BBC One: Day 2: 11.30-13.00 Olympics

BBC One: Day 2: 11.30-13.00

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awful lot to come in the next three or four hours. A mayor Boris


Johnson calls it the Olympic mania. Whilst it's not at fever pitch yet,


that could break out, if and when that elusive first medal is in the


bag for the British team. There's a huge wave of goodwill towards Great


Britain's athletes around his Olympic Park and beyond, from


Weymouth to Wimbledon, to inside the giant whale that is the


successfully defended an Olympic title. Becky Adlington Stobbart in


her attempt to be the first this morning shortly. Ben Ainslie takes


to the water to go for an historic record equalling fourth sailing


gold at the Olympic regatta. It gets under way at high noon. Andy


Murray was on his lonesome after doubles disappointment. Can he


served up another run to the singles final at Wimbledon, a month


after his last? Andy lost to Federer in that emotional final


three weeks ago. Today, he's got a Swiss roll again. Stanislas


Wawrinka in his match. We are gearing up for the first appearance


in the Staines of Britain's most successful Olympic swimmer for over


a century. You know her. Two gold medals in won the Olympic Games.


Rebecca Adlington, you are absolutely brilliant! I've coached


over 30 years and I've never coached any body with the drive


that Rebecca has got. I've definitely learned more from my not


so good swims than I have my good swims. She's got this innate


ability to push herself to the limit, day-in day-out. It is in her


DNA, I suppose. As an athlete, you want to keep improving, you want to


get faster. Anybody can do absolutely anything at the Olympics


will start nobody expected me to do what I did in Beijing. There's


going to be upset us, highs, everything. That is the whole point


everything. That is the whole point Double gold at 19 years of age in


Beijing. She became the first British woman to strike gold at the


Games since Rome in 1960. She did it again, doubling the distance at


800. But she's got some way to go before she beats this man's total


of five, but who knows? Ian, let's get a sense of perspective.


Everybody is saying this medal is in the bag. This is the weaker of


her two events. What might we expect today? High expectations of


Becky Adlington. We will put it in perspective. This is trying to


defend an Olympic title at her home Games. At the moment, we expected


some of her team mates to have perhaps had better performances


than they've had. So it has all added, all of this weight was on


her shoulders. Plus the rest of the world is swimming well. She has


great competitors in this event. Everybody knows of Pellegrini. But


there are other contenders for this spot. Can you tell us what it is


like to defend successfully at his title? You did it in the men's race


in Athens, and also Sydney. What are the main components that one


needs to do so, and how much more pressure is there when you are the


one to watch in this race, a defending champion? The worst thing,


and we talk about the home crowd and what happens around this, but


when you walk out and you are Olympic champion, they say that


when you are announced as defending Olympic champion, and you go,


though, it's that moment where you go, I have to defend this title.


You feel that. And they will say that when it is Becky Adlington


going out there. But it is knowing what you've done to become Olympic


champion and committing and sticking with that. Because if you


can get to number one, you know how to do it. It's not a matter of


thinking of number two, because you always want to be better than them.


You've talked about a home Games, and in Sydney that was your own


Games. I've noticed the increased level of emotion that is surging


through Great Britain's athletes here. I guess in a Olympic terms,


one has to have a cool, hard-headed approach to things, so how


distracting is the overwhelming emotional experience that it is


proving to be? It can be overwhelming. It can also be one of


the things that gives you that extra bit that you need, that extra


thing that kind of finish us off a performance. But if you let it


become a distraction, it will be. If you get caught up in the hype,


you will be lost. You need to keep a calm head but enjoyed that it is


at home. Remember, the best things about home, and not think of all


that of the pressure and expectation. Think of mum and dad,


your friends and family. Don't think about everyone else. I am


sure that is what Becky and Jo Jackson will be doing, because they


will be going in the third of the heats in his women's 400m freestyle.


Adrian and Andy about to pick up for us. A quick word about Becky'


stroke rate. I did read from a cold, stroke rate. I did read from a cold,


Bill Furniss, that she is very extraordinary and reasonably unique


in that when she wants to upper speed, she doesn't necessarily


increase first stroke rate, she seems to lengthen her stroke. Is


that unusual? It is not unusual -- uncommon. It's something I tried to


do as well. In doing so, being able to increase speed. You will see a


slight change in kick when she does it. All the very best. Back to you,


Becky in four, Jo Jackson in two. Gold and bronze from Beijing four


of the women's 400 freestyle. I've said it a couple of times, but this


is a dangerous heat to be in because it's all about time making


it through to the final. In theory, all the swimmers from the final


heat could go through to the final if they are the fastest in the


heats. You don't really know how fast the rest of the field is going


to go. The fastest 24 in those last heats. You've got to swim a quick


time. Becky has gone out for it, half a second ahead. She looks good.


Even though she's got such a high profile, she's kept a little bit


under the radar. Everybody is talking about ABBA athletes, but a


body length ahead after 75 metres is pretty impressive. Becky, easy,


tiger! Goodness me! You can't stop it. If she wants to go for it, she


feels good, why not? She is right on Pellegrini's world record split.


