BBC One: Day 15: 17.30-19.15 Olympics

BBC One: Day 15: 17.30-19.15

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Welcome once again to our Olympic coverage. Not long to go now.


Tomorrow evening, we will be preparing for the closing ceremony


and it proposes to be a rousing finale. The end is not far away but


there is still plenty of sport and medals to be won before then.


In colluding in this programme, the modern Pentathlon, which has taken


place today. The athletes take place -- take part in five sports


in one day. And then the bronze medal handball game between South


Korea and Spain. And then back to Greenwich Park for the course it --


for the three kilometre run. Then we will be on to the athletics at


7:15pm, and Mo Farah goes for the long-distance double in the 5,000


metres. That is live at 7:30pm. The modern Pentathlon is the event


to find a complete athlete. They have to run, swim, and shoot at


targets ever read -- every three, amateurs, and Friday horse they do


not know. A surprise leader so far from China. He does claim his two


favourite events are swimming and fencing. The world number one from


a shirt in third place. -- from page, lying in 14th after two


events. He finished 10th in Beijing so he will be hoping to move up


from there. And on to show jumping out, where the competitors draw


their horses by a lot. They have never ridden the horse is before


and only get 20 minutes in the warm-up area before going into the


ring. Some horses are better than others so it really is pot luck.


They get points deducted if they 14th after two events, and he rides


been working hard with these athletes who have come to the Games


camps in the French Pyrenees. And they have had a break a few weeks


back to come back for some high quality riding training. Sam will


be looking to put that into practice today. Ooh, unlucky there.


And that's a great round for Sam. Just picking up a few time


penalties there as well, but otherwise I think he will be happy


with that. Well received and appreciated by the crowd here in


Greenwich. That was a good round for Sam's Weale. Still only one


clear ground. He will be very satisfied with how that has gone.


His second Olympic Games after his experience in Beijing, and I am


sure the nerves of the British Midland -- modern Pentathlon team


will have been settled by that very, Lying 8th after the first two


disciplines. Won a bronze medal at the test event here last year. And


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 81 seconds


-- than horse wasn't really able to get out of that situation.


Unfortunately, some time faults to add to that, which could prove


costly. So he finishes on 44 penalty points. Just 20 jumping.


But 24 time faults. 44 points for Nick Woodbridge. He is the current


leader in the competition. But, remember, the top seven athletes


are still to go. But a lot will depend on what happens with how


many fences are brought down. At the moment, Nick Woodbridge leads,


with the German second, and Sam Weale in third. But we are moving


out into the top seven. The Hungarian is the first of that top


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 81 seconds


horseman, lots of experience. So I fences. Could this be the next


clear round? And it is. Look at his reaction! Fantastic! They have


waited a long time for a clear round in the arena and the


Hungarian fans are enjoying that as well. He is obviously delighted


with that. Really responding to the crowd there as well. He is quite a


character. Very popular on the Pentathlon circuit. That will put


him into an excellent position when it comes to the combined event. He


is top of the leaderboard. So, six more riders to go. Nick Woodbridge


still in second place. The German in third. Well done to Adam.


Getting Trinidad well over those jobs. Just proves that it can be


is currently six. 7th fastest in the swimming. The second Hungarian


we have seen in a row. And he rides Konig. This was the horse that road


another of the clear rounds. -- that are rode. So, good, solid


riding, so you would expect another the post and rail fence, on the


This is a really lovely round from could put him into a great position


fantastic! And we have a group of Hungarian supporters sitting behind


us in our commentary area, and they are really enjoying this now


because they have such a tradition in the modern Pentathlon. Currently


lying in first and second position, both taking maximum points from


their round. And the Italian also with 1,200 points, but he had a


poor first two events. We expected the Hungarians to be up there and


they have certainly proved what great all-round pentathlete says


they are. -- all round pentathletes they are. The Hungarians back home


will be very pleased with this. They just have the combined event


to come. So, at the moment, as it stands, Robert will go off the


first. Adam will go second. But some very good pentathletes to come.


Including the athlete to set a new I said earlier, it is a case of


building up the horse and rider as a team as they go round the course.


The fences to get progressively more difficult but big questions on


and safely through that. Back to the London montage. The horse does


not seem to like the look of that one. Now, it looks like he is


and has moved on to the next fence, but that one is down now as well.


And time penalties as well. The horse does not seem very happy with


this any more. Not the most experienced Pentathlon rider bow-


tie would have expected a better performance from him here today. --


but I would have expected. Just took that last line fine the second


time, so that will drop him well down the list now. Well down the


world number one. Lesun. Third after two events on Wilcox. Wilcox


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 81 seconds


was ridden by O'Keeffe in the first two balls down. And another. -- two


as well. -- Aryeetey penalty points. athletes in the world can have


difficulty in the riding arena. At the moment it is looking pretty


good for the Hungarians. We are into the final two competitors here


in the riding competition. The Czech Republic rider is


acknowledging the crowd as he comes in, he was first after the fencing,


equalling the Olympic record, and 17th after the swimming. He will be


hoping for improved fortunes after what happened to him in Beijing,


went fences were tumbling all had 60 penalty points. He will be


of the combination. Luckily it didn't affect the second two


elements. Safely over the London montage. Oh, the horse just


hesitated as he came into that. Paid the price. I think that was a


late falling pole at the Penny Black as well so he is now on 60


penalty points. If you timed fork to add to that. A total of 68


penalty points -- a few time faults to add to that. There will be a


shake-up at the top of the rankings in this pentathlon competition.


