BBC One: Day 15: 14.30-17.15 Olympics

BBC One: Day 15: 14.30-17.15

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nice. I will lead you to it, with Welcome to a treat, a live football


match at 3pm on BBC One, where it used to be. Today, two sets of the


most talented youngsters on the planet will show how much a gold


for Mexico! That is what everyone keen you! -- Aquino! What a strike!


Brazil have gone through to the A couple of days ago, Wembley


witnessed history for the biggest crowd of a women's football match,


8,000 -- 80,000 people saw them beat the USA. Wembley is the


setting for Brazil against Mexico, and kick-off is in under 30 minutes.


Today is all about the future, we have dynamic young talent on show,


and we will balance that with Mark Bright and Robbie Savage with me! I


know you have both been enjoying this. They have seen a lot of it on


BBC Three over the past few weeks. Have the right teams made the


final? I think so. Brazil have been tremendous, and so of Mexico. Next


go beating Senegal was a magnificent win for them. Brazil


and Mexico have been the best teams. I fancy Brazil because they have


got so much attack. People have long questioned the presence of


football and the Olympics because it is not seen as the ultimate


prize in football. It is all about launching great new chap -- great


new talent. Have they done that? think the Games have been


successful. More people have seen Beijing, over one million people.


With the exception of a couple of appearances in Scotland, there was


one in Coventry where the date admission has been low. 80,000


people watching in Wembley, you would have to play in a cup final


to play in front of that kind of numbers. We saw Brazil against Team


GB before the tournament, and we said it was all over. You look at


the talent over the years, and Brazil have never won the Olympic


Games. It is hard to work out why that has happened. Of course. They


have taken this seriously and this is the team that they want to


represent them in the World Cup when they host it in a couple of


years, and it is very good. They have taken it seriously because


their coach is the coach of the national team. Football should be,


and I know people talk about this, it should be in the Games. When it


was first introduced, I like it, and the fans like it as well. They


have shown they have by turning up to watch the games. People hardly


noticed that Great Britain got knocked out on penalties because


people have been so overwhelmed by the Olympics. I thought the nation


did well because of the crowds, but I still think that David Beckham


should have been included! Let it go! Stuart Pearce did a decent job,


and it has been a success. Brazil and Mexico today, getting ready to


kick off in 20 minutes. Garth Crooks is with Mark Lawrenson for


us. Let us get a flavour of the atmosphere. It is always the case


that where Brazil goal, the crowds show for all.


I have been outside, and the atmosphere is unbelievable. I think


the Mexicans, the only people who think that they can win the gold


medal today. If you speak to anyone who is Brazilian, they are


convinced they are going to win for the first time.


Let us talk about the way you expect them to set up today. What


do you expect? As you recall, I got my maths all over the place, but I


was interested when they played career, there was a pyramid shape.


-- Korea. There was for across spend the across, -- there was four


across, then there was very across, and it forced the Koreans to go


down the side of the pyramid. It was very interesting. It will be


interesting to see how that works out today. As far as Mexico are


concerned, they are apparently saying this is his biggest game,


bigger than when they made it to the World Cup quarter-finals. Can


you understand that? Mark cannot hear you. You are going to have to


speak to me! I will translate. it on. Is it Mexico's biggest game


of all? Absolutely. I know what you are saying about the supporters


thinking they can win, I think the players are not frightened or


intimidated by Brazil. A lot of players are intimidated, but being


South American as well, it is no problem for Mexico. Brazil have


scored three goals in every game they have played. At the South


Korea game the other night, for 25 minutes Brazil did not start. They


were a collection of individuals. South Korea should have had a


penalty, but once Brazil started, at times it was like a price --


practice match. But once it went to two-0, they started running with


the ball, but they will give -- Mexico will give Brazil a difficult


time. Has Oscar impressed you are told? Yes, with Neymar, he was


allowing the South Koreans to get out, but I was just watching them


warming up, and for about three minutes, they never touched the


ball. Prediction? It is going to be very hot! But as a great addiction.


-- that was a great prediction. The last time as though one was in


the cup of America. Brazil have a 90 million population,


they are used to be playing under pressure. It is a very well-


balanced team. He has only made a few changes as the team has moved a


long. They must be confident going into this. If Mexico win this, it


will be their first gold medal of the Games. It is a huge incentive


for them as well. And their first football Olympic medal today. You


can understand why they are getting excited. Of course, but they are up


against a good prison will inside. What to talk about, -- Brazilian


side. A lot to talk about. This is the one thing that Brazil are still


Brazil are the kings of international football, but they


have never been a Olympic champions. They take on Mexico in the final


with a distinctly Latin feel. The side are stacked full of world-


class talent. Neymar, Oscar, and the top scorer of the tournament,


Leandro Damiao. This could form the basis of their World Cup side in


two years time. I think we are much stronger because of the Olympics


being a 23 Play Championship. 80% of them will be in the World Cup.


Some players, 28 for 29 years old, Ronald de neo-, they are not at


their top level and they should be at this point in their careers and


they are not any more. The young players in this Olympic team will


have to beat those references at the World Cup which will be played


in Brazil. They have won every game at these Olympics but it has not


all been plain sailing. Their high- scoring is often required to get


them out of trouble at the back, particularly against Honduras in


the quarter-finals. Despite being one game away from making history,


the coach claims not to be feeling the pressure. We have prepared very


well and I have a good feeling about this match. I am very


positive. If we had chosen to write a plot of a film about winning a


gold medal, we could not have chosen a better place to do it.


became like an obsession for some people. Some people say a curse.


Previous teams have come before and they did not win, Brazilian teams.


