BBC Two: Day 14: 13.00-14.00 Olympics

BBC Two: Day 14: 13.00-14.00

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Welcome back to the glorious Olympic Park. This morning we saw


Lutalo Muhammad qualify for taekwondo. Luke Patience and Stuart


Bithell got silver in the 470 class. And then Eton Dorney, Ed McKeever


is through to the finals. Now our attention goes to Hyde Park with


Daniel Fogg in the 10 kilometre open water swim. Let's join our


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 48 seconds


so far. They have about another 50 mostly in open water. Joining us is


another swimmer who has medals both in the pool and the open water,


getting a fantastic silver medal in Beijing in the open water and a


bronze in the 1,500 in Athens. David Davis. This race is the first


time I have seen so many changes of pace. Now the pack is stretched


right out and there is a big gap. Daniel Fogg has dropped to 13th in


the second lap. I think he struggled with his position. He was


on the outside, behind people. In the third lap he got settled in


clear water. He is now in touch in 6th place. Now we have seen this


amazing burst. Any swimmer at home and watching and once and -- wants


to know how to do freestyle, textbook stuff. This is it. Daniel


Fogg is still in touch, he is obviously still fighting hard.


seems like every time that the pack comes together, David is in its.


The German doing a bit of backstroke looking to his work.


David, what are you going to do if you are any one else here apart


from Lily? Do you try and race to get out there, beat him up a little


bit, what do you do? Beating him up is against the rules! But make it


difficult for him. And get around him. Only two at the front. If the


guys behind thing they could swim up alongside him. One of the other


girls are man-marked Keri-Anne Payne yesterday. Eva Risztov did


that and then in the latter half she went off and did her stuff. I


have massive expectations here. But they cannot let him have his own


way coming he is in clear water. He is swimming on his friend's -- on


his own at the front, they need to test his tactics. I think what ever


he tries, he has something to respond? Obviously we are seeing


the pictures, but we don't know how they feel. It is an accumulative


thing. They have done three laps and have 2.5 to go. You can always


hit the warned that is the danger. You have to get your pacing


absolutely right. You need to have the sprint in the last 8,000 metres.


If these guys are working hard to stay with the pace, they might be


feeling OK now, but they could have over done it. It is a tactical game.


In open water you see a pack, they swim round at a reasonable pace


most of the time and then there is a race at the end. But we have seen


a variable amounts of speed. A lot of people have been flipping onto


their backs to see who is worth. You don't really do that too much.


There has been a lot of tactical fought going into this race. They


can tap each other on the feet and annoy each other. A flock of birds


going off to the left. We do not know how much energy this has taken,


and the pack in this position. We will have to wait and see what


happens. We just need Daniel Fogg in the top five or six. At this


point in the women's race, if you look there there are six winners,


peeled off just waiting to go quicker. Unique to watch out for


the last few kilometres, because the leading two have a bit of a


kick. They will put the hammer down. They are all there. The German


looks like he is trying to take the pace on himself. He was 10th at the


World Championships in Shanghai last year. So qualified


automatically for this Olympic 10 kilometre open water swim. Straight


ahead of them is the pontoon. It is almost like an obstacle course on a


school Sportsday. They want to get it right. It is all about the


energy you have got an to conserve it for the end of the race will


stop this point is critical. These Swimming Club. It is �20 a year. It


you fancy it, come down and have an ice Saturday morning swim. Then


there is the Peter Pan race on off. You don't want to be drinking


your drink on your back end and somebody gives you a bash with her


hand. There was a story about a great swimmer whose coach put out


the drinks for his summer and she missed it. He was so annoyed, he


pulled the pole back in, took the drink out of the net, and then just


through the drink. And then it hit another swimmer. And so the coach's


Greeks when there was given a red card and disqualified straight away.


Mark Perry, who has done a super job with the British open water


swim ing. Just picking up on that, accessibility, the Serpentine Club


here, this is a nice location. Where I live, and my friends


throughout the country had various Inland Waterways way you can swim.


