BBC One: Day 15: 09.00-12.00 Olympics

BBC One: Day 15: 09.00-12.00

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Hello, and welcome to the penultimate day of London's Olympic


Games. It's all nearly over. But today, 32 gold medals can be won,


the most on offer in any day. So, can two of our biggest names top


the podium, and end this fantastic fortnight in style?


18-year-old Tom Daley has an old head on young shoulders. But, will


he have a medal around his neck tonight, at the Aquatics Centre?


A week on from that sensational Saturday, can Mo Farah light up the


Olympic Stadium again, with a delightful double? It's 25 golds,


and counting. Could canoe sprint deliver number 26 for Great


Britain? Ed McKeever hopes so. And there's high expectations for


European champions Jon Schofield and Liam Heath, in the kayak double


later this morning. So here's what we have in store for


The finals get underway at Eton Dorney at 9.30, with Ed McKeever


first up. After that, we'll be off to the


Aquatics Centre, for the semi- finals of the men's diving.


It's back to the canoe sprint in between, with Jess Walker also in


action. Later today, there's the final of


the men's football: Brazil versus Mexico.


Britain's men's hockey team get a chance to emulate the women, and


claim a bronze medal, with an Ashes clash on BBC Three this afternoon.


At 7.30 tonight, Mo Farah goes in search of 5,000 metre glory.


Tom Daley will hopefully be back on the diving board for the final, at


8.30. And Britain's Luke Campbell fights


Ireland's John Joe Nevin in the So, a big day here at the Olympics.


But we start today with what's happening in the Aquatics Centre,


where the latest stage of Tom Daley's Olympic journey unfolds. He


became Britain's youngest ever champion in an Olympic sport when


he won the world championship at 15. He has lived in the media spotlight


ever since. So, after years of hype, has the 18 year old from Plymouth


From a height of 10 because, it takes Tom david swan 0.6 seconds to


hit the water. He is judged by those who know diving inside out


and upside down, at normal speed. For the rest of us, he has to be


slowed down. Only then, do all the twists and turns of his life reveal


themselves. So, there is a distortion to how we see the world


of Tom Daley. From the moment he looked up at the age of seven at


that platform high above Central Park School in his home city of


Plymouth, and told his dad that up there is one -- where he wanted to


climb, he has been this prodigy falling gracefully, unable to


escape analysis and scrutiny. He began to make an impact at


international competition at the age of nine. He was bullied at


school. He went to the Beijing Olympics at the age of 14.


Brilliant. In 2009, he became individual world champion in Rome.


Tom, come here and give me a cuddle. He won individual gold at the


Commonwealth Games, and in the synchronised. His companion, driver,


film-maker, best mate, his father, aged 40, died of a brain tumour.


This year, Tom won the individual 10m platform in the European


Championships. But, was he doing too much of this? And even in


London, is there no escape of being visible, available to be insulted?


He is up there with the best. This is his moment. But, can he beat Qiu


Bo, his arch rival? For the twists and turns of Bint Tom Daley.


Perhaps we will never see him as he truly is at normal speed, and we


should only worry that he does not go the other way of other child


stars. Except, falling is what Tom Daley does. How we see him is no


more distorted than how he sees the world, from a handstand on the edge


a rig platform 10m up there. Perhaps we should simply enjoyed


Tom Daley and all he does, while it lasts. I was nine when I drew this,


we are doing a handstand in London 2012. All 1.6 seconds of it.


When Tom dives, the voice you hear commentating is Leon Taylor, Athens


silver medallist. And he's here now. It has been quite a journey for him,


particularly since Beijing. Certainly, watching the video, it


shows how long we have known about this young child prodigy. How he


has grown, here he is in his second Olympic Games, at the age of 18. It


is a tough, a rollercoaster. The nation is glued to the TV. He is in


the semi-finals this morning. Last night wasn't great actually. He has


had to cope with the loss of his father, someone incredibly


important to him in his development as a diver. The great thing about


Tom Daley, he seems way above his ears. Everything that life throws


at him, in and out of the swindle macro, major life events, losing


his father, which would rock anyone, he has managed that incredibly well.


He is an inspiration. At the tender age of 18, lots of people are


behind him. It is a big day. cannot be easy. British Olympians


going into this, he is probably one of the best known, and he hasn't


won a medal. Tom Daley is an example, he is so close to so many


of the young people. He is so accessible, so young. Four years


ago, in Beijing. He has grown up now.


Tom gets under way at 10am this morning. And we're now down to the


last 18 divers, after last night's preliminary rounds. It's fair to


say, though, it didn't quite go according to plan for Tom at the


COMMENTATOR: Here he comes. He hasn't a lot to smile about at the


that put him right back into the competition.


It is fair to say it has taken a little while for Tom Daley to warm


crowd cannot believe what they are saying.


Now, Tom Daley. Not a good start. There is no margin for error on


this dive. Just do it right and you Part of the Olympic Games is you


have to go through three rounds before you get to the final.


Normally, the semi-final doesn't have many competitors but this was


He only just scraped into this. was touch and go. Tom and Pete


Waterfield, they both seemed relaxed. As soon as the competition


started, they looked jittery, they didn't seem to be enjoying their


moment. There was nowhere to hide, if you are feeling the pressure. It


is such an accurate sport. If the nerves are affecting you, it is


obvious. As Tom Daley mentioned, it is a long competition. Right at the


end. The pressure was building. They were not able to stand up in


the beginning. Tom made it through. It is a marathon of diving. The


points do not carry, which is in his favour. This morning, they


start from scratch. He had some macro -- dives to last. The entry


into the water needs to be vertical with as little splash as possible.


As low as possible. And a vertical entry. That was marginally short of


vertical. Anything far away from vertical is when the marks go very


low, we saw a few of those, and usually. Let us look at this one.


3.6 degree of difficulty. A little bit weak on take-off. He wasn't


He was arching, which meant that the dive was not complete. He


needed his last dive to kick him in. A few people last night were


wobbling. Pete Waterfield didn't make it through. You know him very


well, you want your medal together. His 4th Olympic Games. I spoke to


him. This is the one that let him down. He said, adding to have any


nerves Until I stood on the diving board and it hit me like a train.


He really struggled after that. The enormity of the occasion. Whatever


field you are in, no matter how much you prepare, you still don't


know what that moment will feel like. You can't get 17,000 people


to come in and watch you train, it is difficult to replicate those


conditions. I am hoping and wishing that Tom can perform as he can. I


am not going to talk about medals. If I see him produce the


performance he can, he will be very competitive. That's all you can


ever ask for, in an Olympic final, be competitive. It has been such a


long journey. You get scored for the way you execute a dive, and how


hard it is. After last night, when he changed what he does in his


choice? He definitely will not. In diving, you do six different dives,


they are judged on execution, to give a total for a cumulative score.


He will perform exactly the same, in the same order. He needs to get


rid of those nerves and stop performing at the level he wants to.


I am hoping the one thing I would say it is, put the smile on your


face, that changes everything in the body. He cannot block out the


crowd but you can let it is by you. Those who have done the best job


have stood on the diving board, Yes, Chinese divers were on fire


for stopped judo was faultless. He finished 110 points ahead of Tom


Daley. Qui Bo did not even need to perform his final dive to qualify


for the semi-final. And they knew was up there as well. And the


German gave an exceptional performance in the Pillar Mary's.


It will be exciting. Be to is a very competitive field so the best


of luck to Tom Daley. If Tom Daley, Mo Farah, Luke


Campbell and Ed McKeever do top the podium, it is worth looking at the


contrasting celebrations. We have seen all sorts of ways of enjoying


a golden moment. Jason Muhammad thought he would seek out the


special ones. The golden moment, everything wants


it. What do you do when you have won it. Who has done the most


stylish celebration of London 2012? They have had four years to think


about it. The German discus champion rip his top off like the


Hulk and then took to the hurdles. Ben Ainslie lifts up the Weymouth


Coast line. We have had splashing swimmers,


track kissing, medal kissing, medal biting, flag-waving. And if you


want commitment, it does not get better than dancing Denise Lewis


and the boys in the studio. But which golden moments have shone


brightest? Was it this... SCREAMING: make some noise for the


screening. Is your money on the move they have


been calling the move by Mo Farah. The feel the Love, Team GB, pure


passion from a Victoria Pendleton. The moment of the sweetheart of the


track gave us her heart. Pointing, Andy Murray mastered it. If he


don't want to look up, hit the deck and cover your eyes. Lie back and


think of Britain, Jessica, you deserve the rest. He had just won


the gold medal, how do you celebrate? Chris Hoy likes to keep


it old school. Chris Hoy gets the gold medal. He loves a hope, too.