Our big rivals, Argentina, Uruguay. Anything other than a victory


against Mexico will be a very dig disappointment. -- big


disappointment. Mexico won the American tournament coming into the


Olympics and their side has continued impressive attacking


football throughout this competition. It is their first


appearance in an Olympic final and they are not just here to pick up


Silva. In four finals before, Brazil never wins to Mexico. Mexico


does not have any individuals. It is the team, collective. The people


in Brazil have never got gold. I think for Mexican football it will


be the only goal for this Olympic Games. If this team win the gold


medal right now in London, maybe the country is getting crazy.


quality sides full of flair and desperate for gold. Let the game


begin! And the games will begin in less


than 15 minutes' time. Four years ago Brazil got bronze in Beijing


and they want to make it gold for the first time ever. Let's look at


some of the players that they hope will do that. The man we are


excited about seeing in the Premier League next year, right?


Chelsea boy, Oscar. I think he is No. 11 for Chelsea. He is 20. He


scored the goal. Very skilful. Just off the striker here. He fires over.


He has just got everything, greater awareness, he really drifts past


people. But can he handle it in the Premier League? He is physical. He


can move well and he has got the skills. For one thing about the


Brazilians, they are tough. It is very competitive in their own


country. Excellent backing from Neymar and greater awareness here.


I believe at Chelsea they see him as a prospect and he has to go back


to Brazil to get his work permit. He is a talent and he says that he


hopes to wear the No. 10 for the senior side one day, which is round


the corner, obviously. Just the have got a lot of players at Number


10, obviously. They have got Oscar. He might not play every week, but


he is a fantastic signing. He might take over from Frank Lampard,


because as we know, 20 goals a season for five seasons will be


hard to replace when he eventually leaves. But he is 20, so they are


grooming him, young players. We are excited about seeing some of the


best potential talent in the world coming to the Premier League.


Campbell is number 10 and you need somebody to set the ball into the


net and his link-up with Leandro has been fantastic. Brazil do not


have a centre-forward like Mark Wright. They had him back in the


day! You were better than him! is the sharp end of the team, all


about scoring goals. He has been great so far. This is a goalscorer.


He pulls away, get in between the posts, taps it in. Before the game,


we were saying that we expect long- range shots and benders. That is a


sniffer's goal. Low centre of gravity, great movement, and


awareness as well. His awareness in the six-yard box is fantastic. He


knows where the goal is. This Brazilian team has found somebody,


a real talent. With me and Oscar, he has been one of the stars of the


tournament. But for me, the main man, no question, has been Neymar.


Interesting because one of the Brazilian national newspapers rang


turn up with -- rank him with other superstars. He has been playing in


Brazil. They have said he is better than Lionel Messi. I don't think he


is just yet, but he is a real talent. Both feet, good in the air,


this guy. How much in this transfer market? Seeing people in the flesh


is always better than on television and this is an unbelievable goal.


You have been the left foot would kill it towards the target but he


does it with his right foot. An exceptional kick. People like


himself that dribble, they tend to hog the ball, but he plays it very


simply. He runs with it now and again, a couple of touches. We


wanted to see Brazil against Great Britain. We wanted to see him


showing off his skills, but he rarely did. He moves, not selfish.


He stayed on for 90 minutes. They know the crowd came to see him and


he does not let anybody down. much is that guy worth on the


evidence of this tournament so far? He will end up in Europe. I am not


normally a fan of players with a headband! But I will let him off.


This is London, almost looking Brazilian with that fungi. -- that


sunshine. Mexico know that victory would make this one of their


greatest ever footballing afternoons and Brazil want that


historic day. The first all Latin- American final since 1928. This


will smash the previous aggregate of football at the Games, set in


Beijing four years ago. Yeah, golden shirts of Brazil top the


podium. -- and the iconic golden shirts. We have tens of thousands


of fans here. Will Mexico create their own slice of history?


Whatever happens, there will be her new winner of the Olympic title


this baking hot afternoon. It was written that London is a fine town,


a very famous City, where all the streets are paved with gold and all


the ladies pretty. There will be some legends here, that is for sure.


Now the national anthems of Brazil # Ouviram do Ipiranga as margens


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 81 seconds


# Mexicanos, al grito de guerra. # El acero aprestad y el bridon.


# Y retiemble en sus centros la tierra.


# Al sonoro rugir del canon. # Y retiemble en sus centros la


tierra. # Al sonoro rugir del canon!


# Cina oh Patria tus sienes de oliva.


# De la paz el arcangel divino. # Que en el cielo tu eterno destino.


# Por el dedo de Dios se escribio. # Mas si osare un extrano enemigo.


# Profanar con su planta tu suelo. # Piensa oh patria querida!


# Que el cielo un soldado en cada hijo te dio.


# Mexicanos, al grito de guerra. # El acero aprestad y el bridon.


# Y retiemble en sus centros la tierra.


# Al sonoro rugir del canon. # Y retiemble en sus centros la


tierra. excess of 2005 last year and they


have fine support here at Wembley, Mexico. -- the success offer 2005.


As the two teams breakaway, we are told some fans might be holding up


placards. You can see them in the background spelling out London 2012.


A festive occasion. A Latin America occasion. Always colourful, always


spirited. Brazil and changed from their emphatic win over South Korea.


-- unchanged. The only real change during the tournament was with the


preference of Alex Sandro on the left for his team-mate. Lucas seems


to have chosen Paris and a man ahead of Manchester United. --


Paris St Germain. The coach says he has plans to lift the 2014 World


Cup. This is a man under pressure. Medicare are in the final without


their most talented scorer, dos Santos. Hector Herrera was


suspended but he returns. He is the only uncapped international player.


