BBC One: Day 2: 13.10-17.00 Olympics

BBC One: Day 2: 13.10-17.00

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Hello and welcome back to the Olympic park on the second day of


the Olympic Games. And there is a pretty lively storm just passing


over the Olympic Park. It has been bucketing with rain. It did hold up


events temporarily at the dressage. Williams Fox-Pitt will therefore


probably be delayed by a few moments. And it will also make life


tricky for the women in the road race. 87 miles of road racing today.


And it was also to keep yesterday for the man. Fabien Cancellara of


Switzerland, you may remember this rather nasty crash on dry roads. An


X-Ray revealed no broken bones so that is good news for him. But he


has just sent a message asking spectators to take a couple of


steps back because they reset their lives yesterday. He clearly felt


the spectators were too close for comfort. Interesting comments. No


such were the problems this morning at the ExCel Arena of where the


judo was taking place. And we focus on Sophie cox from Rochdale. She


competed for Great Britain in Athens and then went off to


Thailand. But this is when she was just a kid. She was the first woman,


or girl, to play at Wembley in the rugby league. Extraordinary


pictures. And she has now found a career in judo. She went to


Thailand to teach English for a couple of years and their


rediscovered her love of the sport. She had it all to do today in her


category. She had a tough draw against the Beijing silver


medallist from North Korea. Let us medallist from North Korea. Let us


see how she got on. Not many expected to seek Sophie


back competing in the Olympics. She quit not long after the Athens


Games just a little bit disillusioned with the sport. But


she has come back to give judo another go. From Rochdale in


Lancashire. She spent four years teaching English in Thailand.


amazing, the comeback she has made. She has got great work ethic. Any


attacks that she makes must be fully committed.


Well you might have expected the gods of the draw to be a little


kinder to her. But this is the Beijing and silver medallist. If


you're going to make a comeback at the Olympic Games, Harbour Road


beating the silver medallist from Following up with a leg grab.


returned to the sport two years ago. She said she put herself through


the pain and sacrifice again for this moment, to be an Olympian


again. Nice strong attack. She has been performing well in the last


couple of years. She got bronze in Amsterdam. And in the test event


here in December. That will have given her confidence as well. She


also has two O European silver medals.


She is good on the pressure and has come out firing on all cylinders.


Trying to wrap up. This women's class, the event that Sharon


McRandal won her Olympic bronze in in Barcelona.


Britain has not won an Olympic medal of any description since


Sydney. The North Korean goes into the lead.


Sophie just London slightly on her side. -- landing.


There are three levels of scoring. It is the lowest level that has


gone against Sophie, but she is behind.


A minute and a half is a long time in judo. Sophie needs to go forward


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 56 seconds


in the hope of swinging her opponent over. Time is not Sophie's


friend at the moment. She has to come forward. She has to do


something now. We need something to happen. She has won medals since


returning to judo but her return to an Olympics is not going to yield


any medals. That was a shame for Sophie. It was just one grip that


her opponent managed to get over her. Apart from that it was a very


even match. I hope she feels that the comeback was still worthwhile.


She has been bad for a couple of years. And she did earn her place


back on the British Olympic team. But there is bound to be


disappointment right now. She has been beaten by the silver medallist


from Beijing. But she knows how close she came and also knows that


that is that for perhaps another that is that for perhaps another


four years. So-so the is empty handed but a


good effort in that fight against for North Korean opponent. Colin


Oakes has beaten and the Australian opponent meanwhile and find some


self with the chance of getting into the quarter finals. If he


manages to beat his Mongolian manages to beat his Mongolian


opponent. Second assignment of the day for


Colin Coates of Britain. He beat the Australian in his first match


and if he can win this he will beat in the quarter-finals. He will not


lack support but he will need it against the Mongolian.


As well as having 10 letters in his name, the Mongolian also has a


bronze medal from Athens. He is a former world champion and a top


competitor. But if Colin Coates can do this he will be into the


quarter-finals and it will just be about the biggest win of his judo


career. It is going to have to be a


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 56 seconds


looking to get the shoulder. and will be on the edge of her seat.


And just listen to the support he is getting.


Both fighters completely outside the area.


The fight is paused. At the moment both fighters are fighting for the


Mongolian's feet are searching for any weakness. The group is changing,


the feet are changing. -- the grip. Colin needs to watch


that one. The Mongolian has a tattoo of the scorpion on his foot.


That is appropriate, if you do not want to get caught by a scorpion.


minutes of normal time. Colin is trying to keep distance between


them. It is important that Colin also gets his attacks in. The first


warning for Colin Oates for not attacking enough. He has got to


step up the pace now. He does not want to get a second warning. That


would give the Mongolian one of the lowest scores. In the eyes of the


referee he was not working hard enough or being offensive enough.


The Mongolian went very defensive. The winner of this one will be in


the quarter-finals. We are 90 get his attacks in first. Since


Sydney's success has been so far and few between in judo. Is it to


come here? Into the final 60 seconds. A lot of those inside the


Excel are hoping so. Colin needs to get another attack in. Can he take


him on the ground? The Mongolian was pulling backwards.


Mongolians have come to the forefront of judo in recent times.


The London gold that they are using for the medals is mined from


Mongolia. Colin is hoping to take the Mongolian over the top. What


has it got? He has got the score. Seconds are ticking away. That is


just about the biggest moment in British judo for over a decade!


Colin Oates is into the quarter final. He has beaten the bronze


medallist in Athens, a former world champion. Britain's Judah has got


something to shout about at last. He did that at the right time. What


a brilliant fight. -- British judo. I did not think you would get


excited watching British judo players like that. What a moment


that was. I am sure that doors are already open in the little village


pub. They will now be doing brisk business. There lad, Northop's


finest, Colin Oates, it is striding towards an Olympic quarter-finals.


Look at their reaction. He manages to take him back. It was in the


last two seconds of the contest. He seized his opportunity and he takes


We will be back to see that quarter-final bury shortly because


we are heading straight away to Greenwich Park. It looked majestic


as a backdrop for a venue and it is the three-day eventing. The first


In dress size riders and horses perform a pre-set routine of exact


movements or figures within an enclosed at 60m by 20-metre arena.


All competitors perform the same routine in front of a panel of


judges. It is designed to show the call for operation between the


horse and the rider. Popular figures include the Serpentine,


consisting of loops. Half-past where the horse travels diagonally


across the arena. In flying changes the horse changes its lead for it.


Cross country is a test of stamina, bravery and endurance. The course


is approximately six kilometres in length and contains 28 at 30


obstacles. Falls are incurred four refusals, run outs and exceeding


the time allowed. If the rider or horse falls, they are eliminated.


The final part tests skill, accuracy and agility. It is


contested over two rounds. Penalties will also be incurred if


the competitors exceed the time because it is really raining and


his looks as if it is going to stay that way for this Test. So often


horses can react to the rain. Let's hope that Miners Frolic does not. 7,


9, 6. I am not sure if one judge was looking out of the box. The 9th


is the centre charge and they are the ones who can see the straight


the best. We are just hearing there is talk if there was a lot of heavy


rain the competition might be suspended. That would be very


unfair with what is going on at the moment. At the moment he is coping


with the weather and so is Kristina Cook. Just lost a fraction of a bit


of rhythm. The judges' box is falling apart. Never mind their


box! She is having to fix her hat, she is getting the worst of the


conditions. Let's hope the judges are feeling a little bit lenient


considering the conditions. Having said that, they do not really need


to be. Miners Frolic is looking pretty special at the moment. This


is very pleasant. I am now soaked through. So am I, top to bottom.


Too much information. I am sure it Teena is even more weight than we


are. -- I am sure Christina is even more weight than we are. This is


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 56 seconds


complaining. I should be used to weather. Nice position for that


canter half past, very good, I like that a lot. Straight on the centre


line. She is not letting these weather conditions get to her. The


Olympics do not happen too often in one's lifetime. You put up with a


bit of rain and get on with it. mum was one of our top


international show jumpers. And of course her father was one of the


National Hunt trainers. He would be very proud of his daughter looking


down on this. Another good change and very straight. She is up to 70%.


So she should be. I would give her 90% for riding in this weather.


quite agree. Good boy. Let's not go over the top yet. This is one of


the outstanding performances, not just because of the rain, but


technically because she is doing it in the rain. She has not done


anything wrong. Well done. That is fantastic! It is looking like 71%.


Everyone is wet through, but absolutely delighted to be watching


the scoreboard. And the crowd had stayed with this despite the very


heavy storm. That is where surely the judges have got to be generous.


Just look at these pictures. Look at that and that shows just how


hard it is. That shows her brilliant ride. 42, we are in


Let's talk about how difficult it was in the weather. It was more


than noise going on around the arena. I have ridden on rainy days


in the South Downs. I am used to it. I felt like the wind was coming up


like that and I thought, stay focused. It was not perfect. We


would have loved to have had the San, British weather for you.


two marks what you achieved in Hong Kong. Obviously I would have loved


to be on a 48. I'm not grumbling with 42. The weather has Thurne


that at us. The horse kept his brain and focus really well. We had


some thunder and it came down heavily. Did the reins get slippy?


Yes, I am very wet. You I used to riding in the rain. They are event


horses. It is not ideal and of course I would love the sunshine on


him. In Hong Kong we had the beautiful light. You just have to


deal with it. If you are going around cross country it could get


slippery. I was going to ask about that. The British team are very


experienced and we have fantastic courses. But this is the Olympics


and the Olympics throw up difficult things. It is a difficult course


and if it gets wet, it will get slippery. We put stance in the


horse's' shoes. You do not want to lose a start because it will get


slippery and you will lose time, but it will be very exciting for


We will have a better picture once William Fox Pitt appears. We have


been following the progress of Cologne Oats after that fantastic


performance. --Colin Oates. He is up against a pretty handy Georgian


up against a pretty handy Georgian against the Georgian. A shake of


the hands from both of them. Colin has to make sure he is very fast


ride from the start of this contest. The Georgian it is very strong with


his hand and leg at the same time. Colin throwing himself onto his own


back. Looking to turn the Georgian onto his back.


He certainly came here with high hopes. He narrowly missed out on a


bronze medal. He is the European beating his Mongolian opponent.


Colin does not want to get dominated like this. Oates is good


on the ground. He wants to take control of the upper body, needs to


get his leg through to count. Georgia is a good Judo nation. He


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 56 seconds


has got to watch his arm here. The Georgian looking for the arm lock.


Well done. Nice defence there from Colin Oates.


Two minutes to go. Colin a left- Turning it now into an attack.


Working to roll the Georgian. Plenty of hard work on the floor,


leads to nothing again. Going for the strangle. Looking to


apply pressure. Not quite. He did not take part in the opening


ceremony, deciding instead to focus on what he is here for. There is no


overwhelming favourite. Any mistake now, any positive score, might be


decisive. Colin trying to get his leg in front. Again looking again


Next score wins it. Oates did well. Looking for the


ground work again. So close. Family all here to watch, down from


Norfolk. His coach introduced him to the sport when he was 12. Has he


been caught on the ground? Georgian has the grip. He has to


get out before 15 seconds. It is not going to happen. He has been


counted out and the golden score goals against the Britain. Such a


disappointment. Allowed the Georgian to come over into the hold


down. Kate Howey has her head in her hands. She got the medal in


Sydney. It is the Georgian who makes his way into the quarter


makes his way into the quarter finals. That was so difficult to


watch! But it has not finished. Colin will now fight in the


repechage. And if he were to win that he would go into a bronze


medal fight. So fingers crossed. So nearly tried to deliver the


first of the medals! I am confident this afternoon. Four years ago for


the women's road race it was raining and four years ago Nicole


Cooke delivered the first medal for Britain and also that gold medal.


She came out of that terrible Chinese storm and emerged by the


Great Wall of China to get that medal.


Colin is still in it. After the disappointment of yesterday


afternoon, to date we have high hopes for the women and the next


couple of hours could deliver the first medal of these games for


Out on the road we have a to Spear attack on a medal places. Nicole


Cooke, Beijing's golden girl may launch a breakaway from the group.