And we have seen lots of hugging. Most of it has been done by Sir


Steve Redgrave. Keep on hugging! And there have been crying, it has


been emotional. There is one celebration, one athlete who has


captured the imagination with this... His signature move. So for


all of you aspiring athletes, it is great to dream about the golden


moment, but a unique to think about what you will do when you get


there! -- you need to think. Some of those fantastic moments.


There are so Steve Redgrave gets my boat for the hugging. Now to think


about the four years of hard work that ends in disappointment and the


finals of the BMX cycling went that way for the British psyche has,


both Sinead read and her counterpart had at progressed well


Shanaze Reade. She came out with absolute confidence. The first


rider to go sub 40, very nice work, Shanaze Reade. She is getting


caught in traffic. She is in 6th position at the moment, so much to


do. Bitter disappointment for Shanaze Reade. Difficult few days


and she is with me. How are you feeling? It is starting to sink in


that I did not come away with a medal that I had trained so hard to


do so. But I have enjoyed the whole experience of these Olympic Games.


The crowd have been so phenomenal. It has been incredible. What do you


think went wrong in the end? Was it the pressure and it being


overwhelming, but he did have a difficult start? I am not


disappointed, because in the heats I had one of the hardest. I was


battling with Caroline Buchanan from Australia. In the final I


thought I would play it safe a little bit to get out of trouble on


what was going on on the outside. I paused for the split second and


everybody came across to get on the inside of the first corner. I felt


myself trapped in and they could not do anything. The nature of the


sport, you have a split second to make those decisions and it can


then quickly? Yes, that is exciting part of the sport. It is a great


spectacle for people to watch, because it is exciting from start


to finish. It has been one of the hottest tickets. The only criticism


I have heard is everybody flashes by too quickly and it is over so


fast? If I could have had one more than one opportunity to go again


after that, I would have. I was proud of myself how I did, and how


my sponsors got behind me up to the Olympic Games. It has been


phenomenal. I am gutted I did not come away with a medal, but I can


hold my head up high and say added my best. You certainly can,


Victoria Pendleton was there yesterday. You know her pretty


well? Yes. And David Beckham? not see him, my eyesight is not the


best. You do go by pretty quickly. It is good he came and watch.


are only 23, so you have time? You will be back? Definitely. I will


keep training to be the Olympic champion. I have the attributes to


the Olympic champion and I just need to puts it together on the day.


I am going to take it step back door few weeks and gather my


thoughts and see where I go. But I definitely want to be in Rio.


Whether it will be on the track, BMX, I do not know. He will


consider track Cycling for real? Absolutely, it is a possibility.


Victoria has retired and it leaves the door open for other British


athletes coming through. I have demonstrated I am good at track


cycling, getting the gold medal with Victoria. And you are also in


one piece, which is not always the case. We have seen plenty of riders


crashing. You have had your share of broken bones, how many injuries


have you had? To name a few, I have broken my elbow, I have snapped the


ligaments of my wrist, dislocated both shoulders, broken my knee,


broken bones in my feet, my hands. It is not to put people off the


sport, it is the nature of the sport. It doesn't always happen to


everyone, but sometimes you can be caught out. Have they ever been a


moment when you have wavered and thought, this is putting myself


through too much? It is getting harder to cope with the injuries as


you get older, but it is part and parcel. I started racing from the


age of 10, and it is all I news. I was crashing from the beginning


because you want to expand your skills and take chances. And I


thought if this is what it is about, I have to put up with its. This has


not ended the way you would have wished it, but when you look back,


how we remember these two weeks? Probably the best of my life. It is


such a contrast to Beijing when I went in and felt so much pressure,


stress and anxiety. But it has been the opposite, I have been a very


chilled every day, I have enjoyed the crowd, everything, the whole


experience. It has not been the result that I wanted, I came away


with six position, went away with 8th position in Beijing, so I guess


it is a move up the ladder. But it has been the best two weeks of my


life. The BMX has been fantastic to watch. You have some big decisions


to make, but take your time in making them and well done.


There was disappointment on the BMX track for Great Britain, but could


there be happier times at Eton Dorney this morning? That is an


event that has inspired a lot of medals for the rowers. Setting the


scene in Berkshire, Helen Reeves. It is a glorious morning, if not a


little windy which may have an effect on the canoeists. That will


have a headwind in the faces of the guys and girls this morning? It all


mean do tide won't be as fast. The weather forecast has said it might


turn into a crosswind, and if that happens, lane seven and eight might


be affected. Because it is in the grandstand and the tunnelling of


the course, hopefully it won't have any effect on the racing conditions.


This is the day when are strong as medal hopes are in action and it is


Ed McKeever, the man dubbed the Usain Bolt of canoeing. He has


looked impressive in the heats and semi-finals and has sacrifice so


much in his personal life to go for the gold medal? He came out


yesterday, dominated the heats and the semi-final. He will be under


attack from other competitors. The Canadian was there. There will be


competition, the 200m is incredibly tight. Ed McKeever was looking


great. He has said he is coming here for the gold. He is so calm,


despite the weight of expectation, he is taking it in his stride?


seems to be in a focused frame of mind and maintaining it, which is


incredible. He has not been affected by the crowd or anything.


Fingers crossed. Give us an idea of his standing. He was world champion


a couple of years ago, he has been the leader of the pack in Great


Britain over this distance? Absolutely, he has dominated


internationally and nationally. In 2010 he came out wanting everything.


Got beaten a few times in the World Cups, but was European champion in


2011. But I think it almost made him mentally stronger to come out


here, having been beaten at the European Championships and stamp


his authority in the early part of the rates. Jess Walker got through


to the final of the women's kayak 200. She was counting how Lucky


Star has. She said she could not believe it will stop she is a


fantastic performer. She knew she was capable of it, but delighted to


be in the final. Now she is in it, it is all about getting a good


start and making sure she is in the pack. It will be a tough call to


get a month the medalists, but once you are in the race. She is 22 and


it is only her second or Olympics, and she is getting better? Yes, she


is one of the youngest out there this morning. Pavlysh are well hold


her nerve and deliver like she did in the semi-final yesterday.


Liam Heath and Jon Schofield, we have high hopes for them in the


kayak double. They have been on the podium in nearly every competition


they had been in? In the European Championships, they were at the top,


hearing the national anthem, which I ensure this is where they want to


be today. But there is a strong Russian per in the semi-finals.


They will be amongst five of them battling it out for the medal


positions. But the British pair have had a taste of what the gold


medal is and they will desperately be wanting it. They will want to be


on the podium. I am confident in their ability to do that. High


hopes of medals today at Eton Dorney, Ed McKeever, we hope for


the gold medal for him is off at 9:37am.


We will be back with you in a few minutes. Now to hear from the man


himself. He said his first Olympic memories go back to Linford


Christie and Chris Boardman. Now he aims to join them as the British


The 500-metre races have been replaced by the 200-metre races,


and as a consequence that had improved your chance of a medal.


yes, at think it has, I've been successful, silver medal at the


World Championships, pretty much in every race I have done for the past


three years. I am quite confident of my form going into this one.


Tell me how you got into it, way back in 1995. I believe a school


friend took you to raid canoe club. Yes, after school. In a small town,


not much to do. I ended up wasting by afternoons at the canoe Club.


hasn't been a waste, you are doing very well. I have read that you


have been likened to the Usain Bolt of canoeing. I have heard that. But


Philip I can go as fast as he does. -- Hopefully.


Well, whichever way it goes for Ed McKeever, it will all happen


quickly. 30 seconds that could define his career are about to get


under way at Eton Dorney. The canoe sprint, there are two


distinct types of boat. The kayak is raced by up to four competitors,


known as K1, K2 and K4. Kayak Evans are contested by men over distances


of 201,000 metres. Women compete over 205 hundred metres. The canoe


is C1 and C2. It is also contested over 200, and 1000 metres. The


canoe it is propelled using single blade paddles, directed by using


one stroke on one side. The first to cross is a winner but a


PhotoFinish is often required to confirm results. A dead heat in


qualifying will see both competitors progress but they may


be forced to race again if places are limited.


If he would fight to get involved in a live exports, go to our


website for more information. Back to Eton Dorney.


Ed McKeever is the most calm and focused man down here. Yesterday,


speaking to him after the semi- finals, despite the fact he was


impressive, he didn't get carried away. He had some good times, the


fastest time in the heats and semi- finals. His big danger is De Jonge,


who has had the fastest time in the world over. Admittedly, and an


official time, in the Canadian time-trials. He looked impressive


as well. Ed McKeever, world champion two years ago. Impressive.


