BBC Two: Day 12: 22.00-22.40 Olympics

BBC Two: Day 12: 22.00-22.40

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Day 12 has not been Britain's most productive, not a single gold medal


won. The inquest begins tomorrow! Ares Merritt was the star as


America stormed to gold. Lawrence Clarke claimed a superb 4th place.


There was more joy for the USA as Allyson Felix finally got her hand


on Olympic gold in the 200 metres after Da Silva in Athens and in


Beijing. -- after a silver medal in Athens and in Beijing. Brittney


Reese won the long jump. Shara Proctor was a disappointing 9th for


Great Britain. Nicola Adams has won a least a silver medal after


reaching the final of the flyweight division thanks to a superb win


over the Indian five time world champion. And the sailing duo of


the Saskia Clarke and Hannah Mills are guaranteed silver than the 470


class and they will battle it out for gold with New Zealand in the


medal race. Speaking of medals, not much movement for Great Britain


today, but the Americans have made a bit of a charge on China with


three gold medals in track and We start with a sport that is


assured of adding to the medal tally for Great Britain, and Paddy,


who took bronze four years ago in Beijing, was certain of that if he


could win his light-flyweight 2008 bronze medallist in this


division. 49 kilograms, Paddy Barnes, the Belfast boxer, one of


his trademark left hands into the body of his opponent in blue. The


Indian, who caused a major upset disposing of the Mongolian silver


medallist from four years ago. We don't know if these fast hands will


suit Paddy. For if it is important that he keeps the guard high. What


he has to watch out for his landing the combinations, breaking away


from the combination when he moves away from the man, he has to keep a


high guard. He got caught early on. So the Indian has fast hands. It is


important about Barnes concentrates on defence just as much as his


attack. Paddy getting in underneath the elbow of the Indian, but he has


landed one or two good shots. Barnes soaks a lot of those up on


the gloves. The referee indicating he should watch his head. Better


variation by Barnes now. Barnes was hugely disappointed to have lost in


his semi-final four years ago, but he did not get a single point on


the computer scoring system. Good work by Barnes, trying to command


He will definitely prefer a toe-to- toe battle, Barnes. But the Indian


is a better mover than his opponent. But Barnes is very strong in the


toe to toe. Barnes has got to try and draw him in. That is where he


will have success, the Irishman. His performance against the


Mongolian silver medallist was terrific. But that is better by


Paddy Barnes. A punishing left hand into the body. Last minute, and


Barnes gets him again. If he keeps doing that, that will take the


steam out of him. A good left hook to the head. The Indian coming


straight back, using his foot speed. Only 20 years of age. That was a


bit naughty by Mr Barnes! Plus an admonition from the referee. A


solid right from the Indian, and Barnes responds. That was a good,


clear shot. I have always been impressed with Paddy Barnes, but


I'm also impressed with this little Indian. He works well at a distance.


He is just a bit suspect on the inside, gaps appearing. A good left


hook from Barnes. He is a good straight puncher, the man in blue.


Good movement. Barnes will do well with the left hooks on the inside


here. A high-tempo round, but is it a high scoring one? Yes, and it is


in favour of Paddy Barnes. He is 7- Very good. Look out for the jabs.


Go for the body shots. Barnes is breaking away, and that is what you


have to watch out for. He has to keep his guard up high. As he


breaks away, he gets caught with a left hook. The Indian very quick


with his counters and he waits for the opportunities, as Barnes is


moving away. But Barnes, working well, in on the inside. He had the


better of the exchanges at close To the giant screen above the


Olympic boxing ring says that the man in red, Paddy Barnes, is


leading. 7-5 against his 20-year- old opponent. If anybody is going


to change style, it will have to be the Indian, because Harry Barnes


doesn't know really how to, but it has been good enough to take into


the top of the tree in this division for the time being. The


Indian corner may have said to let him come to you, but that is not


his style. Barnes is strictly a counter-puncher. Good work by


Barnes again. Barnes keeps his cool, and he could win this one. Look at


the way he pops up, like a little snapping turtle. You see the head


and he takes a bite of you. Barnes clipping him again with a good left


hook. And again from Barnes. just has to work a bit more on the


inside. He's punching well, straight, and starting to catch his


opponent. His opponent's feet have slowed down, and that will suit


Barnes. He can drag him into a toe- to-toe battle. But he also has to


switch the attack and then try to finish with a left hook to the head.