A Fulham player. Giovani dos Santos is named among the substitutes but


we have been told that he is nowhere near fully fit. The coach


did choose that unusual warm-up a route, taking 13 of the squad to


the spring tournament. Mexico did win that. There have been together


and they do looked useful. -- they have been together. A magnificent


day. The route through from the quarter-finals to the semi-finals,


now. This is the gold medal match. Olympic medal today and well done


to him and his assistants. It has been a great day and will be for


them. Mexico are in green with the red flash against the famous yellow


there has been a nice atmosphere, but this is the first one that


there has been a real edge about it, and extremely important football


match. And I think with the sun on their backs today, we might see the


sensationally goes to Mexico! Just 30 seconds! An absolute stunner!


Brazil gave it away, and Mexico are opportunity. Brazil are guilty of


over playing. Oribe Peralta was left with loads of space. Look at


all the space that he has. favours of started disastrously. He


was the top scorer in last summer's Pan American Games. He has a


terrific records going at club level. By Inbee -- Brazil are


really stuck here. It looks even better in slow-motion because it


bends away from the goalkeeper at the near post. The 13th player to


score up in the first minute of an Olympic match. And what an occasion


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 81 seconds


be the world's greatest player on the ball to one of them. Yes, it is


a little bit Hollywood. -- too difficult for themselves. They were


twice behind on Jay -- behind Honduras in the quarter-finals.


they could have been one goal down against South Korea the other mate


if they had been given a penalty. That has to be one of the fastest


because he could not get into the full Mexican team. I know, that is


sometimes her that works out. Brazilians were guilty of poor


defending. There are still people coming into the stadium, and the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 81 seconds


blood. He is perceived to be the he was banned for six months at


junior level for breaking a curfew is down the right hand side, where


Mexico can almost play two against one, because Neymar cups down and


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 81 seconds


no one fills the gap. There is no terms of performance from Brazil at


we saw at Old Trafford. Just a very slow, sluggish start, looking like


a collection of individuals, rather than a team. They have found their


rhythm -- they found their rhythm when there remains the spiritual


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 81 seconds


fouls they have played against, Brazil have beaten Mexico. -- FIFA


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 81 seconds


him turn inside, but then he whatsoever. Raphael takes the wrong


option. He gets pinched. That was the goal in 30 seconds. It gave


mixed with the lead. I storm washed find it -- of my stopwatch paned it


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 81 seconds


referee get? He does get a medal, and then Argentina four years


4th. They also got Silva medal as and 88 and 84 and a Silva medal in


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 81 seconds


competition have Mexico started to concede. -- only in the latter


stages. Neymar has nine at senior international goals to his name


already. He has only played 19 games. Six gold medals in four


has just gone to AC Milan. In this tournament, shots fly in from


Mexicans. They have scored terrific not doing the simple things, like


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 81 seconds


final, we believe, completely, gold. -- his 12th attempt at an


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 81 seconds


Very clever. That movement is money to spend. I do not know where


that is in the UEFA Fair Play gold. Nigeria beat them in 196. --


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 81 seconds


record of the Olympics will be broken today. The media have been


slow to take up the idea of football at the Olympics but people


have loved it. The great thing about it is that it has been a real


family occasion. A great introduction for youngsters. The


chance for them to come to Wembley when maybe they did not have that


before. And Old Trafford and Newcastle. 70% of this squad will


be going to the World Cup on their own soil in 2014 but they are not


good enough on this demonstration. football. He has given the ball


away of five or six occasions already. When you have got no


rhythm and you are 1- 0 down, that does not help. He has not succeeded


on the international stage. The referee will check on him. He has


given Brazil the throw-in. I think he said two words, get up! There


was absolutely nothing in that. How Brazilians. That goal came in the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 81 seconds


Peralta. -- wants a card. No more, Leandro. He came into the back of


him. It was the company to buy a squeal from Leandro. -- accompanied


the ball. The squad came together on July 8th. Mexico had 13 of these


boys. All through last year, the gold Cup between South American and


going to make a very early change. It is not working for of Brazil.


nothing like the Brazil we saw in the second half in the last match.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 81 seconds


There comes a change. Alex Sancho defending. Osama Bin Laden did not


have a happy time in England -- Salcido did not have a happy time


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 81 seconds


in England when he played for Mexican and a 20-8 record


goalscorer. They cannot allow him that much room. -- under-23. He


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 81 seconds


scored six in qualifying and was Here Camp Mexico. That shot by


Salcido. -- Here come Mexico. They exploit the space. You always feel


level in June. One of the Brazilian players playing today played in


that game. Was that a friendly? team was also beaten by Argentina.


He came into the Olympics as Amman under pressure. Winning the Olympic


final may not save him. They have into football. -- a PE teacher. His


opposite number has had great success. Heat won the ball. Not one


pair ahead of him mute. -- moved. He never looked for the simple ball.


Sometimes it is impossible to play you wonder if he has the adequate


pace. He did not play that out well touched away by rain. -- Diego


goalkeeper did well. Now that corner. This all has some serious


movement in the flight. The goalkeeper was moving to his right.


He had to come back to his left. He was almost caught. That was a


terrible corner. Enrique has gets it away. -- Jorge Enriquez gets it


touch by the Mexican defender before but it was top class. The


goalkeeper was going to his right. He did well to get there. They're


overrated player is Jose Corona. He is a Mexican full international. He


was the third choice in the World saying he got the ball. That was a


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 81 seconds


played in by Oscar to Leandro. He used all his strength. He could


score from there, Marcelo. They have not failed to make the Olympic


quarter-finals since Germany in 1972 yet they are still waiting for


yellow card. That was a poor tackle by Marcello. Peralta was getting it


Madrid in the past season and one for Brazil. The football season has


gone way over 12 months in the UK. Technically it is part of the


season 11-12, I am told. The new season kicks off today. Liverpool


are playing twice - once in Europe He is saying he dived. Peralta


wants to come back on to the field lovely looking pitch. It is


beautiful. It has been for a while his second Olympics. The first was


in Beijing. Has he taken it too of the Mexican defenders. It might


have been Jiminez. Neymar has won it back. A free kick to Brazil.


has come on and committed defenders - Hulk. 61% of play has gone to


Brazil so far. They trailed by that Thiago Silva. Two minutes of


Leandro Damiao. -- a suspicion. manager has got a lot of work to do


at half-time, the manager of Brazil. Sometimes you are loath to


criticise them because of their fantastic ability as individuals,


but in terms of the team, it has for Brazil, but the pressure is not


tournament. That is more like it! Yes, just a little bit more energy


with eight. The Mexican flags are flying highest at Wembley, not the


Brazilian flags. The half-time whistle blows at Wembley, and


within the first 30 seconds of play every day rather had given his


Brazilian side a real shock and the opening goal of this Olympic final.


