BBC One: Day 14: 13.45-16.00 Olympics

BBC One: Day 14: 13.45-16.00

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Nice to see you. Thank you for joining us and welcome to the final


Friday of the 2012 Olympic Games. In 48 hours, the stadium will be


preparing to bid farewell to the athletes, but plenty more to come


and this afternoon is not for the faint hearted. Expect passion and


power in the boxing ring. We will be back at the BMX a Reina shortly,


and taekwondo gold a potential for Britain.


The medal races were delayed yesterday in the failing. Luke


Patience and Stuart Bithell took silver as the Aussies lived up to


their billing as favourites. This is Australia's most successful ever


sailing regatta. The women's crew also took silver. Sadly, the Brits


gave New Zealand an early lead and they were never able to bridge the


gap to take the gold medal. They would have loved to, of course.


Obvious disappointment but the thing to remember is that once


again, out on the water at Weymouth, we continued our success and that


is another two silver medals, so congratulations to them. Defeat


today but from the Olympic Games, they can consider themselves


winners. A busy afternoon of boxing. Semi-finals featuring two Irish and


two British boxing's coming up. Whilst Irish eyes will have been


smiling after educated Taylor's win, -- after Katie Taylor's win, let's


take you back to beat ExCeL Centre as the men were continuing. Paddy


got a bronze in Beijing and said they were for loses. We join the


fight at the start of the second round, Paddy is trailing 8-5. At


least he has some points on the Olympic champion. No. 1 seed for


this tournament, although he will be ranked world number two. He beat


the Cuban and the boxer from Kazakhstan. Paddy Barnes also got a


by. The referee let him get away with that, interesting. The little


boy from Belfast, the Commonwealth champion from a deli a couple of


years ago, European Championship the same year -- from Delhi. Paddy


has got to quicken up his feet and You must face your opponent at all


pressure is what is needed from Barnes. He is as crafty as a fox, a


rascal. One minute to go now. This round is a little bit closer than


the last but the last was won by to adjust his feet because you know


that the Chinese man will try to man from China. He is not to


everybody's taste but he is a very round by Paddy. Only three points


adrift. Tactics will be absolutely crucial. The Irish caller said, it


is all or nothing, you have to go for him now. He slowed his feet


down coming forward slightly, Barnes. I would send Paddy Barnes


out if I had to go one way or another just because of the


hear him there. They are trying to adrift, he needs a non stop


punishing round against the man who has been a number one boxer in this


moment, it's 11-8. That's good by Barnes. Barnes is getting a bit


frustrated. He has to pick himself This might just suit him! Does Zou


fancy a tear up? Because Paddy again! He hurt him and he is down!


Should that had been a red card, he got him on the canvas? He just


turned away didn't he, and sell to the canvas. He is playing into the


Irishmen's hands, Zou. I think Barnes has closed the gap! There is


still another minute to go. This will be a very difficult minute for


stage. Barnes has just got to go for it now. Threes and four ats,


get to your man, quicken your feet that be the one that goes in his


we have seen from the best boxer in the world. Is it going to be


enough? Both sets of hands go up. He reckons he has squeezed it home,


Zou, and he might just have. That was a very close last round. This


one could go either way. Barnes sustained the pressure terrifically


in that last round. A lapse in concentration from Zou in that last


round. He took a lot of punishment. Barnes may just have done enough.


He threw Reeve, very close. A point either way, it could beat either


way. -- it could go either way. That change in tempo for Barnes


could be the difference between making that final. Four years ago,


in Beijing, Paddy Barnes was very upset at the fact that he was not


given a single scoring point on the computer scoring system. He has


overturn the three point difference? Ladies and gentlemen.


The judges have scored the bout level at 15 points apiece. The


winner on countback in the red corner, of China, Zou. You opera or


supplies for Paddy Barnes. -- your applause, please, for Paddy Barnes.


He will be devastated. Pretending to joke his opponent! Decent fellow.


He raises his hand as if to say, you were the better man, but only


just. We will not see this fellow, and 31 years of age, in another


Olympic Games. Last time, Paddy Barnes did not get a single point.


This time, he was level with the world number one, who got it on


countback. Paddy Barnes can be Your reaction, please. Bullying --


brilliant performance. I am disappointed. I thought I could get


it back. He is a good boxer and I wish him well for the final. That


final round, you did so well and you must have thought, I perhaps


have done it? I had nothing left in the tank. I tried my hardest. I am


devastated. At the end it you sportingly said, Well done, and


that takes some doing given the way you lost it. Yes. I have lost three


times to him. He is an amazing athlete and I have great respect


for him. Will you look back and say you had a great career in the


Olympics? Yeah, first time boxing was in it so we made history.


Commiserations but very well done. Belfast can be proud of Paddy


Barnes. Just to remind you, he did not manage to pick up a single


point against his opponent in Beijing, so for it to go back to


countback, he can be rightly proud of that performance. More boxing in


a moment. Today it was the men's open-water swim. Damn fog was


competing for Great Britain. Earlier he made their 1,500m final


in the swimming pool, but he swapped it today for the Serpentine.


He came in in 5th place. The Tunisian swim it looked really


The Tunisian winning it. Well done to Dan who came in 5th. Over on BBC


Three there is live taekwondo. Plenty more coming up on BBC One.


You can press the red button whenever you like. Plenty of sport


at all times. Now we are going to move up to the men's bantamweight


to see Britain's Nick Campbell in action. First, it is timed for John


Joe Nevin. An Olympic gold tomorrow evening is what he really needs. We


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the BBC. We have got the Olympic Games covered. That is the last


time I'm going to show you that. If you have not managed to work it out


by now, perhaps you never will. A few moments ago we saw real


frustration for Paddy Barnes. It went to count back for his fight,


but we are hoping that Ireland's John Joe Nevin will give the crowd


something to shout about. He is seats. 10,000 people, says the


number 25. The most entertaining semi-final in prospect as we await


the arrival of boxers from Cuba and Ireland. Will they please make


their way to the ring. Cuba came here with eight boxes and


they have got four through to the medals. Not as good as Beijing when


they had six, but they did not come away with a gold, but a quite fancy


this fellow. But he has got to get past the quiet man of the Irish


side, seeded No. 5, world No. Four. John Joe Nevin. He looks fairly


comfortable as well, I do not think he is faced by this occasion. He is


very difficult to catch. He has got to use that style here with Alvarez.


Tactics are crucial. The Cuban will be extremely difficult to beat.


Nevin is the youngest member of the Irish boxing contingent. Two world


bronze medals to his credit. Representing Cuba, the reigning


Nevin! He was pressed all the way through in his three contests. At


lean. Lazaro Alvarez. Won the World Championships last year. He has


looked very comfortable all the way Irish corner will be thrilled with


lead and fall short and then go back with the counter. But it is


important he does not make any mistakes going forward and his


counters have got to be so quickly ago. Alvarez is looking very wary


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


think he scored with four good time he throws that right, the


Irish contingent raw and raised the round. We would like to think so,


no buyers intended. It is not very often that you see a Cuban boxer


trailing at the end of a round. John Joe Nevin, 5-3 up. Keep moving,


keep pitching the shots. Do not switch off is the most important


instruction because the Cuban will change his tactics and he may come


out even faster on his feet. The single shots from Nevin, long-range,


have been superb. Lovely boxing from Nevin on the back foot.


Alvarez might come morgue over his front foot. Nevin has to keep a


cool head and key at accuracy going with fast counters and fast


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


been a great division for the moment we are not going to count


any chickens, but Nevin is out southpaw stance of the Cuban.


Nevin's foot work and can speed have negated all the attributes the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


complain, such is their discipline. Alvarez is starting to work on the


inside a little bit better. He is falling in there and that was an


one. Who is your money on? I think Nevin is doing well again. He has


got to keep that movement going. That is the attack he has got to


watch out for. When he misses with the right hand, he is all over the


closed that gap with a combination of afoot speed and hand speed. He


is three points up with three minutes to go. What another round


for John Joe Nevin against the world champion, the world No. 1.


You are changing your action and jumping in. You have to keep on


doing what you are doing. Good work from Alvarez. A good right hand and


the left does not hit the target. He took a couple of shots, but the


accuracy again was with the Irishman. That was a left hook. You


could not call that a jab. There is three points up, he leads the world


champion, number one seed, Lazaro points adrift. He is certainly


starting well. Nevin is on the retreat now. If Nevin misses when


he throws the right hand, he has to put him along, left cut. -- put in


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


or even countback, Ireland will go is getting frustrated now and there


is only one minute to go. Can Nevin poll of the surprise of surprises?