Just stay tight on the inside. big cheer from the Indian


contingent. And it is a huge Indian contingent, almost matching the


Barnes being first to switch to the south for attack. Encouraging his


man to come and quicker to the punch. -- southpaw attack. Better


from Barnes. Now he comes forward. Does he think he has the measure of


his man? He has given him a thumping around the body and the


arms. Barnes, holding on the blind side of the wreck. He is going to


get a warning. A header but went in. Naughty, naughty, naughty. That


will not help him. That is going to help baddy Barnes. He was leading


7-5 and he will be winning this round -- that will not help Harry


Barnes. -- Paddy Barnes. Keating on the break, making mistakes, but the


referee has to watch himself. He has got a bit frustrated, but


Barnes is landing with the better quality work. He wasn't at his best


in the opening contest. But he has picked up the work rate in the


second round. He has got caught with the occasional shot, but that


watertight defence of his has stood him in good stead in the contest.


So important, and he has managed to draw his man in on the inside. He


has imposed his style on the Indian. A good left hook there. Barnes


comes back at him and get him underneath the right elbow. A


cracking right to follow by Barnes. A better round by the boys in red


from Ireland. Well, they will be glad of a breather, and so why! A


busy second-round match - and so will I. Barnes landing a left at


the end and he is 17-10 up. Paddy Barnes has a seven-point cushion


going into the last round to give him at least a second successive


Great round from Barnes. This is probably winning the contest. The


tempo change, up in the work rate. Cork is a man with left hooks. This


is the naughty bits. -- he caught his man with the left hooks. He is


frustrated because Barnes is holding, but you cannot do that.


Barnes working five or six punches. A great round for Barnes. If she


does nothing silly in the last round and stays tight I cannot see


the Indian coming back and reducing the deficit. Just has to stay calm


and boxed sensibly. Paddy Barnes, in the red, won the first round 7-5.


And he leads his opponent from All Barnes has to do is stick to


his boxing, because the Indian it will come chasing. Ducking down a


bit below the waist level. What he does not need to do is concede a


few points for a warning now. Is he tiring of it? Definitely. He put so


much into the second round and the upped the tempo. All he has to do


is stay tight and not make any mistakes. Nothing is getting


through from the Indian. Almost overbalancing with the effort.


Barnes gets him with another good left hand. Barnes holding on again.


The just try to catch him on the inside with the single shot, keep


He's getting more and more frustrated. Barnes getting a


telling off again. Barnes getting his man with a good ride. Nicely


done. Barnes dropping his head and trying to hand on. He does have a


very good right hand, and fast feet, so Barnes just asked to step to the


right. Just a simple sidestep -- just has to step to the right.


hopes in Indian boxing for him, rated 19 in the world, the youngest


member of the boxing squad. And Is Barnes going to get a warning


for holding? I don't think it will make a big difference in the grand


scheme of things. He was seven points ahead at the start of the


round. Barnes can't afford to let anything slip now. I still think


he's winning this contest. Barnes up on his toes, encouraging his man


to come in. Good defence, that is what he does well. A great right


hand going into the body of the Indian boxer. Good food work again


by Barnes. Another clever contest from Paddy Barnes. For he has boxed


well. He has to start slipping to his left. You know he is going to


throw that, maybe throwing it in combination, so as he attacks,


slipped to the left or sidestep to the right. But he should not be


standing taking the shops, because they do get through occasionally.


