BBC One: Day 4: 14.00-16.00 Olympics

BBC One: Day 4: 14.00-16.00

Jake Humphrey, Jonathan Edwards and Rishi Persad host as individual honours are awarded in the equestrian three-day event, and the Canadian singles canoe slalom title is decided.

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Good afternoon, welcome to a very busy Olympic Park. Once again it is


busy with members of the public getting a real sense of the Games,


and British athletes doing exactly the same thing. Still no gold medal


for Britain, but the silver lining in the equestrian - could there be


individual gold this afternoon? In the pool, Jemma Lowe reached the


200m butterfly semi-final, but Ellen Gandy is out. Michael


Jamieson and Alan Willis progress to the 200m breaststroke final. And


Disappointment in the archery for Naomi Folkard. I suppose we could


Naomi Folkard. I suppose we could describe that as a mixed morning.


This is what the medal table looks United States are still locked at


17 medals apiece. The Chinese have 17 medals apiece. The Chinese have


nine golds to the United States' five so far. We have a very busy


afternoon, including the tantalising conclusion of the canoe


slalom. Stay where you are for that, however the result in front of many


fans in Greenwich Park is the story of the day, particularly for Zara


Phillips. This is 40 years after her father won gold in the Munich


Games. In this case, gold went to the impressive German team, and


Tina Cook going clear was the performance that secured the silver


medal. Mary King also had a flawless run, and afterwards they


spoke to us. Members of the royal family were in the crowd, it was


extraordinary to watch. This is what they have to say.


The you coped magnificently. These are the things you think about, and


you think it won't happen to me. The team have done so well and it


was so close. We could have got silver or nothing, and that would


have been awful. Gold would have been brilliant, silver was


fantastic. Was that the most important round of jumping in your


whole career? I suppose it must have been. I have been fortunate


enough to do a few over the years, but this wasn't front of the home


crowd and they were so supportive. We know it comes to this and the


crowd, they were unbelievable. I got a penalty which has dropped any


an individual place. I have got to try to do better and get an


individual medal, that is what I really want. Will it be hard to


focus? No, we are very much on the Bolton, get in there and see what


they build us. He you can find a Union Jack flag for sale somewhere


in East London, you will do very well, because it looks like they


are all in Greenwich Park. Give us some kind of idea of the atmosphere


as it was for you. It was extremely tense.


It is very quiet when the dressage takes place, also very quiet when


the showjumping takes place, but every time a British rider jumped


the fence out there today, there were tens of thousands of clicks,


then it went quiet, then tens of thousands of clicks again. Every


time they rattled the bar, you could hear a pin drop. Tina Cook


had a big job on her hands when she went out last for Great Britain,


knowing she had to be within the time to make sure Great Britain won


the silver medal. Obviously today is the Davy Medal


is won, but it is three days of hard graft. Your interview with


Zara Phillips is fascinating because I think she thought she had


cost Great Britain a medal. Yes, when she came out into the arena


she had a big smile on her face. I said that to her, and she didn't


even know that because she was so caught up in the moment.


Unfortunately she had the post box down very early on, and I think she


thought that would have cost us the chance of winning the gold medal,


which in a sense it did, but we lost that earlier in the


competition. She held her nerve to go on and do it because it is very


easy when you make a mistake to let your guard down. The horse can feel


your confidence, and she and High Kingdom went clear for the rest of


the round, and in the end she was part of an excellent team


performance. It is definitely worth focusing on the performances of


Tina Cook and Mary King, and their consistency over the last away-days.


First of four, Mary King is 51, appearing at her sixth Olympic


Games, and she said this was perhaps the toughest showjumping


test she had done in her whole life. Her horse yesterday, Imperial


Cavalier, was superbly on the cross-country course. It is a tight


course, and perhaps it would not have suited him because physically


he is a very big horse, but she was able to cope with the tension once


again. She is experienced enough. As for Tina Cook, she has had a


difficult year. Her horse Miners Frolic nearly died a year ago, but


somehow she got him together, back competing, and he has been


brilliant. She has obviously got the individual to come. Personally


for Tina, she lost her father, the trainer who was responsible for a


horse that won the Grand National in 1981 and there is that


correlation between that horse, who was retired and many people thought


he wouldn't make it, but he was brought back to the Grand National


by her father, and she has done something similar with her horse,


Miners Frolic. Bid for we let you go, we will be back with you very


soon when they go for their individual medals, and it is worth


pointing out how close it is at the front - just one fence between the


top four. Currently Sweden in the top four. Currently Sweden in the


lead, Germany's second, then Mary King in third place and Tina Cook


in fourth place. Should they go clear, and Sarah and Michael have


offence go down, we could be talking about gold and silver.


Don't go anywhere, get your Union Don't go anywhere, get your Union


Jack out and you can be waving that later. It is always worth reminding


you that all the sports you can see thorough available via the red


button and the website. Later on BBC Three Tonia Couch and Sarah


Barrow look to go one better than the boys yesterday in the diving.


Meanwhile, on BBC One, time to head 15 miles north of here to Lee


Valley and the canoe slalom. Britain's David Florence just


scraped into the semi-final today. Sadly he hit a gate managing sixth


place so we can now join it towards the end of the semi-final and


David's place in the semi-final the Olympics in Beijing, but since


then he has improved - got a silver medal at the Asian Games, and on


that occasion he finished behind Teng of China. Looking pretty good


at the moment, takes on the spin in gate turn. He has to drive on the


canoe, and then slides into 13. Pushing the about right under the


poles. -- the bow. Tight into 16, the Japanese No. 1. Again, this is


bad news for David Florence and Great Britain. Three gates to go.


Just getting into a bit of trouble coming through 20, and that has


really slowed him down coming through 21. A little bit sideways,


and again losing speed. To yes, caught himself in the stopper and


have to accelerate the canoe once again. This is bad news for David


Florence, but good news for the Japanese, and plenty of support for


him. Actually fourth quickest so that was a big surprise. Just two


more to go, and at the moment David Florence is in eighth place, and at


this stage you have to be a little bit pessimistic and say David


Florence will not make it through to his second consecutive Olympic


final. It is a big ask when you have the champion himself from 2000


date, Michal Martikan, to come down the course. It will be one of the


most difficult places to sit in, as Michal Martikan, former double


Olympic champion, had his second and final run, so the Slovenian was


relegated to second place, but he was a class act. Savsek of Slovenia,


bronze medal at this year's championships. A good start.


just needs to make sure he doesn't take too many hard hits through


these stoppers. They want to keep their nose as dry as possible.