looks very relieved he has got round in one paw least -- in one


piece. It will certainly be a huge relief to him after the traumas of


Beijing. I am sure he may have had that in the back of his mind,


coming into this competition today. He will be pleased to have that


behind him now. Yes, just one more athlete to go before we get to the


combined event, which is the final part of the modern pentathlon day,


in which the riders will run and shoot at 15 targets using laser


pistols. The leader after two events, the Chinese man, 30 years


old. He prefers fencing and riding. He is the oldest athlete in the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 81 seconds


into that fence, completely. Trying to keep the balance, maintain


rhythm Around the corner. A bit quick into the fence, pays the


price. Lucky not to have the main part down as well. Rushing into the


fence, the horse just need to be supported a bit more. Tending to


rush into the fences. He now stands on 100 penalty points. A bit of a


cat leap over and he takes the last as well. He finishes on 120 penalty


points. That would have been frustrating for him, he had a first


two events which he clearly enjoyed and relished. There is a look of


resignation on the faces of the Chinese coaches. The leader after


two events will not be leading going into the combined, because of


the Czech man will move back to the top of the leaderboard. The leader


will go off first in the combined event. The Chinese man drops into


second place. Lesun will go in third place. Starting to look as if


the Czech man has a very good start -- chance. But the world number one


is brilliantly placed for the final event. Absolutely. It will come


down to the final combined event. Who can hold their nerve under the


pressure situation in the shooting part. This is how they wrote. --


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 81 seconds


will lined up for the combined scores. As is the nature of these


competitions, we are not expecting many clear rounds. The course has


been designed specifically to give an indication of the riding ability.


This is the order they will go off They will start at different times,


depending on their points. It is first across the line that will


take the gold. Let's go back to Greenwich Park and talked to Lizzie


Greenwood-Hughes. As far as Nick and Sam are concerned, what does it


mean for them and where are they placed? They have moved up to 7th


and 9th, it has done them a lot of good. I find the riding fascinating.


They say you can't win it in the riding but you can certainly lose


it. At least five out of the top 10 have maybe not thrown away their


chances but made life very difficult in the final run and


shoot event. Mick and Sam are very good in the run shoot. They are


very strong runners and they could find themselves in with a shout of


a medal. Only 16 seconds handicap. They are staggered, for every 20


penalty points you get five seconds handicap in the run shoot. They


could find themselves in with a chance of a medal. You mentioned


the horses. In Beijing, the standard of the courses varied


greatly. I think everyone coming here was expected Great Britain to


produce horses -- the standard of the horses varied greatly. Were


they a better grippier? Yes, I think they were very good quality.


-- a better group here? I spoke to a lady who provides it many of the


horses and she told me what they do. They had a test run last night, not


the riders but the horses. I think many of the problems, 90% would


have been rider error. Who has the best chance going into the final


between Nick and Sam? You have to saying it because he will start


first. -- you have to say Nick because he will start first. They


have to run 3,000 metres. Every 1,000 they have to shoot with a


laser pistol, five targets. You can easily find yourself dropping back


if you are slightly off again. It is fantastic to watch, very


exciting and we are waiting to see what happens later. I think we all


remember Steph Cook in 2000. She was such a great runner and made up


such time. It could also -- all change in the standings. Plenty


more to come. We will be back there very soon. First, here are the main


Ed McKeever won Britain's 26 gold in the Games in the kayak single


200 metres. Jon Scofield and Liam Heath took bronze in the double.


After scraping through yesterday's heat, Tom Daley put in a much-


improved display to qualify for the best for tonight's ten-metre


platform final. -- to qualifying fourth-best.


The Britain's men hockey team lost 3-1 to pre-tournament favourites


Australia in the bronze medal match at the Riverbank Arena.


Brazil's Olympic football curse continues. The men's team working


for a first ever gold but suffered a shock 2-1 defeat to Mexico.


And Ben Ainslie, the most accessible sailor in Olympic


history, has been given the honour of carrying the British flag at


You can stay with us on BBC One but Oborne BBC Three, live basketball.


Australia of winning their match. 43-35. Before we head back, I am


delighted to say that here in the studio is the vice-president of the


International Olympic Committee, Sir Craig Reedie, who, as we know,


is the boss of the Olympic Association. And before I ask you


about the Games here, you were very instrumental in even the Games are


coming here. How far back did you get involved? I actually looked at


some of the archives and do things the first meeting was on 12th


January 1994, so this is a sort of 18 and a half year period of


gestation! So you can imagine how excited we are. Because it came


from the Olympic Association's through us to London, and then on.


And it probably was not an easy journey to persuade the Government,


the mare of London... It took a long time to get the sport right. I


never thought we should be bidding against Beijing. The sheer weight


of influence on a Beijing bid would have been hard to beat. So


eventually 2012 became the best deal. And bringing London aboard


was a relatively straightforward thing. Boris Johnson has been very


supportive. Tessa Jowell helped. Tony Blair came on board and a bit


of history was made. When did you first come down to this Park and


stand here on the Waste Land and say, this is where we can build it?


I cannot remember the date. I know it was a wet November afternoon.