-- Oribe Peralta. The Brazilian coach's team was all over the place,


they have it all to do, they trail I am not sure the officials are


solely to blame for that first half performance from Brazil! It has


been a difficult watch, actually. You come into these matches and


think, great, Brazil on the BBC on the Saturday afternoon, but he


would not know it was then if they were not wearing the kit, which


you? It is the worst they have played, no rhythm, no cohesion,


they are not playing quick enough, they are not winning the midfield


battle. Neymar has hardly had a kick. They came into their own


towards the end of the second half with a couple of efforts, but we


have not seen the passing we expected, the chances created, and


we have not seen the team we expected. You have to give full


credit to Mexico, who have taken the game by the scruff of the neck.


The tone was set in the first 30 seconds, in the warm-up, nice quick


passing, but as soon as it started, Rafael took so long on the ball and


that Rafael Tuck when he finally got the ball. Mexico keeping it


easily, the Brazilians do not want to gate it long, but in certain


situations you have to clear your lines, it does not matter when it


is in the game. Rafael takes far too many touches. He could deal


back of the net. We had hardly settled down either! Why didn't he


pass it back to the full-back? He tries to pass it back to Sandro and


is caught out. Both teams are pressing high, you saw Brazil chase


the ball straight away and put Mexico under pressure, and they did


the same, but they punished him. He cannot believe it, his third goal


of the tournament. He is always on the front foot, waiting for the


mistake. Similar in the semi-final against Japan, the next the ball


and smashes it into the top corner. -- the next. He is sharp. To be


fair, Rafael, I believe, his awareness, positional sense for me


was questionable for Manchester United. He has not proved a lot as


a player, he gets caught making the wrong decision. So early in the


game, if it is cut off, turnaround, down the line. It is not what they


like to do, but it has cost them a goal. How much has this been


Mexico's scoring the early goal, sensing that an upset is on the


cards and forcing Brazil to make mistakes? After 28 seconds, they


might have learned their lesson, but it was the whole first half.


Sloppy Brazil. If Mexico do not freeze, they have a real chance


because they play good football, but it has been a half of unforced


errors. Marcelo there, obviously and excellent left-back, he gets


caught. Alex Sandro has gone off, I cannot understand why he started.


Hulk is on. Just one after the other giving the ball away, sloppy


passing. There is not much for the coach to say except, you are


letting the nation down. comment before the game, and the


coach will say, they were not at it in the warm-up. Brazil have done


that. They are a great collection of footballers. You can sense it


sometimes, if you are not at it, it transmits through the team, and


this has been a poor Brazil, sloppy all over the place. People being


hesitant, where is that going? They are looking at each other. Since


Hulk has come on, he has been a little bit better, but look at that


on the stroke of half-time. That is reckless! How much is it that they


do not have a natural leader? Hulk has played well, but there is no


one to grab hold of the young players. They have got Sandro, his


awareness was poor. They are missing a leader, they are looking


to Neymar, but the inspiration has been Hulk. In every game, they have


scored 15 goals, three per game. They were not missing a leader then.


But they are losing the midfield battle, losing the midfield battle,


not dominating the midfield area, Mexico are pressing high, keeping


tight in midfield. I'll expect them to move quicker in the second half,


get the full backs forward, which has always been a feature of


Brazilian football. Marcelo, Rafael, creating and helping in the


midfield. They are not keeping the ball as well as they have done in


the tournament. Neymar has had flashers, they have had chances, of


course they have, because this is Brazil, but they have been very


poor. Having criticised them for five minutes, let focus on a few of


their chances. They have scored 15 goals, they are always dangerous.


No question, they have got too much talent not to be. This is the


leading goalscorer, Leandro Damiao, very good feet. Very good from


Oscar. He gets the shot in after the fake. Unfortunately, straight


into the goalkeeper's hands. They did exactly what Mexico did to them,


except Mexico punished them by scoring the goal. This was the move


of the Day, a fantastic link-up play between Marcelo and Oscar. I


expect Brazil to come out in the second half and create a lot more


chances, Keith the ball more. The guy they brought on, Hulk, has been


an influence, no question. I have liked them when I have seen them


play, fantastic with pace. The ball really moving in the air. You can


see it from this angle here, it moves like it has taken a


deflection, the goalkeeper does ever so well to keep it out. But I


cannot understand the Alex Sandro decision, he looked a bit lost, he


does not know what to do for half an hour. Marcelo getting forward.


As I said, the full-backs are a strong feature of Brazilian


football. What we are not seeing here is chance after chance from


Brazil getting in behind Mexico, they are strong at the back. Very


well organised. I have enjoyed watching them play, but watching


that extra bit of talent, sometimes you doubt yourself, but Mexico are


not doubting themselves, they want the gold medal. We saw a lovely


shot from Salcido, and they will now know, we spoke about it before


the game, there are 45 minutes away from their greatest ever win.


have defended very strong, they have not had great chances, but


they are in the lead. Brazil can only get better, no question about


that. Mexico, you know, they deserve the lead, yes, they do.