And if it comes to a close finish all eyes will be on Lizzie


Armitstead. And on the water we have David France looking for a


semi-final place. It also this afternoon Andy Murray will be keen


to lay to rest the ghost of this year's Wimbledon final on centre


court a little later on. And if we will join the cycling in around 30


minutes' time. But if you would like to watch it right now just


turn over to BBC Three. But here we head to the brand new Lee Valley


white water centre. Here is what we can expect from seeing men and


women negotiate up to 25 gates in women negotiate up to 25 gates in


raging water. The canoe slalom. Three classes of


boat are used. The single kayak, the single canoe, and the two-man


canoe. In the kayak the athletes are seated and used double-headed


paddles. In the canoed they kneel on both knees and use a single


blade paddle. The aim is to negotiate a course marked by slalom


gates as cleanly and quickly as possible without touching the polls.


Part of the boat must be inside the polls. If anything touches one or


both of the polls, and to a second penalty is incurred. Capsizing is


not penalised but if you missed a gate or pass through incorrectly


than 50 seconds is added to the total time. 82 athletes compete for


four gold medals. With the numbers reduced through the heats. Also the


semi-finals and ultimately the finals. The best of the two runs of


the Heath decides whether they progress or or or eliminated. The


semi-finalists start with a clean slate and are judged on a single


run. The final 10 competitors are ranked on another single run to


determine who takes home the gold medal.


If you would like to get involved in Olympic sports, go to the


website for more information. So we're expecting up to 60,000


people to witness the Olympic slalom canoe events during the


Games. And this is where they will do it. The 300 metre course is the


ultimate test for the best in the world. David Florence is to go last


of all. Jonathan Edwards is there for us. What is the secret here,


have you developed a love of Klimt -- of canoe slalom?


You spoke about it in your introduction, it is a very tough


course. It has caused a few problems with the early competitors.


But there is huge expectation, David Florence was silver medallist


in Beijing. But going before him RB former at the Olympic champions.


Well it is equally wet here on the Olympic Park! In some ways you


sport was quite similar. David Florence has spoken and said it is


all about your form on the day, similar to the triple jump. It just


goes to show that it can be all or nothing in this event. That is


absolutely correct. It is very much on the day. One thing that makes it


tricky is that the wind is blowing around quite a lot and those gates


DoH mould. -- do move. So you're slightly in the lap of the guards.


But David Florence has had a consistent season so far. Give us


some idea of the atmosphere because the clinic -- the canoe slalom is


an Nish sport in many ways. It was usually popular in Beijing.


Absolutely. And it is a massive opportunity for the canoeists. This


is a specially built stadium. And as you can see over my shoulder, it


is a wonderful Abbey Theatre. The athletes will be aware of the


crowds around them almost like a stadium. I think they will respond


to that. And the GB canoeists have been training here since 2010. So


How do you think David will cope in the next few days? I think he will


cope well and I think the whole British team have prepared very


well indeed. Their results leading up to this competition have been


outstanding. What they have is that home advantage. They will feel that


gives them the edge. We are now live with the competitors. The


British team have been training with microchips in their canoe so


they can work out exactly how much effort there canoeists are putting


lead. It was worth no time penalties at all. It has set a


marker for the other athletes to beat. But this looks like a good


run and it is nice and smooth so far. He has to turn the bow down in


gate 10 to get it driving again. will get a split time in a moment.


There are four seconds of time penalties. It could be a problem


for the Japanese competitor. The gates are in quite straight


sequences behind each other. We cannot afford to see too many


penalties. 90.83 is the standard. The top 12 will make it through to


the semi-finals in two days time. The standard is very high. At the


moment he is in 6th place, so not lying too badly. He picked up a


penalty early on in gate four. You wonder if that affects the rhythm.


Then another one in 85 or six. But the water is big and waves are


continuously threatening to pull the boat speed off the bow and stop


see smooth, slow running water. But the first big drop is about two


metres. You create huge acceleration on these boats. He is


just 20 years old. After the last Olympic Games we thought we might


have seen some of the Chinese competitors moving towards the top


of the world rankings, but that has not happened yet. But give them


championships just last season. His record says he's quite useful.


got himself off to a good start, being a little bit hit by the


stopper between three and four. He gets stuck on the eddy line in gate


four. He will look to get the nose of the boat driving back downstream


before he comes into gate nine, the second upstream gate on the course,


but under the first big drop. Already quite a chunk of time


behind Savsek. Slovenia said that staggering time about five minutes


ago. He danced his boat through the course. We now see this difficult


upstream gate, gate 12, where there's almost an s life -- s like


is within touch of the Australian and the Russian. He was smoothly


into 18. He now needs to keep the rhythm going, keep the nose driving


downstream as much as you possibly can. He drives into the back of


you've got a paddle like crazy. Four seconds down on Savsek, but in


with a good chance of progressing through to the semi-finals. He is


in second place at the moment. That was a fine performance by the


Chinese number one. After a couple of early mistakes where he found


himself getting caught up on some Eddie lines, he really found his


rhythm and got the boat smoothly the remaining travellers, there are


five of them, will be ranked inside the world's top 10. This is really


getting towards the sharp end of this competition. It includes David


Florence and two men who between them have won the last four Olympic


was just outside of the metals in Beijing. That was his first Olympic


experience. This is his second Olympic competition. He will want


to get in amongst the metals. They are a couple of days away, but


safely through to the semi-finals would be spot on for the Spaniard.


A great start, making it looks move. -- look smoke. We want to see the


Baller of the boat almost gliding of difficulty there, but tried to


spin away and reposition himself. That is a particularly tricky gate.


He is, there's a big stopper in between the top pole and bottom


pole of Gate 12. They have to decide what will be the best way to


get their nose through the gate, and then set it up for the next


gate. Look at that split, he is still ahead of Savsek. He's had a


rich vein of form this season. Finished fourth in the European


Championships. He's not one of these guys who's going to go


through his career always finishing fourth. But losing time between


gate 20 and 21, found himself horizontal on the course, losing


the precious time in the stopper, which could be crucial to him.


Elosegi has lost time. He replaces Teng, the Chinese athlete, by


upstream gate. Tight around as we see him lean off the polls. The


athletes put their blade into the water and then open up their elbows


to get the power on. The stamps are absolutely packed with spectators.


I dare say quite a large chunk of them will never have seen slalom


canoeing before. But what they are watching now are the world's best.


Actually, some of the best there the world number one, will be


coming soon. Tasiadis of Germany. Part of the German team that got a


silver medal in the World Championships in 2011. And in the


European Championships this year, in axe Burke, one of the most


famous courses in Europe. This gentleman was the champion there.


Push is nice and tied in to gate through seven and eight as he rolls


the boat across the white water using his core strength from his


hips all the way up. Already 0.2 up on our current leader. Tasiadis


looking very smooth and powerful as well. That is one of the fastest


parts of the course, where you come out of an upstream gate and go


haring down the course proof-read downstream gates. I thought he'd


touched one of those polls. Two second of time penalties. That may


here. It looks as though he would almost flip over. He really needs


to make sure he can get this couple of digs into the water to


bring himself through that last gate, number 22. Down in fifth


place. After a very promising start, the German lost quite a lot of time


in the last four or five gates. caught the bottom pole of the Gate


12, the first of his two second run later on this afternoon. We


highly ranked in the world this year. As importantly for British


supporters is the fact that David Florence, silver-medallist from


four years ago, he goes last, he will know exactly what he has to do


by then. He is ranked number one in Olympic competition, finished fifth


in Beijing. Whereas all of these guys are very competitive, by


definition they all know each other extremely well and train together


in the past as far as the Czech Republic's team is concerned. Very


strong, especially in the upper body, but he will have tremendous


leg and core strength as well. looked a bit twitchy on the first


few gates but he seems to have got himself into a good rhythm. Trying


to keep the boat dry as he enters the first Big drop on the course


and into the second upstream gate. He pushes out on to the wave and


This is a flyer, he looks like he's on a good run. If somebody cracks


the code in terms of the difficulty of gate 13, they really will have


done themselves a lot of favours in terms of time. That is a good lead.


Savsek demoted for the time being down the table. He's keeping the


run on the boat here really well. He keeps himself inside, but he's


picked up a two second penalty. He's going to have to push harder


on this last gate. He gets another stroke out, as he's now got to push


all the way to the finish line. has lost a bit of time. Two seconds


of penalties. He has been relegated down into third place. Elosegi of


Spain is still ahead of him. Savsek breathing a sigh of relief,


although there is still one run to occasions where the top part of the


course has been executed very, very quickly. Guys are having difficulty


with the bottom half. It is all about getting each of those 22


gates on that course executed as well as they can. Sometimes they


get the top part well and sometimes they get the bottom part well, but


it is stringing it all together to make sure it's consistent


somebody as a legend in the sport, you have to have real justification,


but martyr can is certainly that man. -- Martikan. He became Olympic


champion back in 1996. He missed out in 20021004, but then came back


with a real bang in Beijing, where he won. Now 33 years old. His arch


rival, and one of the supposed rivals for the title of one of the


greatest of all time, Estanguet, he is the next competitor. But all


eyes on Martikan. So far, he's making it look incredibly easy. He


is gliding around, but he is down on the split, just over half a


second down. Martikan is a man of experience. He knows what he needs


to do and sometimes he will just play with it, keep the control on


the top and then really let it rip on the bottom. He caught the bottom


pole there on gate 12. He tries to keep it as straight as possible.


has been put down there as a 52nd 20. Into that big stopper. He lost


a bit of time there as well. Yes, he's now got to push into gate 22.


See how quickly he got himself back out. He really has got extreme


amounts of skill. With a 52nd with a 50, second penalty, it leaves him


a lot to do. The Slovakian officials and coaches and the rest


of the team will be taking a very close look at that bit of film


there. That could be an historic decision because Martikan has been


going very well. He is ranked fourth in the world this year. He


has got such vast experience. That is a big shot. He splits it across


the top of his head here -- there. That is a 50, second penalty. The


athletes have to get the whole of their head inside. They can't hit


it, it can't go across half their head or even a fraction of it.


is a big story, isn't it? certainly is. The Slovaks will have


the opportunity to protest that, but we will see what happens. He's


always got a second run, he is a man of experience. Four years ago


in Beijing, a very similar thing happened to Tony Estanguet -- Tony


Estanguet, of France. He missed out on a chance to win three gold


medals in a row. He was the champion in Athens. I am sure this


Frenchman, and sure he wants to be himself into a nice with them. He


has picked up at two second penalty already. He will have to see if he


can make that up later in the course. He certainly seems to be


flying at the moment. No problems for him. Trying to stay straight as


well, and just having a problem. He is being thrown around, and touched


the gate again. He caught that pole, giving himself another penalty and


has a lot to do in this section of the cause. Tony Estanguet, three


times the world champion, a little bit off the pace in terms of his


split, but now just two gates to go. You can see the fast water making


it particularly hard to drive to the finish. That is not a


spectacular performance, but certainly it is a good platform on


which to build. He had a good run, negotiating it very well but the


penalties were very costly to him. Some of them have picked up


penalties here, as we saw Martikan did, and it is difficult to make


the decision about what to do. David Florence of Great Britain is


the next and final competitor. We are still reeling from the shock


missed gate by Michal Martikan. Tony Estanguet, pretty solid in


equal second place, and Savsek is still number one. The silver


medallist from Beijing, David Florence of Great Britain start his


campaign at the Lea Valley Walk to centre next and the crowd can't


wait. I spoke to him the other day and he said training had been going


well. He has come off the back of a particularly good season, second in


the world championships. He's four a bronze medal in those


championships in the C1. He will know this cost well - he did quite


well in the test event. He has been here for 18 months so he should


know it inside out. He looks like he is getting off to a good start,


but a little bit caught up between gate seven and gate 8. Two


penalties already, he can't afford to make any more mistakes. Just


spinning around, and in the middle part of the course finding life a


little bit difficult. That upstream gate has made life difficult for a


lot of competitors. He now has four penalties, getting caught up in the


troublesome water. He is losing precious time. Savsek's leading


time is very safe so far. David Florence is nine seconds off the


pace and he has just got to concentrate now. Two more to go,


and hopefully David Florence will be home with no more penalties.


has now got to drive past Paul the way to the finish line. 101.60


including the penalties, and that put him down into 13th place. It is


only the top 12 that will make it through to the semi-finals.


really found himself getting stuck for a start he has found himself a


bit wide coming into gate 13, which lost him time. Maybe some nerves in


front of the home crowd. We will expect to see a much-improved run


later today. Disappointment, not just from the spectators but for


the man himself. That was not the start he wanted but you will have


another chance later on this afternoon. There is the result of


this first heat, the first chance we have really had to have a look


at this canoe slalom course at Lea Valley. Savsek, a brilliant


That was tough watching that. Not only is David Florence a lovely man,


but a great competitor as well. If we are looking for some positives,


Martikan, looking for a gold medal, was also in 16th place. Later we


can see the second round of heats, the Times will be combined, and


then the top 12 will make it through to the semi-finals. After


that they only have one run in the semi-finals and the finals.