Also the coast. It is active and thriving, coastal swimming. I did


my torch relay in Felixstowe and now has invited to swim with them


there. It is active, just get on the internet and have a look, find


a club. It is not back cold when you work a wetsuit. They do give


you a good range of movement. do talk a lot about the legacy of


the Olympic Games. I am sure this is one sport that will take off in


Britain. We are an island nation and there is plenty of water around


us. Lots of events and more coming on every year. Notts of the


swimming pool swimmers -- lots of the swimming pools winners are


having a go. But the legacy is something London sold itself on,


and one of the reasons we one a bit. Several different things will


happen. The interesting Negussie, your high school has done well from


the Olympics? Yes, my old school I went to in Yorkshire. Both Brownlee


brothers went as well. It is a massive sports school, and a great


education establishment. It is a place that encourages a mix, the


rounded person. I might have been the exception, but they do have


some intelligent people as well. The college is taking one of the


training pools from the Olympic Park. They are going to dismantle


it and put it back together at Kelley College. They will take a


new 50-metre pool. And they're working with the local authority


and it will be a fantastic opportunity. Schools winning in


Britain, school sports in Britain, we have got to get rid of this non-


competitive, we cannot have competitive sports! Come on, life


is competitive and not having competition in sports in schools is


ridiculous. Kelley College is leading the way. There are many


places now. This idea of inspiration. As a child you can


watch something and get excited by it. Is it something you can do? I


think the Olympic Association, Team GB put out a statement yesterday to


encourage the Government. So they have had conversations on how to


take a catalytic thing, you like the idea of something, put it into


practice and make sure the pathways the children who want to do it, not


just access it, but take it into clubs, learn techniques and be


coached. The school club link is significant. Anyway, back to the


race. It is still strong out. -- Ironman competitor and prefers


swimming in the seat will stop we did not think he would do well here.


But to be in a medal position he will have to be on the front.


looks like Andreas watch Burger of Germany is forcing the pace. Going


with him is the Canadian without a hat. And still tracking, we are now


in third place, I wonder if Millie is taking a rest. Doesn't look


quite as smooth as he has done. The bald head of Richard wind Burger,


who won the test event. But the German is leading. He is looking


pretty good at the moment. Trying to get on his feet is the Canadian.


They have to make sure they go through this timing bridge. Four


laps done. Two to go and it is a 1.67 kilometres. That is each loop.


The German first and the Canadian second. Talking about carrying the


torch, the first person to hold the Olympic torch the 2012 was the


Greek summer. In Athens, he was the guy who got it and started running.


The field is starting to get strung out, and Richard Weinberger it is


chasing Waschburger of Germany who is leading.


Two laps to go. Yesterday, after the women's race was over, I


witnessed something that genuinely made me cry. That was David Carry,


due to marry Keri-Anne Payne, finding her, holding her tight, and


say the things that somebody who loves you says, when you have


It was really touching, you know what she has been through.


To do that race, it is so gruelling, emotional. You can see today, it is


not just a case of, you have your own space, and you swim along. It


is 10k of fighting. I had done it as well. It is so different to the


expense I feel when I am swimming, it is totally alien to that. The


only similarity I can glean is the feelings that my parents get when


they watch me swim, that is what I was feeling for Keri-Anne.


wonderful view that he was right there. It was really good to see


him, I just needed somebody I didn't needs -- and into feel-bad


sobbing. To have someone who would say, don't worry about it, it's


still the same, I'm still going to marry you. I have to say, if you


had said, I am not going to marry you now! You have the rest of your


life to plan together now. This gives you a natural break from


swimming. Do you know long turn? Ticking in the back of my head, it


is the Glasgow Commonwealth Games, it is such a draw, I love competing


for Scotland. It seems really good. I have also got other things to


think about. General life to get on with, enjoys spending time with


Keri-Anne. What I want to do now is enjoy the Olympics, it's not


something you get very often. To experience it as a sports fan. To


be part of this incredible event. It epitomises the whole Olympic


spirit, seeing so many happy people, families coming together. Keri-Anne,


you have done so much to promote swimming amongst youngsters. And


you're broadcasting is top class. We don't really know what is going


to happen, no one can make a decision until we see where things


are going, the World Championships. At the moment, I am looking forward


to training, after a break, the wedding. We have lots to look


forward to before making any decision. Have a wonderful wedding,


bring that pace up. That is a faster speed than before. We think


this stringing out will be definitive. Some of the guys in the


middle will be working very hard to stay on the pace. The question is,


of the leading five, are they prepared to keep it going to break


away. Once the break away starts, there are three medals for grabs,


it gets interesting. What is fascinating is Waschburger of


Germany, 25, doesn't have form in open water. He was 10th in the


World Championships. He doesn't have a string of medals on the


world circuit. European Chadli ships, 17 in the 10k. -- European


Championships. 10k, what makes you want to do that? Medals! There is


one lady, I do think she has tried to do the seven great crossings


around the world, something amazing. They are starting to string out.