What you want to see from Brazil? If my players were just saying, I


am not at it today, I would not have that! As players, when you're


not at it, they can say that... It is just that sometimes, you cannot


go out on the pitch, if you are not at it, you are not at it. You


cannot change. So how do they win the second half? That is up to the


players. The manager will say, get out and do it, it will take


somebody with a great bit of skill to get something going. That is


where they need a leader, when things are not going well. More


aggression, more forward passes, instead of going square all the


time. We are used to this casual football, but they are behind, and


they have not looked like scoring. They have a shot from distance, but


they have not look like scoring in the first 45. I will expect them to


press Mexico hike up the pitch. Aggression, the Robbie Savage


approach. It has not been easy for football to catch the eye over the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 81 seconds


last two weeks, but as you will see, delicate chip, oh, beautifully


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 81 seconds


men and women have done themselves proud. As you head, over one


million people have turned up to watch football during the Games,


surely that alone makes it a success. Garth Crooks is at Wembley,


and we have just seen some of the goals of the tournament, and you


have been discussing your team of the tournament. Only one man


I thought Jack Butland had a good tournament. Think of the game


against the United Arab Emirates, he made a very good save. He could


have changed the face of the game at GB's continuation in the


tournament. He did very well. Reyes, playing here today, has had a very


good first half. He makes the centre-half position in that line-


up. Oribe Peralta, he has been working very hard, he gets the goal


and punishes Brazil because of sloppy play, he makes the side. And


of Carson Neymar and Oscar, they have also made the side. Today has


been difficult, Mexico and made it very difficult for Brazil. I am a


little bit surprised how we were expecting the Brazilians to change


the way they play football, it is their culture. They started the way


they started against Honduras in the quarter-finals, they started


the way they started against Courier in the semi-finals. They


were very unlucky in the first 20 minutes against Korea, they could


have been 2-0 down, so I would be You have seen them played football


over 90 minutes rather than 45. you do not punish teams, elect them


off the hook and a comeback at you. I have seen Neymar and Oscar trying


to force the ball into their opposition's box. Martello got in


on the end of it. -- Marcello. In the second half, all I expect to


see from Brazil is to crank it up a little bit. I do not think they can


change where they play. They were still give you a chance at back.


Brazil may need to crank it up but the PA system does not. I am


surprised he did not ask where Craig Bellamy Oise. I thought he


was fantastic. -- Craig Bellamy was. He was passionate. I thought he was


fantastic. The rest of the headlines. Teams will be out in a


few moments. The 26th gold of the games came courtesy of the Kai 1200


metres champion. There was also a mad dog in the -- a medal in the K2.


Eight Tom Daley put in a much improved display and qualified 4th.


-- Tom Daley. Ben Ainslie has been of flag-bearer and at the closing


ceremony he will carry the flag. Time to take you straight back to


talk about than Mexico at the moment. Let's find out what will


happen in the second half. Goal was clocked at 28 seconds. It is the


fastest goal in Olympic final history. It gave Mexico debt 1-0


lead. Not the fastest goal here, it Clock goal of all time. -- clocked


goal. You can see what I have been doing at half-time. Here is Hulk.


He really has made a difference. He has and the free kick. A yellow


card for of Diego Reyes. He gives away the free kick right on the bed


-- the edge of the box. Brazil kick towards the old tunnel end will


stop -- tunnel end. He has won the free kick. Neymar stands over it.


Hulk goes away to the right of the ball. The ball is very loose. At


Jorge Enriquez. He is Brazil's best player. By a long way. His


positivity. He is engaging opponents, engineering space,


shooting at goal. The rest of them are so lacklustre. In a few can


hear some billing and cackles, it is because Mexico are taking their


into the middle. -- dangerously. That was a magnificent effort. On


the run in full flow - Neymar. was much better. He is very


difficult to stop when you see him like that. 20 years of age, he has


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 81 seconds


about Brazil at the start of the throughout the tournament at left-


they play. That was good defensive play. It took the sting out of the


shot. He just seemed to be able to get something on. Shops, blocks,


interventions. -- shots. One or two Premier League clubs are interested.


He has been linked with Manchester Mexico have covered a lot of ground.


It is a hot afternoon at Wembley. What the famous day this with the!


Neymar is beginning to turn it on. -- this would be. The defender has


been a bit naughty. A couple of bits of skill before from Neymar.


games in 2012 were just above that of Beijing. Not the most Cole laden


of tournaments. -- goal. Sydney in 2000 holds the record. We have seen


less diving and very little dissent. That was off by Salcido. A bit


fortunate to find the ball at the the line. He went to read. What a


chance that was! -- tomb early. There was a great big hole for him.


assistance today in the final. -- assistants. Silva went down so


defending well. A lot of pressure on the Mexican box in the start of


the second half. I think the goalkeeper punched Neymar.


referee has immediately gone to Neymar. I think he has flattened


him with a punch. It is a penalty if he has. He's certainly flattened


him. Did he get anything of the and crashed into Neymar. It is one


of those way you'd least expect it. Up well done to the referee. Twice


really. Not giving a penalty and getting treatment to Neymar


extremely quickly. He is five foot nine, a stone six and dripping wet.


He is very light. -- 8 stone. are claiming hand ball. I had seen


them given. Where will you put your hand? Your hand automatically comes


up when you slide in for a tackle. bloody nose. He scored in last


year's South American Under 20 but he did not use it. That should


be a free kick. That is a nasty. The referee's assistant has spotted


it. He clipped Aquino. He is protesting his innocence, the


Manchester United right back. The substitution. A midfield player.