Sticking with the water, we are going to go 144 miles away to


Dorset to see what happened this morning because Ben Ainslie was


going for yet another Olympic gold medal. Wouldn't it be special if he


could pick that up, and you can see the Union flags were flying. He


made a promising start a day, finishing second in the first race


in the Finn competition behind Christiansen from Denmark. Let's


cross to Shirley Robertson. They are on the first leg of the second


race, and Ben Ainslie didn't have the best start. He was trapped


behind the winner of the first race, but he is in the middle of the pack


now moving forward. The man leading this race is Christiansen, who won


crawling back into second place. A good result, he will be happy with


that. In the past Olympics, he hasn't always started off that well.


Give us an idea of the conditions because we have had some pretty bad


weather at the Olympic Park, but it looks like lovely blue skies ahead


of you. I dressed in my shorts and now I have every layer on. We have


had everything - sunshine, and a big rain cloud, but now the breeze


at his back and the sun is shining. I think Ben Ainslie will be happy


with this. Here's looking for another solid performers today and


the medals will not be decided today. There are 10 races, so it is


about not making any mistakes, not getting involved in any protests,


just getting good results in the top three. We are watching him now


out on the water, and we saw a few moments ago people laying back


enjoying themselves. I know Ben Ainslie has no idea what the crowd


are chanting, but for you as a former competitor how does it feel


to see the support he is getting? The hairs were standing up. Every


time Ben Ainslie went round the first mark and just beside the


crowds, lots of cheering and Union Jacks. We have never had that


before. It makes a difference, it is hard to quantify how much but


you are certainly trying your best. And some cheering for you as well,


I'm sure. You are looking great, even though you had to put on a few


extra layers. You can keep on top of everything that is happening


across the BBC. You can press the red button right now and see how


Ben Ainslie get sawn as he traces his fourth consecutive gold medal.


You can see Andy Murray very short As I relax on my sofa, the women's


road race is unfolding across sorry. Whilst yesterday the British


efforts focused on one rider, Mark Cavendish, today Nicole Cooke and


Lizzie Armitstead have their sights set on a royal finish in front of


champion! For on paper, Lizzie Armitstead is the sprinter of the


team. It will be very clear going into the race what our options are,


what the strategies are. We weren't going there with one plan, we will


have a number of options and see what happens. It is a benefit to


have different options. We need to make decisions, and once they have


been made they need to be backed 100%. You need to make sacrifices


for your team mates, just as they do for you. Are you confident you


will be the protected rider? Yes, I am happy with that. She is happy


with that and she will hope it happens because there has been an


issue in the past between those two, but I'm sure today they will be


riding for one rider only, and that is any rider with a Team GB top.


There is about an hour and 20 minutes to go, they are working


hard as always. Luci Martin, Riding for Great Britain, has been dropped


from the back. Let's go live and joined Tanni Grey Thompson. Have


you recovered from yesterday? I have and there is an amazing


atmosphere here. It is packed even though we have a long way to go in


the race yet. Let's talk about the chances of Team GB. Ironically, the


fact that they are seen as less of a threat than Mark Cavendish could


work in their favour. The Dutch are trying to control the race. Van


Dyke has been making consistent attacks on the front to break the


park. Marion Ross, the race favourite, has been making some


attacks. There have been some punches, some crashers. It has been


a dynamic race today. With only a two climbs on Box Hill. The main


contenders have been out with punches earlier on, but everybody


thinks Marion has the best chance, she is looking very comfortable.


The fact that we have the best girls from Great Britain means it


is looking good for them as well. Marion is certainly the bookie's


favourite but she doesn't have the fans behind her. There were an


estimated million people along the route yesterday. What kind of


reception can't they expect? There are still tens of thousands of


people around. Yesterday everyone disappeared and came back for the


end, but nobody is moving today so I think the excitement has spurred


everyone on to stay. I think the amount of British lives really


helped Team GB. The you can see people working hard, and it looks


like the British Jersey's Aaron the right place. Here we go, coming up


to the final climb and the subsequent race yesterday was where


it all unfolded. What will the next 16 minutes offer? Time to join the


conclusion of the women's race. The first event to bring a gold medal


for years ago - could history repeat itself? You are looking at


three riders trying to go away from the depleted peloton on the


approach to the summit of Box Hill. The pressure is on, believe me. It


is a war of attrition right at the front as the riders are trying to


Pooley on the previous lap, when Pooley tried to blow the opposition


away. Once again, the rest are under pressure and Pooley is about


five back. Armitstead and Pooley of Great Britain are right near the


front. Vos was left to do that all alone. She created a gap,


Armitstead went across to it. Absolutely no problem at all. I


thought that two would work together but Vos was left alone. No


one was willing to help Marianne here that we are not aware of that


It's those two who are the strongest of the team. They are


trying to keep it strong out but a lot of riders comfortably on the


wheel. I think everybody had the psychological boost, knowing that


if I get over this one at short climb that I'm in touch on the way


back into London and have a shot at the Olympic gold medal. Armitstead


is attacking on the right of our screen. Vos sees it straightaway.


It's Lizzie Armitstead, the Yorkshire lass who is based over


there in Belgium who has decided to have a go. She is putting the rest


under pressure. Vos is bringing the field back up to them, but it's


good to see that Armitstead has got the confidence to really have a


crack here. Silver medal-winner in the Commonwealth Games in New Delhi


and former British national champion. Once again the he's back.


This has been a compelling and enthralling race with lots of


little attacks developing. There's also been many punctures and


crashes on the gritty corners. Coming through on the extreme right


for Germany was Judith Arndt. As we get another move developing here. I


must admit that I think the time for Lizzie Armitstead to contribute


was when Vos attacked over the top on the descent. Lots of fresh legs,


and now we are going to have lots of people just contributing to make


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 56 seconds


back? If they are, its two bid this has to come back together at


the front because of Emma Pooley's work. A lot of attacking here, but


so difficult to make a gap on these fast roads. Immediately back


together again but Pooley is sitting in second position. The


field, they are starting to get their second wind as they eased


back. Still a lot of riders here, despite all the attacking.


Australia trying to come through now to get to the front of the


field, as Pooley continues to turn the screw here and put the rest


into the red zone. They've got a sharp left-hander they got to


negotiate again, where we saw a crash before. These small, twisting


roads are great for people to attack. The opportunist move could


be the rider who wins this in the end, somebody who jumps clear.


Remember in the men's race we had those two riders who clipped off in


the closing stages, with the gold the for before. Just squeezing


through the inside of Pooley was the rider from America. There was


almost a crash there, it was Shelley Olds. We have a lone


attacker trying to go clear. It's good to see at the end of that


corner shop, Nicole Cooke still in touch with this group. Her


passionate style will come into its own at the end of this race. That


is good news. We thought that Cook had lost contact. -- we thought


that Cooke had lost contact. It is the rider from Russia who is on the


attack. Zabelinskaya has had one or two probing moves early on in the


race that didn't come to anything, but she is now trying to go away.


She's been given a real opportunity here. It is possibly the biggest


gap we've seen in this race, as biggest gap we've seen in this race


today. They are going to have to bridge across to this soon. You are


right. Zabelinskaya is being given her freedom. After all the attacks


that we've seen, the field at the moment are sitting up, they are


filling the road better to gutter. The urgency seems to be evaporating


from the peloton. Zabelinskaya is profiting here big time. This is


the opportunity to distance herself from the chasers. Nobody at the


moment is limiting the gains of the leader. Can she keep the pace up?


It's a long way to go, but she is a handy bike rider. She has won the


women's version of the stage race in Sirmais overall throughout her


career. She is a former world junior time-trial champion on the


road and a former world junior points race champion. You are


looking at him rider with a lot of quality. It is Russia with the lone


leader, Zabelinskaya. There is the opportunity to see her mauve when


she went away from the front of the peloton. She took an opportunity,


she waited and waited, let the big names Tacy each other down. When


she sensed it starting to ease, she launched an attack and has been


given an opportunity, as they all looked at each other as she pushes


out of these lanes. She will only be on the small roads for a little


longer before they start to head easier when you have the whole road


to use on your own. Pooley has got a gap. She's having a go, she


realises the danger. I was going to say, when you are on your own, you


can find a good line as approach to being in the wheels and foreign


somebody else which could lead you into a dangerous situation. That is


a good move because the Americans have been very strong throughout.


We will wait and see who she's got with her here. It might be Shelley


Olds. It is, she's in really good form. Having just won a stage in


the women's version of the tour of Italy. We will wait for that


confirmation. I know that Stevens is wearing a red helmet. That is a


massive gap they've given Emma Pooley. She's a fantastic time


trialist. You can see the flurry of activity behind. It is Amber Neben


is. Look at the reaction from behind, they don't like it. Now


back to the leader, Zabelinskaya, who is in front of the action.


Pooley has got no allies because she has already reflected her


strengths and skills, and that is why they are pulling her back from


behind. Marianne Vos is now having a go. The race is exploding into


action. We have a British rider back in third place. They are going


to pick up Zabelinskaya. We have four riders clear. That was Cooke


back towards the front bed. Armitstead, who seems to have the


job of marking Bosc, every move that she makes, it is starting to


break up now. There are gaps appearing. This could be a


fantastic move. That could have been a fatal mistake on behalf of


the remnants of the peloton. Excellent move there. Great Britain


have representation. Marianne Vos is the red hot favourite. You


wouldn't have got very good odds on betting on forced to win this. But


look at the driving power of the Dutch woman on the front now.


Marianne Vos is beginning to turn the screw. This quartet of riders


are distancing themselves. If they could bridge up it would be a


quality group at the front. I feel sure that it's one that is probably


going to stay away until the finish. Will be able to tell in the next


few minutes if it's going to stick. But already we have motorbikes


between these groups, which indicates there is a reasonable gap.


So it is Zabelinskaya, boss, Pooley from Great Britain and we've got


keep this away. Lizzie Armitstead with Emma Pooley up the road. Two


for Great Britain, that would be a is Zabelinskaya, Marianne Vos,


Armitstead and Neben. Pooley has been so prominent but she's just


slipped back. I'll slip back and you replace me. This is a great


move. Germany on the back foot here. They've seen the danger and now


have come to the front. Inevitably, sitting in the wheel of the German


is a rider from Holland. She will not in any way contribute to the


place. In fact, she will disrupt the rhythm of the chase, which will


help Marianne Vos stay clear. This is very good. A rich mix of


different countries. Not working too well together yet. Just


starting to get organised now. They've been given a chance to take


a breather and re-establish themselves in this group. If they


work well together, they will be high, because the pressure has been


on for a while. The teams having been able to reform, so the German


team have spotted the danger but one person alone is not going to


pull back a good working group of four, certainly a group of four of


this quality. I think that is Shelley Olds in that group and not


Neben. Shelley Olds is in very good the case. It is Shelley Olds.


think that is better for the Americans, because she's come into


this race having completed the women's version of the Tour of


Italy, where she nailed stage six. She's a bit of a sprinter as well.