And one of the spores managers from LOCOG stood in the disused


greyhound stadium in Hackney. -- sports managers. That was my first


experience, wondering how what was going to work. But I fly in quite


regularly so I actually flew over this site before we put a shovel in


the ground. I got involved in 2003, helping with the bid, and standing


and imagining what were if... Well, they have changed a bit from what


was proposed at that point, but it was just an unbelievable


regeneration. This was probably as deprived a part of London, a


deprived part of the country as you can find. And honestly, the people


behind the Olympic delivery, the Olympic austerity, the skills they


have underfunding behind them, I'd think they have turned this into an


absolutely magical place. And you can tell that by the number of


happy people around the park are now. Yes, and it was so important


to have the support of the British public. To get them to buy the


tickets and come to the Games. And they have. Yes, in very large


numbers. It was a huge challenge but it was overcome wonderfully


well, and the athletes love it. The sport is great and it's a fairly


reasonable contribution to the Organising Committee's costs.


you needed an inspirational figure to win this bid and I know, again,


you were a great supporter of Seb Coe to take this on board? Yes. He


took over in mid- 2003. He brought with him Keith Mills, who became


the chief executive of the bid. And we ended up as a pretty formidable


team. As it turned out. But it has been a wonderful journey. It has,


and you must be a very proud man. You must be such a proud man to be


here and see what has happened. new look at what has happened since


the Games started, all the big things have been marvellous. The


sport is just terrific. I have almost lost count of the number of


world records that have been made here in London. The venues are


terrific. The crowds are terrific. The village is marvellous and the


athletes are happy. People are getting around easily and the


transport system works. If you sat down and wrote a plan and thought,


is it going to work? This is where you would wanted to end up.


also different from other Games. So many iconic venues, like Lords, a


Horse Guards Parade. It has been wonderful for foreign visitors


coming to enjoy the Games? Yes. There is not much doubt that the


Games has been wonderful for foreigners. We have used the


grounds to great effect and we have been smart at using temporary


stadiums, for example, the ExCel Centre. It has worked extremely


well. I also think, however, the Games have been good for London.


There is a buzz about the city and an enjoyment, and I am not sure we


ever thought we could deliver that. A thing that goes beyond the whole


of Great Britain. -- I think. And many of these venues have been


moved to other parts of the UK. Anybody who would like to buy a


basketball venue! There are not many 250-metre swimming pools in


London. The stadium will remain behind us. The copper blocks will


stay as a community centre. And also the velodrome, which has seen


a few pretty important moments. the weather has been kind as well,


which has helped. I know you have been around the venues and I bumped


into you when Andy Murray beat Federer. You have been enjoying the


Games? Yes. My role here is probably to see if my colleagues


and the Presidents of the International Sports Federation are


happy. And they think this is as good as they have ever had for


their sport at an Olympic Games, and that is really very pleasing.


And I know the British team, you are very much involved and have


been involved with the British team over the years. You must be very


proud they have delivered on home soil? There have been absolutely


outstanding and that helps the spirit and the enjoyment of the


team Games. The aspirational target was in the medal table in London.


In Beijing. If anything, it put more pressure on the governing


bodies to deliver. They have been well resourced and financed over


the last few years. They have pulled the team together, a large


team, very well and presented them well. I am just so pleased that so


many athletes are having the time of their lives. And hopefully we


will then be able to give back, because the whole point was that it


was awarded to London because of the legacy, and now we have to use


this legacy to highlight sport and get youngsters more involved.


When we started this, as a pose a major intention was to start to try


to put sport, and I suppose an Olympic sport, up the political


agenda. -- I suppose. It is now somebody else's opportunity to pick


up the ball and run with it. There will be ways it can be done. The


ball is there and somebody needs to pick it up and run with it. Because


these have been such a wonderful Games. Thank you for coming in to


talk to us. We are moving on because the sport


keeps coming and the metals will be decided today in the women's


handbook. The gold medal match features the mighty Norway. They


are the favourites, up against Montenegro. This tiny Balkan state


could win its first medal this evening. But Spain also have their


first chance to win a medal in the women's handball. They play South


Korea and we joined it live. The against Spain in this bronze-medal


play-off. The Handball Arena, of course, formerly the Basketball


Arena. The South Koreans are looking very tired. But the coach


knows they are giving everything they can. The problem is, they are


missing three key players. They lost a couple earlier in the


competition due to a knee and a wrist injury. He has to overturn


the bench and maintained the pressure and it does not matter how


much they work, and they have been connecting very well indeed, they


just cannot get back. And yet it started so well for South Korea.


11-7 up in the first of and then the eight-and-a-half minute spell


when they dried out and the Spaniards hit them with six poles.


Although they have managed to leverets since, it is Spain who


keep on ageing in front. -- managed to level things since. A slow shot.


A late reaction from the Spanish keeper. And you have got to get to


the point of impact, so, into the 20th a minute we go. 23-21 to Spain.


She looks to the line... Could save. And now South Korea need to press


on. This is where they are normally strong, on the break. And they have


lost possession. She should not have done that. A giveaway. Picked


up comfortably by the South Korean, that loose ball. The Spanish


captain socks in and you can see ball, so she does not get a penalty.


It is only a free throw. 10 minutes remaining in the bronze-medal play-


off. That is more like it! Her third goal of the game, but we have


an injury for South Korea. The left-winger. This is the collision.


Crashes head to head. The Spaniard seems unscathed but the winger has


been felled by it. That is going to hurt. They have been so unlucky. We


have seen the strapping on her leg as well. And the Spaniard has come


off with a bit of a sore head as well. But an ice pack seems to do


the trick for her while the South Korean goes on to the bench to


recover. So, inside the last 10 minutes and Spain leading by just


one. It is almost as if the South Koreans have crept up unseen,


because very slowly they have picked up a couple of goals and


they are trying to settle down. The Spaniards, who have led by up to


four in the second half. That was at 20-16. And then a changeover


from when South Korea were leading 11-7. The two teams are level


pegging each other. We could have a two-minute suspension here. And I


think it is the Spaniard who has gone down. The South Korean number


nine, with that brush there. She gets herself a two-minute


suspension. -- that push. Just takes a breather. She has given


absolutely everything. Only two goals but she is working so hard to


create opportunities for her team They are trying to isolate her at


the moment by cutting the wing. That wasn't too 4 off! -- far off.