There was a pack of seven bunched together. Waschburger of Germany is


pushing the pace. He is around first. Mellouli was looking a bit


ragged, but he is back to looking fairly comfortable. If they string


it out, going one by one, two metres per person, you could find


yourself an awful long way back. Dan Fogg, two thirds of the way


down the pack, he found this lap difficult. Mellouli, to the left,


he has to start -- he has decided to take the lead. Thomas Lurz there.


I got the impression then that Mellouli will be making a little


burst. Spyridou Gianniotis is also there, some of the great names, in


the leading group. This goes at a metres to go. It is about half an


hour of swimming still to go, probably slightly more. Still, it


is an awful long way. If you think of the whole 10k race, they're


coming to the end of it, past three quarters. There is a massive


overhead camera which runs almost the full length of the Serpentine,


extraordinary. Mellouli, he has covered that break. Now taking over.


Is that the last we have seen of Waschburger. He got caught going


around the buoy. That looks like Thomas Lurz. David? I was really


surprised with Waschburger. We have not talked about him much. He put a


big break on in the last two laps. I don't know whether he did that to


help Thomas Lurz, it has spread this pack out, a long line of


swimmers. In the instant areas, the buoys and feeding stations --


incident areas. We saw pictures of Dan Fogg, looking up an awful lot


more. That is a sign of feeling tired or, failing to respond to the


pace. Your body keeps looking up, where am I going? Disorientation.


Maybe he is finding it difficult. He dropped from six, to 22, at the


last time check. The Russian, disqualified in the Olympic Games,


he has qualified here. He was at 10th at the last time check,


someone still to watch out for. This last lap will be exciting.


Thank you, David, maybe 150 metres. It has started to become very


important, the feeding station. Mellouli is trying to break again,


every time he has done it, they have strong out. When he tries to


apply the pressure, they cannot live with him. But, one person,


every single time, he continues to track him, Thomas Lurz. The three


of us were having a chat half an hour before this, and talking about


the editor of eight domestique in cycling, who does the work for you.


-- the idea of a domestique in cycling. Waschburger, reveals he


cannot get a medal, maybe a deal has been done.


Thomas Lurz has every medal in his pocket, apart from this one.


Mellouli is challenging. Thomas Lurz has an Olympic medal, but not


gold. We saw Mellouli a couple of laps ago, he made a big move in


this straight down to the feeding station. He seemed to do it so he


could take some food and drink, and still come out, in the leading pack.


I wonder if he will do the same sort of thing. He does work awfully


hard to make sure he is reading into the feeding station,


interesting tactic. It looks like he is going very wide. If you are


in the pack, do you follow Mellouli and go to the right, now to the


left. Or, do you go to the right. Hardly any of them doing it. That


is really interesting. You saw a few people building up, he is not


feeding. I planned to. But if I do, I will miss the pace. A couple of


them decided they would maybe feed, and didn't. Added think anybody has


taken a feed. The top of Group, the top four, have opened up a gap.


That was a moment maybe where the break was made.