Good winter training. Everything has gone to plan. All he needs now


is a little bit of luck, a decent start. Heat is the favourite to win


gold medal for Great Britain, to give us a great start to what could


be an excellent start at Eton Dorney.


He has looked fantastically strong in the heats and semi-finals.


looks to be no witness to Ed McKeever. Earlier, talking to Helen,


everything has been dedicated to this moment. He moved from Bradford


upon Avon, to be close to a good training centre. He has been


training at Eton Dorney for several months. He is used to this scenario


and the bid situation. His preparation could not have gone any


better. The fact he has been the best band in the world, and


excellent preparations, raises our The stage is set at Eton Dorney,


the first of the finals of the day. Let us hand you over to our


army of fans here. Craviotto, second quickest in the


won his heat, his semi-final. What a challenge he will face from De


Jonge, quickest in the semi-finals. Beaumont, second in his semi-final


behind Ed McKeever. Novakovic, the European champion.


You know it is a good race when tension. The relative quiet before


with hope for Ed McKeever. That Britain might have a gold medal to


celebrate. He will start fast, no doubt about that. They are away


first time. Who gets out the quickest? Ed McKeever it is out


fast. Powering on. He has such great strength. Craviotto tried to


get alongside him. Coming into the final 50m. Ed McKeever is still out


in front, they will have to work hard. Coming up to the line, still


holding on, it is gold for Great Britain, and the quiet man has let


out a roar, as he becomes Olympic champion. He went up fast. He held


on a strong, he has the gold medal. Absolutely fantastic. He blew the


field a way as he powered away from that start bucket, his stroke rate


up nice and high. Leaving everyone else to catch him up. He will be


delighted, a fantastic three years of competition since his -- this


200 metres race has come into play. Craviotto, confirmed silver medal.


De Jonge, for the bronze medal. A man who was injured, who thought he


might not be in the Olympic Games, after he broke his finger this year.


Beaumont just missing out. A look at Ed McKeever go, he --


they couldn't get near him. He maintained that need, I thought


some of the others might come back. This is the start where he is


renowned, that top speed, driving through, using that upper-body. The


rotation through his body. Driving those blades into the water. The


focus this man has his incredible. He hasn't been fazed by anything in


this Olympic competition. Often, these races are close and


settled by inches. That was a handsome victory. That is what it


means to become Olympic champion. Some work in the west Country they


are celebrating raucously -- somewhere. What a performance from


Ed McKeever, the sprint king of kayak. Ronald Rauhe, who knows what


it means of to went at European and Olympic level. He congratulates Ed


McKeever, the very first Olympic Hugging his coach, Ed McKeever,


after a stunning performance, he is on his way over. Congratulations,


that was out of this world. Never a moment's doubt. A I wouldn't go


that far. It was really painful down the last bit, that head wind


made the race for longer. Take me through the moments at the start.


was focused on the first three strokes, I wanted to nail those


keenly. Put fully, -- and the race would sort itself out.


I am so happy. And, the moment you crossed the line? Relief, it sounds


stupid. Not a nation. Relief, that I could do it in front of the home


crowd -- not elation. You have put a lot of things on hold. But in


front of a home crowd, it is worth it. It is brilliant. I woke up at


5am, like a kid at Christmas waiting to open his presence. I am


going to get those presence in a minute. To all those people


supporting, your girlfriend, your parents, following you around and


supporting you, it is a special moment for them. There are so many


people I would like to thank, my coach Alex, my training partner who


pushes me day-in, day-out. Only one of us can compete at the Games.


the friend who took you can being - - canoeing for the first time.


Ed McKeever, a four-mile world champion, he has just delivered


great Britain's first gold medal of lead pretty much the whole way


through. Crossing the line and taking Great Britain up to 26 gold


medals. What a fantastic start to the day. Rishi Persad.


There is no doubt in his mind he was ready for today. And the way he


performed, if his nickname is the Ice man. He has delivered his


sensational performance. If you were supporting Ed McKeever,


watching from the start, you would He never relinquished that


advantage. This new distance introduced to the Olympics, it has


been perfect for Ed McKeever. He was very good at 500, at 200, he is


simply the best. He was in control, he never looked overwhelmed by the


expectation. 200 metres is about controlling


that explosive power which is what he did. He got a great start and


maintained his advantage. He is such a strong athlete. Heat is so


intense, a combination of physical and mental ability. It all came


together. When this canoe sprint started on Monday, all of the focus


was on today. He has delivered. Two more chances, and hopefully they


will take inspiration from what Hopefully they will be leading the


pack and they will be boosted after seeing Ed McKeever. Fantastic for


the crowd at Eton Dorney. When will we see those races? Jess Walker is


at 10:21am. It is her second a Olympics, she was at Beijing aged


18. She has outside chances of a medal, but with the inspiration of


Ed McKeever, she can scrape into the medal spots. The Russians


looked very good, and they beat the British pair can decently yesterday.


But they feel if they have a better start than yesterday, they can claw


back some of the advantage. Anything can happen. It has been a


fantastic start to the day. Ed McKeever has delivered the first


gold medal for Great Britain of the day. He is now the Olympic champion


in the 200-metre kayak singles. in the 200-metre kayak singles.


There he was just after he crossed the line. Thanks to him, this is


what the medal table looks like. Great Britain in third place with


I imagine the Royal Mail will be starting work on the Ed McKeever


stamps. There are plenty more opportunities for gold medals this


weekend. It was a great day in the boxing ring at the ExCel.


COMMENTATOR: Luke Campbell, 20 seconds away from an Olympic final.


His defence has been rock-solid all the way through, and he is going to


win this. 10 seconds to go. Last couple of seconds. Olympic final


for Luke Campbell. Without a single, shadow of a doubt. There is more to


He won the last round, 9-5! COMMENTATOR: Right hook would be


the order of the day. And he has to come back with the right hook. Fred,


keep working, you can do this. a momentous victory this would be.


It is not in the bag yet. Fred Adams must remain focus. -- Fred


Fred Evans, and raising his hands in celebration because he feels he


has done enough. Surely he has done enough. A wonderful performance.


the blue corner... Representing We are being treated to a


competitive bout of the highest order. A great uppercut by Joshua.


He is proving impossible to discourage. He is finishing in a


strong fashion in these closing seconds. This is Anthony Joshua's


round. He has won this round, he has won the contest, he has got to


keep going. Inside the closing seconds. Anthony Joshua has surely


done enough to book his place in the Olympic super-heavyweight


finals? In the blue corner... Representing Great Britain, Anthony


Joshua. Anthony Joshua is beaming from ear to ear because he has just


booked his place in the super heavy mates final. Anthony Joshua and


Fred Evans will be back in the ring tomorrow to become a Olympic


champions. Nicola Adams became the first woman


to win an Olympic boxing gold medal. She threatened to celebrate her win


with a Tripp to Nando has, but Gary Richardson thought she deserved


more special. -- something more special. When you went to box for


the gold medal yesterday, you travelled in the arena... They


double-decker red bus. The whole experience must seem like a dream,


did you sleep last night? I have not slept at all. I am so excited


and over the moon. I cannot believe what I had achieved. Every we go,


people want an autograph and a photograph taken with you, it must


be lovely? Yes, it is strange, I am used to being able to walk down the


road and nobody pays any any mind. Now people want autographs, and


photographs and it is such a nice thing to be recognised. A lot of


people talk about you having a constant smile and you are so down-


to-earth. I am just a goal from leads and I am achieving my dreams.


Good morning. And Good morning. star treatment continues. Good


morning. Welcome to the Savoy Hotel, what do you think? It is amazing.


Can you imagine staying here? would be amazing, I have never been


in a place like this before. would be OK if this was your front


room? Yes and the piano as well. You can eat what they the ones that


now. I don't know about that will start be don't have to worry about


the weight. White did you want to be a boxer? Watching the greats at


home, I thought I would love to be able to do that one day. -- why did


you want to be a boxer. My mum took me to the boxing gym


and I was only 12 years old. And that was it. You came to the


Olympics, what was your hopes? was hoping for the gold medal.


Everybody thought I would be able to get the gold even before I did.


