BBC One: Day 4: 11.30-13.15 Olympics

BBC One: Day 4: 11.30-13.15

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setback for Sweden. 57, and at the moment that puts New Zealand ahead


of Sweden, with two more riders to come for them. Great Britain have


three more riders, and here is the first of them. She will know what


that is all about. She rode in Montreal for Great Britain, and I


bet she has butterflies as any mother would have. On this lovely


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 91 seconds


horse, High Kingdom. 46.1, it is a a time fault. Just staying ahead of


the New Zealanders, and of course Sweden. There is the discussion,


but it is game on. Of course it gives the leaders Germany a little


more breathing space. She kept her cool because that one ferns was


very early, Ian. She was undecided on whether to go between the six or


the seven, and really no decision was made. 53.1. She was in 10th


place individually. She drops down the individuals, and so now it is


Germany. The 25 year-old was a show jumper before she turned her


attentions to eventing. Sandra Auffarth, certainly one of the


young riders that people are talking about in very good terms


for the future. Yesterday she had four time penalties, lying in


eighth place individually. For Germany, this is a round which will


count. Great Britain have given them a little bit of breathing


done a lot of show jumping in the past. Went very high, didn't quite


go forward over that. Germany, the reigning Olympic champions. They


to make sure she was ahead of the time. They have got to achieve the


speed of 375 metres per minute to cover this ground in the time I'll,


83 seconds. -- in the time allowed. Germany's advantage has increased,


and they will have their fingers on the gold medal now. What a good


round, another inside the time. that was a very classy round, it


was very easy for the horse and Sandra. Never a moment of panic or


hurrying. Celebrations to come. Cool as a cucumber. The big crowd


What a gripping time at Greenwich Park. Great Britain's team work in


silver medal position going into this, but we have seen three


British riders going out and only one of them had a clear round in


the jumping. Everyone in turn will go out and it is a question of the


scores at the end of that. A good moment for you to join me in the


studio, Matt Baker. A sharp intake of breath every time Zara Phillips


went over one of the jumps. I do a little bit of showjumping myself,


and the key is to get the stride patterns. A man of hidden talents.


A little bit of show jumping, and gymnastics on the your belt. It has


been exciting at the gymnastics. Last night I could not sleep. At 3


o'clock this morning, I was looking at the clock thinking we have such


a busy day today because the women go today. It was unprecedented as


far as British gymnastics goes. The atmosphere in that place, and just


to see them getting their medals. Max would lock there, and Kristian


Thomas - his composure! -- Max Whitlock.


Zara Phillips is just arriving here. You came into the arena with a big


smile on your face but you knocked the poll down. How did you feel


I had to get on with it. I think Nicola had the same fence down, I


wish they hadn't told me. Unfortunately that happens. After


that he jumped fantastic, he had such an awesome round yesterday. He


lost both front shoes, he is not completely feeling himself this


morning. I am just disappointed for the team. I'm really chuffed to


bits with him. For I know it is disappointing when you not quondam,


you put yourself back a little bit, but overall, the team are in quite


a good position for a medal. Yet, but you want to make your team in


the best position. Hopefully Mary and Tina can have good grounds and


we will see what happens. -- What is it like that -- walking


into this arena on a horse you spend so much time preparing, in


front of some very important members of your family. The whole


week has been an amazing experience. He is an inexperienced horse and he


has coped with it really well. The crowd have been unreal. I am glad,


after losing two shoes yesterday, he has come out and jumped. He


would have been all right if his mother wasn't on him! You shouldn't


say that! You have kept very cool. There is a lot of pressure on you


in particular, everyone knows the situation. It always looks as


though you have got things under control, what is going on... After


the second fence! When you build up a partnership with your horse, and


you know that everything you have trained for, this is what you have


trained for, it is always much better when you are on board.


not all over yet. Still four riders to come, keep your fingers crossed.