Mellouli has gone. There is clear Lurz. Thomas Lurz is working very


hard to get back. Look at that, a gap of maybe three metres between


Mellouli. Let us see around this buoy. Not an awful lot of turn on


this one, a slight redirection. Mellouli around it first, Thomas


Lurz second. Thomas Lurz is working very hard, Andy. There is the pack


coming around. The world champion from Shanghai last year. Three-


times Olympian as well, Sydney, Athens. His best result was 5th in


Athens. In the 1,500m. 400 as well. Spyridou Gianniotis is a very


race. When Risztov started to push the pace and tried to make it a war


of attrition, to keep it moving and moving. The bridge which divides


Kensington Gardens, and the Long Water of the Serpentine. In a


couple of laps, they will do this next buoy. There will be a streak


sprint into the finish. -- straight this time. They have about 400m to


go straight and now and then one lap to go. That is why Mellouli has


put his hammer down. He has changed about a second faster than the rest


of the field. They cannot live with it. Key has been sitting around the


field. It took too much energy to stay up with him. Lurz will be


working his socks off to stay up with him. It is growing by the


centimetre. And that is Gianniotis in third, I think. The Greek world


champion. Been 4th it is still the Canadian, Weinberger. This is what


happens when you push the pace nice you have as few people in the final


sprint as possible. If those guys stay together there will be four


men going for three medals. Mellouli, Lurz, Weinberger, and


Gianniotis. Mellouli knows exactly what he has done. He has probably


gone with about 3,000 metres to go. It is very unusual. Mellouli has


Gun earlier than he has done in any previous race. He won the qualifier


in Portugal in June of this year. 9th June, he just a couple of


months ago. He was first, Weinberger was second. Lurz didn't


do it because he had already qualified, and neither did


Gianniotis because he had already qualified. From last year's World


Championships you have got a fascinating race coming up to one


lap to go. Mellouli is taking them in. 1.6 and a bit kilometres still


to go. Mellouli, there was maybe two metres, I think Lurz may have


just real that in a tiny bit. -- not been dropped yet. This is


fascinating. My thought when Mellouli was going to go come I


thought he would go in decisive fashion and that would be the end


of that. But he has not done that, Lurz is covering. And also covering


him a very well indeed is Richard Weinberger from Canada. There is


one out on his own, and that it might be Waschburger. Waschburger


is finding himself caught in the middle. Daniel Fogg has done quite


well, he is in 15th place. He is still in there for start he won't


get into the medals, it will be so hard to bridge the gap. Mellouli is


opening a decisive lead. It looks like the other three will be


swimming with each other in a minute. As they have entered their


final lap in his men's 10,000m opal water swim at the Olympic Games,


fantastic crowds all the way around the edge of the Serpentine.


And amongst those crowds, with a silver medal, Michael Jamieson, and


Rebecca Adlington, and it makes you the most successful British swimmer.


There will always be a little hint of a disappointment. I did expect


more with my time. It wasn't how I wanted it to go, but looking back


it has been incredible. The crowd and support has been amazing. We


couldn't ask for any more support with what we have been given.


Beijing was amazing. Maybe it would have been nice to do it the other


way around. But I have had an amazing career so far. If somebody


said to me, you have will get a four Olympic medals, I would have


has has been a dream come true. Michael, a silver medal. Would you


have had that reaction if somebody said to you you will get a silver


medal at a London Games? It has been a perfect week. I have enjoyed


it. The result is better than I hoped it would be. I was always the


outside tip at best. I have had a great week and I have been trying


to soak it up this week. What does it make you want to do now, it is


the Commonwealth Games in your sights, Rio in your site? I hope so,


Glasgow in two years will be a homecoming. The pool were the


swimming will be taking place is where I swam when I was five or six


years of age. The Scots have such a strong breaststroke contingent now.


Making the team will be hard enough. I will be delighted to be there.


For years is a long time until Rio. But now I would love to be there as


duties at Keri-Anne and David's wedding coming up and then you have


a cycle ride? Keri-Anne's wedding, I cannot wait for that, and her hen


do. Are you organising that? her sister is. We have been passing


ideas back and forth. I have some cycle training, something different.


I have not been on a bike in 10 years. It will be keeping fit and


it is the charity, which is the reason we are doing it. I love to


go back to the guys who really need it. I know you mentioned you would


like to do Strictly Come Dancing, if the offer comes, maybe it


already has, what the cycle ride rule you out? Yes it would come


about raising money for charity, it is more important. Obviously a


would love to do strictly, it has been my dream, to learn how to


dance, but the charity work is more important and that I cried


definitely comes first. Brilliant sure he goes around the right side


of this buoy. If he goes alongside, it is a straight red card and you


are out. -- the wrong side. He has to go round the far side of it. He


is looking up. He did a big correction. He has to be careful


coming into the finish. Doing the same loop all the time, he doesn't


want to go wrong. This is the final turn. Short distance between those


sausage-shaped things! Technical turn. This is the east end of the


leg. They have to go all the way to the West end. About three-quarters


go. For Mellouli that should be pretty good, about 1,500m for start


he knows it very well. The Olympic champion in Beijing in the pool on


1,500. And I wonder if he knows how far ahead he is? That is the bottom


end. He hasn't dropped them as much as I thought he would. Lurz is


still there. Gianniotis has caught up with Weinberger. It is not over.


Gianniotis looks as though he has got some energy. Both Lurz and


Laura Bechtolsheimer have some scrappy strokes, compared to the


guys in first and second place. Sihine is looking to see if he


wants to bridge the gap. He is on the feat of Weinberger. I think he


is giving them a little tap, which is very annoying. And he is


crawling up the body. The referee is looking very carefully at what


is going on. If he sees something on towards, in his opinion, he will


get the yellow-card out. David Davis, we have seen some people get


red cards, and yellow-card in the final lap of these major


championships? As it gets to the closing stages, people want to be


in the right position. There is four of them now, one leading and


three in the chasing group. It is a decisive split. The three behind


Mellouli are working hard. He is not kicking too hard, there is not


much splash. He still has another gear to go. But the guys behind him,


we are seeing a lot of splash just to stay in touch. It will be a


fight for the lower medals. They have always been the main players.


