BBC One: Day 15: 19.15-22.10 Olympics

BBC One: Day 15: 19.15-22.10

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Last Saturday was the most remarkable moment in track and


field history. The man who made a great moment the greatest will be


hoping to make it a Saturday special, too. Can Mo Farah do it


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 81 seconds


It is not just Mo Farah that we will be cheering tonight. Guess who


So much to look forward to, or what should be a very special evening.


Mo Farah wore the trousers over 10,000 metres. He lines up in the


5,000, vying to become the 7th man to clinch the long-distance double.


Surely few would disagree with Usain Bolt's opinion that he is now


a legend. The man with the Midas touch goes for his third gold of


these games in the sprint relay. The second fastest man in history,


Tyson Gay, heads the USA's challenge. They won their heat


without him in the 4th fastest time in history. Great Britain's final


shot at a medal in the Olympic Stadium rests with the women's


4x400 metres relay team, led by individuals severe, Delestre


Christine Ohuruogu. -- individual silver medallist. And Caster


Semenya looked supreme to qualify quickest for the final.


It is a pretty packed timetable It is a pretty packed timetable


Post athletics, we will have boxing, diving with Tom Daley and the men's


Plenty of sport elsewhere, which you can watch courtesy of the red


button and online. The boxing finals will be on there as well.


Another golden day for Team GB, can Mo add to it? Let's join John


Inverdale. It is cooler and blustery but we


have another full house. That makes this the best supported athletics


event ever. 1.2 million people have been in the stadium since eight


days ago. A week is a long time in politics, an awful long time in


athletics. This time last week, three gold medals in 44 minutes.


Not a single one in 186 hours since, so Britain needs mode badly.


Michael, Brendan and Denise are here. Brendan, how difficult will


it be for him to double up? I think it will be tough. I am really


nervous, especially when I saw the women's 5,000 metres last night.


Tirunesh Dibaba was a clear favourite for the race and she was


complaining about the stiffness of the track and the tension of the


track. It is extremely hard. Mo has been through the 10,000, in and


around the 5,000. I think it will be tough. If they took him out of


the race, it would be wide open, you would not know who would win it.


Hopefully if the tactics come right, we will have an interesting race. I


do think he can win, but I think it will be extremely tough. If you are


at the man to beat, as Mo is denied, how does that affect how everybody


else runs? If you are the man who is outstanding, it will be


extremely difficult to beat you, then I think it has an effect,


people are frightened, they don't carry out their own race plan. Mo


won his first gold medal the other night and he is looking to win his


second one, then they are not sure if he is a great, great champion or


just a great champion. We will find out tonight, and I think you might


be a great, great champion. Michael, your thoughts. I agree, it will be


difficult. Just like those competitors, we don't really know


where Mo is, if he is still fatigued from the 10,000. The semi-


final heat, he did not run great, he complained about being sought.


He has had a few days to get himself together. We also know he


is an Olympic champion, the world champion at 5,000. He has a


tremendous amount of confidence that he didn't have before. All of


those things playing to it. It makes it a bit difficult to know


what to expect. Those family and friends you saw there in the stand.


Having won won gold Balogh, I am not saying that tonight is of less


importance -- having won one gold medal. Does it make it easier?


don't think any 5,000 metres race is easy but it gives him a


psychological advantage over his competitors. I think they fear him,


because they don't know what he can do or how fast he can really go.


His legs might be heavy, but I am really hoping he can rise above it


and use this fantastic energy. don't underestimate how hard this


is to do. It was done in 1956. The great champions have done it and Mo


would be joining a very elite bunch. It is a very elite bunch. It would


be wonderful if Mo Farah could join that bunch of athletes. It is a


title which has been won on more occasions than other doubles. We


have only had one British man when a double in the Olympic Games, that


was in 1920 in the 800, and 1500. Kelly Holmes did it in 2004. It


would be great to have a man in that same league. Every Saturday we


come here, Mo wins a gold medal. are going to let you go. Brendan


will be describing the race for us. There is a lot more happening. Not


least, the end of the evening. Don't think you can leave after


Mo's rays. The final event of the entire programme will be the fall


by 400 relay. -- the 4x400 relay. Michael, how much will it be USA


watching Jamaica, and vice versa, or going for it, and so the risk of


the batten going down, who knows what can happen? A big part of the


relay is the batten exchange. -- I think the US has had enough of


dropping the baton. I am hoping we are going to be in for a really


good race. It could be a tight race between the US and Jamaica. They


will be watching one another. 9:00pm tonight, your clock setting


moment for the 4x100 finale to these championships. Before that,


it is the women's 4x400, and it is not be on the realms of possibility


that Great Britain will have a medal chance. Perri Shakes-Drayton


has been drafted into the British quartet. We are not sure what the


order will be but we will know more Mo, fly and go for it, because this


settle down for what should be an enthralling 15 minutes or so. You


can't guarantee if he will win this race, but I am pretty sure it will


come down to a last-lap sprint of some description. Let's look at the.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 81 seconds


aspirations of winning this race. It doesn't belong to Mo Farah. This


is his stage. It is his home, here, it is his house, if you like, his


crowd. But it is not his gold medal that glorious night. We will talk


about that for a long time. Are we to witness another chapter for Mo


Farah? There is the former world youth champion from Kenya, he


finished 4th last year in the World Championships final, which Mo Farah


won. The runner from Uganda, the double Commonwealth champion in


Delhi. A championship that Mo Farah did not contest. There will be a


big welcome for the silver medallist, Galen Rupp. Mo Farah's


training partner. Barrios of Mexico. The Pan-American champion last year.


7th in the Olympics four years ago. Ibrahim off, a former Ethiopian, he


Bronze-medal in Daegu last year. Cameron Levins from Canada. A huge


improvement this year. He can kick. Lopez Lomong, a former refugee


himself. Moved up well to the 5,000. Former training partner of Mo


Farah's. And Abdalaati Iguider, just held on to a bronze medal.


Bernard Lagat has won a bronze and silver at the Olympics. And a gold


and two silvers at world level. Hagos Gebrhiwet, just 18. Second


fastest junior of all time. Here we of the other competitors, along


with Yenew Alamirew. If anybody can cheer him to a gold medal, surely


we have just heard it. That could crowd at roars the athletes over


the start line to set out. On a journey which will end who knows


where for Mo. He could put himself in a position which no a British


man has ever managed to do before. I was looking at Mo Farah and I am


thankful I am not him. There are a couple of ways I would be thinking


about it. You run hard, making a hard, hard race, and possibly


sacrifice your own chances. Obviously, that is not happening


yet. Another thing I would consider is getting in front of him with the


last 600. That is the part Mo likes and there will be -- there will


have been much discussion among the athletes and coaches - how do you


beat him? Hayle Ibrahimov has decided he is not going to wait any


longer. So a bit of a job to get going, just to make them feel as


though they were loosening up. With the world lap -- with the world


record, every lap averaged 60 seconds. But now the race gets


going and gets under way, and they are opening up the gap. The only


way I have been thinking about this is, the three Ethiopian is in the


race, not the best we have ever seen, but enough of them to run as


a team. They have done it in other races in this Games so I would not


be surprised to see them get to the front and share some of the pace.


But they want to get the race going before too long because it reduces


in length and, Mo Farah, don't forget, is already going to have


completed 50 laps of the track by the time he finishes tonight.


Bernard Lagat, as you mentioned earlier, a very, very good athlete.


But I don't think anybody has had such support, the support Mo Farah


has tonight. The crowd will make that difference and I think he will


be delighted with this reception. It helps your confidence, boost


your confidence, and he looks OK. They are fairly content to let him


do the early pacemaking, Hayle Ibrahimov. But it is very slow by


world 5,000 metres standards. The Kenyans went have had their


discussions with the Ethiopians. -- will not have had. Mo goes around


the outside and the response from the crowd, just a taster of what is


to come. Everybody is doing here is just teasing them a bit. Yes, and


also he did enjoy the support of the crowd there. A couple of


athletes in the field, including Oleksandr Bondar, who can shed the


pace with Mo. -- including Galen Rupp. -- who can share the praise.


So, Mo doing everything right, just like he did the other night in the


10,000. Doing everything the way he should be. Lopez Lomong, rather


surprisingly leading things at this stage. He has got to a reasonable


kick. And in the background, Koech. A brilliant Kenyan youngsters. He


will have learned a lesson from the World Championships last year,


where they rammed really slowly. And then the big burn up at the end.


-- they ran. Farah came out on top. I am not sure the likes of Koech


will want to watch Lagat. Though he will not go to the front. That is


one person we can write off in terms of dictating. Just completing


four laps. We are now running a two-mile race. Not a 5,000-metre


race because they have not been running, they have been jogging.


The interesting statistics of this race will come out when we see how


fast they go in the last 1,000, 2000 metres. And I am sure


eventually, with eight laps to go, they will have to stop thinking.


Their minds will be working like computers. -- they will have to


start thinking. Eventually, somebody is going to make this tell


in terms of endurance. It will not just be a sprint finish. This one


has to be a bit more than a rush over the last couple of laps, and I


am sure these athletes will realise they have got to make the others


pay. Mo is just keeping an eye on the likes of Yenew Alamirew, coming


a bit closer to the front. They're just sensing he is ready to go.


Another very slow 1,000-metre section. The longer it goes on like


this, the likes of Abdalaati Iguider comes into play. Could be a


danger and they don't want to give such -- people like that a chance.


A very unstructured 5,000-metre race. Just over 3,000 remaining and


it is time somebody did something about it. Mo's team-mate Galen Rupp


it moves to the front. Mo Farah, just working his way through.


Sometimes when you are running this slowly, your nerves start to take


off and you worry somebody will relent. Here's Hayle Ibrahimov


again, who is running quickly. And they are saying, OK, at Galen Rupp,


is it time for us to go? Mo said to him in one race, don't worry, you


don't need to go yet. So they are communicating out there. Whether


the Ethiopians are at the moment, I doubt. They are all over the place.


He cannot have expected to be leading this. They are all waiting


for Farah or somebody to do something. Lagat realising he


should get closer here. Six laps to go. Still a long way to go for any


individual to make a strike for home. Maybe a few taking turns to


push the pace on. For the first time, Lomong is just reacting. He


can see Yenew Alamirew on his shoulder. No race plan just yet.


Eventually, something will unfurled but the nerves are jangling and the


crowd is getting excited. We are watching our only distance running


gold medallist here. Mo Farah in a race where he is already the world


champion. The world champion at 50101000. The Olympic champion at


10,000. -- the world champion at 5,000 metres and 10,000 metres.