Slightly up on the split, now pushing out on to the wave and


going for the spin, as we have seen going through 11, but very


satisfactory in terms of his form so far. Typed out of 16, pushing


hard across the river before he turns it round. He is getting in


fractions of time down this course. Another spin, but nicely controlled.


Don't want to see him slip out to twenty-one and out as a hard as


possible. No problem into the final, and that means unfortunately that


David Florence is out of this the Olympic competition. Massive


disappointment for the British supporters. They will realise that


now. They have seen the giant scoreboard, so no medals for Great


Britain on this first day of finals at the Lee Valley Whitewater Centre.


How will that affect the British team, Helen? It will be a big


disappointment. We would have expected to see David in the final,


he would have expected to see himself in the final. He picked up


some penalties and didn't quite seem to find his rhythm. Sometimes


when you have to put in the extra strength, you don't get the


smoothness and the run on the boat. The tremendous run by Savsek. The


German still holds on to the lead, but can't be taken away by this


man? We can safely say he is the best paddler we have seen, in terms


of the Olympic Games anyway. A double Olympic champion, always


favours the red boat. Martikan, we saw his first run in the heat and


he totally messed it up, but then champion here, he messed up his


first heat run. His we had to wait until his second he until we could


find out what was good about his C1 pattern. Go we see how we is down


wave. Now into 13. He has got to drive back before he sets up the


that is for sure. Heading towards 17. The precision through the


uprights, there. He spins him away and across to the fast-moving water


gets to upstream. They go glided through 18 backwards but then he


dropped low. He needs to make sure he keeps his composure. Gather he


lines up the canoe so he can make this and to the finish. He he's


going to make the final but he is Florence, and a chance of a repeat


performance of four years ago in medal behind this man, Michal


Martikan. He got caught at the first gate, but we saw in the heats


he didn't get off to a good start either, but then he blew the field


away with a super performance. It will be interesting to see what


happens this afternoon, but David Florence will be gutted to miss out


on the final. We just got a glimpse of some of the British paddlers


walking away, looking a bit disconsolate. The Australian came


here ranked 40 plus in the world and has made it through to the


Olympic final. A great performance by the Australian, and David


Absolutely gutted for you, your reaction to what has happened.


Obviously, very disappointed. Didn't really go my way. Not quite


sure what happened. It wasn't good enough today. Sometimes that is the


way of the sport. I know it is an on the day sport. Do you think the


pressure of being in front of have massive home crowd, the place where


you train day-in and day-out, did that contribute? It is hard to say


exactly what went wrong. I don't think so. We do a lot of races


every year. I have finished first, second, 9th, 25th. And here, not


good enough. It is up and down. This was the race I wanted to


perform at, and I haven't. Yeah, a huge disappointment. Sorry for all


the people who have supported me in the last four years. Yeah, I gave


it I all today, obviously. I didn't set out to put out a bad run. I


will have to refocus, I have a couple of days before the sea to,


really try to pick things up then. Was there one particular place


where you felt you lost it? really. I just wasn't really fast


enough the whole way down, to be honest. There was nothing that went


really wrong, just nothing that ran particularly quickly either. Really


sorry for what happened, but get ready for the sea to with Richard


Hounslow and thanks for speaking to Only 48 hours until he is back on


the water. Jonathan Davies is at Lee Valley, it is fair to say that


he is shell-shock. Absolutely shell-shocked, I don't think he


could believe what has happened. He lives close by and has been


training here for 18 months. He has probably imagines the semi-final a


million times over, and it never won't like that in his dreams at


all. He didn't really have an answer -- it's never won't like


High go I wonder if it is the expectation. It is hard to train


somewhere and then see it transformed into an Olympic venue,


and to cope with that different frame of reference that you have.


He did not turn up today. He was ranked number one in the world.


What is it like when you are number one in the world. He had eight


silver medal in Beijing, it seemed so set up. I can only say it is


pressure. When I came off the track as an athlete, you don't feel like


a pressure got to you, you just don't have an answer. In 1992 in


Barcelona I was in great shape, went through my qualifying round,


jumped horrendously. It was almost as if it had gone like that and I


didn't know what happened. I think it was pressure and expectation, it


becomes too much and you just perform way below your best but you


don't have an answer. If you can, take us into the mind of an elite


athlete. In 48 hours he has to go again, with Richard Hounslow in the


second class. How difficult is it to go back and find a performance


that was missing? He will be very hard, I don't think you'll sleep a


wink for two nights. Get back on the water -- I don't think he will


sleep. He will talk to his friends and family and his sports


psychologist. Paddling with Richard Hounslow will help, he is not there


on his own. Richard goes tomorrow in the final of the K one. I don't


think we should have expectations of Richard getting a medal.


Hopefully Richard can lift him up and that is what team-mates should


do. Get hold of your hand, give you a hug and make sure he is right for


two days time. We hope to see a smile on your face in a couple of


days' time. Thank you. It goes to show the drama and


emotion of the Olympic Games. Two miles south of here we have seen


wonderful celebrations for Great Britain. 50 miles north at Lee


Valley, real devastation for David. From the south to the north, to the


south-west, let's head to Portland. Shirley Robertson is there for us,


you are out on the water, lovely to see where you belong, yesterday it


was fair to say it was a pretty mixed day for our sailors, what is


the latest today? Probably next again. The man of the matches in


the Star class, returning gold- medallist from Beijing, Iain Percy


and Andrew Simpson. They led the first race by a very long way.


Trailing behind, they predicted opponent from Brazil. Mixed


fortunes on the British camp in the 4-9 at last. An average day


yesterday. We are out here watching Ben Ainslie racing. In the first


race he finished 4th. More importantly, the man who was in


front of him was from Denmark, he has beaten them in every single


race. We are watching his 6th race now, and he is ahead of the Dane,


and he needs to start to begin to limit the points difference in this


series, or otherwise it will be getting worrying. It is developing


into quite a nice battle between the two of them. It is a real


battle and perhaps slightly unexpected. Everyone assumed the


gold medal was in Ben Ainslie's pocket and he wouldn't have any


major opposition, but that has not been the case. Jonas has been


really strong upwind and down when, he has been fast and sailing smart.


