BBC Two: Day 4: 13.15-14.00 Olympics

BBC Two: Day 4: 13.15-14.00

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Well, welcome back! Would you look at the time? It is lunchtime, and


every day at this time of day we will be delivering our packed lunch,


a round-up of what has been going on at the Olympics in bite-sized


Low macro, I don't know what to say! Liam Tancock has got 5th, just


four chance of a second outside the bronze medal. Hopefully we will


inspire some future generations of swimmers. Oh, my goodness me, Gemma


Spofforth was 5th. The gold medal goes to Ruta Meilutyte or of


Zone Smith, the 18-year-old from They Alar, plenty to get your teeth


into, memorable moments. -- There you are. It is the women's 10 in


the North Greenwich Arena this afternoon, the women's team final,


but before that what can you watch and when can you watch it? If you


switch over to BBC Three, you can see Ben Ainslie in action, he is in


the sixth of 11 races, trying to get their Olympic gold. Coming up


later on the red button, you will be able to see Badminton. Also, we


will an action from Wimbledon later And also, if you fancy a bit of


action on the piste, we have got fencing for you on the red button.


Well, a lot has been going on already this morning, these are the


headlines: In the swimming pool this morning, the Australian


missile James Magnussen, and world record holder Cesar Cielo made it


through to this freestyle semi- finals. There was a big shock for


Britain's world silver-medallist Ellen Gandy, she failed to qualify


for the women's 200m butterfly, but better news for Jemma Lowe, through


to the semi-finals, the third- And out on a lake at Eton Dorney,


Alan Campbell was an impressive winner of his heat in the men's


single sculls. He wins a semi-final place with a good victory over the


German. And the lightweight men's four will go in Thursday's final


fall in confidence after winning their semi-final. -- full of


confidence. We are going to stay on the water, and we have been giving


you lots of films about how our commentary team got into their


sport and why they love it so, and I first got into conniving really


threw my brother. He saw a programme on the television and


decided he wanted to have a go. Being the younger sister, I got


dragged along. When I got there, I got into it and probably got about


half a metre away from the bank had just burst into tears, so it wasn't


the most successful start to what people would think of as my


kennelling career. The canal was only a couple of hundred metres up


the road, so I used to walk from my house to the canal, but I can


remember the older I got, the more embarrassing this became,


particularly the times when I got to college age. It was not a cool


thing to be doing. There were a lot of very competent canoeists in the


club who took her under their wing, and they saw her potential very


quickly. I think my friends from school thought I was a bit crazy,


but they were incredibly supportive. They would sit there with umbrellas


watching me go round and round in circles, as they would describe, so


has time went on they probably thought I was less crazy, but it


wasn't something everyone would choose to do. She was a very good


all-round athlete anyway, very well co-ordinated, very good runner, so


once she got the basics, she got The actual Olympic experience was


so much bigger than I had anticipated. We have lots of talks


about how it was going to be a different experience, and I did not


really believe half of it, it is just another race, I will just turn


up and do what I do every time, but it was just incredible, the


experience. When I first went to the stadium, there was this big


stand in front of you, and I remember thinking, oh my goodness,


this is all for us! The day that I remember the final, I had a massive


rush of butterflies, energy, and just like, my gosh, this is it, the


countdown fell so slow. Oh my goodness, I went off the start. I


hit 83, I thought, gosh, I have got to keep it together. There was this


disastrous part where I missed a gate, and the commentator said any


chance of a medal was over. challenge for a medal has


disappeared. I ended up in fourth place. The end was nerve-wracking,


wasn't it, because of the way the results came in? It was my own


mistake, to finish 4th is good, but it is disappointing. It was halfway


through that interview that I heard a screaming noise from my physio,


very high-pitched lady, I looked across, and on the scoreboards it


had popped up that I was third. team wanted to have a chat with


them. I have got a medal somehow! From that point, it was just a


roller-coaster. Helen Reeves has got the bronze medal, and the


French are relegated into 44 star My five-year-old son is going to be


absolutely delighted that we are showing his next sport, about nine


miles outside of the Olympic Park is the White Water Centre where


spectators are lining the rapids waiting to see if Britain's David


Florence can get through the semi- finals of the C1 class slalom


canoeing. Jonathan Edwards is at the water's edge with Helen, the


start of that last film. Helen, it was the double!