I started to believe in myself. I did it. When you boxed in the final


you up against an opponent who had beaten you a couple of times. What


were you thinking when you went into the ring? Just stay relaxed,


feel the atmosphere with the crowd and use it to your advantage. I was


thinking, this is my time in London. It had to be gold for me, it had to


be. You knock her down in the second round? That was fantastic, I


could not believe it. I wasn't expecting it to happen. When it did,


I was like, "yes"!, I have got this one. What we are thinking in the


closing seconds? I was thinking, don't be stupid just keep a close


guard. Nicola Adams has just made history. I was so overwhelmed. I


remember hearing the crowd cheering. I was tapping my chest with the GB


sign, and I was thinking I have done this for the country, and for


Yorkshire. You will now be known as Nicola Adams, Olympic boxing


champion. How good is that, my dream has come true.


Not just Nicola Adams, Olympic boxing champion, but someone who


has it place in Olympic history because her gold medal was the


first ever awarded to women boxers. We have already had a fantastic


moment for Great Britain this morning at Eton Dorney, because we


have finals in the canoe sprint. Ed McKeever's gold came in the kayak


singles. Now it is time for the canoe single final. We can show you


roar of the crowd. De Ayala going well. Yuri Cheban is out strong. He


is half-a-length a. Yuri Cheban is finishing strongly. Yuri Cheban


from the Ukraine takes it. Jevgenij Shuklin still coming through for


the bronze. But Yuri Cheban wins it for the Ukraine. Didn't he control


that race? He left everybody else waiting to catch him. He took it


out there from the very beginning. It is all about getting a fast


start, getting the boat at running smoothly. He has a long stroke but


he maintained his rhythm and pace and kept gliding through the wall


tough. Almost a bit like he was a tiring up towards the end but he


knew he was almost there. The times are so low. He was very quick


yesterday. He was the quickest in the semi-finals. Jevgenij Shuklin


coming through to take the silver. Just ahead of Ivan Shtyl' from


We will be back at Eton Dorney in a few minutes because we still have


two more finals. It will feature Jess Walker of Great Britain. We


will be looking at that race. Time down to her to the aquatic centre


because Tom Daley is back in action. This is the semi-finals of the ten-


metre platform diving. Let's join Leon Taylor. How is it going to


work for Tom Daley this morning, do you think? The crowds are filling


up behind me, watching that divers completing their warm-up. Tom Daley


has just been announced to the audience. It is an extraordinary


atmosphere, the warm ups are done, it is time to make the next six


dives count, the noise is incredible. Obviously, he will have


had a chance to get used to what the aquatic Centre sounds like an


the level of support, because it you were telling me it slightly


unnerved him yesterday? Yes, he looked a bit shaky when he started.


I am hoping he can take it in his stride, as a we are so accustomed


to seeing him do. He has six dives to do. He needs to be in the top 12


to go through to the final. He needs to smile and enjoy it, and


set this place on fire. Six dives, does every divert do the same six,


or can they choose the best? They have to cover six different groups


of dives, forward, backward, in woods, reverse, way you stand


forward and spin back. Twisting, and also the on stand, were you


balance on the end of the board. They can choose the order, so it is


often a game of tactics. When do you do your best dive, when do you


do your weakest dive? We will be with you in the aquatic centre.


This is the moment of reckoning for Tom Daley. He only scraped into the


semi-final in 15th place and only 18 made it through. And only 12


will go through to the final. We heard earlier how he had drawn a


picture of himself competing at London 2012. Nine years on, that


dream is a reality. Or will there be a happy ending?


# He is here again. # The man with the child in his


eyes. # He is here again.


# The man with the child in his The divers have already been inside


and introduced to the crowd. It is the capacity of 17,000 people so it


is a big moment for the divers. reduced them to 18. Sadly we have


lost Peter Waterfield from the original line-up. We have lost a


lot of big names along the way. We nearly lost Tom Daley. He got into


7th place and then faltered. We are looking for a bigger programme from


home this morning. Matthew Mitcham is in the middle of the pack with


an outstanding performance last night. The two Chinese and do not


discount the two Germans. Martin Wolfram was great. Liam Taylor


joins me now. There were some consistent dives, some consistent


ones. Bobby Ball we did not expect, as well. -- from people we did not


expect. The Mexicans, for example. Absolutely. The Mexicans were


running hot. And then some people were faltering. Of course it starts


an zero, a new day, and all six dive scout. Yue -- or six dieds


Andy, his coach. Can we have a few words with him? He knows what he is


doing. He has been here before. It is time to make it count. World


Champion in 2009, lest we forget. European champion this year once


again. We know that he is in decent form. We did not really see it last


night. We will mark the card as we go again, the dives as they


correspond to last night. Dive number five was really his undoing.


We will be looking for that later in the programme. We will see each


dive in reverse order. 18 goes first and first goes 18th. There


will be some big-name casualties going into the final, almost


certainly. Matthew Mitcham not quite on his game, the champion.


David Boudia only just snuck into the semi-final and he will be first


up. If the Mexicans get their programme together, they have a


difficult the effort of 4.1. David Boudia is starting with a high


tariff himself, through 0.6. His opening gambit in the semi-final. -


- 3.6. Arms stand back double Very confident. Very confident to


start with the arm stand. Divers can do the dive in any order, but


they all have to do a hand stand, an inward, reverse and a twist. We


will explain those as we go along. This is incredibly difficult, 3.6.


David Boudia has opened his campaign with a high scoring dive


and that will be in the high eighties. 88.20. He nearly did not


come back today but he is right out there. It is above what we are


expecting from others because they have lower tariff dives. Like Jose


Antonio Guerra. The oldest by six years. That was lovely. He was the


comeback King yesterday. His second dive in the preliminaries nearly


failed. He managed to pull it all together and scrape back through in


17th. He will be looking to up his game today. He did some marvellous


dives but then that glaring error meant it was nearly all over. A


wealth of experience. The 33. -- 33 years of age. Many of you know the


scoring system by now, but for the converts to diving, of which there


have been many, we will explain it. Gleb Galperin of Russia. Not quite


as good as yesterday's opening. He is over vertical as he enters the


water. The judging works like this. Seven Execution judges mark it out


of a maximum of 10. The two highest and two lowest are discounted to


make an average. The total is multiplied by the degree of


difficulty, 3.2 in this case. That gives the total of 81.6. Easy when


you know how! The crowd expected, the crowd wanting Tom Daley to open


up more impressively than he did same, the back two-and-a-half


somersault with pike. Well, it is not a sensational start that we


were hoping for. He is marginally short of vertical but it is a step


up from last night. He might get over 80. But it depends how mean


that judges are feeling. Two-and-a- half twists, just finishing low in


the water. Much more like it from Tom. There is more in the tank but


that was a steady start. He over rotated in the brilliance. He is


playing it safe in the semi-final. -- he over rotated in the


preliminaries. They are fighting against gravity. They go into the


shower to keep warm. Yes, more than 80. 81. 7.5 will count towards the


year. He thought about that. You could really hear a pin drop. He


did the very good job with it. A good dive in his preliminaries, but


faltering in two out of six. That is a very good start, 3.2


difficulty. It is why he wants to be. They are bunching up already.


The 81.6, just ahead of Tom Daley but behind David Boudia. Now the


Colombian, Ortega Serna. We nearly wrote him off but he came back with


a flourish in the preliminaries. Two-and-a-half somersault, 1.5


twists, 3.2. That is a low degree of difficulty. It is the twist dive


and all drivers must perform one in this group. -- divers. 3.2 and it


needed to be good. Unfortunately, he let it over rotate. He stayed in


the pike too long. Too much splash because of the over rotation. That


puts him bottom of the pack six dives own. -- in. 68.8. You cannot


afford to be off your game. 18 will be reduced to 12. Some have done


very well to get here in the first place. But the Kohl will take place


in an hour-and-a-half. Anton are starting very confidently. They


are opening with the lower the degree of difficulty. The head is


close to the diving board sometimes. It is not dangerously close but I


would not want to see them any closer. The judges do not get to


see the replay, just to remind you. Yes, a little bit too close for


comfort. There is a fine line between jumping too far away and


not making the dive and of course staying too close to the diving


board. We get the benefit of three lovely replace. The judges see it


in real time only. -- three lovely He is 21. Very low on difficulty,


3.0. Lots of divers are attempting to 4.5, which carries a difficulty


of 3.7. It had to be well executed Later this month he turns 21.


