BBC One: Day 14: 09.00-11.30 Olympics

BBC One: Day 14: 09.00-11.30

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Good morning, and welcome to the Olympic Park which, last night,


witnessed history, as Usain Bolt claimed a unique sprint double. The


first man ever to retain both the 100 and 200 metre titles. It was a


memorable day for Great Britain as well, with three gold medals,


including the first ever in taekwondo. And today, two more


British fighters are hoping to continue that trend.


It's been an emotional journey for Sarah Stevenson, who's looking for


a second Olympic medal. Could she make it a gold this time?


Lutalo Muhammad finally has his chance at the arena, selected ahead


of world number one Aaron Cook. Will he prove the doubters wrong?


High hopes for Britain's boxers. This time, it's the men.


Can they follow in Nicola Adams' footsteps?


And it's another busy morning of canoe sprint. After a disappointing


few days, can Great Britain find inspiration on the water?


The action from Eton Dorney begins at 9.30, where we'll see Britain's


former world champion Ed McKeever, as well as Richard Jeffries and


Sarah Stevenson's last 16 contest begins at 10.30. Followed by Lutalo


Muhammed. They'll both have afternoon


quarter-finals, around 3.30, should they progress.


There's a double bill of sailing, if the wind blows in Weymouth.


Double medal hopes for Britain there in the 470 class.


Shanaze Reade and Liam Phillips both feature in the semi-finals of


the BMX. And, no action in the Olympic


Stadium this morning. But the athletics tonight includes


Steve Lewis in the pole vault, Sophie Hitchon in the hammer. And


Lisa Dobriskey in the 1500 metre So, plenty for the home crowd to


cheer on tonight. Last night, though, wherever you were from, you


simply had to sit back and admire a sprinting legend.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


COMMENTATOR: The moment of truth This, the event where he burst onto


the scene as a junior when he was just 15. Winning the World


Championships. He has dominated the world of its printing -- sprinting.


Not only at 200, but also at 100. clean start. Bolt out of the blocks


well, he is already storming around the bend. Blake has a lot to do.


Look at Bolt go. As they come into the home straight. Here comes Blake,


running him down, but he's not going to catch him. Bolt is going


to do it again. Watch the clock, 19.32. Gold all the way. Blake


argue that he has no equal. He is just incomparable in the world of


Usain, congratulations, you wanted to come here and cement your


legend,, you have done that, the double double. Tell me what that


means. It is what I wanted, and I got it. I am very proud. I had a


rough season. I came here to do what I had to do. Is it all the


more special to celebrate with all these guys?. My coach is probably


going crazy. We have been working hard all season, and pushed each


other. We are happy. Finally, this year has not been the easiest of


build-ups. You said you were 95% fit, and yet you have still been


able to do this. Sum up what this means, in the context of the whole


season? It is hard. For me, it was hard. I am really dedicated to my


work and I know what London meant to me. For me, I'm happy. You are a


legend. Usain Bolt!


Couldn't have said it better myself. The first man to defend this title.


His fourth Olympic gold medal. No world records this time. What to a


remarkable light. So, two golds for Usain Bolt. And, with all the


Jamaican's on the podium, you wouldn't bet against medal number


three coming tomorrow night in the relay. A fantastic time of 19.32,


but no world record. That was left to Kenya's 800 metre star David


Rudisha. For those who hadn't heard of him before these Games, last


night ensured that was about to An COMMENTATOR: This man is a very


special indeed, he is so dominant David Rudisha, the hottest


favourite at these Games in track and field.


David Rudisha, as ever, loves to be in front. That is a phenomenal


opening. Can they hang on, they are starting


to fade. Look at that. It is all about David Rudisha. Already the


world record holder, already the world champion. Striding away to


become the Olympic champion, how quick but it be, watched the clock?


That is the world record! Unbelievable. The greatest ever


800-metre race anybody has ever run that I have ever seen.


This is the moment I have been waiting for, for a very long time.


To come here and break the world record is something unbelievable. I


had no doubt about winning, but I was waiting for a perfect finish.


Today, the weather was beautiful. David's father Daniel won a silver


for Kenya, in the 4x400m team relay. And he was hoping to compete there


too. But, with the early stages of that scheduled for yesterday


morning, it was probably best he saved himself for that stunning


performance last night. There's Great Britain's 4x400m team have


made it through to that. It takes place at 9.20.


Here's the full plan for the evening.


At 7.45, it's the men's sprint relays, with Britain in the first


heat, along with Jamaica. And around 8.40, it's the final of


the women's 4x100m. USA are hot favourites, despite their baton


issues at the last two Olympics. The world champions were top


qualifiers, despite resting double sprint medallist Carmelita Jeter,


and 200m champion Allyson Felix. And, as we mentioned earlier,


plenty of British interest in the stadium in the pole vault, hammer


Now over in Weymouth. Olympic sailing has reached its final stage.


And yesterday, there was disappointment, as the benign


conditions prevented any racing at all. That does mean a bonus double


bill today, as both Britain's 470 crews go in search of gold. Luke


Patience and Stuart Bithell should be setting off about midday, wind


permitting, with Hannah Mills and Saskia Clark in the women's race


about an hour later. Let's join I had better ask you for a weather


forecast, is it more promising? looks a lot more promising, the


direction of the winds should help the sea breezes build. Everyone is


pretty confident that racing will happen. A very exciting today for


Team GB, guaranteed two silver medals and in the hunt to upgrade


those two gold medals. We will see both of these 470 crews in action.


First, it is the men. They have to get one boat between them and the


Aussies. A great battle which we all laugh. So, we might see them


playing a round before the start, tried to get in front of each other,


to make sure they start before the other one. I spoke to them


yesterday, they said, we are going to attack the Aussies. The Aussies


are world champions. They were the favourites coming into this event.


But they are used to winning easily, they are not normally challenged


like this. They might be on the back foot.


If this is one of the smaller classes in the sailing competition?


Yes, it is double-handed lightweight. They are small, the


boats do not weigh very much. So it is very precise. It is hard to sail.


A what about Hannah Mills and Saskia Clark later on?


They have been on fire. They have done so well. They were pushed


together a year ago, and Hannah Mills stepped in. She was a


fabulous seller at youth level, a real talent at this level. She


didn't think she would go to the Olympics. Here she is on the last


day of the competition on equal points with the Kiwis. They are


confident, enjoying the Olympic Games, no sign of nerves.


You have been watching all of the sailing from the start. We know


about Ben Ainslie. What has the overall Great Britain performance


been like? It depends on today. They could be the top nation, with


three gold medals, two and silver medals. If not, perhaps the


Australians could be the top nation. Britain has been the top nation in


sailing, since Sydney, so they will be disappointed to lose that crown.


It is a big day in Weymouth, lots of anticipation. When you watch


them go out, do you wish you were out there racing again or are you


happy to be standing there, talking to us? It is hard work doing this


as well. I suppose I know what is behind it, how hard they have to


work, how much pressure there is on them. I do not miss that. But it is


a beautiful sailing day to day. To put you on the spot, to think we


might end up with two gold medals in sailing today? I really do.


Their first Olympic Games, Stuart Bithell and Luke Patience. They are


really confident. They have nothing Toulouse. I think the Aussies have,


there is a lot of expectation on the Australians. They could well


deliver. It is Hannah Mills's first Olympic Games. She is guaranteed a


silver. They will be more relaxed because of that. Two gold medals


Sailing begins in Weymouth around midday. Now, let's talk about


boxing because Nicola Adams from leads boxed her way to an Olympic


milestone yesterday with her flyweight gold becoming the first


the Olympic gold medal for women's boxing. Katie Taylor from Ireland


follow suit in the lightweight and COMMENTATOR: Nicola Adams


representing Great Britain has come out absolutely blazing. What a


stunning right cross from Nicola Adams. A legitimate knockdown, the


counter will be issued. The lead has increased further. Nicola Adams


has just made history. Olympic champion, representing


Great Britain - and Nicola Adams! I have been dreaming about this


since I was 12 years old. The moment is finally here and I have


my gold medal for Great Britain. was a fantastic performance, you


must be surprised at how well it went, especially the knockdown?