I will keep them crossed. Hopefully Mary and team that will be all


seen, there are large penalty deductions. Who knows? We are so


Great Britain are lying in second going into the final day of this


eventing. We're all hoping that this could be the first gold medal


of the Games for the team in just 40 years. Is it a step too far?


Time will tell. We will be back at Greenwich in a moment. We will show


This is the final day of them the David Florence wanted to be an


astronaut, he will be launching shortly.


And as we saw from the men, this is a golden era for British gymnastics,


it is the women's turn. I don't think I can have another


competition like last night. And swimming's original fly boy,


Michael Phelps goes in his signature event. The 200m five.


What is in store over the next few moments down at Greenwich? What we


can now join our commentators for getting warmer, the clouds are


higher and you can see on this Tuesday lunchtime, the crowd in a


festive spirit, hoping upon hope that Britain can take a medal away.


Having said that, it is a real international crowd. The


restaurants and dare I say parts -- Baa-Baas have been absolutely full


all the way around. -- the restaurants and bars. He how do you


know about the bars? I walk past camera team here. A large number of


cameras. We are seeing so many angles. The history there, behind


us, of the Naval College, and what a backdrop. Beyond that, the City,


full. They are. I think the designer will be pretty happy with


his course, to have that number of double clears, four in all, proved


it is capable of being jumped. Let's look around the course again,


just give us the background. start over and oxer, a long six


strides to the planks, the post box has caused a lot of bottoms, turn


back to oxer, the gate, another oxer and a complete 360 degrees


over the vertical, and seven strides to a one stride double, and


then around, or a very wide oxer, and a big circle around to a bright


blank and back to this final line of a triple bar -- and upright


planks. Back to the combination of the Stonehenge fences and another


ending line to the final fence. It is incredibly twisty but that does


help to the horses, especially after the cross country, it lets


the riders keep them together, long, flat open stretches are more


difficult than the twists and turns for the horses at this stage.


design of the fences, absolutely beautiful. Irresponsibility of Bob


Ellis. He has quite a big team around him -- the responsibility of.


They are all course designers on the British show jumping circuit.


Kelvin Bywater has been as much involved as anybody. There has been


a team who have built defences, some in this country, have done a


great Jock -- who have built the fences. They have done a great job.


It is the first of two representatives from the team that


started out for Japan. It is Tanaka, Japan were in 6th place after the


dressage. People were thrilled with what they saw from the Japanese


only jumping for individual honours. Marquee that Laker comes on in a


score of 115 and is currently lying in 15th place. Japan, to all


intents and purposes, out of the team competition, although they


have a score, 1,000 for each of those riders that fell, on top of


their other penalties. It doesn't sound great that they have only got


two rider still in, but they have equipped themselves incredibly well


over this competition and they have looked very professional. The


hugely unlucky to have had lost the riders they have. I think they have


an incredible team for the future, not just of riders but of lovely


horses. I agree. I think everybody has got to try to persuade the


Japanese Federation and the team officials what a great job they


have done. They go on improving and they will be serious contenders


with what they have shown here. in stature. Went down to Portugal


early to in the season to get those early qualifications. And has just


got better and better. Got a lovely feel. This has been a tremendous


performance, inside the time. And just the one fence down. Again


showing... Sato went so well in the dressage but he sadly had a tumble


yesterday. This young man, Tanaka, probably one of the sharpest


coming down the most, second, and also the planks after the gates,


they are both of related distances. So often these are the ones that


cause the problems, because the horses tend to jump the lines in


the stride pattern they have been given. They can often get flat on


this final day after the cross country. We are with Tim Lips he a


the second fence. It is a short, bouncy horse. One a way there, I


wasn't expecting that. He did come around the corner and not on a


great stride and had to do some fiddling to get it right. The horse


Tim at the end. That is a little bit unexpected. It is a total of 13,


into the picture. They have not really supported eventing that


strongly, despite having a really good event in the Netherlands.