I think he can! -- off? I think he can as well! Nevin is boxing


went to Beijing four years ago, lost to the eventual gold medal-


referee has said to him, no more falling around, get on with the


boxing. He has got caught a couple of times but I think Nevin has


maintained the gap. No. I think Nevin has won the round if anything.


He was three points going into it. Possibly the performance of the


tournament. Nevin as saying to himself, I have this in the bag.


What a display by Ireland's John Joe Nevin against the world


champion! The No. 5 seed, I am pretty certain, has upset the No. 1


a hammer blow to the gold medal know he has won this and I think


the Cuban corner knew as well. Head in hands. Super performance from


young Nevin. Is Nevin going to do what Wayne McCullough did 20 years


ago in Barcelona in this division, and get to the Olympic final?


winner, by a score of 19-14, in the blue corner, John Joe Nevin!


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE. The youngest member of the Irish boxing team


four years ago has got himself into the final to challenge for silver


or gold! And you can count the number of times that an Irishman


has beating a Cuban on probably the thumbs of one hand, on the hands of


John Joe Nevin! That thunderous right and in particular picked this


man off with a wonderful ease and Five points, the victor, John Joe


Nevin. In 2008, he only made it through to the second round. As he


walked out, you could hear Richie saying, he does not look fazed. The


delight on his face. A few moments ago we saw Paddy Barnes beaten


while representing Ireland, but no such despair for John Joe Nevin.


Alvarez is the world champion. He is an incredible talent. But John


Joe Nevin, two a head after the first round, three by the second


and he wins it by five points. Brilliant performance,


congratulations. I can't believe I beat the world champion. I always


said it, I am up with the best in the world and I can be the best in


the world if I put my mind to it. My performance is getting better


every day and hopefully it will get better for the final. Ritchie said


it was arguably the performance of the tournament. It was a good


performance. I was up against the world champion so I had to push


myself. I am delighted, over the moon. I am going out to head in and


relax now and we will think about the next contest tomorrow's. I will


enjoy them right now. I am getting better as I go along so hopefully I


will be ready. A cracking Wright, a moving straight on to our


next fighter, and this involves a man you saw emerging, Satoshi


Shimizu, who serves in the Japanese army. He is a surprise semi-


finalist, up against Luke Campbell. He was overlooked for Beijing and


said he started boxing as a young man to improve his confidence. He


has made it through to the semi- final. He is representing Great


Britain. Luke Campbell. Fingers crossed he makes it through to


fight for gold. Let's rejoin the composure. The most important


contest of his distinguished Japan, Satoshi Shimizu!


APPLAUSE This very skilful boxer Britain won a bronze medal in this


division. Luke Campbell has already got a guaranteed bronze-medal but I


am pretty sure he will not want to settle for that. He is up against a


difficult opponent. He had a very difficult contest against the boxer


from a desire Sian, who sat down several times in the last round --


from Azerbaijan. There was an appeal, the man from Azerbaijan was


dismissed, and Shimizu came through. What this Japanese boxer likes in


skill and ability, he makes up for in determination. He is very, very


fit indeed. It is a pretty for Luke Campbell. He has to keep a


high guard, bring him on to those straight shots and just adjust the


feet as he goes forward. Satoshi Shimizu has come through every


contest with blistering last rounds, so Luke Campbell will want to be


the body and a right hook to the went back in a straight line and


up wide open to the uppercut I attack from Campbell! Sweet left


Campbell, he should be three or four up by the very least after


this. Positive start for the man in from Britain has won the opening


out in this -- the scoreboard says. the end of the story for Satoshi


Shimizu. He comes on stronger and stronger. His fitness is his


strength. It is important that Campbell stays focused. I know the


corner will be giving him the instructions. He needs to stay calm


last year in Azerbaijan. European champion in 2008 in Liverpool. The


first Briton for about 50 years to in the last round and put Campbell


under pressure and he will be desperate to close the gap, so


Campbell needs a few extra points to give him that all important


maintains a gap and the space between himself and Shimizu,


because that brings the Japanese man into the contest a little bit.


Campbell has got to adjust his feet, keep the gap and box at mid- and


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


shots from Britain's Luke Campbell. move and moves around his opponent


and stays off the ropes. To a good minutes from the man in blue.


he is very predictable and he is open to that left hand. He has got


a low left hand and is inviting that shot from Campbell. That was a


good finish by Campbell. I think that is an even better round. 6-4


they had given a 2 m. But Campbell leads by five points. Surely here


it will not let this slip. He has got to stay focused now. There will


be a big effort from the man in blue, he has done it in his


previous contests. Now Campbell has got to do the same type of work. He


has to negate his opponent's work on the inside. He is just tiring a


little bit, Campbell. This man always comes on like a steam train


in the last round. Here we go. Britain's Luke Campbell three


minutes away from an Olympic boxing final. There is a five-point gap.


Shimizu needs to outscore Campbell unknown and had to qualify in the


Asian qualifiers to get here. But he certainly more than justified


his selection and is giving Campbell a torrid time in this last


round. But Campbell is not going to touching distance. Good footwork by


Campbell. Shimizu's fitness and strength seems to have deserted him.


Campbell is looking much more confident. We worry about the


fitness of Luke Campbell, but he is face. His strength is starting to


run out. Campbell has boxed cleverly. We did not see him at his


best in the opening contest. But this is the former European


champion at his very best. He knew his best would get him into the


Olympic final. He is complaining solid all the way through a.


Campbell is going to win this. Shimizu tries, but there is nothing


left in the attack. An Olympic final for Campbell. The performance


of his career. There is more to come. He will try to turn silver


into gold. What a prospect. Luke Campbell had the bronze going into


this contest and now he has got silver or gold. A great last-round


from Campbell. His fitness was tested to write to the last seconds


of this round. Then he replies with a straight one, two. He scored with


accurate punches down the middle. Going back to the corner absolutely


exhausted. That is what you would expect, but he is into the Olympic


final. What a performance by Luke Campbell. Ladies and gentlemen, the


winner by a score of 2211. The red corner. -- 22-11. The family and


friends and supporters are simply ecstatic. What a performance by


Luke Campbell. What a display all There is the talent. You are one


step closer in Hull to having a golden post box because of this man.


To be honest, we expected him to win that, but he dominated that


final round. He is a really special, young British talent and he has


made it. He will now take on John Joe Nevin and his with Gary.


That was a cracking performance. Thank you. Again I was in a very


tough bout, it was relentless, but I got the points en. Coming into


the final round were you aware of the margin you had? Five points.


I thought it was maybe one or two. That is what my corner told me. I


made him fight in every round. I have got to be focused. They told


you it was two points. That is clever psychology. Maybe, but you


cannot switch off at this level. John Joe Nevin is next and you know


him. A narrow victory last year. the world championships, a top


fighter, and it will be a great final. Very well done. Thank you


very much. Is that not fascinating, being told by the corner that he is


only a couple of points ahead of his opponent. You can see Luke


Campbell up against John Joe Nevin on the BBC. It is Ireland versus


Great Britain for a gold medal. It has been great, all the action from


the Excel Arena. The only disappointment is Paddy Barnes to


struggle to make it through being beaten once again, even though it


went all the way to countback. Let's get some thoughts from Amir


Khan. He won no the boxes very well. Yes, he does. He was his former


room-mate, Luke Campbell. Yes, he was. Since being an amateur and all


the way through, we shared a room together and he is a good friend.


Are you happy with the way he performed? He had to dig in. He did


what he had to do. The first couple of rounds he won very comfortably


and in the third round the other guy came out stronger. He was up


five points anyway, so it was very good. There is only one year's


difference between you and him, and you have turned pro in what seems


like a long time. I am only one year older than him and we shared a


room together and went to the world championships and the European


Championships together. I have seen his career go on from that. I also


went to the Olympics with him. He is the first man to be in the


finals in the 2012 Olympics. I think he will win a gold medal and


he is one of the fighters I said who would go the whole way. You may


well be proved right. He is one of the four British men. We have been


set up really early Friday average boys. Paddy Barnes was unlucky it


went to count back against the world No. 1. I had him winning that


fight. Yes, I the Chinese man won the last Olympics in Beijing. He


threw more punches and was more accurate, but he did not get it.


Also, he is 31 years old and maybe his time is coming to an end. Rio


de Janeiro as far as Paddy is concerned is almost his to lose.