The leading group again is a Zabelinskaya of Russia, Armitstead


of Great Britain. Number 18, Shelley Olds of USA. Number eight,


the molten hot favourite right at the back, Maryam boss of the


Netherlands. They are fully committed to this now. They have


just 12 seconds lead and less than an hour of racing to go. It is


Germany behind who have been caught out. They are desperately trying to


get back on terms. But the quality of this group, and you can see how


committed they are, it's going to be a very difficult for some to


bring back. This could well be the defining moment, the moment of


selection. Just look at Marianne Vos. She's so eager to get on with


this. The world Cyclo Cross champion, she won that back in the


end of January. She has been the Cyclo Cross champion on many


occasions. She has been the world road champion many times, second in


the world road championships. She comes into this having finished 6th


in the Olympic Games in this road race in Beijing. But she is a gold


medal winner from the Beijing Olympics when she won the points


raised on the track. The roads are dry, that gives them the


opportunity to swing into the corner at all tempo. Can Lizzie


Armitstead do what they call Cook did four years ago and take the top


spot here in the women's road race? She saw the time to go, it wasn't


on the climb. The opportunity came over the top. A desperate chase


behind by the Germans and Italians. They are getting organised as well.


They know they've got minutes to get back on terms. Any hesitation


and those four will slip away. That's what happened yesterday in


the men's race. That hesitation allowed a gap of a minute to go and


suddenly there wasn't enough road to pull it back. 16 seconds now the


gap. It is a nice gap which has been engineered. It is an


economical working group at the front. What happens when you just


got two countries that are conscious of the fact the medals


are slipping away? That is Italy and Germany doing the chasing


behind. Team-mates of these riders will get involved in disrupting


that rhythm. That is whether four will profit from it. They can take


the corner as quickly as well. and Armitstead are both on the same


professional team, so they know which other well. There's


definitely an incentive to work together, but it is being hardboard


behind to pull them back on terms. It is going to be touch and go


whether they managed to do it. Judith Arndt herself contributing


to the chase. She knows she has to work if she wants to have a shot at


a metal. And she's not a sprinter, so sure have to work out a system


of trying to jump clear at the end. She's not a pure sprinter, she's


got the power but this is total commitment now. Look at the riding


style of Marianne Vos, right on the nose of the saddle. When riders are


there, totally committed in that position, you know the tempo is


absolutely at its limit. There's the rider that caused the damage


originally bred at the front, the they have SPAR European Cross


Country Championships the time trial. Great Britain have had a


victory as well, but the USA are looking for their first winner


since 1984 when collie carpenter Spotakova. There are only two of


the Germans working now. Germany lost the chance yesterday by not


contributing well, the British team not taking that chance. I think


this group will stay away from Great Britain in the remnants of


this peloton. We have Nicole Cooke and Emma Pooley waiting in the


wings to counter anything. These four are profiting so any hesitant


that creeps into the minds of the peloton and due to the disruption


of the team bike, they will get away. It is still bitterly at the


front having a go, Sweden sitting second. I can only assume that is


Johansson, the silver medal winner from Beijing. It is going up, 22


seconds now. It is beginning to stretch out. The rain is battling


down now on these riders, as we get a shot of Nicole Cooke on the


wheels. She can't attack now, she has a team made up the road. We


thought this might be her job at this point in the race but Lizzie


Armitstead has taken it on instead. The Dutch and British teams


policing this move now, not many people coming to the front. They


have got to get a trace organised soon. If they get over half the


minute, the morale of the peloton will go down and it could be over.


This is the time gap, 20 seconds. That is the kind of news they want


to receive. They can see their hard work is beginning to pay off here.


That move right up the summit of the climb taken not by the rest of


the chasers certainly paying off. It is 22 seconds, so it is far from


over but the peloton now know they are on the back foot. They have


really got to keep a persistent chase behind, really consistent.


Any hesitation, these four riding well together now, three of them


would get a medal now and they know it is worth the commitment and the


effort. They won't start thinking about the finish until the last few


kilometres. The Canadians having a discussion, deciding what to do


about this. Should we contribute to this chasing? All the time, the


kilometres ticking by. They have got to contribute or lose the


chance of a medal. 22 seconds now, so it is touch and go. The gap is


testament to the monumental effort from the four at the front. We


really are at a juicy stage in this competition. It inspires you when


you see the effort made by these four and Great Britain in with a


chance of nailing a place on the podium. Lizzie Armitstead is a


great sprinter and Marianne Vos will know that. They are in a suit


her position. Emma Pooley will not contribute to the pace, and neither


with Judith Arndt at the front, the world time trial champion. Those


three now are going away from the head of the peloton. The Italian,


who was doing the chasing, is now on the back foot. Again, they are


making this mistake, just one rider trying to pull this back. There are


four quality riders further up the road. 19 seconds, the gap now. Some


serious inroads being made, but one rider will not pull them back.


than it is possibly the one rider who could do the damage here. Being


the time-trial champion, she can keep the pace very high. -- Judith


Arndt. It has gone back to 21 seconds, this really is an


unbelievable chase here, spellbinding. I think we are seeing


fluctuations in the G Ps system, curves in the road, because the


pace is consistent here, not letting off. I don't think the


motorbikes should be there, there was some of that yesterday when the


riders were gesticulating, telling them to get out of the way.


Germans getting a bit of help there, Judith Arndt doing a lot of the


work on her own and she has some help here. I don't think they have


the power to close this down because they have some sprinters


who do not want to get involved in a chase of this severity. 22


seconds is a nice gap to have because they are approaching the


flat fast roads which will lead them back to the Mall. Marianne Vos


at the front with a workmanlike style, really eager to keep the


pace going. They are working well together but we have fresh legs


behind coming to help the chase, but it is not consistent. It is in


the balance now, this will be decided over the next few


kilometres as they go on their way back to London these roads will be


getting bigger. These riders have the opportunity of carving


themselves a place into sporting immortality by nailing the top


podium position in this women's road race. 140 kilometres, 66


riders, but the field really has split. The Russia and at the front


is really eager to keep the pressure on. I think the pressure


is starting to tell on Lizzie Armitstead. All of them totally


committed, driving as hard as they can. For this short time, they are


on the same team, working together. The gap is supposedly coming down,


but we can't see much in this torrential rain. 12 seconds, that


is very close. Can you see anything from behind the motorbikes? The


trace his Dillon, the Germans are still pulling everyone along. They


have the confidence to think they can bridge the gap and it is


Germany working tirelessly here. This is the problem, they just did


so much work to pull back the gap and it is yo you yo-yoing all the


time. You have got to start asking the questions, who has managed to


save the most strength from the peloton behind because those at the


front will have given the most. It's it is all over the place now.


We had just got to believe in the rider's we have got. We have top


four riders, Judith Arndt is a fantastic athlete to have at your


service, one of the best time trial was in the world. They will have to


be so careful on LEAs spends now. With those time checks a 27 seconds,


it is like Judith Arndt tracing the four down. We have got a favour the


four to stay away. They do some turning, then they stop. That is


the problem, they have not got big teams, just a maximum of four


riders sono individual country can pull this back. The need an


amalgamation. It will be very difficult for them to come back.


The gap is actually 26 seconds so they will not need much now. We are


not going on these captions we are getting at the moment, we believe


they are having some G Ps problems. The closing stages of this race RN


crusted with and for Rawling action, spellbinding action, to decide


where the medals will go and we have four different countries


hanging on to the lead which we estimate at just over 20 seconds.


That is a handy working cushion and the chasing pack will have to do


something special. And now they are getting themselves organised. We


have five different riders representing different nations


starting to get together. We have Teutenberg at the front staying out


of trouble. Judith Arndt has needed some company, she has got it now.


If they work consistently together, they could do some damage but they


have a very short amount of time to get back on terms because the


kilometres are ticking away. They know they are in with a great


chance of getting a podium position. Lizzie Armitstead looks very good


to me. We have lost a rider, that is not good to the group, and it


looks like Shelley Olds of the USA has gone. When did that happen? We


didn't see her go. She is back with the group now, by the look of it.


What happened? She is right at the back of the group. We didn't see


what the incident was, but there have been a lot of different


punctures in this race. You can see her wheels are different so it is


highly likely she has suffered a puncture. This could be devastating,


she was really contributing and they have now lost one quarter of


their workforce. One of the members of the leading group, Shelley Olds,


has gone. We didn't see it, but it doesn't mean the three riders are


all medal-winners if they can stay away. Which way will the colours


go? Lizzie Armitstead, Marianne Vos. Who is that? Johansson, one of the


big favourites. She is a strong rider to take out of the group at


the back which was helping with the chasing. Her team was helping with


the chasing and the pressure will not let off now. I don't know


whether individually she can get on terms with the main group, let


alone the three at the front. Everyone in this breakaway now is


guaranteed a medal if they stay away, and that is some motivation.


I just said that, but where will the commas go? I don't know too


much about the sprinting skills. I know a lot about Marianne Vos and


Lizzie Armitstead, and Lizzie Armitstead on her day could really


put Marianne Vos under pressure. It just depends on how they approached


the line. This is a really big trio of talent setting themselves up for


the medals. Italy holding their own, this group of three riders. That


half the minute has become more interesting, and suddenly Johansson


has a problem with the rear brake which requires some help. That


really is naughty, that is actually being pushed. They are heading


towards Hampton Court and they will be assembling here on Wednesday


when they tackle the time-trial. Just got a glimpse of Teutenberg of


Germany, and the sprinter, and she will be thinking to herself that


she is sprinting for fourth place here, one shy of the podium, and


that is not exactly what she wanted. She can do nothing now. She is in a


similar position to Mark Cavendish yesterday. She just have to trust


the team to control the race. These three are motivated now, and of


course we have Nicole Cooke and M are poorly held in reserve should


this not work, but it is looking more and more likely and we are


seeing some distance growing little bit. 20 kilometres remaining,


they need all three of them to work together. It looks as though Olga


Zabelinskaya is running out of steam. That will play into the


advantage of the group behind, because there are more workers


behind if she becomes a passenger and she has to sit on the back. The


workload is: To be raised by a third, and it means it is Lizzie


Armitstead and Marianne Vos are trying to stay clear for the medals.


The Russian is struggling, that is not good. But she is coming through.


Perhaps it was only a little falter, they need all of them to contribute.


The gap is growing. Slowly, slowly moving further up the road. These


riders are utterly committed, this is their shot. Lizzie Armitstead


getting some food, it is important to keep on top of the fuel supply.


Olga Zabelinskaya will do everything she can. She is at


classed by the other two. I think Lizzie Armitstead showed the form


that she has got, the sprint will be close between her and Marianne


Vos. They are in the form of their lives. We are hedging our bets on


the form of Olga Zabelinskaya. She is not always in the leading


positions, but she is making a real fist of it. Now, she is


contributing well to the workload. Look at the position of Marianne


Vos, she is such a talent. Can Lizzie Armitstead do what Nicole


Cooke did for Mark Ridgers ago? They are looking good. We think the


gap might be more than that. We will get some confirmation for due


in a seconder. We have got our own timing. We believe the gap is now


40 seconds. I do not think they will get caught. They are punching


well above their weight, inspired by the fact that they know they


have got a medal from the Olympic Games. Italy still on the front,


tapping out the rhythm to try and ruin the chances of the three ahead.


