BBC Two: Day 14: 22.00-22.40 Olympics

BBC Two: Day 14: 22.00-22.40

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Welcome back. In 48 hours' time, we will be halfway through the closing


ceremony, it has gone quickly because we have been enjoying


ourselves. Tonight, boxing and taekwondo. Over on BBC Three, you


can see the diving qualification, the 10m platform, Tom Daley


struggling to qualify, I'm afraid, so a tense evening ahead on BBC


Three. But we start with women's hockey, Team GB were involved in a


play-off for bronze against New Zealand, victory would give them


their first Olympic medal for 20 years. Commentary at the riverbank


is arguably the most difficult match to play it in an Olympic


tournament, the contest for third Zealand 2-1 up against the


bundled her way into the circle, racetrack outside the circle


initially to give herself an opportunity, but she could not get


his shot away because New Zealand defending by Emily Nayler. This is


the penalty corner from Crista Cullen, not what we used to seeing.


To be fair to Bianca Russell, it was a good clearance, because


Hannah MacLeod was in bravely looking for a deflection. Penalty


because they really have recovered from what they felt was the end of


the world. It is a great ball in my Sarah Thomas son, you can see


Melodie Cooper giving Alex Danson a she did indeed, it is a long corner.


there for at. The question mark is whether the foot was inside or


outside of the circle, but her book better from that corner in my


opinion, a golden opportunity for New Zealand at the end of the first


around the baseline looking for the past. Helen Richardson could have


Danson, a full-length dive, you could see Bianca Russell diving to


save the deflection. The deflection takes it over the top, one to zero,


that is a penalty corner, and Great Britain at players over there.


Danson held the ball long enough to draw Clarissa to water and then


played it at exactly the right time, when the defender was in no man's


Great Britain have got, trapped at the top, Crista Cullen, keeping the


ball low, but enough height bar the ground to make it awkward for the


goalkeeper, 2-0, and on the balance of play I cannot see New Zealand


players in attacking positions. Well played, Hannah MacLeod,


driving initially on the forehand, looking for the past. Poor


an absolutely fantastic penalty corner routine. I think it is Nick


White initially running in, drawing the New Zealand defender with her,


opening up that space, and that is what Charlotte Harrison should have


Nick White, firing the ball to Alex Danson, I mean that is a fantastic


first touch with the ball in the penalty corner has been given.


Using her skills, weaving through, the ball comes up off Sarah Thomas


medals. Wonderful performance following their semi-final against


Argentina when they were utterly distraught at the end of the match.


And they have come here and shown real character and produced a


really excellent performance to win the bronze medals and to finish the


tournament in the years that they have been working towards this with


If anybody deserves a gold medal for bravery, you fractured jaw jaw


just over a week ago and got back playing, it is unbelievable, a


remarkable story, and you are standing here doing a live


interview as a bronze-medallist. do not think it is going to hit me


for a few weeks' time, I have been so focused on getting a medal, and


when we cannot get gold, we have focused on bronze. It will hit me


and a few weeks' time and I will realise what a crazy two weeks it


has been. The four me, it is the story of the Olympics, but imagine


going out, putting your face in the way our stuff with three fractures


in your jaw, unbelievable. The head we have been through the last 48


hours is unbearable, and there was no way we were going to the letter


day after the work we have done together, we are the strongest team


I have ever worked with. To get this today is just reward.


semi-final result was so difficult to take. It took us a while to pick


ourselves up and realise we had a bronze medal to fight for, but we


have worked as a team, we know each other inside out, we knew we could


pick each other, and we came into this game knowing that we were the


best prepared we could be, and we have come away with a bronze medal!


We were not expecting it, absolutely not! I have got to ask


you about the crowd, including the Duchess of Cambridge, on her feet


today, I'm sure you spotted that. They have been magnificent. I can


hear the hockey venue from the Olympic Village, 16,000 people, and


you just feel the noise coming through your body, the hair


standing up on the back of your neck, it has been sensational.