with pike. Like for like, going head for head. He has a tower at


the end of the diving board, just wet towel does provide some more


grip. The judges have their watchful eye. They input their


scores instantly. The crowd will see it just before you, so you can


hear them shouting and groaning. The defending champion from Beijing,


the three-and-a-half somersault with pike. That is more like it. He


looked a little bit fatigued in the preliminaries. He was not quite as


sharp. That was better. He is quite tall for a diver which makes it


more challenging. He has a low degree of difficulty in comparison


to some of the athletes. The Mexicans and Chinese are using a


higher degree of difficulty and he Swanwick McGrory. -- for Nicholas


consistent. The mentor to the USA diving team is a double double


Olympic champion himself. He is casting his watchful eye. A steady


dive but may be marginally short as of people know this, moment. Two


competitors born on the exact same day, both 18. Oleksandr Bondar of


Ukraine. Three-and-a-half somersaults with top. 3.2 degree of


starting to find that experience and level of consistency now. He


has always been thereabouts over the past couple of years but at the


grand old age of 18 he seems to be ready coming into his own. He is


one to watch. We did not know which was the youngest competitor, but


with two born on the same day we will have to find out what time


they were born. Oleksandr Bondar has got a decent opening score, as


most of them have been so far. Born on 26th October. Garcia Navarro of


Mexico is going for a Ripper. nice indeed! Such confidence for


this magnitude of dive. We will see lots of the boys performing this


this morning. It is so important that you control the dive. Garcia


doing a fantastic job. He seems to make it so easily. Just a touch


over but he will get a lot of eights. He will go into the lead


for sure. The highest mark so far. Not totally happy because he would


like nine but he gets 8s. He has with this dive. You cannot see


where you are going, only where you have been. There is opportunity for


an Ayrshire. It is 3.3 difficulty, which is his lowest difficulty. --


yourself-coming-backwards dive. This man impressed me the most last


night. Martin Wolfram, the first of preliminary round, and he opens up


there. Only 20 years old. You can see the spray-on the water, they


are disturbing the surface, so they can see where the water is. -- you


vertical as he goes into the water. He was very consistent yesterday in


the preliminaries. That kind of performance will easily make it


through to the final. Starting at zero, like everyone, having to


build it all back up again. marks are OK. As always, we get a


This is Lin Yue. Take-off was superb, just faltering slightly in


difficulty, but he builds and builds through the programme, the


same as his team-mate, coming next. We saw him getting 101 of his dives


yesterday, but not this time. -- getting 100 points in one of his


yesterday. Not expected to in this water. Stamping his authority on


the semi-final. Makes a dive so easily, kicking out, feet pointing


to the ceiling, and drills into the diving on the red button. Tom Daley


is in 9th position. He will be doing his second dive in a moment,


and we will be back at the Aquatics Centre. But at the moment, they are


lining up for the next final at Eton Dorney. Jess Walker is in this


paddles. They about so quickly, and to get there quicker start? -- who


she going to hold on? She gets the gold medal! It looked as if the


silver medal for the Ukraine, but no doubt about it, Lisa Carrington


has won the gold medal for New Zealand. She came through a bit


later than I would have had expected her to. She picked up the


pace and the 200 -- the 100m. She held on from there to the finish.


We are getting confirmation coming through that Lisa Carrington has


won. And the bronze medal goes to Hungary. Natasa Janics-Douchev also


performed well. Lisa Carrington confirmed it from 50m. Natasa


Janics-Douchev almost getting through for the silver medal.


was an explosive start. We did not see a Lisa Carrington featuring


straight away until the later part. And her face as she crosses the


line and realises she has just become the Olympic champion!


Confirmation as well, Jess Walker finished in 7th position, but she


did very well to reach the final, which was won by a Lisa Carrington,


A great result for New Zealand, that was their 5th gold medal of


the Olympic Games. Thank you to Lisa Carrington. In the Aquatics


Centre, here is Tom Daley who is about to do the second of the six


something to shout about! There is his mum, she knows it is good. That


is much more like it. This is what we are here to see. Well done, Tom


Daley. Beautiful entry into the water. There are still more to come,


but that is much more like it. being, into second place. A good


start from Tom Daley. His best dives came in the next couple of


rounds last night. This is Victor to cram into four-and-a-half


associated with this. Four and a half rotations. You are bending at


the hips and knees, hanging on to your shins. Then he times his exit


second round tie. Bunching up at the top. They are all very close


he was playing safe on the former group of dives. Victor Ortega went


for the paper position. -- pike the score as you, and that is not


going to give him the kind of total score for this dive that will keep


him near the pace that is being sect. -- set. He has a lot to make


up in the semi-final. This may not short as he went into the water,


but he kept the splashdown. The judges will give favourable marks


on this. It is a huge dive. This is the one at Tom Daley faltered on,


landing short yesterday. This would not have raised high on the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


McCormick. There is his mum, here for being a bit scruffy, but the


dive was straight up-and-down. It is a 3.6 degree of difficulty.


Helicopter feet? Yes, the feet are split, so it looks like a


diving board, this is the challenge with the in were diving, all


drivers have to perform a dive in this direction, in words. --


inwards. A little bit faltering on the entry into the water. You can


see the splash being thrown up. That will reflect in the score.


Quite a differential there. Six marks up to eight marks. He is


finding himself slipping down. Matthew Mitcham, the Olympic


champion from four years ago. He has not been in that form recently,


and too cowed most of last year. -- from Tom Daley. He is stepping up a


gear. Just drifting away from the diving board a little bit too far.


That can make controlling it more coach. 85.8. The smile becomes a


wave and he can contemplate number three. This is Nicholas McCrory of


in your mouth like me when they attempt the on stand. No winds, but


nevertheless a lot of pressure on Slightly easier option in the arm


stand group. 3.2. Some of the divers have to 0.5 twists, but he


opted for one and a half. -- some at so many dropped dive today may


well exclude them from continuing in the competition. -- is so any


dropped dive. I have no idea how he manages to control that dive so


well. He launches himself. He should enter the long jump! He just


about manages to control it. Maybe a seven for that. He has come away


relatively unscathed but it could have been much worse. You would


expect that from a springboard not a platform. 77 total score because


of a high degree of difficulty but Marks will be deducted from the


fact he nearly landed in the precise from the Mexican once again.


The Mexicans are really coming in to challenge the supremacy of some


of the top diving nations. Exciting young divers. Just so exciting to


watch. Over the past couple of years they have been doing these


big dives but they have been here and there without impacting on the


standings but now they are mixing it up with the very best. Fantastic


from Sanchez. They have a very high tariff programme which can go


terribly wrong. It can be a remarkably right when it is on its


pair of them used in the synchronised event. 3.8. It is so


complicated. The triple twist. Then you have got to get yourself into


the pike shape and get into the water. He does it so well. Because


of the degree of difficulty, that will go well over 85 points. That


will keep him well up in the business end of the field. I have


not seen many 90s so far but here comes one. Not a high is that he is


going to go to. There will be a 4.1 from both of them I didn't before


we finish and if they come off, they are absolutely spectacular. --


from both of the Mexicans before we technically proficient from Germany.


Giving himself plenty of time to come out of the dive. He points his


toes up towards the ten-metre and has plenty of time to look at the


entry. The spray is disturbing the water so the driver can see exactly


where they want to go. German efficiency? German efficiency, OK.


Martin Wolfram is trying to motivate himself by clapping and


Sascha Klein. We were wondering if any of the wheels would come off


for the divers that are performing exceptionally well in the


preliminaries, but this was decisive. High risk, the high


degree of difficulty, and he has got it all going on. That is two


out of two for Sascha Klein. It is bunching up in the business end of


the field. More of an inclined than a decline for Sascha Klein. We are


registering some more 90s now. They can still improve. We can improve


upon it tonight, probably. That was just spot on. A little bit of


splash yesterday but none there this time. He jumps away from the


diving board a safe distance and squeezes into the top shape. He


just disappears into the water. Just his sheikh let him down,


flattering his feet. -- his shape off was good. He entered the war to


keeping the body tension, -- the water. A little bit early, a little


bit flash. He needed to hang on a little bit. He was giving the


impression that it was easier than it was. When Qiu Bo makes an error


it is only slight and he will still get it to for points. Is that right


for that dive? -- gets 85 points. Yes. We expect efficiency and total


accuracy from the Chinese and that was just a little bit off which is


why they are not in the top three. Martin Wolfram. Who would have put


money on him leading after round to? He has been so precise in


everything he has done in the first chance of making the top 12 apart


from Gleb Galperin. Round three of six in the men's ten-metre platform


semi-final. Tom Daley, time to get going in the preliminary is a


little bit. He is currently 9th with 18 divers. Some big tariffs


still to come. Tom Daley's biggest dive still to come. David Boudia


will open round three, the American, in 6th place at the moment. This


dive has become the staple diet of divers at this level, the forward


so difficult. The governing body of diving rejigged the degrees of


difficulty to make this even more valuable. It used to be 3.5 and it


is now 3.7. It was just too tempting for the divers to resist.