That world record was outstanding and Pellegrini came back like a


rocket. She might fall off those splits but this is good. Very good


indeed. She has clearly got a race plan to get out there and get out


there fast. She took about a body length off the field by 100. The


crowd are going nuts. Very loud indeed. Also going reasonably well


in lane two macro with Jo Jackson. Jackson is in fourth. Jo needs to


continue to move through this field. If she can touch it second and May


3rd, that will give her a good chance of getting through to the


final. But Becky looks really, really good. She does just need to


swim to qualify. If you were Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte, you


might think about easing back here. This is half way. Keep the pressure


applied through to 300 and take a view. She has just dropped off that


looks really good. She's probably taken about another metre and a


half from the field in that last 100m. Still now going into her legs


pace. Adlington over first. 2nd looks like Chloe Sutton of the USA.


The Jo Jackson still in the hunt. She needs to start making a move if


she is going to get in this final. But Adlington looks wonderful.


Adlington is winning like the Olympic champion she is. She is one


of our greatest swimmers ever, and dominating this, her first swim


that we've seen. They are seeing somebody at the top of her game.


Chloe Sutton coming back on her. I'm thinking Adlington right now


will have a few questions in her mind about whether she should keep


the accelerated arm of. The legs are not for long. She's not looking


left, she won't really know where Sutton is just yet. When she does


this turned she will, Sue have a quick look either side. -- she will


4.03. This is an interesting tactic, she doesn't need to go this fast,


she really doesn't, but the noise here is absolutely huge. I think


she is easing back slightly on this the women's 400m freestyle. A


massive roar from the crowd, absolutely deafening. It is not the


fastest time we've seen this year. She swam it in a very interesting


way. She really went out in that last -- first 100, and then looked


in 7th, so she won't be making the was a little bit out of breath.


Just don't know how much pressure she applied all the way through.


Because if that was all a bit, I'm not sure it's going to be enough to


be to Camille Muffat. My feeling is she will have left something in the


tank when she realised she was such of the women's 400m freestyle. She


led it from the front. Jo Jackson in 7th. A massive roar from the


crowd. Federica Pellegrini has been a world class for the last four


years, but only second fastest in to this Olympic Games. There she is.


I wonder whether she is going to win, or one, gold, and two, if


it like that. One job, make the final. Pellegrini tactic the swum


the world championships really, really strangely. She went out


super slow and was miles behind. I think she turned seven. She then


picked it up and went very, very fast. A really bizarre way of


swimming, she was miles behind. When she set a world record, when


she did her 3.59. Very slow, not slow for the first 100m, but then


traditionally bring it back very quickly. It is something she worked


hard on. She is sitting in position the first turn. Kylie Palmer is a


real workhorse. She's got a lot of spirit. She's in lane five, from


Australia. Pellegrini is just Championships and waited until the


200-metre mark. Then she picked it leading on the left-hand side of


that shot. I still think Pellegrini now. Parma will track her. The two


swimmers in the Yellow lanes will probably feed off each other. If


she can only see... Balmy leading for France closer to us. Brittany


McLean going well. She is the world junior champion on his 400m


freestyle. She is starting to come back, Federica Pellegrini, the


world champion on the 200 and 400. The world record holder in this


event. Right in the centre, she is currently in third position but


starting to rue -- to move up reasonably comfortably. I Nocher if


she will catch the Frenchwoman, though. 100m to go at this turn.


Over first is Balmy, second, Pellegrini. One second behind.


has army poured back 0.4 of a second. She still has a second to


go. Balmy swimming really nicely there. She is top right of your


There was a second between them with 100 metres to go, and Bolney -


- barmy as God, that's not very impressive. She needs to touch a


least second to give herself a charter get in the final, but she


looks like she's going backwards -- a chance to get in the final. But


in the centre, she doesn't look good, if she is touchdown by


McLean... And she is. That is a real shock. Having said that,


Rebecca Adlington one that in a 4.05, so all of them faster than


Rebecca. If she is in trouble, then Adlington is in trouble. You're


right, that was a fast race. Adlington is in 4th place on times


at the moment, but I do nothing there are four or -- but I don't


think there are four or five who could do better. We actually need


five people to beat her. She will be all right. Hold tight, Andrew.


We are looking at the next French woman, and that would have put her


5th in the world this year with that time. That is a good swim in


and Rebecca Adlington lying in 4th, so only four of these women are


allowed to beat her! She has been utterly stunning in the 400 metres


about. She has had a dominating year. Coming into the competition


over a second faster than everyone else. She swam 800 metres in Paris,


at the Paris Open and was playing around a little bit on the first


400 metres and then swam it in 4.04. She did and 8.23, which puts her at


six the best in the world at the 800 but she was trying to see if


she could do negative splitting, which means finishing the race


better in the second half than the first. Then, in June, in Monaco she


did for 0.03, and she did 57.1 for the last hundred. She has almost


been playing around in the year to make sure she is in the best


position to win the gold medal. Schmitt is a strong swimmer. She


has taken a year of university to be coached by Michael Phelps's


coach. Schmitt over first. Expect the Danish swimmer to maybe


comeback in the second half. She looks a little bit flashy and that


pink suit on the left-hand side. A straight arm stroke and really


smacking her arms in, and working hard. Schmitt comfortable at the


moment. The that is a halfway turn. The rest of the field, there are


five swimmers who are looking pretty good. Six actually looking


pretty good, and Rebecca at Clinton's time of 4.05 might be


getting into the final, but it could be tight. -- Rebecca


Schmitt turning in great pace. Muffat coming through Third. I


imagine that yellow line will move away further from the swimmers. She


has been working a lot on this. I imagine she will definitely try to


win the race. But now she has five swimmers of -- who are capable of


going under 4.05. They are still on at that pace. So that would make


Rebecca Adlington 9th. We have to be careful, well, we don't need to


be careful, we just have to urge them to slow down. That is the best


place to race anyone has won here. She looks tired, but she can


certainly come back. On the left- hand side in it lay in at number


seven is Costa of Spain. We may be OK. Lauren Boyle has just come


through the field like a train. is a big stretch. I think we are OK.