Jason hammered out and about today at the boxing and hockey, a


terrific result for Team GB's women, getting a bronze medal, the first


one for 20 years. The Netherlands went on to win the final, they got


gold, Argentina's silver. The Netherlands won 2-0. Tomorrow the


men's hockey games, Great Britain going for France if they can beat


Australia. The final is between We have still got Amir Khan with us,


he was on BBC One earlier, because earlier today at the ExCeL arena we


witnessed one of Britain's boxing hopes fight his semi-final, Luke


Campbell took on Satoshi Shimizu in a bantamweight contest which we


The world silver-medallist from last year in red, Luke Campbell


representing Great Britain, European champion in 2008 in


Liverpool. He was the first Briton for just about 50 years to win a


European senior men's title. He is leading by five-2 at the start of


the second round against a very skilful boxer from Japan, and a


very strong boxer, Satoshi Shimizu, who will come on strong in the last


round and put Luke Campbell under pressure, and he will be desperate


to close the gap. Campbell needs a few extra points to give himself an


all-important cushion. A bit of holding and hitting from Shimizu,


don't do that, from the referee. Campbell looking to go to the body.


It is important that Campbell maintains the gap and space between


himself and Shimizu, bringing him into the contested it. He is not


made for inside boxing, but he gets through with sheer persistence, so


Campbell has got to adjust the FT, keep the gap and box at Meydan long


One minute gone in the second, Campbell is 5-2 up, remember, the


man in red, at the start of the round. He came through with a pie


in his opening contest, defeated a very good Italian and then the


former world champion, the Bulgarian, in a close-fought


contest, 16-15 Campbell came through. That left by Campbell was


more at a slap. He just over reached a bit, get back to the work


with their jab, the straight right hand, that is crucial. Measure the


distance, finished on the right hook and maintain the gap. Good


high guard by Campbell. That is Shimizu has not long arms, Ritchie,


he is very good at shortening the punch. -- has got. Campbell on the


move again, Shimizu chasing. Campbell has got the counter,


cleverly worked out, good tactics by Campbell. He brought his man on


to him. That was a lovely shot from Campbell! Some wonderful single


scoring shots from Britain's Luke Campbell. The third minute of the


second round, three points to the good at the start of it. He might


have extended that, he will be happy to maintain it. Important


that he keeps on the move, moves around his opponent rather than


going in a straight line, stayers off the ropes. That is OK from


Campbell, lovely right-let hand! Good combination, single shots


coming from the British Stand by for a real whirlwind last


three minutes from the man in blue, Shimizu, but will Campbell's


excellent second round taking the sting out of it and made it


Mission: Impossible for the man from Japan? Becomes like a steam


train that he is predictable, he is open to the left hand, that nearly


hit the target from Campbell. He should get that timing right and


accuracy. If you watch Shimizu, Lo left hand, he is inviting that shot


Campbell are just saying to the referee did the man is ducking down


a bit. One of the shots got through. That is a better round for of


Campbell. Campbell leads by five points, 11 points to 6. He needs to


keep calm. The corner will tell him to focus. It will be a big effort


from the man in blue in the last round. He keeps coming, doesn't he?


This is good work from Campbell. He needs to do the same type of work.


He needs to hold a bit. He needs to negate the work of his opponent. He


is showing signs of tiring a bit - Campbell. This man will certainly


not tier. He comes on like a steam train in the last round. Here we go.


Luke Campbell at bantamweight, three minutes away from an Olympic


boxing final. He leads his opponent in blue from Japan by 11 points to


6. Campbell needs to stick to the game plan. Hands up! Keep their


heads up. Keep better balance. Get the accuracy and timing right. That


is better, Luke Campbell. Japanese boxer came in as a


virtually unknown. He had to qualified to get here. He has more


than justified his selection. There is a five-point gap to be breached.


Campbell will not let that happen. Better by Campbell. Into the body.


Get off the ropes. Let's go! Match this guy for work rate. The Olympic


final is within touching distance. Let's do it. Campbell tried to


entice him. Good footwork by Campbell. Gets his man on the


counter. He has this one in the bag with a minute and a half to go.


Campbell is looking much more confident, whether he is going


forward or back. When he is for what he lands with a telling shot.


We worry about the fitness of Luke Campbell. He is starting to unzip


him. He has his accuracy. He has his feet closer and the timing. He


needs to stay focused. You can see the look on his face. He has a


mouth open. He has taken a huge breath. Campbell has boxed cleverly.