Definitely, at that age this will be his last Olympics and maybe an


Olympics to come if he stays amateur. Staying with the Irish


theme, John Joe Nevin up next against Luke Campbell in the final,


it will be a fantastic final, particularly in this arena. I am


not sure who will get the better of the support, the Irish are the


British. One thing about the Irish is they can make noise. I have been


here a couple of days and they make a lot of noise. But Nevin is a good


fighter and we saw him beat the Cuban and my good friend Luke


Campbell is another good fighter and it will be a good fight. I will


not tell you who is going to win that fight. Can all came third in


the semi-finals of the world championships. Also talking about


the home support and the margin of victory at the end, nine points.


Being given that element of confidence before the Olympics'


final. I think that will give him confidence. He was boxing a great


fight and he had his hands tied. He was doing everything perfectly of


offensively and defensively. It will be a close fight against Nevin.


But look knows what to do and he is a better boxer and more skilful. He


has got a lot more technique in his style. It will be a close fight,


but I think Luke Campbell will take it. He was unbeaten over 23 fights


last year, which is a phenomenal effort. Lots more to come, Fred


Evans and Anthony Ogogo and Anthony Joshua. Three fighters to look


forward to today. Definitely and Luke Campbell's when it will give


them confidence. It will drive them a little bit. They are going to


think if he can do it, we can do it. They are going to be full of


confidence and the crowd is brilliant. The crowd drives you on.


Especially in the last round when you thought he was slowing down a


bit, the crowd motivated him. Anthony Ogogo is coming up sharply


and he has an unbelievable story with his mum in hospital and she


was in intensive care for a while with a brain haemorrhage and we


wish him all the very best. That is not the ideal backdrop to go into


the ring. Mentally he is very strong and he knows what is going


on around him. I think he has put what is going on outside the ring


to the side. This is life-changing for him. I am sure he will be


thinking of his family and everything. But to be in the


Olympics on top of all that at the same time... He does not mind the


limelight. We know about that. Let's see how he fares this


afternoon. We will go back to you over in the studio. We will be back


with the boxing at about 3:10pm. You will see Anthony Ogogo fighting


here live on BBC One just after 3 o'clock. Make a date for Saturday


at 8:45pm with Luke Campbell up Another sport that is all about


Punch and counter-punch but this time on the water. The men were


made to wait 24 hours. Despite all of that, based till when not able


to think of a wave to out Fox their Australian opponents. -- they still


were not able to think of a way to outdo their Australian opponents.


You said you were going to attack. What a gutsy race! We tried it. We


got the better of them at the start. We managed to sneak ahead. We were


hoping the fleet would be there. They sailed a fantastic race. We


tried to attack when a kid. They held their nerve. They were worthy


champions. -- when they could. First Games - silver medal.


Fantastic! It is so good. It has been three, four years' hard work


together. 15 years up there and we're standing on an Olympic podium.


It is not gold but there is plenty of time. We're young boys and we


mean business. For now, enjoy the moment. We are happy. We have loved


watching you. Two great mates on an amazing journey. What a week!


a place! We are in paradise. It is so cool. Isn't that lovely? What a


week! Congratulations to them both. That was their Olympic debut. Out


on the water as well, the Blairs were being late for our British


women. Also in the 470 class. Here is Han and Saskia. They are


celebrating a silver medal. -- Hannah. They are celebrating in


style with all the fans on the water's edge. Let's see how they


are feeling. We feel a bit gutted that we did not put on the good


show. We had the Kiwis on the start-line and we let them go to


the right. We were wedged in with a few boats and did not follow them


out there. Renewed the gold medal was gone from us. The wind made it


so tricky to predict. -- we knew. It was tricky. We wanted to get the


left because it had a better breeze. The wind died and it was game over.


Pretty gutted to be honest. We have had a wicked 18 months together. We


have had a great time. It has been a phenomenal Jenny. You have


progressed so quickly. You are getting a bit wet. It has been a


great journey. Hannah Said she wanted to do it for you to make up


for your disappointment in China. She is an absolute legend. We have


had a wicked 18 months. 18 months ago, we put everything in to try


and qualify for the team. It was just about qualifying. To have a


medal together, it has been up and down all the way. We have had a


wicked time. Go and enjoy the celebrations. It has been a great


campaign. Well done for the silver. We will be watching when you get on


the podium. Well done! Look at that! One of the stand out things


about these Games is the emotion when a pair picks up a medal


together is lovely. They had a celebratory cuddle. Congratulate us


to everyone down on the water today. -- congratulations. I'm still


recovering from the carnage on the BMX track yesterday. It is


compelling to watch. Victoria Pendleton tweeted a bit earlier to


say, I have just been denied access to the BMX. I think these days her


base is have passed. A little later she said, I am at the BMX. It is a


beautiful day. We are focusing on Liam Phillips and Shanaze Reade. We


will be there live for the action in a while. Now we will speak to


Helen Skelton. The crowds are out in force once again. So far they


had done what they needed. Shanaze Reade did the time trial and put in


a solid performance. She got the 5th fastest time. Liam did


phenomenally well yesterday. He got out there - got at -- got round in


one piece - and he only did three runs of the five. Today we have 32


riders getting ready for the Olympic battle. We have the semi-


finals and the finals of the men's and women's competition. You talked


about it being compelling to watch. Back bed, the number of


photographers has gone up for fault since yesterday. They are all


gathered around the corner. -- four fault. Despite the crashes


yesterday, at no one was seriously injured. No major injuries.


Thankfully, the structure was not needed yesterday. With me is that


five times BMX champion. You are Britain's best BMX racer ever.


Jamie Staff has told me that so it must be true. Thank you. A pretty


good career. This is a new event on the BMX Callander. It debuted in


2008. How bigger deal is this to BMX riders? We have been trying for


a long time. You can tell from the heats yesterday, the guys are


pretty nervous. It comes around every four years. They are excited.


You cannot imagine a BMX rider being nervous, bearing in mind what


they take on. You are speaking to the defending champion, Maris


Strombergs. He said he had to work hard yesterday and do all the five


runs to get into the final. He said it took him a couple of laps to get


into it. Hopefully he can continue that today. You'll find that with


most of the riders. Liam just did the three runs. This is a really


demanding course. We have no suspension. It does take it out of


you, doesn't it? They trained for that. It is about being precise in


the jumps and being precise on landing and taking off. Shanaze


Reade, when every mention hat in Britain that people say, Beijing.


But I was her, I would want to put that behind me. Because the people


like me she has not been able to do that. It is dramatic and a story we


like to tell. I totally agree. I'm sure she's sick of talking about it.


It is four years later and she is on the gate for the Olympic Games.


I'm sure she wants to put it to bed and win this raced -- race.


gets her times to put it behind her today to stop her uncle and mother


and in the crowd today. She has family watching home as well. I'm


sure they will be as loud as the crowd here. That has been signature


of these Games. After all the crashes on that yesterday, loads of


photographers today. Five-times world champion in BMX, he does not


world champion in BMX, he does not need to watch this. BMX - each race


features eight riders competing on the track with lumps, bumps and


corners. The race starts on an eight metre-high rank and usually -


- ramp and usually lasts 40 seconds. They have one gear and one break.


As a contact sport, collisions are not uncommon. Competitors must not


deliberately impeded each other or false one another of the trap --


track. The lead rider may choose his line but they are not allowed


to block the line of any rider trying to pass. The race is a won


as the front will crosses the gold medals. One for the men and


one for the women. It begins with a time to a qualification round where


each rider races solely against the clock, to determine their ceiling


for the main race. The complex series of races followers. The top


four from the semi-finals will enter the finals in a race for the


medals. If you would like to get involved in Olympic sports, goat


Some of the accidents and incidents we saw yesterday were unreal. They


were sweeping teeth of the track. Fingers crossed, no one badly


injured today. It is super dramatic. It is not just physical scars which


will be affecting Shanaze Reade, she is still haunted by the


disappointment of Beijing, where she finished 8th after that big


accident. She is still the talk of BMX. It is now time to walk the


To win the Olympic Games is everything. I want to be Olympic


Shanaze Reade is in the silver- medal position. She has crashed.


Beijing made me part of what I am. I have a fantastic support team


around me. My coach has pulled me back from the bottom. Others in a


bad place after the Olympics. That is about my support team in getting


the right people around you. I think that has been the biggest


part of getting over Beijing. Beijing was a stop off on the way


to the Olympics in London. Now it is light, London is here. It feels


right. I'm really excited to go there and represent my country. I


have been on the track. I think it is a really good course. It suits


everyone. It has a bit of everything. It will make for a


great race. You have to be so relaxed and so calm on the start


gate. If not, that is when things go wrong. You need to be wanting to


go, wanting to go out in front but be calm as possible. It can be hard.