Let me see, 5th is before 0.06. Thank goodness for that. -- 4.06.


Oh my word, thank goodness for that, Rebecca is eight into the final.


Interesting pacing from the winner. An interesting swim in this race.


I'm not sure if it is the right way to do it, but she has played with


her pacing all the way through the year and that 800 metres where she


went for 0.05 at the end, that is ridiculous. Then a stretch. -- 4.05.


Two minutes and two seconds basically her split. No, not


right. I think I have. The confirmation of the finalists is


just about to come up. Let's see who is No. 8. Thank goodness for


The final is tonight, just after 8:15pm, but that is a major reality


check because it would be a huge achievement for Rebecca Adlington


winning a medal tonight, because gold looks unlikely. It was always


going to be a tough field and tough for her to get to the final. You


think Michael Phelps is comfortable, but he ended up eight. She did look


comfortable and did not have to push it too much. But she can get


on and do her own thing. We have the two outside burners and the


ones in the middle will fight it out. We she got out of the pool,


despite winning their heat, she went straight into the cool down


Paul and she will now focus on one thing only, the final tonight. She


is the defending champion. It was a shock when she won four years ago


and it would be a shock if she won tonight, but she is there, in the


We were discussing the situation, because we were quite tense in the


studio about whether she would get through. We talk about a reality


check, and I think we just have one. We have. I have spoken about trying


to manage expectations around athletes. She backed off in the


last 100 metres, let's know that. She definitely did. I actually


think that lane might suit her. She can swim her own race, she is out


there and she does not have to worry about the wash from the other


girls. We know she has a strong back and and she can be out there,


alone, and no one will know what she's doing and not have the worry


about her coming over the top. underlines the point from Hannah


Miley in that the heats in the Olympics have become a total


bunfight as the quality from the rest of the world has increased.


discussed this with some of the senior swimmers, and these young


kids out there, they go out in the heats and it ruins us for having a


comfortable swim to get into the final or the semi-final. And that


means that training for two big races in one day it becomes all the


more difficult. It really does. Looking at the swimmers to do


multiple events across the Games, that makes it an even tougher


struggle. We should really applaud them when they win at multiple gold


medals. But Coralie barmy was a stand-out, she looked beautiful, as


Moving on, when you watch the sun a round-the-world yachtsman, which


she is not, sailing is in the blood, but Ben Ainslie has lived and


breathed the sport since his first appearance in 1996. 0 the next 10


days his ambition is to become the greatest sailor in the next --


history of the Olympics -- over the And there he is. The sailing


regatta starts in about two minutes in a Weymouth. The favourite for


gold in the men's Finn is the aforementioned Ben Ainslie. He has


already been hailed by the President of the Olympic Committee


as the greatest ever Olympian. Shirley Robertson has two gold


medals of her own will be our guide in Weymouth over the next 10 days.


First of all, we saw you at the opening ceremony. They you are,


your home from home, on the water. -- they you are. We saw you handing


over that torch, a magical experience, I am sure. I am still


tingling. For younger Callum, for I handed it to, what a moment. I


don't think he really got it until he actually did it. Definitely a


star for the future. They you are, wind in your hair, that is what we


like to see -- their you are. Can you give us some context on Ben's


achievements? Where does it put him in the pantheon of sailing and what


might achieve in the next few days? Team GB have said this medal is the


dead certainty but I'm sure Ben Ainslie doesn't see it like that as


sport does not work out like that, as we have seen over the last day


or two. He is a phenomenally competitive sailor but he has had a


battle to get here. Domestically, that was his biggest challenge. We


are strong in this class and it was a tough year for him. He did have a


back-up, but he is in great shape and very confident last night when


I spoke to him. Also today there are Super conditions. He was one of


the first men are out and we saw him warming up and getting used to


them in Weymouth. Lots of crowds and lots of boats out and lots of


people out to support him. And amazing place to watch the sailing.


This is the very first time for any Olympic regatta that they've made


tickets available. 4500 people here. It is the sailing equivalent of


Henman Hill. Send us an e-mail if We bumped into Stephen Park here.


He's getting a round of applause. He is in charge of the sailing team.


I would imagine Ben is just relieved, his race is just starting,


I imagine he is believed to be underweight. Yes, very relieved. A


little bit of pre-match nerves this morning. Just keen to get on with


the main event. It looks like he's had a cracking start at the right-


hand end of the line. Finally the Olympics are here, and isn't it


great to see some many people - the weather is out, it's fantastic!


