BBC One: Day 14: 16.00-18.00 Olympics

BBC One: Day 14: 16.00-18.00

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the BMX? I cannot wait. Everyone is nervous. I cannot watch it. First


over the line will be really something. This is what we have got


coming up over the next couple of hours. Yes, we have reached the


business end of the BMX. Thrills and spills are guaranteed. Shanaze


Reade and Liam Phillips are carrying British hopes. It is semi-


finals day in the men's volleyball. We will see how Russia bears


against the inform Bulgarian team. -- fares. From follicle to


synchronised swimming. The team event reaches its conclusion today.


-- voluble. A wide variety of sports coming up between now and


6pm. We will be going back for the BMX finals in a moment. The women's


his first and then the men's On BBC Three at the moment, there


is hockey. They will need to improve on her form if they are to


defeat New Zealand. -- perform. First up it is cycling. This is BMX


racing. It has seen big crashes galore. Back in May we wondered if


Liam Phillips would make it after breaking his collarbone in a crash


at the World Championships in Birmingham. He was soon back in


training and now he is in the final. You cannot throw yourself off an


eight metre start hailed, being scared, you are not going to win.


It is as simple as that. It was always going to be difficult. That


was when it was going to be tough. Time away and time on the Velodrome


allowed me to come to terms with the fact that if I am going to do


this sport, you are going to become hurt. I was training with some of


the best bike riders in the world but I was not passionate enough


about it. It felt like I had unfinished business. A good start


by Liam Phillips. He is riding very well. What they crash! That looked


bad. Very heavy. That was a pretty hard for. There is Liam. That was


the world championships. I am thankful I have overcome that. It


has been and gone. I have had my collarbone fix. There are other


injuries. There were bits and pieces that went undetected. It is


an Olympics in your home country. I have seen the way in which everyone


reacts to major sporting events - football, rugby. Managers referred


to a team having an extra man when they are playing at home. It is


quite cool. It has been an eventful journey. He is in the final. That


is a contact sport like no other. Let's find add a bit more about


this sport. -- out. BMX. Each race features 8 riders competing on the


track. The race starts on an eight metre-high ramp and usually lasts


about 40 seconds. Bikes are equipped with one beer and one


brake. As a contact sport, collisions are not uncommon.


Competitors must not deliberately impeded one another nor force each


other off the track. The lead rider may choose their mind around the


track. They are not allowed to block the line of any rider trying


to pass. The race is one -- won as the front wheel passes the line.


Four -- 48 riders are competing for two gold medals. One for the men


and one for the women. A complex series of races follows, cutting


the field down to two semi-finals. The top four will enter the final


to race for the medals. If you would like to get involved, go to


the website for more information. We are going back live for the


finer to see if Shanaze Reade can win the gold medal she so


desperately wants after the After the disappointment of Beijing,


will it be heard day today? Let's go back live. There are 6000 people


who will be desperate to see Shanaze Reade get the gold medal


she deserves. It is one of the most talked-about stories. Everyone


knows her name. She wanted to put that to bed a long time ago, didn't


she? The attitude is, of Monday morning, start afresh and do not


look back. I'm sure she wants to put that to bed today. Fingers


crossed, she wailed. I am keeping a beady eye on this lane. -- she well.


This is where the BMX riders go. They head to the top of the start


gate. When they come down the first ramp, a clock around 40 miles an


hour. That is some speed. No room for error. They are hitting back


speed. It is awesome to watch. need to really be that seek to go


down that ramp. People do not realise how many tactics you need.


So much goes through the head of a Ryder to get the perfect rat --


rider to get the perfect lap. one lap, winner takes all. Can she


under starter's orders yet. We will be introduced to all eight riders,


and they know that having made it this far, this race is a lottery.


You have got your gate selection, which will give you a slight


advantage, but you cannot beat yourself up if you do not make the


podium, can you? No, at this point they will just try to be calm and


collected, because that is when you get good reaction speed. BMX is all


about that reaction at the start. From the Netherlands, 18 years old,


Laura Smulders. Brooke Crain riding for Arielle Martin, 30 made two


crashed last Monday and was unable to make it here. Sarah Walker from


New Zealand, she had a fantastic seeding run, looked so comfortable.


