BBC Two: Day 14: 18.00-19.00 Olympics

BBC Two: Day 14: 18.00-19.00

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Welcome back. We have plenty to look forward to hear over the next


hour. We have coverage of the semi- finals of handball, I will be


talking to the President of the IOC, Jacques Rogge, and before that, the


headlines. There is more good news for Britain today.


Britain's men and women 470 crews picked up the silver medals meaning


the sailors will finish with a gold medal and four silvers.


Britain's Luke Campbell will fight for gold after reaching the final


of the bantamweight category. Anthony Ogogo got bronze earlier.


Great Britain's women beat New Zealand 3-1 to win the bronze medal


and pick up the nation's first hockey medal for 20 years.


Lutalo Muhammad suffered a disappointing defeat in his


taekwondo quarter-final but he does have a chance at bronze by the


repechage. It looks as though we have yet


another exciting evening ahead of us. One more night of athletics


before the stadium is prepared for the closing ceremony. When


Sebastian Coe and his team were awarded the Games back in 2005, he


promised that London would leave a legacy and inspire a generation.


Fullback, who needed the sport's biggest stars to perform well on


the world stage and boy, have they delivered. How can the Olympic


Games get any more incredible? teenager kicking superstar from


North Wales is the Olympic champion. And he does it, Peter Wilson has


done it, he has won gold! You are an Olympic champion, you are and


the Olympic champion. It is a golden triumph for Andy Murray.


Unbelievable! Everybody in the crowd can proudly say, I was there.


Nicola Adams has just made history. Jessica Ennis is the Olympic


champion. The champion becomes a legend!


Wonderful images. There have been some memorable moments. Let's hear


what the President of the International Olympic Committee


thinks so far, are welcome to Jacques Rogge, lovely to see you


again. First of all, your impressions of London 2012? I am a


very grateful man for everything which has been achieved. London


made promises seven years ago in Singapore but they have delivered


much more than we expected. When you say much more, what? There is


the intractable issue that the organising committee cannot


organise but it has to deliver. The kindness of the volunteers. The


kindness also of the people in the street when you walk through London.


This is a city partying. And also the crowds, the spectators. I think


it has been amazing. Of all the venues, the Olympic Stadium, to


have 80,000 people and therefore a morning session, is unheard-of.


is unheard of. It is reassuring for the future of sport. We believe


sport will be important for the development of youth. What you have


shown here is very encouraging. talk about the legacy and the youth,


it is lovely when you look around the Olympic Park, it is all


families. Yes, it is families, it is an ideal whale -- an ideal way


to enjoy sport. I am a happy man. Had you been impressed with the


venues? It is lovely to see the kids with their faces painted. The


tickets have been sold and every venue has been full but London has


looked wonderful, the weather has been kind but all the venues from


Horse Guards Parade to hide Park. The venues are iconic, definitely.


But they also well run. The important thing is that the venues


are sustainable. We will not leave any white elephant after the Games.


After the eight -- out of the eight sports venues, six already have


tenants. This is an important aspect. I know that was an issue


because it has happened in the past? It has happened in the past


but unfortunately he around there. -- here and there. We had issues


where the legacy and sustainability was not considered enough will stop


you created a legacy company which I believe is a good way to handle


this. I would like your opinion on the opening ceremony. It had a lot


of humour and also quite spectacular. I remember discussing


with Sebastian at the opening ceremony in Beijing and the closing


ceremony in Beijing at his intention was to go another way.


Not to try to emulate China because this is not possible given the size


of the population, and he said to me, this will be a British opening


ceremony and it was in every sense of the word. What Danny Boyle has


done was absolutely fantastic. Yes, the British sense of humour was


there with Mr Bean and the Queen's parachute, it was fantastic.


think that does set the tone for the Games. It has set the tone. It


is for friendly, family, easy-going. Talk us through some of the events.


What have you enjoyed watching? enjoyed watching many, too many to


name but definitely Usain Bolt in the 100 metres and the 200m. David


Rudisha yesterday evening. This was majestic. He has a strike which is


so beautiful. -- he had a stride. Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte in


the swimming pool. You had Ben Ainslie in Weymouth. But many other


events. These were fantastic games. I know you are a big fan of Ainslie


and you love sailing, you said even when he won his third gold medal


that this achievement was bigger than Michael Phelps, what do you


feel about him winning four? Ben is the best sailor of all time. He has


now superseded the legendary Danish sailor. Benn has won for gold


medals. He is the best sailor of his generation. He is the very good


sailor. I'm modestly sailed in the same class in the Olympic Games so


I know what it takes. I was never able to win, he has won for.


said it Jonas Hogh-Christiansen made him angry. They should not


have done. You mentioned Usain Bolt but I owed heard that you do not


consider him a legend yet. He is everything, he is an icon, a legend,


the best sprinter of all time. The description of her career is


something that you do at the end of the Korea. I believe that if he is


spared from injuries and if he can do one or two games more, that he


might have more medals than all the other champions such as Carl Lewis.