There are more than a few people who want Ben Ainslie to win this


Olympic regatta. He has made a good start. Nice,


safe start. We've not always seen that from Ben Ainslie at the


Olympic regattas Bo Storm normally he has a bad start and passed a


fight for that gold medal. I think today he just wants to be


conservative and get a good couple of scores. There are 10 races to go


and then that medal race next I think we will stay with this for


the first five minutes. If you want to see this from start to finish,


there are 10 races over the next few days for Ben and his mates in


the Finn class, as Barrar for many others in the other sailing classes,


you can do on the hour live streams. But Richard Simmonds, my goodness,


I hardly get to talk to him. Every four years, and he's there for us


he's got into the right-hand side of the course. The crowd will love


that because he's heading right towards them. Absolutely, he is


heading over to the hill. We've got a grade on board a shot of him


working the boat. We start to get a glimpse of the technique that he's


developed for the class. The rest of the fleet carrying on to the


other side. Let's see who it was that went back and had to we


crossed the line. Supporters from Ukraine will be somewhat


disappointed. Alexei was forced to cross the line again, he jumped the


towards the nose, towards the crowd. moving, working the boats up very


small waves. I can't see any other boats. This is the view from the


back of Ben Ainslie's boat. Working that rudder, it's like steering


round every bump in a car. So easy just to keep that rudder still.


He's got his body weight way out the side of the boat. It's all


about keeping the boat flat. The Danish sailor coming across. Ben


Ainslie is headed to the other side towards the crowd. But it was a


good start for Ben Ainslie. The Austrian and the Croatian here. The


Croatian sailing is squeezing over towards... The wind is not quite as


strong as at the beginning. We are looking for a picture of Ben


Ainslie, who had a good start to this race. The British sailor


heading for targeting gold number four has started well, but these


are the early stages of an 11 race competition. This animation shows


us his advantage Austria at the pack. And when you are in the pack,


other boats are taking your wind. The wind coming from the left of


screen. Ben Ainslie is now absolutely floating in the pack,


technique is about keeping the boat absolutely flat. The breeze is


about 20 kilometres an hour. A breeze that would cool you down.


saw Ben tack off to the right of the course there. Somehow he got


swamped a little bit. He is struggling to get his own position


in this course, where he can make his own decisions and not get


dictated by the boats around him. Obviously everyone knows who then


is, so they want to pin him down a little bit. He is struggling out --


to get out into the Frontier, but I'm sure we will see him coming


back. The Dane has won the championship twice and he is opting


to the other side of the course. The sailor from the Netherlands had


a real fight with Ben Ainslie at the championships. The animations


say it is looking very good for Denmark. Yesterday they had a


practice race. The Danish sailor nearly gave up after the Olympics,


he came back but he is an absolute prat to Ben Ainslie. He is one of


10 boat that could win a medal here. You mentioned the pact has raised


yesterday. We saw the left-hand side of the course come good. It


was favoured that way. That is not where Ben is today. It's


interesting to see he thought the other side was good yesterday and


that's why he's gone that way. look at the crowd, that is new for


sailing. A partisan crowd. There was a lot of cheering and flags for


Ben Ainslie. They are wanted to see him pop out of that pack. Another


boat went to the other side of the course, that is from Finland. The


finish sailor is coming over all by himself. It is always a risk in


sailing when you go out to one side of the course alone. The other pack


could get the advantage and you are looking at now. A man who has won a


the beach in the background. It looks like Ben Ainslie might be in


the top 10 but he's absolutely struggling. It may be dramatic to


say that but he's not dominating the early stages. He tends not to


at the Olympic Games in the first day, but he didn't want to have a


slow start. The race is expected to wasn't the top of the form guide of


the cultures I was talking to, nor was the Austrian. -- the coaches I


right-hand side of the course. We always imagine ourselves standing


behind these boats looking up the course. Yes, we've it certainly


seen then a struggling in the pack there. -- then. The thing about


sailing in general, there's a lot of variables. It's very easy for


the fleet to have a bad race. That's why we race over such a long


series. You've got to average it out. That is what Ben Ainslie has


done so excellently well in over the years. But we are going to see


him go downwind, and that is where he really comes into his own. He's


got exceptional technique. We saw on the Mini boat that the flag was


flying. What that means in the Finn class is that he'll be able to work


Ainslie wanted a safe start and was clean off the start line, but he is


struggling a bit. The quality of this fleet is the hype. They are


tremendous athletes and very physical. One thing he is good that


is downwind sailing. He just seems to be faster than anyone else. He


is very physical with the boat. I hope to see him make a bit of an


impression on the next leg as they It all looks absolutely beautiful


down their in Weymouth, terrific conditions for the start of the


Olympic regatta. We have some swimming to wrap up for you. It's


the men's 4x100m freestyle heats. Phelps and Lochte for the US team


up for this one. They are going to go in heat two, along with old


rivals the Aussies, who are looking to win gold here for the first time


since a certain Mr Ian Thorpe and company did 12 years ago, after the


USA had threatened to smash you like guitars. Q air guitar


celebrations. Can you still do it? I've forgotten how to do that. You


are more than welcome to do it. think I will pass. In heat one,


Great Britain are going alongside France, who could push both of


of two pleads for the men's 4x100m freestyle relay. -- two heats.


South Africa were Olympic champions back in Athens. That was a big


shock. And very excited for them I was as well. Team GB. We need a


really big lead to start with from Simon Burnett. He's got great


experience and has been training in the States for many years. He has


been training in Tucson, Arizona. It is beautiful weather pretty much


all year round, you can train outdoors. Fantastic. Team GB have


the red hats. This is an interesting one. Venezuela in one,


Brazil in two, South Africa in three. France in the centre in four.