She has not had the same effect today, but she has made it into the


finals. World champion Magali Pottier, then Mariana Pajon, who


had such a fantastic day today. She should have been first gay


selection, but she has opted to sit in the middle. -- gate selection.


Laetitia le Corguille fell in the second moto, the semi-finals. And


then in lane one, a huge roar from the crowds, she has been in this


position before in Beijing, she had the gold in her sights, she fell on


the last turn. Can she but those demons to bed now? They are under


Le Corguille, Shanaze is on the inside, just coasting at the back.


Mariana Pajon and Sarah Walker in front. Smulders is on the outside,


Shanaze is caught in traffic, 6th position, just off the back of


Magalie Pottier. As they come out of the tunnel, Pajon as two lengths,


Smulders coming through, then walk out. Shanaze Reade is back in 6th


position at the moment, so much to do. Magalie Pottier is in 5th, just


in front of her. It is Le Corguille, Mariana Pajon takes gold. Sarah


Walker, was she in silver? Laura Smulders from absolutely nowhere,


she has made a nuisance of herself all day, suddenly she comes from


nowhere. Bitter disappointment for Shanaze Reade. She did not get the


starchy needed, simple as. Obviously, what was going through


her mind, the start is the critical point. A well deserved win for


Mariana Pajon, who has been riding fantastic all week. She well


deserves the gold medal, absolutely fantastic. It is Colombia's a


second gold medal and at the Summer Games, it is a huge achievement.


Mariana Pajon came in as the flag- bearer, and that is a fantastic


riot for gold. Bronze for the 18- year-old, Laura Smulders, she had a


fantastic race. Pay a shock for Buchanan and Reade, both of the


riders may be reacted to all of the pressure, the nerves and anxieties


which to get brought up here. Shanaze Reade has come across,


shaking the hands are Magalie Pottier, giving Sarah Walker a dog.


Sarah Walker has looked out of sorts all day, but he had a great


start. She did everything right when it counted. Absolutely.


Looking across, Buchanan, a terrible start. Read Macro, bad


start. Look cordial, or great start there. But Shanaze did not get out


of the blocks quickly enough. Mariana Pajon, absolutely


outstanding. Nobody got close to Pajon and Walker. No, a convincing


win for her. See them just floating over that second double and into


the first turn, Walker pushed wide. Laetitia le Corguille being


followed by... Shanaze just off balance behind Magalie Pottier,


nothing going right for her there. Sarah Walker, Laura Smulders just a


running the inside line as they come through the tunnel. Mariana


Pajon had almost three lengths there. Walker was on the inside,


this is where Laura Smulders made her move. She found the inside line,


landed at jump so well and gets a great line. Wow! Laura Smulders,


already right on the back wheel of Sarah Walker. Shanaze was


desperately trying to find some speed and the inside to chase


Magalie Pottier down. They come into the 5th and final turn,


Shanaze is hunting for it, but she knows there's nothing she can do.