Especially when you are in the final and everyone is lined up.


Girls are on the gate wanting to do the same as you. You need to learn


to control your mind. For a long time I did not think I was capable


of being Olympic champion. It was a dream. I thought, I am a fast BMX


rider but I do not know if I can put it all together. There is doubt


in my mind. Quite a few times a day, even if I am watching television -


they are so many sports on the television - a Relate two Olympic


champions. I can do this now and I can be Olympic champion. For the


last four years, have focus has been on the Olympics. Have because


this afternoon is making it through to the final a bit later on. --


have focused this afternoon. The top four progressed to the final.


David Beckham has been such a great supporter of these Olympics. Today


he is supporting Shanaze Reade. We told you everyone wanted a ticket.


He is among the 6000 packed in. He is there for the action. Let's hand


you over to your commentators. start gate and how. Nodes are


absolutely jangling. -- start gate now. There is a vertical plate to


keep the front wheels from going forward. There is a hydraulic


system which were extremely quickly. It is a random start. There is a


time bracket for the gate to fall. There is no cheating. The official


says, riders ready. Between two and five seconds later, the gate will


Lane seven, Brooke Crain, she took an horrendous crash in seeding,


which is why she has got a bad gait, but very powerful, just 19 years


Getting Ready, this is her biggest events, she has been looking


forward to this for four years, can she go out there in style? Very


important, this first race. Stefany Hernandez, the Venezuelan. She has


got a bit of pedigree, but it will be a big jump for her to make the


finals. Alise post, one of the most daring young riders. Laetitia LOCOG


deal, I think you're referred to her as the grandmother of this heat.


but Buchanan were the insider line. She is tucked in just behind


Caroline Buchanan. A lot of space there. Posters in third place,


Buchanan out in front, this is the first of three races for this semi-


riders, they just want to get around smoothly with no accidents.


The last thing you want to do is an accident in your first heat.


Shanaze Reade keeping low on the second jump, but Buchanan has the


inside line, a slight advantage into the first turn. Popping out


into the second turn. Shanaze had done so much work to cut off the


Venezuelan, who used sea going down there. -- whom you see. Over the


widow Maker. All of the riders taking that very comfortably,


jumping that rather than trying to pump their way over it. I think


that is definitely the safer option. The first ride for Shanaze Reade,


nice and solid, she will be a lot calmer in the next run, we will see


more of a challenge against considering she came from lane


seven. Yes, and she absolutely replaced their Iain Martin from the


USA, who was supposed to be out here today, up but she suffered an


injury the day before coming here. -- Ariel marten. So the second


semi-final is up at the start Sarah Their first Olympics. From the


Czech Republic, Romana Labounkova. Then the Latvian, sorry, the


just 18 years old, the Dutch team have come in so strong to these


Olympics. Magalie Pottier, the world number one, the most


consistent rider of 2012. Mariana Pajon, the Colombian, world


champion in 2011, has not had a great 2012. Sarah Walker in the


lane one. With the aggressive time- trial, let's see if she can repeat


that performance today. A lot of people thought her Olympics was


over after breaking a collarbone at fantastic start, though. Mariana


Pajon keeps the inside, nice turn. She has done so little through 2012,


and suddenly, when it counts, in the first Olympic semi-final, she


cuts in. Magalie Pottier having a look on the inside, Laura Smulders


coming through, a great battle. I think it is Aneta Hladikova in 4th.


Laura Smulders has the inside line. Mariana pack on very comfortable in


front. -- Maryam attack on. Disappointing ride for Sarah Walker,


she was one of the fastest in the time-trial. She is not the best at


the start, but if given a clean lap, she can perform, but she was cut


out, unable to get everything that she wanted. Aneta Hladikova did a


lot of good work, battling it out through the rhythm section. But


Walker, I think, illustrating perfectly just how important a good


start is here. Yes, absolutely, she was pulling back on the rhythm


section, but then Laura Smulders put her up in the last turn, took


airline, and she was unable to claim that for spot. Interestingly,


oh, we have got the spinal boards out, which is never a good sign.


Quite often this is just protocol, they just do it in a safe manner.


Once the riders get back to the pit, 99% of the time they are able to


walk away. It is just protocol, playing it safe. All of the riders,


between their helmet and chest protection have a neck brace that


stops the helmet rotating too far. It prevents a lot of spinal


injuries. You can say that Marianna Akron in two, oh, they go, the


Brazilian, Squel Stein, she got the first double wrong. She took


advantage of the bad start from Sarah Walker and was able to close


everybody else off. She is definitely a threat for this


competition, absolutely, she has been getting really good start.


she is huge in Colombia. A lot of these riders have a good profile,


but she was the flag-bearer for Columbia, and I can guarantee you


that a medal will put her home town on fire, they will be screaming and


shouting. -- Columbia. So two very interesting semi-finals for the


the world champion and Shanaze Reade, both first and second looked


very comfortable, like the rider has come up once they got a second


place cemented, they were not going to do something stupid. They were


happy to take second. There is a lot of pressure on these riders,


but when you get to that first turn and your position is somewhat set,


you have come out of the first turn in second or third, a lot of the


pressure is relieved and you are focusing on trying to get a smooth


lap, Shanaze Reade was just cruising around, trying to stay


upright, just finished, get a safe score, and that is what she did in


second place. Looking at the replay, you could see the Brazilian, Squel


Stein, landing in the grass and bouncing. To be honest, if the


grass was not there, head back wheel might not have been grabs so


much. She jumped, launched off the take-off, the back wheel came down


short, and that probably through her body weight forward. As the


back wheel went over the crest of the second one, that threw her over


the handlebars, and she has landed about 20 feet past the end of that


jump. I'm sure she has gone down with a big thumb. Hopefully, it is


just standard protocol and she is not injured too much. But currently


we are holding the men off until she is removed from the circuit.


This is the men's cause, over the two doubles. -- Course. Then we go


on to the right hand side of the fork. Over the crossover, the step


up, the right hand turn, another step up, into the rhythm section.


few big rowers, a big cascade before you join up with the women's


cause, and then over the widow Maker that everybody is jumping.


And then into the finish, 450 metres in total for the men, a


little bit longer than they are used to, but they are hitting 65


kph, just over 40 mph as they hit the bottom of the start ramp. We


talked about this during the quarter finals, it is not top speed


as such, it is the speed that you can get there, the acceleration.