It is high risk. It can all go wrong, but not for David Boudia


today. Sailing over 90 points to 94.35. The beady different from


last night. -- completely different. You can see why he has so many gold


top, 3.2 difficulty. He has come out all guns blazing this morning,


with another fantastic dive. Technically spot on. The pike is


just a touch short of vertical for a 10 but he should get nines. He


continues with the successful campaign so far. Three out of three


for Jose Antonio Guerra. Getting nines is not too far away and he


has gone up to second. The 2007 World Champion is having his


problems. He started so well last night and faltered. He is faltering


early on, Gleb Galperin. It is a very good dive, but as we have been


discussing, 3.0 does leave you off the pace, especially if the other


divers perform before four-and-a- half, which is 3.7. His arms Stand


went drastically wrong and he has got a lot of work to do. That will


not move him off the bottom spot. 72 is solid but semi-finals of this


Daley! Just a little bit loose as he entered the water but he did


keep the splashdown. The all- important entry into the water. His


mother is watching on nervously. Tom moving away from the diving


board. He just sneaks it in, good enough for 80 points. This is the


super slow-motion, squeezing in. Just entering the water. Trying to


keep the splashdown and he does a great job. Well done, that man.


Three out of three in a semi-final for Tom Daley. He goes into second


top, 3.2 difficulty. It is good. Thinking about it a lot seems to


work for him. Some divers go much quicker. He stands there for what


seems to be an eternity. Entering the water just marginally short of


vertical. Clean but not as good as Tom Daley. He will be middle of the


pack but good enough to make it through to the all-important top 12.


79.2, below Tom Daley with a succession of eight.


STUDIO: Tom Daley has done a third of the six dives that he will do.


We will go back in 10 minutes' time with every single one of his dives


on BBC One. But it has been a golden start at Eton Dorney this


morning in the canoe sprint. Ed McKeever ended up winning his race,


which makes in the Olympic champion in the 200m kayak singles. A


fantastic victory for Ed McKeever. champion, world champion, and has


won a World Cup events, but he now has the Olympic title and the gold


medal around his neck. And that focused face we have seen all week


now breaks into a brilliant big smile. He dominated the field since


2010, but slipped back a little in 2012, but he has found himself a in


#Long live our noble Queen. #God save the Queen.


#Send her victorious. # Happy and glorious.


# Long to reign over us. He smiles broadly. The Olympic


champion in the men's 200m kayak That was Britain's 26th gold medal


of the Games. That is how the day began at Eton Dorney. It is where


The 200-metre races coming up now. We have yet to have a really close


race here, and 200m were close in the heats. Piatrushenka and Makhneu


are ones to watch. Under French beer, world champions for the past


two years Arden lady 2. The headwind is picking up. -- the


through for Russia. They are powering away. No one is going to


catch them here. Heath and Schofield has all are just hanging


on to silver. Boss to die and dieting go have dominated the heats,


the semi-final and a blown away the field. -- Postrigay and Dyachenko.


Bella is get the silver and Great Britain get the bronze medal.


There have dominated the heats, semi-finals, and I said they had


more to give, and they have just demonstrated that. They just blew


away the field. Fantastic champions. What a fantastic result for Great


Britain, the bronze medal. paddle of Jonnie Schofield has


given up the ghost. They take the bronze medal. And Russia, my


goodness me, they were in PVS. -- imperious. A bronze medal for Heath


and Schofield is a great achievement. They could not have


expected much more than that. executed the start really well, but


here is the Russian pair, they worked so well and did not give


anything away. They dominated it and make sure that title was theirs.


They have dominated the World Cup events, and won two out of the


first three. Here, working in unison, having a look across, and


celebrations begin across the line. The Olympic champions, Postrigay


and Dyachenko. I think we half- expected it. Especially during the


early stages here at Eton Dorney. But they did not leave anything to


chance. The Brits got out really strong within, but then they pulled


away. This is confirmation of the Schofield and Liam Heath, they have


always been on the podium. They got together in 2010, and have had


enormous success together. European titles, world champions, World Cups,


they have been brilliant. Liam Heath is due to get married a


couple of weeks, and he proposed to his fiancee with a pot of ice-


cream! Hopefully he can do more for her now. The Russians were


outstanding. But Liam Heath and Jon Schofield can hold their heads up


high. They both live in Maidenhead, near by, so this would have been a


special moment to compete for their country on the water here at Eton


Dorney. They have done They attended the same university,


and did lots of stuff together. they have rarely shown that when we


have watched them. Fantastic team work. You get a sense of the close


relationship. Their bronze medal takes us to 59 medals altogether.


Fantastic the way they did that, given how strong the Russian gold-


medallists were. Yes, the Russians were brilliant yesterday, they were


so good in the heats and semi- finals. When I spoke to them


yesterday, I asked them how to claw it back, and they said the only way


they could was to make a good start. They made a good start but the


Russians were immense from the start. They were so good and


extended their advantage. Normally when you make a good start it leads


you vulnerable in the closing stages, but they were so strong at


the end, that was very impressive. Hats off to Liam and John. -- Jon.


This was a new distance for London 2012. How did it go down? We are


very happy with it! Bronze medal for them, and Jessica Walker


getting to the final earlier. Altogether it has gone down pretty


well for us. For the sport, it has gone down well because the 200-


metre races are so much more exciting, they provide excitement,


and it has proved very popular down here at Eton Dorney. They are just


about to make their way here, and we saw John looking worse for wear


after that. Here they come now. We're going to have a word with


them. Tremendous. A very good performance, we knew that the


Russians were going to be tough, but you gave it everything and we


are all proud of what you have done. That was a really long race. Their


head wind like that, that adds a few seconds on which does not sound


much, but when you are going at that pace, it drags out. I am so


pleased. This is the golden couple of canoeing, Jon Schofield and


Rachel Cawthorn. A lovely moment for Rachel to be here. Let us get


your reaction to that performance today. We knew how much that two


out of you. Yes, that was a long race. I did not think we would make


it to the end. The last day has been horrible, we were not happy


with the heat and we were worried coming into this. But Liam Heath


goes quiet, thinks, and comes out with the right reaction. That start


was amazing, and we held it. Major, how proud Are You of them? I am so


proud of them. I have been living with Liam for the last year, and


every single day they have been the most professional athletes you


could find anywhere, working on every single little thing to get as


fast as they could. I was so nervous watching, but it was great.


I am going to let you go, but that was a tremendous performance. You


always win medals, well done! What a boost for the canoe sprint


team. The day started with the gold medal for red meat cleaver in the


single event, then the bronze medal in the Kayak Double event. This is


the final day of the competition, and we had four finals all over the


shorter and new Olympic distance of 200m. It is all happening in the


Aquatics Centre, Tom Daley and all the divers are in the middle of the


six dives that they have to do in in their performance. Now, the two


push 100 points. This is near on perfect. He is marginally short of


vertical, but that is the only thing wrong. Will he get over 100


points? What a dive! What have the judges seen, remember they do not


get the benefit of replays from different angles, they only see it


in real time. There is one score of 10 points. That will not count.


That is putting pressure on his Chinese team mate. This is chi ball,


reversed the 1/2 somersaults. -- change out of 9.5s on that. Use


just tipping over from vertigo, which is the only thing wrong. --


night, but his third today. There is not a huge gap between the top


German Sanchez has a 4.1 difficulty still to come, and there is Tom


Daley going through his preparations. Change of judges at


judges go off, and the second group of judges come on. This is David


in the preliminaries, silver medal at the Shanghai World Championships.


Reverse jumping away from the diving board, straight up and down


into the water. Mid-80s for him. Very consistent this morning. That


will keep him in the Top End, behind the two Chinese. I wondered


where he was last night, because we expected him to do what he did in


Those in the crowd will do. The very well. Just leaving the dive


and little bit short but the entry have no splash. That is very


difficult. You have to be courageous and a bit crazy to do it.


You have got to cut through in between your hands and the platform


and spin around three times, holding on. He needed to wait a


little bit longer in the shape but he will get 8s. This is a serious


question. What will they have had for breakfast? The Olympic Village


offers all sorts but they will have had to have something like, I


expect, because you do not do that on a full English! A uncomfortable!