The praise of Italians at the front, the flick of the elbow, keep the


pace-stop we need more than three riders if they want to print this


race back. They have an influx of fresh legs. When Emma Johansson had


a puncture, they lost some important support. But these three


are consistent, they have got time to dodo. They might get some fresh


legs and close the gap. The three are consistently pushing on all the


way as they come back across the Thames. There is Hampton court


Palace, what a glorious shot. A hugely impressive message that they


are sending. Lizzie Armitstead injecting more pace. She has put


the Russian under pressure. I think she will do better to keep the pace


consistent. You need to stay together. We know our cheques are


accurate, 40 seconds, that is fantastic news. It will be morale-


sapping for the peloton behind. They are losing more ground. Olga


Zabelinskaya it is not doing much. Shelley Olds was doing all she


could earlier, every little bit counts. But these three have a


different situation, when you are committed, guaranteed a medal.


at the sinuous line that was formed, that tells you that the pressure is


fully on at the front. Germany carving out the pace, with Judith


Arndt looking after the interests of Ina Teutenberg. They chase like


this will be very telling, because if they bridge, Ina Teutenberg will


have nobody to lead her out, because Judith Arndt will surely be


spent. The gap has confirmed at 36 seconds. The disparity in the


abilities of the front trio is the problem. They need three bodies.


Marianne Vos and Lizzie Armitstead are clearly superior, and that is


causing a problem. Olga Zabelinskaya will do all she can,


let's hope it is enough. They had eaten more time. They are both in


imperious form. We are observing weakness bringing it -- coming into


the effort of Olga Zabelinskaya. You get the feeling she is still


trying to help the other two, but if she weakens more, she could get


dropped away and get picked up by the peloton, which will leave the


two at the front to do the work. It is planed nicely into the hands of


the front three at the moment. are getting organised behind, we


have got America and Emma Johansson's team, the Germans, the


whole group starting to work. Emma Pooley sitting on the back, waiting


to see what happens. No need to worry about placings. She can get


maximum shelter if she wants to. There is a wider near the back,


that she came to the front, but would help the others. It is Linda


Melanie Villumsen. If Nicole Cooke can get amongst the front riders


and start to disrupt the rhythm, that would play very nicely into


the hands of Lizzie Armitstead. is getting herself behind the


chases, but we have a consistent five or six riders going through.


Judith Arndt and Kristin Armstrong are amongst them, that is a strong


group. At the front, they are starting to feel the pressure and


crack a little bit. 20 riders left? 20, maximum. Kristin Armstrong has


come to different, she has one of the best time trials in the


business, a former world champion. With Judith Arndt, two specialists


against the clock, bake or the wrong two to chase down the front


three. But they are determined. They have got the bit between their


teeth. It is touch and go, we have a nail-biting situation. Kristin


Armstrong to ring a massive amount of work. Still up there, Noemi


Cantele of Italy. They will be given the incentive that the death


is coming down. They are piling on the pressure, they have just got a


few minutes to de rigueur. The gap is still over 30 seconds on my


watch. I have taken a mark on the other side of this building. The


front three of still holding their own, I reckon the cat is 34 seconds.


-- gap. These twists of going to make the difference, that will


really help these three. Lizzie Armitstead really is absolutely


flying. She is quite close to the motorbike, she could profit from


that. Olga Zabelinskaya is second. The work and the damage is being


done by Kristin Armstrong by the USA, she is beginning to turn the


screw. All the American team are near the front, so the rider that


was in the break, Shelley Olds, she is still there. If the gap is 39


seconds, they have gone up a bit. But we will not rely on that, we


will do our own times. These calamitous cannot count down fast


enough for the front three, all of them are guaranteed a medal --


these kilometres cannot count down fast enough. I did not want to call


the sprint. These three are totally committed. Each one of them has got


a medal guaranteed if they can get to the line ahead of the chasing


peloton. Where the colours will go, we have to wait and see, but they


are impressive, they are working consistently. It was a difficult


move to get going, it happened on the descent. They will soon be


heading through Richmond Park. From there, it is not far to get back


into the city. It is not a good time, because when they are into


Richmond Park, it will be possible for the chasing group to see the


leaders. Lizzie Armitstead said they need to know what is happening


behind. They are not getting the information. Normally, they would


have radios. They can get all of this information from the cars


behind. They are not getting anything a tall, very frustrating.


It was the same situation for the men. We can use our own stopwatches


to gauge the difference. They need to get the white board up there on


the motorbike to tell the leaders what the advantage is, because they


are blind, they do not know what it is. Another American comes up to


the front, Judith Arndt is always there in the next. We come up to


Richmond Park. It is touch and go. It is a nail-biter in the closing


stages. The crowd are crouching against the barriers, they will


recognise the co-owners of the British rider, and the cacophony of


applause for Lizzie Armitstead, she is trying to ride away from the


rest. We enter Richmond Park for the second time, the finish is


getting ever nearer. That time, 40 seconds, is not too far off, I will


give you a cheque in a minute. The gap is getting bigger. More people


are contributing behind, but they are not of the class of dividers we


saw before. Olga Zabelinskaya it is struggling at, and that is breaking


up the momentum. They are still hammering away with the challenge


of keeping the group behind away from getting up to them. Looked at


Marianne Vos, she is looking good. She would love to get a time check,


I cannot understand why they are not being told. Marianne Vos and


Lizzie Armitstead need to be on each other. They are separated by


Olga Zabelinskaya at the moment. If they could get together, it would


help the Russian to contribute. She did just do what she could. The


peloton of getting a time check, but we cannot see that. They are


frustrated by that. They have sent a message to the peloton of seismic


proportions. Fake or full of riding, and if they want to be pulled back,


the peloton has to do something impressive. If that time is right,


they are getting away marginally. It is there or thereabouts. We can


be sure within five or six seconds. The peloton on not making any


inroads at the moment. The danger for the front group is if they


start to look at each other in the closing kilometres. They have got a


big margin, but that could be eroded if they play cat-and-mouse


too early. It is a gallant effort by the three at the front. They are


trying to hold off the field. They are starting to punch a little,


which indicates the sting is carried out of the chase. They will


not manage it, the kilometres are ticking down. It really is a nail-


biter. 10 miles, you could not have written a better script. The


Patriot isn't is beginning to spill over. -- page it is a map. They


will know that Lizzie Armitstead is approaching, they are getting the


commentary feed on the screens. She will get eight huge lift, these are


great moments for the Yorkshire lass. One of the reasons you see


Olga Zabelinskaya suffering a bit, going through Richmond Park, it


undulates a little bit. That was nothing to them before, but now,


they are starting to feel the fatigue, the pressure has been on


for two and was, and we saw Lizzie Armitstead making sure she had a


gel, keeping on top of the feeding. That is professional, you are


keeping on the pressure on the pedals, and if you forget something


like that, it can destroy your race. This is a weather and road. It does


undulate. Nicole Cooke on the left, she is getting behind the chasers.


It does not persuade anybody else from helping out. Everybody working


hard, they have got six or seven riders, they are not making any


inroads. Looking at Nicole Cooke makes me realise, she was delayed


with a problem earlier. Kristin Armstrong is slipping back. Come on,


Lizzie Armitstead says. She is gesticulating at the others.


Marianne Vos was looking back in concerned. Lizzie Armitstead fall


and better in fact towards the end of this race. Marianne Vos always


tends to miss out on the big ones, that could happen again. The final


kilometres unfolding in the race. It is a carbon copy of the race in


Beijing. That was a thriller when Nicole Cooke got the gold ahead of


Johansson, but the weather was exactly the same as well. It was


peppering down, just as it is now. They are round the corner safely,


now they can lie in off-again. saw some gaps starting to appear.


They are being very careful around the corners, and right they should


be as well. They have everything to lose and this margin is very good


indeed. It would need something terrible to go wrong not to


maintain this now. They are consistently working together,


knowing that a medal could be theirs. I am pleased to say that it


looks like Zabelinskaya has got over the Hickok which we thought


earlier on meant she had run out of steam. She is actually


contributing... Look at the Canadian on the corner, she almost


went down. She just about rectified the problem. We have a problem, I


think that was another one of the Canadians. There is another attack


on the front from the USA. We can tell you for sure the lead has


extended to 50 seconds now, which ironically is about the same


distance the front group had in the men's race yesterday and they made


it all the way to the line. These three are in fantastic shape now.


bet that gave her an adrenalin rush. She just about managed to stay


upright. Who will win this contest? We have two cracking sprinters,


with Lizzie Armitstead and Marianne Vos. We don't know too much about


the sprinting ability of Zabelinskaya. The motorbike getting


very close. Normally the judges would be much more on top of things


like that. It is not ideal for them to get help from passing traffic.


The slipstream makes a big difference, really helps out. It is


like having someone else in the group for a few seconds, but these


three we can safely say have done the work themselves. They have not


faltered at all. We have seen some big names chasing behind. We have


seen Judith Arndt on the front, but to no avail and these three have


make the gap bigger and bigger. have got to ask yourself the


question, if they do maintain the lead, success is getting what you


want but happiness is likely what you get so they are all in with a


chance of getting the medals, but which way will the colours go?


buffer it is looking more and more healthy, as we get a shot of them


are poorly at the back. I think she wants some information from the car,


she wants to know what is going on at the front, but there is nothing


she can do a -- apart from police the moves. A few seconds game can


help them. This will be the last time she feeds between now and the


dinner table tonight, and will it be a celebration meal? They know


they are in with an opportunity of having a crack at the medals. They


can see the kilometres slipping away, getting nearer to the finish.


Look at Lizzie Armitstead getting great support from the roadside. A


terrific display of even work here, three riders like a team time trial.


They have the order better now as well. Zabelinskaya is looking


better towards the end of the race. She will contribute when she can


but she is not getting the change in pace as she was before. She was


splitting up these two strong riders. The road is covered in


water, torrential rain has not stopped for the last half-hour.


They are called in a bullish mood as they continued to pour on the


coals. Lizzie Armitstead is totally inspired by the occasion. Italy


once again coming to the front but I feel their chances are beginning


to evaporate. You can see it in their faces. There doesn't seem


that passion to bring this back. A lot of these countries have only


one rider, and you would have thought they would start to work


through to give themselves at least an opportunity of getting a medal.


There is nothing the sprinter can do, it is in the hands of her team-


mates. I think the heart is going out of this chase now. I think that


is a good show it. 27 years of age, Teutenberg, a long career she has


had an she must be thinking she was in with a chance here. I was just


wondering if there would be a danger on that corner, but this is


a real wide sweeping arc as they make their way to the finish.


they are starting to just six miles of racing to go, when these three


might start to think about attacking each other. Almost


certainly the attack will come from Marianne Vos or Lizzie Armitstead.


Ones that start, the working will stop and the gap will be eroded.


They need to start thinking about that when there is only three


kilometres to go. I don't want to start thinking about that because


the bunch is pouring down on them. Pity is the very handsome cushion


of advantage for the three ahead but I don't want to see them


attacking each other until the final kilometre, then they will be


safe. Still a sizable group here but only a few passengers


contributing to the pace. They had those time checks and it showed


them their work has been for nothing. These three have taken


more time out of them and the morale will have dropped in the


peloton. These three are going to find more of that courage as they


ask more of themselves, but their ideas are turning very efficiently


and I am pleased to say Zabelinskaya looks as if she has


got over that he cupped hand they are motoring on nearer and nearer


to the finish. -- got over that hiccup. Nine kilometres remaining,


about 12 minutes, and we have a British rider poised, possibly, to


take a gold medal. Marianne Vos is some serious competition. They will


be going over Putney Bridge for the final time, the final crossing over


the Thames before they start to go on to Fulham Road and then the


conclusion on to the finish. They are still working flat out here.


The break developed through Zabelinskaya. One of the Finnish


riders is trying to bridge the gap on her Rome, she will not make it


on her own. There was an incredible reaction from Shelley Olds, who


went along with Marianne Vos and Lizzie Armitstead, and that his --


is how the break happened. Somebody will attack, then they will get


caught, and it will slow again so that really is playing into the


hands of these three. One of the most thrilling of the women's


contests for the gold medal that I have seen and it's certainly is


going to go right down to the wire. The chase, they have not given up,


but we are looking at the possibility of Great Britain


replicating the gold medal position of four years ago with Lizzie


Armitstead. The Dutch have won this twice. We have a problem, one of


the Russians has had to stop. She will never get back. She crashed.