This is a 2,000-metre race. No distance running event here. Yenew


Alamirew doing a little bit. Let's see what he is doing. That is to be


discounted. Let's see what happens over the next five laps. Yenew


Alamirew is sharing the lead with his team mate. Then the third of


the Ethiopian MC: 180! Hagos Gebrhiwet. And then further


back. The group with Lagat, Farah and Lomong. Didn't panic when the


pace came on. They don't need to make a big surge to come to the


front. He will want to make sure he doesn't allow these gaps. Just


needs to get a bit closer. Dejen Gebremeskel just deciding... They


are coming down and four laps to go. Mo Farah realises he has got to


take over. Mo Farah, once again, taking on the might of Africa. Mo


Farah in 5th. And that was hard to do when they are going at that sort


of praise, to move through from the back. You don't want to give them


too much space. And that is why he knew it was time to move up. He was


too far away and now he is closer. The two better Ethiopians here


exchanging the duties. Pushing on. Every lap will get harder and


harder and the legs will get more and more tired, the breathing will


get heavier and heavier. But for Farah at the moment, he still looks


fairly relaxed. Two 62nd laps, so really now it is about judgment. --


two 60-second laps. Another quick lap there and they are accelerating


all the time. And you have got to be in a position where Mo Farah is


now. You have got to try to win it from there. One thing working in


his favour is that one of his big rivals, Dejen Gebremeskel, is


having to do the work at the front. He gave them a glance and said, I


am right here, boys. Do your best! But that might be where the threat


comes from, if with Lagat. Farah is in the perfect place. He likes to


go from 600, from where he can strike home. He has done everything


right once again in this 5,000- metre race. He has positioned


himself perfectly and he has not put a foot wrong today. Now, when


he sees two laps to go, the Mo plan will be to stage it, gauge it, were


kit from here. The next 20 Committee's has got to be for real.


-- work it. For the next time he has got to do it for real. He is


just sensing the way to hold on to position is to get to the front now.


This is positioning and this is putting himself in a place where


but nobody can cut in front of him. He has got the lead when he wants


it, with 600 to go. Now the pressure will start to be applied.


They know it. Lagat is close. And now he says, right, you and I,


let's hold it. Words are exchanged. The bell will sound in 100 metres


time and he has got to be very careful he does not let anybody


getting ahead of him. He wants to run at race. He is doing it right.


It is going to be a fierce last lap. Mo is going to go for it. He is


running himself into a medal position. He is running perfectly


well and he has got a chance now but he has got to try to steal it.


The dangerous 1,500 metre man is in third place now. Lagat there but


still chances. Farah holding the inside. The crowd on their feet!


They are trying to roar him on! The man in third looks dangerous to me.


The arms have got to pump, the knees have got to come up hi. -- up


high. I think he is going to get there! Two gold medals for Great


Britain! Beautiful! He he is the double Olympic champion! My words


cannot do justice to how I feel! Have you ever seen anything like


that? Have you ever seen a man so full of confidence in his own


ability? Control... Almost eighties at times. Tested to the fold and


To have a man who now joins they are there Double-winners -- who


joins the other Double-winners. He did it in a style which had


everybody at -- everybody around us standing and cheering. 80,000


people and I'm pretty sure millions in their front rooms, shouting him


home. That was absolutely fantastic. He did everything right in the race.


When it came to it, our statistician was working almost as


hard as Mo Farah. He ran four minutes for the last mile. He ran


52.9 for the last lap. He has worked well, he has trained so well.


There is his wife and daughter. That was the moment in the history


of British athletics. This man is now among the greats, and it has


been such a privilege, watching them grow up and direct. Here they


come, in the home straight. -- watching him grow up and do it.


This is what he has done so brilliantly. There he goes, the


bell sounds. The secret of distance running is unfounded. Mo Farah says,


I am in the front, and if you want to come past me, you have to go


much faster than this. He is still not flat out yet. He is working


here, they are giving him a start, a few yards. They need that few


yards. But on the crown of the bend, Mo Farah, he has five athletes


around him. He is in a position where it is vulnerable. They can


see him and all they can do is sense. He comes into the finishing


straight, he gets a bit of a bump from the Kenyan. Now Mo Farah, this


is your chance, the chance to go into the record books as one of the


all-time greats. And he is now one of the all-time greats. A fantastic


athletic performance. The best I have ever seen by a British athlete


by miles. He has done the double. We were looking for it and this


stadium is my favourite stadium in the world. Every Saturday you come


here, Mo Farah wins a gold medal. How good is that? This is fantastic.


We watched him as a junior, we watched him grow up. He is now a


senior, he is now the greatest. Mo Farah, double Olympic champion. I


would never get tired of saying it. Mo Farah, double Olympic champion.


I told you I would not get tired! This is the greatest moment I have


witnessed in British athletics. It is a privilege to be here. You feel


the same, and he is a great lad. have lost my voice. I nearly


sward... Sorry! It has been in a great cause. He is in a place where


it is difficult... I suppose time will judge, comparing him with the


greats. For the moment, just enjoy Mo. A man in full flow. When you


see an athlete like this... He will not be beaten. He will not be


passed. He or not be denied. -- he will not be denied. The last time


the Olympics were held in London, the double could not be done. Look


how excited they are. Tanya, and his daughter, Rihanna. Don't forget,


Tanya is expecting twins any moment now. I hope it is not any minute


now! It literally is! The excitement in this stadium is


something... Well, I have never witnessed such a noise, such


passion, such support. Everywhere you looked around here... They are


not all waving British blacks. They are from all over the world and


they know they have seen something special tonight -- they are not all


where it -- not all waving British flags. I hope you got a sense of


the occasion. Look at that. Incredible. Top that, Usain Bolt!


He is coming later, of course. The men's 5,000-metre final: your


winner, the gold medal, the champion, Mo Farah of Great Britain.


Gebremeskel takes the silver for Ethiopia. Longosiwa, perhaps a


surprise bronze, keeping out Bernard Lagat. The double Olympic


they have to get in front of him. He knew that. He said, I am at the


front, try and come past. One came, another came. It was reminiscent of


the race in 1976, that great 5,000 metres. Which you remember more


than most. I was one of the ones who could not get past! He did


exactly that, he got in the front and decided when he hit the front,


he was not going to let anybody get there. There are a lot of


congratulations and he will pass them on. His coach has done a


brilliant job. What a fantastic job he has done. Ian Stewart, the head


of UK insurance, has been with them all day yesterday, looking through


the process. Neil Back, his physiotherapist, they have all


supported him. The track is hard, his legs will be tired tomorrow,


but who cares, the day after you win your second gold medal?


Absolutely fantastic. You said the public at home are privileged,


80,000 people in the stadium, we are privileged to commentate on the


moment. It is pure athletics history. The slap of honour will


take a while -- this lap of honour will take a while and who cares


about that. It has been a privilege to be sat here. They did not put a


roof on the stadium and it is probably a good job. If there had


been won, it would have been lifted off and into the stratosphere. Well


done, Mo Farah. We can't wait to speak to him and enjoy his


What a story, what a performance. Gold medal-winning commentary from


Steve and Brendan. Absolutely brilliant. That 27th gold medal


leaves us emphatically in third position. I will go in order of


hysteria in the commentary box. Denise, what about that?


commentary was sensational. Lowe, So on thing in the air, you could


-- there was something in the air, you could see it. The race was cat


and mouse, it was slow. Once he decided to strike... He just held


his form and he was brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. I know


nothing about 5,000-metre tactics at all, but it is a special moment


for Mo. He had a desire, he had a dream and it has been totally


fulfilled. I hope when he finishes, he reflects and thinks, I am going


to put my feet up and have a bit of a rest. Boy, oh boy, he has


thoroughly deserved this. We have all hope for him, but he has


delivered, wonderful. We have spent so much time talking about, it is


not just in the FT, it is in the mind. That was the most brilliantly


constructed race plan. A real mess at the start. He took the


initiative, he set the pace. It was almost a triumph of the


intellectual Mo Farah as well as the FT. It speaks to where he is


now. With distance running, it is not as if you go in there with a


strategy and your ticket that. You have to be able to make adjustments


depending on how the race unfolds because you never know what will


happen. Last year, Mo was in great shape. He worked with Alberto,


trained with Graham Robb, I think that was a tremendous advantage --


A victory in the 10,000 has given him the confidence, that he can go


in than he can run with anyone in the world. He has that confidence


that he can make the adjustment in the race, and still control the


race, which is exactly what he did. It is the choices you make. He was


a really good athlete but at the point we make that decision to make


changes to your career, to benefit for this one single goal, or in


Mo's case, two goals, it is the mark of a true champion. An athlete


who knows exactly what it takes to get to the top. We were always


saying, Mo will always be in the final but never on the podium. It


is a huge quantum leap to go from that to that. A lot of it comes


from confidence. We always knew that Mo had talent and the ability.


Most of the time when I saw him running at competitions, I didn't


think he ran with much confidence. I felt the confidence was lacking


and part of that had to do with the fact he didn't physically feel he


was up to his task. Thanks to his Here is the hero of the hour. You


have just written yourselves into the annals of Olympic history.


Double gold medallist, can you describe the feeling? Unbelievable.


I had a lot of confidence going into the race. In the heat, I


didn't feel so good, I felt tired. I was hoping the guys would help me


a lot. It worked out. When you hit the front, there was no way anyone


was going to get faster? No, they tried to but I knew I had to hold


onto it. I got great support from the crowd. It means a lot to me. By


two girls are coming, they are not born yet... Hopefully. They are


twins, so one of reach. They arrive next month? They could derive any


day. The doctor said, you have got 12 days. -- they could arrive any


day. We will see you for the Great North Run, are you ready for


everything, because Mo mania is going to sweep the country.


don't know what is going on. I am taking one race at a time. The


Olympics doesn't come around often. Everybody has a time, it all worked


out well. I am amazed. Two gold medals, he would have thought that?


I am looking forward to Birmingham and the Great North Run. I am


excited. 1st September, I am having a charity auction for the Mo Farah


Foundation. Get on the website. demand will be incredible. The way


that the noise grows, it is like a Mexican wave of noise. It is


unbelievable. I want to thank everyone who supported me. All my


coaches in previous years. I can't thank everybody enough. I want is a


particularly for my wife, her carrying the twins, it has not been


easy. If anything happened, she promised me she would not let me


know. I am glad it has all worked out well. She is well, and we saw


your daughter, the whole nation wants to give you a big kiss right


now to say well done, congratulations, it has been


wonderful. It has been a long journey, grafting and grafting. But


anything is possible. It is just gritting his teeth now. The arms


have got to pump, the knees have got to come up high! Come on, Mo


Farah! I think he is going to get there! He is going to get there!


He is the double Olympic champion! The place erupts!


JOHN INVERDALE: Well, that is how our commentators responded, but


look at this! Yeah! Yes! Go on, Mo! And on! And on! And on! Yes! Yes!


What a boy! If you think that was hysterical, this is heaven knows


how many thousands of people in Hyde Park... With Helen Skelton.


That was almost too much for this crowd to take! 40,000 people are


here in Hyde Park desperate to share that moment. The roar that


went out when he crossed the finish line was like a jet plane taking


off! And then the red, white and blue streamers! It sounds like you


enjoyed that? Amazing! Really good. Brilliant finish by Mo. What made


you come down here instead of watching it at home? Are just the


crowds. Such a good atmosphere. The weather was really good. I have


been talking to a lot of people who did not manage to get tickets for


the Olympic Park but they wanted to be part of the Olympic spirit and


that is why became here. It is fair to say they are making the most of


it! Well, calm down! Calm down! In their brilliant commentary, Brendan


did say he thought that was the single most brilliant moment in


Olympic history. Would you go with that? Absolutely. It is just so


hard to put into words what we have witnessed but it is fantastic.


no doubt about it. The crowd was in there and they helped him, too.