One kilometre to go. 1,000m. 9,000 metres have gone. Look at the


battle for silver and bronze. I think that is Mellouli leading. He


has about a ten-metre lead, still. On the left, his Gianniotis. And


Weinberger is on the right. Lurz is still there, I thought he had gone,


but he is on the feat of Weinberger. I don't think they can catch


Mellouli now. It is about 20 ends of an Olympic pool. I think this is


good night, he is going to his legs. I think David is correct, this is


the ear to go. Mellouli, maybe in putting in two beats, I think


you're right. The second group won't catch him on this now. It


will be a real scrap the the silver. Just at the bottom of your screen


by the boat, Mellouli on the right and then those three of those guys


are only going to get two medals. Gianniotis is looking for the


freshest. Maybe the clever tactics is Lurz. He needs to make sure he


will be climbing up shortly. With about 800m to go, they have some


work to do. I do think Mellouli looks good, but the has not


completely drop them. He does look good and when he was in the pool,


his last 400m was very strong. He came back on the field. I wouldn't


be surprised if he is built for this. He has put on a couple of kg


to make sure he can take the colder water. That is what a couple of the


women did. He had a great swim in the pool. Not as great as he can do


in the pool, and I think everything has been geared up to this.


Everything has been geared up to give Mellouli the best chance for


some he has been travelling around experiencing open-water swimming.


He has the turn of speed. Coming into this, he was talked about as


the one to watch, the one to beat and the one who will take this


sport on to another level. Again we are seeing somebody he won't let


this go. There are some wonderful swimmers in there, Great experience.


They will be doing all sorts of things trying to gain advantage


over each other, positioning wise. The referee boat is tracking those


guys. Just to check it is all right. So, Mellouli has passed the middle,


pink buoy and coming to where the feeding station is. But they won't


be going into there. All coaches alongside. They are all on the pink


pontoon. They will be encouraging as much as they can. I think that


is Lurz in the white cap just behind Mellouli. It looks quite


close, but it is still about 12, 13 metres. The gap is slowly


increasing between Mellouli of Tunisia. He looks very good indeed.


The chasing pack have some serious work to do. They do have a bit of a


fight going on, it looks like it might be Lurz. It might be Lurz on


the chasing pack. Gianniotis it is in there, and so is Weinberger of


Canada. His Mellouli going to create some history? He has already


won a bronze medal freestyle in the pool. He is absolutely going now.


He has two turns to go. Us to swim along the end of the late, along


Gianniotis, maybe in the third place, with wine Berger -- Richard


Weinberger of Canada. I had thought Thomas Lurz would make him move,


but he did not come up with it. In that chasing pack, Dan Fogg. I


cannot see Mellouli losing this, having a fantastic swim. He still


hasn't done the kick we know he can It will be fantastic to see Dan


Fogg finish in the top 10. Got under 15 minutes this year for the


first time. Made the Olympic final, to getting the top 10 would be a


good year for Dan Fogg. We are looking here, but somebody I think


he has made a wonderful transition from swimming pool to open water,


righthand side. He does not have far to go, maybe 500 metres. Hasn't


he swum well? He has kept on pushing the pace, adding a little


bit more pressure, then letting the field come back, then put in on the


pressure. He has a 25-metre lead. Mellouli from Tunisia, he trains in


a Saturdays. A big scrap for silver and bronze medal. That will be


really tight. Thomas Lurz is in there, Spyridou Gianniotis, and


Richard Weinberger who has worked so hard.


The following pack has strung out again. Mellouli is coming to


victory. In the chasing pack, they have strung out. That is Thomas


Lurz in the silver cap. Richard Weinberger to the left of him.