Hello, I was relaying that PCs to Helen through my earpiece, because


she has not got an earpiece. You remember hitting Gates 34 star Yes,


it is not the one to hit, I could see it with the nose of my boat.


that was the worst of my errors, it would have been better than what I


got. It was always a troublesome course, and that is what happens,


there is so much going on, you have to control every step of the way


and get to the end on the best possible run. It is a three here,


but it is finals day, there is a real buzz, you wish you were at


there? I wish I could be at the start line with the same for my hat


in Athens, but I could not handled it in front of this crowd. That is


what we have seen, massive support. Yes, sitting on the start line,


then names get an ounce, their profile goes up on the screen and


the crowd goes wild, which must be amazing. -- men names get announced.


Richard Hounslow said it is amazing, when the crowd go up in Rawes, it


is fantastic. David Florence had a silver medal four years ago. How


excited should we be about his prospects? Very excited. In the


heats, he did not have a fantastic time on the first runs, the nerves


really got to him, he was the first British competitor down the course,


and the Crown would never have known what it was going to do, so


it took him a while to get into his stride. He has had two more runs in


the C2 class heats, so we will be feeling more confident today, he


will know what to expect. There is a lot in it, it will suit him, it


is technical, and he is good at controlling the moves. I think the


nerves should be in the bag and settled. The course has changed to


the semi-final, they think it will be a little bit slower, but only


one run. 12 go in the semi-final, eight and a final, so there is no


room for mistakes. Absolutely, that is what makes it so exciting, it is


one run that counts, they will have to get it right. They will have


watched the demonstration runs, worked out their options. There are


a couple of places where there is an option, and depending on whether


you are right-handed or left-handed, that will depend on what you do.


One of the things they say about canoe slant is that it is an on the


day's sport, but only two athletes have won the gold medals. They


present a real challenge to him, don't they? They are both


incredible, but they are not unbeatable, they have been beaten


in World Cups, World Championships, but not in the Olympic Games! It is


all about there for the others, and the pressure is on them to recreate


what they have done in past Olympic Games. What do you think David's


approach will they? As I say, the top eight go through. Is he going


to keep something back for the final? No, he will go all out. Only


eight go through, so they all have to go out. They cannot afford to be


holding back, what if they made a mistake later than the cause? It


will be all out, and I guess you may possibly see if somebody does a


fantastically accurate to run, they may take it a little bit easier to


the finish line, but I'm not sure that anyone will do that, take that


chance. Thanks for the moment. That semi-final goes of very shortly. In


case you're not an expert, he is The aim is to negotiate a course


marked by slalom gates cleanly and as quickly as possible without


touching the polls. For a clean passage, the head of the panel must


travel fully between the two polls. Part of the boat must be inside


them. If anything touches one of the polls, a two-second penalty is


incurred. Capsizing is not penalised. But if you miss a gate,


50 seconds will be added to the total time. 82 athletes compete for


four gold medals. The numbers are reduced through heats, semi-finals


and ultimately the finals. They will perform two runs during the


heats, with the best one deciding whether they progress for are


eliminated. The semi-finalists start with a clear slate and are


judged on a single run. The final 10 competitors are right on another


single run to determine who takes OK, just a reminder that David goes


8th of 12. All he has to do is get into the final. Anyway, your


commentators are Paul Dickenson and Dan out of breath Helen Reeves


after running up to the commentary We are jet getting a bird's-eye


view of the course at the moment. It has been increased by one extra


gate, but that does not really tell the story. Helen Reeves has rushed


back to the commentary box, and she can explain a little bit more about


physically demanding during the heats, but I think the competitors


are going to be surprised once they go down the course this afternoon,


to realise just how technically demanding it is going to be, Helen.


Absolutely, the cause has increased in difficulty, and I think also


physically it will be quite a challenge. We have seen there are


now six upstream gates that are in the eddies. So it is going to be


quite a technical challenge for them to decide what to do, and it


will slow the boat down, so I would expect to see slower times than we


saw in the heats. Helen is still a little bit out of breath! But never


mind. Here is the start list. On the second page, we will get David


Florence of Great Britain. The French and starting at number six,


former double Olympic champion. -- the Frenchman. Then we have got


some real class, one of the fastest men in the heats, the man from


Slovenia, and last to go, the amazing man himself Mikhail


Martikan of Slovakia, double Olympic champion from Atlanta, when


he was just 17 years old. As the first man that we are going to say


this afternoon, just to remind you, it is only the top eight that go


through, and there is only one run allowed in the semi-final. The


Australian has done incredibly well to make his team and to make the


semi-final, ranked only 40th in the world. He qualified for the


Australian team at his fourth attempt, so we must be on a bit of


a high, Helen. Absolutely, and he has got quite a smooth start, but


he has picked up a penalty already, and he will want to be accurate, he


does not want to pick up any more downstream is in the eddies, so


they have to push around and get out into the flow and across the


river. They go from one very difficult portion of the course to


another. After that early penalty, the Australian is going pretty well


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


course, having to come across the will be the target for David


Florence and everybody else. The clock stops to include his two-


second Panel two point. He can be very proud of what he has achieved.


