball by it Richardson. Alex Danson, on her knees, reverses the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


deflection, it has given Great waiting on the edge of the circle.


through to the final. The two coaches congratulate each other,


and the team are delighted. Once again, Great Britain half forlorn.


Look around the pitch. There are players sharing a to digestion --


I can imagine how you must be feeling. First of all, I have to


say that crowd have been incredible, they don't want you to leave. What


happened tonight? We just went out and went for the win, we knew what


we had to do, we worked so hard for those 70 minutes it wasn't quite


there. You have to get off to a really strong start, you knew all


about Argentina, but it didn't happen. It didn't, we conceded that


early corner, it was an uphill battle. We were never going to give


in, Alex's goal came a bit too late, there wasn't enough time to build


momentum. It was a brilliant second half performance, so different from


the first, you couldn't convert the chances. When Alex corded did you


think, we could be in this? through the game, I believed we


were going to win it and we would be in that gold medal match. You


can't ever going to a match not believing you're going to win.


Unfortunately, the goal came a bit too late. That defeat against China,


to disrupt the momentum? EVA built up such a good run with the first


wins. We knew every game would be difficult, and we got the defeat,


but I don't think it disrupted us, we were focusing on each game at a


time, we knew Argentina were going to come out hard. It just wasn't


enough. We understand how disappointed you are, but you still


have a chance of an Olympic medal. Many congratulations and your


still get a bronze medal, that play-off is on Friday against New


Such has been the success of Team GB's cyclists, but they would be


7th in the middle table if they were a country. Joining us now is


the mastermind behind a triumph, Dave Brailsford. That is quite an


astonishing statistic, isn't it? it is. Certainly from the 18 medals


available, and the 10 levels in the colour drone, -- Forgesson, we have


nine. We would have liked to have got a medal in all of them.


crowd did you proud? Unbelievably proud. The people in my position,


the coaches and the backroom staff were there to support, it is the


riders to have to ride, they have to be the best they can be. Every


single wider that stepped up performed to the best of their


ability, they broke world record after world record, that is a


credit to them. You have been in charge, meticulous preparation. How


have Britain been successful? It is an obvious question to ask, they


have been so dominant even though they changed the rules to try and


make you less dominant! I think it is down to good planning, we know


that down to track cycling, the Olympics is the pinnacle. Four


years is a long time to try and sustain the same intensity, the


same level of performance. So we have deliberately come down off an


Olympics and built back up for the next Olympics, to peak for the five


days that really matter. Does it please your annoy you that some


people are whining? Take the French, for example. It is good to have a


bit of banter with the French, they were talking about motors and


springs in the wheels, we told them that they were relieved round, they


took it on board and printed it. It is always nice to have a bit of


banter, but ultimately you are focused on how we can be the best


we can be. A word on two he will probably not be at the next


Olympics, Sir Chris Hoy and Victoria Pendleton. It has been


massive, Dickie, I remember when she one her first world title in La


-- at Vicky. Track cycling wasn't really on the radar, we were


working our way up, and she really did blaze a trail, she worked so


hard, she was so dedicated. What she did for the mile track cycling


has been enormous. To come away from the file home games, knowing


it would be the last race, and to walk away with a gold and a silver


medal is nothing short of remarkable. Chris, what can you say


about him? He is not her serve for nothing. This was amazing. We all


thought, he is in trouble. At this point, it looked as if the German


was coming round, but he timed it perfectly. He turned on the turbo


and when he does that, no one can live with him. It was more exciting,


because it looked in doubt and he came again. It was the perfect


finish. You couldn't have scripted it, that last session in the


Forgesson, three gold medals, three fantastic champions,... Jason Kenny


as well. I have to ask you about your future, or you go to stick


with it or go to the Tour de France team? I have to be careful, the one


thing I know about his cycling, what I have done is what I know


about. Ultimately, I will be staying with cycling and I will


commit my future, hopefully to Rio, continuing our Tour de France


ambitions in professional cycling, that is what I know. You wouldn't


be tempted by something like perhaps football, where the


organisation has not been so good? It is interesting to look at.


you think you could make a difference in something like


football? Every we can learn, and what we do have is we have a


philosophy, if you take cycling out of it, it was about getting people


to be the best they can be. To stop and think about that, really think


about how you get the best out of somebody, how can you guarantee


that on the big stage, somebody will be the best they can be, we


thought long and hard about that and applied it to cycling. I think


the model we have come up with we can apply to anything, best lawyer,


best dentist. So I think there is a possibly there. But as I say, I


know cycling. You know it really well. It is just a phenomenal


effort, and overall, it must be great to have everybody cheering


you have everybody so happy, degenerate that kind of mood in the


nation. I think you have hit the nail on the head. To be honest, it


feels as if we are run a theme-park. It is like a sports theme park and


the characters are working -- walking around in sports kit. It is


an incredible atmosphere, and we played our little part in that. It


seems to me that everyone is being more polite, smiling and saying


hello to one another. The impact of this seems to be having is


fantastic. To be a small part of it is wonderful. The atmosphere was


unbelievable in the Velodrome. would think we knew where we were


in there, this was going to be an experience we would never forget,


and it was a unique experience for all of us. You really want to


perform to your ability within that, the two things that caught my


imagination here have been the volunteers, their demeanour and


where they have kept smiling, the crowds at this Olympic Games, I


have never seen anything like this. Thank you. You have taken us to the


summit. We are heading off to BBC Two. Don't forget, we are back


after the news with Olympics Tonight. I will be back tomorrow


with the highlights of the men's 200 metres. Bolt against Blake! See


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