Dear, oh dear. How did she do that? She touched the wheel in the middle


of the bunch. With the wet road surface, she will not have suffered


too badly. She will live to fight another day, but her race is over


now. Marianne Vos is trying to become the third woman from Holland


to win this title. There has never been a win by Russia. America


continued the chase from behind, and the kilometres are slipping


away. We are getting to the business end of the contest. Nine


minutes of racing remaining. Will they be working all the way to the


line? They have lost some of that advantage. 38 seconds now, that has


closed the gap, but is it enough? They have to keep the pressure on


if they want to keep in contention. It will not be easy, but I think


that time for to -- the time on the caption is not correct, we are


keeping our own time here. They have had some of their advantage


nibbled away. If it starts early, that will not help. They will know


that. They don't know if they had time, they have not seen the time


checks, but they have got to go all the way to the last few kilometres


before they start seeing which medals they will get. It is nail-


biting to say the least, just over three miles, and we are seeing 50


seconds but we are timing ourselves here in the commentary box and we


think that is rather generous. We think it is something more like 38,


40, but it is a handsome margin. That is a problem for Emma Pooley.


Emma Pooley of Great Britain, who has been so aggressive throughout


the race, has picked up a problem. It may well be a puncture. That


means Nicole Cooke is isolated as the only other British survivor in


what is left of the peloton. Crouching down, keeping the tempo


high. The you can see they are riding hard to now but they have


backed off ever-so-slightly. They are starting to think about the


finish. The Belgium here, another good rider. We can see Emma Pooley


getting back on her bike but it is too late now. She helped Lizzie


Armitstead get into this position, and that is everything the British


team could ask for. This is exactly the person they wanted to bring to


the sprint finish. Soon into Knightsbridge before they get to


constitution Hill and the concluding approach into the red


tarmac in the Mall. They are being advised of the action so they know


there is a British rider in contention for a medal here. It


there has been severe action, and heaps of attacks that we have been


able to commentate on. It concerns a lot of the other races I have


seen over the season. Zabelinskaya contradicting valiantly. She has


been in trouble a couple of times on this breakaway, all the way back


from the lanes of sorry. There has been an hour they have spent,


toiling away, Zabelinskaya doing all she can. She is assured of a


medal now, barring any mishap. We think the time gaps are starting to


become more accurate now and the gap is starting to creep up. There


has been a flurry of speed, then that eases whilst they look at each


he's back, that does not counter the consistent workload of the


three. A well or old engine, the legs going up-and-down like pistons.


They know they are definitely in for a podium position. Another


spirited effort from behind, as the riders try to pull back the three,


but I think their efforts are in favour. The Russian takes her a


last drink of the race. The race is getting closer and closer.


cameras could do with stained with these three, because we might start


to see some attacks. I am sure it will come from Lizzie Armitstead or


Marianne Vos. I do not know if she will have the confidence to leave


it to a sprint, but they might attack before they get to the line.


Judith Arndt coming to different, she has pulled the peloton I longed.


She would have done better to have stayed in the wheels are a bit and


tried to jump clear up and instigate a splinter attack. She is


pulling the peloton on all the time. That has not achieved the target of


pulling back to the front three. We are getting towards the end. Less


than three kilometres to go. They are getting some time checks from a


motorbike. Somebody has just decided they need some information.


The last 2.5 kilometres of this race. They will have to be so


vigilant, they have worked so hard for this opportunity. Lizzie


Armitstead has to watch Marianne Vos. They are going to start to


think about going for the winner. Positioning is so important.


Whether or not Marianne Vos will be pleased to lead, I do not know. I


am sure Lizzie Armitstead will want to come from behind. Olga


Zabelinskaya is indifferent. It looks like Marianne Vos wants to


keep the Russian at the front. We are getting closer to the finish.


Lockout for the red kite, that is the pennant that will tell us there


is only one kilometre to go. This is age huge effort from the Russian,


Marianne Vos does not want to come through. Olga Zabelinskaya says, a


bronze medal, that is all I am going to get any way. She eased off


the pace a little bit, but she is still riding. They have lost a few


seconds. They cannot mess about, because the group behind are still


working to try to pull them back. Lizzie Armitstead is taking a turn


at the back. Do not do it for too long, otherwise the group will


close you down. Marianne Vos has taken the sting out of the pace,


she is not governed as quickly as she was before. This is clever from


Lizzie Armitstead. She is out of sight of Marianne Vos. Olga


Zabelinskaya is going early, I cannot believe it! She is trying to


jump clear. It was a forlorn effort, it was more of an acceleration. She


has not got the sharpness of speed of the other two. Lizzie Armitstead


is playing a dangerous game, she is bluffing Marianne Vos. She wants to


stay at the back and have the advantage of surprise for a sprint


finish. She started early, it is nail-biting. It is quite scary.


They are round the corner safely. They will see the kite soon. Under


1000 metres, just over, remaining. The red kite, one kilometre to go.


Who will be the Olympic champion? Olga Zabelinskaya is at the front,


Marianne Vos in second, Lizzie Armitstead in the best position for


the element of surprise, in third place. This will be a charge for


the line. The crowd are getting behind them. In a matter of seconds,


they will see who wins the gold medal. Lizzie Armitstead positioned


herself on the wheel of Marianne Vos, one of the fastest women in


the world. Has she got the form today? I think she is the fastest


finisher in the business. Look for the attack of Marianne Vos. Can


Lizzie Armitstead spring a surprise? You can see the remnants


of the peloton in the distance. They will not get up to the free.


They are closing in to the approach. They are on the red carpet of... On


The Mall. It is still Olga Zabelinskaya in different. The line


is getting nearer. It is still Olga Zabelinskaya. Marianne Vos is


leading. Can Lizzie Armitstead challenge? Lizzie Armitstead is


trying to get alongside. Both riders are looking for the liner.


Marianne Vos takes the gold medal, Lizzie Armitstead takes the silver


medal, Olga Zabelinskaya takes the bronze medal. Will we see a sprint


for fourth place? Marianne Vos won the gold medal in Beijing for the


points on the track. This is the sprint for fourth place. It looks


like Ina Teutenberg. Ina Teutenberg comes up to the line for fourth


place. A cracking finish. Those three gave the rest of the slip and


they held the chasing group at bay. In the final sprint, Lizzie


Armitstead tried hard, but she could not quite get up to the


Flying Dutch woman, Marianne Vos. It is a great performance from the


Yorkshire woman. Lizzie Armitstead gets the silver medal. What a


courageous ride by the Russian, Olga Zabelinskaya. That was an


absorbing race, compelling action. That was fantastic. Marianne Vos


has desperately wanted that result for so long, she has had a very


good season. Lizzie Armitstead did everything right, she worked when


she had to, it was a fantastic race, but she did not have the speed. Ina


Teutenberg took the race for fourth place, she looked dejected. Nicole


Cooke was trailing in that group. For every sporting, all of the


athletes from the different countries acknowledging the efforts


of the riders that have claimed the medals. Their race against each


other on the road circuit, they know each other's strengths and


weaknesses. Marianne Vos, the Olympic champion. We are bringing


in some of the back markers. Emma Pooley had that problem in the


concluding kilometres. She is looking to see who have got the


medals. A big smile, she is aware that her team-mate, Lizzie


Armitstead, has secured the silver medal. It was a great ride. It was


beautiful. By far the best race of her career. She might not have won,


but she rode fantastically. I did notice, she was trying to get a


last bit of food, she dropped it, so that might have been a problem.


Huge congratulations, such a thrill to see you coming up and taking a


silver medal. How good does that feel? I do not know, it is really


strange. I do not know, I am a bit shocked. Thank you, and there!


awesome performance from your team- mates. Yes, and they did what was


asked. I am so glad I committed to the break. I did not know whether I


should. I am happy, I should have jumped earlier, but never mind.


could not have done well. We saw the effort you put him, he rode


hard in the break. Yes, I saw in the men's race, the fast roads


coming in, but once you have got a committed group, it is hard for the


ones in the back, so I went with it. Of course, you stuck right on her


tail, she is a fantastic competitor. She was the one to watch, and I


knew that. I was following her around. We got in a break early,


but I thought it was too early, so I played the tactic and I waited.


There was great support, I saw your grandmother, what has it felt like


to have that kind of support? the most special thing I have ever


experienced. It was crazy, it was so inspiring. I could not feel my


legs. Many congratulations. Thank you!


Congratulations, Lizzie Armitstead. The first medal for Great Britain.


She did not have what was needed to take Marianne Vos to was the line,


but Marianne Vos was the favourite, she is a wonderful all-rounder. She


won a medal four years ago on the track. She held off Lizzie


Armitstead. She said she should have gone earlier, but she did


wonderfully well. Congratulations to Lizzie Armitstead, wonderful


scenes here. Even though it is raining, everybody was gathered


around the big screen. Just a wonderful emotional moment. Exactly


40 years ago, the first medal in Beijing came in this race, the same


thing happened four years later, and it was raining then as well. I


am sure that has not dampened the spirits on The Mall. Let's talk


about what the emotions were like down there. It was absolutely


incredible, when they went through the one kilometre mark, you could


here huge cheering and everybody willing her on. For her, a superb


tactical race. She did the right thing by sitting on the wheel and


waiting for her to go. Give us an idea of how Lizzie Armitstead's


life will change. She is only 23, she did not own a bike until she


was 16. It will change in terms of people stopping her in the street


and wanting to talk to her. I have been tracking her on Twitter,


watching her father was go up by hundreds, the further she got into


the race -- perform was go up. For cycling, they have laid down a


medal, and it will give the rest of the team confidence. It feels we


have got started. Marianne Vos making sure she kept hold of the


gold medal. Any disappointment that it was not the gold medal? Lots of


people would have loved it, but in reality, Marianne Vos was the


favourite. She was the strongest. She had a very strong team around


her, Ellen van Dijk was making a tax to try to make sure that she


got into a good position. It was the result that was expected, but


Lizzie Armitstead could not have done well. We still have plenty of


cycling to come, the time trials, high hopes for that, and we have


not even got going in the velodrome. Develop drome is where we are


looking to get a stack of medals. - - feather trim. It will be


interesting to see if Bradley Wiggins has got his legs in good


shape, but it is another day. What would be good if we could have some


sort of control over the weather. It was miserable today. In the


final, to, thunder and lightning, and you could barely see. -- in the


final kilometre. What made the difference? Marianne Vos got up


early to make sure that she cycled the last kilometre before there was


any traffic on the streets of London, perhaps that was what made


the difference, but it is a gold medal can -- gold medal,


congratulations to her. Many congratulations, how does it


feel? I was a little nervous, but we gave everything in the breakaway.


Amazing crowds. It is The Mall, it is a wall of noise. It is a sprint


until the line. Lizzie did a good job on the break. She had a good


sprint. But I am really happy. have had an amazing season, and


over the years, you have got the full house, you have been a Olympic


champion on the track, but how special is this? After Beijing,


this is what I have had in mind for four years. Now it has happened, it


is incredible. Congratulations. Well done, and


congratulations should go to Olga Zabelinskaya, heavily involved, she


led the initial break away, and she picked up a bronze medal. Let's


hear from the British coach. Congratulations, an amazing


performance. She could not have It was a perfect race. Credit to


her, it was a magnificent race by the Lizzie Armitstead. She deserves


it, she has worked so hard over so many years. I am very happy for her.


To see the British cycling team report their first medal of the


Games, it must be very special for the whole team. Absolutely.


Yesterday didn't quite work out so we wanted to bounce back today and


that is exactly what the team did. Credit to them. Everybody played


their part. We thought it might come down to a bunch sprint, but


they adapted to the situation on the road. The nature of the women's


race is very different from the men's race. Mark was our plan


yesterday. There were various ways it could pan out. She took the


initiative and it panned out. You have got to take constant decisions


about the outcome and that is what she did today. Or against a great


champion in Marianne Vos. I don't think anybody can beat her in this


race. She was phenomenal today, very strong. Credit to her. They


did it in torrential rain, in tough circumstances and you have just got


to be pleased for them. Well done. The brains behind the brilliance of


British cycling, but it is not just about riding on neurone, you need


your team mate despite the fact that Lizzie Armitstead spent much


of that race riding on her own. Let's hear from Nicole Cooke, who


was part of that brilliant effort. Nicole, here we are. No gold medal


for you today, but the silver medal for the team. How does that feel?