Italy, 5, Great Britain, six, Canada, seven. It is the South


Canada has gone off very fast indeed. He was world champion on


the 100m freestyle. He got off either side of Burnett will start


This is a difficult position to be in. It is not a great to swim for


that's an interesting decision. will be a long rest because he


He's really pulling back. He's trying to get on to the waste of


the Italian. Getting back into South Africa third. Great Britain


back into 6th position, they've made up one place. That split from


grand turnout was very good indeed. It was a 48 point, much better.


James Disney-May now going for up a place. We are two tenths of a


second behind fourth. We do need to try and finish in fourth if we can.


If we are 5th, only three teams from the second heat can beat us.


We are getting a massive wave from moment leading. Team France with


our fastest guy, I'm afraid he's going to have a very long rest. I


think it might be four years before he gets to do another Olympic


the guys there. He was literally behind the wave after the first leg,


and those poor guys in two, three and four would have been bashed


about all of the place. Really try to get -- tried to get back in to


it, but that would have really impacted on that swim. 3.12 in


Beijing when they made the final. job, those are fast times. Italy


should be through as well. Great Britain, well, what they were doing


resting him, I don't know. It will be an interesting question to ask


these guys, the big guns. Russia, fastest Australian. They have not


rested their best guide. James Magnusson, the fastest guy in the


team -- their fastest guy. Very sensible. He has walked past you in


a white top, I was going to say, but they all are! He's down there


in the white top! I'll narrow it down, he's in the middle. Team


I've been following him on Twitter, he's hilarious. Matt Grieve is


going second for the USA. By that is interesting. He's just done the


backstroke. I bet your estate swim him in the heats, but taken at the


final, but he would get a medal because he has helped the team get


through, so I reckon they will take him out of the final. Just to be


clear, he swam the 100 metres backstroke, the fastest qualifier


in that, and he is likely to win it, so to seek him on the second leg --


taking on the second leg, that is interesting. Right now, the


Russians doing what they do best, blasting out. A scrappy stroke on


the right. Pretty hectic, though. It is getting very choppy. Almost a


water polo strokes. A very tight takeover at five for the USA. The


lead-off leg from Russia, 48.1. Not the 100 backstroke helping his team


to qualify for the final. For those of you who don't watch swimming


that often, people do train all of the strokes, so he won't be shabby.


In fact he's very good! Could take trials, but then he withdrew. That


was going to be his 8th race, but he decided to only swim seven, what


an incredible guy. So, Russia, in three. A fantastic turn from the


Americans again. He will be handing over to Jason Lee's act. Coming


back are Australia in four, and we are about to see the world


champions, so this will be an interesting last leg. Germany now


in 4th. Here is the first time we will see James Magnusson of


Australia, currently in second, at the bottom of the shot. Magnus is


breathing to the left. He is in the second of the yellow lines. Coming


in between the Russians and Americans. It will be a line-up of


four off the turn. Australia in second. All of these four teams


should qualify easily. Magnusson, to the right. He does not like


losing races. The USA swimmer is absolutely flying, and Magnusson


next to him is the world champion. Fantastic to see it. Australia


winning it. Faster than the first indeed. 47.2, the split from


Magnusson. Not bad for a beginner! You would expect him to do that in


the individual, 47.2. Quite a few swimmers are starting at the back


of the block to get some momentum and then diving in. But it's not


easy time it right when you do that. Beautiful takeover. I love it.


fantastic swim from the American. He is the guy who saved the 8th


gold medal prospects for Michael Phelps and that last leg. Look at


Magnusson looking over. What are you doing? That is interesting.


They are sledging. A Yes, we saw that! Australia winning the second


heat. America will be in the number five, and Russia in three. That


will be interesting. Those three are the fastest qualifiers in the


final. Germany will be in the final Britain, well, 2.3 seconds behind.


Always tasty the rivalry between the US and Australia, but how is it


these days? It is a hot rivalry in this race, and I did like watching


that. Australia actually placed the two fastest swimmers in the heat of


this morning. We have another two athletes who have qualified for the


event that we could put in for the final. But this is very close.


Great swimmer by the Russians and the Americans were strong. The


French team is well placed. This is going to be a very tight race


against four nations. The US are looking stronger than I expected.


It is going to be a battle. James Magnusson is a very confident


character. He said that this relay team that he will head his bullet


proof. That is tough talk. It might be good for James to say that but


it might not help the other three guys. That is James's character. At


the moment he is producing the kind of results where he is able to do


things and say things and make sweeping remarks like that. He is a


brilliant sprint freestyle or. And I hope he produces it at an Olympic


Games, which she is capable of. I think we have to see a taste of


that perceiving -- which he is capable of. Australia will


presumably grind to a halt. Sport in Australia is one thing we wake


up for. It doesn't matter what time it is, Australia will be watching


the race. Bleary eyed, no doubt. Ian, thanks for talking to us again.


We now turn our attention to cycling, out on the roads.