Aquino has been called the cross. He'd just got fouled. -- called


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 81 seconds


treatment is a little unfair at the little bit scruffy as far as the


Brazilians are concerned, but it is a chance none the less. He never


been in the Brazilian penalty area in the second half. They did their


homework, though, didn't they? They have seen how sluggish Brazil can


be at the start, get at them in the opening minutes, then defend your


spectacle, that is for sure. Mexico's elite as we approach the


hour in the men's Olympic football maybe he would be running our side.


wonderful football field, a great the only thing is, the game is


getting really stretched out now. The Mexicans are just really


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 81 seconds


struggling to cope with the Reyes was confident enough to turn.


Very impressive, only 19. No, I think he has been outstanding,


Jonathan, outstanding. He has made some great interceptions, but also


his decision-making defensively is know what has gone over Leandro


Damiao's head, but it could have been attacked at the far post by


football have played in the Olympic Games. Oh, a terrible mistake by


Thiago Silva, they were very nearly in for a second! He was denied


first of all as Brazil scream for a flag that did not come, then he hit


the bar. That might be the turning bottom of the Brazilian players, to


wake them up, I think. Defensively, they will always give you a chance,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 81 seconds


Damiao. He was swinging through to take a shot on goal and he caught


referee. What would you rather get, belonged to a man who will be the


next Brazilian big thing, Alexandre Pato, who has been hit by serious


injuries over the last few years. He is on the bench, he was linked


against Oribe Peralta, but it could easily have gone the other way. He


has refereed brilliantly. Very, Oscar. It will not take much to


knock him down. No, he does look has had an excellent tournament. --


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 81 seconds


chances against this tough defence. No, there was another one in the


first half where they had a free header. It is as though we let it


hit his head, rather than attack it. Eight target for Tottenham, Leandro


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 81 seconds


Damiao. -- a target. The goalkeeper it hit his boot. What a great bore,


they did not realise. What a great ball in as well. All alone,


the referee is playing advantage. - - Sandro. Mark Clattenburg was


prepared to let it run, that is pressure from Marcelo. I think the


chance, when they hit the crossbar, that has just raised the game again.


They are going to bring on Alexandre Pato, so they are


sacrificing Alex Sandro, one of the defensive midfield players,


bringing on Alexandre Pato. He plays with AC Milan, 10 starts this


season, only 14 minutes since February due to a left thigh injury.


Can he fulfil his massive championships in 2007. Bronze-


could become one of the very, very best. He has to do something now,


but first of all they have to take this corner. Still over 18 minutes


free header. He has had two chances, Fabian, to wrap it up. Where is the


Olympics. He scored in the Toulon by Diego Reyes. Two balls on the


very slight deflection. The Mexicans are concerned as they look


resolute and safe. Five times better than the Brazilian


Mexico. That is about 59% of the might make, with his pace. A foul


in an Olympic final history could just had given Mexico the gold


medal of. Two for Pearl's A Singer. -- Peralta. I do not think any of


the Brazilian defenders moved. They were just watching. Watch! Look at


them! They were looking at each other. He had a great run from the


back and bang! How easy is that? was top scorer in the Pan-American


games. The second highest scorer in the lead in Mexico. Still Brazil


did not know enough about him. What officials. They should be worrying


about their team. They should be defending. There have been shocks


in the Olympic final before with Cameroon beating Spain on penalties


in Sydney. Argentina were beaten four years before. This would be a


major surprise to anyone outside of Mexico. There is a foul for the


challenge. This Brazilian side - as so many Brazilian sides over the


you save. They have been sloppy all manager is frustrated, angry and


also fearful, I would guess. That is the Mexican manager we are


seeing. The really cool, chilled out one. The other one is sweating


on his job. Here is a chance now. The shot was the way her wide. --


complete the clearance. What is he Manning act? Sorry, you are not


allowed to tackle knee. -- me. free kick that Mexico got the


second goal from has given by the referee's assistant. He was only a


matter of three, four yards away. record set four years ago in


Beijing. The biggest football crowds ever. People tend to forget


that football was the first team sport. It was produced by the


English for the English game so. -- Chavez. The goalkeeper exudes


confidence, doesn't he? He does not panic. He handles the crosses under


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 81 seconds


for like substitution. He started the tournament and played in the


was checking back because he saw his team-mate burning into the area.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 81 seconds


knocked out of the tournament was a big surprise was that this will be


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 81 seconds


into it. He shouted at his team- Manchester United defender,


presumably from fans from Premier League clubs who are bearing him


just over five minutes to go. Brazil are going to make a


substitution. Their two-goal hero on Monday. He is uncapped. -- 23.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 81 seconds


league seasons and then there is a attempts. Mexico up the more worthy


winners as it stands. Brazil have been a collection of individuals


and Mexico really play like a team. There has been a contribution from


young Manchester United Brazilian defender. They've really poor ball


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 81 seconds


away from the defence, Thiago Silva not be bothered. Vidrio, the


jump. That is Oribe Peralta, loving debut, but he has never really done


it was a great ball. That sums up his day. He is going to have to


think again. Yes, this young team have two years before they host the


World Cup finals, but what we have seen on this evidence, they would


not be good enough to win that tournament. The other problem as


well, playing the competitive games. Three minutes of stoppage time. The


Mexicans are already celebrating. They have this year's competition


and next year's Confederations Cup, their only competitive football.


Now they have a chance. Hulk has breathed new life into this the


Olympic final in 2012! Brazil 1, Mexico 2. Hulk with the goal. Will


that make a huge difference, or taking on the left, hit with the


right. Somebody was cautioned in air. One of the Brazilians went to


one of the Mexican defender is and raised his hand. I do not know if


he actually touched him. We are got to stop the ball, he had help


the bench. This could be the greatest comeback of all time in


the Live Aid finals if they could force the game into extra time. --


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 81 seconds


actually got too much on it. Ray Little Ball, though, where are the


Mexicans defensively? Oh, my goodness me! What an opportunity!