is the acceleration, and you will see them pedalling so fast,


everyone will think, why wouldn't use a bigging year, but the start


is so important. If you can sustain that and get yourself into the


front of the race first ahead of your competition, quite often you


can dictate the race. To be honest, these jumps are actually on the


smaller side. They could jump twice as far if they really wanted to. So


there is a huge element of acceleration out of the start,


establish yourself in the race, tried to get to the front, and then


it your body is absorbing the energy being thrown at the bike as


it goes over those jumps. You're trying to keep it as low as


possible so you can get back on the ground as quickly as possible and


get the cranks in before the next jump. Well, at the moment, the


Brazilian, Squel Stein, is just being carried off the course. In


fact, it is because of the design of the draws and just how tightly


packed everything is, that is what I have been trying to do, navigate


a safe way off, but they are off now, and the guys are starting to


line-up, the first of the men's semi-finals. First place in seeding,


he won every single quarter-final, Raymon van der Biezen, he is the


man to beat. Connor Fields, he won all of quarter-final No. Two. The


Colombian, very good qualifying for taped up, I think. The Australian,


Khalen Young. Tattooed wild child! Edzuz Treimanis. You can see the


bandages on his nose, keeping it in place! Holding a lot of those tubes


open, making sure he can breathe properly. Expect a big role here


for Liam Phillips. He is in lane five. Quentin Calderon, a fast


favourites here, looking very sharp in the quarter-finals. That will be


a very tight battle between him and Raimond van doo-doo to get out of


the traffic -- Raymon van der Biezen. A lot of work for Liam


Phillips. A great start for Edzuz Treimanis, but Connor Fields and


Raymon van der Biezen, a great start for Liam Phillips! Khalen


Young has gone down. We have got five riders down. Liam Phillips is


in second, he has just got to stay on his bike. Fantastic work, I do


not know how much Liam Phillips for Raymon van der Biezen know about it,


but they are showing everyone a clean pair of heels. The two


Latvians are chasing him down. But right now it is Raymon van der


Biezen followed by Liam Phillips, and then he M&S, a fantastic first


race for Liam Phillips. I think Edzuz Treimanis is right on his


back. It looks like Connor Fields gets fourth place. These guys, if


that was me, I would have been peddling across the line, every


position counts at this level of events. A big accident in the first


turn, the tarmac is just grabbing those wheels. Khalen Young is


having the worst London 2012. was Quentin Calderon who caused


that accident. He went into Connor Fields. Nothing he could do,


innocent bystander. Nowhere to go but come down. Khalen Young


actually catches someone spiked right there, he goes down, too. --


Yeah, I do not think I will take up BMX racing, that looks too


dangerous to me! That is the drama unfolding by the Velodrome, and we


will be back later, three heats in the semi-finals, but so far prayed


for Shanaze Reade and Liam Phillips. These are live shots from the


maxing ring. Anthony Ogogo rang his mum after his last win, he has got


more reason than most, because his mother suffered a brain haemorrhage


a few weeks ago. That is inspiring him to put a smile on her face at


these Games. So far, so good, he is about to take on Brazil's Esquiva


dozen people on the edge of their seats to see if Anthony Ogogo can


come through against the man who beat him in the world championships


in Azerbaijan last year full stump he is the 22-year-old - Esquiva


Falcao Florentino pulls up -- last year. He overturned him by 17


points to 12 last year will start Anthony Ogogo had to go to the


European qualifiers as a result. The referee is having a word with


them. Anthony Ogogo is the taller of the two. First thoughts are on


what has been building up to an interesting contest will stump --


contest. Anthony Ogogo needs to quicken his beat up and closed the


gap dam will stop -- ft up and close the gap down. He is against


an opponent who can hit hard with both hands. He has a good right


hook. He needs to bury his approach. Good solid punching from Esquiva


Falcao Florentino. -- very his approach will start -- vary his


approach. Anthony Ogogo is trying to put his man off. I do not think


that punch landed. The referee broke them up. Anthony Ogogo needs


to keep out of the weight of the body shots of the Brazilian. -- the


way. He has had all sorts of injury problems and his mother has not


been very well. He prefers Anthony Ogogo to be in at close quarters.


He needs to find room to land the shops downstairs. Esquiva Falcao


Florentino has come steaming back. He uses his fists whenever he can.


The last 20 or so in his opening round and who is your money on?


is very even. It could be an even round. A tempting left hand from


Anthony Ogogo, teasing his man for it. He is having none of it. The


left hand is danger. Do not ducked into the shot. Three apiece. He had


a good look at the man who beat him last it in a world. Dust relax and


let it blow. -- just relax. Relax and let it blow. -- flow. I totally


agree with him was dug he does need to relax. Tactically, if you can


get your nose in front after the next grant -- at next round, it


second round. The judges could not separate them after their first


three minutes. He is bidding to be the first brothers to make it --


reached the Olympic finals since 1976. I think Anthony Ogogo needs


to target the left hook. The Brazilian has come forward a couple


of times. He has a low lead hand. It is very low. He needs to take


advantage of that. He sent shockwaves around the world of


middleweight boxing having beaten the man from the Dominican Republic.


He got the decision against the world No. 1 will start it was 18


apiece on the judges' scoring. -- world No. 1. On the countback, they


went in favour of Anthony Ogogo. He then beat a good German to get to


the semi-final. He is about five minutes away from an Olympic final


but he has some work to do. He has to do first and third balls dug he


faints the first attack and that triggers off the response. -- first


and third. Back they come again. Esquiva Falcao Florentino tried to


tease Anthony Ogogo to come in. A bit better on the inside by Anthony


Ogogo. He needs to keep his cover up. He responds to the Body Shop


from Esquiva Falcao Florentino will start -- body shot. Esquiva Falcao


Florentino gets very committed with his left hand. He needs to step


back and work downstairs to the body with one shots. You'd have


committed the Brazilian is. -- look have committed the Brazilian is.


Anthony Ogogo is fresh and strong. Not a lot getting through from


either boxer. That is better. Downstairs, switched the attack.


Feint that the front foot. Make him commit and work downstairs. This is


another close one. Anthony Ogogo needs another point. One either way.


That was a good shot by Esquiva Falcao Florentino at the end of the


rand. He finished strongly and Esquiva Falcao Florentino has won


at the round. He really dead in. We thought the feet were slow. -- Dag


in. The last 15, 20 seconds, the rand was even but then he started


to get home with the left hand. -- be round. It was the one-twos that


did the match - is a good the damage. Esquiva Falcao Florentino


was starting to get through with his own punches. -- did the damage.


They certainly affected him. can do this. Let the shot scope.


needs to create the room to punch. That is what he has to do. Three


points adrift. That was a slip. Demand picking himself up from the


canvas is Anthony Ogogo. - us the man. The shot caught him while he


was off balance. That will only count as one scoring. But it will


not do his confidence any bid. Now there is a four point gap took over


Campbell's de Esquiva Falcao Florentino is quicker with his


hands. Anthony Ogogo is in a bit of trouble. If he takes a third count


in this round, it is all over. He will not want to lose on stoppage.


He has to get his focus back and just depend for about the next 30


seconds or serve until the head clears. Esquiva Falcao Florentino


punches like a meal. Anthony Ogogo is in a bit of trouble. -- a mule.


Very fast punches from Esquiva Falcao Florentino at the beginning


of the round. Anthony Ogogo has walked on to a couple. He is making


mistakes and falling short. He needs to clear his head, get close


to his man and start again. About 30 seconds or so have lapsed since


the second knock-down. He is swinging widely. The rhythm is


deserting him. Esquiva Falcao Florentino is looking far too


strong. Those punters have really taken their toll. His beat has


slowed down. -- punches. He needs to stay there. That was a bit low.


Just over a minute to go. He was three points adrift at the start of


the round. He took two standing counts. That was not a bad right


hand but it was not delivered with a lot of them. Esquiva Falcao


Florentino is so tough. Good footwork from the Brazilian.


Anthony Ogogo is giving it everything, as we knew he would


will start had ago, at San! Fast hands. -- have a go, son! From the


opening 45 seconds of this last round, I think he has done enough.


Good right by Anthony Ogogo. Can he do it against the number four seed


and the bronze medallist from last year? He had a bad start to the


round. The crowd is stamping their feet and rising to his efforts. He


gets caught again. Keep your head up! Esquiva Falcao Florentino has


won this contest. There was a period of maybe 45 seconds when he


scored a lot of points, but Anthony Ogogo on the cambers. An exhausted


Anthony Ogogo moves back to his corner. -- the canvas. Unless we


have read it completely wrongly, his Olympic dream is over. It will


be Esquiva Falcao Florentino who had answers to the middleweight


final. Anthony Ogogo gave it everything but did not recover from


those two shots. It was a good left hand. It was a terrific punch that


caught Anthony Ogogo. He never really recovered. That took a lot


out of him, that shot. Such a brave effort from Anthony Ogogo. He was


off balance. His legs seemed slower from that point. This man has won


it. Brazil will do well to keep him in the amateur ranks to the next


Olympics in Rio in four years' time. The Brazilians are celebrating


already and we feel with fairly decent reason. A piece of paper has


been handed to the man on the PA system. The winner come up by a


score of 16.29, Esquiva Falcao Florentino. From the moment Anthony


Ogogo went down for his second time in the third and last round, the


contest was always moving in the direction of the man from the sale.


Congratulations to Anthony Ogogo, who has overcome so many problems.