The -- and downwind. He was over the line at the start, he started


way too early and had to restart behind the entire fleet. He has got


up to about fizz and he is one place behind Ben Ainslie. You are


bobbing up and down a little more than normal, it looks incredibly


choppy, what are the conditions like? I bet it is nice and


comfortable in the studio. It is pretty hard work, it is very choppy


and windy and there is lots of tide. We have had great success in the


Laser radial class, which is the women's single-handed. Alison Young


was selected rate -- late into the team. She is currently racing her


second race of the day. Leading that race, Annelise Murphy of the


island, who has won all of the races so far, so an impressive


performance from Ireland. Congratulations to them. The


weather is not putting off the fans? I don't know if there are


many people on the beach! They are pretty hard core, the British, you


never know. The thank you very much. It is nice and warm in the studio


but I am sure you'll get a cup of coffee when you get back to dry


We will tell you what else you can see from the Olympic Games courtesy


of the BBC this afternoon. Plenty of action across London. If you


would like to check in with the tennis, you can do that. Andy


Murray and Marconi men and are playing each other. This is live on


BBC Three. Andy is in trouble. He is looking strong in that set, 5-2


are. -- 5-2 up. There is also some Badminton, the British number one


is in action in the men, Susan Engel star of competing for Great


If handball is your game, Great Britain are in action in the Copper


Box. They are playing Sweden, it is handshakes at the moment. It won't


be handshakes for too long, it is fast and furious. Sweden were if


The action is far from over in Greenwich from what we saw this


morning, it has been a hugely popular venue. Individual efforts


in Greg -- in getting Team GB to the final have sealed individual


the final have sealed individual it will be a full arena again. The


top 25 individuals, after the completion of the team medals. We


are climbing to the top and the marks get very close indeed. There


are only three fences for the last 15, 16 competitors. That is nothing.


It is not such a difficult course, it is bigger, not so many defences.


But remember, this is the second show jumping round. It is after the


rigours of yesterday's cross country. He have been around a


course. Take us around. -- you have been around the course. It is a


bigger track, it is not so long as this morning. There are fewer


offences but they are all at the maximum. One-litre 30 high -- fewer


offences. One-litre 35. They are able to go wider with the parallel


bars. The first fence is one-litre with a bang. There could be seven


or eight strides, another vertical to an oxer, a 360 turn it back to


the wide parallel bars, six strides to the planks. The white flags are


really difficult to see, they blend into the fencing around the arena.


They double back to the Stonehenge combination at eight. That is two


strides, then there is a short eight and a bending line it to


number nine. A huge white boxer as the final fence. Ferry testing --


Mark has done a lot of show jumping and it has benefited the cross-


country and the showjumping rounds he has had. He represented Ireland


in the World Equestrian Games two years ago. This is a new ride for


him at this level. He had four in the first round this morning and


comes in with the score of 71.9 it was this morning. Very good over


the vertical. Ins a densely, time and gnarled in this round -- time


allowed, 58 seconds and he is just over. I thought it might be easier,


but I don't think it is. That is for the first individual round. We


are jumping in reverse order of their placings after the show


jumping round this morning. I do think it will be possible to do the


time. It is not as twisty as this morning - they can keep travelling


on this course. You can see he rubbed the pole. Jessica Phoenix,


14th in the round this morning, had a couple of time faults. In that,


71.2. Lying in 24th place. The situation here, just to remind you,


there is only a maximum of three individuals per nation. Some, for


instance like William Fox-Pitt, who was within the top 25 scores, but


not possible for him to come in because he was rider number for --


number four. This is the only competition in which they have to


ride two showjumping rounds after the cross-country, so they are not


always used to it. These bigger fences are working out better for


Jessica. He is certainly trying. Again, over the time. That time


faults to add as well for exponential, so 13 in all. 81.20


the final score with everything added. That is Jessica Phoenix for


Canada, the only Canadian that has got through to the final round. It


is certainly a round that has provided, since it came in in 2004,


the first time this formula came forward and it has certainly


hasn't had the good fortune in this Olympics. They won the team gold


for years ago, and France have got two riders through. Another big


horse with a big jump, a slightly slow Jonk. -- jump. This more open


track should suit him. The plank doors rather blend into the


jumped into that combination not really travelling enough. He has


been jumping rather slowly. Landed a bit short, and ended on the third


stride, and there is no way the horse could get out of that. It had


no real chance put a stop at the difference to his final time. A


total of 23. He got a penalty for the refusal, a penalty for the


knock-down, and for the time. can see the horse knocked the pole


out with his chest, and then he couldn't get his feet out properly


so have no choice but to stop at the final element. The other French


rider will come later, but this is Phillip Dutton, who had 23 in the


showjumping round this morning. Only just managed to get in. He was


a twice Olympic gold medallist in Australia. His life based in


Pennsylvania with a big training yard. You mentioned earlier, Ian,


about the tail carriage of this horse. It is very unusual.


Sometimes a horse with Arab breeding can carry its tail high


behind him, but it is an unusual sight for his tale to be sticking


up like that, and I wondered if it had damaged its tail or if it was


part of its breeding. He had that surprise stopped in the first round.