He glanced it, it was in, they would have got out of jail with two


goals in stoppage time, but the moment has gone, the moment is


Mexico's, the gold medal is Mexico's, Oribe Peralta makes


history with the fastest goal in an an innit final and Mexico's first


gold medal in football. Brazil's long wait for the only major title


which has eluded them goes on. Two 4 Oribe Peralta, Brazil missed a


great chance in the dying seconds, but the celebrations are for Mexico,


congratulations to them, what an upset, what a famous day, their


greatest football day, they have won and Olympic gold! Mexico 2,


celebrating at Wembley. In years to come, people will say it was only


the Olympics when Mexico managed to beat Brazil, not the World Cup, but


Mano Menezes went all out for this tournament, he selected the best


Brazilian players at his disposal, and Mexico were better. The


celebrations are wonderful to watch, Mark. Nobody predicted it,


especially as in the studio. I said Mexico had a chance, but I did not


think it would be as convincing as it was. It was a consolation at the


end, Hulk scoring, but full credit to Mexico, who played better under


pressure, mistake after mistake from Brazil, but what can you say?


Seven goals they have conceded. Mexico have got a good defence,


they have conceded four now. Robbie, there is always plenty of talk


about whether a footballer -- football has a place at the


Olympics, but seeing those shots of the Mexicans jumping up and down,


the Brazilians in tears, that tells you what you need to know. Mark


Bright has just said, they deserved it. Brazil, arrogant, the way they


started the game, sloppy, they thought they could just turn up


because they had the better players and win the game. But it proved at


the end with Rafael, I wonder what he would think about that? It was a


shocking performance from Brazil. Let's be fair, Oscar, that Heather


in the last 10 seconds! We will have a look at that in a moment,


but credit to Mexico, we are not just talking about Brazil. Look at


them going into the game, Giovani dos Santos is the leading


goalscorer with three goals, he was injured. If you take the leading


goalscorer at, they will struggle. Take Neymar out, they would have


struggled. But a rebate rather rose to the occasion. Four good players,


the All team played well. -- the whole team played well. Visit your


team of the Olympics? Mexico, his team of the tournament, funny,


that! Let's have a look at the goals by Oribe Peralta. This feels


like a long time ago, because it was 30 seconds into the match. It


showed clear hence right from the start. Look at Brazil, right from


the outset, pressing from the front, Neymar chasing, back to the


goalkeeper, then he just clears. That is straight away. That is your


intent, putting him under pressure. This is just misjudged by Rafael.


He should shake that down the line. What he does is, he just tries to


pick out Sandro, he gets caught, I mean, nobody expected that, that is


free, 1-0. That probably was not Rafael's worst moment, but a lovely


finish from Oribe Peralta. Garter was saying at half-time that they


would not change the way they play, they never will, but you cannot


start the game in that way and expect to change things. They


started poor and continued. They were huge favourites coming in, I


read online one of the respected Brazilian journalist said, we want


to play more like Spain, that is how we used to play in the old days,


he wants to change to more passing. Spain keep the ball a lot better,


Brazil today, like we said, it is old-fashioned, they were not at the


races, they did not start well. A manager will say, you cannot turn


it on and off like a tap, you need to start well. They started sloppy


by conceding and only picked up towards the latter end of the first


half and the latter end of the game. Conceding sloppy free-kicks, this


is the second goal, we did not get a good chance to analyse this. The


first question, is this a free- kick? There was a lot of


consternation on the Brazilian bench, they thought it was not a


free kick. Take a look. I think Sandro uses his backside, he leans


in. I think it is Herrera. Marcelo thought it was a free kick. He just


uses his backside. He does a great move on Hulk. His ball watching,


picking up a forward, you can see him at the far post, he realises,


oh, that is my man, free header. the first place, I do not think it


was a free kick, the linesman got that wrong. Marcelo was standing


his ground. I do not think he challenges, he uses his backside.


Even though they conceded the free- kick, Hulk has his man, he let him


run. It was too easy. Great header, though. So not a free kick, but it


was certainly a goal, and what a way to celebrate, that is the man


who has been the standard start of this final. Needed to rise to the


occasion, he did, 4th goal of the tournament, he was excellent,


virtually playing up front on his own, but Brazil underestimated


Mexico. There was an arrogance going into the game. We want to see


the flashy back-heel and the skill, but they really underestimated


Mexico. Let's have a look at Brazilian attempts to get back into


the game, and the goal by Hulk did not make an incredible difference.


Nice one, Jake! Four forwards go in forward, he takes it well, but in


the 90th minute. He will be disappointed he did not start the


game. Alex Sandro did nothing at all, Hulk made an influence when he


came off the bench, with his right foot there, why didn't he starts


the game? I don't know why he didn't start the game. Best


Brazilian player on the pitch? Coming on as a substitute? You


expect him on the biggest stage to produces goods. And then there was


the question, could this be the greatest of all comebacks in an


Olympic final? Boy, oh boy, they came close. Oscar, the new Chelsea


signing, you could not wish for a better opportunity. Hulk scored one


and created this opportunity. Just touch it. You heard Mark Lawrenson


say, he got too much on it. Absolutely free at the near post.


New line a striker, that is relatively easy. I have missed


plenty! That is what he would have done! I have to say, that is a


better player than me, it is such a good opportunity, right at the end,


we were both leaning forward, he should have scored. Robbie, missed


opportunities for Mexico, this game could have been out of sight by


then. Poor defending, again. This is great skill, the overhead kick,


just of the bar. Brazil were all over the place! We talked about it


in the first half, they should have been cleared. Fabian does ever so


well, keeps his eye on the ball, tries to help it over his shoulder.


Here, great touch and the near post, and once again a free header. He


should score here. They could have been out of sight, it could have


been embarrassing, but the undoing of Brazil was the defence again.