Belgium, now. Virginie Caulier, she was held this morning. There were


no horses that were held, and then reinspect it, that were eventually


turned down, they all got through. This was one of them. Currently


33rd, 69.5. She was held for quite a long time. The horse, to be fair,


didn't look as though there was a problem. He certainly looks quite


happy jumping today. The vet and the ground jury have to be very


overnight. Two riders did not show the final horse inspection, said


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 91 seconds


sure she's going to get a time their team. They are currently


Another one to add a stride in there but he hit it fairly hard and


there. He is obviously not trusting the horse to keep coming to the


the sharpest with his front legs. Quite often the course's body goes


up higher but the legs are rather let's his legs hang, then jumps


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 91 seconds


He will get some time faults. completed the Olympics, I think. --


Marcelo Tosi just happy to have round but had 20 time faults


yesterday. At the moment in 35th two pieces. Shop in the front and


the back end shop, but no real flow. -- sharp. He tucks his legs away


Just inside the time, too. Another double clear round. We have had


five of them now. Lionel Guyon it stays on a 70.9. A little bit of


salvation for France in what has been a disappointing Olympics for


their manager. He got very defensive on that last fence. He


way he tucked them up. Congratulations from Lauren. I hate


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dump the fences on his own if he got the chance. -- jump the fences.


He is putting every effort into round of his life! Another clear


round, this time for Ireland. The Irish have been out of the top


flight of world are venting in recent years, but they are coming


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 91 seconds


right back at the very top. He has won gold medals for Hong Kong and


Beijing, for Germany four years ago, and the gold medal in the world's


in 2006. She went well yesterday, cross country but he looked very


impressive, if strong. I have not seen this horse as fit as this ever.


Karen O'Connor said this morning that she could not believe how


then it is difficult for him to put it down and make the proper shape


over the fence. When he jumps with his head up, he flicks his front


done it again! She won silver with her husband in Sydney and that was


a very professional round again. A little bit too late for America to


win a medal here, but staying on 53.8. I don't think she got team


silver in Sydney, that was us. it bronze? I think so. Right, I C.


America were in the 6th place at the start of the showjumping. Now


coming in, Andrew Hoy, a man who has won three team gold medals and


one individual silver. That was behind David O'Connor in Sydney. In


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 91 seconds


Clayton Fredericks after the cross- improved but I think another year


would do him no harm for his physical strength. He has all the


talent in the world, but he just sometimes looks a little bit


immature and lacking in strength. No time at penalties but fate for


jumping. -- no time penalties but eight points for jumping. Andrew


last rider, Phillip Dutton. Very difficult to win medals when you


have only got three riders left. is, but it is all you need if they


have gone well enough. We are getting nearer the climax of this


final jumping phase. Andrew Nicholson, two away from Mary King.


The man that won the individual bronze in the World Championships


two years ago. So frustrated by that rainstorm that delayed his


entry in the dressage. He got 45. In 9th place. He was inside that


time beautifully yesterday. A clear round would put him in the hunt for


an individual medal and puts New Zealand in the hunt for a team


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 91 seconds


him in the medals? He was unlucky at the dressage. That is the man


behind the scenes, pulling the strings in the warm-up area. He has


donned the New Zealand team no harm whatsoever. He is a true


professional. Clear round for New Zealand. That means that bronze


medal for certain is looking much more rosy for them. The last one to


come for New Zealand will of course there, and now it is a young 21-


year-old from Sweden, led a spade and tart with Shamwari, 44.1. --


Ludvig Svennerstal. He had a nasty moment in the horse inspection this


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 91 seconds


least one top rider to go. Now, the crowd welcoming Mary King, Mary


King! Mary Kane, Imperial cavalier, and with that pressure from New


Zealand, Mary King needs a clear to keep Great Britain in that silver-


medal position. Fresher! 51 years old, her 15th consecutive


championship. There has been no more important round in her career,


She is doing a very good job, she rode the first two fences so


just the last! She needs to clear this to keep silver in touch, yes!