He is not stopping here, but a relatively new ride for Philip so


they will still be getting to know each other. Some good victories on


the American circuit, but they have not shown to their very best here


so Phillip Dutton, 83. 10th is his final score. That is one of the


surprises of this Olympic Games. He was very much fancied to beat a


gold -- an Olympic medal contender. You can't really blame the horse


for that. This is one of two individuals who have come from


Italy. Stefano was very much at the head of affairs, led the dressage


foreign while, but then ended in third place. Yesterday ended up


with quite a few time faults. The horse got a little bit tired, and


in the first round again showed a lot of capabilities, really gave


some big jumps and only have one down. Didn't really look as


convincing as perhaps he might. He has just learnt that the time


allowed has been changed to 60 seconds, which is exactly what the


grand jury can do. They can't just the time if they feel it is a


little bit too fast. -- they can adjust the time. The other news is


that Ingrid Klimke has withdrawn from this round. I don't think she


would enjoy coming back and having more fences down, particularly when


the horse has given its best. It dropped out of contention this


morning, had two down. A Belgian reverse order of merit. Tina Cook


is in fourth place, and Mary King with Imperial Cavalier lying in


bronze medal position, less than a fence behind the lead. The lead


that is currently held by Sara Algotsson Ostholt, with Michael


Jung behind. Two down for the leading Italian rider. He goes on


to 69. Turn. A reminder that the time has been changed, so a time


fault has been taken off a number of the competitors. Actually it


means that the Irish competitor is the only one inside the time even


with that alteration to the time allowed. Now Joseph Murphy. Very


much get the impression he has loved these Olympic Games. He has


certainly produced some very good results. A double clear round this


morning, 13 of those, clear jumping and inside the time. This course


really provided an excellent final phase test. There is absolutely no


doubt, Ian, you have seen the sport for many years from both sides of


the fence, this technical ability of the show jumping now is a much


bigger factor than it was 10 years all recognition. The standard is so


high. Electric Cruise jumped a fantastic round this morning and it


looks like another fantastic round this afternoon. He has been


incredibly consistent. He certainly has. Ireland have come out of these


Games very well indeed. He has jumped two double clear rounds and


you can't do better than that. He could well climb higher. So well


done. Had a word with Ginny Elliot over the break between the two rows


and I said, well done, you must be pleased with his position. --


between the two rounds. She said no, I wanted a bronze. But Ireland have


done very well indeed. He has done himself no harm on the


international stage. No, he has done a great job. I should think


for the future of the Irish team, we will be using him more and more.


The horse looks amazing, looks in great condition. Has performed to


his best. Andrew Hoy, based in Great Britain, ever since 1978,


either in Britain or in Europe on the mainland. He with this young 9-


year-old, on a score 57.3. He had eight in this morning's round, two


fences down. It is a young horse that is improving, competition by


competition. Impressive yesterday. Andrew, remember, a three-time


Olympic champion. 92, 96 and 2000, when Australia won those three gold


medals on the trot. In Sydney he won the individual silver as well.


The I think that the fewer jumps and the easier it turns has


certainly helped Andrew's was this afternoon. Fantastic Clear round


and well inside the time -- Andrew's horse. He is a man who


wants to complete eight Olympic Games, this is his 7th and his


horse could easily take into the eighth. A great round. He stays. On


the same score. And we are going in reverse order of merit. And the


pressure is building. As the Australians celebrate, they haven't


had a lot to celebrate but certainly, Andrew Hoy has more than


kept up his end. He was quite a late selection. But he has


certainly proved it was a good one. Now France, and Nicolas Touzaint,


Hildago de L'Ile. A score of 57.2, is the best of the French. Just


before he starts, let's remind you how close it is at the top. There


is no Ingrid Klimke, but Sarah Algotsson Ostholt, a brilliant


clear round this morning on Wega. Just over a mark ahead of Michael


Jung, the world and European champion on stamp. Mary King, on


42.1. And Tina Cook, all within one fence. Now Nicolas Touzaint. He has


already had one down this morning and it already another one gone. It


is not easy to keeping careful. Nicolas Touzaint -- to keep him


careful. Nicolas Touzaint, one of the world's top riders. The horses


have got to want to leave these jumps up. Taking chances, there!


Slightly guessing at the jumps. Prices for home, but he is over the


didn't do it in Hong Kong because his horse went wrong before the


competition started. Whereas four years before that, he went into the


final round he just like this, leading and on for a gold. It all


fell apart and he didn't win any individual medal at all. Now Niklas


Lindback. Sweden finished 4th in the team, with Mister Pooh. Niklas


Lindback didn't have the round he really wanted. He had a couple of


fences down. Mister Pooh, on a tighter lines into these offences.


-- of these offences. Just fighting all the way down that line, it was


never settled. -- these fences. They have got to be in balance and


able to use their head and neck. He 5th at Badminton, but it hasn't


been the case here, and he has gone over the time allowed. Those


seconds added haven't made too much difference at the moment. He is on


British, will be coming in three the ring is Karin Donckers. The


very experienced Belgian rider. Gazelle de la Brasserie, 55.6. She


is at the moment in 16th place. But those clear rounds of Joe Murphy


and Andrew Hoy have already got those horses on the rise. The Clear


rounds in the end of what is required to put you near to the top


of the leaderboard. This mare did have her faults this morning, but


she is normally very careful in the show jumping. Accelerating around


trying to steady the mare, she knew she had gone a bit bold, just


couldn't shorten in the middle. time penalties and a fence down,


that completes the round for STUDIO: We will return to Greenwich


very shortly. Just to bring you up to date with everything else that


is happening. Andy Murray and Jarkko Nieminen are playing at


Wimbledon. That is on BBC Three. Following on from that, it is the


women's ten-metre synchro platform. If you would like to press the red


button, the British number one Badminton player will be in action.


You just need to press red and see what is going on. And in the Copper


Box, Great Britain looking to bounce back from their opening


defeat. Plenty of live sport. Zara Phillips is up shortly in the


Victoria Panizzon with Borough Pennyz. -- Italy's the Victoria


Hong Kong. He would love to finish up the order, even the top 10 --


she would love. A clear round might give further option. Stood a long


way off the boxer, bouncing all the way to the upright planks. An


enormous jump. This is one horse that all the riders which they were


sitting on in the show jumping phase. Oh, taking chances there.


But even the way she hits the defence... He easily inside the


the moment, but how high will she everything. Will she get into the


top 10 with that, clear inside the she is very polished in this round,


she jumped a lovely double clear on Mr Medicott. He won team gold in


Hong Kong with Frank Ostholt and for the same rider at the world's


championships. Double clear this more relaxed this afternoon. He


jumped well this morning but he was doing a lot of fighting. He looks


much softer and easier for Karen to get him to use his head and neck


this horse in the spring in America. They have worked at it, as have the


O'Connors, being gruelling people for not only training themselves


but also their students. A little bit lucky, there. She stays 14th.