-- from Brazil. His family will be proud of his efforts. Esquiva


Falcao Florentino has moved on to the final of the middleweight


division. What a performer he is! 16-9 over all. Anthony Ogogo will


have to be content with that for celebrations from the Brazilian


corner. It just goes to show how hard it is to win a gold medal at


the boxing in the Olympics. Anthony Ogogo is still leaves these games


with a medal. He can add that to the silver medal he picked up in


the Commonwealth Games a few years ago. Now back to the BMX racing. We


have seen some amazing pictures. The kind of thing that has


attracted that man to watch. So far, Shanaze Reade and Liam are riding


really well. They both finished find her position. Sandra


Aleksejeva, she did not manage to pull herself up the rankings, that


is the least favourite lane for everyone pretty much. Maris


Strombergs somehow seems to be able to turn it to his favour. Stefany


Hernandez in seven. Lauren Reynolds did not have the best start, she


has not managed to pull herself up through the gates. Shanaze has


again picked gate 5 there. If she gets the good start, she can cut


across. Brooke Crain, lane four. Laetitia le Corguille, one of two


French women in these semi-finals. And in two, Alise Post, a little


ball of dynamite, so explosive. And then Caroline Buchanan, first in a


seeding and first in the last semi- Oh! And it is Laetitia le Corguille


who has gone down, Shanaze has got a very clean line into the first


turn. Somehow Buchanan has got caught up at the back. They are


chasing Shanaze and out of the tunnel, but she has got a lot of


space. That was Alise Post who went down. Stefany Hernandez in second,


Buchanan trying to trace her down in third. Lauren Reynolds then


Brooke Crain, but Shanaze Reade having an absolutely dream start, a


dream finish. Shanaze Reade is almost guaranteed a place in the


finals now. Somehow, Caroline Buchanan, from a terrible start,


managed to claw that one back. Alise Post, she felt -- she felt


almost... As we see from the start, Buchanan did not get the start she


wanted. Shanaze Reade, good lane Choice, Out Of Trouble. Laetitia le


Corguille did not even make it over the first and second jump. There


must have been some contact with Buchanan. That is Brooke Crain and


Hernandez... Sorry, that was Posed. Just getting off balance, unable to


stay on the bike in the turn two. Buchanan taking just enough evasive


action, fantastic slow-motion. Shanaze, with three features


distance between her and second place, Buchanan, who somehow


managed to reel in Hernandez. is really good for Shanaze, she


will take huge confidence, and I could see the difference in the way


she was riding, a lot more confident. This was the big


question, she has not raised in any of the big races this year, how


will she bear in traffic? But she was emphatic. That was a brilliant


ride by Shanaze, she seems to be in the zone. Let's hope she can keep


it up, and then I can pretty much women's semi-finals. -- they line


up. Sarah Walker very disappointed, having come through the seedings so


well. She had a very difficult start. She was knocked down the


rankings of lane choice. Fantastic run for Mariana Pajon of Colombia,


who had the dream season in 2011. But 2012 so far has not been that


impressive. The crowd here get a little cue from the commentators


just to quieten down, and you get this lovely hash just before they


usual. She did very well in Beijing, I think is was 4th. Laura Smulders,


just 18. She is coping so well with the pressure. Aneta Hladikova at.


Squel Stein from Brazil will not be racing. Just seven riders now. Then


Mariana Pajon from Colombia in lane a clean start, Sarah Walker does


much better this time. She and Mariana Pajon out in front, Magalie


Pottier a underneath Walker, taking second spot. Laura Smulders, Walker


gets caught again, she is pushed wide and did not have any speed to


clear. Mariana Pajon and Magalie Pottier out in front. Warfare is


coming back, making her presence felt. -- Walker. They look like


they are settled as they come into the final straight, Mariana Pajon


just picking it up, Magalie Pottier accelerating but could not take


care on the line. So Mariana Pajon, two semi-finals down, one to go,


and she has two first places. Dream races. Absolutely. I am surprised


by Sarah Walker, she seems to be handed off the boil. She had the


lead coming down the first straight, but as she came out of the first


turn, she seemed to back off, Liam Phillips and Shanaze Reade are


doing well so far, just to clarify, there are two heats in the semi-


finals, and each one goes three times. Shanaze has been around


twice, she came in second in the first run, but you were surprised


by her gate choice. She took the middle gate, and I ensue will be


really confident and will start heading to they can incite gate.


That will make it easier for her. Leah Phillips -- Liam Phillips,


should he be feeling confident? has not made a mistake all weekend.


Consistency is what it is about in the semi-finals, Top four would do


it. That is the thing about this format, it rewards the most


consistent rider. Definitely, we normally only run one semi-final,


but it is three at the Olympics, and it is a way of getting the


fastest guys through to the finals, it is working out. Five-time world


BMX champion, is this a scene you ever thought you would see? We have


as a fan it is amazing, it is good for the sport, they are loving it,


and I think the riders and fans are loving it, it is a dream country to


see BMX racing at the Olympics. Time now for Liam Phillips to go


for his second run in the semi- up into the start gate, Liam


Phillips there, Khalen Young, another disastrous run for him. He


is out in lane late. -- 8. Quentin Calderon, a few people would have


been looking sideways at him on the finish line, his mistake caused the


crash macro in the heat. Edzuz Treimanis, his face is fully taped


up, he smashed himself on the widow Maker at the start of the home


straight, and now he has taped his nose to try to keep the airways


open. Liam Phillips there, Connor Fields is their huge threat next to


them. But he was taken down by result here in London 2012 apart


from first so far. A good tactical move from Liam Phillips in lane


start for Liam Phillips. Charging down the first straight, but Connor


Fields is in action, to. Liam Phillips trying to find a clear


line, he goes inside Connor Fields. He will have the inside line over


the gap but outside into this complex. He is very happy there,


everybody looks quite happy. Quentin has been trouble for a


couple of people. Liam Phillips finding a clear line, but Connor


Fields takes the lead in front of Raymon van der Biezen, the first


person to pass him. They are neck- and-neck down the last straight.


Smart riding by Liam Phillips, not driving himself to Crazy, a nice,


safe finish, he will take third place. You saw Connor Fields fly


down the rhythm section, he is so good on the track. He got a really


good start, Liam Phillips really making him work for it. That is


exactly what we were looking for, somebody challenging Raymon van der


Biezen. Great first straight, so much for Liam Phillips to be


confident about here through these semi-finals. He is racing against


the two strongest riders we have seen, barring Sam Willoughby, maybe.


He is holding his own very comfortably. Connor Fields will be


very happy with that, building some more confidence. In the annex, it


is all about confidence, finding rhythm, building confidence. -- in


graphics now. Raymon van der Biezen has a first and a second. Connor


Fields is level with Liam Phillips, but he has a first place, so he


goes ahead of them, but a big gap, four points back to Jiminez. Then


there is a bit all -- bit of a battle going on, any of them could


take fourth place. Now the second Marc Willers up at the gate. He


took a nasty crash, he did not finish the first race, and it does


not look as if he will be lining up for the second semi-final race. Oh,


no, they're he is! The dark horse, the last man to get on the startled.


The black outfit against the black background, the Stealth bomber.


Roger Rinderknecht in the lane eight. Then Marc Willers, so deadly


in yesterday's quarter-finals, he has just gone off the boil here.


Joris Daudet has not had the run he wanted. He will be desperate to get


back in this. Twan van Gendt, his countryman of Raymon van der Biezen,


then the reigning Olympic champion, Maris Strombergs, they call them


the Machine. Not looking so good this weekend. The Colorado Kid,


David Herman. Carlos Oquendo Zabala, very good at staying out of trouble.


Sam Willoughby, gate one. Can he win the second heat in a row?


there. Rates start for Twan van Gendt. -- the right start. Joris


Daudet on the outside, Maris Strombergs is just behind. Twan van


Gendt has got two lengths in front of Sam Willoughby. Joris Daudet


just behind, then Maris Strombergs. Carlos Oquendo Zabala coming in at


the inside. We'll be taking the lead into the last turn, a


brilliant move. Joris Daudet has overcooked it, he could not get


through. I think it belongs to the strong, isn't he? He was like a big


cat, waiting in the undergrowth. He was waiting for him to make a


mistake. He took him on the last corner. He lets Sam Willoughby know


he will pick his line. Maris Strombergs was tucked in just under


Joris Daudet. Sam Willoughby shut Willoughby. He stayed in contact


with Twan van Gendt. He changed his line coming into the third straight.


He positioned himself perfectly. set it up perfectly. Here we come -


The action is coming thick and fast this afternoon. We will be back


with BMX in a while. Now we will take you to Sam live taekwondo her.


This man, Lutalo Muhammad, it is his moment of truth. He was


controversially selected for these Games ahead of Aaron Cooke. Was it


the right decision? Will he make it through to fight for a medal today?


They have been busy painting a postbox this morning in gold. J


Jones has the stamp with her face on it. -- Jade. He needs to prove


he is the best man for the job. If he carries on winning, the chapter


will not matter. From Walthamstow. He lives no more than five miles


away from here in the crook of the River Thames. He is up against


Nicolas Garcia Hemme. He is in the blue and Lutalo Muhammad is in the


Lutalo Muhammad will have seen the work of J Jennings and Martin


stamper. -- Jade Jones. Typical front leg style. He has moved into


a closed stance. That means both players have the same Front lake in


front. They are trying to invite the other player in. It took Lutalo


Muhammad some time to find his range in that match against Farkhod


Negmatov. The first penalty goes against the Spaniard. If he gets


two, it turns red and there will be a point for the Britain. At this


stage back it is much of a muchness in terms of tactics and strategy.