There's the bird's eye view. You could see it was going too far left.


The keeper probably would have just got back to it. So, Spain, back to


full strength. That was given away cheaply. Over all in the


competition, 39 goals for this prayer. Only two today. She has


tried to step up to the plight, the 22-year-old from Seoul. The least


experienced player but she comes up against a player who is in no mood


to concede anything here. Almost in tears when Spain lost their semi-


clock down. I am not sure the referees will give them that long.


The arm goes up on the referee. That means that the South Koreans


have been warned that the referee is about to... There is no specific


time, it is the referee's decision. That will be a corner throw to


South Korea. With the arm still raised, it means take a shot sooner


or what lose the ball. Cuadrado has taken a blow and is looking in some


pain. This is when the shot came in. She tried to blast it. She caught


Cuadrado with the follow-through. Quite accidental, but it is painful.


shot, they have run out of time. -- tries to take a shot. The referee


has had his arm up for quite a while. It is a subjective decision.


In Hannibal, the referee judges it, when they feel you're not making


enough effort -- in handball, the referee judges it. If you don't


look like you're taking a good drive at goal, they will eventually


just blow the whistle and hand the ball over. Mangue. Aguilar is


waiting. She looks for the line, it is stolen. Off goes South Korea.


The experienced winger put it away comfortably. A third of the game


for the 34-year-old. The veteran of three world championships. She was


in Athens but missed Beijing. They have just kind of smuggled


themselves back into the game, South Korea. The loose ball was


picked up there by South Korea and They had done very well to stem the


tide. They looked absolutely spent She tries to change direction.


There is more energy all of a sudden, they feel they are within


touching distance. The pass was unfortunately much too high and it


goes out of play. Such a shame. They used a lot of resin on their


hands. It is possible that the ball got caught on her hand as she tried


to make the pass, under some Straight through, it is a penalty.


Aguilar, again, drives through, find the gap in the South Korean


defence, and that is tired this. Normally they are so quick at


working together to close the gap. It is going to be Fernandez to take


And she caused -- is caused. The Spanish fans are on their feet. --


and she scores. A aid back in front and we are well inside the last


five minutes of the game. -- they edge back in front. South Korea,


champions twice before, 88 and 92. Most recently, they were bronze


medallists four years ago after losing to Norway in the semi-final.


They managed to beat Hungary for bronze. That shot going wide is not


Nerves of steel are called for. It has not been a fast game. You can


clearly see this is the eighth match in two weeks for these teams


and it takes its toll. A foul on Fernandez. The centre-back player -


- the back player was sent flying. She has her calf heavily strapped


and that is quite recent. She takes a very hard for. She has gone off.


Barno comes into the attack. Mangue tries to go through, it is a


penalty. Sandwiched, there. Mangue can take it. A strong player to


drive through to the Six metre line. She goes in the gap between the


other two players. Once more, Fernandez steps up. She put it wide.


A change of tactics. The goalkeeper came a long way forward. Last time


she stood right back on her line. The goalkeeper can move as much as


she likes before the penalty is taken. She can come right up to the


four-metre line. There is a white dot in the background. She is just


three metres in front of the penalty taker. A fumble, a double


double. They give the ball away -- double dribble. Spain are leading


by just one goal. She had already taken three steps but she dropped


. Aguilar has moved to the right- Mangue tries to open a gap, it has


worked, she is Baal, it is another Aguilar was found -- fouled on the


way through. The South Korean coach cannot believe it. Alonso stepped


up, and she also files. Two missed penalties -- she also fails. We are


inside the last two minutes. If the scores are tied, this will go to


extra time. They need to get Two missed penalties by Fernandez


and Alonso keep the pressure on. The South Korean coach called a


It is the third and final time out of the game. Out comes the board.


Very formulaic, and the Korean coach. He looks for moves which


give the players two or three Interestingly, there is an extra


player on the board. He has put a bit of tape on one of the markers.


I wonder if it is the idea to take an extra player on. You can do that


by taking off your goalkeeper and putting on an extra quarter player.


The South Korean goalkeeper has made one save and she will say she


put off Fernandez, who put her penalty wide. They are not putting


anyone extra on. The goalkeeper looks anxious. One-and-a-half


minutes to go in the bronze medal play-off. She has made 14 saves in


Looks to go through Mangue. Stops No way through again. Good


defending by Spain. Looks to the line. It will not count, she is


inside the area. But a penalty has been given. The South Korean coach


cannot believe it, he thought it was level. They are quite right,


the referees, she is inside the area, but she was fouled first.


They need to put the penalty away to level it. The Spanish coach


She has! 45 seconds remain in normal time. It is all square.


Navarro jumps up, not being a tall keeper, she often does, to try to


cover the top corners, but she went too early. Spain will look to make


this the last attack. They don't want to shoot too early and lose


possession and get hit on the break. The team caught -- 18 Time Out is


called by the Spanish coach -- the team time out is called. He at one


point, four goals down in the second half. They look so tired,


you thought the South Koreans could not do it anymore, but they could,


they came back. It has changed back and the scores are tied in the


handball arena. They have got to get back to moving the ball wide,


it often happens when the players are anxious, they want to pound the


ball down the middle and they forget to spread the ball to the


wings. They have to pull the defence from side to side and open


the gaps. Most of their shots come from breakthroughs at six metres.


It is not so much with the long reign at -- long-range shots. The


main player for that kind of thing is Fernandez, who is not on at the


moment. Aguilar tends to drive through. 20 seconds remaining.


Spain, in possession. They need to make absolutely sure when they


shoot, that it goes in. That was clever thinking, looks for the line.