Definitely! I was very surprised. But this is what I worked for. We


got the tactics spot on. I have trained hard and worked hard.


Tactics have paid off. I got in there and got the points on the


board. All those years of wandering and having a bad injury and


thinking, will I be able to box. Now it seems like a dream, does it?


After my injury, I never thought I would box again. To think I have


come back and got a gold medal, I could not ask for more. This is


what dreams are made for. I would like to thank my family, my mum and


brother who have come here and supported. I spoke to your brother


before and asked him how he felt. He said, I never knew nerves like


this will stop but he needn't have worried? Absolutely not. Nicola


Adams is from leads, which means another medals for Yorkshire. Now


it is for the men, and it gets under way about 1pm at the ExCel


arena. Also, the BMX, and over the first two days we have seen it all.


Today it gets serious in the semi- finals. Shanaze Reade was the


Olympic favourite in Beijing, but finished 8th. Could 2012 bring the


gold medal to the goal from crew? - - girl.


To win the Olympic Games is everything to me. I want to be the


COMMENTATOR: She has crashed! Beijing made me part of what I am.


I have a fantastic support team. My coach has brought me back from the


bottom. I was in a bad place from the Olympics. It is about the


support team and getting the right people around you. That has been


the biggest key of how I got over Beijing and moved on and learn from


it, is the team around me. Beijing was a stop-off on the wake to the


Olympics and London. Now London is here, it feels right. Some other


athletes might be feeling the pressure, but I am excited. I have


been round the track and it is a good course. It suits everyone, it


has a bit of everything, technical and speed. It will make for great


racing. You have got to be so relaxed and calm at the start gate,


because if you are not things can go wrong. You have got to want to


go out and get out in front, but also be very calm. Become be hard,


but it is the final and everyone is lined up and all the other


competitors want to do the same thing. You have to learn to control


your mind. I think for a long time I did not think I was capable of


being an Olympic champion. It was a dream. I used to think, I am a fast


BMX rider but don't think I can pull it all together. There was


doubt in my mind. But now, if I am watching TV, and so much sport on


the TV, I can relate to the Olympic champions and I think I can do this


now and be the Olympic champion. Good luck to Shanaze Reade. She


starts at 3pm this afternoon with Liam Phillips shortly after that.


The canoe sprint races are almost upon us. At Eton Dorney both canoe


and Kayak heats are set to take place. We have Ed McKeever in the


200m Kay one. He is a former world champion. We have Richard and Helen


Reeves at Eton Dorney. We have perfect conditions for a


regatta. We have Helen Reeves, Athens bronze-medallist in canoeing.


A lot of our hopes in the 200-metre races a going. What are the chances


of Jon Schofield and Liam Heath? They have been successful since the


discipline was introduced as an Olympic category in 2010. They have


been on the podium in every race. We are holding they can hold on,


there is only one more race. What about the women's kayak single?


Jess Walker has already competed, but this is her a strong event?


has been training specifically over the winter and changed coaches. In


the K-For, the stroke rate is very high, so she will be looking to


come out this morning I used the experience she gained earlier in


the week. She needs to get out quickly on this first race and I


think it will give her confidence going into the semi-final. The 200-


metre races is not so demanding, but it is about explosive power?


Absolutely, they work on the gym on the power. Lifting tons of waits a


week. And they do need to get muscles going. They don't have the


opportunity to let it anything rest. They come out of the blokes --


blocks, start their stroke strokes and it is who can hold on the


fastest. Richard Jeffries, we saw him earlier in the week. He only


has one speed, which is very fast, but that is not good over 1,000m,


surely that will be a massive bonus for him? 200m is discipline and he


was here to compete in the 1,000m. He will be in his comfort zone


today. This is what he spends his time training to do. He will go out


there and try and execute it will stop he is someone who came through


the same talent spotting scheme Helen Glover did and she had gold


medal success in these waters? I don't think he will get a gold


medal, but he will be looking for the experience, for him it is about


Rio in 2016. Ed McKeever is in the Kayak single, 200m and he will be


first out. He has been likened to the Usain Bolt of canoeing? He is


the fastest man in a canoe. He came out all guns blazing in 2010 and


set a target. He will want to come out and show he is back on form. He


has a heat with the guy he was top of the podium at the European


Championships. He will want to go into the semi-finals which will be


more of a competition to him. haven't had a medal down here in


canoeing sprint, what do you think our chances are? We knew it was


going to be about Friday and Saturday for British canoeing. We


did hope we could get one somewhere else. Chances are great. We have


decay one and the K2. Both have not been of the podium since 2010.


McKeever goes at 9:37am. Also raising the nation's hopes.


They will be fast and furious and on the water. Whether it is the


career with the double ended blades and the canoeists with their


singles. This is the guide from Eton Dorney.


Canoe sprint, there are two distinct types. A canoe and Kayak.


The Kayak his race by one, two or for competitors. Known as K1, K2


and K four, and Kayak events are contested by men over distances of


201,000 metres. Women compete over 205 hundred metres. There are one


or two competitors are known as C1, and C2. It is contested over


201,000 metres. It is propelled from a kneeling position using a


single bladed pedals and using a stroke on one side. The first to


cross the finish line is a winner, but a Photofit to confirm results.


Dead heats during qualifying stages will see both competitors progress,


but they might be forced to do the but they might be forced to do the


race again if limited places. If you would like to get involved


: in terms of what you are about to see it is the shorter 200m you are


about to see. It is dominated by Germany and Hungary. But there was


a gold medal for Australia here so they, and we could see Great


Britain doing well. There will be a series of heats with the best


progressing to the semi-finals later. Let's start of a journey


from the Olympic Park over to where it will all be happening at Eton


Dorney, right over to the West of London. 25 miles West. It is the


home of the growing so you will have seen this stretch of water


from the start. Great Britain has done very well on this stretch of


water. We will be starting with the men's 200-metre kayak singles. On


the water, lookout for Ed McKeever, Great Britain's former world


champion. He will be going in the second of the three heats. Let's


join Helen Reeves alongside Andrew Championships and the European


Championships, but they off fast, explosive and buried exciting. We


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


4th Olympic Games. He was a world for Ecuador. Murray Stuart, we are


told after his celebrations winning Australia so they, might be feeling


fragile. The Tunisian, finished 5th in the K1 500m at the World Cup in


hungry last year. Conditions, just perfect for racing this morning.


Tactics here, Helen Reeves is go out hard and hang on. Technique


does come into it but there is raw power? Absolutely, they will get


her strike-rate up very high. Then it will be about who can hold on to


the finish line. The first five go high. Canada, initially with the


lead. Siemionowski hanging with them. Maybe with something in


reserve. De Jonge takes it for maybe the Tunisian, Mrabet.


The De Jonge of Canada, winning that one, in just over 35 seconds.


It is about making sure you are in there, and getting a decent lane


for the semi-final. Those six going through. But Mrabet offered to


busier, missing out. An explosive start, they can't


afford to lose anything at the start of this 200 metres race.


Getting that stroke rate extremely high. And that drive through those


paddle blades. Almost three strokes a second as they power out. Then it


is about maintaining that speed. You can see Ed McKeever is one of


the quickest starters of the game, one of the lighter men. There are


more powerful men but it is about fastest 6th place going through to


the semi-final, so time is important. Siemionowski, the world


champion from Poland looking comfortable. I think he had some or


in reserve. In the semi-finals, will be looking for a decent lane


draw into the final. De Jonge going A couple more of these heat on the


way. This is really an intense sprinting distance.


Yes, indeed. I spoke to Ed McKeever, going for Great Britain in the next


heat. He said, aerobically, it doesn't require that much. But what


it does require is plenty of power, you need to be flying from the


start. Ed McKeever is the fastest man, the best in the world. He was


world champion and European champion, silver this year. He has


said that has made him more hungry to win the gold medal here at the


Olympics. He has put everything to one side, including his impending


marriage in September. He has led her to plan anything on her own, to


concentrate on winning a gold medal for Great Britain. It's not the


first time I have heard that kind of story. A few more days before he


can do that. How well does he have to do in this heat? He is almost


guaranteed a spot. What is important is you want to do well


because you want a decent lane draw in the semi-finals. There won't be


much easing down as you have seen from Usain Bolt. Because over 200


bidders, you have to go hard from the start and everyone is flat out.