Yes! She is within a fence of the lead for the individual gold. Now


the temperature suddenly rises, and the royal party enjoyed that moment,


as 20,000 people do here in guests here watching this, but what


it needs is Michael Jung, if he goes clear... Or if he has just one


time fault, Germany when the gold. situation as we watched Mary


celebrate, and that, let me remind you, situation over Martin Young,


that is if he has fences down. That is why Michael Jung is now in a key


position. He will know that, that is why you have managers and


officials. Michael Jung, the reigning world and European


champion. A clear round not only will win it for Germany, with one


rider still to come, but it will also put him in touching distance


of all three titles, world, European and Olympic. That has


never ever been done before. 4th individually, 40.6, clear to win


its war with one time fault for 150 around the big shows in Germany


very regularly. Brilliant line around that fence. The kindest we


have seen all day. He is just a little bit loose in front, the


horse. He has tapped one or two suddenly leaps into the air, giving


the next one a lot more air! just needs to touch one a little


harder for the Brits! Sorry, did I say that?! What a pace! He is


certainly very well aware of the just the last! And it could be


Germany's gold, it is Germany's gold! They have retained their


touch of the travel -- treble. we have to give him credit for that,


he jumped a brilliant round, and the Germans have done a brilliant


round. There is his father. He has been so much part of Michael's


development. Confirmation that Germany have got gold, but it is


the silver and bronze now that is the battle. Yes, the Germans have


really gone incredibly well. I am slightly gutted for the Brits, you


know, they haven't got a chance of the gold now, but they have got to


hang on to that silver-medal position, and then we have got the


excitement of the individual competition later today. Well, we


have got one individual rider very much in touch of an individual


medal. Could we have two with Tina Cook still to come, the last


British rider? Now it is Jessica -- Jessica Phoenix for Canada. Canada,


who have had a disappointing games. They have only two riders left.


Sadly, Hollie Bannatyne word, Peter Barry and Rebecca Howard all went


out yesterday. Now it is Jessica Phoenix, Exponential. Jessica rode


a brilliant round yesterday. She came up with an incredible time.


She has at the gates down already, the horse is just fighting her a


bit. He is a very good jumper, we Another one away, that is an


expensive round for Jessica, three down so far, the final fence to go.


And there is a time fault or two. last line riders, the gold is


decided, but the silver and bronze is not. Now, for Japan, Atsushi


Negishi, pretty Darling, who jumped a lovely cross-country round


original five, but three of them did not get around yesterday, and


they are down to just two riders. Their first rider went for one


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 91 seconds


recovery. Now you have just got to this round. It started off a little


bit Iffy, but the off is looking more open now in his jump. He rode


in the World Equestrian Games in Kentucky. You do not get many


opportunities, but he certainly produced a good performance to


recover from that. The team there, Yoshiaki Oiwa. So Atsushi Negishi


has 12 jumping. Fantastic, you and Imperial Cavalier seemed to be in


synch today. Yes, he did feel quite tense, he did not feel like the


Archie I am used to, he was jumping a little bit flatter, but he was a


good boy, he jumped high enough to clear them, thank goodness.


recovered well from the cross country yesterday. Obviously we are


not going to win gold now, Michael Jung has gone clear, but still a


superb performance. Yes, we were asked hoping there was a chance of


us overtaking the Germans, but they have put in a great performance and


they have deserved it, they have done better than we have. Fingers


crossed we can hang on to the silver medal position. Was that the


most important round of jumping you have had in your career? 6 the


Olympics? Ba, gosh, I suppose it must have been. I do not know, you


just sort of do what you have to do on the day. I have been fortunate


enough to do a few over the years, at championships, but this is


special in front of the home crowd, and they are so supportive, it has


been awesome how great the crowd has been. You can enjoy them out to


use, Britain at the moment up 0.2 ahead of New Zealand's score, and


New Zealand are 11 ahead of Sweden with one rider to come for each.