We did not see him at his best was dug this is the world silver


medallists and the former European champion at his very best. He knew


his best would have to be good enough to get to an Olympic final.


He has not -- he has gone down but it was not a punch. He needs to


stay focused. He has met fire with fire. That was a great tactic. The


best form of defence is attack was that he keeps going. Luke Campbell,


20 seconds away from an Olympic final Foster Campbell's of Defence


has been rock-solid all the way through. He is going to win us.


Campbell terms. -- win this. Flourish by Campbell. The Olympic


final for Campbell with that a single shadow of a doubt. The


performance of his career. More to come to drag turn silver into gold.


What a prospect for the boy from Hull! -- to try to turn. A great


last round by Campbell. Fantastic work by Campbell. His fitness was


tested write the last seconds. Then he replies. -- right to the last


seconds. He scored with accurate punches down the middle. Another


one coming up. That was on the side of the target. Going back to the


corner absolutely exhausted. He is well spent but into the Olympic


final. Brilliant! What a performance by Luke Campbell!


Ladies and gentlemen, the winner, in the red corner, Luke Campbell.


He has romped the last round by nine points to five. 20 points to


11 to Luke Campbell. Family, friends and supporters Artex of --


ecstatic. What a display all the Are you impressed by that? Very


impressed. I know him from the amateur days. Straight shots, good


movement. If you look at the Japanese fighter, he was physically


strong. He had a robotic style. None of his shots accounted. The


shops of Luke Campbell were more accurate. Another man guaranteed


silver. We saw Fred earlier on. is looking great for England.


Probably one of the best Olympics. We have Anthony Joshua of tonight.


He is a tough kid the step he is a super heavyweight. Everyone looks


up to him. He needs to stick to his game plan and listen to the


trainers. He seems to be very focused and very calm. You concede


Anthony Joshua or's by it at about 10:50pm. -- Josh Hill or's by it. -


repechage fight for Lutalo Muhammad. This time last night we were


wrapped up in the fortunes of a little head hunter from North Wales.


Now a slightly larger head hunter from East London. Lutalo Muhammad,


in the red, is 4-1 up against the Armenian in this bronze medal play-


getting closer. He is the king of the castle at the moment. His


opponent is leaning back. He is a bit hesitant. He has very good


double kicks. He scored a three- this contest. That was a double


kick. Two kicks can step -- consecutively in mid- air. Now a


simple shot. Lutalo Muhammad returns the favour. Both of them


swapping points. No difference in the points. Another two minute


round to come at the end of this. It is still the element of surprise.


It has thrown him off his distance. The penalty goes against the


Armenian. I cannot think that Lutalo Muhammad looks like a giant


praying mantis, dressed in white, ready to strike. He has gone for a


big one. He has got the big one. Absolutely perfect. He thought it


was over. He has conceded three points. Look at the Lutalo


Muhammad! He sprint back to his chair. The Armenian does not quite


know what is going on. His concern as he was off the rain when the


kick was thrown. Pure of focus. - us the ring. The referee had not


said stop. He was within his rights. We will see the impact. That was


people's ire. He has his arm -- he has his eye on an Armenian. I tell


a lie. The referee had put his hand in her to stop. Here, stop! It is


difficult to stop when you are in mid-air and you can see what you


are aiming for four star it is not the fault of the athlete. -- aiming


for. That is a limpet taekwondo. That might be costly for Armenia. -


- Olympic taekwondo. He is minutes away from obtaining an Olympic


bronze medal - the second in the space of 24 hours. A little bit


unexpected. He has managed expectations and pressure and the


skills of his opponent. It will be very difficult for the Armenian to


find the deficit of seven points. am sure there will be those who


took time to send Lutalo Muhammad hate-mail when he won his place


ahead of Aaron Cooke, who will always think he should have been


here. He was here yesterday watching Jade Jones but has gone to


the basketball to dove. He could not bear to be at the event when he


thought he should have been involved. -- basketball today. It


might pour some cold water on some who could not see why British


taekwondo had picked Lutalo Muhammad. He is under intense


pressure from the Armenian, who has is trying to seal this bronze medal.