So he has still got a lot to prove. He is 25. I think there is a


possibility of two more games, if he is spared from injury, if he can


keep his motivation, he can get to nine medals. It has been incredible.


And it is not over. There is still the relay and they have chances.


Given that they were one, two and three yesterday. As long as they


get the baton round, they are the only winners. It was a big moment


for us yesterday when Nicola Adams became the first woman to win


Olympic gold in boxing and there were incredible scenes down at the


ExCel arena, for her and Katie Taylor who won yesterday. Yes, I


was there. The atmosphere was unbelievable. We are very happy


because we deliberately included women's boxing because we thought


it was the time to do it. We have been criticised by people who said


that boxing was not a sport for women and the women were not good


enough to compete at the Olympic Games. I believe we have been


vindicated yesterday by the success. Not only the crowd, all the


specialists say this was the time. Their speed, power and technical


ability, lots of people had doubts but they proved them wrong, a great


advert for women's boxing and women's sport. Is there anything


you feel has not worked in London? No, everything has worked apart


from minute details which we were able to solve very quickly. It has


been a great success. Organisation wise, but also the performances


which an organiser cannot determine. If you look at the level of the


competitions and the level of the result, it is fantastic. And also


Great Britain being the host nation has done so well, that helps.


is something we always said to the BOA and to LOCOG, I said to


Sebastian Coe and, Monaghan, please give us British medals up front, we


need medals on day one all day two. We had to wait until day two but


from then on, what an acceleration. We cannot follow any more, I


believe you must be at 56 off 57. By the time we leave the studio we


will probably be over 60! probably will be! You talked about


the legacy and the venues, some of them will not stay here, they are


temporary stadiums which will be moved to other parts of Great


Britain. Yes, that is an intelligent use of the temporary


stance. If you have no need to have it in the city which has organised


the games, they can be located in other cities. I think we have


thrown down the gauntlet to Rio? You have done a fantastic job and


it is not over yet. There are still two days to go. I will have a very


warm speech at the closing ceremony. That will mean a lot to have one


who has worked so hard and to everyone who is watching. Thank you


for joining us. That is a wonderful view to see so many people enjoying


the Olympic Games. It is unbelievable. Thank you.


To we talked about medals, 244 medals have been awarded, that


means 58 to go. For many athletes, it is not just whether you win, but


how you celebrate. Gold, the golden moment, everyone


wants it but what do you do when you have won it? Who has done the


most stylish celebration of London 2012? After all, they have had four


years to think about it. We have had some crackers so far. German


discus thrower, Robert Harting went over the hurdles. Ben Ainslie


pushed the boat out, literally lighting up the Weymouth coastline.


We have had splashing swimmers, track hissing, medal biting, flag


waving, shock and or at the rowing and if we want commitment to the


cause, it does not get better than dancing Denise and the boys in the


studio. But which brightest moments have shone for the fans? Was it


this? Make some noise for the screamers. Or is your money on the


move at there have been calling the moult Bott. It has gathered


momentum. Feel the Love, Team GB, pure passion from Pendleton. The


moment the sweetheart of the track gave us her heart. There is plenty


of pointing as well. Andy Murray started it. If you do not want to


look up, hit the deck, cover your eyes, lie back and think of Britain.


You have just won Gold. Sir Chris Hoy likes to keep it


simple, old school. Chris Hoy get the gold medal! He loves a hug as


well. And we have seen lots of hugging. Most of it has been done


by Sir Steve Redgrave. Keep on hugging, Sir Steve. And they have


been tears as well. It has been emotional. But there is one


celebration, one athlete which has captured the imagination with this,


his signature move. The bolt. So, for all you young aspiring athletes


out there, it is great to dream about your golden moment but you


will need to think about what you It has been the most famous


celebration but if Mo wins tomorrow, maybe we will see his move tomorrow.


And now to the handle. -- the handball. This afternoon, in the


Basketball Arena, Sweden are could be recovered. Sweden get the


throw. 14 minutes played here in by their keep -- key players so far.