Scoring loads of goals, 16 goals. The coach will be under pressure


now. The Brazilian coach is always under pressure, a runner up in a


tournament is not good enough. How much will the Brazilian media react


to what we saw at the end of the game, Rafael giving away the ball


was not his only low point. He is a fantastic player for Manchester


United, but you have got to learn from your mistakes. The cost them a


goal in the first half, and with five minutes left, 2-0 down, to


react like this, you can show passion and all that, but you


know... Rafael was out of order for me, he was wrong, sarcastic


applause, but he was wrong. need arrogance as a young player,


and he has got a lot of talent, but as Mark Lawrenson said, he has got


a lot to learn, and that is not You are in a unique position. You


have been in hundreds of dressing rooms. What does that small few of


those players tell you? Pressure. He is wrong. Raphel brought down


the opponent. They are losing - chasing the game. He responded how


he did. Get on with it. In the changing room now, back in my day,


they would have to park the two players. That is how much it means.


They came in as favourites. That is the first gold medal that Mexico


have got. A a Silva medal is a good result for grisaille. They had


defended really well. -- Brazil. That is what happened with regard


to the gold medal. The bronze medal was played yesterday at the


two Power Houses of Asian football. It is a derby match and a Priti


Patel derby match at that. -- a bitter derby match at that. The


goalkeeper did not deal with that very well. He took his time and


only gets a corner. There were players free on the edge of the box.


That was good play will start you could see what he was trying to do,


aiming for there far-post. -- the scored. South Korea one, Japan 0


full stamp he looked up to see if there was anyone there. -- Japan 0.


He dragged the defenders over. He make the angle. The goalkeeper was


beaten. He scored a great The left-back did very well,


getting forward. He took a gamble and ran through. He came inside


with the past. It opened up. -- de so well. He was very clever. Quick


exchange of passes. He kept going. He pulled it back. Look how far


away he was! You need to be drawn breakaway. That was a good


challenge. It went buried deep. He did very well. -- very deep. That


was good play. A little bit of room. That was a great save. It was a


good block. It would have been all over. A great save. A fantastic


save. He was at full stretch, as he can see. -- you can see. He has


done well again. The Right Bank did not panic. -- the right back. The


header went in. Will that count? He ran away, claiming a goal. It will


It was a great match. More fouls in that game and you have ever seen.


The best team won. It was really brutal. Brilliant! Your final


thoughts on this tournament as a whole. Great Brittain, was this at


any chance to see a men's and women's great Brittain team? Could


there be another one in the future? Hope Powell wants to see another


team in four years' time. I'm sure Stuart Pearce and will say the same


thing. They really enjoy it the whole thing. What is it? 32 games


and 76 goals. I just think the Great Brittain fans have been out


in force right across the board. Just watching people go to the


games, dressing up and embracing everything has been fantastic.


Great for women's football as well. We had 100,000 people watching


women's football in one evening in this country. That is a really big


step forward, isn't it? The women equipped themselves really well -


the GB team. Household names. I hope it kicks on further. The


USA/Canada game was the best game - men's or women's - in the


tournament. There were tackles flying in, goals, yellow cards. It


was fantastic. I went to Wembley to watch the girls team play against


Brazil. They won 1-0. It was the perfect game for them. Hopefully,


people who went to see the girls play will say, let's go and watch.


They never play in front of crowds like that. Some of the guys will


not. You would have to be in the Cup final to play in front of that


size crowd. Just as we recover from theirs, but football season starts


in a week. It will be a great season. Are you coming out of


retirement? I am not. Lovely to spend the afternoon watching that


game with you. One week and the An extraordinary afternoon of


football. Plenty to discuss and DI set. Good evening and a warm


There is is so much tension and drama. Watch the clock ticking down.


All you can feel is your heart beat. The atmosphere will be electric.


These will be the best Paralympic games ever. The Paralympic games on


BBC Radio Five Live. I am so pleased the passion has led for a


swell of momentum for the Paralympic games. Do not miss a


thing. Still plenty of sport to come and plenty of sport has


already happened. Here are the headlines from today. Huge


congratulations to Ed McKeever. He has won the 26th gold medal of


these games. There was also a medal from Jon Schofield and Liam heath


taking bronze on the last day of competition at Eton Dorney. Tom


Daley looked in much better shape today as he qualified in 4th place


for tonight's ten-metre platform final. Ben Ainslie, of the most


successful Sailor into Olympic history, has been given the honour


of carrying the flag at tomorrow night's closing ceremony.


Congratulations to him from us all. A big day for the football.


Congratulations to Mexico. In the hockey, it was bronze at stake in


Great Brittain had the chance of picking it up. Today they played


Australia, hoping they could finally get the hands on an Olympic


medal, all those years after that dramatic gold in Seoul all those


opening goal. He's -- they said an aide and some space. Australia have


the lead. -- they suddenly found some space. Of they would expect to


stop that. Getting themselves sorted out and bare feet behind the


line. It has switched and it is a goal. Beautifully done. What a


move! Jackson cleverly put it to Lewis. He is relieved to get that


in. Not much space but a lovely finish will stump -- a lovely


finish. GB have everyone back, might have gone in off a British


stick will start look at that! He got a touch. Very clever. That was


a Messi corner. A great shot. He could not keep the secondary


deflection about. -- out. And Australia have another goal. Great


pressure. Another error by the defenders will start -- by the


defenders. He was waiting for that. It was a beautiful finish. Real


frustration. It was locked at 1-1 for some time. If you are just


joining us we can show you these wonderful scenes from Wembley where


today Mexico did what many people did not believe was possible. They


peer and -- they beat Brazil 2-1. They are a beautiful young football


team to watch and they did the business over Brazil today. Plenty


more to come this afternoon in the Olympics. This is what you can


expect for the final Saturday of the Olympic games it was stuck


modern pentathlon on coming your way. Another big night in the


stadium - Moffat in the 5000m. Diving and boxing as well. If you


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