You said yesterday, it was the Germans and Hungarians dominating


the longer distances. This is a little more shared, Poland


providing the main challenge to Ed McKeever. Later on, John Schofield


and Liam Heath have a huge chance. 90 strokes within that time. The


chance of something going slightly wrong will have a huge impact. We


know that Ed McKeever, Liam Heath and John Schofield have proven in


the past they are capable of being the best in the world and we hope


they can prove that today. Their heat is coming up in a moment.


Getting ready for that heat, let us join our commentators.


A roar from the crowd for this man in lane five. A real hope for a


gold medal, he hasn't been away from the podium in the last few


years. Du gus macro, almost one foot


taller than the keeper macro -- but with tremendous upper-body


strength. He has a fast start, as the slightly lighter man. He will


invariably be leading at 100 metres. He, the Siemionowski, and Ronald


Rauhe from Germany, they are the real medal contenders.


It is the first five, plus the fastest six, will go through. Tim


Hornsby has gone into the wrong lane, not the ideal start for the


first three strokes, that is what he is concentrating on, initially.


A roar from the largely British crowd. Ed McKeever leads at the


moment from no vac macro. Into the second half of the race -- Novak.


The Serbian, just moving up, alongside the cleaver macro. --


More to come from him. Job done again. He gets out so well.


jumped out from the start. You could see a little bit towards the


end, an attack coming through. He will be pleased. The Serbian won


the European Championship ahead of him earlier this year.


Just over 35 seconds. But pushed hard. You can see the power, the


boat swaying and jumping from side to side. They really use their legs


hard, driving everything. It is important to get out the connection


and that timing and to hold on to that good technique down the course.


He has a long reach, just five feet eight inches. He has won a couple


of World Cup events this year. European champion. Two years ago.


He has a fine pedigree. A fine hope for the home fans. Waving to the


crowd as he moves through to the semi-finals this morning. Looking


good. This fairly quiet man from the west Country. Once he gets in


the boat, a different beast. Just easing him into the semi-finals.


Siemionowski, also looking good. Expect it also Ronald Rauhe in the


next heat, and Beaumont, to figure for the medals. As we said, he


hasn't been off the podium at any level of competition in the last


three years. Announced in 2090 it would become an Olympic event. He


wasn't so strong over the longer distances. Using his speed in the


latter stages. The 200 metres has been a blessing for them. A new


Olympic best. He is safely through Very well done indeed, when in that


heat. A good start to the day at Eton Dorney for Great Britain. What


did you make of it? It was very impressive, just what he wanted.


Easing a fraction in the closing stages. He is the dominant force


over 200 metres. He looked very good from the start. Straightaway,


the start is vitally important, he has dominated. Chatting to him a


few days ago, he was saying he wanted to be explosive out of the


start, on top of every one. He was talking about taking on opposition,


how he views the opposition, you want to destroy the opposition. He


has got that in his armoury. He was the world and European champion in


2010. He remains the best among the world in the last 12 months. He


hasn't got the amount of gold medals he wanted in the last 12


months. But it is all about the London Olympics and the next 24


hours. What we have seen is an impressive start. The semi-finals


budget at 11:15am and he has put himself in end -- an excellent


position for a good lane. We are expecting to be on the podium for


Great Britain. 11:15am is the time of this semi-final. You can see how


much power goes into this. These athletes, at peak condition. Indeed.


I was thinking about perhaps taking up his bought myself but when I


look at the physique of these men, I am so puny in comparison, and do


not think I would get past 50m. The lactic acid would have destroyed me


at that point. They are in tremendous shape. It is all about


strength. Helen was saying it is about working out in the gym,


building up that explosive power. This is what they are good at over


these short distances. Extremely strong and powerful. It is the tide


of spot where you don't need to do lots of running or endurance


training. You need to be extremely strong. I don't think I'll be able


to do that. I do not know, I feel a potential 2016 Rio journey coming


white boat, for Germany, in a lane five. The man who has won medals at


the three Olympic Games. On the K2 with his partner. A force to be


recognised. The way they go in this final heat


in the 200 metres. Five to go through. Craviotto from Spain


making a promising start. Ronald Rauhe leaving himself a little to


do. Beaumont in the blue, for France, going strongly. Craviotto


taking them out. The final 60m. Ronald Rauhe being taken over. All


of those four go through. It was close at the end. Just six in this


race, everyone going through. The real winner, Craviotto, he took it


ease off too much. That was very close. When we get to the semi-


finals and the finals we will see a lot of that. It is a race that is


one by inches and feet. This is an indicator about the form people are


in. Cram Rio toe has had a lot of success with Perez. Using the


length of his arms as he was driving the pedal into the water up.


He was leaning forward more than some of the other athletes. Saving


some think that the semi-finals later on today. I am sure there is


plenty more in the lock-up. The those times. 35.55 to. About half a


second slower than Ed McKeever. -- 35.552.


That's the third of the heats. 11:15am is the time to see Ed


McKeever in his semi-final. He has been on fantastic form this morning


and we will have the canoe single heats coming up. Later, we will be


looking to taekwondo, because Sarah Stevenson and Italian Muhammad will


be in action. It yesterday is anything to go by, it will be worth


a watch. -- Lutalo Muhammad. A COMMENTATOR: Jade Jones ahead in


this Olympic final. Jade Jones of Great Britain has


something very special. The gold medal is getting closer and closer.


The countdown will begin. You little beauty! A teenage kicking


superstar from North Wales is the Olympic champion.


It feels crazy, it doesn't feel real. I have dreamt about it for


ages. It is amazing. The crowd have been amazing. You have won a use


the Olympic gold medal before, how does this compare? That was special


at the time, because I was a junior. But this is amazing. To win an


Olympic gold is special, but to my family been here, my friends. At


home they had pictures up, it has gone crazy. Jade Jones, Olympic


champion - congratulations! I can get used to hearing that.


deserves that success. It was a gruelling day for her, her first


fight was in the morning and a gold medal fight did not happen until


10:15pm. So a fantastic effort from Jade Jones, the first taekwondo


gold medal for this country. Idowu will be high hopes for Britain's


two fighters today. It represents the moment of truth for Lutalo


Muhammad and de taekwondo selectors who took the controversial decision


to select him and not Aaron Cook. don't think being selected over


anyone made much of a difference. But been selected for the home


Olympic Games, I am a Londoner, it is fantastic. I was elated, over


the moon when it was announced. I still am, I am excited going into


this. My preparation is going well and I feel I am ready to deliver


results. When we have met at tournaments or abroad, it has


always been very civil and friendly. Very courteous. We are both


athletes in the same weight category and we both do really well.


Obviously there is a respect for each other, but I have no problems


with him and I would like to think he has no problems with me. My


focus is winning the gold medal. I'm almost thinking beyond that, I


want to focus on the job at hand. It would mean the world to me and


it is what I have been dreaming about since I was a little buoy.


will be in action at 10:45am. We will have one of the most poignant


moments of London 2012 as Sarah Stevenson enters the ExCel to get


her taekwondo title hopes under way. She won a bronze in Beijing but has


struggled with fitness after suffering a cruciate knee injury in


February. It will be an emotional day for the world champion who


hopes to dedicate that any medal to her parents who both died last year.


In the name of all the competitors, I promise we shall take part in the


Olympic Games, respecting and abiding by the rules which govern


them. I cannot explain it, it was amazing.


It was very scary. Everyone asked me, you did not looked nervous at


all. My hands were shaking, my legs were shaking. You do still think of


yourself as a person who has had nothing and then all of a sudden


you are an inspiration. People say to me, because of Beijing do you


owe it to yourself to win, put everything right? No, it is a


competition like every other competition I have been two. But it


is my dream to win and I it will do my best and go for it. I cannot put


everything right, it is not my God given right to do that. It you


think an amazing mum and dad, they were amazing. They gave me


everything I needed, helped me to get everywhere I am. They kept me


grounded. Definitely kept me grounded! There was no getting


above my station, ever. 2011 the was horrendous. I use that now to


put things in perspective. If I am moaning about that, I say to myself,


this time last year, you had just lost your dad and you had been told


your mum was not going to be around. One specific day I had last year, I


went through with my husband. I stopped and I said to him, the


Olympics is nothing, taekwondo is nothing. I would quit, I wanted


someone to keep me the option to quit. I would swap it to keep my


mum and dad. This is a competition, just a competition. Hopefully this


will help me to do my best. I want to do my best on the day and had no


regrets and go for it. And I don't think I can lose, no matter what.