He was seven points up at the start of the round and conceded two


because of the warning. Has he done enough to get six back? A good


right from the Indian. Barnes is treading on thin ice. He is


beginning to find the target. He wobbled him with a great ride.


may just be the insurance policy punch that takes Paddy Barnes


through to a second successive Olympic semi-final. Court with a


sloppy right. A huge roar from the crowd from the Irish fans. The


Indian it is looking the fresher of the two. I wonder if he thinks he


has won it. The referee says he has to box. Last six seconds, Barnes


coming through. A little left hook to finish. Slicing with the right


hand. The Indian boxer things he has won it, but Harry Barnes is


very sure that he has won it. And will Irish eyes be shining? Paddy


Barnes is very sure. I think he came back in the last round and put


three or four more points on the board and is definitely reducing


the deficit, but for me, Barnes is the winner. Boxed very sensibly and


the change in tempo and tactics has This Indian has got fast hands. He


just gets caught on the inside there. Barnes did box sensibly. I


think the Indian has actually won the last round, but not by enough


points. I think he needs to win it by six, I don't think he has done


enough to win it. The chaps in the blue corner, the red corner, I


should say, think their man has one The winner, in the red corner,


He has become the first Irish boxer to win back-to-back boxing medals,


and only the second Irish Olympian to win medals at successive games.


The hammer throw a Callaghan did We will see more of this youngster


from India. But we are looking forward to seeing more of Paddy


Barnes in another Olympic boxing I can see you soaking up every


second of this support, you have given the Irish crowd everything to


shout about, you are guaranteed another metal, congratulations.


Thanks very much, he was very, very tough and strong, but I think I


have shown in the end, I would like to thank every Irish supporter it


here, it was unbelievable. Your other one for the Olympic


experience, but did your room made TV tips about what to do last but?


No, I told him to shut up, all the bid was snore all night, I couldn't


sleep! You have done exceptionally well. You picked up a bronze medal


in Beijing. What experience will you take into the next semi-final?


The last time I fought the guy can he beat me 15-0. All I want to do


now is call one point against him, that is me! You've got your tactic


all sorted out. Good luck in the Give the man a single room! The


Irish have done well in the boxing, that is three in the men's boxing


and K Keller -- Katie Taylor guaranteed at least a silver. We


now have Tom Stalker against Munkh- Erdene Uranchimeg of Mongolia.


Before we see that, let's go over to our presenters there. It is warm


and toasty here in the Stadium macro, it gets very noisy when the


Irish are in the house. It is the British boxers will be focusing on


today. Five medals they have bagged in the boxing, they could make it a


sick for if team captain Tom Stalker makes his quarter-final


cowed against his opponent. We have Amir Khan with us. Tom Stalker, a


fine leader and an even better boxer. He is the only one left, he


is going to be coming up now, you can see the crowd getting excited.


They are ready to see him trying guarantee himself a bronze medal.


When you were in Athens, you were the captain, the only fighter there,


what will you be feeling like after all this success? He will have a


lot of pressure, because he is the team captain, and you hold a lot of


pressure on your shoulders when you're the team captain. If he wins,


then everyone else has to win, he keeps the spirit going. He is


fighting a Mongolian, he is a tough fighter, really big, Tom Stalker


looks great, he was training back in my gym in Bolton, he looked in


great shape. I think he's going to get through this fight and


guarantee himself a medal. This whole crowd is looking forward to


it. In terms of the Mongolian, They have just about settled in


their seats. They gave Tom Stalker from Liverpool a standing entry.


But what a contest he has got against one of the most experienced


men in the division. The Mongolian, Munkh-Erdene Uranchimeg, rated No.


2 in the world. This is how good this contest is. It is a positive


start from Munkh-Erdene Uranchimeg. He is taking it to Tom Stalker.


That will suit Tom Stalker. Now and again, the Mongolian drops the left


hand. But what a busy start by the 30-year-old, world bronze medallist


at in Milan in 2009. Vastly It is the attacking southpaw in


blue against the counter-attacking style over Tom Stalker in red. He


just needs to quicken up his feet and hands. Only a minute gone,


though, mind you. Stalker has got a very good guard. What he has got to


do also with the jab is its which that left hand to the body and


finish with the right up to the head. That is a combination which


Stalker coming back into it a little bit, he had a slowish start.