Some pretty great moments. If that is top of the pile, that is a


considerable moment. Without further ado. A busy night. We have


the relay coming up at 9pm tonight. Make sure you stick with us for


that. But now we have the women's 800 metres final. Steve, have you


Saturday night to had to follow Mo Farah. You almost feel sorry for


them. This is a very, very talented young lady. 5,000-metre champion


from 1996, and he said that she wants a fast race, and she might


get one. Montano from the USA likes to go out hard. The world champion


will be difficult to beat, though. This is a race full of talent and


she is looking very good indeed. A very good 400-metre pace as well,


but she will need to be strong here. This woman could take it out. No


woman has ever defended his title. What about Caster Semenya, the


South African who first burst onto the scene in 2009. She has had a


difficult time since then both on and off the track. Former world


champion, and the Olympic silver medallist, Janeth Busienei of Kenya.


And then the European champion. So, the race full of European champions,


world champions. There's the full track, and an intriguing race are


in prospect. Don't be surprised if this is pretty quick as well. The


record goes all the way back to Moscow. 43.53. I don't think they


will be as quiet as quick as that but it could be an epic race. Not


surprisingly, it is the American who has got to the front. A pretty


quick opening. Francine Niyonsaba of Burundi in 5th place. That is


giving them a chance so they are opening up a yard or two. Caster


Semenya, the big danger here, but she will be coming from an awful


long way back. This is about judgment. And it is a quick opening.


Semenya has to come from a long way back. But if they move from now,


they could catch out Caster Semenya. Jelimo will be the first to make a


move. Down the back straight. Another world champion, Mariya


Savinova, moves up. Just going past. Mariya Savinova recognises the


danger and moves into second place. It is the Kenyan who has got this


at the moment. A big last 200 to catcher but look at the Russian.


She has got pace to burn. And it is Mariya Savinova of Russia. And


Semenya coming up way too late. The Russian is going to win this easily,


comfortably. She takes the Olympic title. Semenya is finishing quickly


but wait too late. A Semenya second. They handed it to the Russian. She


is quick on the last lap and strong as well. Semenya was never in it.


She was too far back and probably finished quicker than the Russian,


but by then, she was gone. The gold medal had already been decided.


Well, I think that was a misjudgment on behalf of Caster


Semenya. She was finishing like a train. She looked good in the


finishing straight up before that, she gave them a start. She looked


relaxed. And here she does. Accelerating down the back straight.


The gap between Jelimo and Mariya Savinova. She is in 5th place there


on the bend, but look how far behind Caster Semenya is. And look


how much closer she finishes in there. She is motoring now, is


Caster Semenya, moving past them into 5th place, and then 4th, then


third, eventually, but in the finishing straight Mariya Savinova


was never troubled. Could for her effort faded significantly at this


point. And here comes the fast- finishing Caster Semenya into third,


into second, and who knows? If she had judged that race better she


might have been Olympic champion. However, it is Mariya Savinova who


takes the title. And you can see that at there. So much closer at


the finish. But it is not measured how fast you finish, it is how fast


you gauge the whole race. And Mariya Savinova was untroubled. I


was disappointed with the effort of Jelimo because I thought she would


come in this race as the favourite. The gold medal goes to Mariya


Savinova of Russia. Caster Semenya left it too late and took the


silver for South Africa. And Ekaterina Poistogova nipped in for


the bronze medal ahead of Pamela Jelimo, who was 4th.


JOHN INVERDALE: And having praised Mo Farah for his tactics, Caster


Semenya's tactics were all over the shop. Or is there another


I wonder if she is slightly anxious about winning after Berlin. She has


had such mental scarring and I think she has been mentally


hesitant. So you think she almost put herself out of the race so she


could not win it? A perhaps. It always leaves you worrying because


we have seen her more dominant than that. That is my fear. Why was due


preparing to come here, though, and not wanting to win? -- why was she?


I have known many athletes who are quite anxious... I will not ask you


to name names but the people you knew did not have the baggage going


with Semenya? No, they have the talent but it is taking that extra


step forward. When you win it brings responsibility. Absolutely.


Headlines. It falls to her so much and it has had an effect on.


Michael is still not... No, I don't buy that. For an athlete who has


won a championship to come here and be afraid to win again... I don't


see that with Caster Semenya. She showed she was a fighter. I don't...


Nissan, I tell you what... We will continue this fight off air! --


listened. If you want to see the javelin, you can hit the Red Button.


We will be back very shortly for the women's relay, in which Britain


does have a medal opportunities. So we will see you in a few minutes'


time, Gary. Thank you. And what about that! Mo


Farah. And the twins could be born tonight. A double double!


Apparently, Clare Balding told him to do his famous stance. A quick


respite from track and field to remind you that if you would prefer


to watch one of the other sports, then you can. Just push the Red


Button for your options. In a couple of days' time, life


returns to some degree of normality, but on the BBC, the drama will


How much trouble are we in? have got me! What are you waiting


for? Here I am! Dinosaurs on a spaceship! We are very cross with


you! This is what happens when you travel alone for too long. We will


get through this, I promise. Don't be scared. So scared? Who is dead?


Who killed all the Daleks? Who do And drama of the sporting kind is


currently on BBC Three lives. That is Tom Daley, and Clare Balding. We


saw a different kind of drama this morning when Ed McKeever and went


rippling gently, but about to be churned up by the greatest paddlers


in the world. Who gets up quickest? It is pouring down from the stands,


the noise. McKeever is out quickly. McKeever with the Red barrel of his


kayak powering on. The lighter man, he has such strength. McKeever


holding on. As they come into the final 50 metres. McKeever still out


in front. They will have to work hard. They are not going to get


there. He is still holding on! It is gold for Ed McKeever. And the


quiet man lets out a roar as he becomes a Olympic champion. He went


up fast. He held on strong. He was This morning, I woke up at 5am and


I was like a kid at Christmas, waiting to get his presence. I will


get them in a minute! -- is presents. And Ed McKeever joins us.


The silent star of the GB team. Don't be silent for the next few


minutes, Ed! That would not work so well. But describe that fantastic


race. Almost indescribable but I will give it a go! Yes, just the


pain down the last bit, kind of almost the agony, the lactic acid,


just burning in your legs. And when you cross the finish line, I just


had to check left and right pop... And then when I knew, almost a


sense of relief. From all the pressure I had put on myself, just


knowing I had won. It was fantastic. Perhaps your first feeling is one


of relief rather than elation. It is a case of, thank goodness for


that! Is that it? Yes. I knew I could win. Just across the line


having won, it was brilliant. race itself was tight, and it goes


so fast. It is the first time we have had 200 metres in the final.


Have you had to change a lot of I have changed my training. Doing a


lot more sprint work. It seems to have worked out all right. I heard


you say there was quite a head wind. Was that a disadvantage? Probably


being one of the lightest guys in the field, it probably affects me


more. I got such a good start this morning, I was able to hold on to


the end without much trouble. had a long wait. Your final was on


the last Friday - two weeks after the opening ceremony. It must be


difficult watching everyone else go. I am not going to lie, it was


frustrating. How ever many medals GB won, it is fantastic and


inspiring. At the back of your mind, you are waiting to race, like a


caged tiger! How did you start getting into kayaking? I started


when I was at secondary school. I went to the local club. A friend


introduced me. I did a canoe race. I fell in been my first race. I did


not today, luckily. You discovered you had this talent. It was just


fantastic. I guess I was naturally suited to it. You have a big few


weeks coming up, haven't you? getting married in six weeks' time.


I trust you have not got too involved in the planning, have you?


Not to match. I have been told to organise suits and transport. --


too much. I have not started them but plenty of time. Will you wear


your gold medal? I was asked this earlier and eyes said it is not


good to draw focus from your bride on her wedding day. A true


gentleman and a true champion. I am also joined by Ben Ainslie. He has


been given the huge on up of carrying the British flag at the


closing ceremony. -- honour. You must be delighted. It is a huge


honour Bonnie Finn Sailing. Relief for the whole nation, it has been a


fantastic games. We have all been proud of what has taken place.


does it mean to you, to be given that honour? It will be an amazing


feeling to walk into the stadium and lead such a strong team. It is


a great opportunity for me. It is not just about individuals - it is


about the whole team and the whole nation. It will be a great moment.


We have seen pictures of you carrying the flag earlier today for


the picture called for the national press and stuff like that. Are you


looking forward to the closing ceremony? It has been a great


Olympics. They could not ask for it to have gone better from a home


nation perspective. I have heard some great Rumens about which


performers might be playing. Everyone will be delighted it has


been such a successful Games. From the competitors standpoint, it will


be a huge relief to have got through to the end. In some ways,


it will be a sad moment that it is all over. Just a few days on from


another gold medal, it was a tough old battle. What are your emotions?


It has taken a long time to sink in. It has been hectic. There has been


a lot of racing going on in Weymouth and Portland. It is pretty


hard. It takes a long time to sink in. I am very proud. It has been a


great performance for the whole team. We can genuinely walk away


thinking we have done a good job. The next challenge is the America's


Cup. I'm heading to San Francisco next week to get stuck into that.


Maybe Rio in four years' time. time I interviewed you are was in


the stadium. I could not hear one word he said. You said something


about Match of the Day. I have no idea what you said. Those few days


that have now gone by, do you think Rio is becoming more and more of a


possibility? I still do not know. It is really hard with everything


that has happened to say yes or no. The Olympics has been a huge part


of my life. It is hard to walk away from it. It was never capped this


as an experience to perform in front of a home crowd like that. We


are all incredibly privileged to get that chance. We'll see about


Rio in the future. Where the you do or do not, many congratulations. We


wish you well at the closing ceremony tomorrow. We'll say bid


farewell to Ed McKeever. -- week also bid farewell. Wheel came to


the Stadium tonight with a certain amount of trepidation. -- we all


came to the stadium. We thought it could have gone horribly wrong.


Brendan Foster described the victory by Mo Farah as the greatest


single athletics moment in his lifetime. What effect will that


have on the fall by 400m relay We... We keep continuously going on


about the crowd. It is making a difference. If these young ladies


have the crowd support, cheering them down the home straight,


particularly Christine Ohuruogu on the last leg, it could make a


difference. They really believed they could get a medal. Apart from


Russia and the USA, who our way out in front, they could really pull it


together. The men just missed out last night - agonisingly so when


Martyn Rooney could not close the gap. The sprint relay boys messed


up. The women were not hit in the first place. It is our last


opportunity for a relay Madog at ran very well in the semi-finals


yesterday. -- Shana Cox. It was the fastest opening leg of everyone in


the semi-final. She hands over to Lee McConnell then Perri Shakes-


Drayton and Christine Ohuruogu will bring the baton home. Here it is


brought in some strength. Shana Cox is going up against the bronze


medallist. She has made a great comeback. She has run so well here.


She hands on to Allyson Felix, who has two gold medals already. She is


capable of running a 48 second split. The third leg is taken by


the athlete who finished 7th in the what has been happening in the


women's high jump. Anna Chicherova, world champion last year, has been


in absolutely supreme form. First- time clearances and now she is up


to two metres. This jump at 2.30 euros -- 2.03 metres. She must have


felt it was like her gold medal, almost. The top American was


outstretched by bridge married -- Brigetta Barrett. On her second


attempt, it was a massive personal best. She put herself into the


silver medal position. That was a great moment. Shakil Afridi, a bit


like Anna Chicherova with first- can just give you an idea of the


quality of the opposition and the task the British four are facing.