The incredible journey of Sarah Stevenson. She was the first person


who ever won a taekwondo Olympic medal for Great Britain, and has a


special place of being a trailblazer for her sport in this


country. We will be watching her as it begins at the ExCel at 10:30am.


Hopes for a gold medal for Sarah Stevenson, and later we will be


joined by two British women who won individual medals in dressage


yesterday. Charlotte Dujardin and also Laura Bechtolsheimer who won


the bronze medal. We will be welcoming them in a moment. Now


back to Eton Dory as Richard Jeffries goes in the men's canoe


single. Richard, I am getting my head around these different races.


Now it is the canoeists? Yes, the kayak his word the


canoeists sit in the Kayak and a pedal with a double bladed Kayak.


Canoeists have the single bladed pedal. Richard Jeffries, he was


disappointed in his race earlier in the week. But it is not his main


event, he said he was using it to gain some experience of the course.


Normally he competes in front of a couple of birds, but they have


thousands of people shouting at him. There is a huge contingent from the


Isle of Wight where Richard Jeffries is from. This is more his


event in the 1,000m, after he raced in the week, I asked him what it


was like. He said I only know one speed, and that is to go fast. Not


so good over the 1,000m. Richard Jeffries came through the same


talent spotting scheme as Helen Glover. Richard was heading towards


rowing, but did not cut its, so he was directed to canoeing. He has


proved to be quite adept at it. As Helen Reeves was saying, this will


be a stepping-stone to Rio. But we are hoping for a good showing from


Richard today. It is fantastic to see thousands of people out there


to support the canoe sprint events. This is the last couple of days of


this competition, so it later on, the semi-finals. How common is it


people move from one distance in people move from one distance in


these races to another? A number of the Great Britain athletes have


moved from 1,000m down to 200m. We saw Richard Jeffrey its in the


1,000m and is now in the 200. They do have their specialities. Most of


our specialists are over 200 and best medal chances are over 200m.


But we have athletes from other countries who have the option of


switching. It is something that happens often. We are hoping


Richard Jeffries approves of the 200m is his No 1 effort. He and the


others are out there on the water, getting ready and over to a


commentators. The noise there was for Richard


Jeffries. He may struggle, not in this heat, everybody goes through,


it is just about getting the numbers right for the semi-final.


Richard Jeffries looked more as I hoped for Rio been for years.


Sebastien Brendel who has won the 1,000m, the European champion in


this distance for the last three years as well. The Mexican, we are


still reeling from the last heat where we saw Mallon team them in a


coat from Azerbaijan, the current world champion finished 7th. In


that heat we are assured it is the first six to go through. Unless he


knows something, he is ill or injured, because he struggled badly.


So as we understand it, he is out already. But everybody in this heat


will go through. It is a chance to at the moment, he is been told to


go forward. He is just struggling, wasn't quite in the right line. He


tried to line himself back up. think he went into the wrong lane


as well as the American did before. He has got to reverse and do a


three-point turn and come back again. Maybe he is a little bit out


classed here. But everybody going through. You like to Bangor your


boat depending on which side you pedal on. The -- angle your boat.


You don't want to lose too much pace in trying to steer at the


start. Here we are in the second heat. About 40 seconds they will


cover this 200m. Richard Jeffries going out hard. At the moment it is


these three. Richard Jeffries is in third place at the moment. It


perhaps just about conserving a bit of energy. The German has a long


strokes. He is picking the pace up as he charged towards the line.


Just dips the stern. Richard Jeffries in third. He will be


pleased with that. He got out well and got himself in touch with the


top runners and held on. The winner is a class act in this discipline.


He will be going through to the semi-final and the final which


plate -- takes place tomorrow. Things will get more interesting in


through in a third. All six going through. See how difficult it is to


steady yourself in the start pocket. I am not quite sure he was event in


it when it went down. These canoes are incredibly difficult to get a


stable platform. The top guys make it look easy as they get that


balance between their front leg which is flat on the bottom of the


boat and the back leg kneels. Tremendous power and the lunch. We


have had it confirmed that the current European and world champion


from Azerbaijan is out. A big shock in the heats. Apart from that it is


business as usual. Everybody you would expect to go through and some


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


temperature is lifting and there is And there we have the next lot of


the heats in the canoe competition. There is plenty going on at Eton


Dorney this morning, so we will be back there. At 11:15am there is the


semi-final involving Ed McKeever. Let show you more of a friend of


our morning show, Charlotte Bouchard than he won the individual


dressage competition. She was the last rider to go out in Greenwich


yesterday and needed to score over 88.196 to claim the individual


title in front of an expectant the end. 18 months ago this girl


had not ridden at serious international level. Here she is on


the edge of a potential individual pirouette, but she came out in time.


She goes in for the double pirouette and gets it. It will all


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


rest on this line. She did the she needs to go for a bit more.


What a performance, what a temperament. She has really not


come from a background which would put her in this situation, but


sheer talent has been spotted. Here she has put a performance in which


Not just touching distance, it was a gold and that was her reaction


when she realised she had not only won the gold, but broke the Olympic


record with her horse Valegro. A very stirring routine with Land of


Hope and Glory and the Big Ben chimes. I am delighted to welcome


her back this morning. And your team-mate Laura Bechtolsheimer.


Congratulations, you won the bronze. How did it feel to be both on the


podium to get there? It was amazing. To do it the first time round was


very special. Obviously to do it again individually and to have the


gold and Laura to have the bronze was very special, very emotional.


It must have been. Do you help each other? Have you watched her routine


a million times. I got to watch her test because I had already finished,


so I was pretty emotional and had my fingers crossed so hard for her.


I had not seen the Dutch girl, but I hurt it was a good routine. I was


riding all of her changes with her and all of her pirouettes with her.


If anyone was going to win gold I wanted it to be a Brit. Charlotte


trains with Carl Hester and it was very emotional for all of us.


whole nation was thinking, how on earth do you get the horse to do


this? Talk us through it. Anyone out there who is thinking maybe


I'll have a go at a bit of freestyle Desai's. How do you do


it? It takes a long time. We have been riding these horses were a


very long time. I have had my horse for eight years. He was very good,


but you start at very low level learning how to control a horse and


do the basic movements. It takes years of training to get a horse


together to perform all of the Grand Prix movements. On the other


side of it they have to have the strength and the balance and the


co-ordination to physically perform those movements. They have to be


about nine or 10 years old. Why did you choose that music? The Lion


King takes me back to my childhood. And Kenya is my favourite country


and I have been there a few times on holiday and it makes me feel


happy and comfortable and I think it does the same for the horse.


have worked a lot with Valegro and he is incredible and we have heard


him named the Lionel Messi of dress size. You start training with the


basic movements and then you decide the music, do you put the medley


together? Yes, we get the chance to choose our own music. I was


competing at another championship and there was a British thing over


there and I had the great escape before some of my music over there,


which gave me the idea to have the British theme here. I thought it


would be great to have that music with the home crowd. You can have


music which people know as well. Obviously, it has to fit the horse.


The horse has to settle in with the music and it does not have too many


bass notes. So some horses do not like that? Yes, they can react a


little bit to the music. It depends on your horse. It depends what kind


of music you can take. When you say they can react, that means they get


thrown off kilter? Yes, they get tension and it upsets their


performance. We need to keep them relaxed and calm to be able to do


what we need to do. You decide on the music and then what happens? Do


you try it out and see if the horse takes to it? You try and write the


colour -- choreography that suits your horse. You have to perform all


of the Grand Prix movements, but you can choose what order you show


them in and you can add more funky stuff to make it more difficult


because you get marked out of difficulty as well. Once you have


got your routine sorted, you get someone to put their music together.


Is it about you particularly training and the team effort? Can


somebody else take the horse out and put him through his paces?