Stalker has to keep that guard up. Munkh-Erdene Uranchimeg, throwing


everything at him. Such is the noise, Stalker has got to go back


to his corner. They are attacking Back they come again, one minute to


go. Stalker, a little bit of a breather. He got caught with a


letter from the Mongolian. This is a good round from Munkh-Erdene


Uranchimeg, 30 years of age, All the movement coming from the


Mongolian. Stalker has got to be faster with the characters. --


Landed with a good shot, but took a good shot. I don't think there is


much in this into the last half- minute of the first round. Stalker


on his toes now, bouncing a little bed. He had a hard contest against


the Indian, Kumar. Kneeling in his Come on, Tom Stalker, you need a


punch or two just to win this round. I think it might have gone to the


man in blue. It is six apiece. A couple of booze coming around from


the Mongolian support. -- Boos. close round. Mongolia -- the


Mongolian through a lot of punches. You cannot call that a score, it


was too high on the head. That was a scoring shot, it was a good punch.


Coming forward here, nothing getting through there. Then Tom


Stalker responds with that right Amir Khan, who nearly went all the


way in Athens in the lightweight What a racket in south and -- south


London here. He has got a good left hand, the Liverpudlian, the self-


confessed bad boy. He has turned it all round and he will be a hero if


he could win this one, but to do that, he has to beat a very serious


contender in Blitz. His third Olympic Games, Munkh-Erdene


Uranchimeg from Mongolia. You heard his coach, saying he has to work


better with his character, asking for a better reaction from Tom


Stalker. -- counter. He has got to double it up with the right hook,


may be a double white took to the body and to the head. He has a


tendency to let that right hand of his get low. He heard him there


with that right hook. He went back a little bit, the Mongolian. Still


hasn't recovered. Good punching by Tom Stalker, and another right hand.


Now he is landing. He may well have scored. Once he has scored, even if


the referee says it is not a legal blow, you cannot take it back on


A good short left hand from Tom Stalker. This is a better round


from him at, I think the Mongolian has felt a couple of good power


shots from him. The timing of the shots from Tom Stalker is crucial.


What he is doing now is he is pushing his man onto the back foot.


A bit of a change in tactics from A The most important thing is letting


his fists to the talking, and he is doing that now as we going to the


third and last minute of this second round. Nothing between them


at the moment. I have a feeling the British team skipper, with a shot


like that, has got that squashed nose of his ahead. I would just


like to see a wanted to right hook from Tom Stalker, he has to raise


his game, we need a captain's performance in this contest.


think Munkh-Erdene Uranchimeg is slowing down a little bit. To use


your expression, Tom Stalker is as Stalker, anxious to get on with it,


20 seconds to go till the end of the second. Stalker response, that


will give Munkh-Erdene Uranchimeg a bit of combatants. But we think


that the man in red as one the second round, and should go into


the last with a lead. -- has won the second round. And they have


You can hear the crowd reaction, not surprisingly. To just got


caught there towards the end of the round, Tom Stalker. It caught him


around, the last 10 seconds or so. His coach has got such an important


job in that corner, he has got to motivate him, getting off the stool,


that is his job. Give good instructions. This was excellent


but you just got caught with the right hook on the outside. He has


got to raise the motivation of the If ever I captain's performance was


needed, it will have to come from a man in red, the British team


captain, at Tom Stalker. One single point behind the vastly experienced


Mongolian in blue. Munkh-Erdene Uranchimeg, leading by a single


point at the start of this last Both southpaws, they have cancelled


each other out. Stalker has had to work hard, he had to listen to what


he heard in the corner. Munkh- Erdene Uranchimeg has one of those


granite chippings. He has been told to keep those shut up. How close is


this going to be? Stalker cannot afford to take anything by chance.