And now cutting inside and he has given away the free-throw. He has


their team for all they are worth. They are trying to lift them as


they go through the pack. And it is a throw-in to Hungary. They will


see if this helps move Sweden back. standing. He comes up and finds


gaps in the defence. Sweden still reading. But just by two goals. --


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 44 seconds


substitutions between defence and bogged down in the defence. Before


he can get back out, the Swede stolen on the rebound. They did


substitutions between attack and defence so he has to slot in and


their good, strong player. Loathed to make a quick substitution.


Sweden will take advantage while he goes off. Quick acceleration into


the wind. And saved! The 5th one by him. Too many steps there and the


ball is out quickly! And they do it off Iceland. But he is hobbling


back up. He is remonstrating with the referee, saying, I was injured


down there and I am getting no help whatsoever! He is on a 43% saved


rate. He has gone storming off behind the bench. Whether the


medical staff will give him treatment... And it looks like he


as the Hungarian bench looks on, quite bemused. There is the


pressure on him. He jumps... And as he landed, it is on the landing he


seems to have hurt himself. Nobody else involved. Just an awkward


landing. We will have to wait and see if he comes back on again.


Whether he has pulled a hamstring ball of way it on these attacks.


And saved again! -- giving them in... And I think he landed on his


own player. It could be his ankle. The two Swedish coaches are in


discussion. They had a four goal lead at one point. That is a sad


sight and this could be a huge loss for Hungary. He has scored eight so


far. Four of them were penalties. He is hobbling off and the Swede


limbs off as well. The hamstring, I'm afraid. Well, this is an ankle


injury. He jumped and he came down he was held up. Free-throw and


Sweden keep possession. Hungary still only 51% success rate for the


shooting. But the Swedes on 61%. Sweden have scored their 23 goals


from only 41 shots. And a foul there. This is the second top


scorer for Sweden, with 42 goals. And now a change in keeper. There


is the unfortunate injury and you wonder if his tournament is now


to take a chance. Blasted into the goal. And a cheer. As he turns the


wear, the Hungarian has gone back in goal. -- as he turns away. And


he streams out and looks for support. But the Hungarians have


got back into defence very quickly. They learned their lesson from the


first half and they have been working really hard getting back in


sub. Again, some are necessary two- minute suspensions. -- some


the game. Sweden have a power play now for the next two minutes. The


Hungarians, relentless in supporting their team. A free throw


and he looks over him angrily as if to say, you are holding on to me.


Trying to make it look like a defensive foul. Going wide and they


are trying to isolate him with their defence. Looks like it is


working at the moment. The third goal for him. The 31-year-old,


scored over 200 poles for Hungary with 18 performances. -- over 200


and he gets his third! Eight minutes remaining. It is now the


Swedes who are fluffing their lines. Another power-play. He puts it wide.


And they are back to within one. time-out. Pleading with them...


Don't give the ball away cheaply! And there's the captain trying to


say it a few words as well. He also played for Germany. Nothing quite


on song here in the second half. Five so far. And the stationary off


the penalty shot. And the emotions of the coach. In a handball coach


is not good for your blood pressure! -- being a handball coach.


He cuts it the other way, and no mistake this time! He gets his 5th.


The 31-year-old from Atletico Madrid. And in a few seconds,


hungry will be back to full strength. They just have to be


been a more potent force. Here he comes. That was nearly an attacking


The goalkeeper says, no, it didn't. Let's see. He falls on the ball and


it has got to cross the line complete the. There is so much glue


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 44 seconds


on it, it is stuck to him! But the insistent on trying to shoot from


that he is on two two minutes suspensions. The fans are getting


more raucous in the hall. They sense a comeback. One goal in it.


The last five minutes of the game remaining. He is through. It was


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 44 seconds


shot, but after that they came back in his time as a player. A


Hungarian has got a yellow card after disagree with the last


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 44 seconds


decision. The referee went over and normal time, it is extra time. A


team time-out for hungry with six seconds remaining on their power-


play. -- for Hungary. The Hungarians have certainly given us


drama. In their quarter-final against Iceland, they levelled the


score and then went on to win on was too late by then. Sweden had a


four goal lead at 21-17 but since then Hungary have gone up a gear.