Saved, the ball is loose! Into the wing! It won't count, it won't


count. The whistle had gone just before the shot was taken. She


thought she had done it. Navarro has taken a blow. The Spanish coach


tried to look call, but he was looking all over the bench. How


unlucky. -- he was leaping all over. The Danish referee was right by her


and could see in the distance, he could hear the buzzer and he could


see the clock. He was immediately waving his hands to say, no golf.


It was almost an attacking foul but they picked it up, they tried to


move it up quite. Spain covering for all they were worth. She was


through, anxious moments, there is the ball going in, but a real let


off as the buzzer comes to their And there it goes in. He thought so


for a second. He couldn't see in the background, the referee waving


his arms to say, not given. And the There it is. At the end of normal


time here in the bronze-medal play- off, it is all square at 24-24.


You will be able to watch that live on the red button. We will continue


to keep you up-to-date on BBC One. Yesterday at the Riverbank Arena,


Britain's women hockey team won a bronze medal. Everyone was hoping


that the men could do the same today. But they bounced back from a


humiliating 9-2 defeat to the Netherlands? -- good day bounce-


back. They were up against Australia, the top ranked team in


shooting chance. And an opening goal. Suddenly found some space.


Orchard gives Australia the lead. The goalkeeper will be disappointed


with that. He had a hand and a glove on it. You would expect to


their feet behind the line. It is switched and it is a goal!


Beautifully done. Lewis, the scorer. What a move. The Aussies were


expecting the big one. Jackson cleverly puts it to Lewis. It is a


very tight angle, there wasn't much off A British stick. And then off a


helmet. Very clever. Not panicking. The ball in there. A messy corner.


A great shotput he couldn't keep the secondary deflection out. -- a


pressure. Another error there by the defenders. He could not put his


stick on it. A bit of space there, cleverly moving away to get it in.


I have seen a few tears from the players there. It must have been


very tough bouncing back from that 9-2 defeat? Yes. A tough day


yesterday. Sorry you have to speak to me when I am so tired. But for


this a bit -- but for a defeat, this is how you want to feel. We


could not do any more. They were a brilliant team and they probably


deserved it on the day. We were close. A few things could have made


a difference because we had some scrappage goals. A couple of


rebounds. Pretty gut-wrenching. fairness, though, you finished


better than you have done in Beijing. In Beijing, 4th. It is


getting better? It is. We don't feel like that right now. It is a


hard one. It is always one of those things that, when you reflect back


on it, we will be proud of these two weeks. But for the eight, nine


years, four years especially, that we have been together, we will be


looking to carry on. We will be proud of it but probably not right


now. For four years ago, we finished 5th. But now there has


been an improvement, it is so much harder to take. We are devastated


but at the same time, that was a performance we want to be


remembered for, that we want to deliver again and again. We


desperately want that semi-final back and we will not let go of.


That is the goal. How tough was it, that defeat against the


Netherlands? Mentally and physically, that must have been


pretty exhausting? Yes. Somehow a 9-2 defeat is easier to take than a


2-1. A lot of people will have to take a good, hard look at


themselves in the mirror and at how they are playing. If we don't work


as a group of 16, we don't stand a chance against any of the top teams.


As we showed there today, it is every man fighting each other for


every inch, and it keeps us in the Games. Some of the world-class


players get to shine through and then they have a chance to win


We will be going live to the modern Pentathlon, but in the meantime,


let's stay with this handball game. separate the teams again. They are


level-pegging each other again. Here she comes. She would normally


be in the centre. All the way through but too many steps.


Possession goes over. This is the face of attack they normally like.


Whoa! Carried away. The loose ball is picked up on the far side. And


back comes Spain. Eight consecutive appearance at the Olympic Games


will South Korea. Only in Sydney free throw. Spain, conversely, no


medals. 6th in 2004. This, their chance to pick up their first


Olympic medal. All the way through! opening day of the group stages,


they were both in group B. South Korea won. A bit of a commission. -


- a bit of a collision. When they met on the opening day, 32-27 to


the Koreans. They were so fit. I think a shoulder went into her face.


She is fine and back up into defence. They have lost three


players to injury, South Korea. But now she comes good. The third top


scorer in the competition going into this game and now she is the


second. She has just edged ahead. On 42 now. Malta are in the final


later against Norway. They happy top scorers. -- Montenegro. It is a


darting runs and winning penalty after penalty. She is so quick.


Three goals scored, three penalties won. The clock has been stopped. 23


seconds remaining. But an she scores! Her second penalty, her 4th


overall. And the Spanish fans are on their feet. But still only one


goal. 10 seconds for South Korea to level things before the break. And


you can see the tiredness in that shot. Spain are happy to run the


clock down. The first period of extra time is over. A quick


turnaround for another five-minute spell. There it is again. She was


tired. It was all she could do to put a block on. A comfortable save.


30 seconds before the second half gets underway. That, incidently, is


her 12th save on the bench. It says it all. They will change bench and


step back on court again. You have to feel for the Korean goalkeeper.


She has made 15 saves. And still hasn't managed to keep her team in


front. She looks up at the clock, and, yes, I am afraid it is one up


to Spain. If the teams are still tied at the end of this period of


five minutes, it will be another two times it five minutes of extra-


time, and then it will go to penalties. So, Spain are 26-27 up.


A goal here would put the pressure on South Korea. They were still


looking buoyant. That was at the end of normal time, having come


back from down. She has put it over the top. They have got a free throw.


As she was bouncing the ball it came up awkwardly. And she had to


take three steps to get over it. Luckily for her, she gets a free


throw because of the shot by the defender. And she doesn't succeed.