We have the Russians. The defending champions, and the USA, Jamaica,


who are very strong. France, who have three-quarters of the team


which won the European Championships silver medal. Britain


are in the worst possible lane draw, at out in lane nine. This is the


bar at 2.05 metres. Anna Chicherova is in the lead at the moment. If no


one spouse is anything else, she will be Olympic champion. -- no one


else clears any other height. It was so close. Her first failure of


this evening. She can clear that. Anna Chicherova really has been


supreme. That clearance was massive. She'd just caught it with her


calves. She knows how close it was. That would have been a world lead.


She has two more attempts. Next up the Czech Republic. Lead of by the


person who was 7th in the 400m hurdles. Venture would give the


baton to the bronze medallist in the 400m hurdles. -- then she will


give the baton. This is the line-up for Nigeria. Ukraine are European


champions. They have the slightly different line-up from Helsinki.


The Russians, led off by a semi- finalist. Jamaica, led off by


Christine Day. She was a semi- finalist in the individual event.


Then the very powerful team from the USA. Allyson Felix has two


golds already. The great Sanya Richards-Ross on the anchor leg.


And France are out in lane eight. Their running between the USA and


Great Britain. -- they are running. The great British team. Shana Cox


ran a very good first leg in the semi-final. Perri Shakes-Drayton


has been brought in from the semi- final. A bit of a query about a


hamstring of Perri Shakes-Drayton. We hope she is all right. We hope


the baton will be brought round by Christine Ohuruogu to the finish


line. She has won 8 silver medal behind Sanya Richards-Ross in the


individual event. The last women's track event in these Olympic Games.


Great Britain have the chance, but it is a tough ask. They are out in


and she has gone out very powerfully in lane nine. The


American, Deedee Trotter, as you would expect, is gaining ground all


the time on the French. This is going to be tough for Shana Cox,


because Deedee Trotter is becoming level. Well, Shana Cox could just


crack a little bit. The Americans are having a brilliant leg, so are


the Russians. Shana Cox, so far, so good for Britain. I think Britain


have got to hang onto their shirt- tails of the Jamaican team if they


want to win a medal, they cannot be too far away. Shana Cox has to be


strong in his last 20 metres, because as she hands over to Lee


McConnell, they do not want to be too far away from the Jamaican team,


and I fear that they may be 50m adrift when this break happens. Lee


McConnell has got to get shifting down that back straight. They have


got to get involved here. Great Britain are down in 5th or 6th


position. The United States have got Allyson Felix on his leg, and


the lead is increasing all the time, just one and a half legs gone, and


the American leader is about 20 metres! That is the battle between


Lee McConnell of Great Britain and the French athletes, very


experienced. But Allyson Felix quartet, and they are leading this


by a country mile at the moment, and they will not be caught, I can


say that at this stage. Russia's second, to make a third, Perri


Shakes-Drayton is a long way off where we hoped they would be. --


Russia second, Jamaica third. I think it is too big a gap or


Christine Ohuruogu. The USA are way out in France, Russia having a


battle with Jamaica. This is a task to tour for Perri Shakes-Drayton, I


think. She is having a battle Royale with Regina George, but the


Americans are absolutely flying. This is going to be a cracking time.


Francena McCorory will hand on to Sanya Richards-Ross. The Russians


are very definitely in second place. But a long way behind the USA. Then


come Jamaica, then the Ukraine. Sanya Richards-Ross is away.


Natalya Antyukh is chasing. But Richards-Ross is absolutely flying,


and there goes Christine Ohuruogu. It was a good leg by Perri Shakes-


Drayton, she took a couple of metres out of the Nigerians. But


Great Britain are back in 5th position. A medal seems a forlorn


hope. Christine Ohuruogu chasing down the Ukraine in front of the


European champions, but look at the Americans! Sanya Richards-Ross is


going to bring it home, it will be very quick indeed. Natalia and he


act is chasing really hard. She is trying to shake off the Jamaicans


behind her. Richards-Ross is flying, watch the clock! Just outside the


world record, the USA win, Russia in second place, Jamaica in third,


Ukraine in 4th, and Great Britain and Northern Ireland in 5th place.


Christine Ohuruogu gave it her best shot. But that was a truly, truly


great, great quartet from the USA, and Sanya Richards-Ross brought it


home. The Americans were going for six relay titles in a row, and they


got it, and they got it emphatically! Michael, that was


brilliant. It was brilliant, a great quartet there, women's 400m


sprint in in the US is raised strong right now, Allyson Felix not


even contesting the 400. They were going to be tough, the Russians


were going to be tough, we knew that. They brought on Natalya


Antyukh for the final. Sanya Richards-Ross finally winning her


gold medal in the individual 400, now bringing it home for the US


team in the 4x400 metres, Jamaica upgraded their team from what they


had in the semi-finals, but not enough to beat the Russians. It was


always going to be tough for Great Britain to get there and get a


medal, even with adding Perri Shakes-Drayton on to this team.


They did not get much from Shana Cox on the first leg, and they were


in a hole from the very beginning. But Sanya Richards-Ross, one of the


greatest 400m runners of all time, double Olympic gold-medallist at


these the Olympics. The US women taking up the slack for the US men,


who did not get the gold medal again for the 4x400 relay, but the


US women doing a great job. Sanya Richards-Ross knows that she has


got herself a second gold medal there, a great job. Well, no doubt


about the winners, absolutely dominant ball way through. The


British confirmed in 5th place, A leg 52.5, the key was trying to


keep in touch with the Jamaicans. Yeah, I mean the first leg it is


always important to stay within striking distance. Obviously, being


out in lane nine, you do not have any targets, but the goal is just


to put yourself out there for the rest of your team. It was a tough


draw for Shana Cox, 52.4 on the second leg, you want to be in the


battle as best you can. Yes, it was quite a messy leg. Everyone was


breaking at the same time, so I found it a little hard, harder than


yesterday. You relish these opportunities, 50.4 on that leg,


you gave it your all. I did indeed, we knew it would be tough, but we


went at air to try our best. Shame we did not get a medal, but you


know, we will come back stronger. Christine, 50.6, it was always


thought that it was going to be the US, Russia, Jamaica and it was


going to be a struggle from the start. Well, we knew it was going


to be hard, but you never know what is going to happen in relays, and


we came at expecting it to at least put in the best efforts that we


could put in and come away with something. You improve on


yesterday's performance and gave it your all, well done. We really did,


we knew it was tough, but we decided to do the best we could,


and I think that is what we did. We will be back shortly for Mo


Farah's medal ceremony and the 4x100 metres relay, but let's take


advantage of this slight lull to introduce you to a couple of medal


winners. I enjoyed by taekwondo winners Jade Jones and Lutalo


Muhammad, congratulations to you both. A gold medal, a first for


Britain in taekwondo, it will do wonders for the sport. Yeah,


hopefully there is a lot of people watching and more people getting


involved in taekwondo, yeah. I love your reaction afterwards, you were


running around the arena with the flag, you described it as bonkers.


Yeah, it was just crazy! When I found out I'd one, I just couldn't


help it, I went crazy. This is part of the action in the final, it must


have meant so much, I think you have got the nickname, the


Headhunter, perhaps the most fearsome nickname in sport. Are you


aggressive by nature? Yes! I just love to get stuck in there. And as


for you, Lutalo, you came into these games, I thought, under a


great deal of pressure. You have the situation with Aaron Cook, the


world champion, should he be selected? But you were picked, and


you must tell felt that burden. Yeah, you know, there was a bit of


extra pressure on me, perhaps a bit more than some other athletes, but


I did not really want to use that as an excuse. I wanted to just


focus on my goal of winning, you know, a gold medal. Unfortunately,


I came up a little bit short, but I'm happy and proud none the less


with the bronze medal. So you should be, it must make you feel


like to have justified people's belief in you. Yes, I had


tremendous support going into this, there was a lot of people behind me,


my family, Team GB were very supportive, so I am happy that I


have a medal. I saw your dad's quote, he said he was on the moon.


Has he rien dead yet?! He must be very proud. It probably felt as


good as winning the bronze medal, my dad telling me he was really


proud of me. It is a great moment, I will cherish this for ever.


your parents are obviously very proud, your dad had never watched


you before the Olympic Games because he could not stand the


sight of you being kicked in head, which as a parent I can understand!


Yeah, he has never watched, he would end up getting involved. It


was a nice moment for him to come and watch and for me to do so well


in front of all my family and friends. And all the people in


flints got together to help with your funding, your home village.


Yes, for the Youth Olympics, before I even qualified, they raise loads


of money for me to get to the competition, so their support means


a lot, so for me to win the medal is special. I understand a local


butchers has named a sausage after you, the Jade Jones sausage, which


must be a highlight, it means more than the gold medal! Do you know


what is in it? No idea! And your father, Lutalo, he has backed you


to the hilt and stop you from parting too much, hasn't it? I


suppose you are thanking him now. Definitely, when you're 14 or 15,


you start to see girls everywhere, you want to start going out and


start. At first, I kind of resented it, my friends having so much fun,


I was stuck in the gym, but I'm really grateful for it now. It has


been an incredible journey for me, and I'm really grateful to him.


will let you enjoy your moment for a few nights! You would have


thought! In terms of you, where you go from here? You are both so young,


you could go on for years, hopefully we will see you at


Olympics to come in the future. Definitely, a bit of time off now,


to get mentally fresh again, and then I'm going to be gone for Rio,


the world championships next year, get back in the gym, keep improving


and getting better. Thank you but so much for coming in, enjoy your


time now. You did Britain proud, well done. Thank you very much.


Back to the athletics in just a second, but let me tell you that


the boxing is on, Luke Campbell fighting against John Joe Nevin of


Ireland, it is a big fight, going for gold. That is on the red button.


If you want to watch that, you know where it is. We are going to the


athletics with John Inverdale. We were just musing actually about


whether it was written in the star's altar members, people who


were almost born within a javelin throw of the stadium, Perri Shakes-


Drayton and Christine Ohuruogu, whether they would be able to bring


home the bacon. I was just talking with Colin, and we thought that the


relay or they could have been different. I would like to have


seen Perri Shakes-Drayton on the first leg, with their strength from


the 400m hurdles, we might have been able to make closer order at


the beginning. I don't know, they ran OK, but it was never going to


be quick enough. Wasn't the margin so great that the order was


irrelevant? Just chatting to Michael as well, when he arrived


back here, we were trying to walk out whether the order made any


difference, but the split times from the others, just unbelievable.


They were completely over match. The order was not going to matter.


You could put that team in any order, the speed was not there to


contend with the Jamaicans, the Russians and Jamaicans both


upgraded their teams from the semi- finals and a tremendous talent and


experience. And his team has experience with Lee McConnell and


Christine Ohuruogu, but they do not have the speed at his point. Great


excitement because we are waiting for Mo Farah's medal ceremony, we


will keep chatting until that comes. Allyson Felix, she has had an


extraordinary games. Where would you put her in the pantheon of


great American sprinters? She is one of the greatest of all time.