Walker almost went over the handlebars in silver. Laura


Smulders looking for the outside line, but it was Sarah Walker or


silver, Laura Smulders for bronze. No-one had read the script for this


women's final here. I told you it You were congratulating the new


Olympic champion, saluting the crowd, bitter disappointment, but


he did not seem to get the start he needed. Today's schedule has been


pretty hard with back-to-back laps, at the short recovery, it has been


hard to get on top of that. I just tried to stay focused and to my


absolute best, and today it was not good enough, you know. I cannot


think of the emotion must be like for you, I know how much this has


met you, the journey you have had to come here. Yeah, at the moment,


I am pretty a motionless, I have not got any emotion yet, I am sure


it will sink in, but the Olympic Games is the biggest platform you


can race at, you have got to give it your best. After the crash at


the World Championships, to get through to the final, you have done


us proud, you have had the crowd on their feet. I cannot thank these


people enough for coming out to support me. I do not really know


what to say. The gold medal going to Mariana Pajon, she has been


exceptional today. I do not know how she has got on today, but he is


a fantastic athlete. I felt I was fast enough and had done all the


work I needed to, but at the start I did not get the start I wanted or


needed to win the race, and that was it was a thank-you very much


evenly matched the field for this race, Jamie. Yes, I'm not even


going to try to call it. I think Connor Fields has the ability, I


think Twan van Gendt has the ability, I think Strombergs,


Phillips, will he, it is a tough gate, this one. The only name he


did not say was a Oquendo, and he came from nowhere. I will throw him


in there, Oquendo! Any of them could win it. I am not a betting


man! Get yourself a five-point harness and strap yourself in, this


one is going to be a bumpy ride. This immaculate course has


delivered on every level. It was changed slightly after the test


event last year. Yeah, they built the track, and obviously they


invited all the nations for a test events, and quite often you do not


know if the track flows well enough until you ride on it, so after that


they listened to everyone and took advice and made some slight changes


to the course. But I mean, from the TV, it looks like it is computer-


generated, it is fantastic, absolutely Peter off to look at.


have spoken to the riders, they say it is perfect, absolutely perfect.


A bit of everything, some good gaps to get good francs in, plenty of


technical jumps, as we have seen, a nice, longer than section. Every


jump you could think of is in this course. And you only need to make


one mistake and it will slow you down for the entire section. You


can try to rebuild the speed, but we have seen so many of these races


where it ends and blows, people who have bad starts have got back in.


This is how they are going to line- tactical? No... I am not going to


say! He might have got pushed out a little bit. The surprise is lane


eight, one of the top riders here this weekend, he will be struggling.


I am going to put my money on Connor Fields. You have got to call


someone! Who are you going to go for? I am going to go with Liam


Phillips, I think, the home advantage is going to play here.


will be powered around by the crowd. I am a big fan of Sam Willoughby,


the Australian, and I am hoping that he and Phillips will pull each


other out of the start. The one thing they all know right now is


that a good start is absolutely critical if you are serious about a


a lot of the athletes will be putting pressure on themselves,


saying to themselves, I need to get a good start, which from a


psychological point of view is the worst thing you can do. You need to


focus on something else, on another point in the second, not the start.


These guys do these starts day-in, day-out. Raymon van der Biezen, the


fastest man in seeding, has chosen the lane eight. Jimenez in lane six,


three. He has got a good chance. Twan van Gendt, he has come through.


He has not been as prolific as Connor Fields or Sam Willoughby,


but Twan van Gendt has made his presence felt when he needed to.


Connor Fields is in a lane one. fantastic start for Maris


Strombergs and Liam Phillips. -- the 2008. Philips is looking for


the inside line, Raymon van der Biezen, it has not worked for him.


Sam Willoughby is in silver, but remaining a Olympic champion is


holding on to the gold spot. Then it's got a bad gap, he is down!


clipped it on the second straight, he lost position and was caught up


in the second turn. Maris Strombergs is in the gold medal


position, Sam Willoughby in second, Jimenez in third. Maris Strombergs


is a double Olympic gold-medallists, a phenomenal achievement by the


Latvian. The UN Australian, Sam Willoughby, takes silver. And then


it was Oquendo, the last man on your list, who might medal to take


bronze! The while, Strombergs is known for pulling it out when he


needs to. Sam Willoughby deserves second place. Van der Biezen will


be disappointed with 4th. Unlucky for Liam Phillips. He was clipped


down the second straight, after the second step up double, unable to


clip back in. Liam Phillips is still OK, no serious injury, he is


rolling back down the straight. And he is going to complete the course.


But Number 81, Maris Strombergs, they call in the machine. -- they


call him at the Machine. And he was in perfect working order for the


finals. He struggled through qualifying, he did not have a


settled and the easy semi-final, but his experience and his


composure during that race... even a little bit surprised, trying


to take it in, realising what has happened. So Maris Strombergs, a


very, very happy man. Soaking that out, making his way out in front of


the fans and raising his fist. Silver medal for Sam Willoughby,


just 20 years old. He has had a fantastic season, he won the world


championships in Birmingham, and as much as that gold medal would have


meant to him, he will love having a silver. And then Oquendo from out


of nowhere. Liam Phillips had such a fantastic start. He did! He just


could not quite get position in the first turn, and I think he got


caught up with someone. Look at Twan van Gendt and Connor Fields,


he effectively neutralised Connor Fields there. It is all about the


start. Strombergs and Liam Phillips over that jump in the lead, Oquendo


and Jimenez at the back of the pack there. So Liam Phillips just


drifting sideways through that step up, step down, and he is pushed


wide here. Twan van Gendt sitting on his wheel. He comes in


underneath, from nowhere! Fantastic work from Oquendo. Sticking to the


asphalt. Liam Phillips over that jump nicely. He came out of his


clips and could not get back in. Off-balance, clipped out.