He has to win the last round, find a two actress -- extra points from


somewhere. That is better, it is important he keeps the guard up,


doesn't make any mistakes. He sitting back a little bed, trying


But he counter-punch is with great A good shot, or trapping him around


the corner. Easing ahead, making him miss. He is wary and standing


of. He is now the man trying to counter. Stalker knows he must try


to take him out, and he does. was a lovely shot. He is counter-


punching well and catching him. Doubling up the attack, and scoring


Everything stalker throws is being cheered to the rafters, but those


of good shots from Stalker. I think he has turned this one round. Not


much in it. Into the last minute, will be another bronze for Britain


in boxing in London, courtesy of the Liverpudlian, Stalker? He is


working him hard and I think he has turned it round. The pressure is


telling now. The strength of Stalker coming through. The left


and right hook, this is what he has to do. Keeping going. Last 30


A good little exchange. Needing some insurance points. What a


battle it has been. Two of the oldest man in the division. In his


third Olympic Games, 30 years of age, Eisteddfod -- Stalker coming


No time for a shot. Stalker, has he done enough? How close will this


be? A really close fight. Stalker I think did enough to win the contest


in the last round. For me, Stalker did enough to win it. He was a


little unfortunate going into the round to have to chase. He did


enough work in the last round, a bit scrappy at times, and the


better punches were from Stalker. His legs get tangled and he gets


caught with the right. Great body work, but then won over the top. So,


even Steven all away. -- won over The man on the PA will tell us


whether or not the British captain has guaranteed another Olympic


Ladies and gentlemen, the winner by a score of 23-22, in the blue


corner... No, he has lasted! They gave the last round to Stalker --


he has lost it. But it has gone to the veteran Mongolian in his third


Olympic Games, and Thomas Stalker cannot believe it. He is distraught.


He is going out of the arena in double quick time. He will be


hugely disappointed because he is the British team captain. You have


not let anybody down, Thomas. You gave it everything you have. This


fellow got the decision and it could have gone either way so


easily. The last round was even, and I thought he had won the last


and also the second, but 23, 22 has dashed the hopes of Thomas Stalker.


I'm not sure he can believe it Such disappointment for Stalker, he


did not want to talk any want so no interview. -- talk to anyone. Let's


get another view on the decision A very close fight and he put a


great performance on. So close, up 23-22. But he did not get the


decision, and I'm sure he will come back stronger. I must say, a


terrific fight. It is one of those things. Thomas was the captain and


it was one of those things where he had a lot of pressure on him.


of people have high expectations for Tom but he did not deliver. He


will come back stronger. That is boxing. It is how you come back


from a fight, and I think he will come back stronger. Regardless of


the decision, this is Britain's best boxing performance since


Melbourne in 1956 because we are guaranteed at least five medals of


some description. That is quite an effort. It is a brilliant effort.


To be involved in these Olympics, it's just brilliant to be part of


this, working for the BBC. But I've seen some great boxing. Five medals,


and to have six fighters in the quarter-finals is huge. It just


shows that boxing is getting better and better. Who is the best bet for


the gold? I mean, Nicola Adam looks good. She looked a brilliant


fighter. I would not want to get into the ring with her. Great food


work. She is one of the favourites to win a gold medal -- great


footwork. One fighter who was a room-mate with me is Luke Campbell,


and I think he has a great chance of winning a gold medal. OK, thank


you for joining us. We look forward to speaking to you again soon. That


is pretty much the final bell for us on BBC Two. Live sport continues


on BBC Three with basketball, USA against Australia. Gabby, welcome.


What can we look forward to? I have Denise Lewis, Michael Johnson and


Nick Skelton coming in. The individual showjumping and Britain


did fantastically well with the team event but it didn't go quite


as well for Nick Skelton today but a legend of the sport and so much


experience. Having those athletic icons and him on the sofa shows you


what the Olympics is about, the veritable mix we have. Some of


those show jumpers are even older than me. He told me today he used


to go drinking with your dad in Kenilworth when you were a kid, so


this is a sport where you can have quite a few campaigns in the


Olympics. I was watching, and it looked like Nick would go clear and


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