53.8. Two very polished rounds. Two inside the time. We will see what


the team think. The groom's works so hard. Mr Medicott, enjoying the


her first Olympic Games. -- outside it is the lady. At 31-year-old Zara


Phillips on the great Toytown, coming in on this High Kingdom. A


brilliant round yesterday. Very much part of a team silver medal


that Britain has clinched in the final show jumping today. He now


coming to get glory in the individual. At the moment she is


lying in 13th place. She ended up with a fence down and some time


faults in round one. Kanju jumped a clear round? She jumped a very good


round at crammed on to clinch a wonderful performance -- can she


this horse. He is still improving and I fancy that is why he was


is not unlucky for Zara full stock Zara Phillips, in her first


Olympics, one very happy Mahler, and Peter Phillips -- happy mother.


It is drizzling here, but the crowd don't know that. The Duchess of


Cornwall, enjoying that moment. And what a performance by this young


lady. She has another horse for her superb temperament and talent.


Great for Great Britain. Will it take her further up the order?


enormous jump over the second, and already turning, pitched her up his


neck. Fortunately they stayed but the atmosphere is electric. It


is Taggart, the man who looks like another Mark Todd -- it is Paget.


He was 7th in the world, he is currently lying 12th in his current


Olympics. He had one down this morning. New Zealand, winning the


Olympic bronze. It was an unlucky one down this morning. He doesn't


strike me as though he wants to the Worlds. He is now based in


Britain. He is a definite prospect that he does get a time fault. Zara


Phillips moves up one place. 54.1, 53.9 rather, Zara Phillips on 53.1.


And in fact Karen O'Connor moves up he has got that time fault. He is


thrilled to be in the cut for this Murphy, now even Clarke -- he for


to base a team on for the future. They certainly are. She jumped a


brilliant round this morning. Horse and rider look as though they are


loving it, having great fun. European championship's leading


from the dressage right until the end, another great performance here.


Seabird clear round from Aoife The competition is over, what are


the assessment of your performers? Quite relieved. Incredible, the


whole weekend, a couple of mistakes, I am so pleased. Tiny little scare


in the show jumping round, but the way he held it together. Straight


out this time. What is this cause like?


It is bigger and the time is tight again. After yesterday, and the


second round, you have just got to get on with it again. It is good,


he jumped fantastic. Had a chance to reflect on the team silver?


really. We should have been able to do more but unfortunately the --


unfortunately they were too good for us. We didn't go down. The team


has been awesome this week, massive performance. A real honour to ride


with everybody. I will let you with everybody. I will let you


himself no harm. It is Ludvig Svennerstal. With Shamwari coming


down the final alive. He has had three down, he slips because he was


in touch. He was in touch with the leaders. It was a horse that was


looked at very closely this morning. They let him through but I am not


sure it was necessarily in his best interests. He now finishes on 72.1.


Aoife Clarke goes up, so does Zara Phillips. And Shamwari goes a long


way down the line. I think they probably were right to let him


through. He is a little bit stiff and a little bit tired and that


showed in the second round. There is the current position. Into the


Top Ten comes the Frenchman and this week. Zara Phillips is just


outside at the moment but certainly in touch. Now Christopher Burton,


HP Leilani of Australia, one down this morning, he is on 50.10, this


is where it gets very close indeed. There are at least four horses and


had the best record. Only one down this morning. He started his first


couple of jumps, he jumped really well. He is a horse that has not


way to end. We will hear a lot more of this man, Christopher Burton.


Zara Phillips is up into 9th place now. He finishes on 62.1.


Christopher Burton, Australia. Australia really have had a bit of


a nightmare Olympics by their very high standards. There is no Ingrid


Klimke now, that lifts everybody up one place. It is the great Mark


Todd, twice Olympic champion, got to go back to 84 and 88, Los


Angeles, and then in Korea, riding a ferry -- fairly inexperienced


horse, Campino. He was literally within less than one mark of the


lead. This horse hasn't quite got this phase together. He was a


little bit tired at the end of the cross-country. Mark was only one


second over the time. He is an inexperienced horse so I think he


will mature and strengthen up from this had developed from it. Next


year he will be a bigger, stronger horse. We know how good he is in


all three phases. I would imagine he would come out at Badminton next


year and bring out a clear round. Zara Phillips is up now into 8th


place. And the man who drops down is the great Mark Todd. He goes on


to 54.5. Again, clear round. They win medals. Five places in all with


those two fences down. We are now into the top six for the Olympic


individual medals. Here is a man who has won a bronze in the worlds,


can he go clear and put the pressure on? He has got at least


just one fence between him and a bronze medal. Just one fence, clear


round, put pressure on. Still to come, Sandra Oh for off -- Sandra


Auffarth. The bigger the fence, the better he will jump. Because they


are bigger he is able to write him to defences more than he was this


morning. Just 5.7 marks. Just run through the contact a little bit.


Big jump, couldn't really get him back. For a moment I thought he was


going to pick a stride out. -- Take a stride out. At the moment, if the


rest of the fences stay intact, and they do, he will not drop a place.


He was in sixth, he will stay there. He has got a silver medal, a bronze


medal, I should say. For New Zealand in the team. I am not sure


it will be any more. Five left. Germany, Sandra Auffarth, she


showed her show jumping background, that is the leaders at the moment


with those five to go. Zara Phillips up to 8th position. If the


rest went clear. Zara Phillips, on fences down and still stay above


Zara Phillips. But what it also means, her chance of an Olympic


medal would go. She has already won an individual silver in her first


dreadfully wrong for her to have two down, the way this horse is


jumping. Another one that almost looks as if it is relishing the


and scope. The it has. -- it has. It looks all very easy. Bred in


Germany. They have had a successful stud for many years. On goes the


pressure, stays on 44.8, that is just a little more than one fence


behind the lead, but less than one fence behind the bronze medal. At


the moment, in the bronze position, 42.1, so three time faults would


put Sandra in touch with a bronze from any of the next three. The


next two of those three are British. Tina Cook, Tina who won bronze in


Hong Kong, a superb second round four years ago, climbed from 10th


up to the bronze medal, what can she do now? She is lying in fourth


place, less than one mark behind Mary King. She just had tapped that


first fence but it has gone. And another one. Sadly, she is not


going to repeat the bronze individual medal from the last


Olympics. She has got to keep him last. What a pity. She has done a


tremendous job. She would have loved to have got a medal. She has


got a team silver. Zara is still just behind Tina. Listen to them


responding. 51 is her final score. Three to jump. You can see the


disappointment for Tina. What About Mary Kane? She has put up a great


performance. Can she now finish it off? Bronze medal position at the


is going to drop down the leaderboard. The same two fences


have gone for both the British riders. They will be absolutely


gutted. But they have won a silver medal. But the team has won a


silver medal and done a fantastic job. It would have been nice to


have finished in style, but it is has moved up. Could it be bronze


for Germany? Can history be made with the last two riders. Waiting


to come in is the world and European champion, Michael Jung.