Spyridou Gianniotis, falling off the pace. We are looking at a


Tunisian Olympic champion. The ace is incredible. He swam in


the pool in the 1500m freestyle. And he has come into the Serpentine,


to swim the 10 -- 10k open water. Thomas Lurz, not dropping back. In


their position is one burgher of candour. But, nobody will catch


this man. At the moment, Mellouli will take a fantastic gold medal,


10,000 metres in the Serpentine. has executed it perfectly. A


wonderful swimmer. I think there is going to be a cracking battle for


second. Thomas Lurz will not want to give it away. They are fighting


back. He has some work to do, Mellouli. He doesn't get caught on


the lane lined -- mustn't get caught on the lane line. Mellouli


is creating history. A silver medal battle, it looks like Thomas Lurz


will get it. The gold will go to Mellouli of Tunisia. He won the


gold fabric in Beijing in the 1500m world champion, Spyridou Gianniotis


of Greece. So sad one of those four men had to be out of the medals.


I am not sure if that is Dan Fogg. Coming in, in 5th place. A


fantastic swimmer, how has he done that? He has done 1,500 in the pool


as well. 8th in the pool in the 1,500. That is a brilliant swim


from Dan Fogg, the future of British distance soaring, looking


very good indeed. Well done. -- distance swimming.


What a great swim from Dan Fogg, to come through, destroying that big


pack in that last 1,500, his best ever position. Mellouli, just


rolling on to his back. First Olympic gold medal for Tunisia in


open water. He got a gold medal in the Beijing Olympics in the pool,


in the 1,500m. Dan Fogg, what a finish. I have never seen him


finished so well. Very impressive. To have anything left after the


1500m freestyle. Then, to come here. There he is, so pumped up. What


does it mean to him. Bronze medal in the pool in the 1,500, now a


stand up and salute this man. He is trying to work up the crowd.


Mellouli is walking around. Pumping his fist at anyone who will look at


him. Coming in now, not the last swimmer. Schulte is still half a


lap a way. -- away. That is the Kazakhstan's swimmer.


What a sensational race. A really fantastic swimmer. Still no gold


medal for Thomas Lurz. The bronze medal, very well earned, or Richard


David Davies and I, lost in admiration for Mellouli. He has


made history, the first to win a pool and open water medal in the


same Games. He has destroyed a very good field. A massive gap, it is


normally a tight finish. Amazing all the way through. Dan Fogg, 5th


is his best. He a great performance. On the third lap, he was down to 20.


He finished strongly. He ended up in 5th place. He has had a


fantastic Games. What about Thomas Lurz, such an experienced open


water swimmer? He will be the people's choice, he has been around


for a long time. A very hard worker, a great ambassador for the sport. A


bronze in Beijing, silver here today. At any stage, did you think,


I wish I was in there? Only to cool off! You need to be in great


condition, Mellouli showed that today. He beat Thomas Lurz by a


good five-10 seconds. He has mood of this sport on massively. I was


glad to watch today. We're waiting for the swimmers to pass by. The


sun is beating down on us. It feels like we are in Rome. He is making


his way over now. Taking on plenty of fluids. A word for Spyridou


Gianniotis of Greece had finished 4th. Born in Liverpool. We are very


pleased for him. Dan Fogg, congratulations, a stunning swim,


and how on earth you came back into it on the last lap. We don't even


know where I came. 5th. I am really pleased with that. I was picking


off a person at a time. I was surprised I had quite a bit left, I


was feeling repeat in the middle. The pace picked up on the last two


laps. It was amazing to watch. You got a good start. Some people were


left. Mid-race, you slipped back as far back as 22. Suddenly, you're


there on the last lap. I was happy with my first lap, it felt easy, I


was at the feet of Mellouli. Then, people were fighting quite a lot,


bunched together. It was a case of fighting to the front. Keri-Anne


said in the last lap, she was feeling horrible but she listened


to the crowd and went for it. Coming down the back straight, I


was a matter of metres away from people screaming, and it really


made a difference. In a race so tough and hard like this. I just


wish I was closer towards the end to be in the race. But I am happy


to get up to 5th. You did a great job, well done.


Dan Fogg, he gets a hug from the last Olympic silver-medallist,


David Davies. That was stunning not just for the quality of sport, but


for the setting, and how much it has done for the sport of swimming.


This is central London, these crowds, a fantastic place.


Congratulations to Mellouli, for Tunisia.


We have more news from the water, from Weymouth. What a result,


silver medal for Great Britain, Saskia Clark and Hannah Mills, in


the 470 class, the second silver medal of the day. The men and the


woman. They were just pipped by New Zealand who won the gold medal.


Huge congratulations. We have boxing with Luke Campbell


in the men's semi-finals of the men's bantamweight. Just to the


right, behind the Velodrome, the BMX Track. You can see action from


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