Incredible that he stays on the bike that long. So he is pumping


the bike but without... Connor Fields, back in 7th. Raymond Van


der Biezen, he dominated the quarter-finals, back in 7th.


crazy thing about BMX, these guys could race next week and it would


be a completely different outcome. We could do it again in 10 minutes!


Strombergs coming so well through that first step up, turn 3,


stepping out into turn four, looking comfortable. I'm surprised


that he did not make more ground in a rhythm section. And I think we


just saw Liam Phillips getting caught up on Jimenez, on the step


up. Look at Twan van Gendt, working on Oquendo there. That when no does


so well to hold a Mark. -- Oquendo. That medal battle for bronze. That


was Connor Fields, looking for position there. Maris Strombergs


runs it, and in this position he knows that the gold medal is within


touching distance. Jimenez and Connor Fields have gone in the


background. Oquendo chasing down Sam Willoughby for the finish.


Strombergs gold, Sam Willoughby is silver, and the outsider Oquendo or


Bitter disappointment for us to abuse said that his BMX. What


happened? -- bitter disappointment. You said, that his BMX. I had the


best start probably in my own life. That is what you rein to do it at


the Olympics. I came out of the gate so fast. -- you aim. Still to


go into the first turn right at the front and on the step-up. Sam


changed which way he was going. I thought I was going to crash then.


I managed to and clip then. It is be Sir - As a good bitter


disappointment. I am pleased. -- it is bitter disappointment. I had


surgery on my collarbone and whips. I have defied all expectations


really to be here, let alone be a contender. At the moment I am


disappointed. What about the crowd? They wanted to see you come round.


They have given you a fantastic few days of competition. I am just


speechless - the sort of reception that both Shanaze Reade and myself


have had. I am honoured to have had an extra day's racing to have


experienced this. They have been fantastic. There are 6000 people


who have put their hands in their pockets to watch the sport I have


been involved with since I was five years old. It really is special. I


am already thinking about Rio. It is mad. Last year I thought my BMX


days were over but I am back. you very much. You have to give


credit to Liam Phillips and Shanaze Reade. Probably the last thing you


want to do after that raising his head over and give an interview.


Liam finished with a smile on his face. You said he is young and he


will come back from this. He was in medal contention. On the second


jump he unclipped. I am sure he will build on this. It is not the


end of him. You are clipped in, aren't you? It is to get that up


stroke. The riders can do that on BMX as well. That is why they can


go faster. Shanaze Reade, she came into this looking so strong. You


were concerned by the gate choice. Lane one, she was riding fast. She


could have been more conservative and taken an outside lane. That


would have given her more chance of a mad dog or even win. She put it


on the line like she did in Beijing. -- a medal. It really is an


enviable attitude. She has this gold or bust mentality the stub it


did not work in Beijing and it did not work today. I am gutted for her.


She is a lovely person. She has done a lot for the sport. She has


taken BMX, especially in the UK, out of the circle. Hopefully that


is not the end of have. She is a great role model for BMX and four


women athletes as well. I think I should say, you are a little


emotional. You are heavily involved with Maris Strombergs. I am his


team manager in the US. I know what he has been through. To regain the


Olympic golds and what it means to him. To see him win it, it is huge


for him. Congratulations to you and everyone in the team. No medals


here but no major injuries. We can take some heart from that. This has


been a fantastic opportunity for BMX. Fingers crossed it will be the


last time we see it on BBC One. Fantastic entertainment. No medals


but they did themselves proud. The 6000 people who were watching, they


have had a wonderful afternoon. Not the end of cycling. We turn our


attention to the mountain biking which starts tomorrow with the


women's race. The men's race is on Sunday. It will be about 28 degrees


or tomorrow. That really will be a stern test for them. Moss Si King


coming from Essex tomorrow. The BMX has been one of their hits of the


Games. It is a similar story in the Winter Olympics where snowboarding


has we -- has been one of the most Sean White, Welcome to London 2012.