Most riders at the top would be able to get on your horse and do


the same. It will not work as well probably. Only the fact we have


been riding our horses for about eight years and they know us inside


out. Everybody rides differently and everybody has different buttons


and the horses have to adapt to each rider. Laura, you said


yesterday that your horse is coming to the end of its dressage live. It


is one of the older horses. Could it be back for Rio de Janeiro?


he might have another championship next year in him. I do not know. I


will see how he feels, he is 17 so another Olympics is out of the


question. You are looking for another horse? I have got some


young horses I am producing at home, so hopefully for Rio de Janeiro I


will have one too fell 1/2's big shoes. What happens next for you?


am at the same. I have other horses and I am very lucky to be able to


have another string of horses and hoped to go onwards and upwards and


hopefully again to be in the team with Laura and Carl Hester. I want


to ask you about the relationship. There is a bit of healthy


competition. He did not end up on the podium yesterday. Are you still


talking? Absolutely, he is great, he is so supportive. He has helped


me so much. I owe a lot to him. I have a great relationship with him


and I want to stay with him. He has been my inspiration from the start.


What better way to learn than to be with somebody like him. I have


still got so much more to learn. He is the person I want to learn with.


I think you can start at the teaching ends now, rather than at


the learning end up a your performance yesterday. One of the


things people have been asking Clare Balding a lot, and she knows


everything there is to know, is why do you wear a top hat? You do not


wear a top hat when you go out. is going to be a rule for wearing a


crash hat. I fell off and fractured my skull not through wearing a hat.


I was so lucky to escape from that. Now it is something I always do. I


feel unsafe without my hat on. People say you do not always need


it, but for me especially in these atmospheres, you never know what


can happen and I always stick with my crash hat. In is it time for you


to trade the pop across to mark I probably should set an example.


do not know, I fear it looks wrong wearing a crash helmet especially


with my tail coat. It is vanity really. Obviously I wear a crash


helmet when I am at home training and things like that. But I guess


it is a personal choice. I have to say I am quite relieved to see you


both here. You did tell Gary that you were off to a big party on the


river last night. It is great that you are still bright and early this


morning. Thank you very much and it So, it has all been very exciting


in those equestrian events, but it is now time to talk taekwondo. We


will be off to the ExCel shortly, because there are two British


fighters in the Arena today. Before we take you to today's action, he


The taekwondo competition area is eight metres square with a safety


boundary around the outside. Fights are contested over three two-minute


rounds with a minute's rest in between. If the score is tied after


three rounds, the fight goes into a sudden death 4th round. The scores


are reset to nil and the first point to score wins the contest.


The aim of taekwondo is to land kicks and punches to your


opponent's scoring zones. Moves are worth between one and four points


depending on the mode of attack. The referee oversees the action


which is scored by three judges. At least two judges have to call a


point in order for it to be valid. Competitors wear protective


equipment including a head guard and a chest protector. The chest


protector validates points when a powerful, accurate kick is


All athletes wear sensored socks which protect your feet and


register points. Points can also be recorded through penalties - half-


point penalties called Kyong-gos and full-point penalties known as


If you'd like to get involved in Olympic sports, go to

:16:48.:16:50. for more So, for Great Britain, we are about


to see Sarah Stevenson and also Lutalo Muhammad. Before we show you


those, time to show you one of the really fantastic stand out


Olympians in this sport, and it is Steven Lopez of the United States.


He has been in action today against a Ramin Azizov of Azerbaijan, and


if he wins, he will be the most decorated Olympian in taekwondo of


Steven Lopez, the two-time Olympic champion. He is a figurehead in the


sport. He is facing the top seed from Azerbaijan. One more muddle


for Lopez of any colour and he will become the most decorated


competitor in taekwondo that the world has ever known. He had to


The first time he has been able to You won't always see the fireworks


and the explosive stuff straight away. Straight away they have got


into close range stuff. We talk before about having a metre of Matt


between you. These men here have about half of that distance here.


There are looking for options. They Lopez is just feeling his way into


this match here. It is very unusual for Steven Lopez to have a taller


opponent. He is noted as a head kicker when he gets into the right


The penalty going against the name of the American. As early as it is


in the match, those details can prove crucial, because Steven Lopez


is a master who used to win games The ability to win a plea is just


as important as the fantastic kicks we have seen. Ahead right on the


buzzer at the end of the first buzzer at the end of the first


round. His sister Diane just missed a featherweight medal yesterday.


His brother is the coach doing the talking now. This is Azizov talking


about that. He had a painful defeat in Manchester in May. It was 11-all


in the final, he stepped out of the ring for a second and was


Yes, defeated by Aaron Cook, the GB fighter, who has defeated both of


these men here. These guys are going to ruff House, Battle, Pickup


the knees. This is going to be a The second of three two-minute


rounds. As a Bijan's top seed Ramin Azizov is just a little subdued


here. The front leg, the leg closest to him, of Lopez, getting


picked up here. That was always There are deductions hanging over


Lopez realised the energy was wrong, conserved the energy, didn't throw


As expected, it is not going to be a high-scoring encounter just yet.


But Lopez is beginning to find the Azizov has a big, long, jabbing


left leg. Lopez goes over the shoulder with the the head shot,


doesn't score. He lacked concentration for a second and got


picked off. Ramin Azizov, good work picked off. Ramin Azizov, good work


there from him. Yes, they're very good round. He started it behind


The contest between two men who haven't embraced the final yet. It


is a shame that one of them has to go out so soon. I F -- I expect it


is a fair assumption that whoever wins this may well go on to the


final and bring the other back into You never know just how much this


can take out of the tank. There are a lot of other fighters there, let


Taylor Mohammed goes later on. They will be looking at this and be more


than grateful that the two men are having to fight the first match


And that closed the stance with the same league leg in front, it offers


Lopez is going to have to up the ante. Now we are going to see the


fighting style of Steven Lopez. He has a minute and a half to do


something. But if you rush in, you All the years of dominance,


training, superiority, great victories for Steven Lopez of


America, he is going to have to produce something here. He tries


It is hard to step on the gas. Which way will the. Go? Neither.


Lopez certainly working for that, looking for that. The centre


Azizov, he is going to get one this And the late charge expected from


Lopez just never came. Azizov too Yes, it is he who wins the battle


of the big guns right at the start Further indication perhaps that the


sun is beginning to set on the glittering career of Steven Lopez.


That was a victory for Azerbaijan, and a disappointment for Steven


Lopez. He could still get a medal if he goes through the repechage


round, we are not certain how this could work, but he does end up with


a bronze, he will become the most decorated Olympian in taekwondo


ever. But it is a big day for Great Britain in taekwondo, because we


will see both Lutalo Muhammad and Sarah Stevenson. Many Shashin is


watching it over at the ExCel arena. Many of the athletes involved in


London 2012, there are stories of inspiration and courage, and for


Sarah Stevenson, it is certainly no different, because after what she


has gone through, everybody will be cheering her on for the next four


fights potentially to see her claim gold. She will never want to go


through the year 2011 again, when she lost both her parents to cancer


within the space of three months. You could have forgiven her for


leaving the sport altogether, if not at least taking a break. But


she has been spurred on by her mum's quotes to her, one of her


final words was to go to London 2012 and try to win gold for me.