And that is a penalty. The foul. She goes around and then the


Spaniard gives a little push. goalkeeper is right in front and


they are going to change. A former Romanian international but now


playing for Spain. 62 caps. Can she stop this one? She can! And South


Korea have a wasted opportunity. They drop their heads. She won the


penalty but cannot believe it. Two penalties so far in this game from


two. She misses the one that could Three minutes to go. It is put out


quickly. The Spaniard may be happy to take the shot to run the clock


will be a free throw. Spain keep possession. Two-and-a-half minutes


remaining. They have given it away cheaply. The Spaniard tries to hold


her to slow down the counter-attack. The South Korean, looking for the


line. It seemed to come off for it. And Spain have possession again. --


come off her foot. It is off the thigh. Good call by the Danish


referees. Two minutes remaining. The coach looks at the clock


anxiously. It is going against them at the moment. Could put the


pressure on complete the... Tries to launch! But it is blocked. And


she scores! The 34-year-old veteran! Played in three World


Championships and two Olympic Games. All the experience in the world and


under pressure, she scores. Who would want to be a coach at this


point?! And she scores! The of the game for her. -- the 4th. Just


level-pegging all the way through. This, the worst play-off of all.


You go into the semi-finals with hopes of a gold medal. You lose the


semi-final and then you lose the bronze as well. You have to walk


away with nothing, and you think, why am I the only team out-of-form


who didn't make it? They have had to dig so deep, the South Koreans.


Only one spare player to call back and the referee has stopped the


clock to have a quiet word. Showing good experience here, the two dames,


not to react too heavily at this point. -- the two Danish referees.


It has gone in! But there is time scored in the whole game, not


living up to her title, but she's caused now. And she has lost the


ball. -- but she scores now. A little discussion going on with the


referee. The clock has been stocked with six seconds. -- has been


stopped. For Spain to win the bronze medal, or we will have more


extra time. She puts it over the top and that will be it! We are


going to have more overtime and the Koreans keep possession. Drama,


just as we had in the men's quarter-final between Hungary and


Iceland. It is going to be double extra-time as they still cannot


separate each other. Six seconds remaining, the Spaniard tried to go


for the big shot. They put the block on but the shot was the way


would. Good height and good direction. But the South Korean was


on the right side. She looks up, and, yes, I am afraid it is more


extra-time. And the players, looking absolutely drained on the


bench. Very quiet here. No shouting, no x -- extra motivation. He knows


his players well. The coach who won through the tactics. One


interesting thing you wonder, went well Heathrow on an extra court


player -- went well Heathrow on an an open goal at the other end. We


have in the audience, Queen Sofia of Spain. Hoping her team can walk


away with a bronze medal. At the moment, it is too close to call. 16


saves by Ju, the goalkeeper for South Korea. The top scorer for


Spain is Fernandez, with five. For South Korea, Gwon is on six. The


number 21, Jo, the left-winger, has five. This is really asking them to


dig deep. Their eighth game in two weeks. It is just down to mistakes,


when the players are this tyre. It is a missed pass, a soft shot,


which is allowing them to hit on the break -- when the players are


this tired. The South Koreans have done well. They were 16-20 down,


coming up to the 9th minute, and looking in trouble. The Spaniards,


on a good run. But they dug deep, the Koreans. They had to. And they


levelled it right at the end. Where just about to resume, we have about


a minute and 40 seconds, as we see these pictures from earlier in the


game. And the players are looking on, they cannot believe it. Almost


tears on the bench. There is the moment they thought they had won it.


And the realisation for Kang, and Duenas saying no, I heard the


buzzer. Shades of the match four years ago, when South Korea


themselves were beaten in the semi- final by Norway, after they had


levelled the score with five seconds remaining. Norway took a


very quick throw. Their captain at the time went straight to the line,


he shot the ball, it crossed the line. There is argument to this day


about whether it crossed the line before or after the buzzer. It was


so close that the goal was given, there was an appeal by the South


Koreans, it wasn't a pal, Norway went to the final, where they won


be very convincingly against Russia -- it wasn't upheld. The


disconsolate South Koreans had to pick themselves up, and they did,


to beat Hungary to take bronze in Beijing. The third time they had


been left disappointed in Olympic We are just about to get a second


overtime spell under way. Two times And here we go. South Korea throw


And here we go. South Korea throw They have kept with the number 20,


who scored the crucial goal but it has only been her contribution --


it has been her only contribution so far. That has got to be a


penalty. Held on the line, Kim. The veteran of 132 internationals for


her country. It is going to be a change of goalkeeper. There will be


A poor penalty, the tiredness is there. Comfortably saved by the new


goalkeeper. And it remains 28-28. Straight into the goalkeeper. That


is quite simply exhaustion. Navarro is happy. She gets up and she is


back in goal again, as Spain resume Well blocked, that will be a three


-- a free throw. Too many steps from Alberto. She was dummying the


shot but it doesn't for the South Koreans -- it doesn't fool. They


know she can't shoot from there. It comes to nothing, anyway. South


Korea, slowing down in attack. The energy level isn't there any more.


Looks for the line. Kim is fouled. It is an exciting game because of


the closeness of the score but technically, it went downhill with


both teams getting tired some time back. A lot of unforced errors have


been committed. The shots are lacking in power, the defenders are


moving slower than they were. It is hard to describe the amount of


power and energy that you use in playing a match like this. With


double periods of extra time, it is exhausting. The fitness levels have


to be at their absolute peak in handball. For you to win the medals.


Into the wings go Alonso and to Pinedo, they are as wide as they


can be a to stretch a Korean Alberto's caused her 5th goal. --


South Korea, they had a chance to go in front. That came off the


defender. The break is on. Alonso. Nothing, says the referee.