How does it feel to be here? It is my first Olympics I have ever


spectator at. You are normally When swimmers and runners are


breaking world records, it is because of people watching. I doubt


they do that practising. You need that pressure to motivate yourself.


The Winter Olympics has done what the summer Games needs to and


embraces more extreme sports. have realised the demographics have


changed. They want people who are more open-minded and younger and


doing different things. It is more of a lifestyle than a sport. There


is a culture behind it. I do not remember any one on a skateboard


dress like this. There is going to be the MX- 3 stabbed in the next


summer and Games. That is pretty cool. -- BMX freestyle. They


deserve to have that world stage. You have gone from naked in a park


to an Olympian. It was frowned upon to do the sport. -- a child in a


park. Do you think, at any point we will seek skateboarding in the


summer Games? I would love to. It would be amazing. To be the winner


in summer, it would be ultimate. wanted to get closer to the Olympic


Park but lots of these people might want to say hello. We are going to


say hello and we will see you soon. Let's do it. Let's say hello. There


you go! One of the characters in sport. Lovely to see him here.


Hopefully he will be skateboarding in the summer Olympics. Volleyball


in just a moment. On BBC Three, celebrations are happening out on


the hockey pitch. That means Great Britain has beaten New Zealand in


the bronze-medal play-off match. After that disappointing lost to


Argentina in the semi-finals, they have a medal. The first match of


for 20 years in women's hockey. Maybe the men can follow suit. --


medal. Baby New Zealand 3-1. So, that is great news. We are heading


off because the men's volleyball tournament has reached the semi-


final stage. Italy will play Brazil in the semi-finals. This


afternoon's game features of Bulgaria. They were in disarray


prior to be Games when the coach forced a number of senior players


to crypts and then resigned himself. They are through to the semi-finals


for the first time since 1980. It is the best of five sets up.


Pressure has a won the first two They have struck back. Russia will


not be happy with that defence. You with think they would get on top of


that and play a nice easy ball. There was missed communication. --


miscommunication. He has scored just seven points in this match. He


scored 22 in the quarter-final. Here is why. The Serbs are not


functioning. I am surprised they brought him on at the beginning of


the sad. -- the set. They were Oh, dear! Has he hurt himself? It


is a technical time out. Is that disappointment? Did he damaged his


finger? It looks like disappointment. That was a gift.


did have three people in front of him. It looked as if he swung into


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


We have had two technical time outs. Will we be having another set? Can


of Russia close it out? That is good enough to draw level. It is


this belief, this momentum. Bulgaria took the second set but


never got in the groove. This is more like it. Crucially, Russia are


still very much in touch. Off the block. A huge block. That was


excellent penetration. Time out for Russia have played a little bit of


a card there to disrupt them. Bulgaria's intentions have got to


be clear, too close this set out. That serve was a good start. Russia


are not happy. It looked from here that the ball was touched off the


block which is what Russia was calling for but the referee has


He is playing a staggering role in that middle blocker performance. He


was very impressive against Poland. That looked long. Was there a


touch? There was. Some of the players do not agree. But the


referee from Japan is telling them to calm down. It is difficult to


see from here. That was not conclusive. This is good for


Bulgaria. They need to take these points and use the momentum. That


was another error. That is their 4th serving error in this set. They


could almost be home in the set. They go three points clear, as it


Much better play from Bulgaria, the It is getting a bit messy on the


Russian side of the neck, they are not quite communicating. But now


they have established order. Two players going for the ball on two


That was a good block but it is difficult to take out enough space


when there is only one of you at That was out. That was long. He may


not like it, he may not agree. is calling for the touch of the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


Bulgaria are going for the time out That was dropped in. 21-20. Good


anticipation from the Russian bloggers. They knew it was going


out to the left side attacker. Their key attacker not only blunted,


He almost got that back, what a recovery that would have been. We


are never again. -- we are level again. He was unable to control the


ball, it looked as if it went into Oh, no! That was serving error


number five in this set. It is really important that players


coming off the bench come on warm and ready to go. So often they come


off the bench to serve and then That is a point. They are going to


fight all the way, 22-22. It was at this stage in the first set that


they sagged badly and allowed A specialist server has come on.


This has got to be good. This has The serve was decent. Two. Now


needed by Russia. They are back in 23-23. They are drawing out the


tension. They are making it more That was in and it is much point.