Make a cup of tea and relax for a minute, because the last three


rounds are going to be nerve- racking. You might need a little


nip of whisky in there as well! wouldn't go against that! This is


the individual rider from Cheshire, Andrew Heffernan, going very well,


my 30th, Riding for the Netherlands He has gone well in his very first


Olympics. Andrew Heffernan is a good guy and he has ridden well. He


will be disappointed about having a atmosphere, no doubt about that. As


we move into the final riders from have not really produced the time.


They have promised so much but not quite been able to deliver when it


comes to speed across the country. She has never really found doing


the time terribly easy on this now. The fabulous horse throughout her


be to get in the top 25 to come back this afternoon for the


her next year still. She remains focused and ends on 59.6. Karin


Donckers has done Belgium proud over the years with some lovely


young horses. In fact there were two that were reserves to this


the British circuit for a number of years. He has gone to Holland to be


with his partner, who rides for Brazil in the dressage World and


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 91 seconds


Such a good horse and good jumper. That was the first time the Cutty


Sark came down, if you know what I Only 12, maybe four years to go.


The time is just all right. Another one that got better one of the


round it went on. Some of them are weary and stiff after yesterday. --


Nicolas Touzaint. In 2004 he came into the final showjumping phase


with a great chance of gold. They got gold in the team, but he had a


chance in the individual and had a disastrous round that put him out


of all medals. He is 25th at the moment, so no hope of medals for


late. He had a brilliant time for quite some years. It takes a few


years to build up a string of good, the horse out, and the horse


injured himself in the thunderstorms in the stable. He has


cleanest jumper in the world but he has done a brilliant job. A couple


of time faults but clear over the crowd, the big French contingent.


Let me tell you now, we are getting down towards Tina Cook. She comes


in five rounds's time. I have just had a text message from a Canadian


rider based in California, listening to the commentary. Holly,


we miss you, get well soon. Yesterday she fell on the course at


fence No. 3. That is the ups and 20th. If she could finish with a


clear round, she would be back this sister-in-law, Polly Stockton, one


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 91 seconds


Ireland are pushing New Zealand and of this horse. As not quite


delivered. 47.1 was good in the dressage, but probably not as good


as we all expected. One of the world's best cross-country riders.


riding will have to be powerful to keep the horse focused on his job.


It now means that Ireland have definitely gone ahead of the USA.


They will finish at least six. Ireland will be thrilled.


Extraordinary tale carriage, this horse. It has been damaged in the


Australia, too, they will the 5th. That round improved as it went on,


but of that unfortunate stop and lots of time LT's. -- penalties.


USA finish on a low point. Very disappointing. That was a pity. The


horse ploughed into the middle of the fence. He said he was not keen


on it. He looked a little bit jarred when he started. He warmed


up when the round went on. Captain Mark Phillips bows out after this


Olympic Games. He was very hopeful of pushing the best. It has not


like a bright light in this jumper. They threw it away last


ahead of Ireland. He was a class act yesterday. They went out so


early and were so convincing and they made it look like child's play.