She says she is holding on to not grieving both her parentss' losses


quite yet until after 2012. Away from that, as if she has not had


enough to deal with, fitness concerns also for Sarah Stevenson,


because she suffered cruciate ligament injury back in February,


which meant she couldn't retain her European title in May, so she maybe


lacks a certain amount of match fitness, considering her last


competitive match was over 12 months ago in May 2011. Those are


her main concerns, but she puts it all in stark perspective. She has


got experience, and bags of it. This is her 4th Olympic Games. She


picked up bronze in Beijing in 2008, and victory at London 2012 will be


cheered on. And that bronze was such a


milestone for taekwondo in this country, because it was the first


ever Olympic medal in the sport that Great Britain had one. It will


be quite a gruelling day for her if she does progress all the way


through. The beginning end it is Yes, they came back with a record


haul of seven medals in the last world championships and Sarah got


the first medal for a Brit in Beijing, paving the way for Jade


Jones to come away with that dramatic gold last night and trade


paid tribute to Sarah in her interview. We are going through a


rich spell in taekwondo as far as GB medal hopefuls are concerned. I


think Sarah will be coming out shortly. She takes on a Paige


McPherson of the United States. Nobody will be more worthy of gold


than her. It is her 4th Olympic Games and she will be so desperate


to do theirs. We are looking down at the arena where will be seeing


the Sarah Stevenson who will come out in a moment for that fight


against Paige McPherson. It is looking absolutely packed. Yes, it


is. Massive support for taekwondo here. That is the cheering for


Sarah Stevenson. It goes against all the publicity that the sport


received in London in the run-up to London 2012 with Aaron Cook being


excluded and Lutalo Muhammad coming end. But they reckon he is a real


medal hopeful. I am looking over my shoulder and this could be Sarah


Stevenson entering the arena. There is incredible support for here. It


gets your hairs rising on the back of your neck, it is one of these


moments. With all that she has gone through, everybody is rooting for


her hair. There she is, walking into the arena, Sarah Stevenson,


Britain's big hope in this category of taekwondo.


This is the first lady of British taekwondo, despite Jade Jones'


Olympic medal. This is her American opponent, Paige McPherson, a 21


year-old marking her first Olympic Games. A quarter-finalist in last


year's Korean championships. It is barely 10 hours since those who


were here last night to watch Jade Jones filed out into the London


night full of their memories. Is this 29 year-old from Doncaster or


going to give this lot memories to take away with them today? The


American has gone through her routine this morning, braiding her


hair and reading passages from the Bible. Sarah suffered a cruciate


knee injury in February and there was a brief time when we wonder at


it she would be fit enough to take Here she is biting in the memory of


her mum and dad who are not here to watch her in the Olympics. Sarah


Stevenson is in red and in the blue is the American, Paige McPherson.


Paige McPherson will not be intimidated by her reputation. She


is a very strong athlete. If you kick to the body it is one point.


There are electronic sensor socks on the feet. There was a tech


enough -- technical hitch in one of the earlier fights. They were not


sure if the censors were working. You mentioned the knee injury, not


so much a physical rust, but more ring rust. Good flexibility from


the American. Those three points will steady her nerves. Sarah


Stevenson is still very much in this contest. She is Amen to two


young Jade Jones. Talking about nerves, she said she was shaking


like a leaf at the opening ceremony. She has got McPherson moving around


the ring. There have been good It is the American's round. They


kick to the head clocked up three. She sets the early pace. Silver


medallist at last year's Pan- American Games. She would not have


been happy to have been drawn against Sarah Stevenson. Twice a


world champion a decade apart. That was the moment she fell behind.


Clear contact. There is the three- time American Olympian. He will be


happy with the work of his charge. She hobbled on to the medals podium


in Beijing on crutches. She heard She was in floods of tears taking


the bronze. She has got her heart set on bronze four years later, but


she has got some work to do. The American has just stretched that


lead to five points. A couple of simple push kicks to the body


extends that league. It has been a tactical battle. There is an open


stance and a closed stance. If you have the same foot in front as your


opponent, it is a closed stance. But the open stance drawers in the


injured leg of Stephenson. She is struggling a little bit here.


top seed from Egypt today went out in the very first contest in the


first round. Now it is Sarah Stevenson's turn to give her


supporters some concern. Five points down going into the second


half of her opening encounter. an insurmountable lead at this


stage. Spinning kicks up to the head will give you four or five


points, but they are so difficult Good cover from McPherson. It is


just as important to drop the hands. Establishing a lead is important,


but maintaining it is equally soap. Sarah Stevenson weighing up how


close she can be without conceding Before her mother dive, she told


her daughter to go to London and win it for them. She has got a


tattoo that says, because of you. Paige McPherson is a tough, little


21 year-old. If she has got nerves, she is covering them up well.


has indeed. She has got the tactics right, but also mentally in terms


of dealing with this arena with the partisan crowd. Macpherson has


operated well in the distance. It is all about distance. Her legs,


That is her coach and her husband. She has got two minutes left to


save her Olympic bacon. Sarah Stevenson from Great Britain in the


red. From the States in the blue, Paige McPherson. Positive signs in


this opening exchange. Sarah Stevenson beginning to find her


range. She needs to get on with it, because time continues to take a


weight in this third and final round. Still she is four points


adrift. That was a back kick attempt, but a tribute to Paige


McPherson, her tactics and her timing has been spot on. She has


not been injured and she looks like that sitter of the two. Sarah


Stevenson was convinced that mist. She is going to pick up a penalty


because she put the appeal in herself. It needed to come from the


coach, Stephen Jennings, her husband, but she is prepared to


take the penalty to have a look at this video replay. If you watched


this yesterday, you will know how this works. The referee goes across


to the head of the team and he will go across to his two friends and


explain what they are looking for it. We are looking to see whether


Sarah Stevenson was hit on the head. I think that mist. The technical


delegate have fired cameras to look at. The appeal is successful, a


very good appeal. He has kept his wife Sarah Stevenson in the hunt at


these Olympics. It is time for Sarah Stevenson to go to work will


stop she will need to find a head shot of her own. Paige McPherson is


using the ring and moving around and covering well. She wants to and


she is right. An extended short kick from Paige McPherson. Explain


why they kick she put in two first and did not show up on the


scoreboard. If there is not enough power and sustained impact, it will


not register. It is not the domain of objective -- subjective scoring.


It is one of the vagaries of the sport that you can hit somebody in


the stomach and not get a point for it. It she has been brushed by an


American toe, she will concede three points. That is on the


shoulder. She has avoided it again. What did we do before it video


replays? We had controversy. It is because of Sarah Stevenson that we


have replaced. We all remember what happened four years ago. The


And for someone of Sarah's skills, The American is closing the ring


Sometimes the Hollywood ending doesn't happen. And after all Sarah


Stevenson's been through, it is not her morning. The American Page


Macpherson who fought brilliantly Macpherson who fought brilliantly


takes her place in the quarter- finals. And we may yet see Sarah


Stevenson fight for a bronze medal right at the end of the day, but


that would rely on Macpherson going all the way to the final, and she


is going to have to keep it up now. Jennings, the husband, and share --


Sarah Stevenson just sharing a hug there. Let's not get too heavy


about this, but it is one of the things that Sarah was talking about


ahead of these games. It is taekwondo, and after all she's gone


through, it is not the most important thing in the world, and


maybe that is running through her mind. Yes, you have to maintain a


bigger picture perspective here. The entire programme of taekwondo


was built on the back of her success, and youngsters like Jade


Jones have built on that. But when you have done you cruciate ligament


in February, this is a massive ask, and even somebody with her


recovering powers, it was just too much. Did she fight to her best, or


did the injury play its part, or was it just the American was just


too good? A definite combination of all of that. She couldn't have


given any more. Page Macpherson couldn't have fought any better.


That is why we have the result. was a glory night for British


taekwondo yesterday, and stare sit -- Sarah Stevenson might yet end up


Sarah is with us now. Very unlucky, not the opening fight you are


hoping for. There must admit, I did do near enough my best, and that is


all I can do. It has been hard, hard build up, so my aim was to


come here and go for it, and I felt like I did. That's it. Nobody would


have blamed you, you have done your best year for all that went on in


2011. Did they cruciate ligament injury spark? Not today. It has


been a mental fight every single day for the last 18 months, every


single day. And I did my best, and I just came here, my dad would want


me to be here, so I am here, and I know they would be proud. You do


realise you are a source of inspiration that everybody watching.


Taekwondo is not at the top of your priorities right now. To be here at


London 2012 is in itself a massive achievement, almost beyond words.


Yes. I would have been forgiven to quit and sit in a corner and cry,


but I am not a quitter, and I would never have quit. I have no regrets,


and I want to wake up tomorrow and have no regrets, and I think I


might be able to do that. Obviously I am a bit disappointed, but that


was my aim. There is a ray of hope, and there is the avenue of the


repechage for you. Yes, and I will keep going and hope she gets


The other man in the Aaron Cook selection school. Only David


Beckham commanded as many column inches as cook. This is lit J-Lo


Mohammed, and this is his opponent Low Otello Mohammed is an Olympian,


and he is fighting against Farkhod Negmatov from Tajikistan. He has


got that flexibility with the front leg, and the speed over the


shoulder. Negmatov is going to have to cover higher. That athleticism


that Muhammad brings, as we mentioned before, he is at full


strength. He has just come down a weight, and Negmatov is coming up


He is the attempted shot from Muhammad. They are both tall


The winner of this will be into the quarter-finals. There is the double


kick, two kicks consecutively in mid-air from Negmatov. He drops


And the dynamic quickness of Lutalo And the dynamic quickness of Lutalo


Muhammad, so important. It has been a nervy, cagey opening two minutes.