Yesterday did not go to plan for Mark Cavendish and the Great


Britain team, obviously. And is there a danger that the rest of the


world will, as they put it, ganged up on us again? Nicole Cooke is


defending her title and Lizzie Armitstead is primed for a sprint


finish. Tony Gray Thomson is down We are all expecting quite a


different race today. There has been a little break away from


Fernando Silva from Brazil, but she doesn't look very comfortable in


the saddle. The peloton just waiting to catch up. I am joined by


Jill Douglas who was a reporter yesterday. There has been a lot of


talk coming into the race about the rivalry in the British team and


what the team tactics will be. How do you think that will play out for


the girls? They were tight-lipped during the week when I asked about


who would be the protected rider and the team leader. I think they


will have some meetings this week to discuss that strategy. But they


will have to be very pragmatic and the race. If it is a bunch sprint,


we accept Lizzie Armitstead is the stronger sprinter, but not the


strongest in the peloton. I think they hope it is an aggressive race


at a reasonable pace, and therefore it could be that Nicole Cooke could


get on to the right side of a break and it could be a race that suits


her. I think there are more questions in the race, as opposed


yesterday when we saw Great Britain up riding for the sprint finish,


with just one plan. But in this situation there are three plans.


That is why Chris Newton has a canny job as the team coach. He is


in the car today with Shane Sutton and Dave Brailsford. They will be


trying to interpret and feed the information to the girls. On paper,


Marianne Vos seems to be the strongest. Do you think the Dutch


team will control the peloton today? The usual suspects. The


Dutch team, the Italians, the Germans, and Great Britain.


Everybody will be realising the depth of talent in that team, and


do not forget Lucy Martin who has been riding of Lizzie Armitstead


and doing a fantastic job. They will be watching each other


carefully, but Marianne Vos is a big favourite. But I think the


Italians will also be looking to get up there. It is actually a


really fascinating race. It could be really exciting. As a spectacle,


it might be similar to what we saw in the world championships. Quite a


canny race, but the last few kilometres could get very likely.


Thank you, Gill. We will let you The race will be coming down into


London at around 4pm. It is available on the other outlets if


you want to concentrate on it. We are going back to Eton Dorney, the


last of the races today, the women's eight. I know the USA have


been dominant in this rate over the last few years. -- in this race. Is


that with the same group of women or have they chopped and changed?


They have been a few changes. They tried taking the two strongest


girls out and putting them in the pairs to see if they could do that


as well as winning the women's eight. The Women's Day nearly got


beaten by Canada then, so they brought everybody out and they were


really try to make a statement but they are back and that nobody will


touch them in the event. Talking about pears, the men's double scull,


the lightweight, if people can see Zac Purchase and Mark Hunter, if


they were not back to their best, they were close to it. The a


certainly put a marker down. -- they certainly. It probably her


them to do it, but they wanted to show the 1,000 cere, and for their


own minds, after the bad results they have an indifferent season but


they are back and fighting for a gold medal. If they were impressive,


their female counterparts were supremely confident and impressive


in their heat. And they spoke to us We will talk about the end in a


moment, but what was the start like? It was actually quite calm.


We both racier a lot. We have practised the warm-up in the trials


and the start is almost the calmest place because you are quiet and


focusing on the first strokes and getting ready to go. When she had


the first few strokes it seemed to go like clockwork. -- once you had.


We had some really good training and we knew all we had to do is


deliver what we did in training and use the excitement of being in


front of a home crowd to add a bit of a buzz to that. So then it was


just following the plan that we When we spoke in Italy last week,


you said you were trying not to be childishly excited about the whole


thing. How did you feel at the start, were you able to banish that


from your thoughts? I was quite surprised that I did but actually,


it was just like we were at Eton Dornie. You are. It looks a lot


different because of the grandstands but at the start it


felt like we were at trials. I think that is a real advantage,


that we've done so many high- pressure races here before it. It


was just like another race. Maybe that is the definition of home


advantage. Yes. There's a lot of definitions in terms of when we


arrived the other day, seeing all the volunteers and seeing how


friendly they are also a lot of them have been told not to say


anything but they are almost bursting with excitement to say,


good luck. Everyone makes you feel really comfortable. Then it's all


about delivering your performance that you practised day-in day-out.


Steve? Rumour has it training has gone very well. That obviously


shows. You both have quite a lot of confidence. Are you happy with


what's going to go on for the next few races? That was incredible. To


get the first race out of the legs and just to have a practice. I've


never done anything like what it was like at the end when we crossed


the line, it was amazing. I think we've got to bear in mind that is


just a heat, but I'm happy we started off well. Yes, training has


been going really well for us. We made massive steps on and did some


really good pieces. All we needed to do today was put out what we've


done in training. I think we did to an extent, but we can find a bit


more in the next race. Excellent. You're talking about what it is


like you know me, there's not normally 35,000 people here when


you're doing training. It's pretty special. Yes, it's just so loud


when you cross the finish! It's a big wall of sound. If you could


bottle that sound when you cross the finish line and sell it, I'd be


a millionaire. If will be a lot louder with every passing day and


race you are involved in. We look forward to talking to you after the


next one. Only three British crews involved in action today. We've


spoken about two of them, and they were both victorious. The third one


were the women's eight. Here's how quick and fast in lane two macro.


Alongside them, the noise, speed and brashness of the USA. They are


allowed to be that. They are the Olympic and world champions. They


four. Do the right of your picture, in lane three, the Americans have


already jumped out and lead by a quarter of a length. Olympic


champions in Beijing. They haven't really lost a race since winning in


Beijing. Romania were on the way down. The United States have been


just as dominant. Very powerful. Great Britain have reorganised


their crew. They had lots of injury in their boat. Some of the injured


people have come back into the boat. Victoria Thornley has gone into


struck from the quad, where she was rolling earlier on in the season.