Excellent defending by a Gwon, the number seven he came back and


covered. All the way through, and The attack specialist has come good


late. I guess better late than never, while the match is still


alive. We are into the last minute of this period of extra-time. There


is Alonso, who missed opportunity on the break. Aguilar, into the


wing. It has gone in. Only her It goes to the side, it will be a


throw-in for South Korea. She can't get past Navarro. That is blocked,


it will be picked up, and there is the buzzer. The first period of


five minutes, Spain's leading by There will be a very quick


turnaround, less than a minute before they resume. What a game


before they resume. What a game this has turned into. 30-29 to


Spain. Fernandez and Alberto are the top scorers for Spain, but the


top scorer in the game is Gwon, the 22-year-old from Seoul University,


the least experienced player on court with just 16 internationals


to her name. He has about eight seconds to give his last


on court. Spying will throw off. -- Play resumes, in this final period


of extra-time. Five minutes. If they still cannot be separated


after this, it will go to penalties. Alberto, all the way through, and


attacking Fowler again. The third one in the game. The clock will


need to be stopped, we have a player down. She's looking in some


pain. Alberto barging straight into Kang will look anxious, he has


enough buyers injured. She is being shown to the bench. By the referee.


I don't think she wants to go off. Frankly, I am not sure the Koreans


can afford to do without her. The alternative is an experienced


player, 87 internationals. She has gone in on the line in her place.


But she has only played 14 minutes of the game so far, predominantly


in defence, and suddenly, number 13 becomes the key part and she would


have to stay really focused. It is hard to suddenly switch it on when


you are so used to being second string. Spain are moving smoothly


around. They need a bit of pace. The whistle has already gone.


Back she goes for the shot, she is pushed. It is a three -- a free


throw. They won it take a shot soon Quite RADA has been really strong


in defence. -- Cuadrado has been really strong in defence. That was


a good save, and relief for Spain. If they can just open up a two goal


lead... No one has managed to do that in extra time yet. Navarro


She needs to be alert, she was nearly lobbed the length of the


Aguilar... An attacking foul, goes into the defensive wall. The


options are not there for South Korea. Cuadrado had an opportunity


to sneak the ball. A change again, and Kim seems to be OK. The number


nine, back in amongst the Spanish defenders. They have damaged the


path, and it is a penalty. Alonso, defending inside the area. You can


see the strapping on both of her legs. Has she taken a blow on the


way as well? It was a fairly crude challenge pylons or handicapped in,


Fernandez, can't believe it -- crude challenge by Alonso and the


captain, Fernandez, can't believe it. She has got to score this, Gwon.


She missed the last penalty. -- they missed the last penalty. Gwon


has taken just one penalty in this game, but she's caught it. This is


saved, and you can see the tiredness. Kang, he can't blame his


players. The Koreans, to overcome the fact they are the shortest in


in the competition, played probably the fastest handball of anybody and


in the 9th game, it would take its toll, you play absolutely flat out


One minute and 45 seconds remaining in this final period of extra-time.


She lobs the keeper but too far Two from five shots of. The


substitution is made. Off goes the defence specialist. They need her


to come good now. Came off the defender. That will be a throw-in


from the corner. She is down. The 27-year-old. She played at the


World Championships in 2009 and 2011 but was not in the Olympic


squad before that. So, they have to wait to take the corner because the


whistle has to go before they can restart. One a minute remaining.


This, to try to draw level and then take the match possibly two


penalties. As long as it stays that way... It goes through. It catches


her in the face. Well, he is doing a good impersonation of a man


staying calm and collected, the Spanish coach. I am sure inside he


is in turmoil. The clock has been stopped again. 41 seconds remaining


for South Korea to salvage the bronze medal play-off. It has gone


wide! She rushed it unnecessarily. They are swapping the player around


but Spain will not be in any hurry. They will try to make this a long


attack. See if they can force them into an error. Spain just need to


keep possession! And surely that is it! There will be no coming back


for South Korea. It is a penalty for South Korea. The clock has


stopped with three seconds. There will not be enough time even if


there is all this, for them to come back. Spain can celebrate even


though the game is not over yet. And the South Koreans cannot


believe it. The South Korean players have fought so bravely but


they are exhausted. They have to go through the motions of taking a


penalty. It will mean nothing in the end other than whether they


lose by one or two goals. SUE BARKER: Well, you can see Spain


are celebrating there and we're going to lead a handball, because


that result was going to stand. Because you can see the final event


of the modern Pentathlon is underway. They have to run three


kilometres and stop to shoot at three targets. Svoboda is the


leader. Can the Brits improve on went in second place in this event,


Cao Zhongrong. Closely followed by a Svoboda of the Czech Republic.


All staggered by the times they have combined and the points they


have committed in the previous four parts of the modern Pentathlon. We


started with the fencing, then the swimming, then came the riding and


a final two events combined into one. They have had their first


shooting targets. Out on the range. Now they run out and we are


watching Cao Zhongrong of China This is demanding on the legs of


the athletes, who started at about 8:45am this morning. The other


athletes come and take their place in the shooting range. You can run


as hard as you like but if you cannot get your shots off, you can


find your competitors are running past you very quickly indeed.


very exciting time in this competition. You can see Cao


Zhongrong out attacking the course. He was followed closely by Svoboda.


These are the athletes who set off further down the ranks in 26th


place. To and you can see they have to shoot five good targets within


70 seconds. But the best athletes will be doing that in under 30.