Sweden have been three times the beaten finalists, 1992 against


Russia, 96 against Croatia and 2000 against Russia. Hungary have never


made it through to the final. There have been on the bronze medal play-


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 44 seconds


strength have possession again. 2.5 minutes remaining and they still


lead by one. Each time Hungary have got within one goal, Sweden have


opened up the gap again. He has done it now! His 5th goal. He


missed three. He hits form when it That was his second of the game for


himself and as his leg goes up, landed with the ball still in his


well. You would have expected him to score. Anderson pulls off his


12th save of the game. It could be absolutely crucial. The coach


cannot believe it. One minute and eight seconds to go. Sweden are on


the attack. They lead by only one the clock still ticks down. Now


there is a time-out. Absolute drama right almost jumped out of their


chairs with the last shot. If the Hungarians can leaven it now it


will take the game into extra time but they do not have long left.


There are about 40 seconds for Sweden to keep possession. What


will they do? They probably need to be more aggressive in defence.


Sweden are still talking, the Hungarians are wrong court, they


want to get on with it. -- they are Sweden. They are in the crowd as


they have been on many occasions supporting Sweden. He has scored!


There is one goal in it. The clock has been stopped with five seconds


remaining. The technical official play will resume with five seconds


remaining for Sweden to hang on and go to the final of the London 2012


Olympic handball competition. There it is! Sweden have hung on to win,


27-26. The celebrations are unbelievable! The goalkeeper is mob,


Hungarian top scorer was injured and missed the last 15 minutes of


the game. Dejection on the Hungarian bench for the 4th time in


Olympic history, they failed at the on tears. The Swedish coach, who


was leaping and jumping all over the bench. That is it. We have our


first finalists that London 2012 in the men's handball competition,


Sweden have beaten hungry 27-26. I We certainly did. The other semi-


final is coming up tonight at 8:30pm which will be on the red


button. France, the current Olympic champions Arab against Croatia who


are unbeaten so far at the Games. Now we will take you back to the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 44 seconds


men's hijack at Eton Dorney. -- the take victory in the second semi-


final. He looked comfortable, he looked strong, he is safely through


to the final and he has done it in winning style. A fantastic


performance. He got himself up and running, taking the lead early on.


Nobody seemed to be coming back at him at all. A very dominant


performance there. We were concerned about the world


defending world champion is out. He had a wrist injury earlier this


year. Not so McKeever. Look at the style here. He is powering on the


boat, shaking from side to side. Sometimes he is more ragged. There


is plenty of raw power there. 200m is difficult to make sure you


keep control and your technique throughout the whole cause. -- a


whole course. Your arms are just And Ed will be in the final


tomorrow. Can he emulate the pair who won gold in the canoe slalom?


And talking of them, they won the canoe slalom's first ever cold


Britain and is celebrated by jumping in the water! -- first ever


gold for Great Britain. -- and they Wow! So that is what we are going


to go on, and it will probably go slightly quicker than you! It is


the Miami Vice dream come true. Welcome! Thank you very much. This


is what makes it all the more What we can't understand, why on


earth with two canoeists on to come out in a boat? I would have thought


that is the last thing you want to do! Oh, feel the thrill of that


speed on the water. That is what it Canoeing, when did it start?


started when I was pretty young. Maybe 11 or 12 in the Scouts. And


the Scout leaders put me in a canoe and it fully filled up because I


could not swim at that point! I had never learned to swim. They showed


me around on the river and it was brilliant. What do you love about


the sport? When you get it right, you were using the power of the


water and everything you are putting in his from what the water


is giving you. And you are just flying down the river. So you won


the gold medal and yet you were just sort of happy to be at the


Olympics, in a way? Is that correct? I had a very serious


injury a few years ago and I had to have shoulder surgery to fix it.


But then, this was the London Olympics and I thought, we have got


to find a way to get ourselves into the race. And let's have a crack at


this because it is not going to happen again. Let's go all out.


went first and a suppose once you had set that time, everybody us who


competed, you thought, they have to mess up. We just watched the story


unfold. We are friends with everybody so it is really better


Swede. We would like them to be good but only fractionally less


good! If when did you know it could be gold? It is hard to say. The


Slovak champions were there for their 4th historic champions.


for them to go behind us, that was a shock. And once they were on


course and we definitely had gold or Silva, it would be the top


British crews on both steps of the podium. Or some! -- it would have


been awesome. My coach was next to me and died kissed him! It was


bristly! There was no time for thinking about it. It was a blur


because there was not enough... If you had a camera on the side, that


would have been nice. But it all happened so, so quickly. And the


great thing for you, wherever you go for the rest of your lives,


people will introduce you as Olympic champions. It doesn't seem


like it should be happening to us! Living the dream, as they say. That


is what is happening right now. That looked like fun! Enjoy your


gold medals. Well done to them. No speedboats allowed down Weymouth


and Portland. But they were moving pretty quickly today because I am


pleased to say the wind had picked up and medals were up for grabs.