He cannot let Lutalo Muhammad run at him. When he does, he is very


dangerous indeed. He has found a place into this match and has got


We draw to a close at the end of the first two-minute round. Lutalo


Muhammad, deep breaths. He has worked hard to deal with all manner


of offstage noises since he got his place ahead of their own code. He


The only proof will be in the match itself. Lutalo Muhammad will be


focused. He retains the full support of everyone. That shot from


Garcia for some it was the low blow. Someone not watching his bearing


could foster he has been talking to little earlier saying he could not


bear to be here. -- is air and Coke. -- Aaron Cook. He has gone to the


basketball instead. The 5th seed against Lutalo Muhammad. He is just


21 and he is on the charge. That was over exuberance from the


youngster. Garcia was on the Matt, incapacitated. Lutalo Muhammad will


have to watch that. That was unnecessary and dangerous.


overly costly on the scoreboard. They both got a point apiece. 30


seconds gone in the second round. Just getting over excited. He came


over the top. That is why there was a full point deduction. The Front


lake is the one closest the opponent and vice versa. -- front


leg. If you are wondering what all the fuss is about, those electronic


sensors are triggered when the foot hits it. They used to be barefooted.


Those white socks have devices inside which will show up the score


when the body is hit. Sometimes they show up the school. I think


that Lutalo Muhammad was convinced one of those kicks ought to have


registered. Unless it goes on the scoreboard, the automatic points


scored by the computer system and not the corner judges. It may be


that corner judges that decide the match. Probably Lutalo Muhammad is


better at going to be heard. That could be the changing shot. -- at


their head. That was well blocked by the Spaniards. The judges have


hand-held consoles. If they press them within half a second at the


same time and agree with each other, then the head shot is given. It has


to be a consensus. A penalty goes against the name of Lutalo Muhammad.


He needs to be careful. He is treading a fine line. There have


been a few breaches and contraventions of the laws of the


land. He will not mind if he can keep it at one apiece at this stage


was dug he is saying the head shots and not working. -- this stage.


Taekwondo is the art of kicking and punching and the art of blocking.


Their hands are always up, always raised, trying to cover. That is


unacceptable. That is why he lost a full point. The referee actually


tried to stop him from doing it. Not clear to see what the danger


was. It does not get any better at the third time of looking at it.


The Spaniard, I think we have seen he is not exactly their answer to


Barcelona. He is an awkward opponent. He is providing more than


awkward enough. A good head shot from the Spaniard. No laughing


matter. Garcia has the three points that puts Lutalo Muhammad behind.


But, the British coach has seen something he was not entirely happy


with and he is suggesting that a head shot did not connect. That is


the reason for the red card. Spanish coaches have the blue card.


It is all very formal. It occurs in the middle of a sport where two


blokes are trying to knock each other's blocks off. It is up to him


to view the footage. Let's have a look at it for ourselves. That is


not the shot we're trying to look at. There is an issue. The video


replay that the judges are looking at, while it is this one at the


moment, they do have other angles as well. There are five separate


cameras. We can see that the British appeal has been in vain.


The referee will pocket the card. That means there are no more coming.


Lutalo Muhammad is on his own now. He does have the strength and


intensity to keep him on the back foot. If he can knock him down like


that, once or twice more, the referee will start to look at


deductions. That could pay dividends for Lutalo Muhammad. Not


with enough accuracy. You need sustained impact for the two point


shots. Raising the leg. Whether You can see the socks with the


electronic sensor on the bottom - on the instep. Whatever electrical


devices are in man. The pits under the feet of Lutalo Muhammad have


not committed enough with the torso. He needs to give the Spaniard at


Hove sandwich or two. That was the good flurry of action. Into the


final quarter of a minute. Good the 10th to kick over the shoulder. It


did not seem there was much contact. -- good attempt. He might have to


change his tactics. It has been off front leg chops. Will he let it go?


He is born and bred in his London. He is fighting in a part of the


world he knows best. -- East London. Time is ticking away. There is the


front leg counter. It has been all Garcia. There has been a lot of


effort going into the twists and turns and kicks from Lutalo


Muhammad but the sad truth is come up from a British point of view, it


One or two seconds. The end. It might not be the end of the great


British taekwondo debate. With Lutalo Muhammad having gone out in


the quarter-finals, there will be those who say it should have been


Aaron Cook. He has been defeated many times by Aaron Cooke. That is


the key point. As much as Lutalo Muhammad is the other man in the


selection storm, it is not his fault. He was offered the place and


he took it. He has come up short but it will be a Spaniard and not a


Briton going into the Olympic semi- very shortly as Shanaze Reade and


Liam Phillips looked to make it through to the finals of the action.


Shanaze Reade is in gate 1, let's joined the action.


One of the biggest start hills in Britain. At the bottom of that hill,


they have accelerated to 65 kph. Lauren Reynolds with her pink ribs


and pink shoes, lane eight. From Latvia, Sandra Aleksejeva. After


that fall on the first jump, Laetitia le Corguille. Alise Post


so strong this year in supergrass. -- Supergrass. Stefany Hernandez of


Venezuela. And then dethroned from her first place seeding, Caroline


Buchanan in three. That was for Arielle Martin, the woman she


replaced at the start of this week. But with a big cheer from the crowd,


Shanaze Reade in lane one. They are Buchanan, but Shanaze is floating


very nicely. She clipped the second one a little bit, and Buchanan has


got in front. Shanaze is holding up his second at the moment. Laetitia


le Corguille is not making a move as they go into the hole. Shanaze


is being challenged by Laetitia le Corguille, but she is holding their


off. Buchanan has taken the lead, Shanaze just needs to stay upright.


They come through the last turn and into the finish straight, she has a


chance to take you can and if she wants. Just happy to coast in in


seconds, very good work. So Lauren Reynolds just coming off on the


second straight. Very interesting race. Alise Post on the last


straight. Giving it absolutely everything. She is hurt, she is


trying to get up, she wants to finish the race. She is absolutely


desperate, she knows she stands a chance. She is crawling up the face


of the jump! And there will be two who did not finish, by the looks of


it. These BMX riders, ladies and gentleman, they have big hearts.


All they want to do is finish that race. Alise Post is being walked to


the finish line, she is absolutely early. Thumping her fist in


frustration. Going down so quickly, you just do not have time to react


to that. You do not. Shanaze Reade taking the safe option, letting


Buchanan take the lead. She just wanted to come out safe. She just


wanted a smooth lap, that was a tactical move. Laetitia le


Corguille putting a lot of pressure on Shanaze, very interesting to see


Shanaze deal with that as well. We have talked about it so much, she


has not had a race experience, she has not been in traffic, but she


held off Laetitia le Corguille and Brooke Crain and gave Buchanan a


run for their money. So the qualifying spots go to Caroline


Buchanan, Shanaze Reade, Brooke Crain and Laetitia le Corguille,


even after she fell. So those four riders will go into the Olympic


final. No surprises, no major surprises anyway. And this is how


the next semi-final lines up, Mariana Pajon from Colombia has two


first places. She is out in lane eight. Romana Labounkova, the


Lithuanian, Vilma Rimsaite. Aneta Hladikova has hung around the back


of the pack in some of these races, she has not managed to get into the


top four. Sarah Walker, big smile. She is always smiling, she has


always got a fantastic attitude. She is going to have to work at.


Laura Smulders, seven points, sitting in third. That is good for


her. Magalie Pottier. As long as she can come through this


relatively unscathed, she will be looking comfortable. The explosive


ball of Colombian power, Mariana Pajon. Two first places from their


semi-final. So big performances needed from Sarah Walker and Laura


Smulders and Aneta Hladikova. She is looking to break into the top


four and qualify for the final. The gate is down, and it is a great


start for Magalie Pottier in two. Mariana Pajon clothing that jump,


and it is Walker as they come into the first corner. Now, all three of


them, great work from Magalie Pottier A, she looks very


comfortable, but Sarah Walker finally looking comfortable on her


bike. But Laura Smulders making a nuisance of herself. Walker,


interestingly, we have seen some ghost rider footage of the ones to


jump those, and it paid off for Sarah Walker. Mariana Pajon


comfortably in early. Laura Smulders is 4th. That is the top


four riders to progress through to the final. The other four really


not getting a look-in there. No, no major surprises, Mariana Pajon


definitely standing her authority today, she looks fantastic. With


those results, she will get first gate selection in the final.


lowest points of anyone going into the final, she will probably pick


number one, like she did in this heat. Fantastic start from her,


Sarah Walker getting a really good start, not able to get into first


position there. Magalie Pottier A Lucking at Mariana Pajon, hunting


head down. -- looking. Wore her taking a little bit of a higher


line, coming down on the inside. Walker. Mariana Pajon, she must


have incredible power output for the size, she is more, but she is


really thumping away through these tense. She is a good bike rider,


great skill, handling this track with these, even throwing in the


kick out! Laura Smulders, the Dutch lady in 4th, does not have the


greatest start. Right. But she has made a nuisance of herself by the


is definitely into the final later this afternoon, so she will be


going for gold. It was gold or bust in Beijing, it did not pay off, she


will be hoping to put that to bear this afternoon. Dale Holmes, former


champion, I feel ill with nerves. have not raced for a while, and my


stomach is churning! You feel for the riders, the pressure, what they


have gone through to qualify, to be so close to making the final and


going for a medal. It is nerve- racking for everybody involved.


is unusual for the riders to have such a big crowd, and they are


desperate to put on a great show. This is new for our sport. After


Beijing, it is our chance for the sport to get out in the real world


and for the riders to financially make some money, maybe attract some


sponsorship. You know, all of that is important, but the guys still


wants to win as well. It is different, but we are like in it.