Because of their range, remember that she has made the US team in


multiple Olympic Games and championships as a 100m runner,


200m sprinter and 400m. I think that, honestly, if it were me, I


would switch my attention full-time to 400m, because she could win. She


did not win last year, she did medal, but she could be one of the


greatest of all time, like Valerie Brisco, those athletes who have


done that and won. She could do that, but she is an incredible


athlete. She got over a significant home here by winning the gold medal


in the 200m. She had not done that, she had been silver-medallist tries,


world champion three times at 200m, but you have to win the Olympic


gold medal, and now she has done that. She is always a member of


both relays, and not many can do that. She is one of the greatest


ever. Less than 15 minutes to go until the last events in the


Olympic Stadium, the 4x100 metres relay featuring Jamaica, the USA


and six other teams as well! It is going to be a fantastic finale, and


Mr vault is running the final leg for Jamaica. -- Mr Bolt. We are


waiting for Mo Farah, this might be the opportunity to talk about it,


British athletics, the target, let's cut to the chase, was eight,


Charles van Commenee said, if we do not get eight medals, you can all


come to Heathrow and Waveney goodbye. We have only got six, but


Does that count as eight? He made that statement and that is fine.


The statement is there for everyone to read. He cannot walk away it and


be disappointed. It was a tremendous job that was done by the


British athletes. I liked the diversity of the medals. We are


expected Jessica to win. That is the case. The big surprise was a


break for the majority of people. He was the world's leader. -- Greg.


Knowing Charles, he will be disappointed. What he has said to


me is he really had a good feeling about the athletes coming into


these championships. He had high expectations because of what they


have shown, factoring in the elevation of the crowd. He will be


slightly disappointed. Who will have changed those gold medals?


What happens? We waved him go by. I think he will go. If he stays, he


will have to stay for another five years. We have the World Athletic


Championships and the person who comes in the news to stay on till


then. I think what they will do, the grand finale tonight, it will


be the medal ceremony of Mo Farah. This is the women's relay


presentation ceremony. I would like to say, what do you say to Charles


van Commenee? I think he has done a fantastic job. He has changed the


culture of UK Athletics was about is why they have won so many medals


as they have. I wonder if he wants to stay. That is it. I think he


feels job done, ready to move on to the next phase. Being in charge of


Brazilian athletics? Maybe. He fears he has done his job. He has


changed the culture. Whether he stays or goes, you will see the


results of that in years to come. The media precede it UK Athletics


has suffered only changed when Charles got here. Lenci what is


happening down at the medal ceremony. -- let's see what is


Coming through to take that bronze. It was the silver medal for Caster


Semenya. She finished probably quicker than anyone but she


completely misjudged it. I know there were many who thought she


could win yesterday. If she wants to beat the athlete who won the


gold medal, she needs to be much closer to her. You cannot give her


that much of a head start. It is a good comeback for the South African.


She became the world champion last year. She is also European champion


in 2010. She adds to all of that the Olympic title. She is a very


difficult 800m runner to beat. She can sprint off a fast pace and she


has such good Flat speed. That comes in useful when it is slow as


well. Mariya Savinova, the Olympic champion. Please stand for the


national anthem of the Russian Federation.


# Rossiya - svyashennaya nasha derzhava.


# Rossiya - lyubimaya nasha strana. # Moguchaya volya, velikaya slava.


# Tvoe dostoyan'e. # Na vse vremena!


# Slav'sya, Otechestvo. # Nashe svobodnoe.


# Bratskih narodov. # Soyuz vekovoi.


# Predkami dannaya. # Mudrost' narodnaya!


# Slav'sya, strana! They did not have quite the drama


of the men's 800m final but she's a very good champion indeed. Ladies


and gentlemen, the Olympic medallists. And so it into second


place on the podium behind Felix and chairs on the Crying game's.


The great performance as well. -- The Crying Games. Now for the men's


four by 100 relay. They won a silver medal in 1984 at the Los


Angeles Games until this happened in Beijing. Hang on to your hats,


this could be interesting. The men's 4x100m relay. Jamaica surely


just have to get the baton round to win this. Michael going down the


back straight. He will be giving it to Usain Bolt. Usain Bolt has it in


his hands safely and he is a way round the top bend. One more change


to go - another it save one. PASOK away it and gone. -- Asafa Powell


of a weight and gone. Look at this! It is a new world record. Three


gold medals, three world records. Party time in Jamaica. So we want


the grandest of grand finales to what has been an outstanding track


and field eight and nine days of competition. Michael Johnson, what


is the dream finale? How do we write the script for the most


dramatic conclusion? The anchor leg is going to be Usain Bolt. I would


like to see him get it with about five metres behind the US. To see


what he does. It would be phenomenal to see. Can he make up


five metres? I do not think he can. That is why I picked five. I want


the US to win. I'm not that comfortable with five. When you


think about Usain Bolt, we normally see him lining up with everyone


bows. Imagine if there is someone in front of him that he is chasing.


Who knows what he can run? I do not think he can make up five on Ryan


Baillie. I do not think he can make up five. Four becomes questionable.


Three, I think, absolutely, he can make it up. He can do it. I Am


curious as to the USA it order. do not like it. I would not put Day


on the turn. He has had all kinds of groin issues and operations. I


would not have put Ryan Baillie on the anchor. These are the things


that go on. Sometimes you over think these things. That is


probably what has happened here. I am not crazy about this. It is what


they have. They will have Tyson Gay it on the second leg. The back


stretch is longer. By a couple of yards usually, a couple of metres.


I do not like the idea of putting Ryan Baillie on the anchor - the


young kid. They get a little excited in this situation. I am


afraid of the scenario where he is watching what is going on


throughout the entire race. He is seen that my team is winning. He


looks over and he sees it Usain Bolt to hold off. When he sees his


guy coming in, he could get anxious and go too quick. With the


adrenalin, he is running much faster than he has ever run in


practice and the timing is off. I'm not crazy about that order. Let's


just mention the boxing finals are on various platforms. Tom Daley is


live on BBC Three at the moment. This will not take very long - 37


seconds at the moment. We can talk about all the athletes and


everything else. The one inanimate object is the baton. It is a shame


Great Britain are not in here. We do not want anyone to drop the


baton tonight. We want a real run to the line. That'll be the


determining factor. That is what the relay is about. Both teams can


make mistakes. Both teams can drop them. Both teams can hold them.


That is what everyone is wishing will happen - they all have clean


exchanges to the last leg and made the fastest man win. Who wins?


are asking for a prediction? Last event, your first prediction of the


Games. You know what, I think this time but teams will get the baton


around. That is seriously... Think about the US and how many times


they have dropped it. I believe they will get it around this time


and we will seek a base. He cannot bet against Jamaica. -- we will see


a race. The batons are an issue. Why don't we watched the race!


are going to. This might be the last time we see Usain Bolt in an


Olympic sprint race. Who knows what will happen in the next four years?


There is a huge roar of anticipation going up around the


little bit of a chilly evening. There is enough warmth in the


stadium to make him feel at home. Blake will be on the top bend.


These two - the two could this meant in the world at the moment.


That is a huge advantage to bring into this relay. Australia line up


like theirs. -- like this. They came through as fastest losers.


of the teams ran national records to get into this final. That


underlines have quit this track is. Jamaican team is supremely talented.


The last two runners have changed. What about this American Quartet!


That is where they have put their strength, on legs two and three.


The best team in Europe at the Keston Bledman, one of the quickest


men in the world this year. A good mix of experience and raw speed


there. Well, Nesta Carter, still reliable out of the blocks, down


the back straight Michael Frater, then the beasts, Yohan Blake, and


see if you can finish as off in being chased, he is not being


chased hard, though, party as had a good first black. Jamaica have got


to get moving. Michael Frater will be handing it to Yohan Blake, but


Justin Gatlin has gone well, and now Tyson Gay. Blake is right on


the Americans, it is between these two. Bolt is going to have it in


the lead, and you know what that means! They have got the baton,


Bailey is trying to hold on but he has got no chance! Jamaica are the


gold-medallists again, and it is a new world record! He smashes it to


pieces! Two great teams, but only brokered. Day go, they broke the


world record last year at the World Championships. -- Daegu. And once


again this Jamaican team, so full of talent, so full of bravado as


well, the greatest-ever! Another think, were within the whole world


record, two great teams, and you have to hand it to the Americans,


they gave these guys a run for their money, but when Bolt got the


baton, he could have branded with two hands, to be honest, and he was


away, there was only going to be one result, and the only question


was how quick they would go, and that world record, well, if Bolt


does not come back, we might never see this again. Paul, I guess we


can all sit and say, hey, we were there, six gold medals for him,


four individual, two in the relays, and if he never comes back again,


thank you very much, Mr Bolt. times, Colin, were absolutely


stunning, the changes were not great, but when you can run as fast


as they can, anything can happen, and tonight in London it did.


was electric, the atmosphere in the stadium was tremendous, and it was


all about this, this race that everyone was expecting to be fast,


everyone expected it to be competitive, and it was certainly


that, but the big difference was here when Yohan Blake received the


baton, he absolutely tore around the bend. Remember, Tyson Gay is


one of the best 100m runner ever, and when Usain Bolt got that baton,


the absolutely flew, and he was watching the clock the whole way


down. That changeover, when Bolt got the baton, was a shocker! He


almost took it from a standing start. Take us all the way around,


this was sensational in the end. Nesta Carter out of the blocks well,


all he was trying to do was keep Jamaica in contention, give the


baton to Michael Frater, brilliant exchange. He is way back, but he


knew that Justin Gatlin was a medallist in the 100m. If he could


pass to Yohan Blake, he could do some damage around this turn. These


two are trading partners, they know each other very well, and Usain


Bolt wanted the baton so he could get into full flow. Once he did


that, even tipped for the line, how many times have we seen that?!


one interesting statistic that might make you raise an eyebrow.


Canada took the bronze, and we beat them in the heats. They actually


ran a slower than Great Britain did in the heats, but we were


disqualified. The might have beens do not matter, it was all about


this fantastic Jamaican team, but it was a great race, and you have


to hand it to the Americans. They equalled the old world record but


still found 18 that was better. When you consider the great


American sprinters of the past, Trell Kimmons, Tyson Gay, Justin


Gatlin, young Ryan Bailey, they absolutely tore around, but on the


day they were beaten not just by this man, but by a great, great


Jamaican quartet. And even gave the British crowd a Mo part. That is


nice to see, he understands the stage that he is on, and the


British fans love him as well. He is very much aware of what he has


meant to these games, he has played his part, and so has Mo Farah.


British supporters will not like is the fact that that medal takes them


above Great Britain in the track and field stand-ins. -- standing


ins. A wonderful, wonderful night, not just for Jamaica but for


athletics needs this man, doesn't it? Athletics needs him, but I do


not know if he needs athletics any more. I am starting to plan my exit


now, like him, because he has done so much in such a short time, world


champion, twice the Olympic champion, world record holder, and


once you run out of goals, then there is no more motivation, and


that is when you are vulnerable to being beaten, vulnerable to falling


off the stage. Absolutely, I mean... He just to lift the sport, he has


taken this to the masses. Everything about him is show, it is


about performance, about delivering when it counts. The way he


interacts with the crowd, he makes them believe, you know. They love


athletics, and it is great. What has been interesting is Canada have


been disqualified, so Trinidad & Tobago have been upgraded to third!