And without carrying, which was so impressive. -- hurrying. Trying to


because he has had a lot of lives. Ireland sneak 5th ahead of the


Australians and the Americans. I do not think that would have been a


position that the Irish could have dreamt of. Australia have not


really produced their best. But now we are into the real battle. Gold


Zealand, Britain and Sweden. Mark Todd, two individual Olympic golds


back in 1984 and 1988, the great Charisma, and now he is riding


Campino to try to win a silver for New Zealand. Remember, Britain are


just 0.2 of a penalty ahead, not even a time fault in it. And then


there is 11 between New Zealand and Sweden, Sweden at the moment lying


individually on 39.5. He could win, if he goes clear, a third


year. So we know he is... That is one away! Not almost the most


reliable in this phase. It gives teenage bit more breathing space


for Great Britain, the last rider to come. Maybe that individual gold


which will be decided this afternoon has gone out of the


window with that fence down for get a time fault. He has got four


jumping, three-day time. -- 3 time. That seven means that Britain has


got a little bit more breathing space for Tina Cook. 7 To Add, four


still Britain at one to come, and that is the one that could put


Britain back in silver position ahead of New Zealand. Andrew


Nicholson just having a word with them. So close, they have been at


the top of the world, and at the top of New Zealand sport now since


1980, 32 years! It is along time, and it is still good to see them


there. Now the young lady from Sweden, her sister has already


jumped, of course, on the mare that bred this smashing grey horse, Wega,


11 years old. She is married to Frank Ostholt, won gold four years


ago. Individually, she is on the same score as Ingrid Klimke for the


warp jumping, Britain will definitely win bronze. So that is


the situation. This is a young horse. When the pressure was on


last year, she did have a stop and went quickly down to 11th place,


having been right in the thick of it, but she is a very good jockey,


and I bet she has learnt from that nightmare. And it is a very good


jumper! It has given the first saying it would never do the time,


and he just cruised around the cross-country, so I take it all


all-round performance if she could stay on that. You have to say, if


she could, she would go into the final individual round probably as


an Olympic individual gold medal in eventing? -- girl. That is also a


possibility of stock hole, inside the time, she looks up at their


clock, and it is that OK! Magus Goes clear, Sweden still in with a


chance of bronze. -- Wega Goes clear. Britain have got to work.


The individual title is also there. Could she be the first lady to win


a gold medal individually in this sport? Still so much action to


Cook, then, still to come, and that is the situation. Tina Cook, Miners


the bronze, less than seven will It is in your hands, Tina! That is


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 91 seconds


lost the European title through time. Mo von, Tina, move on! Move


still there for Great Britain! Tina Cook is still in mare for an


individual medal as well, finishing on 43, and Tina Cook shows why she


is one of the best in the world. Miners Frolic, after that


disastrous problem last year, has really performed out of his skin!


Everybody loves that! Well done, Tina Cook! Disappointing not to win


gold but they have given it their best. Look at that, less than two


behind Germany, so close. Peter Murphy, the man who has been


outside worming them up. -- warming. So Tina herself is in with a chance


of another individual medal, what a performance! She is within one


fence of the leader. We are going to have another nail-biting finish


to that individual set of medals, too. One left to jump. They have


already got Team gold, but this now is a round very much involved in


the individual, because it is Ingrid Klimke, Butts Abraxxas. She


was in touch of a European individual title last year and


sadly threw it away at the jump in. She is on that same score as Sara


Ostholt with Wega, 39.3, so she has got to jump clear to stay in touch.


One fence down would make it a real uphill struggle for her. She is a


lady who comes from a wonderful family. Her father was one of their


outstanding dressage riders of the century, won a number of gold


medals for Germany. Can his he has not been the most reliable


in the showjumping. Yeah. Well, all one can say is that it moves Tina


Cook nearer to a medal, as indeed horse is, sadly, not as talented in


his face as he is the other two. -- individual next is the world and


just starts to come down in this final round of the 18 combination,


she will get a gold medal, as she did four years ago, when they're as


Olympic gold. -- won there and then take gold. It has been such a close


Waving to the huge crowd. Hardly a seat in house. And there is her


husband saying, we have got a team gold medal, well done. Hugely


supportive, what a job he has done Great Britain and bronze for Sweden.


There it is, Ireland, a tremendous performance. In fact, New Zealand


get the bronze. Get it right! Sweden, so close. People thought


that they were a good team to watch, but it has been a classic, as we


thought, right down to the wire. Yes, very exciting competition, and


we have got more to come with the individuals later, but the teams


will also close at the end, and we said right from the word go that


any of the top seven teams could have won gold, and it has been


really close, and you can see that by the results. Ingrid and 13, very


happy and celebrating. -- 13th. They certainly are, and that is a


good chef, isn't it? She really was on the brink of being a potential


winner of the gold medal. But it is not to be. Two Olympic team gold


medals, teenagers congratulating her. -- T there just. And of course


at the moment she is lying in fourth place, all within a fence.