It is nail-biting, bones are being broken. We have just seen Alise


Post being walked over the line, fingers crossed it is a better day


for Liam Fox -- Liam Phillips, who is about to go on his third run in


Great Britain. Raymon van der Biezen, the fastest man until the


last race, which he lasts to this man, his first loss, and it went to


Connor Fields. He one each of yesterday's quarter-finals. -- E


clean. Rates start from Liam Phillips. B and Connor Fields, Liam


Phillips looking very comfortable. Raymon van der Biezen getting


schooled down the first straight, but now we're starting to make his


presence felt. Edzuz Treimanis are on the inside, Liam Phillips just


tagging that John. It is Connor Fields followed by Edzuz Treimanis.


Raymon van der Biezen dropped back to 4th. Edzuz Treimanis has a clean


line, just behind the back wheel of Connor Fields. Liam Phillips, but


from nowhere it is Jimenez. Liam Phillips was shaking his head.


did make a couple of mistakes. He will be disappointed with that.


an incredible ride from Edzuz Treimanis, from lane eight, it was


like he had taken a set of Maris Strombergs power, you should not be


doing that from there. A great start, he just cuts across. You are


allowed to do that, as long as it is not too aggressive. Obviously


you want to be on the inside. Amazingly, Jimenez is on the far


left of the picture, somehow he fights his way back. Great racing.


Connor Fields, Liam Phillips, Raymon van der Biezen all coming


through, Edzuz Treimanis and the outside. Raymon van der Biezen not


really impressing in that third moto. Connor Fields took control,


looking fantastic. We just saw the back of Liam Phillips bouncing off


the knuckle of the jump between the stand up and turn four. So Connor


Fields, Edzuz Treimanis... Liam Phillips just getting done by


Jimenez on the line, you can see what it means to him. So Edzuz


Treimanis, despite an incredible performance, does not qualify. It


is Jimenez with 12, Liam Phillips with nine, Raymon van der Biezen


with 8, Connor Fields with sex, a very open field. What I am looking


at right now, Liam Phillips, nine points, that will not getting a


great gate choice, probably 5th or sixth. You say that, a lot of


riders are already on nine points, only Twan van Gendt and Sam


Willoughby can stay and do that. Unless Twan van Gendt gets second


or better, he will slip down the rankings of it, so it may not be


disastrous for Liam Phillips. Sam Willoughby, an immaculate ride from


him so far today. The Australian is on the right hand side. He is


presiding over the other riders in the gate, from the throne of gate


number one. Roger Rinderknecht, semi-final, just seven points for


Oquendo, currently third. The reigning Olympic champion, eight


points, Maris Strombergs. The Frenchman, Joris Daudet, nine


points. Twan van Gendt is on seven points, you can see as we come


through, Sam Willoughby on two. Twan van Gendt on seven, second


place, and then their men in sixth place on nine. Only two points


separating them. Maris Strombergs needs to beat Joris Daudet and


Herman. Out of the Day, a bad start for Sam Willoughby, Twan van Gendt


does very well. Maris Strombergs and Twan van Gendt looking very


good. Takeover hard through that first berm. Joris Daudet... Oh, he


is down! Somehow, the American has not caught up again, he has had bad


luck in crisis. Twan van Gendt is out Air France, Maris Strombergs in


second. -- out in front. Willoughby is so fast down the


rhythm section. He could take Maris Strombergs CEOP. Twan van Gendt,


Maris Strombergs, Sam Willoughby, Oquendo. A very, very good race


there 4 Twan van Gendt. He has not been that good on the back section


of the course, a lot of riders have caught up with him, but he held on


to that lead all the way. I think that was the leading man giving him


Strombergs and the pressure, I told you he could step up when there was


pressure, and he proved right there Stadium Twan van Gendt. He gets the


line up the inside. -- turn for Twan van Gendt. He did very well.


He took that perfectly pulls up Ben Joris Daudet catches David Herman.


That is the end of his race. Maris Strombergs manages to make his way


into second place. He is just off Twan van Gendt. You talked about


Sam Willoughby. His speed is phenomenal. He comes flying past


the Colombian. We did not quite see his challenge down the third


straight but Sam Willoughby is so If you want to watch the sport S X


two so excited to feel sick, this is the one to go fog. -- watched a


sport that gets you so excited. Shanaze Reade, after all the media


and hype, she is showing she is here for gold. She is riding a


smart race. She has not raced match this year. A lot of people are


saying she does not have the experience in traffic. -- raced


match. Staying home and training can be good. But you can lose


confidence in not being on the circuit. Those on the circuit are


raising a lot. We would go - as Abba we will find out which one


works. Liam Phillips came in 12 p yesterday. -- we will find out.


has not made a mistake all weekend. He is riding consistently, seconds


and thirds all day. He is putting himself on the big show. No major


shocks in the women's final. Some of the big hitters for the men are


already out. David Herman is bad. Only eight guys make the final. --


is out. Eight guys in the final, only three of them will go home


with medals. Will it be Shanaze Reade and Liam Phillips? We will


find out later. If it is to match for Dale, surely it is to match for


us. -- too much. In the final, first over the line takes the gold


medal. It has been bad news for British taekwondo. We saw Lutalo


Muhammad being knocked out of the competition. Just to remind you the


British taekwondo number one decided he should watch these Games


at home on the television rather than compete. They selected Lutalo


Muhammad and he got beaten earlier. Lutalo Muhammad, he is the European


bronze medallist and the tough opponent. What is your assessment?


I had it in me to win the fight. I am disappointed. I apologise to the


home fans who make the atmosphere terrific. I did try. I guess it was


not enough to Dave. There was a lot of talk in the lead up to it about


your ability to score with head kicks. He is a good opponent. He


did his homework. It is no excuse. I wanted to win today. It is not


meant to be. Bankia their match. One quick word on the crowd. --


thank you very much. Her wonderful support. I am grateful to all the


crowd. I'm sorry I did not deliver. The decision to select him was no


slight on him. A bad news for Sarah Stevenson as well. She was beaten


by page with the assent this morning. -- Paige MacPherson. Other


news concerning the triathlon. If you saw the finished, it was the


most remarkable thing. Sweden has appealed to the Court of


Arbitration for Sport for Lisa Norden to be awarded a gold medal


and the share of first place. It was decided that despite this


votive finish, Lisa Norden took the silver medal. -- photo finish. We


started the afternoon with an amazing -- amazing array of boxing.


We saw Anthony Ogogo struggle. It was not his day today. We caught up


with him after his defeat. Commiserations on the result. Your


first thoughts? I am devastated. I'm really sad. I have overcome a


lot of obstacles. That was one too many. He was a brilliant opponent.


I'm gracious in defeat. It was not my night tonight. I know I can beat


him. I think it was one Aberu Kebede a step too far. It is lovely


there you should speak the way you have about an opponent when you are


so disappointed. In a few weeks committee will say, I am


disappointed but I had a pretty good Olympic Games. -- in a few


weeks, you will save. It will hurt for of the month. I wanted it so


much. -- it will hurt for a month. He is a really good fighter. It was


not my night tonight. I have beaten people better than him. I tried my


best but it was not to be. He has been a great ambassador for British


boxing. He can be proud of his efforts was up he sent the tweet


after the fight. He said, sitting hit in drug control, bitterly


disappointed but I want to let you all know and gave it my all. Surrey


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