What a night! What a night. some strange reason, he is not


letting go! In case you're wondering why there was booing in


the crowd, one of the officials, he wanted to keep the baton which he


ran through the line with to establish the world record, and it


was taken off him by an official. Steve Cram, who has got the bronze


now? The bronze medal now goes to Trinidad & Tobago, 38.12. Canada


disqualified, I am not quite sure at which point they were


disqualified, we will clear that up afterwards. World record for


Jamaica, brilliant gold medal run, 36.84, really smashing the record,


that is a big chunk, two tense, equalled by the United States team


in second place. Surprisingly, it has been a good night for Trinidad


night on the track, but it was a brilliant performance by Anna


Chicherova in the women's high jump. As you can see, first-time


clearance at 2.05, his second attempt. The American there in


second place, another Russian in third, we can get confirmation


good night for Trinidad & Tobago. They had not won eight gold medal


in track and field since 1976, but young Keshorn Walcott, the junior


champion, through two National Records, and I do not think anyone


would have picked this result. Junior champion becoming a Olympic


champion. There we go! I do not think anyone in the world of


javelin would have picked that one, So we are still waiting for Mo


Farah's second gold medal presentation, so while we wait,


final thoughts on what has been a tremendous nine days of competition,


Denise, you're an Stanning memory is... It has got to be Mo. Double


Olympic champion, it has been a great time for British athletics


and athletics in general. Colin? thoroughly enjoyed the whole


journey, it has been wonderful, and to finish athletics on this very


special night, Mo Farah getting the double and Jamaica setting the


world record, the first time any team has gone under 37 seconds. I


can remember when 18 first went and 38, France, a long time ago. -- a


team. It has been tremendous. world records, two in sprint, and


David Rudisha was absolutely fantastic. Michael, last word.


entire week has been the best athletics championships I have ever


witnessed, just the quality of all of the races, you know, but if I


had to pick one performance, it would have to be David Rudisha,


that was a phenomenal race from start to finish, great performance


from him. Thanks for being part of it, all of you guys. This is the


medal table at the end of the visions of 80,000 people being in


the stadium every night shivering and sheltering beneath the rules,


but apart from tonight it has been like Athens all over again,


solitary and warm. All I can tell you is that it is now... I have got


it written down, 1430 days until the next a Olympic track and field


at the end, which will be the shot put qualifying for men in Rio! We


look forward to that, a mouth- watering prospect, that is it from


Haven't we had the most astonishing week of athletics with the most


thrilling finale tonight with that world record in the relay by pot


macro and friends and a truly wonderful Mo Farah victory? We will


return for that medal ceremony whenever it happens. We are


changing sport, but this could be tasty, one of the most eagerly


anticipated boxing finals, going for gold is Luke Campbell and


Ireland's John Joe Nevin in the bantamweight division. Quite


possibly the British fans might be out shouted for the first time at


the Games. They met in the semi- finals of last year's world


championships with the Yorkshireman winning on countback. It could be


close again. Jim Neilly and Richie It has been over 100 years in the


making, but for the first time ever in the Olympic boxing history, we


have a final between Great Britain and Ireland, two men who know each


other so well and have so much respect for each other. In blue,


Luke Campbell, and his opponents in red from Ireland is John Joe Nevin,


who was already putting his foot on top of the knee. The referee has


had a good look at that and is saying, naughty boy, not a great


start. Good start by Campbell, though, right hand into the face of


the Irishman. This could not just go either way, I would suggest, it


could be a very interesting contest in terms of tactics. Yeah, it is


whoever can make his opponent make mistakes here. Classic game of


physical chess, this one. Campbell is the better straight puncher, but


Nevin is a superb counterpuncher, so it is who can make to lead,


really. Campbell has started to establish his jab, but Nevin is


very quick with the counters. You will see Nevin trying to draw the


lead of Campbell, and he will come back with vast counters. Campbell


has got to keep his garden as he comes forward. Good shot by


Campbell with the left hand. The two met in the world championships


in Azerbaijan, it was 12 apiece, and Campbell won on countback.


Nevin has a decision from 2009 in the European Union Championships,


but for my money it is Campbell who has landed with the cleaner shots


in his opening round. Never has to try to get inside of him. -- Nevin.


He sat back against the Cuban and let him come to him, but this is a


change of tactic. It is not that good for Nevin, he had better


success against the Cuban when he was on the back foot. Campbell is


finally finding his range. Campbell has worked out Nevin's style very


nicely and is using the reach advantage to very good effect. That


is another good stabbing shot into the face of the Irishman, who tried


to get in with the counter, but Campbell sensibly holes. Two


minutes gone in his cat-and-mouse opening round in his bantamweight


final in London. Campbell's hands are quicker, Nevin was quicker


against the world champion, but that is better from Nevin on the


counter. He is maybe the stronger of the two, and again that stabbing


write hand from Campbell is the perfect punch to counter Nevin.


Nevin is realising that he has got to get close to his opponent, he


has to quicken his feet out if he is going to score, but this is


A good lad from Luke Campbell. I think he has picked up the good few


shots. Nevin is coming forward. He knows what the task involves. He


caught the key been in the semi- final with a very good left-hand.


Campbell has boxed very cleverly in the opening round and has not


conceded to match in the wake of punches. -- too much in the way of


punches. Luke Campbell has of won A good performance from Campbell in


that round. Nevin was a bit wayward with his shots. The more direct


punchers word from Campbell. Never in it just got his timing wrong.


Campbell moved in with those fast, straight shots. Much better work


from the British boxer. Nevin is not boxing like he did against the


Cuban he boxed in the previous round. He is coming forward. This


man has to keep it at range. He is boxing very well indeed. This is


the brother between these two. Campbell in blue from Britain at


the World Championships. Nevin has to get in. You can see that Nevin


is wary of the jab of Campbell. He knows had difficult it is too trite


and canter. Lovely stuff from Campbell. -- to try and cancer.


Better work from the British boxer. It is the left hand to the midriff


to follow it up. Nevin looks a little slow footed the stub he


moved around the ring against the world champion. -- sloth at it.


Campbell is picking him off brilliantly. Straight punches. The


victory in a final can hinge on a few things - how they are feeling -


did the last contest take too much out of them? It looks like Campbell


has fared better. It is the straight punching of Campbell.


Perhaps the man In the Moon can see them. Better by Nevin. He needs to


land a lot more of those if he does not want this second round and the


gold medal chance to slip away. It may not be over. Campbell needs to


stick to his work and do what he has been doing all the way through.


The balance of Campbell is perfect. He is not leaning in. He is coming


back to the en garde position. That is why he is having better success.


Campbell was a little bit slow with his feet and slowed with his attack.


Has this opened the door for John Jo Nevin? That is what he did


against the Cuban. He was quicker with both hands. That was good that


work by Nevin. Campbell needs to get back to straight boxing. He


lands with a good left hand to the midriff of Campbell. Nevin is


stalking was a good but wet by camel. It is who can keep his nerve


and keep the boxing going? -- good footwork by Campbell. Nevin is


starting to steal things like he did against the Cuban. What a great


right hand! Again, as Campbell man's, he is conceding points. He


may still have a little lead to take into the last round. It will


be desperately close in this historic final between Great


Britain and Ireland. Nevin got the second round. Do not give him a


shot. I've told you about it. difference in that round his Nevin


was better counter-attacking. He was finding his range a lot better.


Nevin came back with the right hand - time and time again in that round.


That is why he won it. He was beating Campbell to the punch. It


was a great shot by Nevin. It was the best one of the round. What a


Three minutes between the bands raids of Great Britain and Ireland


and an Olympic gold medal. -- the bantamweights. There is only a


point between them. Nevin is looking more confident. Campbell


needs to get back to his boxing. Campbell is trying to get in and


out. He'd lost his balance slightly. Every second is precious. Every


punch is painted with gold or silver. Nothing gets into the body.


Keep it up says the referee! The judges may have scored that.


Campbell is being a bit tentative. Nevin told to go to the neutral


corner. I think it is the best from Campbell. The best has to be tapped


in so that the waistband can be seen. Back they come again. Still


plenty of time. Nevin gets in quickly. Better from Campbell. Off


the side of the Irish man's head. Both countries have gold through


their women boxers. Who will be the first man from Britain or Ireland


to take gold? Ireland only have Nevin as their banker. Britain have


a couple more. Campbell has to use his jab more. The straight shot and


bringing the left hand through. Never needs more shots, I think.


Has he given him a cad? -- Nevin. There was a punch. He was off


balance. That will only count as one scoring points Macro on the


computer. -- point on the computer. Campbell is retreating. He is


trying to draw his man armed. Desperate times for Nevern. Nothing


came back in reply. -- Nevin. Gold and silver at stake. Clever work by


Campbell. He is making his man think. He needs a couple of punches


to win theirs. Campbell is holding on sensibly. -- win this. He is


allowing Nevin to make the initiative was dug that is better.


A good shot by Kamal. -- Campbell. It could come down to the last


punch of the contest. A good punch from Campbell. Campbell has just


about done enough. Remember the standing eight count will only have


counted as a one point. Nevin is desperate to get back into it.


Campbell covers up. 10 seconds to go. Here comes never end. Good work


to the body by the Irish man. Is it enough? This will be a nail-biting


last second. What the finish! Confident Campbell raises his hands.


They think Luke Campbell has done it again will start the British


corner things Luke Campbell has done it again. -- done it again.


Did he had enough for the final? The judges will decide. It was very


close. There was that left hand from Campbell as Nevin came in a


bit recklessly. He made a mistake. Campbell brought him on to his long


right hand. Better work from Campbell. Campbell things he has it.


We shall find out. We shall find out. The scores will be given by


the man on the PA system. We will get the decision. Will it be Cool


Hand Luke or the ice man from Northern Ireland? Ladies and


gentlemen, the winner by a score of 14 points to 11, and Olympic


champion, in the blue corner from Great Britain, Luke Campbell.


Campbell has got it. Luke Campbell is the Olympic bantamweight


champion and a performance out of the very top drawer. Against an


assault rifle and old friends. Their families know each other back


in Ireland. Luke Campbell is the first British boxer to win Olympic


gold in his division since 1908. In You are an Olympic champion. How


are you feeling? Lost for words. Very emotional. I have worked for


it all my life. I cannot believe it is here. You showed great maturity


in the ring. Did it help that you knew him really well? You can look


at it both ways. He knew me really well as well. He is a top fighter.


It is very difficult, the fight. It was very technical. From where I


was standing, you seemed to get your tactics spot on tonight. Tap -


- attack when you needed and defence against an aggressive


fighter. He was strong at punching. I had to be aware of that. I had to


be on my game to win. I was. One of your inspirations was the great


Muhammad Ali. You are Olympic champions. I cannot believe it. I


appreciate all the support - back home in Hull. You have made big


headlines. Look down the lens and tell the people from Hull. I really


appreciate all your support. Bankia very much. If they enjoy the


ceremony. -- thank you very much. brilliant effort. Two more boxing


finals tomorrow. We will be at the diving shortly. First, let's hear


from the Jamaican relay team with Phil Jones. Here is a team that


only deals in gold medals and world records. Was there talk to win in a


world record time? We have had a lot of practice this year. This


year been nailed it. I was expecting a fast time. That was


really a fast time. You have been a part of this so many times before


but was it extra special? It is almost like home. We have a huge


following in the stands - a lot of Jamaican flags. The USA rant a fast


race. We knew they had been doing extra practices. We are a bit above


them right now. The world record, we did a very fast time. Sadly,


Asafa Powell was not here. If he were on the team, maybe something


faster. You are having a quick catch up. Give me of thoughts on


the world record and on your Games as a whole. It has been good. We


are good. We did the handover is pretty well. The university has


supported us - Birmingham University. You are great. Usain


Bolt, your turn. Congratulations. The double triple. You have done it


- amazing! It is always a beautiful thing to end on this note. This


year we did it again. It is a wonderful feeling to end on a high


note. It is a great championships. The team came out and gave their


all. Aletta could have gone faster. We will leave room for improvement.