No? What happened there. referee is overruling the


linesman's call again, giving the ball out and the point Bulgaria's


To me, that looks in. Bulgaria have The time-out is nothing more than


to break the concentration of Here comes the captain. He is


serving for the set. And that is in! That was an ace. The big man


has done it and we are into a 4th SUE BARKER: Great scenes. We can


move on to the 4th set with Russia If Russia win this set, they win


the match and they are in the final. That was just long. I good service


That look out. It is long and it is Quickset, 16-14. A perfect site


doubt from Russia. Really tidy volleyball. -- a perfect side out


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


from Russia. Russia ahead by two Russia need nine points to reach


That was an excellent angle on that That was a good leap and he found


The last time Russia reached the final, they lost to Cuba and they


were at two sets 20 up. Cuba came back and took the last two sets. We


are a long way from that, not even in the final -- they were at two


He cannot believe it. He looked around left and right, where did


This man served like a demon to send Bulgaria into a fourth set.


Russia are in front and his country Still Russia survive. A bit too


much. Is that good? Yes, it is! 18- 18! The captain comes on. And the


teams are level. A clever second ball. You can see the blockers in


front and a new there was a gap behind him. How did he do that


because he moved it with one hand and flicked it backwards!


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


Ooh, that is long. And that's him And being called for a double hit.


When you set the ball in volleyball, it needs to be one fluid movement.


Bulgaria, 8-5 up on the first. Then down again. Here we are, level at


19-19. Critics prurience on both sides of the net. World champions


both sides of the net. -- great experience. And that was wide. A


rare error on the spike. Are Bulgaria really going to take us


into a fifth set? Looking drained in the second. The very, very weak,


certainly at the start of the third. But they gradually gathered


Whatever Bulgaria may claim, have both referees have no doubt. An


immediate chance to atone for that Off the block and they get the


point. You can really feel the tension has risen in the whole


arena as well, through the crowd and the players on the court.


in the last couple of minutes as well. From 19-19, from the fact


that Bulgaria were leading and a lead again it now. Russia, number


Here is Mr Reliable for Russia. What a serve. He immediately rocks


As dainty and as clever as you like. Nothing he could do with that. If


such a clever play there. He saw the defenders were deep. He came


into this match as the spica with the best efficiency. Now he is


That would have been a crucial This could make or break the


Olympics for both of these two teams. And now a time-out. We have


really caught fire now. It was good Three more points and Russia will


be in the final. Off the block! And He just landed awkwardly after that


block. I don't think he will feel it for the moment because there is


adrenaline pumping and Russia are two points away from the Olympic


final. That is in! It's and ace. And it is much point for Russia. --


It is out. One match point saved. This could cause problems! It is in


The tournament's top scorer has sent Russia into the volleyball


final! 25-23. Three sets to one. The best in Athens and Beijing and


now they have their chance to go for gold.


SUE BARKER: yes, Russia go through and they will face Brazil or


bitterly in the final. We showed you the women's hockey team


celebrating bronze after defeating New Zealand. They were very


disappointed with their performance in the semi-finals but they bounced


straight back to defeat the black sticks. We show Judy celebrations


so now let's show you how they won Stanton. Maybe they could have done


with her lead run. She gets into pace on the track. A full-length


dive. And you can see her going in to save the defection and that


takes it over the top. -- that is a penalty corner. She held


the ball long enough to draw the Dutch-bred towards her -- the New


penalty corner Britain have got. If they got trapped at the top. Crista


Cullen, keeping the ball load but enough height off the ground to


make it awkward for the goalkeeper. I cannot see New Zealand coming


players, then, in attacking positions. Well played by Henrik


Ingebrigsten cloud. Driving brilliant! What a comeback this has


been! What an absolutely fantastic penalty-corner routine. Initially


running in, drawing the New Zealand Yes, and those celebrations


continued for some time, I can tell you. The first medal for women's


hockey in 20 years, and hopefully the men can do the same against


Australia. That will be tomorrow afternoon. Let's take a check on


the headlines from earlier. British sailors Luke Patience and


his partner picked up a medal at down on the south coast.