And I am pleased to say, good news for Britain.


We knew this morning that British sailors would win two medals but we


did not know the colours. And Hannah Mills was sailing with


Saskia Clark, who walked away from Beijing with nothing. In the men's


470, Scotland's Luke Patience sailing with his best mate, Stuart


before, were in a battle with Australia. To win gold, they had to


them and Australia to win. We can see the line there, looking for


Australia. The British team attacked the Australians and as


both boats head out to the right hand side of the course, it is the


British team who have the stronger start. A slow, tense first leg but


it was going to plan for the Brits. This is perfect for them because


there is a boat between them. Between them and the Australians.


Downwind, the Brits lost the lead. They needed to change their


strategy. And the British have gained. To win gold, they need to


overtake the Australians and have a boat between them. Can they do it?


Leg three, time to attack. A vital cross. The pressure, the intensity


Australia. Well, in the next few minutes, they will know, but now it


is Great Britain on the back foot. Patients didn't give up. A tense


race but the Australians, downwind, slipped past. Great Britain, a


superbly Olympic competition. We are proud of you. A Olympics silver


for Great Britain and it is a great First Games, a silver medal.


Fantastic! This is so good because it has been three, four years hard


work together and 15 years up there. And we are here, standing on an


Olympic podium. It is not a gold but we have plenty of time. We are


young boys. But for now, enjoy the moment. Stuart is an absolute


legend and we are happy, happy boys. A happy boy is just got a lot


happier! Straight off the podium with medals around their necks. The


smile is even bigger than before! Yes. That is what you dream about,


that moment a couple of minutes ago. The winter training for hours and


hours, and to finally do it, physically, after so many years of


dreaming of doing it, that is amazing. Already thinking about Rio,


but to share those last four years to go back and a moment on the


podium, that is up there, Stuart? Absolutely. We went out there today


and raised our hearts out. We got up on the podium just then and it


was something else. It felt so good. Another horror! -- some more


hugging! When was the moment where you suddenly realise what you had


achieved and you hugged each other? It was somewhere along the last


reach coming towards the finish. We had been suppressing a lot of


excitement and emotion up to then, because there was still a job to do


with a gold medal in touch. But, you know, what can we say? The


Aussies are slightly better than us. The did a great job. Huge


congratulations. -- you did. But the girls, they also had a job to


but also not break a rule and let the umpires give them a penalty


turn. 11 seconds to go. It looks like the Kiwis have had a


disappointing start but the British team have had a better start.


the start, the boats went on opposite sides of the track but


only one would be rewarded. could still change. It needed a big,


big wind shift. Without it, they have got it all on. Roll into a


jibe. Hannah Mills and Saskia Clark are at the back of the pack here.


But if there can be a huge win shift just once, there can be


another one. -- wind shift. But from a New Zealand perspective,


things could not be going better at the moment. Look at that! They are


listening to the crowds. It is London 2012 Olympic gold for the


New Zealanders. Olympic silver for Hannah Mills and Saskia Clark.


Right now, they are feeling the pain, but on reflection, an


Yeah. It was tricky. We wanted to go to the left but we 20 degrees


right shift came over. Pretty gutted, to be honest, but we have


had a wicked 18 months to go there and she is amazing. We have had a


great time! They might have had a great time but I think they have


had an even better time now. They are here with their medals, finally


smiling! Yes, we really wanted that medal and to lose it in such an


annoying way was a bit unfortunate. But we sailed as best we could. We


are so happy to come away with a silver medal. 18 months together,


silver medal? It has been an awesome 18 months. We teamed up


three months for the trials and we qualified for the team. Since then,


we have not looked back. We have won the worlds this year and we are


gradually getting happy about that! And to share that together, just


quickly, it is quite a moment? You have had a hell of a journey?


We have been through the highs and the lows. We get on so well and we


have so much fun together and worked really hard. You are going


to have more fun. Enjoy that medal and congratulations. Britain has


won five medals - four silvers and one bronze. But the road to the


have moved ahead of South Korea in 4th place. 50 m medals in total but


only 13 golds. -- 58. Later, Tom Daley will be back on the diving


platform. That is coming up at 7pm. And then over to the Olympic


Stadium for an exciting evening of athletics. Plenty of relays to look


forward to. The sheets get under way and Great Britain go in the


first of the heats. -- the heapeds. That could be nervous. And the


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