Thank you! Well, popping in from behind was William Fox-Pitt's wife.


She just Aviana a big kiss on the cheek! How, not the cheek! And I


must say, it has been a competition worthy of the 2012 Olympics here in


A well deserved drink of water, Tina, knowing the pressure he were


under, that you had to go clear, It is one of the things that you


think about and you think it will not happen to you. I just focused


on jumping a clear round. The team have done so well and it was so


close. We could have got silver or nothing and that would have been


awful. Gold would have been brilliant and so will those


fantastic. There is another round to come and you have got to keep


your cool. The way that your horse responded, a year ago you horse


looked like he was going to die and here he is being a star for you.


know! It is like a fairy tale. Champions. The vets kept him alive,


and the team at home, they got him here. It has been stressful. Lots


of grey hairs and wrinkles. When it comes to the crowd, it is


unbelievable, but we have to go in again. Going into the arena for the


last round of show jumping, it did you chat to the rest of the team?


Were they telling you what to do? Did you take the advice on board?


You have got to listen to your trainers! They keep you focused,


they tell you what to do, when to come in, how many strides, and the


speed. I got one time fault and that is frustrating because it has


dropped we one individual place. But we have jumped clear and we


have to do better next time and jump clear again. Bronze medals in


Beijing, Hong Kong, and now silver. This is a special moment. It is


brilliant for equestrian and it is brilliant for our sport. It shows


how many people are watching. We are going back in to get an


individual medal, which is what I really want. Will it be difficult


to refocus? No. We will go away. It will be a different course. We are


on the button and we will see what they build for us. Imagination. Get


us another one, will you? I will be 25 that go through to the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 91 seconds


silver for Great Britain. I hope you have enjoyed it.


Yes, we certainly did. Everybody has been glued to their screens,


including a certain Clare Balding, at the Aquatics Centre. She could


not leave. What did you make of that? We almost thought it was


going to be bronze at the end. know, it was so close. Everybody


has deserted me, the camera crew have gone, only the divers


practising for later behind me. I was sitting here watching the


television. I thought Mary King was fantastic. Everybody is talking


about her age, 51, the BT at a 6th Olympic Games. This is a woman who


broke her neck in 2001. -- competing at her 6th Olympic Games.


We heard the story about the horse and how he nearly died. He had to


have three blood transfusions and that was any one year ago. The


spring of last year, she made reference to the film that was made


about Bob Champion. Her father trained that horse and he died in


February this year, so it has been an emotional time 14. She has a


brilliant ability to focus. -- and emotional time for her. I would


love to see her and Mary King winning individual medals as well.


Team silver is great. It was a lovely piece that you did with the


team yesterday, sitting down and asking them if the team is good


enough to get gold. It is awful that we keep saying, is this cold?


Is this cold? But they got a bronze in Beijing and silver the time


before that. Will they be thrilled with silver? They will be. The


Germans were hot favourite but that is because they are good at


dressage. You have to build a cross-country course that will not


course problems but create distinctions. If the cross-country


course was as big as Burlington, Great Britain would be favourites


because they are generally a better cross-country nation. Germany have


improved in that department. Showjumping is important for the


individual medals because you have to do it twice. I think they will


be really proud of themselves for that. She said that Germany


deserved it because they were better than them. They get to go in


for one more ring, but then the dressage is added to the cross-


country, then that is added to two different rounds within the


showjumping. Yes, for people that what pure showjumping, they go over


very tiny fences. The three days of competition, the dressage and


cross-country, takes a lot out of them, so being accurate on the show


jumping is very difficult. Being accurate twice is even harder with


the crowd and the intensity. The gold medallist will have deserved


it. You going to go for a swim? They yes, I will jump of that ten-


metre platform! Thank you for joining us. Have some downtime. We


apologise for the technical problems then. She had no sound man.