People here love you and the sport needs you. Will you go on for


another four years? I have thought about it. It will be very hard. I'm


sure there will be a lot more young cats coming up to run. For me, I


would take it a step at a time for stumps we do not see you here too


often. -- at a time. Maybe when the tax laws changed. Exactly! Maybe


I would like to say big up to Birmingham, that is where we train,


the supporters, the gym work, for me, it is an honour, thank you, for


real, Brunel, it is awesome, the university has done great for us,


we will come every summer and stay, we get a lot of support from


everybody there, so thank you guys. Thank you for your time. No problem,


not a problem, guys, everybody in England, I love you, thank you for


your support, I wish I could run here every day. Johnny English, you


are great! We are all doing the Mobot now, he even does that draw.


Let's see how it Hain -- Tom Daley got on in the 10m platform. He


thought the Chinese would take some beating tweeting China seemed


unstoppable. Gary, it has been hugely dramatic


here in the Aquatics Centre, because Tom Daley went for his


first dive, they have six in total in this final, 12 have made it


through, and he is going 9th each He was not happy, look at the look


on his face. Look at him! The reason he was not happy was, as he


was diving, flashlights were going off. It is not allowed while they


are diving, so he and his coach objected, there was a little delay,


would be be allowed to dive again? They decided that he would, and he


scored 75.6 on his first dive, this was the second attempt. Could he do


better with no flashlight photography? Incredible composure,


to ask for the second dive, to do it straight away, and second time


around he executed really well for a score of 91.8, averages of 8.5.


To explain what you need to know about diving, there are seven


judges in total, they take the talk macro and bottom schools to leave


you with three, they multiply that by the difficulty of the dive, to


give your score. You are looking at scores in the 90s, and the Chinese


diverse, Lin Yue and Qiu Bo can get up to 100 in one dive. Tom was


third after the first dive, 5th after the second, 4th after the


third, and after a fantastic 4th dive, is now in bronze medal


position. Lin Yue had a terrible fork dive and has moved right down.


David Boudia of America, the 23- year-old, is leading head of Qiu Bo.


Tom Daley, 18 years old, diving at his second Olympics is in bronze-


medal position at the moment. They have two to go, so we are going to


join our commentary team of Leon Taylor, silver-medallist at Athens


It is a good dive, just finding himself a little bit off the pace.


This is a good effort, but the class of the field we are seeing,


even mid-80s, which is what this will get, leaves in a little bit


fly the flag for the USA tonight. 8.5 is a good return, but not quite


where it needs to be. He is looking time over his preparation. 3.6, the


degree of difficulty. He is in 7th must perform this group, the


backward three and a half somersaults in pike position. This


is what Tom Daley has coming up next. Victor Minibaev still keeping


himself in the next, he has been and he keeps the pressure on the


front runners. This Russian is not going anywhere. He is in the 90s,


that has lifted him into first place for the time being. Now the


last dive from the next man you will see, Martin Wolfram, it


probably caused him an injury. But he is going to carry on, back two


and a half somersault with two and there, maybe that is the shoulder


that he ripped on his last dive, only 64, that took him way out of


contention. You can see in favouring the last arm to get out


of the pool. -- the left arm. This is the 3.6 that Tom Daley had a


second attempt on in round one. Well from his off the pace now.


Only 20 years old, plenty of diving in front of him, but he will not


feature in the medals today. A big name to watch out for at the 2016


better than the preliminaries, and the step up from the semi-final.


is the one that we wanted, that is the one that we got! Oh, my


goodness me! Now it is down to the others, that is so decisive. This


dive is huge, it should get over 100 points. Back three and a half


in AIPAC position. That is the dive of the meet for him, absolutely


buries it, out of sight, while! The pressure is on for the rest of the


for the time being. This man has always responded in kind every time


that Tom Daley has done something special, and he has done some


The difference is that Tom Daley was clean, vertical entry, without


splash. But he was bang on the money, vertical, but he has thrown


up a little bit and splash. But he did have a bit of a lead, and this


could even things up, they could be level-pegging. They can only be a


small amount of points between them. This is going down to the final


dive, as I thought it might! And Tom Daley is in the next. Can I


tell you something? 0.15 separates Tom Daley and David Boudia, and


Daley is in front. Tom Daley leads David Boudia. Two Chinese to go,


talking about the flash photography, we do not want his medal chances


ruined by people wanting to get their snouts. Plenty of time for


that when and if he is on the medal superb entry. He was faltering on


his forwards 4 1/2, getting less than 70, but this will see him back


at in the 80s and will keep him in contention. He will be looking for


9 and 10 to get back up with Daley and David Boudia. Nearly tipping


over from vertical, a little bit too much splash. Oh, it is going to


be tight. I wonder how much of a buffer they have got ahead of Lin


Yue? 91.8, he matches David Boudia, but he does not match Daley. He is


in third with one to come in round five. And that one to come is the


vertical but bang on the money, completely ripped entry, he is in


the mix still. Lin Yue is off the see what the marks are. Super slow-


motion, forward 4 1/2, good dive, good entry. Let's see what we are


looking at. I don't believe it. are watching on the BBC, three


divers separated by 0.15 on a mark. That is going into the final round,


and who is at the top? Tom Daley, with the bluntest of knives, it is


unbelievable! Quite truly remarkable, what we are seeing here.


The last events in the Aquatics Centre at the London Olympics 2012.


Is the move secure?! Check the nuts and bolts, just and case. It is


that kind of night. Riley McCormick to finish his programme. Back 3 1/2


somersaults with pike, 3.6. He has enjoyed the experience. This time


round he has gone better than last out last year's champion, and he


has nailed it again, what a dive to finish on. 3.6 degree of difficulty,


that will get him well over 90 points, and a very respectable


score for this young Canadian, only 20 years old, his second Olympic


Games. What a performance he has put in, but I do not think he would


get above 10th, and for this kind of total score, it is harsh at the


very least. Look at this. He has loved it. He loves the crowd. He is


looking up at the board, go in, where my? First at the moment, but


493, nearly at the 500 barrier, and hors d'oeuvre before the main


course now, watching then diving out of their skins, but they are


not going to be in a medals. They are support players, if you like,


to the drama that is unfolding at around like helicopters, when your


legs splay and your feet crossover, the judges will penalise you. Back


two and a half somersaults, two and a half tourists, 3.6, losing defeat,


losing the legs, bending his legs, he is all over the shop, a bit of a


take-off of that on, having to print to get around. The judges are


taking their time, and they will not be making very pleasant reading.


The crowd gets to see them just before you do on your screen. The


rather slow... At the end of the competition. -- he rather sloped a


off. Ivan Garcia Navarro, everyone has enjoyed in today. Matt Tee


image and... What is that? No idea! You get some enthusiasm and support


for his last dive, it is a big one, slightly. -- runneth over slightly.


This won him the single -- the Silver Medal in the synchronised. A


massive degree of difficulty. He lost control of the dive when he


went into the water. He overcooked it slightly. He is going to join


the 500 club easily. We enjoyed thinking? What is he doing? What is


going through his mind? He has had a while to think about things.


There are a few more divers between He has been dining out of his skin.


He has not looked back. -- diving out of his skin. This one, it will


be right up there as well. He will not feature in the medals. He has


dived out of his skin. He was lucky to make it through the


preliminaries. This mark would win the competition anywhere around the


world normally. What will the winning score be tonight?


Astonishing! Absolutely astonishing! Sascha Klein has


threatened on the evidence of last night and the semi-finals this


morning. It has not proved to be that way it after a very difficult


used to seeing best. It used to be a difficulty of 3.8. It was


downgraded to 3.6 in 2009. Tom Daley has already used this. This


could prove critical. Tom Daley is finishing on a 3.3. He needs to


match these 3.6s. Sascha Klein falls just short of 500. We could


have had nine, 10 people over 500 today. He has enjoyed his


experience. No kiss for the camera at this time - just a wave.


Thoughts of what might have been -- best to his team-mate, David B


Macro, tonight. -- David Btonight. Another beauty. They are all using


the same dive. You can choose the order you perform these dives in.


They know this is one of their strongest. Tom Daley opens with


this one pulls up these guys are finishing off with what is


potentially the best dive. -- this one. It will be high 90 points.


Will he join the 500 club? Yes, he well. Total Scott, 505 point four.


They're all in the 500 range. It will be made to 500s that will win


it, which is remarkable. -- mid- 500s. Plenty of time to compose


himself. He will direct for the final time, Victor Minibaev of


man from Russia has done. He is only 21 years old. He has finished


with a flourish. He has been consistent. He will not finish in


the medals that he will finish in the top five. He will get a massive


score. He will join the 500 club. No one faltering on this final


round so far. A big smile. Look at that! I am probably not even going


to get a medal. These marks are bounce back from injury he took a


few rounds ago. This will put a lot of pressure on any knock or damage


that might have been created. a superb diver. He has really hurt


himself. You can see the grimness on his face. He cannot even do at a


stroke to get into the side. Look who is on the board! This is big


for Tom Daley. He only has a 3.3 to finish on. He needs to match the


3.6s. What will this mark? Courageous pictures. He is diving


with a severe injury and still going over 500 will start


considering how badly injured he was, that is amazing. There is the


pain. Now, Tom Daley. Preparation for the biggest dive of your life.


World champion 2009 in Rome. That was his biggest moment thus far.


European champion 2012. None of that holds a candle to this. This


is what you have worked for for a whole decade. This is what you


imagined it would be like and you said you would represent Great


Britain at the Olympics. Reverse 3.5 somersaults with tuck. Good


do any more than that. It needed to be perfect. Apart from a minute bit


of splash, it was perfect. The crowd is on its feet. Tom Daley has


done everything he can. David Beckham is on his feet. It is not


quite worth a 10th but there we go. -- a 10. 556.95. Tom Daley, you


could not have done any more. It is out of your hands now. It is a


smile! Yes, yes. Now the agony begins. He has to sit back and


watch the others. The others, including the equal second place


diver going into the final round. He has a higher tariff dive, 3.6.


No pressure. Back to 0.5 somersaults, 2.5 twists. -- 2.5


Foster he has performed it. That is actually really good. He only needs


90 points to get above Tom Daley. I think he well. He has performed


outstandingly today. It is a worthy recipient of an Olympic medal. What


colour is yet to be decided but that is a dive and a half. He has


six at a six and he has been consistent all day. Wow, look at


that! Tom Daley's hopes of a gold card - but he has got a medal. -- a


gold are dashed. He has topped the score of Tom Daley by 12 points.


What is standard we have seen! Still, two more to go, if your


nerves can stand it. Mine are shredded. That was a good dive but


he has left himself too much to do. He will not feature in the medals.