-- penalty point. A very good effort but can everybody else beat


him? Very smooth put on the first gate he took a touch very early on


which would have put him on the back foot. He had to make sure he


did not make any errors further down the course. Huge support for


the Australians. They have set the standard. 300 metres back up the


course, our first glimpse this afternoon of the Chinese athlete.


People were surprised when this man made the semi-final but he is a


double Asian champion. He also won a gold medal in the Asian Games a


couple of years ago. He finished 6th at last year's World


Championships, Seve has shown form in recent years. -- so he has shown.


I saw him warming up in, water and he looked technically proficient


the final for the first time in his life. He is keeping the boat nice


A right handed paddler. Going for another 10 seems to be done


backwards because it gives you an entry to the next gate. 13 is


proving to be difficult. Can he as possible to stop it slowing him


the Australian. That was a good time by the Australian. A nervous


20 minutes before the Chinese wise he seemed to be lacking.


and he decided to do it two spins on the course and the Australian


only did one. The next two paddlers will be on the left-hand side so it


is interesting to see what they do at 9, 10, 11 and also 18. Five more


athletes before we see the appearance of the Beijing Olympics


silver medallist David Florence. And two before him goes the double


Olympic champion from Sydney in 2000 and Athens, 2004, Tony


four years ago. He looked very good in the heats. He made it to the


semi-final quite comfortably. Not accumulating too many penalties on


penalty. That will do him some damage for sure. He came second at


the World Cup competition at the new course in Cardiff. David


Florence really did like that course. He won in two classes. This


lack of concentration going over the drop. He entered the Eddie


quite high and the bow out popped finals, two seconds is not too bad


but four can make all the difference. He is outside the time


set by Australia. That puts him in third place and three men have


competed so far. The Russia not too happy. His chances of going through


to the final of pretty slim. will be hoping that some other


athletes make some mistakes. Two seconds of penalties will cost him


quite hard, I think. He spins at gate 10, which is why he picked up


one of the penalties. They are not long strokes, but they are


significant. He crashed into the second penalty, coming off the fast


water. Those four penalties very impressive in at the heats. He


finished 5th in the final four years ago in Beijing. Bronze


medallist at the World Championships a good few years ago


now, but he was the overall World Cup winner last year. We have seen


him fly down the course during the he caught the poll and picked up at


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


his second penalty. He needs to one at 18. The advantage that he


had over the Australian 20 seconds ago is almost gone with that his


The Czech Republic finish at 104.37, below the Australian time, so he


goes into the lead. If my arithmetic is right, he cannot


finish lower than 8th now. It was a quick run, the fastest of the day


so far. Callas at times, with that first penalty on number five. --


careless. We want to see them staying as close to the polls as


possible. They need to know where they are and not get off-track.


everybody else beats his time he can finish in 9th, forgive me, so


not guaranteed a place in the final. Not as good as his heats, but this


is a different course. The Czech silver medallist last year. A


currently ranks 24 and he appears to be competing above his fighting


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


Czech Republic athlete is through to the final, still in first place.


This man finds himself in a possible elimination situation.


Here he is tight on at the post, and eclipse it with his paddle. --


he clips it. Trying to find a nice rhythm. You want to see the nose


coming up and under the posts and years, this man was the defending


Olympic champion. He won twice in a row, in Sydney and 2000, and Athens


2004. But he totally blew it in the Olympic semi-final of 2008 in


Beijing. What is Tony Estanguet of France going to do this time? He is


one of the all-time greats. Again I saw this guy warming up three-


quarters of an hour ago, looking Florence of Great Britain has to


aspire to if he is going to win the gold medal. The medals are some way


away at the moment, the jobber in and is to make sure he qualifies


for the final. Tony Estanguet has dropped a little bit of time on the


leader, just drifting across to 19. He dropped off between the


downstream and upstream gate. But he did have a bit of time on his


hands, he needs to get out quickly and get the most tracking to drive


all the way to the finish. The time looks good, and he is without


penalties at the moment, looking good for France and Tony Estanguet.