Here he comes. Michael Jung, quite relaxed. He won the World


Championships in 2010 in Kentucky. He is on this wonderful horse, Sam.


An Irish horse. He is on a score of 40.6. He will go below Sandra if he


has a fence down. If he jumps clear, he would put himself in with the


chance of being the first man ever to hold the world, the European and


the Olympic title at the same time. circuit. And the horse is jumping


better this afternoon than it did this morning. This will be the big


test. Brilliant. He stays where he wonderful training partnership.


They have given a brilliant demonstration. Remember, he was


11th after dressage, he is now second. It is all on, the last to


go, Sara Algotsson with Wega. She is literally 1.3 ahead. A pat on


the neck, a lot of pats on the neck. Do you like those motorbike cat?


I did. What is wrong with good old fashioned proper riding hats?


is the one that is battling for gold. A piece of history here,


could Sara Algotsson Ostholt be the first lady rider to win an Olympic


eventing title? Home-bred, out of the mare that her sister wrote


earlier, finished just out of the medals. They can put all that right


with this wonderful combination, so impressive this morning. Got to


jump clear. Just one time fault could be afforded, but no more.


Under pressure in the Europeans last year, did fall apart, they


think it is allergic to these jumps at the moment! You could hear a pin


She goes on to 43.3 and she will stay with the silver. It is not to


be the first lady ever to win gold. But it is the first time that


anyone has held the world, the European and the Olympic title and


that is Michael Jung. Nice to see the sweets smiling because that


will be a huge disappointment. They have really performed so well here.


And the horse is fantastic. horse is amazing. You could tell


she was fiddling with the stride and it did not happen. So Michael


Jung that now holds all three major titles with Sam. Germany finish off


in style. Remember they won the team gold earlier today. The


individual bronze went to Sandra Auffarth. Consolation all round.


What a tremendous Olympics it has been for the eventing discipline.


Certainly one of the most exciting Very emotional in Greenwich.


Congratulations, Michael Jung. Let's head back there. Rishi Persad


is with Tina and Mary. Team silver medallists, but no medals in the


individual competition and I detected some disappointment. But


performances to be proud of all round. Mary, in your 6th Olympics.


I was thrilled to jump at clear round in the team, it was my first


clear round in an Olympic Games. Fantastic and disappointed with my


two down. I made a big mistake and there is a big lion in the middle


of the arena and I went near it and it scared him. Because of that he


was a bit scared during the first part of the cause. You had both the


same fences down. I saw the look on your face, but I wanted to say, you


have done OK. It has done really well, but you want to go in and


jumped a clear round. I am beating myself up, but I will get over it.


You want to be they are going for gold, so I am disappointed, but I


am thrilled for the team. Gold would have been amazing, but Selva


is great. Because both of you have been in a position where you could


have won a medal in the individual, there is an air of disappointment.


But when you reflect on it the performance was fantastic,


especially when you are up against a very strong German team. They did


a better job than we did and they deserve the medals they have got.


We will have to keep working for the next four years and Rio de


Janeiro, here we come. It has been a tough year for you, you talked


about Miners Frolic earlier on, but your dad passing away in February.


How difficult has it been for you to get to where you are today?


has been emotionally difficult, but you have to look at the positive


things. We missed dad because we were a very close family. But we


still work from home and Imam has still not been able to get rid of


us. But coming to an Olympics is amazing for anybody and it has been


brilliant and we did a good job and we have had a lot of fun. You have


all been fantastic and you can be proud of your performances. You


probably want to carry on, but your daughter is hot on your heels.


Emily is keen to follow on my footsteps and she seems to have the


drive that is needed at the minute. We will catch up with you after the


medals ceremony. A great display from teen and a


special display from the British team. It was so nervous sitting


here watching it with you, but you make it worse. It I was making a


lot of noise. Mary was talking about going to Brazil. Mark Todd


was competing, he is 56, there is no upper age limit in eventing as


long as you are physically fit enough and can keep putting


yourself through it and can steered clear of injuries. She broke her


neck in 2001 and those things happen in horse sports. Tina is


thinking, well I ever have a horse as good as Miners Frolic again? She


does not have the same numbers as William Fox-Pitt and does not have


quite the same set-up. It may be harder for Tina to find the right


for us than it will be for Mary. But for a merry the sun is always


shining. If anybody deserves success in the individual event it


is Mary, let's hope that happens in four years time. Converge elations


for Michael Jung. I was thinking of Sara he thought she had left the


last fence up and her husband is German. He was on the German team


when they won the gold four years ago. I think there was only one


hand available and he wanted his wife to win. Nationality did not


matter. She thought she had, but it got snatched away from her. Not


unlike diving, which you are going to see in a minute. The tiniest


thing makes a difference and it is all over in a flash. Tina and Mary


disappointed at the end. But it puts into perspective what a -- an


impressive display from Zara Phillips. She knows it she had done


that this morning we would have put so much pressure on Germany we


might have won a gold medal. Anything can happen and people


react under pressure. But they have won the team and individual gold,


Germany. They will be hot favourites for the dressage gold,


but Britain might win their first Olympic medal in dress size. Zara


Phillips described her horse as such a dude. Let's go into the


Aquatics Centre because today the British women are hoping to go one


better. Disappointment yesterday for Tom Daley and Pete Waterfield.