Hopes are high that Euan Burton could be the first judo medal since


Kate Howey in Sydney in 2000. After a disappointing Beijing Olympics,


the 33 year-old from Ascot got bronze at the European and World


Championships in 2010. Let's see was expecting to fight. It is the


see off the bloke from Montreal. You cannot estimate anyone in the


Olympic Games. This man has beaten the No. 3 seed, meaning he has come


Euan Burton told us that he knew he would be nervous at the spot macro


and he was looking forward to them. -- at this point. He said that


nerves are good because it shows that it matters. All that hard work.


Second Olympics for Euan Burton. Expectations were sky high in


Beijing. He made it to the quarter- finals and lost to some fighters


who took bronze medals that day. That offered him some consolation.


He has been waiting four years for this moment to show us what he is


capable of. He is 33. The Canadian is making his Olympic debut. And


Euan Burton really pushing into his opponent, tried to provoke a


He has been thrown. The Canadian dropped under his strong arm.


is it. That is the beauty of judo and the horrifying nature of it. In


a split-second, Euan Burton has been thrown for an ippon. All the


hard work, the four years of waiting, and he has been dumped out


in less than a couple of minutes. How on earth do you digest that


The Canadian quick to see his opportunity dropped under the arm.


Euan Burton tried to stay in a bridge, but if you land in a bridge,


that is ippon. Judo can be a very cruel sport, no more so than what


I really do not know what to say. Clearly a very emotional moment


right now. You talked about experiencing nerves before coming


into today. Do you feel that had anything to do with what we just


saw happen? I don't think so. I did not feel particularly nervous in


the warm-up room. It is the best I have felt before fighting in the


warm-up area for a long time. I did my weights really well. Sometimes


if that is not great you can feel a bit sick and I did not feel any of


that. I felt sharp and fresh. I did not feel nervous when I walked out.


The crowd were fantastic. I felt like I could dominate the fight. It


is a technique that I know that he has got and that is the


disappointing thing. They said to me in the warm-up room to be


careful that I did not get my shoulder court because sometimes


when he is being pressed and dominated, he manages to have your


shoulder and catch you that way. Pretty difficult to process at the


moment. Was it just a mistake? was a beautiful bit of judo, that


is what it was. If I say it is a mistake, that is a disservice to my


opponent. He caught me with a beautiful bit of judo. He has


disposed of the current Olympic champion. He pretty much disposed


of me. He is having a great day, which is what you need to do on the


Olympic Games Day. I all that hard work and graft ended like that. Can


you take any positive from that? None whatsoever. I feel like I have


let myself down. I feel like I have let my coaches down. I feel like I


have let anybody I've ever trained with down. I let my mum and dad and


my brother down. I have been working for this for over a quarter


of a century. I am pretty sure you will not see me in the Rio Games.


No positive to be taken from it. am sure the people you mentioned do


not feel that way. Is this the end for you? I don't know if it is the


end of my judo competitive career but it is probably the end of my


Olympic Games career and certainly the end of my Olympic Games this


time around. I wish I could have done a bit more for the people that


have come down to watch. I know I could have done. Like I say, I felt


great in the warm-up area. I felt like the tournament was mine for


the taking. There are some great guys out there and I am short the


people that have come down got to experience some great judo. -- I am


sure. I also know they wanted to see me on top of the rostrum and I


am sorry about that. Thank you for speaking to us.


Thank you indeed for sharing those thoughts, Euan Burton. Of course we


are screaming at the television that you did not let yourself down.


You went out and did everything that you possibly could. But that


The climax of the equestrian three-day event team competition. Team GB won a bronze in Beijing in 2008, but it has been 40 years since GB last won gold. Can the 2012 team, featuring William Fox-Pitt and Zara Phillips, put that right?

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