Comfortably in first place. So he has not made the same errors that


he made four years ago in Beijing, and once again the great man is in


the Olympic final. The really showed his class at there, looking


smooth and controlled in the top section. He lost a little bit of


time on the bottom sections, but the top section was so smoothly


executed that he had a little bit of time to play with. Another man


in this field, Michal Martikan has won the Olympic title twice, so


this is a real sheet out, hopefully not just between Nos two, but to


have the mantle of the Best c one paddle of all time, it could be


time before the other guy's got to grips with the course and went


the place as he heads towards 13. Not as smooth as he was in the


heats. This is a totally different course, but nevertheless he has


lost that fluidity, the rhythm, and one side of the course to the other,


it is challenging, technical and physically very demanding. He is


3.80 down on the split at the go very tight to the right-hand


pole on a 19. It seems to be pushing them right across the


course very quickly indeed. Staying close to one of the polls but not


touching it, that was important. 4th one zero 4.04, he is in second


place, but Tony Estanguet is the is through to the final as part of


the top two at the moment. -- safe to save. Next that is David


Florence, as we watch the replay of the Spaniard. He is number eight


down this course. He has the number four next to his name, as the crowd


goes absolutely wild, he has just been introduced. If the finish is


no worse than 4th, is definitely Beijing. The man who wanted to be


an astronaut when he was a little bit younger, he was turned down by


the European Space Agency, so he has put all his efforts into


becoming one of the best paddlers in the world. Not only in this


category but in the C2 class with Richard Hounslow, and both of those


are safely through to the semi- final of that competition. David


Florence gets his campaign for a Olympic glory under way here in


moment, just the thing around gate France, looking good for Great


Britain as well as for David Florence. He would love to go one


better than he did in China four years ago. So far, it is all going


entry, losing a fraction of time, the Class C Frenchman at the moment.


That is two seconds, he last ball of his momentum. We know how tricky


19 can be. Come on, keep it heads down, pumping those arms! Is


in 6th place and potentially may not make the final. -- he is. It


was all going so, so well and tilth that one big mistake in gate 18. --


until. He lost all of his momentum and got stuck. It is not just about


picking up penalties, as is said, it is about making sure that the


run on the boat is maintained so that we do not lose the speed and


have to regain it. He will be disappointed with the mistakes. He


became unravelled towards the end, so we will have to wait and see


what happens. The needs at least two of the remaining four


competitors to produce worse results than his, and of course


when you have got the double Olympic champion in there and the


bronze-medallists from the European champion, the Japanese is looking


very smooth, and a German, a former European champion, oh, it is down


His fortunes were mixed in the heats, brilliant first-round, and


he had to rely on that to make sure that he made it through to this


stage of the competition, but everybody's eyes now will be on the


results bought. There are a couple of pawns down the course, and at


the moment they are showing David Florence in 6th place, and his


total score, 106.16, that is crucial as far as British


has been able to find his rhythm and has not picked up any penalties


will not bother the former Olympic champion, but it will bother David


Florence and the British supporters. This is a very tidy run indeed by


the German. The really seems to have got himself in a good blaze.


The drives nicely out of 21, raising down the side, he has done


it emphatically. A superb performance, and he has put himself


in the frame to be one of the favourites to lift the title.


looked like he got after a shaky start at the beginning, where he


got his nose caught, but he found his rhythm on the latter part of


the course, and he just gained speed throughout. And that means


that David Florence is down in 7th Pushing David Florence, as Paul


Dickenson said, down into 7th, it is going to be a very anxious wait.


98.94, well, if you want to see more from the White Water Centre,


you cannot over on BBC One. But what is going on this afternoon?


This is what is coming up. 10m synchro platform, we saw Tom Daley


and Pete Waterfield yesterday, but today it is the turn of Tonia Couch


and Sarah Barrow. If you enjoyed the gymnastics yesterday, the women


will be in action today. What can And tonight Michael Phelps goes in


his signature event, the 200m butterfly, and with the Relate as


well, he could become the most decorated and Indian ever. -- the


relay. Also, Andy Murray there just warming up. He is playing Jarkko


Nieminen are thin lens, the second round for Andy Murray. -- of


Finland. You can see all of that action on BBC Three. Well, just


before we go, time for a few little tweets. Let's see who has been


saying what, Nick Woodbridge, the modern pentathlon, nerves of steel


from Tina Cook, also an avenging job. Mike Tindall, Team GB medal,


getting, you beauty. And what a match it was in the volleyball last


night, Great Britain against Algeria, lots of tweets from the


team there, it finished after midnight with everybody saying how


incredible it was. So the individual final on BBC One at


2:30pm, time for just start at oil well, no, we will stop there, but


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