A young man who has had to put up with a lot. He got criticism which


didn't seem entirely fair, the selection decision wasn't his, but


he has had to put up with more than anyone looking forward to


representing his country. Aaron Cook was here yesterday to watch


Jade Jones when her gold medal. He is not here today. I think he has


got tickets from the basketball. He couldn't bear to be here today, but


this is Lutalo Muhammad's day. Negmatov's name was apparently last


year on the the top 10 list of Tajikistan athletes. He is


Tajikistan athletes. He is Muhammad's first-round opponent in


this Olympic taekwondo competition. This is the men's welterweight, 80


kg, around 12 and a half stone. 21- year-old Lutalo Muhammad hails from


He has found the range of his leg. But for the cover skills of


But as much as he is good in attack, Muhammad has to be resolute in


Negmatov knows that he cannot rush It is Negmatov trying to stepping,


the reverse turning kick there. A The referee let it go without a


Kyon-go, taekwondo's penalty. The sport is spoken in the language of


That left leg came chopping down on the head of the two cheeky Stan


He has been very good on defence. He has kept in that open stance,


giving Negmatov less chance to score. The coach will have to give


some good advice to his athlete here, because continually trying to


do the same thing again and again and expecting a different result


doesn't always played dividends. It hasn't been an easy introduction to


this arena for Muhammad. There was the attempted reverse. And there's


the chop. Just avoided by the the chop. Just avoided by the


merest of margins. I think that might have been worth a video


replay card. I think the toes just caught the the side of the blue hat.


I wonder where Utoeya Mohammad -- Lutalo Muhammad's dad Joseph is. He


brought his son into the sport when he was just three. He was around


It is tough watching at the moment, because Negmatov has his tactics


perfectly. This could come down to a Kyon-go match, come down to


As yet, the scoreboard is yet to be brought into operation, and it is


the final round. Negmatov is far from one of the favourites here,


but he is having a favourable round. Lutalo Muhammad, that was the Kyon-


go, both of them have got it. word from the referee to get on


with it. They came here to fight, and are trying to do that now.


There is the chop from a Muhammad, and he is ahead! That was the three.


Head shot, it has taken the best part of five minutes, but finally


the big moment belongs to Britain. But he needs to keep his wits about


him. What a perfect time to score it. He has a three-point advantage


over Negmatov, who will have to And the British League is now up to


A flurry of limbs, and we watch the clock ticked down, but the flurry


once again works in the Britain's favour. He is now six points clear


And he is heading into the quarter- finals. The young man at the centre


of a storm that was not of his making can now call himself an


Olympic quarter-finalist. Magic is beginning to rise again inside the


beginning to rise again inside the ExCel. It was a difficult opponent,


but he pawn on the pressure and stuck to his tactics, and that is


what made the difference. He really got his act together in that third


round. The first couple of rounds were, to be frank, pretty dull. As


soon as the referee told them to get on with it, he thought, right,


I will be the first to get on with it. That will do his confidence a


lot of good. He handled the occasion well. He is still a little


confused and over awed by the occasion, but the more time you


spend on the mat, the better you get. Negmatov got the tactics right,


but it was the flexibility in the end, the second kick, that was the


double tap shot that the British It was a bit of a trouble --


struggle in the end the 21-year-old Latika Muhammad, but he can


contemplate a place in the Olympic You left it late, didn't you?


but I am glad to have got through. I feel much more confident going


into the next round. You are looking a bit shocked by it all,


are you OK? Yes, it is OK, the a as fear is fantastic, but I feel a lot


better I have got it out of the way. Does that relieve come up with what


has gone on to the build-up to these Games? No, not at all. It is


like any other tournament and I do not feel any different. I am in the


quarter-final and hopefully I can progress. You talk about the


reception of the fans, it was a terrific reception. I am from east


London, born and bred and I want to give the crowd a gold medal. Well


done, Lutalo Muhammad. That was a decisive final few moments in his


bout. He is through to the quarter- final which will happen at about


3:45pm this supplement. Everything is packed into one day for all of


the fighters. If he gets through to the final, it will be tonight. He


will be hoping to emulate what Jade Jones did yesterday. Sarah


Stevenson in the women's fight still has the possibility of a


bronze medal if her opponent makes it through to the final tonight. We


will have to wait and see what happens there. Plenty of excitement


at the taekwondo. Just before we move on, we can remind you that


there will be no rest for at Manish Bhasin at the Excel centre because


they will be football continuing It is hard to imagine the football


season is almost upon us. It kicks off a week on Saturday on BBC One.


There are still three days of Olympic action to enjoy, so let's


get back to Eton Dorney. Next up in Only one drops out. Lane 34 China


is looking strong. The Spaniard is ahead, but Jess Walker is going


strong in lane three. Nice smooth, long strokes. The Spaniards takes a


lead in this race. Jess Walker came in third, I think. The Spaniard


takes the wind. Six go through. She looked very strong, almost a length


clear at the finish. She had a great start as well. We have


already commented about how important it is to get that great


start at the 200m and then get the pace up as quickly as you can,


generally hit it at 50m and then hang on. The Spaniard has been


world champion, but that was 2002 and 2005. Just getting in in third


place. Jess Walker is in fourth place and that gets a cheer from


the crowd as it is announced. The Spaniard looks very impressive


A good result for Jess Walker of Great Britain who is into the semi-


finals. William Heath and Jon Schofield are beginning their quest


for gold in the men's kayak double. They are European champions and


world silver medallists. They start their campaign in lane five of the


second heat and the top five will make it through to tomorrow's semi-


for the last three years, but this is a step up. The Belgians are more


1,000m specialists really. The second heat, the final heat in the


men's KT22 hundred metres. Five to looking to get away strong need.


They are out quickest at the moment. But Argentina are also going


strongly in yellow. Belarus are coming back at them and they are


leading as they come into the final 100m. And Belarus finishes strongly.


Liam Heath and Jon Schofield were in second place. Belarus are


looking strong, two very powerful figures. We will know more when we


come to the semi-finals. It is a tough competition out there with


Belarus. They are quite a contrast to our two, who are lighter and


smaller framed. I did not feel we got as good a start as we sometimes


do. They might look at that. Belarus with a couple of metres on


the British boat. It is Sarah Murphy to the K1, 200m. -- similar.


They get out very quickly and then hang on a little bit. There is a


difference in their physique as you Certainly fast and furious as we


imagined at the start of the day. We are now into the semi-final


phase of the day and there are lots of races in the next hour. Ed


McKeever's is about 11:20am. One of the voices you heard in commentary


was Helen Reeves. Over the course of these Olympics we have been


trying to tell the stories of the members of our BBC team and about


how they got into their particular I first got into canoeing through


my brother. He saw a programme on the television and decided he


wanted to have a go. Being a younger sister I got dragged to


gone -- along. When I got there I got about half a metre away from


the bank and burst into tears, so it was not the most successful


start to my canoeing Korea. The canal was only a couple of hundred


metres up the road, so I used to walk from my house to the canal,


but the older I got there more embarrassing this became an


particularly when I got to college age. It was not a cool thing to be


doing. There are ate a lot of very competent canoeist who took her


under their wing and saw her potential very quickly. My friends


at school thought I was crazy, but they were incredibly supportive and


would sit there with their umbrellas watching the car around


in circles. As time went on at they thought I was less crazy. Helen was


a very good all-round athlete anyway, so was always very well co-


ordinated and a very good runner. Once she got the basics she got


success very quickly. The Olympic experience was so much bigger than


I had anticipated. We had lots of talks about how it would be a


different experience and I did not believe half of it. I thought I


would just turn up and I would do what I do every time, but it was


just incredible. When you first go out into the stadium, there is this


big stand in front of you and I thought, Oh, my goodness, this is


all for us. The day I remember of the final I remember having this


massive rush of energy and I thought, this is it. The countdown


felt so slow. Then I went off the start and I hit the gate three. I


thought, I have to keep it together. There was a disastrous part where I


actually missed the gate. The commentators said there was no


chance of a medal. I ended up in fourth place. The end was nerve-


racking because of the way the results came. It was like a mistake,


so to finish 4th is good, but it is disappointing. Halfway through that


interview I heard a screaming noise from my physio and I looked across


and it had popped up that I was third. Do you want to chat with


them? I have got a medal somehow. From that point it was a roller-


coaster. Fantastic news, Helen Reeves has got the bronze medal and


the French are relegated into 4th. That felt like a gold medal to me.