And that achievement was matched by the women's 470 crew, coming second


And Britain's Luke Campbell cruise to in the bantamweight final. It


should be some atmosphere at the ExCel Centre. He will be fighting


Joe Nevin for the gold. Anthony Ogogo had to settle for


bronze after losing his semi-final this afternoon.


After gold last night, it has been a disappointing day for Britain in


taekwondo. Sarah Stevenson Andrew Taylor Mohammed both lost in the


knockout stages. -- and Lutalo Muhammad.


The basketball has now moved over to the North Greenwich Arena and it


is Dream Team USA against Argentina. But first, Spain versus Russia.


That is live on BBC Three. Russia on needing14 -- are leading 27-14


in that one. We are moving on, and synchronised


swimming is a far cry from the speed, power and aggression we see


elsewhere. But it is demanding and it is like performing a gymnastics


routine underwater. It might be a new sport for many of you at home,


The competition pool is 25 metres wide, 30 metres in length and three


metres deep. Swimmers are not permitted to touch the bottom but


will create the illusion of doing so by using their body strength to


perform lifts. The athletes will spend up one minute at a time under


the surface. There are 14 judges looking on, with up to 100 points


available for each routine. The technical routine is judged on


execution and overall impression. In the free routine, artistic


impression and technical merit are 104 athletes will compete for two


titles. Each competition will comprise of two routines. Technical


and free. 24 duets will perform both routines, with the top 12


progress into the final. Eight groups will compete in the team


event final for which there are no preliminaries. The technical


routine includes predetermined elements which must be performed in


a specific order, but the free routine has no requirements and is


a chance for the swimmers to get creative.


If you would like to get involved in Olympic sports, go to the


Today, the eight teams in the final perform their routine to music.


Robin Cousins, the Olympic figure skater has been helping the British


team. British -- Team GB were lying Any moment now, you will see the


team from GB led by Jenna Randall and Olivia Federici. The screen


from the crowd will tell you they are on their way. They have spent


two years preparing, choreographing and perfecting the routine you will


see today. It is to the theme of Peter Pan. Things to watch out for


in this, Tinkerbell will be in there, pirates, flying, a crocodile


as well and also Peter Pan himself will feature. A higher risk start


Robin Cousins, the Olympic medallist for ice-skating. He has


been working with the team. When he saw the team, he asked if there


could be voice-overs. They said, yes. He phoned his friend, Michael


Crawford. That is who is doing the water with the sculling action.


Beautiful interpretation. Such allowed to use the bottom of the


muscle strength holding on to those verticals bins. Great, keep it


going. This is the best I have seen them swim. They are doing a


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learn as a basic for synchronised but they count every beat to make


sure the synchronisation is per Randall being left at the end there.


That is the best I have seen them swim. Their coaches will be so


pleased with that performance. Absolutely brilliant. It really was


a spectacular way to get this team's final under way. Look at


this opening lift from Jenna Randall. It is high risk to start


the routine but she got it absolutely spot on. That was very


impressive from Team GB. They have 88.140 his first goal. -- is their


and all the hard work they have put in has paid off. We cannot blame


them for milking the applause of the crowd. What an experience.


Spain are the reigning silver medallists from the Olympic Games


four years ago in Beijing. They had a world championship bronze last


year behind China. And the duet took silver earlier in the week.


The music they have chosen for this is called the Ocean. You will see


some pretty scary speed -- sea monsters. But it will be creative


monsters in your mind as you watch the performance as the choreography


incredible. -- stunning. To get that much height in the water and


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everything. Those angles are so hard to synchronise but they are


absolutely perfect. The panel of artistic judges, this will


definitely get a high score from when they have got two legs out of


the water, that is important and they are travelling fast through


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


rapturous applause. -- the crowd from the team from Spain. The crowd


absolutely love it. Such talented and gifted athletes. I really love


the costumes as well. They are new ones. They had different ones when


they came here for the test event. That is a fantastic theme of the


sea monsters and it really told the much on a par with what they got


yesterday. They will be in first place for the moment. I think they


are relieved to know their fate, Olympic medals are up for grabs


here. You have got to get it right. That goes for the judges as well as


the swimmers. The team currently leading the competition, the


defending Olympic champions in both the teams and duets are Russia.


They are on average the oldest team here, 26 years old on average.