Annabel Vernon, she is in at six. A sculler who has changed into rowing


as well. This is incredible from the Olympic and world champions.


They have taken a length out of Great Britain as they go through


the 500 mark. We would expect the US to push on again hard in the


British group. Vicky Thornley has come back into the stroke seat. She


was in that stroke seat last year when Great Britain won bronze.


Looking there at Mary Whipple, the coxswain of the American boat. They


did have Erin Cafaro at their bow. They found in Lucerne that they


only sneaked into win ahead of Canada. They thought, well, we are


not going to win the pair. We will bring Allah two strongest athletes


back into the eight to try and make sure that Canada doesn't catch us


on the line at the Olympics. And my goodness, they are an extremely


good crew. I said the United States would move on in the second 500.


The Aussies were on their coat- tails. They have not been able to


live with the speed of the Americans. They want to make a big


statement. They are doing exactly that. Just one group to go through


down, 1000 de Gaulle in the opening heat of the women's eight. The USA,


the Olympic and world champions, have been devastating. They have


moved out. They were clear of Great Britain at the 500 metres mark.


Only Australia had the overlap at that point macro. They've had a


magnificent second 500. They've dropped Australia through that.


They are now a way clear. They are against Australia. But out front,


magnificent, the USA. There are two races going on here. The race is on


for the second place. Great Britain have had a good second 500 and move


dominant and looking for another a length and a bit clear of


Australia, who are being hounded now by Great Britain. We are into


the last 500 metres in this. They have driven Harden pulled away ever


since. The USA are clear by a country mile. The Aussies in lane


four went with them to the halfway mark but they are now suffering.


The British are pushing on hard. The British crew will come through.


They are into this tunnel of complete noise on either side of


the course here. Only one will go through to the final. That is


clearly going to be the USA. But it's all about pride here in his


opening heat. It is all about Great Great Britain. They have upped


their rates a little bit. These crews will end up going back into


the repechage, but no one will The Aussies are going to hold on,


only just. Look at how brilliant the Olympic and world champions are.


The United States of America over the line. They have demolished this


field. In second place, the Aussies are through. And the British come


through in third. It was a valiant middle 1000 by Great Britain.


There's more to come from this group. They will have to show that


when they next get out on to the start line for the repechage. My


word! The Australians, have we seen a crew so dominant as the USA over


Romania, who used to dominate this women's event and dominate women's


rowing for many years, multi times Olympic and world champions. Well,


the baton has been passed on to the United States of America. Romania,


fourth in the world championships last year, they were second in


Munich earlier this year. Still a force to be contended with. Canada


are the likely winners here. Canadians gone out strong, the


Canadians are the world silver- medallists from 2011. They were


first in Munich and came second at Lucerne. They were beaten on that


occasion by the United States of America, but it wasn't that large a


gap between the two. We expect them to have moved on. The coach of the


Canadian crew has been around for years, coached many a Canadian


group to an Olympic and world medal. The Canadians stretching into their


race pace. The Romanians have a good steak now, they move well into


point of view, Holland have a history of pulling out medals as


well. Second in 2008 behind the Americans, not this crew. They've


got a strong Olympic pedigree. Dutch are good, rangy athletes.


Very relaxed, very nice rowers but very easy, fluid and tall, long


levers. I always loved watching Lesley Thomson, the cox of the


Canadian group. She always sits upright, she's been sat upright


like that for years. Her poise and confidence. When I was in the boat


at the up-and-down, screaming and yelling. I would love to be able to


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 62 seconds


sit as calm and cool as she does are probably the closest rivals to


the USA, the champions. But there isn't quite the same dynamism about


it. That impact. You just feel that the power and focus of the American


crew was just that much more aggressive, more exciting. Lesley


Thomas and his 51 years of age, the coxswain of the Canadian group. --


for the energy they are expanding, we'd have thought they'd be clear


quarter of this second heat of the women's eight. The Romanians have


an overlap. It will be a big job on their hands if they are going to


catch Canada. Only one of these three crews going through to the


final, everybody else to the repechage. It is worth throwing,


from a Romanian point of view, it's worth throwing everything at it


with this overlap. But they are not having any impression whatsoever.


The Canadians, one length just shy of. Into the grandstands. The


Canadian team well-supported here. On the far side, the Netherlands


are starting to spend up. Romania kick on. The Canadians holding out


to their three-quarters of a length lead. Canada looking completely in


control. You always know that the Romanians were going to attack, but


they don't have the class that they used to have 10 to 15 years ago.


They are building a new group of athletes. But they are good. They


will certainly be handing down for all they needed to qualify. They


will have a bigger race on their hands in the final. The Romanians


will be in second. They are coming back but they are running out of


water. Canada, first, and through to the final. Romania, second. The


Netherlands in third place. Those The that is the end of the second


day at Eton Dorney, but you can see a gaggle of individuals here. Zac


Purchase's that is here, and he is a fashion icon, as you can see. Is


it right you will have a pair of trousers to the final on Saturday?