Qui Bo still to come. He has faltered. That has cost him. He has


been outclassed on this final round. Not quite as neat and tidy as it


needed to be. He is out of the medals, probably a fourth-place


finish will start this means it is definitely a medal Panathenaic


win. We had such drama in Beijing with the last dive. 102 required.


This has to be absolutely spot on or it is American gold. I do not


know which way it will go. That is spot on as well. It is down to the


judges. It is worth nines, maybe 9.5. Will he sneak it? It is bronze


for Tom Daley. He was in second place after this round. It is the


same dive. What will Qui Bo be awarded? What is happening? He has


got what? Let's see the marks. They are not up on the board yet. A


computer malfunction. He has 100.8 which puts him in second place.


David Boudia gets the gold. Tom Daley celebrates as only he can. It


is a bronze medal, beaten by 12 points and 10 points from silver.


Celebrations from America and celebrations by Great Britain. Tom


Daley will show as his swimming prowess as well as his diving


capabilities as well. Look at Qui Bo. He is to stop. Look at Tom


Daley! He was a class act. Well done, Tom! I am so proud of you. Or


your team, or your family. Amazing! Everyone was here to see a show.


They got exactly that. 15th after the preliminaries, force after the


semi-finals. Third in the final. Beaten by 12 points in a


competition where the winner got five had and 68.65. Qui Bo, we


expected him to win. -- 406 DA Points 65. All the plaudits come up


all the gnaws -- all the plaudits, all the noise are for Tom Daly. He


has been through an emotional roller-coaster. You would not know


it by his face. Absolute elation and joy as some have fired. He has


a collection - World Championship gold, European Championship gold,


Commonwealth Championship gold and now an Olympic bronze medal to add


to the collection. He will return tears, so many tears for China, but


absolute smiles as wide as the What an amazing contest, and full


credit to this man, David Boudia, who dived out of his skin, he was


sensational, taking the gold medal for the USA, but Tom Daley, Tom


Daley! His second the Olympics, his first was at the age of 14, his


second at 18, a bronze medal! You have to celebrate that as the


ultimate! It was a diving master class today, David Boudia was


faultless, Cuba was only good enough for silver, and Daley, under


all that pressure, dive after dive, Olympic medal. He led for just a


fraction of a second after the 5th dive, at the end of that round,


that was sensational, but it was always going to be hard with his


6th dive because it was not as high a difficulty rating. Such a


dramatic start. The re-dive! other divers finished on that, so


he had already used the 3.6 at the beginning of this programme. The


only had 3.3 left at the end, his best dive, and he delivered. What a


performance, I do not have the words to express how proud I am of


that performance today. The first individual medallists since 1960,


what a worthy recipient. You won silver in Athens, the rate what Tom


Daley has done here as greater than that in terms of performing under


pressure, bringing himself up for the big occasion, saying, this is


my moment? Look at the build up, he is only 18, but it has been well-


documented, the adversity he has had to deal with. The expectation


was unbelievable, and he felt it. In the preliminaries, that was not


the Tom Daley we saw tonight, but he turned it around, he was on fire


this morning, and the click up a gear this evening, what an awesome


competition! If you think of what people have had to go through in


the build-up to this Olympics, nobody has had to deal with more


than Tom Daley, the death of his father just over a year ago,


recollecting himself, getting here, training as hard as he does, and it


comes down to 1.6 seconds from top to bottom. Unbelievable! How much


attention was then that competition? David Boudia seems to


respond and respond, but it was all about keeping a cool head. We


expected to see the Chinese diver on the podium, but 4th, Lin Yue,


anyone can make mistakes. Qiu Bo was devastated, he thought that it


was his, he is an amazing diver, but he was outclassed by David


Boudia. A great contest, gold for the USA, silver for China, but he


was devastated with that. Pele did with the bronze medal is Tom Daley,


a top-class performance. -- elated. We will be hearing from him very


shortly. We will be back with Clare for that,


what a sensational performance, that was incredible. Michael


Johnson is with me for a reason, because an extraordinarily great


night of athletics, and we can go back into the stadium because we


are about to get the medal ceremony We had 12 1/2 laps of tension and


this huge crowd were on their feet long before it approached the


finish, and Thomas Longosiwa were ended up providing the best


challenge that Kenya could offer. Very well done to him. I am not


sure he would have expected to take a medal here. The times were


irrelevant, I will not even read them out, because it was a slow


5,000m. It is all about who came The silver medal to this young man,


Dejen Gebremeskel. He tried to chase Mo Farah home last year in


Daegu, he ran him down in the home straight, he could not do it then


and he could not do it this time. He got one step closer at, and he


is a very good athlete, the quickest man in the world this year.


But in this type of race, those sort of times are completely


irrelevant. It is silver for Ethiopia. And just listen to this!


They announce Mo Farah or as the Worth the wait! In all senses. His


second gold medal, the double Olympic champion, 10,000 and now


5,000m, he must be bursting with pride, Brendan. He's certainly must


be bursting with pride, and he will be bursting with more pride fairly


soon, I'm sure it is going to be served Mohammed Farah at the end of


the year, and nobody deserves it more. There has never in a moment


in athletics like this before, it has been such a privilege, it has


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 81 seconds


been a long journey, but he has A wonderful outpouring of national


pride. His wife and his daughter is celebrating with the whole nation.


One of the greatest feats that our country has ever seen in the sport


of athletics. And you know, Brendan, people are going to say, which one


did you prefer? If you have got two kids, you love them both equally,


and he will love both of these gold medals equally, none ranks above


the other. Go, Mo! 160,000 people will be able to say, I was there.


Saturday night at the London Olympic Stadium, Omagh wins, and


his daughter celebrates! -- Mo. Wonderful scenes inside the Olympic


Stadium, Mo Farah, the British hero at 5,000m and 10,000m. You have


been in many stadiums and many big events over the years, Michael, how


does this compare? It was a fantastic atmosphere from start to


finish, and Mo started it last Saturday with a fantastic


performance in the 10,000m, and tonight he was successful again.


There was a little bit of a question mark on the 5,000 for him,


the 10,000 we were pretty sure that he could bring it home. After the


semi-finals of the 5,000, he did not look great in at race, and his


10,000m will take a lot out of you, and then the 5,000 semi-finals as


well, and this track is really hard, that is why we are seeing fast


times. Great for sprinters, not full distance, so it took a lot out


of his legs, but the key was it he was going to be able to recover in


time for this final, and he was able to do it. You know, Mo has


really arrived as a distance runner, we have seen him for so many are


showing great potential, and he went to the US and started training


their last year, and physically he showed, OK, at the World


Championships, I can do this. But this year that gave him so much


confidence, and the 10,000m medal gave him the confidence to compete.


You mentioned the sprinters, and we saw an extraordinary performance


from the Jamaican relay tame in the 4x100 metres team, setting a new


world record. This is their medal ceremony. Another huge roar goes up


any stadium, the last one that they were here in London, who knows


whether this quartet will stay together or not? Probably doubtful,


Nesta Carter and Michael Frater have done this Jamaican team proud


over the last four years. Yohan Blake came into the squad last year.


And of course with this man, they are unstoppable! I bet they do not


even practise much. The other two guys need a routine, come on, try


Great athletes in their own right, Nesta Carter and Michael Frater,


but this is where the real action takes place, round that Top bend,


Yohan Blake was incredible, and Bolt wrote it home for a new world


record, 36.84. Jamaica, the Olympic # Eternal Father, bless our land


# Guard us with Thy mighty hand # Keep us free from evil powers


# Be our light through countless hours


# To our leaders, Great Defender # Grant true wisdom from above


# Justice, truth be ours forever # Jamaica, land we love


# Jamaica, Jamaica, Jamaica, land Remain ever see these four together


again. If we do not, it has been an absolute pleasure watching them


around. If you remember how good the Americans were when they broke


the world record at Los Angeles, they are now running one second


faster. Incredible! Terrific stuff, absolutely wonderful, put into


perspective, if you can, the achievements of Usain Bolt, 6 gold


medals, four world records, quite something. He has got a perfect


record at the Olympic Games, and that is incredible. In Beijing, he


showed as he was an incredible talent, but in London he came under


a challenge and he showed us that he is a great competitor who can


rise to the occasion when the cameras and the lights are on. He


delivers, he is fantastic athlete, one of the best ever. Thanks for


popping into join us, I know it was not expected, but it has been one


hell of an evening! Before we move on, we can tell you about another


medal ceremony. Earlier we show due Luke Campbell beating John Joe


Nevin in the bantamweight division in the boxing, and we can go to


that ceremony now and joined Jim Neilly. They had to work hard to


talk John Joe Nevin into competing. He did not want to come, then he


had a few decent warm-up contests, his confidence was restored, and he


went into the final of confidence, having beaten the Cuban world


champion and the world number one. But he could not replicate that


form in the final. Having watched Katie Taylor take a gold medal for


Ireland, the Irish fans and the Irish eyes were watching this man


Gold-medallist, Olympic champion, representing Great Britain, Luke


Hole will be the capital of Britain for quite some time to come. The


amateur boxing club when Nick Bronte does such a fantastic job


will be in ecstasy, and what a moment for all the British coaches


here, the men led by Robert McCracken. Because he has a


professional licence, he is not allowed to sit at ringside and


watch his charges, but the men who deputised for him had C Luke


Campbell, all the way through. For the first time in the boxing in


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 81 seconds


London, we have the national anthem Are a couple of days ago, it was


Nicola Adams. I do not think, Richie Woodhall, it has sunk in, I


do not think Luke Campbell can believe what he has achieved.


think he is still in the zone, look, he is not even smiling, but the


ultimate achievement, to win the Olympic gold medal, there is no


better achievement as an amateur boxer, and he has done it,


congratulations. Brilliant performance, what a night! We are


almost done, but Gabby will be back after the news to round up a


brilliant day. I understand Mr Beckham is amongst the guests.


Before I say farewell, the headlines, and Britain have made


significant progress on the medal a gold medal for Mo Farah, he gave


a masterful performance in the 5,000m to complete the long-


distance double in the space of seven days. Jamaica broke their own


world record in the 4x100 metres with Usain Bolt bringing the baton


home to end three gold medals for the second successive games. Luke


Campbell realised his lifetime dreams as he floored Ireland's John


Joe Nevin on his way to the Olympic bantamweight title tonight.


Britain's Bolt in a boat, Ed McKeever -- to the gold medal at


Eton Dorney in the 200m kayak bronze medal in a high-class 10m


platform final, finishing less than 12 points behind surprise champion


but there have been one or two metals added today, the gold medal


tally is up to 28, and the final of the 62 went to Tom Daley, we saw


that just a little while ago, he was on the podium to receive that


bronze medal. Delighted, he was. We were hoping to get an interview,


but he has not had the chance to speak to anyone at the Aquatics


Centre, so we promised we would try to get him, and you'll see that


Wonderful pictures. I will be back with the closing ceremony tomorrow


night, what an Olympic Games we have had, from the remarkable


opening ceremony, the rowing, cycling, athletics, boxing, diving,


so many highlights. London has done It is Great Britain's first gold


New line an Olympic champion! -- The crowd were absolutely


incredible, this is what I have dreamt of my entire life. You look


up to the crowd, every seat is taken and it is filled with Union


flags. I am just so blown away. Unbelievable, I have never seen


anything like it, dream come true! It has been amazing! You little


Both Brownlee brothers on the Charlotte Dujardin has gold!


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