It was a serious question because I do not know what divers have one


there is only a 12 hour turnaround. Gleb Galperin will be getting


cheering from his team-mates because that was spot on but he has


left too much to do because you faltered on his second dive. You


cannot make a big mistake like he did, even though that really gets


90 points. It is not good enough to drop one as drastically as he did


in round two. 89.1 should cheer him low on the water but he played the


waiting game. He pops out, stays tight in his body and gets it. It


was good last night and even better today. He has been consistent. This


will get over 85 points as well. A high degree of difficulty. Four out


of four for Tom Daley. He needs to squeeze into the top shape making


himself as small as possible to complete all the rotations. He does


well to hold on tight. Plenty of fans in here will be delighted to


behind David Boudia. That is much more like it. We were concerned


bit. Steady balance in the armstand. Twitching in the toes to get ready.


Two-and-a-half twists, his pike is too fierce and over he goes. It


will keep him in contention because of the degree of difficulty. I


think he will scrape into the 80s. You judges, new pairs of eyes. 81.0.


truck. Very good but low on the degree of difficulty. His next two


will be relatively low which will leave him off the pace. The


execution is very good but it will not move him up the field. Great


that he has made it through. One of the surprises for me to see in the


semi-final, especially so high up. those that have will probably get


indeed, Anton Zakharov. Sometimes he shows inconsistency. Today he is


solid. Four out of four will put in their or thereabouts. Behind Tom


Daley, probably. -- put him there or thereabouts. 84 point 15, yes,


just behind Tom Daley by four marks. This man is flirting with exclusion


and inclusion depending on how this with 3.3 difficulty. -- triple


somersault. Superb from Riley McCormick just when he needed it.


He is in contention but just outside in 13th with the top 12


making it through. This was decisive. Just tipping over a


little bit as he goes in. It depends how much the judges


penalised him for over rotating. Looking to get into the 80s.


Blowing the cheeks and no smile. Not totally happy. Body language


indicates he is agonising about half twists. Very precise. He has


left themselves too much to do, back down in 16th. The writ entry,


splash of the century. It sounds like you are tearing the Water Park.


Rolling very -- tearing the water apart. Rawling very quickly. Very


good dive nonetheless. He has middle board and the big board, but


he is not bored judging by his face! The former Olympic champion,


Matthew Mitcham. Wonderful dive. He is just starting to turn it on.


Write about the time he needs it as well. He was 11th after three


rounds as well. He is showing is the motion, which not many do.


Beautiful dive from the Olympic champion. He is gradually cranking


emotion. Unusual for divers to celebrate in between dives. He got


110 but it does not count towards Matthew Mitcham and this is exactly


the same dive. He has just scored 9.5, and Nicholas McCrory is not


quite as good. Over rotation and more splash, but still holding it


together under the pressure. Fighting fiercely for a spot in the


final. This is a tough competition. 89.1. That is one mark and a half


less than Matthew Mitcham, which could be very important at the end


of things when we tot up the standings at the end of round six.


Shanghai. Sneaky! I thought he was going to over rotate because he


stayed in the top shape very long. He managed to fix it. He jiggles


about in such a way that he plonks it right on his head. 90. For this


young man as well. And nobody giving anything away. It to 9.10,


that button getting worn out by the judges. -- 89.10. The Mexicans do


not even think about the 3.1 and This will be in the 80s as well. He


held the armstand for quite a long time. Up into the double twist.


Double somersault, two-and-a-half twist, just tipping over past


vertical, so he will be penalised. 7 and a half from the judges but a


high degree of difficulty. Over 80 is just fine for why he needs to


qualify. -- for where he needs. That is his weakest dive so far.


4.1 time everybody! Don't put the kettle on. In with 4 and a half


somersaults. I find it incredible when he went into the water but he


completes the dive. Such ease. Four! Just letting his feet go when


he gets in so the judges will penalise for the big splash but he


will sail over 80 points because it is 4.1 degree of difficulty. His


coach is conferring for what he needs to do next time. But will he


get another next time? He is 11th now. High gambling stakes. It is


nowhere near as big as he would pike for Martin Wolfram. He has


nailed another one. Very consistent last night. Faltering marginally on


his third round dive but this one much better. This is a dive that


Tom Daley was faltering on last night. Martin Wolfram is very much


in contention. Sanchez made a mistake on his third round dive


which is why he has points to make- up. 86.4, so no concerns for Martin


who he looks up to a lot. Sascha since the preliminary. Six out of


six, and that has four out of four, in this morning's semi-final. Just


over 90 points when you do it like that. Fantastic diving from Sascha


Klein. He will be a medal contender place, but not for much longer.


had a 100 dive in the previous round, and another spot on dive. He


tuck the shape. This is a little bit split. But it is a good dive.


So difficult to keep up. He is not happy with the marks. He is being


harsh on himself. That is pretty times. But the time I see him in


training, he is so consistent. -- every time I see him. China will be


first and second at the end of this standings? Chain Bar first and


second, as you might expect. David Boudia, then Sascha Klein them, --


Sascha Klein, M Martin Wolfram, Tom little bit of room, but everyone


else from Sascha Klein all the way down, eight points separates him


all the way down to Matthew Mitcham. Looking for a good finish in the


semi-final to get a good order to dive win in the final. They dives


day. He was faltering and the prelims, so he is the first diver


in the semi-final. He has another 3.6 difficulty to come, but this


was the riskiest. He has done a good job. He will get over 80


points. Just tipping over as he goes, keeps the splashdown, but not


quite. That is the lowest mark he has got today, which is pretty


impressive. There is a smile on the with tuck. -- 3.5 somersaults.


is very good. Hardly any splash. goes into the water. -- short of


vertical. That could prove critical for him, because he is in the fight


for the minor places in the final, and that is not going to help.


Mark is not bad, but if you get less than 8.5, you are on the brink


of exclusion, and it is probably Galperin. But he has left himself a


lot to do. This is going to get 90 points. You can see how far off the


pace years from where you should be. No one is faltering enough for him


to climb back up the field. Appreciation for that dive, it is


gone to their feet, and so they should be. That is the dive of the


competition so far for this young man. Finally finding his form. This


is the kind of promise he has been showing for four months coming into


these Games, and when he needed it, he goes over 90 points. You can


relax in Plymouth. Job almost done. This is Victor Minibaev. 12th place


time before he starts his dives. It seems to work for him. I used to


get tired if I stood there for too long, wanting to crack on. But


Victor Minibaev did a good job, it was the same dive as Tom Daley, but


he was marginally over. You can start to compare and contrast. And


asked how the degree of difficulty is calculated. If you do a back to


the 0.5 somersault, in a tuck position, it carries a 3.3


difficulty, but in the paper position it carries a 3.6 degree of


difficulty. It is more difficult in the paper position, -- pike


position. A differential of 10 points between him, Tom Daley and


Victor Minibaev. That is the penalty he will have to pay for not


going for a higher tariff. This is a back trouble somersault. That was


tricky. He has his head in his hands. You cannot make a mistake


like that and then make it through. He was on fire. You have to flick


towards the tower with your feet, and this is the risk that you take.


It is easy to mess up these difficulties. That is what he has


done. We're looking for her mid-80s, but he has got 36. He has lost 50


points on that. That will allow a Riley McCormick, provided he backs


it up with added dive of his own, very neat and tidy, but marginally


short as he goes in. He will have been looking for an entry without


splash. That is going to get him eights. It is coming out to the


final dive, as it often does in these contests. The boys have all


woken up and are starting to dive at the best of their abilities.


Much more pleasant to commentate on. With standards like this, you


Anton Zakharov has gone below them. -- he will move up a place. You


include a weary, three-and-a-half somersault. -- Jeinkel Aguirre.


had great preliminaries, but he is being outclassed. This is where you


stand for words, jumbo away from the diving board, it is so


difficult. You can only see where you have been. He came out too


and that will be it in terms of his competition. Matthew Mitcham has


made his way up the standings, but he was in danger of not making it


through. He has given himself a see him in 8th position after the


4th round. He has thrown up to much splash. A massive impact, 35 mph.


He rotated a little bit slowly, did not quite get the correct entries.


McCrory is too close for comfort, however, in terms of progression.


McCrory absolutely nails his back spot on. I think it was worth a


little bit more than that. But them do not count, then the rest


are added together under multiplied he has stepped up and delivered


when he needed to. Right on the cusp of qualification. He just


watched his team-mate Mika hotch potch of his dive. One more good


dive away from a place in the Olympic final. I thought you said


hot port for a moment! -- hot pot! Jose Garcia, also -- Ivan Garcia,


with tuck. Well, he has had four good dives in the 80s but that one


might not. Just over rotating as he goes into the water. The take-off


is good. Yes, that is the worst dive we have seen from Garcia. With


some good ones being mobbed by his competitors, that could move in


down the standings. -- move him did for him. This needs to be good.


watched his team mate make a mess of this exact same dive. That is a


bit harsh. He faltered. Sanchez has got some work to do. His third


round dive only scored 36 and he has left himself way off the pace.