Tonia Couch and Sarah Barrow are in great form. As you can see by the


hands over the faces they are struggling a little now. They are


in 6th place with one died left to go. That is on BBC thought. That is


a shame. It was emotional in there with Tom and peat. You look at Tom


Daley and he is only 18. Pete copes with being in the shadow of Tom


Daley, but Tom has to deal with the full glare and you know about the


Twitter round. Only a young guy who clearly is saying stupid things. I


think I have had tweets from him. There are quite a lot of people who


will say idiotic things, but that is the kind of pressure pump is


under. They are clearly disappointed and straight away he


is sanguine and eloquent and gracious in defeat. He did every


single interview and was still doing interviews when I left. They


cope with failure as well as with success. When we talk about what is


inspiring about sport I personally Earth this will ring is good fun,


but so is the canoe slalom, just as wet, but we sort David Florence not


make it through to the final. We can join the final, five left to go,


out on a bronze medal four years ago. Just over a second to Robin


Bell of Australia. Can he produce the goods this time? If he wants a


medal he will have to go faster than one of 5.73, which is the lead


at the moment. Four superb athletes yet to come. Keeping the speed on


the boat, wants to roll through its seven, the 88, trying to jump over


as much as he can. He is up at the split. He is pushing out hard on to


the wave, quick spin. He surfs across the waves into the gate.


That was number 12, coming across for 13. The Spaniard looking very


good, very powerful, economic or with his strokes. Drops down, gets


the little bits stuck losing fractions of a time and energy. He


is up 4.91 seconds. This looks like a fantastic run. This could be


tough to beat. He really got stuck there. He comes up safely through


the upstream, number 19, down 320, no penalty so far. 21 could be a


real test for him. To tight around the polls, pushing back round.


dropped out of the way of 23, this is good, it won a 2.61, lost a bit


of time over the last four or five gates but in the lead by a


considerable margin. There they are, just down in a holding pen after


the fish. Elosegi in pole position. For kept it nice and tight, they


want to be in and out of those eddies as quickly as possible.


turned out to be a real textbook runner for the Spaniard. Heath has


-- he has set an incredibly high standard. The rest of the team


delighted. Only two men have dipped under the 100 barrier at the moment,


in the first run, and Savsek. Martikan. He was


uncharacteristically a bit slow early wrong. He has sat on top of


the Olympic rostrum twice in his life, taking the silver medal


position twice in his life. And on his day he can be a very special


performer indeed. A much better start for this final than we saw in


the semi-final where he got stuck in gate one. If getting his boat


moving sleuth -- smoothly. It comes in a nice and tight around 89. He


is taking it on forward, the first athlete to do that. The Slovakian


paddlers are superstar's back in the Rhone country, it is virtually


a national sport over there. -- back in their own country. They


know how good this man is, so far so good for Martikan. He has picked


up a mountain of time ahead of the Spaniard, can he keep it together


over the last few gates? Getting a little bit stuck but nice and tight


into 19. He will try to keep the run he has had throughout the whole


of this course to make sure he doesn't lose any speed. Two days to


go, pushes hard out. We won a big strike to get into 21, and out of


21. He is absolutely flying. That is the fastest time we have seen on


his Olympic course. No mistakes. That is the mark of a brilliant


champion. Can anybody be that? a fantastic run, he kept the speed


on the boat, the momentum. The only paddler out there in this final and


semi-finals to take it on forward. He is well into his thirties now


but no mistaking the mark of greatness, already twice an Olympic


champion, this could be gold medal number three. He really did


demonstrate why he has become a Olympic champion twice, why he has


won the world championship medals and why he is the man to beat out


there on this course. He will note the next competitor is another man


vying for the title of the greatest ever. There is the situation so far,


Martikan leads. Estanguet has stood on top of the rostrum twice in his


life. What a standard has been set in his final. Estanguet has got to


fly down the sports -- fly down this course. He is getting the line


nice and straight-A 36, got to keep it direct if he can. Tied into gate


nine. -- tight. Nicely done. Estanguet is flying. If he can hold


it together over the whole of the course I don't think anybody will


come course. -- come close. Everybody thought of Martikan was


untouchable. Not giving anything away here. 1.75 seconds up, this is


going from good to excellent. Puts a big pit in there, he needs to get


some good speed, driving up into 19. He gets knocked sideways coming


down 320. He has maintained his control. Driving all the way


through the finish. Estanguet is flying, it will be quick, it is


very quick. 97.06. Again, you see the fastest time on the course


during these Olympics, absolutely shattered this time. Martikan... If


looks could kill. S Then why it of France is the master -- Estanguet.


Still to competitors to go. Estanguet it is guaranteed a medal.


What a performance, making sure he didn't leave anything to chance,


didn't give away any seconds there, kept it running, used every bit of


speed and wave he could on the course to put in such a fantastic


performance and lay down such a time to beat. The French supporters


that were waiting for him at the finished work delirious with joy.


That was a stunning performance by Tony Estanguet. There is the


situation, the two great names at the top of the table. The Spaniards


still in third place, in with a chance of a medal. We are down to


our final two competitors, Savsek. He has just seen it two remarkable


men complete his course in under one minute. Off to a nice start.


Comes into tight on gate three. There is a to second penalty


already. With those times that have been set this could be a real


challenge to take the lead. He has got to keep maintaining the


momentum that he set up now, Estanguet, the fastest split so far.


He is 2.53 seconds behind, it is all going wrong at the moment for


this really strong Slovenian. He is all over the place at the moment.


Surely Tony Estanguet will be guaranteed a silver medal, with


only Tasiadis of Germany to come. Now he is upside down and back up


again, the pressure has got to him. It is all unravelling. Another to


his second penalty, a total of 104 seconds of time already added.


is really overcooking it. He has got no chance of any placing now


except at the bottom of the table. The maximum number of penalty


points so far by any of the previous competitors is just two.


He has tried his best. He really has tried hard. So cross with


himself, this is the untidy is run he has had in the whole competition


so far, having done so consistently well. One upstream gated go, then


the two downstream dates -- date it to go. A massive cheer from the


crowd knowing he has tried his hardest. What a frustrating run for


the Slovenian, after such a great Olympic campaign. He goes into 7th


place. What a fascinating situation, Tony Estanguet sitting at the top


of the table, within reach of his third Olympic gold medal. The


Slovakian in second place, he will possibly win a third silver medal


to add to the two gold medals. The Spaniard hasn't won a medal yet, he


is sitting in third place at the moment. Just Tasiadis he produced


the fastest time in the semi-finals, he is the last man down the course.


Estanguet on the verge of becoming the greatest paddler of all time,


especially when you look into his Olympic record. But can it be


Germany's day? The last time they climbed to the top of the medal


rostrum was back in 1972. In those days it was East Germany who won


the gold medal. Tasiadis of Germany is seeing if he can beat the time


set by Tony Estanguet. If he can he will win the Olympic gold medal.