If he would like to get involved in the sport, get along to the website.


That is Helen's story, the story behind her success and she is part


of our commentary team. Let's join we she Daz Rishi Persad.


Ed McKeever goes in the semi-finals of his event at 1123. One of his


big rivals is Poland. It came through the quickest in his heat


and was very impressive and is one of the outstanding 200m kayak


singles competitors in the world. The way he performed, the confident


manner in which he started, and he was able to ease off in the last


few metres and it suggests he is in great shape going into the semi-


finals. It has looked absolutely beautiful at Eton Dorney would be


the poor weather, but also are the conditions on the water difficult


with the wind today? It that you look behind me at the flags, they


are barely flattering. It is perfect conditions at Eton Dorney.


Lovely sunshine, hardly a breath of wind. It is perfect for a regatta.


When the canoeists go down to the start, because the races are over


200m, they are basically in a tunnel anyway and there is not that


much of an effect. It would not be too bad for the canoeists and


everything is set for some fast Now it is the turn of the canoe


sprinters. It is just about time for this next semi-final to begin,


so let's join Andrew Cotter and Helen Reeves.


Things start to get serious nerve. It is the first four -- four From H


rather new, and the atmosphere has been fantastic. They go down to


near silence at the start, and a drumbeat to ramp up the tension.


Lookout for the Spanish and the competitor is just leading ahead of


extremely tight finish. I think he just, just got it. It is very hard


to tell. This title may be settled by a matter of inches. We will


confirm that on a photo finish. We are actually getting our results,


which are unofficial, the Canadian getting it. It will be decided.


They went off very strongly at the start. De Jonge Just got it on the


Well, we will have more semi-finals from the Ecco Newsprint coming up,


but we are also keeping an eye on another watery seemed a Olympic


event, the men's open-water swimming, which is going to take


place once again in the Serpentine in Hyde Park. Let's join Clare


Balding he was down there today. Thanks, Michelle. Again, taking


place in beautiful conditions, and with me is Keri-Anne Payne who


finished 4th yesterday. How are you today? I am gutted about yesterday,


to be honest. When you just work so hard and trained for so long, and


so much people have put time and energy into you, I feel gutted


about that. But this has not been a great season for me with injuries


and illnesses, and a change of coach as well, so I am really proud


of where I came. It is a brutal race. Look at Keri-Anne Payne's me,


all bandaged up. After the race she found it a bit of the struggle to


walk. I have never had a problem with my knees before, but I went


back to the hotel and laid down for five minutes, and when I got up and


started walking around, it hurt really badly. I don't know why.


They don't think it affected anything in the race. But it shows


how much your body is put through on a race like this, and things you


didn't feel worse or yesterday are absolutely killing me today.


have been discussing the things that happened, that you are still


having flashbacks to, and one of the moment was the Fien station on


lap three, trying to get over there to get your energy drink. Yes,


there is always a great moment in sport, a moment you have to do, at


the moment to me was that I had to go and feed. It is always part of


my plan. The the station wasn't in the best position, because


everybody had to be on the right to turn the corner, but the station


was on the left, so my choice was to feed or not and hope that I had


enough energy. So I made the choice to try to do that, and I was


getting pushed constantly, and I struggled to get across to the left,


and I missed the bottle the first time, and by the time I grabbed the


second time, the girls behind caught up and swam over me, and I


got kicked a couple of times and disorientated, and before I knew it


I had gone from first to 7th or 8th, and I had to work hard to get back


to a position where I was in fresh out. And I was -- you are not a


naturally aggressive person, are you? You are almost too nice for


this. Yes, we have done that some bits and pieces with a psychologist,


and am definitely a lover and not a fighter, so I try to get out in


front and be away from the pack fighting, but it is a great tactic


because it worked for the Hungarian yesterday. She was definitely the


best athlete on the day. But I did absolutely everything that I could


yesterday, and I was so close, 0.4 of a second away from a medal. I am


really proud of where I have come and how I got here. You have done a


terrific job, and they know how much the crowd lifted you back. You


will be part of the crowd today cheering on downfall. What you hope


for? I think the boys will be hoping a bit more of the race than


yesterday. We had the same conditions we did in Beijing, and


we were three minutes quicker, so I think everybody will be a bit on


age. We have pool swimmers in there, but also some big champions in


open-water swimming, so it'll be interesting to see which one takes


it out, and how fast the last lap will be. We are really looking


forward to watching it. Thomas alerts is probably the favourite.


Coverage starts on BBC Three at 3 o'clock.


That description of what it is like, so difficult for the athletes. We


go straight back to Eton Dorney, because this is going to be Ed


McKeever's semi-final in the men's four to go through to the file. De


Jong won the first semi-final. McKeever was quickest in the heats.


He goes in lane five for Great Britain. And they are away so


quickly. Ed McKeever has a good power-to-weight ratio that carries


him forward. He is setting the pace a little at Ed McKeever. Ed


McKeever is hanging on as they come into the final 50. In fact, his


lead is stretching a little. Ed Nikki Gregg takes a victory in the


second semi-final, and we will wait for exact confirmation of a time,


but he looked comfortable and strong. He is safely through to the


final and he has done it in winning style. Fantastic, he jumped out of


the bucket and got himself up and running. A real dominant


performance there from Ed McKeever. We were concerned about the form of


the world champion from Poland. And there is the time, just a fraction


slower than the first semi-final. Beaumont took second. The defending


world champion who had a wrist injury is in fact out. Not so


McKeever. Just look at the style here. Just dipping his head,


reaching forward and powering on. Sometimes he is a little more


ragged. There is plenty of raw power there. It is difficult to


make sure you keep the control and technique throughout the 200m.


Lactic acid starts kicking in with around 50m to go, and your arms are


just hanging on to get the last few years ago, silver last year in the


world championship. Szymanowski is out. McKeever, his work is done.


delight he was fighting with those guys, don't touch the boat.


Precious cargo. There is the confirmation. Ed McKeever is


through, just ahead of Beaumont. Ed McKeever is through to tomorrow's


Ed McKeever is just going to grab a drink before he comes to have a


chat with us here. He has had to wait a little bit. He went off with


the Great Britain commuting to Barcelona in preparation for this


event. They have missed being at a hotel with the rollers. But he said


that they were keeping an eye on what was going on, and it has


helped to inspire the team. Ed, we all just eulogising about that


tremendous effort. It seems you are coming to your peak? Yes, it is


good. We are coming back from a good training camp, feeling good


and looking forward to racing tomorrow now. You had to almost


keep yourself caged for the first few days, watching the other guys


compete. It has been really frustrating watching everyone else


go out and Great Britain winning so many medals, and it is just


annoying. Quickest time overall in the semis? Yes, and hopefully we


will see what happens tomorrow. Well done, and we will see what


happens tomorrow. Thank you very much.


A Ed McKeever, a strong performance from him in the morning's heat. His


final will take place at about half-past nine tomorrow morning, so


we will hope perhaps for an early middle from Great Britain. The


canoe sprint action will continue with the rest of those semi-finals


coming up over the course of the next hour.


And for that you were going to be in the capable hands of Matt Baker.


You have also got the sailing, haven't you? Thank goodness that


was cancelled yesterday because of light wind. That will be going off


at 12 o'clock, and our boys are guaranteed a silver. Can they beat


the Australians? First Olympics, so nothing to lose. Shirley Robertson


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