Zhongrong, ranked 25 in the world. He is known as Uncle Cao Zhongrong


because he is the oldest in the team. These are the final two who


will set off. The Korean and the Ukrainian. And that is a good area


of shot now of Cao Zhongrong as he makes his way back around the loop


and in a moment we will see him entering the arena again, Webb of


the show jumping was held a bit earlier on. He will do a little


loop of the course. -- where the show jumping was held. This is the


Hungarian, wearing the glasses. A very distinctive figure. The


Hungarians are very strong for the men in the modern Pentathlon.


Adam Marosi is in 4th, I believe, so hopefully we will see them


coming into the arena shortly. And now the athlete for the Czech


Republic just approaching the arena for the second time. Cao Zhongrong


of China making his way around the look at the bottom of the course,


and we will watch him as he comes into the shooting range. It used to


be air pistols that they used. Now it is laser pistols. Partly a


safety issue to allow it to be more accessible to children said parents


feel happier about allowing their children to use the Laser pistols


to shoot. Three targets now. Svoboda and next to him, so when


you have your nearest rival close to you, you can see what they're


doing. It puts extra pressure on to you. I think he only missed one of


those shots. It and he is leading out of the arena now. So the


pressure really on those athletes. Their heart rates will be up, their


breathing rates will be up, which makes the shooting all the more


difficult. And you can C Kasza on the range starting his shooting now.


Now just trying to get his five shots to hit the target. Cao


Zhongrong now closely followed by David Svoboda, who had a brilliant


fencing session earlier today. And that is Adam Marosi, from Hungary,


in the glasses. Svoboda equalling the Olympic record in the fencing


earlier on. The two leaders have been swapping places all through


the day. You can hear the crowd, as Nick Woodbridge left the range for


the second time. These athletes really need to work off the crowd


to help them out on the run course. It is a tough course. I don't think


we will see any records today. But impressively, Cao Zhongrong still


out in the lead. Yes, followed by David Svoboda from the Czech


Republic. So if you can keep your shooting consistent and keep your


legs moving after the demands of the day, then you have a great


chance of winning a gold medal. At the moment, it is between China and


the Czech Republic. Yes, it is all about the balance between how hard


do you push those first two run it looks to still be able to shoot


accurately on the range. Of those Svoboda had an absolute nightmare


in his show jumping because they draw the waltzes by not stop you


have 20 minutes to warm up. -- they draw lots. They go round the loop


in the middle of the show jumping course and they are neck and neck,


the two leading athletes here. sea doesn't surprise me at all.


Svoboda has a better time than Cao Zhongrong, so I am expecting him to


stay out in front. He has come through very strong in this event


and I would be looking for him to make-up even more ground on those


two who are ahead of him. He is well in touch at the moment. It


depends now on what happens in this third shooting phase. David Svoboda


of the Czech Republic... 27 years old. He now comes his heart rate. A


left-handed shooting. - Makeen now a wears his heart rate. -- key


quietens his heart rate. The Chinese is off again and he will


have another chance on this final loop of the course to extend his


lead. But there goes David Svoboda after him. And we see the two


Russians. Aleksander Lesun, one of them. And the double Olympic


champion looking to add a third Olympic title to his collection.


And further down the field Robert Kasza down on the course. Hotly


pursued by David Svoboda of the Czech Republic. He needs to hold it


together on the shooting. Cao Zhongrong is shooting exceptionally


well and I think that is what is letting some of the other athletes


down. Can he hold on to this? He is back out on the course now. I think


we are concentrating for the medal placings on the athletes you are


seeing on the cross-country course at the moment. Cao Zhongrong of


China followed by a Svoboda of the Czech Republic. This is a strict


race to the finish. They have completed their shooting. And, Cao


Zhongrong, the 30-year-old from China. And Svoboda just overtaking


on the hill. He is definitely the stronger runner. It could be that


towards the end of the competition, we will be able to see some of the


fast athletes still coming through further down. But Svoboda now


looking good. He is looking very strong. I don't think Cao Zhongrong


will stand a chance of coming back to him. I think Svoboda may have


done enough now to hold off any of the swifter runners who could be


coming up from behind. David Svoboda out in front for the Czech


Republic. He is a military officer. He says the javelin thrower is one


of his all-time heroes. The way he is going now, he is on the way to


becoming the Olympic champion here in London. I don't think Cao


Zhongrong will catch him. We are watching the leader. David Svoboda.


Adam Marosi also starting to make up some time. And I think he is


still in third place there. We are waiting to see as he comes into the


arena here... David Svoboda just catching up some of the slower


runners there, a but it is him. And he has got time to wave to the


crowd. He strolls towards the finish line and he is the Olympic


champion four years on from his Beijing disappointment. He waves to


the crowd. Jon takes the silver medal and he has had an amazing day.


The 30-year-old. And here comes Adam Marosi, the Hungarian, just


coming into the final straight. And he is such a great character. He


has a tattoo on his leg of Adam Young from AC/DC. He had a terrible


car accident, sorry, riding accident, which meant he was out of


the sport for two years. And crossing the line now... Aleksander


Lesun from Russia, and then you can just see the Latvian as well. And


here comes Nick Woodbridge, who has also run well through the field.


But it has been quite a day. David Svoboda now. The applause of the


crowd. And the other runners just making their way across the finish


line. Collapsing in the sand. Hard to run in the sand as well. Such a


demanding competition, this. And Svoboda is congratulated by Thomas


Daniel of Austria. And a silver medal for Cao Zhongrong of China.


And Adam Marosi of Hungary, loving his moment in the spotlight here in


You have seen in the Olympic champion. -- you have seen the new


Olympic champion. Congratulations Tremendous scenes, and after the


disappointment of Beijing, he takes the gold medal. Great scenes in


Greenwich Park. We now move to the stadium, to see this man, Mo Farah.


He tries to do an historic double. He won the 10,000 metres and now he


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