-- the 6th point gap. It is a minor consolation for all the hardship.


His opponent has looked outclassed at moments, surprised often. Listen


to this! Five miles from home - five miles from Walthamstow - they


a cheering his name in the Olympic taekwondo selection stomp has the


last word. It is Brahms. Lutalo Muhammad, from the moment he was


picked in the spot has had to deal seemingly with the nation wondering


why the most public questioning of his suitability. Lutalo Muhammad is


now the proudest own up of an Olympic bronze medal. You can only


It is unfortunate it was not gold, but I'm grateful I managed to get a


medal. The drought reception was fantastic. The crowd was tremendous,


I am a London boy, this could not have got sweeter. I really wanted


to bring a gold medal home, I have to live with that, but I am happy I


was able to get bronze in front of this crowd, just did it! He said


after the previous round, a weight had been lifted off your shoulders.


What changed? We pressured? It was more maybe nothing to lose attitude


now, you know. I was so focused and set on the gold medal, that was out


of the picture, you know, my coach has managed to get me mentally


right, to go out and try to win a bronze medal for Team GB, and I am


very glad I have got it. Fantastic achievement, but the build up was


not easy, you talked about getting hate mail in the Builder, the


selection controversy. -- the build up. You have gone through that.


happy that I had the mental toughness, Team GB were fantastic,


like my second family. I'm just grateful to God, everyone that


helped me, supported me. It was a tough ordeal, but I'm happy that I


was able to win a medal. Rue des point? If I do not see it that way,


the fans were great, but no, I don't really see it that way, I am


happy I was able to win a medal. If there is anything else, great, but


I have won a medal for Team GB, and that makes me happy enough. And you


are a local lad, this is very special. I well remember it for the


rest of my life, it has been an awesome experience, you know, it is


unbelievable, it is hard to put into words, all the crowd have been


magnificent, and I am so grateful. Great to see the smile on your face.


Thanks very much. Well done, Lutalo, it must have been very difficult


with the pressure of the Aaron Cook story. In men's football, the


bronze medal match has taken place, Japan against South Korea in


Cardiff watched by Mark Bright and two powerhouses of Asian football,


a derby match and a pretty bitter of the box as well. You can see


what he has tried to do, aiming for with Borussia Monchengladbach. That


the scores! South Korea 1, Japan 0. It was missed by the left-back, and


as he comes in, he has a quick look up to see if there is anyone there,


and that is a great move, on to his favoured right foot. He drives the


defenders over, makes the angle, the goalkeeper is beaten at the


near post. He did ever so well to carry that on his own and scored a


Sukyoung with the shot. The left- back did ever so well, getting


so well, very clever. A quick exchange of passes, he keeps going,


this is what he does well. Look how far away, you have got to be drawn


in towards the goal, towards the challenge, they were very deep. You


have to say that Koo Jacheol does ever so well, just pulls it away


from the defender, draws it on to Great save by Shuichi Gonda.


head was in, is that going to count? It is a foul. It is not


Korean players were promised that if they won the bronze medal, they


would not have to do national service, and they did, didn't they?


A needle match, at one, trust me! The final is tomorrow, Brazil have


never won Olympic gold, they are against Mexico. We told you that


Tom Daley was struggling to make the final 18. Well, he'd just


salvaged it, squeeze through in 15th place, and he will take part


in the semi-final and hopefully the final tomorrow, both tomorrow.


Slightly worrying, Gabby, that he Maybe blowing the cobwebs out today,


they start again tomorrow, hopefully! We spoke earlier with


Amir Khan. Anthony Joshua, the super-heavyweight, Amir Khan is


coming back in, Ian Thorpe is coming back, a specialities and why


the Australians might not be doing quite so well, and made a salutory


lesson for us, because we want to keep our success going. He will be


talking about that. And Tessa Sanderson, last night we had Daley


Thompson, and Tessa Sanderson tonight, so we are reliving the


1980s, 1984 gold for her, they were partners with Sebastian Coe, 3


golds. We will talk to her about athletics and a whole lot more.


That is great, I encourage everyone to turn over immediately to BBC


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