It feels great. We came in here with a serious chance than we did


it so it is really great. Lizzie Armitstead did a brilliant ride. We


were backing her, but she didn't need it. We have continued our


success. It was that decisive break at Box Hill. At one point you


seemed to be off the pack. Was that mechanical? I just missed going


around the corner, which was pretty stupid, but I got back, drama over.


The yesterday when the break when to way, the British fans hoping it


would come back. A very different emotion here. What was happening in


the chasing group? We knew we didn't have all-out sprinters so we


were the opposite of the men's strategy for yesterday. Emma Pooley


and myself were at the front marking the riders chasing. We saw


the Germans working, and that is how it is. You are there waiting


for the race to develop, and all we could do was to save our energy and


be ready if it did come back. Then it would be over to us and we would


have taken the attack. Well done today.


She was primed, but it wasn't to be. Well done. Am afraid to say I am


going to have to puncture the moods like you with some less positive


mood. A statement has been released by Paula Radcliffe, a long


statement, but the main point is that she will not be competing. She


said "from the day it was announced London have won the Olympic bid, it


was a major goal in my life. I have been through the mail emotionally


and physically the last few weeks, and tried every direction and


avenue available to heal myself. Already London is showing the world


that the Olympic Games will be one hell of a show. For the details on


my foot, the joint is degenerative and badly damaged, the same joint I


was told in 1994 that I would never run on again. They will recover,


unfortunately though it is not This is a special moment, Olympic


glory and Olympic history. This was the first American athlete to win a


medal in individual events that five consecutive Olympics. Let's


hope she enjoys the celebration a little more than four years ago


because in Beijing she had heard on stolen after winning the medal.


Let's catch up with what else has been happening. It has been wet in


London for the cycling, probably as wet as it is for Ben Ainslie.


Shirley Robertson was watching. It has been pretty wet here. Ben


finished the day with two seconds but it has been the same man ahead


of him in both races. Danish man Kristian Cern. I spoke to Ben


briefly after the second race and he was pretty happy. It was a great


start, very consistent, and that is exactly what he was hoping for.


Behind me, they are coming up for the first rounding on their second


race. It certainly put the fire in the belly of Iain Percy and Andrew


Simpson, currently in second place. I am keen to see where they finish


when they come around the top mark. Iain Percy and Andrew Simpson, I


imagine they have plenty of support behind them, being defending


behind them, being defending Olympic champions. Yes, and they


are both really popular within the team. Following the youngsters go


to Iain Percy for advice. They are very experienced, and of course


great friends. They will be disappointed with the start in the


first race. You always want to come out and get one. They led the fleet


away and I think they will be second. I will let everybody know


that if they would like to join you, they can do so via the red button


This afternoon, we didn't miss the big moment, the great moment for


Great Britain. Exactly as it was in table with eight medals so far,


including five gold medals, but we are in 11th place and I think we


will win plenty more. This is what has been happening today, on day 2.


Congratulations to Lizzie Armitstead, she got the medalled


charged under way for Great Britain, taking silver in the women's road


race. Defending Olympic champion Zac Purchase and Mark Hunter won of


their race ahead of New Zealand to make the semi-finals. Paula


Radcliffe Spotakova dream of competing is over after a foot


injury forced her to withdraw from the women's marathon. Rebecca


Adlington will defend her 400m freestyle crown in the Aquatics


Centre, but she was the slowest qualifier for the final. That


happens at 8:15pm, I suggest you don't miss it.


Two gold medals in one Olympic Games... Rebecca Adlington, you are


absolutely brilliant. I had coached over 30 years and I had never


coached anyone with the drive that Rebecca has got. I have definitely


learnt more from my not so good swims than I have from my best ones.


She has the ability to push herself to the limit day-in, day-out.


athlete, you want to keep improving, you want to get faster. Anybody can


do absolutely anything at the Olympics. Nobody expected me to do


what I did at Beijing. There will be upsets, highways, everything.


That is a whole point of the Olympics. I hope we see her smile


this evening. She made it clear she wanted to enjoy herself after


Beijing. She is back in form, she had a wonderful world meet. Let's


hope she can pick up her medal. 8:15pm on BBC One. I will be on BBC


Three because it is the men's team taking on the United Emirates so


plenty going on, and plenty of ways moment of these historic Games. We


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We will broadcast daily highlights on the BBC HD Channel. London 2012


on the BBC. We have got the Olympic Games covered. There is only one


person to watch for the next few hours, Sue Barker, who has turned


up wearing black and white. At least you have silver buttons.


was terrific, wasn't it? Were you watching? Yes, we were screaming.


It was so exciting, and it will take the pressure off in a way


because after yesterday and Mark Cavendish are not getting a medal,


everybody wanted a medal for the British team. To go back to the


Olympic village, it is a feel-good factor. It says we have a lot of


strength and depth in the cycling. We didn't get a medal yesterday,


but we did today, and British cycling went into schools, finding


young talent. They decided to take that talent and turn them into


global superstars and that system has worked. Lizzio -- Lizzie


Armitstead is a great talent. This venue is great for the sport,


isn't it? I hope you have a bicycle and a helmet. I do, but I don't go


up many hills. I'd just go around the country lanes. It is absolutely


terrific for Lizzie Armitstead and for the cycling team. I know you


will be head of cycling down at the Velodrome. Be sure that we have the


time trial as well so we will see Bradley Wiggins, and others in the


time-trial. I hope you deliver some more medals later. We will be


trying our best. Time for Jake to say goodbye. I am taking over and


this is what is coming up in the next few hours. First we have


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 56 seconds


synchronised diving. We move to BBC at 4:12pm. First, we are heading to


the Aquatics Centre, where 17-year- old Rebecca Gallantree, and Alicia


Blagg, who is just 15, are representing Great Britain in the


for the men, and two for the women. The three-metre springboard. And


ten-metre platform. Unlike the individual event, there are no


preliminaries or semi-finals. The competition will be completed in


one final round, contested by eight teams. The synchronised springboard


diving, two adjacent boards are used, one for each diver. Each


board stands three metres above the pool's surface. Measuring 4.8


metres long and 50 centimetres wide. From the diving tower competitors


will dive side by side from the same ten-metre platform. This is


equivalent to the height of two double-decker buses. This surface


is six metres long and three metres wide. During the course of a dive


from the platform, divers can reach speeds of up to 40 mph before they


hit the water. If you would like to get involved in Olympic sports, go


studio to the Aquatics Centre. This is the first diving gold to be one.


The overwhelming favourites are the Chinese pair, Wu and He, who are


unbeaten in two years. China won seven of the eight diving golds in


Beijing and field a very strong team here. There are the Brits.


Plenty of support for them. Let's talk -- Let's Join our commentators,


Italian pair. Always tricky opening up a contest, the first dive.


Unlike the World Championships, there's no preliminaries to get rid


of the heebie-jeebies, but the Italian girls looking pretty


steadfast. Maybe Francesca closest to us hitting the water a fraction


ahead of Cagnotto. It's a good are doing well in that pool so far,


can they replicate that with the pair. That is the magic of


synchronised diving. We are not telepathic. We do use counting or


various signals in order to take off. Touching the toes at the same


time, arms moved back to the water. Please remember, the judges do not


get to see this. The marks are already into the computer and will


be appearing on your screen shortly. The Australian coaches like it. I'm


sure the girls will be pleased with limited degree of difficulty. So


important that you are not trying too hard. The judge awarded the


marks for Chris Ball, aesthetic That takes their total to the


Blagg and Rebecca Gallantree. They the home favourites. That is Alicia


Blagg's mum there. Let's see how they did. It is very good synchro.


Rebecca hitting the water the Chinese, but that's a solid


start for the British pair. For two support here for them. They are


rocking and rolling in the pool. The jump team probably aren't


anywhere near as strong as the swim team, but they are opening their


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 56 seconds


will be looking to get their first diving medal. This is a strong


event for them. Emilie Heymans in her fourth Olympic Games, medals in


the previous three. Jennifer Abel, 10 years younger than Emilie


Heymans. That's a nice start for agree with me there was a bit of a


mismatch coming into the her doorstep there. It looked like they


would be well out of time but ended ended up bouquet but I'm not sure


what to make of that. -- ended up The judges are looking for the


divers to be completely in line. I'm sure the replay will show that


one of the divers were slightly further away from the diving board,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 56 seconds


synchronised three-metre macro -- They are certainly going to be in


of the dive beautifully. Cagnotto's father competed years ago and won a


from his synchronisation point of view. Throwing up a bit too much


spread the air they are taking down with them with their hands in order


to get the suction. The execution An interesting choice of dive. It's


a bit more complicated than some of seen from this Chinese pair. That


means it gives the other pairs a chance to stay with them. All


changes will happen from round three when they are limited degree


of difficulty rounds kick in. does open the door slightly for the


good entry into the water. I think Rebecca Gallantree just Ben's at


the hip as she enters the water, giving the impression she wasn't


vertical. Until their hands touched the water, this had nine written


all over it. Synchronisation is training. They are certainly


holding the kind of form they were about consistency. Some funny arm


movements but there we go. Up over the top. I think they will get some


nines for that one. They do, they there. Bob Barber looking at me


quizzically. I'm not sure how they were approaching the end of the


diving board. As we can see on the replay, into the pike shape,


marginally out of time. The entry to the water has good alignment.


Jennifer moving very close towards Emilie Heymans. Trying to hold


hands, almost. One of heart -- well done, Jennifer, you did well to


hold that. That could have been a lot worse. The Canadians still in


it. Can I call it a scruffy die if? -- a scruffy dive? He didn't look


water to make sure they do not slip when they are up in the shapes.


There is a half twist. Into the pike position. The Malaysia and


probably a bit off the pace. I wouldn't be surprised if they are


towards the bottom of the field -- the Malaysians. Looking back at the


scoreboard they will see what you see on your screen. A bit of a


shake of the head. Not quite going how they planned. These girls need


hurdle step seemed to be out of time. Managing to get it together


in the end. Let's look at the synchronisation. -- eat maybe. They


will be towards the bottom of the round. Australia surprisingly a


long way down, but three more difficult. The difficulty goes up


to 3.0. The third round dive of the starts. That is a fantastic opening


optional dive. This is where the big guns come out, and in the


female springboard event, that means two and a half pikes, a 3.0.


Beautiful entry into the water, finishing lower than you would hope,


a little bit arching. But the entry into the water is good and the


lift them up the table a little bit. The Australians with their big dive


and that probably won't help. Standing backwards, but having to


spin forwards towards the diving board is dangerous because your


toes can come a little bit closer. I'm pleased to say they both


cleared the board. Going over the vertical as she goes in and the


synchronisation is very good. I don't think they will get more than


eight and a need to do better than going for her third title in the


dominance. A bit of flag-waving from their team-mates. The replay


will show just how good this level and synchronising


favourites. The first of their really big guys for Alyssia black


and Rebecca Gallantree. -- really programme, and that might have let


them down. It was the reserve of two and a half which means landing


on the end of the board, jumping up and away from the board and


spinning backwards towards it. The girl in beautiful synchronisation.


Rebecca just letting go of the shape a bit early and landing short


of the vertical. It is a shame, because the synchronisation is good.


Tom Daley showing with his expression what I am telling you.


And the marks will indicate all of couple of places and actually might


mean them dropping to the bottom of will certainly be in the hunt if


they carry on with this consistent performance. I was watching them in


training and I have been impressed. synchro which will put them in with


the front-runners. Up above the Italians and Australians and into


second go Kelci Bryant and Abigail Johnston. Now the Canadian pair are


absolutely nailed her back to and a half pikes. Emilie Heymans was good.