There have won every gold medal since 2000. Russia are the world


and European champions. This will be amazing. Their theme is the lost


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throughout all of the Russian position -- performances. There


the spacing between them is absolutely perfect. They are


supposed to swim as close together as they can so they can very


quickly changed formation. And a fantastic view of this sculling


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


line into a diagonal, back in two the water at times but they have


crammed in so much difficulty into this routine. That is so hard to


Totally inspirational. I love watching the Russians swim. They


are the Olympic champions, the current Olympic champions. They


will be very, very difficult to beat. On the artistic side, I


enjoyed Spain as much but on the technical side, they are high in


the water than Russians -- than the Russians and they put in moves that


nobody else would be able to attempt. And look at that height in


the water. And some high, high Marx. Both of those out of 50 and a total


of 197.03 for Russia. I think that will pretty much guarantee the gold


medal at yet again for Russia. And now this is China. They currently


lie in second place in the standings. They are going to want


to hold on to that. They were so disappointed to have lost out to


Spain in the duets with the silver medal. Their theme now his


your mind as you are watching this choreographer read because it


really is beautiful. -- as you are watching this choreography. They


cannot afford to make one error if they want to hold onto that silver-


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


from one transition to another. No time is wasted setting up for


things. Having said that, that was a bit long there, setting up. I


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


would have liked that to have been performance. The theme of


butterflies. Technically, they were so fantastic. I would not like to


be a judge! It is going to be so hard to choose probably Russia, who


will take the gold. They are just a bit too foreign head. But so close


between China and Spain, and just look at that vertical line. Just


amazing. Tense moments here for It puts them ahead of Spain, and


they were so death -- so desperate for the silver medal in the duets.


Tears of joy for China after the tears of disappointment on Tuesday.


And from their coach as well. What an emotional week it has been.


Russia, celebrating the medal with more tears from them. And you can


see why they call it the kiss and cry corner. And the result is


confirmed. Russia take the gold, china, silver, and Spain the bronze.


Canada in 4th, Japan in 5th, Great Britain in six, and then Egypt and


Australia. And Team GB, do you think they will be happy with what


they got? I think they did a fantastic swim today. Their coach


will be looking at that video to see if they can improve but it is


the best I have ever seen them swim. Their aim was to finish in the top


six and they did that and they really nailed their performance


today. A at the top teams were at streets ahead of everybody else and


the Russian celebrations can now A well-earned gold but a good


performance from the British team on their Olympic debut. Earlier, we


showed you the celebrations as the women's hockey team won against New


Zealand. And we can hear from their captain because a week ago she was


hit in her face and fractured her jaw. She came back to rejoin the


team wearing a protective mask in the quarter-final stage. Nothing


would stop her from trying to win an Olympic medal.


Bronze medallist! How does that sound? Are it sounds amazing!


fouled we were not going to go home empty-handed. We promised ourselves


we were not going to go home. We swept the New Zealand's team aside


and I am so proud of the girls. The whole 28 squad. We did it for all


of them. And I remember it well - some of the girls were heartbroken


and they did not want to talk to us. What happened in the pre-match


today? It was just a quiet confidence and assurance and the


knowledge that we knew we would give everything. We have done some


difficult things together over the last few years. We have been in the


Marines and been put through our paces. You missed a couple of


chances in the first half and did you think, this is not going to be


our day? Never! I believe we had enough in us and we knew that if


the chances came in the second half, we would take them. I hope this is


the start of something very special for Great Britain and hockey.


you said you were not going home empty-handed, I believe you! I saw


the determination in your eyes. And you got off to a blistering start


today? Yes. We thought if we could railroad them in the first five, 10


minutes, we could do it. Once we broke them, we knew we could take


them. I have said is probably a hundred times to my colleagues - if


anybody deserves a gold medal for bravery. You fractured jaw jaw and


got back to playing. It is an unbelievable, remarkable story.


don't think it will hit me until a few weeks' time. I have been so


focused on getting a medal and once we did not get the gold, we were


focused on getting the bronze, and in a few weeks' time, it will hit


me. What a crazy two weeks it has been! And what has this dumb for


British hockey? It is massive, isn't it? -- what has this done?


has been such a fantastic tournament. So many Games played


and we want everybody, all ages, get out there and pick up a hockey


stick. And one of the spectators, watching you today? Yes. She is a


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