And nicely around the first three gates. Over to gate five. He can


get a smooth and fast line 37 and 8. This split could be crucial. It is


not insurmountable. The secret of Estanguet's success was consistency.


He had fantastic speed over the middle part of the course. He built


throughout his run. Quite tight at 13. Get caught a little bit in the


stopper as he pursues over to the course on the left-hand side.


will see the next split. Estanguet will either be in pole position or


not. He certainly is at the moment. He is certainly in touch to win a


bronze medal ahead of the Spaniard. Tasiadis has got to keep it


together now. Entirely to the upstream gate. A little bit stuck.


The last upstream gate on the course, two downstream gates to go.


The bronze medal is that one or 2.61, the silver and 98.31. I think


we know who the champion is. This is a fantastic finish. My goodness,


he has leapfrogged Martikan. The Spaniard is out of the medals


altogether. He finished 4th in Beijing, he finishes fourth this


time. The champion for the third time in his career, Tony Estanguet


produced a remarkable finish. That was brilliant, worthy of a champion.


It's certainly was, he kept his cool and he knew what he had to do


and there was absolute delight when he crossed the line. There is


Michael Martikan, for the 5th time on the podium. It almost breaks out


into a smile. But Sideris Tasiadis produced one of the performances of


this competition so far. If it had not been for the superlative form


of Tony Estanguet, he would have been champion. I do not know a huge


amount about canoe slalom, but that was genius. How was it for you?


First, I want to say it is a real pleasure to be with you here today.


Yes, it is a special moment for me. It was a big fight for me to return


after Beijing and my knight plays. I am really, really satisfied. It


is like a dream because in this water, just one detail can put you


off. I am really satisfied. After you saw Michael Martikan go down,


what were your emotions? I was sure he would be at the meeting today


and tea is really strong and I knew all so I could do it. I just tried


to stay focused on my line and looked at the gates and the speed


of the current and go as fast as possible. One of your best runs


ever? No, probably not, because with this it is hard to be at your


best, but for the Olympics it is not so bad. Congratulations. Thank


you Johnathan and thank you for the He is the only person saying thank


you for the rain. Congratulations to Tony. Two times Olympic champion


and he finished 9th in 2008, so what an incredible year for him.


The women's 10m synchronised diving has just finished. No medal


yesterday for Tom Daley and Pete Waterfield and the same applies


today. Tonia Couch and Sarah Barrow were looking for a medal. There was


plenty of hope for them, but they finished in 5th. That is despite


the fact they came into this in good form. Surprise, surprise,


China picked up the gold medal. Tonight at Wembley Stadium they are


expecting a crowd of around 75,000 people for Team GB's women's match.


If you are planning to go to Wembley, please get there early.


And from Wembley Stadium to Wembley Arena. This is the Badminton. This


it has been an extraordinary match. Rajiv won the first set and was


leading 14-11 and had a sitter at the net and missed it. Now it is


was cross it and that was the best shot he could do. He moved it away


from Kevin's forehand. Rajiv was a silver medallist in the


Commonwealth Games in New Delhi in 2010. The last British hope to


reach the knockout stages. This is in effect a knockout match. Whoever


wins this match goes through to the last 16. Whoever loses his out of


the tournament. That was long. That was just on that far baseline. 19-


19. It is the first to 21 provided you have a two-point lead. That was


a brilliant shot. He reaches match point first. That is clever play.


He has been so effective with his smash. Rajiv was expecting the


badminton tournament is over. Reggie kicks his racket away in


disgust. Guatemala is a country with no history of Badminton at all.


Stunned the world in the World Tour Championships to reach the quarter-


finals. Now he has reached the last 16. Rajiv we look back on that City


that he had when he led in the final game. He won no that was his


chance. I'm afraid he blew it. had all the chances to win that


match. Especially in the first half of that last game, he was so


dominant at the neck. He was using his attack and his angles so well.


Just some really basic errors. In the end they were just so costly.


It has to be said this has been a desperately disappointing


tournament for the British badminton team. They did not


qualify in the men's doubles or women's doubles, and now no-one has


got through to the knockout stages. That was the last British interest


But plenty of interest in the equestrian. We can go live it back


to Greenwich. A wonderful silver medal for Great Britain. Here they


are about to receive their medals. They gave it everything and were so,


so close. Her Royal Highness presenting the first silver medal


to William Fox-Pitt. He is the world's number one, but he could


not quite clinch it for Britain. Now for Nicola Wilson, a late call-


up. Now Zara. Yes, how good to see you. Tremendous, such a lovely


young lady. One that can only do the sport proud in the future. Then


Mary King, what a performance. Then finally Tina Cook. She has now got


a team bronze and a team silver. Will it be Rio de Janeiro where it


is Britain's turn to win gold again? Don't they look happy? And


so they should. A nice hug from the Princess, the president of the


The gold medallists and Olympic champions representing Germany.


step forward for their second Olympic title in a row and they


deserve it. They were excellent in all phases. Peter Thomson, his


second gold medal. Dirk is becoming a regular member of the team.


Sandra Auffarth is certainly going to become a regular member. This is


the first Olympic Games for this man. And now on his birthday today


he wins his first Olympic gold and one hesitates to say it could be


the first of many. Ingrid would have loved and Olympic gold, but


she withdrew her horse for the last round. It is her second team gold


that she will cherish. Here come the flowers. What a birthday


present for Michael Jung. And this looks a very powerful team. Britain


is going to have to pull out all the stops, as are any of the other


teams, to get ahead of this very powerful German team, the Olympic


champions. Peter Thomson on the left, the senior member. But now we


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 75 seconds


come to the national anthem of the Congratulations Germany. Great


Britain sits in 20th place in the medal table. Germany are 7th, that


was their second gold medal of the Games. Another gold in the Aquatics


Centre in the diving for China. They are looking strong. We have


got gymnastics coming up. What did you make of that yesterday? It was


wonderful and heartbreaking at the same time. It took Great Britain


The individual honours are awarded in the equestrian three-day event, and the Canadian singles canoe slalom title is decided at the Lee Valley Water Centre. In 2008, David Florence took silver in the canoe slalom C1; this afternoon, he tries to go one better.

Plus a progress report from the sailing at Weymouth.

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Canoe commentators: Paul Dickenson Helen Reeves.

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