Let's look on the replay. I was distracted by the execution from


Jennifer which was exceptional. Synchronisation a little bit off,


spinning out different sides. Entering the water OK so the judges


might go with them. They might get 7.5 or eight for synchro and the


entry into the water with both divers over rotating. Heating the


water vertically is what the judges are looking for, but as you see,


over a rotating. The Sheens hitting the water -- their shins hitting


the water. Not enough to get your surfboards out with a little tired,


but there you go. Quite far behind when the marks,. Now there really


got going today and the scores are for sore eyes. -- they never really


spectacular, but that will keep them where they were after the


first two rounds and maybe move them up a place. Swinging the arms,


bending the knees, reaching up, looking for the elevation to swing


into the back road -- backward at 2.5. A bit of splash from both live


eyes. Doesn't really do them a good deal of good in terms of moving


position. Not really in medal contention. So, we are three-fifths


of the way through. China leading, but changes behind them. Great


Britain's challenge may have faltered somewhat with their third-


women's synchronised three-metre normally finish on this and have


had difficulty in training and electing to put it in earlier in


their programme. Landing on the end of the board, a little bit back


from the end and not very much spring. She was struggling a bit to


get there dive been in the allotted time. There is the twist, into the


water. It is a bit here and there but it will keep them in contention.


The synchro marks will be the telling score. In terms of a medal


prospect, that might be the end of it. That was not terribly well


executed. The Australians also have synchronisation was super. The


execution, and this is why it is worth 3.1, was a little bit of.


Charlene glans short of vertical. 1, 2, 3. Charlene just short of


vertical and I think she will get penalised. Look at this super slow-


motion. Look at the expression on the divers face. This is a tough


goodness, made. The Italians are opening the door slightly. The


Chinese showing they really are a cut above, landing on the edge of


the board, in perfect unison. That has got nine written all over it.


That could go close to 80 points. Let's see what the judges say. But


for me, that is the died of the contest thus far. I could not see


much wrong with that. Nines on the right, and 9.5 even once. The


synchro judges loved it to bits, which is why China have eight


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 56 seconds


away from the diving board than in due course. The early stages of


have them in my top three but I might have to revisit my top three.


judges have got to give them a eights plus for that. Execution a


little bit off, but if they are near the 70 point Mark, that will


important. They were a little bit off the pace. Emilie Heymans, her


fourth Olympic Games. Three medals rotation. A little bit out on the


they have to judge on what they see Beautiful entry in the water.


They've certainly dug into the bottom of their diving toy box and


it's taken a while for them to warm-up, hasn't it? A little


running away from a fire then as they made their way down the diving


contention, but that is one of Finishing a bit low on to the water


more in terms of the competitors, here we are with the fourth round


standings. Not much between two and five. The Australians have a chance


to sneak back in there. Great Women's synchronised threem


responded with a big enough dive? The synchronisation was good,


the diving score. It hasn't come up as yet. We might have a little


on. It is normally their best dive but I'm pretty sure they will be


disappointed with their overall performance to date. Good


synchronisation but both over from really go with that. Squeezing in a


valiant effort, but they were a calculations to be done that the


new scoring system, I think the computer might be struggling a


little bit. That puts Australia into second place behind the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 56 seconds


room for anyone to get anywhere gone 9.5. They know the job is well


and truly done. They take their total up to three of the and 46.20.


her final dive. -- Pellissier. There's nothing you can do, there's


no magic rewind button. The take- off is good, squeezing into the


Pike shape. Rebecca's dive is a of your Pike shape. Frustrating,


but a valiant effort for the girls mediocre jump. It will probably


mean they are battling it out with going to be the US on the podium. I


didn't see it coming. They have They will definitely be in front of


moment, but it is not yet cast in silver. We have Jennifer Abel and


responded? They are a bit off their game today. That's going to be


close. It may be good enough to take out the Italians, but is it


Yes, they have snuck into third place and put the Italians down to


four. They've done it by just over office. Not in the kind of form


that got them the qualification for this top eight only straight


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 56 seconds


their best, and they didn't really way back from the end of the diving


board. There isn't much spring on through them do not count towards


their total score. May be a bonus medal for the USA here. Look how


excited they are. The American team at the very, very happy. They did


finish some 25 points behind China, but they did finish five points


ahead of Canada. There is always the USA and Canada rivalry,


antedate the Americans got the measure of the maple leaf. Emilie


Heymans, her 4th Olympic medal at her 4th Olympic Games. That is


incredible. The first woman in the history of the sport of diving off


to ever do that. China won all but one gold medal in Beijing. Matthew


Mitcham stopping that run of four years ago. And they are off and


running again. Wu Minxia and He Zi A good performance from the


youngsters, finishing second. I am sure they will learn from the


experience. Let's hear from them. Aged just 15, Alicia Blagg is one


of the youngest members of Team GB, in fact the youngest member of the


diving squad. Many congratulations to you both. What was going through


your mind as you step on the board? It was overwhelming. The crowd in


here is incredible. They were behind us all away and it has been


the most amazing experience of my life. Tha I enjoyed every minute of


it. Even though it didn't go right, that will never happen again and


I'm just proud to be here. You were in 4th place after the second round.


Oh, I dunno! I didn't know. Your mum sends you a text, to say you


were in the team, did she come here today? Yeah so, I got that text at


school and it was incredible. Can you sum up the experience? Mind-


blowing. Incredible. I don't even have the words to say how amazing


it was. Thank you to everyone, all my family and friends. Rebecca, you


know her well because you spotted her during a school trip. We got


her from a talent identification scheme. I was part of the team that


picked her up, so that is pretty cool. You got a big cheer as you


step on the board and also as you came to do the interview. Some of


what it was like before month in front of a home crowd. -- sum up


what it was like. Absolutely incredible. Mind-blowing. It was


feeling so great to have everybody support, so thank you so much.


bet you what pinching yourself that you have competed with some of the


best in the world. It is hard to believe. All over now, we are


finished, and I'm upset the we finish there. We just enjoy the


games? Yes, I will see as many sports as I can. Rebecca you have


the individual on Tuesday to concentrate on. I am really looking


forward to it. It should be great. A you have made the whole of Leeds


and a whole of the UK at -- today. Your boyfriend said it was the


They have a lot to be proud of. The first goal for China in the diving,


their 6th overall, and they top the table ahead of the US and Italy.


China could get another because they are favourite in the men's 10


metres synchro final, which will be the first glimpse of Tom Daley. All


eyes will be on the 18-year-old who has been one of the poster boys of


the Games. He competes alongside Pete Waterfield who won a silver


eight years ago. These two need to match each other, but they are an


odd couple. An age difference of 13 years, three difference in height


and a train 150 miles apart. But it When I was 10 I watched the first


Olympic Games eyesore, and I saw them of winning a silver medal in


Athens, and then I wanted to go to Tom in Beijing was with a different


partner and he was quite young men, and still developing. He wasn't


quite strong enough to dive next to me at the time. Then he grew, got a


lot stronger and when we got together it worked kind of straight


away. I was really nervous last time I was diving with Pete. It was


one of those things where I really wanted it to work and be something


special, and then to go into London 2012 and to compete with Pete is


pretty surreal. The only difference is the age gap. He is bigger than


me, but most people are, to be honest. Outside of the swimming


pool, we were always together, whereas Tom was a bit younger and I


do not want to see cramp his style. Everybody says that Tom Daley can


draw a lot from me and learn, but when they say that I say, do you


know what, I learned a lot from Tom. We have been coming home with more


medals, personal best, British records, so Pete is definitely the


right person for me to be diving with and I think we are the right


team to beat diving in the London Olympic Games. Obviously China are


the top diving nation in any discipline. It is one of those


things where everyone is out to get China and it is almost like silver


is gold, but the degree of difficulty we have is high in


comparison with some of the other teams. It is just about going out


there and doing well. To come home with a medal in London 2012 would


not only be amazing but would put the icing on the cake for a pretty


successful career that I have had. It is such a great opportunity to


go out and died in front of a home crowd. If you dive well and get a


medal, that is the biggest reward for any athlete but we have done so


far. And we wish them well. Tom and Pete will be diving live on BBC One


Hopefully it will be another medal tomorrow, because we received a


medal today. Lizzie Armitstead became Britain's first medallist of


the game. She won the silver medal in a dramatic road race, just


missing out on gold, losing to Marianne Vos, the pre-race


favourite. A few months ago she proudly stepped onto the podium to


receive the medal. Let's enjoy the their sporting life. The moment


might co-commentator Chris Boardman enjoyed in Barcelona. The winner of


President of the you see I. worked hard for that. She struggled


at., but she did not let go. She contributed everything she had. It


was a valiant effort. No way was she going to be able to contribute


that in the spring, that was going to between this lady, Lizzie


Armitstead and Marianne Vos. winner of the silver medal,


representing Great Britain, Lizzie Armitstead! She gets a huge ovation.


And that male, the first medal to be won by a British competitor in


London, could be the catalyst -- that medal could be the catalyst


young at Yorkshire lass. But the gold medal winner and Olympic


champion, representing the Netherlands, is Marianne Vos. She


had the gold medal on the road here and can add it to the one she had


on the track in Beijing. One of the most talented female road riders on


the planet, and in all disciplines. For the Olympic champion, Marianne


Well done to Lizzie Armitstead, the first British medallist of the game.


But Tweddle has twice in a world champion, but it was heartbreak for


her when she made the slight error on the landing from the bars and it


cost her a bronze. She is back the she and she was qualifying earlier


today. Let's see her routine in the hand side of the North Greenwich


arena for Great Britain's best the very difficult combination. The


half turn. She goes for the difficult combination. One last


little bit to go. In we come. The big dismount. Double, double.


Fantastic work! What about that! She now has the champion to go for


Olympic glory. Well, that was absolutely fascinating. It was


mesmerising. It was incredible. She mesmerising. It was incredible. She


We have to start with your performance on the uneven bars. You


lifted the roof of the arena. How did that feel? It was amazing. The


past few weeks has been really hard because of the pressure. You want


to go in thinking you have no pressure but at the end of the day


I would have walked out here disappointed had I not gone clean.


When I landed I thought, thank God for that! He you blew everybody


else away so far with what we have seen. Just how thrilling was


landing about and taking in the crowd afterwards? It was the best


feeling in the world. I cannot even put it into words. I'm speechless.


I don't know what to say. I've never been short for words usually.


The rest of the team, one or two wobbles here and there, but how


would you characterise the performance overall, second at the


moment? It was amazing. It is hard. It is a home crowd at the Olympics,


that added pressure and some mistakes but we call ourselves


together and we stepped up the mark. I think on the bars, the team


couldn't have done any more. Probably our highest total ever as


a team, so you can't ask any more than that. Rebecca, coming into


this is the youngest member of Team GB, you went out their first up,


what was going through your head? Both we have been ready for the


competition for weeks. It was a bit shaky going first, but we were


ready for it and we pulled out a good score in the end. Looking good


in terms of the all-round final. How proud of your performance today


are you? I thought I would do my best and see what happens, and if I


make the final, great, if not, it happens. But I'm really happy that


I'm in there. Did you watch the men yesterday and takes an inspiration?


No, we had to train. We were thinking about some of the added


pressure, but we shouldered it. do have to say the American team


went around here and absolutely worse Super on so many pieces.


Something like 11 points clear. What you do when you look at the


scoreboard and see that? We knew they were like that. We don't have


a chance of catching them if they have something like 10 falls, that


would be the anyway. They have hid the routines every day and I have


only seen one mistake in a hole with -- they have hit their


routines. They are here for the title. We have two different


targets, and we are pleased with our performance. The quickly, you


have to be confident of getting something out of the final after


that. I have another week to calm down. We have the team final,


Oakley, and then we can support the other girls in the all round and


see what happens next week -- the team final, obviously. It is the


icing on the cake just to make the final now. Well done to you both


and good news from Wimbledon. Having lost in the doubles, Andy


Murray came through his singles and a tough first round match against


Stanislas Wawrinka. But comfortably through in straight sets in front


Heather Watson and Flora Robson are in action later and we will also


show you Maria Sharapova -- Flora Robson. We are moving over to BBC


Two now. Here on the BBC want you can see highlights of the Hungarian


Grand Prix. Plenty more coverage from the Olympics to come and we


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