He needs to be close to 90 and if it is, he is getting the combat


going. He is in 10th place at the moment. With the Chinese to come,


easily, if anything too easily, over rotating as he went in. The


two-and-a-half twists, into the two-and-a-half somersault. It is


all good and he tucks his chin and let it go over slightly into the


water. Because of the degree of difficulty that will get mid- 80s.


His campaign to get into the Olympic final at the age of 20 is


very much alive. Just one dive to go. One more of a similar standard


and he will be in his first Olympic experienced German. Reverse the and


a half somersaults. Faltering. and a half somersaults. His coaches


clapping but it is polite rather than rapturous. The war to smacking


him on the back of his legs. -- the water. That will be mid-70s, moving


him down from where he once was. Bunching up even more now. He is in


4th place. Two points ahead of the standings so far. You do not


expect to see that form. Almost emptying the pool. Top bombing.


That is not what we expect from this young man. He has been


exemplary until now. He missed his hands as he went in. They slipped


apart. That feels like somebody smashing a baseball bat on the top


of your head. He will be dizzy after that and he will be dizzy


when he sees the scoreboard. If you get the chance, he will put it


right tonight. He is just ahead of from Qiu Bo this morning or last


night but it is good enough. It is an error, but only slight from this


consistent young man. He will still get over 90 points. When you make


an error and still go over 90, it is still very good indeed. He stays


so tight and he gets that clean entry. It is handy being World


Champion, that is all I say! little generous to Qiu Bo, shall we


say? That is the highest Tom Daley has been in a preliminary is or the


semi-final. Up to 4th place. -- in the preliminaries. Look at that


scrap for 12th place. Matthew Mitcham just in, Nicholas McCrory


Justine. It is mighty tight. Tom Daley has only got as many marks in


this competition now as he got last night. 448.45 last night. 432 with


one to go. That shows how under par he was last night. He was certainly


feeling it last night and it is nice to see him relaxed and


enjoying his diving and enjoying the occasion and shining. He will


be forced up in the final round. -- 4th up. There is a reasonable gap


between him and those scrapping for semi-final. Perfectly good this


morning. He is opening up the semi- final. His last dive to get the


spot last night, he certainly earned it with a great performance.


He will smash the 500 barrier, as are many of the athletes this


morning. The boys really coming out tonight in the final. Will they


hold this or will be step it up a gear again? -- will they? David


Boudia is the first with 531. will see many of them going over


12th and he knows how close it is for the final. This is 3.6. Lots of


them will use it to finish. It is big. If he gets 90 points, it will


make him difficult to nudge out of the final. After a disastrous


preliminary, Jose Antonio Reyes wearer was lucky to make it through.


I think you have done enough. should be enough. He broke 500 as


That second dive was really botched. He left himself way too much to do.


That two-and-a-half twist, 3.6, it is good to finish. Not good enough


to get through to the top 12 for Aquatics Centre. They are trying to


Yes, Tom Daley is through! No question about that. Make no


mistake. Tom has responded in exactly the way he needed to. He


went to bed last night thinking, my goodness, what is it like? Now we


has responded. He is going to smash the 500 barrier and he will


definitely be in the top five, putting him in the business end of


the field. The divers will dive in the reverse order. Consistent from


Tom Daley. 89 to finish. compared to 440 in the


preliminaries. Still 40 shy of the total that he got in the European


Championship earlier this year when he was the gold medallist. Through


to the final is all we needed. Well two-and-a-half twists. A great dive


to finish. Tom Daley opted to use a 3.3 in the final round. He opened


the programme with this dive. This is the best thing we have seen from


Victor Minibaev. He absolutely spank it. 90 plus on this.


Certainly a safe passage into the final. We have four members of the


500 club already and there are still plenty to come. What a


strongly. He is going to be towards the bottom of the 18. He has just


been out last today. -- outclassed. The big guns have been firing and


Victor does not have the ability to keep up. He has done remarkably


well to keep up to this stage in the competition. He finishes with a


big smile and a big thumbs-up, happy to be in the semi-final at


the Olympics. And why wouldn't you be? 439 his final mark. Anton


Zakharov was there and he seems to have thrown it away. That was good


to finish but had two left himself too much to do? 15th after that


poor fifth-round dive. He only scored 36. If you think that this


will get nearly 90 points, just marginally over as he goes in, but


spot on. He will have an agonising wait to watch the rest of the


contest unfold to see if he scrapes through. 91.8. He has done pretty


much all he could to get in. We have on our computer screen the


marks. We get a little mark beside the names of the people that have


definitely qualified and there is only one name on their so far,


place to be. It was now or never and it was now! Magnificent! Just


when he needed it. He has been dancing around from 10th to 14th


and this will be good enough to make it through to the final.


Superb. He is going to get way over 90 points. When the pressure is on,


and you really needed it, he dug into his toy box and found that.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


this morning. -- better dives. This is still a very good dive, in the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


Daley and Victor Minibaev have all performed four years ago to snatch


the Olympic medal. He was 11 of after the 5th round, and we have


seen some good performance in this round. Matthew Mitcham could have


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


thrown it all away on the final dive. -- 11th. There is a high


price on this final dive for the Ukrainian diver. I am not sure who


that is, actually it is Matthew Mitcham, he knows he has not done


enough to get through. Helicopter legs flicking around about the


place. I think that will be good enough to get through. He is OK. He


is OK with that 79.2. Not a particularly high mark, but it is


finance efficient. -- that is fine, has let him run over a little bit.


There is so much to do in this dive, you have to get a lot of for


momentum in order to get through the twists. He let it run over a


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


gets close to 80, that will be Matthew Mitcham for that place.


Matthew Mitcham faltered. This young man started off with 85, then


91, then he blew out with a 36, but responded well. This is going to


get more than 85, but will it be enough? Has he left himself too


much to do? This is going to be close. No wonder Matthew Mitcham


had his head in his hands. There will only be five points separating


them. The judges say 88.8. He is five points behind, but Riley


McCormick has qualified. That means but he nails it. Just marginally


short. Very impressed with this young man, the younger of the


German divers. More than 85 points to finish, into the 500 club. Very


impressive. Better than the Tufty Club! Martin Wolfram has gone into


third position. Riley McCormick has made it through, German Sanchez is


not there yet. Matthew Mitcham is end. But he has done enough. He has


moved down to the middle of the pack. That is not as sharp as


yesterday, waiting at over rotate. He is just about going to scribble


better tonight, but he has gone over 500. This is the penultimate


diver in the semi-final. It is a battle between the Chinese as to


who will emerge the top dog. who will emerge the top dog.


entry into the water. He will finish above David Boudia and Tom


leads Tom Daley by 10. That is going to change after this.


Providing nothing untoward happens here, Matthew Mitcham is not


doubt. Matthew Mitcham, the met 90s. A great dive to finish.


563, which is pretty much what Tom Daley did at the European


Championships. He wins the semi- not be able to defend his title


tonight because he does not return. Matthew Mitcham is in 13th place,


missing out by one spot. Missing out in the end by 13 points. These


are the ones returning. Tom Daley performed much better than last


night. Two Germans there, and the ecstasy and the agony on one page.


Up to 12 are happy, after 12 are last position, but it is Tom Daley


who will return pushing for the medals in the final, and the


They certainly are. What a fantastic morning in the Aquatics


Centre. Tom Daley is comfortably through to the final tonight. He is


with Nick hope now. Congratulations. Much better than


last night. Yes, it was a lot qualified for the final, so I have


completely turned around my performance, as did David Boudia.


We turned around a long it. In the prelims yesterday, was there any


effect from the synchronised? You got so close to a medal there.


it feels weird going into another competition knowing the


disappointment been so close yet so far away. Going into the individual,


I wanted to prove a point, give it my best shot. It was difficult, but


I am happy that I made the semi- finals and now the final. Anything


can happen tonight. 521 is a good score, but you are capable of 565,


which she got in Europe. Can you recapture that? I am getting


sharper and sharper, and it is hard to compete in a pre-let and semi-


final when it does not count to the medals, but you need to do enough


to qualify. That is the toughest part done, so now have done that I


am going to give it my best shot MUSIC: "The Man With The Child In


Well done, Tom Daley. He is in the final which is at 8:30pm. Here is


the medal table because there have been two medals this morning for


Great Britain. We are up to 26 gold medals, with a total of 59, thanks


to a bronze medal and a gold medal this morning. Let us leave you with


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