That is what you are asking me to wear. He was supposed to say, yes


of course. We had some pretty good training the last few months and we


were looking forward to coming out and putting together some good


stuff. And that is a good start for us. Some more things to add and we


are looking forward to Thursday. But bit nervous at the start given


the performances in Munich and Lucerne? That isn't what we plan


when they wanted to execute the Olympic season, but we have worked


really hard to an get ready in the last six weeks. It was awesome, we


loved it. We came here to race hard and fast, and we showed it in the


heats, but there is a lot more to come. Steve was impressed. Very


impressed. The positions you finish in the last two regattas was not a


position we wanted. When you saw the draw and you got the Kiwis, way


you please, or disappointed? I think I know what the answer will


be now we know the result, but going into it? I spoke to John a


couple of weeks ago and we wanted a top crew out there to show what we


can do. That is what we wanted. We had an inkling we would get


somebody fast, but what a better way to start than against the World


Cup winners and the silver- medallists from last year? A great


start, but more to do. You didn't have to win the race, but we got


the impression that 500 metres from the end, whatever, we are going to


win it. The most important thing was to put into practice what we


did in training. To be honest, the result was not the be-all and end-


all. We want to win the final and it's not important to win the heat,


massively, but we wanted to put out a race that we were happy with it.


We have done that and we can step on and look forward to the semi-


final. Have the nerve has been banished? Happy that the boys are


in good shape? After a dodgy season we were anxious that there is no


one more determined and if they want something, they will do it, so


fingers crossed. It is interesting talking about this. At least these


guys can influence things. They are on the water, but it is so hard for


parents and friends. Is there a sense of camaraderie among store of


the beleaguered Poms And Dance -- mums and dads? The team supporting


us in the stands is brilliant and you can see the stress going around


the parents as their children before. I had my turn today. The


lightweight parents are very supporting -- supportive and the


whole team is brilliant. I am looking forward your outfit at the


weekend, make. I'm not! We look forward to seeing you guys on the


water on Thursday as well. That is it from Eton Dorney, and we have a


good moment to hand back because there are forks of lightning coming.


No oh, it is just fireworks. will have a head full of fireworks


after the other night. And now that something we in a presentation role


get a chance to say very rarely, once every four years. Now time for


a bit of fencing. I actually went to the fencing in Beijing in my


quest to view every Olympic sport for myself and it was dramatic and


theatrical and a really great to watch, but it time -- at times it


Fencing. There are three categories of weapon in the sport of fencing.


The epee, the foil and the sabre. Each has different characteristics


and rules of engagement. The epee: it is a thrusting weapon, and only


the point may be used to score a hit. The target area can be any


part of the body which produces tactical contests that generally


last longer than any of the other weapons. Pepe is the only category


in which fencers can score points simultaneously as a result of a


double attack. The foil is also a thrusting weapon. But the target


area is confined to the trunk of the body, front and back. It does


not include the arms and the their head. To win a point, a right of


way must be established with a correctly executed attack or by


parrying an attack and hitting with The sabre: the sabre is a cutting


and thrusting weapon. So the matches are often decided very


quickly. Fencers can use the tip, the edge and to the back of the


blade to hit a target area anywhere above the waist, except for the


One that moved to watch out for is the spectacular if Lunch -- one


Now we are geared up, and by the way that is the first time we have


had that word on the BBC, and it is time for the sabre. Apparently


slashing and thrusting is advisable in this one. Say no more. James


will be doing that for us, the 21- year-old from Truro, the only


British entry in the sabre event and is up against a very good


opponent from Belarus. This time Grier -- Graham Bell is leading the


through this fight. And the period to make sure the equipment


is working. Any change of tactics for James? He was have to work the


distance. There we go. Very nice. He has got him on the way forward.


There we go. So much of fencing is a game of bluff and double-bluff.


It is about working out your so it is funny bone's attack. And


James hits with the continuation of then the referee will not give a


went for the second and he has given that. James has called for a


video review here. Unfortunately, for him, that stayed with the


referee. For 10-5. The counter- attack. A block out from James.


That has worked for him twice in this period. If you are new to


fencing, we go up to 15. 10-6. It is not all over. No, you can get


this back in at the sabre because it is so fast that you cannot


review. It is whether the referee considers that he started before he


went. It was not clear from the slow motion. We will need to see


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 62 seconds


just two points away for making it into the round of 32, the


Belorussian. That one goes to James. Is it? Yes. 13-made. -- 13-eight.


Together. He will not call upon. No mistakes can be afforded now.


referee will have to look at that one because he thinks it's his.


think he starts just ahead. But the referee went and had a look at the


video, a good look at this one. The attack is good. The crowd are


wrist again. Coming in from far out, tapped him on the wrist, get out of


the way. The next. Will see the Belorussian athlete through. Watch


the back line! The attack has gone through, and the Belorussian goes


certainly came out fired up and have the sport the crowd. He


certainly put on his best effort, but the Belorussian perhaps a


Only 21 years of age, and well played to James. Hopefully that is


the first of many international experiences. We are shortly heading


to the news, but this is what is on around the out but for us. Live on


BBC Three, uninterrupted coverage of the 87 miles of the women's


peloton. And plenty of judo on the mats. Two categories in action


today, and two gold medals of the 14 available through the Olympic


sports will be decided as the afternoon progresses. And then, in


sailing, that is the situation. Ben Ainslie in second right now. But


the men's star, Ian Simpson and Andrew Percy will be there. And


Lucy MacGregor will be skippering her crew in the women's Elliott 6m.


That is the situation and plenty more to come after a break for the


news. But look at this, it is dramatic, and the omens look good.


Four years ago a tremendous thunderstorm heralded Great


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